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#izuku smut
ultimate-astridwriting · 8 months ago
lmao i made a tumblr account because of your blog so yeah umm... i didn't know tumblr was such a fine place. 😳 anyways if i may make a request, how about *insert character name* being ✨caught✨ by their s/o masturbating to them, instead of catching their partner doing so? would you try to make a series out of it? i'm mostly down for izuku on this one ngl.
Izuku, Dabi and Hawks getting caught jerking off by their S/O
note: loll tumblr is an ✨amazing✨ place. also the descriptions of them are my own opinion if you don’t like then you can skip past em :)
Izuku Midoriya
Tumblr media
• Embarrassed
• Started jerking off a lot more since you guys started dating
• He has so many impure thoughts and he needs a way to vent
• Doesn’t watch porn. He just thinks of you and all the things he wants to do
• He has a nice cock
• Doesn’t shave but he trims down there, Has some veins that run on the underside of it and the tip turns into a really cute red-pinkish colour
• He’s really sensitive on the tip
• You walk in on him with his eyes closed, letting out shakey breaths. He eventually opens his eyes and notices your there.
• Tries to cover himself up but it’s not helping at all lol
• You’re just standing there with a smirk on your face because he’s so frickin cute
• “Want some help with that?”
• He is so loud. Seriously
• Ends up cumming really quick and forces you to swallow. Not that you mind tho ;)
• Some of the cum drips down from your chin and he’s like AaAhHhH SoRrY
Tumblr media
• You’re more embarrassed than he is??
• He won’t stop
• He’ll keep lazily stroking his cock, with a cocky smirk on his face as he’s looking straight into your eyes
• “See something you like, princess?”
• Leans more towards the left, he trims from time to time so it isn’t too crazy down there and it has one prominent vein that runs on the side of it
• He fucking knows he has a horse cock
• “Why don’t you help me out with my uh- little problem?
• You better be ready because as soon as his cock is in your mouth he’s not gonna hold back
• Grips your hair and forces his cock all the way into your throat, keeps you there because he likes it when you struggle taking down his cock
• Will come all over your face
• He has no shame
• Holds you in place
• “You think that’s it? Why don’t you clean up the mess you made and I’ll give you a reward.”
Hawks (Keigo Takami)
Tumblr media
• Doesn’t care that he got caught
• He’ll put on a show for you, purposely moaning louder and playing with his nipples
• His face is a flushed and a little sweaty but he looks hot
• Pretty dick for a pretty boy
• It’s a bit bigger than average but he knows how to use it, also curves upwards. Does not shave or trim, he likes how it looks.
• Probably has nipple piercings
• “Well looks like you caught me, doll. Now that you’re here why don’t you sit back and enjoy the show.”
• The tip turns an angry shade of red and it leaks a lot of precum.
• Spit on his dick before you stroking it, he thinks it’s a huge turn on
• Play.with.his.balls
• Tug on his hair or gently pull on the part where his wings meet his back and he’ll be gone
• He’s really cocky but once you touch him he turns into a subby little bitch. Thrusting up into your hand and begging you to go faster
• Make him beg. He looks so pretty when he’s a slobbering mess, all desperate to cum
• “Mmm you close, Keigo? Maybe I should just stop right now. Hmm?”
• “No~ Please M’so close I wan- wanna cum, please. Don’t stop- don’t stop.”
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kovori · a year ago
Tumblr media
you should be sad.
part one || mini series || prequel, one, two, three, four
katsuki bakugou x reader x izuku midoriya ||| angst, cheating, eventual smut
Mentions postpartum depression
Word count: a lot homie. I wrote so much and between my iPhone and’s a lot. So it’s a series now. Boom. You’re welcome.
Bakugou fucked up big time, but luckily for Y/N Izuku is a good friend.
“It’s been a goddamn year, Y/N! I thought we were past this—”
“Katsuki—you FUCKED someone else a month after we got married!”
“I’m trying to FIX THINGS you fucking dumbass!” The blond shouted, causing a small explosion to go off in the palm of his hands. He ran his fingers through his hair furiously, trying to wrap his mind around the predicament the two of you were in.
Bakugou knew he fucked up. He knew that he was the reason why you were a broken mess in your living room. Just yesterday made it one year since you found out about his two year long affair. And it has been a rocky year for your marriage ever since. Bakugou wanted to forget about everything that had happen and start over fresh with you, but you…you had a hard time forgetting, even if you told him you forgave him albeit many months later.
But Bakugou knew better. You could never forgive him after destroying your trust.
But you tried.
Crimson eyes were focused on you, although he had completely drowned out what you were saying, feeling sorry for himself—for you, for the damage he had done to the sacred union you two had. You two took vows, and it seemed like only you took them seriously. You didn’t doubt that Bakugou loved you. You knew he loved you, but you also knew he was selfish and didn’t think about anyone other than himself.
Well other than himself and your daughter, Natsuki. The two of you could agree on one thing for sure; your daughter was the best thing to happen to the both of you.
The sound of an infant crying could be heard over the little white owl baby monitor you had placed on the kitchen counter, but only Katsuki could hear it since you were so worked up explaining how you were feeling.
“I’m fucking done, Katsuki! I. Am. DONE!” You shouted, as Katsuki walked past you to check on your daughter. He knew if you went in to check on her, it would only make Natsuki cry more seeing her mother distraught. Baby ESP as Katsuki would call it.
It took Katsuki five minutes to get Natsuki to go back to sleep. Once he put her back down for the night, he went back to the living room to deal with his heated wife. Only to find the living room empty, with her car keys missing from the table.
At first Katsuki wasn’t upset, because she did shit like this often. But when he went back to their shared room to retire for the night, he had an uneasy feeling in the pit of his stomach. ***
You shouldn’t be doing this.
You knew better than to be at his apartment at this hour.
God, you didn’t even kiss your little girl goodnight because of how mad her father had made you. He could be so cruel at times, and he finally hit a nerve tonight with his array of insults.
He was the one who was suppose to make things right in your marriage. He was the one who broke it in the first place. He fucked up. You didn’t. Yet there you were, trying to salvage your crumbling marriage, trying to get him to understand how you are feeling, and trying to keep up the façade that everything was okay with the two of you.
That Katsuki hadn’t slept with another woman for two years.
That night last year, you were planning on leaving him after a heated hate-fucking session you so desperately needed. You couldn’t beat the shit out of him, so you settled your frustrations by being the dominant one that night, until he took over, releasing inside of you.
After that night you never let him touch you again, already ashamed of yourself for sleeping with him after finding out about his affair. When you told your therapist, she later stated you were in the midst of hysterical bonding.
That was one year ago. Had you known that you would have conceived your daughter that horrible night, you probably wouldn’t of have gone through with it. She didn’t deserve to be brought into her parents’ arguments. Natsuki deserved a mother who didn’t cry all the time, and a father who could control his temper better.
She deserved a family with parents that loved each other.
“Y/N? A-Are you okay?! I-It’s two in the—wait, why are you crying?” The familiar voice broke you away from your thoughts. You were already a sobbing mess when you heard the door open. You felt a warm hand touch your face, gently wiping the tears away from your eyes. The small but kind gesture was enough to make you cry again.
“I-Izuku I can’t do this anymore; I can’t keep lying to myself!” You cried hysterically, burying your face in your hands.
Although poor Izuku was confused on what was going on, he knew it had something to do with you and kacchan. The two of you had been friends ever since your first year in UA and although you never spoke to him about your relationship with Bakugou, Izuku knew that the two of you were going through some things.
“Let’s get you inside, you’re staying here with me for the night.”
When you woke up that morning you quickly realized you wasn’t in your bed, let alone your own room. You didn’t hear the sound of your daughter cooing at the crack of dawn, or the sound of Katsuki swearing while brushing his teeth. Instead you heard the sound of music being played, along with the faint smell of coffee. When you rose from bed you realized you were wearing an oversized All Might t-shirt and your shorts from last night. You had left your house in your short and tank set, and didn’t realize how revealing it was until now. Thank god, Katsuki didn’t know where you were. He hated whenever you went out showing skin.
Then a painful twinge could be felt in your gut. But Katsuki must’ve loved it when his mistress wore skimpy shit all the time from the time he came home with the wrong size fenty lingerie set as a surprise “loving” gesture when Katsuki knew your body better than you. Plus he had never told you her name, and even with the help of your best friend Momo, neither of you could find anything on the girl. Besides Yayorozu, no one else knew about the affair.
When you made your way into the kitchen, you found Izuku in his All Might pajama sweatpants although it was missing the matching shirt that went with it, since you were wearing it, so he substituted his favorite shirt for a plain grey one. His back was facing you as he stood over the stove, plate in hand as he loaded up a plate with breakfast food. The old hardwood floors creek under your weight, which caused Izuku to turn around to face you, with the brightest smile on his face.
“Ah! I was waiting for you to wake up, I didn’t want to disturb you, but hey—breakfast is ready.” He raised your plate so you could see it, and your mouth started to water as if on cue. You took a seat on a barstool, and Izuku put your food down in front of you on the counter.
“A-All of this is for me?” You stared wide eyed at the delicious selection of food, you smiled to yourself at the fact that the green haired man remembered you loved French toast, and old fashion hash browns. “Yup! I’m off today so I was able to go all out on this for you!” A blush danced across his freckled face, and he rubbed the back of his neck nervously, watching you plop a piece of French toast and eggs into your mouth. He knew you were saving your hash browns for last—you always ate your potatoes last. He made his plate then took a seat next to you.
“Mmm—it’s so good, Izuku. I haven’t had someone make me breakfast in months.” You hadn’t noticed how nervous he was next to you. How he shakily took his fork in hand, or the way he miss his mouth completely, losing the piece of hash he had on his fork to his pants. “I-I really don’t mind cooking at all, I just never have anyone to cook for.” He replied, before silence filled the room. He could tell you knew where he was about to go when he nervously wiped the tip of his nose.
“So, uh..Y/N?”
“Yes, Izuku?”
“W-What happened last night? Did Kacchan do something that upset you?” He watches your eyes dart to your hands, fingers fiddling with the fork lazily. “Katsuki cheated on me last year.” You said softly, taking a deep breath before continuing. “I was going to leave him after I found out but we ended up sleeping together and I got pregnant with Natsuki. He wanted me to give him another chance, and I wanted to keep my family together, so I did. But he hasn’t changed, and I’m tired of being the only one who cares.” You summed everything up with a heavy sigh.
The shocked look on Midoriya’s face was expected; you had said a mouthful. But when he grabbed your hand in his trembling ones, you were taken back.
“Kacchan is an idiot for cheating on you, he doesn’t understand how irreplaceable you are, Y/N.” Midoriya’s eyes never left yours, and once he spoke you noticed his hands weren’t trembling anymore. Instead he cupped both of your hands in his large calloused ones, and gave them a squeeze.
“I’m so sorry, Y/N. You really don’t deserve this. You deserve better.” Izuku knew he was treading on thin ice, especially being so close to you. Bakugou already hated his guts, and here he was; sitting in his dining room with his childhood friend’s wife. He was still madly in love with you, and Izuku knew you were aware of it. Which is why it caught him by surprise when you came to him, instead of your best friend Yaoyorozu. “B-But,” Izuku paused, “Why did you come to me? Why not Momo?”
You knew you shouldn’t have bothered Izuku. You couldn’t meet his gaze, but could feel his eyes on you, not once looking away. God I’m such an idiot. You brought your hands back to your lap, grabbing on the thin fabric of your—Izuku’s shirt. “W-Well, the only person I could think of was you.” Stop lying to yourself, you never stopped thinking about him. “And the last time I felt loved, was with you.”
Izuku never expected to hear that. You were thinking about him, even though you were with Bakugou? Yes, Izuku had the title as the new symbol of peace and he held the spot as the number one pro hero. But he didn’t have the one thing he really wanted: you.
Izuku hated that he had missed his chance to be with you. You shared your first kiss together, as a dare Momo chose for Midoriya since game night was a little lackluster. He could have sworn you felt the same as he did after you two kissed, but the next thing Izuku knew Bakugou was actively pursuing you. Maybe if he had spoken up when you were asking for advice about Bakugou, he would have been the one married to you; cheating only at Uno on game nights.
“I’m sorry for throwing all of my problems on you, Izuku. I really should be getting hom—” Izuku didn’t give you a chance to finish before his lips came crashing down on yours. His hand slipping behind your head, slipping his fingers into your soft (h/t) tresses. He knew it was wrong, kissing a married woman. But at this moment he didn’t give a shit, all Izuku knew was that he wanted to feel your soft lips against his once more. The familiar feeling of butterflies in his stomach reminded Izuku of that night in the dorms when everyone decided to play truth or dare.
“Let me show you what it’s like to truly be loved, Y/N.”
“Can you watch Natsuki for a week while I handle things with Y/N?” Katsuki asked, his phone on his lap on speaker, his daughter tugging on his ash blond hair.
“Of course I’ll watch my granddaughter, but you better figure out your shit with Y/N. You fucked up, son.” Mitsuki lectured. Katsuki heard his mother shut her car door on the other end of the phone, the sound of her starting the car was all Katsuki needed before uttering a emotionless ‘thanks’ then hanging up the phone. “Well Natsuki,” he lifted his daughter up so they made eye contact, large scarlet doe eyes stared back into his own. “Daddy has to go fix things with your mama.”
By the time Mitsuki had arrived, Katsuki had fed his daughter and about to put her down for a nap. His mother lectured him more once he handed a sleeping Natsuki to her, “I hope you’re being kind to her, Katsuki. She had a rough pregnancy and after being diagnosed with postpartum depression— it’s hard, okay? I went through it with you, but your father was there every step of the way.”
“Yeah, I know mom. I get it.” He paused, pondering over how he had been treating his wife after having Natsuki. “She’s just—fucking pissed off all the time. Only time Y/N isn’t pissed is when she has Nat.”
“Well you did cheat on her Katsuki, she’s not going to forgive you so easily. I doubt she even processed it fully.” Mitsuki commented, placing her granddaughter in her crib. “Figure. This. Shit. Out.” She clapped her hands in front of his face—quietly, for Natsuki’s sake.
Bakugou got into his black sports car and drove to the gym up the road. Since that’s where his best friend Kirishima was waiting for him. Once he parked his car next to his friends flashy red sports car, Katsuki unlocked the door and his friend got in.
“About time you showed up bro! Too bad you missed leg day.” Kirishima joked, knowing Bakugou hated leg day. “What’s going on?”
“I think Y/N is going to leave me.”
“Wait—what? Why? Did something happen?” Bakugou scratches the back of his head uncomfortable with talking about the situation, yet knew it was time to come clean with his best friend about his marriage and his mistress.
“I fucked up, I was selfish. Before we got married I-I..I fucking slipped up.” Katsuki sighed, letting out everything he has told and withheld from his wife.
After Katsuki explained himself to Kirishima, the red head shook his head, adverting eye contact with the ash blond. “Man...that’s uh, that’s a shocker. God, poor Y/N. I didn’t know she was dealing with so much.” Kirishima sank back into the passenger seat, unable to say anything else.
“She left when I went to check on Nat. I don’t know where the hell she went. She’d normally be back in an hour or two because she gets separation anxiety when she’s away from Nat, but not this time.” Bakugou watches Kirishima as he pulls out his phone. Scrolling through his social media feed until he came across Y/N.
“Facebook says she was active 45 minutes ago. She hasn’t deleted your wedding pics either so that’s a good sign.” He pat Bakugou on the back, as if jolting his memory Katsuki perked up.
Wait—they had a family plan with their iPhones.
Occasionally when Katsuki would lose his iPhone she’d use hers to locate it.
So maybe..
Katsuki dug into his pocket for his iPhone, quickly locating the find my app and saw his wife’s contact photo show up as a little icon pinned on a specific location on the map he wasn’t familiar with.
Noticing the silence in the car, Kirishima peered over at his friends phone and immediately recognized the location.
“Dude, that’s Deku’s place.”
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rat-zuki · 2 months ago
A Match Into Water ⇝ Midoriya Izuku
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
WORDCOUNT : 3.3k words.
WARNINGS : smut, fluff, prohero!au, car sex, emo!deku who’s a bit awkward, fingering, dacryphilia, choking, belt buckle humping, unprotected sex, cum eating, oral (one instance, m -> f), rimming (one instance, m -> f), language.
A/N : my love, @printhes, asked for “raunchy car sex with emo deku while mcr or pierce the veil plays in the background...” so this is for you, my dear. <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You’re on the side of the road, stranded and soaked with a storm raging humorlessly overhead you. Your car sits uselessly, lifelessly beside you. And to add unto to your situation, you actually managed to lock yourself out of it, too.
Really, great.
And it’s cold—freezing, actually. You can feel, have no choice but to feel, the slosh and mush of your socks in your boots, slipping every couple of steps as you attempt to walk all the way home or, at the very least, to seek cover somewhere. Anywhere.
But then a car traveling much too slow, even given the rain, pulls to a stop beside you. Apprehensively, you hasten, not wanting yet another issue to grace you when you hear a suspiciously familiar voice call out. To you. For you.
Your head whips around and a crazed man sticking his head out of the driver-side door gestures for you to come closer, but you really don’t, can’t recall who this is—
“It’s me! Midoriya!” Huh? “Deku!”
Deku? Deku from Yuuei? That fucking nerd?
Nonetheless, you patter on over, blinking hesitantly as you eye the expensive, leather interior of his car as he holds the door open for you, then to your sopping, wet clothes.
He must notice, ‘cause he’s rushing out a It’s okay! It’s fine! Just get in before you catch a cold! And you ease yourself onto the seat, wincing at the audible slap! and squelch when you sit down, shifting awkwardly in attempt to relieve your guilt. It doesn’t.
“Don’t worry,” he chuckles, scarred hands flipping the heat on to MAX, shrugging his hoodie off with his—Christ, with his sleeve of tattoos on display. You gape from behind the safety of the hair clinging to your face, cheeks heating up because this is not the Deku you remember. Not at all.
“Here.” He hands the black hoodie over to you with a smile that takes you back years and years. Memories beginning to flood into your mind. He was so nice back then, and apparently, even now. Obviously. You hear about him on the news all the time, reports of his overseas and domestic herowork, he helps everyone—Japan’s pride and joy!
But he’s—He looks..
“Are you okay?” You snap out of your trance, eyes flitting from his biceps littered with intricate designs, to the hints of inky thorns peaking from the collar of his t-shirt, to his.. his fucking piercings. So many, littered across his ears, his lips, his—
“Ah, sorry!” He shouts. “Uh,” He reaches into the backseat, grabs a small towel of sorts and shoves it to his face, completely obscuring his vision.
“You can change into that if you’d like. I’m sorry, um, I just don’t want you to get sick and I don’t live nearby. I know you don’t live close, either. I mean! Shit.. I’ve just, um, I’m friends with Shinsou actually! And he talks about you! And, wow, this probably sounds really stupid and creepy. I promise it’s—”
You laugh, palm slapping your mouth as you gawk at him muttering from beneath what seems to be his used (sweaty) workout towel, “I’ll get changed then. Thank you, Midoriya.”
He sighs, visibly melting into his seat as he turns away, tips of his ears blooming crimson in an incredibly, endearingly Deku way.
While he offers you some privacy, you begin to work your top off, cringing at the way you have to forcibly peel the fabric off your skin, carefully—as carefully as you can, setting it on the floor. Only then do you realize that you’re actually soaked, all the way through, bra included. You shift a bit. Then realize your underwear is ruined too.
“Um,” you start. Deku’s shoulders stiffening on your call, “I’m really wet.” Jesus christ.
“I mean! Like, through every layer. So, uh..” You trail off. What the fuck are you even saying?
He huffs a soft breath, “I don’t mind, really. You can just.. wear the hoodie.” Just the hoodie, is what he means to say, and now your cheeks are flushing with warmth.
It’s strange, really. You haven’t seen this man in, what? Five years? But you’re thoughtlessly stripping yourself nude in his passenger seat, shucking his regular sized—oversized for you—hoodie over your head.
The hem pools just above your knees, to your relief, but you’re burning with the realization that you’re sitting on his clothes absolutely naked.
“I’m.. You can look now.”
Deku takes a second to lower the towel from his eyes, carefully, as politely as one can be. He glances over at you, eyes already wide, blowing even wider when he takes in your appearance. Wet hair, drowning in his clothes.
“S-Sorry I don’t have any other spare clothes to, uh, offer you.”
“I don’t mind! Thank you.. Really.” You answer too quickly.
Deku smiles, fingers fidgeting nervously like he used to before he messes with the temperature again, “Is it warm enough for you?” You nod.
“What happened anyway?” You blink over at him, concern pulled between his brows.
“Ah, my car broke down. I think it was my battery, given the rain or.. something.” He nods, lips pursing with another question ready to fire.
“You headed home in that case?”
“Yeah! I..” You trail off, messing with the sleeves of his hoodie. You can’t ask him to drive you home. You can’t. You live so far away and the weather’s so—
“I don’t mind the drive! If that’s what you’re thinking.” God, how is he so.. “Or we can wait it out?”
He turns toward you, “Yeah, I.. I know a little about cars, can take a look at yours when the rain settles.”
You hum, mulling it over for a moment. “If you don’t mind.. and if you’re not busy! Yeah, that sounds—” you giggle awkwardly, choked with a shiver, “sounds good.”
Then it’s quiet, save for the rain beating down on the roof of the car and your shared, rhythmic breathing. It’s too quiet.
And you’re fixating on the pile of wet clothes soaking his floor mats—his expensive looking floor mats—your unclothed cunt, and the intrusive notion that you might stink. Do people stink when they’re wet? You can’t recall the last rain-drenched person you smelled, for better or for worse, and that puts you on edge.
Also, probably your most crucial fixation: How hot Deku’s become. Seriously, who knew that—
“Wanna listen to some music?”
“Oh, sorry. I was just wondering if you’d wanna—”
“Yes! I mean, that sounds good.” Thick fingers undo his seatbelt, leaning close, leaning across your lap, reaching into the glovebox to pull his phone out. You hold your breath when you feel his warm skin bump your thigh.
Deku fumbles around with the device for a minute before offering your choice of music to which you humbly decline, “It’s your car, go right ahead.” He scratches at his neck, scrolls through his music, you presume, for a few moments before you interrupt.
“Anything’s fine, Midoriya.”
“I’m, uh..” He pouts, shooting you a weary look, “why don’t you go ahead and—”
Then his finger slips, thumb slapping across the massive SHUFFLE button as a song you haven’t heard in a while, no, not that long ago, blasts through the speakers. It’s loud, Pierce The Veil rattling your eardrums nostalgically until you make the connection that Midoriya listens to..
Deku listens to.. emo music?
Suddenly his dramatic change in appearance since high school makes so much more sense but..
“Sorry! I didn’t mean to! I just have some, uh, some old songs on here.” He moves to pause it, but you’re lunging forward, latching onto his wrist as you shout no!
“Keep it. I like it.”
“You do?” You swear his eyes light up, letting his phone fall into his lap, “I mean, of course you do. I remember from high school.”
“You do?”
He chuckles, eyes squinting together as he beams down at you. “Yeah, I kinda had a—um.”
“Had a what?” You hug the sleeve of your hoodie to your cheek, giggling, “tell me, Deku!”
You shake his arm, amused as he gapes and stutters, arms rising to shield his face despite your efforts.
“Okay, okay! I had a.. a little bit of a crush on you back then.”
You gasp, genuinely. Grip going slack as you stare at the man before you. Despite the heat exploding through your chest and the fact that you can feel your stomach quite literally flipping into your throat, you feel cold—exposed, with your bare legs digging into the center console, Deku’s hoodie riding up in the back as warm air blows directly onto your.. Your...
He chokes up in reply, lips curling in as he bites down on them, expression falling, “Oh?”
You reel away, “No! I meant—” Your back slams into the passenger side door as your head thumps heavily, loudly against the glass, “Fuck!” You curl into yourself, knees to your chest as you bury your face, so at the very least, he doesn’t see your stupid face or the stupid tears pearling against your lashes.
“Uh..! Your—” Deku whips his head around, his face colliding with the window. Loudly. “Ow!”
You jolt, peaking up at him when you feel cool air hit your.. your fucking— “Oh my god..”
“No, it’s okay! I didn’t see anything!”
“Then how would you,” your words die off instantaneously.
You both go silent, ears ringing with his words echoing in your, and likely his, mind like a drum. All the while, the music numbs your brain. You feel like you’re falling, tossed back to the days where you were young, inexperienced, naive, days where you and him dove head first into danger, when you didn’t care about the consequences.
He’s still glued to the window, forehead pressed up against it as fog clouds around his fiery skin, burning in embarrassment.
You bite your cheek, sit up on your knees and lean over his way, “Deku.”
He twists around in surprise, lips parting in a gasp because you’re so close that he can smell you. You can count the dark lashes hanging over his heavy eye bags, that familiar, anxious dread you never liked to see etched onto his face.
No, you don’t want to see that. You want.. You want to.. You want to be honest.
“I liked you, too.”
“What?” His head thumps into yours and he’s apologizing profusely, jittery hands hovering over your shoulders like he’s afraid to touch you. You press yourself into him, let his hands feel you, bold curiosity swallowing your hesitation whole.
“I said, I had a.. a little bit of a crush on you, Deku.” Your fingers reach for his neck, tugging at the waves sitting messily at the nape of his neck.
“Your hair’s longer now.” You blink up at the boy, drowning in his pretty, emerald eyes, “a’lots changed since then, hm?”
He sighs, soft airy puffs ghosting over you as as you close the distance, palming his cheek. Deku nods, gulping when you eye his lips, the twine of ink on his skin, you peer down, closer, at his swollen chest.
Deku hums, hands on your shoulders smoothing down your arms, gripping you just slightly, “Some things have, yeah.”
It’s like lightning, is what it feels like—what this feels like. Electric, buzzing, faster than anything you’ve ever felt before in your life. This connection. It stings you, makes your eyes water and flash with excitement; his too. You feel it, you know Deku does too. This inexplicable force drawing you to him, him to you.
You shift, let your arms snake entirely around his girthy neck, pulling him close, a breath away, “Only some?”
