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pothos: the god of yearning and desire. the passionate longing between lovers, especially when one is unattainable.
“they say distance makes the heart grow fonder but i don’t know how much “fonder” my heart can get. i want to see you, hold you, and feel your skin against mine. why can’t we close the distance and love each other face to face.”
timeskip!iwaizumi x college!black fem reader genre: angst with a happy ending, argument warnings: cursing, insults, mentions of mental health/insecurity word count: 6,975
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Tumblr media
14 hours, 26 minutes, and 16 seconds…. 17…. 18, 
And not a single notification from your boyfriend. You stare at your phone, waiting and silently wishing just one text would pop up. Even the three dots indicating that he was typing would satisfy you but there was nothing there. By now you should be accustomed to the lack of communication but the reason for the radio silence is what bothers you. 
An aggravated sigh escapes your mouth and you get up from your position on the couch, abandoning your phone in the living room as you walk to your kitchen. You begin opening all your cabinets in search of something to soothe the festering irritation in your chest. 
And like an added soundtrack to your life, there’s a tiny voice, one so small- so quiet urging, begging you to go back to your phone and text him. The voice is very persuasive, you cannot deny, as it lists off reasons as to why you should be the one to reach out first. You ignore the whisper, muting it because it can’t always be you. 
A relationship requires the continuous effort of two people and your heart could no longer bear the strain of double work.
“I’m not texting him, fuck all that” You huff as you grab a bottle of juice. 
Soft footsteps thud against the hardwood floor as you trudge back to the comfort of your couch. You pick up your phone again, ignoring the empty notification center and scroll through multiple delivery apps. 
The juice has done nothing to pacify the hurt spreading throughout your body like a never ending flame. You need something else to distract you because soon your thoughts will be gasoline to the wildfire of pain.  
After ordering from your favorite restaurant you switch your attention to the TV, hoping the background noise from whatever you choose would aid in the distraction you so desperately seek. But as you browse through countless anime, Netflix originals, and Disney movies, nothing interests you or rather everything seems to pale in comparison to the situation at hand. 
You shut the TV off and opt to sit in silence, staring at the ceiling and listening to the white noise that fills your apartment. 
It works, for a while. 
Until the quiet is too quiet. Until the steady tick of the clock is growing louder by the second and its echoes in your brain, almost like an insult that still stings your heart years later. Why did you think this was a good idea? Why would you give yourself the opportunity to be alone with your thoughts when that has only destroyed you multiple times before? 
“This is driving me crazy. I have to do something.” You groan, sitting up abruptly. You grab your phone from its spot on the coffee table, once again ignoring the lack of notifications from one Iwaizumi Hajime and calling someone who would listen to all your troubles. 
If you couldn’t be alone with your thoughts then what’s the harm in sharing them with someone else? 
Five rings pass before you hear the click that tells you the other person has finally picked up. There’s something resembling a sigh coming from the other end and you take it as a greeting and a sign to start running your mouth. 
“Kunimi, your friend is a whole bitch and I hope you know that.” 
“Well, happy holidays to you too and I’m good thanks for asking.”  Kunimi replies sarcastically, completely unfazed by your words. 
“Yea, hello or whatever. But can you believe this man hasn’t contacted me in the last-” You glance at the time before continuing, “-14 hours and 36 minutes?”
“You’ve been keeping count?” His voice is steady and level as usual but with the years of friendship between the two of you there’s no way you would miss the shock lurking in between his words. 
Your voice wavers as you bite back tears. 
“Yeah… This is a new record for him. And at this point I can’t figure out if I’m really hurt or just over it all. I never thought he would treat me like this.”
The small sniffle and brokenhearted look you wear is all it takes for Kunimi to understand that whatever has transpired in the past 14 hours has truly hurt you. And the brown-haired boy might not be the greatest at comfort but for his best friend, he would do all he could. 
“What should I do, Ki?” You mumble out. 
His voice softens as he speaks. 
“First you have to tell me what happened. I can’t help you if I don't know.”
“Okay well remember how I said Iwa’s been distant lately? That’s where it all started.”
Tumblr media
Time, the most precious element in a long distance relationship. Everything depends on time, whether it be time zones or figuring out how much sleep you can sacrifice to talk to your beloved. And if the one in your heart truly means that much to you, you would scrap up minutes and seconds to hear a warm hello.
Your relationship with Iwaizumi certainly began that way. The hours long facetimes and constant texts. Voice messages and random photos sent throughout the day used to fill the void of physical contact. And staying up late to wish the other good morning before you lay your head down to rest. All of it was enough to keep your heart beating even when you were 5,471 miles apart.
However, the normal hours-long facetimes become simple texts and missed calls. It turns into short two word answers and noncommittal hums in response. All you start to hear from Iwaizumi is “Sorry, I’m busy” and “I’ll call you back later.” 
Those were lies and empty promises of course and as time went on they only got worse. Sometimes you would go days without nothing more than a “hello” and when you pressed for more, it only resulted in disappointment. You tried not to read too much into it, blaming it on school and environment. You began telling yourself you shouldn’t expect so much, that you were being unreasonable and clingy. Hajime had so much to worry about, especially being so far from the only home he’s known and his distant behavior wasn’t a reflection of how he felt about you. 
That’s until he began posting more often and updating his story, something which he never cared about before. You saw him hanging out with friends and going on weekend trips. He was laughing and smiling, a sight you haven’t seen in weeks. You want to be happy for him but you can’t, you can’t because you couldn’t fight off the feeling of being ignored, of being forgotten, and disregarded.
And if that wasn’t enough, that’s when you start seeing her. You didn't know who she was, maybe a classmate or coworker but she’s plastered everywhere like annoying billboards outside apartment windows. She begins showing up in his videos, in his posts, and comments. You didn’t miss the way her arm would drape over his shoulders or her lingering looks full of some emotion you can’t quite place. 
When you ask Hajime about her you make sure it's casual and not accusatory, because the last thing you want to do is start an argument with someone who tends to be blinded by their own pride. His response was definitely one you wanted to hear but not necessarily one you believed. He told you she was his roommate’s sister and that they were just friends. And while all of that seemed true you couldn’t shake the feeling of jealousy. 
The kind that starts to cut away at your soul leaving nasty scars and you’re not sure they’ll ever heal. Why is that she got more of his time than you did? What about her was so special that it cast a shadow on your love? 
So instead of tending to your soul scars, you cover them with cheap band-aids and off-brand ointment. You began making excuses and no longer questioned Iwa’s actions. He was your boyfriend after all. He was yours and you were his, and that should be reassurance enough. 
Well that’s what you thought until one night your phone starts ringing in the middle of your Criminal Minds binge. You reach over, grabbing it from your nightstand and a smile so bright, one that could put the stars to shame stretches across your face. 
He was calling you. After days of barely getting past the hi, hello, and how are you’s, Iwaizumi was making the first move. You press accept, holding the phone up to your ear.
“Hi, Haji!” Your voice is warm and sweet, everything you want his to be. 
All you hear is rustling, indistinct voices, and faint music. So you repeat yourself, assuming he can’t hear you because of bad cell service. 
“Hellloooooo, Hajime?”  
You pull the phone away from your ear and check the time in Los Angeles, it was only a few minutes past 2 pm and you wonder if he’s at work. This would not be the first time Iwa has accidentally dialed your number while on the clock. You decide to check his location that way you could end the call without any worries and shoot him a text to let him know what happened. 
But his location isn’t at the local gym, no he’s still at home and that’s when you hear it. A loud laugh from Iwaizumi and the voice that follows it, her voice. They were together and you were a mistake stuck in his pocket, a voice stuck behind a cracked glass screen. 
You want to be petty, you want to scream and yell profanities loud enough to embarrass them both but you knew your boyfriend. He wasn’t one to react to that and he wasn’t one to cheat either. Iwa was the one who insisted the two of you pursue a long distance relationship after you expressed doubts about it. 
Doubts that are coming to fruition day by day. 
So you text him, asking him if he meant to call you. You knew the answer was no but you just want to see what he does next. The vibration from his phone echoes in the call and you can hear more rustling as he pulls it out of his pocket. 
“Babe?” Iwaizumi questions, heavy confusion dripping from the singular word. 
“I think you called me by accident.” 
“Yea I think so. Didn’t even notice, sorry.” You can clearly picture him rubbing the back of his neck like he always did when he apologized to you. 
“I figured since you seem real busy. I’ll talk to you whenever you decide to actually call me.” You shift in your bed, getting ready to end the call. 
“Nah, I’m not busy. I’ll call you in like two hours, okay?” 
“Mmhm, bye” You hum, not believing it all and ending the call. If he wasn’t busy, why not continue the conversation at that moment?
Unlike usual, disappointment didn’t follow Iwa’s words and to your surprise he did call two hours later. The facetime call started with its usual pleasantries and the feeling that scratched away at your soul had been reduced to a minor itch and that was enough to make you happy for the moment. 
Even if he did keep his word doesn’t mean his behavior changed completely. 
“How were finals? I know you were really worried about it.” You ask. 
“Fine.” His voice is flat and he doesn’t elaborate nor does he ask you about yours.  
This is exactly how the rest of the conversation goes. Hajime treats talking to you like an annoying chore and despite calling you first he only responds with dry answers like he couldn’t be bothered and that’s only if he chose to answer. Other times he would leave your words hanging in the air, unacknowledged and unanswered. Once again you were the only one putting in the effort and it hurts. It feels like a vine is wrapping around your heart and digging its thorns into the delicate flesh. 
“Oh! Did I tell you I got my hair done?” You start taking off your bonnet, excitement buzzing throughout your entire body. You look into the camera, adjusting the black soft locs to frame your face. 
Iwaizumi appears a minute later, his eyes doing a quick glance over before disappearing off the camera like some stupid magic trick. 
“It’s nice.” 
Nice? Just nice? 
You know what would be nice? 
If your boyfriend actually gave you the attention you deserve. If he complimented you in a way that would make your heart swell ten times its size. If he made you feel wanted, made you feel adored. 
But, he didn't.
Instead it’s like he left the door open, letting in the chill of December and your heart was at risk of severe frostbite. 
You let out a shaky breath, swallowing tears of hurt and anger. You've had enough. 
“Do you have something better to do?” 
“What you say?” 
“Do you have something better to do? Am I boring you or what?” You snap. 
“What’s with the attitude? You need to chill out.” Iwa reprimands, not enjoying the sudden change in tone. 
You scoff. An attitude? At this point, he shouldn’t expect anything less especially with the way he’s been treating you. 
“One, don’t tell me what to do. Two, have you even realized this is the first time we’ve talked for more than 5 minutes in the last three weeks? If you would even call this a conversation considering the fact I’m the only one talking.” 
Iwaizumi doesn’t want to argue with you, he doesn’t want the conversation to go any further because he knows how the both of you are. And he knows that anything past the point will only result in a wound much too deep to heal. So he stays quiet. 
But antagonizing him was one of your special talents. 
“And as usual you got nothing to say. You’re on hush mode just as I motherfuckin’ expected. You never fucking change. Or actually you don’t care enough to change.” 
“And exactly how am I supposed to change? What am I supposed to say? It’s not like you ever give me the room to talk. You only talk about yourself. Everything is always about you or are you too self-absorbed to notice?” 
You open your mouth to respond but he cuts you off before the words are able to form on your tongue. 
His voice raises a couple octaves in an attempt to imitate you. 
“It’s always ‘Oh look at my hair Haji,’ ‘I bought this Zumi,’ ‘I got 60 on my test Haji.’ So tell me exactly how I'm going to contribute to the conversation?” 
This isn’t any ordinary imitation, no he’s mocking you. And if he was trying to hurt you, well he could celebrate a win. His statement causes a very familiar feeling to return, the feeling of thorns tearing away at your skin. 
“It’s not like you’re any better, Hajime. Don’t sit on my phone and act all high and mighty. I ask you a question, you brush me off. I try to get you to talk, you don’t even respond. I’m always met with silence like it physically pains you to say more than one letter to me. Do you know how that feels? I feel so little, like I don’t matter, like I'm unimportant. Yet, you have all the energy in the world to talk to other bitches.” 
The dark-haired boy rubs his temples, clearly showing his irritation. 
“Oh so that’s what this is about? How many times do I have to tell you she’s just a friend AND my roommate’s sister. Do you even hear how you sound right now? It’s ridiculous.” 
“I don’t care if she’s the Princess of Geneva. She gets all of your time and attention, while your actual girlfriend has to damn near beg for you to even text her. Do you see the issue? I shouldn’t feel like an outsider in my own fucking relationship. I shouldn’t have to witness you playing house with other people while I have to pray for a crumb of your time.” 
“So I’m not allowed to hang out with the people around me? I have to always cater to you and live my life on your time? When we don’t even live in the same country. Do you expect me to be at your every beck and call? Do you know how exhausting that would be?” 
Those cheap band aids start to peel off one by one. The scars you thought you covered so well, start to sting and burn.
Your voice is thick, full of tears and pain. You know you shouldn’t but you want him to experience even a fraction of what he’s put you through. 
“Is that why you don’t try anymore? Is a little distance too hard for fragile Iwaizumi Hajime? The same Iwaizumi who begged me not to break this off? The same one who promised me he would try to make this work.” 
You continue patronizing him, fake pity exuding from every word. 
“Oh, you poor thing. It must be so hard for you to actually care for your girlfriend. It’s almost like I’m not the one putting in all the effort anyways, like I’m not the one doing all the work. While you get to run away and escape from everything. But I shouldn't be surprised, that is your special talent after all. Running away from every single feeling because they make you feel weak, make you feel less than. Is that why you ran from Japan to California because you aren’t good enough for anything here, right?” 
You know that was a sore spot for him, but you didn’t care. You were tired of being an afterthought, tired of being the one flavor of candy no one picks. 
“You didn’t have to say that. You’re unbelievable, you know that?” Iwaizumi is trying his best to keep his voice stable but those words leaving your mouth were enough to cause a lump to form in his throat. 
“Well believe it and go to hell while you’re at it.” 
You end the call right away, denying him the chance of rebuttal. You sniffle, wiping furiously at your eyes before burying your face into your pillow, wetting it with your tears. 
Tumblr media
A sound that Iwaizumi never thought twice about, but now it starts to haunt him. With every passing second all he can hear is your words, the pain behind them, and that godforsaken click. It echoes in his brain the same way the tick of the clock echoes in yours. 
The dark-haired boy reaches for his water, downing it all in one go. He was trying to get rid of the lump that has found home in his throat, but no matter how many times he swallows it never seems to leave. It sits there, heavy and hurting like the words exchanged between the two of you. 
If anyone else had listened to that call, Hajime is sure they would never believe him when he tells them, he never meant for it to go that way. He never meant to speak to you like that or make you feel like that, like you didn’t matter to him. 
Because that couldn’t be further from the truth. You mean the entire world to him. Even the world was too small a scale. 
