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whoruchiyo · a day ago
ft. bokuto, tsukishima, iwaizumi, akaashi
cw: 18+ mdni, squirting (obvi), unprotected sex, allusions to overstimulation, oral (f receiving, fingering
a/n: just a quick little something for y'all (repost on new blog)
❁ bokuto
at this point, you lost track of how many times he'd already made you cum. it was all you could do to grip the sheets while he held onto your hips, legs resting on his shoulders as he fucked roughly into you. his thick cock stretched your pussy, hitting every spot to have your toes curling.
he's focused, eyes trained on the way your pussy sucks him in with every thrust. it was the same look he had whenever he spiked a ball. you were on the cusp of yet another orgasm. he could tell, too. the grip he had on your hips tightened, his pace getting ever so slightly quicker.
"come on, baby, give me one more."
you moaned, unable to get any words out. so consumed in your pleasure, you failed to notice the difference in your impending orgasm until it was too late. you were squirting all over his chest and stomach, coating even your own thighs. it dripped down his body.
he pulled out of you, the hold on your hips slackening. "if you had to pee you could have said something."
heat flared in every inch of your face, hands coming up immediately to cover it. you had to pretend he didn't exist for a moment in order to get your bearings again. explaining to him that you didn't pee on him was not what you had planned for the night.
❁ tsukishima
he's always been pretty plain in bed. rarely deviating from missionary and keeping the same pace. sure he'll spice it up a little bit from time to time, but you wanted him to let loose. it took some time to get him comfortable with the idea. and you didn't regret it.
with your legs pressed up near your head, he was hitting spots he'd never even come close to before. his thrusts were faster, rougher. it wasn't long until you were seeing stars. it seemed it was having a similar effect on him, as well, if the string of swears and groans was anything to go by.
you gripped onto his forearms, nails digging crescents into his skin. your former vanilla boyfriend was now wholly relentless. never slowing for even a moment. never faltering as your pussy squeezed around him. that's when you felt it. a budding orgasm with something else lurking within it.
before you could say anything, a moan erupted out of you as you came. you felt something releasing from you, but only distantly caring until the height of your pleasure subsided. it was only then that you realized what had happened. your squirt coated the plane of his stomach and yours. had stopped his thrusts, looking blankly down at you.
"warn me next time," he said. his words were sharp but the twitch of his cock was unmistakable. you really didn't regret anything.
❁ iwaizumi
in all the time you've been together, not once had he made you squirt. he made it own personal goal to make you. a nice challenge--that he eventually forgot about. that is, until tonight.
in front of a mirror on the floor, you were on your hands and knees, barely able to hold yourself up as he was pounding into you. he loved taking you from behind. it allowed to play with the soft flesh of your ass. but he also loved watching your face as you fell apart beneath him. this was his genius solution.
you were a moaning mess as he hit that one spot repeatedly. your arms were shaking with the effort to keep yourself upright. the tightness in your core built up, along with another semi-familiar feeling. you tried to warn him, but the words died on your tongue as he slammed his hips into you. it was the last push you needed.
your orgasm washed over you, accompanied by a rush of liquid. his thrusts paused as he watched you in the mirror, collapsing onto your forearms. his cock throbbed in your tight walls. he groaned at the sight.
a moment later he was picking up his rough pace again. he snaked an arm around your waist, holding you up. "shit, baby, do that again."
having finally realized his goal, he wasn't going to stop anytime soon. it would be a while before he was fully satisfied.
❁ akaashi
he came home from a long at the office, and all he wanted was to relieve was a bit of his stress. that was how you found yourself with him between your thighs, your hands buried in his hair.
he alternated between sucking on your clit and giving it little licks. his slender fingers curled inside your pussy. he wasn't in any rush tonight, taking his time with bringing you to your high. it was torturous for you. you were so close to that edge, needing just a little more to get there. it took a good amount of begging to get him to increase the speed of his fingers.
when he finally did, the force of your orgasm surprised even you. squirting on lower half of his face. but he didn't pull away, didn't stop the movement of his fingers until your trembling body calmed down. he wiped his face clean and looked up at you.
"i'm sorry," you said, covering your face with your arms. it was too much to even look at him. "i'm sorry."
he crawled up the length of your body, gently moving your arms away from your face. he placed a soft kiss to the corner of your mouth. "don't apologize," he whispered, kissing the other corner of your lips. "you're so pretty when you cum for me."
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hajitonin · 2 days ago
cw. masochism, blood, marks, smut (MDNI)
no because iwaizumi loves waking up and looking in the mirror to the markings that you made on his back. all red and swollen, they sting when he cleans them, but he's not ashamed of what you did last night.
he remembers the way your nails dig into his skin. they were perfectly manicured and he made sure to pay for you to get them done just for this. his hips bucking against yours when he feels the acrylics piercing his skin and drawing a bit of blood. he nearly cums then and there, filling up your sopping pussy even more as cum oozes out.
he loves it. loves it so much that when he goes out to the gym and he wears a muscle tee or no shirt at all, he isn't shameless to the stares he get. face contorted in complete concentration, no one really dares to approach him to comment about it because he's already intimidating as is.
and you usually try and apologize when you see what you did even though you damn well know he loves you marking him up. he always hushes your apologies, pulling you for another kiss as his hand grabs the fatty skin of your ass. he's ready to fuck again, rutting his hardening boner against you. "don't worry about it, doll."
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pupkou · 2 days ago
okay okay okay… so hear me out… big tough hockey player iwa, he’s a dman. he’s big and broad and is a fucking best on the ice. he gets into multiple fist fights per game. please look up a video of zack macewan fighting. there’s a video where he beats the shit out of a guy, drops his gloves, and then does a victory lap around the ice… that’s iwa. he’s just this absolute fuckinf beast, he’s just checking guys left and right, knocking out teeth. but at home… AT HOME… he’s ur sweet little baby. he just wants to be coddled and care for. after a game he comes home and just wants to be taken apart by your hands and fingers. you just pump his cock so slowly and gently as he just comes apart, all the stress of the game bleeding out of him. god… i love him
this has been in my inbox for so long because it makes me too fucking crazy to think about for very long because there's nothing I love more than a bloody man and THEN he's my little baby at home????? oh u know me so well. he's so mean and aggressive on the ice to the point that he has a bad reputation. people are scared of him and the rookies avoid him because they know he'll fuck them up. he's gotten more penalties than anyone else just because he has such a fiery temper, but he cools off so easily when he's home. he just melts. he recaps the game for you so enthusiastically, telling you how he checked this guy and tripped another, just wanting you to be proud of him and praise him for winning another game.. even if he spent a lot of time in the penalty box.
you clean up whatever injuries the trainer missed and kiss him so soft, reminding him that he really doesn't have to do all that, that he'd be more helpful if he helped the team score instead of just beating people up and he gets shy about it because he knows he gets too competitive and aggressive but he just can't help it </3 and you say that you know, that you know he does his best and that he can always try harder next time, that he's still your good boy. your praise travels straight to his cock and he's asking if you'll make him feel good, asking so politely because you're the only one he bows to and you're the only one he trusts to take care of him like this. you're his one and only and for that he's going to be his best for you, maybe even cleaning up his act and only fighting people when necessary, hanging onto every one of your words and asking permission for everything because he'd never harm you, letting the waves of pleasure roll through his body as you touch him like he's precious and make him cum over and over just like he deserves <33333
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dearestgojo · 4 days ago
Tumblr media
Multiple: Iwa. Yutaro. Naoya. Atsumu. | Pt 1. | Pt 3 Ran. Noritoshi. Choso. Benimaru.
Warnings: Foot jobs. Foot Play. Public. Mating Press. Doggy. Spit Kink.
Tumblr media
He doesn't think much about it when you wear the anklet, it's only a small piece of jewelry you got with his name dangling in between two thin chains. He'll find himself staring at it occasionally when you do something that draws his attention to your feet, like standing on your tiptoes to reach your favorite mug he might have put where he knows you can't reach, or when you sling your feet over his lap, and he mindlessly plays with it.
But then one night he has you with your legs pushed up against your tummy, your breasts bouncing as he slams his hips into yours. And his hand is wrapped around your ankle, right below where the anklet rests. His attention is drawn to the small movement of the chain with every single one of his thrusts.
He watches his name sway against your skin. Feels you clawing at his forearms when his pace increase, but he can barely hear you whining about how he's being too rough...too focused on how the cool metal feels as it touches his skin.
It was supposed to be a normal movie night in, the lights of your shared bedroom turned off, and the curtains closed. And it had been until halfway through the movie you run your leg along your boyfriend's shin, the coolness of the chain that's wrapped around your ankle causing him to jump.
He pulls the blanket off of you, his eyes landing on the anklet as the light from the tv shines down on it. He reaches down and run's his fingers along it, raising it off your skin and tracing the marks it left. The movie is soon forgotten and you sitting facing him, your feet resting against his lower stomach, and his cock between your ankles.
He hisses when he feels the anklet roll against the skin of his length, the metal now warm. The light from the tv is still reflecting off of it, drawing his full attention to it as he approaches his release.
He's choking on his food, coughing every time the foot of your heel brushes against his crotch underneath the table. He shoots you a glare, turning to look at his mother next to you, answering her questions about work, his speech faltering when you apply more pressure.
He reaches underneath the table to stop you, his hand wrapping around your ankle, touching the piece of jewelry that decorates your foot. He scowls at you, his thumb running along the bone of your ankle pressing slightly into enough to cause you to grimace. A warning.
It doesn't stop you though because the moment he lets go of your foot, his fingers brushing along the chain, you start up your antics again. Sliding your bare foot along his calf back to his crotch. You press down where the head of his cock rests with your toes, sliding your foot along his shaft underneath his slacks, giggling quietly as you watch his face turn red.
He's always been obsessed with them since before you started dating, buying you one if you didn't have one already. He likes the way it wraps around your ankle, his initials shining against the light, but what he loves the most is the little jingling sound it makes when he has your ankles near the top of your head.
He has one hand wrapped securely around the ankle that sports the piece of jewelry, and the other splayed out on the back of your thigh, near the curve of your ass. His thumb plays with your labia, toying with your clit. You when and buck your hips up into his your senses overwhelmed by the rough snap of his hips. You are very aware of his finger slipping beneath the chain where it doesn't hug you too tightly, bending so his chest is almost pressed to your lips.
You know what's about to happen, it happens every time he bends you like this. You can see his lips moving as he gathers spit in his mouth, the finger underneath your anklet tapping against your skin signaling for you to open your lips. Your tongue slips out as you open your mouth your own hands reaching up to wrap around your ankles keeping yourself open for him, your fingers digging into the hand that's wrapped around you. You'd gladly take whatever Atsumu gives you, whether it's a piece of jewelry, a load of his cum, or his warm spit.
Tumblr media
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kiqqnii · 16 days ago
sadistic doms that are soo good at aftercare !! imagine they just got done fucking your brains out n then they just pull you into their lap n rub your belly n give you kisses all over :((
“fuckkk, you did so good for me, (preferred pet name). i’ll run you a bath and then we can watch a movie after, how’s that sound??”
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sweetdreamlandstuff · 19 days ago
Good Girl
NSFW / Minors don't interact
Pairing: timeskip Tooru Oikawa x Hajime Iwaizumi x female reader
Summary: You and your boyfriend Oikawa sleep over at Iwaizumi’s place. And when Oikawa’s hands are on you, you don’t know yet that these won’t be the only hands that are touching you that night. Because when Iwaizumi is invited to get a taste, he doesn’t refuse…
Content: threesome, exhibitionism, fingering, dirty talk, teasing, clit slap, spanking, oral sex (male and female receiving), cum swallowing, penetrative sex, cream pie, overstimulation
Notes: Hope you enjoy and let me know what you think! Reblogs and comments are highly appreciated <3
Wc: approx. 4500
“I’m trying to be quiet,” you hiss at Oikawa. You bury your head slightly in the pillow to muffle your soft moans.
“I know, I know. Then try harder,” he drawls, continuing to thrust his slender fingers into your pussy. 
“You don’t want Iwa-chan hearing you now would you?” His tone dips deeper with every word he utters. You clench around his fingers in response. A low chuckle drips past Oikawa’s lips. 
“You’re into that?” He asks, almost unbelieving. “Would you want Iwaizumi to hear you, huh?”
His hot breath fans over your neck and you suppress a whimper, trying to bury your head deeper in the pillow, not wanting Oikawa to see your flushed face.
But Oikawa is relentless. His large palm grabs your jaw, making you look up at him. He groans lowly once his brown eyes take in your flustered face. You try to avert your gaze, but he turns your head so you have no other choice but to return his piercing gaze. 
A cruel smile stretches across his face. And you curse him internally as his thumb now rubs faster over your clit. And he knows you so well, he knows that you won’t be able to keep quiet now. Not when he increases his pace, his fingers plunging deep inside of you.
The squelching sound of your pussy is hardly muffled by the duvet covering you. You feel embarrassment rising in you, your face is burning. You’re afraid that Iwaizumi is really going to wake up now. 
You turn your head, seeing Iwaizumi’s chest rise and fall. He sleeps peacefully on his futon, not even a metre away from you two. You feel relief washing over you; he’s still asleep. And you almost feel ashamed that a part of you is disappointed by the fact. 
Oikawa chuckles cruelly again. “I won’t mind, baby. You know I like to share.” 
A shiver drips down your spine. You look at your boyfriend in disbelief. “You’re serious?” You gasp.
He doesn’t give you an answer. Instead he moves, pulling the covers off you both. You look at him, your mouth hanging agape. 
“What are you doing, Tooru?” You protest, feeling exposed as the cold air hits your wet core.
Although the room is dark you see the mischief glinting in his eyes. He lets go of you, standing up to turn on a little lamp in the room. Your eyes widen. 
“Are you serious?” You hiss, not even bothering to keep your voice down anymore. 
“I’ll stop everything if you don’t want,” he deadpans earnestly. His voice dips low. “But I felt you clenching around me at the thought. You can’t deceive me, baby.”
You gulp, knowing that it’s true. He comes back to you, kneeling between your legs. He cradles your face in his large palm. His hazel eyes bore into yours.
“Do you trust me, y/n?” 
You nod, breathing a low yes. His hands smooth over your waist, grabbing the hemline of your shirt pulling it over your head. You lay there now completely naked, the dim warm light illuminating your skin. Oikawa’s large hands grab your breast, his thumb circling your erect nipples. You whimper lowly. His gaze travels over your bare figure. 
“It’s nearly unfair not to share you. You’re just too beautiful,” he mutters tenderly. You gasp at his words, feeling your pussy clench around nothing. 
And then you hear movement coming from your side. Both of you turn your head, noticing Iwaizumi shifting. His breath isn’t regular anymore and before you process his movements his eyes flutter open. He squints, noticing the lit lamp. He rubs his bleary eyes, sitting up to let his gaze wander over the room. 
His eyes grow wide. He is blushing furiously, his mouth hanging agape as he sees you in your compromising position. He mutters your name, his eyes dragging over your curves. He opens and closes his mouth a few times, blushing furiously. He finds Oikawa’s gaze. 
“She’s beautiful isn’t she?” Oikawa asks, a sly smile playing around his lips as he looks at Iwaizumi challenging.
You gulp, feeling so exposed laying naked between them, your eyes flickering between the two warily.
Iwaizumi averts his gaze, turning his head away from you two, a scold apparent on his face. “I-, “ he stammers, “You were fucking next to me?” He asks in disbelief, almost breathlessly. 
A low chuckle rips through the silence. “We were about to,” Oikawa states, matter of factly. “I thought that you wanted to watch,” he leers.
Iwaizumi whips his head around. He draws in a long breath, glaring at his friend. “You’re not fucking serious!?” He grits through his teeth.
“Oh what makes you think that? I am completely serious actually,” Oikawa remarks, a sly smile tugging at his lips, eagerly watching him loose his cool. Iwaizumi hides his face behind his hands. You wonder what is going in his head right now. 
“Don’t you wanna hear the sweet noises she makes,” Oikawa drawls, letting his finger glide over your pussy. He circles your clit teasingly, drawing a quiet moan from you. You hear Iwaizumi gasping quietly at the sound. His brows are furrowed, and you can literally see him battling with himself.
