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wake-uptoreality · a day ago
His drooling face is the most adorable thing you have ever seen. You wake up early just to stare at it. The little saliva dripping out from his opened mouth as he murmurs something in his sleep that makes you chuckle every time. He is surprised why you sometimes woke up earlier than him, but figures it out when he sees your gallery full of his sleeping pictures and one photo of his drooling mouth. He becomes so so embarrassed about it and whines to delete them all. You just laugh and kiss his forehead. "I just can't rest, when you are sleeping, making that adorable face babe" he flushes and pouts, while you giggle more. He is just so cute.
-> YAMAGUCHI, iwaizumi, tanaka, KAGEYAMA, BOKUTO, Hinata, KENMA, atsumu, OSAMU, DAICHI, semi, KORAI, kunimi, ROMERO.
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tinygumi · a day ago
— starcrossed
you’ve been staring at iwaizumi for far too long now.
it’s not fair, you think - hardly sullen at all, that each feature of iwaizumi’s demands your attention.
soft slivers of sunbeams highlight iwaizumi’s every curve and plain and your gaze flits like a hummingbird, spoilt for choice. you start with the edge of his jaw where you had tucked yourself in before falling asleep, position comfortable and familiar. made just for you.
the slant of his eyebrows are sharp, thick to frame his every expression. they lead down to a nose that had pressed into your cheek when you awoke, a silent though greatly appreciated good morning.
hair remains splayed out behind him on the pillow, stray strands sticking to his face in a way that makes you ache to push them gently aside, wishing your hands could take their place in framing him. you resist how your fingers itch to reach out and trace his lovely features.
“creep.” the mumbled word cuts through the morning air, skewing your admiration’s programme as your eyes drop accusingly to iwaizumi’s lips. “i can feel you staring at me.”
you don’t bother to roll your eyes or huff a lie as you would’ve before. before you’d grown entirely comfortable with iwaizumi, before you understood patience and care, before you’d convinced him he was just as pretty as you thought.
instead, you let your fingers reach out to smoothen the old tshirt iwaizumi dons as pyjamas, fixing the sleeve that had folded in on itself during the night.
your featherlight touches continue, raising goosebumps as you trail down iwaizumi’s arm, defined bicep to forearm. the pattern doesn’t stop until you reach his hand, tracing delicate indents as your spare comes up to cradle it closer.
“what are you doing?” iwaizumi’s eyes peek open, content in his choice that his first sight of the day was you.
“you have a long love line,” you murmur, fingertips grazing the path along his palm and you don’t miss the way his gaze immediately drops in an attempt to look at your own, hoping for a match.
“and?” hajime prompts, asking for you to indulge him once more, “what does that mean?”
you look up at hajime, catching features old and new. your heart thunders in your chest, too loud for such a gentle morning, and it makes your smile lopsided and dazed, “it means i’ll love you forever.”
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siraene · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
he's simply more smitten once he watches you play with the ball and he can't help but join you and enjoy the moment.
miya atsumu, kuroo tetsurou, iwaizumi hajime x reader
tooth-rotting fluff, implied fem!reader in iwaizumi's (dad!iwaizumi basically, usage of mommy and mama)
Tumblr media
☆ atsumu opened the door to your shared apartment and tiredly yawned. he called out your name and placed his car keys down. he waited until you called back for you but he didn’t get a response. he looked around the main section of the apartment. he called out your name and placed his gym bag down, heading towards the bedroom. he opened the door and found you self-setting. he gaped his mouth open in shock, not able to process how good you were at the drill. you turned your head and smiled at him, taking the ball in your hands before gently bumping it towards him. “hi ‘tsumu,” you said as atsumu caught the volleyball and looked down. “where’d you learn how to do that?” he asked and you simply shrugged, motioning towards him. “you always do it before dinner, i wanted to see the hype. it’s kinda fun” you hum and make your way towards him, placing a gentle kiss on his cheek. “any pointers, top setter of all of japan?” you grinned as you watched atsumu’s face turn a dark red. “that sounds amazing coming from your lips,” he mutters, feeling slightly embarrassed as he returns the kiss. “let’s play at the park and i’ll give you those pointers there, c’mon” he urges you out of the bedroom and you laugh, letting him drag you out to the front door. “but we haven’t even had dinner, ‘tsumu.” he shrugs and grabs your jacket, waiting for you to put your shoes on. “we can order takeout, i wanna see my baby in action,” he took your hand with a smile and you both began to walk out the apartment.
☆ kuroo walked out of his home office to grab another cup of coffee, he walked over to the kitchen and pressed the button on the coffee machine, letting it brew. “hey sweetheart, i think we need to buy more coffee,” he called out to you, getting a thud in return. he furrowed his eyebrows and looked over at the sound. he spotted you receiving the ball and letting it roll towards the kitchen. he reached to pick it up and smirked. “since when did you start practicing, hm?” he walked towards you and tossed the ball towards you and watched you receive the ball. “i saw the ball in the closet and gave it a try, it reminded me of you back in highschool,” you smiled at him and he chuckled. he kissed your cheek and ruffled your hair gently. “aw, my sweetheart is thinking of me? how adorable,” you laughed and admitted it with no hesitation. he then moved to stand in front of you, tossing the ball once more and you bumped it, to which kuroo received back to you. the both of you continued the rally silently before you caught the ball and looked at him. “baby, you need to go back to work,” you pointed out and he shrugged in return. “that can wait, you’re more interesting to look at than a white screen.” he smiled and urged you to continue the rally, which you agreed to. “never knew you watched me so intently during highschool,” you rolled your eyes and smiled. “volleyball just happened to be more interesting if you were playing it,” you simply stated and kuroo blushed at your comment, ignoring the ball that bounced in front of him and engulfed you into a bear hug. “how cute can you get?”
☆ iwaizumi picked up your child once he came home from work and peppered him with kisses. he grinned and held him in his arms as he set his bag down and went to the living room. “where’s mommy?” he asked and he pointed out to the backyard to where you were spiking a ball against the fence. he widened his eyes in surprise and opened the door to the backyard, walking over to you. you noticed him and smiled, “hi haji, how was work?” you asked and caught the ball in your hands to give him a quick kiss on the lips. “it was the same, where’d you find the volleyball?” he motioned to the ball in your hands and you looked down at it. “i found it while cleaning out the basement. akiko wanted to play, so we did a few hours before he wanted to nap,” you softly spoke and akiko urged iwaizumi to put him down. “i wanna play with mama again!” he exclaimed, which iwaizumi chuckled to and put his son down, watching him run away with the ball and you followed. he watched the both of you play and akiko turned to his father. “play with us dada!” he nodded and went beside him, receiving it towards you. “i think our son is going pro, lovely.” iwaizumi chuckled and nods as he watched his son spike the ball. “of course, it’s in the iwaizumi blood.” you cheered for akiko when he successfully spiked and iwaizumi couldn’t help but smile in adoration at the both of you while you continued to play volleyball as the sun began to set. oh, how lucky he was to have such an amazing wife and son in his life.
Tumblr media
© kizmiya (2022). reblogs are appreciated! ☆
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rans-baby · 13 hours ago
when they think you're going on a date with someone else (pt 2)
tw // jealousy, possessiveness, implied nsfw
pt. 1 (atsumu, rintaro, kiyoomi)
you were a fellow Seijoh student in the same grade as Hajime
you fell in love when you first saw him dragging his best friend and berating him about taking care of himself 
you wanted someone to take care of you the way he took care of him, but you misunderstood their relationship, leading you to never confess
but Hajime's passion became ingrained in you, causing you to pursue kinesiology and athletic training, the same as him, but you studied at the local university
you hadn’t expected to see him at the olympics, you being on Argentina’s side 
on the other side, he hadn’t expected to see you at the olympics, in someone else’s arms
you were being tickled by one of your team members when he caught sight of you
something about you being in someone else’s arms irked him but he couldn’t tell what so he settled for approaching you
“hey y/n, how’s it going?”
you immediately flushed and jumped out of your teammates arms, telling your teammate that you would see him later that night
that irked him even more, and he was finally able to identify the feeling, it was jealousy
you couldn’t tell why but he looked angry and before you could help it, tears filled your eyes
“did I do something wrong?”
my man has never been so flustered before
“no no you didn’t do anything, well kinda? sort of? wait, first of all who was that guy?”
you were nothing if not quick-witted
“why? you jealous?”
