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#its the neurodivergency
dumb-lab · a day ago
*me wants affection*
also me: *freezes when someone shows any sort of affection and pretend i dont exist*
*lyfe sucks*
*why do they even like me*
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itsanuraa · a day ago
Tumblr media
1) Sherlock. My biggest headcanon is that he struggles with the same and if I do it, I’m helpin him and we can do it together. Plus: John is the one who says to both of us that we need to do it.
2) Q and Aziraphale are the ones that would tell me “You can do it, I’m with you and I’m proud of you”.
Easy things for someone, but is what keeps me going
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KYS if you seriously like trannies
Oh, yes, thank you for reminding me!
If you are part of the LGBTQA+ community, and you are going home for the holidays for the first time since you’ve come out, have transitioned, or have entered the closet, I know it can be VERY difficult.
If you need to talk, or have something to get of your chest, or just someone to say, “That should not have done that!” I would be more than happy to listen.
And if you have any questions, whether it be for tips, or terms, or ways to help you feel a bit better about your circumstances, I’d be more than happy to provide some answers.
I am the really cool LGBTQA+ cousin that you never had! Or, well, kinda cool.
(Oh! And this also goes for anyone who is neurodivergent, has hobbies your family doesn’t approve of, or if parts or the whole of your family is just nasty.)
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mimiswitchywrites · 5 months ago
My favourite thing about Tumblr is that I can tell what my ND friends are hyperfixating on based on the reblogs that cover my feed. I may know nothing about this video game or TV show or whatever but I know you care about it and it makes me happy
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ohthesuspenders · a month ago
so was anyone gonna tell me that neurotypical people don’t just make random sounds at each other instead of having an actual conversation or was i just supposed to know that
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lothalrebel · 17 days ago
You ever focus on hearing the words someone is saying to you and you’re happy that you’re keeping up and they finish what they’re saying and then you realize you focused on hearing the words but forgot to actually process them and now you still have no idea what was just said to you
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bakedcheesesworld · 3 months ago
Task-giving by neurotypicals:
Neurotypical: *wants me to do a task*
Me: Sure what is it? *knows it's gonna be disastrous*
Neurotypical: *whispers hints into the universe but never explains what or how or why I should do the task*
Me: *confused and overwhelmed* Wait wha-how am I supposed to do it?!! wtf
Task-giving by neurodivergents:
ND: So this is the task I want you to do, here's how you need to start and a blueprint to it *gives all the crafty bullet points and detailed explanation*
Me: Thank you so much, I know how to do this, it'll be done
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adhd-worlds · 5 months ago
Neurodivergent people either love wearing socks or can't stand wearing socks.
There is no in-between.
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neurodiverse-noise · 16 days ago
My neurodivergence makes me angry, but not for the reasons you may think.
It makes me angry because I was never given an answer when I was younger.
I wish I could’ve given my younger self an answer. I wish I could tell him that things are okay, that we aren’t the only ones in the world who deal with this. That they crying yourself to sleep will lead to real life reasons for why you feel so out of place. That one day you’ll find people who don’t call you weird, or crazy, or tell you it’s just a you thing. I wish I could go to my younger self and tell vaem that it’s going to get much better.
I wish I could tell all neurodivergent kids that. That it gets better, that you’ll find people who understand, and that you don’t have to be stuck in the bench of life if you never go to the game. That you have special interests, and big emotions, and that’s not a bad thing. You might need extra accommodations but so what? You deserve to be on an equal playing field as everyone else. So wear those headphones, stim in public, use that specific bowl, cry when you need it, even if it seems stupid to cry at. You deserve to show your emotions just as much as neurotypical people do. You are worthy of love and everything you need to be successful.
That’s all.
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vortexcortex · a month ago
Something I find very frustrating is that if I want to actually pay attention to something I can't simultaneously look like I am paying attention.
For example: I can't get what someone says if I'm looking at them in the eye because I'm too focused on doing it correctly and on the discomfort it brings me.
Another example: I cannot, for the life of me, focus on a class if I'm not doing something else simultaneously, like drawing or playing repetitive computer games.
So yeah, I either look like I'm paying attention, or I'm actually paying attention.
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You smell…
*sneef snoff*
…like a people-pleaser who acts the way they do because, before you knew you were neurodivergent, you were so used to making social mistakes that any time things get awkward, you think it’s your fault, and now you overcompensate by letting people walk all over you.
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i-will-eat-dynamite · 3 days ago
I used to think I couldn’t be autistic because I didn’t take things literally and because I can understand idioms, which is actually a very literal take on the phrase “take things literally”.
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dumb-lab · a month ago
before coming across adhd i never knew 'not being able to understand your emotions' is a adhd that i suddenly hit me so hard recently..after this one thing...i still dont really understand why as if so many emotions have come together and is a fucking mess...ik and idk at the same time idek actually what tf-
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randomlonelytorment · 8 days ago
What do you mean that having to touch a "safe material" after touching a "bad material" is a neurodivergent trait?
Next thing they'll be telling me that organising my assorted lollies by colour then eating them from to lowest highest quantity, and as close to favourable flavours last, isn't a "neurotypical trait". Smh.
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