You gulp nervously. You were just having some drinks, spontaneously sleeping over at Iwaizumi’s place. You could have never guessed that you would find yourself in such a situation. Iwaizumi’s green eyes catch yours, his jaw clenching as he looks at you doubtfully. You return his gaze, slightly opening your mouth but then closing it again, undecided as what to say. 
Oikawa continuous his ministrations, slowly letting his finger glide back into your throbbing hole. You keep looking at Iwaizumi as another moan drips past your lips, his dark eyes widening voraciously at the sound dropping from your lips.
“Come here,” you breathe and his eyes grow even larger, his indecision slowly ebbing away. He whispers your name, softly and unbelieving. 
“I think you have to talk louder, honey,” Oikawa teases, his hand coming down hard on your clit. You whimper, closing your eyes at the impact. 
You open them back up just to see Iwaizumi moving. He comes closer until he is right beside you. His movement is careful and calculated, as if he really isn’t sure that this is just a dream. 
You take his hands into yours, placing them softly onto your breast. He gasps, letting his hands rest there just for a few seconds before his thumbs circle your erect nipple slowly. You hum delightfully. 
“Oh, she likes it when you’re touching her like that,” Oikawa comments amused. “You wanna suck on his fingers, baby?”
You breathe a yes, taking ahold of Iwaizumi’s hand. His hand is large and rough, shaking ever so slightly. You try to look at him reassuringly before you guide him to prod his index finger into your mouth. You let your tongue glide along his finger while you suck slightly. A quiet groan rips past his lips and you clench around Oikawa’s fingers at the sound, causing him to chuckle lowly. He knew that you would enjoy this.
You look up into Iwaizumi’s face, noticing his red cheeks, his enlarged pupils as his eyes lay on your lips wrapped around his finger. You let your gaze glide over to your boyfriend placed between your legs. You see Oikawa grinning from ear to ear, mischief glinting in his eyes as he looks down at you. He keeps thrusting his slippery fingers into you at a steady pace, while his thumb circles your clit. He knows; he has you nearly tripping over the edge. But he doesn’t give you your orgasm. Not yet.
He looks at his friend, cocking up his eyebrow. “You want to taste her?”
Iwaizumi raises his eyebrows. His jaw hangs agape as his gaze drags over your naked form, his eyes fixing on Oikawa’s fingers buried deep in your pussy. The warm light illuminating the wetness spread all over your folds and thighs.
Oikawa retreats, letting his fingers glide out of you. Iwaizumi clears his throat and you sit up slightly so you can position yourself in front of him. You open your legs for him. 
“Isn’t she beautiful?” Oikawa purrs, watching his friend nearly drool at the sight of your glistening pussy on display, just for him. 
“Yeah,” Iwaizumi rasps, sounding slightly intimidated.
He carefully extends his hand to let his fingers glide over your dripping vulva. He watches your face scrunch up in delight once he pushes one finger inside of you. And then he dips his head low, suddenly impatient. 
His mouth latches onto your clit, sucking harshly. You whimper, the sudden impact has your breath quickening. He lets go, grabbing you by your thighs to spread your legs further. He licks a slow stripe up your pussy, before he circles your bundle of nerves almost teasingly.
“Iwaizumi,” you breathe and he hums against your dripping core in response. You close your eyes, basking in the feeling of his tongue lapping up your juices. 
You open your eyes, wanting to see him devouring you. You nearly cum from the sinful image alone; the friend of your boyfriend buried between your thighs, coaxing you into bliss. You look at Oikawa, observing him as he positions himself next to you. You moan quietly once he toys with your tits.
“You enjoy that baby, huh?” He asks, his thumbs circling your sensitive nipples. 
You breathe a yes that turns into a low whimper once his mouth latches onto your nipple. He sucks ever so slightly but it is nearly enough to have you tipping over the edge. The sensation of Iwaizumi sucking on your clit and Oikawa sucking on your tit nearly too much to comprehend. Then Oikawa let’s go of your nipple, his hand cradling your face.
“Now, Iwa-chan, how does she taste?” Oikawa prods, while his eyes observe your face. 
Your eyes widen slightly when Iwaizumi’s hot breath fans over your pussy. A low groan falls from his lips, glistening with your arousal. He lets his tongue glide over his lips, humming. 
“You taste so good, so sweet,” he rasps against your soaking folds. You moan, both men praising you like this has you clenching around nothing. 
“You wanna cum?” Oikawa asks you.
“Yes, please,” you beg.
“You should ask Iwaizumi nicely if he’ll let you,” Oikawa grins down at you. And you see just how riled up he is, watching you loosing yourself all because of his friend. He has always loved to tease you, but this - this is new. 
“Come on,” he demands impatiently.
You gulp, trying to gather your bearings to form a coherent sentence.
“I- Iwaizu-“ you start but you get interrupted by your boyfriend harshly.
He tuts, shaking his head slightly. “I think you can call him by his first name now.”
You gulp, a low moan escaping your lips. “Hajime” you whisper, his name falling timidly from your lips. “Will you let me cum?” You ask breathlessly.
Iwaizumi’s grip on your thighs hardens and he perks up his head. You feel embarrassment washing over you when you see the way his face is nearly drenched from your arousal.
“Don’t worry. I’m not as mean as Oikawa,” he mumbles softly, his dark green eyes boring into yours.
And then he dips down again, his mouth sucking harshly on your throbbing clit. He thrusts his two fingers inside of you curling them ever so slightly to reach that special spot inside of you.
And before you know it your orgasm washes over you. You cum, long and hard. Your thighs clench around his head and he holds you close, guiding you through it. 
Hajime eagerly drinks everything up that you give him, delirious from your taste. His tongue swirls and tastes your cum as you pant and moan, almost obscenely.
You’re still a panting mess, basking in the feeling of your orgasm as you hear them shuffling around you. You hear both men moving, getting rid of their clothes, layer after layer. You watch Iwaizumi pulling down his boxers through the hazy layer laying over your eyes. You almost gasp when you see his large dick sprung, already leaking. 
“To show you two that I’m not as mean as you say, I’m gonna let Iwa fuck you first. Okay, baby?” Oikawa utters.
You look at your boyfriend, seeing the way his eyes glint, the look borderline feral.
“Yes,” you breathe, your voice shaky from the excitement. 
You gulp when Iwaizumi comes closer to you. You see his arms flexing, before you rake your eyes over his muscular abdomen and broad shoulders. He hovers above you now, pressing soft, open-mouthed kisses on your neck. He shortly caresses your cheek with his hand, his thumb gliding along your bottom lip. You look into his eyes, they’re dark, black almost. He dips lower, his lips ghosting over yours before he looks to the side. 
“Can I -,“ he rasps, sounding almost brittle, “Can I kiss her, Oikawa?”
Kissing you would cross a line, no one knowing what lays further ahead. You turn your head as well, seeing your boyfriend’s eyes fixed on you. You nod slightly. His tongue drags slowly over his bottom lip before he nods as well.
Iwaizumi wastes no time, his lips are on yours in an instant. The kiss is soft, innocent really. That is until his tongue prods into you. He explores your mouth, his tongue moving against yours eagerly. He swallows your moan when you feel the spongy head of his cock ghosting over your clit. 
He aligns his cock to your hole and sinks into you slowly, deliberately as if he wants to memorize every second of it. The way your wet walls wrap tightly around his length has him gasping. He breaks up the kiss, a string of spit left, connecting your lips. He looks down at you, holding your gaze as he bottoms out. 
“Fuck-,“ he curses under his breath. “You’re so f-,“ a groan slips past his lips, “so fucking wet.”
You whimper quietly. It’s almost embarrassing how wet you are for him. You’re practically dripping all over his cock and balls. But the way he fills you up is just heavenly. Your eyes widen when he pulls out of you again just to dive even deeper. Every fiber inside of you burns.
You look to the side catching Oikawa's eyes. You clench around Iwaizumi’s length when you see him slowly palming his dick. His jaw hangs agape as his eyes take in the filthy image of your tits bouncing with every hard thrust of Iwaizumi. You look at him with beseeching eyes, wanting him to move closer. Wanting him to come closer, yearning to feel him throb under your touch. 
He reads your eyes, positioning him beside you. He kneels next to you as you grab his throbbing dick, wrapping your fingers tightly around his girth. Oikawa hisses, a slow whine ripping past his lips as you move your hand.
You have a hard time concentrating on both sensations; Oikawa’s dick throbbing in your hand and the way Iwaizumi plunges himself into you again and again. You feel like you’re about to burst, the coil in your stomach wrapping tighter with every roll of Iwaizumi’s hips.
He increases his pace and you have a hard time palming Oiakwa’s throbbing dick. His hips snap hungrily against yours, the slapping of his skin against yours mixing in with the heavy pants from you three. You look up into Oikawa’s eyes. He smiles down at you viciously.
“Oh, you’re filthy. You like getting fucked like this, hm?” 
You whimper, unable to answer him, watching him like he has you hypnotized. His lewd words have your pussy spasming around Iwaizumi’s big cock. 
A low chuckle rips through Oikawa. “Can you hear how wet you are, baby?” He rasps.
You feel the coil in your stomach tightening; you're teetering on the edge. Oikawa helps you, cradling your hand on his cock to help you find a steady rhythm.
Oikawa locks eyes with Iwaizumi while he thrusts into you. “This pussy is unbelievable,  right?”
Iwaizumi groans, “Y- yes.”
You whimper lowly. They look at each other knowingly before both their eyes fix back onto you. The way they peer at you has you nearly tipping over the edge. Them both watching you voraciously like that, it all feels sloppy and obscene. 
Oikawa looks down at you earnestly. “You wanna cum on Iwa’s cock, baby?” 
You gasp, a whimper falling from your lips at his carnal words. 
“Hm, baby? Wanna see you gush around his cock, you gonna do that for me?”
You whine, hypnotized by Oikawa’s lecherous, depraved words. They are pushing you closer and closer to your impending orgasm and with a final snap of Iwa’s hips against yours, you come undone.
Your second orgasm washes over you, your back arching slightly as Iwaizumi fucks you through it. His hands hold onto your hips dearly, as moans and whimpers fall freely from your mouth. 
And it feels wrong somehow; to cum from another man, all while your boyfriend watches you attentively. It feels wrong and way too good. You feel their gazes on you as you cream around Iwa’s throbbing cock.
A hazy layer obscures your sight as you feel Iwa pulling out of you. You suddenly feel so empty. You hear Iwa and Oikawa talking to each other. You hear them moving around you, but you’re unable to comprehend their words with your hazy mind. 
You feel Oikawa’s hands smoothing over your breast, traveling down to your hips. “You okay, baby?” He asks, his voice soft.
“Yeah,” you breathe, a shy smile on your lips.
“I wanna fuck you now. Can’t restrain myself anymore,” he mutters, his hands grabbing the meat of your thighs. 
You hum a yes, moving with him as he positions you on all fours in front of him. You gulp when your eyes land on Iwaizumi inching on his knees towards you. The way his eyes take in your position has you catching your breath. 
“You wanna-,” he clears his throat, still a little nervous. “You wanna suck my dick?”
His dark orbs flicker between your eyes and your lips. You gulp, the intense look in his eyes making a shiver run down your spine. 
“Yes…Hajime,” you breathe. His jaw clenches at the use of his first name.
He comes closer and you see his big cock glistening, coated with your arousal. You don’t know what to focus on anymore once you feel Oikawa’s dick ghosting over your dripping folds. Every stroke against your clit has you whining slightly. 
Oikawa’s hand comes down hard on your ass, spanking you slightly. You jerk forward at the impact, your cheek bumping against Iwa’s dick right in front of you. You take this as a cue to let your tongue glide along the underside of his dick. You hear Iwaizumi gasping above you. You moan deliriously as you taste your arousal on his dick.
Oikawa spanks you again, causing a breathless whimper to fall from your lips. You wrap your lips around Iwaizumi's swollen tip, sucking ever so slightly. He groans, his hand moving to cradle your face. He tilts your head up and you look up to him with beseeching eyes, while you let your tongue swirl around his leaking tip. His dark eyes are fixed on you, his jaw clenching once you move, slowly taking in more of his dick. 
His eyes widen with every more inch you stuff into your mouth. And you enjoy every second of it, seeing what you do to him, watching his half-lidded eyes growing darker and darker. All the while Oikawa’s dick drags through your soaking folds and with every trace against your clit you moan, causing Iwaizumi to curse under his breath at the vibration. 
Then Oikawa’s dick enters you, he slowly eases himself into you. Your gasp is muffled by Iwa’s dick in your mouth. Your legs tremble slightly once he’s bottomed out. He curses under his breath before he pulls back out of you.
He starts fucking you slowly. He nearly pulls out of your sloppy pussy just to dive in deeper. His grip on your hips is hard, his fingertips digging into your flesh, spreading your cheeks to watch his dick disappearing in you again and again. 
You start to move your head, bobbing your mouth in the same rhythm as your boyfriend thrusts into you. It’s hard for you to concentrate on both things. The past orgasms have left you malleable, nearly too sensitive. Every fiber in you feels raw and electric. You feel so hot and every touch of the two has your skin burning.
“You’re so fucking wet, baby” Oikawa mutters, his voice hoarse.
You only hum and the vibration has Iwaizumi’s hips jerking again. You feel tears prickling in your eyes once his dick hits the slight resistance in your throat. You feel so incredibly full, completely in bliss.
You stay like that, trying to focus on both sensations. That is until Oikawa thrusts into you hard. You jerk forward, nearly gagging on Iwaizumi’s cock. You hear him cursing above you, his voice strained. Tears are starting to spill over. But you don’t want to stop. Not yet. You want to make him feel good, just as good as he made you feel. So you move your head again, letting your tongue swirl around his tip, taking extra care of his leaking slit. 
That is until Oikawa’s pace increases again, pounding into you relentlessly now, not being able to hold back anymore. His dick hits that sweet, spongy spot inside of you repeatedly.
So you let go of Iwa’s dick, releasing whiny whimpers. A string of spit connects your lips and his flushed cock, some of your spit dripping down your chin messily. But you’re too lost in pleasure to care about that. You’re too fucked out now, you know you can’t concentrate on anything other than Oikawa’s ravenous thrusts. 
So Iwaizumi does the work, wrapping his hand around his wet cock. He works himself to his orgasm like that. And he doesn’t need anything more, not with that sight he has right in front of him; you. You with your eyes rolled back inside of your head and spit dripping from your soft, bruised lips. He watches you getting fucked out of your mind and he cherishes every minute of it. 
His hand cradles your face. His touch feels so soft in contrast to the hard thrusts of Oikawa. Iwaizumi’s eyes rake over your fucked-out expression.
“You look so beautiful like that,” he mutters, dragging his leaking dick over your bottom lip. His pre-cum mixing in with the drool running down your chin. 
“You’re doing so good,” he praises you.
You’re not able to answer him, you’re too delirious to comprehend any of his words. Your aching mouth is parted, your depraved sounds of pleasures mixing in with the skin slapping of Oikawa’s hips against you. 
“Look, baby. Look at the way Iwaizumi is watching you?” You hear Oikawa’s voice behind you. His hand comes down hard on your ass, urging you to behave. So you open your eyes, trying hard to fight the hazy layer daring to lay over your sight. 
You look up into Iwaizumi’s eyes. His eyes are dark, half-lidded, completely fixed onto your facial expression. And the look in his eyes is what pushes you over the edge for the third time this night. You cum hard, your eyes crossing, seeing Iwaizumi’s blurry face two times in front of you as you cum. 
You spasm around Oikawa’s dick buried deep inside of you, your whole body quivering. He fucks you through your orgasm, your high-pitches moans and whimpers only spuring him on to increase his pace. He pounds into you relentlessly, catching his own high, holding you steady with his firm grip on your hips. And you whimper, his balls slapping against your puffy clit brutally, the overstimulation nearly too much for you to handle. 