OOF you unlocked something in him that he had never felt before
“why? you wanna see what happens when you piss me off princess?”
sobs sobs you know that you fell first but what you didn’t know what that he fell harder
Kunimi isn’t the most expressive person in the world, he couldn’t help it! it was just his nature
so that’s why when you confessed and all he had to say was, “ah” you decided that maybe it was time to move on, thinking he wasn’t interested
he honestly thought that he was being clear, you were his
but lo and behold, it was you with another classmate and were you, were you flirting? and did he overhear something about a date?
you felt someone wrap arm around your waist
“so pretty girl, mind telling me who this is?”
you face immediately became flushed and let’s not forget this man is almost 6 ft tall
the guy put his hands up in surrender and quickly walked away
“so, what was that about pretty boy?”
he hated it but he knew what he needed to say to get you to understand
“don’t like it when other people touch what’s mine” “who said I was yours?” “me” “since when?” 
he couldn’t stop himself at this point
“since I first laid eyes on you”
absolute silence
“please forget I said that” 
you prompty burst into laughter
I hope I did these justice (╥﹏╥) @hanaonesflower
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lov1ngkvroo · 2 days ago
iwaizumi haijme is used to be the one talking care of everybody, so when you come around he feels so lost because you are actually the one looking after him - and at first he doesn’t even realize it.
he met you during his last year of high-school on a random foggy day. you were one of the students that took care of the school’s newspaper and you were writing an article on the upcoming volleyball spring tournament. just like that, with a simple casualty of the universe, you slid into his life and brighten it up as if it was nothing.
you started being part of his everyday life, and somehow managed to make his days easier. you had your life together, were responsible and incredibly pretty. he saw the way you looked after the people around you, always keeping a little spare snack for them in your bag or helping them with homework. and slowly, you started doing the same for him.
it was the little things; how you made sure his water bottle was full before every practice, how you memorized his timetable (by accident, almost) and always reminded him which class was next, how you always put him on the inner side of the sidewalk whenever he walked you home…. and how, when he got sick, you visited him, brought him homework, made him soup and tucked him in bed with a kiss on his forehead.
but he wasn’t so obvious to him until he saw you interacting with oikawa, mattsun and makki. he introduced them to you after a little while of you guys being together (honestly afraid they would scare you away), even if you already knew who they were around school. the way you interacted with them since the very first day, and how they also fell in love with you instantly, made him feel so happy. they started inviting you to their trips and adventures and you were always making sure that whatever they did was legal and they’d always make it home safe and sound.
you drove them around, picked them up and packed them snacks before tournaments. one day oikawa comes up to iwaizumi with the brightest smile and a protein bar in his hands, saying something like “you really got lucky with her” and pointing at you talking with mattsun down the hallway. “i did,” hajime admits, but then turns around with a raised brow “but why are you telling me this?” oikawa raises his shoulders, taking another bite from the bar you clearly gave him “because i think you should marry her one day. i mean, you know i wouldn’t say that about everybody and i know we are only in high-school, but she takes care of you in a way nobody else does,” then the serious tone of his voice disappears and there it is, the same old smirk that made him gain all the not-so-flattering-nicknames iwaizumi has given him overtime. “also, she does the best cinnamon rolls ever! if you don’t keep her, i will,” and he just walks away.
iwaizumi is seventeen and feels all the weight of the world on his shoulders, but with you things are easier - he realizes then, arms crossed and oikawa’s words racing in his head. he sees you smiling at him, from across the room, and his heart almost grows bigger - or else, how would he explain the sudden ache he feels in his chest? - while you start strolling towards him. when he finally reaches you, palms on you cheeks and eyes glowing in a lovestruck light, iwaizumi hajime can only thank the universe that has chosen you as his soulmate. after a brief, loving kiss, he smiles at you and, even if you guys are in the middle of the school’s hallway, he asks bluntly “what do you think about getting married?”
Tumblr media
short and not so good drabble BUT i honestly think iwaizumi would fall for a mom friend and i stand by that
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defectivevillain · 2 days ago
sweet nothings
pairing: iwaizumi hajime x trainer!reader
reader’s pronouns: he/him
<<<fem aligned dni or you will!!! be!!! blocked!!! you have been warned!!!>>>
summary: You’re the athletic trainer for the Argentina volleyball team. You plan on being there to support the team and nothing more, but when the Japan team’s athletic trainer approaches you, you find yourself conflicted. 
warnings: spoilers for the haikyuu manga!!
Tumblr media
“How’s Oikawa treating you?”
You turn around from where you’d been sorting your bag, only to find a tall, spiky-haired man staring down at you. He seems to be wearing similar attire as you- polo shirt, dark pants, and sneakers. Japan’s flag is embroidered on the left side of his shirt. He must be the Japan team’s athletic trainer. You hesitantly get to your feet to face him. 
“Um, he’s fine,” you squint at the man not quite sure what to say. You don’t want to disclose anything about Oikawa to this... stranger, so instead you remain silent. An understanding look appears on the man’s face.
“Oh, I forgot to introduce myself,” the man shakes his head. “I’m Iwaizumi Hajime. I played with Oikawa in high school.” 
“Oh,” you respond, replying with your own name. You explain how you found yourself helping the Argentina team and, subsequently, meeting Oikawa. The man, Iwaizumi, snorts as you recall your first impressions. “Yeah, the first time I met him, I thought he was a bit of a dick. I was right, of course, but still.”
“Trainer-chan, how could you?!” A familiar voice interjects. You roll your eyes at the nickname, knowing full well just how many times you’ve told Tooru to call you by your first name. He seems adamant to call you anything but your actual name, regrettably. You muse on this until a sudden arm around your shoulders draws you out of your thoughts. You turn your head, only to find Oikawa staring down at you, a shit-eating grin on his face. His grip is rather insistent, and you’re starting to feel uncomfortable with his intrusive gaze. Just as you’re about to come up with an excuse to leave, someone else beats you to the punch. 
“Oi, let go of him, Shittykawa,” Iwaizumi reprimands him. Admittedly, you had nearly forgotten the athletic trainer was there. Fortunately, his statement draws Tooru’s attention away from you. 
“Iwa-chan,” Oikawa’s face turns serious for a fraction of a second, before a brilliant smile grows on his face. Even despite the sunny expression, there’s an underlying sense of tension. You raise an eyebrow at Oikawa, but he’s too busy eyeing the other athletic trainer. 
“You really haven’t changed, have you?” Iwaizumi shakes his head in disbelief. The two of them soon embark on a trip down memory lane, and you manage to leave the conversation and walk back to the team’s bench. There, you make any final preparations for the upcoming match. 
The game starts and, well, it ends. While you typically have more to say about the matches, you’re quite busy during Argentina’s game against Japan. Somehow, nearly every player needs some sort of help- whether that be with taping an injury, stretching, or anything else. It’s almost like you blink and suddenly you’re bowing to the team across the court. The post match routine happens in a flash. Few of the players have any issues of major concern, fortunately. You’re in the middle of finishing a tape job for one of the hitters when you hear your name called. You turn around, only to find Oikawa staring down at you expectantly. 
Before you can even contemplate what’s going on, you’re being tugged up from the ground and over to the other side of the court by Tooru himself. You try to protest, but Oikawa simply ignores you and continues to drag you closer to the Japan team. You hiss death threats under your breath at him, but he simply smiles, walks over to the dark-haired setter on the other team and promptly forgets your existence. Classy as always, Tooru, you can’t help but think. 
For a long moment, you’re standing at the back of the impromptu huddle of players. You’re just about to slip away when a tap on your shoulder stops you from doing so.
“Good game,” Iwaizumi says, crossing his arms over his chest. His eyes are roaming around the group of players huddled around Japan’s bench. It’s a conglomeration of both Japanese and Argentinian players. You must admit: you didn’t realize so many of the players knew each other. 
“Good game,” you repeat. Honestly, you've always felt a bit weird saying that. After all, it’s not like you actually played. You treated the players’ injuries, sure, but not much else. Regardless, you utter the sentiment and then shove your hands in your pockets, feeling enormously out of your depth. 
“Are you doing anything after this?” You sense the conversations around you fall to a quiet halt, and you can feel the burning gazes of several of the Japan team’s players. You take a deep breath, pretending that you don’t have an audience of over ten professional athletes. 
“Um, well, it depends on how whiny Tooru is,” you reply honestly. Oikawa is typically the one that needs the most attention, both with injuries and just in general. Tooru somehow hears your statement and gasps dramatically, putting a hand to his chest. Japan’s setter snorts under his breath and then slaps a hand over his mouth, as if he hadn’t been intending on letting his amusement slip. The tension that settled in the air seems to diffuse and you exhale shakily. 
“Oh, I can help with that,” Iwaizumi shrugs, walking over to Oikawa. He swivels around and leans close to the setter, whispering something in his ear. The man’s voice is sufficiently quiet, and you have no idea what he’s saying. Whatever the trainer says must be sufficiently bad- blackmail, perhaps?- because Tooru’s face noticeably pales. 
“Um, I can tape my knee, trainer-chan,” Oikawa grimaces. You look at him in shock. In all the time you’ve helped with the Argentinian team, never once has Oikawa treated his own injuries. He always complains until you feel guilted into doing it. Iwaizumi pats Tooru on the shoulder and walks back over to your side, a smirk on his face. 
“How did you do that?” you can’t help but whisper. You’re relieved to find that the players around you seem to have lost interest in your conversation. You glance over at Oikawa once more, but he seems to be busy talking to an energetic red-headed player. He must be fine, then. 
“It’s a secret,” Iwaizumi grins, a mischievous look in his eyes. His gaze turns from Oikawa back to you, and you’re surprised to notice that he almost appears to be hesitant. His nose scrunches up for a moment, before he continues. “Now, then. How about dinner?” Iwaizumi extends his hand and you take it without hesitation, excited to learn more about this intriguing, handsome athletic trainer with the ability to shut Tooru down with a glare. 
endnotes + a lil snippet!
