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divinefeline28 · 9 hours ago
1, 12, 14, and 18 for old school warriors ask?
hi i love u
1. what color is scourge’s collar? PURPLE always has been always will be
12. is brambleclaw a good main character? brambleclaw sure is a guy huh. i think conceptually he shouldve been a good main character but in actuality got overshadowed by the other main characters especially in tnp which made him look bland and any cool character struggles he couldve had didnt have space to happen
14. dovewing or ivypool? its my deep dark secret that i am an ivypool hater. dovewing owns my heart. sorry everyone
18. favorite medicine cat before oots? if you asked me back in the day i would have said jayfeather but now i have self respect. leafpool my beloved <333
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blaussi · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Dovewing and Ivypool !
[Feel free to send me an ask to suggest more cats <3 ]
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warriorcatdumpster · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
I wanted to do a little cat famiy tree but I severely underestimated how big firestar’s family is help 😭 I cut out like half of it partly to not die and partly bc I havent kept up with the recent books and dont know who they are lol. MIght expand it later but probably not
Uh also i didnt add names but its preatty easy to see who’s who I hope anyway enjoy 
(details under the cut)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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deadbeatmice · 13 hours ago
Thinkin abt them
Tumblr media
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xbloodywhalex · 13 hours ago
I need an expert's opinion. Who would be Shadow's favourite warrior cat?
im . im not sure id have to think about this
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rockyfeather-rewrite · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Doodle of my Ivy design to test out a new drawing app I got. I’ll post a full reference eventually! Also expect zero genetic accuracy here I’ll make the cats green if I so please
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spaghettisometimes · a day ago
Tumblr media
MORE FISHY AU FOR MERMAY IvyPool and DoveWing are now SeaweedPool and PuffinWing- proud members of the ThunderSchool! PuffinWing def has more of those soft fishypet traits from FireWaves decendants; while SeaweedPool takes after her fathers pointy, wild fish body-type!
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lovewing3 · 2 days ago
i still won’t ever forgive the erins for making Ivypool and Fernsong mates like they’re a nice couple and all but only if you ignore they’re blatant relation :/ like c’mon if Lionblaze had the ability to think do you think he would find it strange for Ivypool, you know, who’s sister was apart of the same prophecy he was which means they’re related
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tdfswarriors · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Wanted to redo my Ivypool design cause I really don’t like the old art lol
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sorrel-love · 3 days ago
Battle cats! (#1)
The new Warrior cats RP game on Roblox is pretty cool, here are some canon cat designs I made today, feel free to ask me to make more, these are fun!
This is Tigerclaw.
Tumblr media
This is Squirrelflight! (SQUILF)
Tumblr media
This is Sorreltail!
Tumblr media
This is Sandstorm!
Tumblr media
This is Ravenpaw!
Tumblr media
This is LightningTail! (From DOTC)
Tumblr media
This is Jayfeather!
Tumblr media
This is IvyPool!
Tumblr media
This is Greystripe!
Tumblr media
This is Firestar!
Tumblr media
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aquilline-db · 3 days ago
Hollyleaf AU
ok so I had an AU idea where instead of Holly running away from ThunderClan , she stays and begins to train in the dark forest because she is hurt by Squilf and Crow and Bramble.
The Ashfur dies thing still happens and instead of Dove , Ivy is the third cat in the prophecy.
Holly also trains Ivy in the DF and finds out about Ivy being a spy
In the battle , she actually fights for the DF instead of against and she does kill Hawkfrost to save Ivy only because Holly wanted to kill Ivy herself.
Holly and Ivy fight and Ivy kills Holly but dies because of a wound Holly gives her.
Lion and Jay grieve and Leafpool is like ‘It’s my fault’ and all that shit.
Anyone can use this even though it’s already posted on my wattpad and my quotev.
