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Chapter 2


“Look! Mr. Zero’s on TV!” Haruko said, pointing at the television excitedly.

Izuku could see his son from where he was packing his lunch in the kitchen, but not the television, so once he finished, he came around behind the couch to see what all the fuss was.

“Ground Zero, popular hero figure for winning the UA sports festival twice during his highschool career, has returned from abroad and begun his first work-week here in Japan. Here are some of his highlights from the past five days,” the announcer said.

“Is he your favorite hero, now?” Izuku asked, leaning his elbows on the couch to look down at Haruko.

“Mm-hm! Mr. Zero is the coolest!” Haruko nodded enthusiastically, then gasped and pointed at the television again.

“Look! It’s me!” he said.

Panicked, Izuku looked up at the television just in time to see an image on the screen of Katsuki carrying Haruko away from the burning building. He hadn’t even noticed any photographers there, so it hadn’t occurred to him that there might be photos.

“Wow, haha, isn’t that cool, Haru-chan? You were on TV!” Izuku said, pushing his shock aside. At least he wasn’t in the photo himself.

“Mm-hm,” Haruko nodded, smiling giddily.

The doorbell rang then, and Izuku jumped up to go get it.

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Chapter 17: Returning


Izuku cleaned up from breakfast, the cabin already empty since Katsuki set out early with Kai to do the laundry in the river, now that there was so little snow left to melt for their water. The dishes clanked around in the water, and he lifted them out one by one to dry them and place them back on the shelf to be used again later that day. Just as he was wiping his hands on his pants, he heard something strange from outside.

The wolf-dogs, left behind since they knew better than to tag along for laundry, were growling at something. A chill went up Izuku’s spine, thoughts immediately returning to the bear that attacked them early in the winter, and he picked up the fire poker to defend himself before leaning out of the door to see what was wrong.

The whole pack of dogs were standing at attention, Boss doing most of the growling, while a group of men approached the cabin.

Izuku immediately dropped the fire poker and slipped on his shoes.

They were soldiers wearing the blue and gold uniform of his country.

Jogging out of the cabin, he made some reassuring motions to the wolf-dogs who stopped growling but continued to watch the approaching men intently. The soldiers stilled at the sight of him, and then a familiar voice broke through the silence.

“Prince Izuku,” Aizawa said, rushing forward. “I can’t believe it. You’re alive. You’re really alive!” He stopped just short of him, hands up like he wanted to touch him and make sure he was real, but then he stilled, a quizzical look taking over his features.

“Is something wrong?” he asked.

Izuku gulped and nodded, pointing to his throat and mouthing the words I lost my voice.

“You… you can’t talk?” Aizawa clarified, and Izuku nodded.

“How did this happen? How did you survive? Were you living here with… wolves?”

Izuku laughed silently, shaking his head, and then mimed writing something on his hand, knowing this time the request would be more successful than with Katsuki.

“Oh, yes, of course,” Aizawa nodded. “Parchment and pen, men. Quickly.” The soldiers riffled through their packs, procuring what was asked and handing it over. Izuku took the writing supplies, and then quickly realized it would be difficult for him to write anything standing, so he motioned for them to follow him back into the cabin. Once inside, he set down his materials, took a seat, and started to write the whole story down.

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Summary: Nearly four years ago, Izuku and Katsuki spent one night together before Katsuki went abroad, seemingly never to be heard from again.

When he returns to Japan, his first day back on the job finds himself face to face with the result of that fateful night: a child.

Izuku isn’t sure if he’s ready to have Katsuki in his life again, but Katsuki wants his son to know his father, so he’s going to have to make room for him one way or another…

Info: Quirkless Izuku Midoriya, Trans Male Izuku Midoriya, Pro Hero Katsuki Bakugou, love child AU, slow burn, angst, eventual happy ending, possibly mature content.

Rating: M

Chapter Links: 1 2

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Chapter 1


Izuku ran down the street, phone still clutched in his hands; he could see the smoke rising from between the taller buildings that flanked the little preschool on the corner, and the smell of the burning sent a surge of adrenaline through him, telling him to run faster.