Iwaizumi: Are you doing anything after this?
Bokuto, Atsumu and Hoshiumi: *whip their heads around to stare at the two of you*
Kageyama: *squints at you from over Oikawa’s shoulder*
Ushijima: *doesn’t give a single fuck*
Sakusa: *puts mask on, sighs loudly*
Haha. I like the idea of the entire team just watching like 0-0
Also, I didn’t really go into specifics about the match itself because I don’t remember who won. Actually, as far as I remember, the manga ended before the game begun. Then again, I haven’t read the manga in a few years, so who knows! Anyways. 
Thanks for reading :)
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iwahajii · a day ago
• scars fade (Chapter 11)
Iwaizumi’s sins cost him the one thing he didn’t want to fuck up. Yet he still did.
Oikawa can count on one hand the actual times he punched Iwaizumi in the face. This was one of them. And it wasn’t just once that he did.
This is the story of how Iwaizumi fucked up so bad Oikawa had no choice but to step in and save the day. And whether it’ll be a happy ending or not, it’s all up to you.
warning: contains cheating, explicit language, mature themes
taglist: @jcrml @on-crows-wings
then • now  • next
At the arrival of the first annual town festival since you moved, you were expecting yourself to be more at ease with the constant buzz of high-spirited people in town. You were definitely comfortable with the place and with the people now, felt like an actual part of the community after already having spent almost a year with them.
You felt at ease.
You were happy.
Instead, you were frazzled and anxious beyond belief.
Two weeks prior, you were simply distracted. Your mind so far off in the distance you kept bumping and hitting into everything and anything. When people asked, you simply waved them off, saying you haven't been getting enough sleep because of excitement, which was partially true because you really were excited for this year's festival. Half of it, though, you'd rather keep to yourself than go through a multitude of things threatening to topple over what you've built for the past months, no matter how little or insignificant they seemed compared to the gaping hole inside you.
As the people in the town center laughed at your childish excitement, letting you be after gentle reminders to be careful and to not drink coffee anytime soon, Sanae was an entirely different case. You couldn't really hide anything from the elder. She was sharper than any knife in the world, and you were too much of an open book to properly fool the wise woman.
After accidentally cutting your finger while preparing the ingredients for the hotpot for tomorrow's festival, she only sighed, bent down the sink to get the first aid kit, before pointing you to the chair by the kitchen table. Her silent commands were much scarier than worded ones, so within minutes, you were seated nice and tight on the chair, the cut already cleaned and bandaged.
"I noticed you haven't been yourself lately."
You pursed your lips together, contemplating on whether you would take the bite or not.
"I don't mean to pry, Yuki, but I'm worried," she sighed, sounding defeated and so like her age it frightened you. The woman was so headstrong, it sometimes made you forget her age.
Guilty, you bowed your head. "I'm sorry."
"Will you tell me or will I have to guess?"
It was your turn to sigh this time. Exhausted, you ran a hand through your hair, pulling slightly as you swallowed past the lump in your throat. "It’s just something silly, really,” you shrugged, trying your best to wave it off.
The woman only nodded, waited for you to go on.
"Our anniversary is coming up," you finished, sagging in your seat.
It wasn’t much of a big deal considering your current situation. It shouldn’t be, was your indignant thought, trying your best to quell the cycle of butterflies erupting in the pit of your stomach before getting burned in the acid of pain washing down your throat. Butterflies, then acid. Repeat. It’s the little things, the memories you tried your best to suppress coming to the surface out of nowhere, the everyday things, sceneries and actions that all seem to point and lead to one person, and one person alone.
But the pain was there.
All evident and raw and aching with the constant constriction in your throat and chest, the sudden urge to curl into your own body and weep, the shots of numbness fuelling you to function as normal as possible.
As much as you wanted to brush it off, it was impossible to change what felt like second nature to you. Breathed and lived for. What felt like the sole reason of your existence.
Loving Iwaizumi Hajime is exactly that. Second nature. Reason to breathe, live and simply exist.
After all these months, yet you were still stupidly, helplessly, completely in love with him.
All evident and raw and aching with the warmth blooming in your chest in the middle of the day out of nowhere, the tic in your leg urging you to run as quickly as possible back into his arms, the twitch in your hands trying to reach for a hand to fill the spaces between your fingers.
You were drowning in a sea of maybes and perhaps and could bes.
You cleared your throat, struggling to get your voice to work again.
It was a failure, and then you were sobbing, tears coming one after another, shaking with the effort to breathe between the hiccups and sobs wracking your body. Sanae remained in her seat, offering a small smile as she reached for your hand, listening to you cry.
When you woke up, it was with red, swollen eyes, a stiff neck and backache. Sanae was already banging around the kitchen when you came to, the morning sun filling the area with soft and warm light. With stiff movements, you stretched, feeling positively better than how you did last night.
"Bottling everything up meant exploding in a day or two," was Sanae's replacement for 'good morning'.
Going to the sink, you rinsed and washed the night away. After downing a glass of water, you paused at your reflection in the mirror. "I look like I have the worst hangover ever," you mused.
Sanae chuckled, clearly amused at your current state. "I'm certain you'd want to stay in, so I'd leave your portion in the fridge. I'll throw you out if I see this when I come back."
You rolled your eyes, but still felt the warmth from the woman so you strode to her side, wrapping your arms around her thin frame. "Thank you, Sanae-san."
As she pushed you away with a scoff, you snickered because the only weakness you could poke at the woman was her shyness towards skinship, which you were quite skilled at (try being friends with Tooru, you'll know). At the reminder, you sobered up, proceeding to eat breakfast to start your day of moping and solitude.
Your day of solitude was going smoothly until there was loud banging on the front door, loud enough to surprise you all the way up to your room on the second floor. Yelling 'one sec!" to the person outside, you ran towards the window, peeking to look who ruined your pity party.
"Yuki-sensei!" was Ren and Sumi's enthusiastic greeting as they looked up at you.
“Let’s go to the festival!” Ren yelled. “Nii-san said we can get candied apples!”
“Please, Yuki-sensei!” was Sumi’s follow-up.
You couldn't really find it in you to be angry at kids, you just didn't have it in you, so you tried to match their grins, waving at them. When your eyes moved behind the kids, you saw Ren's oldest brother, Ryuujin, quite the age gap between the siblings really, looking to his left with a hint of red on his face.
"Oh shoot!" You cried, moving away from the window like it was on fire. Looking down at yourself, you smacked your own head, feeling the second-hand embarrassment from your current almost state of undress. Because really, a tank top? What are you, 18?
In your defense, you weren't expecting any company at all, and it was the peak of summer.
Clearing your throat, you peeked your head, only your head, below. "I'll meet you guys at the square in twenty!"
Ren and Sumi whined in protest, but Ryuujin was already tugging them away, bowing politely before scampering away with two whining kids in each hand.
You sighed in defeat, knowing there was no turning down Ren and Sumi's invitation without going through unreasonable amount of tears, snot and pinky promises to make it up to them next time. Your only consolation was that your eyes were significantly less swollen than this morning.
Walking to the town square didn't come with a fair share of bumping into people. The entrance was packed, making the whole place difficult to navigate. You struggled, only able to relax when you reached the center that was much more spacious and less filled with people. Still, it was difficult to find one adult and two kids among hundreds of people milling about. Thank heavens, Ryuujin was ridiculously tall.
They have yet to spot you walking towards them, all three of them engaged with a group of people whose backs were on you. You were so focused on Ren's animated face as he talked, that when the man stood from his hunches, you felt your breath get knocked out of your lungs, halting you in your steps.
Ren was the first to spot you, squealing in delight as he ran towards you. He pulled on your hand, dragging you to the group as he talked too fast, pausing only to catch his breath before continuing on his tirade.
In a far corner somewhere in your head, you could hear Ryuujin mumbling about something, mouthing off one name after another, the words jumbled and bouncing in your head like it's filled with water and sound just can't pierce through.
