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Me: not getting THAT job (i have been whining about and it’s been stressing me tf out)

Also me: Not getting THAT job today but everyone involved trying actively to keep me aboard, and offering me shit to not getting me to leave this company.

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when the moon hits the eeaaarth, thats armageddoooon

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Look, I know that I am by no means an expert in these things, but I fail to see how hiring The HU to do another piece for Star Wars is suddenly cultural appropriation? I mean, maybe if it were a non-Mongolian group doing an imitation, or if they were uncredited for their work? But that’s really not the case here.

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you ever just put some music on and then realize that it’s at a point in the music and you go “WHEN THE FUCK DID IT GET TO THIS???”

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Something that just drives me bananas is people who use Starbucks lingo every time they get coffee

I’m convinced some of these people would go into a gas station and fill their cup with stuff from a machine and then tell the cashier they got a venti half light roast, half caramel cappuccino, four pumps of vanilla, three shots of espresso

Instead of just like, plonking down their frankencaffeine and looking the dead-eyed cashier in the face and being like “it’s coffee” so the cashier can hum and be like “99 cents” because coffee refills are cheaper than first time fillups and once you’ve worked in a gas station for long enough you stop giving a shit

Not every place with coffee is a Starbucks and most people don’t have a clue what you actually want when you order like it is

Anecdote: someone once ordered a caramel macchiato at work way back before I’d ever even tried a Starbucks anything or knew anyone who drank it, so I was like “sure!” and brewed the espresso, mixed in the caramel syrup, and topped it with thick milk foam and the person who ordered it looked at me like “what the fuck is this?”

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And also a huge shout out to @mamey2422, @bourbon-ontherocks and the anons who send me this answer! <333

I know this must sound like the beginning of a newly crowned Miss Universe’s  speech, but I really never expected I See Your Technicolors would do as well as it did. But the amount of people who said they really didn’t think they would like it based on the premisse, and then raving about it in the comments, and the absurd amount of kudos it got is just… It’s kind of super weird (I don’t think I ever had a fic so popular) but all the love for it really keeps my spirit up in this whole pandemic - also because I just really like writing it, I’m sad already that it’s only two chapters left haha. 

(Did got me thinking of doing a follow up later - but I was like nahh, ffs just finish this first, we’ll see about that later)

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