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A lot of tdbkdk doodles
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( Source )
We're on instagram now! Check us out there: instagram.com/bakugou.bombshell/
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Katsuki: Today I learned that double stuffed oreos only contain 1.86 times the filling of a regular oreo
Deku: If you round that up what do you get?
Katsuki: 1.9
Deku: Round it up one more time?
Katsuki: 1.9
Deku: One more time?
Katsuki: 1.9
Deku: Can you round it up again. please.
Katsuki: 1.9
Deku: Incredible. but if you don’t mind. can you round it up. again. please.
Katsuki: 1.9
Deku: That concludes our rounding of oreos. Thank you for your time.
Todoroki: but oreos are already round
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please do not repost || reblogs welcome
I am totally, well, enchanted with Disney’s Encanto.  ...i can’t be the only one that thought of Toshinori when this song was playing, right?  shame I dont like Mirai, else i’d be doing a We Don’t Talk About Nighteye lol
this was also an excellent chance for a color study n i LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT.  please click for full view<3
I'm the strong one, I'm not nervous I'm as tough as the crust of the earth is I move mountains, I move churches And I glow 'cause I know what my worth is I don't ask how hard the work is Got a rough indestructible surface Diamonds and platinum, I find 'em, I flatten 'em I take what I'm handed, I break what's demanding But
Under the surface I feel berserk as a tightrope walker in a three-ring circus Under the surface Was Hercules ever like "Yo, I don't wanna fight Cerberus"? Under the surface I'm pretty sure I'm worthless if I can't be of service A flaw or a crack The straw in the stack That breaks the camel's back What breaks the camel's back it's
Pressure like a drip, drip, drip that'll never stop, whoa Pressure that'll tip, tip, tip 'till you just go pop, whoa Give it to your sister, your sister's older Give her all the heavy things we can't shoulder Who am I if I can't run with the ball? If I fall to
Pressure like a grip, grip, grip and it won't let go, whoa Pressure like a tick, tick, tick 'til it's ready to blow, whoa Give it to your sister, your sister's stronger See if she can hang on a little longer Who am I if I can't carry it all? If I falter
Under the surface I hide my nerves, and it worsens, I worry something is gonna hurt us Under the surface The ship doesn't swerve as it heard how big the iceberg is Under the surface I think about my purpose, can I somehow preserve this?Line up the dominoes A light wind blows You try to stop it tumbling But on and on it goes
But wait If I could shake the crushing weight of expectations Would that free some room up for joy Or relaxation, or simple pleasure? Instead we measure this growing pressure Keeps growing, keep going 'Cause all we know is
Pressure like a drip, drip, drip that'll never stop, whoa Pressure that'll tip, tip, tip 'til you just go pop, whoa-oh-oh Give it to your sister, it doesn't hurt And see if she can handle every family burden Watch as she buckles and bends but never breaks No mistakes just
Pressure like a grip, grip, grip and it won't let go, whoa Pressure like a tick, tick, tick 'til it's ready to blow, whoa Give it to your sister and never wonder If the same pressure would've pulled you under Who am I if I don't have what it takes? No cracks, no breaks No mistakes, no pressure
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Bakugou: *angrily presses Deku against a wall* WHERE'S THE MONEY YOU PROMISED ME?!
Deku: ...
Deku: Are we about to kiss-
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Hi! Can I request one where the reader is playing the "do I wanna know" by artic monkeys with a electric guitar and the mha characters (todoroki, bakugou and deku) found out by hearing the reader playing it in her room? I just it will be really cool. You should check it out the cover as well it's really awesome!
