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devikyuu · a month ago
Fluffy Love
Pairing: Iwaizumi Hajime x GN!Reader Tags: Angst with Happy Ending Summary: You firmly believe that you aren’t worth loving. Word Count: 4.0k
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“I don’t think I’ll experience a fluffy kind of love.” You confess to your friend.
“The fuck are you talking about?” They don’t even pay attention to you. Choosing to continue scrolling through their phone.
You grumble a bit. “You know, like...” You trail off on your words, wondering how to explain to your clueless friend. “Like when that other person just loves you so much and they just give you flowers or they just want to cuddle or when you both stare at each other with so much love.” As you say these things, you imagine all of that in your head. “No way in hell that type of love is real.”
“Man, shut your ass.” They yawn. “You’ll get that kind of love. Just wait.” They stand to stretch and your eyes go back to the TV that’s playing an action movie you’re not really paying attention to. “I’m gonna go back. I still have a lot of shit to do. I’ll see you soon.” They grab their things and before they could leave, you call out to them.
However, you hesitate on what to tell them and decide to send an insult. “You’ve been swearing too much lately. Tone it down.”
“Yeah, yeah, whatever.” They roll their eyes and murmur. “As if you don’t swear.”
“I heard that.”
They give you the universal sign of ‘fuck you’ and leave.
When they do, you pause the movie and breathe out a sigh.
“I always give everything no questions asked, though.” 
It’s been weeks since you’ve opened up to your friend about what you think and you’ve been drowning in endless amounts of projects that seem like a mountain whenever you see them.
You stare gloomily at your laptop before deciding that maybe you need to go outside. Your face cringes just thinking about it. But you really needed a break.
Grabbing a jacket and wearing some shoes, you decide to just walk around the park nearby. Maybe even just sit on a bench and look around just admiring everything.
What you don’t expect on this little break, however, is a gorgeous man with messy brown hair coming up to you and saying, “Hi! My friend kept looking at you and was wondering if you’d want to be his--”
The man, who later on you find out is Oikawa Tooru, was cut off by a hit to the head that seemed way too hard to be a normal hit.
“Iwa-chaaaaaan,” He whines, “I’m just trying to get you a date!” He tries to justify himself but looking at this ‘Iwa-chan’ guy, he seems thoroughly annoyed. Though you couldn’t deny that this man also looked gorgeous.
“Shut up, Shittykawa.” As he grumbles, he looks at you with an apologetic look. “Sorry to bother you, we’ll take our leave now.”
Without any other words to say, ‘Iwa-chan’ grabs his friend's collar and drags him away. Truthfully speaking, it’s a funny sight that makes you giggle a little bit.
Before they’re both too far away to hear you, you decide to speak. “I’m not looking for a date but we can definitely be friends.”
With a soft smile like yours, Iwaizumi can only stare with an amazed look on his face which doesn’t escape Oikawa’s vision. With a smirk, Oikawa decides to answer you. “Perfect! My name is Oikawa Tooru. This is Iwa-cha--” Yet again he is hit on the head, but lightly this time.
“I’m Iwaizumi Hajime. Nice to meet you.”
“Well, Iwaizumi-san, Oikawa-san, I’m (L/n) (Y/n).”
Once again, Iwaizumi is given a chance to see your smile and he wishes to see more of that in the future. 
“It was nice to meet you, but I have some things to do back home. Would you like to exchange numbers?” 
To explain your friendship with your new friends, it was a wild ride.
Oikawa was fun to tease and Iwaizumi seems content that he's not the only one who thinks that Oikawa is a piece of trash ("This is called tough love." You both tell Oikawa to which he only pouts at).
Sometimes, Oikawa has to bail out on your hangouts due to volleyball but you find that you don't really mind.
You and Iwaizumi get closer. Going on a first name basis that makes you feel comfortable enough to ask him to join you on spontaneous ideas you come up with. 
"I don't understand how I let you talk me through this."
"I have super powers. Deal with it."
You tell (F/n) about all your adventures with Hajime and you even introduce them to both Oikawa and Hajime.
"I feel like I'd be punching Oikawa a lot. Is that normal?"
"Please, be our guest."
As your friendship with Hajime gets closer, you find that you feel more comfortable with him than you do with Oikawa.
You open up about it to your friend and they start teasing you about how you're falling in love with him.
"I am not. I just find them really easy to talk to. I find it easy to talk to you but I'm not in love with you."
"True. But you also don't talk about me twenty-four seve--"
"I do not talk about Hajime twenty-four seven."
"... Right. And who's the topic of this conversation?"
Your pride refuses to answer that question.
You ask Hajime if he wanted to take a walk with you since you decided to take a break from your schoolwork. You also asked Oikawa but he said he had to bail this time. Hajime confirms that he could walk with you, though.
You were having such a great time talking and walking with Hajime that you didn't see him clenching and unclenching his fists nervously.
Before you could rant more about how you hate the projects and the teachers in your classes, Hajime stops walking. You stop walking, too. Confused with his actions.
That's when you finally notice the way that his cheeks are slightly pink (From the cold, maybe?) and his hands that keep opening and closing.
"Hajime? What's up? Are you okay?" Genuinely concerned. "You didn't have to come walk with me if you felt a little under the weather, you know?"
Hajime is quiet for a while. 
"No. No, it's not that. I'm fine, really."
You're just even more confused now. "Then, what's up?" Your eyebrow is raised, waiting for him to answer you. 
He stays quiet and you patiently wait for him to speak.
"You don't' have to be so nervous, you kno--"
“Do you want to get into a relationship?” He asks and you’re stunned to silence. 
"With… who?"
"With, uh, with me." His fists are clenching together even faster now. You're still stunned at what he said.
But at the same time, you feel confused. There’s an ache in your chest that makes you feel queasy. It makes your face scrunch a little. 
“You want to be with me...?” You look at him properly to see if there are any indications that this is all a joke or he’s lying, but all you see is a red face.
Iwaizumi’s blush is as clear as day and he looks away from you to hide that, you assume. He sticks his hands in his pockets before answering you. “Yes.”
You want to say yes, but you think about all the times you’ve loved with an end of you giving your everything until there’s nothing left. Until you’re running out of things to say and do. Until they’ve decided that they don’t want to be with you anymore. Until you’ve become broken enough to care about nothing anymore.
“Hajime, I…” you try to accept, you really do, but you’re too afraid. “I’m sorry…” 
“Oh.” He sounded disappointed but it also seems like he expected this outcome. “Thank you for being honest with me. I’d still like to be friends, though. If that’s possible.”
You hear him, but you dive back into memories you never wanted to go back to. Your desperate attempts to make them stay, telling them that you’d do better and that you’d fix whatever you thought you broke.
The memories of when they ghost you for months. The memories of waiting for them to reply to your messages that only get shorter. The memories of them just ending everything despite waiting patiently for them to come back.
When you come to, he’s still in front of you. Waiting for an answer. He notices the far away look you had just a few seconds ago but he decides not to comment on it. Instead, he settles with, “Are you okay?”
You blink away the memories and look at him.
Why would such a nice guy come to you? Do you deserve this?
No, you don’t. 
“Yeah!” You try to say in a cheery tone that contradicts with your behavior and shaky voice. “I’m okay. I’m sorry, Iwaizumi-san, but I--” you cut yourself off. 
