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#izuku fanart

Lets get it. 

Drew my children. I wish they could actually meet. I feel like Izuku and Tanjiro would baby Naruto all the time. But also like they all need to chill in a fight, cuz they alway be breaking a bone.

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1. I was LITeRALLY vibe checked by God and he said “finish that piece RIGHT tf now or be smited u dumb bitch.” so i finished the piece

2. This was literally just an excuse to make e-zuku and softsuki, fight me abt it i dare you!

For this one piece you may repost WITH CREDIT AND PERMISSION PLEASE THANK YOU.

Other notes:

-I am considering changing my username bc its not the same across all platforms, should I?

-Would anyone be interested in a 1-A girls version/more of UA’s boys version of this- if so who do you want to see?

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Omg All might have so much merch! 😂


So yesterday I hit 100 subs at ig and it made me rlly happy, so i draw this super fast to, I dunno, celebrate it? Something like that 😗

Ig: @bun.illustrations ღゝ◡╹)ノ♡

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Yo! Sup?!

Well, this is my first time posting here, even though I’ve had Tumblr for a long time.

This one in the picture is my OC. Chisui Kafuku.

I have a whole story set up for her, but I won’t tell you the whole story for now, as many things can still change in her story. But definitive things that you need to know are:

Name: Chisui Kafuku

Birthday: 29/02

16 years old

Height: 1,65

Blood’s type: AB

Quirk: 5 elementos

Hero Name: Élementy

She has a twin brother who also studies at U.A.

She lives with her father, stepmother, twin brother and younger sister.

She doesn’t get along with his mother.

Very attached to her grandparents, especially her grandmother, who taught her how to control her quirk.

About her Quirk:

It can manipulate all four elements. If you want a better reference, remember Avatar.

“But if there are four elements, why is the name of her individuality 5 elements?”

Well, there is a Japanese philosophy, which believes in the 5 elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Void.

About the 4 elements I believe that there is not much to explain, only that she uses some movements of fight and dance to control these Elements

The real problem is with the Void. She had no idea of ​​that individuality until she was 10, when when trying to kidnap her and her twin, Shokan, the girl ended up losing control and destroying everything around you within a radius of 50 meters.After using it to protect her brother, she was unconscious for 5 days. More details about what happened and her individuality in the near future.

See ya!

P.s: All credits for those who made the character base. I found it on DevianArt but at the moment I don’t remember the name of who made it. I just drew my character from the base.

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Wall-E AU let’s go…


With nothing better to do how about some backstories for the three protagonist?

Deku (D3-ku) (Backstory)