I've heard of Arctic Monkeys before, especially when their song "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High" went viral on TikTok about a year ago (I think? Maybe more or less) This song also went viral on TikTok (at least it was all over my page for a hot minute). I was surprised to see it had over a billion views on the video, most of the things I find on YouTube only have a couple million
Requests are still very much open! Check out the rules in my bio for more information, all of the details are there! Speaking of my bio, check out those lovely links in my bio to my masterlist and RedBubble (products with art designs I made myself from various forms of media)
Please enjoy and make sure to get your booster :)
-It was mid-afternoon, and you'd finished up your homework for the day, wondering what to do with your evening
-Spotting your lovely bright red electric guitar across the room, you shrugged at the thought
-Why not get some practice in? It wouldn't be hard to set it up
-Todoroki was on his way over to your room from his own, hoping he could spend some time with you after a particularly long day of his own
-He heard you playing, and stopped at the door, hoping he wasn't intruding
-Todoroki listened, enjoying your cover as much as you did playing it
-After you finished, he waited a moment before knocking on the door
-You opened it, pleasantly surprised that it was him
-You smiled, "Hey Shoto. What's up?"
-He returned your smile, letting himself in as your stepped back, "You play really well"
-You flushed a bit, nervously laughing, "You heard that? Not really, I mean it's just a hobby, you know"
- "Could you maybe play more?" he asked, "If it's okay. It sounded really good"
-You processed for a moment before agreeing, seating yourself down to play for him
- "Ready?"
-You were tuning your guitar for the afternoon, figuring you should be at least a little productive today
-It was the weekend, and you had gone into town yesterday to get a new pair of E strings since you'd broken one and lost the other on your current electric guitar
-You'd had this one for a few years, and while she was a little worn on the wooden finish where your hands held her up, she still sounded as good as the day you'd first gotten her
-After situating yourself on your little patch of carpet on your dorm floor, you tested your tuning work with a quick strum
-Bakugou opened your door as you began to play, but you didn't hear him
-You began to play, messing up a couple times, but playing the song perfectly fine despite this
-Bakugou stayed quiet, in awe of your abilities
-When you'd finished, you turned to grab your phone and jumped a little when your realized he'd been standing there
- "Katsuki, you ass why were you standing right there!" You yelled, throwing a pillow (that he ended up catching) at him
- "Relax (Name)", he said, tossing the pillow over to your bed, "You play really well princess"
-You allowed a small smile to find it's way to your lips, moving to put the guitar back on it's little stand
- "No. You're gonna play for me again", he teased, stopping you with a smirk, "I want a private concert before you go bigtime"
-You rolled your eyes, "Only for you Katsu. But just this once!"
-Izuku typically didn't like eavesdropping, but it wasn't exactly his fault
-One late night, he had his balcony door open with the mesh closed because he felt particularly warm in his dorm
-But he couldn't fall asleep, feeling awake and alert instead of tired
-That's when he heard the soft strumming of an un-auxed electric guitar
-The sound was coming from the balcony beneath his, and he got out of bed
-May as well go hang out with you until he felt tired, since you were awake and all
-He made it to your room, texting you as to not disrupt the other students who were sleeping with his knocking
-You stopped playing on your side of the door, moving over to open it to Izuku
- "What's up?" You asked, stepping out of his way so he could enter, "Can't sleep?"
-He nodded, feeling a bit sheepish for breaking the rules like this
- "Wanna sit out with me? It's a cool night", you motioned to the other seat on the balcony where your feet had been resting
-Izuku sat down, welcoming your feet into his lap as he stared at the starry night sky
- "You play really well (Name)", he said, looking over at you, "It must be important to you to play since you make such good music"
- "Oh please they're just covers", you teased back, nudging him with your foot, "But thanks Izuku. It's nice to sit outside with you"
-You two sat like this for a while, Izuku just listening to the setlist you played, enjoying the quality time spent with you :)
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Chance Encounters: The Neighbor
Fandom: BNHA/MHA (Modern AU)
Specified Gender: No (Gender Neutral)
Genre: Romance
Pairing: Izuku Midoriya X You
Rating: 16+ (relatively safe content)
Trigger warning: Stalker, pretend relationship
Tumblr media
                                       Boyfriend Material
“Not again...” You stare down at the letters in your hand in mild annoyance as a heavy sigh escapes your lips.