As Ryuujin waved a hand to the man in front of you, you felt your heart stutter before exploding into a tiny million pieces as you called,
then • now  • next
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iwakodzu · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
oikawa, iwaizumi x male! / gn! reader.
in which the boys try and help you to bed after reckless night out, yet your drunken self persists they stay in bed with you.
warnings:: alcohol , drunkenness. taken place in timeskip.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
when he carries you to bed he was lowkey terrified of dropping you or not being quick enough to save you from possibly rolling off the bed ✋
luckily you were (kinda) compliant and laid (kinda) still.
when you refused to close your eyes he would stroke your eyes with his fingers to close them and then shush you (HELP IDK IF THAT MAKES SENSE)
tbh he would defo argue w you whilst you’re clearly just drunk talking
when you finally stop whining and stay silent for a good 30 seconds he’ll slowly get up and creep towards the door.
until the door handle makes a creaky noise when he tries to open it and then you jolt right up.
oikawa just accepts his fate and sighs as you walks back to your bed
noticing this, you lean forward to tug on his jersey, getting more and more aggressive as he just stands there so confused
it gets to the point where you just get up onto your knees to drag his whole arm
thats when finally he gets the hint
’do you want me to sleep next to you??’
you just nod and flop back onto the bed.
oikawa lived alone and had no plans for the next day, therefore he decided to stay if that meant getting you to have a good rest after that night.
he tells you that hes just going to change his clothes and you stayed completely still as he went
eventually he gets into bed next to you silently and makes himself comfortable
all while you stare at the ceiling blankly.
oikawa faced the wall in the inner part of the bed, all was well yet you continued to tug on his shirt underneath the blanket.
after he turned around to see what was wrong, a bit fed up and sleepy, you wrapped your arms underneath his neck and around his torso shifting closer
this was when he was simply shook
like srsly panicking but in a flustered way
doesn’t really know what to do so he just wraps his arms around you in return
he lit couldn’t sleep for the next ten minutes cuz he was so surprised at you sleeping like a baby wrapped around him like that
though he didn’t mind at all though and you both soon fell asleep comfortably
Tumblr media Tumblr media
as iwa escorted you back to your room, it started off with him having each others arm wrapped around your backs for support
then it just resulted him piggybacking you all the way to the bed since you were so weak in the legs. who wouldnt be when it comes to iwa tho 🤷
he would be a bit more patient and calm when dealing with you so drunk, not trying to get you energised or riled up in anyway
on the other hand he would always laugh at your half nonsense comments in your state, which got you slightly agitated.
after he got you all sorted, you were surprisingly obedient and just did the usual routine of going to bed with the help of iwa
he sat on the bottom of your bed for a little bit after making sure you were going to bed
but instead you were just staring at the nightlight on the other side of the room, breathing slowly and blinking rarely.
‘…you need to sleep y/n, you’ve had a long night.’
you merely look back at him and blink before shutting your eyes without uttering a word.
iwa smiled and once he was confident you had fallen asleep, he got up and was going to leave
buttt then you spoke for the first time in a while.
’iwaaaaaaaa.. can’t you stay?”
he also lived alone and had no plans in mind, though he wasn’t going to cave in that easily.
‘well… I’d distract you and you really need a good nights sleep. It’s best if i don’t.’ he tried to argue as he sat back on the same spot.
‘you wouldn’t distract me. I need you here.”
iwa simply chuckled a bit thinking you were just being overdramatic from the booze, staring at the floor thinking of what to do.
however, you pushed the blanket off to crawl behind him to wrap your arms around his shoulders and lean your head on him as well.
’don’t laugh. please stay.’
he became slightly shy after you did all that, not really knowing how to handle the situation there.
he didn’t want to move so you’d fall back but there wasn’t any other way other than doing a weird manoeuvre to get you to lay down, so thats what he did
’…fine I’ll stay, but only for this occasion. give me time to change.’
you did just that and immediately snuggled up close to him when he got into the bed, evidently really tired and just wanting to sleep then and there wrapped around iwa.
same as oikawa, he happily returned the affection and admired your sleepy state until he fell asleep himself.
though not until the next morning, he realised how close you two were that night and smiled to himself everytime he thought about it.
Tumblr media
— iwakodzu / daiyu !! —
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avery-111 · a day ago
You say I'm real to you and I feel like crying. Not perfect, not ideal but real. No one's ever told me that before. No one's ever told me i exist and thought that it was the best thing to be celebrated.
You put your lips on mine and I close my eyes, no one's ever touched me so tenderly, in fact no one's ever touched me without leaving bruises.
I come from a place where love is a sin, it is the most vile of everything human. I come from a home where loving someone as deeply as I love you is sacrilege but nothing has been more sacred to me than what we share. You place your lips on my scars, as if they're still bleeding. You kiss my neck and I can swear you've made it a shrine. No place is more sacred to me than in your arms.
I love how you hold me, gently but surely, at nights when my mind overworks my body and I can't help but cry. They say the left hand is connected to your heart. My left hand trembles even when you merely utter my name.
I've never believed tenderness was something for me, always thought it was for finer, more delicate creatures. But the way you hold me makes yearn for it.Saying I love you would be an understatement. But I might as well fall silent because I have nothing to say other than I love you.
Your letter to :
Iwaizumi, Kirishima, Kuroo, Mitsuya, Nanami
(Do I need to touch grass?absolutely)
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hajitonin · a month ago
cw. fluff to smut, pussy eating, overstimulation, big dick dilf!iwaizumi (mdni!)
Tumblr media
you met dilf!iwaizumi through his daughter. you're her aftercare counselor and she adores you like you're her mother. she's a sweet little girl that's always attached to your hip.
for the past couple of weeks, she's been trying to get your phone number to keep in contact with you and you told her that she needs to ask for her parent's permission. so she begs and begs her dad, and while he does know about you, he doesn't know you, so he ends up telling his daughter no which makes her very sad.
anyways, staff appreciation week comes and his daughter begs iwaizumi to get a gift for you. she made sure to ask you what your favorite snacks are. he agrees and has his daughter picks out what she wants to get you. the next day, she ends up giving you an entire box filled with snacks. surprised and super appreciative, when she's called for dismissal, you run along with her to thank her dad. meeting him for the first time ever, you never knew what to expect but not that! you don't expect a man as beautiful and fit as he is.
he's in his mid-thirties while you're in your twenties. there's little signs of his aging, like the few strands of gray hair that appear. his face shows that his youth is slowly disappearing and he has eye bags. he has facial hair, but not too much. no mustache and the stubble growing back. he's fucking hot and you're gawking at him. you give him your thanks and before you can head back inside, he looks back at his daughter and asks for your number.
"she's been asking for permission to give you my number," he tells you. laughing, you nod.
"yes! she's been badgering me about it and i told her that i needed your permission," you say. "i mean, if you're comfortable, im completely fine with it."
exchanging numbers, your heart pounds at the smile he gives you before driving off. after that, you sort of develop a relationship with iwaizumi. he checks in with his daughter and you always let him know how she's doing. to others, it doesn't seem suspicious in anyway. other counselors have parents regularly keep in touch with their children through them.
however, from harmless messaging, it sparks into more when you're invited to his daughter's birthday party where it's now outside of school boundaries. his daughter was so excited to see you and iwaizumi loves how you interact with her. you're really good with children as you help along with her friends and guiding them. you and iwaizumi also got to know each other, where you learned that he's an athletic trainer. you tell him you want to become a teacher and currently getting your bachelor's towards education.
he then offers a job in babysitting for the times he wouldn't be able to watch her. you gladly say yes for the extra money. from that point forward, things get more intimate with you and iwaizumi. his hand starts to linger longer than it should, eyes on each other for more than the usual seconds, subtle flirting not exactly subtle. you can't say you regret any of your choices when iwaizumi has you pinned to the bed.
your legs quiver as the bed's completely soaked in your juices. shaking, you're restrained by the strong hold of iwaizumi as he laps your pussy. puffy and swollen, they're overstimulated yet still aching for more. as they pulsate, you start to squirm in iwaizumi's hold. you've came at least twice and he's reluctant on letting you go, wanting you to cum a third time before he even thinks about pulling away.
"fuck, give me another one," he grunts. "i know you can."
"i can't!" you whine despite that same feeling in your stomach, that approaching twist of another orgasm and the quivering of your cunt against his tongue that tells him otherwise.
"yes, you can." he's relentless as he inserts three fingers and sets an antagonizing pace that has you creaming in no time. you cry out as he doesn't slow down, painting his fingers white while his lips are on your clit. your moans are high pitched and drawn out as you come down from your high and finally relax.
you're given a few more seconds to relax. iwaizumi looks at with hungry eyes, sucking off his fingers clean of your cum. his hair is disarray, little droplets of what your pussy had to offer coating it very slightly. just from the look in his eyes and the way he crawls on top of you, where his cock only gets harder just at the sight of you, you know that you'll be getting little to no rest.
and despite the squirming and claims of how you can't, your fingers travel down to his happy trail as you play with it for a second before cupping the erection that's just jumping to make an appearance. fuck, he feels huge. girth thick to where you're sure your hand can't wrap around its entirety and long enough to have your pussy aching. he hisses at your touch, cock so sensitive from the neglect. "don't be a fucking tease and take it out."
"feels so big," you whisper out and happily oblige to his commands. cock popping out, your mouth waters at the sight. "y'are so big."
he doesn't give you time to do anything else, pulling your hands that dare to linger away and into a tight hold over your head. pulling one leg up over his shoulder, you whine at the pain but endure it nonetheless. your sweet cunt is already clenching for what he has to offer. "are you gonna take it?" he asks, leaning down closer to capture your lips in a hungry and ravenous kiss. "are you gonna be a good girl and take it?"
"yes!" you cry. "yes, i will."
