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#iwaizumi x reader
gojosflame · a day ago
haikyuu doms when you try to choke them <3
Tumblr media
cw : choking, slightly bratty reader, thigh riding, dumbification, condescending men lmao, light spanking
note : horny hours, wishing these men were real to put me in my place <//3 a little something to post while i work on my gojo fic
now playing : won't bite by doja cat ft. smino
1:25 ───〇─── 3:15
⇄ ◃◃ ⅠⅠ ▹▹ ↻
Tumblr media
you're on top of him, head thrown back and riding him at a steady pace, face contorted in pleasure as his tip hits your cervix. he is part lying on his back, leaning against the headboard as he perches himself on his elbows , mesmerized by how your breasts bounce every time you move. you take this chance to try something you've been thinking of recently, you lean forward and place both your hands on his throat, lightly choking him as you increase your pace. he is startled at first but then he smirks at you, clearly amused. he takes your free thumb into his mouth and sucks on it with a wink, right before grabbing your hips and slamming you on his dick. thrusts up into you like an animal and smiles when he sees your eyes roll back as you cling to him for support, "its cute that you tried baby"
↳ oikawa asfff, daichi!!, kuroo, osamu, matsukawa, akaashi, sugawara, sakusa, meian
he is sitting on a couch, hands folded behind his head and a condescending smirk on his face as he watches you desperately ride his thigh. you have placed both your hands on his chest for support, rolling your hips as you chase your high. he looks at your slick pooling on his thigh and groans, "poor baby can't even make herself cum?" you look up to meet his mocking gaze, so frustrated and angry, it takes over you as you shift one of your hands from his chest up to his neck; choking him as you roll your hips faster. he quirks one eyebrow and chuckles "oh you wanna play this game huh?". he brings his hand to choke you even harder, pulling you in for a messy kiss. he spanks your ass with his other hand and then pinches your clit, laughing at the squeal you let out
↳ tsukishima!!, kageyama!, ushijima, terushima, iwaizumi, bokuto, kita, atsumu, tanaka
Tumblr media
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yutari · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
feat. iwaizumi hajime, kuroo tetsurō, bokuto kōtarō, sakusa kiyoomi, matsukawa issei, miya atsumu, akaashi keiji, sawamura daichi
warnings. suggestive <3
Tumblr media
IWAIZUMI lets his hand slip beneath the hem of your shirt whenever his fingers curl around your waist. he’ll scratch his nails across your skin and, if he’s been outside and his hands are cold, sneak them onto your back just to watch the way you jump. (and after you do, he’ll laugh, and bury his cold nose into your collar).
KUROO presses kisses behind your ears. he’ll brush your hair out of the way and let his lips trail from below your ear and down your jawline. you can always feel the way a smile begins to carve into his cheeks whenever he does, and he’ll always whisper little words of ardor into your skin when he’s done.
BOKUTO gets a little crooked smile whenever you laugh at something he says. it’s the kind of smile that you want to savor, one that isn’t as bright as his usual ones, one that’s reserved only for little moments. but it’s something about the crinkle at the corner’s of his eyes, something about the way he leans in and smiles like he couldn’t care about anything else when you’re laughing in front of him. you know he’s entirely dedicated to you in those moments.
SAKUSA furrows his brows when he concentrates. sometimes, you can see it on the court, the way he draws his brows together and pulls his bottom lip between his teeth. he does it if he’s studying too, but other times, like when he’s laying in bed and brushing the hair out of your eyes, his fingers following the contours of your face, he’ll furrow his brows with a little smile pulling at the corners of his lips.
MATSUKAWA leans back in his chair and swirls whatever he’s drinking (scotch, more likely than anything), and he’ll watch you with these half-lidded eyes, his tongue poking at his cheek, drawing his gaze up and down as you speak. his cheeks are a little flushed, an easy smile pulling at his lips as he tilts his head and just listens.
ATSUMU always brushes your hair out of your face. no matter where he is in conversation, he’ll lean in ghost his fingertips across your face and tuck your hair behind your ear. if he’s not in the middle of telling a joke, if it’s a sweet moment, he’ll trace his thumb along the curves of your cheek before pressing a kiss to the tip of your nose.
AKAASHI always asks you to roll up his sleeves when he wears a button up. the first few times, he’d ask you quietly in the morning, partnered with a whispered hello and a kiss to your cheek. now, though, you’re already standing in front of him, and he’s sleepily letting you guide him through the motions. he’s all half-lidded eyes and sloppy smiles, dragging your hands up to his lips to press kisses to your wrists.
DAICHI leans down to speak to you or to hear you in crowded places. he’ll bring his lips right next to your ear as he speaks, his voice low and a little gravelly, his laughter sweet when he sees the way goosebumps raise up and down your body at his tone. he does it to tease you sometimes, just to watch the way you react.
BONUS BRAINROT ❤︎ iwaizumi presses his fingertips into your thigh as he drives, one hand on the wheel and his thumb moving back and forth along your skin. kuroo makes you tie his ties for him, just to have you close to him in the mornings. sakusa and akaashi both mess with rings on their fingers whenever they get nervous. daichi, iwaizumi, matsukawa and kuroo wink at you whenever they catch you staring. matsukawa hums whenever he cooks or whenever he gets especially concentrated on something. atsumu likes to bite your lip before he pulls away from kissing you.
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fsrintaro · 2 days ago
types of kisses with hq men
Tumblr media
## ft. sakusa kiyoomi, suna rintaro, kageyama tobio, iwaizumi hajime
## a/n. i just wanna give a kiss to all these bous because theyre adorable and deserve it ;-;; also i erm got carried away with suna and iwaizumi in case you couldn’t tell hehehe
## warnings. heavy smooch smooch, sickening fluff from iwa’s part, suggestive if you squint at suna’s part
inspiration from this post <3
part 2 (w/ kuroo)
Tumblr media
the “we really shouldn’t be doing this.” kisses
making out in the closet was really one of the most ‘teenager-esque’ shenanigans that you and SAKUSA KIYOOMI has pulled. currently, what you were supposed to be doing was sitting prettily next to sakusa, your hand clasped in his as the two of you laugh at the story that one of your old classmate is reminiscing about at the reunion dinner. yet, all it took was one speech that bored sakusa to near death for him to grab your hand, pulling you to the corridors. he flung opened the door and forced the two of you in it.
and here you are, your hair dishevelled from sakusa’s fingers grabbing and weaving through your hair and his blazer tossed haphazardly towards the ground. a guttural moan escaped sakusa’s lips as he caught sight of how smudged your lipstick was from.
“w-we really shouldn’t be doing-mmmm ah- this now, omi.” you whimpered against your lips. it has seemed that your body has betrayed you when you unconsciously rolled your hips in the air when sakusa laid open-mouthed kisses on your shoulder.
“it doesn’t seem like you want to stop though, love.” you felt his lips curved upwards against your skin as he mused. “but if you want to go back so badly, then…”
deep down, you were disappointed to have to pull away but confusion soon settled in as why would omi give in so easily?
your question was answered when sakusa attacked your neck with his teeth, making wet suckling noises as he nibbled at your neck. he pecked you on the lips one last time before he pulled away admire his work of dark blue blooming on your neck. taking your hand in one and his blazer in the other, he opened the door to bring you back to the dinner.
as you walked through the corridor, guests that were lining the area gasped as their eyes zoned into your neck. feeling self-conscious all of the sudden, your hand darted to your neck to hide it from them.
“don’t hide it, love. you look so sexy with it.” omi shot you a wink. he almost shrieked when you pinched his underarm.
the “we’re so late for work but that is a problem for later.” kisses
“honey, where are my knee pads?” SUNA RINTARO called out from the front door as his hands frantically pats himself down to check if he is forgetting anything else.
with one hand, you made sure to grab his knee pads from the hanger as you rushed out of the kitchen, the other holding both of your bento boxes. with road congestion in tow, you weren’t sure that you would be able to drive you and suna to work on time.
“wallet? your ID?”
“check…and check.” you huffed as your hand scrambled through your bag to see if you have taken everything.
if only you were looking at suna, you would have seen how he was looking at you with glazed eyes that were fixed on memorising your features. he would be seeing you again tonight after your work but his heart can’t help but clench at the thought of the hours that he will spend in training, away from you. he finds it silly but he always gets down whenever the two of you are at your door, about to part. clingy much? suna scoffed to himself. well, this was your effect on him after all.
you felt a pair of arms slither around your torso and pulling you towards them. colliding with suna’s firm chest with a small thud, you tilted your head up to face his that were only inches from yours. he lightly pressed his lips against yours longingly, “goodbye kiss?” chuckling, you turned to face him as you took his face with both of your hands to capture your lips in his. you felt his tongue dart out of his mouth, swiping along your soft lips, tasting the citrus flavour of the orange juice that the two of you drank this morning over a breakfast of pancakes.
“i love you, y/n.” suna whispered against your mouth as he captured your bottom lip with his teeth, softly nibbling and eliciting a moan from you.
“i love you too, rinnie but we have to go, otherwise we’re going to run late.” you tried to break from his hold to grab your bag but his hard darted towards your chin to guide your lips back to his. instantly, you felt a pair of hands wander towards your butt, roaming and squeezing at its plushness. suna inwardly moans, so soft. such a perfect ass for me. a hard slap landed on your ass, jolting your body against his as a gasp escaped your mouth.
suna hoisted you up and you instinctively hooked your legs around his hips. you did not know where rin was taking you but it surely was not to work. the next thing you know, suna’s body was hovering over yours on the bed. his lips ghosting over the ridges of your collarbone
“that will be a problem for late, babe.” suna winks while he gave your shoulder a long kiss, “stay with me here a little longer?”
the kisses that start out shy but gradually becomes more passionately
KAGEYAMA TOBIO loves receiving affection from you. it is just like you can read his mind that was literally screaming at you to kiss him. you’ve just been on the computer for hours, catching up with your friends. don’t get kageyama wrong, he loves seeing how happy you are with your friends but it has just been hours since you touched or kissed him.
he shuffled towards you, head drooped down like a poor puppy, his hand hesitantly reaching for the bottom of your shirt to give it a slight tug. while you noticed his presence as he came into view in your camera, you didn’t seem to take note of his insistent tugs. it was not until one of your friends pointed it out in a teasing tone, “heyy, y/n. i think your baby missed you.”
you whipped your head in kageyma’s direction, giggling when he raised a finger to tap on his pouting lips — a signal asking you for a peck. you nodded excitedly and invited him with outstretched arms, causing a relieved grin to break out on kageyama’s face. he ducked beneath your arms to give you a small peck.
“tobio~ are you sure that’s all you want?” you waggled your eyebrows at him, laughing inwardly when his face flushed red.
peck by peck, the kiss got deeper as his lips never left yours. his head only tilting to press his lips firmly against yours while he moaned wantonly. he missed this. your lips and your touch. chortles from the computer frightened you and kageyama apart and it both struck you that you were literally snogging in front of your friends.
“t-t-obio, i think we can continue this later” you pushed at his chest to get him out of the frame. your friends only whining and teasing you to keep him there. however, he caught your wrist and pulled you towards him. the chair that you sat on rolled you towards him, resulting in your face only being a few inches away from him.
“i don’t want to.” turning to your camera to wave your friends goodbye, kageyama clicked the mouse. camera off. hang up call. again, he swallowed your protests with his mouth, silencing whatever inhibitions you had with a long kiss.
kisses, in which you have said goodbye but can’t help stealing a little more
considering the scenario you are in with hajime right now, hands clasped together as you swing it back and forth while strolling back to your home, there would have been music playing if it were in a movie. HAJIME IWAIZUMI has always made you feel like you were in a movie, especially during today’s date.
but movies do come to an end, just like your moment with iwaizumi as you spot your building from a distance away. cherishing every moment, the two of you would sneakily exchange kisses under the night sky.
“i guess this is you…” iwaizumi smiled sadly, head drooping down to look at your arms swinging together. He hopes to stall some time to look at you a little while longer before you go. he wish he could make you smile again before you had to leave. it would probably be months before he could see you again, he wasn’t so sure and he doesn’t want to think about it. it makes his stomach twist in anxiety. will you eat your meals? will you remember to drink water throughout your day? such worries plagued his mind but deep down, he knows it was all just excuses so that he could see you for more than just a day.
the pads of your fingers traced the outline of his jaw before you tilted his head to give you access to his lips, locking them with yours. his fingers slowly intertwined against yours and pulled you towards him before guiding your arms to encircle his torso. chest-to-chest, the only sound between the two of you is the soft thumps of each other’s heart that beats steadily and races for one another.
‘i…i’ll miss you haji-“ you were caught off by iwaizumi grabbing your nape to pull you into a kiss again even when you were about to pull away. neither of you were ready to let each other go even for just a while. although you had to go overseas for work and iwaizumi had to go overseas as well to lead the team, these obligations seem to fade into the background as the two of you pull the other towards them each time they tried to pull away.
it’s just not enough.
when it was time to part, you and iwaizumi wouldn’t take your eyes off each other whil you bid goodbye. iwaizumi would walk backwards to watch your waving figure that is now posing with your arm curved in the shape of a halved heart. grinning, iwaizumi took his other arm, curving it to form the other half — the two of you making one whole. it will be a while before you can be a whole again with hajime but that’s okay because he makes the wait worth it.
Tumblr media
๑´ ³`)ノ likes and reblogs are always appreciated <3333
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choozari · 2 days ago
can i request tsukki, kageyama and any other hq boys that u want hc? Their reaction to their s/o casually calling them pretty boy and saying that they (the boys) have a kissable face
haikyuu boys reacting to casually being called pretty boy with a kissable face !
