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iovbug · 2 days ago
kissing izuku’s/yuuji’s scars is a part of your nightly routine as the two of you wind down to rest.
you lift his arm up to your face, the fingertips ghosting your lips as you give each knuckle a peck. your other hand caressing his face, your eyes meeting his.
tears may line his eyes the first few times, unused to the amount of care and love you possess for him. his smile may be wobbly, voice strained as if the tears are sitting right in the apex of his throat, his cheeks flushed pink.
but its okay, is what you tell him as you move to grab his face in your hands, bringing his forehead to meet yours. your whispers of approval and admiration trail off into the night as you hold his trembling body close to yours.
its alright, is what he replies with as he chokes out as many ‘i love you’s as he can manage, constantly feeling like there’s never too many times he can say it.
what he doesn’t know is how much this routine means to you, how much love you feel from h simply allowing you to convey all you feel for him with every brush of lips across his scarred skin.
and the both of you fall asleep, his hand in yours, your face in the crook of his neck, the shared, undying love keeping the two of you close the entire night.
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j-ce5 · 2 days ago
Tell me why I got on Twitter and people are saying smith about Todoroki almost kissing Bakugou WTF DID I MISS
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manjiken · 2 months ago
peeping tom
❥ deku x fem!reader
❥ cw: pro hero!deku, perv!deku, sorta yandere deku, smut, breeding kink, baby-trap talk, non-con voyeurism, manipulation?, masturbation, unprotected sex, cum inflation, belly bulge, creampie.
❥ wrote this with my clit while high and my brain hasn't caught up yet so it's not proofread. I want him sm
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
after you thanked him for saving you, smile bright and green painted nails wiggling at him in a wave, he was hooked. having your tits pressed into his arm and your glossy lips curving into a pretty grin just for him, nearly had pro hero!deku melting on the side walk. your doe eyes brimmed with gratitude along with something else that clawed at his chest, and run rampant until it sat in the pit of his stomach with a stifling warmth.
he offers to walk you home, saying he couldn't let you walk or take public transport by yourself when you have a twisted ankle. strong hands lift you off your feet and cradle you to a broad chest with deku swooning at your little blush. ten blocks, he walks ten blocks with his heart hammering against his ribcage. deep breaths coming out in shaky sighs as he stops himself from running his nose along the column of your neck where your subtle perfume smelt the strongest. your soft laughter nearly gets drowned out by the wind when he tells you that he's glad to have an excuse to avoid the press.
deku doesn't realize he memorized the route to your house until later that night. with an hour and a half left of his patrol shift, he managed to convince himself that he's just checking on you. he noticed you live alone and he'd hate if anything happened to you especially since you were in his care earlier. so he goes, a spring in his step but a nervous tick in his jaw as he approaches your home. your single storey house with glass windows and no curtains drawn lets him see perfectly inside, cozy little space bathed in a warm, white light. but he doesn't see you and he can't leave without seeing you at least once or else coming would have made no sense.
circling the house, he peeks in at the last window in the back and there you are. on the bed and back facing him, he can't see what you're doing, even as you shift to plant your feet on the bed. with a dejected sigh, he turns to leave. he's unhappy he couldn't get to see your face but pleased you're obviously still okay. then he hears it, a quiet little thing he almost ignored the first time. he hears it again and his body immediately tenses, his eyes growing wide and unblinking when he registers what the sound is.
a tiny little moan has his ears perking up like a dog, has him rushing to the window again, cock stirring to life. you've turned around now, legs widened and head tossed back, giving the pro hero the perfect view of your fingers buried knuckle deep in your dripping cunt. he's quick to hold his breath, afraid you might hear and stop the show of your digits swiping through your glistening folds to toy with your clit.
he's itching to palm his cock at the way your pretty face is screwed up in ecstasy, at the way the satisfied mewls and whimpers escape your plush lips the longer you fuck your fingers in and out of your pussy. you're doing so well already but he knows he can do better, his fingers are longer and thicker and he'd give anything to sink them between the seam of your pussy and curl them right into your sweet spot.
it takes a while to figure out that you're still wearing the same shirt from earlier, doesn't realize until he sees you pull it up in a haste to free your tits. your fingers are rough as you pull and pinch the tender buds, hips bucking into your fingers.
his heart ceases in his chest, freezes mid beat and sinks like a stone in his stomach. he's been found out, you saw him and this is the end for him. he bites his arm to try and stifle the panicked mumbles, internally mulling over how best to rectify this and possibly still save his image.
hearing you call his name again has him quieting down; you didn't sound angry or disgusted, just needy. And for him apparently. he swallows the lump in his throat and risks another peek, flagging cock throbbing back to full hardness when he sees you touching yourself still. his hero name tumbles from your lips as you writhe in bed, fingers still stuffed in your cunt. the quiet whine slips from his throat, chest clenching painfully at not being able to give you want.
here's where it begins.
nights are spent outside with deku at your window like a shadow, watching you and sometimes staying until you fall asleep. he'll stick his hand down his pants and fist his cock while he waits, dreaming of fucking your thighs that's barely covered by your sleep shorts. he can't help it, he sees you spread out and calling for him so sweetly and he's aching for the chance to press praising kisses on your clit for always giving him such a good show.
never once thought about giving himself up, wanting to cling to this, to you, for as long as possible. but he couldn't stop the ugly, gnawing anger that swells in his heart when he sees a civillian, a friend of yours, getting too into your space for his liking. he shouldn't have, he really shouldn't have shown up at your house on a night he knew said friend was supposed to come over but he couldn't let anyone else see you like that. you moaned his name, called out for him to pin you down and take you, you're his.
he deliberately interrupted you at the right time, right in the middle of you riding the thick deku themed dildo from the hero x-rated time. you answered the door with flushed cheeks, eyes blown wide and legs trembling to stay upright; you poor thing. came under the guise of checking on you, says he just remembered you and wanted to see how you were doing.
emerald eyes softened at the edges when you visibly preened at that. he takes a step closer, silently marvelling at how big he is compared to you when he you're caged between him and the wall. tells you he's glad you're okay and that he thinks you're pretty. and when you thank him, your sweet voice nearly a whimper, he asks if you wanna show him how thankful you are. his dick jumps at the way your eyes light up and somewhere between shoving knobby, scarred fingers down your throat and watching your lashes flutter as you suck on them, it's his first taste of reverse hero worship.
you were so eager, your slight screams spurring him on as he sinks his cock inside your cunt. couldn't hold back from forcing the last few inches in and nestling himself to the hilt, groaning in relief at the feel of your velvet walls cushioning his swollen tip. he tells you that you're his number one fan, that he doesn't wanna share you and to promise you won't forget him.
through garbled and choppy words you promise him that he's your favorite and that you won't leave, braincells clearly knocked loose from the languid strokes of his dick battering your sweet spot.
sweet kisses to the apples of your cheeks as he pumps you full of his cum, slightly chapped lips forming equally sweet promises of pretty babies with pro hero deku if you stay and let him take care of you.
it's too much, so much cum that it leaks out and he's frowning at the pearlescent liquid seeping down and staining the sheets. clicking his tongue he wiggles a finger inside, shoving the cum back in and aiding his dick in plugging it up, can't waste a drop. his biggest fan loves him so much, your pussy squeezing him so tight, unwilling to let go. you deserve his best, like his heavy cock pounding at your cervix like it has a personal vendetta, saturating it in his cum until your tummy slightly bulges from the inflation, cock head clearly indented in the soft skin.
his best girl, his number one fan. his forever, he'd make sure of it.
Tumblr media
©manjiken 2021 all rights reserved. do not repost, copy, modify, translate, cross-post, or recommend any of my works on any other platform.
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kiyoobi · 3 months ago
izuku who loves to have you sitting on his lap, his legs keeping yours pried open as he keeps a vibrator steady on your clit. his strong arms and legs keeping you from wiggling away, never satisfied with you cumming once or twice or even three times. sweaty bodies and messy kisses, muffled moans and a mess between your thighs as you writhe against his aching cock.
izuku who nearly feels like he’s cumming alongside with you, lips parted in awe as he watches you tremble between his legs, watching your thighs quiver and toes curl as you beg for his cock. it’s all you can ask for, all you can think of is his thick cock splitting you open, and your babbling promises that you can take it. and when he finally relents, finally puts away the toy and lifts your pliable body effortlessly to face him, he falls in love with your dopey smile.
izuku who feels pride and love swelling in his heart as he watches your swollen lips give him a limp smile with those gorgeous, glossy doe-eyes that screw shut when he slowly splits you open. soft moans tumble out as his cock stretches you, already nudging at your cervix before he’s even bottomed out. and when he finally does, his hands so tight on the fat of your hips and thighs he might leave bruises, he won’t stop until you cum again and again on his cock before filling your cute little pussy with his cum
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yn-for-president · 4 months ago
(Y/n): IT IS NOT!
Todoroki: is too.
(Y/n): NOT!!!
Midoriya,whisper shouting: why are you both screaming so early in the morning?!
(Y/n): Todoroki’s judging my ice cream choice!
Todoroki: It’s just toothpaste ice cream.
(Y/n): It’s not, Its DELICIOUS ! Tell him Midoriya!
Midoriya:…I have no clue as to what this conversation is about.
Todoroki: if I wanted to eat Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream , I’d just eat a spoonful of chocolate and toothpaste.
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sizeklink · a month ago
izuku, am i right?
Tumblr media
he’d be the type to hold your face straight while you’re below him, tucking your knees under his elbows and whispering against your lips. about how good you feel around him, how you’re squeezing him so tight, how he’ll never let you go.
it’s pet names galore, with him. every sweet nothing that falls from his lips is adorned with a “baby”, “sweetheart”, “pretty”, even “puppy” when he’s feeling real affectionate.
it makes your heart soar the first time you hear it. you wouldn’t have thought it could be so electrifying—you’re not really into pet play—but the way he kisses it into your neck is lethal enough to have you bucking your hips into his.
“oh, you like that? you like it when i call you puppy? hm?” he asks. he’s giving you slow, harsh thrusts, the kind that barely give you enough time to recover before he’s shoving into you again. barely time to recover, but plenty for the impact to reverberate in your body and steal your breath.
you can’t look him in the eye when he’s like this. all-consuming, crowding you against the bed. taking his sweet time with your body, making sure every hair is set ablaze with his sin. you cannot look at him, or he’ll see straight into your soul. he’ll see how devoted you are to him, and eventually he’ll use it against you. you can’t trust anyone with your love: you know from experience.
but he’s going even slower, with deep, penetrating thrusts, stroking the sensitive area behind your ears with his thumbs. he’s already blocking your sight from everything that isn’t him, but he wants to be the only thing you feel, too. he wants to overrun your senses with his existence right now, because maybe then you’ll see what you do to him all the time.
he doesn’t think you understand how special you are to him. so he tells you he loves you, right then and there. he loves you, and the news makes your world stop. the earth is no longer spinning and the sun has died, but your body still manages to press your heart to his because you love him too. so much it hurts. you can’t turn a blind eye to that.
you can look away from him, though. you can close your eyes and shut him out, stop yourself before the words tumble out of your mouth. he can’t use them against you if you push him away first. you can get caught up in the feeling of him on your skin and avoid the way he permeates your mind. you feel so good, you can say instead.
“it’s alright, puppy, i know you’re scared. you can wait to say it back.” shake it off, shake it off, shake it off, he doesn’t know anything. no, he isn’t as perceptive as he claims to be, your emotions are not bubbling right under the surface of your skin. you’re still in control. “i want you to look at me, though.”
he straightens your head, but your eyes stay closed. it’s the pleasure keeping them screwed tight. it’s the way he’s grinding into you, rubbing into that sensitive patch along your walls. that’s all. it isn’t a last-ditch effort in keeping him at arms length. you can’t help it.
“yes you can, pretty baby. open your eyes for me,” he murmurs against swollen lips. “let me see you. i promise, i promise…”
you don’t know what he’s promising. you’re sure he doesn’t either. yet, somehow, you understand each other. what he’s offering is what you need, and you can have as much of it as you want if you just open your eyes.
you don’t have to trust him. you can keep your mind right, can’t you? eyes are just that—eyeballs. they don’t have to be windows to the soul, they can just be cells and cones and rods and whatever else biologically makes up an eye. eye contact doesn’t have to be the ink drop in your soul’s still water. it doesn’t have to be the very dark matter that connects the universe. besides, he’s the one that wants the connection, he’s weak to you. you have to honor that, not be the one to hurt him. you can look without letting your guard down if it’ll make this better for him.
for him. anything, for him.
so they open, almost one at a time, like you’re peeking around a dark corner and scared of what you’ll find. but you do it, and you’re met with the purest green you think you’ve ever seen. there are forests in there. there’s grass, trees, happiness, determination, a little caterpillar munching along a leaf, soju bottles, a press on the gas pedal, sliced melon, healing, the stem of flourishing aster, sprinkles on a cupcake, green. Izuku’s eyes.
they’re everything you told yourself they wouldn’t be.
now, locked on him as he picks up the pace, with his furrowed brows pressed into yours, you’re enveloped in what you can only describe as home. it is here, between his arms and beneath him with your knees to your chest. this is where you’ve wanted to be all your life. you desire him so strongly that you can feel the string of fate that anchors his soul to yours, eyes aren’t necessary anymore. his heart keeps your blood pumping as yours does his.
you’d happily spend eternity in hell if it meant you’d see him in the second circle.
you regret opening your eyes because of it.
this is the damnation of which you were so terrified. you know that, despite how hard you fought to not need him, he would utterly ruin your life if he left. now, he has so much power, too much power, and you are left with no choice but to surrender to it. love it and love him, as you do, because your fear isn’t enough to hold you back anymore. stark yellow fear just makes green more vibrant.
he knows, you discover. as he pumps in and out of you desperately, nodding and cooing and praising the attachment he sees forming in your eyes, you are assaulted by the realization that he probably always knew. because he was watching. because he cares that deeply, and always has.
you climax together, moaning and shivering in tandem, consumed by the bond that sets your minds alight. it wasn’t sex, this experience. it was more than that. it was your fear against his honesty, your reservations against his love, in an all-out battle that would determine whose pull reigned supreme.
and you never stood a chance.