“Look at me,” you hear Iwaizumi croaking over you, his hand wrapping around your throat softly. And you do, you open your eyes again, blinking away the hazy fog to let them trail down Iwaizumi’s muscular abdomen. You watch him palming his throbbing, weeping cock right in front of your face. You gulp, and with the rest of your strength you loll out your tongue. You look up to him, seeing the way his dark orbs stare at your parted lips. 
You watch his expression, the furrowing of his brows and the slight unbelief in his eyes once he cums. He cums hard, a staggered groan ripping past his heaving chest. You slightly flinch once the first spur of cum lands on your tongue. 
He jerks through his orgasm, aiming his cum at your tongue. You swallow all that he gives you, marveling in the taste of him. And he empties himself, until you feel his cum dripping down your lips onto your chin. He’s panting heavily, his eyes still watching you. 
You close your eyes again, your moans and whimpers breathless now as Oikawa thrusts into you, fast and hard. His rhythm is becoming unsteady and you can feel his dick pulsing inside of you. You know he’s nearly there and with a few more thrusts he tips over the edge. His hips stutter before he comes undone. 
He cums inside of you, holding onto your hips firmly to not let you squirm away. You whine, the overstimulation and sensation of tasting Iwaizumi’s cum as Oikawa cums inside of you nearly unbearable. His warm cum paints your walls white, his cock pulsing deep inside of you. 
And Iwaizumi watches. He watches you get railed by his best friend, peering at you as you get filled to the brim. And it nearly makes him hard again, just to see you like that. You’re a mess; panting, moaning and whining, cum and spit smeared over your chin sloppily. His cum. Iwaizumi swallows hard.
Oikawa groans, a string of curses falling from his lips as he lets his dick slip out of you. Iwaizumi clears his throat, averting his gaze from you two, suddenly shy again. Now, that the high from his orgasm has died down, he becomes aware of what just happened.
You pant heavily, letting yourself collapse onto the futon underneath you. Oikawa lets his hands smooth over your ass, kneading softly while he catches his breath. After a few second his one hand travels between your thighs.
He plunges his finger inside of you before he smears his warm cum, mixed with your arousal, over your sensitive clit. You whimper, trying to squirm away. You’re way too sensitive, the overstimulation too much. The slight touch of Oikawa nearly makes tears spill from your eyes.
“It’s too much,” you mewl faintly.
Oikawa chuckles darkly, letting his finger circle around your puffy, aching clit again. 
“It just seems like you can’t get enough today,” he remarks teasingly, watching your whole body quiver. And he spanks your ass again when you try to wiggle away. You whine desperately. That is until you hear Iwaizumi’s dark voice.
“Don’t be mean,” he scolds Oikawa sternly. 
His dark eyes find yours, and they gleam warmly when they fix on yours. His hoarse voice is barely audible as he whispers, “She’s been such a good girl.”
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kurootosis · 24 days ago
— STRAWBERRY KISSES | iwaizumi x fem!reader
-> synopsis: red is dangerous.
-> cw: NSFW, 18+ MDNI, smut, blowjob, facefucking, cum swallowing,
-> wc: 2.5k
-> a/n: don’t look at me bro
Tumblr media
Iwaizumi doesn’t know a thing about makeup, and he doesn’t quite understand why you enjoy putting layers and layers of product on your skin. Sure, the end result is beautiful, he can’t deny that, but it’s time consuming and demands to be maintained.
He’s seen you perform your routine a million times before. Creams and skin toned liquids are blended onto your face, designed to hide your ‘imperfections’, though he finds there is no need. Something darker creates shadow, something lighter draws attention, you use pinks and peaches to bring life to your cheeks and something shimmery to make it glow. Your brows are neatened up too, eyelashes lengthened by that black stuff, and sometimes you glue on fake ones. Sometimes you line your eyes with a pen and add colour to your eyelids - that’s actually interesting to watch, he finds that the results are always breathtaking.
But the thing that he secretly enjoys most, is watching you apply your lipstick.
Iwaizumi knows that it takes you around an hour to ‘paint your face’, as you like to call it, so he nonchalantly wanders into the bedroom in the last 10 minutes or so.
“Almost done?” he asks. You answer with a noncommittal hum, too focused on your task of drawing a tapered line on the corners of your eyes. He makes himself comfortable on the edge of the mattress, gaze drawn to your reflection in the mirror, fascinated by your steady hands.
There’s a clattering noise as you rummage through your makeup bag, pushing aside tubes and bottles until you find what you’re looking for, pulling the items out triumphantly once you do. A red pencil and a black tube.
Iwaizumi swallows hard, and stares harder.
You pop the cap off, eyeing the tip of the pencil before you go to work. The pencil glides over the outline of your lips, pushing softly at the pliant flesh to even out the shape.
Next is the tube.
Iwaizumi leans forward, hardly blinking as he watches.
The top comes off and you twist, revealing a deep red that reminds him of fresh strawberries. Slowly, carefully, you begin to swipe, staining your bottom lip with colour. You purse them, transferring the colour to your lip before repeating the motion.
His eyes are glued to your lips, riper and sweeter than any berry, plump and so, so addictive. He’a suddenly reminded of how soft they feel. Lips that have traversed every inch of his body, memorising the warmth of his skin, every bump and divot of his body. Lips that have whispered words of love and sin right into his ears, parted around laughter and pearly teeth when he shivers. Lips that greet him and part from him every single day.
He stands from his seat and approaches you, just as you replace the cap with a soft click.
“You look gorgeous baby,” he murmurs, hands resting on your shoulders. He leans down to press a kiss into your hair, the scent of coconut invading his nose.
“I’m not done yet,” you laugh, rolling your eyes affectionately as you rise from your dressing table. There’s a very specific look in his eyes as you turn around, one that makes your belly swoop and flutter. You know exactly what it says.
‘I want you’.
Before you can even attempt to break away from his gaze, his fingers ghost over your jaw and he grasps your chin, tilting it up ever so slightly, as if to say ‘don’t look away’.
“You can’t just wear that colour without warning me,” he says, stern but with a soft edge that you’ve come to know as his version of a petulant whine.
“Why not?” He leans closer, tongue poking out to wet his lips.
“Cos now I want to ruin it.” His words are heavy with promise, rumbling in his throat.
“But I just put it on,” you pout, and the way you push your lips out sets fire to his self restraint.
“So?” He begins to close the gap, breath curling over your powdered cheeks, inching closer and closer until-
Your hand separates you from your husband.
“Oi,” he complains and it’s muffled by your palm as his forehead creases with mild annoyance.
“Red lipstick is a pain to reapply.”
“You shouldn’t have worn it then,” he argues.
“It goes with my outfit.”
“But you know what that colour does to me,” he grumbles, his ears glowing red when you smirk, almost purring your response.
“I do.”
Iwaizumi’s eyebrows arch up, before he nods to himself and huffs out a quiet laugh.
“Okay, okay. I see how it is.” He surges forward before you can protest, capturing your lips with his own. There’s no escaping now, no saving your perfectly painted pout with the way he’s kissing you so deeply, so thoroughly. You’re sure it’s smudged, as his lips slide over yours, insistent and hot, his kisses eking into desperation.
But you don’t really care anymore.
His hands are wandering, grasping and squeezing, the idea of date night a mere speck on the horizon of his mind. All that fills his thoughts is you, you, you. Warm and sweet and soft as can be.
When he pulls away, you blink owlishly, a little dizzy after being kissed so rigorously. A smirk plays on his lips as he takes in your face. Wide eyes, lips a little swollen and that pretty, pretty red, smeared diagonally towards your jaw. His own lips are stained a red-pink colour.
Before you realise it he’s backed you up to the bed, legs bumping against the edge before you fall back onto it. He leans down, trailing his thumb over your bottom lip, intentionally spreading the colour further out of the neat lines you’d drawn.
Iwaizumi wants to ruin you further, see the red tarnish his skin as well, in places no one can see, outlining bites and bruises. Like you’re signing his skin in crimson.
He kisses you again, softer this time, a little slower, and his fingers are dancing on your thighs.
“You don’t mind being late, right?”
Iwaizumi presses you further up the bed, coaxing you to back up until you’re leaning comfortably against the pillows. He captures your ruby lips in a searing kiss, fingers gripping your thigh to pull it around his waist as his tongue slips into your mouth. The whimper that escapes your throat only fuels him, his teeth catching your lower lip and tugging gently.
Iwaizumi prides himself on his self control - he doesn’t give in to temptation. You, on the other hand, are his Achilles heel. A seductress that pulls him in by his cock and reduces him to his baser instincts. He doesn’t remember ever being this horny, this often, before he met you.
That’s why, when he pulls away from kissing you and you look up at him with rounded wide eyes brimming with desire, his hands are already fumbling with his belt. The button of his trousers pops free, his zip is down and he’s reaching into his underwear, impatiently tugging out his half hard cock.
He’s so fucking glad you’re still in your robe.
Two strong arms wrap around you, flipping your positions easily. You peer down at his crotch and back up at him leaning against the headboard, noting the thick blush that coats his cheeks and the bridge of his nose in roses.
“You want me to suck you off?” you taunt. The seductress rears her head and bites her lip, beckoning him forth with a wicked gleam in her eyes. She purrs at the needy expression he wears, blown out pupils trained on your spit-shiny lips.
”I do, angel, you have no idea.”
Angel or devil, which one are you? A mix of both perhaps? Whichever one it is, you shoot him a saucy grin as you move down his body, running your hands over his thick, clothed thighs. His muscles tense under your touch, and he grunts when your hot breath wafts over his exposed cock.
“You’re cute when you’re desperate.” He leans forward and engulfs your cheek in his hand, thumb pulling down your lower lip to reveal your teeth as he studies you.
“It’s taking every ounce of my willpower not to just fuck your face and ruin all of your makeup,” he murmurs. It's a statement, honest and blunt, not meant to be seductive, but it makes your breath hitch in your throat, arousal pooling deep in your belly. Even after all these years, he still manages to catch you off guard.
“Sit back,” you tell him a little shakily. Whilst the idea of getting facefucked sounds like a fun time, you’re not quite in the mood to have an achy jaw when you, hopefully, leave the house for dinner
Your eyes lock onto Iwaizumi’s as you lean down and kiss the tip of his cock gently, letting your lips part slightly as you do so. Another wet kiss is placed on the underside, and you follow his length down to the base before pulling back up to the top. Allowing spit to gather in your mouth, you let it drool from your lips, pooling over the flushed head and slipping down the sides.
“Fuck,” he gasps, enraptured by the way you take care to get him nice and slick before you begin to suckle.
Because yes, while you’re getting late, you always take your time sucking him off. You start at the tip, experimentally lapping over his slit to gather his precum on your tongue, swirling it over his sensitive skin and revelling in his shaky breaths. A soft laugh huffs out of your nostrils as you continue to kitten lick at him, sliding your tongue under the tip to massage at his frenulum. One of your hands comes up to loosely stroke at his length, your lazy pace making his fists tighten in the bedsheets.
It’s getting hard for Iwaizumi to not just thread his thick fingers through your hair and shove his cock down your throat. But he holds back, letting you taste and touch as you please, and when you finally take him into the warmth of your mouth, he lets go of a breathy groan that makes your pussy clench.
“Good?” you ask, biting back a smirk.
“So good, keep going,” he urges and you happily comply, mouth engulfing his cock once more. More saliva pools under your tongue and you let it drip out, lips moving lower down his dick as you take him further into your mouth. You peek up, a giggle humming around his cock when you see the sweat glistening on his flushed skin, how his jaw clenches as he grits his teeth at the vibrations.
“More, fuck, more,” he rasps, and you happily oblige. The sounds that fill the room are enough to make even the devil himself blush, from Iwaizumi’s strained grunts and pants to the wet sucking noises from you. When you take him into your throat and swallow around him he jolts from the sudden tightness squeezing down on him. It tears a drawn out moan from his bitten lips.
A trembling hand threads through your hair, twitching against your scalp as you bob your head. Iwaizumi feels dizzy from pleasure, downright delirious as he watches the vibrant red from your lips smear against his stiff cock. You pull off for a moment, pumping his cock firmly.
“Is this what you wanted? I thought you wanted to ruin my makeup?” you ask rhetorically, licking at your pink-stained lips. Your lipstick is well and truly ruined now, most of the pigment having transferred to his cock, leaving behind those gorgeous strawberry smudges that he was imagining earlier.
“Gorgeous,” he says more so to himself as he runs his thumb over your lips again, mesmerised by how untamed you look. Without prompt or warning, you suck his thumb into your mouth, swirling your tongue around it before releasing with a soft pop and a pretty smile.
He nearly cums right there.
“Shit, you have no idea what you do to me.” His breathing is ragged. You quirk a neat brow at him.
“Oh? I don’t?” you ask innocently, bending back down to swallow his twitching cock into your hot mouth once more. He groans, long and loud, hips bucking up slightly as your pace switches from lazy to insistent. The change almost shocks him, and he gasps, his grip on your roots tightening as you fondle his balls too. His other hand joins the first, and he squeezes his eyes shut in a last ditch attempt to not shove you down to his base.
The attempt fails and Iwaizumi’s self control shatters.
Your yelp of surprise goes ignored as he begins to fuck your mouth, the way he would your pussy. The seductress stamps her foot, annoyed that he’s seized control, powerless to do anything under his strength. He’s not too rough, but he’s definitely taking the lead now, and all you can do is let your jaw and throat relax. Tears drip from your perfectly lined eyes, and a little of the black from your mascara joins the streaks falling down your cheeks.
“You don’t have a clue, baby. Oh, you don’t have a fucking clue,” he grunts, pained and desperate. You’re whining under his guidance, gripping his thighs so tightly that you’re sure he can feel the scratch of your nails through his pants. Iwaizuimi feels tight and tense all over as he chases his impending orgasm. Pulsing and hot, he’s right on the edge, and your name falls from his lips in a moan, thrusts growing erratic.
“Gonna cum, shit,” he warns.
When he cums, he cums hard. He stills in your mouth, spurting hot white down your throat. Iwaizumi’s skin is buzzing with pleasure, and he feels fuzzy between his ears when his climax peters out and comes to a stop. He loosens his hold on you and lets you off his softening cock with a gasp. You’re breathing hard, wiping your mouth and chin with the back of your hand. When you look up at him, he reaches out for you to pull you in, running his fingers over your jaw gently once you’re seated in his lap.
“Didn’t hurt you, did I?” he asks quietly, and you shake your head no with a quiet laugh.
“As if we’ve never done that before. I’m fine, Haji.” You lean in to kiss him, lips soft and warm against his. “The question is, are you satisfied?” Iwaizumi purses his lips, his gaze roving over your face. He hums thoughtfully.
“Very satisfied, thank you,” he says with a half grin. “But your panties are wet and your makeup is ruined, so how about we reschedule our date and stay in, hm?” He grips your hips and grinds his groin into yours to highlight the fact. You gasp softly at the contact before you pout at him.
“I bought a new dress for tonight and everything.”
“You did?” You nod, clicking your tongue in disappointment and he feels a little bad for letting his lust get the better of him. At least, until you roll your hips over his, making his dick twitch again. Leaning in, you whisper into his ear, making him shiver, and his guilt dissipates.
“But I’ll let you off just this once, as long you make it up to me.”
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hajimeskitten · 25 days ago
divorced iwa!
when the two of you drop your kid off to one another it’s always some sort of chemistry and Hajime ask if you could stay for dinner with them.. and you don’t try to refuse because you were just gonna go home and watch some cheesy sitcom shows. You get dinner started your daughter sits in front of the tv watching disney movies.. you miss this actually, being with Iwa he’s all you’ve ever known since highschool.. honestly the two of you got a divorce because the lack of communication, both of you were busy plus the baby, instead of you two fixing the situation you just thought it’d be best to separate at the time.
