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elfbingo · 21 hours ago
Tumblr media
Commission sketch for private collector. Poor floof child needs all the hugs! Warning: This probably counts as spoilers to anime-onlys like myself.
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wrongmha · 10 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Midoriya: I thought you hated me? Bakugo: Oh, I do my very best but you're really quite endearing sometimes. I hate you for that too. It's maddening.
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tododekucrumbs · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Preview art from MHA World Heroes’ Mission posted by Director Oyabu! ✨
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mettywiththenotes · 17 hours ago
Izuku’s Emotional Neglect
Hi so I’m not okay because I keep thinking about Izuku
This kid has been emotionally neglected since he was little. Izuku has had NOBODY to rely on emotionally
He didn’t have Inko, or his classmates, or All Might. Actually, All Might is borderline the only one he’s confided in [since they talk briefly about their connection of being quirkless], but he still holds back
Inko is trying her best and no parent is perfect, I see that, but what she said to Izuku that fateful night damaged that boy and the way he saw himself.
He asks her if he can be a hero, and she cries and says she’s sorry. Not only does this imply that Izuku’s quirklessness is bad, it also implies that she was lying.
And by the way, I don’t mean that Inko ACTUALLY lied that Izuku could be a hero, nor do I think that she meant to mean his quirklessness was bad.
But I need, NEED, to stress that this is how Izuku sees it. This is how he would perceive it, subconciously.
If you’re a child and you think that you can be a hero, your parent encourages it because it makes you happy. But then suddenly you can’t be a hero, and you ask them one more time if it’s possible, hoping that those little wishes you made weren’t fruitless, that maybe somehow this is some kind of dream and she’ll wake you up from it with her smile and her warmth, promising that even with this newfound “disability” you can still be a hero, but instead she cries and apologises to you? That’s going to make you think. It’s going to make you think “Was she lying? if she truly believed in me, why would she cry and say she’s sorry? why isn’t she encouraging me, like she always does? what is happening?”
It’s not the truth, and Inko DIDN’T lie, but subconsciously I feel like it’s something that betrayed Izuku a great deal.
And with the quirklessness. He hates it, he hates feeling useless, and he saw himself as useless when he was quirkless, therefore -> quirkless is something weak and awful.
Time and time again, we see this evidence of the emotional neglect he was subjected to. It’s like actively ongoing and the effects of it are seen even now
We’ll start with the Inko one. I just mentioned it, but here are the panels. It’s really just the language that she uses
Tumblr media
“You mean there’s something wrong?”
Tumblr media
Apologizing over and over again, like not being normal was a bad thing. Moreso, I think this just meant that she knew how hard Izuku’s life was going to be as a quirkless person, but the way she says it makes it sound like what happened to Izuku was wrong and bad and incredibly awful
Then we have All Might disregarding his feelings and telling him straight up that he couldn’t be a hero
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Which then leads to this commentary
Tumblr media
“Don’t cry! Let it sink in!!” “Just block it out, just block it all out, just-”
*pats Izuku on head* You Can Fit So Much Denial And Repression Into This Kid!
Then further along, Izuku is seen, and he gets the quirk. He is then surrounded by people that love him, that want to help him, but it’s almost like even the narrative won’t let him have emotional closure.
In most emotional closure scenes (Tsuyu crying, Kirishima vs Rappa, Iieda in the hospital with Shouto and Izuku, Kacchan vs Deku 2), there is an end to it. The character is emotional, crying or upset, and thinking back on their regrets, spilling their guts as they scream, sob, or give solemn expressions. The other characters then cheer/hype them up, reaching some sort of conclusion to the character’s pain, and the situation is more or less resolved.
But that’s not the case with Izuku. He’s always left sorta hanging there, or his hurt and anger get sidetracked by something else. One example of this is the Running With All Might scene in the UA grounds
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Izuku is incredibly upset that All Might chose to withhold information on Sir Nighteye and Mirio, and he speaks about how he can’t make sense of it. He’s voicing all his worries to All Might as they run, because he can’t stand the thought of All Might keeping something like this a secret from him.
And then All Might tells him why he kept it a secret, that he didn’t feel it was necessary to let Izuku know about Nighteye’s bias, and then it divulges into him telling Izuku he’s gonna die, and Izuku focuses on that instead.
I am NOT saying that All Might did this purposefully. He didn’t try and steer Izuku’s anger away from him, it was just that it all got revealed so suddenly, so the subject changed.