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kumori-suwan · 9 days ago
BNHA PRO HUSBAND SCENARIOS: Reacting to them getting baby fever when you’re both Pro Heroes
Feat: Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugou, and Mirio Togata
Warning: highly suggestive content
Izuku Midoriya
It was completely your fault, you had no right looking so beautiful holding the small month old baby in your arms. Battered, bruised, and covered in cuts, and yet you looked absolutely stunning with that glowing motherly smile on your face as you hushed and rocked the baby to sleep. Izuku’s head was spinning seeing you like this, something in his heart stirred yelling at him that you’d be a perfect mother.
“Oh hi honey, didn’t see you there.”, you giggled quietly trying to stay professional.
Izuku wanted to speak but seeing you hold the baby had left his mind stuck on one thought, “A-Are you both okay?”, he asked stupidly watching the sleeping baby wrap it’s small hand around your ring finger.
“We’re fine love. The mission was a success and the Baby’s mom and dad have been found we’re just waiting for them to come.”, you whisper smiling down at the small baby in your arms.
“It suits you.”, Izuku mumbles out loud making you stare at him, he’s about to stutter out an excuse but you’re both scared when a woman’s cries fill your ears.
The baby’s parents had finally found you and ran to you with open arms, they both tackled you honestly just trying to hold their baby. You gave the baby back to her mother and the father hugged you with tears spilling from his eyes and thanked you. You smiled and nodded feeling your heart clench tightly once the baby had left your arms. Izuku notices and his mind fills with the thought of giving you a baby of your own.
You both return home in silence and while you started dinner you notice Izuku missing.
“Izuku? Zu? Honey where’d you go?”, you called throughout the house eventually finding him in his office taking down his things.
“Izuku what’re you doin-“
“I need to make the nursery.”
You’re left completely shocked by his response watching him work diligently to carefully and quickly put his stuff away. He stops for a moment and rushes up to you, cupping your cheeks in his hands before slamming a deep passionate kiss on your lips. You accidentally moan against his lips and find yourself being pressed against the wall by his large sculpted body.
“I-Izuku what’s gotten into you?”, you gasp turning away from him as embarrassment danced over your face.
“I want a baby, I want to give you a baby.”, he admits sternly, “I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately but seeing you today…glowing the way you did with that baby in your arms…I-it made me want one even more.”
You flushed bright red to his response, but his hungry emerald hues caught how your thighs clenched and squirmed to his words. You wanted this just as bad as he did, that baby had given you both baby fever and you weren’t even mad.
“I-I…I want a boy.”, you admit staring up into his hungry eyes.
Izuku had completely changed, he’d become feral for you, confident and cocky, “Then I’ll give you one.”
The house almost burnt down since you had forgotten about dinner on the stove.
Katsuki Bakugou
Bakugou was in his prime, barely to be 28, and already happily married to the sassiest woman he’d ever met but he felt something digging at him. After getting to hold Kirishima’s little girl and being dubbed her god father Katsuki was left with some brewing thoughts. Everywhere he looked there was a pregnant woman or a baby in its stroller or it’s parents arms. He longed for that same sensation, he grew the need to have a baby of his own, he wasn’t sure what was happening to him but on his day off he somehow stumbled into a baby clothing store and his heart was overflowing. He found Dynamight themed onesies and compulsively bought it, it was just to cute for him to ignore.
“Oh that would look lovely on our baby.”, a young woman smiled gently rubbing her round stomach, her husband was holding up two separate sets for her to choose from and Katsuki’s feverish mind pictured that happy couple as you and him.
Now here he was at home, sitting at the edge of his bed mindlessly rubbing his thumbs over the small onesie as more and more thoughts stirred in his mind. He wanted a baby, no needed one, needed to have a baby with his pretty little Queen. “Fuck I’m losing my mind, stupid fucking shitty hair and his cute ass baby.”, Katsuki groaned flopping onto the bed.
“Suki I’m home.”
Katsuki groaned letting you know he was in the room but completely forgot about the onesie in his hand, “Hey baby cakes, long day?”, he sighed sitting up to get his sugar from you.
You pressed a deep kiss to his lips making him hum in delight, you noticed the onesie in the corner of your bed and squealed seeing it. Bakugou realized he’d been caught and groaned, “Katsuki what is this?”, you smiled holding it up in the air.
“A baby onesie…I-I picked it up at the store today.”, he sighed staring anywhere but you.
“This is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen, bet our baby would look super cute in it.”, you said out loud.
His red eyes were immediately glaring at your stomach once you had said that but he didn’t see anything different.
“Wait what?”
“Oh yeah I’m pregnant, I wasn’t gonna tell you until I was showing but since someone has baby fever I guess it’s okay to tell you early.”, you giggled running off to find your positive pregnancy test.
God Katsuki was all over you once he read the positive test, you smiled and tried to escape him but that was not happening anytime soon. His lips were all over your face and neck, leaving a warm trail all over your skin. “K-Katsuki down boy.”, you whined feeling his bulge against your crotch.
“No way. Not now, not ever. I’m gonna make sure you stay filled and then we’re going shopping, you need maternity clothes and the baby needs all her shit too.”, Katsuki growled seductively stripping himself of his shirt.
“We don’t even know if it’ll be a girl!”, you screamed flushing bright red to his naked form.
“It’s gonna be a girl I know it, my little Queen is gonna give me my little Princess.”, he growls slowly stripping you.
Katsuki keeps his word, he does make sure to keep you filled and honestly you’re pretty sure he just wasted a fortune on everything he just bought you and the baby.
Mirio Togata
Being a pro was never an easy job, but seeing all the families around him made Mirio long for a family of his own. He had brought up the idea to you before but you never really gave him a solid answer. Then it happened, during your anniversary dinner you both caught sight of a beautiful little baby that absolutely adored staring at you. Mirio couldn’t help himself and started making faces at the baby making him laugh with glee. The baby’s laugh was contagious, it made you both feel so warm inside. Seeing the way Mirio swooned for the baby made you smile, Mirio was always good with kids, he’d proved it more then once but now…now the idea of a family sounded good in your head.
“Wasn’t that baby just the cutest?”, Mirio cheered.
“Yeah super cute.”
Mirio suddenly became quiet, his face twisted into a strange frown. You snapped out of his mood with a kiss to the lips and smiled at him, “Our times coming soon, I promise.”, you whispered.
Mirio’s mind went blank to those words and slowly but surely he showed you just how much he wanted this. He made one of the spare bedrooms into a nursery and decorated it full of superheroes, of course he didn’t let you in the room for anything which sucked since you couldn’t even get the keys. I’m that room he hid everything, your maternity gear, baby clothes, strollers, car seats, everything until the fated day you told him you were pregnant.
Mirio broke down sobbing finding your positive test sitting atop a corny shirt that read ‘I have the strongest daddy.’. Mirio wore that shirt for a month straight awaiting his sweet round baby but his baby fever never went away.
“Honey I’m on babysitting duty tonight! Look I have the Amajiki twins!”, Mirio cheered holding both the elf eared toddlers in his arms.
You smiled at waved at your nephews who immediately sought out to play games with their favorite uncle. Mirio has become extremely caring and nurturing, doing whatever the kids wanted, playing, drawing, sleeping, anything at all just to see them happy.
“Hey uncle when will we get a new baby cousin?”
“Oh soon little one. Aunty (Y/n) is raising the baby right now in her belly.”, Mirio smiled watching you waddle around the kitchen while you made dinner.
Both the twins stared at you and then at each other before popping the question, “Where do babies come from?”
You nearly tripped hearing that sentence and glared at Mirio to keep his mouth shut but he answered.
“When a mommy and daddy love each other very much they do a magic trick together and the daddy puts hi-“
“THEIR MAGIC CALLS A STORK AND THE STORK BRINGS THE BABY!”, you screamed throwing a pillow at your stupid husband.
The twins giggled and rushed to the kitchen to cling to your legs, the both rubbed your growing belly and smiled excited for their new friend.
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yeonniesblog · 18 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Bakugou was always famous among the hero community, in his early teens for his temper, during the starting of his hero career for being so good at what he did.
Though now as you scroll through Twitter and bakugou is the number two rising hero, you can figure out how the gruffy man was chosen to be the sexiest hero this year.
Shots of the pro hero dynamite has been going viral for few weeks now, simps and his fangirls as well as the fan boys have gotten his and yours attention about this matter after trending the #daddybakugou hastag.
Bakugou didn't care about it, the posts actually fed his ego if you were honest. He would just scoff at the comments and roll his eyes and give the aura that screamed as if he didn't already knew he was a 'double course snack'.
And you yourself have to admit his abs does look really good, not only in the shots but also when he comes out of the shower after another tired mission, another tired 'I think we need a break' and you pretend you could ignore his issues which he tries to forget through you, but it isn't easy— even if you keep trying to priortise your sexual desire when you watch the hot water of shower dripping off his defined eight packs— ah they were definitely drool worthy.
But. But the one thing the world or any of his lover couldn't see or be proud over was his back after you leave the marks of your nails all over them. The work of art of several red marks on the rising top hero, which you can bet his past lovers wish they could mark on but unfortunately for them though— seemed like bakugou only liked those marks by your familiar black painted nails.
The bite marks digged onto his broad shoulder, that turns purple in the morning and you can't get enough of it. You are proud of the nails mark over his sturdy back that everyone relies on but they are at mercy of a certain manicured hands.
So a lazy smug smile has been stuck on your face since you saw bakugou putting on the t-shirt that he threw somewhere in the corner of your room last night, groaning when the fabric was touching his skin littered marks.
"Y/n you did this on purpose didn't you" his piercing red eyes looking back to your twinkling mischievous one through the mirror. You Just continue to smile at him.
Another roll of his eyes because of your lack of response as he continues to look for his winter coat he always seemed to wear during the season he hates.
"Wanted to make your girlfriend jealous" you chipped, lips pursued into a smile but your throat felt like it was burning. You stretched your arms, letting the blanket fall of your topless body, chest littered with similar marks left on the hero infront of you.
"She isn't my girlfriend" he stopped putting on his watch, raising his head to look at you again through the mirror, eyes flickering noticing your naked soft skin. Will he be too later for a round two?
"Uh— yes you guy are on a break again" you dragged the uh a little, picking up the fallen robe on your wooden floor, you sighed closing your eyes. "Sorry forgot you didn't cheat like certain someone"
Your obvious voice mocking him in the face, bakugou turned around, clenching his fist to throw any snarky comment he could think of but he couldn't because the girl he was hanging still on did betray him. And he couldn't change the fact.
You stepped off the bed but as soon as the pressure fell on your feet you could feel the soaring pain through your legs. Cramps jerking up between your thighs.
"Fuck" you cursed trying to stand properly and tie the knot of your robe, while the piercing red eyes followed your movements.
"Oh did I go too hard on the number four hero?" The smug look on bakugou was evident, arms over his chest as he stood leaning against the door frame of your bedroom ready to leave for his empty apartment.
You just returned a fake smile followed with a roll of eyes. He doesn't know why he puts up with your bratty act or short tempered mood swings. Maybe next time you shouldn't be able to walk at all for two days straight. He makes a mental note of that.
Stumbling over to the bathroom you were just about to step on the white tiles, but your left foot slipped. The fabric of your silky lace bra was thrown across the room by the certain blond last night and now you could feel you are loosing balance and you were going to land on your butt but before that two big hands held you by your shoulder.
"Fuckin' idiot" bakugou growled, breathing sharply— the wooden floor of your bedroom was surely hard enough— he had felt it well and hard after accidentally tripping over your charger and hitting his head when you were in the bathroom but it was too embarrassing of a story for the crude man to share.
"You could have asked me if I was okay first mister bakugou" you stood up, untangling yourself from his big veiny hands which were plunging inside your repeatedly last night. You inhaled deeply thinking back at the memories. This dude surely needs to slow his shit down.
"Oh? I am Mister bakugou now ? last thing I remember you were screaming 'katsuki! Please Katsuki more'" he mocked mimicking your voice in a pitch shrill voice, failing miserably ofcouse, you sound nothing like that.
Giving him a eye closed smile, you swiftly pinched at what you remember the last place you saw your marks on his back, causing a low groan to escape from his mouth.
Satisfied— your closed the bathroom door on his face after entering quickly, laughing to yourself by the amusing yells and curses thrown by the pomeranian from the other side of the door.
You knew well that he could break the door and get you but his urgency to go to her was proven once again when you heard the fading footsteps leaving towards the exit of your expensive apartment. Nudging off to the shower to get ready for your work, you took off your robe.
Letting the hot drizzling water flow over your body, you relaxed closing your eyes, not realising tears also started leaking through the corner of your closed eyes. You wonder when the games between the both of you would end.
But the proud smile on your face was etched once again when you remembered the dark mark on his back you left. So even if the world gets to see his abs through a ripped piece clothing or the girl who is so proud after achieving a label on their on and off relationship by the blonde you already knew how to make bakugou yours. Even if that means you play a little dirty.
Guess you will accept the date proposal from the one and only number one hero.