“Mhm.” Deku slips his hold down to your waist, tugging at his hoodie, pulling you over the middle until you’re sitting on his thighs, blowing your mind with how.. how different he is, “Still like you though.”
It’s too much, really. Too much for you. Him.
You’re tumbling into his lips a second later, meshing together so perfectly your heart soars into your throat, like something you’ve always wanted but never did. Something missing; something old but new and fresh and fantastically exhilarating. It’s Deku.
His timid hands stiffen with confident vigor, digging into your waist, pulling your incredibly close as he sucks the air straight from your lungs. You tug on his shirt, needy. Christ, you’ve never felt so needy, so desperate.
“Deku..” You sigh into his mouth, thighs clenching his when you feel the cold, metallic surface of his belt buckle press into your core. It's too much, too good. You moan against him, roll your hips into the feeling.
Deku groans when he realizes what you’re doing, soft and raw, pulling away to peer down at where his hoodie flips up, your messy, little cunt aching to be touched.
“Fuck, you’re so cute—” That’s enough to have you squirming, humping his buckle with fervor with only the sounds of you and him panting alongside the slow rainfall.
Large hands seek your hips, but you want more, need more, and guide them lower. His touch almost stings on your ass, but once he feels you, he can’t get enough, grips your cheeks hard, pulling and tugging you all over him until you’re sputtering his nickname into his collarbone, creaming on the cool metal.
“So good, christ, you're doing so good.” His voice shakes a bit, thumbs circling your flesh as you come down, clinging to him.
“Deku, please..”
“What do you need, baby?”
You nuzzle his shoulder, lashes fluttering up at him as your tongue glides over his throat, a finger inching around his tattoo, “Lemme see you. I wanna.”
He smiles into the crown of your head, calloused fingers clasping between your softer ones, sliding your palm down his chest, his abdomen, guiding you beneath the thin material and letting you take over.
The song ends as you tug his shirt up, My Chemical Romance coming onto play as you giggle, Deku planting his lips on yours to shut you up while you grope his chest, pull back, gaze at the dark, inky swirls littering his skin.
He’s got a hand dusting over your cheeks as you take the sight of him in, the other curling around your middle as you bat your lashes so prettily, too prettily, up at him.
“Can I fuck you to this song?”
Before you can react, before you can muster even a gasp at his bold profession, Deku’s flipping you over, letting his seat drop back as you sink into the warm leather, pulling your thighs to his waist, “Can I? Please?”
His lips press into your forehead, to your nose, your cheeks, so sweet that you let him push your knees to your chin, let him curse at the sight of your swollen cunt, let him pull you apart and praise you despite the rain letting up or being on the side of the road, no less. He’s just so.. different now. So—
“Deku..” You mewl, clamping your legs together when he pinches ever so slightly at your bud, but he’s whispering sweet nothings into your ear, sliding his fingers into your cunt so gently that you might cream from that alone.
“Always wanted this, you know? Wanted to feel this sweet pussy on my fingers, my cock, too, of course.”
Your head’s spinning, eyes watering with so much need, “Please, please, Deku. Do it, want you so bad.”
“I know, baby. Don’t want to hurt you though.”
You’re raising your hips off the seat, chasing more, more, more, the drive to feel him deep inside your cunt making you dizzy, “Don’t care! Please, Izuku. Just put it inside.”
You’re too busy blubbering and squirming to notice the way his expression falls, eyes glossing over, dark, hungry, starving.
“Say that again?” You hear him messing with his belt as he fucks you open with his fingers, faster, seeking something while you mewl, blissfully unaware of the leaky head of his cock fisted in his hand. Your lips part once more, “Need you, Izuku. Please, fuck me. Izu—Ah!”
Deku shushes you with his thumb, the taste of your cunt flooding your senses as he eases his cock into you, your eyes blowing like saucers by the sheer girth splitting you apart. So big, you can feel every throbbing vein pulse against your walls, spreading so thin you almost can’t breathe.
“It’s—” You’re entirely caught off guard, winded, but he’s pawing at your clit, sucking at your throat, “You can take it. Take it for me. Please.”
And, of course, you agree, nodding incessantly as you suck in and swallow, relaxing in his hold as he fills you well past your limit, the head of his cock kissing your cervix.
“Goddamn, baby..” He drawls, teeth bared against your neck, “So tight, had no idea you’d feel so good. So good for me. Fucking perfect, all for me.”
The weight of him has his cock sinking immeasurably deep within you, balls grinding into your ass as he pumps you slow and hard, whining when you claw at his back, his waist, anything you can reach.
“Izuku, ngh..! More!”
You feel the car shaking with the force of his thrusts, steadily speeding up, harder, his eyes fluttering to yours ever so often, cupping your cheek as if to check on you, if you’re okay. But you need more, tugging his hands down until they’re wrapped around your throat, you want him to smother you. You’ll take every bit.
While you’re starving for air, mouth agape, letting him huff and pant into you, drool his spit into you, you feel your cunt squeezing and pulling at his cock. Deku’s close, too, you can tell, when he drops his head to your chest, moaning unashamed as you milk him for everything he’s got.
“Baby, m’gonna—” His hips stutter, palms clamped around your knees as he forces himself incredibly deep, “gonna fill you up, shit, like I always should’ve—should’ve been doing all along.”
You writhe in his grip, going silent as your orgasm shakes you, cunt spasming in time with his thrusts, pulling his cum into your womb.
“Fuck, fuck, fuck.” He’s crying, plugging you up for a moment before he pulls out, in awe with the way your chest heaves, watching your cunt leak with white down your slit, seeping into your ass, seconds away from dripping onto the seat.
“Ah, Deku, it’s gonna—”
He shushes you, swooping down to drag his tongue across your slit, then, swallowing the cum that pools at your ass into his mouth. His fingers plugging your sensitive cunt.
“Deku!” You cry out, squirming away, but he holds you still, tonguing your ass for a moment longer, groaning, before he comes up again, wiping at his chin. “Mm, so good. ”
You bring your sleeves to your face, burning with so many emotions, feelings you can’t even fathom, as your body recovers from your climax. He’s grinning at you, cheeky, collapsing on top of you as his fingers find your jaw, holding you so softly, eyes burning with so much adoration.
He presses a kiss to your nose. “Rain’s stopped.”
“Yeah,” you wriggle you arms around him, raking through his curls, sighing as he sits you up, back onto his lap, nose brushing along your throat.
“Let’s get your car running so we can head over to my place.”
“Yours?” You let him kiss all over you, let him thumb at your messy cunt drooling all over his thighs.
“Yeah, mine. Don’t think for a second that I’m through with you." He melts into you, inhaling your scent as you shy away, "I’ve wanted you for too long, far too long, to let you go a second time.”
Tumblr media
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ultimate-astridwriting · 7 months ago
1-A: Thighs, ass or boobs?
Request: emergency!! i need ur opinions on deku and the rest of their clas on if they prefer boobs or butts
Note: alright alright let’s get into it
⤑ requests are open! masterlist || taglist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki.
we all know the answer to this one. he’s a huge ass man, he just enjoys watching it jiggle. if you’re dating him expect an annoyingly high amount of groping and slapping, whenever you’re bent over he’ll take it as an invitation to just firmly smack that ass.
Tumblr media
kirishima eijirou.
mostly an ass man but he appreciates all of you. he literally worships your body, gives equal amounts of attention to your breasts, thighs, tummy, everywhere!! he just loves the feeling of your body pressed against his and wants to make sure you feel loved.
Tumblr media
izuku midoriya.
boobs! boobs! boobs all the way! he will literally just be mesmerized by them. just wants to shove his face in between them and suck on your titties. also they’re soft? like who doesn’t like boobs? he just enjoys holding them or using them as pillows
Tumblr media
denki kaminari.
do you really think this boy cares? he will take whatever he can get but if he had to choose he’d probably be more into boobs. he just wants to fuck your tits and come in your mouth, is that so hard? omfg if you have nipple piercings he’ll go absolutely feral.
Tumblr media
mezo shoji.
has a hard time choosing because he just loves everything about your body but he’s a hardcore thigh man, he just gives off the vibes. loves when you sit on his lap and he just likes to squeeze and grip your thighs in a non-sexual way. it’s also his favourite place to leave hickeys since he thinks it’s a huge turn on being the only person to see the marks he’s left behind
Tumblr media
tenya iida.
he is another gentleman who prefers thighs. he probably won’t admit it because he’ll be embarrassed by it but all he wants is to get suffocated by your thighs while he’s eating you out. boobs are definitely a close second, loves teasing your nipples and watching you squirm because of how sensitive they are
Tumblr media
sero hanta.
he appreciates a good pair of boobies. he loves watching them bounce while he’s fucking you and sometimes he’ll just sneak a hand up your shirt and cop a feel. loves squeezing and just cupping them while you’re cuddling, it’s weirdly relaxing for him
Tumblr media
tokoyami fumikage.
he is a boob guy all the way. it’s just the vibes he gives off? he just wants to die by titty suffocation. tries so hard to not look but whenever you’re wearing a showy shirt his eyes just get pulled to your cleavage and if he ever sees your nipples poking through your shirt you’re getting your back broken, very passionately though like in a good way :)
Tumblr media
shoto todoroki.
he does not have a preference. i just don’t see it, he thinks all of you looks perfect he just can’t choose. he’ll grab a handful of that ass, get a face full of your tits while kissing and biting your thighs, he just can’t get enough of you.
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kovori · a year ago
Tumblr media
you should be sad.
part two || mini series || prequel, one, two,three, four
katsuki bakugou x reader x izuku midoriya ||| angst, cheating, oc powers, toxic relationships, implied smut
Word count: 3,666
Lack of communication leads to miscommunication. But when will Bakugo, Y/N and Izuku learn?
“Holy SHIT! Bro, slow the FUCK DOWN!”
Kirishima grabbed onto the handle above him, praying for dear life that Bakugo wouldn’t drive the two of them into ongoing traffic.
Yeah, Kirishima definitely wished he just mind his business and kept his mouth shut.
It wasn’t his business if Y/N was at Deku’s. But as the manly man he was, he had to keep the bro-code and look out for his bro.
But holy fuck did Bakugo scare him when Kirishima mentioned Deku. Next thing Eijiro knew was Bakugo telling him to put his seatbelt on, pushing one-ten down the freeway.
“Fuckin’ Deku! The bastard already has everything, now he wants my fucking wife?”
Kirishima frowned, “Bro, you cheated— “
“DON’T YOU THINK I KNOW THAT SHITTY HAIR?” Bakugo shouted back, gripping the steering wheel with everything in him to keep himself focused on the road.
“Do you honestly think going to her like this is going to help you guys? Come on man! Let’s be honest here; you fucked up. Plus, you haven’t even told her everything about the other girl— “
“I know that, damnit!” Bakugo barked back at his best friend, not wanting him to finish his sentence.
“And how do you plan on breaking things off with your side chick, man? Since you know everything.”
There was an eerie silence in the car following Kirishima’s comment. Katsuki refusing to remove his intense glare from the road.
“Yeah, I thought so.”
“Let me show you what it’s like to truly be loved, Y/N.”
You never expected things to go so far.
Your heart skipped a beat, the kiss reminding you of that night in the common room.
Feelings you tried your hardest to repress came jolting through you, the smell of Izuku’s conditioner tickling your senses. His hands tangled in your hair.
The soft jazz playing in the background did nothing to help soothe your rapidly beating heart.
You couldn’t say you hadn’t thought about what would happen if you had pursued Izuku.
There was obvious tension whenever you two were in the same room together. His eyes wandering over your body whenever you wore your hero suit, always adverting those damn green orbs every time you’d catch him staring.
The two of you were so in sync in battle that both of your fans began to notice the connection. You were always there in the nick of time, as if your eyes were constantly on him; even with a villain in your grasp.
But, you were married. Public news.
You had a family. Hell, you had children and civilians that looked up to you.
You had thought about it countless of times, before you were even aware of Katsuki’s affair. But..
“I don’t want to stoop to his level.” You tried to pull away, but Izuku gently took your hands and brought them to his lips.
“You’re nothing like kacchan,” Izuku kissed your hand, emerald eyes gazed into your own. You nearly forgot to breathe under his gaze.
“You’re Y/N Y/L/N, the woman I’ve been in love with since the day you graced U.A with your presence.”
He placed another kiss on your hand, his lips meeting the cold metal of your wedding band. 
He felt guilty of course, he recognized that he was creating conflict by trying to pursue you as if you weren’t already Mrs. Y/N Bakugo. Many would view Izuku as a selfless gentleman—he was All Might’s successor after all.
Yet here he was; trying to convince you to take him on as your side dude.
“Can I think on this, Izuku? This is—well, a lot has happened and I— “
You heard your phone chime, startling you as you recognizing the distinguished text tone that you had specifically picked out for Bakugo. Izuku awkwardly let your hands go, the two of you suddenly realizing how close you were.
“T-Take all the time you need, Y/N.” Izuku smiled, his cheeks were pink when he rubbed the back of his head. You hadn’t noticed the neat undercut last night, but now you realized just how good the haircut looked on him.
Was he always so attractive?
The sound of Katsuki’s ringtone going off several more times finally brought you back to the present.
You excused yourself and went into the bedroom to grab your phone off of Izuku’s bed. Instantly feeling the anxiety bubbling up in your gut, turning it sour.
boom baby💥: the old hag took Nat for the week.
boom baby💥: where are you Y/N?
boom baby💥: stop fuckin with me Y/N Bakugo where the fuck are you?
boom baby💥: Y/N I SWEAR TO GOD
“Really Katsuki?”
You scoffed, tossing the phone back onto Izuku’s bed. Let him suffer—the fucking dick.
He can handle not hearing from you for another hour or two.
You straighten up Midoriya’s bed and stripped from his shirt, showing off your plain black tank top underneath.
Once you gathered all of your things together and folded Izuku’s shirt you stepped into the bathroom to shower, mentally prepping yourself for the day.
Feeling refreshed after your shower, you threw on the plain white hoodie and sweats Izuku had laid out for you, then checked to see if you had any more messages from Katsuki.
Thank god you didn’t.
You texted Mitsuki to see how your daughter was doing.
Mitsuki was quick to respond, except she just sent you a selfie of herself, Masaru and Natsuki instead. Natsuki was smiling from ear to ear with her grandparents, pulling on both of their spiky hair. You sighed.
You truly missed your little girl.
Just as you were about to step out of the bedroom you heard a knock at the front door.
“Uh—hold on!” You heard Izuku shout, curious you cracked open the bedroom door to see who it was.
The minute Izuku got to the door, he checked the peephole.
You saw his face light up. “Oh, hey Kirishima! Just give me a sec,”
Izuku called out, unlocking the door to see an uneasy Kirishima who adverted eye contact.
Something was off.
You felt uncomfortable, a nagging feeling in your gut becoming intense by the second. The sight of your husband’s best friend wasn’t a good sign.
You felt nauseous.
Kirishima stood there awkwardly in front of Deku, unable to explain the situation. “Uh, h-hey Deku! Listen, man can we— “
“Where is my wife, Deku?!”
Bakugo spat, intense red eyes peering at Izuku from behind the redhead. “What is my wife doing in your shitty apartment?”
“K-Kacchan?! Wait a second—”
Katsuki pushed past Kirishima, his fist clenched. Kirishima tried his best to contain the fury that was Bakugo. 
Even as a pro hero Kirishima was no match for Bakugo when he was pissed about you. Hell, even Izuku knew that. He often found himself on the receiving end of Ground Zero’s wrath.
“I should fucking kill you, you piece of shit.” Bakugo grabbed Izuku by his shirt, ignoring Kirishima’s protests. “Where is she?”
“Y/N is here, Kacchan. She’s getting ready to leave now—Why didn’t you just call your wife and ask?” Deku swatted Bakugo’s hand, releasing his grip on the shirt.
What a smug bastard.
Bakugo could smell you on him, the same strong yet pleasing fragrance he knew by heart. Your intoxicating scent provoked his natural instincts—as if he were some wild beast.
He could smell you all over him.
That’s when Katsuki noticed. Your E/C eyes staring at him from the corner of the room.
You actually were here.
In that fucking nerd’s clothes nonetheless.
“You goddamn extra—"
It happened too fast—like a blur. Kirishima shouted, he tried to pull Bakugo back to the exit, while Izuku held his bleeding nose. Katsuki didn’t feel his knuckles throbbing. He honestly didn’t care to even tune into Kirishima.
No—his attention remained on the green haired bastard in front of him.
Emerald eyes stared daggers into his own, as if one were daring the other to try. You ran to Deku’s side to tend to his bleeding nose.
That made Bakugo’s blood boil.
“Stay the FUCK away from my wife or I’ll blow your fucking place up with you in it.” He taunted, ready to kick Deku’s ass at any moment.
“Nice going Kacchan, you certainly sound like the number two pro hero.” Deku jeered, wiping his nose. “You don’t own Y/N! She has her own life, career —friends. Even if you do try to keep her from us.”
“Oh, for the love of—would you two cut it out!” You shouted.
“You don’t know shit, Deku.” Katsuki retorted. His hands started to spark, smoke rising from his palms.
“Oh—but I know more than you think, Kacchan.” Izuku pushed you behind him, green electricity running up his arm.
Bakugo made the first move, quick to sprint towards Deku with a smoking hand. Katsuki watched Deku’s hands come down in front of him in a fighting stance, ready to block any of his reckless blows.
“That’s ENOUGH!” You shouted, your eyes glowed a bright white light before a large bubble appeared around both Bakugo and Deku.
You had put them in a time sphere, one of the many powers of your quirk. The two of them at a standstill leaving Bakugo airborne, arm cocked back—his explosion only half initiated.
“Now—listen to me!” You huffed, “Katsuki we are going home—now.” You motioned for Kirishima to be on standby for Bakugo. You frowned at Izuku’s frozen frame, his arm outstretched to protect you from danger, with his free arm position to block Bakugo’s pending attack. “Midoriya, I’m sorry for this.”
You swiped your hand back to rewind the two. Sending them back just enough to avoid a gaping hole in Izuku’s apartment.
“You don’t know shit—”
Katsuki hesitated, he felt that weird feeling of déjà vu. Being as perceptive as he was, he knew it was his wife’s doing. “I fucking hate when you do that.”
“Just—Oh my god—just go Katsuki!”
You snapped, waiting for Kirishima to take Katsuki far away from Izuku’s apartment.
You felt lightheaded after using your quirk; maternity leave had left you rusty. You took a step, nearly losing your balance before Izuku grabbed your hand to help steady you.
“You have to be careful using your quirk like that Y/N!” He chastised you, although he smiled. You somehow felt like he simply enjoyed seeing your quirk in action.
“Let me walk you to your car.”
The drive back to the gym was long, and uncomfortably quiet for both Bakugo and Kirishima.
Bakugo wanted to ride back with his wife, but no—instead he was stuck with shitty hair. You wouldn’t even make eye contact with him, and he had a weird feeling about you and that damn nerd.
The entire drive Bakugo was typing away on his phone. He said nothing the entire ride; he merely tapped away at the screen.
Kirishima glanced over at Bakugo, before focusing back on the road.
“Hey man—just give Y/N her space right now. Everything is getting outta hand.”
“Huh? What?” Katsuki looked up from his phone, “Oh, yeah whatever shitty hair.” He murmured.
He was definitely still pissed but Katsuki was more interested in the message he was sending. Only placing his phone away when the car came to a complete stop.
“We’re here bro. Get home safe—okay?” Kirishima said, as he put the car in park. He wasted no time handing Katsuki his keys; ready to go home after today’s ordeal.
Kirishima unlocked his car door and hopped in. He didn’t bother to wait for a reply, he knew he wasn’t getting one.
Katsuki waited for Kirishima’s car to be fully out of view before he got into the drivers seat. He put an address in his phone and turned the key in the ignition.
He had to handle things on his end.
Izuku wished All Might was still with him, because he could definitely use some advice right now.
The smile on his face vanished as soon as your car was out of sight.
He was alone. Again.
The walk back from the parking lot to his empty apartment seemed so much longer. Thoughts of you plaguing his mind as he stepped back into his home.
He picked up both plates off of the kitchen counter and loaded them into the sink. He had made a lot of food since he expected you to stay longer. But after what he asked you?
No, after what had happened with Kacchan—He doubted you’d ever call him again.
Midoriya sauntered into his room, taking his blood-stained shirt off before he treads past his bed. He noticed his bed was made, his All Might T-shirt neatly folded in the center with a ‘thank you’ note written in your distinguished handwriting.
Izuku couldn’t hide the dopey grin on his face, minus the ache of his nose.
Of course, she would make the bed. 
He plucked his favorite shirt off the bed and put it on. Your flowery scent engulfing him, making him sigh in remembrance.
Oh no—he had kissed you. He had professed his love for his closest friend. Moreover, he offered you the opportunity to do exactly what Bakugo had done to you.
Smooth, Izuku, real smooth.
He needed to lay down, to clear his mind of what had just transpired in his living room.
If only Kacchan hadn’t showed up then maybe...
God—what would have happened if Kacchan hadn’t of showed up?
Izuku tried to push every improper thought out of his mind. He respected how you felt more than anything. He didn’t want to come off as if he was taking advantage of your situation. No, he would never do that.
He just had to tell you how he felt. Holding in his feelings for so long finally getting the best of him. He still hadn’t fully recovered after the wedding—let alone the birth of your daughter.
He wished he told you how he felt after game night. He wished he told you his feelings long before Kacchan came along.
He just wished you would see him—Izuku Midoriya the man; not the shy teenage boy from when they were students at U.A.
He wanted to give you space, he did. But with how heated you were when you left, Midoriya assumed you would understand why he was reaching out.
Izuku sent a simple message, just asking if you made it home safely and if you were okay. He knew how much your quirk could drain you from all the times he had to take you to Recovery Girl.
It didn’t take long for his phone to ding, a smile crept on his face when he saw your name.
When Katsuki made it back to the house you two shared, the sun had started to set.
He was surprised to see the porch light on. Only you ever remembered to turn the porch light on at sundown. He noticed your car parked inside the garage with the garage door open still; so, he knew you weren’t staying long.
“I waited for you.”
You opened the front door before Katsuki made it up the steps. He could tell from how your arms were crossed that you were still pissed about last night.
Well Katsuki was still pissed too.
“And I waited for you Y/N.” He hissed, shoving his hands into his pockets as he walked past you.
Neither of you made eye contact.
You shut the door behind him, and followed him into the bedroom. “You didn’t call me, Katsuki. Honestly, you never do so I didn’t think you even cared.”
“Oh—so that means you go and fuck that nerd, Deku?” Katsuki laughed, “Why, aren’t you a fuckin’ genius.”
You scoffed, “Really? That’s the best you got? Like you weren’t balls deep in some bitch? You have a lot of nerv—”
“So, you’re not denying that you fucked him?” Katsuki’s voice got louder, he turned around to see your face.
You could not believe this fucking guy.
“Obviously I didn’t—“
He rolled his eyes, cutting you off once again. “It’s not that obvious when you’re wearing his fucking clothes!”
“Can you let me speak?! God—you’re so— you’re so insufferable, Katsuki. I didn’t sleep with Izuk—“
“SO WHY DIDN’T YOU COME HOME?” He shouted at you, and you felt your blood boil.
“You’re out all night and then I find you at that fucking nerd’s place? You didn’t answer your phone—YOU’RE WEARING HIS FUCKING CLOTHES Y/N!” With every point he makes he puts up another finger.
“Did that bastard put his dirty hands on you?” Katsuki husked, walking up to you, his larger frame towered over your own. He grabbed you by your chin and tilted your head up so you could look at him.
You didn’t know what to say.
Those piercing red eyes bore into yours with pure unrelenting desire. You could feel your face grow hot, feeling extremely worked up around the hothead. 
“Tch, I don’t even want to know.”
Katsuki pressed his lips hungrily against yours, wasting no time reclaiming you. He pressed his body against yours to prevent you from escaping.
You pushed against his chest and Katsuki grabbed your wrists, pinning both of your hands together above your head. He kissed and nipped the crook of your neck, marking what rightfully was his. Even after a year he still remembered exactly where you were the most sensitive. “Mmm—no, K-Katsuki—“ He smirked into your neck, that sexy little voice of yours coaxing him on.
You hated how much you missed his touch.
“You’re fuckin’ mine, Y/N.” He growled against your ear, nipping at your earlobe. His hand working it’s way into the waistband of your white sweats. “Don’t you dare forget that—”
You both heard Katsuki’s phone shrill in his pocket, Kaminari’s ringtone filling the room.
He tried to ignore the call, biting the sensitive spot on your neck again. His fingers grazed over your most sensitive area, tracing circles around the thin fabric until he felt it grow damp. Every tantalizing, lewd thought he had all year was finally about to come to fruition.
But the phone rung to no avail. Forcing the blond to pull his hand out of your pants so he could silence the annoying device. You took the moment to get yourself together, slightly panting as you touched your bruised lips.
What Katsuki hadn’t intended on was the condom wrapper to fall out of his pocket when he pulled his phone out.
Your eyes went straight to the gold wrapper, laid split open missing the rubber inside.
It didn’t take Katsuki long to catch on to what you were staring at, his arms dropping to his side in shock. He was rendered speechless; eyebrow furrowed as he anticipated your next move.
He expected you to argue with him, cry, hell—even hit him. Not just sit there with that unreadable look he hated so much. He needed anything— something.
But instead you were quiet, calm even.
“Y/N—listen, I can explain—“ You pushed him off of you, and crossed your arms.
“No, Katsuki. I can’t do this anymore.” You forced yourself to laugh. “Who are we fooling? This..ugh,no—we just don’t work.”
“Stop saying stupid shit! I didn’t sleep with her dumbass! I went to end it—“
That was when you interrupted him. “So, you were still seeing her? The whole time I assume? I mean we’re not fucking so I don’t get why you have condoms—” You shook your head, fuck it.
“Y’know what? I don’t give a fuck anymore. Do you, Katsuki.”
You walked past Katsuki, and grabbed your large tote purse off your shared dresser. He noticed it was filled to the brim with your personal stuff.
What the fuck?
He noticed how uncomfortably clean the room was—all of your personal things were missing. 