He’d rushed into scenes like this thousands of times before. It was his job. He had to. But he’d never felt like this, never felt the fear racing through him like ice in his veins, like flames licking at his heels. It felt unearthly, like he’d slipped outside of his body and was just watching himself run towards the daycare.

Teachers and kids were running across to the other side of the street, bystanders were watching, and several heroes were rushing in and out, rescuing the children from the burning building as fast as they could.

“Haru-chan! Haru-chan, where are you?” Izuku yelled, looking at the faces of the toddlers standing idly about, crying and watching. None of them stared back with those familiar, wide green eyes.

“Daddy!” a little voice cried from behind him. Izuku spun around, vision spinning, until at last his eyes landed on two tiny, outstretched arms, reaching for him.

“Haru-chan!” Izuku rushed towards him, those emerald eyes full of tears, soot in his blonde tufts of hair. But then he realized who was holding him. A foot away, Izuku froze, everything coming back into focus, his consciousness coming back down, centering within the moment itself.

It was Kacchan.

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First chapter is up now!

“Hey, wait. I know where I recognise you, now. You’re that journalist, the one who gets all the up-close pictures of heroes. What’s uh… Midoriya! Yeah, I’ve seen you at a few other emergencies in the area! Geez, I didn’t know you were old enough to be married with kids. I guess you have a young face,” the paramedic laughed to himself, then gave him some sort of good-bye wave as he turned towards the rest of the kids.

“Y-yeah,” Izuku nodded, blushing. He hated it when that happened.

However, his attention was quickly diverted from the man’s comments, when, looking up, he caught Katsuki’s ruby gaze from across the street. He was staring at him intently, like a puzzle he couldn’t figure out, but was very, very close too.

Izuku gulped and looked away, but then he heard Katsuki walking over.

“Why Daddy look sad?” Haruko asked, his little hand coming up to pat Izuku’s chin.

“Daddy’s just sad about your daycare burning down. Are you sad, too, Haru-chan?” Izuku diverted.

“Mm. Too tired,” Haruko said, letting his head fall on Izuku’s shoulder. Izuku chuckled bittersweetly.

“Uh, hey,” Katsuki’s voice called his attention upward.

“Hello,” Izuku said, taking in Katsuki’s singed costume and ashy hair. He smelled like fire and smoke, but the pungent smell of his sweat was there, too, causing Izuku’s memory to rush back years and years. His face was a little different, though. A little more mature and a little more subdued, perhaps.

“It’s my first day working since I got back from abroad. I didn’t uh… well, I guess it’s kind of a funny coincidence that you… are… here…” he struggled out, then coughed, clearing his throat. “I mean, I’m sorry about the daycare burning down.”

“Well, I’m just glad everyone got out safe. Especially…” Izuku looked down. Ah, this is the first time Katsuki’s going to hear the name of his own son. How sad, he thought to himself. “Haruko.”

“Is he–”

“Haru-chan? Do you want to say thank you to Ground Zero?” Izuku interrupted him.

“Mm?” Haruko turned his head, his face lighting up a bit at the sight of the pro-hero behind him. “Thank you for say…saving me!” he said, in that exceedingly cute way toddlers talk.

“Aw, no problem, bud!” Katsuki smiled, patting the kid’s head. A flash of something went across his face as he touched Haruko’s hair, and Izuku bit his lip. It feels just like yours. I know. Fuck, I know.

“That’s what heros do, you know?” he said, pushing aside whatever emotion had just come onto him.

“I know. Daddy knows lots ‘bout heroes,” Haruko said. Izuku laughed, a little embarrassed.

“Oh? Is, uh, is this your dad?” Katsuki asked, pointing to Izuku.

“Mm-hm!” Haruko nodded.

Izuku rolled his eyes.

“You could’ve just asked, Kacchan.”