Is this really the best thing to do?
You sigh and force yourself to push the words out of your mouth. “I don’t think we can stay friends, either.” You look away with guilt that bursts throughout your entire body. Making your feet curl, your fingers itching to turn into fists, and your chest feels heavier and heavier the longer you stand in front of Iwaizumi.
He sounds disappointed, again. 
‘It’s for the best.’ You convince yourself. ‘Apologize and walk away. You don’t deserve this.’
“I’m really sorry, Iwaizumi-san. Goodbye.” You walk away from him, with a heavy mind and a heavy chest. The further you walk away from him, the more your chest feels like it’s dragging you down and slowing your movements. 
As you continue to walk, a tiny part of you hopes he decides to chase you. You hope he decides to hold your hand or call out to you. Just anything that implies he would chase after you.
But Iwaizumi is a nice and respectful man. This is reality and your hopes are based on fantasies and cliches. You reach the comfort of your bed with no one holding your hand. You reach the comfort of your bed with no one calling out to you.
You’re in your room with the lights off, under your blanket, seeking for any kind of warmth to make the cold disappear. Staring at the ceiling, the wall, the laundry that’s piling up, the table that has your laptop, the mirror, and back to your ceiling.
You want to cry, but tell yourself that you have no right to. You made that decision and you were the one who said it was for the best. You try to fall asleep but the lump in your throat makes it hard. Sighing in frustration, a tear falls from your eye.
Sighing again, you sit up and stare at a random spot in your room. Letting your thoughts roam free. Letting them dance in your head that only seems to taunt you.
In the barely lit room, you see your phone light up. You stare at it until the light is gone and stare at it for a few more seconds before deciding to check on the notification.
‘You good?’
Is what the message says. Your friend knew that you’d be with Iwaizumi today. Even teased you about it. But how’d they know to check up on you?
Another message was sent. 
‘Iwaizumi asked me to check up on you. Want me to come over?’
And of course Iwaizumi asks your friend to check up on you. 
You think about it for a while, but ultimately decide that you don’t want to see anyone. But you do tell them everything that happened. Your insecurities and hesitance to get into a relationship. It all stumbles out. 
‘I’m going to call you.’
Before you could do anything, their contact name shows up and you decide to just answer the call.
It’s silent on the other side for a while and you’re too drained to say anything or clarify that they’re in the call.
It’s silent for a few more moments until they decide to finally speak. 
“I understand that you’re hesitant and afraid, (Y/n), I really do. I’d be afraid, too.” They start. “But it’s not fair to assume that with every person you meet.”
“But they used to be like that. What if Iwa is the same? I don’t think I can handle another, (F/n). I’ll break even more. I can’t…” You trail off, afraid to continue because the tears have decided to finally fall and a sob is ready to force itself out of your throat.
“(Y/n).” Their tone is firm. “Didn’t you want to experience that fluffy love that you talked about? The one about… uh…” Your friend trails off, trying to remember your words. It made you choke out a little laugh. “The one about buying you flowers or cuddling and shit.”
You sniff and wipe your nose with your shirt. “Well, yeah. I do.” You admit. “But I firmly believe that I'm not deserving of it.”
“You can’t decide how deserving you are of something. It doesn’t just hurt you, it hurts other people as well.” You stay quiet as they speak. “Don’t you like this guy, (Y/n)?” They ask. “Everyone is deserving of love. Even you. So if you want this dude, and he wants you, why not give him a chance?”
Your conversation lasted a bit longer. Talking about anything once the main purpose of the call was somewhat over. Before your friend actually hangs up the call, they give you one more piece of advice. “Talk to him, okay?” 
You say your goodbyes and you’re left in your own thoughts again. This time, with the wise words of your friend instead of your negative ones.
“They rejected me.” Is what Iwaizumi tells his closest friend. “Said that they couldn’t be friends with me either.”
Iwaizumi and Oikawa met up after the whole fiasco happened.  With Oikawa wanting to know what happened, they stayed in a coffee shop to put caffeine into their system and hopefully ease the heartache that Iwaizumi is most likely feeling.
“Well, I can still be friends with her, right?” Oikawa teasingly tells his friend but quickly stops when he sees the focused look Iwaizumi has.
“They looked like they wanted to say yes. But they stopped themselves.” Iwaizumi’s mind drifts back to your torn look and fear filled eyes. He wonders what you’ve been through. “I asked (F/n) to check on them.”
“Always such a gentleman aren’t you.”
“Shut up.”
The two friends are surrounded by a comfortable silence but with the silence comes the noisy mind of Hajime.
He wanted to ask you what was wrong, but you said it yourself. You didn’t want to be friends. He wanted to respect your decision but he wanted to check on you. He wanted to ease your pain in any way that he could. He couldn’t just leave you to your own suffering but he didn’t want to scare you away. 
“That’s the problem, isn’t it?” Oikawa suddenly asks.
“You’re always such a gentleman.” Oikawa explains. “Try being selfish for once. You want to run to them, don’t you? You want to check on them and ask why they seem so hesitant.” Oikawa looks at Iwaizumi and gives him a cheeky smile. “Why don’t you chase after them? You like them a lot, right?”
Iwaizumi is silent as he stares at his cup of coffee. He did want to chase you. But what if you didn’t want him to?
“What if they don’t want to be chased?”
“You said they wanted to say yes but stopped themselves. Is that not proof enough?”
For the rest of the day, Oikawa’s question repeats in his mind no matter how much he tries to get it out. 
He thinks about Oikawa's words so much that he thinks about it for days until he suddenly finds himself going to your apartment. Knocking on your door. 
His anxiety grows every second that you don’t open the door. 
God, what if you weren’t even home?
His feet start tapping on the floor and he places his hands in his pockets. Clenching and unclenching them. 
His movements stop once the door finally opens.
“Hajime? What are you doing here?” Seeing him made your chest tug a little (either from happiness or guilt, you weren’t sure. Maybe it was a mix of both?). “Did you need something?”
Hajime only stares at you and he looks as confused as you are. With the cold breeze of the night, you thought it wise to bring Hajime inside before he gets a cold.
“Do you want a drink?”
He declines your offer and you’re both swallowed in awkward silence. The last time you’ve spoken to each other was his confession.
That you rejected.
And then proceeded to say that you didn’t want to be friends.
So to say that the silence was awkward was the understatement of the century.
'Talk to him, okay?'
Your friend's words echo in your head but you decide to ignore it. Trying to tell yourself that the heavy air between you and Iwaizumi is just in your head.
You wanted to sit down and offer Hajime a seat but the words are stuck in your throat. Why? Most likely because of the awkward tension that’s happening. However, you try to push out the words.
“Do you want to--”
“About the--”
Both of you shut up after hearing the other person speak. Hajime gives you the chance to speak, but you decided to hear him first. After all, he did come for you. Didn’t he?
Motioning for him to speak first, he clears his throat. “About the confession that happened, I kind of noticed that you were... hesitant.”
Everything seemed to stop for you. He noticed that? It was back to the silence but it was more suffocating this time. For the both of you. While you were diving back into unwanted memories, Hajime was back to overthinking.