As your cutting the food up you kind of go on autopilot
“do you feel like we should’ve stayed married” iwa’s voice snaps you out of your trance.. “well.. yeah sometimes i really wish we stayed together i miss you so much hajime” before he could say anything your daughter comes rushing in the kitchen wanting to know if the food is ready, her big eyes starring up at the two of you .. “of course princess go set the table up with mommy” iwa gives her a kiss on the forehead before she runs off dragging you along with her… Hajime fixes everyone plates and brings them to the table .. your daughter starts the conversation “how was work today daddy did the big volleyball guys scare you” she asks…both you and Iwa chuckled at her “no princess i train them to become big and scary” he growls at her to shake her up a bit “woah daddy you’re cool” she lights up giggling. “did you have fun at work with mommy” Iwa asks her, he knows that she loves going to work with you on the day that it’s allowed…“yes i seen a lot of cool animals today, there was one kitty today she was really mean momma told me not to bother her” she stuffs her mouth with rice balls before turning around in her chair to look at the tv across the room.. “how was your day beautiful” iwa grabs hold to your hand.. “it was ok i had a lot going on today but i managed” you respond.. by the time dinner is over your daughter’s head is trying to stay vertical but she keeps titling over from her sleepiness. Hajime picks her up and takes her to her bed where she sleeps peacefully for the rest of the night.. then, he comes up behind you while your washing the dishes giving your shoulders a nice massage trying to relax you because you’ve been tense for a while now he can see it. “why don’t you get some rest beautiful” you know Hajime means well. “ y/n i don’t want you stressing you know if you need a break you need to let me know i promise i’ll take our princess for a few extra days” .. you turn around to meet his eyes before kissing his lips tasting his vanilla chapstick “i’m not tense that type of way hajime” .. it takes a while for him to comprehend it before his eyes widening.. are you saying you’re sexually fustrated? the two of you haven’t had sex since the divorce.. and he’s has sex with women after.. so are u saying you aren’t having sex?
hajime has you spread across the bed legs wide, face on perfect display for him.. “if i’d known you haven’t fucked anyone after me, i would’ve came to fuck this pretty pussy when you needed me to doll” he kisses the tears on your cheek, rubbing the sweaty hair out of your face “focus pretty girl i don’t need you passing out for cumming on daddy’s dick” one of his hands cups your face and the goes to play with your clit.. you haven’t felt this in so long.. the blitz of cumin “only want u daddy fuck me please please” you love how he pays attention to your body, knows which spots to touch to get you going “missed you too baby never got to tell you earlier.. miss you and miss this pussy.. my pussy baby mine” in this moment you realize either way it goes you’ll spend the rest of your life with Iwaizumi Hajime “give me another baby please” that was like music to his ears he could give you however many kids you want aslong as “gonna be my pretty wife again first?” he’s asking while he ruts in you “ yes yes gona be ur wife again m’ bout to cum daddy” in the whole world you’re the only woman he needs “ gonna cum in this pussy make u full again” as he pushes deep into you to let his cum flow out you feel the sensation of his cock head touching your cervix pushing you over the edge.
“did you mean it you’ll be my wife again” he’s pulling you close to his chest just wants to stay like this forever “i mean it with everything i’ll be your wife”
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chickentendieboi · 26 days ago
Iwaizumi Hajime || Lingerie
—tw/cw: established relationship, both!oral recieving, fingering, pentration, unprotected sex
—wc: 2,889
☼ a/n: reposted and re-edited from my account on quotev and wattpad
Masterlists: Main Masterlist || NSFW Masterlist
You'd finished drying off after you got out of the shower and had been standing in your bedroom with quite the decision. You stared down at the lingerie you had placed out on the bed, contemplating.
Your insides throbbed with want and need as you examined what you had before you. All day, you'd been extremely horny. So much so that you could not focus at work at all and you had no explanation for it at all. It just happened. So now, you were deciding whether or not you were going to go out to the living room with lingerie on or completely naked.
You sighed in frustration.
Now, lingerie... hot as hell, sends the message right across and you'll look good in it.
Being naked on the other hand, you don't have to worry about putting it on and you don't have to worry about getting it off in the heat of the moment. And, it also gets your point across, fairly well at that too.
You shook your head and traced your fingers along the fabric of your garter belt with your lips twisted to the side.
While you were thinking about how you wanted to seduce Iwaizumi tonight, he was currently in the living room working on a work out plan for one of his clients. Since the whole pandemic happened, he'd been working from home, sending work out regiments, doing zoom calls for his training classes and just... staying home. Meanwhile, you had a job that kept you out on the field verses working from home.
Deciding on what you were going to do, you slipped on all of the garments of your lingerie outfit. The lace hugged your body, trailing up your torso, leaving your chest almost completely revealed with the exception of a quarter cup bra. Pulling on thigh high tights, you did a small twirl in the mirror, giving a nod. Quickly fluffing up your still damp hair, you let it fall freely before walking out of the bedroom.
Your eyes landed on his figure, sitting not completely with his back to you, but since he was so engrossed in his work, he wouldn't be able to tell you walked out if he was positioned in front of you.
"Haji." You spoke out breathily, leaning against the frame of the living room divider.
He hummed out, keeping his eyes on his work.
"Hajime." You say it in a more seductive tone and he finally turned to look at you.
"What is it... wh-why are you..." He just stared, stared at you for a good minute, taking in everything you had to offer him, his cheeks pinkening as his eyes began to darken. He got up, almost bumping his laptop off the table but he could care less. Marching over to you, he picked you up bridal style and brought you back into the bedroom.
Dropping you down on the bed, you let out a squeak. "Remember, you asked for it." He growled, hungry to devour the meal that you had laid out right in front of his eyes. He quickly severed the gap between the both of you and took your lips with his, crawling up on the bed and straddling your body. He ate up every breath you produced as he ravenously took over your mouth with his tongue, eliciting a deep moan from you.
His hands ran over your body, traversing all the dips and curves he had imprinted in his brain, running up to the back of your shoulder, pulling you in towards him. Your breathing quickly became bated as your chest heaved and blood rushing through your body. This was what you wanted, what you needed.
Feeling Iwaizumi take control of the situation, gripping you to him made your insides weep more. "Fmmm." You moaned against his mouth, your hips attempting to reach his only to be pushed down into the mattress.
He detached his lips from yours and looked into your eyes with an intense ferocity. "Mmm, so needy so soon. You've been waiting for this all day, haven't you?" He brought his lips down to your neck, latching on to the spot he knew all too well.
You let out a whimper as you nodded, your chin grazing over the locks of his hair, the hair you loved to play with. Your hands reached up and made itself home on top of his head. Fingers curling around the strands of his hair, you tugged but at the same time, pushed him down into your neck, begging him to suck harder.
As much as he wanted to leave marks on your neck for the world to see, he refrained himself only because of your job. So, instead, he made his way down to your chest, trailing wet sloppy kisses along your skin. His fingers snaked around your back, finding the clip and undoing it as he marked the inner top portion of your breast. As he pulled off your bra, he'd gone over and marked the top of your other breast, trailing bites and nips along your skin until his mouth clamped over your pert bud.
"Haaajj." You moaned out, your hand falling from his head and reaching up behind you, gripping the sheets, lifting your breast along with your movement. Iwaizumi loved how vulnerable you looked in that position, your arms raised, exposing every inch of your upper body.
"Mmm, moan for me, baby girl." He growled as he traced across the center of your chest with his mouth, finding your other bud and working on that one. One of his hands tweaking and pinching at the breast he'd just worked on while the other was gripping your hip, his nails slightly digging into your skin.
He'd only been working on your tits but you knew you were sopping wet, itching for him to head further down. He'd expertly aroused you further while savoring your nipples and now he was trailing kisses and nips down your stomach, your brain going fuzzy with anticipation.
He grabbed the garter around your upper waist and pulled you down, an eep leaving your throat but you were met by the bulge that was screaming to be released from his sweatpants. He undid the strings and pulled down both his pants and boxers at the same time, his erection revealing itself in front of your hungry eyes.
Licking your lips, you did what his eyes were beckoning you to do. Propping yourself up on your elbows, you opened your mouth, taking in his hot dick. His head craned backwards and your heard a guttural moan leave his lips, his hips bucking up slightly, meeting the back of your throat, twitching a bit as you gagged.
You opened your mouth a bit more so your tongue could drag along from the base of his cock to the tip, swirling around it and bobbing your head down again. You were only taking him with your mouth for a moment before he pulled back and brought his gaze back down to your body.
"Fuck. Christ, you're so..." His eyes trailed all along your body, taking in your lewd expression, mouth hung, eyes half lidded, drunk on lust. His eyes scanned your exposed breast, drinking in the marks he'd left, an unspoken claim. And now, he shimmied down further, getting your legs out from under him and up to the side in front of him.
His fingers grazed along the garter, following the stringed clips down to your stockings and undid the 4 clasps, rolling the free fabric down your legs and leaving kisses in its wake. He made it down to your first leg, kissing down to your toes until he moved on to the next leg, preforming the same movement, kisses sending shivers up your spine and pulses throughout your heat.
Your breathing had slowed but it was low and shallow, as you drowned in the feeling that Iwaizumi was filling your senses with. His fingers grasped onto your panties and pulled, grazing them lightly against your legs before throwing the material to the side. His hands both started from your knees, his calloused hands sending goosebumps throughout your body, especially when they met your wet pussy. Thumb grazing over your clit, he sent your mind blank, only the feeling of him slowly circling your clit, dipping down to gather your wetness and lubricating your bud.
"Hajii~" You breathed out and your body spasmed with the feeling of your clit being worked. While rubbing your clit, he moved your leg to the other side of him, spreading you wide open for his dark eyes to drink in, especially the glistening of your wet cunt. Correction, sopping wet cunt. You wiggled, feeling the cold stagnant air rest on your crease, causing you to let out a throaty whimper.
"Fuck, you're so wet." His breath spoke out, an animalistic growl at the end of his words. Lifting your legs up on the sides of his head over his shoulders, he lowered himself and his breath fanned over your wet folds.
Your hips involuntarily arched up towards his presence, wanting to be touched by his mouth so bad, to feel his warm tongue in between your folds. Lewd whimpers elicited themselves from your mouth once he finally lowered his mouth on to your wet pussy. His fingers spread apart your folds, his thumb caressing your entrance as his mouth sucked on your clit.
"Mmmnghh." You moaned out, your hands finding his hair in no time and you tugged and pushed him harder against you, wanting to feel everything his mouth had to offer. His nose rubbed against the skin right below your waist as his teeth nibbled gently on your sensitive button. But just that small pressure sent insides into overdrive, especially with the addition of two of his fingers. Your throat could only release moans as the words you tried saying fell short on your tongue.
After two fingers, there were three then there were four and then came your shrieking orgasm as you covered his finger in your juices. "Haaahh..." You breathed out, riding his fingers while your orgasm rode your whole body.
Deeming you ready, he backed up a bit, grabbed onto your lower thighs and you felt his hardened cock gliding along your folds, dampening the skin of his erection. He lowered his head back a moment as he felt the slickness of your pussy cover him without him even entering you yet. "Goddamn..." He cursed out and then finally brought his eyes to you and you knew this was the moment. His eyes traveled down your body, resting on the wet creases of your womanhood, his cock tracing down to your entrance and his eyes were glued.
He loved watching himself enter you, making him sigh out all his breath and visualize the scene of your insides swallowing him whole. "Fucking shit..." He moaned, pulling out slowly, watching you reluctantly release him only to have him push back into you again. His eyes would flicker up to you, collecting your red cheeks, ajar mouth and panting chest before looking back down again, admiring the way you ate him up. "You're so, ugh, you're swallowing me up. Your tight pussy is just sucking me in. Fucking hell." Words spewed out of Iwaizumi's mouth but that was nothing new, he was quite talkative while you guys had sex, but you loved the lewd words that he'd always say, driving you deeper into horniness.
He swore a lot in general, but hearing him say these words with lidded eyes, breathiness and growls made you even more wet. "Haji, f-fuck me please." You itched and drowned in the slow pace he produced, needing him to just start drilling into you.
"Mmm, begging me to fuck you senseless then, right? That was your plan since the beginning, you're so hungry for my dick, huh?" His hands tightened around your thighs and he pressed his lips against your upper calf, teeth nipping with his tongue to follow, as if his tongue caressed the pain of his bite.
"Y-yes. Please..." You moaned out, your body beginning to stretch towards him, needing to feel him in you more.
"You're such a whore for me." He moved his mouth down on the inside above your knees and he bit down hard while he drilled into you. Man, he drilled into your cunt, hitting the back of your walls with a relentless force making blazes of white strike your vision.
"GaH!" Your head sunk into the pillow as he began to pump in and out of you with such force that you knew by the time he was done with you, you were going to be nothing but a limp mess. "Ha~ Hajime~!" He rocked into your body roughly and you added to the force by meeting his hips half way. His cock scraped at your insides, molding passed the flesh and hitting that spot he was trained to find.
Your orgasm unraveled itself, sucking in Iwaizumi as you rode out against him. He stopped moving, allowing you to roll your hips against him, your back arched and your tits rising and falling with the heaving of your chest. He helped along your second orgasm by kneading one of your pert buds that were screaming to be touched on your chest.
Iwaizumi relished in the feeling of you cumming around his cock, but once your high was dying, he rolled himself so that you were now on top of him. "Ride me like your life depends on it."
Your lust driven eyes lit up and you complied, throwing your leg around his body and lowering yourself onto him, guiding his cock into you and you brought your head back as he stretched deeper inside you. Your mouth hung open as you breathed in air you quickly lost and you began to roll your hips further, grinding him into you. Iwaizumi's hot palms started on your hips, pushing you down on him as you rolled forward, creating a friction that was driving both of you.
His hands moved after a bit and traced up your body, landing on your chest and began caressing your tender breasts, driving you to land deeper on him. "Haji, Haji..." His name was falling off your lips as you began to feel the familiar tensing feeling bubble up, your muscles contracting around him as your third release was nearing.
"Haah-" Iwaizumi's body began to tense up, feeling you suck him in with the increase in your need to have him bury himself in you. Your hands moved behind you, grabbing onto his knees, arching your back and used your new position to lift yourself up and pound on top of him.
"I-I'm close, I-I, Ha~" Your breathing began to shorten as your movements got more needy, feeling drunk with the feeling that was arousing deep within you.
As much as Iwaizumi loved cumming to the feeling of your walls relentlessly contracting around him, he was all out of condoms, so, the next best thing to him was sending his hot cum down your throat, and he was ready to watch you take him deep in your mouth.
He ripped you off of him while you were in the middle of your orgasm, the heat in his erection screaming to be released. "Down." He growled, one hand crossed his body and gripped itself in your hair, pushing his cock down your throat while the other hand attached to your weeping cunt, plunging his fingers in while you rode out your continuous orgasm against his fingers, your throat deep on his cock. "Fuck." Were the words he'd released as he spilled his hot cum down your throat, his fingers curled in your pussy as his cock twitched in your mouth.
Slowly slipping his drenched fingers out of your throbbing cunt, he sighed out, taking the hand that was laced in your hair to now caressing the top of your head. "Fucking damn." He lazily brought himself to sit up, continuously stroking your head. You laid with your head lying on his thighs, your orgasm falling rapidly as your body succumbed to the now lack of adrenaline. "Let's clean up quickly, then we can rest." His voice sounded reluctant but he pulled himself off the bed, making your head land in the sheets as you lacked the energy to move.
"Haji~" You whined and looked up at him with the look of defeat, satisfaction and exhaustion.
He gave you a once over and sighed as he gave into his defeat as well. Who was he kidding, he pounded you close to no return and you rode the shit out of him, what energy did you both really have to care about cleaning up right now? Sloppily pulling off the damp sheet, he threw on an extra comforter and pulled you up towards him as he crawled onto the bed.
You rested into his side, your head laying on his chest and he began to trace circles with his fingers on your shoulder as you drifted off into a well deserved slumber.
