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whatimevendoinhere2 days ago
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Tumblr media
the moment when you realise the god that burdened you with prophetic dreams also looks similar to your ex,, 馃槵
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mcyt-cats2 days ago
Boots! Source
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Boots has such a sweet looking face 馃槶
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fundyupdates2 days ago
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Fundy made a Video Related comment in his discord聽
鈥淪o I made Minecraft Impossible...鈥 and it is scheduled (no time posted for when)
Based on the description the first person to beat this difficulty will get $2000 !!
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ambrosiadreamera day ago
idk if fundy and tommy have a duo name/what it is, but i think it should be 鈥渕enace duo.鈥 they both relentlessly steal from people and cause chaos/destroy things on the server. absolute menaces.
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almostdeatha day ago
Some thoughts about Glatt. We already know that he is very similar to the normal JSchlatt, but I still want to imagine what could have been.
For example:
鈥 Glatt also has memory issues. It can be debated that he probably forgot everything that he regretted...
鈥his leads to an almost entirely memory loss.
鈥 At some point he even questions his name, since he can't remember anything from his childhood either.
鈥 This means that he doesn't even have people, who he could visit to get answers, because he doesn't even remember anyone and doesn't remember...which answers he would possible want besides of "Who am I".
鈥ostly he just stays at his own "grave" that he found by accident. He knew that it was his because of the deformed picture.
鈥 He assumed that he wasn't really liked since nobody really visited the grave.
鈥 But at one day, he finally sees someone there and can't believe it...because this person actually seems ears...ginger hair...if only he could remember the name.
鈥 This person started a monologue. Something about being confused...and not knowing what to think of everything...Glatt just stayed in the near...not letting himself to be seen.
鈥 After the young boy left, the ghost just stayed and hoped...that soon this person would return...maybe he could even show himself this time...
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fandomandsparkles21 days ago
making dsmp fanart is literally so wild because i always try to make them super dramatic and when people watch me draw its like 鈥榠 cant let them know this is about a minecraft RPF!!!鈥
them: woah that鈥檚 a cute guy he looks so happy!! why is he bleeding blue
me: *forced smile* creative choices! also he has a blue sheep haha
them: nice character design i love it wheres it from
me: *lying through my teeth* have you heard of popular anime figure kisuke urahara??? i didn鈥檛 think so anyway i headcanon he has a pet pig
them: dude why did you just draw a humanoid fox kneeling at the grave
me: *sweating* uh i鈥檓 a furry artist
them: what the fuck is this why is half his skin white and the other half black and why did you make him cry
me: *sobbing* that鈥檚 my oc ebony dark鈥檔ess dementia raven way and he has memory issues please let me live
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420technoblazeit2 months ago
au where sally wasn't a salmon but a long furby that wilbur slept with. whenever someone asks fundy if he's a furry it's extra offensive to him bc he's actually a furby. he got his mother's eyes UwU
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pomodoko5 months ago
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Tumblr media
Litol men? Litol baby men?
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nachosforfree5 months ago
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I feel like the voice mimicking headcanon could get depressing very fast
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fundyupdatesa day ago
Fundy uploaded a Youtube Video and Made a tweet!
鈥渁yo go watch right now鈥
linked above is his video 鈥 So I made Minecraft Impossible... 鈥
he also got sponsored for this >:O聽
link to tweet聽
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belovedgamers3 months ago
Tumblr media
鈥淔undy鈥檚 plan to become a better man鈥 by Fundy in 鈥淭he Plan - Dream SMP鈥
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420technoblazeita month ago
fuck relationship angst actually i want every dream smp member to see the ranvan n tubburger and start their own food place. puffy relocates her mcdonalds and foolish and eret 'betray' her by setting a rock candy stall up right beside it. ponk sells lemonade and keeps moving the stall to avoid angry customers who realize it's just water with gatorade. techno and phil team up to make snowcones and fundy brings the ice cream business back to try and impress his grandpa (it doesnt work they just see him as competition)
bad comes in with suspiciously red-tinted omelettes that he swears are completely fine, promise! hannah has intricate chocolate roses for sale. there are little kitty paw lollipops at ant's stall and niki sells cake pops. charlie has no idea what's going on so he starts handing out green cookies that have? weird chocolate chips??? in them. no one has the heart to tell him to stop. connor just has those really shitty half-melted sonic popsicles. purpled starts selling licorice to be a little shit and piss quackity off
but tommy just has little moth-shaped cookies for sale. it's the only place wilbur hasnt sabotaged so far
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