The narrative tosses Izuku’s feelings of anger aside, and instead Izuku gets emotional over All Might’s potential death. Idk man, to go from angry and upset about withheld information and then immediately shoved into the knowledge that your mentor-father figure is gonna die? That’s the narrative playing with Izuku’s feelings.
Obviously, All Might’s communication skills are awful and he just kinda unloaded all this stuff on Izuku cuz he didn’t think to tell him in the first place, but I still think Izuku’s feelings got pushed around here. He had no time to process any of it
Another example is the cafeteria scene with Shouto and Iieda
Tumblr media
The scene goes that Izuku is visibly depressed by the Eri situation and Iieda and Shouto notice. They tell him that he can talk to them when everything gets too much [a parallel to the Stain fight], and Izuku cries. Izuku insists he shouldn’t cry, and Shouto tells him that, actually, Heroes cry too sometimes, and they offer him their food in an attempt to comfort him.
But the thing is, this scene doesn’t offer closure. Closure would be Izuku seeing that he could rely on his friends and telling them how he feels [he wouldn’t have to necessarily tell them about Eri - maybe just phrase it in another way that doesn’t reveal the mission]. Closure would be Izuku accepting that Heroes can cry too, and admitting he’s not okay. Instead, we have this
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The scene feels... incomplete? Like there’s no knot at the end of the rope. Izuku is being comforted, but he’s not acknowledging his own feelings of sadness.
In fact, he’s shoveling food into his mouth to stop himself from crying, to shut himself up, to try and move forward and get past his little outburst.
I would go as far as to say this is self hatred eating, trying to quell that vulnerable part inside
I wouldn’t say Izuku HATES himself now. Rather, he just makes connections to his past quirkless self in his mind. It’s the negative emotion connection
Feeling weak? Well, you’re still like your quirkless self before! You’re still not good enough and useless!
Not strong enough? Sounds like back when you were quirkless! All weak and helpless! You can’t help anyone, which is why you need to get stronger, so you can move on from your past self!
Crying? Just like when you were quirkless! You always cried back then, like a helpless kid! You can’t be like that anymore, since you are now All Might’s Successor and A Hero, so stop crying! You’re not allowed to cry anymore!
Do you see what I’m getting at here? Izuku continuously represses these emotions as he gets stronger because he connects them to when he was quirkless. If you associate certain behaviors and emotions with how you were during a vulnerable and traumatic time in your life, you’re going to want to shove those emotions down so you don’t repeat what happened back then [in this case, Izuku sees himself being vulnerable as weak, and he saw himself as weak when he was quirkless, so he’s trying not to be vulnerable anymore].
And the scary thing is, now, we can even see the hatred in real time. I’m sure there are other examples in the manga, but one scene is very prominent in my mind, and it’s this one
Tumblr media
Izuku is so incredibly strong now, he has saved many people, but he still can’t view himself as anything other than “useless” or “helpless” unless he powers through death itself just to break himself more. He almost feels like he HAS to do that in order to be seen as worthy, for himself and others. When he’s struggling, bleeding and heavily injured, he yells at himself as if it’s all his fault.
It’s not about whether he’s aware he’s actively dying or not. To him, being worthless and useless is infinitely worse than dying.
Actually, the way Izuku practically yells at himself in this panel reminds me of when he was walking home in chapter 1 after his chat with All Might [shown above when talking about All Might’s impact]
There are two translated versions of this actually that ring alarm bells in my head. There is the panel already pictured above, but I chose this panel too because I simply think it hits harder
Tumblr media
“Don’t cry! You knew already, right?! This is reality...”
In either translation, he’s chiding himself. For crying. For being emotional.
And once again, I totally think this stems from emotional neglect. Trying not to get too personal here, but I know what this feels like, and I know the effect it has had on me. I can’t be vulnerable or spill my feelings in front of people, it just feels illegal or smthg. Like it shouldn’t be done. And like... if you’re taught from an early age that, one way or another, your feelings don’t matter and that nobody is going to pay attention to you, why try, right?
Then you just begin to Not Feel Properly, and you become incapable of expressing your feelings in a healthy manner
Current examples of this?
Izuku literally not giving himself time to process anything, like worry, grief, sadness. If anything, the only emotion he gives time for is anger. And he specifically directs it at All For One, cause that’s his target. [we saw little bits of this in War Arc but it also applies to the current arc]
He can’t cry. He feels emotional, sure. But he never lets his tears shed.