> ft. kageyama, tsukishima, oikawa, iwaizumi, kuroo & bokuto
♡ tobio
“w— what are you saying?!” “ you mean that?”
gets super shy
wouldn't dare look into your eyes
looks down because his face?? you think it's pretty??
his heart kinda wants to leap out of his chest right now
is hella flattered, bites his lip as he tries to prevent his blush
“t— thanks, i think you're pretty, too.”
♡ kei
“stop saying nonsense.” “that's hardly a compliment.”
huffs, scowls, glares
tries his best to look annoyed to hide the embarrassment
anything to make it seem like he didn't like what you just told him
but the blush on his cheeks cancels every reaction he tried to show you
“come here, idiot.”
♡ tooru
“i know, right?— wait, i was just joking!” “how about you kiss this pretty face?— come on, you wanna kiss me so bad!”
his ego skyrockets even more
only because your compliments are the only compliments that truly matter
would chase you around for that kiss when you playfully denied it from him
“well, pretty people gotta stick together, right?”
♡ hajime
“shut up !!” “don't randomly say things like that!”
you think his heart could take it?
no, it can't
would blush furiously
would hug you from behind and look down fondly at you
“if you think i'm pretty, then what are you?”
♡ tetsurou
“you think i'm pretty?” “kiss me then!”
wiggles his eyebrows
grins so wide it's almost scary
would engulf you in a hug and kisses your nose
“you have a kissable face, too, and i wanna kiss it right now.”
♡ koutaro
“really?! i think you're prettier!” “okay, give me a kiss!”
tackles you into a bear hug
would nuzzle his face into yours
it would put him into a very good mood
smiles so bright and genuinely, it's contagious
“you're way, wayyy prettier !!”
asks are open<3
- love, zari
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atsuminthe · 2 days ago
dilf iwa being an absolute stud walking around an amusement park with his kid. lol those dilfs that push around strollers?? hajime. but he's also the absolute sweetest when it comes to kids i just know it. he may have rules but he also spoils the crap out of em. and looks good doing it.
also in general my fave hc is being w your fave and growing older and him BECOMING a dilf like wow we love character development
hi minty ily would you like a kiss <33
hi tara my sunshine baby yes i would love a kiss <3
Tumblr media
cw — dilf!iwa, olympic team shenanigans, mentions of kissing, iwa’s whipped for his daughter
Tumblr media
oh iwaizumi is PACKING and it shows. his shirt is stretched over his chest and the sleeves are practically moulded over his arms. being an athletic trainer and former volleyball player pays off incredibly well because he’s a fucking unit.
and he’s great with kids! pushing the stroller with one hand, the baby sleeping peacefully nestled between blankets, as the other holds your daughter’s—she’s clinging onto him, so excited to finally go to the park as you shush her with a smile. “you’ll wake up your brother, baby,” you tell her, and she lets out a long ‘oh’ in realization, continuing to be excited in silence.
yes, he has rules for his kids, like no candy before dinner or tv/internet only after they’re done with homework and whatever other activities they have, but he knows when to spoil them too. one time he took your daughter with him at work during pre-olympic season and she had so much fun with her uncles on the team! she even facetimed you from her daddy’s phone and told you all about it as uncle bokuto held her in his lap because he was benched for swearing too much when he missed a spike.
“daddy said he needs to be in timeout and chill out,” she explains and bokuto lets out a deflated sigh behind her, pouting, when her stomach makes a little rumbling noise. “oh, i’m hungry.”
“you have lunch in daddy’s bag,” you let her know with a smile. “tell him to take a break and eat it with you, okay? you can facetime me again when you eat.”
and when they come home she’s asleep in her daddy’s arms as iwa comes to kiss your cheek, thanking you for being a good spouse and giving him such a great family. he’ll coddle you all night after the kids are asleep—when’s the last time you watched a romantic comedy without the little tykes interrupting your husband trying to kiss you every 10 seconds?
Tumblr media
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mooskey · 2 days ago
Making Out (Aoba Johsai Boys)
I swear to god, you thought, stomping around the empty school halls. Oikawa, your shitty boyfriend was late for his volleyball practice, which was rare. But since everyone knew you were dating, the team made you go look for him.
"SHITTYKAWA!" you yelled, frustrated with your pretty-boy boyfriend. Suddenly, a hand reached out of a classroom and grabbed you before pulling you in. You screamed, only for a hand to cover your mouth.
"Hush, Little Cutie, it's not time for you to scream yet," Oikawa's voice chuckled.
"Oikawa!" you exclaimed, pushing him away. "What the hell? You should be at practice!"
"I knew they'd send you after me," Oikawa smirked, picked you up by your thighs. He placed you on one of the empty desks, standing between your legs.
"You suck," you scoffed, leaning back on your palms.
"You're starting to sound like Iwaizumi," Oikawa pouted.
"Maybe I should go get him to kick your ass," you said, ignoring Oikawa's pout as he leaned forward.
"I'd rather you do it," he smirked, making you snort.
"First of all, what ass?" you joked, making Oikawa frown again with a whine. "Second, was that supposed to be kinky?"
"Kinda," he mumbled- his ears flushing pink.
"You suck at this," you giggled but wrapped your arms around the taller boy's neck. "But your cute."
Oikawa smiled slightly at the sweet compliment.
"But you still need to get back to practice," you said.
"In a bit," Oikawa smirked, pulling you close to him by your hips. Before you could answer, he pressed his lips against yours. You rolled your eyes but kissed back. You cupped the sides of his neck. "I love you, cutie," he mumbled, leaning back a bit.
"Shut up and kiss me," you mumbled, pulling him back.
You felt him smirk against your lips, his hands moving around your waist. He licked your bottom lip gently, and you opened your mouth- letting his talented tongue slip through. You let out a breathy sigh and his tongue massaged your own. "Little Cutie," he teased, pulling away and kissing down your jaw.
You laced your fingers through his soft hair as he moved down to your neck, occasionally nipping at the skin. You moaned quietly as he reached your soft spot skillfully. "Oik-"
"I swear to god you two," Iwaizumi sighed from the doorway of the classroom. "You can't keep your hands off each other for ten seconds, can you?"
"You're just jealous you don't have a little lady of your own," Oikawa smirked.
Iwaizumi scowled before stomping towards the two of you, grabbing your boyfriend's collar.
Oikawa yelped as his friend yanked on him, pulling him away. "Bye, Y/N," he said, bowing slightly before smacking Oikawa.
"Y/n!" Oikawa exclaimed, bursting into your room.
"What do you want idiot?" you asked, looking at him.
"Iwa-chan is coming over," Oikawa stated. You smiled brightly at the mention of your boyfriend. "So, stay in here."
"Why?" you frowned. "He's my boyfriend."
"I'm aware," Oikawa frowned. "But he's here to see me, so I don't need you to distract him."
"Your ridiculous," you scoffed.
"Just... stay!" Oikawa stated, pointing at you.
You stuck your tongue out at your older brother. "You can't keep me here forever!" you called as he walked out, closing the door behind him.
"There you are," Iwazumi said, walking into your room with a smile.
"Hajme," you smiled back, jumping out of your bed.
"Where have you been?" he asked as you wrapped your arms around the taller boy's waist. "You've left me with Shittykawa." You tucked your head against Iwaizumi's chest, humming as he hugged you and kissed the top of your head.
"He forebade me from the rest of the house," you said, looking up at Iwaizumi.
"Why?" he asked, his brows furrowing.
"So I wouldn't distract you," you shrugged. "I think my dummy brother is getting jealous of how much time I'm spending with his best friend."
"Well, I wanna spend time with you," Iwaizumi stated.
"Since when have you been all soft?" you teased, making him blush.
"Shut up," he grumbled. "Lazykawa's in the bathroom, so do you wanna do something?" He smirked. "Jump- will ya?" You jumped and Iwaizumi caught your thighs. You wrapped your legs around his waist.
"What are you suggesting, Boss?" you asked, wrapping your arms around his neck.
"What do you think Babygirl?" he smirked, placing kissing along the side of your neck.
"Do we have time?" you questioned, lacing one hand through Iwaizumi's hair.
"Sure we do," he stated, biting down on the skin between your shoulder and neck.
"Okay," you said, grabbing Iwaizumi's face and smashing his lips against yours.
Iwaizumi gripped your thighs tighter, making you gasp gently. He smiling slightly, slipping his tongue past your lips. You let him take domanice- knowing better then to challenge him.
"Iwa!" Oikawa yelped, making the two of you pull apart. "I knew you'd be here." You let out a tired sigh. "Y/N! I told you to stay away today!" he whined.
"He came in here!" you defended, hopping out of Iwaizumi's grasp. "So yell at him!"
"I-" Oikawa was cut off by Iwaizumi slamming the door in his face. "HEY!" Iwaizumi smirked, locking it.
"Where were we?"
Kyōtani Kentarō:
You looked up from your phone when you heard stomping down your hallway, followed by your bedroom door being slammed open.
He grunted, making you cock an eyebrow.
"You know I can't understand you when you grunt," you stated, looking back at your phone.
"Where the hell where you?" Kyōtani asked, glaring at you from your doorway.
"Um-" you looked around before looking back at him, confused. "Here?"
"We had a game," Kyōtani scowled, walking further into the room, slamming the door behind him.
"Oh," you said, putting down your phone and sitting up. "How was it?"
"We won," he said, but he still held his scowl.
"That's great!" you said, smiling.
"Why the hell weren't you there?" he snapped, standing in front of your bed.
"I figured you didn't want me to distract you," you stated as Kyōtani sat at the end of your bed.
"What made you think that?" he scoffed, grabbing your ankles and pulling you towards him.
"That's why you hate Oikawa's fangirls," you shrugged, letting Kyōtani pull you into his lap. "And you won, so maybe I'm right."
"Shittykawa's fangirls are just screaming about how attractive he is," Kyōtani stated, wrapping his arms around your waist.  "You don't do that."
"So... I'm like your good luck charm?" you smirked.
Kyōtani blushed and let out a gentle grunt. He leaned forward, but you gripped his chin- stopping him.
"You have to say it," you teased.
He growled lowly. "Fine- you're... my good luck charm," he grumbled, pressing his head against your chest.
"Aw," you smiled, running your fingers over his scalp.
"Can I kiss you now?" he grumbled against your chest.
You cupped his face, bringing him to face you. "Go ahead," you smiled.
Kyōtani gave you one of his rare smiles before pressing his lips against yours. You let your eyes flutter closed as your draped your arms over the blondes shoulders.
He pulled you closer by your hips- if possible, his kiss getting rougher. He bit down on your lip- making you gasp gently. He used this opportunity to slip his tongue past your lips.
Your tongues fought for domanice, making Kyōtani let out a low growl before taking over your mouth.
You pulled away, gasping slightly for air.
Kyōtani gripped your chin and tilted your head up. He placed wet kisses down your throat, making you breath shakily.
"Be at our next game," he snarled, biting down just above your collar bone. "Understand?" You moaned softly in response. "Good girl." He continued to place hickies up and down your neck.
"Hey Y/n-" your younger sibling said, walking into your room. They stopped mid-sentence- their eyes going wide at your current position.
"Hey, s/n," you said- your voice quiet with embarrassment. Your sibling smiled. "No, don't-"
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mid-night-blossoms · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Summary: Even the people that are most in love can fall out of it. But what do you do when one of is still holding on to what once was and isn’t willing to let go while the other lies to themselves about their own feelings. And what lies have led to the downfall of what you once thought was perfect.
A/n: Thank you all for being patient while I finished writing this part. I've changed my updating schedule so that I can free up more of my time to do other things I enjoy to updating on Saturday, Sunday, or Monday's.
Iwaizumi x Fem Reader
Warnings: 18+. Oral female receiving. Vaginal Penetration.
Part 9. Part 10. Part 11. Series Masterlist
Word Count: 6,071
Tumblr media
The days pass by slowly, the next few weeks moving by rather slowly. There’s outings here and there, but most of your afternoons and days off were spent in the comfort of your home. Hajime is never too far from you.
The more time he spent with you the more it felt like he was trying to make up for something. He’d been even more attentive of your needs, and if you were being honest it was starting to annoy you. There were times where you thought you’d tear his head off.
Like right now, while he’s laying on his side, glued into your side on the couch, his head in the crook of your neck. His fingers are slowly rubbing circles into your side, trying to get you to relax into his arms. The light from the television painting your white walls a variety colors across the living room, you try to wiggle out of his hold only to be pulled back in. His nose brushes against the shell of your ear when he moves so that his head rests on the top of your chest, and he shifts his weight so that he lies on top of you, keeping you in place.
“Where are you going?’ His voice is gruff, eyes dropping as he fights off sleep.
You're almost tempted to run your fingers through his hair, to hold him close to you, but that nagging feeling and emptiness in your chest stop you. “Bathroom...need to pee.”
You feel him sigh heavily before hesitantly letting you go. Swinging your legs over the end of the couch you get up and walk up the stairs and to the back of the hall to the restroom. Closing the door you turn to look around the room. You didn’t need to use it, you just needed an excuse to get a break from Hajime.
You look around the small space, the plants adorning it adding some life to the room. Sitting on the toilet seat you grab one of them, noticing how the leaves are changing colors from a dark green to a yellowish brown color. You had never been a plant person, the bathroom was the only room in the entire house to have living plants, so you didn’t really know what was wrong with the plant. Wasn’t that funny? It was as if your current sentiments for Hajime were sitting on your lap. The dried leaves moving between your fingers, eyes analyzing the leaf, the same way you would probably do if you could hold your feelings in your hand.
