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#izuku mydoria
You Pass Gas In Front Of Them
note: this one is FUNNY
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konote-art · 3 months ago
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Chapter 319 expectation vs reality
I really thought that Deku would be like "oh thank god someone's here for me, finally I need a nap"
God he needs a hug, please hori
[Please do not use or repost my work]
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yan-li · a month ago
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Our baby boy.
I draw him during work xD I was helping with a online class
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ashstarmyhere · 3 days ago
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So... I'm an anime only.... But I have been seeing spoilers about Bakugo calling Deku Izuku... And I wanted to draw something based on that...
This is the first time I've drawn a bkdk fanart... So, I Hope that you'd like my comic
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gothictrashcandiii · 2 months ago
Hybrid!BNHA x GN!Reader Headcanons
Note: All Characters are aged up, fem bodied reader but GN pronouns used
Characters: Eijirou Kirishima, Bakugou Katsuki, Izuku Midoriya, Sero Hanta, Denki Kaminari
Warnings: NSFW under the cut, Swearing, rutting, unprotected sex, breeding, dub-con/non-con if you squint, size kink, creampie, oral fixation, panty-sniffing? not proofread
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Tumblr media
Eijirou Kirishima; Puppy Hybrid
Eijirou is the sweetest hybrid you've ever had the pleasure of living with, he's polite and almost always listens, cleans up his messes, and voluntarily gives massages.
He always runs up to greet you at the door, happily hugging you and showing off how clean the house is but apologizing for not vacuuming that's because he's afraid of it but he'll never admit it
When you get home he always sniffs your entire body always sticking his nose a little too far into your pussy to see if you've gone to any new places or met any new hybrids, although if he does smell any new hybrids he'll get all pouty and jealous because you're his!
helps you cook dinners. he tries to make them by himself but he's already nearly burned the apartment down 3 times so maybe that isn't the best idea.
he refuses to sleep in his own bed, but you let it slide because he's just such a sweetheart.
When you're cooking in the kitchen he'll bend down and rest his chin on your shoulder watching you make your meals.
He only gets hostile on walks when some pervy guy is looking at you wrong or a dog sniffs a little too close to the apex of your thighs.
Will growl until you drag him at least a block away from the perpetrator.
Whines at you to not leave every time you have to go to work because "he gets so lonely when you leave"
after that, you have to force yourself out the door because if you stare into his puppy eyes any longer you'll cave.
HUGE cuddle bug, anytime you're just hanging out at the house he has to have his arms wrapped around you, loves being surrounded by your scent.
Whenever you leave he gets overly needy and sneaks into your room and steals a pair of your panties out of the laundry as 'motivation'.
Desperately humps his pillow with your panties locked in his iron jaws until he finally finds some semblance of relief.
Oral. Fixation. Kiri gets pussy drunk so easily and will shamelessly beg to use your thighs as earmuffs until you're begging for a just moment to breath.
He is obsessed with your taste to the point where you're worried he may have an addiction. He lives between your legs and would have you sitting on his face for days if he could.
his favorite positions are the mating press, Doggy-style for instinct purposes, reverse cowgirl with him sitting up and holding you to his chest, but he's not super picky, as long as he's buried into you down to the balls he doesn't care.
MAJOR size kink, without prep he would tear your poor pussy in half, but with the proper prep, he fills you to the brim, and goddamn that tummy bulge sends him reeling. His favorite pastime is gently pressing his palm on the bulge and hearing your whines as he pounds even harder than before.
When he's in rut he goes straight to doggy-style, no questions asked, His primal instincts take over and the need to mount you becomes overbearing to the point where it doesn't matter what you're doing at the moment he's flipping you over and mounting you with unmatched desperation, whining like a bitch in heat and humping your ass before he even gets your shorts off.
Obvious breeding kink, he's gonna whine about breeding your tight little cunt and how he's gonna fill you up with his pups and he's gonna fuck you until it takes.
Aftercare with Kirishima includes a lot of cuddling and licking you clean but if he's feeling especially caring he'll take you to the bath and cuddle you while washing off your sore body before he ends up getting hard again and fucking you in the bathtub.
Bakugou Katsuki; Cat Hybrid
You adopted Bakugou from a hybrid shelter a couple months ago and you swear you had never met a more feral cat hybrid in your entire life.
Wouldn't even let you touch him for the first few weeks.
will steal your bed and sprawl out like a starfish just so you can’t lay down with him
"It's my bed Katsuki."
"Fuck off!"
"Katsuki I swear to god I will get the spray bottle"
Sprints across the room as soon as you walk out of the bathroom with the bottle. "Get back here you little shit!"
After the fourth week, he gets more comfortable and when you fall asleep he cuddles up to you because he can't sleep if he leaves you unattended.
