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💚 Synopsis:

Y/N is a TV star starting her own YouTube channel. In the mist of vlogging, she reveals her horrible cooking. Her fans immediately tell Izuku, a cooking channel on YouTube, that she needs his help. They decide to collab and suddenly cooking is much more interesting to Y/N.

💚 💚 Warnings: 16+ for some suggestive content, drinking, etc. but mainly fluff, and a lil bit of angst.

💚A/N: Not exactly happy with this… but I’m also not entirely UNhappy. I hope you’ve enjoyed!! Also, this i the beginning of the angst, but I promise, it won’t get TOO bad. Also, excuse my thumbnails, I am ten thousand percept NOT a YouTuber heh. 

Let me know if you want to be added to a taglist!!

Send me your predictions if you want as well :)))

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here’s my entry for @bnhabookclub ’s Just Add Water event! This was super super fun to write!

prompt: “I’m trying really hard not to freak out right now.” MODERN FANTASY AU

pairing: izuku midoriya x gn! reader

warnings: none!

word count: 2.5k


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Deku: uh. Kacchan thats not how you hold him.

Bakugou: *holding potato kaito by his large harness as he dangles from his teeth like a lion would hold his cub* >:C

Deku: this is litterally our house its the safest he’ll be

I promise I’ll draw this i just need to get my computer fixed

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a/n: hey love! awe thank you so much! this request is really cute, kaminari is such a sweetheart and i love him so much omg. thank you for the request hun!

headcanon: them with a s/o who is badass when they fight but also denki’s crazy bff

key: (y/n) - your name / (f/n) - first name / (l/n) - last name / (e/c) - eye color / (h/c) - hair color / (y/q) - your quirk

warnings: fluff, swearing

»»————- ★ ————-««

shoto todoroki


»»————- ★ ————-««

  • Shoto probably doesn’t understand how you can go from being super badass to somehow short-circuiting yourself when hanging out with Kaminari.
  • If you don’t have an electricity-related quirk, he’s super confused, like how does that happen?
  • If you do happen to have an electricity-related quirk, he’s also confused because you aren’t even using it. Just being with Kaminari the two of you goof off enough to go all wheheyyyyy.
  • Todoroki enjoys watching you fight. You don’t take shit from anyone. Period.
  • Watching you take down bad guys is like a guilty pleasure past-time of Todoroki’s. You’re so skilled, and there’s so much he could learn from you in terms of combat.
  • You’ve done your training and you’ve learned and studied on your own alongside all your peers.
  • But as soon as you step off the battlefield, you’re somehow another person. Or at least you seem to be another person.
  • If there’s one thing you never stop hearing in the common rooms, it’s your laughter and Kaminari’s wheezing.
  • Todoroki is concerned when he hears it late at night, especially when you’re supposed to be asleep, and even more so when you’re trying to be quiet so you don’t wake anyone up.
  • “(Y/n). You should be resting, it’s late.”
  • “I know, I know!” You shush Kaminari who is rolling on the ground beside you, trying to stop the tears induced by laughter falling from his eyes.
  • “Kaminari just whipped out his Beyblades and challenged me. I beat him. 18 times.” You were losing your shit.
  • “It’s almost one am.” 
  • “Okay okay, Kaminari, I’ll beat you again tomorrow.” You stand and walk back to your dorm with Todoroki, sad to say goodnight to your best friend.
  • I don’t feel like Todoroki would get jealous because I think he genuinely understands that you and Kaminari are friends.
  • Kaminari also respects that you and Todoroki are in a relationship and has stopped hitting on you.
  • But he jokingly states that if you and Todoroki are to break up he might not be able to hold back.

