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#iv drug use

Guys please take care of yourselfs make sure every morning you eat a balanced breakfast and drink plenty of water not just coffee ya fiends see pic below for example….


Just kidding eat whatever the fuck you want it’s almost 6:00am here so I chose the grand slamma this morning! Slamming cofffe slamming meth and slamming heroin ima fuck around smoke hella weed to why not it’s Friday ayeeeeee…..right? Or what day is it fuck me ok no more life coaching from me i am obviously hot garbage this morning but I love deep an good blessing over all y’all wooo!

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♥About To Do This Monster Of A Goofball! Poured The Last Of My Drugs Into This Baby.

♥Approx: .25 of Black Tar & .3 of Crystal.😍

♥FINALLY Scored Some Crys For My Goofballs! It’s Been EXTREMELY Hard To Find In My Area Lately Due To Quarantine.

×× May 25th, 2020 ~ 9:58 A.M. ××

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Be fascinated at my misery ya sickos! I’ve always paid close attention in all my time spent with the needle always careful to do the best I can and remain safe! Well last night I got my second little tiny baby amount of a miss in the books and she stung yikes maybe 3ml pushed before I stooped an realized what I was doing but a miss is a miss is a miss def git the remainder of the shot in tho I game back from the big L and concurred like a OG number one scumbag, wooo

Best em down best em down best em down

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