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pupkou · 2 days ago
knight… knight i am… thinking. iwa who likes to be marked up. who likes a line of hickeys across his neck and chest at all times. he get pouty when they start to fade and he brats until you give him new ones.
using the term brats very loosely. you hit him with the “well, someone isn’t being a good boy.” and then he’s on his knees apologizing, whining that he’s “so sorry, wanna be a good boy, just want u to mark me, please, they’re almost gone, want new ones, please” god this man will be the death of me…
hajime absolutely likes to be marked up. he really can't stand it if there isn't more than one reminder of how you made him feel on his body, because more than anything he wants to feel like he's yours and he wants everyone to know that you're his. you know he doesn't want anyone to see the hickeys because theyre for him to feel claimed by, so you'll put them on his collarbones and on his chest and on his inner thighs where no one will see. he might even start wearing a chain necklace with your name on it if you can't keep up with his desire to be claimed by you at all times because youre right, he does get pouty if they're not fresh. it's like he's acting pissy, like he's seriously unsatisfied not being marked by you and not having a reminder of your claim on him
says that he didn't mean to be rude and he knows he should just ask for new marks like a good boy, but it's hard when he wants them so bad and when he's shy to ask. maybe a little prideful, even though he knows that you're all there is for him and even though he gladly worships you whenever you let him. he's on his knees begging for new hickeys and new kiss marks and you praise him, saying "see angel? was that so hard?" and he's agreeing, "no, s'not hard, just wanna feel your mouth on me please," and insisting that he take care of you first because he wants to earn his reward. he just wants to be good for you.
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iwaasfairy · a month ago
Tumblr media
┌─ “ ! „ MARINE BLUE
tw. noncon!, dubcon, size kink, dacryphilia, biting, blood, interspecies sex, non-human anatomy, double penetration, blood, breeding, thalassophobia, captivity, creampie, sub reader, biting wordcount. 9.5k
a/n. here she is the mermay fic that is finally done. yes it's a monster of a fic but i promise it's worth it,, i sWear i swear ♡ enjoy merman/shark iwa rearrange your guts
iwaizumi hajime x fem!reader
Tumblr media
The glimmer of the sunlight casting down on the wide open ocean is enough to make you a bit dizzy, holding up a hand over your eyes in hopes of shutting out some of the brightness. It’s undeniably beautiful, and the soft rolling of the waves brings a chilly breeze over the otherwise sweltering deck of the boat. Droplets of sweat roll down your neck, making your sunscreen covered back a little more sticky than it needs to be— but that’s a minor inconvenience to pay for a day out on the water.
Is what you tell yourself, and others when they ask. Beside you, Tobio is gearing up, yanking up his wetsuit with a little bit too much intensity and focus when it sticks on his calf or wrinkles around his thigh.
The sight makes you snort despite yourself. It’s the kind of expression on his face he has when he’s overly excited, though the narrowed frown your way would probably scare some people away. “Here, let me help,” you jump in before he rips the seal-like, dense fabric. Again.
“Yeah,” the noiret grunts. You wrap your arm around his lower stomach for stability and reach your free hand down the leg of it, feeling Tobio tense up beneath your touch. An otherwise innocent touch— but still your own face goes a few degrees hotter. He’s staring down at you as you force your hand along the length of his thigh until you get to the problem area, wiggling the sticky fabric away from his skin with a bit of work. Your hair sticks to the sides of your face when the wind picks up, but you pray you don’t look too horrible when you meet his eyes.
“I’m gonna pull it,” you say, and Tobio’s eyes flick away from your face back to his own body, then nods. “‘Kay, here— goes.” With one hard pull at the fabric it slots up the few inches and pulls nice and snug to those phenomenal thighs of his. You slide your hand back out along the side and let out a little puff of air, then take a step back to wipe your hand over your forehead. You’re most definitely flushed, nose and ears an obvious shade of embarrassment. But you are… painfully obvious, after all. “Good?”
“Yeah, thank you,” Kageyama doesn’t quite turn to face you when he says it, instead choosing to jam his arms into the sleeves with just as much enthusiasm as before, but it sounds genuine.
“Ahem,” the lithe, annoyingly familiar voice to your side chants, “if ya don’t mind, lover boy. The rest of’us are ready when you are.” Atsumu’s got his arms crossed over his chest, one eyebrow obnoxiously raised your way as you meet his look head on. There’s a short twitch of an amused smile that comes to his lips, before he sighs. “Yer’ gonna be okay up here, ain’t ya? ‘S not exactly the most fun of jobs, even if ‘a trust ya with ma life.” You nod, taking the softer look in his eyes of one of concern. Hidden under a lot of posturing and a lot of talk, but concern nevertheless. “Don’t get a heatstroke out ‘ere. We’ll be in for a little while, so drink some damn water.”
“I will, I will,” you roll your eyes, but the smile that comes to your lips is a genuine one, “thank you, ‘ma.”
He pointedly ignores your quip to help Osamu put on his oxygen, checking every tube and valve meticulously before they go. Bokkun, as always, is the first in the water, and you take a quick second to wave him out before undoing the rope around the railing and tossing the floaty down into the water for the big swimmer to grab. He says something that you miss when Osamu jumps the last bit of the ladder down, but the smile beaming on his cheeks is enough to settle you. “Have fun, guys!” you yell behind them, watching both Atsumu and Tsukki descend the ladder and get into the water.
Last up is Tobio, whose goggles and mouthpiece still dangle around his neck as he fixes the escaping bit of hair into his suit. “You sure you don’t wanna come with?” he asks, winding his arms around your lower back to pull you a little closer. “I mean, we can wait a little longer if you do. There’s plenty of gear down below, and we’re anchored. You don’t need to stay up here for our sake.” His little frown is pouty, and you’re quick to lean up and cup his cheeks. He has to dip down a little to allow you the comfort of reaching, as you lay a long kiss on his lips.
“I’m sure. You guys go have fun.” Your eyes go to his chest, then aside at the ropes of the ladder. He lingers a little longer, letting out a sigh and laying a kiss to the top of your head. “Bring me back something pretty.” You usher him along after the others, who in the meantime have connected the floaty to the weight a couple dozen feet away. A little far for your liking, but then again— keeping up with Bokuto when he’s on a roll is nigh impossible. The noiret sends you a thumbs up when in the water, and you wave him off with a small smile. It doesn’t take long before he’s reached the floater and resumes the last of the gearing up, then dives.
And then it’s just you. And the impossibly far stretch of the ocean as the bright midday sun gleams on its surface and glistens like a night sky full of stars. The warm waves and the salt bobbing peacefully against the ship belly, with the occasional hiccup or gurgle. You really do love it out here. The little alcove formed by the stacks of rocks is hidden in its shadow, running wind between the giant rocks where they stick out of the ocean strong and sturdy. In a hundred more years, these giants might have eroded away by wind and rain and the biting of its ocean footing.
But for now it is still your favorite diving spot, with the summer weather and the usually gentle pull of the ocean. Down below the surface, there’s a few underwater grottos, and a gorgeous stretch of land that used to be covered head to toe in coral reefs. Not so much anymore, sadly. Your last few years diving you’ve been more focused on the fauna— by necessity. The gentle bob of the waves against the hull of the ship calls to you, spattering into a million warm droplets.
It’s unfortunate. Your stomach still twists and turns at the idea of following them down, and you know that if you think about it too long, you’ll start to panic. And when you panic, your breathing goes short and hiccup-y and you get this awful urge to fight against your years-long collected knowledge; and that leaves you a useless addition to the team. Even just a few meters under had set you off last time. Left you sputtering and crying as you surfaced too quickly and your ears popped so hard you had to sit down for a while afterwards. It’s not fair, you think as you lay yourself down on the deck, legs still dangling off the side of the boat for the drops of cooler water.
How a single dive can ruin years of experience. But unfortunate and frustrating as it might be— you remember the darkness of the ocean. Night diving is always a bit of a gamble, that time hadn’t been a special occasion.
You remember being swept by an undercurrent, away from the guys, away from the lights. Remember your throat closing up when the water went a few degrees colder, the weight of the oxygen flasks on your back pulling you down despite your flippers working harder than normal. All scary, deafening— but then the yank. You’d never felt anything like that. Yanked a few meters deeper by a mean natured thing, the cold of it on your calf until you screamed around your mouthpiece and kicked toward your own leg.
The memory still gives you that tight feeling deep in your chest, that the ocean was victimizing you personally. You’d barely been able to force yourself to ascend slowly from the depths when you’d finally made it back towards the lights, shaking so badly Atsumu had to help you out of your gear after. Realistically, people die every day. Divers die being stupid, or reckless, or overconfident. The ocean doesn’t have a moral compass, after all. You don’t really want to become a number in a statistic.
But still, you long to join your friends again, to enjoy the perfect diving conditions to scuba around the familiar scenery yet again. You could spend hours for every day of the rest of your life and still never have enough.
You stretch out your arms above your head and let the sun warm up every fiber of you, glowing in the heat and the smell of salt winds that sticks in your nose and makes your hair a rough, coarse mess. It can only have been an octopus, you decided this only a few days after the incident, and you still believe it now. There’s a lot of them around the sandy ocean floor, hiding under rocks and nesting in the grottos from time to time, and while they are very strong, they’re not ill natured. It was an accident, you know this. So really, there’s nothing holding you from going back in. At least to splash around a little until the others return.
The time ticks by fast when you’re focused on the wind and the heat of the sun, lulled by the gentle tilt of the boat back and forth. Your feet a bit colder, toes stretching out towards nothing.
You sit up, pop the top off of your flask and down a few good gulps of water, then peer down into the water a couple feet away from you. The water closest to the stacked stone is only a good 10 meters deep, slowly dropping off the further you get away. Not even enough to truly hurt yourself if you do panic, though you’d rather avoid another incident. It rolls and bubbles under your feet, a clear, iridescent color that foams white. And you let out another wistful sigh, until your breathing hitches.
There’s a dark form that flicks through the water and under your boat, too fast to identify— all you see is that it’s big. Longer than the types of dolphins that come here. The ocean floor remains mostly undisturbed, but you suddenly jerk forward as the boat gets bumped from the other side. Your hand wraps around the railing while you stare, watching that same animal dart through under the water edge, tail whipping up a serious splash as the boat jerks again. You almost slip off the deck with the force of it. You’ve never seen any dolphin bump a boat this way either, you think in a fit of anxiety, sweaty palm wrapping tighter around the cool metal.
Your mind races with thoughts as you try to make note of what you saw, looking over at the floaty. It’s not nearly far enough not to come in contact with it if it’s aggressive, though the rapidness of the movements stay around the belly of your boat. The tail is the only thing you can really see because of the reflections on the water, but the pointy angles and fins don’t remind you of anything other than— You take a sharp breath. You do get sharks here from time to time, but Grey Reefs are small and gentle. In all your years diving you’ve never seen one this big— or aggressive.
And none of the guys are wearing chain protection suits in the first place, because there were no sharks reported in the area. You try to focus your eyes on catching where the shape should be moving down below, but the ocean floor is suddenly awfully vacant. And the wind picks up too, turning the boat further from the anchor point. Before you get the chance to climb down the ladder and switch on the red LEDs of the floaty, another bump jerks you off balance and you clamp your hand down around the rope ladder so hard it burns your fingers. You keep going down though, barefoot and in only your bathing suit as you get closer to the end of the ladder.
But the rope of the floaty isn’t there. Now, Bokuto is a carefree diver at the best of times, but you’ve never seen him forget to tie the rope in such a way that it stays connected to your boat. You panic. Despite all your experience, you get an awful case of cold sweat as your feet stand on the last step on the ladder and get kissed by the water, as you try to spot the floaty from your position. And sure enough, only a few feet out from the boat, the end of the rope bobs on the water surface as if taunting you. The ‘surfacing’ button is only a little further down the rope.
Your chest tightens as you look down below, at the aquamarine color and the soft weave of the waves around your toes. It’s fine. Everything’s fine. You’ve swam with sharks before. This isn’t just about your fear anymore now. Someone could get hurt if you don’t make sure they keep their eyes peeled. You take a deep breath and disconnect one hand from the ladder so you can aim your body towards the end of the rope, before sucking up all your courage to make a nice dive into the water.
Your body enters elegantly, barely splashing. The ocean feels a lot colder than you know it to be after sunbathing, gurgling around your ears as you force a few long paddles forward, then peek your head up. Your aim was a little off, but with a bit more reaching you can will yourself to focus only on the rope. It bobs temptingly just out of reach on each new wave. The water sucks a few degrees of your heat straight off of you, and your muscles are a bit sore, but your smooth technique is well worth it.
You manage to grab on, holding tight around the gritty texture as you paddle back towards the boat with your free arm. A tug stops you. Soft at first, you only notice your leeway is gone when the rope pulls down hard and fast towards the ocean floor and the burn of the rope leaving your palm is enough to have you flinching back. Instead of managing it back with the rope, you’re scared into swimming the other way when the dark shape appears back around the belly of your boat— you drag yourself instead to one of the low outcrops that surface just above the water edge. You’re shaking, your breath heaving wildly as you push yourself out of the water and onto the painfully sharp rocks on your knees.
You hack up some water you must’ve downed from the scare, before sitting down in the little sliver of sun to cast a cursory glance at your palm. There’s a few definite scratches deep enough to pull blood from the plasticized end of the rope, that now sting viciously from the salty water. More pressing is the subject of your panic though, as it lingers half hidden under your boat, only the bottom fin visible from your position. Though it certainly isn’t an ideal situation, you’re at least glad it’s staying by the boat. Visible to you means out of the way for the guys, and your heart rate— though still elevated, calms a little.
That panicked urge came up again, a thought that annoys you a bit too much as you spit onto the wound to at least wash some of the salt out of it. Your water bottle is still on deck, so you’ll have to wait until your new ‘friend’ loses interest. But the animal doesn’t budge even a little, staying right in place and course correcting with an easy whip of the strong tail. You have to admit— begrudging as you are— that there’s something slightly amusing about watching an animal twice your size just … sit under your boat like it’s taking a break in its shade.
“Thanks, jerkface,” you mumble towards the unmoving animal, though your mouth pulls up with a soft smile. The boat makes another noise when the creature bumps against it like the wave that splashes into tiny droplets again.
You can’t help but chuckle when you see some bubbles roll up along the hull and surface with a soft ‘pop’, pushing yourself up from your seated position. You should take a walk while you wait, let the movement keep you warm. The bit of stone you dragged yourself onto isn’t exactly big, but it curves into one of the bigger stacks where the gritty terrain creates a little cave. A soft splashing calls your attention back on the boat. And the absence of the previously tired shadow below it.
Salt water washes up over your feet as you sweep the area around your plateau for its shape, finding the ocean floor equally undisturbed. However normal all if this should feel on any other day, your skin stands on end, like an uncomfortable itch to run. As the wind drops, so does the twisting of your boat with the current. You drop your eyes to the far edge of your outcrop to study each rock as you think, only to go rigid. Your entire spine locks, toes digging into the stone. The top half of a face is surfaced above the water edge, as the man hides himself right up against your rock.
You stare, wide eyed and waiting— for recognition, maybe; or any explanation whatsoever. The guy doesn’t look familiar though. He doesn’t speak, but lingers just enough out of the water to keep his eyes on you, unblinking. It’s such a weird behavior that you’re not even sure what the hell to say, settling on a pitched “Wh— Sorry? I -what are you doing?!”
The man doesn’t respond, or move, and you can feel your anger rising above your concern. “This isn’t funny. You scared the shit out of me.” And then after a few seconds of pause, you point your thumb vaguely towards your friends. “We have a permit.” His eyes are sharp and angular and stunningly shiny, a pretty sort of watery green. You think you’d be able to appreciate it more if he wasn’t so damn creepy.
“... Dude, we’re allowed to dive here. Please just—” you swallow, thinking better of picking a fight. The guy is still between you and your getaway after all. “I can move the boat if you’re bothered.” Still no response. He barely seems to understand you’re even talking to him at all, and you take a few steps closer to get a good look.
It doesn’t… help. Your eyes go wide as you stare at the man— well… What seemed to be a man at first glance, doesn’t look anywhere near as normal as you really take it in. More accurate would be to call it a something. The creature bops unmoving in the water, not taking a breath, not blinking either. His hair colors a dark grey at the spiky ends, coarse with the salt water, and the skin around his jaw and cheeks is distinctly more grey too. It doesn’t move when you shuffle back a few steps, though it does seem to follow you with its eyes. Then sinks a few inches into the water to wet himself again, and back above the water.
