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31.05.2020 | (temporary) bullet journal setup :D

this is a notebook i normally use for daily journaling aka pages after pages of stream of consciousness. but i’m… bored and just wanna occupy myself with bullet journaling – something i haven’t done in a long while. this ‘bujo’ is only for the summer vacation though, so i don’t stress myself out with keeping it up throughout the year.

my summer semester starts tomorrow but everything is online so… another 6 weeks of staring at the screen(s) – the laptop and the iPad. D:

talking about daily journaling, i’ve been consistently doing so for almost half a year. i’m surprised that i can keep up with it. i only had to catch up once during the finals week so heck yea.

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week’s aesthetics (05/25-31) 🌻

  • muffled laughter. dancing out of the blue with no music on. peach-scented lip balm. minty incense. dusty books.
  • the moment between your dream slipping away and your eyes opening. missing someone and not being able to tell them so. wanting the world to heal and to end. running out of time.
  • a sweaty mess groggily stomping down the stairs in the middle of the day, body automatically moving towards the comfort of an airconditioned room.
  • mindlessly putting ice cubes in your drink before pouring the honey in, and now it won’t mix.
  • blowing kisses through the phone. hoping it’s enough; wanting more.
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05.29.20 🐝
I wanted my journal cover for May to be a little more floral and bright….it needed to match the flowers that I’ve been taking care of since those April days (plus I think we could all use a little brightness right about now)

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25 May 2020 // my long-term goals spread before and after the pen

—☀️ i’m so excited about the future rn, and i consider it a miracle considering how depressed i was. i still get bouts of crippling anxiety and helplessness from time to time, because life’s still so unpredictable, but i’m coping so much better. there are things i’m looking forward to now. things that make me happy. it doesn’t seem like it when you’re at your lowest, but it does get better.

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24.05.2020 | we are back to actual paper notes because after two months of online classes AND iPad note-taking, my eyes hurt D:

The feeling of writing on paper is… nice. But my handwriting is deteriorating…

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how have online classes been for you all? figuring out zoom has been a journey, lol. one student got called out for watching a tv show because he forgot to mute himself, lol!

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