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#izuku midoriya
apendice-chileno · 3 days ago
I knew horikoshi wouldn't give us star + deku content so I did it myself
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haptronym · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
AU in which Toshinori Yagi is All Might's surly alcoholic brother, who happens to be around during the sludge villain incident and is ordered to keep an eye on unconscious Izuku while All Might takes the sludge villain to the police. Toshinori assumes that ignoring Izuku all the way to his apartment and slamming the door in his face will give the kid a hint, but all it does is give Izuku the home address of the person he's convinced is the #1 hero.
(Thank you @journalxxx for spawning most of this insanity)
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y2tsuki · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
attractive things they do.
with: class 1a + others. genre: fluff. nee’s note: i hope u can’t tell how disastrously bi i am with this post.
Tumblr media
leans closer to you when they can’t hear what you’re saying.
katsuki, eijirou, hitoshi, shoto, tsuyu, hanta, keigo
direct eye contact when speaking to you.
hitoshi, katsuki, mina, eijirou, denki, hanta, mirko
gives you a specific nickname/pet name and gets upset when anyone else uses it. (and vice versa)
katsuki, mina, izuku, shoto, denki, hanta, keigo
wears/owns rings.
hanta, hitoshi, katsuki, mina, momo, shoto, keigo
hands naturally gravitate to your waist/moves you to the said by the waist.
all… all of them. lord have mercy.
calls you first thing in the morning because they know how much you like their morning voice.
izuku, eijirou, hitoshi, hanta (katsuki is not giving up his sleep for nobody… trust)
gets furious on your behalf despite the fact that you could very well defend yourself if needed.
katsuki, hitoshi, izuku, kyoka, mina, hanta, eijirou
cups your jaw for literally no reason other than the fact that you stop talking when they do.
katsuki, hitoshi, neito, shoto, keigo, mirko
plays an instrument.
katsuki, denki, fumikage, momo, kyoka, shoto
is good with children/animals.
hitoshi, momo, ochako, mina, izuku, kendo
a hand is always settled on your thigh no matter where you’re sitting.
eijirou, katsuki, izuku, hanta, mirko
pats their lap with a smirk when they want you near them.
use your imagination here >:)
flexes their hands unconsciously.
shoto, izuku, hitoshi, hanta, mirko
stretches in your presence.
katsuki, hanta, hitoshi, keigo, mirko
Tumblr media
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wrongmha · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Todoroki: I always thought, hey, my life sucks, but it doesn't bother me. I thought if I didn't feel it, it wasn't there. But that's not true because these feelings are hitting me all at once, and it's suffocating. I hate it. But thanks for being there for all of it, Midoriya. You're the only other person in the world who could ever understand where I'm coming from.
Source: M.E. Smith ("Blood for Poppies")
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purplecarseat · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Yeah me too that one person, the au is still pretty bare bones but uhhhhh here’s what I have so far!
Essentially the All Might v All For One fight that gave Toshinori his injury ended up going a lot more AfO’s way and a lot less Toshinori’s. Toshinori ends up losing a very significant part of his left side including a lot of one arm, and passes out/basically dies from blood loss and general incompatibility-with-staying-alive before he can deal the finishing blow. Not 100% dead but enough dead that Toshinori’s now hanging out as a vestige going ah shit.
AfO takes Toshinori’s mostly-dead body and keeps it barely alive for ages to try to take One for All from it, but isn’t able to, so he decides to fix it up (ie add a couple quirks and some robot bits because rule of cool) and send it out to kill things as a sweet way of saying goodbye to One for All while also dancing on All Might’s grave and cackling evilly (which Toshinori just really does not appreciate).
Tumblr media
Toshinori’s mostly-dead body doesn’t really get a say in this whole plan, but luckily before it can do too much damage it bumps into the cutest and most un-murderable child. Or at least Toshinori’s very-annoyed vestige is yelling oh god do not eat that child so loud that his body listens for like 30 seconds, which is long enough for Izuku to decide he has a new best friend and that best friend is a murdery mostly-dead cyborg monster.