Iwaizumi wants to take the stars from the sky and dump them in your hands, because in his eyes the sky had stolen them from you. And to him that was a crime worthy of the worst punishment. Why would someone steal from you? Why would the sky take away the stars from their rightful owner? 
And it shouldn’t be an excuse but the fact you meant that much to him, maybe that’s what caused the change in his behavior. He couldn’t quite grasp the true weight of his own emotions and with that came overthinking - overthinking that led to insecurity. 
The kind that takes bits of one’s psyche and crumbles it into ash.
Hajime can’t pinpoint when he started feeling that way but he remembers how it consumed him whole. How it was all he ever thought about, how it crept into his mind as he slept - infecting his dreams. 
His mind would race with thoughts of you, of your relationship. He thought about what you were doing, what you were eating, and how you felt about him even though he was physically absent. Those thoughts turned into questions, terrifying ones.
Why does missing you feel like blades to the chest? 
Why do you make him feel so good? And why does he always second guess it? 
What if you saw him the way he saw himself? 
What happens when you realize that your love was better given elsewhere? 
Then followed the doubt, which clouded his mind and he began to think that you would find someone better than him, someone who actually deserves to be loved by a heart as big and as precious as yours. 
And Hajime knows he struggles with vulnerability, with the ability to allow people see him past the image he projects and yet with you that all he ever wants to do, be vulnerable. He wants you to press your ear to his chest and listen to the erratic beating of a heart that belongs to you. Iwa feels safe in your presence even with the 5,471 miles between the two of you. Safe enough to drop whatever guard he has built up over the years and that alone terrified him. 
So he doesn’t tell you about all the things that swim in his brain. Due to the terror but also despite all that, he still always wants to be your big strong boyfriend, the one you can depend one. But how could he do that when he was falling apart on the inside? What if you start to see him as weak, the same way he did every time he looked in that foggy mirror after every shower. 
He decided weeks ago that he would fix it on his own, that way he could come back to you stronger, healthier, and more sound of mind. A person that understands his emotions and knows how to deal with them. So he starts hanging out with his friends more, asking them for advice, and surrounding himself with people that could help him. And if Iwa had told you that’s what he was doing, you would’ve encouraged him wholeheartedly. He knows you would but for some reason he didn’t and his plan didn’t include neglecting you, but he still did. Whether it be intentional or accidental, he still did.
And now this was something new he had to fix. Hajime has to fix it soon because the heartbreak that leaked from your words wounded him in a way he couldn’t describe, but if he were to lose you? No language in the world can detail the pain that would come from his heart being torn apart piece by piece. 
The boy can only pray that there is a way to resolve everything. Because this has given one very sneaky god the opportunity to weed his way into your minds and plant a seed into the loving soil of your relationship. The sprout had started to grow when your hearts ached for each other and now it may bloom into something ugly and twisted. All you can do now is wonder if your love will survive the poisonous flower. 
Tumblr media
“That’s what happened. And I woke up this morning to zero texts or calls from him, it’s like he doesn’t even care to fucking apologize.” 
“Did you call or text him?” Kunimi soon realizes that was the wrong question to ask after he hears your very heavy sigh. 
“Why are you asking me stupid questions? ……Why would I do anything when I’m always doing it? That’s the whole reason we argued, Ki. Why do I have to spend my Christmas Eve chasing after him? Hmmm?” You shift on the couch and angle the phone so he could properly see the expression you wore. 
“I was just saying. Maybe he’s waiting for you to reach out to him because he wants to make sure you are ready to talk.” Your best friend explains. And honestly? You wish he would stop talking. It’s always excuses-excuses with men. 
“You’re no help at all, like none. I hope you know that.”  You inform him, growing sick of this conversation. 
“I’m trying! You know this isn’t really my thing.” He mutters out and you can tell it's apologetic. 
“Thanks for trying or whatever.” 
There’s a few beats of silence that settle over the call and you use it to collect your thoughts, or at least attempt to.
“You okay?”  Kunimi asks quite sincerely. 
“Not really.” You answer back just as sincerely.
“Can I come over?” 
“No. Go spend your Christmas Eve with your girlfriend. One of us has to have a good day at least.” 
“You can come with us, she won’t mind. It’s sad being all alone like that.” 
“Thank you for reminding me, Ki. And I’m not third wheeling my best friend and my cousin. I’m not a baby, I’ll be fine by myself for one day.” 
“You sure?” The brown-haired boy questions, worry weighing down his features. 
“Yes, father. Tell Amina I said hi and that she owes me $15.” You crack a small smile, hoping it convinces him. 
“It’s Christmas Eve.” 
“And I’m not in the spirit, so goodbye.” You wave him off, quickly ending the call after you hear his farewell. 
You lied. 
You are a little bit of a baby. You felt lonely and hurt, and it’s not shameful to admit that at this very moment you want to crawl into someone’s arms and bawl your eyes out. But that wasn’t an option, so instead you stare up at the ceiling once again and let the tears fall without someone there to catch them. 
Another 20 minutes of crying pass before a text lights up your phone and a small chuckle falls from our lips. There’s a long text from your cousin cursing your boyfriend out with such creativity, you can only wonder how she comes up with such insults. 
As you exit the text conversation, your finger hover over Hajime’s contact and Kunimi’s words start to replay in your head. If he was really waiting for you to contact him first then that means he didn’t actually listen to you, that he still hasn’t learned anything, and that would take the both of you right back to square one. 
Iwaizumi has to be the one to extend the olive branch first, he has to prove that he wants this relationship to work as much as you do. Or this might be the end. 
Through all the tears and emotional turmoil, you suddenly remember the food you ordered earlier. You check the time, it's been almost an hour since you ordered and you see a message about a delay due to the sudden snow. Absolutely nothing is going right for you today and you wish the holidays would just pass by quickly because it’s only adding on to your sadness. 
You flip over on the couch, burying your face into the cushions in hopes that sleep would overtake you and you could forgot about the present world for a couple hours. Your eyes have only been shut for 5 minutes before your doorbell rings and you ignore it at first, not wanting to hear your neighborhood’s choir rendition of “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”. But then it rings again and this time you pull yourself off the couch, expecting the delivery man to be holding your bag of long awaited food. 
Opening the door with one hand and grabbing a couple bills for a tip with the other, you start thanking the person and apologizing for making them brave the freezing temperatures. However, your words don’t even touch the chilly air because there was no delivery man and definitely no food. 
No, there was only your boyfriend standing at your doorstep with his suitcases and a very guilty smile. 
And you? 
You slam the door close out of shock or out of anger, you’re still deciding which one. You look out the peephole and watch your boyfriend fidget nervously. His nose is pink and he blows into his hand to keep them warm. A part of you wants to leave him out here and let the cold be his punishment. Maybe then he could finally understand how he made you feel. 
But for some other reason, you’re opening the door and letting him into your warm apartment. You don’t even greet him, you lock the door behind him and walk towards the kitchen. And for once Iwaizumi recognizes your cues and doesn’t follow after you. 
You return about 6 minutes later with two mugs in your hand, a hot chocolate for yourself and a tea for the man roaming about your living room. 
“Thank you.” He flashes you a grateful look and sips the tea, letting it heat up his body. 
You place your cup down and cross your arms over your chest. Your face is emotionless and your eyes tell him absolutely nothing. 
“What are you doing here?”
Hajime flinches at your stern tone. You weren’t happy for obvious reasons and he can’t blame you. 
“Surprise?” Iwa mumbles out, the tips of his ears shifting from pink to red out of embarrassment. 
You threw him an unimpressed look, the answer was obvious. He was here to apologize but if he thought that showing up to your house uninvited was the miraculous cure, Hajime had a long way to go to earn your forgiveness. 
“Don’t play with me right now. You never mentioned coming back to Japan for Christmas.” 
The dark-haired boy shifts his weight from one foot to another. The intensity of your stare as you wait for his response causes the guilt to burn through every nerve, singeing off the ends and leaving him in a fit of fiery emotional pain. Hajime doesn’t know how to start. Should he start with an explanation, or an apology, or a plea for forgiveness? 
You let out a frustrated sigh. Of course, you are met with silence. 
“We aren’t doing this again. So you can leave, I’m sure your parents would be much happier to see you.” 
“No!” It’s a loud objection, maybe even a little too loud. Iwaizumi clears his throat, trying to correct himself. “I mean, I need to stay. I have something to say.” 
You tilt your head to the side in slight interest. Iwaizumi rarely raises his voice in your presence and for him to do it now means that he was serious. And that’s exactly what you want him to be. You want him to take part in the relationship, to do the only thing you’ve ever asked. 
You want him to love you in the way you know he can. 
“Say what you want to say and then I’ll decide if you can stay.” You declare. 
Hajime finally meets your gaze, this is his only chance to fix the mess he created all over your heart. 
“I thought of a million things I could say to you, you know better than anyone I’m not good with words so I practiced my apology but it didn’t feel right. So what I want to say first is, I’m sorry. Extremely sorry for everything I did and I don’t only mean the phone call because this goes beyond that. I’m sorry for making you feel like you weren’t the first and last thought on my mind, for not treating you the way you deserve. I love you more than I can verbally express and the thought of losing you was-is destroying me inside. And honestly I could stand here and list all the reasons why everything went wrong but I know how much you hate excuses and beating around the bush. But, there is something I want to tell you about my behavior, about why I acted the way I did.” 
Iwa pauses, feeling nervous. Expressing himself in such detail causes panic to settle in, his insecurities start to bubbling up to the surface. Yet, he continues on, he doesn’t need his worries to cause another disaster or deprive you of the apology you deserve. 
“I’ve always wanted to be the type of boyfriend that you can depend on, that is strong enough to lift every obstacle in your way. Especially when you look at me like I can solve every problem even if it’s beyond my abilities, it's just such a sweet look and it makes my heart stop every single time. And one day I started to doubt why you look at me like that when I can’t even breathe without questioning myself. Why do I deserve to be loved by someone with such a pretty heart? And even if I felt all that, I didn’t want you to ever stop looking at me so sweetly. So, I tried so hard to be better for you, for me, for us, that I failed to see what I was doing to you until it was too late.” 
Your gaze starts to soften as you look at him. Hajime didn’t have to be strong all the time for your sake, you love all parts of him. That love is what opened the door for him and let him in. That same love is what listening to him right now and wants to hear everything he has to say. 
Your boyfriend starts rubbing the back of his neck. A very common habit of his. 
He’s apologizing, you think to yourself. 
As he continues his speech, the pain from the soul scars start to disappear. They no longer sting or burn. They start to heal and you wonder if the cure is someone else's treatment. 
“And instead of listening to you, I insulted you. I can’t even repeat what I said because I don’t want you to ever hear those words from me again and I wish I never said them. I wish I could change the past but I can't. All I can do now is take responsibility and work for your forgiveness. So please let me. Let me be a better boyfriend, I wanna make up for everything I did. I want to show you that I love you more than anything. I want to show you that I’m sorry and I’ll apologize to you every day if that’s what it takes. If you asked me to get on my knees I would, If you told me to steal the sun I would. And I’m sorry, I’m so so sorry.”  
Silence follows the heartfelt apology and as you take it all in, the words start to slip out of your mouth. 
“You can stay.” You tell him. 
Iwaizumi walks towards you, stopping once he’s close enough for you to hear his heartbeat. His arms around you in the next second, pulling you in for a hug. There’s slight hesitation in his grip like he’s afraid you’ll leave. But when your own arms circle around his waist and clutch onto the back of his shirt, he realizes you weren’t going anywhere. 
“You don’t have to be strong all the time, Zumi. I love you because you’re you and that means I love every single version of you.” You mumble into his chest. 
“I know. I was scared and sometimes I still am. Next time, I’ll talk to you about it.” He responds, hugging you tighter. “There are three more things I wanna tell you.” 
You loosen your grip and lean your head back to look at him. Iwaizumi can practically see the question marks in your eyes and he has to resist the urge to kiss away the cute confusion. 
“I didn’t only come here to apologize. I already planned to surprise you for Christmas. Also, the girl you kept seeing me with was helping me. We get free counseling at UC but it’s hard explaining myself in English. So, since she’s a psychology student that also speaks Japanese, she was helping translate.”  Hajime admits, an apologetic smile on his lips.
You shut your eyes in guilt as you respond. You weren’t exactly saying the nicest things about the two of them when you were upset.  
“You had me cussing you and that girl out in my mind every day. Oh my god, now I feel horrible. Why didn’t you just tell me, Haji?!” 
“I know, I know. I’m sorry” He apologizes once again. “And last thing.” 
Iwa pulls out of the hug, opting to hold on to your left hand instead. He lifts your arm up, twirling you around. 
“What are you doing?” You say between quiet giggles. 
His voice when he speaks this time is soft and sweet, everything you want it to be.
“Admiring my very pretty girlfriend and her hair that I’m obsessed with. You look so good, baby.” 
Hajime keeps twirling you around, showering you with all types of compliments until you’re dizzy from his words and the constant movement. At the same time, he uses his free hand to pull something out of his pocket before pulling you in close. 
“I can’t even see straight right now. Everything is still spinning.”  You tighten your grip on his hand to stabilize yourself. Even in the blurry haze, your eyes still land on your boyfriend’s flushed face. He lets go of your hand and covers your eyes with his palm. 
“Well, now I can’t see at all.” You point out.
“I’m gonna take my hand off now but you have to keep your eyes closed.” Iwa instructs, slowly removing his hand. 
“Okay… Wait. Is this a part of the apology? Are you trying to buy my forgiveness?” 
“Just keep your eyes closed.” It’s a soft demand and you nod your head in understanding. You’ll entertain him for the time being. 
And due to your lack of vision, your hearing is now heightened and you hear every little nervous exhale Iwaizumi lets out. You’re about to ask him what’s wrong when cold metal brushes across your hand and onto your finger.
“You can open them now.” 
Your eyes snap open and immediately you direct your line of sight downward. Your previously bare digit is now housing a new gold ring. 
A very expensive gold Cartier ring. One with a pink diamond sitting in the middle. 
You gasp in awe, eyes glued to the glittering jewelry. The gift giver scans your face, trying to gauge your reaction. He’s been planning this for the last 7 months and even if it didn’t go exactly to plan, he wants to at least please you. 
“It’s a promise ring.” Iwaizumi uses his left hand to hold yours and that’s when you see it. On his ring finger sits the matching band. Tears begin to collect in your bottom lashes and his hands move up to your face, cradling your cheeks. 
“Don’t cry, babe. I cost you enough tears, okay?” His thumbs swipe away the tears as they fall and you nod a frantic yes to let him know you’re listening. “It’s a promise that I will love you the way you deserve to be loved and prove I can be better until I can replace that ring and make you a new promise.” 
“I’m trying not to cry but this is the sweetest and most expensive thing anyone has ever done for me. How did you afford this?” Even as you speak, tears still slide down your face and he still wipes away every single one.