  • Deku or D3-ku is a custom Wall-E Unit designed by the Japanese Branch of BnL for the Asian Market.
  • These Wall-Es were designed after popular heroes which included heroes from pop culture and famous heroes of old.
  • The D3-ku was the last model ever made before the Humans left earth for the luxury spaceship Yuuei. So there were a lot less D3-ku models made before the big exodus this makes finding compatible repair parts difficult to find when out scavenging for “treasures”.
  • D3-ku was one of 300 Wall-E’s designated to clean the Musutafu area.
  • D3-ku or Deku, as he refers to himself, didn’t automatically develop a personality. Deku began to develop a personality 50 years after he was first turned on.
  • Through watching old segments of heroes on the big screens all over the public areas in Musutafu and the surrounding areas, Deku began to become obsessed with anything hero related.
  • He would sequester treasure related to any hero in secret places all over the sector he was designated to clean. He now has them all in his little trailer home.
  • His favorite finds were of the legendary hero from a Century ago All Might, which were rare.
  • His favorite All Might find was a role play child’s headband he sewed to his goggles to “look” like his favorite hero. To anyone else they look more like bunny ears.
  • It slowly became obvious that Deku was the only one who had a personality when he began to show human-like tendencies these included leaving work when the sun went down, making a home out of one of the abandoned Wall-En trailers, collecting All Might memorabilia, and watching old hero reels.
  • Deku was pretty lonely for a long time, unable to form any familial connections with the other D3-kus in his company, but continued to work beside his fellow D3-kus despite the lack of connection due to his directive.
  • Eventually, all the other D3-ku models and Wall-E models began to break down one by one.
  • 200 years after the space ships left earth, the first clean up robot broke down. Eventually, Deku was the only one left. Then the problems began.
  • With no more spare parts being made Deku began to realize how destructive his garbage crushing methods actually were.
  • Designing his crushing methods after All Might’s Smashes, Deku’s arms began to break down extremely fast from the abuse.
  • All Wall-E units know how to perform all types of maintenance and repairs including replacing broken and run down parts, like arms.
  • He has gone through three arms.
  • He’s moved to using his legs to crush trash. With most of the D3-ku arms rusted or broken beyond use he had no choice but to continue to use his crumbling arms until he can find a new pair of functioning arms.
  • Over 50 years later he is still looking for a pair worth using full time.
  • He does have an emergency pair just in case one arm stops working.
  • Even though it’s a hopeless tack, Deku still goes to work crushing trash. With no other options and all alone all he had left was his main directive: Clean the Planet.
  • He does this for 50 more years before he begins to explore more often, taking breaks for days or weeks at a time to scavenge for more All Might memorabilia.
  • It is during one of these hunts Deku finds another working robot, a small child companion model calling herself Doll.
  • So excited to find another bot, albeit almost totally destroyed but alive, he takes her back to his trailer and begins to repair her.
  • It takes months of searching to find parts before he can actually repair her during that time they become good friends, eventually forming a sister and brother bond.
  • Deku eventually finds mismatched parts from a customized battle bot that has arms and legs that look like a mummy, a new faceplate to go over her old one, a wig to replace her worn out matted hair, and a dress to cover her sensitive body part from the elements.
  • During “repair day” Deku was able to find a description on the side of her body while running new wires for the arm and leg and learns her true name is Eri.
  • From then on Eri and Deku go everywhere, including Deku’s work.
  • Having someone there really makes the work go faster with Deku clearing Takoba Municipal Beach Park in record time.
  • Deku doesn’t feel alone anymore. He’s happy now and has a loving little sister who looks up to him, but something is still missing in his life.
  • After watching so many hero videos, especially his favorite All Might rescue video, Deku dreams of becoming a hero like those in his films.
  • He tries to keep these thoughts to himself but Eri knows something’s wrong with her brother and wishes she could help him in some way.
  • Eventually Deku puts the dream on the back burner to focus on his directive and little sister.
  • That is until He finds a green plant with nine leaves in a refrigerator and his whole world changes.

Sh0-t0 (Sh0-Chan or Shoto) (Backstory)

  • Sh0-t0 is a Yuuei exclusive model of the Eve model designed by the BnL Japanese branch.
  • The newest version of Eve, he is one of four specifically designed for exploration of the Asian Continent.
  • The other models are the rest of the Todoroki siblings and Dabi (this falls under the Dabi is a Todoroki trope but doesn’t appear in the story)
  • When the siblings are getting ready to deploy one pod slot is empty the name: Tōya is dark and decommissioned.
  • All Sh0-t0 knows is his directive: find signs of life.
  • To help him with his search for life the left side of his face plate is a scanner with the ability to detect plant life. He has the ability to use fire and ice with the ice side acting as an emergency cooling when the heat of his fire becomes too much.
  • He doesn’t like his fire side and only uses it when enraged.
  • Mainly he uses it to destroy big objects and let off steam from the frustration not finding any signs of life.
  • Shoto mainly uses his ice side to handle the most dangerous situation. Though he can only use this ability for a limited amount of time before the water stored in his right leg depletes and he has to return to the ship that brought them to earth to reload. The water on earth is too toxic for his delicate systems.
  • Shoto has the most personality out of all his siblings having been deployed most out of the three remaining Eve models and having been deployed more often to the planet.
  • When deployed, Shoto loves to fly in the air making loop-de-loops and breaking the sound barrier.
  • The fast he goes, the fast he believes he can get way from the ship and the blackness of storage the Eve models always go back to after another failed mission to find signs of life.
  • Shoto hates the ship with all his being, if he could he would disappear like his fellow Eve model Tōya in a second, but he understands the goal of the directive he’s been given: to return humans back to the planet. He could never deny the humans the chance to come home just because he wants his freedom.
  • The siblings have been deployed once every five years and are left to search the continent for a year as decreed by the main directive of BnL’s recolonization plan before returning to the ship.
  • Shoto does not like the Autopilot, at all.
  • Shoto knows the Autopilot Endeavor likes him the most because between him and Tōya they are the strongest Eve models if danger were to arise not only on earth but on the Ship Endeavor can take control back by force through them by black mailing Shoto with the safety of his siblings and everyone on board the ship.
  • Shoto knows the Captain is not in charge of the ship, Endeavor is.
  • What Shoto hates most about returning to the ship is the reports.
  • Oh God the reports! Every time they come back their memory files are probed for information on the progress of the earth’s rehabilitation it is one of the most degrading and painful processes Shōto and his siblings experience.
  • Every time they come back as a failure they are either upgraded or their parts are taken away and replaced with new parts diagnostics designed.
  • Shoto always gets new parts and upgrades, it’s how he got his screen scanner.
  • Earth is his safe haven, far away from the ship and Endeavor he’s free at least for a year.
  • This time around his directive takes him to Japan, the first time he’s ever been there in almost 700 years.
  • Shoto is excited since he hasn’t seen the island country in so long and wonders how much it’s changed. He’s ready for a change in scenery.