Tumblr media
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r1nf4iry · a month ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
dilf!izuku x f!reader
wc: 1.2K
warning: masturbation, breeding, manhandling, rough sex, daddy kink, MNDI
a/n: mhm! mhm! rough daddy deku got me all hot and bothered
dilf december collab
Tumblr media Tumblr media
dilf!izuku - the world's sweetheart, let alone japan's. the hero that everyone either wants to be, or wants to be with. how can you not love him? crows feet along the sides of his eyes, the softest smile splayed across his face as the roots of his curly green hair turn grey. always looking to help out anyone who needs it. theres no discrimination in his body, if you are someone in need and he'll help you. 
deku has become very close with kacchan's family as he doesn't have one of his own. helping out with dinner almost every night and taking care of katsuki's kids from time to time. due to their hero work katsuki hired an au pair to look after the kids so they don't have to worry about them when they're out on missions. deku's heart does a flip the moment he lays eyes on you. he sees you by the kitchen sink, with katsuki's little girl clad on your hip, as you sway slightly while washing her hands getting all the red paint off of it. 
you get quite a fright to see the number one hero behind you, but he immediately introduces himself, fumbling over his words and turning absolutely red in the face. the number one hero? blushing? a sight that had only been seen by you, and katsuki who was watching by the door. after you left, katsuki gave deku a stern talking to about how he _should absolutely get over this ditzy crush of his before anything bad happens_. deku never listens to kacchan, does he?
he ought to get a grip. whenever he has just a minute of peace, his mind replays the first moment he met you. he can't seem to get you off of his mind. late nights, laying in bed after a mission, he's exhausted. he's pent up. he needs release. he needs...you. his hands run down his body till they land on his growing erection. god, the man is touch starved. he needed to feel your hands on him. but for now, his own will suffice. 
he pulls his hard cock out of his pants and begins stroking it slowly as images of you flash through his mind. you bent over his desk at the agency as he fucks you till you can't walk, or fucking you on the counter in katsuki's kitchen as he "helps" you make dinner. his hips stutter as he bucks into his hand, fucking it as if it was you. wishing he could feel your tight cunt on his cock as he pulls you down onto it, making you take it all.
he hated his depraved mind. now every single time he looked at you, he wanted to take you right there. he couldn't stop thinking about how beautiful you'd look on your knees, makeup and tears painting that pretty little face of yours as his cock slipped in and out of your mouth. the way you'd whine and beg for him to fill you up. he was insatiable.
not long after he learned about your feelings towards him, he was more than excited. he wasting no time. he waited for kachan to be busy on night patrol before he made his move. he had your clothes off in mere seconds as he pins your arms above your head. you protest slightly, as katsuki's children were right upstairs. izuku shushes you slightly, capturing you in a deep kiss. the kiss was heated, and filled with lust, love and other emotions you couldn't quite place. your body melted into his, your legs wrapping around him to grind up into his crotch, desperate for his touch. deku grows impatient and grabs you and turns you over, pushing your face into the couch.
"make one sound, and i'll make sure you don't get to cum."
his voice was low, commanding and it made the wetness between your legs increase by the second. he lifted your skirt up and ripped your panties off. he was dying to know what it felt like inside of you, just once. he leans down and whispers sweet nothings into your ear, how much of a good girl you were, while finger-fucking your cunt to make it ready for him. you heard his belt unbuckle and his pants unzip. you turned your head slightly to get a look of what was to be inside you and your jaw dropped. his cock was huge, angry red tip just aching to feel something.
before you could even respond, he removed his fingers and replaced it with his cock. you bit onto the pillow in front of to, trying to cover up the shriek that almost left your mouth. your eyes were rolling back, tears were running down your cheeks. your legs were shaking and he'd only just put it in. he was balls deep, tip already kissing your cervix so prettily. he groaned into your neck as he started to move, feeling the way your walls flutter and clench around him. he was intoxicated by your muffled moans and inviting pussy.
his pace increased as he straightened out, hands grabbing at your hips as he fucked you at an unrelenting pace. all you could hear was the sound of skin hitting skin, and the muffled moans you let out. izuku had to swallow the deep groans that threatened to leak out of his mouth. the man was in heaven. his hips couldn't be stopped, his orgasm approached slowly.
"fuck i'm gonna cum inside you. gonna make you so full you can barely stand up."
your body couldn't handle the rough pace at which he was going. the knot in your belly begged to be undone. you pleaded and pleaded, asking him to let you cum, trying to not moan in between. he just chuckled and pulled you up by your hair, your back arching so perfectly as his cock pistoned in and out of you.
"you wanna cum? huh, slut? wanna cum on daddy's cock as your boss's kids are asleep upstairs? then cum for me."
your body followed his command before you had the time to register what was happening. your pussy clenched so hard around his cock is pushed him over the edge too. he filled you up so well, cum trickling out as he thrusted a few more times.
your body collapsed on the couch, unable to stay up. he pulled out and leaned down to kiss your forehead. he slowly got up from the couch and ran quickly upstairs, grabbing a wet cloth and coming back down. he sat next to you, stroking your hair as he cleaned himself up, you and the couch.
he slowly lifted you up and sat you on his lap as your snuggled into his chest. he made sure you were okay, still stroking your hair, telling you how good you were for him. it's like he was a different person than he was just a minute ago, but you loved it. his sweet nerdy side contrasting with his cold demanding side. it was like two sides to a coin that only you knew about, and it made your heart flutter.
he told himself that this was it. he satiated his thirst and he wouldn't get tempted again. he looked down to see the sweet smile on your face and it made his heart race. could he ever give you up? maybe he doesn't really want to.
Tumblr media
all works belong to @r1nf4iry ! Do not claim as own or reupload without permission!!
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lilac-o · 27 days ago
sleeping ☆*: .。. 
Tumblr media
characters:- ochako uraraka, shoto todoroki, izuku midoriya
type:- fluff, headcannon
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ochako uraraka  
she likes going to bed around the same time as you, so both of you could cuddle :)
sleeps in a tank top, shorts and gloves
always wears those gloves while sleeping— since she doesn't want to accidently use her quirk on you in her sleep and literally make you float away 
absolutely cannot sleep without a blanket, even in literal burning weather, so good luck if you’re someone who gets hot easily
she likes to sleeps on her side, holding you close to her chest and your arms wrapped around her 
or, anyway, really she just has to be holding you as she can’t fall asleep without holding something, it’s a habit
she tosses and turns around in her sleep a lot, and has accidently kicked you a few times
and i also feel like she drools 😭
if she’s out she’s OUT
sets up, like, 5 alarms and still doesn’t wake up
so you are probably the one who wakes up first and then have to wake her up
but if you are a deep sleeper too, then iida will make it his duty to bang on your door each morning
screaming about how both of you’re gonna be late for classes
wakes up with the cutest bedhead ever
if for some reason she couldn’t get her normal 8-hour sleep, she gets very clingy 
overall its a 2848/10, she gives the best cuddles😌
Tumblr media
shoto todoroki
another one who waits for you so both of you could go together, if he’s particularly tired that day then he’ll tell you that he’s going to sleep- hoping you’ll join him
if you can’t sleep then he’ll try to stay up with you, keyword: try
you both would be watching a movie or playing some games and you look over to see shoto already sleeping
he just gets really drowsy after 11pm
probably wears some fancy shit like silk pyjamas to bed
sleeps on his back, like a psycho
passes out the second his head hits the cushion 
literally out like a rock, no movement while sleeping whatsoever sometimes you wonder if he’s still alive💀
prefers it when you sleep on top of him, he likes knowing that you’re still there
occasionally wakes up in the middle of the night to check up on you- holding you closer and tucking the blankets around you
snores, but not loud(?)  
he literally looks so pretty while sleeping?? and somehow also manages to wake up looking gorgeous
pretty boy🙄 
also, pls don't forget to give him his goodnight kiss or he’s not going to bed
always wakes up before you, then kinda just lies there waiting for you to wake up
or if you have somewhere to be, he wakes you up by gently shaking you and kissing your forehead :D
and if you don’t have somewhere to be then he’s not getting out of bed till noon
will cuddle with you shamelessly and not let go
Tumblr media
izuku midoriya
YOU have to drag HIM to bed, as he sometimes gets caught up studying or training and loses track of time
he can’t fall asleep in dead silence so turns on some white noise- like turning on the fan or something
has a bottle of water on his bedside table, as he tends to get thirsty during the night
sleeps in an old shirt and shorts
makes a point to talk before going to sleep- either telling you about his day or asking about yours
gently hums to you while rubbing circles on your back when you can’t sleep
that habit of mumbling carries over to his sleep too, he’ll occasionally just start saying random that makes no sense 
sleeps while holding you, all snuggled up with his chin on top of your head
but somehow in the morning ends up with his head on your stomach and arms wrapped around your legs
depends on who wakes up first, but mostly it’s izuku 
and then he wakes you up by peppering kisses all over your face <3
on the rare occasion you wake up before him, pls do the same😌he loves that
he wakes up really dazed and needs a few minutes to start functioning like a normal human again
so, one of the first things he does is splashing his face with water
on a sidenote tho- omg his morning voice, its so🛐🛐🛐
Tumblr media
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shurichi · 13 days ago
— Mha Love Language
: main three, + kirishima
: gender neautral!reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Izuku —
: physical touch.
- he was very shy to even brush against you during the early parts of your relationship. always getting flustered by the smallest skin to skin contact.
- but once he does get comfortable, overtime you’ll see his clingy side. mans always gotta touch you in some way.
“izu, we’ve been cuddling for three hours now!please let me go.” you sighed, wiggling around his embrace trying to free yourself. “but you don’t have training today...” he replies in a almost whiny tone, “yeah, but i have writen assignments to work on.” noticing that his grip didn’t falter, but rather tightened, you came to a conclusion that he’s not letting you go any time soon. “just a while more.. please?” he looked down at you, with big pleading green eyes. you sighed, “how could i say no to that?”
Shoto —
: gift giving.
- this man loves spoiling you. (using endevors credit card ofc)
- he noticed you were trying on some perfume samples at a store? he’s already infront of the cash register paying for every perfume bottle you sampled. oh did he just saw you were having a hard time choosing between two outfits? well, lucky you, he’s buying both of them.
“y/n, i saw you were looking up (insert favorite hero) figurines so i bought you one.” he says in his usual monotone voice, giving you a wrapped box, eager for you to open it. “aw, thanks sho’ you shouldn’t ha-” you paused, eyes widening as you took a look at the text written on the box. not believing what you just saw, you tore up the rest of the wrapping to reveal a limited-edition figurine of your favorite hero. “sho! this is too much!” you finished, clearly in shock by the fact he went out of his way to look and buy a collectors item just for you. “nothings too much when it comes to you.” he casually says as he watched you get all giddy from joy. happy that you’re happy.
Katsuki —
: acts of service.
- let’s be real, the two of you almost always get into a few petty arguments every other week.
- he’s just acting a bit stubborn and not apologizing first — even though he’s itching to finally cuddle next to you — he’ll just show that he’s sorry by doing tasks for you.
you were confused. you didn’t fold your laundry, heck, you haven’t even cleaned your room when you left for training earlier that day, so why is everything so tidy? “here’s the rest of your shitty clothes, i’ll deal with them later.” the blond randomly appeared, placing down clothes fresh from the dryer. “did you do all this?” you quirked a brow, facing his direction. “you even did my laundry?” he grumbles in response, “your room was a pigsty, can’t believe you lived like that.” letting out a chuckle, you walked up to him with a smile, wrapping him in a warm embrace. “mhm, sure, whatever you say kat.”
Kirishima —
: words of affirmation.
- he’s a very affectionate guy, always catching you off-guard with his sickly-sweet comments.
- you can never go through the whole day without hearing a random praise from him. may it be as simple as telling you you’re pretty to making sure you know you’re gonna be the no.1 hero after beating bakugou in training.
“my love! you did so well today!” that was the first thing he said as soon as he barged into your dorm. “so amazing, so awsome! makes me wonder what i did to be able to be your boyfriend.” he finished off, crawling towards you with a smile before resting ontop of you. raising a brow, you were confused. nothing eventful happened today, what was he praising you for? “what did i do, exactly?” you questioned. “exist.” he replied with the most dopey grin.
Tumblr media
love love love them <3
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riozakii · a month ago
study date
summary: Izuku has been waiting to get in your pants & now is his chance
content: nsfw(mdni), car sex, no prep, no protection
back to masterlist
Tumblr media
When Izuku sets his mind to something he gets it, and what he wants now is you. With finals near, he decides to have a small cram session in his apartment, inviting Tsu, Iida, and some others, but only you show up. He shrugged, he must’ve forgotten to send them a message.
As you go over the materials, he keeps his eyes trained on you, not able to focus. The way your lips move as you talk, how your legs are on one side of you, legs on full display, and how you make eye contact with him, seeing if he understood you.
It all makes him yearn for you, adjusting himself, leaning closer to you, as if he’s engaged with your mini lesson. He clears his throat, waiting for the right time to come.
He drives you home, parking in a darker area of the street. He places a hand on your thigh, saying some shit about how he was glad someone showed up to help him. You place your hand over him, smiling at his gesture, feeling your core throb slightly. He moves his hand higher up your leg, feeling your thighs squish together, “Let me show you my thanks.” He says, waiting for your consent. You ponder for a moment, then letting your body speak for you, you nod your head.
He teases your slit over your panties, making you spread your legs to get more friction, “Already so wet huh?” He says, leaning his seat back. “Come over here.” He demands, voice lower. You crawl over the console, placing yourself in his lap. He rests his hands on your thigh as you slowly grind on his bulge.
He groans, tossing his head back, holding onto his shoulders to ground yourself harder. You whine, feeling his cock nudge your clit, feeling yourself become wetter, you take one of his hands, placing it over your underwear. He shakes his head, “No I want to stretch you out with my cock only.” Your slow pace is agonizing, as you circle your hips, you kiss him, opening your mouth for his tongue to enter. Zuku, having enough teasing makes you hover over him as he pulls his cock out of his jeans, pushing your panties too to the side. You moan in his mouth, feeling his fat cock, bully through your walls.
Once you are seated onto him again, he grabs your waist, bouncing you at a steady pace. You pull him closer to you, unable to think as he hits your cervix, “You hear that ?” He pauses his speech letting your sloppy pussy talk, “that my pussy talking, right?.” You moan a breathless ‘Yes’ moving your hips to match his pace, feeling yourself close to release.
He groans, closing his eyes, snapping his hips up, “Yes yes, right there!” You moan, orgasm crashing into your body. He cries out feeling your clench down in him, spilling inside of you, “fuckkk.”
You rest on his chest, placing a kiss there, slipping him out of you, letting your panties catch his cum. He slips back into his pants, pulling you back on top of him, wrapping his arms around your waist. “We should do that again.”
