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Oh yeah, I figured because he’s such a stick and didn’t move while gaining it he ended up belly-heavy, and also it’s “easier” than trying to soften up his whole figure. They made his head fatter too in the movie, though. Movie Chair Dib is a bit more ‘cute fat’ and if you took off the snot and earwax and the gross head stuff and gave him fitting clothes he is kinda a  cute lil hampster-y boy.

Comic Chair Dib is…. hoo. I’m used to gross stuff from the show but he’s Kinda A Lot, mostly because it’s like 75% of the first comic.

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Yyyyeah, I actually just had this convo on the discord the other day: Invader Zim (show, comics, and movie) is great in a lot of ways, but it completely sucks ass when it comes to being fatphobic. Except for Sizz-lor, who’s still related to food anyway, every single fat character that gets even a single line is gross/a slob/even dumber than everybody else. Willy, the Bloaty’s guy, the family in Door to Door, the neckmeats guy in Chickenfoot… Even Skoodge has stains on his uniform when no other invader does. Fat’s made a joke in a way that extreme skinniness isn’t. I know the show revels in being gross and nasty and that’s fine, but it’s not proportional at all in which individual characters are. 

If it was just this one thing, whatever, but it’s consistent- even as much as I love Mopiness of Doom, one of the jokes was going to be that Zim becomes a fat slob as he gets depressed, and the second he gets motivated again, he gets to lose the weight in an instant. 

I get how it works with the plot with ETF and it’s probably easier to indicate visually than muscle atrophy (which would be my suggestion to keep the ‘out of fighting shape’ thing, he can keep being super gross from not bathing) but the first ten minutes of the movie are right out of the comic from 2015 and in those years they never said ‘eh… maybe let’s take a second look at this’. (They did clean him up significantly from the comic, but ETF looks much more polished/neat in general anyway- none of the backgrounds looks like they soaked in a greasetrap overnight like in the original show, for example.)

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