Even the wedding portrait that sat on your vanity—gone.
“Wait—where the hell are you going?”
He tried to sound upset, but just came off weak with his voice breaking slightly. He couldn’t let you leave, he knew you wouldn’t come back if he did. 
“Don’t worry about that.” You said nonchalantly. You threw your purse over your shoulder before walking out of the bedroom, stepping on the condom wrapper without a second thought.
You heard Katsuki storm out the room behind you, shouting about shit you no longer cared for. 
This was the final straw.
You refused to keep yourself in a cycle of heartbreak. He just wasn’t going to change—at least not for you. You had finally came to your senses. Although it hurt like hell, you knew it was time to leave. 
“Y/N JUST FUCKIN’ LISTEN TO ME!” Bakugo ran outside after you, tears threatening to spill from his eyes, his worst nightmare was unfolding right in front of him.
You went to your car and shoved your purse in the passenger seat. Boxes and bags were neatly packed in the back seat and trunk of your car.
You were serious.
Katsuki saw some of Natsuki’s things in the backseat. Her pack n’ play, as well as the spare car seat your mother had bought you. Katsuki felt as if a dagger was plunged into his gut.
“Y-You’re not taking my fucking daughter from me, you hear me?” He put his hand on the back door, trying to open the door to take Natsuki’s things out.
You locked it before he had the chance.
“I hear you—and I would never do that to you.” You turned to face him. “But now you hear me, Katsuki Bakugo.”
You walked up to him, keeping your hands together before taking his hand in yours.
You placed your wedding band in the palm of his hand.
“I want a divorce.”
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monst · a year ago
All characters 18+
Yandere! Izuku Midoriya x reader
Warnings: Nsfw, obsession, sexy times/creepy times. 
Oml I got carried away. In my defense I love writing yandere my quotev is strictly o.g yandere x reader but, I’ve never done a soft yandere so this was pretty fun. Based on this post by: @lord-explosion-baku 
You bit your lip as you looked at your front door. Letting out a sigh you walked to the door stomach churning. You knew he was there. He always was. He was also the reason why you haven’t been able to get laid. You didn’t know how he managed to run off your dates but, every time you confronted him he’d always smile and say they weren’t right for you. You conceded as you had come to terms that if there was anyone in the world who knew you better than yourself it was Izuku Midoriya. And, if he said they were no good then it was true. Because Izuku knew everything not only about you, but those who you hung out with. It was creepy and You found yourself wishing that you could hate the green haired man but he was adorable. 
When you were in a shitty mood after coming home from work you’d find cute encouraging sticky notes on your door ranging from how amazing you were to how much your beauty rivaled that of Venus. Other times you’d find things a bit more queer……….you really weren’t expecting that All Might thong for your birthday. Honestly, you would have given him the time of day had he not revered you as if you were some deity. The freckled man practically kissed the ground you walked on. And, you were sure he had a shrine in your honor.
Oh lord the ‘candid’ pictures, you really found that annoying. The clicks and, flash made you grit your teeth. You honestly didn’t know why you were considering this again. Yes you let the number one hero in your home before but, you were drunk well the first time…… Well shoot it wasn’t your fault that you loved how he felt inside of you, he just knew you too well and, maybe you liked not having to tell someone what you want. Speaking of want, that was exactly what had your hand hovering over the door handle. And here you thought women couldn’t get blue balls. 
“I hope I don’t regret this.” You groaned clenching your thighs together. You were hot and, he was there. That’s what you told yourself as you opened the door to look for the fit man. You narrowed your eyes as you noticed the red sneakers just around the corner. 
“Midoriya.” You gulped and averted your eyes a furious blush on your face. “Hurry the hell up you creep.”
His large doe eyes shimmered and a large smile stretched his face as he quickly walked to your door. Your heart almost skipped a beat at the expression but, you rolled your eyes at the sight of his camera and notebook. “(Name)!” He cheered when he was finally in front of you. His emerald hues observed your form a soft pink glowing on his cheeks. You were in your panties and a tank top. Midoriya bit the inside of his cheek when he noticed your lack of bra.
“You look amazing today as usual.” He beamed. “I was wondering when you’d finally let me in again, it’s been three weeks, two days, and seven hours.” 
“R-right.” The thought of closing the door briefly crossed your mind. 
“Did your breast get bigger? I could have sworn the last measurement was (size) or could it be that your aroused? You know according to research a woman’s breasts swell when-
“Good-bye Midoriya.” You said about to close the door and, deal with it yourself. Maybe you could use that one vibrator. 
“A-ah wait!.” He cried “S-sorry it’s just that you barely talk to me and, I get so carried away. Your just so amazing and-” His half-lidded eyes looked downwards “You know I can see how hard your nipples are right? And, you didn’t just pee on yourself.” He bit his lip looking at the wet spot of your arousal.
Although his wording was awkward and, not in the least smooth you felt your core pulse at the look he was giving you. “Shut up and come inside.” You grumbled.
“Gladly.” He grinned at his lewd joke as he walked in waiting for you to close the door. 
Ignoring his quip you locked the door and headed towards your bedroom. Midoriya’s eyes locked onto the curve of your ass as you walked in front of him. ‘Soon I won’t be some booty call.’ the green haired male thought. This was the umpteenth time he’s been here and, with every union he couldn’t help but think that you two were slowly becoming more. His love sick smile grew in size as he noticed a particular item on your wall. 
“You kept it!? I’m so glad!!!” Midoriya’s eyes curved in a joyful smile as you turned to look at what he spoke of. 
“Oh the picture? Yeah.” You said nonchalant. You obviously thought it was no biggie that you’d kept one various gifts. This one just so happened to be a portrait of yourself.
“Wait why is the heart I drew covered?” He pouted.
“Because I didn’t enjoy the hidden gift.” You said tugging on his wrist.
“Well that makes sense, I thought you tossed it ‘cause the feed for the cam was black.” You didn’t respond. Was it bad that you were used to this? Your eyes caught the green of his irises as you opened the door of your bedroom. 
“Look I don’t want you to read into this anymore than you have been okay?” You tried to clarify. 
“Noted.” He licked his lips. “So can we start?”
Midoriya prided himself in knowing your body. He knew what to do to make you shiver and, where to touch to make you moan. Your body was his, he’s claimed it more times than he could count. You were his, you were just a bit too stubborn to admit it, but that was okay he was patient. You not so much. 
Your hands quickly went to remove the buttons from his shirt. Once the shirt became irrelevant your hand roamed across the expanse of his chest. ‘For having such a baby face his body is so sexy.’ you thought nails scratching at the muscles on his stomach. Your hands reached his waistband and, before you could unbuckle his belt he grasped both your wrists.
“I’m not looking for a quickie babe.” He said lifting your hand to his mouth to kiss the tips of your fingers. “I want to take my time with you.”
His lips left soft sensual kisses up your arm. “Who knows when i’d be allowed to gaze upon such a masterpiece.” He smiled into your skin. He spun you around so that your back pressed up against his chest an arm around your waist while the other twirled a lock of your hair. “When you have a meal this good you don’t rush through it hm? I intend to devour and savor every last bit of you.” He purred in your ear. You couldn’t help the shiver that it sent through your body nor the growing need for him to touch you.
Midoriya made quick work of your tank top placing it down delicately on your desk. It was yours after all and anything of your was precious. His eyes took in your almost nude form. “Lay down sweetheart~ Let me take care of you.” 
You did just that. Your heart pounded in excitement when you noticed the large ten in his pants. He slowly climbed on top of you legs on either side of your waist. “Turn around.” He murmured. You turned. His hand slowly glided down your back in soft strokes.
“Mm” You couldn’t help let out soft sighs and moans as he kneaded and pulled. He massaged the tension from your muscles. You felt him trail down kisses along your spine with each kiss he’d praise you.
“Wonderful, Talented, beautiful, adorable, perfect.” His heavenly hands moved towards your thighs and, then your legs. You were on cloud nine a blissful expression on your face when he turned you around. His soft lips met your forehead. And, you ignored the soft “mine” that slipped past his lips. Those sinful lips didn’t touch your lips but, feathered around your face as his hands squeezed up your waist and cupped your breasts. Rolling your hardened bud on occasion. One hand let go of the soft mound to dance across your skin southward. 
“Ah~ M-Midoriya.” You gasped as his fingers worked circles around your swollen clit. A smirk rose on his lips at the sound of your soft sighs and quickening breaths. His face was above yours watching your every expression wanting to preserve the memory of your pleasured face. 
Your eyes widened and, you quickly put your hand to your mouth making the man pout. “Y-you know the rules no-ah! Kissing or-”
“Marking.” He finished with a roll of his eyes. You had mentioned that since you guys weren’t a thing he had no right to kiss you on your lips or leave hickies. 
That being said Midoriya continued his ministrations on your sensitive nub and pressed a kiss to your cheek. His lips traveled down onto your neck where he licked and sucked on some of the most sensitive areas softly so as to leave no marks. When satisfied he kissed your chin and moved his fingers down to your slit. You were dripping. He pushed in two fingers groaning at how your tight walls clenched them. 
“Your so amazing.” He mumbled into the valley between your breasts. His tongue slid further down your soft skin leaving a glistening trail as he thrust his fingers in and out of you slowly. Midoriya’s tongue dipped into your belly button before it finally reached your exposed cunt. Like the tease he was he kissed your inner thigh and pulled his head back to watch as his fingers curled to stroke your g-spot. Your back arched as you mewled. 
“Mmmm I-Izuku!” He loved when you said his name. Much to your annoyance he pulled his fingers out. 
“What a-are-” Your word caught in your throat as he put his drenched fingers into his mouth to lap up all your essence from his fingers. Your pussy throbbed with need, he looked so erotic.
“Mmm you taste so good honey~” He moaned. You could only watch with bated breath as he pulled your legs over his lean shoulders. His face so very close to your pulsing heat. He chuckled  as your hips bucked up towards his face. 
“S-stop teasing Izuku.” You moaned.
“Your so needy it’s cute.”
Once more his tongue licked at your inner thigh and, he slowly made it to your folds slick with your essence. “Your so wet and, for me no less.” He pressed a kiss to your clit before running his tongue over the area. You were already very sensitive from his soft attenions that when his tongue slipped into your hole you-
“Fuck!” You yelped thrusting your hips up to him while grabbing onto the sheets. “Oh my gosh Izu.” You said breathlessly. His response was to remove his tongue from your dripping core to tease your clit his fingers teasing your opening. 
“Please~” You begged shamelessly. 
“As you wish.” He mumbled from his spot between your legs. He easily slipped three fingers inside and went directly for your g-spot making you cry out and grind your pussy to his face. You were getting close the coil building up in your abdomen. Midoriya smirked as you called out his name and profanity. You almost lost it when he started sucking on your clit. 
“Oh Izuku! Ah yes! Oh my gosh right there~” You moaned withering underneath him. While you were coming undone his other hands made quick work of his belt and, he easily slipped down his trousers and briefs. His large cock dripping with pre-cum. He used his unoccupied hand to pump his length running his thumb over his tip to lubricate himself. He grinned you were going to love this …And him. 
“I’m so close!” You moaned and, what you felt building up receded as Midoriya removed his fingers from your heat. Before you could say a word he thrust forward into you balls deep.
“Izuku!”  You came hard around his cock due to the suddenness. Your walls clamped down around his shaft and he groaned.
“You feel so fucking hot.” He cussed. Beginning to trust into you at a steady pace. You were still rippling from your first orgasm and it felt so incredibly good for Izuku. Izuku fit perfectly inside you, filling you up just right.  “Ngh I don’t want to leave this~”
“Ah~ Izuku it feels so good~ Please give me more! Ah~” Your overstimulated body shook with jolts of pleasure every time he’d slam back into you. 
“Yes, just for me~ Cry out just for me baby~” He grunted as he rutted into your slick cunt. “It’s mine right? This tight pussy?” He asked sweetly.
“Oh yes! Yes it’s your all yours!” You cried lost in ecstasy. His pace turned brutal at the declaration and, he leaned forwards your legs almost by your head. You yelped at the new angle.
“Izu! Your so fucking good~ Please don’t stop!” You yelped.
“Your fucking mine pet. Mine.” He grunted his hot cock hitting your cervix with every thrust. Your hands let go of the sheets and gripped his lush green locks. With disregard for your own rules your lips smashed against his desperately. His eyes widened and he kissed back with equal fervor. Your tongues danced around in a messy tango as you both were nearing your peaks. 
His hooded eyes looked at you. Tears at the corners of your eyes, face flush crying out his name. “Fuck your absolutely glorious.” He moaned. “Cum for me baby~ Cum all over my cock.” He urged. 
With a screech of his name you came again your walls squeezing him trying to milk him out. Your head spun but, Izuku wasn’t done yet. Your thighs quivered at the stimulation. And, before you could beg him to stop he looked at you.
“Mmm Beg for me to cum inside you. To claim you.” Your voice failing you, you could only gasp and nod your head your body too tired and sore for arguments. With a few more thrusts he shot his hot seed deep within you making you moan at the feeling of being full. You both slumped onto the mattress when he pulled out to catch your breath. Midoriya’s stood to grab a towel and his gaze shifted to look at you. Flush and, filled with his cum that was trickling down your thigh. No one could make you like this. He wouldn’t allow it. No one was worthy of it and, he’d make sure no one ever thought they could be worthy. 
“Izuku. No Midoriya.” You mumbled drowsily. “You know the-”
“Shhhhhh.” He said wiping you clean with a rag. “Just for tonight let me stay here.” he said wrapping his arms around you delicately. Instinctively you curled towards him and, hummed.
“Just for tonight.” You said sleepily “I want you gone before I wake up.”
“Sure sweetheart anything for you. I do love you after all.” he smiled snuggling you to his chest.
“I know.” You sighed as you drifted off.
The hero known as Deku was already dressed and ready to head out as per your instructions. Before he left he opened his notebook and taped down a picture of you sleeping in his arms. He clicked his pen and wrote;
Entry #783
Today we joined together again. And, we really made progress. Where on a new level in our relationship because I still can’t believe it she kissed me!!! 
I know that soon enough she’ll give me a copy of her keys. Not that I don’t have one already lol but, Omhfdbvj I’m so excited. She even said she was mine. She’s a little stubborn but, soon enough she will be completely entirely mine to love to hold and cherish. It was a close call when she almost slipped through my fingers. I’m so glad I got rid of Carter last week. ^^ 
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funkydeku · 4 months ago
May I request how would Midoriya,Todoroki, and Bakugou react having scratches all over their backs from Y/N? Y/N left some scratches on their back because during...spicy time. Y/N is flustered and putting location on their back. Y/N wants ths scratches to heal.
gender: neutral
warnings: mentions of sexual activity
note: h e l l y e a h
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"You fell during training, Midoriya?" "Uh? No why" "there are scratches all over you"
one of the most embarassing moments in his life.
flashes of your teeth sinking into his shoulders, moans echoing through his ears, going down and down 'till his lower half, the heat and the passion of your intimate moment, you trying to hold yourself onto something as his eyes were watching the back of his head...
yeah you held yourself so tight to him that he had plenty of red stripes on his body
he came to you nearly crying
"But did I hurt you...?" your questions shocked him. weren't you mad someone found out? you were just concerned about something so little?
so Izuku found himself laying on your bed, with your hands plastered with cold white cream massaging his back
"Babe Iー oh my god there yeah so good" he really needed it
let me say, all of that scratches and little bruises that aren't caused by training are a big confidence boost for him. they mean you felt good right?
so he's kinda happy to have them
you caressed his back untill the cream was absorbed and his skin was smoother than before, and he felt like in heaven
maybe he should go hardcore more often so you can share these intimate moments? no no, he will.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he found out when he was in the shower, feeling some of his skin burning more than usual while water was brushing over it
Shoto was so confused?? maybe he hurt himself without knowing?
so when he came out from the bathroom and walked towards you, and asked you to take a look at what was wrong, he couldn't really understand your giggles
"Sho do you remember last night?" "Yes y/n, but whatー"
his cheeks slightly tinted, memories of the previous night crossing his mind
he loved feeling you in every way possible, even if it meant having your nails digging into his skin. short breaths, soft whispers, you grabbing his toned muscles leaving handprints... he remembers being quite wild, not that you complained, but he saw the results
when you offered to place some lotion and patch the deeper ones, he didn't really understood why
he liked them. why? because it seemed like he you drew a little masterpiece on him, as if he were your canvas and you his favorite artist
but after seeing your face, asking him to please let you take care of it, he had no regrets
your touch is something he craves all the time. so, when you started to make your hands dance on his skin his eyelids became istantly heavy, loving the way you knew where to touch
Shoto knew that you cared about him, and little displays of affection like this means a lot to his persona
but god if he was thinking how to make you scratch his back again
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
man was looking at himself in the mirror *shakes head*
he was checking if he got new purple spots on his skin due to his intense training days ago, flexing some muscles every now and then...
he took a smaller mirror to be able to look at his back, since it's the only part he can't see but yeah his jaw dropped
"Y/N WHAT THE HELL??? WHAT. WHAT??" when you ran to look for him you found his eyes closed in two lines, all contorted while touching his shoulders and lower back
a smirk slowly grown on his face... god, be prepared for being teased for weeks
Katsuki's chest filling with pride and adoration as your flustered face looked at his figure
"Do they hurt? Let me put something on it please I'm sorry"
you ruined everything with your stupid worrying over something so insignificant. oh come on, he was ready to jump on you and then you made his heart all soft he's so pissed
he now wanted to go slower than the night before. yeah, slow, deep, your skin in his hands while yours are keeping him close again desperate for him. not wanting to let go, making you cry in pleasure and make blood travel along his shoulder blades as he whispers how much he loves you and he needs you in his life
because you always do worry for him and you know he isn't always the angry mean boy he wants others to see
so he's like pudding the moment after you try to fix his back but also wants to make love with you again :(
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ultimate-astridwriting · 7 months ago
Izuku, Denki and Kirishima getting flashed by their crush
Request: okay so what about some 1-A ppl ( u choose who) and how they are when they see their crushes boobs for the first time by getting flashed by them
Note: enjoy my crackhead-y 3 A.M post y’all
⤑ requests are open! masterlist || taglist
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
denki kaminari.
oh my god
he’ll literally just short circuit
mostly because he wasn’t expecting it but also boobies
he can now die a happy man
he is a huge pervert
you cannot convince me that he would not just be overwhelmed with happiness
“God, I don’t know what I did to deserve this blessing but thank you!”
he probably popped a boner during that 3-5 seconds that he saw your boobs
it will forever be in his mind
i know for a fact he would definitely jack of to the sight of them
how is he supposed to resist?
they just look so good
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
kirishima eijirou.
homeboy is torn
he really wants to look
but he also wants to make sure you know he doesn’t just like you for your body
you have made his life 10 times harder
and his dick
he was already having a hard time controlling his lewd thoughts
now you’ve somehow made them worse
hates the fact that he can’t stop thinking about them
he wants to be a gentleman
he really does but why the fuck do your tits have to look so damn good?
they literally haunt his thoughts
he’ll respectfully ask to see them again, thinking it’ll help clear his mind but nope it just makes him hornier
r.i.p kirishima
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
izuku midoriya.
he’ll stutter and blush
looks away but he can’t help but peek
just a little
his eyes just takes a screenshot because DAMN BRO
how tf do they look so good?
and your nipples look so cute
we all know he’s a closet pervert
and he feels very guilty about it
but he’s definitely thought about how they’d look before
now that he’s seen them
he realizes they’re wayy better than what he imagined they’d look like
everytime he sees you he’ll immediately blush and stare at the ground
his mind just goes straight to the gutter
he just want to suck on some titties, man
Tumblr media
Wanna be tagged? Tell me
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kovori · a year ago
Tumblr media
you should be sad.
part three || mini series || prequel, one, two, three, four
katsuki bakugou x reader x izuku midoriya ||| angst, cheating, oc powers, toxic relationships, smut
Word count: 7,589
Katsuki tries to better himself, while Y/N is trying to rebuild her life. With everything coming to a head, one can only wonder where Izuku fits in, in all of this?
When Katsuki was a teenager, he never cared for relationships.
They were a waste of time, a distraction.
So, when he was accepted into U.A, he had a zero-tolerance policy for girlfriends. He didn’t find any particular girl to be better or prettier than the other.
No—they were all just extras with tits to him.
But the day you walked into class 1-A Bakugo knew you were different.
While everyone kept complimenting you on your time manipulation quirk, you shrugged it off like it wasn’t that big of a deal.
But Katsuki saw past that; he saw the real you.
The Y/N who hated losing at anything. The Y/N whose quick wit had saved countless of lives. The Y/N who uttered ‘fuck’ just as much as he did. The same Y/N who beat the shit out of that purple pervert for messing with her on a bad day.
God, you were perfect for him.
But you became friends with Deku first, so he had to settle on being nicer to you. He’d hold off on an insult or two—just for you. If Mina hadn’t of formally introduced you to the bakusquad, Bakugou highly doubted you’d give him the time of day.
He felt funny around you, feeling as if explosions were setting off in his gut. You made his palms extra sweaty, and if you caught him staring at you, he’d call you a dumbass and you’d just smile at him. 
He fucking loved your smile.
The day Kirishima dragged Katsuki to game night was the first time Bakugo saw you slip away from his grasp. Everyone noticed the tension in the room when you and Deku kissed.
Those were the longest, most agonizing seven seconds of his life.
He wasted no time making you his girlfriend a week later, taking a page out of his mom’s book and just came out with it. He couldn’t believe you actually said yes, and honestly, neither could anyone else. Yet Bakugou didn’t care, he had his girl and was on cloud nine.
So why was he doing this? Shouting at you when he should have just told you everything. You were right there—yet you seemed so far away. The words out of your mouth never registered. No, he must have heard that wrong. You wanted to leave him? After everything you two had went through?
Then he opened the palm of his hand.
In it laid your wedding band.
 The same damn ring he saved up for months to buy. The one you kept staring at whenever you two would pass by the jewelers while out on patrol. Although you never told him you wanted it—Katsuki just knew you did.
The ring felt so heavy in his palm. You didn’t even bother to hear him out. Walking to your car without much of a glance back in his direction. Treating him like one of those damned extras at the gym whenever they’d try to hit on you.
Like he wasn’t shit.
“Fuck no. No fuckin’ way—”
Were you serious right now? Divorce? No—this had to be a nightmare. Bakugou reached out for your arm, yet you pulled away from him. He felt so helpless, watching you through blurry eyes get into your car, pulling out of the driveway without another word, his heart aching as the garage door started descending.
 After years of being together, years of striving, building and fighting together — gone. Just like that.
“GODDAMNIT!“ He opened his palm, quirk activated as he blew a gaping hole through the garage door, his anger the victor once again.
Reaching into his pocket, Bakugo pulled out his phone. Dunce face was in for a rude awakening. The bastard ruined everything with one fucking phone call.
But Katsuki didn’t even get a chance to call the idiot when his phone rung in his palm.
Unknown number.The fuck?
“Who the fuck is this?” He answered.
“So, you blocked me, huh?!” The feminine voice on the other end of the phone shouted. “You can’t treat people like this Katsuki!”
Not this shit again.
“Piss off you annoying bitch! That condom stunt you pulled? Just fuckin’ wait until I see you—“
“No—wait until I see Mrs.L/N and tell her what’s up!”
Katsuki couldn’t help but laugh at the piss poor threat.
“Oh yeah? And who do you think she’ll be more pissed off with? Me or you?”
You were already aware of his affair, and after tonight Katsuki was aware you had come to terms with it. But he hadn’t told you who it was for a reason. One betrayal was enough; the second one would’ve been too much for you to handle. 
Especially after nearly losing you to stress during your pregnancy.
The insufferable sobbing was enough for him to hang up the phone, Bakugo had better shit to worry about. But instead he listened to his mistress cry for what felt like forever, waiting to see what the fuck she was calling him for.
“What the fuck do you want, Yui? You got what you wanted. Y/N left me—“
“Katsuki...I’m pregnant—“
Fuck that.
Katsuki hung up the phone.
  Five months later.
The shrill beeping from the corner of the room went off. The sun had yet to rise when the blonde turned over in his bed, plopping his hand down on the empty space next to him.
He was alone.
The room was painted in gray, matching the way Katsuki felt on the inside. His emotions were mixed up and his mind was frazzled, the last five months were emotionally draining for the explosion hero. He ran over your spot in bed, remembering the way your body would dip and curve the memory foam.
But the bed was smoothing out now, the indents that indicated you once laid there were slowly fading away.
The alarm kept beeping, making Katsuki groan before he rose from bed and grabbed his phone off of his nightstand, silencing the damned thing.  
Several notifications.
Zero from you.
You hadn’t reached out to him since the night you drove out of the driveway. The only time Katsuki heard from you was when it had to deal with your daughter—usually through his parents, or the occasional days at work when your agencies had to work together. Neither spoke of the divorce since you left that night.
In his mind, the two of you were just separated. It wasn’t ideal, but it wasn’t divorced. Which meant that he still had a chance, right?
“Yeah, right.” He said out loud, scoffing at the thought that you’d magically come back after five months. Hell, even Kirishima wasn’t as optimistic as he was when you had first left. It went from ‘give her some time, bro’ to ‘just focus on you, man’ after the third month. What kind of mental gymnastics bullshit was that?  
Plus, that goddamn Deku complicated things.
Call it intuition, but something about that day in Deku’s apartment rubbed Bakugo wrong. He knew you never slept with that nerd; although his insecurities made him think otherwise. But for the life of him, he just cannot shake the sinking feeling in his gut that maybe—maybe something did happen between you two?
That thought haunted him for five long months. As if he wasn’t neck deep in his own shit.
He started his day like usual, angrily brush his teeth, early morning workout, followed by a shower afterwards then head out to work.
Except today was different; it was Natsuki’s birthday.
Bakugo’s mother decided to hold his daughter’s birthday at her home, and shockingly you actually said yes. The two of you under the same roof for more than a minute? The mere thought made his hands clammy. Rubbing his hands on his jeans, he went back to the final button on the pinstripe button up. Tired scarlet eyes stared back at him in the mirror, before resting on the diamond studded ring hanging off of a thin chain around his neck.
