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For all of my adult life, I’ve struggled with managing my life on my own. I’m sure it’s partially due to my struggles with OCD. But I also know that most people seem to struggle to get down this “adulting” thing themselves. 

In the past, I’ve especially struggled with motivating myself without a schedule. But then, if I had too specific or rigid of a schedule, my OCD would flare up, leaving me “stuck” if I messed up in the slightest. I’m sure you can image how that might be a problem. 

But with the help of my trusty planner and a little bit of hard work, I’m starting to feel productive every day. I’ve learned that bumps in the road aren’t equivalent to failures. They are instead practice at strengthening my mind and improving myself.

I hope you are finding ways to improve yourself every day as well!

Don’t forget to check out my Twitch channel, and say hello the next time I’m live.

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Lang, I have been reading your poetry and never realized who your were (or found your tumblr) until just now. I am a hopeless romantic, still waiting for a second chance with a lost love. I feel like each and every poem of yours touches me in a way that most people would never understand. Thank you for being YOU, and for continuing to write. I couldn't order your book fast enough, and am sure it will be dog-eared and loved to death immediately upon arrival. Stay beautiful!

Hi, thank you for your beautiful words. I am hoping with all my heart for your second chance. I feel like you really do deserve it and please let me know if it ever comes about. Thank you again for buying my book and supporting my work. xx

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