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strikepop · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
these two
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buggyspotsdesigns · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
my ivypool kinnie senses are tingling
she gets her scars only after the antpelt fight
big buff badass idiot hours i love her <3
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can we stop arguing about ivypool and dovewing and just admit that they were fucked up kids who were only doing what they were told
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duskstar727 · 5 days ago
Fernsong/Ivypool have maxed out malewife/girlboss energy
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mallowstep · 5 days ago
cloudtail’s daughter: ivypool
i wrote this up a while ago, and i’m just queuing it for completions sake. it may or may not be accurate.
ivypool. it’s time. it’s time. i’ve been waiting for a long time.
i wrote about dovewing like. well okay it was only like two weeks ago for me. but it was a very long time ago in my brain. i’m pretty sure when i wrote the dovewing essay, i still hadn’t figured out a lot of relatively basic things? or like, i’ve just made a lot of changes? yeaaah. also, this is my last official warrior cats essay that i’m writing for this blog. so. yeah. uh. yeah. i’m excited for this. because this is, well, i have good good thoughts about ivypool. i don’t really like her like dovewing and jayfeather, but she’s up there with jayfeather and like, squirrelflight? for quality characters. she’s one of the best characters. possibly the best character. so. yeah. it’s time. let’s begin.
section one: ivykit
oh yeah baby. going back to basics. let us examine the life of warrior, via ivykit. ivykit is born. she has one littermate. dovekit. ivykit and dovekit vibe, aight? like yeah, sure, ivykit spends a lot of time playing with blossomkit and bumblekit, but like, less than in my other aus. ivykit is…well at first, she does not feel underloved. i mean, she’s on equal footing with dovekit for like, the first moon or two of their life, when they’re still all stumpy legged and stumbling, with fluffy coats and eyes that don’t work right.
and yeah, things are fine. i mean, sure, jayfeather is concerned about dovekit, but ivykit doesn’t care. dovekit is her sister. that’s what matters. of course, as they get older, this starts to crack. subtly, at first. ivykit feels like she needs to protect dovekit. she doesn’t know why or from what, or even when she started thinking this, but ivykit just knows that she has to be there for dovekit. that she’s going to be the person who doesn’t complain when dovekit doesn’t hear, etc., and that’s just her job.
and the cracks grow larger. cloudtail and brightheart are concerned for dovekit. ivykit can’t keep going she’s my sister, she’s just like that and so she does yeah she does start to grow jealous. and there’s this awkward rift and they can’t make it work, except that ivykit and dovekit are still sisters. (oh man oh man is dovewing’s silence gonna fuck ivypool up.)
but ivykit doesn’t really grow resentful until BB&B are apprenticed. because now she’s, well, alone. i mean yes, she still has dovekit, but dovekit is working with their parents, and her old friends are busy, and what’s a girl to do?
and then she starts to feel lonely. and this, while not when hawkfrost contacts her, is the weakness he will exploit. i’m not doing a mapleshade/crookedkit situation. wrong vibe. hawkfrost and ivypool should end as equals. but otherwise, that’s pretty much her kithood.
section two: ivypaw
alright, so we’ve heard this story 5 times by now. but that’s ok, that’s okay. ivypaw is given to lionblaze. this is chill, this is chill, this is some good vibery. you know? oh lord i’m meming again hold on someone needs to factory reset me.
right so ivypaw is assigned to lionblaze because he’s supposed to be encouraging and brave and loyal. and you know, ivypaw is fine with that. it’s fine. this is fine. she doesn’t mind. he’s chill. this is really cool lionblaze is a really good warrior ivypaw is internally screaming because she’s very happy but she wants to seem cool so she’s trying to keep it together.
yeah, she’s very hype. she’s like, mildly concerned for dovepaw, but dovepaw gets cinderheart and everything is fine and they’re going to be apprentices together and then. dovepaw catches a few mice.
and whoa, does this make ivypaw jealous.
because this means that dovepaw’s training with brightheart and cloudtail wasn’t making them equals, it was making dovepaw better. (this is wrong, obviously, but it’s how ivypaw feels, and that’s kind of the most important part.)
so ivypaw just sulks and about a moon or two in, i’d need to check notes for the specifics (yes, this au has finally gotten large enough i can’t hold the entire thing in my head), but a moon or two in, she gets contacted by hawkfrost. and i’ve actually already drafted their first meeting, so i can include some quotes. i know it’s unorthodox, but it’s one of my favorite scenes i’ve written. plus, it’s definitely not final form yet. so i don’t feel bad about including it.
Ivypaw didn’t know where she was. Her dreams were usually across the Thunderclan territory.
Now, a strange tom stood in front of her. He had no scent, but he looked like a warrior. But he sat still, saying nothing.
She could smell a mouse in the field, and she instinctively dropped into a crouch.
At least I can make a catch in my dreams.
But as she was preparing to strike, her back brushed the stem of a poppy, and the mouse squeaked, running off.
Ivypaw flopped to the ground.
“It’s not your fault,” the tom said, his voice low and gravelly.