“Is everything alright?” Slightly startled by the new voice, you jump and turn towards the noise. Heartbeat immediately calms upon seeing the familiar freckled face of your neighbor. Sensing your surprise, he backs up a step. Not wanting to alarm you further. 
“Oh. Midoriya. I didn’t notice you walk in.” He gives you a sheepish smile before apologizing. 
“I just got out of work so I came in through the front. What are all those?” He gestures to the small pile of beautifully decorated envelopes in your hand which in turn makes you groan audibly. Izuku quickly scoops up his own mail before the two of you make your way towards the elevator.
“I went on a few dates with this guy a few months ago but it didn’t really turn out the way I had imagined. He was a nice enough guy but...a bit pushy. And we had no chemistry, you know? At least, I didn’t feel anything. Him on the other hand...” The man listened intently as he held the elevator door open for you.
“And those letters are from him?” You nod dejectedly, shoulders slumping. 
“He keeps sending me love letters even though I told him I had no romantic interest in him. Its pretty harmless, but starting to get rather annoying. I tried to be nice about it but that got me nowhere. And he also doesn’t take me seriously when I act rudely towards him, either. It’s really frustrating.” Midoriya only hums in response as he continues to let you rant on the matter. 
“And the worst part is there is no way I can avoid him. He works in the same building as me. And every morning he waits for me in the lobby. It’s starting to get a little creepy. I even told him I was seeing someone else but he just laughed and said he doesn’t believe me!” You fish the keys out of your pocket and slide them into your apartment door. Not wanting the conversation to end just yet, you turned to the green haired boy.
“Hey, wanna come in for tea? I put some on before I went down to go get my mail.” In the three years that you had lived next to each other, Izuku had only been in your apartment on one occasion. He had happened to pass by one day to find your front door wide open. Upon peering inside he had found you struggling to move a heavy stand all by yourself and had promptly offered his assistance. 
Thinking back to that day made him flush. It was the first time you two had officially met, other than sharing passing smiles and friendly “Hello’s” in the hallway. You had insisted on making him lunch as a thank you for helping. A meal that quickly turned into hours of nonstop chatter as you both realized just how much you had in common with one another. Since that day he has harbored a small crush on you. But nothing ever came of it. Every once in a while the two of you would grab a quick cup of coffee from the café across the street or leisurely stroll to and from the lobby to collect your mail while talking about trivial things. He cherished those fleeting moments.
“Sure! I’d love some tea!” Again the both of you had spent a good portion of your afternoon chatting about random subjects. But his eyes couldn’t help but wander back to the stack of pale pink envelopes that sat on your kitchen counter. 
“Midoriya!” You called for the third time. Finally the man jumped in response before again focusing his attention back to the current conversation.
“Huh? Sorry. I kinda spaced out for a second.” You gave him a small smile. 
“It’s alright. I didn’t really say anything too important. What’s got your mind in a daze?” His eyes widened slightly, hands beginning to fidget with the now empty cup that sat in front of him. 
“Well...uh...” He collected his thoughts as best as he could before continuing. 
“I think I have an idea...to help you get rid of your unwanted admirer.” You perk up with excitement. 
“You do? That would be great! I’m willing to try anything at this point. Let’s hear it.” Izuku’s cheeks heat as he attempts to swallow his nerves.
“Well you said before that he didn’t believe you when you told him that you had a boyfriend, right?” You nod.
“Maybe I could...pretend to be your boyfriend. You know, drop you off at work and stuff. So that he sees you with someone else. Maybe he will leave you alone then?” His hands go clammy when you don't respond as he suddenly finds it hard to look at anything but the pale blue teacup. Just as he’s about to tell you to forget his plan and play it off as silly, you speak up.