“Don’t worry about that.” He dismisses your question. The cost was covered by extra shifts and side jobs. And a refund check. “Do you like it?” Hajime redirects the conversation, he knows you won’t stop asking unless you’re distracted by a new topic. 
“I love it, I love it so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” 
Your boyfriend reaches into his pocket for something else as you continue admiring your beautiful ring. 
“You know I’ve always wanted to be a Cartier girl.” You tell him. 
“I know, and haven’t you always wanted to do this too?” He uses the hand still on your face to tilt it upwards. 
Iwaizumi is dangling a Mistletoe plant over the two of you.
A grin brighter than every single Christmas light settles on your face. You wrap your arms around his neck, bringing your face closer to his. 
“Merry Christmas Eve.” He whispers. 
“You’re really sneaky, you know that?” You whisper back. In response, Hajime only smiles before gently pressing his lips onto yours. He kisses you with such tenderness and care, that you melt into his embrace. He wants you to know you mean everything to him, that you’re his everything. 
And now, you know it all. You know how he adores you, how he treasures you. So, you return it with your own message, one that speaks of your budding forgiveness and longing. 
All of Iwaizumi’s attention is on the feeling of your soft lips on his, making him drop the mistletoe. When it hits you, you flinch at the sudden sensation. 
“Sorry.” The dark-haired boy mumbles into the kiss. 
“It’s okay.” You reassure him and your small laugh gets lost in between your lips. 
“I love you. I love you so much.” He repeats over and over until you can feel the vibration of his vocal cords all over your body. 
“I love you too.” 
Tumblr media
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a/n: hiii, sorry for like ghosting yall… i had so much shit going on (switching majors, health, etc) but since it’s summer imma try posting more consistently and i have a lot fics in the planning stages so look out for those 😋,, hopefully u enjoyed the very overdue 1st installment of the luvrs club
taglist: @theehottiehwa @santoteez @thathoneybee3 @satorose @shotarobabymomma
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kismix · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Their first time they said those three words were quiet almost mumble like sound they came from out of the blue.Not only did it throw you off guard but they didn’t expect to say it themselves.It was unexpected, soft and definitely not unwanted.It was easy to return those feelings, situations like these make it hard not to.
The second time they said those three words it was confident and flowed so easily.It felt so right as if it was made for only you two, and to be honest it was, that is what they thought anyway.You can’t disagree.
₊˚ˑ༄ Megumi, Iwaizumi, Itadori, Atsushi, Yamaguci, Bokuto, Miwa, Chuuya, Kenma, hinata & Yachi
Tumblr media
© Kismix 2022 all rights reserved
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oooobokuto · a day ago
Part-Time Series Masterlist
You never really expected to end up being the girl at the juice bar at your University’s gym, but here you were. Your friend was a Sport’s Management major, and so she was interning as a part-time trainer, and she convinced you to take the job. It paid decent (for a Campus job), so you couldn’t really complain. 
You also couldn’t complain about getting to see Hajime Iwaizumi everyday. He was sweet, and interesting. You didn’t know much about him, but your friend told you that he was from Japan, and he interning for another trainer, having studied Sports Science. 
You felt like a love sick idiot when you stared at him, but who could blame you? He was tall, more than muscular, and had dark hair and green eyes. He was practically every woman’s dream.
You don’t ever expect to talk to him until he comes up to the juice bar one day, asking you to make something for him. His disposition is a bit closed off and shy, but not in a creepy or weird way. It’s oddly endearing. He doesn’t know what to order, so he just asks you to make your favorite drink. 
And he comes back almost everyday after that, getting less and less shy. You get to talk to him more, and you get to admire his face more often. From time to time, he’ll spot you from across the gym and flash you a quick smile before returing to his duties. 
Then one day, he comes over, and you already have his drink prepared for him. He thanks you and tells you that he feels touched that you remembered his order. Though, it wasn’t that hard. Afterall, he always ordered your personal favorite, but still, he insists,
“Let me take you out. You know, to thank you...”
You manage to not smile like a dork, but he doesn’t miss the way your cheeks turn red as you manage out a small, “Yeah, sure, I’d love to.” 
He gives you his number before walking away and getting back to his job. Throughout the day, you two share stolen glances and shy smiles. 
The hard part was over, getting the courage to talk to you and ask you out, but now he had a bigger problem.
How was he supposed to tell you that he didn’t like the combination of fruits you put in your drinks? 
Tumblr media
Copyright © 2022 oooobokuto.tumblr.com - do not copy, modify, repost, or translate any of my works. any action to do so will be considered plagiarism.
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jxbsbokuto · 26 days ago
Tumblr media
“I just saw the most gorgeous man I have ever seen in my entire life.”
Iwaizumi's face scrunches in confusion and indignation on the other side of the call.
"Princess, with all due respect, what the fuck are you talking about?" He asks, looking around subtly to see if people around were hearing his half-harsh words.
"Not only he's gorgeous, but he's super pretty too. Ugh, his eyes! I could stare at them forever."
"Y/n, I swear to God, if you're talking about an anime character again..."
"No, Haji, he's a real man, he's like three meters away from me right now- Oh God, he just flexed his jaw, I think I might die from his hotness."
Hajime’s blood was boiling inside. Why the hell would you call your boyfriend to talk about some other guy’s looks?! Was he not attractive enough? Was he lacking something?
“Sheesh, this man has muscles, I mean, his arm? Maybe I should take a picture of his biceps.”
“Y/n, can you sto-”
“He’s wearing a tight polo shirt and sweats, maybe he just got out of the gym?”
Wait a minute.
“What did you say about his eyes?”
“Oh, his eyes.” You sigh dreamily. “So green and so pretty. Oh, he’s smiling now. Haji, he has the most beautiful smile ever.”
“Is that so?”
“Yep. He could be a model if he wanted to. Do you think I should get his number? Though I doubt he’s single, it might be worth a try.”
“What about me?”
“Sorry, Haji, but this man is so freaking pretty, I just can’t help it.”
“Do whatever you want, Y/n. I wish you and the pretty boy all the happiness in the world.”
“Thank you, Hajime. Farewell.”
Iwaizumi ends the call and slips his phone in his pocket. After a few seconds he feels someone tapping his shoulder.
“Can I help you?”
“Sorry, I was standing there and I just could help but notice how handsome you are.” You smile smugly at him.
“Oh, thank you, you don’t look that bad either.”
You pout at his words and he has to hold himself back not to kiss the tiny space between your furrowed eyebrows. You slap his chest but he doesn’t budge, instead a light chuckle escapes his lips.
“You’re no fun, Haji.”
Your boyfriend wraps his arms around you and pulls you closer, giving you a kiss on your forehead while you make yourself comfortable against his chest.
“You need to stop these pranks, I never fall.”
“You almost fell, I could hear your anger in your voice.” He looks to the side, annoyed.
“You called me and started talking about some other guy of course I would be angry.”
“No need to worry, Haji, like I said, you’re the most gorgeous man I have ever seen in my entire life.” Your arms lock around his neck to bring him down, you pamper his lips with quick pecks, causing him to chuckle. “My Pretty Boy.”
Tumblr media
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iwadori · a month ago
When they call you clingy ( Ushijima, Kuroo, Iwaizumi)
Tumblr media
part one (atsumu, osamu, suna )
genre: angst, fluff
A/n: even though i just posted this is technically my first work “back” so I hope you like it! And this is my longest work yet a h h.
word count: 3.4k
Tumblr media
As you were sitting in the stands at one of your boyfriends games, you couldn’t help feel that recurring proudness you always had when watching Ushijima play. He was a natural, and anyone could see it, the way he commanded the court with his presence alone was breathtaking. So when he jumped up to spike the ball, the crowd was in shock as he comes downs even faster than he jumps, landing with a loud cry, clutching his knee, clenching his eyes shut.
Your first instinct — as the panicked partner you were — was to push through the crowd of people all staring and talking about the injury your boyfriend had just endured. It was the first time, you’d seen ushijima in such pain and you didn’t know what to do. But knowing how caring and comforting he was when you were sick and injured, even if it was something as small as a paper cut, you were determined to care for him.
His leg was broken, and you could immediately tell from his face that he was devastated. The doctor told him that he couldn’t play for a minimum of 3 months and had to be on crutches until that time, dampening his mood even worse.
“Toshi, are you alright?” You asked once you left the hospital trying to help him get into the car, as he struggled with his lack of mobility.
“I’m fine,” he responded dismissively, “and I can get in the car myself” he brushes you off, trying to jam his crutches into the back seat, failing miserably. But you continue to help him silence, also getting in the car, hoping that his mood will get better once you get home.
Weeks went by and Ushijima stayed at home, spending his time reading magazines, watching volleyballs and sulking. It was hard to tend to Ushijima’s needs, as whenever you asked, “Wakatoshi, do you need anything?” It was always returned with a swift and firm, “no.” But you wanted to return the love and care that he always gave to you.
Ushijima came home from physiotherapy and the tension was strong, practically radiating from body as he hobbled into the living room to sit on the couch with a deep long sigh.
“Hey Toshi, how was physio?” You said, giving him and hug as you sat beside him and moving his crutches out the way.
“It was good,” he said, trying to brush off you off, but you wanted to talk with him as since his injury he’s been distant and you weren’t sure why.
“That’s good to hear,” you said, inching closer to him with a smile, “maybe I could come with you to your next one, for some moral support?”
“I don’t need any moral support.”
“Oh okay,” you said dejectedly “well I made us dinner, and then maybe after I can help you with some stretches for your leg?”
“No, can you just leave me alone for once,” he says trying to stand up, but aprubtlty sits back down with a wince as he put too much pressure on his bad leg.
“Are you okay?” You said with concern putting your hand over his leg to check it over but he moves it away quickly.
“Y/N this continuous overbearing attention you’ve put on me has become irritating and it’s hard to be around you,” he said not looking at you, slowly standing up making sure to not hurt his leg again in the process, “so can you please stop being clingy and leave me alone.” He limps to your bedroom and slams the door behind him, leaving you sat in silence, processesing what he just said.
You never thought that you were coming across as overbearing, you just wanted to reciprocate the helpfulness that he always gave to you. Whenever you and Ushijima argued, you knew it was best to leave him alone for a bit and give him space — even though that’s what he already told you to do anyways — so you ate the dinner you made for the both of you, and read a book silently on your own.
Later on, a loud bang caught your attention and you recognised it coming from the bathroom. You had an urge to investigate, but remembering Ushijima’s words from earlier, you decided to mind your business. That was until, you heard a repeated weak call of your name coming from the bathroom, and your heart thumped at the fact that Ushijima was hurt even further.
“Wakatoshi what happened?” You asked as you saw your boyfriend on the shower floor, with the shower still on soaking him as he held onto his leg.
“I slipped..” he mumbled, his eyes downcast and the water from the shower.
“Do you need help getting out?” You said apprehensively, remembering the words he said not even an hour ago to you. But he nodded his head and you leaned down letting him wrap his arm around your shoulder as you helped get him up. You could feel the wetness off his body rub onto your clothes, making you cringe at the weird feeling but you ignored it as your main goal was to make sure he was okay.
“Thank you Y/N” he said once you got him situated on your bed, making sure his leg was elevated.
“No problem,” you said feeling awkwardness arise between the two of you as you realise the elephant still in the room.
“About earlier,” he started off “I didn’t mean to come across as so blunt and mean before.”
“Although you didn’t mean to be rude, you were rude,” you retorted “and I get that having an injury sucks and all but you can’t just say that im such a clingy person and for me to be okay with that.”
“I see that now”
“So I think tonight I’ll give you some more space and just sleep on the couch,” you finish saying as you exit the room, leaving him alone as he did to you earlier.
As you were settled in your poorly made couch bed, you felt a large presence enter the blanket and a cast covered leg brush slightly against yours.
“I never wanted you to see me be weak,” he said, confusing you already.
“Before my injury, I was always one to help you out and I saw the way you looked at me and it made me feel good,” he said with a sigh, “but now it’s like all you’ve done is baby me and I know you had good intentions but it made me feel weak, that I wasnt good enough for you.”
“Oh Toshi,” you said trying to manoeuvre your body so that you were facing him on the small cramped couch, “I just wanted you to feel the way that you’ve always made me feel whenever I was sick, I didn’t want to come across as clingy but I wanted to help.”
“I realise that now, and I’m truly sorry for the words I said”
“Maybe next time, just communicate with we more instead of just brooding and sulking,” you suggested “and this wouldn’t of made me see you as weak, you literally cry at animal birthing videos,” that made you both laugh. You helped him back to your bed and decided to stay with him, because although his words made you feel bad you could understand his reasoning.
He eventually recovered from his injury, accepting your help with no complaints and being more thoughtful with how he worded things when he didn’t like something you did. His first game back after his injury, went great and the feeling pride you felt knowing that he was your boyfriend grew even larger, especially when in the post-game interviews all he spoke about was that the reason he won was due to your dutiful care.
With your boyfriend, Kuroo Tetsurou, living in a different city it was very hard sometimes to feel loved. You knew that Kuroo did love you, but with the lack of physical touch and seeing him in person that most couples have it was difficult to remind yourself of this, especially when you were having a bad day.
Your boss had you working overtime, and you were exhausted. But you were looking forward to the planned FaceTime date that you and Kuroo always tried to have at least once a week. Kuroo was also busy, making him miss the last four planned daters you had so you were extra excited for this one, as he promised he’d be there.
When the clock struck 5pm, you immediately rang Kuroo’s phone, having it propped up on your desk as you sat staring into the camera, waiting for him to answer. The phone rang out and you called him again, thinking that he just missed the initial call. But after a 7th ring and no answer, you knew that the chances of him calling were extremely low.
A few hours later, you receive a phone call from Kuroo and although he was late you were happy that he kept his promise. “What was with the excessive calls?” Was the first thing he says in a harsh tone, to your surprise.
“What? What do you mean?” You question.
“You rang me like 18 times when I was at work” he hissed.
“I only rang you 7 times,” your retort “and how was I supposed to know that you were at work…”
“Because I have a job,” he says matter of factly
“I have a job too y’know, and we planned weeks ago for this FaceTime date,”
“Well my job requires more hard work Y/N,” he said dismissively “and we don’t need to call every week, you don't need to be so clingy.”
“Clingy?” You repeat, “I didn’t know wanting to talk to my boyfriend who I haven’t spoken to in weeks was clingy, or that after having a shitty day at work I just wanted my usually kind and sweet boyfriend to give me some words of comfort…but i guess not,” you finish your sarcastic rant by ending the call not wanting to hear anything else your boyfriend had to say.
You never knew Kuroo to be like this, so you could acknowledge something was probably wrong with him. However, with the terrible day you had the way Kuroo was feeling was the least of your worries.
You went to bed with a heavy heart, trying to hope that the rest of your week would be better than it’s already been.
Kuroo had tried to contact you with small texts every now and again, but you couldn’t forgive him just yet. So you threw yourself into work — even more so than usual — shutting out your boyfriend and your friends, trying to busy yourself to ignore the fact that Kuroo thinks you’re clingy.