A knock on the door startles you, Hajime’s voice, “Hey, are you okay in there?” Irritation builds in the back of your neck and slithers to the top of your head, making your headache. You hadn’t even been gone for a full three minutes and he was already knocking on the door.
Taking in a deep breath you try to control the tone of your voice, “Yeah, I’m almost done. Just watering some of the plants.”
“Okay. Do you want to order in for dinner?”
“Yeah, sure.” You answer, rubbing your temples. The other side of the door is quiet for a while, and you think that Hajime might have gone back to the living room. The sound of the floorboards creaking as he shifts his weight lets you know otherwise.
He’s voice comes out smaller than it had a while ago, “I’ll wait for you downstairs so we can choose a place.”
You stand from the toilet, putting the plant back in it’s spot before walking to the sink to wash your hands, “Okay, I’ll be down in a minute.”
The floor creaks as he starts to walk away. You let out a sigh, when you can no longer hear his steps. Turning on the faucet, you rinse any dirt off of your hands and splash some water on your face. Looking at yourself in the mirror you see a face you barely recognize. You're tired and it’s evident in the way your eyes droop and the dark circles in your eyes.
Letting out a heavy breath you walk out of the bathroom and go back downstairs. Hajime is sitting on the couch, phone in his hands. He doesn’t hear you enter the room, his focus fully on his phone. From here you can see that his hair is slightly longer, and that he has a shadow of a growing beard. He looks just as tired as you.
“Have you found anything?” Hajime jumps at the sound of your voice, but relaxes once he sees it’s you.
“Uh yeah, how do burgers from Lucy’s Place?” He offers you his phone,” It’s a new place, it’s actually pretty close to here, surprised we haven’t seen it yet.”
You grab his phone and look at the pictures, the food looking good enough, even though you're not particularly hungry. “Yeah, sounds good,” you hand him back the phone before sitting down on your spot, and he starts to call to order. Raising your knees up to your chest you go back to watching the movie on the screen, in hopes that maybe Hajime would stay seated in the seat next to you and keep to himself.
You hoped for a little too much, because as soon as he hangs up on the phone he slides next to you arms pulling you into his lap. His chin rests on your shoulder and his arms are wrapped around your waist. That sinking feeling that he’s trying to make up for something returns, and with it the need for space to figure out your own feelings, but it seemed you weren’t going to figure tonight.
The food arrives thirty minutes later, Hajime leaving you alone on the couch for a moment, allowing you to feel like you can breathe. He comes back and sets the food on the coffee table, turning on the lights, and opening the blinds a bit. You can see through the cracks that the sun is starting to set, the sky painted with light blues, purple, and orange.
He sits down next to you, sighing, “Hey.” You turn to look at him, your eyes meeting him. They’re filled with sadness and...regret. “I know I’ve messed up several times, now and in the past, but I want us to work it out. I want a future with you y/n.”
You don’t know what to say. Part of you screams for you to let go and move on without him. That staying here isn’t worth the pain. And though you want to listen to that side of you, there’s another part that begs for you to stay wrapped up in the warmth, to let go of what you know. It tells you that the world outside of these four walls is cold and unwelcoming. You are not sure what side to listen to, but for now it seems like the safest choice is to stay and figure things out.
“I want things to work out too, Haji.” You can feel the knot swelling in your throat as you continue to speak, “But you’ve been keeping something from me, for so long Haji, that I don’t know if I want to know what it is. And I know the only way we can move on from this, the only way I’ll be able to sort out my feelings, is if you tell me. And I know you won’t.”
Hajime swallows, he looks a bit broken and as if he’s fighting back tears. “I really wish I could tell you y/n.” He grabs onto your hands and thumbs rubbing over the back of it. “But I’m scared that if I do, I’ll lose you. For good.” He brings your hands up to his lips pressing them against them, tears spilling from his eyes and onto your hands and wrists.
You stay like that for several moments, letting your own tears fall from your teary eyes. You slowly take your hands out from his, having lost any appetite you had you stand up, and with a heavy heart you start to walk away.
“Then I guess we’ll never truly move past this for as long as we’re together, and if truth eventually comes out this relationship will burn. And you along with it.”
Hajime’s sitting at the edge of the sofa, the game controller in his hands, and the sound of guns going off on the screen fill the living room of Hiro and Issei’s apartment. His eyes are focused on the screen, fingers tapping on the buttons on the controller. Hiro was seated beside him, a blunt in between his lips, eyes hazed over from the weed. Issei had left an hour ago to buy more beer and meet Toru on the way back.
“So what are you doing here? Have another fight with y/n?” Hiro asks, blowing out a puff of air through his mouth and nose.
Hajime’s jaw clenches, he didn’t know whether or not to call what had happened a fight. All he knew was that he was now more painfully aware of the growing distance between you and himself. “No. Just wanted to hang out with you guys. It’s been several weeks since we all last hung out.” Hiro just hums, blowing more smoke out.
The sound of the door opening grabs their attention, and they turn to see Issei walking in with a six pack of beer. Toru isn’t too far behind carrying a bigger box of beer with him. Hajime turns back to the television after nodding at Toru as a greeting.
“So what are we- really dude are you already high?” Toru plops down on one of the bean bag chairs, shaking his head at Hiro.
“I’m not high, just buzzed.” Hiro answers, the redness of his eyes telling differently.
“Yeah sure, and I’m Chris Evans.” Toru shakes his head, his eyes turning towards Hajime, “Hey didn’t expect you to be here, thought you’d be busy.”
Hajime doesn’t miss the accusatory tone of Toru’s voice. He turns to look at him, “What does that mean?”
Toru opens a can of beer, taking a sip before answering, “Nothing,” he takes out his phone and unlocks it, pulling up his gallery, “just that you would be busy with your side piece.” Toru gently tosses his phone to the coffee table. On the screen there’s a picture of Hajime with Hina, it’s zoomed in enough where you can see Hina crying. “There’s another one in there, from a few weeks back.” Hajime scrolls to the next picture. This one is one of Hina and him on the week he had spent with her, shopping at one of the convenience stores. He pressed a kiss to her forehead, an arm wrapped around her shoulders.
“Did you really think people wouldn’t find out?” Toru laughs, his hand wrapped around Hajime’s hand. “I think that at this point, y/n is the only one who doesn't know, and it’s such a shame because she deserves someone better than you?”
Hajime pulls on the collar of Toru’s shirt, “Like who? You?”
“Maybe.” Toru yanks Hajime’s arm from himself, “And now that you mentioned it, I’ve actually liked y/n from the start, and if I had gotten a chance I would have made a move on her and never cheated on her.”
It all happens quickly after that. Hajime lifting his arm and making a fist. Issei tries to move across the room as quickly as he can but he doesn’t get there in time, Toru loses a bit of balance when Hajime’s fist hits his jaw. Hiro is sitting on the couch a little shocked, the argument somehow sobering him up a bit, and he scrambles to get up from the couch.
Toru rubs the red spot on his jaw, tasting blood in his mouth. He laughs a bit before throwing his own punch and hitting Hajime on the nose. Hajime grabs on to Toru’s shirt when he loses his stability, making them both fall to the ground. They continue to roll around on the carpeted floor, hitting each other wherever they can. Hiro and Issei stand and pull on their shirts, doing their best to pull the two apart, receiving a few hits themselves.
Issei manages to grab a hold of Hajime’s waist and pulls him off the brunette, blood dripping from his nose. He has a busted lip and an eye that is starting to swell and that’s bright red, slowly changing into purple.
“Fucking stop!” Issei throws Hajime’s body against the couch, rubbing the bridge of his nose while Hiro stands beside Toru, hands on his shoulders keeping him from lunging at Hajime.
“I didn-” Hajime starts, only to be interrupted by Issei.
“You don’t get to talk. What the fuck is wrong with you! Do you know how lucky you are to have y/n in your life. Do you know what any one of us would do to have someone like her? You’ve basically been her entire world from the very start, and you go and pull this shit again. I get that the kiss was an accident, but this Hajime! This! I fucking can’t believe you! What the hell was going through your head!” Issie runs his hands through hair. “Fuck man.”
Hajime tries to swallow the lump in his throat, the room becoming tense. “I don’t know what I was thinking. Hina was just there and she didn’t stop being there. I really don’t know what happened, but it’s over. I swear.”
No one answers for a while, all their eyes on him. None of them know what to say, they never expected this to happen, never expected Hajime to consciously cheat on you. All three of them have the exact same thought running through their head. She would’ve been better off with me.
“I can’t look at you right now.” Issei turns and walks towards the front door and opens it. Hajime stands from the couch and walks out, getting the message that he’s not wanted here.
He gets into the car and drives to the one place he feels comfort from. The one place that warms his chest.
You're a little shaken when Hajime walks in through the door, he looks a little disoriented looking around the living room until he spots you walking out of the kitchen. You’re wearing one of his shirts, and your hair is put up into a messy bun. He walks over to you and his lips crash into your in a heated kiss.
Tongue sliding against yours and teeth bumping into yours. His hands cup your face, keeping you in place. At first you don’t respond, a bit taken aback by his neediness, but slowly your lips start to move against his with hesitation.
He pulls back to look at you, his eyes darkened with lust and something you don’t recognize. “What’s wrong Haji?”
Hajime hands slide through your hair, a hand coming down to grip your elbow to pull you in closer, “Nothing. Just need to feel you close.”
It’s how fifteen minutes later you find yourself on your bed completely bare, with Hajime head buried between your thighs, tongue lapping at your folds. You feel a bit buzzed, your mind feeling lighter and your breath is becoming ragged. “Ha-Hajime it’s too much.” Even as you try to get him to slow down, your hips raise off the bed and your orgrasm courses through your body.
Hajime takes everything that you give him. Tongue never stopping once, and his eyes looking up at you to watch you fall apart. He uses his hands on your hips to keep you pressed against his mouth. Only letting go when your legs are trembling from the overstimulation.
You're trying to control your breathing while Hajime kisses his way up your body, and despite the pure bliss that runs through your body, everything inside of you feels disconnected from the situation. You don’t want to be held, or hold him close, like other times. Your eyes stay focused on the ceiling, hands on your side and not buried in his hair. The kisses that he presses on your skin, don’t spark anything for you. All your body craves is for that euphoric feeling that comes when you come undone.
Hajime’s head is buried in your neck as he slowly pushes the tip into your cunt. His pressing kiss along your shoulders and jaw, small grunts leaving his lips as he slowly pushes in. “Aaah, so good. Mine, mine, mine. Only mine.” He keeps repeating.
You keep your hands on his shoulders when he bottoms out. He’s seated deep inside of you, the tip pressed against your g-spot. The two of you let out groans and whines once he starts to move his hips. Your legs wrap around his waist instinctively holding him as close as you could, your hands slowly moving to the nape of his neck.
“R-right there,” You moan when the tip of his cock nudges against that spongy spot inside you. He keeps brushing against it over and over, his head remaining in the crook of your neck. His right hand is gripping on to the pillow beside your head, his moan getting heavier, and his balls slapping against your ass. You can feel him twitching inside of you, hand traveling between your bodies to rub on your clit.
Tight circles and pinches pushing you closer to your release. You can feel your legs start to shake, and the coil about to snap. Raising your own hips to meet his thrusts, eyes glued to the ceiling. You let out a silent cry when you reach your orgrasm. Your nails are digging into the back of Hajime’s hair.
He’s own release finds him half way through yours, warm liquid filling you. Once he’s done he pulls out and falls onto the bed. There’s sweat on his forehead, and his breathing is slightly labored. One of his arms covers his face while he recovers his breathing. You lay on the same spot, his cum spilling in between your legs, eyes not once looking away from the ceiling.
The ding from your phone grabs your attention, and you reach for it on the nightstand where you had left it charging before Hajime got home. There’s a number from a private number, for a second you think it’s the same from the photo you had received, but remember the other number had been marked as ‘unknown’. You sit up on the bed, pulling the sheets to your chest, before opening the message.
“Tomorrow at 1 go here.” an address follows the message with a ‘please be there’ attached. You set your phone back down, looking at Hajime who’s getting up from the bed. You watch as he starts to pull his boxers up his thighs. He looks over his shoulder at you, “Want to shower together?” You nod your head meakley, the message weighing on you, not having a possible clue of who it could be. And if you think about the message all night, praying that it’s nothing. That your suspicions are just that.
It’s eleven in the morning when you get out of bed. Hajime’s side of the bed is empty, and cold. You assume that he has been up for a while. Swinging your sore legs over the edge of the bed, you get up and change into something comfortable. Walking down the stairs the smell of fresh coffee and eggs hits your nose. Peaking into the kitchen you see Hajime standing at the stove.
He doesn’t notice you standing at the door. He flips the fried eggs in the pan, humming quietly to himself. You keep your eyes on him, feeling a slight tug in your heart as you admire him. It was a feeling that you had become unused to, but seeing Hajime in the kitchen brought back memories and stirred the remnants of what was left of them.
You're quickly brought back to reality when he’s phone vibrates. He’s shoulders become visibly tense and the humming stops. He steps the phone down a bit roughly, making you wonder what the text was about.
Deciding to let your presence be known you walk into the kitchen, greeting him, “Morning.”
He turns to look at you over his shoulder, “Hey, how’d you sleep?” All the tension he had a moment ago disappears when he’s eyes meet yours.
“Yeah.” You take a seat at the table, letting Hajime serve you a plate of eggs and sausages. He sets the plate in front of you before turning to make you a mug of coffee. “Any plans for today?” You ask, taking a bite of a slice of sausage.