And one last bit of evidence
Tumblr media
I’d say most if not all of these sound about right
In conclusion I wanna hug Izuku
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firyfox · an hour ago
Deku has Bakugo in his contacts as "Kacchan🥺💖" send tweet
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bkdks-third-wheel · 22 hours ago
me: stop relating every song you hear to bkdk, this is annoying and probably unhealthy
also me: I Hate Everything About You is so bkdk it HURTS
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daily-izuku · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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firyfox · an hour ago
Ya know , if the reason deku didn't share how he unlocked blackwhip were really just 'Monoma insulted Bakugo in a way that he feels really guilty and insecure about , so I don't wanna bring that up for him again' we definitely would've seen that explicitly stated . Like , you can't tell me there wouldn't be a quick flashback and deku thinking about it for a second . It would've appeared in dekus internal monologue and that would be that . Also , Deku didn't have to tell them exactly what he said in order to tell them about the power - he could've just said that Monoma insulted one of his friends and that made him furious . Like another tumblr user said , no one would bat an eye at deku being protective of his friends like that , so it's weird that deku hides it now . Maybe Deku thought Bakugo would interpret his protectiveness as pity ? But again , we would've seen that thought pop up if that were the case . There's this weird and seemingly unnecessary mystery built around it and it still hasn't been addressed . Hopefully Bakugo will find out that he caused two of Dekus quirk awakenings and Deku will reveal why he lied about it adjsktv
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randoimago · 23 hours ago
Hey this is my first time requesting something so sorry if it’s cringe. But can I request mydoria, todoroki, bakugou and any other character you want to add reacting to s/o with a plant manipulation quirk? Thanks : )
No you did great! And I'd love to do this!
At first, he definitely acted smug about it. Cause plants really? He makes things explode, plants won't do shit.
But Bakugo is also super smart so he thought about it and plant manipulation can be used in many situations. He realized he shouldn't underestimate you so easily.
Would definitely want to fight you a few times just to see what all your quirk can do. You two are a couple so it'd be good to be able to work with you in combat. He'll be an ass about it tho.
If anyone talks crap about your quirk then he's just scoffing in the background because he knows you're strong. He's waiting for you to give them a taste of your quirk.
Okay but if you ever use plant manipulation to make him a flower or something then he's going to be mad. He'll act like flowers are dumb but it's to hide the fact that he is blushing at the present.
He's got his journal out and ready to go. Plant manipulation? That's so cool! Can you create plants out of nothing? Do you need some kind of source? I'd the quirk better in the day or night?? All the questions.
He'd love to watch you use your quirk. Even if it's for something small, he'd still be fascinated and already have a million compliments for you.
Midoriya gets hurt a lot so if you can make natural medicine with your plants then that would help a lot. He'll complain about the bitter taste if he has to eat it, but would thank you anyway.
Make him a flower crown. He'll blush so much and be really sheepish about wearing it. He will to make you happy and he looks adorable.
Your quirk is really amazing and super useful but he would tell you not to overdo it at times. He might not be as useful with his own quirk, but he'll do his best to take care of you as well.
He's going to be so hesitant about being around you when you use your quirk. He can use ice, which kills plants. He can use fire, which also kills plants.
But he eventually stops being a mess about it and enjoys watching you use your quirk. It is powerful but also really pretty.
Gives you nonchalant compliments about your quirk too. Probably asks if you're able to create something that is more iffy. Like if you can make an apple tree if you get hungry.
Todoroki doesn't know much about plants but he would get like a book on flowers so he can try and talk to you about them.
Would gladly introduce you to his siblings because your quirk is great. Doubt he'd want you near his dad just yet. He knows you can handle yourself but doesn't want to burden you with his dad's presence.
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misplacedgamer · 16 hours ago
BnHA Chapter 322 Theory-Reverse Kamino
Ok, so I know we’ve all had our fun this week with bi!Mineta and crying over Tenya and “I have so much I need to say to him”, but the next chapter will be here in 24 hours and it’s time to shift back into theorist mode while I still have the chance. So here it is, my big take on what’s going to happen in chapter 322, also known as the “Reverse Kamino” theory (under read more because I wrote a novel)
Starting simple, I don’t think Horikoshi is quite done with the angst just yet. Chapter 321 was a huge emotional catharsis chapter, that’s to be sure, but it ends on a weirdly somber and abrupt note. While we do see Tenya initially grab hold of Deku’s hand, we don’t actually see Deku gripping his hand back before the chapter ends, which would have been an easy thing to do if this was meant to be the last bit of angst before Deku goes home, ESPECIALLY since Horikoshi loves drawing hands. The other thing to notice is Deku’s face in the panel that closes the chapter.