He stared at it longer than he intended, the pang in his heart snapping him out of it. Bakugou tucked the ring into his shirt, before grabbing his daughter’s birthday present and headed out the door.
Once Katsuki was in his car, his phone went off. His heart skipped a beat when he saw your caller ID popped up. It took his a second to swipe answer before shoving the phone to his ear. His breath hitched his throat when he heard your voice on the other end.
“H-Hey—Natsuki don’t throw that—Hey Katsuki, it’s me.” He heard you starting your shitty sounding car, along with Natsuki babbling loudly. He gripped the wheel tightly, trying to fight back the urge to say ‘no shit’ remembering what his therapist taught him, before fixing his mouth the speak.
 “Ugh—well yeah, no shit it’s me—listen, Nat kicked one of the two liters of soda out of the car and it’s everywhere—and I know you’re heading out now so can you please stop off at the store and pick up another bottle of soda?”
“Y-Yeah—sure.” He said a little too quickly.  You must not have noticed—or cared to notice before sighing in relief, thanking him several times then hanging up before he could utter another word. He didn’t mind though, hearing your voice was enough to make him feel a little bit better.
The drive to his parent’s house was shorter than usual. Hitting the nearest mini mart on his way there, grabbing two, two liters of soda along with a bouquet of sunflowers. Once Katsuki pulled up to the driveway, your car was nowhere in sight. Instead he was greeted by his mother, waiting outside with her arms crossed.
“Looks like someone dressed up.” Mitsuki teased, smacking her son on the back when he passed her. Bakugou grunted, his usual scowl prominent on his face, but the faint blush growing was all his mother needed to see; she knew what he was up to.
“That’s why I asked to have Nattie’s birthday over here, you know. To give you two a chance to talk to each other. Go into your old room, I bought you some cologne—I remember Y/N saying she liked the way it smelled when we were shopping for you last Christmas.” Mitsuki grabbed the present out of Katsuki’s hand and pushed him into the direction of his bedroom.
“Tch—you, annoying old hag! I don’t need your help!” He shouted at his mother, although he made no indication of turning around and went into his old room.
As soon as Katsuki closed the door behind him he heard the doorbell ring.
Footsteps coming from his parent’s room across the hall, came and went, becoming silent once again, before sounds of a giggling baby emitted from the other side of the door.
“It’s great seeing you again, Y/N! Oh…What happened to your shirt? Hand her to her grandfather, I have the perfect dress for you to wear in my room!” Hearing their footsteps grow closer, Bakugou’s hands started to clam up on him again, forcing him to put the bouquet down so he could wipe them.
Fuck. He was hoping he had more time to prepare before you showed up, snatching the cologne out of its box and spraying just enough on himself, before taking the bouquet and headed back into the living room.
Masaru was sitting down on the couch, when he turned back to see his son. He had Natsuki sitting on his lap chewing on her teething ring, while one of her favorite shows played in the background. “Hey look Natsuki! It’s your Dad!” Masaru pointed, and Natsuki’s eyes followed, growing wide when she spotted her daddy.
“Hey there, birthday brat,” Bakugo smiled, his harsh demeanor softening when her arms shot up for him, struggling to get out of her grandfather’s grasp. “Hand her here, old man.”
Masaru complied, handling his flailing granddaughter back to his son. Natsuki immediately grabbed onto her father’s shirt, clinging to him as she seemingly forgot all about her teething ring and grandfather.
“Looks like Natsuki found her Daddy.” You teased, coming out of Mitsuki and Masaru’s bedroom in a short white summer dress with sunflowers adorned on its side, you wore brown sandals with straps that came up to your knees.
You were absolutely stunning. Leaving Bakugou in awe and at loss for words. He felt like a teenager again, in his first year of U.A.  How the hell was he supposed to get over you, with you looking like that?
What a fucking idiot he was.
The small smacks on his cheek from Natsuki’s drool covered hand snapped him out of it. Leave it to his daughter to save him from making a complete fool of himself.
“Took you long enough.” He adverted eye contact, focusing on the bouquet in his hand. “Here—for you.” He held his arm out to you, holding the sunflowers in front of your face.
“You’re’re a great mom, Y/N.”
  Flustered, you took the bouquet from Katsuki. Immediately hit the pleasing scent of lemongrass, and sandalwood. Was this a new cologne? Had he always smelled this nice? No—you shouldn’t be thinking about that right now. You two just had to get through today and then you could go back to rebuilding your life.
At least, that’s what you told yourself.
Five months and still every single time you two were in the same room, you had to calm your racing heart. The blonde bastard looked good—too damn good—if you were being honest with yourself. His wedding band was still on his left hand, taunting you and that looming feeling of guilt in your gut.
“Thank you, Katsuki. They’re beautiful. I would tell you that you’re a great father, but I think Nat made that loud and clear.” You sneered, the little traitor.
Some time had passed, and the day went on as normal, albeit you steering clear from Katsuki and his sad eyes. You glanced back to see him sitting down on the couch with Natsuki, little arms wrapped around the blonde’s neck, as she stood up on his thigh. They were practically cheek to cheek watching a baby show you knew he absolutely loathed—but he stays, as he always did when it came to his little girl.
You took a picture of the two and sent the picture to Katsuki, hearing his phone chime when he received it. “H-Hey dumbass, who said you could take a picture?” He growled, tilting his head back to see you.
“Me, duh.” You smiled at him, noticing the pink tint on his cheeks.
Mitsuki popped up behind you, startling you both. “How about the two of you go to the store and pick up some ice and—ya know what? I’ll text a list, I have to keep an eye on what’s in the oven for Masaru.”
“Tch, why do we both have to go?”
“Because you throw tantrums whenever you can’t find anything, this is why you need Y/N.”
Although you really didn’t want to be alone with Katsuki, you couldn’t help but agree with her there. “I don’t mind, plus I doubt you want to get banned from another store, Katsuki.”
He paused, unable to retort. “Fair enough.” 
Well, this was awkward.
The two of you sat in silence, you kept your hands on your lap, while Bakugou stiffly turned the wheel making a left.
“Uh, Katsuki? You meant to go right, not left.”
“We’re not going to the market yet, dumbass.” His face was unreadable. Where the hell were you two going? You were familiar with the area from years of coming around with Katsuki, but this road wasn’t familiar to you. It was almost abandoned. Rural areas with dirt roads and land being upheaved for future construction.
“Where the fuck are we going?” You crossed your arms, frowning.
“Stop fucking pouting—listen—we gotta talk, Y/N/N.” The car came to a stop, parked in front of a vast valley of wildflowers. It seemed as if it went on forever, the breathtaking sight of the mountain tops rendered you speechless.
You hadn’t noticed Bakugou staring at you, or his hand on your thigh. Such a familiar touch, and one you had to admit you missed. But that deep seed of guilt made you cross your leg over the other, and he got the message.
“Spit it out, Bakugou. We’re missing our daughter’s birthday—“
“Tch, stop worrying. The brat’s fine. Come on.” With that Katsuki shut off the car, exiting it without another word. Soon he was on the passenger side, opening the door and offering you his hand, something he had done many times before.
But you didn’t take his hand.
Unfastening your seatbelt, you stepped out only to be uncomfortably close to the blonde. He closed the door behind you, then found a patch of grass that was surrounded by wildflowers to sit down in.
Following behind him, so many thoughts crossed your mind. If the two of you were on good terms this would’ve been absolutely romantic and end with the two of you fucking like rabbits, but with the current state of your marriage you both probably would’ve laugh, neither could fathom that, that would ever happen again.
“Katsuki, why are we out here?”
“To talk, dumbass.”
“So, start talking.”
He frowned, slightly bothered by how you were talking to him. Biting back his pride, inhale…exhale like his therapist taught him, he chose his next words carefully.
“I want us to go to marriage counseling—together. I’ve been seeing a therapist. I mean, at first it was shit, but I’m learning, making changes and shit. I’m trying—”
“I don’t want to go to counseling, I want this divorce. I’m glad you’re going to therapy and everything, but no.”
“Babe, please—why won’t you just listen? I told you I didn’t fuck her that night. I went to end things with the bitch! It’s her who won’t leave me the fuck alone damnit.”
“So, who is she, hm? You’re saying the same shit you said months ago. What. Is. Her. Name?” You clapped your hand with each word, and he rolled his eyes.
“Just a fucking fan,” He paused, inhale…exhale. “I’d feel…better…talking about this in marriage counseling. I don’t want to fuck this up—”
“Well too late, asshole. You already did. Thanks for the view, now take me back to your parent’s house, wasting my fucking time. It’s our daughter’s birthday and you pull this shit? Un-fuckin-believable.” You pinched the bridge of your nose, closing your eyes to hide the flickering white in your pupils.
Both you and Bakugou stood up, you started walking uphill towards the car, when you felt him yank you back, grabbing you by your chin and bringing you into a loving embrace. His lips met yours, hesitant at first, but before you knew it you were melting into his embrace, taking in the way he felt, the way he smelt. You never realized how good his arms felt around you, but before you could truly enjoy the moment he broke the kiss.
“Tch, fine.”
With that he left you standing there flustered, confused, and conflicted.
“Um, Deku? Are you paying attention?”
Uravity nudged him slightly, pointing to the chief of police Tsuragamae as he continued giving the day’s debriefing. Startled, Midoriya shoved his phone back into his pocket, unaware of Uraraka’s sadden expression.
“…and that concludes today’s report. Be on the lookout for the villain Cyclops, he was last seen near Ground Zero’s agency.” Tsuragamae closed the portfolio, with that everyone stood up, Red Riot being the first to leave with Pinky, while Uravity and Ingenium stayed back waiting for Deku.
“You need to pay attention next time, Deku! As the new number one hero it is your job to lead by example, remember that.” Iida spoke passionately, lecturing Midoriya as the three of them went on patrol. “You’ve been distracted all day! Imagine if we were in front of the press? They’d have a field day throwing your name into the mud.”
“Y-Yeah, you’re right..” Midoriya sighed, he had been distracted all day. He hadn’t heard from you since that morning when you told him you were going to be with Kaachan for Natsuki’s birthday. No, he wasn’t jealous, he was just worried.
Plus, things were kinda awkward with Uraraka at the moment. He glanced at her, fidgeting with her fingers as she tried to keep her distance from him. He just hoped that they could eventually repair their friendship.
“U-Um, well this is where I take my leave—I’ll see you guys later!” Uraraka waved as she quickly went down the street to her district. Neither Izuku nor Tenya had a chance to say goodbye when she turned the corner.
“Erm, well—now that it’s just us..what’s going on with you and Ochako?”
It was honestly the last thing Midoriya wanted to talk about.
The whole ordeal made him feel like crap. “W-Well, we broke up a year ago today, and it’s just a little awkward being around each other.” He frowned, scratching the back of his head. “B-But we had an arrangement and I kinda ended things abruptly..”
“What do you mean arrangement?” A look of disapproval was prominent on Iida’s face when he put two and two together. “Goodness, were you two sleeping with each other?”
“I mean..yeah,” He wasn’t proud to admit it, “But there’s someone else, and I didn’t want to take advantage of Uraraka.”
“Is this ‘someone else’ Y/N Bakugou?”
Deku stopped in his tracks, peering at Iida. Was it that obvious? “Ah, so I was right. Midoriya—you do understand that she is a married woman, correct? Cheating is absolutely disgraceful and not very hero-like—don’t tell me you’re sleeping with Bakugou’s wife—” 
“I’m not sleeping with her! I..just like being around her. We’ve been spending more time together lately, that’s all.”
“What are you doing to do if she goes back to Bakugou? I’m aware of their marriage troubles, although they play their roles well in public, but what if she realizes she loves him more than you? Take it from me, it’s not a good ending.” There was vinegar behind his words, and Deku knew exactly why. Iida hardly recovered from his separation, especially when she moved on with someone they both knew.
“Ask her yourself.”
They finished their patrol in silence, neither saying anything else.
By the time the two of you made it back, Mitsuki already had everything set up. Natsuki sat in her highchair trying to reach for the balloons on either side of her, while Masaru took pictures. Katsuki handed his mother everything you picked up from the store, pretending as if nothing happened between you two.
So, you did the same.
After cake, drinks and baby shark you felt your phone vibrate checking it to see Nat’s ‘pre-bedtime’ alarm going off, you were surprised to see that it was already seven. “Thank you both so much for everything. I think it’s time we start heading out, Nat’s bedtime is in an hour.” Exchanging your goodbyes with his parents you went to take her from her father’s arms when he shook his head.
“I got her.”
You both walked in silence, until you unlocked the car door, Katsuki secured Nat in her car seat while you put her birthday presents in the trunk. Unaware he was being watched, Katsuki kissed Nat on her head, brushing her hair out of her face. She refused to let go of her father’s finger even in her sleep when he tried to pull away, and the pain in his eyes made it clear he wasn’t ready for her to let go. Prying his finger out of her grasp, he handed Nat the birthday present he had bought her, an angry looking yellow alpaca plushie, and closed the door.
“I’m gonna pick her up after work tomorrow, got that?”
“Yeah, that’s fine. I’ll let the daycare know.” You hopped into the car, turning it on for it to let out the most garbled sound you’ve ever heard.
“Hey dumbass, what’s with your car? It sounds like shit.”
“You always say that.”
“No really, it sounds like shit. I told you not to buy that goddamn car. Are you even putting oil in it?”
You shyly smiled, adverting his glare.
“...You really are a dumbass.”
After your lecture from Bakugou the mechanic, you headed home. Today’s whole ordeal replayed in your mind. The blond bastard left you worked up and bothered. Why couldn’t he just tell you who this woman was? You doubt you’ll ever know. And therapy? When did he start going to therapy?  So much had changed these past few months.
Then the car started sputtering, the sound becoming worse as it sat idle at a red light. Once the light turned green you pushed on the gas, yet the engine lagged, and the car lacked the speed it needed to keep up with the flow of traffic. You managed to pull over into an empty parking lot, ready to call Katsuki. Yet when you got to his name you noticed the name right above it.
Calling Katsuki would lead to one thing, and that was the one thing you were trying to avoid.
So instead you called someone else.
He was there in fifteen minutes.
Luckily, you caught him while he was finishing up his final report for the day. Iida’s words had really bothered him, leaving Deku in a bad mood, plus he wasn’t ready to go back to his empty apartment.
He needed to know where the two of you stood.
Still in his hero suit he stepped out of his car, rushing over to you. Your face lit up when you got out, greeting him with a hug, while his heart hammered in his chest.
He hadn’t seen you in a dress since your wedding, and you looked just as stunning as you did on that painful day. Not wanting to waste anymore time outside, Deku helped you get Natsuki’s car seat installed in his car. The drive back to your new condo was a familiar one for him, neither of you said much of anything out of fear of waking up Natsuki.
Izuku lead you up the steps to your condo before taking the spare key out of his pocket, unlocking the door, holding it open for you. Natsuki laid limp in your arms in a deep sleep, while you carried her into her room. 
It had become a normal routine for him to walk you to your door and stay to chat. Once Natsuki was changed, you tucked her in, along with the plushie she refused to let go of. Izuku waited outside of her nursery, leaning against the doorway watching you with admiration. 
Although you dealt with so much, you continued to smile. Never letting anyone onto what’s truly going on in that head of yours. His feelings never changed, he still loved you. Stealing glances of you whenever you weren’t looking, and sometimes he’d catch you staring at him too. 
You were aware of his feelings, but he still hadn’t known yours. 
What was he expecting anyway? You were still married to Kacchan, his childhood friend, nonetheless! He truly wanted to feel guilty, being so close to you. From the time you became Bakugo’s girlfriend, Midoriya was aware that Kacchan didn’t want him anywhere near you. 
However, he didn’t feel guilty. 
Not when you’re smiling at him like that, tucking your hair behind your ear—something he noted you only did when you were nervous. Not when you say his name so sweetly, making the number one hero, the new symbol of peace feel like a lovesick schoolboy all over again. 
“Izuku? You okay?”
“Y-Yeah, sorry..kinda got lost in thought.” It wasn’t necessarily a lie. 
You two stepped out of Natsuki’s nursery and went into the living room. Izuku made himself comfortable on the couch before you joined him with two glasses and a chilled bottle of wine, kicking off your sandals with a sigh.
“Did you want to join me for a glass of wine? Today was a long, long day.”
Neither of you wanted to be alone.
“I guess a glass wouldn’t hurt, thank you.” 
He needed to know where this was going.  
Hopefully, a glass of wine and a good movie would be enough to give him courage. Yet after the second glass, Iida’s words started replaying in his mind.
He could hardly focus on the movie with you sitting so close to him. He didn’t know when the right time would be to bring up his burning question. Was he ready for the truth? Would it change the whole dynamic of your friendship? He already screwed up once, and Kacchan took advantage of that. He wasn’t about to let that happen again.
“Are you still watching, Izu? I can turn if off if you want.”
“N-No I’m sorry, I just have a lot on my mind is all.”
“Oh, work again? Are they still giving you a hard time? God, you’re already the number one pro—”
“W-Well, Ochako saved me before the chief had a chance. I did get a lengthy lecture from Iida though..”
“That’s Iida for you. Still a stickler for the rules.” You sighed, taking another swig of your wine. Izuku did the same, building up the liquid courage he needed.
There was silence once again, neither of you knowing what to say next. It was in that moment when he noticed your left hand, naked of any jewelry. He watched that same hand rub along your neck, that was when he noticed your exposed shoulders, the way the dress clung to your body in all the right places, how your plump your glossed lips were when they curled into a small smile—good god, he wanted to kiss you.
It drove the man wild. 
Midoriya praised himself for his self-restraint. A man of his word; a gentleman like his mentor. The Symbol of Peace! The number one hero in Japan. But..
“Are you..” he paused for a moment. “Are you going to work things out with Kacchan?”
You were silent. The smile on your face was replaced with a small frown, you refused to look at him.
Izuku already knew the answer, yet guilt and envy made him wish otherwise. 
He must’ve crossed the line when you got up and went into your room, only to appear seconds later with a large manilla envelope in hand, passing it to Deku. 
It had Kacchan’s name on it. 
“I didn’t want to give it to him on Natsuki’s birthday. He..he just looked so damn sad.” 
“O-oh, I’m sorry I—“ He started, until you waved your hand. 
“It’s okay, really. I can’t serve him myself anyway and I sure as hell wasn’t going to ask Mitsuki to serve her own son his divorce papers.” You sighed. “I just felt so guilty, and I wasn’t even the one who cheated.” 
Izuku had a million and one questions racing through his mind. Was there a chance for him after all? Was it worth jeopardizing his friendship with Kacchan? 
Bakugo had his chance. 
“I—” You paused, biting on your bottom lip. “I thought about what you said before, Deku. You know...before this all happened?” 
“Y-Yeah?” So, you had thought about what he said months ago. 
“After the divorce is finalized…I’d like us to go on a proper date. I can’t say I’m ready to date now—because I’m not. I just want to focus on me and Nat right now. I hope that’s okay. ” You did the hair thing again; you were nervous. 
“T-That’s fine with me! I won’t rush you. I-I don’t mind waiting..” Izuku wasn’t lying, he would never rush you. But he was tired of waiting, he just wanted to hold you, even if it was only for tonight. 
That look in your eyes was unreadable and left a damn near carnal feeling pooling in his stomach. Fuck, why did you have to look so damn delicate in that little dress? He went for his glass again when your hand stopped him, taking his large calloused hand into your small ones, running your fingers along every scar.
Ah, fuck it.
He grabbed your hand and brought it to his chest, bringing you in close enough to press his lips lightly against yours. One and done, that was the plan, but when he tried to pull away, you dug your fingers into his suit, climbing into his lap to deepen the kiss. Heated and heavy, you nipped at his bottom lip, sucking on it before he granted you the access you so desperately craved, at least until he pulled away.
“Hmm?” You leaned in close, he could smell the light fragrance of your favorite perfume, fighting against his most natural instinct. 
“Are you sure you want to do this?” Dark jade orbs peering into your own, refusing to take it any further without your permission. “Because I don’t want to hold back anymore.” 
Izuku felt your hand lax and pull away. He could not put his finger on the look in your eyes for the life of him, but when you snaked your arms around his neck, he tensed up. “I trust you, Izuku.” You whispered into his ear, nipping at his ear lobe lightly. 
A breathy moan escaped his lips, thick fingers digging into the soft flesh of your hips, as he pushed you down onto his growing arousal. It didn’t take long for the two of you to find a rhythm, his swollen cock aching against his suit, the feeling of your soft pussy rubbing against him through the thin jumpsuit drove him wild. He wanted to be balls deep inside you, fuck caution, he wanted to have you under him, saying his name. 
Fuck were you perfect.
He couldn’t help kissing your naked shoulder, fighting back the urge to mark the smooth skin. Loving the way your fingers wove their way through his hair. The feeling of your nails grazing the fresh fade along the back of his head. Before you knew it he was peeling the dress down your back, exposing your bare chest before him. Izuku wasted no time taking a taut nipple into his mouth, earning a soft mewl from you, making him buck into you instinctively. 
His hands found their way under your dress, fingers looping around the thin fabric, pulling it down in one go. His cock throbbed in his pants, as he hungrily watched you pull the dress above your head, discarding it across the room.
Neither of you cared about the consequences any longer. The look in your eyes was evident enough. Midoriya couldn’t deny how he felt. “I’ve waited,” he gripped your hips once more, pulling you in close. “far too long for this.” 
The soft hum of your voice, the way you rolled your hips, teasing him with that seductive little glare of yours. “What’s stopping you?” You say so sweetly, kissing along his jawline, running your hand down his abdomen.
“Nothing anymore.”
You hardly had time to process what was happening when you felt him run his fingers along your slit, earning a mewl from you as he collected your arousal on his scarred digits.
You were already soaked—for Izuku nonetheless. His cock twitched at the thought of making you his that very instant.
But instead he decided to take his time with you. He was in no rush, only thoughts of satisfying you were on his mind.
He ran his tongue across his fingers, groaning in satisfaction, taking in the taste of you before sinking those same digits into your sopping core. You gasped, head shot back against the armrest as he located your g-spot, curling his fingers, pumping them in and out of you. The sound of your slick sex coaxing him on. His thumb rubbing over the sensitive bud earned a whimper from you.
Although tomorrow would bring a whole new slew of problems; Midoriya was more than willing to risk it all tonight for an intimate moment with you. A moment where you saw him as a man—not a mere boy.
He was going to fuck you better than Kacchan ever could.
He removed his fingers from your throbbing core, moving down your body until his face was in front of your pretty little pussy. Inhaling your scent before capturing your clit in between his lips, sucking on the small bundle of nerves.
Holy fuck.
Your toes curled, chest heaving as you watched the curly top of green hair move in between your legs. His fingertips digging into the plush skin of your thighs as he kept your legs spread apart. Your pussy throbbing and fluttering around nothing as his tongue ran up and down your slit, dipping the pink muscle into your tight little hole.
How was he so good at this?
Hell, you weren’t even sure you wanted to know. You didn’t want to think about another woman with Izuku—as selfish as that may sound. You could hardly even think with him eating you out like you were the fucking supper.
“Fuck—Izu,” You sighed, your brain was going blank, bucking anxiously against his tongue. The only thing you could think of was his cock stretching you out like you so desperately craved.
“I-Izuku—come here—I can’t wait any longer.” You whined, pulling on a tuft of green hair to get his attention.
Deku tilted his head, emerald eyes met yours, but he refused to let up. His tongue working circles around your sensitive bud, taking in the way your face contorts, slight sucking noises filling the living room when he took your clit in between his lips again. You felt your orgasm quickly approaching, the coil in your stomach tightening as your legs started shaking in anticipation.
“Stooooop—please! I-I’m about to—“
Midoriya smirked, his tongue swiping over your clit while he sucked on the small bud. He felt your legs twitch, and you tried to close them, but he forced them back open. He refused to let up on your quivering pussy, grabbing you by your legs and pushing them up towards your chest, giving him full access to your puffy little cunt.
“You act like you’ve never came from head before, princess.” He teased, trying to sound as innocent as he possibly could with something so sinfully alluring in front of him, your slick glistening on his face even under the dim television light. “Just relax—let me take care of you.”
You couldn’t hide your burning cheeks, flustered being in such a lewd position, so you simply nodded. With that he went back to hungrily lapping at your clit, licking stripes up and down your folds. Slipping his fingers back in, rubbing against that sensitive spot, your walls tighten around his fingers. It didn’t take long before you felt your orgasm creeping back up, your eyes rolling back as he brought you closer, and closer to your peak.
You didn’t bother hiding your moans. Praising your best friend for eating your pussy so well, telling him you wanted—no, needed his cock more than anything. As your orgasm shakes through you, you cried out Izuku’s name, gripping his hair so hard his scalp burned.
It was music to his ears.
He pulled himself back up until the two of you were facing each other. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him in for a sloppy, desperate kiss, tasting yourself on his lips.
Midoriya breaks the kiss only to strip from his hero suit down to his underwear, throwing the suit on the coffee table. You felt your pussy throb at the sight of him in his boxers. Even with scars littering his body he still looked so damn sexy. You squeezed your legs together, trying to quell the need in between.
“Don’t get shy now,” Izuku smirked, grabbing your knees, forcing your legs back open. His cock straining in his boxers just from the sight of you. The strongest woman he has ever known, looking so damn submissive under him. “I’m about to show you exactly what I meant.”
You thought back to his words from earlier. Your face burning from the realization.
“Let me show you what it’s like to truly be loved, Y/N.”
Just as you remember what he said, he repeats it out loud. Jade eyes dark with lust, polar opposite from the sweet Midoriya you had went to U.A with. He reclaimed his place in between your legs once more, palming his cock through his boxers, before slipping his fingers into the waistband, freeing his length from its prison. 
Even in the dark room you could make out the precum beading at the tip. Noting that he was thicker than your husband’s.
Shit—you honestly felt guilty for wanting him to stretch you out as badly as you did. 
For wanting the one person Katsuki tried to keep you away from to fuck you.