You’re… floored. You didn’t notice any signs of dehydration, or of hitting your head— but then what the fuck are you looking at. It doesn’t make any sense at all, and you cast your eyes back at the spot where your friends dove a while ago, before turning back. The creature only takes his eyes off you a split second to follow your gaze, then goes back to staring. A deep sense of childlike curiosity washes over you the longer you stare. You’re unable to help it. You crouch down like you’d approach a stray cat, and shuffle a bit closer. Far enough to feel safe, but just close enough to take in every miniscule change on its face. “Hi.” There’s a dumb, long pause; before you point at yourself and say your name.
A few times for good measure. “I’m… I’m a friend.” As soon as you say that, though the creature doesn’t show so much as an ounce of understanding, he darts forward a few feet along the rock’s edge and closes half the distance between you in a blink. It scares you enough to fall back onto your ass with a yelp, hissing at the sting of the sharp rocks digging into your skin. The creature’s eyes are wide as he dips under the water edge basically instantly, his hiss ringing through your ears as you remain frozen for a few breaths. He moves so fucking fast. It’s a little terrifying really. The sound of bubbles is all that remains, before you allow yourself to peak a little closer to the edge again. His head is sunk about a foot under the water, but slowly comes up again when you stay in place to watch him surface.
Awfully close, only a good two feet away from your face. Too close for your liking. You give a little smile, then slowly sit back onto your heels. “You’re not going to hurt me, are you?” Even if he would, you somehow doubt he’d tell you this honestly, watching how a large wave washes over him and he carries on without blinking. The chill of the stone below you makes you shiver, teeth clacking. Only when you blow out a tense breath, unsure of how to proceed, the creature forces himself up a little higher out of the water with a leverage you don’t really understand.
It’s only now you really see the stark differences. Though anyone would be forgiven mistaking him from a distance, as close as you are, you can see the dark grey and lighter bellied pattern start to appear along his shoulders. Under the full head of hair, you can now see that where your ears sit, his are obviously absent, and the sides of his throat have gashes that open and close a few times, twitching against the cold wind. “Wow,” you can’t help letting your mouth drop open at this alien-like sight, looking both very human and distinctly separate.
Whatever curiosity that had sparked the creature to come up to watch you in the first place seems to get the better of him, leaning into the rock edge and pulling one clawed hand out of the water to rest it on the gritty surface. His fingers are a greyish blue, and have black, predatory nails only on the three first fingers; silvery membrane stuck between each digit. A hand that’s ever so slowly slid your way until his index finger bumps up against your knee and you’re too anxious to move a muscle. He taps the fatty pad of his finger along your knee with the tiniest movements known to man, as if testing you out, then slowly rests his hand over your knee.
You’re not sure why, but the touch is surprisingly comforting— maybe as a stark difference between the rush of adrenaline you had just minutes earlier. He, in turn, seems absolutely fascinated by your skin, poking and feeling and letting his cold fingers roam around the area. It gives you goosebumps. He looks up at you every few seconds as if to check for your reaction, before pulling back entirely and dipping back under the water surface. “Hey, wait!” you crawl forward to watch as he lingers at the rock edge, before floating back up. This time letting his entire body float up, and splashing his giant tail for good measure.
“What’s up?” You suck your bottom lip into your mouth. He floats easily, clearly very muscular torso flowing down into an equally ripped tail. It’s huge, with the same shark-like coloring going down all the way to the white tip of his fin. When you don’t move, he seems to raise an eyebrow your way, a reaction so strangely human you can’t help but huff out a laugh. He moves his tail again, throwing some water over your thighs in the process— as if encouraging you to touch in return.
“O-oh,” you struggle to come up with anything to say, “I’ll be gentle. Don’t… freak out.” However strange, the exploration seems entirely led by the creature instead of you. Your fingers brush over the colder, wet surface of his tail with just as much consideration as he had for you. It’s nowhere near as squishy as it looks, consisting of stacked muscle upon cartilage — you can feel as he flexes below your hand. He also has claspers, that you pointedly ignore to study the rest of him, but you’re glad your assessment was correct. Male it is.
You cast a glance back to his face, but he retains the same unbothered look as you slide down to feel his fins at the very end of his tail. “Your tail is very pretty,” you coo, and his fin moves to splash up a few droplets of water onto your skin.
At the very least, the sound of your voice seems to please him. He shakes you off to push his tail back under himself, flicking it a few times, before coming to hang back over the rock. Maybe with the confidence of your previous successful touch, you dare reach out your hand to his arm too, along the slightly coarser skin there. It feels a little like very fine sand, and seems to tickle him as he lets out a purring sound that can only remind you of a cat. “Can I see your gills?”
He tilts his head aside when you motion to his neck, understanding; you slide your fingers along his shoulder to the base of his neck. The narrow slits open and close automatically, and he jerks when you brush a finger over them. They’re much softer than the rest of the body, a wet, spongy sort of feeling that has you pulling back quickly. “Sorry! Sorry.” He blows some air through his nose in response, before wetting himself again under the water edge and coming back up. “You can’t stay out for too long, can you?”
No answer, of course. But you’re satisfied with the way he hasn’t left yet, and shift your legs to sit down more comfortably. Now exposing your feet, the creature only takes a second to snatch out and yank your ankle towards his face with one hand, going a little more light-handed when you yelp. He makes a clicking sound and pauses, which you take as an apology before he continues. His other hand pinches at your toes, moving them around with thinly veiled interest. His gills open and close rapidly for a few times, before he pulls your ankle again.
And again, and again, until you follow along and let the —merman— glide you down into the water, hooking your elbows onto the rock to stay afloat. He dips under your body to really inspect you, pushing and pulling your legs separately. Infinitely intrigued with your legs, he squeezes your shin where the bone sits closest to the skin and knocks it for good measure. Then he surfaces with what you can only describe as the start of a grin, exposing a row of sharp, shimmering teeth. You smile back, though it puts a definite pool of fear back into your stomach when he swims up close and starts picking at the straps of your bathing suit.
“Yes, my legs are pretty nice, huh? I,” you swat his hand away from the loop to shiver at the way he bumps his tail against your legs, “need my bathing suit though. No touching.” His clicking noises ring over the soft roll of the waves. You wish you could understand what he was saying. “You’re talkative all of a sudden.” Your laugh isn’t returned, but he seems to perk up at it anyway. The foreign sounds continue as you study the rest of his face, where little freckles sit on his nose bridge, and how large his pupils really are. He seems to notice your staring, because he grows quiet, and his brows go up like a begging puppy. The tip of his fin brushes along your shin, causing you another little shiver. And then, just as fast as you can blink, he sinks back under and disappears off into the water’s depths like it’s the easiest thing.
When you make a move to get out of the water, a harsh grasp around your ankle has you freezing up, ignoring the way sharp nails trail up the side of your body. The merman surfaces with a huff, blowing salt water towards you and you frown. But then he curls up a little closer, and you appreciate the way the rubbing of his skin feels like a warm spark on yours. He leans in to sniff at the side of your face and neck, then sinking down to your collarbones, and rubs his face against you in a stubborn sort of bumping motion.
His rough exploration with his hands soon grows a little too close for comfort to the lower half. “You got something you’re looking for?” you breathe out, turning aside a little to avoid the way his lips brush along your jaw and under your ear, hanging on with a tremor growing from the cold. He doesn’t seem to notice— or at the very least, care, and picks a nail under the leg of your bathing suit with curiosity. “Stop that, that’s mine. Mine,” you try to laugh off the heat starting to make itself obvious on your face, and ignore his narrowing eyes to softly push his hand away from you.
Something the merman doesn’t seem to appreciate much, because his tail wraps around you in a second and he turns you to face the rock side instead, swimming up behind you to trail fingers along the base of your neck. It’s awfully intimate, even when under the veil of innocent exploration. His claws drag along the veins in your neck where your cold body is pressed up against yours. He maneuvers you around to urge your hips back and up, letting out a frustrated rumble when you sink back under. “I don’t know what you want me to do,” you bite back. You watch as he dips back down and twirls around a few times underneath you, lifting your legs up and open to inspect. Before you can even think about your current position, he swims between your legs and pushes his face in between your thighs.
Your face feels like it’s on fire as you splutter and swallow. “F— Hey, h-” You shove your hand onto the top of his head to push him back down, but he doesn’t even budge, your fingers tangling into his coarse mess of hair as he grabs your thigh tight. “Hey!” You’re too embarrassed to look down as he pushes his nose against your pelvic area through your bathing suit— you want to chalk it up to just curiosity, but the sheer proximity is enough to make your stomach flip. For a second you swear you can feel what must be a tongue rub along the fabric, before you’re struggling off of his shoulders with a glow so hot it’s probably coloring your entire face. “O-okay, that’s mine too. So enough. That’s enough.”
The merman surfaces with a funny look on his face, somewhere between confusion and anger at being denied, when you push yourself out of the water and back onto your safe, little rock. He swims in a circle a few times, splashing your legs with a giant scoop of water, before placing his chin on the rock. And you force the frown off your face. “Guess you wouldn’t exactly understand me already being taken.” You reach out to scratch under his jaw until the purring noise comes back. You suppose it only makes sense he can’t speak English, but getting some questions answered would be really nice right about now.
“Hey, can you dive deep?” you mumble as he cracks open one eye to look at you, just to fill some of the silence. “This place has a ton of octopi this time of year, but I haven’t been able to go down to see any. Octopus.” You draw a little shape of an octopus in the air, then mimic it swimming with your hand and point at the water. “Did you see an octopus?” Though you’re sure it’s too hard to express what you’re trying to express in hand gestures, the merman does seem to take an attempt at figuring out what you’re saying.
Then he clicks his tongue, dives under with another hard flick of his tail and disappears from your view along the ocean floor just as quickly. A little bit of hopeful curiosity snuffs out at the sight, wringing your hands together. You suppose it lasted much longer than you could ever have asked for anyway, poking your feet into the water again to swing them back and forth. The sun on your skin is still nice as you take a few seconds to collect yourself, brush some hair out of your face and ignore the heat in your stomach. Right when you slide yourself back into the water to get back onto the boat, the dark shape whizzes along the ocean floor.
He blows out a soft huff when breaking through the surface, and swims up so close you’re chest to chest. Again. His thick tail curls around you to keep you both above the water, before he pulls up a clawed hand to show off the thing in his hand. Which you quickly recognize to be an octopus, poor little arms clinging hard onto his hand and spewing ink. “Oh my god.” He shoves it towards you as you squeak. “No, don’t give it to me! What am I supposed to do with it?” You barely catch the octopus when he tosses it, quickly setting it free. The thing darts off towards the open sea within an instant, and the merman hisses, before looking back at you with a frown.
Then he’s back under, chasing down the poor thing. When he surfaces again, he shoves you straight out the water onto your rocky platform, then launches the octopus onto it too. You feel awful watching it writhe, but are a bit more surprised by how easily you’d just been tossed out the water. You let him get onto the rock with you, and grab the octopus to hand it back to you. You’re almost in tears when you smile at him, shaking your head. “I don’t— I don’t want this. I really don’t.” A few more clicks come from him when you yet again try to release the octopus, hissing in protest. But you still carefully put the poor animal back, and wash off the ink sticking to your hands as it swims away.
Your merman is staring at you with disbelief, mouth corners pulled up in a half-snarl. “It’s okay!” you coo though, “thank you. That’s very sweet.” You sit a bit closer in case he attempts to chase it down again, and pet a hand down his chest. Which seems to douse the fire in his eyes enough to relax, looking between your face and your body a few times. His gentle purring continues when you don’t move your touch away. “I don’t eat live animals. But… I a-appreciate— the gesture. And,” you struggle to continue watching the glint of razor sharp teeth when he cracks his lips open, “you’re… you’re clearly a great hunter.”
When you try to place some distance between your bodies, he lifts his tail and pats it on the wet ground, before moving the length of it over your legs. “Hey,” you quickly say, swallowing the rest of your words when he moves over you more, face to face. His long lashes are awfully distracting so close, mouth hanging open a sliver to show you a peek of a pale, pink tongue. If you didn’t know any better, you’d swear he was about to kiss you.
“I’m taken,” you mumble, averting your eyes and pulling your hands to your chest for good measure.
Whatever he understands that to mean makes him growl, low and possessive. He says something you don’t understand, then growls again. His hand comes to pet your shoulder, running his nails through the baby hair at the base of your head a few times. It snags every few seconds, makes you hiss and moan too. And it makes him grin. Even worse, it sends an embarrassing amount of heat to your cunt, grimacing when you feel your pussy get slick. The earlier touching and now the press of his muscular body over yours is leaving you a mess.
His hand pushes against your thigh, twitching hard, which has your eyebrows pulling tight. You go pale when you look down. What you assumed to be his hand was something else completely, moving around against your thigh with a sticky sheen being rubbed on your skin. The claspers you’d earlier seen to identify him as male, are swollen and extended, and he’s basically rubbing them against your hip like he’s grinding his cocks into you. His tail is heavy enough to keep you in place under him, and his crawled hand is slid along your side when the purring continues. “Oh, fuck,” you mouth, “oh fuck.” Trying to slip out from under him makes him let out a mean growl, mouth corners lifting to show his canines.
“I’m already taken,” you quickly whisper under him again, placing a hand on his shoulder as your eyes dart all around his face, “please get off. You— I- I’m flattered, really. But you should find yourself,” the growl turns into a hiss when you push at him, “a nice mer lady!” When you get one leg from under the heavy press of his tail he snaps his jaw and clamps his hand tight around your arm, laying down on top of you. His head is nuzzled— or forced— into the crook of your throat and his hips buck against you. “I can’t,” you squeak, shivering under his huge body.
He doesn’t care. The two cocks squirm against your belly, making you feel gross in every single way. Once again you try to push him away with a sad ‘no’, but this time the merman hisses and shows his teeth in a display that even you know to be aggressive. The blunt heads twitch and curl against you in a way that feels so foreign and uncomfortable that your lungs are folding in onto themselves, with only the fabric of your bathing suit that sits in the way. The man’s eyes, despite the brilliant color of them, are narrowed and uncaring. And you understand then, that he —it— has absolutely no intention of letting your begging sway him.
The impatient clawing at your thighs is painful, course skin rubbing against yours. You’ve never thought of yourself as delicate before, but pressed under the huge —absurdly so— creature, you find yourself crying. For yourself, and what you know will happen. It makes your skin break out into a cold sweat, adrenaline pumping under you as his heavy tail twitches over you, and he tries to pull you closer in a way that sends a splitting pain down your spine.
It’s only instinct to get away. Your eyes shut and you slam your elbow forward into his throat, kicking and wiggling until his grip loosens with a surprised noise, and you scramble up shaking. If you had more time to stop and think, maybe you’d think twice about rushing over to the edge of your little platform. But you only hear your mind scream to run! get away, and so you jump. Off the rocks into the coldness of the water, feeling the clack of the pressure on your ears and head, you wildly paddle yourself back to the surface and towards the blurry shape of the boat.
Your muscles are achy from the change in temperature, head fuzzy. And there’s this awful, rapid pumping of a heartbeat that should feel familiar, but doesn’t at all. You pull your arm out of the water and drag it through as hard and best you can, making a decent dent in the distance separating you from safety. But it’s not enough. If you’d been able to think twice, you would’ve known it not to be enough. The hand is back before you can so much as brace yourself, deathly tight as it wraps around your ankle and you’re yanked down. You take a stuttered gulp of air before being pulled under into the chilly cold again, and though you thrash wildly, you can’t see anything with the push of the wave on your skull.
When the tail wraps back around you, you open your eyes despite the salty water, trying and failing to shove at his shoulder before your arm is caught too. Your heart bangs so violently against your ribs you’re scared it might pop out through the skin. But you can’t really think, because your eyes shut against the pain of the salt, filling into your nose, clacking your ears. Your head flops forward as the merman drags you through the water; and it hurts. Your lungs hurt. Your eyes hurt. The panicked feeling screaming between your ears hurts, and without anything else to do, you open your mouth and  scream.
What little sound reaches your own ears gives way for the water to fill your mouth up, the gross, unbearable taste of the ocean water now drowning you. You’re drowning. You’re drowning.