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I’m going to preface this by saying i ship Bakudeku but i feel that anyone can ship whatever they want (within reason because there are some things that can go a little far )

OK so i will scroll through tumblr or whatever and i will see cute ship posts of like Kiribaku or Todobaku or Tododeku etc etc and a lot of times they are really well done and stuff but that’s beside the point my point here is i can see people shipping deku with other people and it making perfect sense like some well written Tododeku totally in the cards i guess (i don’t necessarily seek it out but whatever) BUT i really can’t see Kacchan with anyone but Deku. i just feel like he wouldn’t ever even consider anyone else, hell I’m not even positive he would consider Deku because of how focused he is but my shipping heart desists. so my big thing is Deku is such a shippable character but Kacchan kind of (in my mind) only fits with Deku which makes my biggest BNHA ship Bakudeku

anyway TL;DR is it weird that i can see Deku with almost anyone but i can really only see Kacchan with Deku

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Chapter 16: Melting


Izuku held the stick in the air, waving it around to make sure Kai was excited, the nearly full-grown pup wagging his tail behind himself excitedly before sprinting off after it when Izuku finally threw the stick. Izuku watched with a pleased smile as Kai leaped and caught it in mid-air, then trotted proudly back to him to present the stick held happily in his mouth.

Izuku took the stick back and pet his head, scratching behind the ears, while mouthing compliments about what a good boy he was, even if Kai couldn’t actually hear him. Kai spun in place then, batting the ground excitedly with his paws as he insisted Izuku throw his stick again, which he did, a silent chuckle in his throat as he whipped it through the air as hard as he possibly could.

Kai went racing through the trees to receive it, his chase taking him somewhere out of sight and leaving Izuku to enjoy the scenery as he waited. A thin snowfall still covered most of the ground, through there were clear patches of dirt in the sunnier clearings, and the snow drooped off of branches, falling to the ground in slushy little piles as the sun melted it. Izuku scanned the woods surrounding the cabin, taking in the sparkly, melting snow with bittersweet apprehension, and then stilled when he saw something purple and green peeking up out of a muddy mound. Taking a step closer, he realized it was grass and flowers: crocuses, to be specific.

He gulped, feeling hot pain well up in his chest and tears spring to his eyes at the sight. He knew winter would be over soon, but he refused to believe it was already gone.

Kai whined, nosing his leg and making him turn around to see that he had retrieved the stick and was waiting to continue their game of fetch. Izuku shuddered out a breath, trying to blink away his tears as he reached out and took the stick, running a hand softly over the dog’s furry head, but Kai whined again, not interested in the stick anymore, and put his paws up on Izuku’s legs, trying to get to his face. Even he knew something was wrong.

Izuku sniffled and kneeled down, hugging the big puppy and petting him down his back, trying either to show that he was okay or simply to accept Kai’s affection, even he wasn’t exactly sure which.

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A long while ago, I planned to adapt this really short fic into a longer one-shot, but didn’t finish it until recently. I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out even after so long :) 

Anyways, enjoy a silly one shot about our boys getting together thanks to a stupid game of truth or dare.


“Okay, okay. Truth or dare, anyone?” Kaminari asked, head flopped over the side of Sero’s bed and making upside down finger guns at his friends. Katsuki rolled his eyes, slouching into the pillows, but Ashido seemed to light up.

“Yes, yes, yes! I like the way you think,” she said, making finger guns back. Sero chuckled, opening another bag of chips and refilling the bowl that sat on the floor between them.

“Alright, but nothing too crazy,” he agreed.

“I’ll go first!” Kirishima raised his hand.

“Yes!” Kaminari fist-bumped the air, then flipped around so he was laying with his head in his hands, elbows digging into the mattress. “So, which will it be?”

“Dare, of course. It’s the manlier option.” The room groaned at his answer, but got back on track soon enough.

“Okay, I dare you to…” Kaminari trailed off, tapping his finger on his chin while he thought. “Oh! I know! I dare you to prank call Iida! That would be hilarious!”