Was that a mistake to point out? Did he make you uncomfortable? Was that something you weren't ready to talk about? Oh god, he probably screwed up real bad. 
You and Hajime continue to be surrounded by the tight silence. Anxiety eating away at you both for different reasons.
“Uh, (Y/n)?” 
“Oh. Sorry, Hajime.” 
You debate on telling him the truth or a half truth. But seeing him in front of you late in the evening, you think that he deserves to hear the reason why you rejected him. 
Swallowing your pride and anxiety, you tell him why you rejected him in the first place.
“I’m afraid.”
“That when I get with you, it’ll end the same." Your voice starts to get shaky at this point. Memories and experiences playing through your mind that make you hold your arm as tight as you could just to ground yourself.
"That when I get with you, I’ll be the one chasing you. I’ll be the one begging for you to come back. I’ll blame you for making the first move in everything but in the end I’ll forgive you because that’s how stupid I am when it comes to all this love bullshit.
“I’ll have to see you move on faster than I ever could and I’ll be in my room closed off from the world because I’ve given everything I could ever give to you and I’ll start thinking that you used me and that you were bored and I was just someone you could pass the time with. That I'm someone you never really cared for or loved.”
The tears are slowly falling down your face as new tears form in your eyes. The hurt in them is as clear as day and your eyebrows scrunching in frustration of yourself. You’ve told yourself that you’ve moved on and that you’re doing better without them.  That you're completely fine wanting something that you know you could never get. 
So why does your chest constrict so much that you're gripping on your shirt like a lifeline?
Why do you feel hurt even when you've convinced yourself everyday that no one could ever love you?
Did you not convince yourself enough?
“I’m afraid you’re gonna leave like the rest, I’m afraid I’m gonna run out of things to say, I’m afraid I’m gonna love so hard I’ll have nothing left to give and when I have nothing left to give you'll see it pointless to be with me. I’m so afraid, Hajime.” Your tears are falling faster now. Your voice shakes even more as you repeat how afraid you are to love. You’re facing downward but your eyes are shut tight. Hoping that that’s enough to stop your mind from thinking of anything. “I’m afraid I’m not worthy to be loved.”
As Hajime listens, his heart breaks in big chunks. Breaking into even more pieces as it hits the ground. His brows are furrowed, his eyes stare holes into you, hoping that you’d look at him so you can see how he only wants to love you the way you deserve to be loved, to care for you the way you deserve to be cared for, and to help you the way you deserve to be helped.
He wants to hold you, comfort you, show you that you do deserve to be loved. He’ll remind you every chance he gets. Even if you don’t believe it at first, he’ll be patient with you.
He tries to take a quiet step forward but you hear the quiet shuffle that his movements make and you take a step back. That makes Hajime question his movements. Should he not go to you?
“Don’t.” You whisper so quietly with tears still falling and Hajime wants to wipe those tears away. 
He decides to trust Oikawa for once and be selfish. He continues to walk towards you until he’s finally able to hug you. Holding your head against his shoulder and rubbing your back soothingly.
“I’m sorry for hugging you so suddenly,” he starts softly, “but I just couldn’t handle it anymore.” He hugs you tighter and he notices how you’re slowly relaxing into his hug. Whether you’re consciously or unconsciously doing it is beyond him. “You deserve to be loved. I’ll help you realize that. No matter how long it takes.” 
You stay in his hug for a while but it doesn’t seem like Hajime minds. You try to take a peek at him but he’s already looking at you with so much worry but there’s also so much love that it makes you feel emotional again.
Your doubts start spilling out and before you can even stop yourself, you’re asking him in a hushed voice, thinking that the moment would disappear if you disrupt the silence that envelops you both. “But what if you leave? What if I run out of love to give? What if you decide I’m not worth your time?”
Hajime continues to look at your eyes, trying to look for answers in them.
How could you think that way when you have so much to give? How could you think that when you’re so selfless to the people you love? How could he ever leave you when you’re so imperfectly perfect in his eyes?
The silence that follows your questions only gives you room to stare at him back. As you stare, you start thinking that maybe, just maybe, you’ll give it one more shot.
“I will stay for as long as you have me.” Is what he replies with and that’s more than enough for you. “We’ll take it slow, I promise.” Hajime’s arm circles around your waist, pulling you close until there’s barely any space left. His head is leaning in, thinking that he would kiss you, you close your eyes. But instead, you only feel his forehead touching yours. “I’ll let you call on the shots, okay?”
You can feel him breathe and it calms you. His words overwhelm you enough to have tears in your eyes again. He’s going to let you decide. He’s putting you first. Your eyes squeeze shut even more, hoping to stop the tears from flowing but it’s all in vain.
Even if the tears flow, he’s there to wipe them away and it feels warm and it feels comforting. Like you could breathe. Like your anxieties are being wiped away with those tears. 
With a shaky voice, you reply.
Tumblr media
This fic was longer than I expected. However! I like how it turned out! I hope you guys liked this too and I hope you all know that you’re worthy of love even if you don’t think so :))
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xheartoffantasyx · a month ago
Breakfast - Iwaizumi Fluff/Smut
Trust me, you want waffles after reading that.
Warnings: Oral GN!receiving
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"Mhhmm... Waffles...", you babbled in your sleep.
The last workdays were tiring and now you finally had the weekend off with your man.
You dreamt about waffles all night. Maybe you were pregnant or just craving some sweets.
As the sunlight slowly shook you awake, a tall figure made his way to your shared bed.
"Good morning, babe."
"Mh? Morning Hajime.", you rubbed your eyes.
"I let you sleep. I guess you really needed it Y/N."
"You can't even image how much I needed it..."
He leaned down to kiss the top of your head.
"I made you breakfast, since you've been sleep talking about waffles all night..."
This made you sit up in bed. Of course after sleeping all night and half of the day, you were pretty hungry.
Waffles made by the most handsome husband ever just seemed to good to be true.
As you sat up, Iwaizumi gave you a soft kiss, before handing you the plate with the still hot waffles, whipped cream and some strawberries.
When you took your first bite, you realized that your husband was just wearing his boxers.
"And what do you want for breakfast, Haji?"
"Oh sweetie...", he chuckled, unable to keep his eyes off of you.
"It's noon. Of course I already ate. But you see..."
He leaned closer. Slowly he wiped away some of the whipped cream that was on your lip with his thumb.
As he licked it of his strong hand, you began to feel a little hotter.
"I'm always in for a little treat, if you don't mind Y/N."
His hungry eyes were waiting for you to give him permission and with a small nodd of yours, he disappeared right underneath your blanket.
With the first wide lick of his tounge, drawing a soft moan from your pretty lips, you grabbed his hair.
"Bon appetit, Baby."
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kurosukii · 2 months ago
jul what about sugar daddy!iwaizumi?? I already s(creaming) by the thought of it 😩🥵✋
HNNNG 😩 sugar daddy!iwaizumi is strict, even stricter than sugar daddy!sakusa.
he’s very much into control, so expect to find yourself engaging in heavy dom/sub dynamics with him. his job as a ceo is stressful, and he finds that binding you in the most luxurious of ropes and spending thousands on you is his favorite kind of stress reliever. whenever the both of you are in his room, daddy is the only thing you’re allowed to call him. he’s an absolute menace too 😩 has all the sex toys in the world you can think of and he’s used all of them on you at least once.