Tumblr media
a/n: a little short but I hope y’all enjoyed
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yanderenightmare · 6 months ago
Deku dragging his darling to the bed by her hair after a failed escape attempt tho 🤤
yandere ! MIDORIYA IZUKU - DEKU thirst
goodiebag WARNINGS: nsfw, dubcon/noncon, abuse, forced breeding, condescension, degradation, couldn't finish any of the longer fics so here's this thirst i just wrote about deku treating his darling like a ragdoll, this turned into a whole hand-fetish thing
Her shirt ripped in his grip where he churned the fabric in his fist, knuckles white in their strain, thrusting her forward with a nasty shove back in through the open front-door.
She landed with a splat on the cold tiles, meeting the floor with her palms and knees, scuffing her shins with burns as she only barely caught herself before making the land with her chin.
She heard the door slam shut, feeling it in the floors, though she wasn't left down there for long.
His hand, large and worn, strong as he wrapped bruisingly merciless fingers around her upper-arm, pulled her up and began dragging her forward, too fast for her to follow as she clumsily and staggeringly was forced along.
She tried kicking as she whined out her small roars, trying her best at pulling free despite her skin twisting to burns within his grip. But he seemed unbothered, eerily so, almost as though he was doing something as mundane as carrying in groceries. Completely nonchalant as his dark green curls, wet from the rain, laid slick and dripping over his eyes where he held an almost deadly calm stare on ahead of him.
Shirtless and still in his pyjama pants, drenched from chasing her through the storm, skin glossy where the muscles of his upper body flexed with contained rage as he stalked slow and carefully with decided steps in a straight beeline towards the bedroom, where she found herself pondering how the heat of his well kept wrath hadn't steamed him dry all on its own lone burning will.
Bumping her knees harshly on the frame of the threshold she whined as he dropped her yet again with a shove onto the floor, ripping her shirt off fully where it hung like a rag along her torso, leaving her completely bare as the large cotton tee was the only thing she'd managed to sneak from his dresser in time before running.
She should have left it, she thought. Maybe if she'd saved those precious seconds on escaping she wouldn't be back here in this hell.
As if on cue, his hand met her again, this time gripping her skull, raking his fingers through her wet tousled locks and pulling, yanking her up where she whimpered and winced at her screaming scalp.
Forced to crawl, between trying to rip his hand loose and shuffling forward on her knees, he dragged her struggling little body across the floors before lifting her up and casting her down on the bed with a bounce and a yelp caught in her throat.
She gripped the sheets and tried pulling herself forward away from him, but he wasn't about to let her slip from his grasp again.
Taking ahold of her ankle, he pulled her down and flipped her about, hand on her throat, tight and snug, with her tiny body trapped beneath him, allowed nowhere but where his large dark emerald eyes had her pinned.
Then he spoke, for the first time since saying goodnight earlier.
"Where were you trying to run off to, huh?"
She felt sharp crushed ice in her stomach upon his casual tone, heartless as it was, he made it sound almost playful.
"Off on your own, sleepwalking in the dead of night?"
The unforgiving look in his eye didn't help, a hair-pins length away from her, his hot breath puffing out onto her face where she trembled from both the freeze of running half-naked through the rain and from that equally searing soul-seizing skin-tearing nail-splitting frost-biting cold in his eyes, beholding her like he was balancing on a dangerously thin knife's edge, one misstep away from cutting himself or falling off the deep end, fully prepared to drag her down with him.
"You'll catch a cold running around in the rain like that, you know? Can't I trust you with your own well-being either, Bunny? Do you need Daddy to take care of you every second of every day?"
She whined, her small hands pushing against his chest, still slippery from the rain, the sheets clinging to the both of them where he pressed her naked frame down against the thin soft fabric.
He wasn't bothered by her pathetic scramble, swiping his hand between the two of them, where she tried desperately to stop him, but to no avail.
"You're acting bratty because you want Daddy's attention, aren't you, Bunny?" His voice dipped as he tickled her goose-fleshed cunt with his course fingers, but she hadn't the room to fight against it as she needed to fight to free herself of the other hand that now decided to tighten around her throat some more to the point she squeaked like mouse needled in a mouse-trap.
Water from his curls dripped on her face as he hovered above her, lips brushing lips where she gaped for breath under his chokehold, ruthless fingers curling nails into the delicate skin of her neck.
She grew weaker as her eyes zoned out, and soon her hands dropped from clawing at him all together, falling like deadweight. A lonely tear slipping the corner of her eye.
His nose bumped hers. "Try to run from me again, Bunny, try it, try it, try it, and I'll catch you again and again and again, I'll drag you back, strip you down, and remind you of to where and to whom your pretty little body belongs to."
He let her go with a quick kiss to her numb lips, where she inhaled sharply until falling into a coughing spur, throat tight and itchy with burning for air.
"Do you understand, Bunny?"
He gave her some time to calm down, but looked at her expecting an answer, giving no room for her to disagree.
Her lips quivered as she levelled her breath, eyes round when looking up at him and that look of thinning patience written on his hardened features.
She didn't dare incite more of his rage, not when being manhandled like a ragdoll and held beneath him like fish ready to be gutted. "Yes- D-daddy-" She hiccuped, shivering under his hands and the thumb rubbing carefully over the bead between her thighs.
"Good Bunny... time you start behaving for me."
The wet of his flannel pyjama bottoms itched against her thighs, but she in no ways wanted him to remove them.
"Maybe I ought to fuck some respect into you. Hm? How does that sound, Bunny? Would you like that?"
His eyes hadn't changed in the slightest when glaring down at her terrified face, if not for seemingly growing larger, crazed and glowing with green with the slight activation of his quirk, a freaky luminescence like foxfire on the fen, further proving what state of frenzied fury he was in accompanied by the sneer in his otherwise soft voice.
"Does my pretty Bunny need to be housebroken? Have all her little holes bred, stuffed full, leaking with Daddy's love? Is that what it would take for you to stay put?"
His creepily calm low guttural tone chilled her to the very depths of her being as he stared down at her with a look so blank she felt as though if she made but the slightest mistake of moving too much, he'd string her up by her neck and leave her for dead.
She swallowed thickly, breath shuddering. "N-no, Daddy, I-" She shuddered, all movement she could muster in her petrified form was reduced to giving the slightest shake of her head, but the effort was stopped by the larger, much larger, man's will.
"First lesson, Bunny. When I offer to fuck you..." He began firmly, starting of by pushing not one but two of his large bulky fingers inside her, where the rainwater helped but only slightly as she wrenched at the painful stretch, giving a wincing yelp, big pleading eyes brimming with stinging tears when looking up at him. "You beg for it."
"Please-" She tried, clenching tense around the digits.
"That's good, just like that, Bunny, that's how you properly ask your Daddy for something." He praised, still in his cold tone, keeping his fingers inside her fully as he tugged down the wet pants still clinging to his hips. "But, I'm afraid you haven't quite learned your lesson."
He curled the digits sharply, dragging his fingertips into her tender gummy walls, forcing her to cry out a whimper, seconds away from beginning to sob. Fear toppling the pain where it gripped at her heart like a claw, robbing her of breath as she spluttered on shallow inhales beneath him.
"Where are the rest of your manners, Bunny? Have you hidden them away along with my apology?"
She sniffled, trying ever so faintly at worming away from those painfully present fingers that had her hooked. "I'm sorry- sorry, Daddy-"
"For what, Bunny?" He cut her off. "You have so many things to be ashamed of, so many things to regret."
He inched in closer, forehead to forehead as she cried from the painfully present fear tearing at her chest as he pumped her quivering cunt and had her eyes blown wide when looking into his equally large manic ones, staring down at her, hysteric with rage.
"Lying to me, running from me, stealing yourself from me, being an ungrateful unruly brat in such desperate need of correction." He spoke as though in a fit, seizurely and feverishly, with the same desperation one would expect from someone in withdrawal. "If I didn't know any better, I'd say you want me to punish you."
"No- I'm sorry, I'm sorry for being a brat, Daddy-" She cried, begging, shaking her head as she laid her hands flat on his tough swelled chest. "I didn't mean to, I'm just, I just-"
"You just what, Bunny?" He urged, voice raising for every every time he spoke, spitting as he bit the words out between grit teeth into her terror-taken face.
"Wanted your attention..." She whimpered, testing her cards.
A smile split his face suddenly and a river of tears leaked from her eyes at the crippling fear ruining her.
"I know you think you're lying..." He whispered. "But one day you'll wake up in my arms and realise that you're exactly where you belong."
His voice seemed calmer, but his eyes still told a different story, creepily focused as they were, as though she couldn't slip anything past him and that she was an idiot for thinking she ever could.
"Exactly where you want to be."
He allowed her stiff body no rest under his hovering mass, where she laid frigid and tense, goose-fleshed and quaking as his dangerous hands continued giving unwanted ticklish play to the tenderness found between the thighs he'd spread to each their side of his hips.
"Soft and safe..." He murmured, his other hand stroking gentle fingertips down the ally of her breasts to her stomach, as though savouring something, rubbing circles into the flesh around her bellybutton, eyes so creepily large and glassy looking to where his hand laid atop her belly, like he was looking forward towards something, into some desire, some fantasy, some future he was going to see to come true. "Maybe even with a little bun in the oven."
A new rush of chills ran down her back, nearly twisting and throwing her spine out of alignment with its brutality on the account of what hellish dread possessed her upon his words.
"One big happy family... would you be good for me then? Good wife... good mommy?" He asked and she flinched at the feel of his cock glide along the inside of her thigh. "Why don't we make that reality?"
"Mn-no-" She tried, but all protest where in vain as he once again decided to prove to her just how weak and helpless she was at stopping him from getting what he wanted.
His hands, again making themselves brutally known, ripped her from her spot and flipped her around, gripping her hips harshly to pull her into what position he felt suited her best.
Her knees.
"You're gonna learn to take cock like a cum-thirsty slut for me."
His frenzied tone was back, causing her to whimper as he once again brought his hand down to her head, tangling rough fingers within the soft locks, pulling on the tresses, keeping her face down, her back in a pretty slope as she gripped the sheets tightly while wincing.
"I want you spreading your legs the second I get home." He growled, his other hand pulling on his cock, aligning it with her wet weeping hole, bathing his tip in her slick before tearing through the tiny opening, spreading her on his fat length while still keeping a painful grip on her scalp. "I want you jumping into my arms and begging me to fuck you deep and hard like it's the only thing you've had on your mind all fucking day."
"Ah-" She gasped, hissing out a wince as she took him in, the selfish push he made with his hips in urge to sleeve himself inside her tightness, sinking in one inch at a time until he was fully swallowed down to the hilt, his balls nudged snug against her clit.
He grunted as she clenched, yanking the fistful of hair he'd gather back, pulling her up from her position of having her face shoved down against the mattress to lie with her back against his chest, her head lying on his shoulder once he let the grip on her roots go, his warm lips brushing the shell of her ear.
"What do you say to Daddy when he gives you cock, hm?" He whispered, following the words with his hand wrapping around her throat, keeping her upright as he rolled his hips into her, his other hand held at her hip, making her still for him.
She still whined at the stretch, unable to think fast enough to answer, holding onto his arms as he handled her body to his will.
"You're gonna learn today, Bunny." He demanded, throwing her back down into a bow, keeping the face of his hand placed between her shoulder blades, making her breasts rub against the sheets as he fucked into her from behind, forcing her to remain still while his other hand smacked harshly a red-hot print on her ass-cheek. "What do you say?"
"Tha-ank you, Da-addy-"
Her fists clenched as she sucked in other trembling breath, shuddering on her sobs as she sniffled and hiccuped in panic and pain against the sheets.
"That's right, good Bunny."
He gathered her wrists and bent them into a neat stack behind her back, one of his fists holding them in place as her face mushed into a cutely squished pout against the sheets.
"Time you started showing me some gratitude instead of being a thankless little ingrate."
She moaned wetly through her cries as he rocked into her hard on rhythm with his words.
"I'm sorry- thank you, Daddy- thank you-" She repeated, squealing out another moan as he thrust forward, his hipbones smacking with a clap against her ass, the head of his length ramming into her cervix with speed as the spine to his thick cock rubbed nicely against the tender gummy walls inside her, making her hum in bliss as she clenched tightly around him.
"Mmh fuck, feels good, doesn't it, Bunny? Accepting your place? Knowing where you belong?" He asked, a smirk on his face as he continued lolling his hips forward on repeat, fucking into her with that perfect angle he knew had her cumming quickly for him, too quick for her to hold back to spite him and too good for her to refrain from clenching like such a good desperate little whore on his cock, gushing and flushing, squeezing him so sweetly, milking him for his cum even though denying she liked any part of it.
It made it him smile to look down at her pretty little flushed face, sweet crinkle between her brows and lips parted to moan such adorable hymns for him.
"You're so fucking cute, Bunny... I can't deny I enjoy putting you in your place too. Bringing you to your knees only for you to thank me like this, so snug on me... so good..." He admitted in awe, voice deceptively soft. "You'll be good and take every drop of cum, won't you, Bunny?"
He gave her wrists a squeeze, making her joints seconds away from popping, pulling her up again, letting her go only to wrap both thick-muscled arms around her waist, humping into her like a hound in his chase to empty himself inside her tightness.
"Yes, Daddy- yes, Daddy, I will- thank you-" She spluttered, trying her best to keep breathing at the forceful way he kept clapping against her from behind, her smaller body used like a doll, as though she was a simple plastic puppet, blown full of air and not made up of flesh and bones, just created to serve this one purpose and punished to think she could ever be anything more.
His hips stuttered against her for half a minute as he waited for his balls to pump her full of every drop of milk before dropping her to the mattress in a pitiful heap, a twitching mess with her head drowned in the soft pillow, cum leaking from her still spasming hole, dribbling down her thighs as she sniffled, unmoving while listening to the larger male shuffle over the floors, already on to the next thing while she was left to catch her breath, paying her no further mind, as though unbothered, as though already having forgotten, as though what had happened during the night was a matter he'd done dealt with and was now washing his hands clean of, not something worth spending any more of his sleep on.
"Nighty-night, Bunny."
He'd pulled on fresh pyjama-pants, warm soft flannel against her cold-sweating skin as he tugged her unmoving body close to his chest.