And then you’re shoved so violently back onto the ledge that you don’t feel yourself land until the water is pushed from your lungs with the force of it, and you’re gasping and thrashing around on the stone now. You gag against the salt as spit drips out your mouth and the rushing sound of water leaves your skull for a calmer blurbing, leaving you catching your pitiful breath where you try to push yourself back until your back hits a wall. Tears are pooling in and streaming down over your cheeks in full hiccupy weeps— can’t help it. But as you rub and rub until the stinging goes away, you come back to yourself just enough to realize something.
It’s significantly darker and quieter than it was. You look around through your teary eyes, finding yourself stuck in a cave. The water at your toes is the only source of light you’re allowed, every other escape showing you only stone and moss. Wherever the creature took you… it isn’t a place you’ve ever been diving. And— you glance up to the middle of the pool that laps ever so calmly at your feet now. The merman’s eyes are glowing a glittering blue, vigilantly staring at you from just above the water edge where you can see his tail flick around elegantly under the water.
“D-don’t,” you try, only to grab at your throat when only a pitiful squeak comes out, swallowing a few times. “Don’t come closer. Don’t- d-don’t come.” Your shaking hand isn’t much of a shield. The merman’s clicking noise comes back in an equally forceful manner, as he swims all the way to the end of the pool and then back. Still glowering at you. When you don’t move, he swims a little closer, letting the soft brabble of the water carry him towards you. But this time you push yourself up onto your feet and kick at the water, and hiss back. “Go away! Leave me alone!”
“Leave me alone,” you squeak pitifully, and rub your hands along your arms, and glare back. He doesn’t, though you don’t expect him to. But now you’re fucked. You can’t go into the water without the merman grabbing you, not that you’re in much of a hurry to try again anyway, and you can’t get out any other way. The realization gives way to a wobbly lip and a whiny sob from somewhere in your body, as you sit back down with your face twisted into tears, wrapping your arms around your knees.
The merman doesn’t flinch when you glare at him, only peers those creepy eyes back at you. “Go! Go away! What the hell is wrong with you, I-I mean—” Your voice rises automatically, stress bleeding out into your waterfall of words like there's no stopping it. “I’m not even of your kind! Why the hell did you take me here, w-why did —You don’t even— I… You!” Your train of words leaves you when the sound of moving water sounds again, and ever so slowly, the merman starts dragging himself up the ledge.
It’s not big, barely enough for two people to lie together, and with the chance of sliding down into the water. And he’s big. You swallow and look away when he’s still hard —harder even, maybe— and try your very best to ignore the scooching and shuffling sound as he slowly drags his long tail out of the water and gets closer and closer. The merman purrs when he’s pressed against you again, wide chest pressing against your shoulder, and his head slowly nudges against your ear. It’s gross, and you hate him, hate how his hand trails up the inside of your thigh. How he sticks his tongue out and licks along the shell of your ear.
But you can’t help but shiver, a sad squeak breaking free from your throat when he purrs louder and louder each second he’s touching you. His tail slaps the wet ground with a satisfied sigh when he moves over you more and you resign yourself to laying down on the cold, damp floor. But you can’t help it. You have no other place to go, nowhere left to flee. The mere thought of trying to run away again is enough to have your stomach flip like you’ll throw up. You cry when the merman starts nosing hungrily down your neck, licking, dragging razor sharp teeth along the heartbeat.
He lays himself half on top of you, until you can feel the squirming dicks start to reach for your center again. They flop around and move as if with a mind of their own, a nasty sort of display that makes you want to gag again— so you cling to his shoulders instead. Whatever thoughts the creature has running through his mind, it doesn’t show clearly on his face. But you want to look away from his gaze nevertheless, ignoring the revenant way he watches your face twist with every crass touch. When his hands tire of exploring, the merman moves aside a little to shove you further up the rock, almost bumping your head against the wall in the process.
Your thighs are shoved apart, one leg hauled over his arm to get it out of the way. But your thoughts are so still, so awfully quiet. He stares for an uncomfortable amount of time as he leans down to sniffle around the area— and really, that’s probably the worst part. Because despite everything, how much you hate this, hate him, want to kick and scream and pull at his hair until he leaves you the hell alone, you’re still getting wetter. You can feel the heat between your legs, soaking into your bikini bottoms and coating your puffy pussy in glistening slick. It doesn’t take too long for the man to figure out that your bottoms can be pushes aside, to reveal your cunt.
And you suppose he says something, because he stares up at your face with a weirdly calculating expression. “Shut the hell up,” you grunt under your breath despite his silence, hating the —it feels like amusement that’s radiating off of him when he dips a finger into your wetness with a slow growl, and you turn your head to the top of the cave. There’s some shuffling, before he is back over you, and this time you hold the way your throat bobs as he wraps a free hand around it. Doesn’t squeeze, but the weight of his arm alone is enough to have you gasping, tears beading back past your lashes.
Then he shuffles some more, and his fingers are pulled away from your pussy to slot them curiously into his mouth. Aquamarine eyes roll back into his skull when he closes his lips around them, and both of your breathing seems to speed up. You, for his reaction, him; to rip your other leg to slot around his waist as he nudges his cocks against your clenching pussy. His dick is colder than your body, making your tummy flutter as he presses all his weight into you and the glossy head of his cock pops inside. Stretching you wide. Your eyes shoot open as you dig your nails into him. He looks absolutely feral.
The thin ring of blue is all that is left from blown eyes pupils, big and black and terrifying. But it’s the low growling noise followed by the way he leans down to suck the crook of your neck, right below his hand that really scares you. Because his breathing is so erratic, and his hips still haven’t moved. Your own voice comes out like a small child being chastised, when you tremble under him. You don’t want him to move. But you want even less to be speared onto his dick all at once. “Go slowly. Slowly,” you beg, moving to thread your fingers through his hair trying to coach something back.
But whatever it is you try to communicate is completely lost when he seems to break his trace and the dick starts squirming inside its very tight clutch, and he suddenly pushes your head out the way. His teeth clamp down hard and fast on your neck, ripping a sharp whine from you that dies within seconds. The coat of blood you feel running down your shoulder is sticky and burning, and you trash against him. But the moving of his cock continues, like a snake curling inside your dripping pussy. And before the head even starts pushing against your cervix, your other hole is starting to receive its own needy press.
“Ohh- g-god, oh please,” you breathe out, hiccuping and whining and moaning all at once. “Please, fuck—” It’s so tight. Your entire lower half feels like it’s being stretched so wide you should fight, but you’re trembling in pleasure anyway. Your ass is filled with the same impatient motion of his second cock, both twirling and prodding against your walls, and your head snaps back. Your body wound like a spring. You don’t get to think about your orgasm before it’s hitting you full force and knocking the breath out of you, your pussy clenching and gushing around the intrusion.
Your legs shake even when he lets go of your throat to heave his upper body over you again, and starts bucking into you. Relentlessly, with his sharp nails gidding into your thigh and his heavy body sliding you up and down on the floor with each thrust, as his tongue rubs along the skin of your wound. You think you’re crying, but you’re also half aware of the desperate, whining noise you’re making as he fucks your holes so deeply your eyes cross automatically. Your toes curling where your legs are wrapped around his waist, totally unaware of the wrecked way you’re drooling and curling against him.
The loud sound of skin meeting skin each time he bottoms out and fucks you, you feel full— so full it’s a different kind of whole-ness. You’re clawing at his back, ignoring the way he hisses when you accidentally touch the small fin along his spine or how he’s gone hovering himself over your body to stare at your face, and run a thumb over your lips. Every impulse is too much. The way his chest rubs against your oversensitive tits, how his cocks seem to find the exact spot inside you to have the air forced out of your lungs. The black swimming in the center of your vision.
“I can’t, I’m-” You feel him so deep you feel like you’re choking on it, and so you absolutely miss the way your teary babbling makes a grin pull at the corners of his mouth. That wicked mouth chooses the worst time to descend and swallow your noises with a greedy lapping into your trembling lips, when he pushes his tail under himself more to raise the both of you off of the ground. The angle of his cocks sliding in and out of your sloppy, messy pussy changes even deeper if at all possible, mixing with your panting and moaning for the most slurred swearing. 
As you feel the weight of him bump your clit and his rough skin stimulates it just right, you bite your own bottom lip so hard you start to taste copper— and you cum again. But the second shudders your entire body even more, hanging onto his neck as he huffs and sighs into your neck and the rhythm becomes unbearable to you. You want to stop, yet your limbs are welded shut against him— cumming so hard your mind seems to reset for a moment. The merman doesn’t stop, and continues to wildly chase his own orgasm as he pounds into you.
Heavy weight of his body meeting yours, he seems to clench every single muscle in his overly strong body. His nails dig into the stone next to your head hard enough to make tracks, before he shudders and shoots ropes of hot cum inside your holes. You can feel as it fills your stomach, filling you up with so much heat it feels a bit sickening. You’re entirely worn when you let yourself drop back onto the cold floor that’s now become a few degrees warmer, and cry out a long wail of exhaustion. Every part of your private area is completely covered in the mess of your mixed wetness, leaving you in an uncomfortable, sticky puddle when he pulls out.
And speaks to you with that low voice you have no chance of understanding, rubbing his knuckle along your cheeks in a gesture that should feel comforting. But you’re in pain, every inch of your body feels like it’s been bruised— and you squeeze your eyes shut and ignore everything. You ignore the way he pulls himself off of you, how he manhandles you around to lick at your cunt for a few moments, and how the water gurgles at the edge of the ledge when he slips back inside. You wrap your arms around yourself as you wait, and hope for your heartbeat to come back to you.
But you can’t possibly ignore when he swims around the pool a few times, before trailing a finger along your thigh down. Or how he stops, clears his throat with an awfully sore sounding huff, and speaks. Speaks, making your eyes shoot open to look right at him. It’s totally unpracticed and gruff as it fills the small cave-in, but he lifts a brow and grins wide and animal-like. It sends icy shivers down your spine.
That’s how the beast disappears under the water edge, leaving you used on the floor of a dim cave, with no other way out.
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tamaki-jiki · a month ago
~ Iwa x Fem!reader
you noticed your hips had been a little tense and sore lately and asked your boyfriend to help stretch out which happens in more than one way.
tw: doggy style, really hot boyfriend Iwa, two slaps, squirting, dirty talk, praising, unprotected sex, cumming inside, unprepared sex, slight dry humping, slight overstimulation, cuddling, aftercare
word count: 1680
You were glad that your boyfriend was an athletic trainer for moments like this. For the past few days you have noticed how sore and tight your hip flexors were and no matter what you did to try and stretch them out it would only hurt and make it worse. It was frustrating because you couldn’t take care of it yourself but also didn’t want to bother your boyfriend due to him being busy with his job. Unfortunately, Hajime had noticed how tense you were when you would stand up, sit down, walk, and how you were struggling to do even the littlest things.
“Are you okay? You seem like you’re hurt.” Hajime asked with a look of concern washing over his face.
“My hips are just a little sore. It’s nothing really.”
“Have you tried stretching?”
“Yeah, it hasn’t really helped at all and it makes me feel like I’m doing something wrong.”
Haji felt bad because he knew this wasn’t the first time you’ve had trouble with your hips. The first time your sore hips came about in your relationship was after a session of all night rough sex. Yes it was the best experience of your life but the consequences the next day made it feel like hell so those sessions only happened after he made you stretch basically all day so it wasn’t as bad the next morning.
“Come here.” he slid from his position on the couch to the floor patting the spot in front of him for you to sit down. You walked, more like limped over, to Hajime and slowly sat down. He positioned you so you were sitting with your back to him and positioned your legs into a butterfly with his legs spread on each side. He ever so gently started to push your knees towards the floor leaning forwards to push you forward for a deeper stretch. You let out a pained moan and tensed up at the pain which made him pause for a second.
“Just relax for me, okay? I promise it will feel good in a minute.”
You inhaled and exhaled deep breaths to help you relax as Hajime pushed your upper body forward and pushed your knees until neither could go any further. He had you sit just like that for about 30 seconds and repeated it three more times. You already felt your hips be a little looser but the pain was still there. Hajime brought his hands up to your hips using his thumbs to massage the sore muscles. You could feel your face starting to heat up when you realized where his hands were placed.
“Does it feel a little better?”
“Y-yeah. They still hurt a lot though.”
“Okay. We’re going to try another stretch. You trust me?” you nodded your head to answer his question.
“Okay. Get on your hands and knees for me.”
You just froze and could feel the heat spread from your face, down to your chest, and finally landing in between your legs. Even though you know he didn’t mean it in a sexual way, you couldn’t help but react to his words and his thumbs being so close to where you want them only made it worse. You were brought out of your thoughts when you felt him gently tap your thigh.
“Everything okay? You seem to be distracted.” he maintained a straight face but his eyes had little demons swirling in them.
“Yeah, sorry.”
You shook your head to clear your thoughts and moved so you were on your hands and knees. You heard Iwa shift behind you until he was kneeling behind you with his hands placed on your lower back. You could feel the heat spread through your body as he pushed down ever so slightly stopping once he felt you take a sharp breath.
“Drop to your elbows and spread your legs a little bit more for me.”
There’s no way he didn’t know the effect his words had on you. You quickly dropped from your hands to your elbows and shuffled your knees out to spread your legs further apart. You felt vulnerable in this position but that only made you wetter. You suddenly regret wearing your sleep shorts with no panties underneath. The more Iwa pushed down onto your back the wetter you got and the hotter your face burned.
“Baby, you okay?”
It came out more as a moan and you felt embarrassed by it. Hajime cleared his throat and pushed down a little further on your back until your chest was touching the ground. Your fingers grasped at the carpet and you tensed your body up to prevent you from pushing back onto him. You felt his fingers start to glide towards your ass and slip down to the wet patch that formed on your shorts.
“Fuck-you’re so wet, baby. Oh, and no panties. It’s almost like you wanted this to happen.”
You let out whines as he started to rub your clit through your shorts making you push back on him begging for more. His other hand raised into the air and landed a light smack on your ass. You could feel yourself start to soak completely through your shorts when all of Haji’s movements stopped. You were about to move back up to your hands and turn to look at him but stopped when you felt him push himself against you, feeling how hard his cock was through the somewhat thin fabric of both your clothes.
“Haji, please.”
“Please, what?”
“Please. Fuck me, Hajime.”
That’s all it took for him to roughly pull your shorts down exposing your wet cunt to him. He groaned at the sight and gave it a very gentle slap before quickly pulling down his sweats, his cock slapping against his abdomen. He ran his cock through your folds a few times to collect the wetness and entered you slowly as to not hurt you from the lack of prep. You sharply gasp at the sudden intrusion and your body tenses up making it hard for Hajime to move.
“Just relax for me, baby. It will feel good in a minute.”
One of his hands rubbed your lower back to help you relax and he slipped in a little further each time he felt your walls relax around him. He murmured out good girl or that’s it baby each time to encourage you further. One he was all the way in, he waited for the green light from you to move. Once you felt the stinging go away, you let out a whine and pushed back into him once more to tell him to move. He started out with slow thrusts that got faster and harsher as time passed.
“Fuck, haji-you feel so fucking good.”
“Spread your legs further for me, baby.”
And you did so without hesitation. He pushed on your lower back making you arch all the way and propped on of his feet up so he could fuck you deeper. You were moaning uncontrollably by now and could already feel your orgasm just right around the corner. He felt your walls clench around him and he grabbed your arms and pinned them onto your lower back, using them as leverage to keep your back arched as much as possible.
“Just like that. Please, Haji. I wanna cum.”
He felt himself getting close also and brought his free hand to your clit rubbing fast circles to increase your pleasure even more. Wet sounds and skin slapping could be heard from what you swore would be miles away from here. Your mind was going blank and you could only focus on the way his cock hit your g-spot effortlessly bringing your orgasm closer each second.
“I-I’m gonna c-cum.”
“Go on. Be a good girl and cum for me.”