»»————- ★ ————-««

katsuki bakugou


»»————- ★ ————-««

  • Bakugou is jealous 100%
  • “Stop paying attention to that loser!” Bakugou will hug you and drag you back to your dorm at one am to get you to go to bed all because you’re having fun with Denki.
  • He doesn’t understand how you can change from being a badass to a quote on quote ‘dunceface idiot’ like Kaminari.
  • He loves you a lot and loves seeing you in action. It’s mesmerizing to see you take down bad guys and be all tough.
  • You’re a tough cookie and Bakugou enjoys watching you intimidate all the villains.
  • But watching you goof off with Kaminari strikes a nerve in him.
  • You joke around with Bakugou, but there’s something about joking off with a best friend that is different than with your romantic partner.
  • You decided that your library of fart jokes was probably a little inappropriate for Bakugou’s ears, not that the curses came out of his mouth were all appropriate in the first place.
  • No one understands your jokes quite like Kaminari. He’s the one you’re getting scolded with at four am for being too loud by Mr. Aizawa.
  • But who else was going to laugh at you trying to knit Bakugou a sweater and failing horribly?
  • “What is that supposed to be?”
  • “Bakugou!”
  • “That just looks like an angry porcupine!”
  • “Isn’t that what Bakugou is?”
  • Kaminari has officially lost it.
  • You and Kaminari have begun writing down every single roast the other drops to use later on and it’s even better when you both pull the same line in your little roast battles.
  • Everyone is silent and then you both just burst out into laughter.
  • Bakugou gets over his jealousy after Kaminari has a somewhat serious talk with him.
  • “(Y/n) wanted me to talk to you.” Kaminari starts, and Bakugou is already frustrated, is this how you tell him it’s over?
  • “I don’t see her romantically at all. I know you two are together, and as her best friend, I respect that. I know you’ll treat her well, so I expect you too. That’s my best friend you’re dating after all.”
  • Bakugou is speechless. For the first time, Denki Kaminari has said something that he understood.
  • “Did she tell you to say that? Did she write that down for you to say?” Bakugou is on edge.
  • “No! I came up with it myself because it’s the truth. She was just worried you were getting angry with her for hanging out with me so much.”
  • Bakugou cools down and eventually heads back to hang out with you.
  • Bakugou’s loud and obnoxious, so for the sake of you he tries to understand your humor, but sometimes you have to help him out.
  • It’s all in good fun though.

»»————- ★ ————-««

izuku midoriya


»»————- ★ ————-««

  • Izuku is probably super confused at first too.
  • He tries his hand at humor so he understands some jokes, and he himself can go from being all cute and adorable to fucking badass.
  • But when it comes to someone else, he’s a little lost.
  • Especially when that someone is his own girlfriend.
  • You’ve gone from tearing shit up on the battlefield to wheezing over a meme that is just a picture that says ‘top text bottom text.’
  • He surely doesn’t understand.
  • I feel like Izuku might get a little jealous at first. He’s unsure of why you’re always spending lots of time with Denki and having a good time.
  • “Izuku he’s just my friend.”
  • “But you never laugh like that with me.”
  • It’s an eye-opener.
  • Izuku is jealous of how you’re happy around Denki.
  • You try your best to explain to Deku but you might need a bit of help from Kaminari.
  • Kaminari assures Deku that nothing is going on between the two of you and that you’re just his best friend.
  • “I promise you, she’s just my best friend, I respect the boundaries of your relationship.” Kaminari has a bright smile on his face while you hug Izuku.
  • “Thank you for telling me this.” Izuku feels better about the situation but still worries sometimes.
  • You begin to include Izuku some, but he may not understand your humor sometimes so you’ll have to explain it to him.
  • Overall, Izuku is happy to see you happy. You learn to balance your time for both your friends and Izuku.
  • Izuku still doesn’t quite grasp how you can be such a badass at times then lose your mind with Kaminari at two am for making a pizza with ketchup instead of pizza sauce.
  • “Isn’t ketchup essentially tomato sauce?” Kaminari examines the ingredients list.
  • “I think it has vinegar in it. It’s gonna taste weird.”
  • “Well I can’t find the pizza sauce.”
  • “Ketchup it is then.” You take the bottle and squeeze it out over the dough. Kaminari helps add the cheese and any other toppings.
  • Deku is concerned.
  • “I don’t think that’s going to taste very good.” He’s tired too but insisted on staying up with you so he could bring you to bed after you eat.
  • And Deku’s right.
  • It tasted horrible.
  • But at least he was able to walk you back to your room and tuck you in after that terrible experience.