Hajime puts the mug on the table, beside your plate. He doesn’t answer right away and takes the seat in front of you, his own mug in his hands. “Yeah. I have to meet someone later.” Hajime doesn’t seem happy when he tells you this. His eyes glaring at the coffee he has his fingers wrapped around. You eat your food in silence before washing the dishes together.
The next hour is the two of you on the couch. Your fingers tapping on the arm, chewing on your nail. Wondering if you should or shouldn’t follow him. Twelve thirty comes around and Hajime gets up from his spot. He presses a kiss to your forehead. “I’ll be back later okay.” You nod your head and watch as he walks out the door.
Tapping your fingers more rapidly against the armrest you wait till you hear the sound of the engine starting and disappearing down the road. Getting up from the couch you grab your keys and walk out the door. Taking in a deep breath you pray once more, that this isn’t leading to where you think it is. Your phone buzzes and you open it to see a message. ‘See you soon ;)’
You follow from two cars behind, trying not to lose sight of the back of Hajime’s car. You recognize the buildings and roads that pass by, noticing how you're getting closer and closer to the hospital. A road that you’ve become accustomed to from years of working at the clinic. The traffic becomes less dense the closer you get, forcing you to fall behind a half a block. You slow down when he turns into the parking lot of one of the clinics that sits on the other side of the hospital from the one you work at. Waiting for him parked on the street across until he walks inside.
You don’t recognize the building, it was one of the ones you never made trips to, one of the other receptionists always coming down because her boyfriend worked inside. Opening the hospital directory, you look up the address of the clinic. Orthopedics.
Furrowing your eyebrows you look up at the building. Why would an unknown number ask you to follow your boyfriend to an orthopedic clinic. Sure Hajime seemed to be in good health, and as a trainer he took care of his body, and as far as you knew he hadn’t injured any of himself while working. You tap on the steering wheel, chewing on one of your nails.
You keep your eyes on the entrance to the clinic, waiting for him to walk out. Minutes pass by and nothing happens. Your back is starting to hurt from sitting for so long, and the car has stopped blowing cool air, the heat from the sun making you sweat. Starting to feel annoyed from being crapped up in such a small space, you get out of the car.
You lean against the car door pulling your phone out, and rereading the message. The letters ‘Private Number’ and a line of unsent texts stare back at you. You let out a sigh, dropping your arms to your side.
What were you even doing here? This all could end up being nothing. Hadn’t he told you he wanted things to work out? That would mean he wouldn’t do anything to make you doubt he’s devotion to you right?”
Your question is answered when you see the top of his head over the cars. He’s stomping his way through the cars, he’s arms falling around while he argues with the person behind him. The closer they get the more he and the person behind him become visible. You see the top of a curly haired bun when Hajime comes into view, him stopping to turn back and argue, keeping you from seeing the person.
Crouching behind your car you attempt to move closer to them to get a peak. You're still farway that you can’t hear what they are saying, and that they can’t see you. Moving to the next car over you get a better view.
You feel your heart stop in your chest when you see Hina standing close to Hajime. Her hands reaching to cup his face, she pulls close to her face before pressing his lips against his. Everything around you seems to stop, your world fully shattering around you. You were having a hard time wrapping your head around what your eyes are seeing. You get up from your hiding place and go back to your car. You're not sure where you're going or who you can talk to, so you start driving to the one place that brings you peace and reach out to the one person who has been the only one to make you feel anything other than broken.
Outside the window of the cafe there’s clouds starting to form, and you find irony in how the weather was showing how you felt inside. There’s a warm cup of black coffee in front of you, that’s getting colder the more time passes. Your eyes stay on the crowd outside, a couple of people carrying umbrellas. Looking at the top of the heads you try to spot blond hair.
After crying on the way to the cafe everything had become numb. You had composed yourself between the car and the walk to the cafe, dried tears staining your cheeks, and your eyes swollen. The cashier looked like they wanted to ask if everything was okay when you ordered and when they had brought your order to the table where you had quietly sat for the next twenty minutes.
Now you are sitting watching as water droplets start to hit the window and slide down. From afar you can see Atsumu jogging down the street just as the rain starts to pick up. He looks worried, which would make sense since you called him when you were bawling your eyes out.
When he walks in through the door he shakes the water from his hair before rushing to the table where you're sitting. The same place you and he had sat in a few months ago after running into each other.
“Y/n! Are you okay?” He kneels in front of you and cups your face. His expression is filled with worry when he sees the tear stains on your cheeks. “What’s wrong? What happened?”
You can feel another wave of tears falling from your eyes, “H-he’s cheating,” your voice comes out broken and hoarse.
“What?” Atsumu cups your face, thumbs sliding across your cheeks when more tears fall out of your eyes.
“I got a p-picutre and then I got a text last night with an address. I followed him and he was with his friend, who kissed him. And now I don’t know what to do. I don’t know how I should be feeling right now? I know I should probably feel angry, but I don’t. I don't feel anything.” You ramble, Atsumu trying to keep up with what you're saying.
“Hey, hey. I need to calm down a bit and explain everything slower.” His hands run up and down your sides, trying to calm you down so your breathing evens out once again. Atsumu pulls one of the chairs from the neighboring table and sits next to you, once you've calmed down again he speaks again, “Okay,now tell me everything.”
So you tell him about how Hajime had been distant since he had arrived back in Japan, and how you had argued. About the time he left you on your date when he was supposed to be making up for being distant. You tell him about suspecting Grace and how that was thrown out the window when you spoke to her. Atsumu listens about the fights, and how you were left alone in your home while he went away for a week. You talk about the picture and the text. About following him to the clinic and seeing him kiss his friend.
“I didn’t know who else to call or where to go and I don’t know what to do now. He said he wanted things to work out, for us to fix things.” You take a deep breath trying not to start crying again, “But now I don’t know what to do. He’s the only person I have ever loved ‘Tsumu, but everything is so painful and confusing.”
Atsumu pulls you into his arms, his hand running through your hair in a comforting manner. “I don’t know what to tell you. What he did was truly a dickhead thing to do. But I can’t tell you what you need to do, that’s up to you. Whether you stay or go it’s all up to you.”
And you stay like that, letting Atsumu console you in his arms. His hold letting a sense of peace wash over you, and easing the hurt in your chest. And you know that once you regain control of your emotions you’ll be able to think things more clearly, and speak with Kagami and Ayumi about your decision. You wanted to make sure you would make the right choice.
Hajime wasn’t sure what he had expected when Grace had asked him out to meet with a few of her friends his second year abroad. He was hopeful in making a few new friends to distract himself from the workload of school every once in a while, but he somehow felt that the crowd of people around him was rowdier than what he had foreseen.
All he could think about was going back to his dorm and calling you. You who were probably either sleeping or busy on a Saturday. You were probably working on your school work. He couldn’t even concentrate on what the person in front of him was saying, his mind plagued with thoughts of you.
The only thing that drew him out from his thoughts was when the front door to the restaurant opened and in walked in a girl with shining brown curls and sparkling hazel eyes. Hajime hadn’t really taken much interest in her as much as the rest of the people at the table, many of the other men greeting her and complementing her. Telling her how great she looked.
He didn’t even spare her a second glance when she took the empty seat next to him. Didn’t listen to anything she was saying to the people around her, all he could think about was you. You and your bright smile. You and your warm hugs. You and your sweet kisses. You, you, and you.
A tap on his shoulder is the only thing that draws him out of his thoughts. He turns to see the girl smiling brightly at him. “You’re in Brown’s nine in the morning class right?” Hajime nods. “Me too, I’ve seen you sitting in the front during class. I usually sit in the back so you probably don’t recognize me.” She keeps trying to make conversation with Hajime throughout the rest of dinner, ignoring the other men in instances who try to get her attention.
Hajime would admit that he felt a little in awe at how beautiful this girl in front of him was. Loose curls that framed her small facem and full lips that were bright red. She wore clothes that showed off her figure that was curvy. Her breast filling out the cleavage of her shirt, and pants that hugged her waist and hips. Hajime would be lying if he said he hadn’t looked whenever she would lean in to whisper something to him about someone on the table.
Hajime checks his phone halfway through finishing dinner and sees that it’s almost time for you and him to facetime before you go off to bed. He starts to excuse himself from the table and ask for his bill. He leans in to Grace who’s on his other side of him and whispers, “Hey I have to go. I’ll see you later.”
He stands when he feels a small hand wrap around his wrist. Hajime turns to see a pair of Hazel eyes looking up at him,“Hey can I have your number.”
Hajime hesitates at first, but remembers that he came here to make friends which he hadn’t really done. And she had been the only person who had talked to him at the table, it would be rude if he left her empty handed. “Sure.”
“I’m Hina by the way” She smiles as she hands him her phone so he can put in his contact information.
“Hajime.” He hands her back her phone which she takes with a smile on her face.
“Nice to meet you Hajime.”
The next time he shows up to class, he sees a familiar head of curly hair seated next to the spot it typically sits at. She looks up as he’s making his way to the desk, her eyes never leaving him once. “Hey, nice seeing you again. I noticed you didn’t text after you left last week.” It’s the first thing she says when he sits in his spot.
Hajime feels it would be rude if he didn’t answer, and he looks at her. She’s wearing less make-up than she had the first time they met, but she’s still done up nicely with a more neutral tone of lipstick, and no fake eyelashes. “Had a busy week.” He wasn’t lying when he answered. He really had a busy week so much that he wasn’t able to facetime with you, between finding a job and studying he had next to no freetime.
Hina doesn’t get a chance to say anything more because when she opens her mouth to speak again, the professor walks in and immediately does roll call. For the remainder of the semester she sits by him during that class, the only class they share. Sending him text to hang out, that for ninety percent of the time he declines unless Grace is tagging along. During these meetups Hina would always make sure to stick close to Hajime, speaking only to him.
Hajime would do his best to ignore the advancements, trying to stay close to Grace. It wasn’t that he was uncomfortable with the attention he was receiving from the beautiful woman, but it was the fact that he was enjoying it a bit when you were back at home. He couldn’t ignore them after she finally confessed to him one day on the way out of Brown’s Class, and it was only then that he did what he knew he should have done from the start.
“I have a girlfriend.”
“Okay. Doesn’t mean you can’t have girls that are friends. And no one says anything has to happen between us.” She says swinging on her feet a bit. “And long distance can cause problems sometimes.” She whispers to herself. Turning to smile at Hajme, “Plus isn’t Grace your friend? Just because I told you I like doesn’t mean you have to stop talking to me.”
Hajime thinks her words over. Something in the back of his head telling him that she was right and that nothing had to happen even if she did confess. “I guess you're right.”
As days and months passed, she kept finding ways to crawl under Hajime’s skin. Always around. Always brushing small touches on his arm. Until he became intoxicated with her. His mind now not only flooded with thoughts of you but of her too.
Tumblr media
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hinatawa · a day ago
Iwa and a gym date for the scenario thing if it’s still open!! I love your writing 😍❤️
Tumblr media
"five more," iwaizumi tells you out of the blue, right when your arms were ramrod straight, gripping the heavy rod. your face morphs into pure panic.
"you said fifteen!" you shriek, shoving twisting the heavy rod on what iwa called the smith machine to rest on the safety hooks. you scrambled away from the bench and sprawled on the gym floor as iwa's deep, hearty laugh rang throughout the gym.
you heave as you glare at him, bent over with one hand on the side of the machine and another at his waist.
“sorry, sorry,” he gasps in between laughs, and you pout.
“bully,” you grumble, choosing to lie on your back as you stabilize your breathing.
soon, iwa’s face is hovering over yours. “come on. squats time.”
you glare up at him. “no.”
he gets down to a plank, balancing on his outstretched arms, hands placed by your head. “fifteen only. i promise.”
“how can i trust you?” you accuse.
he snorts, upside down over yours. “come on. i promise, it’s only fifteen.”
you raise your eyebrow skeptically. “do we have more workouts after this?”
he shakes his head, the light sheen of sweat on his forehead glistening as he shifts. “no. just the cool down.” he dips into a push up, lips dropping to brush against yours. “come on, let’s go.”
“kiss me again first,” you say instead, and he follows with a smirk.
he hops back on his feet, still bent over to give you a hand. you take it, and with impressive strength he yanks you up.
“come on,” he says, leading you back to the machine with a steady hand on your lower back. “after this we can go eat.”
you ponder. “do i get to choose the restaurant?”
iwa flashes you a meaningful look before he adjust the weights. “can you make it to twenty squats?”
you feel a tingle climb the backs of your legs. “no?”
he casually grabs you by your hip and places you into position. “at least try, babe.”
you huff. “fine. i will try.”
“’atta girl,” he says, patting the side of your hip lightly as he dips below the bar to stand behind you. 
you pause when you feel his hands stay a little too long on your behind. “what are you doing?”
he doesn’t hesitate. “twenty squats can really help you shape up back here—”
iwaizumi is cackling as you stomp away.
Tumblr media
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kmimagines · 12 hours ago
ASS LIKE THAT [ h. iwaizumi ]
anime: haikyu
pairing: personal trainer!iwaizumi x fem!black!reader
warning(s): nsfw, corruption kink???, spanking, BREEDING kink, softdom!iwa, & cursing
plot: loosely based off the song of the same name by victoria monét in which i present to you, headcanons on iwaizumi as your personal trainer. 
DISCLAIMER. this might be ooc for iwaizumi but shit ya girl was self-indulging
Tumblr media
➞︎ your friend had talked you into getting one. after years of complaining and struggling to get the shape you wanted, you finally caved.
➞︎ hiring a personal trainer was way out of your comfort zone but after a few recommendations from coworkers and friends, you found hajime. a trainer at the fancy gym a few miles from you.