Tumblr media
I would sincerely love to say dadmight ensues at this point but unfortunately for now the potential dad is a mostly empty vessel with a disembodied soul yelling at it to do things without very much success. But it WILL ensue, eventually. I just haven’t planned that far ahead yet.
Tumblr media
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yanderemommabean · a day ago
study date with izuku goes too late, so you should probably just stay over. in fact, why don't you just get breakfast with him in the morning? and it's already almost noon, so let's get some more studying done while you're here. and let him make you some dinner too! oh, does the drink taste a little odd? don't worry about it sweetheart! he's just making sure to take good care of you <3
You’ll be sleepy, trying to insist you need to go home or at least take a nap in your car, but Izuku just leads you to the bedroom and assures you that you two can chill out and have breakfast on the way to campus in the morning.
Except the coffee you politely ask for doesn’t exactly make you feel like it usually does. No caffeine kick or ascending pulse rate, just a little more bitter than usual and causing you to yawn and feel extremely sluggish.
You tell Izuku that you can sleep until he gets to campus, and apologize over and over about being embarrassingly tired all of the sudden, but he just gives that trademark beaming smile and tells you not to worry.
While you’re sleeping away, Izuku simply drives a few blocks to make sure you’re falling asleep, and turns back into his driveway. Unlocking the car, undoing your seatbelt, and gingerly lifting you out of the vehicle with skilled and obvious practice precision.
“Shh shh shh, just keep sleeping baby” he pacifies while setting you back in bed, being sure to take away your phone and even some jewelry that could possibly be turned into a weapon or make shift key. Every accidental touch to your stomach when your shirt was raised, or little noise you made when turned over or moved too much, made him shudder and feel a possessive urge to continue.
But he can’t overwhelm you! He loves you! He knows he has to take this slow, and make sure you understand why all of this is happening. Might even need to make a list for all the questions you’ll surely scream, and keep an extra dose in his pocket incase you get too upset and try something reckless out of fear or anger.
Petting your hair, Izuku steals a kiss from your unconscious lips, cupping your face while closing his eyes to soak in this blissful moment. “I waited so long for you to choose me. To fall for me. When you wake up, you’ll see this is a new chapter! A story of our love and how we came to be!”
He almost wants to cackle at that. Inside he knows it’ll take more than just some drugs and scribbled explanations. Probably take years if anything, and he’s ready for the fits, the reluctance, the fighting and the depression you’ll go through.
But it’ll be worth it! He loves you! That means staying by your side until you realize how loved you truly are!
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erensyeagers · 2 days ago
mha seasons 1-3 a brief summary
izuku: i wanna be friends :((
katsuki: fuck you leave me alone
izuku: oh that sucks guess i’ll move on w my life now and do great things 🙏
katsuki, immediately:
Tumblr media
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izukulus · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
featuring: izuku midoriya / gn reader.
word count: 887
content: fluff, light angst, being drunk is mentioned once, crying, confession, childhood friends to lovers.
notes: no i dont know what this is i just rewatched that one evangelion scene. u know the one.
Tumblr media
"i feel like... i was born just so i could meet you."
you're not sure what makes you say it, and even less sure what possessed you to say it to izuku. it's stupid. but you're a little drunk, not enough to not be mortified, but enough so that it feels like you're full of carbon, empty calories fizzing in your head. and he reacts as though in slow motion; you see his body freeze in the blue-dark of his room, and then the snap of his head as he sits up slightly to stare at you.
the moonlights glints off his green eyes. your words hang in the air like breath on a wintry morning, a tangible cloud you might reach out and touch. for a second, neither of you breathe, as izuku's face fills with colour. it's not an unfamiliar sight - he goes bright red when you so much as blink too closely to him - but it's different here, somehow, and there's something frightening about that.
because it's always been this way since you were kids, but you're not kids anymore and the stuffed toys have been left at his house and it's not trembly little izuku staring down at you like he can barely believe you're real. it's deku, the hero, all might's successor, but for all that you can still see the boy in the disbelieving shine in his coin-round eyes, the tiny gasp that leaves his parted lips. that wailing child that never believed he was a thing capable of being regarded as an equal by his peers, let alone being loved by them.
he stares at you as if telling him this is akin to you signing your death warrant.