»»————- ★ ————-«« 

denki kaminari


»»————- ★ ————-««

  • The duality that y’all have. This relationship is POWERFUL.
  • Badass gf on the battlefield but goofy as shit when it comes to hanging out together?
  • Kaminari couldn’t have asked for a better partner. 
  • Watching you in action feels like a fucking movie. He’s drawn in constantly, admiring you every chance he gets.
  • Watching you fight, hell even watching you train is amazing. You’re incredibly skilled and your training pays off immensely.
  • Kaminari would like to say that training with you is amazing too, but the two of you can barely compose yourselves for that long.
  • You’re almost always laughing on the ground at like the one hour mark.
  • You can look at each other and just burst into laughter.
  • As much as I kind of hate the whole ‘marry your best friend’ saying, this relationship radiates that energy. You guys are endgame.
  • Kaminari couldn’t think of another person to share the love he has for you, let alone the plethora of jokes, puns, and roasts the two of you can make up on the spot.
  • Kaminari doesn’t want to imagine a world without you. And you couldn’t fathom being in one without him.
  • You guys are bound together, and are almost never apart for too long.
  • Granted you guys do have your days and you do make time for yourselves as any healthy relationship needs its boundaries.
  • You guys have shirts with memes on them, or phrases that you say constantly.
  • You’re constantly yelled out for being too loud in the middle of the night, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.
  • Kirishima, Mina, and Sero finding you guys sound asleep cuddling on the common room couch because y’all just passed out after goofing off for so long is a common occurrence.
  • If you have another best friend, I don’t feel like Kaminari would get crazy jealous because you only ever act like a goofy dumbass around him, and you’re crazy for him so he’s not too worried.
  • Might ask you about it but you’re in love with Kaminari’s dumbass and only his dumbass.
  • Who else are you going to watch cooking videos with a one am and try and recreate them on the spot?

»»————- ★ ————-««


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Izuku’s Gone

Chapter 1

Shoto’s P.O.V.

“Please, I do not have time for all of these questions!” I said, shoving my way through the crowd of reporters. Most of them were about how it felt to be a real hero, and honestly… there isn’t an answer for that.

As I walked away, hearing the voices focus on Uravity, I feel a buzz. A call from… I check my phone. Inko? We haven’t talked since the Class 1-A graduation.

I decide to answer. What’s the worst that could happen? “Todoroki?! Oh thank Gods, please help me!” Inko cried. I could feel her tears through the phone. “Ms. Midoriya? What happened?! What going on?” I asked.

“Izuku’s in the hospital.” My eyes widened. How long had it been since I talked to him? “Okay, which one?” I responded, getting my keys and getting into the car. “Tsumarnashi Hospital,” was the only response I needed.

I started driving, and texted in the Hero group chat Denki insisted we all be in.

Icyhot- midoriya’s in the hospital.

boom boom man- what the hell?!

we all float- which one?!

Creati- Is he okay?!

I knew more messages were there, but I didnt want to read them.

Icyhot- Tsumarnashi. Inko called me.

we all float- On my way!

Kermit- I’m coming too.

emo bird- I’ll be there in thirty minutes.

Icyhot- see you there.

Walking through the hospital, I find Inko bawling in the waiting room with Mitsuki. “Ms. Midoriya? Do you need help?” She turned to me and began sobbing as she hugged me.

“It’s hard for her right now. Inko, it’s okay…” Mitsuki attempted to comfort her before we all heard an explosion and footsteps.

“What the hell is going on?!” Bakugou yelled, making Inko cry more. Mitsuki looked at him with a death glare as she comforted the sobbing woman. His eyes softened.

“He’s- oh my god- he tried to kill himself!” Mee and Bakugou froze. That’s not what Midoriya would do…


2 hours later…

By then Ochako, Bakugou, Tenya, Tsuyu, and myself were there. Momo and Fumikage both had on-the-spot interviews, and everyone else we hadn’t heard from.