“you think you deserve to cum?” he says while pressing the state-of-the-art vibrator wand on your poor and swollen clit.
“yes, daddy!” you whine while you attempt to thrash your legs, a futile attempt, really, since your legs are bound to the posts at the end of the bed, keeping your legs spread and open for your daddy.
“don’t think so, princess.” iwaizumi coos with a sinister smirk. you just look so pretty with tears running down your cheeks, voice whiny and high-pitched as you beg for him to give you your sweet release. you can’t even hold on to his arms because your wrists are tied to the headboard.
of course, after the agony of him denying your orgasms and having recharged from seeing your teary eyes, he’d fuck you senselessly—until the shape of his cock and syllables of his title is the only thing you know.
you’ve been a good girl for him, and good girls deserve to cum. (as well as getting treated to a shopping spree in the finest stores of europe and getting wined and dined at the rooftop of the ritz-carlton <3)
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dreampathic · 10 months ago
┇and then..they were roommates - smau┇
Tumblr media
❥summary: y/n is a broke college student looking for a place to live. she settled for an apartment with four dumbass boys.
❥this smau is inspired by this smau by @bokutobaby
❥My co-writer, best friend, AND #1 supporter who’s been helping me write this smau is none other than @katiea03
❥warnings: sexual language, cursing
❥pairings: iwaizumi x fem!reader, hanamaki x mattsukawa, oikawa x ushijima
❥genre: smau, crack
❥status: discontinued
❥a/n: I’m new to this smau thing so I’m sorry if I seem like I don’t know what I’m doing because I don’t 😃 but enjoy babes✨ 
their apartment floor plan
and then they were roommates playlist
Main Story
00: profiles and introductions
01: sugar daddy
02: beefy strong arms
03: $100, oikawa
04: nice cOcK
05: gag reflex
06: coming soon...
Bonus Chapters
imagination(read after chapter 2)
mac n’ cheese(can read whenever)
makki’s birthday!(birthday special)
mattsun’s birthday!(birthday special)
❥taglist: TAGLIST IS CLOSED @pockyxx @cece-lives-here @psychedelicwh0r3 @elianetsantana @elephantloser @reina-de-tay @agaashesmilktea @navymacaroons @victor-criss-bish @langalvr @bakugouswh0r3 @killlerqween @tsukkiswifeey @ish-scribbles @its-the-aerieljeane @calumsfringe @boba-ashea @ptv-hades @anngelllla @michaki @seijqhigh @fangirlingonrhys @stel9 @elysianslove @loser-keiji @ermahgerd-larry-and-ziam @ridorii @bokkuntofu @toaster-stick @shoyotime @gojoismyhusband @hyeongjjun @catwithangerissues @manamiii @oopsliales @laninasinnombre @murdereddaydreams @kawaiibokuro @ijustneedtobealilcrazy-blog1 @eveyams @kuroos-roosterhead @that-imagines-girl @sukuuuna @sleepy-kiddd @bumbledunce @honeypirate @fourcansofpringles @moonlitevibes @opchickpea @tsukiscocksleeve @hogwarts–imagines @cottagecoreanone @fluffyviciousbunny @candyyrushh @kac-chowsballs @peepeepoopoot 
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elysianslove · 4 months ago
this made me think of iwaizumi right away … perhaps even dilf iwa 🤒🤒🤒
oh my god, okay,,, if this is iwa then that’s def him punishing you by not letting you have his cock. like just giving you the bare minimum, pleasuring you and him but not the way you want,,,
and if this is dilf!iwa then it’s also him punishing you but he’s also saying “when you’re a big girl and you can take my cock, i’ll give it to you”
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adoringhajime · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
the rain pelted mercilessly against the windows, shaking them and occasionally making a rattling noise. the digital alarm clock on the bedside table at iwaizumi’s right displayed 03:11 AM in bright red, making him internally groan.
for a while, he stared up at the ceiling, watching the shadows of passing cars and rain drops on the window cast, listening. listening, to the sound of water slapping against the glass panels; against the ground; against the walls of his house. listening, to the rattling of the windows; to the sound of cars whoosh!-ing in and out; to the occasional thunder rumbling in the background. listening, to his breathing; to your breathing— trying to sync them.
iwaizumi blinked. he turned to sleep on his right— his back facing you— before momentarily frowning and turning again; this time to sleep on his left. he sighed. he’s been doing this for 30 minutes and only now did he feel comfortable.
his eyes fell on your sleeping figure, noticing the steady rise and fall of your blanket covered chest. then your face, facing him while your entire body faces the ceiling. iwaizumi would joke and say that only serial killers slept like that— back flat against the bed and blanket pulled up till it was right under your chin— to which you’d reply with “better watch your back then, hajime.”
unknown to him, his features softened and a grin bloomed on his lips— hand reaching out to softly graze over your cheeks, nose, lips, chin— ghosting your features. your quite breathing continued and iwaizumi found himself inching his body closer to yours, until both your arms were touching.
he draped his right arm over your stomach and cuddled his face into the crook of your neck, letting the right side of his body lean on top of yours, effectively trapping you. good luck getting out of this one in the morning!
he exhaled into your skin, his warm breath hitting him back in the face, finnaly feeling drowsiness hit him. his eyelids were drooping shut, fighting to stay open when he actually needed them to for literally 5 more seconds so he could kiss your cheeks goodnight and intertwine your fingers, making inaudible grumbling noises.
“i love you y/n. good-hnngh... goodnight.” were his last words before sleep eventually knocked him out, face smushed against your shoulder, his lips brushing your collarbones where he was about to deliver a final goodnight kiss.
maybe if he was conscious for a few more seconds, he would’ve noticed how you unconsciously curled your fingers interlocked with his, turned your body to slightly face him and how your face was buried in his hair.
the rain continued to pour down heavily, but it seemed to hit the ground slower now; softer even. the noises from outside also seemed to have stopped abruptly... or no more like they were just being quite. the light from the alarm clock also seemed to have dimmed a bit; as though they were all taking a moment, just a moment, to peer in and witness you both sleeping soundly. no care in the world, only the sound of both your breathing keeping the other asleep, fingers and hands gripping each other’s, and contentment
then just as suddenly as it happened, they grew louder, going back to what they were doing before. except the alarm clock; it‘s display read 3:18 AM at the moment, in dim red, only going back to normal after the sun broke the horizon.
Tumblr media
a/n: wbk the alarm clock, or maybe you entire place, is haunted <3 /j i need to eat rn after that i'll proofread and edit out the mistakes i wrOTE THIS AT 2AM DONT JUDGE ME
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carcarrow · 19 days ago
𝚘𝚒𝚔𝚊𝚠𝚊: 𝚢𝚘𝚞'𝚛𝚎 𝚙𝚞𝚜𝚑𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚊𝚕𝚕 𝚖𝚢 𝚋𝚞𝚝𝚝𝚘𝚗𝚜 𝚒𝚠𝚊-𝚌𝚑𝚊𝚗!
𝚒𝚠𝚊𝚒𝚣𝚞𝚖𝚒: 𝚜𝚘𝚛𝚛𝚢, 𝚒 𝚠𝚊𝚜 𝚓𝚞𝚜𝚝 𝚕𝚘𝚘𝚔𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚏𝚘𝚛 𝚝𝚑𝚎 𝚖𝚞𝚝𝚎.