All thoughts of Katsuki went out the window when you felt Izuku’s swollen tip rub against your slit, lining himself up with your needy hole, fluttering at the thought of him being so close. “S-So wet,” He groaned, slowly pushing the tip in, eyes rolling back from the plush feeling of your taut little hole clamping around the head of his cock.
“Haa—so fucking—tight,” He pushed himself in further; even with the mixture of your wetness and his spit it didn’t help easing into you easier, especially not with you squeezing around him like that. When he finally pushed himself in to the hilt, he earns a cute needy moan from you as your tight hole stretched to accommodate his thickness.
God—you were the perfect fit for him.
He had to take a moment to relish in the fact that you were under him, taking every inch so well, looking at him through half-lidded eyes. The slight sting of your nails digging into his shoulders made his length throb inside of you, urging him to move his hips.
The sound of your pussy squelching around his cock, makes him ease himself out just to slam back into you. Every time his hips snap back into yours, you gasp, tits bouncing with each thrust. You were still sensitive from your orgasm, the veins under his cock rubbing against your snug pink walls, making you whine out for him. “Ngh—Zuku—right—there!” You could barely speak in between his thrust.
“Y-Yeah? Like that, princess? Fuck—tell me—t-tell me what you want,” He pants, ramming into your hot core, the sound of skin slapping against skin had his mind hazy. He fucking needed this—he needed you. To be close to you like this, feeling his cock kiss your cervix as he bottoms inside of you, it was absolute heaven.
He was close, so close, his thrust becoming erratic as he chased his own release, yet he didn’t want it to end. He wanted more, more, more, he wanted all of you. Neither knowing what tomorrow would bring, yet neither cared at the moment.
“C-cum for me.”Your nails raked his back, making Izuku let out the most sinful guttural moan you’ve ever heard. “
P-Please—cum for me, Deku!” You felt his cock twitch at your words, hearing you say his hero name in such a lewd, sinful voice was enough to get him there. Breathing shaky as he grew closer with each snap of his hips. You kept saying his name like a mantra, coaxing him into his own release. Fingers digging into your hips, surely to bruise in the morning as he bottomed inside of you, spilling his hot seed deep into your sweet core.
He lifted you back up into his lap and held you close to his chest. You listened to his heartbeat hammering in his chest, when he realized—he made a big mistake.
 “Y-Y/N I’m sorry I didn’t mean to..i-inside..” He suddenly felt extremely flustered, but you simply shook your head. “Mmm, it’s fine,” you wrapped your arms around him. “I’m on birth control.”
The sound of a muffled ringtone was coming from behind Izuku. He reached back and pulled out your phone that was wedge in between the couch cushion.  You hardly paid the phone any mind, enjoying the feeling of Izuku’s solid naked body against yours.
 “Who called?” You asked him as he put the phone down on the coffee table.
“Um, hold on..” He leaned over to read the miss call notification. “Oh, it was from your sidekick, Yui. Did you want to call her back?”
You shook your head, “Nah, if it’s important she’ll call the house phone.” You climbed off of his lap and stood up, taking his hand in yours.
“C’mon, lets go get into bed.”
Deku chuckled, “Bed? I’m not done with you.” He pulled you in close, staring lovingly into your eyes. “Not even close.”
“I never said we were going to sleep.”
The two of you were in for a long night of making up for lost time.
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c0rncheez · a month ago
Tumblr media
Characters ~ Midoriya and Bakugo
Synopsis ~ The one where you orgasm really hard seemingly out of no where and your man’s reaction
Cw ~ NSFW, Fem!Reader, AgedUp! Midoriya & Bakugo, Fluff if you squint, Forced Orgasms? Handcuffing and Blindfolding, Foreplay, Pet Names, Ear licking, Tongue Sucking & Fucking?, Choking, Established Relationships, Vibrator, Dacryphilia, Overstim, Fingering & Cunnilingus, Y/n Playing Genshin, Rough Sex, Bakugo being Bakugo, Teasing & Slight Edging, Mind Break, A lil tap on the cheek, Squirting, [this is wild lmao but jus know it’s all consensual 💀]
A/n ~ idk why I went crazy with the Deku one um chile...anyways
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“You trust me, baby?” Izuku whispered softly in your ear.
He was feeling very playful that evening as he secured a green blindfold around you eyes. You softly hummed your affirmation while nuzzling into him.
“Words, kitten,” He kissed into your neck as he got comfortable behind you. He laid with his back against the headboard with you between his legs; wide, nude, and open for his tinkering.
“You know I trust you honey,” you uttered already subconsciously rolling your hips.
“Good girl... now give me your hands.” He ordered softly to which you obediently offered your wrists over.
He secured your hands tightly behind your back with his favorite handcuffs before hiking your thighs even higher completely exposing you to the cool air.
The position was quite embarrassing even though you weren’t privy to your sight but his soft caresses distracted you.
All you could hear was his deep breathing and the feeling of his ghosting fingertips over the shells of your ears.
Your breath quickened when his warm tongue lolled over the back of your left ear.
“I-Izuku, Ah~” you shivered
He gave an absent minded noise before delving his tongue into your ear causing you to flinch cutely. The over-amplified lewd noises caused your hips to buck slightly.
He gave that ear a wet kiss before moving to the right one. As he repeated the same treatment his weathered hands softly trailed up your soft stomach before he began tweaking and massaging your neglected breasts.
Before you even realized, you were panting quite heavily. The blockage of your sight and free touch made every single one of his ministrations ignite extreme passion between your legs.
You could even feel the evidence of your deep arousal sticking uncomfortably to the sheets beneath you. Under the blindfold your eyes were also already unfocused as you let him play with your aching body.
A wet smack sounded in your ear before you felt the bed slightly dip as Izuku leaned back. You jolted at the sudden sound and movement before giving a sad noise at the separation.
“Be patient, Kitten,” he breathily chuckled as he—leaned over? Was he reaching for something?
“H-hurry, please~” You whined bunting your head affectionately into his chest.
Once he finished getting whatever he needed he finally rested back behind you before holding your jaw firmly and angling your face up towards him.
“Suck on my tongue,” he said under his breath before smushing his lips against yours.
You sucked back on his prodding tongue enthusiastically as his free hand caressed your inner thigh sensually.
As his grasp on your chin slipped to your throat he began softly fucking his tongue into your mouth and you desperately swirled and mixed your saliva with his.
You were so lost in the messy makeout session that you didn’t get to hear the aggressive buzz of a wand vibrator creeping closer to your pussy.
One particular deep fuck of his tongue caused you to gag slightly. He pulled back to give you just a quick second for sweet air before returning to his assault with more vigor.
You were in a dazed heaven as drool spilled from the corner of your mouth, happily receiving everything Izuku gave you.
But you didn’t know that he had the vibrator hovering right above your aching clit—on the 2nd highest setting.
So when he purposely shoved his tongue down your throat your hips bucked off the bed.
“MMPH~!” You desperately tried to squeal as the strong vibrations hit dead center on your clit.
You quickly slammed your hips back down already overwhelmed from just a second of the toy but Izuku followed your movement and pressed the wand directly onto you.
You felt your eyes snap to the back of your head as your orgasm pierced through you frighteningly.
Izuku quickly pulled his tongue from your mouth to witness your violent climax.
“Ah Sh-Shit! T-turn it off! Ah, P-PLEASE~” You were able to somehow choke out despite the inactivity behind your eyes.
It was too much, all the foreplay already had you on the brink, the vibrations were just too much—you were going to go insane—
But Izuku was lost in his own mind. Your sudden orgasm, the jumping of your hips, your desperate cries...He pulled your blind fold down to see those beautiful eyes—those tearful eyes. He’s never seen you like this before.
And your sweet boyfriend wanted to see more. He needed to see more. And so he did what anyone in their right mind would do.
He turned it up a notch.
And your eyes surely did cross.
[Extra! ~ From that day onward Deku always made sure to take his time and really rile up with foreplay in hopes of seeing you orgasm like that again]
Tumblr media
“Oi, keep your fuckin’ legs open, woman,” Bakugo grunted from between your thighs.
He had his middle and ring finger knuckle deep in you as you quivered in your gaming chair. The hilichurls on your PC screen kept going in and out of focus as he purposely abused that vulnerable spot with each curl of his thick fingers.
“‘S-Suki, I c-can’t,” you gasped while fisting his hair with one hand.
You don’t know why he was being like this but the second he came over to your apartment after his heroic duties he popped a squat in-front of you and hadn’t left since.
At first he was oddly quiet while watching you play but then his hands started to wander and then somewhere along the line your panties were pulled off and promptly exploded within his hand.
He gave a huff before wheedling his big head between your thighs then placing a soft bite on the chub of your lower stomach.
“Katsuki, babyyy I’m trying to play the new update,” You whined as your attention went back to your PC.
“You’ve been playin’ that shitty game all day.” You felt him grumble on you.
“Shutup, I haven’t seen you all fuckin’ week” he snapped as he grabbed the back of both of your thighs, “just kill your stupid hilicorls”
He shifted your thighs to rest on either side of your gaming chair before giving you another bite but on your inner thigh. He continued those little chomps which soon turned into pressured kisses that left a tantalizing trails of hickies all over your most intimate area.
You subconsciously leaned back and relaxed for him, enjoying his attention. Maybe you could kill two birds with one stone by satisfying your demanding boyfriend and by clearing all your quests?
He slowly picked back up the calculated pace of his fingers that were still inside you throughout the back and forth banter from earlier. Curling and scissoring them just the way he knew would have you crashing the quickest.
“Ah~feels good, ‘Suki,” you praised softly grinding into his palm.
“‘Cause I know what the fuck I’m doing,” he pointlessly argued back before wrapping his hot lips around your aching clit.
Your cheeky giggle got caught in your throat mid-moan as he flicked his tongue aggressively in conjunction with his fingering.
Your looting and quests increasingly became less and less interesting and he pleased you. Every dig of his digits and every swirl of his saturated tongue were taking you higher and higher. Yet every time you thought you could finally peak he’d slow down his ministrations causing your head to reluctantly descend back down from the clouds.
You knew he was doing this on purpose. If you weren’t going to give him all of your attention then he wasn’t going to break you off the way you deserved.
You glared at him through your hazy gaze as he smirked against you. He licked a long stripe on your clit just to spite you and your hips embarrassing bucked up in reaction. So evil of him to tease you like this when you were practically twitching for any type of release.
You gave a short huff before crossing your arms, no long wanting to play anymore—well now you want to play with your man.
“About fuckin’ time,” he cockily said as he stood up from his knees, “So damn stubborn.”
You chose to ignore his crassness as he quickly unbuckled his pants. You didn’t have anything to bite back, all you wanted was him at the moment. Big mouth and all.
He bent his knees and lined himself up to where you need him the most. But always the one to be difficult he just had to stall.
“How bad do you want it, huh?” He grinned teethily while thumbing over your clit.
“Ugh, this isn’t the time for this,” you sighed, “Stop playing arou-NGH!~”
You gasped out as he slammed all the way in without any warning, literally knocking the wind out of you. He dick nestled contently up against your cervix as you stared up at him with wide teary eyes. He just entered you and your pussy was a twitching mess—already at the edge of cumming.
You tried to close your thighs again to gain some of leverage back but he weighed them backed down with minimal effort.
“W-wait, Katsuki Ah! W-wait,” You could already tell that you were on the brink of a very terrifying orgasm. One that you weren’t sure you could handle.
“Why, does it hurt?” He reared his hips back as a flash of worry hit him.
“N-no, it not th-that,” you struggled to explain, “but I’ll go c-crazy, I’ll-”
Relieved that you weren’t in pain he leaned down to whisper in you ear—
“Well, that’s the fucking point.” Before slamming right back against your cervix sending you head first into mind shattering orgasm.
You didn’t even know if the sounds you were making were sexy. Your eyes were barely open but that didn’t matter—you could only see white anyways.
Your legs were shaking uncontrollably and gushes of liquid were spraying onto Katsuki’s lower abdomen. But none of that stopped him. No not at all, if anything he grew even harder inside you.
“Look at me,” He demanded as he held both sides of your face firmly. He gave your cheek a soft pat to help you regain your state of being. Although still barely holding it together you were able to meet his eyes through the brutal rolling of his hips.
“We’re not leaving this damn chair till I see you cum like that again, understood?”
“…y-yes, ‘Suki”
[Extra! ~ Bakugo stay getting flashbacks from that day, also can’t look at that gaming chair the same... and neither can you]
A/n ~ idky but I had the hardest time writing this 😭 idk why, hopefully if I get some sleep and reread it I’ll feel better about it
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ktobios · 6 months ago
pro hero!izuku midoriya x housewife!reader
Tumblr media
WARNINGS : 18+ content, hair pulling, mentions of masturbation, slight dumbification, impact play, nipple play
Tumblr media
I’ve put a lot of thought into this matter, and I think that if I were to be the housewife of any pro-hero, it would be Deku. He’s gentle with his pride and joy, nothing makes his freckled cheeks heat up more thank a sweet kiss on the nose when he walks into the expensive house. His work boots always feel so heavy and his eyes roll back when he takes them off, the weight lifted from his form, but it’s even more blissful when his beautiful wife takes her seat on his lap.
Deku is the type of husband that watches over you even when you do the same, your feelings are always in consideration and it’s so sexy how much attention he pays to you.
You could make him an entire feast to consume when he gets home, laid out with a main course, some savory sides and even dessert, but he always seems to stop you when you go to give him a big portion and give yourself a small one. “You’ve gotta eat too,” his thumb massages the spongy skin of your cheekbone, wiping away a stray eyelash and smiling that bright smile as he feels you relax in the touch. “You’re the one who went out of your way to make so much food after all, yeah?”
Yeah. He’s right, you both knew this, but you wanted to serve him a well deserved meal after watching over your beloved city. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it warms your heart knowing he looks out for your well-being as well, even though he’s made it obvious already.
Deku never lets you open doors by yourself, always carrying a small cloth to touch handles just to keep the both of you safe from sickness. Your newly found happy place is in his lap, ear pressed against his chest as you let both his heartbeat and the soft brush of his hand in your scalp lull you to sleep.
“Your son is so good to me, Inko,” a smile could be heard with your words, eyes trained on your mother-in-law painting your fingernails a nice shade of red. It wasn’t a rare occasion to spend time with Inko, you always tried to make her feel just as loved as her son makes you feel. She’s an admirable woman, constantly looking out for what’s best for her child.
“That’s so nice to hear, sweetheart.”
Sweetheart, huh?
“Yeah, going stupid on that cock, aren’t ya sweetheart?” Izuku’s voice wasn’t as timid in bed as it would be normally, and it made you uncomfortably wet at times. It didn’t matter to you right now though, you were too full of dick to even think for yourself, honestly you forgot what you were thinking about just now. “Huh? Asked you a question, baby.”
Your eyes were bleary, unfocused and he looked like a blur of green above you. “I, uh,” a series of pants interrupted you, his tip slamming into a spot that made your toes curl under you. Your blinks felt heavy, you almost didn’t want to open your eyes, but the sight of Izuku’s scrunched and sweaty face made it all worth it.
No one could fuck you the way he could, your friends thought you were exaggerating when you gossiped about your sex life to them. There’s no way he could make you squirt 3 times a round, there was absolutely no way he was strong enough to hold you up and rail you for hours, you’re full of shit.
It was their loss, because he truly could give you the best orgasms you’ve ever had, and he’s good at it too.
Some days, you would welcome your dear home with a heavy plate of delicious food, apron laying pretty on your figure. But, other days, that exact apron was in a heap on your tiled floor and you’d end up with one leg resting on the counter as Izuku filled you to the brim with cock.
“You’re relentless,” a pair of gloved fingers rolled your nipple gently, your back arching so beautifully. Shit, he couldn’t even find the time to take off his hero costume? “Pussy always dripping for me when I come home, I swear, you do this on purpose.” A hand came down harsh on your ass, strangled yelps and cries tumbling into the hot air.
You let your head fall, nails scraping at the marble countertop and face leaned down into the sink below you. It was shameful how addicted you are to him, this very position reminded you of how you tried to take care of yourself when he was gone.
It was lonely being a housewife, all you could do was cook and clean and wait for your king to arrive home. Naturally, you grew horny, you grew restless. The thought of scampering into his agency in that nice tight dress he bought you crossed your mind many times, but it would be downright embarassing if he lost his spot as top hero just because his dumb wife couldn’t wait to get cock in her mouth.
So, last resort? Your own, old fashioned fingers. You tried riding them, making a mess under your silk covers, but no luck. Nothing could replace Izuku, you were under a pitiful spell and only seemed to think with your cunt when he was around.
“There you go again,” your neck was launched backwards gently, scalp stinging as he gripped your hair and made you look at him. The clap of your ass against his pelvis was loud, lewd, made your legs shake. “Zoning out, huh? What’re you thinking about in that pretty little head of yours?”
“Y-you.” His lips caught yours, kiss smothering your explanation, because that’s all he really needed. Yeah, he needed to know that you thought about nothing but him while he was balls deep in your pussy.
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ultimate-astridwriting · 6 months ago
Izuku, Tamaki, Tokoyami and Twice || Cockwarming
Request: UGH!! i fucking love your writing SO much!!! can you do cockwarming headcanons with gender neutral reader for izuku, tamaki, tokoyami, twice? 🥺👉🏻👈🏻 @ryanamajiki
⤑ requests are open! masterlist || ko-fi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
yeah, that’s not gonna work
he’s way too energetic and impatient for cockwarming
the moment he’s inside you he’ll start getting all jittery and he’ll constantly be asking you if he can move already
“Now? Can I move now? Ugh— come on, babe. J-Just wanna fuck you, please?”
has a tight grip on your hips the entire time and you’ll be able to feel his cock throbbing inside you
don’t even attempt to tease him
if you grind against him even just a little, he will take it as an invitation and start fucking you
he tries his hardest but he just can’t resist the urge to mess up your insides
“Ngh— ah! Fuck, fuck, fuck, I’m gonna make you regret teasing me, baby.”
he won’t stop until he’s stuffed you full of his seed and emptied his balls
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he’s too sensitive for it
accidentally thrusts up a bunch of times because of how much your insides are clamping down on his cock
let’s out the cutest whimpers and whines
gets really embarrassed because of how close he is to cumming even though he’s not moving
will try his hardest to stay still, it’s kind of adorable
one of two things usually happens, whiny subby deku or teasing dom deku
“Feels too good, puppy. I-I think m’gonna cum—fuck.”
“Tight! You’re squeezing me so much, baby. Don’t worry, I’ll fuck you so good you’ll only be able to think about my cock.”
if you end up unleashing his dom side and he doesn’t hold back
98% of the time it’ll end up with him flipping you over and creaming your insides
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he’s willing to try a lot of things and add more spice into your sex life
he ended up loving cockwarming
enjoys having you so close and in a way he finds it soothing and relaxing
probably turns into soft and sweet sex or just slow makeout sessions
when you guys are fucking he loves having you ride his cock with those slow, deep thrusts
he’ll constantly be whispering compliments or kissing and leaving marks all over your neck
“You’re so pretty, bunny. Taking my cock so well, feels good, doesn’t it?”
“Keep making those cute noises, baby. Show me how much you love this cock.”
he talks dirty a lot while you’re doing it but as soon as he’s out of that headspace, he immediately gets embarrassed
sometimes he’s gets really into things and ends up overstimming both of you, he just wants to hear your sweet moans
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
he enjoys it a lot
loves doing it when you’re both relaxing, like when you’re cuddled up reading a book or just about to go to bed
definitely ends up with morning sex
cockwarming him always gets you all hot and bothered since his hands wander a lot
he’ll gently grope your chest while kissing you or light slap your ass
he also like kissing you all over, leaving chaste kisses on your shoulder, forehead, wherever he can reach
“You’re perfect, my love. You look beautiful taking my cock like that.”
“I want to make you cum, I want make you feel so good, darling.”
always uses it as an opportunity to worship your body, tells you how gorgeous, perfect and beautiful you are
he likes to stay inside you afterwards, he’ll wrap his arms around you and pull you into his chest
Tumblr media
@juju-03 @zelinsana @hawkssnugget @knifeewifee @ushiwakatrash @skytressmc @kageybee @lalayy @cathy8taffy @drapetomaniac @cheetoscat @yfneccentric @gwynnmikara @serosmissingtoe @tendostoefetish @starrygoblin @oberynmartell @xphntmhvx @maurrina @thatgirl1782 @youryn @nit-sir-hc @depressedpuppythatneedscoffee @babyangelsposts @moonlitsokka @miriobaby @softkao @celestair @elephantloser @koutayoomi @jinxqsu @izukutheizuku @bunniesandvillains @your-local-meme-dealer @suzuki-violin-school @dakusoul @daichisreciever @mirakeul @angel6786 @blackestpinkworld @we-mentally-unstable @waitforitillwritemywayout @xxjosiexx @bakugousmrs @duckie97 @fantasycantasy @redsharksimp @waywardbabie @jennammae
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kovori · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
you should be sad.
part four || mini series || prequel, one, two, three, four
katsuki bakugou x reader x izuku midoriya ||| angst, cheating, oc powers, toxic relationships, implied smut, mentions miscarriage
Word count: 7,099
Hardly proof read it, I just kept writing so if it doesn’t make sense I’m sorry, homies. But enjoy~
Sunlight peaked in through the blinds, streaks of lights warming your face and naked shoulders. You reached over for the baby monitor on your nightstand, to see Natsuki still sound asleep in her crib. A soft sigh escaped your lips, grateful that you didn’t have to rush to get out of bed so soon. The memory foam was far too nice, and you would’ve wrapped yourself up completely in your duvet if it wasn’t for the extra weight on the other side of the bed. A light headache rocked the left side of your brain, but was soon forgotten when you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around your naked frame, making you smile as you felt the warmth from his chest press against your back.
It felt like Déjà vu.
Mornings like this were ones you truly missed. Waking up in the arms of the man you loved, no stress or worries, just the two of you lazing around in bed together. He nuzzled against your neck, planting soft kisses alongside your nape making you giggle when he got close to your ear. You tried to wiggle out of his grasp, as he was right on the ticklish part of your neck forcing a laugh out of you.
“Ngh—boom, stoooop.” You felt him tense up behind you.
You hadn’t realized what you said until after the words left your mouth. His movement ceased soon after, hands retreating from your waist. You felt your body warm up, embarrassed that you let his nickname slip. Your heart beating rapidly in your chest as you turned over to see an equally embarrassed Izuku rubbing the back of his neck, avoiding eye contact.
“Fuck, Izuku I’m so sorry—”
“O-Oh don’t worry about it, Y/N. T-This is new for you, so I get it.”
The sad tone of voice made your heart ache, you felt like an absolute dickwad for letting Katsuki’s nickname slip up. It made you question yourself, the choices you’ve made, and it made you question the one thing you’ve been putting aside for months now.
It made you question your feelings for Katsuki.
“I feel like an asshole now...”
“N-No don’t. I understand, trust me.” He brought his hand up to your cheek, leaning in to plant a soft kiss to your forehead. You closed your eyes as he did so, placing your hand over his before he pulled away and sat up. The covers slid down from his chest, piling up around his groin reminding you of what went down last night. Your face grew warm, realizing that this was the first time you’ve been with another man like this. After becoming accustomed to waking up next to Katsuki for several years, to sleeping alone for the past few months; having someone in your bed honestly had you feeling quite nervous.
Neither of you knew what to say.
“So—um, breakfast?” You said awkwardly, moving to get out of the bed when you felt his hand on your arm.
“Can I…c-can I just look at you a little longer?” Izuku asked, and you simply nodded. You both laid down, with you resting your head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat while he ran his hand up and down your back, enjoying the way you hummed in response to his touch. You felt yourself starting to drift off again, and even though you enjoyed being in Midoriya’s arms, your thoughts kept going back to Katsuki. Although you’d never say it out loud, part of you wish you could have moments like this once again with him.
 After staying in bed for another hour, Natsuki finally woke up. Babbling loudly, as she called for her mama over the baby monitor. You got out of bed, and threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt you had discarded on your floor from the night before. Izuku followed suit, putting his boxers back on. You handed him the sweat suit he had let you borrow a few months back to wear, and went to take care of Natsuki.
 Preparing her baby bag for the day, you had her attached to your hip, her little hands gripping onto your shirt as she stared at Midoriya from across the room. Izuku tried to wave at her but she simply glared at him in return, reminding him so much of Kacchan. If it wasn’t for her taking your hair color, you’d have a mini Bakugou on your hands.
 A part of him wondered if you’d want more children, but he refused to divulge into that thought anymore, especially with you calling him ‘boom’ earlier. He was far too familiar with that nickname. It was the nickname you had given Kacchan back when everyone was in their first year. At first, he was aware that you only called Bakugou it to annoy him, but after you two were an official couple, it became a term of endearment.
 His heart ached as he watched you feed your daughter her breakfast. The smile on your face, the way you interacted with her, the soft melodic way you spoke to her, it made him envious of Kacchan. Had he known how lucky he was? He highly doubted it, otherwise Izuku wouldn’t have been the one with you this morning.
 “Shit—I, uh, I mean crap,” You corrected yourself, staring down at Natsuki who was shoveling oatmeal into her mouth. “I forgot today Katsuki is picking her up from daycare—”
 Your phone and Izuku’s phone chimed at the same time, leaving you to glance at one another. Izuku checked his phone first, eyes widening when he read the message.
 “It’s from the chief—he wants all of us to meet at the precinct. Get Natsuki ready, we can drop her off along the way.”
“What the hell was he doing by my agency again?” 
“She—“you corrected, “Cyclops is a woman, Ground Zero.” 
Ground Zero scoffed, snatching the report out of your hand, scarlet eyes veering over the pictures and summaries from the Chief. You crossed your leg over the other, mentally rolling your eyes before you noticed a certain pair of emerald eyes staring at you, he smiled slightly before focusing on the chief once more. 
“Cyclops has injured several heroes so far, and two sidekicks are in critical condition as we speak. We have to subdue the situation quickly before it causes civil unrest. Y/H/N, since your quirk allows you to control time itself, it’ll be best if you work with Deku on this case.”
“Alright, Chief.”
“Ground Zero you’ll be partnered with Ingenium and Red Riot, while Creati will be paired with Uravity and Shoto.” Katsuki merely grunted in response while everyone else answered the chief.