Tumblr media
notes. im nothing but a whore :)
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whoruchiyo · 3 days ago
ft. bokuto, tsukishima, iwaizumi, akaashi
cw: 18+ mdni, squirting (obvi), unprotected sex, allusions to overstimulation, oral (f receiving, fingering
a/n: just a quick little something for y'all (repost on new blog)
❁ bokuto
at this point, you lost track of how many times he'd already made you cum. it was all you could do to grip the sheets while he held onto your hips, legs resting on his shoulders as he fucked roughly into you. his thick cock stretched your pussy, hitting every spot to have your toes curling.
he's focused, eyes trained on the way your pussy sucks him in with every thrust. it was the same look he had whenever he spiked a ball. you were on the cusp of yet another orgasm. he could tell, too. the grip he had on your hips tightened, his pace getting ever so slightly quicker.
"come on, baby, give me one more."
you moaned, unable to get any words out. so consumed in your pleasure, you failed to notice the difference in your impending orgasm until it was too late. you were squirting all over his chest and stomach, coating even your own thighs. it dripped down his body.
he pulled out of you, the hold on your hips slackening. "if you had to pee you could have said something."
heat flared in every inch of your face, hands coming up immediately to cover it. you had to pretend he didn't exist for a moment in order to get your bearings again. explaining to him that you didn't pee on him was not what you had planned for the night.
❁ tsukishima
he's always been pretty plain in bed. rarely deviating from missionary and keeping the same pace. sure he'll spice it up a little bit from time to time, but you wanted him to let loose. it took some time to get him comfortable with the idea. and you didn't regret it.
with your legs pressed up near your head, he was hitting spots he'd never even come close to before. his thrusts were faster, rougher. it wasn't long until you were seeing stars. it seemed it was having a similar effect on him, as well, if the string of swears and groans was anything to go by.
you gripped onto his forearms, nails digging crescents into his skin. your former vanilla boyfriend was now wholly relentless. never slowing for even a moment. never faltering as your pussy squeezed around him. that's when you felt it. a budding orgasm with something else lurking within it.
before you could say anything, a moan erupted out of you as you came. you felt something releasing from you, but only distantly caring until the height of your pleasure subsided. it was only then that you realized what had happened. your squirt coated the plane of his stomach and yours. had stopped his thrusts, looking blankly down at you.
"warn me next time," he said. his words were sharp but the twitch of his cock was unmistakable. you really didn't regret anything.
❁ iwaizumi
in all the time you've been together, not once had he made you squirt. he made it own personal goal to make you. a nice challenge--that he eventually forgot about. that is, until tonight.
in front of a mirror on the floor, you were on your hands and knees, barely able to hold yourself up as he was pounding into you. he loved taking you from behind. it allowed to play with the soft flesh of your ass. but he also loved watching your face as you fell apart beneath him. this was his genius solution.
you were a moaning mess as he hit that one spot repeatedly. your arms were shaking with the effort to keep yourself upright. the tightness in your core built up, along with another semi-familiar feeling. you tried to warn him, but the words died on your tongue as he slammed his hips into you. it was the last push you needed.
your orgasm washed over you, accompanied by a rush of liquid. his thrusts paused as he watched you in the mirror, collapsing onto your forearms. his cock throbbed in your tight walls. he groaned at the sight.
a moment later he was picking up his rough pace again. he snaked an arm around your waist, holding you up. "shit, baby, do that again."
having finally realized his goal, he wasn't going to stop anytime soon. it would be a while before he was fully satisfied.
❁ akaashi
he came home from a long at the office, and all he wanted was to relieve was a bit of his stress. that was how you found yourself with him between your thighs, your hands buried in his hair.
he alternated between sucking on your clit and giving it little licks. his slender fingers curled inside your pussy. he wasn't in any rush tonight, taking his time with bringing you to your high. it was torturous for you. you were so close to that edge, needing just a little more to get there. it took a good amount of begging to get him to increase the speed of his fingers.
when he finally did, the force of your orgasm surprised even you. squirting on lower half of his face. but he didn't pull away, didn't stop the movement of his fingers until your trembling body calmed down. he wiped his face clean and looked up at you.
"i'm sorry," you said, covering your face with your arms. it was too much to even look at him. "i'm sorry."
he crawled up the length of your body, gently moving your arms away from your face. he placed a soft kiss to the corner of your mouth. "don't apologize," he whispered, kissing the other corner of your lips. "you're so pretty when you cum for me."
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215-luv · 12 days ago
aka. clingy boyfriends (๑˃̵ᴗ˂̵)
SUNA: “no, don’t you dare move that arm.” the words that come out of his mouth seem to halt you from your actions, surprising you for a fact that he knows you were going to move from your current position below him. his body lay on top of yours and face buried on the crook of your neck as your arms encircle around his much larger frame. you sigh, “rin, i’m suffocating, you dumbo. get off me, we can just switch positions right?” wrong. you hear him grunt from your neck, sending vibrations through your skin as he doesn’t show any sign of moving at all. he lowly murmurs against your neck, “then suffer.” having the audacity to nuzzle his face further against your skin as if he’s not close enough anyway. and again, you sigh. “please, baby?” you plead. a moment of silence comes forth between you two and you start to assume he’s contemplating in silence. but then he opens his lips, “no. you signed up for this eversince the day you told me you’re mine. so suck it up, bun.”
USHIJIMA: it’s become a routine how you walk your boyfriend to the gym as his hand hold yours. today was no different, when you reach the doors of the gym, you expect him to release his hand on yours and send you a goodbye. so when it took more than a second for him to let go of your hand, you start to wonder as you stare at him in confusion. “toshi?” you softly call his name, watching him as he blinks, his eyes averting from your face to your intertwined hands. you raise an eyebrow, “practice is about to start. there something wrong?” you inquire, and you could only feel the way his hand seems to tighten its’ hold on yours. and he replies, “i like the way your hand fits mine.” the genuine proclamation truly catches you off guard. and you chuckle, “you’re just noticing that now?” and you watch as a warm smile appears over his features as an unexpected sound of a tiny chuckle escapes from his lips. “no. i truly think about it everyday. but for some reason, today just seems harder for me to let you go.”
AKAASHI: you groan as you lay on bed with keiji, his arms tightly and stubbornly wrapping around your figure as it takes all that you have to escape from his grasp. “keiji, i need to go please?” you whine, and his grip on you only seems to tighten each time you try to resist. your back presses against his chest as you tilt your head up to look at him in the face. “please?” you so tried to give him your best pitiful look, and your boyfriend let’s out a sound of thought, “hmm”, you watch as his contemplating look suddenly alters to a stern expression, “no.” he looks at you as his arms around you tightens once again and you groan, “why n—“ he cuts you off with a quick peck on your head, making you look at him in surprise as a wide grin forms over his features. and he nuzzles his nose on the top of your head, “spare me your forgiveness darling. but i just really love holding you.”
OIKAWA: “forgive me for being too clingy baby, but you’re just so cute!” your boyfriend coos as he has you seated on his lap, his arms wrapping around you like a cocoon and lips puckered to shower you with his kisses. “aren’t you always like this, tooru?” you chuckle, letting him succumb himself to you as he continues to nuzzle his cheek against yours. “my sweetheart, my special one.” he proclaims, making you flustered as you try to hide the way his actions are affecting you greatly. and yet however, nothing comes pass the oikawa tooru. from your lack of reply itself, he only manages to muster up a chuckle, placing a peck on your cheek before his lips are close to your ear. “perhaps, i can’t let you go, honey. this love i have for you is endless and beyond words.”
KUROO: perhaps, he has been deprived of you, or maybe he’s tired from all his work. but as of now, you don’t really find yourself to question the current actions of your boyfriend. his hand cups your cheek as you sit next to him on the couch with your legs laid on his lap. he pulls you in for a soft peck once, then twice, and then he stares at you longingly, his other hand resting itself on your thigh. “your lips are really warm.” he says, then he pulls you closer to give you another kiss again, but this time, he kisses you longer, slower, with a touch of gentleness as he wants to feel every inch of your taste. you practically hear his low hums that manages to send shivers through your spine. when he pulls away, his lips remains brushing yours and he lowly chuckles under breath, “sorry baby. just can’t get enough of you.”
SUGAWARA: your boyfriend positions himself on top of you with his arm resting next to your head, looking at you dearly as if you’re the only precious thing in the planet. upon his gaze, you suddenly feel shy as you turn your head away, trying to hide the flustered look on your face. but of course, your boyfriend, who you couldn’t hide anything from, notices your state as a chuckle erupts from his lips. “oh my, what have i done to see such a beautiful look on you?” he coos, and you swear you hear the thumping of your heart that paces every second you spend in this particular position. before you could even reply, you feel the warm sensation of his lips against the soft skin of your cheek as he lets his lips linger there for a moment, “i have to be honest with you honey, i don’t think i could ever let you go with such beauty you behold.”
IWAIZUMI: his arms wrap around your figure as you sit on his lap, the two of you cocooned by each others warmth. you hold his cheeks with both of your hands, and he gazes at you with a flustered look—one that’s rarely seen from the iwaizumi hajime. you then lean forward, your lips connecting his temple as you give him a soft peck, the gesture surprising him while he stares at you in shock that his cheeks flushes red. you chuckle, “i just kissed you on the temple, chill.” no, but how the hell could he chill? you watch as your boyfriends lips presses into a thin line as a scoff escapes his lips, pulling you closer to him that your face meets the crook of his neck. you then feel his lips lingering on the top of your head, as if to return the gesture. “god, you always make me blush so damn much. i honestly don’t think there’s anyone like you angel.”