"y-you..." he swallows audibly. his voice wavers. "you can't m-mean that..."
your affection seeps through you, thick and heady and sweet as syrup. it chokes up your veins and clogs your arteries; you feel it slip sluggishly around your heart as you clumsily lift a hand to cup his face. his skin burns beneath you, but for all the disbelief crowding his expression, he still melts unthinkingly into your touch.
you're so in love you could cry. it might split you at the seams and burst out of you in a projectile of shining light, but you know izuku would ruin his hands putting you painstakingly back together again.
"i do. what else... there's no one else." you stumble over your words, awkward, clunky, like two toddlers taking their first steps together, but izuku understands anyway. this isn't how you planned to confess, but fuck it, in for a penny in for a pound and you're tossing your coins in the air like you've got hundreds to spare. "you're it for me. it's just... i'm yours, you know? and you're - you're mine."
izuku's breath shudders. tears film his eyes, lighting them brighter than they have any right to be in the darkness of his room. "don't say that," he whimpers. "please, it's... you're... i can't..."
"izuku." and your arms lift up, leaden with fatigue but searching for the ones you know will catch you. and he does, fumbling you carefully until you're sitting up with your arms resting on his shoulders. you're close, suddenly, so close you can see every dark swoop of an eyelash, every freckle casting starlight on his round cheeks, every tremble of his chapped lips. you swallow.
you always thought you'd be more nervous. but you're not. you can't be, with him. this is what was always meant to happen. you can feel it in every line of your palm, every strand of your hair, every cell in your bloodstream.
how can you be nervous when this is what you were built for?
izuku takes your sudden silence in a panic, immediately beginning to spiral. "i - w-wait, i'm sorry, i didn't mean to..." he gulps in a breath, ardently ignoring the tear that slides down his cheek. "c-can you... say it again, please?"
you knock your forehead gently against his, pushing the tide of green curls between your skin. "i'm yours," you mumble into the narrow gap between your mouths. "you're mine. okay?"
izuku sobs, chokes on it. his shaking hands finally find home on your arms, pulling you desperately closer, fingers sinking into your skin like you might become intangible in the next moment, like you're some sweet dream about to slip through his hands. but you're not going anywhere, because you've always been here and so has he and when you wind your hands around the back of his neck and tug at the hair foaming there it feels like the first time and the last time and all the times inbetween.
finally, izuku sniffles and drops his head to your shoulder. his own broad ones shake as he sobs, and you breathe deeply against him because you know he's not sad, not really. your izuku is made of tears, and that has never made him weak. it's only that he feels everything so deeply, is cut to the quick by the people in his life.
your lips touch the damp crown of the top of his head as he trembles in your arms. in the silent shaking of his back, you hear the return; you're mine. i'm yours. i was born to meet you, too.
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littlegal100 · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
I wonder what's even going on in this flashback panel.
I have a theory that Aizawa is enquiring about his busted hand since it's winter and Izuku is showing him how he's A-OK! "Look! I can move it just fine! No discomfort!"
Probably the most probable one I can think of
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sasudou · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media
horis just like: he hasn’t been traumatized enough
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r1nf4iry · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
dilf!izuku x f!reader
wc: 1.2K
warning: masturbation, breeding, manhandling, rough sex, daddy kink
a/n: mhm! mhm! rough daddy deku got me all hot and bothered
dilf december collab
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
dilf!izuku - the world's sweetheart, let alone japan's. the hero that everyone either wants to be, or wants to be with. how can you not love him? crows feet along the sides of his eyes, the softest smile splayed across his face as the roots of his curly green hair turn grey. always looking to help out anyone who needs it. theres no discrimination in his body, if you are someone in need and he'll help you. 