“Now that everyone is on the same page, you’re all dismissed. Ground Zero and Y/H/N report to me later today. I need you both for a mission out of town.” 
You tried not to pay attention to the concerned look Kirishima gave Bakugou. 
Since the fight at Deku’s, Kirishima had kept his distance from you. As much as it hurt, you understood why. His loyalty stood with his best friend and you were grateful for Kiri; he was Katsuki’s support line during this time. You knew it was for the best, anyway. Once the divorce was finalized, you were sure you’d lose more than half of your friends. 
When Momo stood up, you did as well. You two were planning on patrolling together, but with the new assignment from the chief, everyone broke off into their individual groups.
After going over a few questions you had from today’s conference with the Chief you grabbed your things and started to head out.
You felt a strong hand grab your arm, turning around to see scarlet eyes full of worry staring at you. “Did you see what the daycare sent?” 
“No, what did they send?”
He handed you his phone, you tried to ignore the lock screen picture of the two of you on your wedding day, and instead put in the pin you knew by heart to see what Katsuki was talking about. 
You immediately smiled, seeing the live footage from the daycare monitor of Natsuki hopping up and down. You could hear her high pitched shrills of “Mama” and “Dada” when one of the daycare workers pointed to the two of you on TV. 
Katsuki stood close, smiling proudly when Natsuki crosses her hand over the other towards the screen, mimicking her father’s AP shot stance. A small spark emitted from her palm, turning into smoke, before making it disappear back into her palms through lit pink eyes. 
“Holy shit—she has your quirk!” You beamed, “She’s only a year old and already has her quirk manifesting?!” 
“Did you not see her eyes, idiot? She made that shit go back into her palms—she has your quirk too.” He rewinds the video to the point where her eyes started glowing pink. 
“Oh my god—we have to take her to get ice cream to celebrate!” The words left your mouth before you caught yourself, noticing the blush across Katsuki’s face when you said “we”. 
“Sounds like a plan, babe.” He genuinely smiled, making your heart flutter and ache all at once. Yet the fluttering stopped when his phone chimed, a message peaked from the top of the screen above the video of Natsuki. 
DB: Can we meet up today? I really need to talk 2 u...its important! 💕💕💕
You felt your heart drop, glancing at Katsuki. 
What the fuck was with all the hearts? 
He grabbed the phone from your hand but you swiped the message off the screen before he noticed. 
“I guess I’ll see you later, Ground Zero.” 
“Wait, I thought we were gonna take the brat for ice cream?” 
“Another time. You seem busy.” You sneered. 
“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?”
You huffed, telling him to ‘figure it out’ before storming out of the conference room without another word. You shouldn’t give a damn about him texting another woman—he wasn’t your problem anymore. Yet just seeing the pink hearts “DB” sent to him just boiled your blood. 
Was this the same woman he was cheating on you with, or was this someone new that he was seeing? 
What the hell did “DB” stand for anyway? 
As you were about to head out you bumped into Iida, coming out of a separate conference room. 
“My apologies, Y/H/N! I did not see you there!” He stated, fixing his glasses nervously before glancing back into the conference room. Deku stood there going over whatever was in the folder in his hands. “Ah, erm—if you were looking for Deku he’s in there going over the plan for Cyclops. I left him with your copy as well.” 
“Oh, thank you Ingenium. I was about to head out actually, but I appreciate it. I guess you were the one who put together the plan for each team?” 
“Why, yes I did actually!” Iida beamed, “After taking note of each hero’s strength and weaknesses I was able to come up with the perfect strategy for taking down that wretched villain. I just went over everything with Deku, I assure you he will fill you in on the rest.” 
Ah, yes. You were hoping to get filled with something, actually. Glancing at Deku you couldn’t help but smile, seeing him so caught up in his element, muttering to himself. 
“I guess I’ll go talk to him then, thank you Ingenium.” 
With that both said their goodbyes and you went to join Deku, closing the door behind you once Iida was far from view.
“Y-Y/N? Where’s Iida?”
“He went to his agency, probably.” You tried to hide the aggravation in your voice albeit not well. Hands running along the empty chairs in the room as you walked towards him, noticing how tense he got when you grew closer. 
“What’s wrong? You seem upset.” He asked, “Did Iida say something?”
“No—it’s nothing.” You lied, but he knew better. The only time you didn’t talk about something was when it had to deal with Katsuki. 
“Oh.” Was all he said, before placing the folder onto the table. You could not put your finger on the look on his face but when you put your hand on his utility belt, you heard him shudder in response. 
“W-What if we get caught?” He whispers.
“I’ll just send them back fifteen...thirty minutes tops.” You say, running your hand along his hardening length. He groaned, eyes shutting momentarily. 
Before you knew it, he had you pinned against the wall, hands roaming over your body as you two nipped at the others lips. You almost forgot why you were so pissed off to begin with. He had you panting against his neck as he worked his hands around your suit with expertise. He must’ve made note of how to take it off. 
Deku had you right where he wanted you, submissive under his intense emerald glare, cheeks redden from the heat you two were creating. Both of you panting although it was just the beginning; nothing besides a heated make out session at first. But then he did the one thing you absolutely craved, slipping his hand under the waistband of your hero suit, locating your soaked slit as he pressed his finger against the sensitive nub. You bit your lip, trying to contain your moans so no one would hear. 
“Please—just fuck me already.” You whined, gripping onto his suit desperately as you tried to coax him into going further. 
You frowned. “What do you mean ‘no’?” 
“The next time I fuck you,” He removes his slick covered fingers from your panties bringing his fingers to his mouth, his eyes never once left your intense glare. 
“It won’t be because you’re pissed off with Kacchan.” 
He pressed a light kiss against your neck, causing you to shudder with want—no—need. “That’s not my style, love.” 
“Oh, fuck you.” You cross your arms with an exasperated sigh, cheeks growing warm when a breathy chuckle left his lips. You watched him adjust himself through his suit, trying his best to conceal the erection pushing against the green material. 
“I’ll let you leave first; we don’t want anyone assuming anything.” He said softly before pulling you into a gentle embrace, pressing his lips against your forehead. 
You didn’t know when, but his forehead kisses became something you looked forward too. 
The small gesture alone melted away your frustrations more than finger fucking ever could. You smiled to yourself, taking in his scent before pulling away, taking your leave. 
  Fighting against the urge to pull you back into the room, Izuku sighed. More than anything, he wanted to have you bent over the table, but he knew you weren’t in the right frame of mind. Taking it so far with Kacchan just two rooms down would just spell trouble for the both of you.
Especially if he found out.
He could still taste you on his tongue. God, the image of you from this morning was still fresh in his mind. Midoriya was growing tired of hiding his feelings for you from everyone. Hardly being able to focus with you sitting right across from him, next to your husband as if the two of you hadn’t fucked the night before.
He just didn’t want what the two of you had to turn into the same situation he had with Ochaco.
Although they both agreed to it, Ochaco still held onto feelings while Midoriya shoved his so far into the back of his mind, he only could express himself through sex. It didn’t matter if he was stressed or pissed off. He just needed to find a way to release it. But the more she gave, the less he cared about her feelings as his friend. Ignoring the sullen expression whenever they finished and he announced he was leaving. Or how she’d clean up and decorate her home for him, hoping he’d stay the night.
It made sense why she dumped him last year. She was right—he wasn’t ready for a relationship. Yet she still gave herself to him, like she had done when they were third years, then again two years later.
Izuku Midoriya: number one hero, symbol of peace; horrible friend and horrible boyfriend.
Starting the whole ordeal with you was a risk, especially with Iida’s words still playing with him. You hadn’t served Kacchan with the divorce papers, and although you both agreed on trying to date after the divorce was finalized, Izuku just wanted to make sure that was still the plan. To him this was more than just sex, even though you made it clear you weren’t looking to date at the moment.
Once he fully calmed down, he went to the chief’s office only to be greeted by one of your sidekicks, who was doubled over in front of a trash can. The sound of her hurling into the can had him concerned.  
“D-Did you need some help? I can get Y/H/N for you!” He said, reaching out to take her hand, helping steady the young woman on her feet. He noticed her hand over her belly, before she moved it to wipe the bile from her mouth.
“Oh my god—I’m so sorry you had to see that Deku. Somethings not agreeing with my stomach.” She coughed, trying to clear her throat. “Please, don’t worry Mrs.Y/H/N, I’ll be okay..I just need to rest.”  
Yui’s eyes widen with fear as she stared at something over his shoulder. He watches her try to fix herself, keeping her hands off of her stomach when footsteps grew closer.
“Yui? Deku? What’s going on?” You said, walking to Yui’s side to make sure she was alright.
“O-Oh it’s nothing Mrs.Y/H/N—”
“What the hell are your dumbasses standing around for? We got shit to do.”
“K-Kacchan, we were just about to head out.”
“Tch—whatever. Stop wasting time then and leave, you goddamn nerd.”
Although his words were directed at Deku, Izuku saw how Yui and Kacchan stared at each other. A sense of tension settled in the hallway, as Y/N ushered Yui to the nearest restroom to tend to her. Yet Midoriya couldn’t shake the feeling that something was off.
 “Yui what’s going on? It seems like you’ve been avoiding me lately.” You ask, placing a cool damp napkin to her forehead, trying to cool off her overheating body. “Is everything okay?”
“…not exactly.” She muttered, picking at her nails, refraining from making eye contact with you. “Can we talk about it while we’re on patrol? I need some fresh air.”
You nodded, escorting her out of the building. Since you were told to come back later on today, you decided to stay in the area so you wouldn’t have to walk far. “I hope walking is okay. My car finally kicked the bucket.” You tried to joke with her.
She smiled meekly, perking up at the lighthearted banter. “Mr. Bakugou did say it was a bad car.”
You raised an eye brow, glancing at her for a second before a waving fan caught your attention. You waved back, smiling to them. “I guess he did say that, huh?”
“A-Anyways, Mrs. Y/H/N, I wanted to talk to you about something…I’ve been holding off on sharing this for a while, but I don’t think I can anymore.” You simply nodded, waiting for her to continue.
“I’m going to need some time off of work, or at least stay back at the agency. I-I’m pregnant and—”
“Holy shit, you’re pregnant? Why didn’t you tell me? I’ve been working you so hard these past couple of months—shit—you’re my assigned sidekick for the cyclops mission too—” You smacked yourself on the forehead, how could you be so oblivious? You just assumed she was getting thicker, but now it makes perfect sense. But you two were close; closer than any of your other sidekicks. So why hadn’t she told you earlier? She was practically family now that you think of it.
“Oh, Mrs.Y/H/N I just didn’t know how to tell you. Even my parents don’t know, to be honest. I’ve only told my boyfriend and he’s a little indifferent about the whole thing.”
“What an asshole—I thought Hiro was a good dude.” You frowned, crossing your arms. Yui pulled her phone out, and scrolled through her photo album until she came across a sonogram. She held her phone up so you could see the picture.
“I think he’ll come around when he sees that we’re having a little girl. He’s just worried because we’re so young...but um, how was Mr. Bakugou when you told him you were pregnant?”
“Katsuki? Well he was happier than I was, at the moment. I waited a week to tell him though, I was going through somethings at the time and wasn’t confident that the pregnancy would stick. I really put him through it the whole pregnancy though, now that I think about it.”
Yui didn’t respond, she just stared at the picture of her unborn child, appearing to be in deep thought. The two of you continued your patrol as normal, neither of you knew what else to say. It was when your phone vibrated, did you pull your phone out to see a text from Katsuki.
Natsuki’s Father: Where are you? Chief is waiting for us.
You texted him back that you’re on your way, leaving it as that. Everything seemed to be in order, so you two headed back to the precinct. You noticed how uncomfortably quiet Yui was, something that was extremely out of character for your sidekick. She kept staring at her phone, only perking up when she received a text message, from her boyfriend you assume.
It was when you noticed her overuse of heart emojis. A gut-wrenching feeling brought you to a halt.
“Hold the fuck up.” You turned to face her. “Are you texting Hiro, Yui?”
Yui refused to look at you, stammering as you went to take her phone from her. She swiped her hand away before you could grab it out of her hands. That was when your raged started to build inside of you. The more you put two and two together, the less control you had over the flickering in your eyes. Time started to slow around you, before you snapped your fingers, bringing everything to a halt.
With Yui’s hand in the air, you plucked the phone from her grasp. But you weren’t prepared for what you saw next.
> Can we meet up today? I really need to talk 2 u...its important! 💕💕💕
Work: Stop bothering me. You knew I was with my wife when you sent that shit.
>I just thought u’d like 2 know it’s a girl…
Your hands trembled as you put Yui’s phone back. You rewind her alone to avoid any suspicion on your part, taking it back just enough for her to receive the message from Bakugou. Then you unpaused everything, letting time continue as normal. Yui didn’t seem to notice, face lighting up when she got the message just for it to falter seconds later.
Little did she know, a storm was brewing within you.
By the time the two of you made it back, Katsuki was waiting outside with his arms crossed. You notice him smirk when he saw you, but it turned into a scowl when Yui appeared from behind you.
How were you so blind? No wonder he couldn’t tell you who she was—it was your goddamn sidekick the whole time. You were so wrapped up in your thoughts, you hadn’t paid any mind to Katsuki complaining about you being late. You were just trying to keep your cool, prevent your quirk from activating unintentionally again.
Once inside the building you followed Katsuki to the Chief’s office. The officer posted outside of his door held it open for you and Bakugou, but when Yui tried to walk in behind you, he held his hand out preventing her for going any further. “Boss only wants Ground Zero and Y/H/N—no sidekicks. You’re free to wait in the breakroom until they are done.”
You didn’t care to look back at her, just waving your hand with your back turned to her, while Katsuki closed the door behind you. Chief Tsuragamae sat behind his desk, waving to the two seats in front of it.
“Please, take a seat. Woof.”
You both did as you were told, then the chief laid out two manila envelopes in front of you. “Read them when you get home. The mission is highly classified, and I need you two with clear heads. So, whatever is going on between you, you better not let it interfere with your work. Woof.”
You sat up in your seat, the wooden legs scraping against the linoleum floor. “Nothing’s going on between us—”
“Stop.” He raised his hand up. “You can fool your colleagues but you can’t fool me. I suggest you two go to counseling. Matter fact, I’m ordering you both to go to counseling before you can go through with this mission. I need you both in the right frame of mind.” The chief tossed a card onto the table, Katsuki being the first to get to it, picked it up.
“Marriage counseling?” He glanced up from the card, looking at you momentarily. You bit back your words, digging your nails into the arm of the chair, more than ready to be done with this whole day.
“That’ll be all. I’ll give you a week to take care of everything before the mission. You two may leave now. Woof.”
Leaving no room for rebuttal, you were the first to leave. The last thing you wanted to do was go to counseling with Katsuki. Especially after what you found out about him and that little shit Yui. This was a different kind of betrayal; this one hit you right where it hurt. You had taken Yui on as your sidekick right after she graduated high school. You trained her, mentored her, taught her everything you knew. Hell, she was even invited to your wedding. The bitch was one of the first people to visit you after the birth of your daughter. How could she withhold this for such a long time? Knowing you loved Katsuki, that you were fighting hard just to carry his child? Pained with regret you rushed out of the building.
“Y/N, wait up!” You glanced back to see Katsuki, his civilian clothes throw on sloppily as he ran towards you. You scoffed and kept walking, picking up speed until you felt him put his hand on your shoulder.
“Didn’t you hear me calling you?”
“What do you want, Katsuki?”
He took a deep breath before he spoke. “I just…wanted to give you a ride home. Your shitty car isn’t here, right?”
You were ready to tell him off, but saw the chief watching you two through a large window. The dog faced shit was practically testing you at this moment. “Fine, whatever.” You sauntered towards his car, reaching for the car door handle as soon as you heard the car unlock. Once you were in you slammed the door close, securing yourself in with the seatbelt.
The ride back to your condo was an awkward one, neither of you said much of anything. Katsuki was concerned with your sudden change of mood. Earlier today you were happy, almost a little too happy, especially when he caught you in the parking lot getting out of that damn nerd’s car. He didn’t want to jump to conclusions and start another argument, but he was worried when you left with Yui to patrol the city.
“Can we talk about what the Chief said earlier? Maybe go over the mission together?” He asked, trying to spark up a conversation.
“You know what? Yeah, sure let’s go over a few things.”
By the time he pulled up to your condo, you were already out the car and walking up to your unit. Amazed with yourself that you were able to keep your cool the whole drive when you were full of rage. Your body trembling as you were mere minutes away from giving Bakugou a taste of his own temperament. Well, maybe worse with the way you were stewing. You flung the door open, tossing the manila envelope onto the coffee table before storming into your bedroom to change out of your hero suit.
Katsuki didn’t know what the hell your issue was today. He noticed your change in mood when you gave him back his phone, but he figured it was because he casually slipped up and called you “babe”. A blunder on his part, but he didn’t regret it, not one bit. He was so close, so close to having a normal afternoon with his wife and kid. Yet the more he tried to bring the three of you back together, the more unseen forces kept the two of you apart.
He made himself comfortable by taking a seat on the couch, carding his fingers through his spiky hair. He hated that you two were living separately, loathed the thought that Deku was the one you called to take you to work, instead of your own goddamn husband. It made him uneasy, but he had no right to voice his concerns.
Katsuki was tired of holding everything back from you. No matter how he changed his approach nothing worked. You were as stubborn as he was, and man did it piss him off. But he wasn’t done yet; he held onto hope. You actually kissed him back the other day and if he hadn’t restrained himself, he knew it would only escalate from there. But he wanted to do things right this time. Not fuck up and act on impulse. 
He wanted to treat you like you deserved. Therapy helped him understand himself more. He wanted to fix his marriage but he needed to deal with his own personal conflicting dilemma first. 
“Try telling her the truth, Katsuki. You have to put everything on the table in order to move on. Until you tell her the truth neither of you will be able to move on.” 
“But what if she leaves? This isn’t some fling. I don’t know what the fuck is going to happen in the next three months.”
“That’s her choice to make. You need to understand that you cannot control everything.” 
As much as he couldn’t stand his therapist at times, she was right. He didn’t have to try to control everything. As selfish as withholding such devastating information from you truly is, he was terrified at the thought of you leaving him for good. 
He went to grab the envelope from off the table, but noticed his name written on it in your handwriting.
This wasn’t what Chief Tsuragamae gave them. This shit wasn’t as thick as the classified documents. He checked to make sure your bedroom door was still closed, then carefully opened it. His heart sank when he realized it was a legal document.
                                  DISSOLUTION OF MARRIAGE
Fuckin’ hell. He read over the title several times, unable to fathom that you’d go this far. A fucking lawyer too? You were actually serious about going through with this, and Katsuki didn’t know what the hell he could do to stop it. He sealed it back, yet he didn’t put the envelope down.
“You weren’t supposed to see that.”
He turned around to see you leaning against the door frame, arms crossed as you focused your attention on the document in his hands.
“When were you planning on giving this to me, Y/N? Is this why you didn’t want to go to therapy with me?”
You didn’t respond, instead you actually laughed at his question, infuriating him even more.
“Fuckin’ answer me! I’ve been trying for months now and you’ve put up a goddamn wall—”
“Trying? You’ve been trying for months, hm? Don’t you think you should be worrying about Yui instead?”
This time he was silent, mouth agape as you walked towards him, taking the divorce papers from his hands, just to spin around and throw them at his face.
“Fuck having Momo give you them, you’ve been served Katsuki. Not only are you a cheating piece of shit, but you’re out here making babies with my FUCKING SIDEKICK—”
“THE KID ISN’T MINE—” He groaned, slamming his fist down onto the table. “This is why I wanted us to go to therapy; I wanted to tell you—just not like this—”
“Why on earth would I want to go ANYWHERE with YOU—”
“CAN YOU JUST SHUT UP AND LISTEN TO ME FOR ONCE? I’VE BEEN TRYING TO TELL YOU FOR MONTHS BUT YOU WON’T LISTEN.” This time he stood up, and grabbed you by your wrist. Tired of the yelling, tired of arguing with you. You never gave him a chance to speak. He wanted to tell you the truth five months ago and you just walked out on him. He wasn’t about to let you get away with the last word. Not this time. “Just….just sit down, and let me get it all out. I want to tell you everything, I don’t want to keep anything from you anymore.”
You opened your mouth just to shut it once more, eyes widen in shock. Reluctantly you nodded, and he let go of your wrist, watching you sit down as he sat on the opposite end, giving you the space, he knew you needed.
“Yes damnit, I slept with her. I hate myself; I hate that I did it—but I fucking did.” He noticed your hands digging into your shirt, your eyes watering just from his confession, but he continued. It hurt like hell, it felt like the day he revealed his cheating ways all over again, but he soldiered on. “We were going through shit already, Y/N. With the miscarriage, with your mother’s health, just everything was off with us. Then I fucked up during that damn mission and the media gave you and Deku all the credit. I felt like I was in your shadows, playing catch up and she came onto me after I left the press conference…and I took the bait.” He swiped away a lone tear before taking a deep shuddering breath.
“She used her quirk to appear as you, and it made it easier. It made me feel close to you; as shitty as it sounds, it’s just how I coped with it. It went on far too long, but when I came clean, I stopped that shit. She didn’t take it easy and kept using it against me—said she’d tell you so I kept her around. I didn’t sleep with her anymore, at least not until six months ago—”
“S-Six months ago, Katsuki? Are you serious—”
“Please, Y/N. Just let me finish—Do you remember when we went to the beach that night?”
He sighed, “Exactly, look at this.” He pulled out his phone to show you a picture of you two at the beach. You were smiling brightly while he kissed the side of your neck. The date the picture was taken on was exactly six months ago. “I thought it was you—and I was so desperate to be close to you again that I ignored the signs. I slept with her, and only after that did she let the disguise go. I wanted to tell you, but I was scared—you said if it happened again, you’d leave. So, I didn’t. I became so distant because of it; I was already distant because I never told you the whole truth. I went to end things and come clean after seeing you at Deku’s. She tried to come onto me and slipped the wrapper in my pocket. I did not sleep with her that night. I swear I didn’t.”
He heard you sniffle from the other side of the couch, he was so focused on his hands, too ashamed to look at you that he hadn’t noticed you wiping away your tears. How your tears wracked against your small frame, the way your arms came around yourself as you tried to come to terms with what he had said.
“I can’t take back the shitty things I’ve done, Y/N. No matter how much I want to.” Katsuki moved closer towards you, reaching for your hand expecting you to shy away from his touch.
Yet, you didn’t.
“But I’m going to do whatever I can to make it right—to show you that I’ve changed. No more bullshit.” He took your hand in his, running his thumb along the spot where your wedding band once sat. “As cheesy as it may sound, you’re my soulmate. I love you—I love us, damnit. I don’t want to hold anything back anymore.”
“B-But Deku and I—” He shook his head, not wanting you to continue.
“—I don’t care. I don’t want to know. All I want to know is if you love him. So, I’ll ask you this once; do you love that nerd?”
You adverted eye contact, chewing on your bottom lip. Katsuki felt his heart sank, but he didn’t let his emotions get the best of him. Not this time.
“If you can’t answer that, then at least answer this…do you still love me?”
That was when your eyes met his, soft crimson eyes staring at you awaiting your response.
“Of course, I still love you. No matter what I do, I can’t seem to get you out of my head, Katsuki.”
A soft smile crept on his face, something you haven’t seen since your daughter was born. A smile he only reserved for your little girl. “That’s all that matters to me. You love me and I love you. I don’t give a rat’s ass who you’ve been with, you’re the love of my life. I have no right to be upset with you.” His smile began to falter, an uneasiness settling in the room. “But…I don’t deserve you. Not after what I’ve done.”
The room was eerily silent, neither of you knew what to say next. You felt your heart ache, afraid of what would come out of his mouth next. Instead of him speaking, he brought your hands up to his lips, planting a small kiss to your knuckles. Letting go of both of your hands, he grabbed the manila folder off of the coffee table. Unfastening the metal tabs before pulling the packet of documents out, reading over it carefully.
He brought his hand up to his face, thumb swiping away a stray tear that escaped from his eye. If you stared hard enough you could see the slight tremble of his hands as he went for the pen on the coffee table, signing his name on the dotted line.
“The best thing I can give you is your freedom, Y/N. I’m never going to stop loving you, but this is for the best.”
For months, you waited for the right time to give it to him. To get him to sign the divorce papers so you could move on with your life. But now that you’ve gotten your wish, you found yourself regretting your decision. Part of you wanted to rewind time, stop him from signing the damn thing. Another part of you just wanted to fall into his arms and be held by your husband. To forgive and move on, but with the news of Yui’s pregnancy—you didn’t think your marriage could survive if the child turned out to be his.
This is what you wanted, Y/N. You finally got your wish.
But instead of feeling great, empowered, and free; you felt worse, as if you were experiencing heartbreak for a second time. Staring at the blond, who’s eyes were still focused on the documents in front of him, you thought about everything you two had went through.
From experiencing loss of your first child at such a young age—a pregnancy scare right after graduation just to end in a miscarriage. The way he held you as you doubled over in pain, as you cried out, shouting to God ‘why did it have to be me’ wailing into his chest as he tried to be strong for you. You caught him crying later on that night when he thought you were asleep, yet you never told him. Memories of you two on the night he proposed. At your favorite theme park nonetheless. You hadn’t known he paid the amusement park to spell your name out in fireworks, and while you were in awe over the array of lights, only did you turn around when the sparks of light spelled out “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” to see Katsuki on one knee, holding up the very ring you kept fawning over during patrol.
Now you were on your knees, sobbing into your hands as you realized everything between you two were coming to an end. This was the end of the road for you two, the final chapter of Y/N and Katsuki Bakugou’s story. He was giving you the very thing you wanted, and yet you were hurting over it. You allowed yourself to truly feel, being strong for far too long you needed a moment to let it all out.
His arms were around you in seconds, holding you close to him as you cried into his chest one last time. You wrapped your arms around him, clawing into the back of his shirt as you grew weak in his arms. He held you up, never once loosening his grip around you. His shoulders trembled, and you heard him sniffling above you. You couldn’t bring yourself to look at him, you just held him tighter, and he the same.