Tumblr media
If you wanted to go for the emotional gut punch, you’d end with the panel of Deku crying, because it's so good and cathartic and resonates so well with what happened in the Stain arc between Tenya and Deku. That’s the panel you end on if you want to close the chapter on an optimistic note. But instead, there’s an extra little panel of Deku that’s extremely foreboding. Deku himself is completely in shadow (contrasting the panel above), and the panel is zoomed out just enough that you can’t see his pupils at all. It’s the same face he was making in the crying panel, but now with his open mouth and his eyes whited out, it looks less cathartic and more like Deku’s frozen in terror.
Let’s also notice the ominous sound effect that takes up a third of the panel. Apparently it translates as a “fwip” sound. I’m not sure what that could be (unfortunately I don’t have every onomatopoeia memorized for this series just yet), but it indicates that something else is happening here. The blurb at the bottom also indicates that Deku’s next actions in the coming chapter are unclear. It could just be hype text, but I think if the angst was over ending the chapter with “Class 1-A has finally reached him!” would have been hype enough.
So what’s going on here?
Well, remember that this whole chapter (and really this whole fight in Kamino) have been paralleling two arcs: the Stain arc and the Kamino Ward Rescue arc. The Stain parallels really only became obvious in this chapter (which really should have been more obvious, Stain was even in a previous chapter watching Deku destroy himself), but I think the payoff for that parallel also happened in this chapter. Tenya finally got to repay the debt he owed Deku for saving his life after he tried to fight Stain; he got to at least try to bring him back from the brink before Deku completely lost himself to his goals. I wish I had noticed it sooner, but it's over and done with (probably, who even knows at this point).
What I’m more interested in are the parallels to the Bakugo Rescue at Kamino. Not only did we get the ice ramp making a return, but we also got a parallel between Bakugo and Deku when they made the plan for the rescue. Both had a lot of personal investment in making sure the other one was rescued, but both were also aware that they weren’t the right person to make the saving throw, and put their own personal feelings aside, choosing one of the other person’s closest friends to make the save instead. I don’t want to get too bogged down in all the parallels here though, because that’s not the point of this post. What I am saying is that there’s a couple of elements missing here:
The initial kidnapping, and AFO
AFO was a huge part of the Kamino rescue arc. It was the first time we really got to see what he can do, the kids had to rescue Bakugo to get him away from AFO (and Shigaraki), and this arc also featured the wiping out of All Might’s power completely. I find it highly unlikely that we would get references to Kamino Ward without seeing AFO at least once. We also did not get a kidnapping prior to this arc taking place. I know Deku leaving UA narratively serves the same purpose as Bakugo getting kidnapped, but I choose to think there’s something else going on. Which dovetails into...the Reverse Kamino Theory
It is very obvious that Horikoshi loves Star Wars, and one of the most memed on quotes from Star Wars is a quote from George Lucas saying that the prequels will be “like poetry”
Tumblr media
So if we have not seen AFO yet, and there hasn’t been a kidnapping, I think Horikoshi is priming us for a kidnapping at the end of this arc. We know AFO has been toying with Deku this whole time, and it would be a perfect opportunity to swoop in and grab him after he’s completely exhausted himself trying to escape all his friends. Also remember that AFO has a teleportation quirk that can be targeted specifically to who he wants to teleport. The ominous sound effect could be the teleporting black goop that the LoV coughed up the last time we were at Kamino.
And then we could get another parallel of Bakugo trying to race and catch Deku before he gets stolen away and I’ll have to cry forever again. I could also see Bakugo actually reaching Deku this time, but I don’t think we’ll get the conclusion of the hand holding arc so close to Bakugo denying himself the opportunity. Besides, boy need to learn to say the things he means when he actually has the chance (he was right there Bakugo!).
So yeah, lock me in for Reverse Kamino next chapter. AFO is gonna show up and kidnap the boy, and I guess Bakugo or Shoto will have to be our protagonist until they get him back. All aboard the angst train everyone!
Btw, if anyone would like meta comparing the back half of the Villain Hunt arc to either the Stain arc or the Bakugo Rescue please let me know!
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