deku has become very close with kacchan's family as he doesn't have one of his own. helping out with dinner almost every night and taking care of katsuki's kids from time to time. due to their hero work katsuki hired an au pair to look after the kids so they don't have to worry about them when they're out on missions. deku's heart does a flip the moment he lays eyes on you. he sees you by the kitchen sink, with katsuki's little girl clad on your hip, as you sway slightly while washing her hands getting all the red paint off of it. 
you get quite a fright to see the number one hero behind you, but he immediately introduces himself, fumbling over his words and turning absolutely red in the face. the number one hero? blushing? a sight that had only been seen by you, and katsuki who was watching by the door. after you left, katsuki gave deku a stern talking to about how he _should absolutely get over this ditzy crush of his before anything bad happens_. deku never listens to kacchan, does he?
he ought to get a grip. whenever he has just a minute of peace, his mind replays the first moment he met you. he can't seem to get you off of his mind. late nights, laying in bed after a mission, he's exhausted. he's pent up. he needs release. he his hands run down his body till they land on his growing erection. god, the man is touch starved. he needed to feel your hands on him. but for now, his own will suffice. 
he pulls his hard cock out of his pants and begins stroking it slowly as images of you flash through his mind. you bent over his desk at the agency as he fucks you till you can't walk, or fucking you on the counter in katsuki's kitchen as he "helps" you make dinner. his hips stutter as he bucks into his hand, fucking it as if it was you. wishing he could feel your tight cunt on his cock as he pulls you down onto it, making you take it all.
he hated his depraved mind. now every single time he looked at you, he wanted to take you right there. he couldn't stop thinking about how beautiful you'd look on your knees, makeup and tears painting that pretty little face of yours as his cock slipped in and out of your mouth. the way you'd whine and beg for him to fill you up. he was insatiable.
not long after he learned about your feelings towards him, he was more than excited. he wasting no time. he waited for kachan to be busy on night patrol before he made his move. he had your clothes off in mere seconds as he pins your arms above your head. you protest slightly, as katsuki's children were right upstairs. izuku shushes you slightly, capturing you in a deep kiss. the kiss was heated, and filled with lust, love and other emotions you couldn't quite place. your body melted into his, your legs wrapping around him to grind up into his crotch, desperate for his touch. deku grows impatient and grabs you and turns you over, pushing your face into the couch.
"make one sound, and i'll make sure you don't get to cum."
his voice was low, commanding and it made the wetness between your legs increase by the second. he lifted your skirt up and ripped your panties off. he was dying to know what it felt like inside of you, just once. he leans down and whispers sweet nothings into your ear, how much of a good girl you were, while finger-fucking your cunt to make it ready for him. you heard his belt unbuckle and his pants unzip. you turned your head slightly to get a look of what was to be inside you and your jaw dropped. his cock was huge, angry red tip just aching to feel something.
before you could even respond, he removed his fingers and replaced it with his cock. you bit onto the pillow in front of to, trying to cover up the shriek that almost left your mouth. your eyes were rolling back, tears were running down your cheeks. your legs were shaking and he'd only just put it in. he was balls deep, tip already kissing your cervix so prettily. he groaned into your neck as he started to move, feeling the way your walls flutter and clench around him. he was intoxicated by your muffled moans and inviting pussy.
his pace increased as he straightened out, hands grabbing at your hips as he fucked you at an unrelenting pace. all you could hear was the sound of skin hitting skin, and the muffled moans you let out. izuku had to swallow the deep groans that threatened to leak out of his mouth. the man was in heaven. his hips couldn't be stopped, his orgasm approached slowly.
"fuck i'm gonna cum inside you. gonna make you so full you can barely stand up."
your body couldn't handle the rough pace at which he was going. the knot in your belly begged to be undone. you pleaded and pleaded, asking him to let you cum, trying to not moan in between. he just chuckled and pulled you up by your hair, your back arching so perfectly as his cock pistoned in and out of you.
