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#izuku midoriya

a.n || sorry this took so long anon! i’ve been crazy busy with college so i haven’t had time to do any writting. please enjoy!


When Midoriya slunk into the classroom this morning, he had no idea what was in store for him.

There had been a rumor a few days prior about a foreign exchange student transferring into the hero course, but the fictitious classmate was never to be seen…until today, that is.

Iida had escorted you to the classroom, which was now more lively than ever, buzzing with excitement. The two of you had begun to be swarmed, much to Iida’s loud and obnoxious bickering about personal space. However, Midoriya knew better than to gall and just hung around his desk, sneaking a peak at you every so often that he could catch a glimpse.

Once Aizawa had entered the classroom, everyone settled down and returned to their seats in an orderly fashion, to which pleased the class rep.

“I would introduce our new exchange student, but it seems as though you all have acquainted yourselves with her, so I won’t even bother. Iida, come up and discuss the agenda for today while I shut my eyes for a bit.”

Homeroom had gone by in a flash, as it was now time for hero training at Gym Gamma. Midoriya’s peers had decided that they’d do a joint training session with partners. The greenette was going to ask Uraraka if she wanted to spar, but she already had asked Tsu to be her partner. In fact, it seemed as though everyone was teamed up in groups of two or three, all except the new student, who hadn’t even properly introduced herself yet. As you stood on the sidelines, observing your new classmates battling one another, Midoriya gained the strength to walk over and greet you.

“Excuse me? Hi, I’m Izuku Midoriya, but you can just call me Deku.” Midoriya grins, extending his hand out in front of you. But you never returned the gesture or his words.

“I’m sorry, do you not speak Japanese? Here, let’s try this,” the male repeatedly jabs an index finger into his chest. “Deku, I’m Deku. Deku,” he chants.

Utter confusion glossed over your (E/C) orbs as you watched this funny, disheveled boy poke himself over and over again, so you decided to do the same. Perhaps it was how people on this planet greeted each other.

“Good, that’s good! I’m Deku,” Midoriya points to himself once more. “And who are you?” He proceeds to motion to you.

“Deku, Y-Y/N,” you stammer, the words forming knots in your throat. Maybe it was time to use your power…

“Y/N! It’s very nice to-mph!” Midoriya tries to speak, but is completely cut off with your lips on his chapped ones.

He thought he was about to internally combust.

Sheer panic begun to circulate through Midoriya’s body, causing his face to flush pure red while his hands started to clam up. Why was the new girl kissing him of all people?! What is her motive? Is this to get him distracted so she could pummel him to the floor and claim victory?

“Sorry about that,” you part your lips from Midoriya’s, your fingers tracing your seamless costume. “I can only speak your language unless I were to press my mouth against another who spoke your native tongue. My apologies,” you bow respectfully. Midoriya scatters his thoughts and waves his arms around sporadically.

“It’s u-uh, uh, no worries! Let’s just, uh, train together! Yeah?”

“Sounds good to me, Deku!”

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Pathetic Little Katsuki
by MysticSaberJedi

Katsuki’s always had this nagging feeling that he could never squash. This insistent little voice that Deku was a threat. That Deku was strong. Stronger than Katsuki himself, even though everything in the world seems to prove that voice wrong. It pissed him off that he couldn’t kill the idea. Then, one day, Katsuki is proven right, and honestly? That pissed him off even more.

Words: 986, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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You Were Always Gold To Me - BrattyBottomBakugou - 僕のヒーローアカデミア | Boku no Hero Academia | My Hero Academia [Archive of Our Own]
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Pathetic Little Katsuki
by MysticSaberJedi

Katsuki’s always had this nagging feeling that he could never squash. This insistent little voice that Deku was a threat. That Deku was strong. Stronger than Katsuki himself, even though everything in the world seems to prove that voice wrong. It pissed him off that he couldn’t kill the idea. Then, one day, Katsuki is proven right, and honestly? That pissed him off even more.

Words: 986, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Child Of Happiness
by Gridly

Surviving another’s suicide is just plain lucky. Being forced to deal with the aftermath? Not so much. Getting reincarnated into an anime after dying of cancer was never part of the plan. [SI/OC] [OC/?] [Cross posted on AO3 and FFN]

Words: 513, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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I’m having feels over a maybe chapter in Forced Adoption AU (I’m trying to figure out WHEN I should add it in)

It’s about Dabi facing off against Endeavor and Izuku being there and Dabi losing it, asking the kid what the hell is he doing there and with Endeavor

And Izuku hesitating before replying that he’s on an internship with Endeavor

And Dabi staring at Izuku and his thoughts racing and just yelling that Izuku shouldn’t intern under Endeavor and Enji is injured and watching, trying to stay conscious, confused-

“Why the hell are you interning with him?!”