➞︎ you did not expect him to look as fine as he did when y’all did your preliminary meeting to figure out your regimen.
➞︎ after that, you were both pleased and annoyed by the good looks of the man who would be apart of your fitness journey.
➞︎ hajime was instantly enthralled by you. he was usually very strict on client-trainer relationships and did not engage in them in anyway, but damn. you already had some shape to you and he could already picture the way you would look once you filled out some more and it made his heart race.
➞︎ your personality was enough to let him know that you were relatively innocent to the gym life and part of him felt oddly satisfied at the thought. it was probably because you looked so desperate to do anything he asked of you. corruption kink much
➞︎ anyways, he asked what were three main areas on your body you wanted to change the most and one of them was your ass. safe to say hajime took that shit straight to gutter but he had to remind himself of his morals and keep it together.
➞︎ when you guys start your training, the tension was there initially but it was quickly dissipated and instead, y’all focused on actually working out.
➞︎ having him as a trainer was honestly a really good idea. he was nice, respectful, non-judgmental, and honestly just fun to be around. like, you genuinely started to enjoy the gym.
➞︎ he also gave results because about two months in, yo ass and body was definitely starting to give what was supposed to be gave. you started wearing more nice looking gym clothes that really flattered your ass and made you feel like that bitch.
➞︎ of course this made hajime hard as a rock every time he saw you and it almost got to the point where he considered stopping being your trainer all together. but, he realized that he owed you a service and that quitting on you would be unfair all because of his immature hormones.
➞︎ little did he know you wanted the dick too 😜
➞︎ he wears the sexiest clothes too. muscle shirts, sweats, cotton shorts, basketball shorts, and the gold chain he wears are your favorite things to see him in.
➞︎ you love the gold chain especially because you can always feel it kiss the back of your neck every time he spots you for a squat. pls, i’m dying
➞︎ things really started heating up when he started doing home visits. for whatever reason, the gym you guys went to had been temporarily shut down so hajime would go to your house to do workouts.
➞︎ home workouts + sexual tension = inevitable sex workouts.
➞︎ you guys did good the first two weeks but when you wore these new leggings with no underwear, it was on and poppin.
➞︎ scenario time:
today, hajime had you doing yoga. something you mentioned in passing of being interested in last week, has now been included in your workout routine. it was perfect because you had just bought some new yoga leggings that felt so comfortable to wear. only issue was you literally did not have any underwear that could go with it. luckily, the leggings weren’t see through, so you were good on that end. however, you weren’t good with the shaping. those leggings clung to you like a second skin and when you had went into position for downward dog, hajime behind you to check on your form, your pussy was perfectly formed for display. it was the way he hungrily drunk in your body, practically salivating at the thought of ripping your leggings apart just to stuff his face in your pussy. a whimper escaped your lips in need as you caught him staring through the mirror in front of you. his eyes snapped up to yours immediately and a pang of arousal shot straight to your core at the primal look of need etched onto his face. words weren’t needed for hajime to do exactly what he thought of, pulling apart the fabric of the expensive leggings to show your needy cunt to him. a sharp cry escaped your lips and you found it difficult to hold the position you were in as hajime feasted on you like a man starved. jumbled words tumbled from your lips and the more pleasure that filled your body, the weaker you got and slowly losing your form. arms slipping from under you, your upper body slumped forward and your cheek was kissing the mat.
“hajiii.” you whined desperately, too overridden with desire to speak correctly.
a smack to your ass was all the response you were given as iwaizumi continued to eat you like a rare delicacy. your legs were shaking as he kept them spread with ease. iwaizumi moaned like eating you out was the greatest pleasure he had ever known.
“you taste so good. so fucking good.” he moaned desperately, inserting two fingers into your drenched cunt to add on more stimulation.
a sharp cry of pleasure pushed past your lips and you felt your lower stomach clench in desire as you allowed your orgasm to wash over you. it came by surprise, but iwaizumi didn’t stop sucking you dry until you were jolting away from him and the overstimulation he was inflicting upon you. exhausted and trembling, you slowly rolled over onto your back just in time to see your trainer wipe his shining mouth with the back of his hand. you shouldn’t be wanting more. you should be exhausted and spent, but the minute your eyes connected with the huge print in his sweats, you knew you were far from tired.
“please hajime.” you whimpered, making grabby hands for the dick inside his pants.
iwaizumi almost came from the neediness in your voice and the arousal in your eyes. he could see your cunt clench around nothing at the thought of him filling you up and it made him impatient as ever.
“whatever you want princess. i’ll give it to you. hm? it’s what you want right?” he whispered salaciously, pulling down his pants and boxers to show you exactly what you were working with.
and fuck was it big.
pretty veins, a thick, dark pink head oozing with pre…this had to be heaven. iwaizumi stroked his cock a few times, watching your eyes follow every movement of his hands and he felt the biggest boost of ego he could ever get. here you were, splayed out for him like a meal, ready for his every command to be fulfilled. it had the professional trainer itching to tear you apart.
and that he did. with a simple drag of your hips and your calves now touching your ears, iwaizumi had assumed the position of the mating press and eagerly pushed inside you. the moans you both let out were pornographic as you guys adjusted to one another.
still sensitive from the abuse he did one your pussy minutes earlier, it took mere minutes for you to feel close to orgasm. this did not go unnoticed by iwaizumi.
“shit—you’re already c-close? fuck you feel so good. better than i ever could imagine.” the former athlete cursed, tightening his grip on your thighs as he moved his hips even quicker than before
you wanted to tell him to slow down, that you could only take so much, but with his brutal pace and huge dick slamming against your walls, all you could manage were cries and whimpers of pleasure.
it was embarrassing the amount of noise that was being made in the makeshift gym of your home. your tights were ripped to hell and your breasts were bouncing out of your top. “feel—feel so good haji! s-so big!!” you keened, eyes rolling to the back of your head the second he snaked his hand down to your clit and started rubbing circles on the swollen bud.
the pressure in your stomach kept growing and it almost felt like you had to pee. by the time you had realized what was happening, it was too late. iwaizumi was shocked by you squirting on him but he did not miss a beat and soon became greedy to see you do it again.
“jesus that was hot. fuckkk i know you can give me one more. just one more princess and then i’ll cum. fill you up nice and good.” he spoke, more so to himself because at this point, you were so far gone.
you came once more, your vision going blurry and your ears ringing. tears sprung from your eyes in bliss as you slipped into a place you had never been in before. it was brief, but the sense of peace and safety you felt was enough to have you begging for more. for more of him.
“more please, please!!” you cried, reaching out to grab hold of the man currently pounding his dick into your womb.
releasing you from the position you were in, your legs slid down and iwaizumi was now hovering over you with his arms above your head and his chest on yours.
“you’re so beautiful. so pretty and gorgeous. i’ll give you whatever you want baby. promise.” he murmured into your neck, just as he finally came inside you.
the groans he let out were so raw and full of passion, it had you coming around him as well, squeezing him for everything he had.
his movements slowed and you were finally able to breathe but he never moved. “i’m sorry baby, but you feel so good i just have to fill you up some more. please baby?”
one more turned into two, to three, to four, until you passed out from the exhaustion and pleasure that he was giving you. and even then the insatiable trainer was planning his next position to put you in once you wake up.
yeah, you definitely had an ass after that.
Tumblr media
❧ le list of tags: @pimpnameyannie @olamidey @exomama-random-writing @sweeneyblue1 @brownmochi @namjoonswifeyy @knjkitten @sunrayyellowhalo @supop @simplyskz-maya
NOTE. i got some halloween type shit for y’all coming up real soon!! super excited to share it but also nervous cause i gotta be consistent af with it. let me know how you guys liked this sexiness from iwaizumi!!
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satoriberry · 2 days ago
Can I PLEEEAASSSEEEE request a baker s/o headcanons for Suga, Kenma and Iwa and anyone that you want???🥺🥺🥺🥺
Tumblr media
‣ Currently Growing: What they'd be like with an S/O that's gifted in baking!
‣ Pairings: Sugawara Koushi + Kozume Kenma + Iwaizumi Hajime x GN!Reader
‣ Watch out for: Nothing really? lolol, maybe slightly OOC kenma (?)
‣ Berry's note: KSHSKSJS CONGRATS ON BEING MY FIRST EVER ASK!! djdkd idk feeling kinda cool rn [happy]. Anyways, I hope you enjoyed what I made! :)
Tumblr media
• Sugawara Koushi:
-Ok, so let's get this out of the way. He got to know you through the school's baking club.
- You and 3 other people were the only members but it was very lively since students and even staff members would visit to see what yall were doing (aka steal some pastries and leave lololol)
- You were in the middle of making the final touches to your Choux chantilly à la fraise (cream puffs with strawberries <3) when you heard a faint sliding noise.
- You look to the side and see a head of silver hair poking through the tiny gap, just,,,,,staring at you.
- He excused himself and politely walked over and stood across the decoration table where you were.
- You just stood there like ".....yeah?" and he struck up a conversation about what you were doing.
- You know that thing in cartoons where a character wants to stealthily steal something so they distract the person with a conversation? Yeah that's what he was doing. He was trying to steal a cream puff.
- You caught on to it pretty quickly but offered him one anyway. He didn't even hesitate to shove the whole thing in his mouth. He cried. It was THAT good,,,,he cried.
- Long story short, you two started to date a few months after this very fateful moment. And he abuses his boyfriend privileges in regards to your baking skills.
- Literally brags about you all the time. He could be in the middle of the most torturous, vigorous, borderline abusive training by their coach and he'd go "omg guys y/n made me a fruit tart the other day lololol we ate all of it together lolol not that you would ever get to taste their baking lololol fucking losers lololol".
- But oh my god. Bring some of your creations for the team to enjoy after training and he'll basically propose right then and there. 72% chance he'll cry again.
- He loves the domesticity of sitting with you in your kitchen on a Saturday afternoon and watch you make something new for him (and only him) to try. He loves it so much <333
Tumblr media
• Kozume Kenma:
- You see, he didn't know about your talent for a while. It wasn't until you two had been together for a few months that he actually found out.
- It was on a weekend and you were over at his house, him playing a new video game he'd bought and you trying to get some homework done.
- Kenma's probably more cheerful when playing a new game so his answers to anything you said were longer and more detailed.
- You'd said something along the lines of "Y'know, I could really go for some [favourite thing to eat], maybe I should get some later." to which he responded to with, "Hm, apple pie sounds really good right now..." then he went back to kicking ass (gamer boy moment lolol).
- You mentally went "Waiitttt, I can make that myself...", so after that, you made it your objective to some your Sunday making the meanest apple pie because kenma + apple pie = shoujo anime type BS unlocked.
- And make the meanest apple pie, you did. You packed it in a cute lil lunch box and decided that giving it to him after his volleyball practice on Monday would be perfect.
- The entire day, he was kind of confused as to why you were so eager but you held it in until the end.
- You two normally take a route that's right next to a park when going back home. You convinced him to sit down with you on the grass and enjoy the weather, that's when you took the cute lil box out and gave it to him.
- "Sorry y/n, I'm not really hungry :(" "Open it smartass 🤨"
- See, Kenma isn't easily surprised or taken aback, but at that moment, you could swear you saw his eyes widen and his jaw drop just slightly. But that expression was quickly replaced with a somewhat toothy smile, his cheeks a barely visible shade of red.
- "Did you seriously make this yourself? For me?" He asked you in a calm but clearly giddy tone, pointing his index at you then towards him to emphasise his point.
- You nodded, feeling the pride surge through your veins at this one in a million reaction. His smile grew softer, his gaze back at the pie and his brain trying to imagine how cute you probably looked while making this lunch, brows furrowed in concentration and hands slowly working on the presentation of the pastry.
- He reached for the tiny spoon that fell out of the box's wrapping cloth and went for a bite. He made sure to hold eye contact the entire time because 1) he'll feel like a true food judge and 2) he wants to see your raw reaction.
- His eyes went 👁👁....
- You could swear you saw his eyes get glossier, but he didnt cry dwdw 💀
- He doesnt like to brag in general, and this also applied to things regarding you. Mostly because he knows Kuroo and Yamamoto will try and convince you to make them something because "you're our beloved Kenma's amazing and talented s/o, we're like family" (their words, source: me because im right)
- He never hesitates to help you with baking,,,,by sitting on the counter and reading the recipe out loud to you. Jkjk, he struggles in the kitchen but his favourite thing to do is crack eggs and measure ingredients <3
- Kenma + Baker S/O = Making brownies at 1 am with Super Mario Bros. in the background
- He tries to not make it a big deal, but the way you smile so wholeheartedly when something you make turns out perfect never fails to make him hide his face and look away, so you dont see his own giddy expression :((
- Kenma <3333
Tumblr media
• Iwaizumi Hajime:
- Out of these 4, Iwaizumi is definitely the one who's most impressed.
- You see, he's probably REALLY good at cooking, but baking? Put him in a kitchen with some flour, milk and eggs and he'll start a regional hazard. Can NOT bake for shit, not even to save his life 🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️🙅‍♀️
- So when he once decided to come over and saw you frosting a fucking 3 layer cake all by yourself, he just 😯😶👁👁
- Asks so many questions, and wants many answers >:(( dont leave him hanging
- He hides his admiration by keeping it cool and going "Ahaha that's dope, who would've thought you can make these kinds of things all alone?"
- He also finds it very...attractive. Well, he finds YOU very attractive (hot) and cool looking when you reach for the cloth of your apron to wipe ypur hands ands and neck while baking. Something about you being so passionate and putting so much effort into this is so hot to him but he'll eat his own nasty ass socks before even saying this.