"Don't go causing anymore ruckus alright? I need my full eight hours of sleep to be in top shape for the public. You wouldn't want to be the reason I arrive too late to save someone, right? That would be very selfish of you, Bunny." He murmured against her neck, his nose rubbing against her ear as he nuzzled in closer to her, hugging her tight, his hands allowing her no room, no shot at wiggling free.
Pain between her legs and the lingering sting of forming bruises on her limbs alongside the his arms squeezing her so tight she feared her ribs might snap made her wince before mustering an answer. "No... of course not, Daddy. I'm sorry..." She apologised again, thankfully feeling his grip relent upon her words, though almost equally disturbed by how he hummed happily.
"It's okay, Bunny, I forgive you."
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fluffy-puffy22 · 2 months ago
MHA/BNHA boys react to you: wearing another pros merch?!?!
Fandom: My Hero Academia
Parings: Izuku Midoriya X Fem!Reader, Katsuki Bakugo X Fem!Reader, Shoto Todoroki X Fem!Reader, Kirishima Eijiro X Fem!Reader, Denki Kaminari X Fem!Reader, Tamaki Amajiki X Fem!Reader, Keigo (Hawks) Takami X Fem!Reader.
Note: New to writing on tumblr so might not be the best, but I’ll get better promise ya. Btw they’re aged up to their 20’s.
Cw: suggestive but no actual smut yk, fluff, possessiveness, insecurities, jealousy, angst? No not really, swearing. think that’s it.
Tumblr media
He was very very confused
Why were you wearing another pros merch?
He got slightly insecure abt it too
Did you not love him as much anymore? Did you not like the merch he gave you? Did you it like his stuff at all?
He tried not to stare at the Ingenium T-Shirt for too long, other wise me was sure he’d tear up and the last thing he needed was for you too see him cry
He don’t want to me that boyfriend— making it seem like the only thing your aloud to us are things that involve him
But why were you wearing this when you have a whole collection of Deku merch?
It was nagging at him really terribly, he just wants an answer, it wasn’t like he though you might have a thing for Iida… right?
You didn’t right?
You love him right!
That’s when he gave into his thoughs
“Why’re you wearing an Ingenium Hoodie?”
Great now you’ll thing he’s annoying and clingy
He didn’t expect for you to giggle at his pink flushed face
That only made him feel even worse
We’re you about to tell him because you love him? Because he’s you’re new favorite hero? Because he’s no longer the No. 1 in your heart?
He couldn’t handle that not a little bit
“‘Zuku, honey. Look at me.”
He didn’t even notice he had looked away from your beautiful eyes, but he looked back as soon as he heard you calm him
“The reason why I’m wearing this, is because all of my Deku merch is dirty and I needed to wash it. I just threw in the first hoodie I saw. No need to be upsets love.”
Ah, that made him feel so much better
But he also felt silly— getting jealous over something as simple as a hoodie
But he loved you so it justifies enough!!
The rest of the day you two just lounged around the house playing board games— you won most of them where he won all the ones that required a strategy… so he didn’t win to much…
But one again not his fault!!
He was just to busy staring at the gorgeous win he’s able to call his wife (that’s you yes you you gorgeous being)
Tumblr media
He was pissed!!
Another word for angry!!
He comes home from a hard day at work, kicking ass, ready to just cuddle up to his wife and watch actions movies… AND HE SEES YOU WEARING ANOTHER HERO’S SWEATER!?!?!?
And to make matters worse worse it’s a DEKU SWEATER!?!
He was seething
You could pretty much see him foaming at the mouth
“The fuckin’ hell are you doing wearing that damn nerds merch!!”
As yes, death is one of the plausible chooses rn
You knew he was pissed when he closed the door without locking it— especially since he prides your safety so much
”U-uhm… I, I was just cold Kat—“
“Than wear my merch!! Not this stupid thing— why do you have this anyways!?!?”
When did you get this thing again?
And why did you have it??
Good he was so heated he wanted to go to the nerds place and bash his face in!!
He bought you pretty much every piece of his merch that came out when it came out
So why wear the nerds stuff?
His merch was clean, he knows because he wished it all yesterday and hung it in your closet…
“You little vixen.”
In barley a second the sweater was torn off of your body and you were left bare in front of your husband
“Don’t ‘Katsuki’ me. You did this to yourself by being a bitch, so now you’ll get fucked like one, that’s why you wore his merch right? To piss me off?”
“Stay quiet then, you won’t be for long.”
Uhm… I’ll leave the rest up to your imagination-
Tumblr media
He’s the one that doesn’t even really notice, nor care
It’s just a hoodie no big deal
It’s not not your walking around kissing Dynamite
Your just wearing his merchandise to support him and he thinks it’s nice of you
But then he saw you were naked underneath that for some reason made him uneasy
You never just walk around in nothing, whether it’s just a pair of shorts and a bra you’re never just naked…
Not even in his merch
What’s so special about Bakugo’s merch, huh?
Is it softer than his?
Smell nicer?
So you like him more?
“… Y/n why are you wearing Bakugo’s merch and not mine?”
He didn’t mean to say it out loud, it slipped!
He just wanted to think it but his mind and mouth had a difference of opinion
You looked at him confused, head tilted to the side as you sat on the slinger next to him
“What do you mean Sho?”
“You always wear my merch, no matter the day seems like. But now you’re wearing his merch, and your naked?”
You understood now, he was jealous
It wasn’t often your duel-haired husband was jealous— he barley showed any emotions at all
So it was quiet funny when you see he’s upsets over something as measly as a hoodie
“Shoto I threw this hoodie in so I could come downstairs and cook with you. I wanted to get down quickly before you left that’s all.”
He’s never felt so much relief wash over him than in that moment
You weren’t in love with Dynamite then
After that the both of you made breakfast, throwing flour at each other getting it stuck in your hair, smearing Pancake batter on his face, then taking a shower together that was filled with kissed and love… making him 30 minutes late
Tumblr media
Oh boy
Oh boy oh boy oh boy
He immediately tried to rip it off
It shocked you to your core
Kiri was never this aggressive when it came to what you wore
He never made you change or anything, he was your hype man, boasting about how hot you would look no matter how little you tried
But something snapped inside of him when he say you rocking the Shoto merch… he hated it
The redhead’s never been the possessive type
At all
But the way the crop-top hugged your curves and his name was was sitting comfortably on your chest
Where he lies his head after a hard days work?
Nope, he hated it
“Eiji baby!! What are you doing?!?!”
He paused
What was he doing?
He never broke out into a jealous rage like that…
Oh my god he was becoming Bakugo-
“I’m so sorry Little one! I don’t know what came over me— I— please forgive me!”
He scared himself with how he pretty much attacked your shirt
He just hated the way his name was Branded across your chest… the one for him to cuddle into, the one he got to kiss, the mounds he got it bite love marks on…
Had Shoto’s name on them
“I… I was jealous… I’m sorry..”
You’d be angry he ruined your shirt if he wasn’t so damn cute!!
It’s only the first time he’s done this, so you’ll let it slid
It wasn’t that big of a deal to you anyways, now you had an excuse to wear another piece of his merch out again
“There’s no need to be jealous Ei, I’m yours and you’re mine.”
You calmed him down with a soft kiss to the lips, making his knees go weak at how you treated him so sweetly
“All mine?”
He knew the answer, but asking didn’t hurt— just to make sure
“All yours.”
He took you out to a drive in movie theater, where you two cuddled up in soft blankets with popcorn and nachos enjoying each other’s company
Tumblr media
He got all pouty about it
He kept pawing at the hoodie like that was your sure sign to take the thing off
But sadly you didn’t which made him pout more
… ok maybe you were teasing him— but you could help it he’s so fucking cute!!
“Babyyyy!! Wear my merch please, you look so much better in yellow than purpleee”
He didn’t like how the Suneater merch looked in you… no matter how much your titties bounced around and made him drool he hated it!!
You knew he was jealous, he tried very little to hide it
But at least listen to him!!
You’re man loves you so seeing you in purple instead of yellow makes him sad :(((
“Why Kami? Do I look bad?”
He recoiled so much at the words “bad” and “you” in the same sentence
Isn’t that like a grammatical error or something?
He immediately started to compliment you
Saying how you look like a living goddess to where the purple hoodie with Amajiki’s face on it hides your curves from his perverted- I mean loving view
“No no no! You never look bad spark plug— i just think my stuff brings out your eyes more, tho they are really, really pretty…”
He stopped talking for a moment to just stare into your eyes, getting lost in the beauty of them
“Have I ever told you how pretty your eyes are.”
“Yes Kam many times my love.”
He nodded, completely forgetting what he was upset about
Oh yeah… that hoodie
He started whining, telling you— begging you to put his hoodie on instead of that
You finally comply to his wishes, throwing the purple fabric over your head and getting comfortable his the ChargeBolt hoodie
Which happens to be one of your favorite merch pieces might I add
Then you two sit on the couch and play Mario-Kart, shouting and pushing each other to make the other ness up or fall off the edge
He won a game and you jumped on him bc he had cheated, pulling him into a passionate kiss that made him sigh in content
“Was that a punishment or a reward? Because one or the other I’ll take all day any day.”
He was so goofy, but you’ve always loved that about him
Tumblr media
That’s all
He was scared you didn’t love him any more and that’s why you were proudly wearing Hawks merch
What was so special about it?
Did you not like what he got you? Was it not to your liking?
You noticed he seemed a lot more fidgety than usual, so you quickly took his hand in yours, rubbing gentle circles along his pale skin
“What’s wrong ‘Maki?”
Would you think he’s silly for being upsets that you worse a Hawks crop-top to your date?
No he’s got a right to be upsets right?
After all wearing another pro’s merch in front of your pro-hero husband on your 3rd anniversary gives him the right he pouty right?
He wouldn’t look at at you— no matter how much he wanted to see how pretty your eyes look with your perfectly winged eyeliner on—
Winged eyeliner?
Is it a theme with you tonight?
Are you trying to tell him something?
“Do you not love me anymore?”
God, he sounds like an insecure teenage boy
Its just winged eyeliner, no biggie Tamaki, it’s not like you’re wearing his merch…
Oh wait..
You looked baffled— you were baffled
He thought you didn’t love him anymore?
“Why would you ask me that Tamaki?? You know I love you— from the bottom of my heart I do!!”
You’re to good for me, he thought
He never got mad at him, no matter how anxious he got you were always so loving to him
And he’s asking if you’re catching feelings if for a winged hero you’ve never even met
“Gosh I’m awful.”
This broke your heart
You knew why he was upset, it’s the crop-top
Why did you wear this thing?
Oh yeah, Hawks contacted you and asked if you could wear it to promote his stuff…
But why did he ask you? Doesn’t he have models for that or smthn?
And why would he need you to? He’s plenty popular, so it makes no sense…
Conveniently enough on your anniversary as well…
No, accusing people of things like that is wrong..
Bust lucky you brought a shirt to change into, and it was one of his favorites
“Give me a moment, I’ll be right back.”
You left the indigo haired man to his thought… not a good idea
He was questioning if you left him to find Hawks, to tell him you loved him and the two of you could fly away to where ever the fuck…
But you came back… in his merch now
“I’m sorry for upsetting you Tama, I wore the shirt because I was asked to, not because I wanted to. I love you so much and I’ll never love anyone like I love you, ok??”
That warmed his heart
Why was he afraid, you obviously live him, for 3 years you have!!
So you spent the rest of the night laughing with him, lightly teasing him here and there just to see his cheeks darken slightly
It was a great 3rd year!!
Tumblr media
Cockiest bastard I’ve ever met
The fact that you were just chilling in a ChargeBolt hoodie never even dazed him, not even a little bit
Matter of fact it made him eve cockier when he saw you kept glancing over at him
He was busy finishing up some work and you just wanted his attention
So you put in one of your old hoodies and wore it around to get a rise out of him
He finds you needy face so so cute, it makes him all riled up but he won’t jump just yet
Maybe a little longer
But one thing is certain
You look way better in his merch, than ChargeBolts
He wants you to change so then and only then will he give you the attention you so badly desire
Your whining made it so much harder for him to make you change
Will he just up and tell you to change? No
You might me a brat, but he is too
“Is there something you want, Dove?”
Little shit knows what you want, he just won’t give it till you change out of that damned hoodie
And he’s getting want he wants— no matter how much of a bitch he’s gotta be
You both stared at each other intensely, digging into each other’s souls to see you’ll grow uncomfortable first
News flash
You won
“I want you to change, Doce. His hoodie is the only thing on this planet that makes you less attractive.“
Finally he says it!!
You smirk at finally getting his attention, throwing the hoodie across the room and slipping into your limited addition Hawks hoodie
“That’s much better~”
He grabs you by yours waist and pulled you into his lap, brushing his fingers gently over your thighs while smirking at you
“Now, how about I give you the attention you oh so desire, since you resorted to wearing that junk, you must want something from me, right Dove?”
Oh and did you get what you wanted
He made love to you the rest of the night, holding you tightly and caressing every inch of you that he could reach
Maybe you should wear ChargeBolts merch more often if this is what comes of it…
Tumblr media
Hello you beautiful people and thank you for taking time out of your days to read this!! Please do not re-post any of my stuff on here or any other sites, don’t recommend it on tiktok or places like that, but reblogging is very much appreciated thank you!! Have a great day!!