“I love you. I love you so fuckin’ much, Y/N. No matter what—I’ll be here. If you decide to come back, I’ll be waiting. If you decide to stay away—I’ll respect that. I just want you to be happy. You deserve it damnit—” His words were cut off by his own tears, unable to say anything else without unraveling right then and there. This was it. This was the moment you both feared.
This was the end of your marriage.
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monst · a year ago
may I request our green bean Izu being the bodily responsive sensitive guy he is while getting it on with his girl. i'm talking overwhelmingly vocal, twitchy/trembling, just absolutely losing himself in it
All Characters 18+
Midoriya Izuku x Reader
Warnings: Sexy time, a cute little Sub? Or is he Dom? The world may never know... 
Tumblr media
        “(N-Name)!” He gasped throwing his head back as you kissed down his abdomen. His fingers threaded into your hair as you hooked your fingers into the band of his shorts and boxers. 
“Yes Izu?” You asked in a sultry tone. 
“P-please stop t-teasing I-I” He paused to shiver as you yanked down both articles of clothes. His thick cock sprung free. You looked up from underneath your lashes at Midoriya making him suck in a breath. You were so fucking sexy. The scene in front of him made him close his eyes. It was too much! Your cute face right by his cock. “Nngh” He couldn’t stop the sound as his eyes snapped open once more. You had just licked the tip.
You smirked when you caught his eyes again. He was so flushed. Pale cheeks painted a rosy red, eyes blown wide in lust and anticipation. You broke contact to look at his impressive girth. You bit your lip he was big and veiny. His pink head produced more pre-cum and, you didn’t waste time in licking it up and moaning. “You taste so good Izu.”
“P-please.” He whined desperately. 
“Please what baby~” You purred. 
“I-I I want-” His furious blush took on a darker hue at the words he was going to say.
You pouted in disappointment. But, you put your hands on his inner thigh, mouth lined up with the tip of his weeping cock. 
“What do you want Izu.” Your warm breath sending tingles down Midoriya’s spine. Your nails raked upwards slowly inching closer to his balls. 
“Y-Your mouth!” He squeaked loudly “Hah I-I want to be in your mouth.”
“How badly.” You teased cupping his balls slowly massaging them making him hiss. He looked so cute like this, that innocent face of his scrunched up in such a lewd expression It was enough you make your slick essence trickle down your leg.
“F-fuck! Desperately I-I need You-ah!” Midoriya mewled as you licked along his hard cock. “Please d-don’t tease me anymore.” he was almost in tears. 
You patted his thigh and parting your lips took him in your mouth. “Oh Fuck! Mmph” He trembled as you sucked his head. He was really stretching you out but with every bob of your head you went down on his shaft. Your hands kept teasing his balls as you took him in further determined to have him down your throat. 
“Your so good baby~” He moaned watching as his length went further into your mouth. He was becoming a mess but, he never once tried to push you further making sure his hips stayed still… It wasn’t easy. Soon the tip of his head met the back of your throat. 
You stood still allowing your throat to relax and, when you finally slipped him past your gag reflex Midoriya threw his head back at let out a loud moan. Tears pricked at your eyes at the feeling and you had to remind yourself to breathe through your nose. Once he bottomed inside of you and your nose was buried in his dark green pubes you slowly pulled back.
Midoriya’s eyes rolled back when you took him back in. He let you set a comfortable pace the dirty sloshing sounds of his dick fucking your throat making him twitch. 
“Oh baby your so fucking good!” He yelped. Your hands left his balls to tap on his thigh. “Mmm Y-you sure?” He moaned. When you patted his thigh again you gagged. 
Midoriya was trying to be gentle but your throat felt so fucking good. He picked up the pace while your hands went to grasp at his ass for stability. He kept a pace were you could swirl your tongue underneath his cock to stimulate the ridges of his veins. However it didn’t last. 
“Your taking me so damn well-ah~ F-fuck yeah baby mmm T-that’s it.” He was mumbling mess as he fucked your throat roughly. Tears ran down your cheeks as he bottomed in your throat with every thrust. His grip on your hair was surprisingly lax as he petted you and praised how good you were doing. 
“Oh! Mmmm baby I’m so close!” He yelped. But, before he could release you pulled away making him sob in disappointment. 
You coughed, streams of saliva running down your mouth as you got up from your knees. While wiping your lips you pointed to the bed. He immediately laid upon it. 
“Only good boys get to cum.” You cooed making him whine. “Are you gonna be good for your mistress?”
“Y-yes! Yes please! P-please! I’m a good boy.” He begged as you straddled his face. 
“You are?” You teased grinding down on his face your slickness making the task easy. “Then get me off pet and, maybe I’ll let you cum inside my mouth~”
You let out a pleased moan when his hands gripped your hips, his tongue running up your slit. You arched your back when you felt him easily insert two fingers into your tight heat. 
“Oh yes I-Izuku!” You moaned as his lips kissed up to your clit. Right as he took the sensitive nub into his mouth your own mouth descended on his cock. Both of you cried out at the stimulation adding to the pleasure due to the vibration. While you rode his face you swallowed, the sensation making him pull back from your cunt. 
“Mmmngh.” You loved how vocal Midoriya was in bed. 
“What was that babe?” You said pulling back drunk off your power high. 
Midoriya had enough he was at wits end and lifted you off his face with ease. His emerald eyes glared into your amused ones heatedly. He quickly switched positions and your back was flush against the mattress as he raised your leg. 
“Fuck cumming down your throat. I’m gonna make you wish you didn’t tease me so much.” He growled thrusting into your sopping heat. The wanton moan that escaped both your lips was loud as he pushed in to the hilt. 
“H-hah, You know how much I l-love riling you up I-Izu-Ah!” You screamed as he slammed into you roughly. His large cock stretching your walls perfectly. 
“MMmm F-fuck y-your squeezing me so tight (N-name)” He moaned. “I’m going to fuck you so well baby.”
And, he did. You were sure your neighbors would complain. Midoriya had to be forced to dom but how you loved riling him up and how he became extra whiny and loud when you were in charge. 
The next day-  
“(Name) was that your boyfriend?” Your neighbor asked.
“Hmm the one who just left yeah why?” You answered.
“It’s just… I can’t believe how loud he is.” She blushed. “Wait isn't he like a top hero or something?”
You were totally fucking at his place next time….. 
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rat-zuki · 29 days ago
Ok but Bully! Secretary Reader begging Izu To breed her n’ fill her up so that she can take care of a cute lil curly haired baby~ Points added if it’s against a window <3
( 🥦 Nonny )
yes pls, i’ll take one order of that. also, sorry, i omitted the bully!secretary bit because i just wanna marry this mf.
WARNINGS : smut, breeding kink, daddy kink, slight risk of exhibitionism, workplace fatigue (yes, because that triggers me).
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s not that you don’t acknowledge the fact that Izuku’s a busy man, you aren’t stupid. You fall asleep practically every night smoothing over the wrinkles and signs of exhaustion littering his face. You know he is.
He’s Number One, the one who bears the country’s responsibility, from crime to the incredulous ideology of safety in a world that couldn’t escape danger even if it tried. But he does. Izuku tries.
Nonetheless.. There are certain things to be done.
Namely, time sensitive relevancies in the form of a cheery ding! charming through the speakers of your cellphone. Before you even check, you know what it is—a notification from your ovulation tracker. But you’ve been tracking on your own, too, which is why you’re a second away from rasping your knuckles over the heavy wood of his office door.
You knock and wait, always courteous of whatever business Izuku has at work that doesn’t concern you. Given that there’s no response, you take authority as his wife and barge in anyway.
Then you see it, his mess of green messily sprawled over the desk, eyes focused, dark, tired as they scan through line after line on whatever document he’s fussing over.
“Izuku?” That still doesn’t catch his attention, and you face a moment of hesitation, ready to toss your initial plan out the door at the sight of him so visibly.. distressed. But when you take a step forward and cringe at the feeling of a sticky mess between your thighs—
No, this really can’t wait.
“Izuku,” you repeat, rounding the table entirely covered—more like, buried—in stacks of paperwork. One would think that the Number One Hero shouldn’t have to be bothered with such menial tasks.
Finally, you gather his attention with a touch to his cheek, soft and warm, or how Izuku puts it: the feeling of home.
“Oh!” He gasps, sitting up as he brings a hand, still clutching onto that pen he seems to hold onto more than you lately, to your waist, “Sorry I didn’t notice you. I’m just.. really stressed right now, baby.”
You sigh into his touch—stiff and distant.
“Think you’ll have to stay late? Again?” You gesture to the mountain of work ahead of him with a frown as he nods, sinking deeper into his chair.
“Yeah.. I’m—”
Before he can even fathom the redundant apology sitting on the edge of his tongue, you pull your phone out and show him the screen. His eyes soften, taking in the notification—something the two of you have been so, so aware of as of late.
“We can try next time, Izu, don’t worry,” you press your lips against his forehead, “That’s why I came though.”
Your fingers run through his curls, breaking through some knots before you step away with a smile, “Want some lunch? I can run and pick something up for you.”
He nods his head no, arms circling your waist to trap you as you tilt your head to the side, brows furrowing lightly in protest, “You need to eat, Izuku. At the very least, let me—”
But then he’s rising from his seat, pulling and tugging your sweet body flush against his—your eyes fluttering when you feel the overwhelming warmth of his chest, his thick, corded arms tightening around your middle as he lifts you up.
Instinctively, you grasp onto him, legs latching onto his sturdy hips as you melt into the familiar touch of your dear husband.
“I thought you were busy.”
You smirk up at him, a breathy gasp escaping when he smothers you with his mouth like he’s starving. Izuku pulls away for a moment, eyeing the cluttered desk while he seeks out an alternative.
He can’t fuck you on his work, can’t fuck you against the walls either. His coworkers would definitely be able to hear, and if he’s anything, he’s a good boss. Respectable and unbiased and doesn’t break the rules, at least, the one’s that really matter.
Your fingers scratch at the nape of his neck while you press your tits into him and he feels his resolve slowly slipping, mind fogging over with lust as he shuffles over to the back wall, made up of floor to ceiling windows overlooking the entire city of Musutafu.
Your eyes widen, shifting uncomfortably in his hold as he approaches the incredibly transparent glass, “Izuku, we can’t—”
He cuts you off with the press of your back into the alarmingly cool surface, palms sliding up your thighs to bunch your dress up around your waist.
His nose brushes along your jaw, hot breath fanning over your pulse point, “It’s fine, baby, it’s reinforced, tactical glass.” You know this. That’s not exactly what you’re worried about from the height of a brief six floors though.
“Come on,” his tongue laps at you as he grinds his hero uniform—now tight with his prominent bulge—against your mound, “Thought you wanted to be bred, baby. Isn’t that why you came?”
You breath hitches at his words. Even now, married for years, now trying for kids, you’re still not entirely used to the way his demeanor flips once he’s decidedly aching for you, saying all sorts of things to have you giving into his touch.
“Yes, but,” you pause, biting your lip as his thumb snaps the flimsy waistband of your panties, making haste as he pulls them to the side, toying with your clit.
“But what? Just let Daddy take care of you, promise I’ll fill you up, make it take this time.” You can’t deny his wishes because they’re yours, too. Your stomach flipping repeatedly at the dream you’ve both been chasing for weeks and weeks, to bear a full womb, to give him a baby. Your baby.
“Please,” you beg, nails dragging along his broad shoulders, “Please get me pregnant, Izuku.”
He loves that, loves to hear you beg for something only he can give you. Without wasting a second, his fingers are spreading the sticky indication of your readiness over the head of his cock, dragging it along your folds to prep you.
“S’big, Izu.” You whine, spine arching off the glass as he works the head in. Even after all this time, you’ll never get accustomed to his size, his girth.
His mouth latches onto your throat, groaning as he eases himself inside of you, “Let me in, baby. Let Daddy do his job.” You nod, sucking in a breath as you relax, his cock slipping in the whole way as you both shudder.
Just like that, with your eyes squeezed unbearably tight, your cunt convulsing with sensitivity and the insatiable need to be bred, Izuku fucks you against the window for the whole world to see.
They probably can’t, not from this distance, but your head spins at the thought of his ravenous craze. It’s something so primal, so instinctive, that takes over him, infecting you to the core as you whimper for his cum with a Please, please, please, Daddy.. You can hardly recognize your own voice when you get like this.
He delivers, as he does. Always holding himself accountable to his promises with a swear on his lips, teeth bared as he grumbles about how good you feel. Izuku’s hips begin to stutter when he grinds his seed deep, deep inside of you. So deep, you’ll be leaking for days, but you don’t mind. You want it all, anyways. You want his baby.
Once you’ve both settled down, heavy breaths slowing in tandem as you gaze at each other lovingly, Izuku lifts you back up and towards his desk. He lowers you down, coos at you when you curl into his leather seat tiredly before he reaches for his phone.
“How about I order us some lunch instead?”
You grin, pressing your thighs together to keep his cum from spilling, “Y-Yeah. Good idea, Izu.”
He leans in, presses a kiss to your cheek, pulling away with a ruffle of your hair, “Don’t think you’d even make it to the elevator before you start.. oozing.”
Tumblr media
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ultimate-astridwriting · 8 months ago
Can I request Izuku and Bakugou headcanons with their first time having sex with shy! Virgin! Reader plz?
Izuku and Bakugou with a shy, virgin S/O
note: um... i kinda messed up bc the reader isn’t rlly shy more shy-ish?. i’ll make another one if you don’t like it ☺️
note: i also added a drabble part bc i felt inspired today
Izuku Midoriya
Tumblr media
• He’s a pretty innocent guy
• Knows about some things because of Denki and Mineta *cough* also porn *cough*
• Youve been dating for a while and you both decided it was time to take it to the next level
• When he finds out that it’s your first time he’ll be kinda nervous
• He’s ecstatic that you’d want him to be your first and he’d legit start panicking
• Probably did research and wrote down notes on what to do
• He wants to make sure you’re comfortable and most of all feeling good
• Finds the little moans and whimpers you let out adorable
• Lowkey a natural like he figures out where all your sweet spots are so quick
• Tries to hold himself back from fucking you into oblivion. He really does
• Until you push him to his breaking point
He picks you up and gently lays you on the bed. Without his lips leaving yours he manoeuvres himself over you and stares into your eyes one last time looking for any sign of discomfort or hesitation.
“Are you sure you wanna do this, baby? We can stop right now if you’re uncomfortable.”
You silenced him with a kiss, hands roaming all over his body and finally settling on his broad shoulders. You tug on his shirt and he breaks the kiss, taking it off and exposing his chiseled chest. You couldn’t help but admire the newly exposed skin, you were stuck in your thoughts till he tilted your chin up and greeted you with a deep kiss.
He rips open your shirt leaving open mouthed kisses all over your neck, moving down to your chest. Not being able to keep quiet you moaned out his name, you were extremely embarrassed but when you looked into his eyes you saw a hunger you’ve never seen before.
“Last chance to back out, puppy. I can’t promise I’ll be nice. I’m trying to be gentle but you’re making it so goddamn hard.”
You pulled him into a sloppy kiss when a surge of confidence filled you. You licked the shell of his ear, tugging harshly on his hair as you whispered.
“Don’t hold back. Make me yours, ‘Zuku.”
Bakugou Katsuki
Tumblr media
• He’s horny a lot
• You guys have had some very ✨spicy✨ makeout sessions but you haven’t really moved past that
• He’s always wanted more but he feels guilty whenever he thinks about it since you’re so sweet and shy
• You were actually the one who told him that you wanted to do it
• Was very surprised
• Choked on his drink and started stuttering like an idiot when you told him
• Secretly scared because he doesn’t want to hurt you or disappoint you
• He’d try *keyword try* to make things romantic but he’s a tsundere so it doesn’t work out well
You opened the door to his room and found the bed and floor covered in rose petals. As well as vanilla candles lit all around, it looked like something out of those cliche romance movies.
“This is really sweet of you, Katsu. You didn’t have to do all of this though all I really need is you.”
A blush covers his face. “Tch, S-Shut up and enjoy it. This is the only time I’m doing this for you. Got that?
He cups your cheek and gently presses his lips against yours the kiss quickly turns into a heated makeout session. Leading you to his bed, you were quickly surprised when he positions you on his lap. He moves his hands down to your hips helping you grind yourself against his slowly hardening cock.
“Feels good, Katsu.” you capture his lips back in yours. He continued the rhythm that you had both gotten used to when your grip on his biceps tightened. He immediately stopped the motion looking, thinking he had hurt you.
“What’s wrong?” he says breathlessly.
“Too good. Want you inside me now.” you were clearly overwhelmed by pleasure, your words slurred. He couldn’t resist anymore.
He flipped you over, quickly discarding both of your clothes. He lined up his cock against your entrance and he could feel how nervous you were, he brushed the hair out of your face placing a quick kiss on your lips.
“Don’t worry, princess. I’ll make you feel good—yeah? Trust me.”
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rekiri · a month ago
baby fever.
Tumblr media
synopsis ↷ desperate times call for desperate measures. izuku makes you and your husband bakugou a mommy and daddy with his potent nut.
warnings ↷ pro hero au, breeding, pregnancy, unprotected sex, mentions of adoption & sperm donation, pining, infidelity, cucking, mmf threesome, male infertility, izuku has big breeder balls & a fat cock.
characters ↷ bakugou katsuki & izuku midoriya.
Tumblr media
Izuku’s thick cock laid heavy on your tummy. Admittedly, he couldn’t remember the last time he’s been this achingly hard. The given situation was one Izuku never thought he’d be in— not even in his most perverted dreams.
“Come on, Deku.” Bakugou’s tone was harsh as he spoke to the green-haired man. “You fuckin’ promised you would get my girl pregnant so fuckin’ do it.”
Bakugou was infertile simply put. After a trip to a specialist, the doctor let you two know that Bakugou just didn’t have enough active swimmers in his sperm. Neither of you can count all the failed attempts at trying for a baby on both your hands combined. Unfortunately, it was something that couldn’t be helped with the doctor advising you to look into adoption and, well, a sperm donor.
Adoption was a high possibility, but neither of you was particularly fond of the idea of a sperm donor. It was the anonymity and the cold transactional feel of the whole ordeal that was unsettling and rather... off-putting to you both. As the weeks went by, the fear of not being able to have a child organically was really starting to settle in you both after the last few desperate attempts to try to get pregnant ultimately failed again.
Things went quiet after that. It was almost an unspoken rule to not bring the matter up anymore. Both parties were equally upset. You have to cope with potentially never being a mother while Bakugou fights his own demons— beating himself up for not being a husband that can provide everything for you in every single aspect of your life. It was mentally exhausting— you both were drained.
It was you who suggested the idea to your husband one night after a hero’s charity gala event. Everything was well throughout the night, that was until you grew envious of Izuku and his wife sharing pictures of their most recent newborn. That would be baby number three for the seemingly perfect couple. Bakugou noticed your change in mood that night, going from sweet and congratulatory to a shift into a more reserved and detached demeanor. He knew what was wrong but all he could provide at the moment was a reassuring hand on the small of your back followed by a chaste kiss to your temple.
You remember sitting at your vanity removing the last of your makeup when you brought up the conversation. Your nerves were getting the best of you but it didn’t stop you from trying.
“Katsuki,” You called softly, eyes looking at his relaxing form on the bed through your mirror. Your hands reached for the soft and fluffy material of the panda headband you often wore while doing your skincare routine.
“What is it?” Bakugou answered gruffly, his eyes still locked on his phone while he scrolled through his various social media. While you put the headband on, your mind churns trying to find the right words to say.
“What about... Midoriya?” Your voice was careful and cautious as if it were stepping on eggshells. It went silent for a few seconds before he spoke again.
“What about that twerp?” Bakugou sat up slowly and locked eyes from behind you through the reflection of the mirror. You mentally rolled your eyes at his juvenile words— even years after graduating from UA, some things never change. Your upper half turned around in the chair, your arm resting on the back as you looked at him.
“He can give us a baby.” You said.
That’s how Izuku found himself in the position he was now, seconds away from fucking his childhood best friend’s wife pregnant. There is no denying that there’s a bit of history between you and Izuku. Bakugou may have your long-lasting love, but Izuku was your first love once upon a time. Seeing you spread out underneath him like this once again after so many years stirred up deep feelings he’s repressed to such a degree that he believed those emotions didn’t exist anymore— that he grew out of them. He realized now that hadn’t ever been the case. Izuku almost feels sick, he’s been “happily” married for about three years now. What are these feelings? He remembers when you told him the news that you and Bakugou had gotten engaged. The cheerful smile on his lips couldn’t have been a bigger lie. “Repress. Forget. Ignore.” is what Izuku forced himself to do, eventually believing his own lie and “moving on.”
“Don’t wanna wait anymore— fuck me, please.” You whine and roll your hips upward in hopes of any kind of friction. Bakugou sat beside you both, his own cock hard and standing at attention embarrassingly enough. He didn’t have to be there, but he wanted to. It made sense, right? Obviously, he wanted to be present for his kid’s conception. It was only fair for him to be present. Bakugou insisted that it wasn’t for anything else, but the way his cheeks were flushed a peachy shade of pink indicated otherwise.
“Move.” Bakugou intervenes with a grumble. Izuku sat on his knees letting the blond hike one of your legs up, nearly pinning your thigh to your chest by cupping the back of your knee.
They watched your wet cunt visibly flutter around nothing before Bakugou took his middle and ring finger and plunged them deep into your cunt earning an explicit mewl from your lips. Izuku watched Bakugou twist and scissor his fingers a couple of times before slipping them out of you and bringing them up to the freckled man’s face.
“See that?” Bakugou asked. Izuku’s mouth watered watching the way the wetness from your hole coated Bakugou’s thick fingers making them glisten in the low-lit bedroom. Two clear thin strings of slick connected his digits as he spread them further apart. “Means she’s ovulating. Cunt’s begging to be bred.”
“Kacchan.. I—” Izuku’s gaze torn away from his fingers, anxious emerald irises met a pair of unyielding vermilion ones. “Are you both sure about this?” his brows are knitted upward in the center.
“Please, Midoriya,” The gentle plea followed by the dainty hand grabbing around his cock made him shutter. Izuku looked down at you with glossy eyes as you worked your hand up and down his shaft with the lightest touch. The precum he was producing was dribbling on your supple tummy and leaving behind a slick patch of wetness on your skin.
“Give us a baby, please. We can’t do it without you.” You spread your thighs further, slipping the head of his cock past your folds and against your clit a few times before aligning him up with your hole.
Izuku failed to notice Bakugou slip behind him until the blond’s lips were at his ear lobe, the tickle from his breath gave Izuku goosebumps.
“Fuck a baby into ‘er, Number 1,” Bakugou whispered, there was hidden aggression behind the nickname. “I won’t ask again.” He provokes. As much as Bakugou hates to admit it, Izuku was the only man he trusted enough to fuck his wife let alone get her pregnant. Izuku was the most fit in his opinion, besides himself or maybe, Kirishima. But with the lack of children on his end and the fact that Izuku had history with you in the past, it was clear what the obvious choice was.
Bakugou watched from over Izuku’s shoulder, his large hands roaming up and down his abs until he was eventually kneading at his big pecs. Bakugou’s eyes were locked on how slowly he entered you, how Izuku’s fat cock split your tight cunt open. Your lips formed an ‘o’ shape and your brow furrowed the more he pushed into your hole. Izuku’s bottom lip was tucked between his incisors desperately trying to hold back a moan. The stretch from his shaft separating your walls burned but it was so pleasant to be filled to the brim. His cock had a nice curve that hit all the right ripples inside of you. Once he was fully bottomed out his trimmed green bush met your clit.
“How does he feel, princess?” Bakugou asked.
“Feels good, Katsu,” You whimpered. “’S so big, baby.”
“Yeah? Stretching out your greedy cunt so well, ain’t he?” His vulgar words made Izuku’s cock twitch inside of you and a moan, rather a whine, escaped his lips.
It didn’t take long for him to start pounding into your poor cunt. Bakugou’s large hands gripped Izuku’s hips, guiding his pace and movement. The relentless pace was almost painful with men making it their mission to get his cock as deep as it could go into you. Izuku had your thighs spread and hiked up. Every time his pelvis rammed into you, the tip of his cock was blatantly kissing your cervix just begging to enter your womb. Bakugou’s cock rubbed against the curve of Izuku’s plump ass while his pearly straight teeth sunk into the younger hero’s skin, leaving deep, red bite marks behind.
All three of you were so, so close— just needed a little bit more.
“M-Midoriya— need- need your cum, need it-” You managed to speak between his hard thrusts.
“You’re gonna be a mommy soon, (Name),” Izuku let out. He sounded breathless, almost like he couldn’t speak. “Gonna make you both a mommy and daddy,” He was close, his voice was wavering just as much as his hips.
“Hah, yeah?” Bakugou grabbed a fist full of Izuku’s hair, yanking his head back so his Adam's apple was on full display. “You fuckin’ better.” The blond gritted into his ear, his cock rubbing against him harder and at a quicker pace. Izuku’s eyes were closed, brows furrowed and his mouth hanging open in complete ecstasy. He could feel you clench around his cock, your orgasm took you by surprise. It started tiny, deep in the pit of your belly until it erupted into strong waves and made your lower half shake into a fit. You felt a bit of wetness come from your cunt as your walls contracted around him.
“‘M gonna fill her up, Kacchan. G-gonna fuck a baby into her.” Izuku moans out in almost a delirious state of euphoria.
“Do it. She’s begging for it, Deku.” Bakugou nips at his ear. “Make me a daddy.”
As if on cue, Izuku’s painted your velvety red walls white in copious amounts. He unloaded every last drop he had held in his balls as if he’s been saving up for years to stuff your womb with his seed. You’ve never felt quite this full. The only way you could describe the feeling was being a water balloon that was actively being filled with a warm substance that was thicker than water. Izuku’s balls twitched as he continued to stuff you full, there was no way you were pregnant after this. He knew his seed was potent, it was almost dangerous. He was three kids now and none of them was a retry.