The week continued, and you didn’t talk to Kuroo at all. You weren’t blatantly ignoring him, but you were responding way less than if you weren’t mad at him. He hadn’t apologised yet, he was waiting for things to go back to the way they were, but recently you’ve hated your dynamic and you weren’t willing to pretend as if things were okay.
After another exhausting day of work, you receive a call and not even checking to see who called, you answered.
“Y/N, hi you picked up,” said Kuroo sounding relieved.
“Can you let me in?”
“Let you in? What?” You asked in confusion
“I’m outside your apartment, and your neighbours are glaring at me” he said “so can you please let me in?”
“Ok then,” you said reluctantly, buzzing Kuroo up to your apartment.
When you opened your door you saw your boyfriend, with a handful of roses, a bag full of take-out and a teddy bear, with an apprehensive smile on his face.
“What are you doing here?” You asked with your arms folded and eyebrows raised.
“Well its ‘date-night,’ right?”
“I thought you were too busy at your ‘hard-working job,’ to have time for date nights,” you retort.
He sighs, thinking about his words from the previous week, “I’m sorry about that really its just—“ he pauses thinking about what to say, “can you just please let me in, so we can talk?”
You step aside to let him enter and the awkwardness was unmissable. His eyes met yours but quickly averted them to stare at something else. It wasn't the first time you and Kuroo argued, but it was the first time that he said something that made you feel this bad and you both knew that.
“About last week,” he started “I didn’t to mean to miss the FaceTime date”
“What about the one before that? Or the one before that?”
“I’m sorry for those too,” he said “it’s just I've been really busy at work and I didn’t mean to snap. I was just having a bad day.”
“I was having a bad day too, but I wouldn’t have just snapped at you because of that.”
“I get that and I’m sorry,” he said apologetically, “can we just move past this please?”
“I don’t think we can”
“What do you mean?” He said in confusion.
“At first this long distance thing was okay, but now with how tough work has been for me and how much I’ve missed not being around you, I just don’t think this can work.”
“Oh Y/N, don’t say that, I can make this work,” he said “we can make this work,” and although you were feeling doubtful the hopeful look kuroo gave you was enough to have faith in his words.
The rest of the night, you talked, telling him about the loneliness you spent over the last few months in your long distance relationship and the terrible day you already had when he called you clingy. Kuroo was heavily apologetic, never wanting to make you feel bad, as he regretted the words as soon as the words left his mouth. Eventually, Kuroo moved back to the city and although you didn’t live together the distance was shorter so you both didn’t feel as lonely as you did before.
You were waiting outside of your boyfriend’s — Iwaizumi Hajime — class, for your study session that he begged you to do as he was struggling in one of his classes. When he came out, his eyes lit up as they always seemed to do whenever he saw you, making you smile.
“Are you ready to go to the library babe?” He asked, pulling you into a hug, smiling down at you, you nodded in response and he led you both to the library before you were halted by someone from Iwaizumi’s class.
“Hey hajime, me and the guys from class are going to play some volleyball,” he said gesturing to the other group of friends waiting at a distance behind, “and we know you used to play in high school so we were wondering if you wanted to join?”
“I-uh…” Iwaizumi started off hesitantly, looking between you and the guy, “well I kind of already had plans with y/n so sorry i can’t—“
“It’s okay!” You interrupted, “We can always study tomorrow, or something.”
“You sure babe?”
“Of course, go ahead,” you finish with a smile which he returned as he slowly walks off with his classmate to join their friends. As you were both in university, it was rare to see Iwaizumi always around friends, you knew he had some but he mainly spent his time with you which you both enjoyed. So it wasn’t a problem for him to change plans to hang out with friends instead of you, as you knew it wouldn’t become a consistent thing.
Until it actually did.
Over the next week, whenever you planned to see Iwaizumi — like usual — his newfound response was that he was with “the boys.” They weren’t particularly terrible boys but it seemed that now with all his time spent with them, they were being pretty dislikeable. You even tried to give them the benefit of the doubt by attempting to hang out with them but it seemed the requirement to be a part of their group was to play volleyball, which of course you did not.
You were waiting outside of Iwaizumi’s class — per usual — determined for him to spend some time with you or at least address the situation on how he wasn’t. When he exited his classroom, he was smiling — but not at you — at his friend with his arm wrapped around his shoulder in a jovial manner, as they joked and laugh about something you couldn’t hear.
“Haji!” You called as you saw him walked by and he stopped in surprise.
“Oh hey y/n, what are you doing here?”
“To come and study, with you” you reminded.
“Study?” He responds with confusion, “oh yeah I forgot we planned to do that, let me just tell my friends and we can go.”
His friend approaches impatiently, “Hajime, you already to go now?”
“Sorry dude, I’m going to study with y/n,” he apologises, “we can take a rain check.”
“Oh that sucks, but it makes sense,” his friend responds his eyes shifting between the two of you, “since we all know your totally whipped for y/n.”
Iwaizumi’s face contorts at the comment, “what do you mean I’m whipped for y/n?” He questions, stepping closer to his friend.
“I don’t mean anything rude bro but,” he starts “it’s like three quarters into the year and this is the first time you’ve really hung with us as all this time you’ve been under y/n’s ass for all this time. Like y/n you don’t mind him hanging out with us or are you just naturally clingy.” He finished directing his last question at you.
You didn’t even acknowledge him but you looked at Iwaizumi waiting for more of a defence, but when your boyfriend stood in silence you looked at him and asked, “is that what you think too Hajime? That I’m just a clingy partner?”
“Well…” he said rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly, “you have been kind of clingy recently, which isn’t a bad thing but it’s like damn can you let a guy breathe.” When his friends heard his comment they all reacted in that boyish dramatic way saying “ooooh” as if that was the insult of the year, making you feel more embarrassed.
“If that’s how you feel than fine,” you said dismissively, “but when you fail your exam, don’t come crying to me,” your voice had a hint of hurt in it but you tried to mask it as best as you could and you quickly turned on your heel and walked off, to where you were planning to go, the library.
You didn’t hear from Iwaizumi from the next two days, this was the first time you argued like this so you didn’t really know what the ‘protocol’ was. You did know that his test was in that time period of silence and you were dying to know how he did.
As you were sitting in the library, listening to your music and studying alone you feel a tap on your shoulder. Looking behind you see Iwaizumi with an apologetic smile, standing sheepishly with his hands behind his back.
“I failed my test,” was what he started off with and it took everything in you to not say, ‘I told you so,’ in response instead you just waited for him to continue, “and I’m sorry for the way I acted and let my friends treat you.”
“Yes that was very shitty Hajime,” you said “like you can have friends, of course you can have friends, but when you’re continuously blowing me off to hang out with them especially when you were the one who wanted to study in the first place, now look you failed and you’ve made me upset, all because you just couldn’t manage your time properly.”
“I know and I’m sorry,” he said taking a seat next to you, “I felt terrible as soon as I agreed with my idiotic friends, and don’t worry I told him off about how he spoke to you later.”
“It doesn’t really matter if you told him off in private when he embarrassed me in public Iwaizumi,” you muttered “but thanks for that i guess.”
“What can I do to make this right?”
“Just stick to your word,” you told him “that’s all you need to do, you can be around whoever you want but as long as you keep your promises and make time for me we’ll be good.”
“Okay I will,” he pulled you into a hug and muttered “I’m sorry” as he pressed a kiss to your forehead. Of course things weren’t immediately better but as he’s apologised now you can only move forward.
“So should we study to stop you from failing the next time?” You said with a joking smile, which he returned.
Tumblr media
AN: so umm that’s that, let me know your thoughts. I haven’t really proofread it so i apologise for many mistakes and I’m really out of touch with my writing so I’m sorry if it’s not “up to par.” But I hope you enjoyed it. Also i have no clue what really happens when you break a bone or whatever, so ushijima having a cast going to physio if its incorrect then oh well
Id also love to hear any thoughts you have about this or I’ll just assume it was absolutely terrible 😪😪😪/j but yeah comments and Reblogs are appreciated
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iwaso · a month ago
uhm, hi!! i have a request! So, know how there are hcs where the haikyuu boys walk in on the reader changing, right? But what if it was the other way around?? The reader walks in on them changing!! please ignore this if your busy or don't wanna do it, no pressure!!
Tumblr media
featuring: various
genre: fluff | wc: 500+
warnings: a couple of swears, that's abt it
notes: i finally got around to writing this 💀 thx for the req anon, this was fun! (barely proofread beware lmao)
Tumblr media
ღ THE SCREAMER; this is a genuine reaction. maybe he mistook you for a serial killer, or he's really insecure about his body, or perhaps he's just shy. the only thing for sure is as soon as you walk in, a shrill, almost girly shriek bounces off the walls and reaches your ears, followed by a loud "get out!" from the boy in front of you. an alternative name for this group: the cover-uppers.
⋯ ♡ᵎ
ღ THE FLIRT; he has no shame. you walk in on him changing? that's an opportunity—a gift, actually, for him and for you. as his eyes meet yours the expression on his face is smug, and he takes his sweet time discarding his clothes. he flexes what he can; his abs, his biceps, anything, just to see you all flustered. consider it his guilty pleasure (except he's not ashamed at all).
"like what you see? come on, don't be shy now."
⋯ ♡ᵎ
ღ THE ONE WHO DOESN'T CARE; you could barge in on him doing anything and he would not give a shit. who cares? he's just changing—it's a part of human life. is it that big a deal? sure, internally, his stomach does a flip (just one; singular) but no one needs to know that.
⋯ ♡ᵎ
ღ THE CONVERSATION STARTER; branches from the previous category. he's casual—opts to just go about it like he's making his morning coffee. why get shy? there's nothing wrong with his body. then again, he's a little unaware of how good he looks. that, or he's very aware and he's casually teasing you with his assets. either way, a fucking menace.
BOKUTO, SUNA, matsukawa, kunimi, FUTAKUCHI, daichi, konoha, aran, OSAMU
ღ THE ANNOYED ONE; he's freaking out a little—mind going blank, his breathe getting caught in his throat—but under no circumstance would he ever admit it. he puts up an irritable front and shoots you a glare, as if to ask you what the hell it was that you wanted. he urges you to get the fuck out as he returns to changing, but as soon as you leave, he malfunctions in the silence; shoots an arm through the neckline, misses a couple buttons, forgets his shirt is inside-out... he hates that you have that effect on him sometimes.
TSUKISHIMA, shirabu, daishou, SAKUSA
⋯ ♡ᵎ
ღ THE "PLAY-IT-COOL" TYPE; he freezes when you walk in, but only for a moment. "hey," slips past his lips, and his voice is level and cool. the only thing that betrays him is the flush of his ears—something you're quick to notice and something he accepts he can't hide. he goes about his changing while making light conversation, but you know his mind is running a couple of miles.
ennoshita, yamaguchi, KAGEYAMA, AKAASHI, semi, IWAIZUMI, kenma, KYOTANI, yaku, KITA
⋯ ♡ᵎ
ღ "FUCK DON'T COME IN" ; self-explanatory. alternatively: the one who rushes to the door. as soon as he hears the door creaking open he jumps to slam it shut. he yells out an apology in case he hurt you on accident, but he swiftly follows it up with, "don't come in til i say!" why? "my pants are down right now!" just listen or else he'll yell again. louder.
TANAKA, nishinoya, SUGAWARA, hanamaki
Tumblr media
— i have just been informed that the third pic above (right) says "fuck your mom" in chinese 💀 if anyone is offended by this kindly send me an ask n i'll change the pic accordingly. thank you <3
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iwaizumis-bitch · 2 months ago
when he’s lovesick
content warnings: mentions of pregnancy, drinking, lovesick men
word count: 907
featuring: miya osamu, iwaizumi hajime, sakusa kiyoomi, ushijima wakatoshi, & suna rintaro
notes: i haven’t written fluff in forever omg, also suna is slowly becoming one of my favs🤤
Tumblr media
miya osamu
good with kids. kids loooove osamu. when a small family comes in during a quiet afternoon, osamu is all smiles at all of them. truth is, he’s thinking about you and him being like that one day in the future. when he’s taking their order he’s like, ‘aaand for the little fella?’ and it’s just so 🥺🥺🥺. he’ll see the boy has a buzz lightyear shirt on and will just entertain him with questions about toy story, making little jokes now and then, and the parents are loving it!! when their order is ready he’ll scribble a little mr and mrs potato head in sharpie on the brown paper bag and hand it to them. his heart melts when he hears the kid babble about how they should come here everyday as the three of them leave. but the best part??? he didn’t even know you were watching until he turned around, seeing you sat in a corner booth witn a dopey grin on your face and dried tears running down your cheeks.
Tumblr media
iwaizumi hajime
everything learning new things. if someone had told hajime a few years ago that he would be an expert in hair braiding, he would’ve scoffed and thought nothing more of it. now, he’s a master at braiding, so much so he can braid your hair whilst his eyes are on the television. and when you come home that night with the braid he tied in your hair that morning still in, but wispy and looser, he loses it and goes red as a tomato. he’s also super gentle with your hair, even after all the years of you saying it’s ok if he pulls a bit, but he wouldn’t dare even try to hurt you. also!!!! he paints your nails on your non dominant hand and he’s always so focused with the brush, tongue poking out between his lips in concentration as he tries not to make it splotchy, but you would wear it either way.
Tumblr media
sakusa kiyoomi
know his priorities. kiyoomi only had 3 priorities in life. you, himself, volleyball, in that order. you were his number one priority, and he made sure everyone in his life knew that, especially you. no one would question where sakusa had disappeared to, training wasn’t supposed to end for anothed 45 minutes! he sighed, declining another call from shoyo as he unlocked the door to your apartment. ‘omi!’, you exclaimed, running to him to give him a hug. ‘you’re early’, you said, voice muffled as you hid your face in his shoulder. ‘mmm, we got off early’, he said, crossing his fingers behind your back. it was just a white lie, it’s not like 45 minutes of practice would really make him a better player. oh yeah, and whenever a game finishes, he’s off looking in the front row of the grandstand for you. in that moment he didn’t care about anything except for you. no tabloid headline ‘stone faced volleyball star in love?!’. no atsumu calling him a simp, just you and him, he thought, pulling you in for a kiss with a small smile in front of everyone.
Tumblr media
ushijima wakatoshi
becomes domestic. it warms your heart every single night when you hear the front door click open around 7:30. you smile to yourself hearing his footsteps come to the kitchen, where you’re currently stirring a pot of pasta. ‘welcome home wakatoshi’, you hum, feeling his big arms circle around your waist. ‘dinner’ll be ready in 10, go have a shower, ‘kay?’, you tell the 6’4 sleepy giant, who just gives you a kiss on the top of your head and nods. it still doesn’t feel real, you think. you look down at your stomach, remembering the words of the sonographer you saw a few hours earlier. ‘you’re two months along, congrats!’, he smiled at you, handing you the photo of your baby. you poured the pasta into a seperate bowl, mixing the sauces around as you hear the shower turn off upstairs. you’re cleaning up the pot when you hear wakatoshi stop at the bottom of the stairs. ‘love?’, he says, concern laced in his voice. ‘yes?’, you reply, turning around to see him with a positive pregnancy test in his hand, a tear slipping down his cheek when you nod at him, coming to hug him.