“That’s a pretty good idea! If you’re really okay with it. I don’t want to make you do something that you wouldn’t be comfortable with. This is my problem, after all. I’m sure I can find another way to resolve it.”
“No, no! I’m happy to help. I wouldn’t have suggested it if I was uncomfortable with it.” 
“Thank you, Midoriya.”
“Izuku. Call me Izuku. I-if you want, I mean!” Your face heats at his sudden forwardness.
“O-okay. Izuku.” His name rolls off your tongue as if sampling an unfamiliar dessert, pleasantly surprised at how good it tastes. Pushing down his embarrassment, he continues.
“You normally take the bus to work, right? Starting tomorrow I’ll drive you. I don’t have to work until a bit later in the mornings so it shouldn’t be a problem.” The two of you exchange phone numbers before calling it a day.
The next morning arrives soon after. You are all too overjoyed to hear the knock on the front door just as you slip on your shoes. On the other side stands a smiling Midoriya, light blush dusting his cheeks.
“You ready to go?” 
“Absolutely!” Grabbing your belongings, you quickly make your way into the hallway. A split second decision has you absentmindedly looping your arm through his as the two of you begin to walk. He stumbles over his own feet but quickly regains composure, glancing down at the hand now delicately holding onto is forearm. 
“Is this okay? I figured we should probably get a little more comfortable with each other before confronting him. Otherwise it wont be believable.” To your surprise he pulls his hand out of his jacket pocket before lacing his fingers with your own.
“Yeah. It’s okay.” He gives your hand a light squeeze that makes your heart flutter before leading you to his car. Unlike the calm and collected man beside you, your mind was working on overdrive the entire ride to work. What if this was a bad idea? You have had a crush on Midoriya for a while now and it was taking all of your composure to stay sane. Oh man this was going to kill you. 
When he had first suggested the idea, your heart sank. He wanted to pretend to date. This wasn’t real. He was just a nice guy trying to help out his neighbor. But as that flash of regret washed over his features after mentioning the idea, you couldn’t help but to selfishly accept before he could take back the offer. And then you had all but latched onto him this morning the first chance you got, spewing some lame excuse about trying to act more comfortable. Pretend. This was pretend! 
“Is this it?” You heard him say.
“Huh? Oh. Yeah, this is it!” His eyes meet yours for a brief moment.
“I know I told you that I’m fine, but are you sure you’re okay with this? You look a little hesitant...”
“I’m okay with it, really! I guess I’m just a bit apprehensive. I hope this will work, you know?” 
“Wait there. I’ll get the door for you.” Again your heart pounds as you watch him walk around the car to open your door. His hand finds yours effortlessly, pulling you closer to him as you head into the tall building. Sure enough, a man promptly approaches as soon as the lobby is in full view. 
“There you are, sweetheart! I’ve been waiting.” He all but ignores the green haired man beside you as you cast him a weary smile. Instinctively, Izuku pulls you into his chest before wrapping an arm around your back.
“I’m sorry. Who are you?” He speaks in an aggravated tone. Vibrations erupt within your chest at his words. You try to push down the giddy feeling that bubbles up as a result of his unprompted protectiveness. Not real. Jut pretend. You utter within your head but still cant help breathing in his relaxing scent. Your coworker grits his teeth.
“I should be asking you that. Sweetness, who is this person touching you?” Your head swivels to the side, locking eyes with the man only a few short feet away.
“This is my boyfriend, Izuku.” Your gaze shifts back to Midoriya, slightly surprised to see him staring down your coworker with unrelenting displeasure. 
 “Izu, this is the man I was telling you about. He didn’t think you were real and won’t leave me alone.” The man immediately looks uncomfortable.
“I suggest you stop harassing them. Oh, and while I’ve got you here. The letters stop as well. Otherwise you and I are going to have a problem. Understood?” 
“R-right. You got it. S-sorry.” You both watch as the man scurries away, waiting until he’s out of sight before letting out a collective breath of relief.