𝚘𝚒𝚔𝚊𝚠𝚊: *𝚘𝚏𝚏𝚎𝚗𝚍𝚎𝚍 𝚐𝚊𝚜𝚙*
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bubblegumbi0tch · 3 months ago
The Workout
Trainer iwa x reader
Tumblr media
Why do you continue to do this to yourself?" Your best friend asked from beside you.
"What do you mean? I'm going to the gym." You said, laughing as she pulled up to your gym.
"Yeah exactly, we could be getting ready to go out right now, you know?" She said, giving you puppy dog eyes.
"You mean we could be getting all dressed up to go out with your boyfriend while I'll awkwardly be the third wheel?" You corrected, opening the car door.
"You make a fair point." She laughed. "Besides, I think I know why you come here now." She said, looking out her windscreen.
"And why is that?" You said, hopping out of the car but bending down so you could still talk to her.
"Him." She stated, pointing at the man in the doorway of the gym.
"Oh yeah, that's my trainer, Iwaizumi." You winked at her before shutting the door and walking over to him.
You greeted  
 and went inside to put your stuff away before going into the weights room to see Iwaizumi.
"I thought you weren't going to show up; it's almost eight," Iwaizumi said as you walked over to him.
"I was debating whether or not to show up. My friend was tempting me with a night out of drinking instead of a night of aching muscles." You laughed while drinking some water. "And you chose me. I'm touched, Y/N." Iwaizumi said, smiling wide, placing his hand on your shoulder.
"Yeah, well, I'm just hoping you can go easy on me tonight." You replied. "Not exactly; we're going to do a more intense workout tonight." He said, moving closer to you.
"Yay." You sighed, pushing him back and heading towards the pull-up bars.
You and Iwaizumi worked out for about 80 minutes when you finally decided that you needed a break.
"Why are you stopping?" Iwaizumi said, catching his breath.
"You weren't joking when you said this was going to be more intense than our other sessions Iwaizumi." 
You said, collapsing onto the ground. Iwaizumi just stared and snickered at you. "You're mean Iwaizumi, I don't think I can move." You breathed, looking at the ceiling.
"Here." Iwaizumi said, sitting beside you to give you some water. "Tonight's workout wasn't even that intense. It's like a walk in the park." He said, suddenly making you choke on your water.
"Are you insane a walk in the park?" You asked, shocked. "Not even Satan wouldn't have made me do anything that you've made me do tonight." You said, grabbing onto Iwaizumi's shoulder.
"That's a tiny overreaction (y/n)." Iwaizumi laughed, following you out of the room.
"No, you're wrong. I'm one thousand percent certain that right now I'm a ghost, and my corpse is back in there." You said, pointing to the room, trying to conceal your smile.
"Oh really (y/n)?" He asked as you stood outside the women's changing rooms. You nodded, and he shook his head. "So I take it we're done for tonight." He said as he looked around the empty gym.
You two usually worked out late when the gym was basically empty, you didn't like to work out in front of many people, and he preferred to just focus on you.
"Don't expect to see me for a month; I need to relax." You laughed, opening the changing room door.
"Good. That means no more late nights." Iwaizumi laughed; you pushed him slightly, not finding his joke funny. "Are you going to belong? I have to lock up." Izumi smiled sweetly at you.
"I'm going to take my time ok. I need to wash all this sweat off me".You said, smiling sweetly back at him.
"I happen to think it looks great on you." Iwazumisaid winking. "You're the only one that gets to see me like this." You said, winking back before going into the changing room.
Once you grabbed your bag from your locker, you undressed and put a towel around your body. You headed to the shower, making sure it was warm enough for you.
All you wanted to do was have a bath when you get home, but you couldn't wait that long feeling as gross as you do.
While you were in the shower, Iwazumi went back into the room you two were working out in. He packed some things away and noticed your sports jacket that you took off because you were too hot.
He picked it up so he could give it to you when your phone fell out of the pocket, the screen lit up, and a message from your best friend appeared. Actually, a few did.
F/N: Hey, what time are you finishing? Do you want me to pick you up?
F/N: I'm assuming by your lack of response, you're still working out.
F/N: Or is handsome taking you home? God, he's gorgeous.
F/N: Your workout can't be keeping you this busy.
F/N: Or is he keeping you busy?
F/N: Are you two doing it? You can tell me. You know I won't judge; you know sex is classed as work out.
F/N: You're a terrible friend for not replying. I'm just going to have to assume you're banging him. Call me later. I want some details later.
Iwaizumi laughed to himself after briefly looking at the messages and decided to go and give it to you.
He knocked on the changing room door and didn't get a reply, so he just assumed you were either changing or in the shower; he quietly opened the door and walked into the room.
He saw your bag lying out with your workout clothes next to it and placed your phone on them. As he went to leave, he heard you singing softly in the shower.
"You know (y/n) I like the song when the actual artist sings it," Iwaizumi said, startling you. 
"Iwaizumi, what the hell are you doing?" You shouted, looking around.
"Don't worry, I'm not staring (y/n)." He said, calming you slightly, not that it helped in any way.
"I meant what the hell are you doing in here." You said sternly.
"I was giving you your phone." He stated. "Do you want a lift home?" He asked out of the blue.
"Yes, please, after I've gotten dressed." You said as you started to turn the shower off.
"Clothing isn't optional." He said, and you could practically see his smirk.
"I'll follow your lead." You said, smirking to yourself as you grabbed the towel. You didn't hear Iwaizumi's reply, but you did hear some shuffling.
A few moments later, you saw a silhouette come through the steamed room.
"Iwaizumi, what are you doing?" You asked, walking towards him. You both stopped a few centimeters from each other, and Iwaizumi lifted his hand, turning the shower on.
Having a shower." He stated obviously.
"But I-Iwaizumi, this is the women's locker room." You said, trying to keep your eyes on him and nowhere else.
"You're the only woman in here, and you don't seem to mind." He said, whispering. You stared at him, trying to decide what to do. "Your towel is wet. You should probably get a clean one." He said lowly. You nodded in agreement and went to walk around him. "Later, though." He said, pulling you towards him.
You’re lips crashed in an instant; you didn't know whether to kiss back or pull away. No warnings were going off in your head, so you kissed him back. Your hands went to his neck, one of his went to your back, the other your front when he untied the towel from your body, letting it fall to the floor.
You both pulled away, staring at each other with intensity. You moved forward, putting your hands back around his neck, pulling him to your level where you kissed him. One of his went to the back of your head, the other your ass as he squeezed roughly.
Iwaizumi smacked your ass, making you moan, giving his tongue a perfect chance to explore your mouth.
You stayed like this for a while, your wet naked bodies tangled up, hair sticking everywhere, tongues battling for dominance, hands now wondering every inch of each other. You loved every second, and so was he.
Both of Iwaizumi 's hands found their way to your ass as he squeezed tightly; you jumped up, wrapping your legs around his waist, one hand in his hair, the other on his face as you pulled him close into the kiss.
He spun you around so your back was against the wall; his kisses moved to your jaw and neck as he made his way to your breast.