E.ri (Eri) (Backstory)

  • Eri is a small child companion robot designed to be a young child’s best friend or a child replacement for couples who can’t have children.
  • Unfortunately, Eri never became a companion or replacement child instead being abused and used for nefarious purposes.
  • Much of her early life she was passed around being upgraded and customized to the point of numbness.
  • She forgets who she was and what her main directive is anymore. She becomes a blank slate.
  • The final nail in the coffin being the removal of her original faceplate for a cheaply made custom faceplate. She is a Doll.
  • Doll doesn’t remember when she is thrown away or for what reason, perhaps her last owner didn’t want her anymore or the space ships didn’t allow for companion bots. Either way she is thrown into the trash.
  • She lays there still alive waiting for her final deactivation but it never comes.
  • Eventually scavengers find her and take some of her parts, her arm and leg for their own purposes. They don’t care if she’s still activated. She’s just a machine, a blank slate.
  • She remains that way for centuries until her hero comes in the form of the last D3-ku Unit, her big brother Deku.
  • At first she couldn’t understand why anyone would want to save her. She’s no good, trash, he should crush her like the trash she is and move on with life, but he doesn’t.
  • Deku cares for her and loves her like no one has ever done before. Deku’s patient with her and waits for her to make the first move.
  • Deku doesn’t see the machine she thinks she is, Deku sees a person who just wants to be loved. Just like him.
  • Deku brings her toys and stuffed animals, her favorites are the bunny rabbits especially when they are a little different, a missing eye or has unusual patterns, just like her.
  • Eventually, Deku comes back to their little trailer home with a new leg, arm, wigs colored close to her original hair color, a pretty new red dress and most importantly a new face plate. Deku offers her a new start.
  • Deku asks her if he could try to repair her and make things a little better for her. Deku knows he can never fully repair the mental scars but he can help her move forward.
  • She says yes.
  • Repair day, from then on they celebrate like it’s a human birthday, in a way it is for her. That day they learn her true name is Eri.
  • From that day on Eri begins the long road to recovery and healing. Eri doesn’t trust humans anymore, however, and may never trust them ever again.
  • Eri and Deku form a strong bond from that day on. Eri goes to work with Deku helping him where she can or being a friendly presence for Deku.
  • Their favorite thing to do is go exploring, which they do once a month and always on a Friday.
  • They always come home with little goodies for their collections and watch hero rescues and magical girl animes all night long.
  • Sailor Moon is her favorite.
  • Despite how happy Eri is now that she has found a family, a brother, that loves her she still worries about Deku. Eri knows he wants to be a hero like All Might, but to her he’s already a hero.
  • Deku saved Eri after all.

Bonus: Eri or “Doll” pre- Meeting Deku

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The kid kept bugging him even after he had talked to his mother.

“Are you even trying Deku! This is meant to be normal training for a future chef bride!”

Izuku was used to nomads.

The nomands came at the start of spring. And Izuku had been courius and friendly with these travellers who showed nothing but magic tricks and smiles.

One kid, especially took a shining for him. Unusual fact for the halfmen, who normally got avoided by his village and so he spent his time into entertaining the young boy. Excited to be observed and of some genuine interest from someone for the first time.

But the kid was… peculiar to say the least.

After the first attempt to impress him failed, Izuku found himself even as an adult as a student. Kacchan had many idead in how the world should work but when his childish cruelty, brought in by being a barbarian was too much for the sofisticated halfman he would hide his

flustered self behind snide remarks and mean intervention and traded his rude attitude with something more along the liking of the hobbit.

He left camp with his parent the last day of spring, Izuku thought he would never see Kacchan again.

“I told you I would come back to marry you !”

Please don’t repost

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