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#its very simple



Feel the floor underneath your feet

It feels real

The wind in your face

The sun in front of your eyes

You are alive

You are not trapped in your head

Now untangle it

You are moving but your mind isn’t

Look how green are the trees after the rain last night

The sky is bluer than back home

The water moves like it was alive

Feel that?

You are free

Don’t think about how many steps you’ve taken

It’s useless

You are alive

Feel your legs carry the weight of your body

Stretch your back

Now stop and look around

How many things are your favorite color?

You are alive

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For the wip game: Enchant

I can tell you before even searching that I haven’t used that word.  

*goes and searches*

Nope.  The only instance I could find in the five projects I have open is where Bruce called Talia ‘enchanting’ in In For a Penny, which is already published.  Sorry!  

Send me a word and I’ll post the sentence it belongs to from one of my WIPs

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i have 2 very simple requirements for a song 1. i have to be able to imagine being mercilessly killed by a very sexy girl in a dramatic sword fight while a storm rages around us while it plays in the background and 2. i have to be okay with it still playing as i dramatically descend into hell and all the other demons get their first impression of me

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A separate peace…. damn this book wrecked my soul, reignited my passion for drawing queer couples, and brought my English grade up by 2 points. ♥️

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I love how seemingly random your taste in shows are LMAO how do you pick what to watch???

it’s a very simple metric: if it has an episode about baseball or cowboys it’s a good show, full stop. if it has both, its utterly transcendent.

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