The rest of them laughed along, nudging Kirishima on to do it and giving him ideas of what to say, but Katsuki wasn’t having any of it.

“Fucking hell, you guys are riduclous,” he said, getting up and marching for the door.

“No, don’t leave!” Ashido called out after him.

“I’m just going to the bathroom, jeez, I’ll be back,” he grumbled, stepping outside and slamming the door behind him. The buzz of laughter quickly picked up again behind the door and he let out a sigh as he marched down the hall, his shoulders relaxing slightly now that he’d gotten a break from his friend’s ridiculousness.

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Chapter 15: Carving


Katsuki sat at the table, whittling away at some sticks to replenish his supply of bolts for his crossbow while Deku gave Kai a bath by the fireplace. It was sort of funny now, with how big he was since they never gave any of the other wolf-dogs baths, but Kai was the only one living inside, so it only really mattered that his paws were clean, not the rest of them. When Katsuki first started to hand-rear him, he hadn’t really thought about whether or not the pup would ever rejoin his wild brethren or remain in the house, but over time it became increasingly clear that he was too domesticated to ever be one with the pack. They got along alright, now that he was big enough to go on hunts, but Kai made it pretty clear that he prefered to sleep in the house, receiving as many pets and cuddles as he possibly could, so Katsuki let him remain a house dog.

Katsuki’s eyes shifted from the big, wet puppy to the man cleaning him and felt a twinge of sadness in his chest just from looking at those big green eyes and adorable smattering of freckles. Deku had been down lately, and Katsuki was pretty sure he knew why.

With spring quickly approaching, they would finally have to make a decision of what to do. Originally, Katsuki assumed he’d just take him to the nearest village and from there Deku would probably write down where he needed to go and show it to someone who could actually read. But at this point, he wasn’t sure either of them really wanted to do that. Well, truth be told, he didn’t really know what Deku thought since he didn’t want to even try to talk about it, but as far as Katsuki was concerned, Deku could stay for as long as he wanted. His home was permanently welcome to him.

Of course, Deku might not want to stay, might have a life to get back to that simply couldn’t involve Katsuki, and while it made Katsuki horribly sad, he knew he couldn’t force him to stay. If he needed to leave, then he needed to leave.

What worried him about the crying, though, was Deku might think Katsuki still wanted him to go, that maybe he was hung up on Katsuki’s promise to deliver him back to his family from months ago and thought Katsuki was still going to force him to leave. And if not that, then he might be torn over what to do, whether to stay or to go, and not being able to discuss with Katsuki was making the decision more painful than it needed to be. Katsuki wanted to tell him that he was welcome to make whatever choice he wanted, that he was welcome to stay and welcome to go, welcome even to return to his life and visit Katsuki every now and again, if he could manage the journey.

But, of course, Deku didn’t want to talk about it.

Katsuki’s lips flattened into a frustrated line as he watched his lover pour warm water over Kai’s soapy back, his delicate fingers curled prettily around the jug handle. Kai made like he wanted to shake, and Deku quickly set the jug down and pressed his hands to the dog’s sides, making a stern face that told him no without having to say it. He was certainly getting better at giving Kai non-verbal commands, and Kai was getting better at understanding them, too.

He wondered, then, if perhaps he could show Deku that he was welcome to stay. Finally prying his eyes away and returning to his task, knife sliding skillfully along the almost finished cylinder of wood, his mind started to churn with ideas.