Hate when you bring other people over to the apartment, hybrid or not, although you can't blame him too much, he's a very possessive kitten.
Starts grooming you in your sleep because "how can you leave your fur this messy, dumbass?" he mumbles while purring aggressively
Braids your hair after you shower always ends up sticking his nose in your hair and sniffing you for a couple minutes.
does the thing that cats do when they blink really slowly to show trust and affection.
"Why are you blinking like that Katsu?"
"Mind your damn business, shitty human" he grumbles but you can hear him purring like a lawnmower from across the room. "Whatever you say Suki”
you looked up the meaning and forced him to cuddle you afterward
He'll aggressively deny that he's in rut while he's panting and desperately humping your thigh arrogant little bitch
To Katuki it doesn't matter the position, he doesn't have a favorite he just has to be inside you or he might spontaneously combust
Katu turns into a bitch in heat when he's going through a rut, he's a begging mess and he hates it so don't bring it up after the fact, or else he'll probably run away.
He begs so prettily when he's in rut it's almost endearing
If you tease him enough he WILL call you master, he doesn't give a fuck as long as you give him the relief he is desperately craving.
The only time he really takes control is when he's getting close to finishing, that's when he gets really aggressive. He'll flip you over and mount you, trusting into you with renewed vigor until you cum together.
He also cums an obscene amount, it's insane, one load, and you're filled to the brim.
Katsuki doesn't really do aftercare other than his usual grooming, but he will gladly accept it when he's all adorably fucked out.
Whines at you if you don't cuddle him after, but this is a double-edged sword because he will inevitably get hard again and you're already trapped in his arms and at the hybrid's mercy.
Izuku Midoriya; Bunny Hybrid
Izuku is so timid when you first get him, always hiding in the corners and tearing up when you try to catch him is so as but so adorable at the same time.
"Come on Zuzu please?" he keens at the little nickname, deciding maybe he will try to come a little closer.
Works himself up to sniffing your hand before zooming across the room again.
Once he gets more comfortable he's always clinging onto you, so beware any time you lay down you're going to have a 5' 6" bunny boy curled up against your thighs.
And don't you dare move if he falls asleep because if he wakes up you're gonna have to let that weigh on your conscience.
Izuku gets random bursts of energy that you so lovingly refer to as the "zoomies", where he runs around the house and jumping off the walls.
zooms right up to your face and stares into your eyes only a couple centimeters away and stares into your eyes, nose twitching and a wide smile plastered across his face before zooming away
I saw a headcanon on @miggiisdumb 's blog about bunny Izuku having the biggest dump truck of an ass and I absolutely agree, Zuzu is packin' the whole bakery and for what? you're not sure.
Izuku gets sensory overload really easily so you try to avoid taking him to overly crowded places or for fear of seeing your poor bun have a panic attack
If this does happen he desperately needs cuddles and food because the sweet bun might pass out if he doesn't feel protected.
head pats and forehead kisses are Izuku's favorites, simple actions go a long way with him.
His ears and tail are by far the most sensitive parts of his body other than his dick. if you stroke his ears or pull on his tail, he's a moaning mess, whining and begging for you to give him any semblance of relief.
His ruts are very irregular, so it's always a surprise when it comes around, one moment he'll be perfectly fine, and the next he's bucking his hips, ears tucked tightly to his head whimpering out apologies as he begins to rub his hardening cock through his sweats.
normally the strap makes him nervous but when he's in rut, he's begging you to peg him, fat tears streaming down freckled cheeks arching his back so prettily as he thrusts his hips back impatiently.
other times he becomes very dominant and will force you into a full nelson, fucking you onto his fat cock while whispering obscene thoughts into your ear, it's hit or miss.
another panty sniffer and I stand by that, although he's a lot more nervous about it compared to Kirishima. Degrading himself while using your pretty sage green lace to stroke his cock, pre leaking from the reddening tip, making a mess of the lace.
He's too nervous to ask you to please him directly, instead opting for rutting into your plush thighs until you give in
Huge Somnophiliac, he's constantly rutting his cock in between your thighs while you're fast asleep, and hearing your light moans in your slumber turns him feral.
I ran out of ideas halfway through due to new ideas consuming my brain so we’re gonna stop this here for now, I’m sorry it isn’t longer this time around<3
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denkisbff · 2 months ago
all might: who are those idiots running straight for that INSANELY STRONG VILLAIN?!
all might: *realizes it’s bakugou and deku*
all might: THOSE ARE MY IDIOTS!!
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bkdkology · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Y’all remember this AU? Here’s your reminder to buy the school briefs because:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is canonly written by Anri Yoshi.
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yan-li · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
I wasn’t able to finish it yesterday because I end up very tired from work xD
But happy birthday izuku UwU
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