We all had been reminiscing about what it was like in Class 1-A, when we heard a door open. “How is he?” Inko asked, having been most likely exhausted from crying.

“She’s doing alright, she’s also awake, if you would like to see her, Ms. Midoriya.” Inko nodded, and left with the nurse.

We were all confused and relieved. Ochako was the first to speak after the nurse left. “She/Her?” We all looked at Mitsuki, but she wasn’t there. When had she left..?

We didn’t have much time to ponder before the nurse came in again. “Ms. Midoriya said you few could see her- him, if you’d like.” We all got up and followed her to his room- room 597, to be exact.

We entered the room, and- oh my god.

His eyebags rivaled Shinsou’s from when we were in U.A. (Denki forced a better sleep schedule on them after they got married) and he looked like skin and bones while looking out the window.

“Izuku…?” Ochako asked, making slow movements toward him, seeing as his eyes were nearly filled with pure fear.

“…” He said nothing, but looked at her as if she were about to hurt him. “She- He’s very anxious about everything. He hasn’t said anything since he was conscious.” The nurse informed us.

“Deku?” Bakugou said, looking at him in- is that sadness? He was never empathetic before… Izuku looked at him in realization.

He began pointing at him. “Bakugo,” He moved his finger to me, “Todoroki,” then he did it for everyone there.

He began crying, just like Inko had.



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Don’t tell anyone about what you saw today, okay?

I decided to do a test, and oh boy, I LOVE IT, let’s just hope I can remember what I used. Anyways, have some more traitor Deku, I think I might go black and white for the comic, or something.

Reblogs are heavily appreciated! Reposts are not allowed, it’s the opposite of what I want happened.

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Have a traitor!

Decided to draw my traitor au again, I really need to work on the comic but I have no motivation for it, and tbh I’m scared no one will want to see it. But it is what it is, am I right?

Reblogs are heavily appreciated! Reposts are not allowed, it kinda defeats the purpose.

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Chapter Two (Part Two (Gaby POV)) Memories and Nightmares

Her eyes whipped open in fear, body jerking up as her bangs stuck to her forehead from how much she was sweating. 

“Gaby! Give it back!“ 

Her breathing was uneven, eyes darting around as she could practically hear the boy’s laughter. 


Wiping the sweat from her forehead, Gaby found herself thinking about the day it happened. 

Why was everything so blurry? She couldn’t remember their faces. 

The darkness around her seemed to close in on her, her eyes widening as she tried to calm herself down. 

"I’m sorry, Gaby!" 

It was a feminine voice, anguish in her voice as she cried. There was a man as well, saying something to her but it was like static. 

She couldn’t understand a thing they were saying to her and she found tears welling up in her eyes as well. 

The voice, the first one she heard, was her older brother. 

Thomas Choi, or Tommy, and she found herself desperately trying to remember what happened. Why she couldn’t remember what happened to her own sibling. 

Her eyes darted around in search of something, anything, that could help her before her eyes focused on her phone. 

Roxy usually stayed up late. She said so herself. 

But Gaby felt like a burden if she texted the older girl so she began to scroll through her phone contacts. 

Until a familiar name caught her eye. 

Would he still be awake? 

Sighing, she texted anyways and hoped he’d respond soon, she desperately needed someone to talk to and he seemed nice enough. 



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Warnings: SFW!! I guess injury? Unedited, but pretty much pure fluff :)

Word Count: 2.19k

Brief Background: Reader has a healing quirk and works with recovery girl in the clinic to grow that quirk.

You always liked the clinic, with it’s crisp white sheets and the quiet hum of electrical equipment barely loud enough to hear. Working in the clinic meant filing and sitting at a computer all day, sure, but it also meant quiet stories of legendary heroes and soft talking as you ensure someone is feeling better. You were sitting in your desk chair when he came in, creating an elaborate stack of glove boxes on the counter. 

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