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kitkatbarz · a month ago
bnha boys as fathers
Tumblr media
INCLUDES > Katsuki Bakugou, Izuku Midoriya, Todoroki shoto
cw: fluff, afab!reader, everyone is lowkey out of character lol
bnha boys as fathers who love their babies
Tumblr media
Bakugou Katsuki
Katsuki loves his chubby baby and just loves to squish them and their little chubby rolls. I'm not joking this man almost teared up because he couldn't handle the love he has for his little baby
sometimes when his only job for today was to do paper work, meaning no patrol or missions just doing some paper work and just rest while getting a few hours of training to prepare for the next mission he takes his baby to work!
his friends come around his office sometimes and greet his cute little gremlin that looks more like him than you do, the only thing they have is your skin colour and/or eyes
Katsuki buys his mini him lots of toys and even got them their own playroom just across the house
very very protective of his child VERY
although.. Katsuki does get jealous whenever you give your baby more attention bc everything is a little more different than before. whenever he calls you to cuddle with him and watch random movies together, you'd be in the babies playroom playing whatever with them, or in the kitchen making their favorite snacks or maybe in the kiddie pool he installed and made built just for his baby to have fun
he gets upset from the lack of attention, and he's just there... on the couch.. cold..alone.. abandoned... forgotten... all beacuse of his cute litte brat- "Katsuki, stop being dramatic!" he felt a light slap on his forehead he glared at your form with an angry pout "hurry now, my baby is gonna feels lonely without you too" you kissed his forehead and receiving a growl from Katsukis pettiness "whatever.." bakugous heart did flips when he was invited to play with you both and after you all spent the night cuddled with each other while the baby is in the middle. he fucking loves his family. <3
Todoroki Shoto
though... todoroki has zero clue on how to be a father since... you know.. BUT ANYWAYS! he tries his best to do everything right for his child, since he has not a lot and probably not the best ideas in situations when the baby is crying their eyes off all he did was what you did, holding the baby in his arms, gently rocking them and softly patting their back
he doesn't take his kid to the agency a lot since he is very paranoid about what would happen I mean heck his child could disappear when he turns around, maybe even get hurt when they happen to get in the way of someone's quirk activating, who knows!
he keeps a little picture of you holding his dear baby in his wallet
tbh he spoils his lovely creation
he makes them wear "hero shoto themed baby onesie"
Shoto loves spoon feeding the baby, gets a little upset when he doesn't. sitting down at the other side of the table, arms on top of one another as he watches you bring the tiny spoon to your baby's mouth. Your baby plays with their toy that looks like a key chain, your child swings the big yellow ring with colorful rubber fruits hanging on as your baby chews the soft food "Shoto are you just gonna watch or be late to your meeting once again?" he smiles and nods, you glare at him before chuckling and turning your attention away from him
Shoto is trying to be the father he should've had growing up, a father that every child deserves. though he knows he'll never be the perfect father but he'll be the best for them
Midoriya Izuku
Now... this guy right here? Izuku Midoriya? honestly a good father tbh, really. but he gets very nervous about the baby sometimes since babies are literally at the bottom tier of human mental and physical strength but anyways, the whole house? baby proofed lmao
he loves bringing his baby to his agency, where they can see different types of cool quriks and where deku can spend time with them finally!
because of his hero rank deku he's always busy with missions, meetings and training so he doesn't spend a lot of time with you both which obviously upsets him bc he doesn't want you to think that he puts his hero work first rather than you guys, so always expect messages, videos and pictures sent to you
oh and also don't forget to send a pic or video of you and your baby doing whatever yall were doing or just the baby and whatever their doing like running around the massive backyard
if you dont that's fine but he does get a little sad, he just wants to see both of your cute faces especially when things have been rough
he absolutely HATES changing the diapers, as much as he loves helping you around he just finds changing the diapers brutal! if he happens to be annoying you on purpose just bc he's bored, threaten him that he's going to change the diapers for the whole year and he will stop (ofc bc he respects you highly duhhh)
deku loves his family and the best time is night time, where all of you just cuddle to sleep.
Tumblr media
finally it's done! hope yall enjoyed! still thinking what to write next lol
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yn-for-president · 4 months ago
Shinsou: If you add my age with theirs, we are technically In our 30s!
PetSmart worker:…Look kid, you still need to be 18 to adopt a cat.
(Y/n), in Old man voice: ‘Twas not a child!
Midoriya : Why don’t we just go home , we can always adopt a cat in the future?
(Y/n): NO! Those cats are looking into our souls, They will be our child! No pathetic worker shall get in our wa—
NewsAnchor: Two U.A teenagers were seen abducting approximately 6 cats from a local PetSmart yesterday—
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isthataneren · a month ago
dizzy spells ~ hcs
a/n: let’s all ignore my sporadic nonexistent updates and revel that I actually got one finished! it’s a smidge angsty, but I hope you enjoy :)
∫ summary: you haven’t slept in a while and are overworked; how would they react?
∫ pairings: todoroki x gn!reader, bakugou x gn!reader, uraraka x gn!reader, midoriya x gn!reader
∫ warnings: cussing, fainting, illness, a tiny mention of death (very small though); angst to fluff 
Tumblr media
Todoroki Shoto:
oh boy
what does he do?
he had noticed that you were always working when he walked by, but he didn’t think much of it because that’s just how you normally were
and he admired that side of you a lot
but when he found you slumped in the floor of the common room, a glass of water spilled beside you, his brain went into overdrive, heart slamming in his chest
honestly, he thought the worst
once he checked and found you still breathing, though, he sagged in relief
picked you up and almost sprinted to the nurse’s office
when she told him that you would be fine and that it was just due to exhaustion, he dropped into the chair beside you, taking your hand in his
how had he not noticed you were not feeling well?
the guilt ate at him for a while, but he vowed to be more observant to your health, so he did his best to brush it off
when you finally woke up, he was gazing out the window, hand still clasped tightly around yours
his eyes snapped to yours, surprised, and relieved
“you’re finally awake.”
looking confused, you nodded
“you’ve been asleep for five hours.”
he nodded solemnly, pausing
“please tell me when you’re not feeling well. you really scared me when I found you.”
he stuck by your side like glue for the rest of the day, only leaving to grab snacks
frequently checks in on you to make sure you’re still feeling okay
best boy
Tumblr media
Bakugou Katsuki:
the most worried he’s ever felt probably
he definitely noticed something up when he saw the almost black dark circles under your eyes at lunch that day
but when you crashed into mina because you couldn’t physically hold yourself up anymore, he decided something needed to be done
wrapped an arm around you to support you before immediately taking you to the nurse’s office
hardly said anything the entire time she was doing her examination
when she confirmed his suspicions, he just closed his eyes and lowered his head
“don’t do shit like this again.”
you were surprised
his eyes were fierce when he looked back at you
“I understand the need to push yourself, but if you’re not healthy, how are you going to fight properly?”
he paused as he looked away
“I can’t see you get hurt.”
oh, oh
that’s why he was so quiet
he was scared about something happening to you
vowing to pay more attention to yourself, he helped you back to the dorms
went back to classes so he could take notes for you
made you a healthy dinner, telling you to stay in bed so you could rest
hovered near you for a few days afterwards to make sure you didn’t almost pass out again
would also help you out if he ever saw you get swamped with work
he grumbled about it, but you knew better
Tumblr media
Uraraka Ochako:
so so worried
she recognized you were tired, and asked you about it
but when you told her you were okay, she reluctantly believed you
she realized that wasn’t the case when you and some of your friends were out shopping
you slumped against jirou when you were sitting outside of a shop, seemingly asleep
both girls panicked when they couldn’t wake you up, though
after explaining to the others what was happening, they opted to take you to the hospital, just in case
there weren’t any villains around as far as anybody could see, but one could never be too sure
she only let go to let the doctor check you, hovering nearby to keep watch
after finding out what the problem was, she sat by your bed and waited for you to wake up
the others waited for a while before deciding to go back to the dorm, saying they were going to cozy it up and get food so when you got back, you could all relax together
when you do wake up, she softly lectures you on taking care of yourself; or at least to be more aware of how you’re feeling
she hated to see you so tired, and just wants you to be healthy
“I love you, so much. I hate seeing you in pain, so please be more aware, if not for me, for yourself, so that you can be healthy.”
helps you home, being careful not to touch you completely so she didn’t set off her quirk
you look ill enough as it is
when you got back, there was food waiting, as well as your favorite movie on in the common room
everybody spent the rest of the night crowded together on the couches and floor, making sure you got your rest
she sat pressed against you, head on your shoulder and pinkies linked together as you both dozed off on the floor
Tumblr media
Izuku Midoriya:
you were in the middle of a fight
it was probably the worst moment to realize that you had made some poor life choices 
he freaked out when he saw you collapse 
he was too far away to get to you, and was involved in his own fight
thankfully todoroki also saw, and was by you in a second, finishing the fight you were in with the villain
as soon as he could, he sprinted over to you, eyes blurry with tears
if something serious had happened to you...
he doesn’t know what he would do
he crouched next to you, assessing you enough to know that you still had a pulse
other than a few minor scratches and bruises, you didn’t seem to have anything visible physically that would’ve caused you to collapse so suddenly
he made sure you got to an ambulance that had arrived on the scene
held your hand the entire time they checked you over
you had woken up from all the poking and prodding, asking what was going on
“y/n! you scared me so bad. are you okay?”
“I think so?”
when you were told that it was due to exhaustion, he looked at you with worry
he felt guilty that he hadn’t noticed anything wrong with you, but was also a little upset that you weren’t taking care of yourself
“please please please be more careful. come to me if you have too much on your plate. I’ll help you, okay?”
when you get somewhere safe and cleaned up, he cuddles up to you, insisting that you get some well deserved sleep
trusts you, but still keeps an extra eye on you during fights after this
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kumori-suwan · 7 days ago
BNHA Husband Scenarios:  When They Apologize for the Divorce Fight
Part One: Is from my old tumblr that I never took down. This is a suuuuuuper long post.
🥦Izuku Midoriya🥦
Sunlight slowly begins to pour into your room from the blinds, slowly burning your eyes with their warmth until you’re forced to stir awake. You slowly open your eyes to the all to familiar room of your shared apartment and recall yesterday’s event sighing with heartbreak since you once again see your bedside empty, even after pouring out all your feelings to him yesterday Izuku had left you alone again. You slowly make your way to the kitchen to make yourself something to eat but the huge muscular man with a freckled baby face is already there cooking for you. Lazy (e/c) hues catch sight of the time and you glare at the clock for reading a quarter to noon, Izuku was late for work?
“Deku you’re late for work you know?”, you hum softly, heart aching from the harsh fact that everything would stay the same. 
Your seaweed haired husband turns towards you with a huge smile on his face and walks over towards you scooping you up by the backs of your thighs and sitting you on the edge of the counter top by the stove. Your face is flushed red from his sudden movements but he distracts you with a long sweet kiss, moaning against your warm lips while his move to claim yours like the wonderful prize they were. His large hands hold your waist close pressing you both as close together as he could all while you got drunk off his affection. 
“Good morning Sweetheart.”, He hums pulling away for a brief moment just to kiss you again. 
You hum against his lips and wrap your arms around his shoulders, he holds you close like it’d be his last and you find your heart melting from the overwhelming feeling of his embrace. “Let’s eat breakfast honey, then let’s go out to that mall you love so much, then let’s go to a hot springs resort and just be together.”, Izuku’s list of activities come out in a begging tone making you smile against his lips.
“I’d love to but what about work? You’re late right? Why are you late, it’s not like you.”, you sigh holding him.
Izuku can see the pain in your eyes, you’re still thinking about yesterday’s events but he needed you to focus right now in the moment. He stole another kiss from you, wrapping one arm around your waist and the other around your back gently pushing your face closer to his for a deeper more intimate kiss. Once you begin to squirm around for air he pulls away staring into your eyes with beautiful love struck emeralds.
“I’m on vacation for a month, asked Kacchan and Todoroki to take care of the city while I’m gone. Need to be with you, I’ve been neglecting my perfect little wife and I’m scared you’ll leave me. I’m so sorry for not noticing earlier, I’m a failure as a husband but I just can’t give up on us like nothing.”, he admitted softly kissing up and down your neck while he enjoyed your sweet scent. It’d been so long since he held you like this, he almost forgot your scent, your touch, your warmth, he doesn’t want to forget.
You can’t help the tears spilling from your eyes, you want to cry knowing that he’d put aside his work just for you. “I won’t leave…I can’t. I just don’t want to be alone anymore, I’ve missed you.”, you sob softly against his shoulder.
“I know Puppy, you’ve been doing so good for me. I should’ve been more appreciative. I should’ve realized you missed me an done something about it. That’s why I’m doing it now, I don’t want you to divorce me, I need you now more than ever. So what do you say Mrs. Midoriya will you give me another chance?”, he growls your title playfully watching you tremble to the very sound of it.
“Depends Mr. Midoriya, are we actually going to a hot springs resort?”
He nods his head against your shoulder and smiles holding you close, you’re both about to lean in for another kiss when you realize something is burning. You both turn towards the stove and Izuku screams in horror running to turn off the gas and pulling the charred “pancake” off the stovetop. He sighs tossing the burnt breakfast into the trash and turns towards you with a nervous smile and blushed face.
“I love you.”, you laugh, this was the Izuku you missed, the awkward, bashful, imperfect, giant that you fell head over heels for.
💥Katsuki Bakugou💥
You find yourself tossing and turning in your sleep, the bed’s cold without Katsuki by your side. You can’t sleep and it’s barely been three hours since he left, you wanted to call him and apologize for being a bitch but now that he saw the divorce papers he probably believed you were telling the truth. You decide to take a small stroll to the nearby park, sure it was one in the morning but you just couldn’t sleep. Maybe it was the guilt of the situation but your point was valid, you couldn’t handle being Katsuki’s stress ball anymore because it didn’t feel like he loved you. You saw so many heroes on your way to the park but none of them were your explosive husband, you wanted to see him even though you were mad at him, it didn’t make sense to you why you cared so much.
“Where did it all go wrong?”, you sighed sitting under the same cherry blossom tree Katsuki proposed to you.
You stared out over the empty park and frowned feeling the tears run down your cheeks, you felt so alone and scared knowing your marriage would probably end in the morning. Your tears were so heavy that you couldn’t see anymore let alone feel how cold you were. The wheels of a suitcase dragging on the floor caught your attention, you tried to wipe away your tears but a gruff voice made you realize who it was. “(Y/n)? Honey what the fuck are you doing out here, it’s freezing!”, Katsuki drops his suitcase to wrap his jacket around you and cups your cheeks to warm you up. The pads of his thumbs gently brush away your remaining tears and you stare at him in utter surprise, “K-Katsu…what’re you doing here? There’s no Hotels nearby. I thought you’d be in the city by now.”
