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furiousgoldfish · 4 days ago
all of the time I should have been spending laughing, bonding with people, being with friends, finding myself, finding love, figuring life out, I spent trying to figure out how to face unbearable pain and trauma and come out the other side alive
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jackedspicer · a year ago
i wake up.i do my exercises all day.my parents get home.my day is over.wash rinse repeat
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suramarelf · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
the man the frosty man will he freeze you yes he can
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metamorphmagically · 2 years ago
I have been so dead on Tumblr for the past months and I think I've forgotten the ways of Tumblr halp
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waterbird13 · 3 years ago
When will food no longer be a concern I have to deal with. When will we all start drinking flavorless, affordable nutrition shakes for all our caloric needs. When will I no longer need to be concerned with food.
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myfathershouse-mp3 · 4 years ago
the problem with studying literature is it makes you want to write...but you cant......cause you have to study
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lunarblazes · 5 months ago
okay. OKAY i know this was a joke but i’m STILL gonna talk about it because when i heard ranboo, sneeg, techno, and scott joking about how they can’t just play minecraft anymore it needs to be Lore, i just started TWITCHING and i need to talk about this.
the chances of any cc seeing this? like negative two i’m making this post for ME babes. but if they see it that’s a bonus i guess ALRIGHT HERE WE GO—
i’m not a streamer. i don’t make videos or anything, much less do it as my main income source. i don’t know how stressful it is, but i know that sometimes you just have to do things for the views. i get that!
but if you’re making lore because other people like it, if you’re crafting stories and not enjoying making them, then don’t. just don’t do it! people don’t want to watch you make a story you’re not enjoying! i’m not a streamer or video maker, but i am an artist and a writer! if i’m not enjoying myself while making art or stories, it shows in the final product immensely, no matter how hard i work on it.
lore doesn’t have to be super sad or intricate or shocking. lore can literally just be you playing minecraft with your friends with superpowers. if you enjoy playing with them, and you want to add more depth to your little superpowered oc, go for it! god knows i do that all the time (i play an evoker on our origins server and she’s got lots of lore that i developed on the fly as stuff on the server hit me in the face). the moon’s impact on hermitcraft was lore, but so was scar’s copper wagon backstory, a piece of storytelling conveyed almost entirely through the builds he made. you guys do not have to do Lore for every series— trust me, if the fans want lore and stories, they’ll make their own! we have a habit of taking the barest minimum of anything and going wild with it, okay? you guys CAN just play minecraft together, i promise, you don’t have to worry about planning anything out.
tl;dr: not all storytelling has to be Capital L Lore with angst and sadness, seriously, and not all lore has to be stated or planned or big! if you don’t like doing a certain style of storytelling, don’t! don’t do it! seriously, don’t. awesome thanks bye
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drbtinglecannon · a month ago
There's so much to say about the Amphibia finale, but one thing I want to touch on is it means so much to me that Andrias didn't die.
Not even necessarily for him as a character himself, but for the message of you can always be better. You can always grow and change and maybe people won't ever forgive you and maybe you can't ever fix what you did, but you can always start to do good things and become a better person than you were before.
So often characters like Andrias (sympathetic antagonists) get killed off for their "redemption" and it usually feels so damn cheap because it's not a real redemption it's just death, but it also just sends a bad message that you can't ever become a better person. Sure maybe no one will ever forgive you or even like you no matter what you do, but that doesn't mean any work you do to improve or do good in the world is forever negated. You don't have to die, you can always become better.
I was fully expecting him to die in some kind of sacrifice move so to see him in the end, wearing the pins & using the hammer of his old friends, smiling and slowly working to fix the unmeasurable amount of damage he caused his world, was really heartwarming. It's also a nice twist given how in the semi-finale he broke down crying about how he couldn't ever undo the harm he caused, but no, he was given the chance to, even if by only a little bit.
He got to live and he got work to be better, and I hope we can see that kind of ending more often.
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flickerstone · a year ago
If I breed my Veilspuns and get a good size clutch (3-4 eggs), I might consider... giving some away. For free. Or for a very low price.
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daikunart · 21 days ago
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ᴡᴡx ᴏᴜᴛꜰɪᴛs ᴀᴘᴘʀᴇᴄɪᴀᴛɪᴏɴ ᴘᴏꜱᴛ ᴘ1/?
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1995lahaine · 4 months ago
it’s just so telling that a show like euphoria can continue to be made in the ‘post me too era’ or whatever like people will just let cheap entertainment rot their critical thinking skills and also don’t actually give a shit about how young womens bodies and lives are sexualised and commodified to the extent that they are, nor about the effect that has on the media environment and on the public watching it/living in a world where it is so dominant. anyways
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lovely-samael · 2 months ago
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Idk whats my point with this post I just feel like biting rocks
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burquillos · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
"Diluc had a weird crush on Barbatos as a kid" headcanon lives in my head rent free. Just another thing he gets disillusioned about as he grows up. But its abt the future growth okay???
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catboy-von-seckendorff · 3 months ago
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a final prayer and a lonely symphony
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mipexch · 10 months ago
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pulled out of art burnout yet again by drawing these two
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fungusathemuseum · 7 months ago
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some funky fungi from the forest on my way to school
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obikenobis · a year ago
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jaskerart · 11 months ago
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shirt cut meme starring Rayu!! 🖤 and gfs Slush and Anise 😏🪢💐
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kraviolis · 7 months ago
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i fucking love making these things i have like 30 different templates saved on my computer & im about to go save more
#my edits#wwdits#yknow i was considering w the last one if guillermo would have read homestuck#he was definitely on the right places of the interner at the time it started getting popular when he was like. in his early 20s.#he probably would have read it if he stumbled upon it prior to getting his job as a familiar#bcus i doubt he would have like. enough free time to actually read it.#also he hunts virgins as part of his job description. he knows what homestuck is LMFAO#i think it'd be funny if laszlo was fully aware of what homestuck is but hates it bcus he has a grudge on hussie or like.#like if he wrote megalovania first and toby fox plagiarized it or somethign LMFAO#colin tried reading it for feeding material (the amount of energy he could get while explaining the plot...) but it was just. too much.#imagining colin robinson engaging in vriska discourse is insanely funny though#the guide just has the vibes that she knows what homestuck is. like i feel like its completely plausible for her to just#start up a conversation about homestuck plot or tell nadja she reminds her of vriska or something#it seems like such a The Guide thing to do.#jenna is self explainable. she was born in the year 2000 and is a chronically online larper#btw the only homestuck i've consumed is when chase clown depot paper mario wiki young streamed himself reading#what was it. like one page for every dollar he received.#honestly it was fun i liked chase suffering for the money#i sent him like 5 bucks during that stream skjdfgjksdf#he should do it again i loved it i'd send him way more money#oh and just cultural osmosis + seeing the memes + having friends who are into homestuck.#2021
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goatyoatart · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
As promised, a drawing of the boys for @h3rmitsunited for guessing my silly game right :P
I admit, I got carried away here, but I think it’s a sweet fluffy piece. In case you can’t tell, one of them making heart eyes at the other is a common theme in my art. 
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