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wake-uptoreality · 15 days ago
Your child looks absolutely like him. Same h/c and e/c. Even the same features and personality. He absolutely loves it and teases you the hell out of it. Until... the same obsession over you starts when he/she grows up. has a lot of fight with his/her father over your attention.
-> OIKAWA, KUROO, Suna, Matsukawa, ATSUMU, Nishinoya, BOKUTO, Semi, SAKUSA, Tsukishima.
The child looks a lot like you. Making his heart go "badump~" since he has now two y/ns in his life and he will cherish your baby more than anything. gets 'the best dad' award.
-> Yamaguchi, KENMA, HINATA, Osamu, SUGAWARA, kita, Iwaizumi, DAICHI, AONE.
When your baby is born, he/she looks like both of you. Like 50-50%. But he is so happy that he barges into the room when the operation is done, the doctors couldn't hold him as he hugs your tired body. Crying with your baby with happiness.
-> kyotani, LEV, KAGEYAMA, Akaashi, Hanamaki, ASAHI, TENDOU, yaku, USHIJIMA.
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satorins · 23 days ago
Tumblr media
𝐁𝐄𝐓𝐓𝐄𝐑 𝐖𝐇𝐄𝐍 𝐖𝐄'𝐑𝐄 (𝐈𝐍) 𝐓𝐎𝐆𝐄𝐓𝐇𝐄𝐑 - haikyuu edition pt. one - an anthology
≡ suna rintaro, sakusa kiyoomi, iwaizumi hajime, oikawa tooru x f!reader
↳ strong and capable men, never falling short in physicality or drive, individually coming undone — unraveled and vulnerable to their inner tender lover — as they hold you in their arms. 
tw/cw: unedited. smut. explicit language. penetrative sex. squirting for hajime's. teasing. reader called: baby, princess, angel, babe, good girl.
✉ : these are unedited... sorry y'all haha but these can honestly stand as short individual drabbles... but it’s a pain in the ass to post one by one, so here’s a compilation so it’s easier for you to access, and easier for me to post. win win situation i must say ( ੭ ˙ᗜ˙ )੭. Also, part two will be up soon too!
here is the jujusu kaisen version | pt. two (soon)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Pistoling his cock inside of you — fast and within rhythm — the slapping of his balls against your buttocks and the squelching of your pussy grasping tight onto his cock as he penetrated in and out of you filled the heated room. Where the gasping of haggard breaths — hot and humid — as he called out for you, “fucking god, YN…” and the cry of his name as he held you close to his sweaty frame, clawing at his back as your toes curled in pleasure. 
“R- Rintaro,” you moaned out, your face planted on his neck, limbs curled around his body, forcefully attaching yourself closer to him — to be one with him. 
The sweet kisses of his lips — sloppy and wet — made contact with your naked chest, your body slightly trembling from the stimulation of almost reaching your high as his fingers massaged your breasts. His dark hair stuck to your skin as he made his way down, curving his spine as he continued to press deeper inside, filling you up to the brim, “s-so full, Rin…” you called out. 
“Yea, you like that pretty,” he cooed before he firmly pressed his lips onto yours before making his way down your throat, your clavicles, running his tongue down your sternum before engulfing your nipple as his other hand played with your hardened bud, “you're so fucking pretty, you know that?” 
The room felt thick, hard to breathe as you gasped out his name, “R-Rin please!” running your fingers through his hair, pulling on his dark strands as he teasingly bit onto your nipple, looking up with his mouth latched onto your breasts, “please what, princess?”
Smirking as he increased the speed of his penetration, curving his hips upwards to push against your sweet spot, feet stationed just under his buttocks to give him a good grip on his repetitive movements, “you gotta tell me what you want?”
Grasping hold of your legs, pulling them up onto his shoulders, grunting and panting as his tongue swiftly glided past your ankles, kissing your lower legs as he looked at your frazzled state from above, “I don’t know what else to give you baby.” And with each powerful thrust, knocking the wind out of your lungs as you screamed out his name, breasts bouncing as your whole body moved forward with every slamming of his length into walls, “you already have my cock.”
And looking down at the entrance of your swollen pussy gripping onto his length whenever he ventured in and out, your folds brushing past his member, where a ring of white creamy substance bordered around his glistening cock, chuckling as he heaved in his breaths, chest pebbled with sweat, as he lightly pushed down on your lower stomach, “shit… can’t you feel me, baby? Fuck, it’s probably seven maybe eight inches deep.”
“Go deeper Rin… I’m almost there,” you alerted. 
And pulling his head back, groaning as he leaned out while holding onto your legs to keep his balance, this new position hitting your new spots that made your eyes roll back into your skull as his skin loudly slapped against yours. “Ah! R-right there baby, k-keep going!”
Increasing his speed, yet never forsaking to keep his tempo, with sweat dripping down his temple, where his once sharp observant eyes were now glazed and dark, watching you like a predator hunting his prey, growling as he lightly bit onto your ankle before landing a soft breathy kiss to your skin, “you’re fucking mine.”
“Harder… ‘m close!” you cried out, arms unknowingly covering your heated face as he continued to pistol his cock inside you. 
And without warning, Rintaro quickly changed his position. Immediately dropping your legs to grasp under your waist, pulling you into his hips as he curved your back inward, stomach bulging forward, continuously thrusting as your breasts rampantly bounced, arms uncovering your face as you tried to grip onto your sheets, the pillow, his arms — anything for leverage, “don’t cover your face,” he warned.
“R-Rin… s-slow down!” your words slurred out, your eyelids feeling heavy, and the familiar coil of your stomach causing your legs to shake, your arms to feel numb, and your head to feel light masked your reality.
“You’re close, cum for me again,” you heard his voice.
“Together,” you reached out for him.
And taking your hands, intertwining your fingers together as he placed them over your head as his lips made love with yours — saliva trickling down the edge of your lips, teeth clashing and tongues dancing. 
Tugging onto your lips with a trail of spit connecting you both, his greenish yellow eyes returned back to their sharp self as his orbs pierced into your fucked out gaze, licking straight up the base of your throat up to your chin, chuckling as he watched your helpless expressions unravel with each thrust, “Just know I’m not done with you even after you cum, princess. ”
Tumblr media
Your toes immediately curl, soft moans leaving your lips as you call longingly out his name, “Omi.”
Your hips immediately buck forward as his lips trailed down from your sternum to your tummy, and he catches you from below, large palms planted under your ass as he's kneeled before you. The soft curls of his hair traveled down with each open mouthed kiss as he ventured onto your body, your fingers combing through his locks — affirming he’s got your sweet spot through a slight tug on his roots. 
With his hand slowly massaging your joints, easing you in to mesh with his body, his softly calloused fingers almost teasing as he played with your nipples, as he kneaded your breasts and thighs, whispering softly, “shh… baby, relax,” whenever you would whine he was going too slow. 
Taking his time to admire, to gaze, to push his thumb across your skin as he studied your reactions — what makes you moan, what makes you whine, what makes you gulp down your thick saliva, what makes your nails drag along his skin, what makes you call out his name so tenderly, so eagerly, so desperately. 
And caging you in, with his arms wrapping around your hips, just around your thighs, settling himself down as his lips never forsook kissing your body. The soft sounds of his kisses, the soft blows of his breath that tickled your skin, enticed you even more as your wet pussy clenched onto empty air. 
Sakusa liked to go just around your core, starting from your inner thigh as he softly kissed closer in. He’ll occasionally hold your hand if you were squirming too much or if you needed the extra support — the knowledge that he was there, that he'll catch you if it was ever too much. Still, on most occasions, he’ll have his arms strapped around your legs, pushing through your moanings as you asked for more, carefully observing every fiber of your being, servicing you with all that he could.
“So soft,” Sakusa murmured into your skin, inhaling your scent as he dragged his tongue along your thigh, making his way closer to your pussy. He’ll blow onto your cunt, watching you mildly twitch from the sudden sensation, only to then properly spread your folds open before taking a firm lick from your base up to your clit, purposely flattening out his tongue to take in every crevice and groove of your labia, making sure his tongue was thoroughly coated with saliva so that nothing could hurt you. 
The warmth of his mouth and the tight knot of your stomach building up immediately makes you buck your hips forward into his mouth, pushing his head deeper into your core, back arching as you felt the tip of his tongue swirl around your hardened bud — teasingly entering in and out of your aching hole, circling along the pulsing rim — while your face flushed and blood raced to your ears. The beatings of your heart loudly boomed as it muted your senses, and the thumps of each contraction caused your limbs to pulse as you trembled in his reign, softly letting out, “Omi… I- I can’t…” 
And with his mouth shining with your viscous arousal, the remnants of his service and adoration, his usual clean and perfect facade crumbled with his curls frazzled and eyes glazed over in desire, wiping his mouth with the back of his arm, settling himself into the crevice of your thighs as he positioned his cock directly into your entrance, cradling your vulnerable body as he cupped your face for a final kiss before he entered in… that's the moment when he’ll always say, seconds before he'll fully push in,
“You can angel… you can for me.”