His red hues stare into your eyes, obvious hurt and guilt dancing through them. He stares down at your lap and sighs unable to really put his thoughts into words, “I-I just couldn’t bare to be away from you, especially after realizing how far apart we are because of me being a jackass. I couldn’t bring myself to leave knowing you still hate me for what I did.”, he confesses softly rubbing a hand over your bandaged arm.
You nod to his words and pat the bench next to you inviting him to sit down, he takes his seat and nervously wraps and arm around you holding you close in case you were cold. His caramel scent seems to put you at ease and you find yourself relaxing against his side, “I love you, I’m so scared to lose you.”, he admits in a broken tone.
You stare up at him to see him crying, he covers his eyes with his hand to hide from you but this is the Katsuki that you’d missed so much. The vulnerable stubborn idiot that loved you so much, in this moment neither of you were pros, just two flawed people scared of losing one another. You move yourself onto his lap and hold him close listening to him cry and apologize into your shoulder. Soft dainty fingers comb through his blonde locks soothing his heartache but it’s not enough to fight back his insecurities.
“You deserve so much better.”, he admits quietly, rough fingers gently rubbing against your bandaged arm. You notice how much it bothers him, he’s really caring you knew that, you realized you both needed each other more then ever.
“Katsuki, look at me. Look at me please.”, you beg all softly feeling his arms tighten around your waist.
He stares up at you with swollen eyes, tears sticking to his lashes until you wipe them away. “Do you still love me?” He gasps to your absurd question and automatically replies with a ‘yes’. He presses his head into the crook of you neck and takes a deep inhale of your beautiful scent, holding you always worked to calm him down.
You smile and think carefully about what you’re going to do next, “If I forgive you… will you hurt me again?”
Katsuki clings to you desperately shaking his head and kissing your exposed collarbone, “I would give up my quirk right now if it meant keeping you. I’m so fucking sorry I never should’ve grabbed you like that, but fuck I just can’t imagine living without you by my side.”, he answers you passionately and truthfully making you smile. You lean forward stealing a kiss from his lips and tell him you forgive him finding yourself stating to fall asleep in his arms.
“Let’s go home Katsuki, I miss my husband in my bed.”
His red hues stare at you in shock, he can’t believe you’d invite him back after what he did to you. You take his hand in yours and pull him up to his feet, your small hand presses against his chest as you stand up on your tip toes for a kiss. Katsuki forgets how small you are compared to him and sees your plump lips awaiting his, he leans down and kisses you desperately as if it’d be his last until he feels safe enough to know you’ve forgiven him.
“Oh thank god. I love you so much.”, he sobs holding you tight out of fear of losing you again.
He was forgiven sure but Katsuki knew damn well that he had a lot of work to do to actually be truly forgiven. He happily went to bed with you, keeping you close to his chiseled body and somehow managing to sneak his hand under to hem of your underwear at your hip just to make sure you couldn’t get away from him, he was content. Though he was completely satisfied the moment he got back and exploded those divorce papers into smithereens.
🔥Shoto Todoroki❄️
The Hero Gala was one of the most prestigious events of the year for any hero in Japan, everyone was expected to come even you but that meant facing Shoto again. The divorce process had yet to be completed so everyone still saw you two as the loving perfect couple, you couldn’t bare to go knowing he’d go with Momo instead. Two months had passed already since you separated but Shoto still didn’t want to accept his loss, your poor mother had to deal with all the gifts he’d send every week and all the phone calls he tried to make…eventually you knew she’d get tired so when Rei showed up at her front door she made you handle the situation. You adored your snow haired mother-in-law but sure enough she was aware of the situation. Rei handed you a red box with a smile and got on her knees pressing her forehead to the ground and began begging for your forgiveness for her stupid son.
“Rei please raise your head, I knew it would happen eventually it was just a matter of time but please don’t apologize for him.”, you insist pulling her up by her arm.
She stares at you with the saddest eyes and hangs her head, “I didn’t know he did it, if I did I would’ve stopped it. You two were so happy together and now you’re both miserable and apart, it pains me so much to see you two like this.”, she sobs.
You try to calm her down as best as you can and offer her tea while you open the latest gift, your surprised to see a dazzling dress in the box with a note on it. The dress was one you had been dying to buy but there was never any fancy occasions or time for it. Shoto must’ve remembered you wanted it.
‘My Beloved Snowflake, I know this gift won’t make up for what I have done to you but your words have left a deep impression on me. You shouldn’t be insecure, not when you’re the most beautiful woman that I know. At least for tonight please grant me one final night to share with you as my wife, at least let my heart experience its final heartbreak with you at your most beautiful. I’ll sign off the final paperwork after our final dance together. -Love, Shoto Todoroki’
You stared at the note for a long time contemplating your options but finally decided to break things off on a good note. You’d appear on that red carpet tonight in your sweet new dress as pretty as could be and play your part so that you’d finally be set free. Once you arrived at the Gala cameras began flashing pics of you until a strong warm arm wrapped around your waist pulling you close, “You look stunning my love. I’m glad you got my gift.”, Shoto’s quiet as he speaks to you but you can see his eyes are puffy and red from crying.
He’s playing the part just like you are, the happy couple for the cameras. Shoto can’t bring himself to talk much but you find yourself pulling him along for dances or drinks just so you can try to lighten the mood. You’re not sure why but you feel at peace dancing with him like this. His arms around your hips makes you feel safe and happy, “You’re extravagant, utterly gorgeous and sweet. God I’m gonna fucking miss you. I can’t bare to see you leave tonight.”
“It’s fine Shoto, don’t think about that now. The night’s still young, just focus on us right now.”, you smile gently kissing his neck and staining his skin with your lipstick.
He listens to you and dries his tears holding you close, your moment together is disrupted when Momo appears before you embarrassed but confident nonetheless. She asks to speak to you much to Shoto’s surprise, you decide to take the chance and walk off with her leaving Shoto anxious and alone.
“I’m sorry please don’t blame Shoto for our incident, he was drunk, I was fully sober but I took advantage of his sad drunk state to finally have him but…but it’s obvious that he doesn’t love me like I love him. You won, you have his heart, so please I beg of you don’t take it with you if you won’t be by his side. He won’t take anyone after having you for so long, so please forgive him for my mistake.”, Momo begs you in tears to forgive Shoto, your moved by the fact that she owned up to her mistake but you still have your doubts.
“(Y/n)?”, you turn to see Shoto waiting for you like a love drunk teenager, “M-May we get back to our dance?”
You stare into Momo’s tearful eyes and leave without another word, turning on your heels to take Shoto’s hand in yours. Shoto follows your lead expecting another dance but you disappear into an empty room in the venue with him instead, “Say you’re sorry!”, you scream glaring daggers into him.
He shrinks back to your sudden aggression but ultimately says it loud and clear for you, “I’m so sorry (Y/n), I know I don’t deserve forgiveness but please let me redeem myself. I love you so much, I just want to be happy with you again.”
“Let’s go home…and if you ever do this to me again I will leave you and marry your brother. I know full well that Touya’s had his eyes on me since you brought me home!”
God that response is enough to make him cry, he’s spilling out tears like a running faucet, almost blinded by the sheer quantity of them. He nods and agrees to your terms holding you close, squeezing desperately at your hips to keep you close.
“I love you so much.”
🐙Tamaki Amajiki🐙
The tension is disgustingly thick in your household, you don’t bother speaking to Tamaki making him anxious to what you’re doing. His inner doubts resurface forcing him to do things he wouldn’t normally do, he’s hidden all the suitcases, thrown away anything resembling a divorce form, and quietly pampers you in hopes that you’ll forgive him. With each passing day you seem to avoid him more and more but not because you’re angry…because your upset that you’re both fools for not handling this like adults. Tamaki works himself to the bone just so he can stay home longer with you but neither of you speak to each other, the silence is enough to drown you in misery but oh how you wish he were here right now. Robbers had made it into your home and with you being heavily pregnant you couldn’t risk using your quirk as it could infect the baby and terminate your pregnancy. Your quirk was a double edged sword although helpful you’d suffer side effects if you were unhealthy or emotional.
“Tamaki please come home right now, they’re inside. I can’t do anything.”, you sob quietly into your phone leaving a message on his voicemail since he hadn’t picked up.
Your first instinct was to get out of the house safely, thankfully you knew of a secret door down in the basement, only problem you were a bit slower now due to your extra weight and no doubt you’d get caught but you had to try.
“Fuck yeah pros always have the best shit! Look I found a ring! This diamond is fucking huge!”, a hyena faced robber cackled flashing your wedding ring to his friends.
You growled in annoyance wanting to rip his head off but you had to get out from your hiding spot. Thankfully they all stupidly gathered by the side of your bed by the wall, you managed to kick the heavy bed up knocking them down with its weight before dashing off to the front door but unfortunately there were more so the basement was your best option. Just as you made it to the basement door you were pulled back by your long hair and tossed to the ground. Your hands immediately wrapped around your stomach protecting it from the fall, you glared up at the robber only to receive a punch to the face.
“Bet you don’t remember me, you locked me up six months ago during that shootout at the middle school.”, the guy chuckled.
You scooted away from him the moment he pulled out a gun from his back pocket, you stared right into the barrel of it and shook violently. You had to use your quirk, Tamaki wouldn’t be coming because he hated you…at least that’s what you thought.
“Stay away from my wife!”
Five heavy tentacles slammed into the group of robbers knocking them into the brick wall where they fainted from the impact. You were shaking from the shock of the events but Tamaki’s hands clapped against your cheek drawing you towards him.
“(Y/n) you’re bleeding. I-I should’ve gotten here sooner, I got your message I’m so sorry. We have to get you to the hospital, come on I’ll carry yo-B-Bunny why are you crying?”
You didn’t even realize you were, you just leaned forward and held onto him for dear life, “I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry Tamaki.”, you sobbed.
“Sorry for what Bunny? I should be sorry, I should’ve been here faster. I almost lost you, if I was even a second late I would’ve lost you both. I know you’re mad at me but I don’t care, I still love you.”, Tamaki admits full heartedly, making you cry even more.
“For being such a bitch to you! For pushing you away instead of solving the problem with you like a good wife should. I was so scared!”, you cried hiding your tearful face behind your hands.
Tamaki sighed to your words, he quietly took your hands away from your face and pressed a kiss to your quivering lips. He couldn’t let you continue to stress like this after what you had just gone through, “Everything alright now Angel. I’m here for you now that’s all that matters. You’re both safe.”, he hummed happily rubbing his hand over your swollen belly.
He carefully scoops you up in his arms and races you upstairs to take you to the hospital and have you checked, you’re given a clean bill of health and the robbers are arrested. You admit that you don’t want to divorce him anymore and Tamaki bawls even harder then you did before throwing himself onto you and holding you tight.
“I love you so much Angel. I’ll never say otherwise again.”
🐈‍⬛Hitoshi Shinsou🐈‍⬛
Your mission had gone over its expected time frame, almost a year and a half and still no sign of your return. Losing you was the heaviest loss Shinsou was ever forced to go through, it didn’t take him long to find out what happened to you. Aiko angrily confessed everything you had been silently suffering through because of him and Shinsou understood why you ran away from him. She slammed a shoebox against his chest and growled at him ordering him to listen to every single tape so he could see how broken he’d left you. It was a recorded diary spanning back all the way to the fated day he misused his quirk to quiet you during your argument. He listened to each one in pure heartbreak slowly cracking under the pressure of the situation once he realized how hurt he had left you.
“Day Xx6, Shinsou refuses to talk to me…it’s maddening honestly I feel like I’m at fault for our ruined marriage.”
“Day X23, I’m afraid to speak to anyone now. I’m scared that if I respond I’ll freeze and be brainwashed just like before.”
“Day X48, Doesn’t he noticed that I haven’t spoken to him? Doesn’t he realize I’m in pain? What did I do wrong?”
“Day X51, I’m taking on this mission, Shinsou won’t notice, he won’t care if I’m gone. It doesn’t feel like he loves me anymore.”
“Day X59, I’m leaving my home today. Shinsou…I’m scared. I’m terrified actually, I don’t want you to be in pain if I leave, I don’t want to miss you if I leave but I have to. I still love you…hkk…I swear that I do. I don’t think I can go through with this anymore, I miss you.”
Shinsou can’t help but sob to your voice realizing how much he’s missed it and how little you spoke before you disappeared. Shinsou feels so alone without you, losing you was the most devastating thing to happen to him, but then as if the world was laughing at him your cat Mocha had passed away just a week after Shinsou had lost you, Shinsou was heartbroken and miserable. How he managed to push through it everyday was a mystery to him, he missed you so so much.
“Hey buddy you doing okay?”, Denki sighed entering the quiet apartment.
As a form of self punishment Shinsou stopped being able to talk, it was probably from shock of losing you but his voice just couldn’t seem to come out anymore. He quietly made himself present to the energetic blonde that seemed to pity his depressive state.
“I…umm…I brought you some coffee cake, (Y/n) used to tell me that you loved this stuff. Though I don’t think it’ll be as good as the one she used to make you.”, Denki chuckled trying to lift the mood in the room.
Shinsou wasn’t amused, Denki couldn’t help but sigh and sat down to talk to his old friend, “Look the commission has a job for you. I know you’re an underground hero but they need you, need to make sure a mole they had planted hasn’t been brainwashed by the enemy. Please Hitoshi…you’re the only one that can help them.”, Denki begs.
Shinsou’s so numb to the world around him that he just doesn’t bother arguing, he listens to Denki and gets ready to leave not really doing anything to fix himself up. His hair looked like a lions mane and his beard had grown out completely from his lack of self care. As soon as Shinsou was in the interrogation room he felt sad once again, all alone in a room with some stranger that would force him to use the very quirk that destroyed his marriage.
“Take a seat across from our agent please, he’ll be the one to determine if you’ll rejoin our ranks.”
The sound of heels gently tapped against the floor but still Shinsou didn’t bother looking up, it was just going to be some young hero in training that ended up on the wrong side of the spectrum…or so he thought, the moment his purple hues met your cold dead ones he gasped and his blood ran cold. You didn’t seem to recognize him, he wasn’t sure you even knew who he was anymore.