Tumblr media
suna rintaro
becomes absolutely enamored with you. whether it’s in real life or on social media, he’s always so happy to brag about how he has the best fiancé in the whole wide world. his instagram feed is just filled with photos of you, all captioned with some lovey dovey quote. the twins comments of calling him a ‘lovesick loser’, never phased him in his second year when he was pining after you, nor does it phase him now. if he hears anyone say shit about you, he’s so ready to defend you with his whole life. when he’s drunk, he’s bawling his eyes out to anyone who will give him the time of day about how in just a few months, he gets to marry the most beautiful girl in the world. atsumu and osamu have sent you countless videos of rintaro hunched over a bar, tears falling from his cheeks onto the sticky counter as he drunkenly babbles about how perfect you are and how he doesn’t deserve you. he’s so clingy, and he kisses your ring finger every night, counting down the days until you share the same last name.
Tumblr media
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o2amu · 23 days ago
you step in front of your boyfriend, looking down at him as he pushes himself off the floor, about to begin his first set of 50 push-ups. he doesn’t notice your quiet presence until you get down on your knees to meet his eyes which quickly shoot up at yours.
“oh my god, hey, you scared me,” iwaizumi says with a brief sigh of relief.
you giggle while slowly laying down on your back and attempt to slide gracefully underneath iwaizumi’s push-up stance. he gives you a confused look with a smile, all while adoring your strange but adorable behavior.
seconds later, you’re now lying underneath your boyfriend’s muscular build. both of your guys’ eyes locked on each other’s- full of admiration.
“haji, let’s do that thing couples do where one lays underneath and the other kisses them every time they descend from their push-up” you beam, breaking the silence.
he blinks a few times before letting out a soft chuckle, and without saying any words, he begins to fulfill your request.
not even three kisses in and you burst out into laughter. the cheesy couple act you and your boyfriend were currently doing caused loud giggles to erupt out of you. your laughs become too powerful to where they’re now silent ones. you bring your knees up to your chest due to the pain of your uncontrollable cackles.
iwaizumi finds your expression hilarious and catches your contagious laugh soon enough, as he then topples over you. both of you a laughing mess on the living room floor.
as soon as both of you calm down, you turn to each other. a soft smile forms on his as he brings his hand up to your cheek caressing it with his thumb.
“god, i honestly don’t mind this whole quarantine lockdown thingy ….” he comments. “... if it means i’ll be stuck with you at home everyday.”
“me too, haji.”
Tumblr media
this is an old work from my old blog! and this is meant to be set around the beginning of quarantine lol
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moriisukes · a month ago
Tumblr media
FLUSTER: 1 : to put into a state of agitated confusion. 2 : to lose your cool.
Tumblr media
or, in other words, HQ BOYS FLUSTERING YOU
Tumblr media
yaku morisuke offers to help you with your assignments when he sees you struggling, praising you with a, ‘good job,’ after you’ve gotten a question right. you don’t miss the way he quickly jots down his number with a smiley face before he leaves, sending you a boyish smile and wave over his shoulder.
miya atsumu notices the drop of chocolate just below your bottom lip, instead of choosing to embarrass you in front of your group of friends, he takes his thumb to wipe it off, placing that same finger in his mouth to lick it clean. you can feel your heart beating out your chest when he sends you a subtle wink.
suna rintaro has not taken his eyes off of you the entire night. with a drink in his left hand and his right hand in his pocket, he bends down slightly so he’s head level with you, lips right at your ear when he whispers, ‘you look good tonight,’ before retreating to his full height to give you one of his signature smirks.
kuroo tetsurou tries to ignore the heat already making its way up his face and over the tips of his ears with you against his chest. he meant to pull you out of the way of skaters but didn’t realize how close he was already standing next to you. now, he has to deal with the aftermath of having you embraced fully into him.
iwaizumi hajime mumbles a quick, ‘excuse me,’ as he moves past you, hand on your lower back so he doesn’t accidentally bump into you. you’re too caught up in trying not to think of his scent that you miss the way he looks back once more to get a second glance at you.
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granddecoffee · 4 months ago
public displays of affection
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
❥ with atsumu, sakusa, kuroo, and iwaizumi
❥ note: i had a fun time writing this one!! i’m a fan of pda in all its forms :3
Tumblr media
atsumu — shy is the last word anyone would use to describe miya atsumu. he’s never been shy about himself, and he sure as hell isn’t shy about the fact that he’s with you. so, as long as you’re comfortable with it, he takes every opportunity to prove that you’re his. whether it’s casually keeping an arm around you when you’re with friends or pulling you in for a kiss on the street, the world could be watching for all he cares. 
sakusa — sakusa is just as possessive as atsumu, if not more. however, he prefers his affection to be far more discreet. when you sit side by side at dinner, he’ll keep a hand on your thigh under the table. at parties he’ll stand next to you, a hand on your lower back. the warmth of his hand seeping through your clothes is comforting, a subtle but sure reminder to you and everyone watching that you’re his. 
kuroo — the first thing kuroo does when he sees you is wrap his arms around you, his chest against your back. he rests his chin on the top of your head, leaning all his weight on your shoulders—a perk of being six foot one. sitting or standing, he’ll never pass up hugging you like an overgrown koala. and if it gives him easy access to kiss you (on the neck especially), that’s his business. 
iwaizumi — he would never admit it out loud, but iwaizumi loves pda. he’ll never initiate it, but when you press a kiss to his cheek or put his arm around your waist, his stomach fills with butterflies. he’ll grumble about it, maybe roll his eyes, but there’s no denying the flush creeping onto his cheeks, or the urge to brush aside your hair and kiss your temple. 
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heartaro · 4 days ago
Hiiii , i really like your blog! your hurt/comfort r so well written i swearrr !!
so , i wanted to ask u of you could do a angst to fluff /hurt comfort with tsukishima, iwaizumi, and osamu plz ! Any prompt i dont really care lmaooo
Have a great day :)) <3
hi hi darling!! thank you so much :((( 💓💓 you’re so sweet and thank YOU for sending this in! i’ve been having crazy writer’s block, so this gave me some motivation to write!!
Tumblr media
— tsukishima, iwaizumi, & osamu x gn!reader | hurt/comfort
warnings: swearing, arguments, the boys mention their ex in an argument </3 oh also these r so long & dramatic (bc i’m dramatic lmfao i’m a leo)
note from heart: ugh i kno these prompts are so common, but i love reading these kinds of stories/drabbles!! i hope you enjoy 💓
Tumblr media
» we all know tsukishima kei isn’t the best at expressing his emotions; especially those of love & kindness
» but you know better than anyone else that he loved you more than anything & that his love for you is unconditional
» however, there are definitely moments where you both fight and things can get out of hand
» like this current argument that sprung up once he got home from work
» he came home a lot later than you had expected, but he didn’t even bother to respond to any of your text messages or return any of your calls
» and so now, about an hour later, you two were still arguing
“kei, i’m really not asking for much! if you’re gonna be home late, could you at least let me know? like answer my texts or something?” you say exasperatedly. you were starting to feel exhausted from all the bickering that’s happened in the past hour, but your words just didn’t seem to get past your boyfriend’s bitter mood.
“look, y/n, i don’t need to constantly tell you my every move and where i’m at, and you don’t need to keep waiting up for me! i swear to god, it’s like you treat me like a fucking kid!” he shouts back, throwing his hands in the air before taking a breath, pinching the bridge of his nose.
he didn’t have the best day at work; too much paperwork, idiots causing a ruckus, his manager doing nothing but hounding him all day. tsukishima was ready to just go to sleep, but here he was.
“sorry for wanting to make sure you’re safe? sorry i care about my boyfriend? why is that so bad?”
“because it’s fucking annoying, y/n! you’re constantly hovering over me, smothering me all the fucking time!” he responds, turning away from you. he sighs, shaking his head, “mei was never this clingy.”
despite his tone being more hushed and quiet, you still heard him loud and clear. his words rang in your ears, practically screaming back at you in your mind in a constant loop. “mei was never this ‘clingy’ because she didn’t love you,” you let out, your voice wavering as you fought to hold your tears back.
you turned in the opposite direction, making your way to your shared bedroom and slamming the door shut. at the sound, tsukishima flinched. he didn’t mean to let those words slip, and the second they fell from his mouth he instantly regretted it.
it was true, mei never loved him, but he didn’t care much for it after he met you. you showed him nothing but love, always caring for him whether that was packing his lunch for work and leaving cute, little notes for him to see during his break or staying by his side whenever he was feeling unwell. your love was genuine and never-ending, you always had so much of it to give to him. but now he’s shut that out, refusing to accept your love all because he had a bad day at work.
he sighs again, turning around to see your bedroom door shut. he felt a pang of guilt in his chest. he knew he had to make this better, but he was never good at these kinds of things. usually when the two of you argued and things went south, you both would give each other space and then come back together to have a more civil conversation. but now it seemed that you wanted to just completely be away from him, and a conversation about this didn’t seem like an option.
on your end, you sat on the edge of the bed, letting your tears fall down your cheeks. you kept wiping them away, gasping for air after each stifled sob. you knew tsukishima didn’t care for his ex anymore, you knew he was way over her when your relationship with him progressed. he had even opened up to you about how his relationship with you has made him the happiest he’s ever been. but now you’re unsure.
you asked for one, simple thing, but it just seemed like an annoyance to him. you love tsukishima and you’d do anything to make him comfortable in your relationship, so maybe you will decide to give him space because maybe- deep down- he wishes that you were just a bit like mei. if he said it, then surely part of him meant it.
the rest of the night was silent and lonely for the both of you. you eventually got ready for bed and fell asleep, wondering if he’d even come to bed with you. but in his head, he thought it’d be best to leave you be, and so he slept on the couch.
the next morning you woke, reaching over to feel the cold sheets on his side of the bed. you scrunch your eyebrows together, feeling your heart ache knowing that he didn’t even bother to come back to bed. you sat up, rubbing your puffy eyes before making your way into the kitchen. on your way there, you heard familiar soft snores from the couch. you peek over to see your boyfriend, still in his work clothes, fast asleep.
you frown slightly. he didn’t even bother changing into comfortable clothes- he must have slept horribly last night. but you decide to give him his space, not wanting to smother him so early in the morning.
you begin making breakfast, doing your best to keep the noise down so that he could continue sleeping. you prepared a quick meal for the both of you, making sure to set aside his plate before eating on your own. you figured you’d eat before him so that he could eat his breakfast in peace.
as you finished, you began to walk out of the kitchen, noticing tsukishima rise from the couch. he stretched, wincing at the aching feeling in his back. your eyes widened, wanting to make a quick exit so that you wouldn’t disturb him. you start walking towards the bedroom, greeting him quietly and letting him know that his plate is on the table.
he barely registers what you say, but the second he sees you walking quickly back to your bedroom, he follows you.
“y/n,” he says, finally catching up to you before you can shut the door. you don’t turn around, instead beginning to fix the bed in attempts to not have a conversation with him. “y/n,” he tries again, this time his tone more calm and soft.
you want to, so badly, turn around and talk to him; to resolve everything that happened the night prior, but you were still so hurt that he mentioned his ex.
he sighs, watching you sadly, waiting for you to turn in his direction. “y/n.. baby, i-i’m sorry,” he stumbles over his words, taking a few steps closer to you. you stop your actions, wondering if you had heard him correctly. “i’m so sorry,” he says again, standing behind you, unsure if he’s allowed to touch you.
you slowly turn around, tears welling up in your eyes again at the sight of him. you’re just reminded of his cruel words, but you’re fighting between pulling him in for a hug or turning back around to ignore him. his heart drops at the sight of the tears glossing over your eyes, bringing a hand to yours.
“i’m sorry for last night.. i know,” he takes a breath, just letting his thoughts pour out of his mouth. “i know i should’ve just texted you, and i know you’re just looking out for me. i was having a bad day, but i was being a total dick about it. i’m really sorry.”
you stare at him sadly, “but why did you have to bring up her?” you sniffle, turning away from him, “am i really that annoying?” your voice was timid, droplets of tears falling onto the sheets. his heart aches even more at the sight of you and knowing that he’s made you cry once again.
he’s never thought of you as annoying, he loves the affection you give him. tsukishima isn’t the best at expressing his emotions, but he truly loves everything about you. he loves the way you care about him, loves the way you shower him with love every morning and night, loves the way you give him kisses at any given moment; he loves you.
he pulls you in for a hug, squeezing you gently. he shuts his eyes, never wanting to let you go. “i don’t think that of you. i don’t think you’re annoying or that you smother me. i love you and everything that you do for me, and you’re right. mei never loved me, but you do and that’s what matters to me,” he pulls away to look at you. you’re crying even more which makes him panic internally.
he brings a hand to cup your cheek, “you matter to me. not mei, not my coworkers, not anyone else. only you. i don’t know why i even brought her up.. i was just in a shitty mood, but that’s not an excuse to be a shit boyfriend to you.”
you smile, nuzzling your face into his hand. “you’re an asshole, kei.”
he scrunches his nose before leaning down to press a kiss to your forehead. “yeah, well, this asshole’s in love with you.”
» arguments with iwaizumi were rare but were always quickly resolved
» you both were quite hot-headed, so sometimes these arguments could escalate rather quickly
» it would result to screaming matches, but whenever it got to that point, you both knew immediately to drop it and give each other some space
» you two loved each other dearly and always wanted the other to remember that
» no matter what was said or done, you always found a way to comfort one another
» but this time it’s different and now you’re unsure if this can be fixed
you and iwaizumi have been going at it for the past two hours. you offered to pick him up from work today, going in a bit early to see him in action at his job. you knew he had many clients, a whole variety really. but you didn’t expect to see a woman all over him, running her hands up and down his arms and smiling flirtatiously at him. and you certainly didn’t expect to see him smiling back at her, completely unfazed at another woman’s touch.
“why is it such a big deal, y/n? she’s my client! what do you want me to do, tell her i can’t see her anymore because my girlfriend said so?” he says incredulously, his expression full of frustration. you roll your eyes, “i just want to know why the hell she had her hands on you like that, hajime! and why were you just letting it fucking happen?”
you were seething, both of you were. your chests heaving up and down as you glared at one another. you both remained silent, the only sound being the both of you breathing heavily.
you scoff, beginning to turn away from him, “if you can’t tell me why then i’m going the fuck to sleep.” he lets a short laugh, “of course you are. you were always one to never finish what they started.” you ignore him, beginning to make your way back to your room, but something stops you.