Tumblr media
Planting you into the bed as he kneeled behind you, sitting on the back of your plush thighs as his hardened cock purposefully sat at the crevice of your buttocks, lowly chuckling at himself as he witnessed just how far he could reach inside of you, “ ‘m gonna go deeper.”
“What?” your voice clueless yet sultry and sweet, pulling him into your warmth as his hips started to slowly thrust forward, his cock brushing against the crevice of your mounds, “nothing princess, it’s nothing,” Oikawa chuckled as he bent low, his firm body caging you in as he reached for your cheek to kiss, “it’s nothing for you to worry about.”
Running his lips against the lining of your back, pecking soft kisses on your shoulders, as he slowly made his way down your scapula, your spine, kissing gently — teasingly grazing just above your skin — murmuring in between kisses as the padding of his fingers softly brushed against your sides, “so beautiful, fuck…”
Your feet brush forward, lightly hitting his sides and back, as you felt your core slowly tighten and increase in pressure with every dry thrust he made onto the surface of your ass. Taking hold of his hand stationed at your side, veiny where the tips of his fingers were red, it was moments like these that you realized just how big he was compared to you — moments where anything you did, his physical presence will always embrace you, cover you fully, make you whole. 
“Tooru,” you breathed out as you shimmied your ass up, purposely raising your hips to have him see the lining of your folds glisten with arousal, to see your ass puckered in front of him to enjoy, “fuck me, Tooru…”
“Aww how cute,” he cooed, his hot breath traveling against your skin, causing goosebumps to form at his lowly voice.
You suddenly felt the jagged movements of his hand giggling your buttocks, quickly splitting your mounds apart as he observed your puffy folds glisten and your hole throbbing, “fuckk… all ready and wet for me, Y/N chan?” he praised.
“Mhm,” you whined out, “hurry…”
Quickly palming his length, coating the head of his cock with his precum just before running his length against your folds. Closing your ass together to mimic the walls of your caverns, slowly thrusting in and out, his toned ass perfectly clenched, “so damn perfect,” Oikawa groaned out.
“Tooru, p-please… not that, I want your cock.”
“Where, tell me where you want it, baby.”
“I- inside, deep! — ”
And before you could count to the next second, before you could breathe in your next breath, before you could finish your statement and call out for your lover, you felt his lengthy cock pulsing inside of you, splitting you open as he groaned out, “fuck… so tight,” before falling on top of you, chest heaving to catch its breath.
Silently trying to get used to his length, his width, his slow penetrations hitting deep within your walls, where the tip of his head brushed just above your sweet spot, you felt Oikawa’s fingers slowly massage your back as he placed soft kisses against your shoulder and up your neck, purposefully whispering into your ear to not over stimulate you as he continued to kiss, “you okay angel… talk to me,” he worried. 
“Yea… you just scared me a bit,” you softly gasped out.
“Sorry,” he murmured into your skin, “I’ll go slow for a bit, okay?” he reassured as he placed a firm kiss on the back of your neck, his hand gliding against the curve of your ribs and onto your sides, grasping hold of your ankles as he pivoted himself so that his lower pelvis would hit right against your ass whenever he pushed in — motions slow and deep, full and throbbing within you. 
Gasping as his length penetrated deeper inside, his cock pulsing within your tight plump walls, his balls pushed against the base of your pussy, groaning into your neck as he tried to contain himself from slamming his hips into you, taking caution to keep his promise, “just know, I’m going all the way today.”
Tumblr media
“Haji!” you screamed out. Your arms about to give in, legs trembling as the juices of your wet cunt ran down your inner thigh, as you grit your teeth, feverishly closing your eyes as you tried to concentrate by counting his thrusts.
Fo — pounding his length into you, the thickness of his cock stretching you out fully as he pushed his palms against your ass, spreading your cheeks open as he watched himself go deeply in and out of you. 
“Concentrate, angel,” you heard his warning masked with a lowly chuckle, “don’t want you passing out again do we.” Hips thrusting into you, gripping onto the sheets with your face fallen onto the pillow, your cries muffled by the fabric of your comforter, “y-you’re in so deep! Your cock… s’ goodl!”
“Cute,” he groaned out, tongue running up your spin as his hands gripped onto your waists, “so fucking cute when you’re begging for my cock.”
Quickly grasping hold of your shoulders, pulling you up so that one hand locked your arms behind your back, slightly pulling you back as he fucked you with your knees anchored to the bed, while the other hand loosely gripped onto your neck while he penetrated from behind. 
“Haji, I- I can’t…” you gasped out, “I’m so tired…” 
Chuckling into your ear, his lips running against your neck, pulling your head back to land a kiss on your lips, tongue ferociously exploring your mouth as he let go of your arms to touch your stomach, and down to your pussy.
Desperately grasping onto his wrists so that you wouldn’t fall forward, moaning a second after each thrust, thighs shaking from the overload of stimulation as his fingers played with your clit.
“Ngh —” you let out as he lightly pinched your hardened bud, his two thick fingers quickly making circles against it as the squelching noise of your penetrated pussy and slapping of his heavy balls against your ass radiated the room, “you’re dripping princess,” he whispered into your ear, “you still can’t when you’re this wet?” 
Hip jerking onto your ass, where the tip of his head brushed against your most inner spot, thump thump thump, tensing up as you clenched onto his length, nails forming crescents into his skin, heat pooling in your lower stomach as a familiar feeling of your limit bursting rushed upon you.
“Let go, angel. I know you’re holding it in,” your boyfriend cooed, “it’s okay… just let go, I’ll clean you up, baby.”
Pushing you onto the bed, both bodies thumping against the mattress, his cock still penetrating deeply within as he wrapped his thick arm around your shoulders, skin loudly slapping against each other from the combined sweat and past orgasms with each thrust causing your ass to ripple from its force. 
Closely breathing into your ear, your senses hyperaware of your surrounding, sensitive as each touch felt like a burn onto your skin, slowly losing composure as a warm clear liquid squirted out of your pussy with each thrust, “be a good girl for me, and fucking cum.”
Tumblr media
© satorins™ — do not copy, plagiarize, repost, modify and/or translate my works.
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strawberrykake · 28 days ago
men that would unashamedly wear your very feminine-looking handbag over his shoulder as you browse through clothes in the store.
—IWAIZUMI, Ushijima, Aone, DAICHI, Tanaka, UKAI, Kageyama, Akaashi, MATTSUN, Hanamaki, WASHIO, Sugawara, KITA, Aran, OSAMU, KUROO, KYOUTANI, Oikawa
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m1kasun · 23 days ago
ft. Aran, atsumu, && iwaizumi !!
cw. legal age gap (reader is 30 they are 20), milf fucking duhh, infidelity, tit play, atsumu has a filthy filthy mouth, fucking on a yoga mat, breeding, degrading, oral, riding, spit, unprotected sex, one smack to the ass, marking, making out !!
ARAN: Aran is definitely known in the group for fucking women older than him and that are milfs. And when he gets tease cause of it by his friends, he quickly denies it saying it’s not true. Which is obviously a lie. You, his next door neighbour who happen to be older than him and have 3 kids. He took interest into you quickly because you spiked curiosity in him. Always so sweet, giggling and touching his beefy arm that he has worked hard for — fuck how could he not be attracted to you. And you were a divorced women? it was a win for him, atsumu would say. Your kids were staying with their father for the weekend and as you were making yourself coffee you noticed how you were out of milk. So you went to your next door neighbour aran to borrow a cup of milk. When aran opened the door he was shirtless and wore a sweatpants that showed his dick print. You gulped slightly. And that’s how you ended up with your face pushed into the mattress of his sheets, thrusting his cock in and out of your warm and tight cunt. You let out a pitched moan when he landed a smack on your ass making you clench around him. “Yea? you like that little slut? getting pounded into with my big cock?” You nodded your head and let out a cry as he sped up his pace. “c-cummin’ aran! m’gonna cum please.” He pushes your head down more as he slowed his thrust down but banged his hips into your ass. Each thrust he gave you knocked the wind out of you had you coming with a moan of his name. He bit his lip as you gushed around him, letting your juices soak his cock. Not long after he had came inside you. He pushes his cock real deep into you so you can feel his seed in you. So you can know he’s in you. Maybe his stupid friends were right.