“K-Kitty? (Y/n) is that you?”, he asked in a weak voice standing to his feet as he slowly made his was way towards you.
He practically fell to his knees just next to you, his large hands were trembling as they reached out to cup your face but you didn’t seem to respond at all to him.
“K-Kitty it’s me, S-Shinsou…your Hitoshi…y-you remember me don’t you? You remember us right?”
You wouldn’t respond, that’s when Shinsou realized you were avoiding the questions so he wouldn’t brainwash you. You were still afraid of him even after so much time apart, he choked back a sob and pulled you in for a kiss, making sure you could tell just how much he missed you.
“You don’t have to answer me, I don’t want you to if you’re uncomfortable but please believe me when I say I’ve missed you so fucking much. I listened to your tapes…all 59 of them, and I realized how much I hurt you and I’m so fucking sorry. Y-You have every right to divorce me…I-I’m okay with that just please…please tell me you’re okay? You’re here to stay right?”, Shinsou sobbed, straining his vocal cords after a year of silence.
His head rested against your scarred thighs, tears rolling down the plush skin as he sobbed above them, he clutched your waist like a child seeking comfort and that’s what snapped you back into reality. Your hands gently rested against his head and back and you hushed him quietly, telling him everything would be alright. Shinsou gasped hearing you speak for the first time in almost two years.
“I’m here to stay Hitoshi.”, you smiled softly pulling him up for a longing kiss.
He melted against your body, hands cupping your cheeks to keep you close, you giggled brushing your fingers over his beard. He kissed your palms and wrists quietly relishing in the pleasure of having you back in his arms.
“I’m so fucking sorry Kitten, I’ve been so alone without you. I’ve missed you so much.”, Shinsou choked out brushing his thumbs over your knuckles.
You nodded and smiled at him watching him pull something from under his shirt, it was a small golden chain and at the end of it was both of your wedding rings. Your heart swelled seeing the gold band again, Shinsou repositioned himself on one knee and took your hand in his, “(Y/n)…let’s get remarried, this time, I’ll change. I won’t hurt you like this ever again. I should’ve realized my mistake and fuck have a regretted it everyday since I lost you. Please take this ring again and let me prove to you that I can be a better man for you.”
“Only if you promise to listen to me. We need to communicate not push each other away.”, you huffed stealing your hand back as you awaited his answer.
The purple haired man nodded and smiled at you, forgetting to brush away all the tears that spilled from his eyes. You gave him back your hand and he slipped your ring back onto your finger laughing at how loose it was now from your lost weight. You’d both recover soon enough, you’d work it out together like you should’ve done all that time ago.
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-ˏˋ♥̩͙♥̩̩̥͙♥̩̥̩ ⑅ 𝕭𝖊𝖘𝖙𝖎𝖊𝖘 - BakuMina x Izu(Y/N) ⑅ ♥̩̥̩♥̩̩̥͙♥̩͙ˊˎ
warnings: mature content, mature language, swingers, penetration, oral sex, semi group sex, rough sex
Tumblr media
"Are you sure about this" YN sighed, looking over her slim figure in the mirror. She was a tiny thing. Dainty like a ballerina, and short in stature. Though she did have small curves, it was nothing compared to the voluptuous Mina Ashido.
The pink girl looked amazing in her black lingerie set. Filling it out like y/n never could. Her large breasts bulged provocatively, threatening to burst through the seams. While (y/n)'s flat chest barely lifted in the lacy white material.
"Oh (y/n), don't be nervous. They're bestfriends, they share everything. This was bound to come up sooner or later" Mina shrugged, "besides, I wouldn't mind being on the receiving end of that Detroit smash everyone's always fawning over.
The statement made (y/n) flinch. The thought of her Izu being intimate with Mina, her close friend and his best friend's girlfriend made her nervous. Mina was everything she was insecure about; a perfect curvy body, a fun and outgoing personality. She had it all, why did she need Izuku too? Seemed kind of greedy.
Mina, noticing her friend's hesitance softened and stood behind her. SHe wrapped her arms around (y/n)'s torso and rested her chin on her shoulder. "Look at you. You're gorgeous (y/n).' She coos, placing a soft kiss on her neck, "don't you want them to see how good you look?" Y?N sighed, leaning into her friend's touch. "I'm just nervous. I look like a little girl standing next to you." She pouted, but the expression dropped when MIna lowered her hand to rest against her clothed clit.
"You're definitely a woman, (Y/n)" Mina murmured against her neck and pressed against her sensitive mound. (Y/N) bit her lip to hide the moans that were threatening to spill out. "Besides, good little girls get rewards."
The two say on the large California King in Bakugo and Mina's master bedroom. Bakugo was sprawled out with his hands behind his head while Midoriya sat against the headboard. Both close enough to feel each other's body heat but, still not touching.
They were ,both, nervous and excited. Years of buildup, and unexplored sexual tension. An invisible threat that was threatening to snap. Made weak through years of pining and obvious want. The only thing that held it together, like cheap tape, was the need to "one up" each other. To beat the other. To succeed and gain what the other could not. That greed had kept them separate all these years but. tonight it would bring them together.
The bathroom door opened, revealing the two women. Bakugo muttered a curse and Midoriya nodded in agreement with his mouth covered and wide eyes. Mina stood behind (y/n) dwarfing her tiny body, her lips swollen and her neck and chest was covered in fresh hickeys.
"Sorry we took so long, boys. Something came up" Mina smirked, licking (y/n)'s ear for emphasis. The smaller girl covered her face in embarrassment which lead to a low whistle from Bakugo. "Fuck, Deku." He groaned, "if I were you I'd never leave the bedroom. Look at how innocent she looks, all embarrassed and shit. Then she's wearing all while like a fucking virgin sacrifice or some shit."
(Y/N) giggled, but it was Mina's turn to flinch. She knew that Katsuki was just caught up in the moment but the way he eyes (y/n) so greedily made her slightly uncomfortable. Of course Mina oozed sex appeal. she was a perfect ten and she knew that. But, it was something about (y/n)'s ethereal features, delicate body and angelic attitude that had her second guessing herself. Talk about black girl magic.
(SN: Mina is black here, Mina will always be black in my fics, cause I know damn well soy sauce don't shake like that. It must be jelly. 🥵)
"Y-you look really pretty, Ashido" Midoriya mumbled, a fearsome blush covered his face and neck. He made no secret that he was checking her out, green eyes traced her curves, stopping ever so often to linger on a certain area. It looked like he wanted to devour her.
"She's fucking stunning, is what she is. Think you can handle a woman like that, nerd?" Bakugo smirked, looking up at his green haired bestie. "I can handle more than you think, Kacchan." Midoriya challenged, meeting the blonde's blown out gaze. They were both incredibly turned on, it's amazing that they weren't absolutely feral at this point.
"Babe" Bakugo called to MIna without looking away from Midoriya. " I know we already talked about this but are you sure? You too, (y/n)?" Midoriya looked up at the mention of his partner, "yes, puppy if you don't want this then we don't have to."
(Y/N) looked to Mina, "I'm fine if you are." Mina nodded with a wicked smile and turned her attention to Midoriya, "this is so exciting, Kats never lets me top. Do you prefer to be on your back or all fours?" Midoriya was stunned, "No. I uh- I'm not?-
Bakugo interrupted with a throaty chuckle and slapped a hand on his friend's shoulder, "Good luck with that brat." He rose from the bed and walked towards the girls, making sure to smack Mina's ass as she made her way to Midoriya.
"Comer here, sweetheart." He murmured, picking (y/n) up in one graceful swoop. The girl gasped but wrapped her limbs around him immediately. A large hand held her ass while the other rested right below her small breasts. "You look beautiful, you know that?" He whispered, voice softer than she's ever imagined, "Thank you, Bakugo." He hummed, running his thumb across her nipple causing a startled moan.
Bakugo used this opportunity to smash their lips together. Immediately overpowering her with his tongue. It was rough and messy; leaving them both breathless when he pulled away.
"I've always thought you were gorgeous...Since we were in high school," He murmured with her lip between his teeth, "Just imagining you and Mina under me while the nerd watched was enough to make me blow my load back at UA." He pressed closer against her, nuzzling into her neck and placing soft kisses while toying with her nipples. "Bakugo" she moaned, arching her back to get some friction against her aching bud. "Needy little thing, huh?" I knew it'd sound amazing hearing you say my name. Say it again, sweetheart."
They puled away slightly to glance at the bed where Midoriya had Mina, ass up with her face in the pillows. "That's fucking right. I'm in charge" he growled in her ear then proceeded to smack her ass repeatedly, "wow, you really are a little slut." He laughed, enjoying the sound of her moans. "Does Kacchan not punish you enough? Probably why your manners are so bad, huh?"
"Don't bring me into your shit, Deku!" He growled but there was no real bite in his words. "That brat is insatiable, she's gonna kill me one day" he smirked, enjoying the view of his bestie dominating his property.
"Let's see if I can help you out with that, yeah?" His deft fingers swiftly maneuvered the lacy panties down her thighs revealing a pint butt plug stuffed into her back hole.
"Oh fuck- He groaned, gaining a reaction from everyone in the room. Even Bakugo groaned hearing the "family friendly" pro hero curse. "See something you like?" Mina teased, wiggling her ass against him.
"Behave" he hissed, snatching the plug out and thrusting it back in, in one swift motion. Mina howled in pleasure as he fucked her puckering hole with the toy. "See hot good I can make you feel? Stop being a fucking bitch and take what I give you." Mina nodded, throwing her ass back against the green haired hero. "Yes, Deku-please fuck me!"
"Kacchan?" Midoriya called, waiting for his friend's approval. Bakugo scoffed, "You gonna keep my baby waiting, nerd? Especially with her asking that nicely? I just might have to fuck them both" he squeezed (y/n)'s ass for emphasis making her yelp.
"Watch it!" Midoriya snapped, "be gentle with her. She's delicate." He smiled softly and caught his lover's gaze, "are you okay, puppy? Is this too much ?"
(Y/N) swallowed, suddenly feeling self conscious with all the attention on her but she was still determined to finish what they had started. "I'm fine, Izu", she says and threads her hands through Bakugo's blonde strands making him smirk. "Yeah Izu, she's fine" he teased, "you just worry about satisfying my nympho while I take care of your sweet little girl.
His words sent a shiver down her spine and her arousal pooled between her legs. "You're dripping on me, (y/n)" he murmured, punctuating his words with a kiss. "Does that sound good? Want me to take care of you, sweetheart?"
She bit her lips and glanced over at Izuku who's anticipated her hesitation. His member was lined up at Mina's glistening entrance and he was thrusting the toy in her asshole. "It's okay, puppy. You can say it." He sank into Mina's wet heat and both men groaned simultaneously, 'Don't you want Kacchan to make you feel good? Be a good girl for him, k?"
(Y/N) nodded, turning her attention to Bakugo who eyed her greedily. "Please make me feel good, daddy". Bakugo groaned and kissed her again, this time slower and deeper.
"All you had to do was ask, Sweetheart".
Sweat clung to their bodies as they thrust into their bottoms. The women mewled and whined, barely cognizant in their fucked out state. That's what happens when you come 4 times, shit gets confusing.
"Look at these little tits. Fuck, Deku! She's so fucking small but she's taking. All. This. Dick." He growled, punctuating each word with a powerful thrust. "Daddy, daddy, p-please!" (Y/N) whined, but was cut off by Mina's mouth.
"Fuck, good job Mina. You're so smart. See you can be a good girl. All it takes is a dick in your asshole." Midoriya smacked her thighs each time he bottomed out, enjoying the way her ass jiggled against him. "K-Kacchan, she's so fucking good. So g-good for me."
"Fuck, Deku" Bakugo groaned, tearing his gaze away from the kissing bottoms to lock eyes with his friend. Could he even call him that anymore ? Not after this level of intimacy. The look Izuku gave him set his soul on fire. The way his mouth hung open and breath hitched when Bakugo called his name said that they were past friends. Greed consumed him. He wanted it all and he could tell that Midoriya was on the same page.
"Kiss me, nerd" He huffed, grabbing a handful of green hair and smashing their lips together. This was the breaking point for Izuku. His hips stuttered and he filled Mina to the brim with his seed.
"Oh. My. God. That's so hot." (Y/N) breathed against Mina's lips as Bakugo impaled her on his dick. He didn't stop fucking her while they kissed. No, he went harder, sending blinding shocks of pleasure straight to her gspot. The visual of his massive cock bulging from her stomach was enough to make her clench down and squirt all over the bed.
"Shit! She's a sq-squirter" Bakugo hissed breathlessly as he pulled away from the kiss, mind fuzzy with pleasure. "I didn't know" Izu murmured, gently pulling out of Mina and lowering his face to her oozing asshole. "Want you to squirt too" , he lapped up all his cum, circling the rim with tip of his tongue before sucking any excess out. Then he brought his mouth to her clit and flicked at the sensitive bundle until Mina was squirting, too.
"C'mere Deku, let me taste my baby" The two met in the middle. all tongue and teeth. Soft grunts and hair pulling as the girls watched mesmerized.
They pulled away breathless, Izuku's ears were red but he looked content, Bakugo wore a devilish smirk and wiped the saliva and cum from his lips with the back of his arm.
"What?" Izuku laughed, finally noticing their girlfriends' shocked expressions.
"I- (Y/N) started but closed her mouth, unsure of what to say or feel.
"You- you kissed!" Mina exclaimed, dumbfounded by this newest development.
"So what" Bakugo shrugged, swiping some of his cum from (y/n)'s cunt and pushing the finger into Izuku's mouth. Keeping his eyes locked with the blonde he sucked greedily making everyone take a shaky breath. He pulled off with a *pop* and gave a bright smile.
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"It's not gay to kiss the homies !"
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mha incorrect #2
izuku : * loses katsuki in crowd *
izuku : hey todoroki i think we lost kacchan
todoroki : just wait and watch
todoroki (screaming) : u know deku he is way better then bakugou i think deku should be future no 1
katsuki appearing out of nowhere : WHAT DID U SAY ICY HOT
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