He pulled the nipple with his teeth before sucking on it. He removed his mouth and blew gently; the feeling of the cool air on your erect numb felt terrific against the steam-filled room. He did this to your other nipple, then all over your torso. Sucking on the skin then blowing.
His face was level with yours once again, and you continued to kiss some more.
Izumi's hands still rested on your plump ass; he moved one hand under you. So he could access where you needed him; he played with your clit first, rubbing it gently before taking two fingers and entering them inside you.
You moaned, pulling away from his lips and arching your back as he continued to move in and out of your core; your legs tightened around his waist, and he moved his other hand to the wall beside you while he continued with his other hand.
You were close, the warm feeling starting up in your stomach, but you knew you weren't there yet. Iwaizumi then added another finger, going even harder and deeper, showing no sign of slowing down.
His movements were destroying you, but he wasn't done as he started to rub his calloused thumb against your clit, determination, and lust in his eyes as he stared deeply into yours.
"Iwaizumi ." You moaned, getting closer. His moves were now quickening. "Iwaizumi !" You moaned even louder, his actions getting deeper. "Iwa-oh my god!" You screamed, shuddering beneath him.
He held you tight, still keeping his fingers within you as you rode out your high; your mouth was open as he started to pepper kisses all over your face.
"Woah." You said, catching your breath looking at him.
"We're not done yet (y/n); this is part of your workout." He said, taking his fingers out of you and putting them in his mouth. He tasted you, his eyes still on you; he slowly took his fingers out of his mouth and pulled you into a deep kiss, it was gentler, but you could still feel the need in it.
He removed his hand from the back of your head and put it under you, this time grabbing his rigid member and rubbing the tip against you. He looked at you for reassurance as you nodded your head, and he slowly entered you; you started to sink down on him, so you were meeting him halfway.
Iwaizumi stilled, waiting for you to adjust; when you had, he placed one hand on your back, the other on the wall beside your head and pulled back, slowly moving around in.
He kept at this pace for a while until you started to moan; he then moved faster, moaning as well.
Your moans got louder as his hips snapped faster, going deeper.
Iwaizumi moved you from the wall, carefully placing you onto the floor as he filled you again;. However, the ground was slippery; it didn't seem to bother him as he began pounding into you again.
He found your g-spot and decided to not leave it as he continued at the same pace and depth, being sure to hit it every time.
As he continued this, your moans turned to screams that then became deep breaths as you could no longer make a noise.
Your back arched, and Iwaizumi moved down to put your nipple in his mouth once again. You pulled on his hair as one of his hands moved between you both so he could rub your clit.
He hit deeper and deeper, and you were starting to feel your second orgasm of the night.
With each hit came a new feeling of euphoria. You started to clench around him; your nails found his back making sure to mark it as he continued to pleasure you.
Iwaizumi lifted his head from your breast, and he captured your lips in his silencing you as you came; soon after you came, he came as well, slowing his movements but not completely stopping, not until your breathing was restored.
When you both could breathe adequately, Iwaizumi got up and helped you up too. You both stood under the shower and cleaned yourselves up. Iwaizumi turned to help you because you were sore, then he guided you over to your clothes.
You got changed into some clean joggers and a hoodie, and he changed into what he was wearing earlier.
"That was some workout." You said, trying to break the silence.
"Yeah." Iwaizumi chuckled, staring at you. "We could do that instead if you want to." He suggested walking over to you so he could help tie your shoes.
"It's way better than what you had me doing earlier." You laughed as you filled your bag.
"Tell me about it." He said, getting up from tying your shoe. "Do you still need a lift home?" He asked.
"Yes, please." You smiled. He smiled back, placing an arm over your shoulder as you both walked out of the changing room.
Tumblr media
Requests are open ᡕᠵ᠊ᡃ່࡚ࠢ࠘ ⸝່ࠡࠣ᠊߯᠆ࠣ࠘ᡁࠣ࠘᠊᠊ࠢ࠘𐡏⊹ ♥︎
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How you get their attention
A/n: featuring my current favorites 😌✋
gender neutral reader
CW: swearing, mentions the word trauma once in kenma's section, mentions bullying lightheartedly in kenma's section, I think that's it tbh
Characters: iwa, tsuki, kenma, suna, semi
Iwa, as much as he loves you, can neglect you just because he gets distracted with work or studies or practice and poor baby doesn't even realize </3
So, when this happens, it's gonna take more than you batting your eyelashes to get his attention
It would go like this
"Baaaaaaaaabe" "...." "Haji????" "..." "future husband :D" "..." "🤸‍♀️" "..." "OH MY GOD FIRE" "the extinguisher's over there"
like bae pls 😐
So, desperate times call for desperate measures
you did Not expect Oikawa to answer when you called him on the first ring but, boy, were you thankful
You were halfway through your hellos when suddenly your phone was halfway across the room and your boyfriend was staring at you with confusion, hurt, and lowkey disgust a bit of worry
After properly nurturing your poor phone (which is, luckily, not broken) you turn to iwa and realize two points at the same time
As a pro, you have his attention now !
as a con, he wants to kick your ass
bestie u better start running he can and will throw your ass over his shoulder
Oh this shithead
He knows you want his attention
He is so determined to not give it to you that you're actually all he can focus on
Not that you need to know that though
So, his headphones are on and his nose is miles deep in homework and you're stuck behind him like the iPad kid you are like 🧍‍♂️. keiiiii. kEIIIIIIIII,,,, K E II I I I-
he would pay no attention to you but you can just catch his little smirk as he puts his pencil down
I hate him
Now, there are only really two ways to get his attention
You've tried pulling his homework or pencils away but he somehow???? Always has???? A backup????
He on his magician shit
But either you
Pull his headphones off
Or spike a volleyball at his head
Either way he is going to be so furious and impressed that he'll give you his attention
For five minutes, at least
He doesn't mean to he really doesn't but
He just wants to beat one more level :(
It's just that
He said that 19 levels ago
So you take matters into your own hands
You've tried almost everything except take his game out of his hands and, no matter how much he loves you, you're gonna get hissed at if you pull that shit
He's done it before
It's scary
You're not reliving that trauma again nuh uh
Honestly? You're kind of hopeless at this point
So, you just let out a sigh of defeat and slide into his lap, breathing him in as you nuzzle against his neck
kenma.exe has stopped working
as introverted as he is, bby is so, so touch starved :')
you didn't expect this to work, but his attention is on you
he'll probably go back to gaming
he will press soft kisses to the side of your head and check up on you after every round without second thought
unless you bring up the soft pink hue on his cheeks
then he's kicking you off his lap like the bully loving boyfriend he is
This mf
calls his phone his girlfriend
calls you his side hoe
what a shithead
you're in love with him.
It's all fun and games until you're bored and he's hopelessly lost in the hellhole of tiktok
seriously, you have nightmares with rip that pussy ayyyyy as the soundtrack
nothing you do can pull this man away from his phone, his screen time is like. 23 hours average? somehow???
You try it all
Eventually, the sun sets and the stars come to life and, as you get ready for bed, you can't help but feel disappointment pool in your stomach.
He hasn't really moved since you woke up, but you call his attention with a soft "rin?"
his eyes are on you in an instant
you groan in frustration so harshly that you choke on your own spit
"what? What??? I've been trying to get your attention all day and you're asking me what????"