Ivypaw’s ears flicked towards him instinctively, and she turned her head.
“You haven’t been taught how to crouch properly in this kind of field,” he said. “It’s a shame, but I’m sure your mentor is getting around to it.”
Ivypaw growled. “Sure, whenever he actually decides to pay attention to me.”
The tom didn’t say anything, only gazed kindly at Ivypaw. Feeling self concious, she stood up, and tried to lick the dust off her pelt.
“Do you want me to show you what you should have done?”
“Sure,” Ivypaw said.
The tom crept forward slowly, his back flat. He pounced, without giving a single sign he was about to move. “Did you see that?” he asked, calm. Ivypaw nodded. “Good. Now, you try.”
Ivypaw tried to copy his form. “Do you live here?” she asked, trying to make sure she was in the correct form. He didn’t say anything, just flicked his tail.
“Hold yourself a little looser,” he said, “but go on, give it a try.”
She leaped, but her belly brushed the ground, and she skid to a halt far closer than she meant to.
“That’s alright,” the tom said. “Here, aim for this.”
He hooked a ball of moss with one claw, putting it a fair distance in front of her. Ivypaw shook her head slightly, trying to think about what she needed to do.
She pounced, this time, moving cleanly, but when her spine flattened, her balence was thrown off.
“You’ve almost got it,” he said. “Watch again, then you try.”
He demonstrated the pounce again, and Ivypaw tried to pay attention to how he landed. He realigned the ball of moss. “Now you.”
She thought carefully about what she needed to do, then leaped. She moved through the air cleanly, and landed with the ball between her paws without even a whisper from the grass.
“Very good,” the tom said. “You must be quite the hunter.”
Ivypaw didn’t say anything.
“Oh, you must know you are. That’s an advanced move, and you picked it up in no time.”
Ivypaw felt flush. “Is it that obvious?”
The tom’s eyes were piercing. “No,” he said. “But I had a hunch.” Ivypaw had the sense he was waiting for something.
“My sister struggles with hunting,” she admitted. “We’ve been spending a lot of time with her.”
“It hardly seems fair,” the tom said, “that your training should suffer.”
Ivypaw didn’t know what to say.
“Let me show you one more thing,” he said. “Call it, evening the scales.”
The tom moved so Ivypaw could see his whole body technique. “A stalking technique,” he said, “one I doubt you’ve seen before.”
He drew his whiskers back and stuck his chin out, holding very low and flat to the ground. The tom weaved through the grass and snapped at the stem of a violet, impossibly quickly.
“That was so fast!” Ivypaw said, despite herself.
The tom licked his chest. “Comes with practice. Give it a try.”
She copied his technique, grabbing a flower stem, although she couldn’t move nearly as quickly.
“Very good,” he said. “You’ll get the speed with time. It’s a good technique for fish.”
Ivypaw tilted her head, quizzical.
“Or mice,” he ammended. “Anything fast.”
Ivypaw began to feel something pulling her.
“I think I have to go,” she said.
“So be it,” he said.
“What’s your name?” she asked him.
“I’m Ivypaw,” she said. The pull was growing more urgent. “Why are you being so nice to me?”
“Because,” he said, calmly, “I think you deserve to succeed.”
and there you are. like i said, i don’t think it’s going to stay in this form. so i wanted to share it. it turns out the canon version of this scene is just. good. i don’t like a few key things about it, but for the most part, it’s good, so trying to redo it is hard.
anyway, so. ivypaw isn’t exactly kind about her feelings. she’s angry at lionblaze and at dovepaw. and dovepaw knows this and dovepaw feels exceptionally inadequate. so, dovepaw starts sneaking out.
section three: ivypaw II, ivypaw alone
so dove/holly/cinder leave to deal with beavers, and ivypaw is…salty. as i’ve made somewhat clear, i’m not 100% sure where this falls on the timeline: it could overlap with the hawkfrost incident. but. yeah.
lionblaze is very distracted, and she picks up on that hard. and hawkfrost is getting into her head, and she’s tired all the time, but she feels good.
ivypaw is…ivypaw is complicated. she wants to be good so badly it’s blinding, and somewhere i have notes on why she doesn’t figure out the hawkfrost deal sooner, but there’s a reason, but she wants so badly. she wants recognition, she wants to be good, she wants to serve her clan, she wants to protect dovepaw. and it’s all building to an almost unhealthy level, but like, what is she supposed to do? no one is paying attention to her because of dovepaw.
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