- Doesn't mention anything about you being a god at baking because he KNOWS the other third years will ask you to make something for them as a "gift of appreciation for dealing with Iwa-chan when you're gone 🥺🥺🤞🤞" (Spoiler: he failed and they know about it)
- Oikawa will (and did) ask you on more than one occasion to make something for him (milkbread-), Hanamaki will literally offer you 3 month's worth of his allowance money to have you make him some cream puffs (his favourite food <3). I don't think Matsukawa will ask for anything but he will tease Iwaizumi for being such a fucking simp for you and the fact you make him feel so special with your sweet gifts
- The second years and first years know better than to mention it around him (or in general) LMFAO
- But he would never ACTUALLY get mad at you if you made something for the entire team, he'll just die from happiness <3
- Iwaizumi thinks of you as some kind of angel whenever you come up to him after volleyball practice with a cute box in your hand, because he knows what's in it and he knows just how much love and care you put into it
- Iwaizumi = boyfie material <333
Tumblr media
- This will be kind of self indulgent but you're a student from Inarizaki Highschool working part-time in a bakery that's in the same district as the school <3
- He heard of the shop you worked at through Suna, who talked about going there with his sister to get her dessert every now and then.
- Kita isnt particularly invested in baked goods, always choosing traditional sweets like mochi, kakigori and daifuku when an urge for sugar hits him.
- But he ruled that trying something new doesn't sound half bad.
- On one Friday, after the school day ended as well as volleyball practice, Kita and Aran were preparing to lock the gym and leave when the latter excused himself.
- "Yeah, my mom wants me to drop by the post office downtown and collect her parcel. It's better if you return home without me. Cya."
- And so, Kita was left to walk back home by himself, when a sudden idea hit him. How about he go and get something for him (and his grandma because Kita is a fucking angel >:0) from the new shop that's approximately 7 minutes away, according to Suna's story?
- Setting foot in there for the first time, he wasn't expecting to be overwhelmed by the strong scent of warm sugar and vanilla.
- It takes a lot to have THE Kita Shinsuke deeply amazed, and the exquisite array of foreign delicacies, some of which had names he couldn't pronounce, did exactly that and more.
- He chose the "cute golden pastry thingies" with cream (Chouqettes à la crème) to bring home with him. Except there was no one to take his order? No cashier at the register and no random customer to ask for the whereabouts of said cashier.
- Kita was slightly dumbfounded and on the verge of leaving when he heard a panicked, "SORRY SORRY, I HAD TO TAKE CARE OF SOME STUFF."
- You clumsily stumbled out of the back room with a tray in your hand.
- And at that moment, his eyes fell on you for the first time. You had flour on your chin and above your left eyebrow, jam on your chin and pastry cream all over your apron. Obviously, you were kind of a mess right now, but something about you looked so....pleasing. So gentle and calming, looking at you made his heart feel lighter.
- "Excuse me for being late, the manager left me in charge of many things and I was supposed to take these out an hour ago and you had to wait and I'm so-" "It's completely fine, I understand :)."
- He didn't want to make you apologise, you seemed like very dependable person and that's something he was fond of in a person.
- "Oh, ok then, thank you. What would you like to have today?" Opening his mouth to butcher the name of those "cute golden pastry thingies", he gazed at the tray you were holding a few seconds ago.
- "What's that?" " Oh, it's just something I've been working on. Nothing special really, it's cherry clafoutis with lemon z-" "I'd like to have two slices please, in a box if possible."
- He wasn't going to lie, he didn't know what a "cherry clafoutis" was. For all he knew, it could be poison. But the joyous look in your eyes from him wanting to get something YOU made was more than enough to make him forget about this uncharacteristic impulse decision. He felt his heart beat faster for some reason ("some reason" simp.)
- You gently packed his order in a folded box, the store's signature colours and stamp on the side and top.
- His fingers grazed yours while handing the box, but he didn't want to react in fear of embarrassing you and himself accordingly.
- After exchanging a "Thank you, goodbye." and a "Come back soon!", he stepped out of the store, his face reddening at an alarming rate. He wasn't a fool, he knew that this simple first meeting with the cute patisserie shop employee was going to be one of many visits. Most of which will have the ulterior motive of seeing your face and cute smile again.
- He really had to thank Suna.
Tumblr media
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ushijimascumbucket · 8 hours ago
dark content (proceed with caution), fluff???????? Idk man
a/n: hi guys i’m very ill rn so if this is shit don’t hate me i’m like delirious with something idk what but i am not feeling great LMAO but yeah keep in mind that (instead of doing homework) i wrote this in my ill person haze 😍 also it’s actually terrible how toxic this relationship is in correlation to how much i want it. where’s my mentally ill girlies !? we too can have a relationship as abusive as this hold on my angels 👼🏻/j anyways reblogs appreciated as usual 💞💞
warnings: INCREDIBLY toxic relationship, male that doesn’t know how to deal with emotions (same old same old), very suggestive stuff, dubcon (she’s into it but it isn’t crystal clear just wanted to disclose that), threats, misogynistic language, bullying obvi, mentions of violence, feelings of isolation, not valuing yourself enough girl,
Tumblr media
Iwaizumi is a menace, a bully that scrimps off oikawas school wide fame to pick on you undetected.
Try to tell people what he does? who are people gonna believe? you? or golden boys right hand man?
He’ll pour coffee over you, make you eat food off the ground when he knocks it out of your hand, steal your most important school books from your bag that he’ll only give back if you humiliate yourself and start telling people that you two are dating, only for him to deny it and convince everyone that you’re just some delusional girl that’s obsessed with him. He’ll hit you at will, large palm leaving a red mark on your cheek. You don’t ever have to do anything, just finds it funny when you gasp and your eyes go all buggy and wide. There’s been times where he really did a number on you, but those were rare, so you could tell your mum that it was just an accident. He was strategic like that.
Slowly, the things he wanted you to do escalated, becoming more and more extreme.
He doesn’t just dump your lunch trays anymore, but makes you strip to your underwear in the boys toilet and sit there for the whole of lunch, the boys that walk in scoffing in shock and disgust, “Is she really that desperate?”
He doesn’t just pull your hair anymore, but asks the teachers to sit with you because you’d been ‘helping him study’ only to shove his fingers inside you and whisper in your ear how disgusting and filthy and worthless you are, all while class continues, “you like it don’t you? Stop squirming, you don’t have to pretend. I already know how nasty you are.”
He doesn’t just threaten to give you a swirlie anymore, but makes you hump his school shoes until you cum by the dumpsters behind the school. “You’re disgusting, I didn’t think you would actually cum, i was only gonna make you do it for a while until you started complaining. Maybe the rumours are true, maybe you do have crush on me.”
No matter how much you denied it, you knew it was true, he knew it was true. Despite the things he put you through, you could never seem to shake the butterflies that came every time he stalked over to you, evil grin on his handsome face. Because, even with everything he’d done, he still chose you to torment, he didn’t even look at any other girls. Just at you.
That was only part of what made you like him. What it really was was sometimes, after making you fulfil his demands, he would do something incredibly out of pocket, like cup your face gently with his big hands, or kiss you on the forehead. You didn’t understand it one bit, but that didn’t mean your heart didn’t race and didn’t think about it for the rest of the week.
If this was how he wanted to give you attention, then so be it. You could do the nasty stuff if it meant he was sweet to you sometimes, you knew he cared about you really.
Until you didn’t.
Oikawa was one of the only other people that knew about the weird relationship you two had, and one day, while walking behind them after school, you learned something you’d rather not have.
“What’s going on between you and that weird girl, Iwa-chan? Do you like her or something? You never seem to leave her alone.”
Your stomach jolted, they were talking about you. You were important enough that Oikawa felt the need to bring you up! Iwaizumi thought of you when you weren’t there!
Your pulse quickened and you tried to get as close as possible to hear what Iwaizumi had to say.
“What?” he barked back, gruff voice making you jump slightly, “You’re more delusional than she is, she’s just fun to play with. She’s so pathetic , she does anything I tell her, I don’t even have to threaten her anymore. She’s so in love with me it’s kinda repulsive, but I just do it ‘cause it’s funny. She means nothing to me.”
Oikawa said something too, but you weren’t really listening. You slowed down a bit, letting them get further ahead of you.
She means nothing to me.
Your face was red hot, and you stared at your feet the whole way home. Your eyes were glossy when you said hi to your mum and took off your shoes. You made your way up to your bed room, hardly holding in your sobs. As soon as you shut your bedroom door, you sank to the ground, ugly crying and curling in on yourself.
How could you be so stupid?
Of course he was just playing with you, of course he just found it funny.
It was funny, he could do anything to you and you’d still try to please him. You think of all the times he’s beat you up, of all the times he’s made you embarrass yourself, of every time he did something sweet to you.
That was all part of it.
Of course he didn’t really like you, why would he? He could get whoever he wanted, there’s no way he would pick someone like you, a pathetic loser kid that’s stupid enough to think she has anyone.
You didn’t have anyone. There was no one that liked you, that loved you, that wanted to be your friend. You were entirely alone.
You chest heaved as your crying became more hysterical, struggling to catch your breath.
You could hardly bear this, but you would. You had to regain any shred of dignity you could. The only reason you had done that to your reputation and put aside your pride was because you thought Iwaizumi would like you better for it. But now you knew the truth, you could start behaving like a human being again, and not his dog.
Tumblr media
Iwaizumi was pissed. First, Oikawa takes the last of his leftover ongiri that he had been looking forward to all morning, and now, you were ignoring him.
Whenever you see him in the halls, you’d normally freeze and wait for him to walk over to you, but this time, you just closed your locker and went to your lesson.
Instead of how you’d normally let him copy your work in lessons, you put your pencil case beside your book and hunched over the paper, blocking his view.
And then, when he tried to reach under your skirt, you crossed you legs and turned them away from him.
And this carried on. For the rest of the week.
He didn’t know what your problem was, he hadn’t been any meaner than usual lately, he couldn’t think of anything he’d done that was ‘too much’, whatever that was anymore. He kinda thought he’d tested you enough, if you were willing to put up with what he’d already done, then nothing would push you away. He guesses he was wrong, but he couldn’t think of anything particularly atrocious, and he was stewing for days on end.
And, while he hated to admit it, he was a tiny, so small it’s hardly even there bit worried about you. He didn’t want you to stop wanting him, ever. Because, truth be told, he did like you. He had liked you since middle school, but he didn’t know what to do with that, so he dealt with it in the only way he knew. Of course, he did like the power rush he got when you did what he told you, and it was also a perk that he could make you act out all his fantasies, the kinda stuff he would stroke himself to later. You seemed happy with the arrangement too, so what had changed?
It wasn’t until final bell went on Friday that he decided he was sick of the silent treatment. He cornered you in an empty hallway after all the other kids had cleared out.
“What your problem slut?” he said, growl in his voice as he glared at your dead expression. Weren’t you supposed to be cowering like normal? He had his hands on either side of your head, you should be scared. You know he likes it when you’re scared, so what’s with this cool exterior?
“What?” you said, hardly even opening your mouth to reply to him.
He huffed, you were really trying him.
“You know exactly what. Why are you ignoring me?”
“I’m not ignoring you,” You mutter.
He brings his hands up to your face and squishes your cheeks together, bringing your face closer to his.
“Don’t lie to me. What is it? Was I too mean? Did i hurt your ickle feewings?” he made a pouty face and held your face tighter.
“What is it slut? Tell me or else everyone will find out about how you ran up to me after last period and begged to suck my cock, ok?”
He couldn’t believe he had to use a threat to get you to do something again, but desperate times call for desperate measures. He was trying his best to not appear angry, at least not more than usual, he didn’t want you to know that you were getting to him. But you were. He hated you acting different, he wanted the eager-to-please little puppy he had before. You were pathetic, but you were pathetically his, and he didn’t like this disobedient side of you.
“What do you care anyway?” you mumbled under your breath, gaze cast downwards. You wish he would just leave you alone now that you knew, it didn’t feel special anymore. You were just an easy target, that’s all.
His frown intensified and his head tilted to the side.
“What was that, bitch?”
You huffed, and for the first time in your life, you raised your voice at him.
“I said why do you care anyway? I thought I meant nothing to you! If I mean so little to you then why don’t you just leave me alone?”
He blinked, confusion spread across his face.
What the hell were you talking about?
“What the hell are you talking about?”
You faltered, surprised by your own outburst. You were lucky he was too busy trying to figure out what you meant to realise that you had talked back to him.
“Yesterday, when you were leaving school, talking to Oikawa-san... I was behind you... I couldn’t help but hear...” Your voice got progressively quieter, resolve deflating.
Why are you telling him this?
He doesn’t care if he upset you, he doesn’t care.
He doesn’t care.
While you wanted to sink into to the floor and never be seen again, the cogs in Iwaizumi head were working double time to figure what the fuck your talking about.
Yesterday? What could you have heard that would make you avoid him? I mean, they had touched on you, but.... Oh.
“Oh that?” He said curtly, pulling away from you and straightening up. He shoved his hands in his pockets and looked to the side.
“You’re really stupid enough to believe that?”
Your head jerked up. What?
“What do you mean?” your voice was very soft, but not as upset as before.
“You thought I was telling the truth? Well, you would, wouldn’t you? You’re denser than fuckin’ lead.”
“Iwaizumi-san, I-I don’t understand.”
You peered at him with wide eyes, subconsciously falling back into your old ways, resolve to ignore him cracking in the wake of hope. Hope that you aren’t completely and utterly alone, that someone, in anyway, wants you.
He revelled in the way you looked up at him, he had been starved of it all week. He hated how much he needed you, but there was nothing to be done about it.