“at least sonnie could actually finish an argument,” he mutters, making you snap your neck to look at him. “sonnie only finished an argument with you when they decided to leave you for good!” you shout, getting in his face.
he looks at you in shock, processing his words while guilt gradually flowed throughout his body. “wait, babe, i-“
“don’t,” you say, your tone more quiet. he opens and closes his mouth as he tries to find something to say, but nothing comes out. you turn away, continuing to walk back to your room. you enter the bedroom, slamming the door shut, making iwaizumi flinch at the sound.
he sighs in defeat, instantly regretting his words. he runs a hand through his hair, unsure of what to do. usually, at this point, you two would take a step back and try to have a calmer discussion about everything, but now you’ve shut him out and he can’t find a solution. you want nothing to do with him right now, and he knows that trying to comfort you will only frustrate you more. so he decides he’ll stay away.
but, here you are, sitting on the floor in front of your bed wishing nothing but for iwaizumi to walk into your shared bedroom and comfort you. you want him to hold you, to remind you that you are his and he is yours, to shower you with his unconditional love, and to be there to rid you of the feeling of sadness and hurt. you let yourself cry, but you feel yourself become numb to it, your tears trickling down your face as you stare at the door mindlessly.
the mention of his ex’s name hit you, and it hurt so much. you knew of his past relationship. sonnie was the only other person iwaizumi had been with. they were together for almost four years and then suddenly broke up after a tragic fight. you were there to comfort him because he was your best friend, and now he was your lover. after four years of pining, he had finally become yours.
but since he mentioned them, his first ever love, you can’t help but feel as though you were just a rebound. you feel as though he had just settled for you to fill the emptiness in his heart. you feel as though he probably doesn’t love you as much as he loved sonnie. and these thoughts and feelings alone only worsen your pain.
after what seemed like an eternity, iwaizumi decides it’s finally time to meet you and fix this. he walks cautiously towards the closed door, knocking on it softly before calling out to you. “y/n? baby? can i come in?” he asks, his voice calm and gentle. he gets no response, the feeling of his guilt once again weighing in his chest. “i’m coming in, okay?” he says again, opening the door to find coming out of the bathroom.
you had just showered, your eyes red and puffy from crying for the past couple hours. you don’t acknowledge his presence and instead make your way to the bed, laying down with your back turned to him.
he looks at you sadly, wanting nothing more than to fix this. “babe, i.. i’m really sorry. i was tired and angry and i just let it slip. i shouldn’t have done that, i was only letting my temper get the best of me. i’m so sorry, y/n,” he apologizes, cautiously taking steps closer to you.
he walks over to your side of the bed, kneeling down in front of you. you cast your gaze away from him, and iwaizumi feels his heart drop. “baby, can you look at me? please?” he pleads, tears pricking at the corners of his eyes. you still don’t respond, laying before him as if you were just existing.
“i’m so sorry,” he whispers, reaching out to you, cupping your cheek and letting his thumb gently caress your skin. and that’s when you break, your tears pouring over once more, broken sobs leaving past your lips. you curl further into yourself, pushing his hand away from you. he watches you with a pained look, unsure of what to do next. “y/n, i-“
“why did you have to say their name?” you cry quietly. he drops his head, feeling so ashamed of himself. “i-i don’t know, y/n.. i was angry and-“
“and you took your anger out on me? just because i asked you why you didn’t set a boundary with your client?”
he looks back at you, finding your glossy eyes. he watches your lips tremble, your tears flowing down the side of your face. you look so heartbroken and betrayed, and iwaizumi’s heart begins to shatter.
“i’m sorry, i shouldn’t have done that. i should’ve listened to you instead of getting angry with you. i’m so sorry, baby.. i really didn’t mean any of what i said to you,” he says, gripping the bed sheets in attempts to keep himself from crying. you take in a shaky breath, shutting your eyes again. “am i enough for you?”
iwaizumi’s eyes widen at your question. he immediately stands up and scoops you into his arms, holding you close and letting you cry into his chest. he rubs your arm soothingly, pressing a kiss onto your forehead. “of course you are, y/n. you’re more than enough for me. you’ll always be more than enough, and i’m so happy to call you mine,” he whispers, letting his own tears fall.
he always feared that you may insecure in your relationship with him. he only ever wanted you to know that your relationship with him is important and that he cherishes it so much; that he cherishes you. he only wants you to feel love from him and to always remember that you are his end game; that he will only ever want you.
“i’m so sorry, baby.. i love you more than anything, okay? i love you and only you. i promise i’ll do better to set boundaries with my clients and to be a better boyfriend to you. i’m so sorry,” he cries softly, holding you just a bit tighter, never wanting to let you go.
you continue to cry, gripping onto his shirt, hoping and praying that he never leaves you. you two stay like this, grasping onto each other for dear life.
“i love you so much, y/n. you’re all i need.”
» ever since Onigiri Miya has shot up in popularity, osamu’s been really busy
» at first you really didn’t mind!! you were so proud of him for making his dreams come true
» but now it’s become something more of you two being roommates rather than you two being a couple
» he comes home late, too tired and exhausted to even greet you with a kiss
» it had even gotten to the point where you didn’t wait up for him like you usually would
» and now here you both were, arguing all because you had asked him to spend more time with you
“why are ya makin’ this such a big deal, y/n? we live together, isn’t that enough?” he shouts, sitting down on the couch and resting his head in his hands. you move to stand in front of him, your hands crossed over your chest. “samu, we are engaged! we’re going to get married eventually, and i’m just saying it would be nice if we just spent more time together!”
“and i’m sayin’ that we live together, y/n! i see ya every single day! why is it now that yer havin’ such a problem with this?” he looks up at you incredulously, eyebrows raised at you as if he were in pure shock. you shake your head, letting out a bitter laugh, “how am i supposed to get this through your thick skull, osamu? we. are. engaged.” you point out the ring on your finger, the same ring that he proposed to you with, the same ring that signified your promise to be with each other always.
he lets out a heavy sigh, leaning back against the couch, “i know that, y/n! yer actin’ like i’m not fuckin’ aware of that! seriously, what do you want me to do? just close down my restaurant after i worked so hard to-“
“i didn’t say that, osamu! i’m happy for you, and i’m so beyond proud of you, but i’m just asking for a little bit more time with you! you’re barely home these days, and it just doesn’t feel like we’re even a couple anymore!” you cry out, your voice starting to break. you were so frustrated, all you wanted was more time with him, to lay in his arms and to kiss him good morning and good night. but now it just seems like such a bother to him, like your love for him was just an annoyance and a distraction.
he looks away from you, standing up from the couch and beginning to make his way into the bedroom. “i’m done with this conversation, y/n,” he says firmly, his voice suddenly quiet and cold. “maya never had a fuckin’ problem with me being out all the time.”
you stare at his figure in shock, your heart wrenching at the words that fell from his lips. you inhaled, looking down at the ring on your finger then back up at him. he didn’t spare you even a glance, and without a second thought, you slipped the ring off your finger and set it down on the coffee table. turning on your heels, you made your way to the entrance, grabbing your bag and keys.
you turn back around one more time, hoping that osamu would have chased after you, but he wasn’t there. your hand met the handle, turning it as you opened the door. “maya didn’t mind since she was always with another man when you were gone,” you mutter, slamming the door shut and making your way to your car.
osamu heard the loud sound from inside the bedroom, his body quickly turning back around to make his way to the living room. when he enters he notices that you’re gone. your bag and keys missing from the entrance, your shoes no longer near the door, and your ring placed sadly on the table.
he panics, mentally berating himself for even uttering his ex’s name. he frantically looks for his phone, searching for your contact name and calling you. “pick up, pick up, pick up.. please, baby, please,” he begs quietly as he listens to the never ending rings. he’s hurrying to slip on his shoes, grabbing his own car keys to make his way out to find you. but before he leaves, he snatches the ring off the table, slipping it inside his pocket.
you’ve reached y/n’s phone! please leave a message and i’ll get back to you as soon as i can!
“fuck,” he mutters, trying once more, hoping that this time you answer his call. but this time it immediately goes to voicemail, his heart dropping into the pit of his stomach.
“baby? y/n, i’m sorry. i’m so sorry, i shouldn’t have said that. i’m so sorry, baby.. where are ya? please call me back… please come home, i’m so sorry,” he says, his voice wavering.
he ends his message and quickly goes to send you a text, only to be interrupted by a call from his brother.
“what, tsumu?” he asks, irritated. “cut the attitude, samu. the hell is yer problem?” atsumu responds.
“my problem is that i’m tryin’ to contact my fiancé, but ya fuckin’ interrupted me-“
“y/n’s coming to my place right now. what the hell did ya say to them?” atsumu argues, his voice stern. osamu’s guilt overflows. you called his own brother, you went to atsumu for comfort. osamu swallows the sudden lump in his throat, unsure of what to say. he knew his brother would lecture him for speaking poorly to you, and he didn’t want to hear especially from him. “if ya can’t tell me what ya said to them, ‘m not lettin’ ya come see them,” his brother says over the line.
osamu panics, gripping the steering wheel tighter. “i.. i brought up maya,” he confesses, hearing his brother sigh with disappointment. “i didn’t mean to, it just-“
“if ya didn’t mean to, then why’d ya say it at all?”
osamu knew his brother was right, closing his eyes as he rested his head against the wheel. “please, tsumu, i just wanna talk to y/n,” he mutters, wishing that he could at least hear your voice. atsumu sighs, a feint knock coming from his end of the call. “well, head over then ‘cause they’re here.”
osamu was practically speeding the entire drive there, almost running two red lights before finally making it to his brother’s apartment. he rushed out of the car and knocked on the door. atsumu answered, giving his twin a pointed look, but osamu ignored him. he pushed past, looking around for you.
“ya know ya should be thanking me for lettin’ ya in my house,” the blonde tries to joke, but osamu isn’t having it. despite his brother’s attempt to try and lighten his mood, osamu wanted nothing more than to just talk to you. atsumu sighs, pointing towards the direction of his guest bedroom, “y/n’s in there. be good to them, samu.”
osamu’s eyes dart towards the door, his body cautiously moving towards it. he opens the door gently, peeking in to see you sitting down on the edge of the bed facing away from the door. “tsumu, i really want to be left alone right now, i’m sorry, but thank-“
“wrong twin, baby,” osamu tries, smiling apologetically. you turn around, scowling at the man before you. “what the hell do you want? don’t you wanna be with maya?” you seethe, turning away from him. he walks over to you, kneeling down in front of you. he gently places a hand onto yours, hoping that you’ll allow him to be there with you. but you remove your hand from his touch, making his heart fall to the pit of his stomach.
“i’m sorry, y/n. it was stupid of me to have said that, but please know that i love ya. i want to marry ya. i want to be with you, and only you. i’m so sorry,” he slowly loses his accent, he’s always done that whenever he became serious about things.
he looks at you, hoping that you’d look at him and accept his apology. you sniffle, suppressing your sobs. “samu, you’re so mean sometimes, you know?” you cry, gripping the hem of your shirt. he sighs, going to hold your hand again, and this time you don’t push him away.
“i’m sorry, baby. i’ll do better, i promise. i love you so much. maya means nothing to me now, and i know it doesn’t seem that way, but i promise that you that you are all i ever want.”
you turn your head to face him, your glossed over eyes meeting his. “i love you, samu.. i just don’t want to lose you,” you whisper, and he nods, smiling up at you. you watch as he carefully pulls something from his pocket, revealing your ring. he adjusts himself so that he’s down on one knee, holding the ring up to you.
“will ya marry me, y/n? will ya stay with me forever and let me love ya forever?”
you smile, laughing lightly. he chuckles, happy to hear that sweet sound again, “well? will ya marry me?” you can’t help but laugh more, nodding your head and allowing him to place the ring back on your finger.
osamu sits down next to you, pulling you in for a kiss. “i love you, y/n,” he says against your lips, smiling when you utter the same words back to him.
“ew, seriously?” atsumu interrupts. you and osamu turn around, fighting back your fits of laughter as you watch the blonde stand back in disgust. “in my house too? yer both disgusting!” he pauses, his expression softening a bit, “but ‘m glad ya made up.. now, ya want me to make dinner or are ya both gonna just makeout in my guest bedroom?”
Tumblr media
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kairakeiji · 16 days ago
Tumblr media
“you know maybe if you cooperated a bit this would be a lot easier.”
a childish giggle leaves your lips as you poke at iwaizumi’s bicep, “you’re strong, you can do it,” you encourage, a slur to your words that only makes iwaizumi rolls his eyes. so he caves because lord knows he doesn’t trust you to walk by yourself up to your apartment, especially not in your incredibly drunken state.
you never really drank back in japan, nor partied. so when university started and you got invitations to parties, iwaizumi encouraged you to go, encouraged you to let loose because he would be there to keep an eye on you as he always did. you always thought it was sweet. although you did wish he would get drunk with you, you’re in a city you barely know, in a place where the language is different from your native tongue. so you followed his words, coughing as you down your first shots, dragging your sober boyfriend to dance with a grin on your face, one he could never say no to because you knew that when the rush ended he’d be there ready to pick you up.
“alright,” he huffs, unbuckling your seatbelt as he picks you up into his arms, his sturdy grip remaining gentle on your figure as he does his best to close and lock his car. another laugh leaves your lips when he takes hold of your legs, an arm wrapping around your back as he carries you up to your apartment. you laugh and smile like a five year old as he continues up to your apartment. you pepper kisses to his face in the elevator, and iwaizumi couldn’t hide the grin on his face even if he tried.
“you’re so pretty haj,” your voice is an octave higher than it normally is, head resting on his shoulder.
“can’t even remember my full name?” he quips, a blush forming on his cheeks.
“sure i can,” you pout as he opens the door to your apartment.
“okay then,” he sighs, meeting your gaze. “what is it?”
“hajime,” you tell him. “hajime my baby, my darling, my love, my life, the love of my life iwaizumi.”
he sighs, “that’s my full name?”
“of course it is!” you cheerfully tell him, another giggle leaving your lips as he carries you to your bathroom. your eyes narrow as he turns the light on, setting you on the bathroom counter.
“alright,” he mumbles, beginning to shuffle through the bathroom drawers. “let’s see if i can do this.”
see, iwaizumi’s been living with you for a couple months now. you both moved out to california months ago, saying goodbye to your old lives in japan for a new one together. every day and every night he’d watch you do the same routine in the morning and right before bed. he’s begun to map out your cleansers and serums and what order the products go in. he knows your routine like the back of his hand, he knows he can do it, but that’s not what he’s so worried about.
he’s worried about if you’ll let him do it in the first place.
it’s almost as if you’re stuck to him, your arms haven’t moved from their place around his neck, your head droops slightly, and every so often you’re pressing kisses to his jawline.
so, he concludes you’re an affectionate drunk.
iwaizumi lets out a sigh as he peels your arms off of him, placing them gently in your lap. you pout as he grabs a makeup wipe. “i love you,” you tell him.