With the most deadpan expression with the most evil glint in his eyes he says
"Did you ever ask me for my attention?"
and of COURSE YOU A-
he laughs at you as you climb into bed, ducking your head beneath the covers
He laughs and teases and makes your cheeks heat even more, but he also tosses his phone aside and pulls you close as you both start to drift to sleep
so who's the sidechick now
"still you"
"shut up, rin"
It's not that he doesn't want to spend time with you or he gets distracted, he just wants you to be proud of him and he works really hard so that everything he does is better than the last so you can see him at his best !!!
As sweet as the sentiment is
It can make him kind of distant during the day, which happens to be when you need him most some days
His phone is usually silenced, so texting is a dead end
He packs snacks before he heads to the court or the studio
There isn't anything he's objectively lacking
He does have his phone set that your calls go through his do not disturb
it's really cute
so if you ever call him or show up and ask him to show you what he's been working on?
putty in your hands
you could tell him to swim in lava at that point and he'd ask you which swim trunks to wear
He's a simple sweetheart :)
masterlist, info, rules n requests, taglist applications
tag list: @do-you-have-sc
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akaashis-bitch · 9 months ago
Realistic Haikyuu Boys!
I got bored and decided to use Art Breeder to try and recreate some of the Haikyuu Boys in real life! I first decided the Karasuno 3rd Years and they all came out pretty good. I had to hand draw on Suga's beauty mark haha.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Next, I did the Seijoh 3rd Years and I had to color correct Makki's hair by hand lol. There was no way to get the right shade on the website.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tell me who you think I should make next!
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hajimescutie · 6 months ago
# — seijoh third years with a chubby s/o
Tumblr media
includes: t. oikawa, h. iwaizumi, i. matsukawa, & t. hanamaki x gn!reader
genre: sad but mostly fluff
warnings: insecurity
a/n: hi cuties! sorry this took so long, i was having a hard time on choosing who/what to write about for my first post. i've always been someone who has struggled with my weight and self-confidence and i'm sure many others have as well. all of you are beautiful just the way you are! pls enjoy this headcanon of my favorite third years lol.
main masterlist aoba johsai masterlist
Tumblr media
oikawa would absolutely love your plushiness
he understands what it's like when it comes to self-image, so he's always there to constantly reassure you how beautiful you are each day
his favorite place to lay down is your stomach or your thighs
"they're just so soft!" he says he's so cute
he always does his best to make you smile each day
although when it comes to his fangirls, you can't help but compare yourself to them
you always thought that oikawa was better off with someone thinner and better looking
there have been multiple occurrences where you can't help look in the mirror and criticize everything you see
as soon as oikawa hears your self-doubts, he immediately showers you with compliments
"baby those girls have nothing on you"
"why would i even spare a glance at them when i have the most gorgeous baby by my side?"
"come on now y/n-chan~, let's see that smile"
"i love you and your body y/n, nothing will ever change that"
this man makes it his mission to make you feel like the most beautiful person in the world
he knows it's going to come with time when it comes to loving yourself, but he's willing to be there for you every step of the way
kithes all over your body all the time
Tumblr media
oh my lord don't even get me started with this man
he would absolutely adore the extra plush you have
he thinks it's so fucking adorable
he's constantly groping your thighs, your hips, your ass, but in a loving way
he loves how your thighs jiggle whenever you put your jeans/shorts on
whenever he's had a rough day, the only thing on his mind is laying in bed and snuggling you and your softness
ur thicc
obviously there are times where the inner demons become too much and you wonder why someone like iwa, who's very muscular and takes exercise very seriously (hence why he's an athletic trainer), is with you, someone who isn't all that athletic
he always reminds you that he loves you for you
"baby you know how much i love your plushiness"
"what do you mean you hate it? i think it's sexy"
"ow- okay i'm sorry but seriously you're so beautiful"
if you really wanted to change how you look, iwa would be more than willing to help!
he'd show you some common exercises for losing weight or building muscle
but again, he would literally never change anything about you
you're his pretty little bebe
Tumblr media
mattsun could honestly care less about your weight
but that's not a bad thing!
he understands that you've always struggled with how you look to others
but he's more so "who cares what everyone else thinks"
he's very reassuring though
whenever you guys go shopping, he tries to find clothing that would be a little out of your comfort zone, just because he knows you'll look beautiful in anything
when you come out wearing shorts that hug your hips just right and enhances your curves, he can't help but be all over you
oof better calm down before this turns nsfw lmaoo
"shit doll, you're so fucking beautiful"
"i love your thighs"
"i love your tummy"
"i love your curves"
this man is the king of compliments
does everything in his power to make sure you know how precious you are
he gets protective whenever he sees someone staring
will honestly cut a bitch if they say some snarky comment towards you
10/10 what a king
Tumblr media
he's like mattsun, has the mindset where you shouldn't care what others think
"it's your body, it's nobody's damn business on how you look"
honestly makki struggles with his body as well, but you both are there to support one another
always has his hands on you
one of those people that sticks his hand in your back pocket and grabs your ass lmao
kisses everywhere, constantly
will always make you put on a fashion show whenever you buy new clothes that are more revealing
he loves your love handles
he's always squeezing them, much to your dismay
"i'm sorry i can't help it love, they're just so cute and they make me love you even more"
they also make it easier for him to tickle you, also to your dismay
"okay, okay, i promise i'm done now"
whenever it's bedtime, he always has his hand wrapped around your waist and drawing cute lil shapes on your skin
whispers sweet nothings in your ear about how fucking stunning you are until he hears your soft little snores
he'd give your waist one last squeeze until he snuggles up with you and falls asleep
we love makki
Tumblr media
reblogs are appreciated! <3
©hajimescutie 2021, all rights reserved.
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fairydoesarts · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
i'll probably never end up finishing this now but a page from my iwa doujin i was working on for the longest while. if i ever do end up finishing it, well- this will have been a teaser but don't hold your breath
Likes/reblogs are always appreciated. By FAIRYDOESARTS on Tumblr only! No reposting, thank you.
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noodlemanjpg · a year ago
Tumblr media
everyone say thank u furudate for giving us iwa w no sleeves
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demxnscous · 8 months ago
when iwaizumi cries, he’s reluctant to be touched, even by you. he doesn’t want you to see him like this, with tear-streaked cheeks and a running nose, his breathing ragged and uneven. he shies away when you reach out to him uncertainly, crossing this odd stepping stone in your relationship that he hadn’t anticipated to come so soon. but when your fingers finally brush his cheek, when you’re pulling him to you and he’s grasping on to the back of your shirt as he sobs against your neck, he realizes then that this is okay. that it’ll all be okay because pain, no matter how deep of a wound, is only temporary
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bokutsumie · 7 months ago
Hihi ! Since requests are open may I ask for kyotani (GRR SO YUMMY QLOSKSJAKAJ) iwaizumi, yaku, and akaashi if Y/n was cooking something and being like “baby come here and taste this for me” and grabbing their jaw and holding it out for him to try 🧍🏽‍♀️
Tumblr media
-> kyotani, iwa, yaku, akaashi
-> genre: fluff
-> warnings: food, swearing
-> gender neutral
-> hi bae 😏 you're my guinea pig for the new headcanon format i decided to try ! i don't know if i like this (short little scenario blurbs), or bulleted lists better. anyways i hope you like it ✊🏻 sorry kyotani's is kind of bad idk how to write for his character very well <\3
Tumblr media
he was sitting on the sofa when you called him, "hey baby can you come over here and taste this for me?" and he responded quickly with "what is it? i'm sure it's fine."
