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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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an above view of a bullet journal reading "october" in stylized black cursive
an above view of a bullet journal reading "october" in stylized black cursive
an above view of a bullet journal reading "october" in stylized black cursive


I am Lazarus, come from the dead, come back to tell you all, I shall tell you all…

That I am fucking exhausted oh. my. god.

These past few weeks have been crazy! I had to meet with all 35 of my students on top of midterms and navigating remote classes I am ready to drop

But! I’m finally starting to see the other side of this mountain, things are starting to calm down and just in time to maybe prep for nanowrimo?? 👀 what’s one more bad decision, right?

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ahhhh i’ve been so overwhelmed recently :’)) man, ap literature is a lot harder than i expected but at least i have seulgi to look at when i open up my bujo. i’m sending everyone reading this positive and wholesome vibes!!

listening to: hello hello hello - remi wolf

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I tried a new format of picture today. Liked doing this annotation thingy with my personal humor.

I have an entrance exam tomorrow for my dream college and i haven’t been able to study the past week since my gran passed away last week and the whole family all my little cousins have been here. Lets hope she has some pull upstairs and helps me pass tomorrow.

I also hit 1k last week so YAYY!!! Do y'all want me to do anything for the milestone? Lemme know :)))

Listening to : Casimir Pulaski Day by Sufjan Stevens

Ig: voicesbrokenbistars

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17.09.2020 I @spell-studies challenge & diary

the flat smells of lemongrass. clean bedsheets. a hint of lavender. every little thing has its place. new greens. new leaves. an opportunity worth taking.

#19 how do you organize your to-do’s?

I have to write everything down. small to-do’s go on my phone for daily to-do’s, weekly stuff goes on things to get done, dates and assignments go in my planner and out of all of this I make a broad weekly overview.

the weekly schedule and to-do list are by @emmastudies, I laminated them so now they’re reusable (yay!)

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17.09.2020 I @spell-studies challenge

#16 song of the day! what are you jamming to?

watermelon sugar - harry styles, gotta keep the summer vibes as long as possible this year

#17 what is your study playlist?

depending on my mood and what/how I’m studying I just play an instrumental or piano playlist. sometimes it’s this one though and this one for dance breaks.

#18 study schedule?

I prefer studying during morning hours. I also usually designate one (or two half days) to all the assigned readings, writing essays, researching papers or writing study notes. on that day I start early and work on everything until it’s done (or dinner time). if I have to prep for an exam I write my study notes in the evening while watching gilmore girls

if I have a whole day of studying/writing/researching planned I go about it like this.

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Lately i haven’t had the time or energy to make pretty notes. So here are some of the notes i made with just a pencil in my rough notebook, along with an iced coffee whose ice has long since melted away.

In other news we’re about to hit the 1k mark! I want to do something to celebrate that. Send in your suggestions or ideas :))


~listening to : Wake up from Julie and the phantoms soundtrack

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16.09.20 - I didn’t bring my laptop to my parents house where I’ve been today and yesterday, and I’m not allowed to drive for a bit because of the anesthesia, so I’ve just spent my day reading… (also this is Shelley, she’s very old, very small and very sweet)

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ahhh i’m so excited for my ap psychology class!! it’s honestly ironic how i’m learning about memory but i have trouble remembering some of its concepts. i hope that everyone is staying safe and taking care of themselves uwu. remember to take breaks when you need it <33 sending wholesome vibes to all of the guys, gals, and nonbinary pals here :))

listening to: put your records on - ritt momney

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