His words were all you needed to be pushed over the edge as you gushed and made a mess all over his cock, his hand, your thighs, and the floor beneath you. He came inside your slightly abused wet cunt after a few more thrusts and drove the both of you through your highs, only stopping once he could feel your body shaking from overstimulation. He took a few minutes to let his cock fully soften before pulling out as gently as he could and wrapped a hand around your waist to help you lay down, stomach flat on the floor. He watched his cum seep out of you for a few seconds before getting up and walking to the bathroom before returning with a warm rag to clean up. He gently wiped you clean before lifting you up and setting you on the couch to clean up the floor.
“I’m going to finish cleaning myself in the bathroom so just relax here for now.” he said before leaning down and kissing you on the forehead before disappearing into the bathroom.
As you were just relaxing on the couch, you realized that your hips didn’t hurt as bad anymore. You were pleasantly shocked and pulled the blanket on the couch over your body before reaching for the remote and turning on a movie. A few minutes after, your boyfriend comes out of the bathroom and smiles at the sight of you snuggled up in a blanket. You looked at him and smiled before pulling the blanket up to invite him in. He climbed in with you and moved until you were laying on top of him with your head resting on his chest.
“So, do you feel better now?”
“Way better now, Haji.”
He planted a kiss on top of your head before turning his attention to the movie playing on the tv. You felt exhaustion take over as his heartbeat was lulling you to sleep. Before you were knocked out, you thought how really, like really, glad you were that Hajime Iwaizumi, your boyfriend, was an athletic trainer.
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toshiwrld · 8 days ago
HQ MEN WHO . . .
summary: haikyuu men who are pillow princesses x fem!reader
warnings: smut, like only smut. MINORS DNI
author's note: debut to hq tumblr yas
Tumblr media
he loves to be under you, almost unmoving, as your lips glide over his. his fingers loosely grip your waist, a complete paradox to your lower body grinding against theirs as you try to get as much friction possible.
he loves it, enjoys every single second of it because he doesn't think there's a better feeling than having his girl restlessly seeking out pleasure from his body. he loves when he can see in your eyes that you truly believe you're in control merely because your body is covering his.
and he fucking loves it when a small thrust of his hips makes you let out a moan louder than the ones that seeped through your lips in the last few minutes. he's mesmerized by the light that flickers to life in your eyes, a light of a woman on a mission. so, he lets you continue rubbing yourself against his bare cock as he allows his head to dive further into the pillow to enjoy the way your juices coat him.
you try your hardest to reach your peak grinding against him. he enjoys the need, the desperation gnawing off of you to come, because he knows that when he wanted to, he can just flip you over with minimal effort and give you and him the best orgasm of your lives.
WAKATOSHI, atsumu, hajime, TSUKISHIMA, asahi, bokuto, kyotani, TENDO, YUUJI, oikawa
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aranlver · a month ago
my empty little head is so full of tatted! iwa omfgg.
He’s so big and beefy and looks even sexier with a sleeve tat on his left arm <33 And he knows it drives you crazy because when you guys have sex, you always, without a fail — manage to grip onto his arm, where his tattoo is at — as he fucks into your sloppy cunt. And he purposely wears a white tank top around the house just so he can get you riled up. And it always works because later, you’re leaning on the kitchen counter as his cock plunges in and out of your pussy. And it’s oh so lewd but it feels so fucking good. His cock stretching you out deliciously.
send in requests or your thots <3
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kusaka6e · a month ago
Tumblr media
ts!iwaizumi x fem!reader
NSFW, 18+ !!!
warnings: fingering, overstimulation, dacryphilia, katoptronophilia, praise kink, sprinkles of degradation, insecure reader, soft dom iwa ??? (idk what else this shit nasty y’all)
wc: ~1.7k
iwaizumi was really good at curing your insecurities. of course, he did the usual boyfriend thing, reassuring you that you were perfect for him and that the things bothering you were really no big deal, etc etc.
but that wasn’t all he did.
he always knew when you were feeling down about your appearance, before you ever had a chance to say anything about it. he’d memorized the way you looked at yourself from every angle in the mirror, the way the corners of your mouth turned down as you tried to hide your distaste, the long sigh you’d let out as you tried to convince yourself that you didn’t need to change. he had all your little habits and tells down to a science, so he could stop your runaway train of thoughts before it even started.
“that dress looks great on you.”
“thanks.” you mumble, still staring at the way it's hugging your hips in the mirror as you adjust the fabric for the millionth time. he sighs, rising from his spot on you two’s bed to lean against the doorframe of the bathroom, crossing his arms and giving you a knowing smile.
“it does. stop thinking so hard about it.”
“it makes my hips look lumpy.” he playfully rolls his eyes, making you pout.
“there isn’t a thing wrong with how that dress fits you. and even if you change, you’ll still look beautiful.”
you let out a long exhale, turning to look at your backside in the dress and finding that the sight makes a lump begin to take place in your throat.
“i just wanted to feel pretty.” your voice is barely above a whisper, and he swears he can hear his heart break.
“baby, you are pretty. why don’t you think so?”
you begin to list all the things about your body that bother you, iwaizumi noticing that you’re also listing some of his favorite things. finally, he cuts your rant short, lifting you up and tossing you over his shoulder.
“hajime!” you burst into giggles, lightly hitting his back in protest.
he sits down on the chaise in you two’s room, effectively sitting you on his lap.
“y’know, if anyone else said some of the stuff i’ve heard you say about yourself, i’d kick their ass.”
you avoid his gaze, fidgeting with your fingers.
“i know.”
“so, what am i gonna do with you for saying that?”
your breath hitches in your throat, looking up to meet his darkened eyes.
“you got all dressed up for me in this, and then you have the nerve to say you look bad in it?” he pinches the hem of your dress, lips ghosting down your neck as he plants a small kiss on your collarbone.
“well, i-i just-”
he cuts you off with a kiss, hands cradling both sides of your face. you’re thankful that you’re already sitting, knowing that his actions would’ve made your knees weak otherwise. he tugs your thighs onto either side of his waist, one hand resting on the small of your back. he places a kiss right behind your ear, making his way down your jawline.
“how ‘bout i make you feel as good as you look?”
he grins at the glazed over look in your eyes, finding your being flustered adorable.
“yea?” he looks you up and down as you nod, gently guiding your hips to roll against his.
he hikes your dress up a bit, exposing one of his favorite pairs of underwear beneath the material.
“you know i love these. i almost don’t wanna take ‘em off.” you falter as he presses his fingers against your clothed core, the smirk on his face only driving you crazier.
“haji, p-please.”
“please what, angel? you want me to touch you?”
“mhm.” you whimper, nodding.
he pulls your panties to the side, grabbing your wrist as you make a move to pull the dress over your head.
“uh uh, you look too pretty in this for it to come off just yet.��
you’re unable to utter another word, partially surprised by what he said and partially because he’s circling a finger around your entrance, knowing he’s teasing the hell out of you. you let out a whine, grinding your hips against his hand to try to gain more friction.
“needy, huh?”
he brings his lips against yours as he finally slips a finger inside you, using his thumb to toy with your clit as you let out a moan.
“you’re so beautiful like this, baby. and i’ve barely gotten started.” he adds another finger, using his other hand to pull you ever-closer to him. your eyes are screwed shut, your head already beginning to spin at the amount of pleasure coursing through you.
“look at me.”
“i can’t, haji, i-”
“look at me. you can look in that mirror all damn day and lie to yourself, right? look at me.”
he grins as your lashes flutter open, cupping the back of your neck to keep your eyes on him.
“see? that’s a good girl, you’re doing so well.” the soft tone of his voice contrasting with the increasing pace of his fingers nearly makes you see stars, knowing your moments away from release.
“close? not ‘till i say so, okay?” he doesn’t even have to ask, of course he knows. but the needy look on your face when he asks? he wouldn’t pass up a chance to see that.
“you can take a little more, angel. i know you can.”
“please, lemme cum haji, i-, ‘s too much.” he grins as you babble, returning his thumb to your clit and watching your eyes flutter closed again.
“say you’re the prettiest girl, and then i’ll let you cum.”
“‘mtheprettiest.” you mumble quickly, blushing profusely.
“louder, baby.”
“i- fuck, i’m the prettiest, haji.” you look at him with nothing short of desperation, clawing your hands into his broad shoulders. he nods, and within seconds you’re coming undone, sweat beginning to bead along your forehead.
before you have time to process, he wraps your legs completely around his waist, carrying you back into the bathroom with purpose. he holds you easily with one arm around you, the other fiddling with his belt buckle.
as the material comes undone, you tug at his waistband, eyebrows furrowing when he gently bats your hands away.
“this is about you. we can worry about me another time.” he grins at you in the mirror, eyeing your body hungrily.
“o-okay.” you nod.
he loops his fingers around your panties, pulling them off and tossing them into you two’s room somewhere.
“dress stays on.” you slightly frown, making him grip your hips.
“you still don’t think you look pretty?” the tone of his voice makes your eyes widen, hesitating before shrugging your shoulders.
“i dunno.”
“you don’t know? look at you, baby.” he runs his hands up your sides, cupping your breasts and fondling your nipples through the thin material of your dress. he smiles as your knees wobble, holding you up against the sink.
“pretty eyes, pretty shoulders, pretty hips, pretty pussy. you’ve got it all, angel.”
you shake your head, making him frown.
“still don’t believe me?”
“maybe a little.” he smiles widely, slipping a hand between your legs.
“i guess i’ll have to keep showing you, huh?”
he pulls his pants and underwear down in one move, slowly bending you over the sink. you stare into the sink in anticipation, letting out a gasp when his hand wraps around your neck, bringing you to stare yourself in the mirror.
his head drops back in pleasure as he slides inside you, groaning lowly.
“you feel so fucking good.”
within minutes, the only sound in the bathroom is skin meeting skin, paired with both of your moans.
“how’s the dress look now, hm? wearing it while you’re taking me so well, look at you.” he smirks at you in the mirror, biting into your shoulder as he quickens his pace. you only respond with a whimper, unable to think straight.
“all that shit you were talking, where’s it at now? still got anything bad to say?”
“n-no, i don’t.”
“you know the rules baby. say it and i’ll let you cum.”
“i’m the prettiest.” you mumble, eyes focused on anything but your own reflection.
“you’re not even looking, how do you know? go on, look and tell me how pretty you are.”
you whine as you look yourself in the mirror, eyes glazed over and hips bouncing in time with iwaizumi.
“i-i’m… the prettiest.” you’re barely able to speak through your moans, only egging him on. he leans close to your ear as he gives you permission to cum, his hand moving to play with your clit before completely riding out your orgasm. this makes you cry out, his hand never budging from your neck and making you watch.
“c’mon, gimme another.” and before you know it another orgasm is rushing through you, tears beginning to gather in your eyes from overstimulation.
“you gonna cry? go ahead, you always look so pretty after.” he hated making you cry any other time, but seeing tears pour down your face as you moaned his name made his mind go to nearly feral places.
“haji, ‘m gonna cum again.”
“say it.”
“i’m the prettiest, i-i’m the prettiest.” the phrase leaves your mouth more times than you can count, desperate for some kind of release.
“that’s a good girl. go on, baby.” you’re almost sure you’re going to pass out, thankful for iwaizumi’s strong grip on your hips as you ride out your orgasm. you barely notice him finishing on your lower back, one hand between your legs to help you finish.
you’re both breathless, your head hanging as you inhale and exhale deeply. after a minute, you raise your eyes to his, hair flipping back over your shoulders.
“holy shit.”
he grins, pulling you close and kissing your temple.
“maybe that’ll help you remember how pretty you are, huh?”
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p-antomime · a month ago
Aye baby, how you doin'? what's ur thoughts about stepdad!iwaiumi and dads best friend!Oikawa (it can be inverse too) luv u kiki!!
nonnie OH MY GOD, YOU GOT MY ATTENTION! my full attention! i was doing alright but when i read your ask i got a lot better!
୧ tws. : stepcest, undertones of manipulation, age gap, breeding!kink, spying, overstimulation, cum play, corruption!kink, degradation.
Tumblr media
iwaizumi is the kind of stepfather who is firm but makes small gestures to show his affection, he always pays attention to what you show interest in, what food you like, what movies you prefer to watch. iwaizumi is really caring and oikawa is literally the longest friend he has, especially since they both continued working in the volleyball business after high school.
and it was at one of oikawa's practices that you would end up meeting him, who is so charming and charismatic and, above all, stubborn. so stubborn that, despite iwaizumi saying that he would rather not meet with you alone with the excuse that you might feel uncomfortable; it is iwaizumi's responsibility to make you feel comfortable and happy being your stepdad, right?
but, uncomfortable? with oikawa? it's impossible to feel that way, he's so nice, so caring, so easygoing, so lovely, truly an older man who gives you the attention you sometimes lack. that's why it was so easy for him to spend time alone with you in the afternoon, with his eyes silently assessing your body while trying to convince himself that you were "off limits," after all, even though you were of age you were still his best friend's precious stepdaughter. he couldn't afford to have iwaizumi even dream that every night his best friend was busy overstimulating his own cock at the thought of his pretty little girl.
you were off limits.
or maybe not.
you could get him in trouble with iwaizumi, but it was worth trying just a little, right? even if it was just a little kiss! and, in fact, that was the idea: just to kiss you on a day that oikawa went to your shared house with iwaizumi when he was excused from training early and your stepdad was still busy, but oikawa's pretty hands went too far… caressing your waist, squeezing your ass, cupping your tits and rubbing your nipples over the thin pajama top.
it was almost as if you were asking, inviting him to take it further, to fuck you in the bed of the only guy who should exist in your life.
oikawa would almost feel guilty if your pussy wasn't so tight and your body wasn't so hot, ready to be groped anywhere. in reality, the only thing he felt was ecstasy watching you moving up and down on his long cock, so much ecstasy that he couldn't even hear the sounds of iwaizumi's keys turning and opening the door to the front room of the house.
and iwaizumi felt horrified to think that you had brought another guy home, he had already told you that he didn't want those disgusting guys from your college there! but, thank god your stepdad didn't open the door at once: there was a small gap open and he could clearly see who was below you letting you ride him like a cheap little whore. oikawa, of course. how dare him? touching you that way? kissing you that way? railing you that lewd way?
iwaizumi felt sick. sickeningly horny. for the first time in a long time, it is worth pointing out. his dick made his pants tighten around his thighs, his cheeks burned in disbelief. how could he feel like getting off in front of that scene? at the thought of seeing his perfect little girl being completely corrupted and having her pussy used as if it was just meant to be? icky! iwaizumi felt dirty and yet he couldn't stop himself before he was groping his own dick over his pants.
oikawa, on the other hand, would have already been able to see you stepdad through that gap as he pulled you down to stand still while his cock kept going in and out, stretching and rearranging. a little smirk appeared on his lips and he immediately started pounding straight against your sweetest and most sensitive spot to make you moan louder and your stepfather have some good fap material; tooru just didn't expect him to come so fast as he felt you clenching hard around his shaft for the nth time. and iwaizumi, on the other side of the door, had to cover his mouth to keep from moaning at the sight of the cum fillets running down your thighs and making a mess.
soon after, before you could even normalize your breathing or continue to fuck, your stepfather's best friend would pull out, manhandle your body to leave you with legs spread and facing the bedroom door and hiss in its direction before gesturing to iwaizumi, "you've been watching us for a long time, iwa-chan, don't you wanna feel the real thing of your princess? i assure you it's so tight you'll never pull out of her."
the door slowly opened and you tried to cover yourself as soon as your stepdad made himself present in the room, but oikawa held you completely exposed, your folds spread out for your leaking entrance with his cum to be seen completely, until iwaizumi stopped in front of your body with his cock already released from his pants.
"'Jime, I can—" you were about to say you could explain, but one of his hands placing itself on your swollen hypersensitive clit and rubbing it made you moan loudly.
"i never thought i'd have a girl as slutty as you under my roof," iwaizumi spoke pumping his cock and raising his gaze to face oikawa, "but, it's not exactly a bad surprise," he spoke pulling you forward and placing you already next to his dick.
your stepdad grabbed his best friend by the back of the neck, pulling him forward until he could glue lips to his ear to whisper, "don't you fucking dare to cum inside her again, jackass"; all while slamming deep inside you and fucking oikawa's cream deeper inside you.
Tumblr media
— haikyuu masterlist!
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