“i love you too,” he tells you, wiping off the semi smudged makeup. he’ll never get tired of telling you that, even if it’s almost two in the morning and you’re a drunken mess, he’ll always tell you he loves you.
iwaizumi reaches for the cleanser, gentle hands rubbing it into your face as you let out a giggle. “it tickles,” you smile letting out a laugh as you move your hands to iwaizumi’s face. “i love you,” you say again.
it seems as if you’re a happy drunk as well.
“i love you too,” he answers before you press a quick kiss to his lips. you laugh like a giddy child when you pull away, catching sight of the soap bubbles on iwaizumi’s cheeks. he sighs as he rubs it off, and goes back to your face instead. it’s a cycle of i love yous and kisses as he continues, not bothering to fight off the smile on his face as you continue to shower him in affection. his touch is feather-light as he uses your toner, it’s gentle when he puts on your moisturizer. you can’t stop laughing whenever he rubs products into your skin.
the sheer sound is music to his ears.
“here’s your toothbrush,” he mumbles, handing it to you as he starts to brush his own teeth. you only stare at it before looking up to him. he sighs, “don’t tell me you need help.”
“i don’t,” you smile before beginning to brush your teeth. “i’m sober already don’t worry, i told you i’m a heavyweight,” you smile proudly, “i can take care of myself.”
he scoffs at that because if he picked up anything from tonight it’s that you can’t handle your alcohol.
he lets his hand linger on your cheek for a little longer when you’re both finished. you’re about to open your mouth to speak before he beats you to it.
“i love you.”
your eyes widen before you laugh once more, “i love you too.” you tell him as your hands cup his cheek squeezing them together gently as you giddily giggle again. iwaizumi gently peels your hands off.
“i’ll be back,” he tells you softly, leaving you alone in the bathroom.
you pout as he walks off, “wait baby don’t go,” you whine but the second he returns (now in pajamas) the smile’s back on your face. “hi,” you grin as he returns.
“hi,” iwaizumi mumbles back. he’s holding a fresh set of clothes for you, including a shirt of his for you to sleep in and he helps you change into it with a little lovesick smile on his face. and as he stares at you, all changed and ready for bed he can’t help but give himself a mental high five.
“what a good boyfriend you are,” you sigh. “helping me get ready for bed, you even did my skincare stuff in order!” you pause. “i think.”
he laughs, “i did,” (he hopes). “let's go to bed okay?”
and you nod as you reach towards him another pout on your face. iwaizumi sighs, picking you up once more. you laugh as he sets you down on the bed and you feel a dip on his side as he lies down next to you.
“thank you hajime,” you sigh as you shuffle closer to him.
“of course,” he answers. “did you have fun tonight?”
you nod, “i did, thanks to you.”
“good,” he hums, pressing a kiss to your temple. “i’m glad.
“hey haj.”
“yes baby?”
“i love you.”
and he smiles because even though he’s heard it at least a thousand times tonight, it still makes his heart race.
“i love you too.”
Tumblr media
i missed established relationship fluff sob sob here’s some sappy iwa :DD
thanks for reading! reblogs/interaction are always appreciated
Tumblr media
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romanifucker · 9 days ago
haikyuu boys reacting to you hugging them for the first time
Tumblr media
everyone likes to talk about first kisses, but i think first hugs are just as heartwarming. feeling the way the other persons body fits around yours and taking in their smell for the first time… :,) i just love pre-relationship pining 🤌🤌🤌 but no tsukki cause i’m working a bigger fic for him 😳
cw: fluff, gn!reader
prompt: running up to them after they win a game and hugging them for the first time
characters: bokuto, kuroo, tendou, asahi, atsumu, iwaizumi
bokuto kotaro
surprised at first, but the surprise quickly melts into a huge grin as he wraps his arms around you
his hugs are all encompassing, big arms trapping you to his chest so you can smell nothing but him
riding the high of adrenaline from the game, he decides to lift you in one of those spinny hugs
his heart is definitely racing, but he plays off the embarrassment by laughing and smiling like he always does
will definitely try to find excuses to hug all the time you now that he knows he can, and he will sulk if you refuse
akaashi gives you a thumbs up in the background
kuroo tetsurou
also surprised, but quickly recovers from it with a smooth comment “oh? did I really do that well today?” and returns the hug with a sincere smile
if it was a particularly stressful or intense match, he won’t say anything and just hold you tightly
gives those good good hugs where one hand is on the small of your back and the other is on the back of your head to keep you pinned to him
will take this as permission to touch you casually, like poking your arms or resting his arm on your head (if you’re shorter)
will pout if you don’t give him a hug after every game from now on
tendou satori
is very surprised, he’s used to being ostracized so having someone willingly show affection towards him is rare
it takes him a second to register that yes, you are hugging him of your own volition
i imagine tendou to be touch starved as hell, so he holds you like you’re the last thing on earth
will ask you for more hugs at random times not during games because he simply can’t get enough
i don’t have as much to say about miracle boy i just wanna give him a big hug 🥺
azumane asahi
congrats you broke him
no but really, his face is fully red and his expression is indescribable
constantly debating on where to put his hands, overthinking the smallest things like “oh no what if i’m too sweaty and they think i’m gross”
just look up at him and give him a big smile and his heart will melt
his hugs are gentle, warm and comforting; you feel protected from the outside world
he blushes when you make eye contact with him for the next few weeks
suga and daichi will definitely tease the hell out of him later
miya atsumu
he is a fiery guy, so he can get caught up with the flow of intense emotions, especially after a match
this means he actually goes to hug you first once he spots you
he hugs you like it’s second nature, there’s no surprise or hesitation
atsumu gives complete hugs that feel like your bodies are two matching puzzle pieces, there’s no awkward spaces or gaps
another passionate guy like bokuto, he will pick you up and spin you around with a giant smile
definitely starts using a ton of causal contact afterwards, hugs and headpats n stuff
iwaizumi hajime
is definitely surprised, he expected all of the attention to be on oikawa
his face is a little red, but the deep color of his ears betray all his embarrassment
this man is ripped so you know his arms are thick asf 😩 makes for the best hugs
another breathtaking hug-giver, his arms snake around your waist and circle firmly on your back
he buries his face in your neck to hide his embarrassment, but the adrenaline dulls and he suddenly remembers that he’s sweaty
pulls away quickly and apologizes with averted eyes, but oikawa is already taking pictures and giggling (cut to volleyball hitting him in the face)
he’ll definitely be a lil more blushy and conscious in your presence, but doesn’t mind if you ask him for a hug now and then
Tumblr media
authors note: hello thank you for reading! i'm super critical of my own work so it takes a while for things to actually get posted lol thanks for sticking around
feel free to pop in my ask box with other characters you might wanna see for something like this :) ill try my best!! or if u wanna just say hi!
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hajiberry · 8 days ago
“I was thinking”
“That’s entering dangerous territory”, his teasing words came with a soft chuckle, before closing his book and giving you his undivided attention. “what’s up?”
“Before you say no”, you started, which earned you an eye roll, “I think we should really consider the pros and cons of having a baby”, at your words a snort came out of his mouth.
“Pros and cons okay”,
“pro, we get a super cute baby and I get to see you turn into a dilf”, looking at you he tried to fight the smile wanting to make its way onto his face.
“okay solid pro”, he said, thinking before he gave his con “no sleep for like the rest of our lives”,
“okay that’s a little dramatic”
“is it? our sleep will significantly go down for the remainder of our lives”, he said, crossing his arms and raising an eyebrow.
“they’re not gonna be a baby forever”, your argued,
“well yeah but, their first day of school, can’t sleep the night before. first time they sleep over at a friends house, we stay up worried. we get in a big fight with them, has us restless. they get-“
“okay okay i get it”, you said, cutting him off before he ventured further down this rabbit hole.
“do you?”,
“yes, sleep, con, got it.”, he chuckled, reaching for your waist to pull you into his lip.
“a con we might be able to overcome”, your face lit up at his words, “might”, he added for emphasis.
“well might is a start and i can live with a start”, rolling his eyes he leaned in to press a kiss against your jaw,
“just thought of another pro”, he mumbled against your skin,
“yeah, pro I get to make a baby with you”
IWAIZUMI , tanaka, kuroo, suga, daichi,
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sakusins · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
includes: iwaizumi hajime, matsukawa issei, miya atsumu, miya osamu, suna rintaro
notes: micheth picked this one to repost
Tumblr media
✰ 𝐈𝐖𝐀𝐈𝐙𝐔𝐌𝐈 can’t keep his eyes from darting to the clock, dreading the hour hand reaching ten, knowing you’ll get up to leave as soon as it does. and just as predicted, he feels you unlatch from his arms, stretching before you begin to gather your belongings. “i should head home, babe, i got work in the morning,” you mumble. “okay,” he mumbles back, a frown painted across his face. standing up, he pulls you into a hug, holding you longer than usual, grip tightening when you try to pull away. “hajime, you have to let go,” you laugh as you rub his shoulders. with a heavy sigh, he finally lets go, his frown from earlier now a pout, making you giggle as you poke his lip with your finger. “whatever, text me when you’re home.” reaching for his face, you cup his cheeks, feeling the warmth on your palm as he blushes. “i’ll come back tomorrow and spend the night, you clingy baby.” you only giggle once more when he grumbles out a “shut up.”
✰ 𝐌𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐊𝐀𝐖𝐀 groans when you begin to get up, pulling you back down and leaning his weight on top of you, keeping you in place so you can’t leave. he grabs your hand, placing it on his head again, pretending like it isn’t getting dark outside. “issei, i spent the whole day with you, i gotta go now,” you roll your eyes, but your fingers play with the strands of hair beneath them anyway. “you should be spending the night with me too, babe. your whole life, actually.” laughing, you kiss his forehead before shoving him off, gathering your things and ignoring his glare. “i’ll spend the whole weekend, okay? but i gotta go now.” sighing, he follows you to his door, grabbing your wrist and spinning you to crash into his chest, wrapping you up in his arms one last time before you leave for the night. “this is the worst part every time,” he mumbles. laughing, you pat his cheek before pressing a kiss to his lips. “then do something about it.”
✰ 𝐀𝐓𝐒𝐔𝐌𝐔 whines as he notices the time, clinging tighter to you before you can even begin to get ready to leave. looking up at you with a pouty face, he tries to keep you from leaving for the night. “baby, can’t ya stay, please? don’t leave me all alone!” sighing, you hug him tighter, rubbing his back up and down. “i have to, tsum. i’ll see you tomorrow, baby.” he shakes his head, pressing more of his weight onto you when he feels you try to get up from under him. “no, i want ya to stay,” he whines, watching you sadly as you get up anyway, trailing behind you while you walk to his door. his hands play with the end of your shirt, eyes staring at the floor when you turn back and wrap him in a hug. “you can come spend the night tomorrow, i’ll come home early, promise.” huffing, he cups your cheeks, leaning in to kiss you. “fine, give me one more kiss before ya go.” you know he won’t stop at just one, but you don’t think you mind as you indulge him anyway.
✰ 𝐎𝐒𝐀𝐌𝐔 coughs the moment you began to get up, not meeting your eyes as he plays with his hands. “angel, i think it’s cold out, yer not wearin’ the right clothes to be out in this weather, ya know.” frowning, you check the weather on your phone, not noticing the way osamu wrinkles his brows that you’d missed his hint. “babe, the weather’s not too bad. i can borrow a jacket from you if you really want me to.” huffing, he crosses his arms, pout forming on his lips as he tries to come up with another excuse to get you to stay. “yer favorite one’s dirty. my blankets are warm though,” he said hopefully, watching you finally realize what he’s hinting, a small laugh escaping your lips as you shake your head. “samu, you could’ve just asked if you wanted me to stay, baby. but i can’t tonight.” groaning, he flops back onto his couch, hand covering his face. “but i’ll get cold without ya, baby,” he insists, peeking through his fingers to see if you’ll give in. leaning down, you kiss his cheek, running a hand through his hair. “i’ll cuddle you all night tomorrow, promise.”
✰ 𝐒𝐔𝐍𝐀 glares at you as you try to unlatch yourself from him, pressing right back onto you chest as you try to get up. sighing, you glare back, trying to wriggle out of his grip, failing as he brings himself flush against you once more. “rin, let go,” you hiss, only for him to hug you tighter. “why?” groaning, you cup his jaw, meeting his gaze. “because we both have to be up in the morning and go places. now stop being stubborn.” burying his head into your shoulder, he shifts so more of his weight leans on you. “don’t know what you’re talking about.” sighing, you stroke his back, letting him indulge in a few more moments with you. “rinnie, i’ll come back, you’ll see more of me. don’t be dramatic, you clingy baby,” you giggle, making him reach forward and flick your forehead. “nevermind, i don’t want you around anymore.” but he still pouts when you get up, watching you get your things to leave. “well, that’s too bad. i’ll still come bother you tomorrow whether you like it or not.”
Tumblr media
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iwaso · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
featuring: Oikawa Tooru, Miya Atsumu, Iwaizumi Hajime, & Sugawara Koushi
warnings: subtle timeskip spoiler in suga's
notes: this is barely proofread so if there's a typo i'll just die gn
Tumblr media
ღ OIKAWA is convinced he has all the knowledge a guy needs about love. so, when his son comes home to tell him of a newfound crush, he's over the goddamn moon. you watch as your husband tells him every innocent technique; "you gotta give her flowers!" and "walk her to class!" being among the few. now, though you admit he's rather dramatic, you're confident in his love game—you'd married him, after all. he just needs a slap on the head sometimes.
"so you walk her to class, right?"
the boy nods. "right!"
"then you take her hand," he demonstrates with yours, "and kiss her knuckles like so– ack!"
"or," you ignore your lover's whines as he rubs his head, "you can tell her she's invited to your birthday next week and work from there."
ღ ATSUMU is proud and teary when he hears about his son's crush. "he's growin' into a man!" he cries out, which elicits an eye roll out of you. your husband's patting his back and juicing out every little detail of their interactions at school, much like a gushy school girl. he's laid back but attentive as he listens, and he treats the encounter like your classic guy's night—he's the one giving tips.
"uh huh, and then?"
"i smiled, like this!" your son quirks his lip. "then i waved at her."
atsumu grins, "atta boy!" he ruffled his hair, "but ya know what could've made it better?"
"if ya winked," he winks at you, "like how i do to yer mommy."
you look at him, unimpressed. "no dinner for you, 'tsumu."
"what'd i do?!"
your son sighs. "you never learn, dad."
ღ IWAIZUMI is a little confused and secretly alarmed. of course, the last thing he expects to come out of his son's mouth when he picks him up from school is a question about how to handle a crush. it almost would've been better if the boy told him he flunked his math quiz. almost. he wasn't the man for questions like that, but without you here, in the midst of traffic, who was he to not even try?
"well," he tapped on the wheel, "how about you try talking to her more? share your lunch, maybe."