ATSUMU: definitely a person who is also known to fuck women older than them that has kids. He has no shame about it either. His current interest was in you — ‘samu’s worker that worked at his food restaurant. And god were you hot. Your breast poking out of your work outfit and the pants of your work outfit making your ass look big. ‘Tsumu can’t help but want to talk to you. So he asks samu about you and he learns that you are a married women with 4 kids. Married huh? He didn’t care, it was no problem for him. So tsumu strikes a conversation with you at work and he finds you intriguing. I mean god — whoever guy that’s married to you obviously isn’t doing something right because when atsumu brings up that you’re married, you have a forced smile telling him that you’re happily married. Bullshit, he thinks. You two became closer and actually became friends. And you aren’t obvious to his flirting, and you’d never admit but you liked the attention he gave you other than your husband who comes home and never pays any attention to you. And atsumu knows that. And he knows you know he knows that. And that’s why when your husband took your children to see their grandparents for a while, atsumu is quick to come over to your house and fuck you until the only word you know is his name. Atsumu groans as you bounce up and down on his thick cock, gripping on e of your tits and sucking on your harden bud. You grip onto his shoulders letting out a whimper, “‘atsu, m’so close, need your help please!” And who is he to deny his love? He grips onto your hips lifting you up and switching the position you two were in so now your laying under him. He grabs his cock and you whisper out when he thrust back into you in one quick motion. He grabs under your thighs and starts fucking into your cunt like an animal. “Fuck baby— ya cunt squeezin’ ma so hard. ya liked getting fuck by me don’t ya? such a slutty whore. imagine what yer husband might think if he ever sees you whining and begging f’me.” At his filthy words spilling from his mouth, you bring him closer to you and grip onto his undercut as you come. He groans feelinfs the way you squeeze him and comes right after you. You’re about to get up but stop as atsumu pushes you back down on the bed. “Ya think we are done baby? nah, m’gonna fuckin’ breed ya until yer stuffed with ma babies.”
IWAIZUMI: Iwaizumi knew you had kids and were divorced because you were a regular incomer at his workout place. Everytime you come there he helps you with a few stretches and he can tell you are stressed. As he’s stretching you, he notices something is wrong so he asks you about it. You tell him about how the kids father is still trying to fight for custody over the children and how work is kicking your ass. And iwaizumi tries to pay attention he does — but when you let out that high pitched groan when he pushes your leg down to your chest, he gulps as he’s making eye contact with you which feels like forever. He could honestly get lost into your mesmerising eyes. He let out a cough and adverted his eye contact. He puts your leg down and says you two should take a break. You grab onto his arm telling him to wait, he looked back at you and is surprised to feel your lips on his. And god does he grip your cheek so fast and press his lips into you more to deepened the kiss. He pushes you down slightly on the mat and takes his shirt off. It’s all so quick, just minutes ago he’s stretching you out, the tension thick, and now he’s having a taste of your cunt that he’s been thinking about. God this was so unprofessional considering he was at work doing this, but he didn’t care, all he cared about was you and the way you taste. He pulls away from your dripping cunt and gives you a kiss on the cheek as you whine. “Hold on baby, m’gonna give you the real think mhm.” He said, as he pulled his short and underwear down in one quick motion. He spits in his hands and slowly jerks himself and lines his cock up with your entrance. Your grip onto his shoulders and whine when he pushes his thick cock inside of you. You pull iwa down into a kiss as he pulls out again and slams into you. You wrap your legs around his torso as you moan into the kiss, fuck he was so close but he wanted you to come first. He put his thumb on your clit and roughly rubbed circles on it making you clench around him. “baby fuck, m’gonna cum f’you please!” You whimpered out and came around him scratching and arching your back. iwa let out a groan and pushed into you as much as he can and came inside you.
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hyeque · 6 months ago
"where are you running off to?" [nsfw]
Tumblr media
note: crawling or moving away from hq boys while they’re going to pound town. this is definitely not self-indulgent I just think the phrase is extremely hot
warnings: dubcon, hair pulling, manhandling, vulgar language, degradation, slapping, choking, spit roasting, mentions of implied female body parts
featuring: iwaizumi, bokuto, kuroo, tsukishima, oikawa, kageyama, atsumu
Tumblr media
bokuto, who a man of his size, often forgets just how strong he is. what doesn't help is his never wavering stamina to go with it. his grasp on your hips is firm and surely is going to leave bruises behind. he pounds into you loud and messy, the sound of skin on skin drowning out your whimpering and crying. each time he slams back into you, your breath is knocked out of your system. "k-kou, 'is too much!" you squirm, wiggling away from his body. you attempt to push at his thighs and the frosted-tipped-haired man grumbles, quickly pulling you back so your ass is flush against him. when you try to move away again, he simply pulls your body up before turning you around so you're now facing him. you think he's finally listening to you but then he takes your legs and throws them over his shoulders. pressing them up further to your chest so that you are in a mating press, he groans when he sinks back into you. there's an obscene squelch from how wet and messy the two of you are and you can’t help but clench around him. he bites and nibbles on your ear before saying, "baby, don't be difficult. let me fuck you like how I know you need to be fucked, okay?"
atsumu who gets antsy at a team dinner because he can’t get over how beautiful you look. from the minute you stepped in you have had several people turning their heads to look at you. he’s very proud of having you as his significant other and puffs out his chest, bragging about you to whoever he can whenever because he knows he’s lucky. but eventually he starts to get pouty when he feels like eyes have been lingering on you for too long. the setter politely announces you two need to leave early, only for him to drag you inside the backseat of his car to fuck you out of possessiveness. your legs are over his shoulders as he rams into you. eyes roll to the back of your head as he hits your sweet spot repeatedly. but after both of you cum once, atsumu’s pace doesn’t falter. it’s clear you both are too sensitive right now but he ignores that. you find yourself scooting your shaking upper body towards the door and against the window. atsumu only pouts before he grabs your neck and pins you even harder to the seat. "w-why are ya trying to run away? depriving me of ma pussy is so rude baby. its mine, right? and this fat cock is nobody’s but yers, so just sit tight and take it.”
oikawa taunts you for whining and saying that "it's too much". he prides himself in the fact that he knows his dick is a lot to handle but he also prides himself in knowing that you're a slutty whore who can take whatever, and whoever-even his best friend at the same time as him. you didn't know that iwaizumi had been watching the two of you fuck. and you didn't know that oikawa brought him to join you two. that’s how you find yourself stuffed and filled with two cocks. both men relieving their stress by using you. oikawa takes your sweet ass and iwa fills your pretty mouth up with his delicious cock. the athletic trainer grunts as he fucks your mouth, blessed that at least once he could experience what it felt like. oikawa’s eyes are zeroed in on your cunt and how you suck him in. you feel so full and overwhelmed that you try to move back from both men. your restlessness doesn’t go unoticed by oikawa and he slaps your ass. “don’t move, not until all your holes have been stuffed full.” the setter snaps. he thrusts so hard into you from behind that you end up taking more of iwa in your throat. he moans loudly at the motion and the gagging come from your mouth. he then laughs and tilts your head up so you’re looking at him before saying, “yeah princess-mmhm fuck-don’t run away. it’s rude not to finish your meal.”
kuroo who absolutely gets drunk off of watching the two of you fuck in front of the mirror. he loves seeing and hearing all the cries and whimpers that come out of you, and bursts of pride run through him because he knows he’s the cause of it. but one thing that will drive him absolutely insane is eye contact. when he looks at you through the mirror while balls deep in your cunt, he can’t help but move his hips faster. harder. this motion causes you to cry out and attempt to move away from him due to how harsh he is. kuroo only scowls before he grabs you by your hair and pulls your body flush to his chest. your back arches against him and he doesn’t hesitate to ruthlessly drive into you so that you’re seeing stars. the fucking is obscenely loud but he doesn’t hesitate to bend down and say into your ear, “where are you going? i’m not done with you yet. not until you get to fully see how fucked dumb you can be from my cock. that’ll teach you not to run away from me.”
kageyama who came home from practice still high on adrenaline. you’re making dinner in the kitchen and greet him sweetly when he comes to say hi. something is odd about the way he is unusually quiet. that confusion is quickly gone once you feel him slither his arms around your waist, hard on pressing into your back. next thing you know, you’re bent over the kitchen counter whining out pleas of, “slow down tobio” and, “too much too much!” while he’s pounding your ass. you try to squirm your way from between him and the surface and feel his grip on your hips tighten before pinning you harder against the counter. now you could really feel every inch of his cock inside of you. kageyama whines and buries his head in your neck, kissing the sensitive skin. he shuts his eyes tight as the only thing he can think of is your addicting cunt and it’s warmth. “baby please, need to feel all of you. need to be buried so deep in your pretty pussy. you can let me have this, yea? don’t runaway, need to be as close to you as possible. gonna fill you up so good.”
tsukishima who cant stand how annoyingly attractive you are. it’s much worse over time as your relationship has established because you know exactly how to rile him up. so when you show up to one of his volleyball practices for the sendai frogs, short skirt and thigh highs, flirting with everyone in plain sight–he sees red. he’s eerily quiet on the drive home, neither talking nor looking at you at all. when you reach the front door you feel bad by that point and open your mouth to apologize. “i-” “shut the fuck up.” he snaps. the next few events happen fast when he’s storming over to you, carrying and throwing you onto your shared bed. he pulls your underwear to the side, pushing his shorts and briefs to his ankles before sheathing into you hard. his hulking figure consumes you and it’s all too much for your senses, causing you to babble and cry. you try to discreetly scoot yourself up in the bed so he won’t notice but freeze when you hear a cold chuckle and harsh yank on your body. “who the fuck said you could runaway? brats like you need to fully take their punishment. stay fucking still or i’m gonna fuck your ass so hard you’ll be struggling to remember how to walk.”
Tumblr media
do not copy and or repost. likes, reblogs, and comments are appreciated though. (c) 2022 hyque
Tumblr media
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