"baby please? i think it needs more salt but i don't wanna make it too salty."
he stood up from his position on the couch and walked over next to you looking at the closed pot.
he was going to open the drawer next to the stove, however you rotated your body to block the drawer, opened the pot on the stove, scooped up some food, and grabbed his jaw while you shoved the wooden spoon in his mouth.
kyotani kentaro™ has stopped working. please restart the program and try again.
he wasn't the type to blush or get flustered, but you had always been his weak spot. he felt butterflies in his stomach, and decided to just enjoy the domestic moment between you two.
he's a bit of a closed off type of person and doesn't initiate much, but when you pull shit like this he loves it.
"it's fine, how long until it's done? 'm fuckin starving."
Tumblr media
"hey baby? can you come here for a second?"
you were standing in front of the stove, and the kitchen was a mess. you were used to cooking but you were trying something new and you just didn't quite know if it tasted right.
iwaizumi swiveled on his heels down the hallway of your shared apartment, and shuffled towards your backside. he hooked his thumbs in your front belt loops and rested his chin on your shoulder.
"what's up?" his voice was lower than usual, his daily afternoon nap had accidentally turned into an evening one, only having woke up fifteen minutes prior.
"can you taste this for me? it seems like it needs something but i don't know what." you spun around, he unhooked his thumbs from your belt loops and you saw him stood in front of you, his hair tossled and eyes half-lidded, slouching now that he wasn't holding onto you.
"mhm." he replied, sleep still laced in his voice.
but when you grabbed his jaw and he felt the spoon poking at his bottom lip, his eyes were not only completely open now but it seems that his hair has a life of its own, and it's all spiky like he's just done it.
a rosy red creeps up onto his cheeks as his gives you a wide stare and hesitantly takes the spoon into his mouth, still utterly focused on your fingers gently holding his chin.
he has butterflies doing backflips in his stomach right now, and can't seem to fathom why it was necessary for you to hold his chin, but he didn't care, he loved it nonetheless.
you saw that he looked much more awake now, and he replied to your previous question with "no, it's good. what spices did you use? i like it." but he still sounded sleepy.
"okay thank you! you're never gonna sleep tonight once you completely wake up. i told you to set your alarm for 3!"
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## YAKU !!
"hey! get over here. is this good?" you asked as yaku walked through the front door, just getting home.
"aw, did you miss me that much?" he replied, his tone was teasing.
"not at all. now get your ass over here before i dump the pot on your head." you two would always tease each other. you knew the other person was joking, but most people around you always ended up thinking that you hated each other.
he shuffled to your side, taking his shoes off and throwing them against the wall next to the front door in the process. "you know, i wouldn't have to ask you for cooking advice if i made dinner." he said, a shit eating grin on his face and his hands in fists at his hips.
"oh shut up, you know you'd burn the house down if i even let you touch the microwave." you spoke, grabbing his jaw and shoving the spoon in his mouth.
he was startled, to say the least. his cheeks heated up involuntary as he tried to hide the fact that you may or may not have given him major butterflies.
"it's fine, just needs some salt." he said the last part quietly, just to irritate you a little more, he couldn't hurt his pride too much. he walked past you and dumped the spoon in the sink, but not before flicking the back of your head first. you rolled your eyes as you kept stirring. idiot, you thought.
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you heard the thumping of his footsteps descending down the wooden stairs, signaling that akaashi was probably coming down to see how dinner was going. considering, you were supposed to be done with it twenty minutes ago.
akaashi wasn't impatient, he had just wondered if you hurt yourself or broke something because there had been less clangs and bangs coming from the kitchen for the past couple minutes.
"hey baby, can you come taste this for me? i've remade it tons of times and it just doesn't taste right."
"of course. i was a bit worried you had given up a while ago because it was kind of quiet. i'm glad you didn't because i'm hungry." his last sentence was a mumble. you're accompanied by him at your side not too short afterward.
"smells good," he slings a hand around your waist, "i'm sure it's fine, you made it." the last part hummed against your skull as he placed his lips on your forehead.
you turned in his grip and he still held his hand on your waist, adding his other to your left side now. now, you used one hand to hold the spoon, and the other cupped underneath it to make sure it wouldn't spill. you guided it toward him, and as he took the spoon in his mouth, you moved your free hand and placed a few fingers below his chin, making sure it didn't spill.
akaashi adored domestic moments like this, he wouldn't call himself a sap but he sure didn't mind having moments like these frequently. you stroked your thumb over his jaw a bit before you released your hand to place the spoon on the counter.
one of his hands moved up to squeeze your shoulder. "it's good, i like the flavor. we should eat soon so we can go to bed early, you look sleepy."
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Parting Ways
If one person tells me to write a follow up, I will.
wc: 351
“I don’t think we should talk after this.” Your body froze as Iwaizumi’s grip around the steering wheel tightened. The fry you were eating rested on your lips for a couple seconds before you resumed eating.
“If that’s what you want, then so be it.”
“You know that isn’t what I want. You know that we can’t do long distance. You know it won’t work.” He gripped under the wheel as he turned towards the exit to your terminal.
“What do you want me to say?” You continued to eat, staring at the dashboard. This conversation needed to happen so much sooner. Time is moving too fast. You don’t want to leave him. You don’t want to go home.
“No, Y/N. What do you think I want?”
“I think you want to go for it. I think you want to try and make it work. I know our timing has never been right Hajime, but-”
“No, Y/N.” He repeated. “That is an absolutely horrible idea and you know it. We both do. Why would we do that when we’ll resent each other when it won’t work out?”
“Right.” Was the only word that you could manage. Crumbling the fast food bag in front of you, you placed it in the backseat, pulling your backpack to your chest. The car subtly lulled to a stop. 
Getting out, you placed the bag on your shoulder, watching Hajime slowly get out of the car and walking towards you. His eyes struggled to look up and meet yours. You hugged him. The side of your face pressing against his, you pulled away, expecting a parting kiss, but instead his arms fell to his side and he stared at the ground.
“Message me when your flight lands. Bye.”
You watch as he silently strides to his car. Sitting in the driver's seat he fumbles with his phone. You didn’t feel happy nor sad. It felt right. It was timing. Why would you date him when you live in Japan and he lives in California. 
You hung your head low as you made your way into LAX.
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𝚘𝚒𝚔𝚊𝚠𝚊: 𝚠𝚑𝚎𝚗 𝚒𝚠𝚊𝚒-𝚌𝚑𝚊𝚗 𝚜𝚖𝚒𝚕𝚎𝚜, 𝚒 𝚍𝚒𝚎
𝚒𝚠𝚊𝚒𝚣𝚞𝚖𝚒: 𝚠𝚑𝚎𝚗 𝚘𝚒𝚔𝚊𝚠𝚊 𝚍𝚒𝚎𝚜, 𝚒 𝚜𝚖𝚒𝚕𝚎
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