"but i'm shy!"
iwaizumi chuckled. "you're never moving forward like that."
the boy pouts. "i know." a beat passes before he speaks again. "hey dad?"
"how did you get mom to like you?"
okay. he thinks, ignoring the growing heat of his cheeks. i can work with that.
ღ SUGAWARA isn't unfamiliar with the wonders of childhood, so when his own son comes to him squabbling about a pretty girl at school, he's calm—excited, even. he thinks that all his years of teaching has led to this very moment. he's grinning as he makes dinner, because he's listening to his boy with earnest. definitely ends up teasing him about it later every chance he gets.
the knife hits the cutting board with a dull thump, harmonizing with sugawara's humming. "she really let you borrow her pencil?"
"yeah!" the boy yips and grabs a plate. "she's super nice, dad."
"i'll bet," he adds a careful as his son walks to the dining table. "wanna invite her over for dinner some time?"
the walking stops. "really?"
"yeah," he eyes the boy with a playful glint. "you're so in love."
"am–" the child's face flushed bright. "am not!"
"are too!"
you watch as your lover teases your son with kissy noises, chuckling to yourself from your spot on the doorway.
you'll have to join in on the fun later.
Tumblr media
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kageyuji · 6 months ago
the voicemail he leaves
Tumblr media
oikawa, kenma, akaashi, iwaizumi, atsumu ; [gn!reader]
warnings/genre: fluff n more fluff
notes: as always please reblog, they really help me :) !!
Tumblr media
━━ oikawa;
hey lovely, how are things back home? …i miss it. i miss you. don’t get me wrong, things are great here, it’s just… it’s not the same, y’know? i always like going out after games an’ stuff for junk food and i can’t really do that anymore. or even after practices, i can’t come home and lay my head in your lap.
it’s kind of cruel, actually. no one here wants to play with my hair.
anyway, i hope everything is okay there. call me back whenever you get this, yeah? one last game, then i’m coming straight home to you, i promise.
━━ kenma;
i’ve come to the conclusion that the bed is extremely cold without you in it, where’d you go? mm, anyway, sorry for the morning voice, but if you want to get me coffee on the way home i will love you forever.
i have also come to the conclusion that i’m lonely without you around so get home soon. i had a really weird dream last night i want to tell you about too. we adopted a monkey… anyway, i’ll tell you about it whenever you get home.
stay safe, love you.
━━ akaashi;
hey, you’re home right? i’ve had kind of a long day and i was wondering if it would be alright for us to just stay in tonight. i mean- not- you know what i mean… i think?
sorry, i’m a mess. long day like i said.
but hey, listen. i was thinking i could pick up some takeout on the way home and then we can just watch some cheesy movie and cuddle? i don’t think we have plans tomorrow so we can stay up however long we want. oh, we can do face masks too?
…i’m rambling, i know. just text me what you want for dinner whenever you get this and i’ll pick it up. i love you, bye.
━━ iwaizumi;
haha, i’m assuming you’re still sleeping? either way, good morning angel. i hope you slept well, make sure you get up and get some breakfast eventually. or if you want to wait, i can cook or get something for you on the way home.
i was just calling to say something came up and i had to leave in a hurry. i’ll tell you about it when i get home. i shouldn’t have anything else planned though so i’m yours for the rest of the day, i promise.
i should go now, but i love you and i’ll be home soon.
━━ atsumu;
Y/N! hey, is everything alright? i know you’re with your friend so i didn’t want to interrupt, but you said you’d be home around half an hour ago. i just wanted to check up on you is all.
i hope the movie was good, it’s been a while since you’ve gotten to go out. tell me about it when you get home, yeah? it’s been really quiet without you here, i missed you.
oh, and still haven’t gotten a shower if you wanna wash my hair when you do get home though heheh. i’ll even let you dry it or put bows in it or whatever you want. anyway, i’ll go now. have fun angel, i love you.
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gumiresque · a month ago
Tumblr media
note — pls i panicked when i couldn’t find your ask but i remembered that you moved blogs so here you go @miwaizumi <3 i hope you enjoy + sorry this took so long!
Tumblr media
i. iwaizumi hajime
“hey darling, could you get the sugar on the other side of the counter?”
you briefly glance at hajime, hearing the door click open, flashing a grin at him.
you see him freeze momentarily out of the corner of your eye, fumbling with his bag.
“yes- yes, okay.”
you turn your back to him, hearing his bag drop onto the floor and the creak of the cupboard door open.
he slides a jar in front of you, hurriedly stepping back.
you laugh, picking up said jar and twirling it around in your hands. “sweetheart, this is salt.”
“oh my god,” you can practically see him explode, burying his face in his palms. “that isn’t my fault!”
“yeah?” you grin widely at him. “whose is it then?”
“you- you can’t flash that smile at me and call me darling at the same time! it’s really not good for me!” oh, he’s so red.
“and- and sweetheart?! sweetheart?! i’m gonna go take a cold shower now.” he goes on, picking up his bag and walking away from you.
“enjoy it, my love.”
“oh my god, stop-“
Tumblr media
/j he wants you to go on
Tumblr media
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adoringhaikyuu · 9 months ago
Could you write something about how y/n is her comfy clothes and the haikyuu boys comes home drunk one night say says something about her appearance? And then he tries to make it up ofc
I love hurt/comfort hehe I don’t mind who you write about but my fav is iwa 🙏🏼🙏🏼
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
characters: timeskip!atsumu + kageyama + iwaizumi + (gn!reader)
warnings: none
notes: i made it so that the comment just came out wrong but wasn't intended to be bad!
part one / part two / part three
Tumblr media
atsumu groaned as he stumbled into your home with the help of his brother. you amusedly made your way to the front of the house from your bedroom as you heard the two of them bickering as usual.
"hey guys," both heads turned to you and you focused on osamu, "thanks for bringing him home."
he waved you off, "don't worry about it. this dumbass would probably be headfirst in a dumpster somewhere if i didn't."
you laughed and looked over to the "dumbass," your brows furrowing in confusion as he looked at you with an annoyed expression on his face.
"jesus christ, y/n."
you and osamu both paused. "...what?"
"are you kidding me?" before you could ask what was happening, he went on. "y'knew i was coming home and you look like that?"
your lips parted but no sound came out.
osamu slapped the back of his brothers head, the faux-blond turning to look at him, confused and irritated. "ow?!"
"what's wrong with you, you idiot?!"
atsumu stood up straight, suddenly realizing that his brother was there as well. he turned back to you, "and samu is here too! y/n go put a bag over your face or something!" he shoved his brother in the direction of the door. "you gotta go man!"
you were still standing there, watching the scene unfold, unbelievably hurt and in disbelief.
"why are you being such an ass, dipshit?!"
the brothers were arguing once more and you were honestly starting to tune them out when you heard atsumu's next words.
"because y/n looks too good right now! you can't be here! only i get to see em like that!"
all three of you paused and you looked up, the dark cloud suddenly clearing above your head. you sighed, "you really are something else tsumu."
he turned his head to look at you and whined your name, "y/nnn you need to hide your face!"
you smiled and osamu rolled his eyes. "i have the world's biggest dumbass as my brother."
you laughed and took atsumu's hand in yours, feeling something burst in your chest when he immediately turned to face you, his eyes tracing every detail on your face in awe. "i think i got it from here samu."
you stepped forward and opened the door, letting osamu walk through. just as he turned around and made eye contact with you to say bye, a hand suddenly covered your face and the door shut closed.
you pulled the hand off to find atsumu pouting at you sheepishly before he pulled you in his arms. "mine."
you let out a breath of laughter, nodding. "yours."
Tumblr media
kageyama walked into your shared apartment, seemingly normal. but you could tell by the blush on his cheeks, the glaze in his eyes and the way he stumbled ever so slightly as he kicked his shoes off that he was drunk.
you smiled to yourself as you watched him from the couch, turning down the volume. "seems like someone had a good night."
he looked up with wide eyes at the sound of your voice, only now noticing you were in the room. "yeah we drank––and it was good." he walked over to you, taking his time, making sure not to bump into anything on the way.
when he reached the couch he looked at you and tilted his head before blinking owlishly a few times.
you paused and blinked back. "...yes?"
he opened his mouth and stared for a bit before speaking up. "why?"
you bit back a laugh. "...why what?"
"why...do you look like that?" his face morphed into an almost offended expression and your smile dropped. he sat down next to you and you shifted, suddenly more tense, your stomach tight.
"what do you mean?" you knew that people sprouted nonsense when they were drunk but there was also the fact that there was some truth in what they babbled. did he have a problem with the way you looked? something he was too afraid to say sober?
you braced yourself for his response as he slowly tried to stutter his reply, starting and restarting his sentence, a strong furrow between his brows.
"you look––i just don't––" he paused to hiccup and you could only feel yourself getting more anxious with each delay.
you crossed your arms and frowned but he didn't seem to notice.
"why do you look...so––" he paused and licked his lips, suddenly realizing how dry his mouth was.
but you were getting impatient at this point. "so what, tobio?"
he turned to face you fully and leaned his head on the couch cushion. "so...good." your breath hitched in surprise but he went on after a heavy sigh. "s'not fair..." his eyelids were getting much heavier with each passing second and each blink was longer and slower than the last. his words started to slur more, now coming out it mumbles. "y'always make me feel all warm and...tingly inside––just with your face." his eyes scanned over your face as he spoke and you could feel your cheeks heat up.
your lips curved into a smile again and he smiled back. "that smile always gets me too."
before you could think of a response, he plopped his head in your lap. "can you play with my hair?"
as soon as your hand pushed back the hair from his forehead, he closed his eyes and leaned into your touch, a sated smile slowly spreading onto his lips as you ran your fingers through the strands. "really like it when you do that."
"you're really honest when you're drunk, aren't you? even more so than usual," you let out a breath of laughter, "didn't even think that was possible."
he hummed and opened one eye, "s'that bad?"
you smiled, "not at all."
Tumblr media
iwaizumi was glaring at you, there was no other way to describe it. his brows were furrowed, and sure he had a pout on his face that made him look adorable––but that fiery look in his eyes? that was a glare, for sure.
you handed him the glass of water you'd gone to get from the kitchen and he took it, eyes still on you. "thank you." his words were clipped and quite honestly his whole attitude was confusing you.
"uh you're welcome?" you tried to brush it off and went to fetch him his sweats that he liked to sleep in. you could feel his gaze glued to your back and when you placed the pajamas on the bed, only to find that same look on his face as he placed the glass on his bedside table blindly, you sighed and crossed your arms.
"okay what is it? what's wrong?" you leaned on one heel and tilted your head at him. "did oikawa do something?"
he raised a brow, "who?"
you rolled your eyes. "shittykawa."
"oh." he blinked and his face returned back to its scowl. "no."
"well then what is it?"
he stared at you for a few more seconds before taking a deep breath. "your face."
you almost took a step back, completely offended. "what about it?"
"it pisses me off."
your eyes widened in disbelief and you stood up straight, not even sure what to do with yourself. "oh really?"
he nodded.
was this really how he felt? for how long?
you put your tongue in your cheek and nodded as well, ready to leave the room before you burst out into tears when he spoke up again.
"you're so beautiful it fucking pisses me off." he sighed and lied down, letting his eyes close. "no one should be allowed to look that good."
you stood there for a moment, a new type of disbelief coursing through your veins, a fluttering feeling in your chest. you scoffed and shook your head, a smile on your face. "you're one to talk, haji."
he opened one eye and looked at you, "wha's that supposed to mean?"
you looked at him fondly, leaning down to kiss his forehead and play with his hair. "you're more beautiful than you think, babe."
a flush rose to his cheeks and he sputtered a bit, looking away, but still leaning into your touch. "wha–shut up––dumbass."
Tumblr media
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onigiri-mia · a month ago
When Iwaizumi walked into your room with an uncharacteristic pout and reeking of different perfumes, you knew you were going to be busy for the rest of the afternoon.
“Bored?” you asked, already opening your arms to allow your boyfriend to crash into. And crash into you he did; you almost toppled over if it wasn’t for your quick reflexes when you suddenly had to bear all of Iwaizumi’s weight in your arms.
He curled into you further at the question. “Yes,” he said quietly, as if he was embarrassed to have been figured out so easily. But you just hugged him tighter, not giving him any room to feel shame.
It was honestly kind of cute, when Iwaizumi got like this.
Troublesome too, yeah, but mostly cute. A bored Iwaizumi could range from slightly inconveniencing (following you all over the house like a lost puppy and entangling his long limbs with yours) to slightly dangerous (combining all the cleaning agents in the house in the tub to make a big batch of “super cleaner” and going slightly insane from the fumes), and from the looks of it so far, your boyfriend had only doused himself with his entire perfume collection. That was just downright harmless.
“What do you need, baby?” you asked, pressing your nose into his hair. You could smell something vaguely citrus and something vaguely sweet. Sandalwood, maybe.
“I think,” he said, huffing. You felt his hands clench and unclench on your waist, “I think I just need you?”
It was phrased like a question, but you knew what he was doing. Giving you the option to say no, like that would ever cross your mind to do. But you knew where it came from too— how hard it was to get Iwaizumi to even be like this, this pliant and agreeable. How hard it was for him to let himself be taken care of even for the most mundane of things.
Iwaizumi often liked to play the age card against you, citing how he was a few months older so he had to be the one taking care of you. It was an only child thing, he’d mentioned before during a late-night conversation, years ago, over store bought ramen at a 7/11. “I’ve never been older than anyone in a way that meant something, you know?” he said, cheeks full. “It feels good. It’s nice to take care of people.”
(Maybe you were a little bit in love already, even back then.)
But what you understood, way before your boyfriend ever did, is that while he never got to be someone older, he never got to be someone younger either.
You’d watched Iwaizumi bloom under older people’s attention, how he shrank into himself like a kitten turning shy whenever coach Nobuteru would praise him for his skills or hard work. (One time, your mom had given him a good luck charm she got from a shrine before one of his big games and Iwaizumi had just about fainted at the gesture.)
Iwaizumi really liked it when he was taken care of. It was just a matter of letting other people, especially you, do it.
“C’mon Haji,” you murmured, dragging him to the nearby bed. “Let’s lie down. I think you need it.”
“Babyyyyy,” he whined, but went along with you anyway. “I don’t wanna lie down. I tried it already and it just made everything worse.”
“But I’ll be cuddling you this time,” you appeased. “Won’t that be better?”
Iwaizumi was quiet for a moment before he nodded. You smiled and hauled him into the bed, rearranging your limbs so that his face was in your neck, which was how he usually liked to be when he got like this, and threw an arm around him to keep him settled. Iwaizumi’s arm wrapped around your waist instinctively and he taggled your legs together. It was nice to be like this, all entwined.
You felt your boyfriend press a kiss to the side of your neck and hummed. “Does this feel okay?”
“It does,” he replied, snuggling into you further. “Thanks, baby.”
“Anytime, Haji.” you said, pressing a gentle kiss to his forehead.
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