“Gosh, Midoriya. Who knew you could be so intimidating? You were so cool!” You try to pull back from his hold but find that his arm is still firmly planted around your waist.
“I-its Izuku...” He mumbles.
“I want you to call me Izuku...maybe just a little while longer...” You feel his heartbeat accelerate beneath your palm as he awkwardly looks anywhere but your face.
“Y-you get what I’m trying to say, right?...I..I want to...um...” His brows furrow as he searches for the right words to say, fisting the back of your shirt for support. The predatory look that man had given you earlier had awoken something foul within him. Jealousy, he presumed. 
Then he saw the way you had stepped just a bit closer to him, giving his hand a nervous squeeze. That sour feeling in the pit of his stomach had suddenly turned to pride. You were seeking him for comfort. You wanted his protection. That thought had encouraged Izuku to push aside his nervousness. He needed to tell you how he felt. Otherwise you would disappear.         
“I don’t want to pretend to be your boyfriend. I want to...be your boyfriend...” You beam at him in surprised excitement.  
“I would like that.” His eyes finally meet your own, equally as elated.
"Can I kiss you?" He blurts out. All you can do is nod as he leans his head towards yours. You were expecting something quick and gentle, given his personality. Imagine your surprise when his lips mold with your own so beautifully that it has no time for delicacy. A kiss that takes your breath away and makes your knees shake. But it couldn’t last forever. Suddenly realizing that this was a public space and you probably shouldn’t have been kissing him with such fervor so openly, you reluctantly pull back. Horrified realization washes over his face but you’re too stunned to notice.
"Wow..." You try to catch your breath. Who knew that this shy boy was such a good kisser?!
"I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me..."
"Don't apologize. I liked it. It's just..." You looked around and he quickly catches on.  
 "O-oh. Right. You should probably get to work." Lips connect with his abnormally warm cheek before leaning in to whisper just above his ear.
“If you want to kiss me like that later tonight though...I have no objections.” You shoot him a quick wink before turning away. A pleasantly warm feeling settles within your chest as you leave him at the entrance in a bewildered stupor.                                     
Tumblr media
Read Bakugo’s short story Here!
Read Todoroki’s short story Here!
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Redraw of this post! Had a lot of fun making it :)
Reblogs are always appreciated!! || DO NOT REPOST || ko-fi ☆ linktree
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I come to give you scenes that I recreate from the manga of bnha, I hope you like it
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Deku for a friend 🥦✨
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designed my own spiderzuku !!
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mary_midoriya on twitter
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I saw this old tumblr post on Instagram and I physically could not resist
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Kidnapper: We have Deku
Katsuki: Let me speak with him
Kidnapper: Go ahead you’re on speaker
Katuski: Dumbass [hangs up]
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Happy KatsuDeku Day my loves 🧡💚
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So apparently people are annoyed that Deku is crying?
He’s sleep deprived, hasn’t eaten, and is in a terrible mental state. The fate of the world is weighing on him and everyone he’s ever known and loved is going to die unless he’s able to stop AFO. If he accepts help he risks putting them in direct danger. If he doesn’t and does this alone, he’s going to destroy himself in the process… Not to mention he’s literally a 16-year-old child.
He just wants to save everyone.
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Deku then spent the next like, 45 min striking poses in the mirror and taking selfies.
Tumblr media
I only make 1 type of content for this blog this year apparently, and it’s the exact same thing over and over again with a new coat of paint. I’m not gonna say Horikoshi made Deku and All Might just for me. 
 But he made Deku and All Might just for me.
Yes, thats a redraw of the shot with Deku looking at Tokoyami’s sword I did that on purpose lol.
Anyway, Bind properly, Happy Pride, now I’m going back to my cave to hide. PEACE!
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Went to go see the new MHA movie!
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First Snow
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Deku ⚡️🌱
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