“Because Shoto asked???” And that just causes Dabi to focus on Shoto and it’s just- silence. Of course. Everyone chooses Shoto.

And this entire time Izuku has been trying to de-escalate the situation, trying to get Dabi to leave, and now Dabi is smoking and he’s screaming and Izuku not hesitating to launch himself towards the villain

And Dabi freezing when he’s hugged, flames going off when he realizes it’s Izuku and it hitting him that he’s going into a panic attack and Izuku is trying to get him to calm down

Shoto holding his father, watching the entire thing, wondering what the hell did Endeavor do to cause such… grief in Dabi.

Though he also has questions as to why Izuku is hugging a villain.

This is a maybe chapter 🤔 still unsure yet

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i know im not the first to say this but i swear the new chapter of mha is right out of a bakudeku fanfiction 

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Toga, ugly crying: how come Deku-kun and Ochako-chan don’t want me!? I’m so cool and cute. I’ve got it all!

[Y/N]: but that’s not the only things people care about!


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Bakugo on twitter be like: HAH????? YOU think YOU’RE the #1 DEKU STAN?!!! Check my username, fucker! @DekusChildhoodFriend

Deku on the other hand: Kacchan! Why do you have two separate twitter accounts?! IS THAT FAN ART OF ME-

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Dream storytime because I can’t stop thinking about it.

So this gets kinda weird but it’s a dream so or course it will.

Okay so it started out in what I think was some post apocalyptic Diary of a Wimpy kid world? Rodrick was like some asshole like bunk leader of whatever and so Greg and Manny like killed the guy and so of course they needed a new leader they elected me.

Then my brain decided it was time for a scene change so then I suppose I was in the world of my hero academia in a..more realistic highschool scene? Like a HUGE quirkless school and Deku and Bakugou both have their quirks at this point, Kirishima is attending with them and I don’t know if that’s relevant but anyways.

Deku (me? I was in the body of Deku, like Bakugou treated me as if I was Deku) anyways, Deku beat the ever loving shit out of some dick bags because Bakugou apperntly decided to not do anything about it and then that spreaded way across the school and then later Bakugou had some kind of hero mission to go on so Deku had some solo adventures and he’s dealing with the aftermath of everything and facing his actions head on and skipping because I don’t remember anything else but Kirishima did show up a lot, probably simping over Bakugou.

Anyways at the end of my dream Bakugou got back from his hero trip, was in a maid outfit version of his hero costume? He brought back posters of Deku beating up those bullied with his quirk and his hero name was on it because the school saw it as heroic and he was the schools hero because these guys were like horrible people and really mean so yeah.

Deku started crying tears of joy and he hugged Bakugou, for a bit too long might I add (Which is kinda strange as I kinda read that with like *hugs crush a bit too long energy* when I don’t ship bakudeku but it’s a dream so I’ll let it slide) until pulling away and they both act kind..I dunno shy about it?

Deku said something like “Oh I bet Kirishima really likes your hero costume.” As it’s the maid version I suppose Bakugou decided to ask “How do you know?” And like some kind of fanfiction in the pure moment he said.

“Because I like Kirishima.”

Tl;dr: My brain writes the most amazing Kirideku (Maybe kiribqkideku?) fanfiction of all time

So if anyone’s wants to like analyze this explainsion of my dream feel free to and tell me when you think it means

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They wanted heaven from me (I gave ‘em hell)
by CheshireAsh

Upon gaining a quirk, titled Monster Under the Bed, shenanigans ensue as Izuku teleports under people’s beds, disguised as their greatest fears.

Words: 1314, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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How Izuku Midoryia Became the Number One Villain
by AshBlood13

What if Izuku, did jump.
What if Shigaraki found Izuku first.
What if Izuku was done with the hero system and wanted it to change.

-I absolutely love Villain Mido so I wanted to try my had at it-

Words: 1140, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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Underlying condition
by Bubbly Confusion

Izuku has always felt like a condition; a mad rabid dieses unwanted in the very image of life. Hell, he kept away, locked, rotted, and he began to lose all hope… until a certain Man- soon to be future dad- picks up the missing jigsaw puzzle.

Words: 1049, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

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