“I didn’t... You know that I... I just...”
He growled in frustration.
“You’re really gonna make me say it?!” He yelled, but you weren’t scared.
“You don’t mean nothing to me ok?!”
The only sounds to be heard was the distance chatter of students and the whistle of the breeze. Your eyes were fixed on each other.
He was staring at you with wild eyes, waiting for a response, embarrassed and frustrated beyond belief. Did he actually just tell you he cared about you? God, he was a weirdo.
You were staring at him, the corners of you mouth twitched. Did he actually just tell you he cared about you? You must have died and gone to heaven.
“Well?” he tried to sound commanding, but his voice cracked, “Will you stop acting like a baby and pay- just stop avoiding me ok?”
You nodded frantically.
He turned around to walk away, sure Oikawa was flooding his phone with messages asking him were he was. He couldn’t seem to care, holding himself a little taller. His heart was racing in his chest. He loved that look on your face, even if it made him sick. To see you so desperate for him again, it made him lightheaded. But before he could get far, he felt a featherlight touch on his shoulder, and he turned around, met with your doe eyes, he nearly melted.
“Iwaizumi-san, can I ask something of you?”
He rolled his eyes but didn’t object, so you proceeded.
“C-can you, uh... Would you give me a hug?”
He furrowed his eyebrows and looked down at you, distaste evident in the quirk of his lips and the way he clenched his jaw. Uh oh, maybe you were asking too much.
“I-I promise I won’t tell anyone, you know I wouldn’t! Ah, you-you know what, forget it, I shouldn’t have-“
But you were cut off when he roughly took your arm and pulled you into him, big arms wrapping tight around you. Your arms folded, pushed up against his chest, and you cling to the material of his blazer. You could smell his cologne, he smelt heavenly. You shamelessly nuzzled further into his chest, you would get what you could now that he had told you that he cared about you.
The glare never left Iwaizumi’s face, scowling into the empty hall as he hugged you tighter. You were so soft, and you melted into him so nicely. He wanted to punch something.
“You’re so needy, slut. Stop asking so much of me,” he breathed, and he rested his chin on you me head, smelled your hair. It smelt like apple shampoo. He would have to remember that.
You stayed like that for what seemed like forever, until he abruptly pushed you off him.
“If you tell anyone-“
“I won’t!” you beamed at him, picking up your bag and walking away.
He wanted to scream watching you leave. What the hell was wrong with him? Why couldn’t he like a normal girl? Why did he have to like a weirdo like you?
Grunting, he picked up his bag and stomped away, glad you didn’t notice his raging hard on.
He would think about this later.
Tumblr media
hola amigos, let me know if u want more bully content, they make me froth at the mouth bc i’m not ok 😁 as always, like and subscribe, reblogs appreciated, and god bless america
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lovinghaikyuu · a day ago
Daily roommate texts ft. Oikawa and Iwaizumi
Requested by @special-simp (I hope you don’t mind me tagging you!)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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yutari · a day ago
Tumblr media
feat. iwaizumi hajime, kuroo tetsurō, bokuto kōtarō, akaashi keiji
warnings. uhhh idk the implication is that some guy flirts with you and this is all of their reactions. take from that what will. might get suggestive? also timeskip. always timeskip. oh and fem!reader for kuroo again, but that’s it.
Tumblr media
IWAIZUMI curls his fingers around your waist, lips dipping down close to your ear, a smirk carving into his cheeks as whispers crawl past his tongue and into your skin. having fun, babe? he’ll ask, just loud enough for his voice to carry across the bar, his eyes drifting from you to the guy who’s leaning into you, who’s been letting his gaze flit over you, who’s now watching as iwaizumi bites the inside of his cheek and lets his fingers wander beneath the hem of your shirt onto the exposed skin of your waist. let’s go somewhere a little quieter.
KUROO is bright, a smile and easy laughter painting his voice and his lips when he greets you, but he’s careful, standing behind you and leaning down to press his lips behind your ear, mumbling something into your skin and watching the way shivers run down your spine. there’s my girl, i’ve been looking everywhere for you. he’ll let his gaze crawl back up to the guy in front of you, bending down to rest his chin on your shoulder and wrap his arms around your waist. wanna tell me about the new friend? he’ll ask, and when the guy walks away, waving both of you off with a frown, he’ll laugh. didn’t think so.
BOKUTO has an arm slung around your shoulders, leaning back while he speaks, his hands gesturing wildly even as one stays by your side. he’s bright in the best of ways, but he’s not ignorant to the looks you’re getting, not entirely unaware of the way people have been smiling at you and looking you up and down all night. so he pulls you closer as he speaks, letting you curl into his side and letting your head rest somewhere on his shoulder. he catches the gaze of some guy and frowns, furrowing his brows. hey, can you not look at them like that? he lets a half-smile pull on his lips then, a little back to his normal energy, and speaks again. shit’s weird, man.
AKAASHI is nothing if not subtle, but he has a hand on your back, fingers drifting beneath your clothing to let his thumb cross over your spine. he doesn’t say much, but when the guy flirts with you, when he leans in closer to you and acts like akaashi isn’t even there, he raises his brows, tongue poking the inside of his cheek, and he scoffs out a little laugh as a crooked smile pulls at his lips. sorry man, he says, and now he’s pulling you a little closer, dull nails scratching at the skin of your waist, but they’re not into stupid guys.
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fsrintaro · 2 days ago
hiii there, can i request for reader having a poly relationship with iwaoi? i just finished reading the manga and i cant stop thinking about it
:00000 a poly r/s with iwaoi would be so cute !!! i hope you enjoy this <3
synopsis: getting a king size bed to accomodate the three of you was one problem down. rotation of hugs was another.
Tumblr media
“it is my tuuuurn with haji- what the hell are you doing in my spot?”
you stopped dead in your tracks to see oikawa all snuggled up next to iwaizumi. at your words, oikawa withdrew from his conversation with iwaizumi, twisting his head to meet your gaze. you would have expected him to shift over to make space. instead, he only shifted to snuggle deeper into iwaizumi’s arms while his grip tightens around the other’s torso. he casted you the stink eye and a teasing smirk on the lips that is just telling you, mine.
to everyone, even beyond the relationship you have with the two of them, it is a fact that hajime iwaizumi is the best cuddler to bed. his hugs just lulls you to sleep whenever he smooths his hand over your back, humming happily and whispering to you, “you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me.” the other, well, just tries to join in by hooking their arms across the two of you.
so initially, it was a sort of free-for-all between you and oikawa to see who could snatch him up for the night. it started with coaxing iwaizumi with more kisses (not like the two of you have not already been doing that) before iwaizumi suggested a rotation system where you and oikawa could alternate. it worked for a while until the situation before you now.
“please, y/n! just for one more night! i-i had a really bad day.” oikawa pouted, hands clasped against his chest as he took iwaizumi’s arms to hook it around his own body.
“a bad day? you literally had hajime for the entire day.” you stomped over to dig space for yourself in between.
pouncing between them to wedge in between them, you were desperate to claw your way. you too, had a bad day. oikawa’s brightness has always been the cure to your bad days but today, you just felt hollow. a cavity wandering around the world, searching for their purpose. life is hard and will always be, which is why you are thankful for the two idiots that love you to the moon and back, and would beat down anyone that made you a tinge bit unhappy.
“look, look.” hajime situates himself between you and oikawa, raising his hands to both of your heads to pull you two into a hug. “what about i be in the middle today? it might not what the two of you want but it allows me to be here for the two of you.”
it didn’t take much pondering for both you and oikawa to accept his offer as each of you crawled into iwaizumi’s arms.
“i love the two of you so so much, okay? so please don’t fight.” iwaizumi pressed a small kiss on the crown of your head and you let out a small hum in agreement.
you reached over, flopping your hand at oikawa. he chuckled, thinking about the silly fight you had earlier. intertwining your hands together, the three of you laid in each other’s arms as you started to fall asleep to the soft heaving of iwaizumi’s chest and oikawa’s thumb rubbing along the ridges of your knuckles.
Tumblr media
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dilfsbabe · 2 days ago
haikyuu boys with an underweight reader!
includes: bokuto koutaro and iwaizumi hajime cw: i wrote kinda self humiliating? so be aware!!
FUCK my draft got deleted i wrote this again 🚶🏻‍♀️ik this is not good
bokuto koutaro
you were in your bedroom, standing in front of mirror looking at your bony and thin body. you looked at your awry legs and thought about how ugly they look. you laughed half mouthed.
"i wonder how he is still with me?"
after closing and opening your teary eyes, you tried to swallow lump in your throat.
after bokuto's quiet and hurt voice reached your ears you turned around quickly. you let your shirt's cloth all from your hand and take a step to him. hoping he doesn't notice your kind of puffy and red eyes,you gave him a smile.
"you–"his lips curved downward and his eyes began to water. he wrapped his arms around your waist. at that moment you just couldn't react.
"you know," he put his nose to your neck and started to breath at there. "i love you."
you took a deep breath to speak but he didn't let you.
"i know what's going on in the pretty head of yours but," he lift his head from your neck to connect his eyes to yours.
"what's going on there about yourself is definitely not true. i love the way you are. if you put on some weight, i will still love you and if you don't, i will still love you. that won't change anything about my love for you."
he slowly approached you and rested his forehead to yours. you were speechless. you couldn't help but feeling so in love with the man in front of you. after you let tear fall from your eye, you put your hand on his cheek and caress his skin. this awakened him from that calming moment. he opened his eyes like he woke up from beautiful dream. he didn't expect you to cry so he lift his finger to wipe your cheek. he gave you a big smile and kissed your lips softly.
"i bought your favorite street food while i was on my way coming home. should we eat now?"
you hummed and let him hold your hand to take you kitchen.
iwaizumi hajime
you turned off tv after seeing cooking show and started to think about your troubles with eating or your body. you didn't know if you have fast metabolism or because you don't have any regular meal times, you were underweight.
when you were kid, your family doctor did routine control and realized you were underweight for your peers. you tried to eat more to put on some weight. it didn't help but made your stomach upset at that time and now you feel nauseous even if you eat a spoon more.
you felt your body was getting worse because of the way your bones was started to show up. your mother's sentences echoed in your mind.
"no one will be with you and your crooked ass if you continue to be like this."
"your bones will poke him when he hugs you and this will disturb him."
you laughed at that thought because you misled your mom. you were already with someone.
but were he happy with you? your face strained.
did he ever thought why you have bony body or did he felt disturbed because of your bones? when he put his head to your shoulders or legs, did he felt like he laid on a bed made of stone?
"i wouldn't blame him for breaking up with me." you laughed bitterly. the thoughts started to fill your head up and you didn't hear him coming but iwaizumi was there all the time. as soon as he came home, he saw your motionless face and it gave him signals that something was wrong.
"excuse me, you won't blame who for breaking up with you?"
he walked toward you, moving himself from edge of door. you turned your head back to see him. he looked angry. your head followed him until he walked and stood in front of you. he raised his brows as if he were waiting for an answer.
"yes, gorgeous?"
"it's just-" you didn't want to make him mad because something stupid. "i-"
"you what y/n? you wouldn't blame me if i broke up with you?" he said with questioning tone. "just why would i broke up with you when we are happily together and what do you mean you won't blame?"
you were feeling awful and plus the thought of making angry just overwhelmed you. after looking at him with big and teary eyes, you couldn't stop yourself and started to sob.
"why do i have to be disgusting one? why is it so hard to look at myself at the mirror without thinking i look like im dying?" you sniffled.
"when you wrapped your arms around my waist don't you feel those bones? don't they poke you and hurt you? or don't you feel disgusted by it? hajime, i look like a fucking sack of bone–"
"shut it y/n," he sighed heavily. kneel down in front of you and held your hand.
"you break my heart saying such awful things about yourself honey." he kissed knuckles of the hand he held. his words made you freeze.
"as long as you are you," he put his head on your lap. "shape doesn't matter. i would still fall for you. don't you know this?" he raised his head from your lap and started to look in your eyes as if he were looking through your soul.
"i know." you mumbled after sniffling loudly. while he were laughing to your sniffling noises, he patted your hair and give it a kiss.
"good girl/boy." he stood up. after he made you stood up he let go your hand. he bend his knees before you found yourself on his shoulders.
"now," he patted your butt and let his palm dwell on there. "let me show you how i love you so."
you giggled and mumbled quietly 'okay' to him.
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atzuums · 2 hours ago
# last text they sent you before they died
Tumblr media
ఌ includes: suna, bokuto, iwaizumi, sakusa, osamu, ushijima
ఌ pairing: character x gn!reader
ఌ genre: angst
ఌ warnings: major character death
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
taglist: (open)
@eitai @beidouluvr @tsumomii @moonlightaangel @drageonix22 @kenmaslov3r @putmeinyourdeathnote @succulentmom @sakusasimpbot @ebiharachan @butterfliesroses @devilgirlcrybabiey @erinoikawa @omiikeii @toshibaddie1 @itsmeaudrieee @charmingkuroo @asaitashi @chaotic-fangirl-blog @tifhen @sun-drak @anniesfavoritesimp @tymlispieces @idontlikeyourjob @whydohumans @hazzaloveschopsuey @fsrintaro @savantsoulfinder @shoyosthighs @its-the-aerieljeane @ivoryseia @vnenyv @glass-mintea
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avery-111 · a day ago
Tw: suggestive content
You wake up to see your boyfriend as he stirs in his sleep when you get out of your side of the bed. Memories of last night flood into your brain, the way he looked at you with a soft look in his eyes, the heavenly sounds he made, the way how he made sure you were alright every five minutes, the way you both made love. He looks adorable with his face smushed on the pillow the sunlight from the window making his hair look slightly lighter, oh dear, you could look at him like this forever. Sweaty bodies and sweet, sweet moans, it all came back to you as you look at him in this moment; the way he kissed everything you found strange about yourself, how he kissed all of your insecurities; he loves all of you so much, everything. It can't be put to words; how much he loves you. Your eyes takes the image in trying to imprint it on your brain, you wanted him to get tattooed on your brain, to run through your veins and breathe in every bit of him, you sigh audibly. His messy hair, eyes closed, perfect lashes, the slight pout on his lips, his strong arms that hold you ever so kindly, his bare chest littered with scratches and marks. You walk out of the bedroom and make your way to the kitchen; might want to surprise the love of your life with breakfast, wouldn't you? You decided to stick to the classic peanut butter toast with bananas and coffee.