"you wanna cum? huh, slut? wanna cum on daddy's cock as your boss's kids are asleep upstairs? then cum for me."
your body followed his command before you had the time to register what was happening. your pussy clenched so hard around his cock is pushed him over the edge too. he filled you up so well, cum trickling out as he thrusted a few more times.
your body collapsed on the couch, unable to stay up. he pulled out and leaned down to kiss your forehead. he slowly got up from the couch and ran quickly upstairs, grabbing a wet cloth and coming back down. he sat next to you, stroking your hair as he cleaned himself up, you and the couch.
he slowly lifted you up and sat you on his lap as your snuggled into his chest. he made sure you were okay, still stroking your hair, telling you how good you were for him. it's like he was a different person than he was just a minute ago, but you loved it. his sweet nerdy side contrasting with his cold demanding side. it was like two sides to a coin that only you knew about, and it made your heart flutter.
he told himself that this was it. he satiated his thirst and he wouldn't get tempted again. he looked down to see the sweet smile on your face and it made his heart race. could he ever give you up? maybe he doesn't really want to.
Tumblr media
all works belong to @r1nf4iry ! Do not claim as own or reupload without permission!!
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thingsoverheardatua · a day ago
All Might: I believe you’re capable of much more!
Midoriya: I’m not.
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firyfox · a day ago
Tumblr media
I know how heartfelt and meaningful this scene is and it will be amazing animated , but I'm wondering how they're gonna animate / voice this - is there gonna be a gradual voice change with the ages (might be jarring) , or is his voice gonna stay the same ?? is lil baby Katsuki just gonna have his grown ass voice ?? 😭
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buzzbee202 · 2 days ago
BNHA cuddling head canons because I’m *yearning*
This post doubles as what I think they would smell like. I also tried writing headcanons for Deku and Shoto for the first time, so enjoy :)
Tamaki Amajiki
I’ve said it once and I will say it again: Tamaki switches between being the big spoon and the little spoon. He especially likes it when you lay on his chest - any cuddle position that makes him feel like he’s protecting you always calms him down. However, when he’s had a hard day, his head is straight in your lap. Play with his hair, too. He will melt. 
I don’t think he would be a big cologne user. If anything, he would use aromatherapy to help with his anxiety, which would leave a lingering scent of vanilla, chamomile and lavender on his clothes and skin. This combined with the warmth and softness of his hold is always enough to send you into a peaceful slumber. 
Shoto Todoroki 
Todoroki is comfortable. He enjoys having your head in his lap while he listens to you talk about your day and plays with your hair - but on days where he wants nothing more than to feel you, he will be your big spoon and will not let go anytime soon. Often, you will find him absent-mindedly running his fingers up and down your spine, tracing patterns onto your back above your clothes or pyjamas. 
I don’t know why, but I feel like he would smell like a really specific combination of green tea and cedarwood. It’s just a very calming, warm scent that always makes you feel safe. 
Mirio Togata
Right off the bat, Mirio smells so good - His cologne has a much sweeter scent than most, causing you to become enveloped in amber and jasmine like a warm hug. 
On that note, he is an absolute teddy bear of a man and a god tier big spoon. If you need that extra little bit of comfort, he will give you one of his oversized hoodies, and his arms are wrapped around your neck and lower back while your head rests in the space between his shoulder and chest. If you would prefer not to be in his arms, he will play guitar and sing to you while your head rests on his shoulder and you hum along to the songs. 
Izuku Midoriya
Like Tamaki, Izuku enjoys any cuddle position that makes him feel like he is protecting you. But when things get to him, there’s something about being the little spoon that just hits differently. He loves the feeling of being wrapped up in your arms - to him, it’s equivalent to free-falling into a safety net. A very close second is sitting between your legs with his head on your chest while you play with his hair, but he immediately falls asleep. 
Out of his hero costume, Izuku smells like cinnamon and pine. It’s a similar smell to walking into a fire-lit living room at Christmas, and it never fails to make you feel at home. 
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