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Aight so my last rambling HC for MHA got a lot of love so I’ve decided to type up more of my random nonsense. Here goes, What if the fantasy characters from the ending of season 2 episodes interacted with the regular characters? You following me? So basically my head cannon is the Fantasy!Bakugou falls head over heels for regular!Deku and basically takes all his attention away from R!Kacchan which he hates with a passion but obviously, R!Deku doesn’t realize why Kacchan is so angry (I’m going to call the original characters by their nicknames for clarity sake) and then Shitty Hair talks to Kacchan and is all like ‘dude what’s your problem with fake you? why do you hate him so much, you guys are literally the same person.’ and Kacchan is just like ‘I don’t fucking hate that imposter he isn’t important enough for me to hate him.’ and then looks at Deku talking to Bakugou and just like growls quietly and shitty hair understands and is like ‘oh I get it your jealous of him and how much Midoriya likes him’ and Kacchan just goes ‘I DONT FUCKING CARE ABOUT HIM’ and shitty hair goes ‘you don’t care about who’ trying to get Kacchan to admit why he’s so angry ‘I don’t fucking care about that stupid imposter, he means nothing to me.’ ‘But you care for Midoriya?’ ‘that’s not what i fucking said shitty hair!’ then they both hear Bakugou ask Deku out on a date ‘Hey, why don’t you let me take you out on a date? I think it would be fun.’ and Deku just goes ‘Oh! I’m sorry Bakugou, I hope I didn’t give you the wrong idea but I really only see us as friends, plus it wouldn’t be fair to go out with you when I like someone else.’ and while Bakugou is surprised, he takes well and says ‘hey, it’s alright don’t worry about it, I just hope that whoever you like appreciates you the way i would.’ and Deku kinda looks down and says ‘Oh, well thank you but I don’t really think anything is ever going to happen, it’s kinda complicated.’ and then looks up towards Kacchan and looks away quickly when he sees that the two of them (shitty hair and Kacchan)are looking at him. then shitty hair goes ‘huh that’s weird i thought Mido would say yes’ and Kacchan turns quickly and says ‘Why would he say yes they barely know each other!’ and shitty hair kinda knows what’s going on and just says ‘well he seems like the type of guy Mido would go for don’t you think?’ and Kacchan goes slightly red says quietly ‘i don’t fucking think about who that fucking nerd would date so i wouldn’t know’ and just starts to walk away but then shitty hair grabs his arm and says ‘why don’t you go talk to him? He looks like he could use a familiar face after that whole thing with fake you.’ and Kacchan just goes ‘tch why would i do that’ and shitty hair says ‘well, why wouldn’t you?’ and Kacchan says ‘whatever shitty hair, i don’t see why his friends couldn’t go talk to him’ ‘well we seem to be the only two aware of what just happened and you are one of his friends you know.’ and Kacchan says ‘fine only because you would just make him feel worse if you talked to him.’ and so he walks towards Deku and Bakugou just as Bakugou was leaving and he sits where the fake him was and goes ‘want me to beat him up? i know his weak spots’ and Deku just kinda looks shocked before he says ‘no! it’s ok he took it well, plus he doesn’t have any weak spots, you two seem to be almost identical, i would assume that means he would have your weak spots, which you don’t have!’ and kinda blushes which makes Kacchan blush before he says ‘well duh, of course, i don’t have any weak spots i just said that to make you feel better, plus that imposter couldn’t beat me i have the best quirk and all he has is that stupid cape.’ and Deku just smiles at him and says ‘Thanks Kacchan! that cape is kinda silly huh.’ and Kacchan goes ‘what are you thanking me for nerd? i didn’t do anything.’ and Deku smiles a little wider and says ‘for making me feel better!’ and Kacchan is just like shook and says ‘well don’t go making a habit of feeling bad Deku, and i won’t have to make you feel better.’ and Deku sighs happily and Kacchan just goes ‘what are you so happy about you just turned someone down?’ and Deku goes ‘O-oh i was just happy to hear you say Deku, it was weird hearing someone who sounds like you say my name i guess’ and Kacchan is even more shook and once he pulls himself together enough he just says ‘yeah i guess it was kinda weird to hear you say Bakugou, you haven’t said that in years’ and Deku sighs happily again and goes ‘yeah i guess it has been a long time.’ and then the two realize they leaned into each other while they were talking and are now sitting really close together but neither of them moves away and then all the regular characters start to notice but don’t say anything so they dont ruin the moment and basically Bakudeku from there, does this make any sense? probably not it’s hard to work with two characters with the same name but whatever i hope you enjoy i guess.

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