You toast slices of brown bread in a pan as he walks in sleepily and snakes his arms around your waist, he places his head on your shoulder. His voice strained and deep, he mumbles incoherently about how pretty you look and how happy he is to have you. You liked these small moments when he was too sleepy and just melted in your arms. The way he smelled of your sheets and sunlight laced with his perfume, the way he always seemed to say those three words that made your heart flutter, no matter how sleepy he was. I love you; these words seemed so simple, too simple to explain everything you two shared. These words hold a promise, his hold on your waist gets slightly tighter when he says it, as if to say ill hold you forever, even when you're too old to remember, in your good or bad days I'll hold you, everything that troubles you, you will share with me and I will do the same; I'll hold you to soothe every hurt or pain and I'll hold you to share laughter and joy. These arms will always welcome you with kindness and pure affection. Even though I'm not good with words, my actions will do the talking. I promise
"I love you " I promise
"I love you too" I promise as well
Here's a playlist :
I hope you like reading it as much as I liked writing it <333
Don't forget to drink water <333
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wickedgamesoyaoya · 2 days ago
The beginning of a relationship can easily be mischaracterized by those who crave a connection that can only exist in books. There is something rather enticing about starting over – between the newfound butterflies and the floating hearts decorating one’s point of view – who wouldn’t romanticise the start?
But Iwaizumi Hajime knew very well that the sweeter the beginning, the more bitter the end. And despite this universal truth, he could not bring himself to suppress his excitement. While your attention would travel from the various objects on display, he found himself taking in every detail he could about you. From the laughter that danced past your lips to the subtle signs of affection you would offer him – he was entranced.
And when you dragged him into a small boutique, eyes glittering in glee, a dangerous thought struck him –
I wouldn’t mind having my heart broken by you.
And while Iwaizumi doted on you in silence, your heart raced. You had ushered him into the boutique as a distraction. His fingers had brushed against yours earlier and a flood of emotions overtook your stomach.
Maybe you were falling too fast. Maybe you liked him too much.
But how could you not when the conversations come to you both so easily? When his smile stirs a hurricane of happiness within your chest?
Would it be safe to fall?
“Oh wow, what a beautiful couple!” The owner of the shop squealed in delight, clapping her hands together to display her glee. “Are you looking for a wedding dress by any chance?”
Iwaizumi’s eyes grew in size at the question as colour flooded his cheeks. A cough was then issued to his throat, a meaningless attempt truly, to drain the blush.
“We’re not at that step yet.” The witty response took both you and Iwaizumi by surprise. Where the hell did you find that much courage from? An awkward laugh followed your words, as you purposefully averted your gaze. There was no way you could look at him after that.
“Oh, my apologies! Please do come see me when you are there, though.” The owner dipped an eyelid into a wink before stepping back and returning to her station.
“She seems nice.” Iwaizumi breathed out the words once the designer was no longer in earshot. The shyness from before had not exactly worn off, but truthfully the emotion he was grappling with the most was joy. Even a mention of marriage meant that you were someone he could have a future with. You weren’t looking for someone to pass the time with. You were looking for forever. Was it so bad that he liked that?
“Yeah, she seems great.” Sucking in a breath, you forced yourself to face your date. “Sorry if that comment made you uncomfortable. It is only our first date so I don’t want to scare you off.” That much was true, but you doubted he would run off from that comment if he stayed with his lunatic ex for years.
“You’ve met my friends, right?” He asked the question with an eyebrow raised. “It takes a lot to scare me.”
“Right… That makes sense.” An image of Hanamaki and Matsukawa ignited inside of your head causing your nose to contort. Shaking off the thought, you tilted your head with a gentle smile. “Anyway, do you want to get some food now? We’ve been walking for awhile. You must be tired.”
“Yeah, sure.” He was about to comment on your earlier facial reaction but elected to dismiss it for your sake. Tucking his hands into his jacket pockets, he trailed out of the shop with you.
When he joined you outside, a second was taken to admire the athletic trainer. He was unconventionally handsome and god how you wanted to touch his face –
“There you are, new badass y/n! I’ve been looking for you everywhere.”
The familiar voice sent your heart straight to your stomach. Why him? Why now?
Beside you, Iwaizumi grew stiff, and there was no defeating the scowl on his features.
“Why are you here?” The better question was what could you do to remedy the situation? An ex meeting your current date, how terrible could your luck be?
“Didn’t you see my texts?” The response was tossed carelessly as Daiki analyzed the minimal distance between you and Iwaizumi. “So what’s goin’ on here?”
Think, think, think… What would Hanamaki and Matsukawa tell you to do?
In a bold move, you interlinked your fingers with Iwaizumi’s before exhaling a heavy sigh in artificial irritation.
“Can’t you tell? I asked my boyfriend to accompany me today.”
“Your what?” Daiki was critical, not quite buying your act. “I thought this guy was dating Takara. Yeah, I heard that they’re still in contact. You know about that, y/n?” His eyes narrowed on the athletic trainer, disapprovingly. Iwaizumi returned the stare with glare.
“You should really check your sources before running your mouth, Daiki. So, if you have nothing else to say, please go.” Your attempt to keep a steady tone was successful, but your chest was strained. It couldn’t be true – the two crazies would have told you.
“Fine, fine.” Daiki raised his hands in defeat prior to taking a step back. “But don’t worry, sweetheart. When he breaks your heart, I’ll be there to comfort you. You’ll see who really has your back.” With a shrug of his shoulders, he turned on his heels, laughing to himself as he sauntered away.
For a moment you simply stared at him as he made his exit, it was easier than addressing the situation. Then your eyes wandered to your hand – the one still snug against Iwaizumi’s. “Oh, I’m – ” You tried to loosen your grip, but Iwaizumi did not let you. Instead, he provided a gentle squeeze. “Don’t apologize, when I should be thanking you.”
“Hm?” Blinking up at him, you tried not to wear your emotions on your visage. Especially since you were heavily conflicted after your interaction with Daiki.
“What he said isn’t true. I promise.” His words were laced in sincerity, a fact illuminated by the softening of his features. “I know I treated you wrong before, but I’m trying to make up for it. Can you trust me?”
“I know. He isn’t exactly known for being honest. Sorry if I made you worry.” A faint smile tugged at the corners of your mouth. “And yeah… I’ll trust you.”
Those three words were enough to make the athletic trainer break into a smile.
“Alright. Cool. So, lets go get that food?”
“For sure.”
Once you purchased each of the items on your list, Iwaizumi helped you carry your numerous bags to your car. As you walked through the parking lot, the two of you engaged in a playful race. Laughter paraded in the air accompanied by the soft thuds of footsteps. It turned out that shopping with the right partner could be exciting.
“I won.” Leaning against the trunk door, you presented him a gleeful beam.
“Yeah, I guess you did.” Once he placed the bags onto the ground, he stretched his fingers in reflex. “So, what do you want as your prize?” Curiosity and the smallest bit of hope shined in his irises.
Following suit, you placed the bags onto the ground before tapping on your lip in thought. What was that piece of advice Hanamaki had texted you privately again?
Right. That.
“I have something in mind. Care to come a little closer.” The false portrayal of confidence had the rhythm inside your chest adopt a violent melody. And when he proceeded closer to you, it only became worse. But it was too late to go back, inhaling a breath of courage, you pushed up on your toes and planted your lips onto his cheek. When you settled back onto your heels, you tried to remain nonchalant.
“So, happy kiss day or whatever.”
Tumblr media
Break your heart worse - the beginning 
Masterlist - Previous - Next
A/N: two in one day since I couldn’t write last week! 
Taglist: @haikyuufairy @newfriendjen @lvoejimin @moonlightaangel @gyozaaaaa @byun-nies @thevillagehiddenintheinternet @graykageyama @yourstarvic​ @chibishae34 @haikyuusimp91 @rajablast @melonmayhere @cuddlesslut​  @memes-and-money​ @coconut-dreamz​   @elianetsantana​ @tsumume​ @tsukkismamagucci​ @the-golden-jhope​ @camcam1617​  @elephantloser​ @dreamstormings​ @anejuuuuoy​ @boosyboo9206​  @anngelllla​ @ntimacy​ @bloody-bella​ @aquariarose​ @fantasycantasy​ @a-little-pebbl​ @fuschiguro​  @hikarichannn​ @hawkthekinnie​  @smolaf-filipino​  @peterspizzashirt​ @galagcica​ @kazookid-monoma​ @bakugouswh0r3​ @lilith412426​ @momoinot​   @vintagexparker​ @inu-makki​ @criesinpisces​  @renhold-nightspear​  @still-fking-single​  @kroerms​ @bokutobabee​  @night-rook​  @tsukibaby​
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bokutosleftpinkie · a day ago
In Case You Don’t Live Forever
Genre: Angst/Fluff
Character: Iwaizumi Hajime x sick!female reader
TW: Vomiting, blood, Leukemia (a type of blood cancer), read at own risk
Notes: PLEASE READ THE END NOTE AFTER READING STORY!! It’s a happy ending, also I’m lucky enough by never having to experience cancer and such, so I apologize if any of my writing/information is wrong.  Also, I feel like this one isn’t the best, and it feels rushed, so I apologize for that too. I hope you like it :)
Requests: here and here
Iwaizumi Hajime has led a really good life.
He’s married, he’s a professional athletic trainer for Japan’s Olympic team, he’s got a nice house, great friends, and is overall so happy.
So where did that all go wrong?
Iwaizumi woke up to you getting up out of bed at around 3:00 am.  You looked sweaty, unhealthy sweaty, and you had a giant nosebleed.  This immediately alarmed him, and swiftly got up to help you.
“Hey, what happened? Are you okay?” He asked as he hurriedly followed you into the shared bathroom, wiping the sleep from his eyes.
“Haji I don’t feel good,” You wipe the blood off of your nose with a rag, then hold the cloth there to try and get it to stop bleeding.
He leaned down to look at you.  You had large bags under your eyes, sweat practically dripping down your face.  You looked skinnier and frail.  You had tiny red spots all over your body, which definitely wasn’t normal.  
You sigh, tilting your head back slightly.  “I’m getting really tired of this,” you say.
Hajime is alarmed.  “What? How long has this been going on?”
“About a week.  I’ve been getting constant nose bleeds and I cant really sleep at night.  I feel gross.”
Iwa nods and frowns.  “I’m gonna set up a doctor’s appointment for you.” He opens his arms and embraces you into a hug.
He could tell something had been off about you.  You hadn’t been eating enough, you looked so frail and delicate.  He knew something was wrong, but he just assumed you just had a cold or something minor.  But from what he just witnessed, the profusely sweating and the nosebleed on top of everything else, it alarmed him.  He’s not one to overthink, normally he thinks logically, but his gut was telling him something was wrong.
The next day, Iwaizumi took you to the doctor.  You slept the whole way there, leaving him alone to his own demise.  He held your hand the whole way.  Iwa filled out the paperwork in the waiting room while you took care of another nosebleed. 
You were running a fever in the room, and after seeing all your symptoms, the doctor sent you to a hospital for tests. Iwaizumi felt like throwing up.  He hoped it wouldn’t be anything serious, but he was proven wrong.
The tests came back. You had Leukemia. Although you had a good chance of surviving, Iwaizumi’s world still caved in. The moment he heard the news, his heart shattered. He could hear his heartbeat, feel it on every inch of his body.
From that day forward, you reassured him that everything would be alright. That you were getting better. That the two of you would have a happy ending. And he tried so hard to believe it. But every day spent in the hospital, every night you lay awake because you can’t sleep, every fever and cough felt like his soul was being torn into pieces. It hurt, hurt him so much.
Months had passed and you had been getting better. You had lost your hair, you were skinny, and you had been under radiation, but the cancer was going away. Iwa supported you and was with you every step of the way. He was so proud of you, staying strong through it all. You were strong when he wasn’t.
It was time for your last radiation treatment. Iwa held your hand as you got ready. He felt like he needed to say something, anything, to let you know he loved you.
“Hey…” he looked at you. You stared up at him while sitting on the hospital bed. “I love you more than you’ll ever wrap your head around, you know that?”
You smiled. “I love you Haji. More than anything. Thank you for being here with me.”
As you two conversed and expressed your love, the doctor came in, telling you it was time.
Hajime watched you leave the room, giving him one last loving glance as you did so. He waited and waited, bouncing his leg nervously and sweating. You had been in there longer than usual. What if something happened?
Maybe he should go check on you. Maybe something happened. He stood up to walk to the desk when you were wheeled out of the hospital wing, a giant smile on your face.
“Hi Haji.”
This was extremely rushed, I’m so sorry. With school and work and such, it’s been tough trying to find time to sit down and actually write. Maybe in the future I’ll come back and rewrite it. But for now, here’s the angst you have been asking for
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