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oh no now all i can think about is oikawa getting a tiktok and forcing iwaizumi to make them with him

electric love - børns

pairing: iwaizumi hajime/oikawa tooru

content: fluff, love confessions, tiktok challenges apparently

wc: 1112 (i know,, i’m sorry)


“Oi, we’re in the middle of practice,” Iwaizumi calls. “Stop messing around on your phone.”

Oikawa jumps, guilty eyes meeting Iwaizumi’s own. “But it’s break time, Iwa-chan,” he protests. “I wouldn’t be on my phone if we were actually playing volleyball.”

Iwaizumi snorts. Oikawa hates taking breaks. He’s infamous for trying to play through them; Iwaizumi can’t count the number of times he’s had to drag Oikawa off the court and force him to drink some water. Usually he’d jump at the chance to resume practice, but he’s been attached to his phone all day. He practically sprints over to it every time he gets a moment of free time, scrolling mindlessly through his feed.

“What are you looking at, anyway?” Iwaizumi asks. He sidles next to Oikawa, craning his head to try to get a look at the screen.

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aha oikawa angsty times go brr😁🤚✨✨

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every morning on the way to school, oikawa and iwaizumi will sit side by side and share a pair of earbuds on the bus.

it takes oikawa until senior year to discover the right earbud is broken.

“why didn’t you say something?”

“i liked hearing you sing.” and being close to you.

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Oh wow I ain’t really active here cause idk how to use this platform. Umm pls interact and teach me? Anyway here’s something for the BL fans. 😂

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the world took you from me 

now i take this whole world 

the king who lost the world

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my brain: heck, working during this pandemic sucks the life out of me; so much to do, so little energies

also my brain: let’s plot a whole ass Haikyuu! AU none really needed where half the people transform into dragons and have human companions, with miners, monster fights, shitloads of gay drama, rival gangs, conspiracies and a revolution, eventually. 

So here we are, I suppose. 

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You know what would be sexy?
Eating food off each other
You didn't do the dishes
I did not
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next fic: escort smut fic! 

can’t wait to get it done so you can read it! 

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friendly reminder that @duckysfics IS MY BLOG and you should all follow it. It exclusively for organizing my fics so it doesn’t post often 

so feel free to also turn on notifs if youd like 

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