Bakugou on the other hand had his hand wrapped tightly around his cock jerking himself off hastily. He let out a low grunt of “fuck” before he spilled his cum on Izuku’s lower back, the milky substance running down slowly onto his ass. Izuku gave you a few more pumps, some of his seed was oozing out of your cunt already before he even pulled out.
Your belly felt so full and heavy, like a bitch in heat you just got bred. All you could do was lay there in complete bliss with your hand on your belly hoping that the next morning you would be a new mommy.
Tumblr media
© all content belongs to rekiri 2021. do not modify or repost.
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doinmybesthere · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
petting the dolphin
marine biologist!deku x kindergarten teacher reader(f!reader)
summary - Midoriya invites you up in front of your class to pet one of the dolphins. What could go wrong? 
aquarium collab masterlist
a/n - p*rn with BASICALLY no plot lol, izuku is a reluctant, sweet top, a clumsy idiot in love, izuku does not flirt well but he does mean well, he’s a sweet babie w a thick cock i don’t make the rules. 
 “Come on,”  you call, herding your class of slightly sticky, bright eyed kindergarteners to the front of the room. You give them a warm smile. “Who can tell me where penguins live?” 
“ANTARTICA!” A boy in the front row, with dark sparkling eyes and short twists screams. “AND THEY LAY EGGS!” You giggle, and your aide smiles warmly.
“Both are true, good job James!” He glows, puffing out his chest, shoving sticky fingers into  his pant pockets. 
“I know other things about Penguins!” He says, turning to his classmates. “Like did you know they can swim at over 25 miles per hour?” 
“Sounds like you know your stuff!” A voice says over your shoulder, and you turn, jumping a mile and putting a hand over your heart. A tall man, muscles bowing out of his tight evergreen polo shirt with the aquarium’s logo on it, is standing with his arms crossed next to the tank. “Did you know that there are actually some penguins that spend part of the year on beaches in South Africa?” 
“No way.” James breathes, all 12 kindergarteners turn to the man, wide eyed. “I knew they can hold their breath for 2, for two whole minutes!” He yells back at the man who smiles, his green eyes twinkling. He waves your class over, squatting next to the penguin enclosure and lowering his voice like he was sharing a secret. Anna, the teacher’s aide, raises her eyebrows at you, eyes flicking to his huge biceps and toned shoulders, obvious in the thin green polo.
“See that one over there?” He points to a penguin with a sharp-looking orange beak that was swimming sharp laps around the spacious pool, totally focused on the kids. “That’s Lightning Mcqueen, he likes to race. And I’ve seen him hold his breath for 4 whole minutes.” A ripple of gasps echo through the kids, he looks up at you, smiling warmly and standing while the kids press themselves up against the glass. “I’m Midoriya.” He says, reaching out a huge tanned hand for yours, swallowing it with a handshake. Behind you, Anna makes a face.
“Hi,” you say blushing a little. “That’s my class, and this is Anna, my aide.” He laughs a little. 
“I gathered, yeah, nice to meet you, Anna.” He says, barely looking at her before turning his attention back to you. “I’m a Biologist here.” You nod, giving him a wry smile. 
“I gathered that as well.” He puts his palms up. 
“Very fair.” His laugh is easy and warm, and he’s so handsome he kind of hurts to look at, you catch yourself wondering if the freckles dusting his nose continue down onto his shoulders. “How long have you been a teacher?” 
“Three years.” You say, sighing happily. “It’s my dream job.” You look fondly at your class. “I’m y/n.” He looks a little sheepish. 
“I should have asked your name.” You laugh. 
“Yes, you should have.” He grins,
 “I um,” he looks a little nervous before his face warms, “Do you um,” you look at him carefully, your palms breaking into a sweat as speaks, but he just blurts out, “Do you think the kids would want to see the dolphins play a little?” You nod.
“I think they’d love that!” You say. “Hey, kids!” They peel themselves away from the glass, one of them tugging at your skirt. “This is Midoriya,” you introduce the man standing next to you. “He’s a Marine Biologist and he’s gonna show us how the dolphins play!” Emma, a little girl with straw colored pigtails and huge blue eyes gasps. 
“They. Are. My. Favorite. Animal.” She reaches over and tugs on Midoriya’s khaki shorts, he goes bright red, he’s not usually self-conscious about his work uniform but for the occasion of meeting you he feels underdressed. 
“They’re pretty cool!” He admits. “Are you ready?” He asks the class and there’s a chorus of cheers as he leads them across the rubber floor, realizing how ugly and unfashionable his practical sneakers are. It’s all you can to do keep your eyes off his broad shoulders, as you heard the kids across the room, pulling them away from the line for the touch tank, with a soft, musical promise, 
“Later.” You get to a huge pair of double doors that Midorya pushes open with a huge hand. The kids rush into what looks like an auditorium, except instead of the stage there’s a huge tank. 
“We don’t do shows here.” Midoriya explains. “This is an animal sanctuary, so that means we take in marine animals who might be sick, or lost, and they stay with us until they’re healthy and ready to go back to their families, or in this case,” He turns around, and you can just make out the dolphins swimming in frantic, dizzying circles, “Their pods.” The students press themselves up against the glass. His stomach turns a little, you were so, so beautiful, he kept forgetting where he was. 
“Do you um,” His hands are sweaty, he keeps wiping them on his khakis, hoping you don’t notice, “Do you want to um, check out the uh, Dolphins, um, I can get one of them to shake your hand?” To his relief your face lights up. 
“Yes!” You cry, and he takes the walkie talkie off his hip and murmurs something in it quickly, a couple of his aides come and stand with the kids. He helps you around the back of the enclosure to a faux rocky outcrop and you turn around, teeth briefly scraping your lower lip in a way that makes his face warm. “Okay, um, I’m nervous.” He shakes his head. 
“Nothing to be afraid of.” He squats and pulls a whistle from his pocket, blowing through it lightly. You nearly jump a mile when a huge animal bursts out of the water, braying like a horse, then  hoisting itself up on the platform. You look down into its beady eyes, Midoriya is petting it like it’s a dog. The kids in your class squeal and cheer, so you reach a hand out and he catches your wrist. “Like this,” He guides your flat palm against the dolphins' back, it makes a low squeak, you can feel the vibrations on your palm. 
“Oh,” you say softly, feeling the animal relax under your touch. Midoriya is barely breathing as your lips part and that soft sound drips down. He’s a little too focused on  you, on how relaxed you seem with this, on your beautiful face, on your cheekbones reflected and refracted on the choppy blue water. That might be why he doesn’t notice when  you start to slip, until it’s too late. 
You fall into the freezing water with a loud splash, much to the delight of your class. They squeal with joy, even though Midoriya is pulling you out of the tank quickly, profusely apologizing, you just giggle, standing up and facing your class, taking a bow. 
“Oh god,” Midoriya continues, “I’m so sorry, I just I should have been more careful, it’s uh, it’s so wet here, on the deck and um,” the dolphins slides back into the water and you turn to him, teeth chattering. 
“Its uh, it’s alright,” you smile weakly, “Is there a towel?” he nods and leaps into action, pulling one from the back of the enclosure, throwing it around your shoulders. “So embarrassing,” you mumble, looking up at him, “I’m s-so clumsy.” He shakes his head, without thinking, he puts his hand on  your upper arm, rubbing gently to  help it dry. You’re freezing, and he’s as red as a tomato. 
“C-can your aide watch the class? We have dry clothes.” You nod, sighing with relief. You wave to Anna and the class continues with the tour as he leads you back behind  the exhibit into some offices. 
“I’m so sorry,” He says, as you shiver next to him, “That water is so cold, I should have caught you, I feel like such an asshole,” you turn to him and he gets redder, “And I just cursed in front of a teacher.” 
“I say fuck sometimes.” You say, a light giggle falling from your lips as you shiver again. You knock into his shoulder as he leads you down the hallway, the walls decorated with pictures of sea creatures released back to the wild. His arm moves almost of its own accord, snaking around your waist. You lean against him, you can feel his muscles even through the towel. He opens the door for you  and you step inside his office. The desk is covered with piles of papers, ink stained papers and notes everywhere. 
“Oh wow,” you say through chattering teeth as he digs in the little closet. He hums,
“Yeah, I know it’s a mess but uh, this way, this way I know where everything is,” he turns around and gestures to the piles of paper, “It makes sense to me, I promise, I um,” when he flattens his hands out like that you can see the scars between his fingers, his forearms swollen with muscle around his waterproof watch. He has his head in the closet while you fidget nervously. He turns around and moves eagerly throughout the small space, carrying a pair of grey sweatpants and matching sweatshirt embroidered with the aquarium logo. You step forward and he accidentally hooks one of his feet on the office chair, tripping. You try your best to catch him, which was, after all, a mistake. His weight pulls you down with him and he barely manages to brace himself with one hand on his office chair, which of course is on wheels. 
“Fuck, I,” He says, as he stumbles further, and you squeal as he falls and smack his head on the side of his desk. 
“Oh my god,” you say quickly, kneeling beside him on the floor. 
“This is so embarrassing.” He moans, frantically scrambling to his feet only to slip again on some of the paper that spilled when he fell, this time landing beside you right on his ass. “Fuck and in front of you I-” He looks up at you, “Um, I mean,” 
“It’s okay,” You say quickly, “It’s um, it’s fine, can I um,” You gesture to his head and open your palm in front of him. 
“Oh yeah,” he says, sheepishly, “Sure, I um, sure.” Without thinking, he lays his chin in your freezing palm, “You’re still all wet,” He says, placing the dry clothes in  your lap. You turn his chin gently, inspecting the red mark on his cheek where it collided with the metal side of his desk. “How’s it look doc?” He says, attempting humor. 
“I think you’ll live.” You muse. 
“If I were one of your students, would I get a sparkly band aid or something?” He says quietly, a smile creeping back onto his face, despite the utter humiliation of being on the floor with the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. You laugh. 
“Are you hoping I’ll kiss it better?” All the moisture leaves his mouth and he blinks at you. “Oh god,” You say, burning your own warming face in your hands, “That was so awful and ch-cheesey,” You shiver again. “It’s been a while since I’ve um,” you look away for a moment and he speaks.
“No, no, no,” He says quickly, waving his hands at you, “No I um,” he looks up at you, an intensity burning in his soft green eyes. “I was, hoping you would. Kiss it uh, better, maybe.” You move slowly, leaning into him then, pressing your lips softly to the top of his cheek. There’s a moment, where you can feel his warm breath on your neck, and you shiver again. 
“I’ve got to get back to my class,” You mutter, looking up at him from under thick lashes. 
“You’re freezing.” He says, lifting his head towards yours, until your lips brush, “Please, I want to, I can,” he slips your soaked cardigan off your shoulders and it lands on the floor behind you with a splat, “I want to,” he starts again, 
“Me too,” you mutter, an edge of urgency to your voice, and then his huge hands are on your hips and he’s kissing  you hungrily, desperately, you shiver again and he laughs into your mouth. 
“Let’s get these fucking clothes off.” There’s something new in his tone, something almost commanding, it makes your cheeks hot and your heart flutter. “C’mon.” He says, standing and lifting you at the same time, not waiting for you to do it, unzipping your dress in one clean move, letting it pool around your feet before wrapping his arms around your body and pinning you to the wall of his office. You wrap your arms around his neck, feeling him slip a thick thigh between yours, you can’t help but grind against it, and he laughs again. “Needy, huh?” You sigh delicately and every hair on his body stands up. 
“Midoriya,” you moan, when he dives into your neck, placing blooming, burning open mouthed kisses along your collarbone, 
“Izuku,” he corrects you, “Please, god,” he snarls the second word, hands moving to palm your breasts, worshipping every inch of your body that he can touch, one hand fumbling with your bra for a second before he manages to unclasp it and toss it on the chair. He rakes his hands through your soaked hair, and you arch your back against the wall. You’re rolling your hips against his thigh when you feel his lips on your ear, “God, are you you gonna cum just on my thigh,” your face burns with humiliation and you whimper softly, you feel a burst of pain when he bites down, then the soft swipe of his tongue, “S-so fuckin’ beautiful.” He says, “Come on baby, you filthy fuckin’ thing.” Your hips stutter in their movements, you drop your head to his shoulder, mouth on his neck, buried in his warmth. 
“Fuck, ‘zuku,” you moan quietly, “Gonna cum,” 
“Go ahead baby,” He breathes, “Right on my thigh, fuck,” he feels the wet spot form as you bite down on his skin, he tastes of salt and chlorine, he smells like sweat, and man, and you tremble and shake as you reach your high, tipping gently over the edge as he rubs the back of your head soothingly. “Good girl,” he coos, reaching down for his belt, unbuckling it smoothly, and you blink down at his thick cock, it’s not the longest you’ve ever seen but it looks heavy and wide, slapping against his stomach. He reaches between your legs and slips your soaked panties to the side with a soft groan. “You’re so wet,” he follows your eyes downward and the ghost of smirk crosses his face, “Don’t worry baby,” he coos, “It’ll fit.” Your mouth drops open as he teases it across your slit, rubbing the head on your clit which is still pulsing from your orgasm a few minutes ago. 
“Zuku,” you whine, “Please, I want-” at your words he buries himself inside you to the hilt, you gasp at the feeling, you’re so full, and his cock is so wide he’s hitting every spot without even trying. You collapse into him and he picks you up, fingers digging into your soft thighs as he moves you up and down his length. 
“Fuck,” he whispers, “You’re so beautiful,” He says into your neck, “so pretty,” you kiss him then, and it’s burning and ardent, needy and hungry, you’re still freezing - and he’s warm. He presses you against the wall, taking a step forward and you feel his hips flush against your ass as he groans loudly. “God you feel so good,” he mumbles, biting softly on your lower lip before closing his eyes for a moment and picking up the pace, “Touch yourself,” he orders, “Wanna feel you cum on my cock,” he blinks up at you, “Please uh, I mean,” but you’re already doing it, expertly rubbing your clit, mewling quietly as he fucks you into oblivion. 
“Hah, oh,” you bounce a little, closing your eyes and whining as you get close again, “Can I-” 
“Did you just ask for permission to cum?” He breathes, and you flush. “No that’s so fucking hot,” he says, a darker edge to his voice, “No baby, cum with me, hold on,” he pulls you away from the wall, eyes the desk for a second before saying, “Fuck it.” With one hand he sweeps all his papers down and lays you gently down on it, your legs around his shoulders as he rips his shirt off, revealing tanned, sculpted muscle. You lick your lips and breathe in sharply as he goes back to fucking you into oblivion, getting harder inside you before blushing deeply and pulling out, spilling his cum on your stomach. There’s a quiet moment, where the only sound is the two of you breathing. He scoops you up, wrapping you in his arms, pressing his lips to your cheek. 
“So uh,” He says in a low voice. “Can I take you to dinner, tonight?” You nod. 
“I think that might be appropriate.” 
You go back to your class, in the aquarium sweats, your wet hair piled in a knot on your head. Only Anna recognizes the redness on your cheeks, and a wry smile forms on her face as each of the parents picks their kids up outside the concrete building. 
“How was it?” She asks cheekily. 
“Petting the dolphin?” You ask, flushing, trying to deflect. 
“Is that what we’re calling it these days?” She mutters. 
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ultimate-astridwriting · 7 months ago
Todoroki, Bakugou and Izuku || What kind of roleplay they’re into
Request: Hey! If deku, bakugou, and todoroki (separate) were to do some sort of role play in bed with the reader, what kind would they be into? Just an idea!
Note: i’m finally back to writing ik i was being lazy sorryyy
⤑ requests are open! masterlist || taglist || ko-fi
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
bakugou katsuki.
there’s no way in hell he would ever be a villain
but this man definitely enjoys playing the role of one
in his fantasies, he’s a villain and you’re a scared hero who’s life is in his hands
“Tch, you want me to let you live, little hero slut. You’ll have to do more than just begging if you want me to spare you.”
degradation to the MAX
he does not hold back
it’s probably one of the only times he’s really rough with you
✨ corruption kink ✨
he loves it when you start off being nervous and hesitant
but by the near the end you start begging for him to fuck you harder and deeper
the aftercare is bomb he’s super sweet and cuddly
always making sure to tell you that whatever insults and names he called you in the moment he didn’t actually mean
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
izuku midoriya.
this man has an authority kink
there’s no way you can convince me otherwise
he’s also a closet pervert and i stand by that
he’s used to feeling weak and powerless
so if you were role playing in bed he’d definitely want a scene where he gets to call the shots
one where he has control and dominance over you
his favourite fantasy?
he saves your life and you thank him in a more intimate way
it’d be a huge ego boost for him
not to mention he’d absolutely love to fuck you in his hero suit
man goes feral
“Take it deeper, baby. You can do that for me, can’t you? It’s the least you can do after I saved your life.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
shoto todoroki.
doesn’t really know why he likes it, he just does
he’s the CEO of a huge company and you’re an assistant who cannot afford lose your job
“On most occasions, I’d have already fired you for making a mistake as huge as this but I think you can find another way to apologize to me, Ms. Y/N.”
he will bend you over a desk and spank you till your ass is red and bruised
enjoys humiliating you
and his dirty talk is absolutely filthy
will have a smirk on his face the entire time
he’ll use his belt to tie up your hands and just fuck your face
he’ll make you beg for everything
you want his cock? beg for it
you wanna cum? beg for it
he will make you cry and enjoy every single moment of it
Tumblr media
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rat-zuki · a month ago
Ego ⇝ Midoriya Izuku
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
WORDCOUNT : 5.2k words.
WARNINGS : smut, fluff, childhood friends + college au, reader is a tsundere -> says “shut up” about fifty times, vaginal + anal penetration (m -> f), rimming (m -> f), alcohol consumption, spitting.
A/N : the beginning of this was inspired by the drinking game they play in game of thrones. you make a claim about someone—if you’re wrong, you drink and if you’re right, they drink.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Okay, I’ve got one.” Denki grins, already filling your shot glass, pushing it across his shit coffee table. Always so eager—naive, more like it.
“You’ve never slept with an upperclassman.”
You raise a brow up at him. Never fucked an upperclassman?
“Seriously?” He groans, must be a little too drunk to be this careless at this point in the game. But he takes the shot from you, downing it in one, burdensome swig. Meanwhile, you have your next question locked and loaded—something grubby and nasty, actually nasty, none of this child’s play.
“This next one is for everyone.” You announce, sitting up in your beanbag eagerly as you glance around the circle at Denki, Kyouka, and a begrudging Izuku who you've somehow managed to drag to this.. lovely affair.
“Everyone?” You’ve seemed to pique a sleepy Kyouka’s interest as Izuku visibly gulps from his spot beside you, not that you’re paying him much attention, he’s just dramatic. Always has been. Giddy, you nod, casually dropping your palm to Izuku’s thigh to rile your innocent friend up just a bit more because you’re not having nearly enough fun yet.
You take a deep breath, confidence at your front, “None of you have.. had sex with someone with a mutation quirk.”
Kyouka scoffs, eyes rolling in offense before she asks, “Like what? Like tentacles?”
Izuku’s face flushes as he chokes on absolutely nothing, “T-Tentacles?” But you’re nodding anyway, eyes narrowing as your fingers trail up his thigh then squeeze.
“Exactly, like tentacles.”
“Like you have?” It’s Denki who says this, albeit, too gainfully for Kyouka’s taste. You don’t fail to notice the way her eyes glaze over with something jaded, but you don’t mind. She knows you’re not here for her man.
“I wouldn’t have suggested it if I haven’t.”
“You’re lying! There’s no way!” Denki’s shooting up from his seat, quite literally buzzing with intrigue, harmless curiosity that you curve with little effort. You shake your head yes, pride smeared across your cheeks.
“You fucked Tamaki’s tentacles?” Kyouka asks, her brows furrowing with shock because this is news. Even to her. Of course it is, it’s a lie after all.
“No—” You pause, leaning back as your knee brushes against Izuku’s, careful to keep your eyes trained on him as you speak lowly, “Tamaki fucked me with his tentacles.”
The room goes silent, much to your amusement.
“So, that’s a no? For all of you? Can’t say I’m surprised.”
You lift the shot to Izuku lips, watch as his expression flits from disbelief to embarrassment then finally settles on.. something you can’t quite place. “Drink.” And he does, face scrunched up as the rancid liquid scalds his throat, the other two as well.
Izuku’s cheeks are flushed, you notice, far more than they usually are when he’s this flustered. He must be drunk, or at the very least getting there.
“What’s the matter?” You ask, bumping your knee into his again, this time resting it against him, letting the soft heat of your legs permeate into the dark denim of his. Izuku shakes his head, looking to Denki who’s practically vibrating in his seat.
“My turn.”
You groan, a drunkish giggle coming from Kyouka as she sips at her beer in anticipation.
“For everyone, since that’s allowed now.”
“Oh, fuck off.”
You catch Izuku’s gaze on you for a moment, something curious before Denki clears his throat, “None of you have, uh,” his cheeks darken, a sly look on him, “None of you have done anal.”
But he’s speaking primarily to you, even as Kyouka smacks him on the arm with her own cheeks burning a bright shade of red and a Denki! tumbling from her lips. Something you really didn’t need to know.
You shrug in response, filling up two glasses, one for you and one for Izuku—obviously. But before you ever lift them from the table, the man beside you is coughing, sucking in a shaky breath as his palm finds yours, “N-No need.. For, uh, me.”
“What?” It comes from all of you, all at once, but you’re the loudest, the most incredulous with your eyes as wide as saucers while your blood runs cold. “—What?”
Izuku scratches at his head, nervously twisting a curl at the nape of his neck, “Yeah, I.. I have.”
Your jaw seems to dislodge then, heart lurching as time seems to stop. Denki lunges across the table, pulling Izuku in by the collar of his dingy hoodie, “You got fucked in the ass, bro?” He’s laughing, so loud and hearty that you snap out of your haze for a moment.
“I mean—I’ve let Kyouka peg me once or twice before but man, I did not see that one coming.”
“Y-Yeah..” You mutter, crossing your arms as you bore holes into the side of Izuku’s stupid head, trying to (somehow) see if he’s telling the truth.
But that’s the thing, he wouldn’t lie. Or would he? No, he probably isn’t even capable of it, too nerdy and good and stupid. But, fuck.. Now you wanna know—you gulp—your curiosity wrapping its dangerous limbs around your throat. You wanna know who.
“Actually—” He blinks quickly as he confesses, “I usually do the, you know, the f-fucking.”
“Oh!” Kyouka shouts, spinning to meet Denki’s wild gaze, “He does the fucking.”
“You..” Your nails dig into your thighs as you retract your body inward, away from him. “Usually?”
“Hm? Did you say something?” He turns to you, eyes far too wide and far too innocent for your liking—unfitting, “You okay?” You scoff, squinting as you let the disgusting taste of cheap liquor burn your throat before slamming the glass back down, ignoring the onslaught of questions from the deranged blonde across from you—Is it girls? Is it guys? Is it both—
“I’m fine. Just tired.”
Kyouka’s shooting you a knowing look that you refuse to acknowledge, focusing your attention on finding your jacket as you get up and head towards the door, “Gonna head back now.”
Denki complains, because of course he does, begging you to stay for at least one more round but you’re fisting the doorknob and leaving with a wave in haste.
Annoying. How annoying.
But the sound of Denki’s shitty door creaking open again has you slowing down to look behind you, a hurried Izuku stumbling out with only one shoe coming forth, “W-Wait! It’s late, so I’ll walk you back.”
You stop for a moment, glaring up at the lanky nerd, “My building’s the furthest from yours. It’s fine, Deku.”
He follows you anyway.
Once you’re outside, crunching over the melting snow, Izuku finally takes the initiative to walk beside you, his hands clenching and unclenching together annoyingly, that thing he does when he can’t spit his fucking words out.
“—What is it?”
He grins down at you, despite the pout plastered to your face, “I just noticed that you called me Deku.”
“And?” It must be the cold because your ears suddenly feel hot, “What about it, nerd?”
He laughs, rushing forward to hold open the door to your building for you, “Nothing, just.. You haven’t called me that in a while.”
“I guess.”
Izuku walks you up to your floor, even meddles his way into your dorm despite the way you try to shut the door on his face.
“It’s been a while since you let me come over, too.” He whispers, crossing the room to sink into your bed as you shrug your coat off and dig through your laundry basket for some warm pajamas.
“You aren’t over, idiot. Don’t even know why you’re still here.” You shoot him a look before you pull your top off, and Izuku’s mindful enough to avert his eyes, palms slapping against his eyes.
“It’s cold.”
Once you’ve got some clothes back on, you start up again, “Thought that thick skull of yours was enough to keep you warm?”
He laughs, again, always immune to your abuse, but there’s something bothering him, you can tell. You as well.
Izuku breaks the silence. “Can I ask you something?”
You sigh, shoving him aside as you crawl onto the bed, laying over the covers as he fidgets with his sleeves by the edge.
He scoots closer, ever persistent, “Why’d you wanna leave so suddenly?”
You roll your eyes, draping your arm over your face to shield yourself from his freakish, viridescent stare. So nosy. “I said I was tired, so if you can just—”
“Did I say something?”
“You always say something.”
He scoots even closer, practically hovering over you with so much concern that you can physically feel it bouncing through the air, popping you in the face, “Did I say something to upset you?”
You groan, pulling your pillow out from beneath you to cover your face, hoping that you’ll just die or something, “You always say something to upset me.”
“Hey..” Ugh. “I’m being serious.”
“Leave it, Deku.”
“That’s twice in one day! Something’s definitely wrong..”
You flip the pillow, lurching off the bed to smack him in the face as he yelps, his glasses toppling off and onto the floor with a crash.
Immediately, you reach for the ground to pick it up, “Ah! Idiot, look what—”
But Izuku’s hand flies out to yours, gripping your wrist tight, hard enough for you to wince as he raises it, and you, back up. He pulls you forward then, face a hair away from yours, and for the first time in a long time you look into his eyes. Those ridiculously glittery, emerald eyes of his, darker than you last remember actually, and all the more intimidating without those stupid, round-rimmed frames blocking the view.
“Did I?” When he’s this close you can feel his breath fan over your nose, your cheeks too, as he continues to peer into your very soul like the freak he is.
You blink, “Did you—What?”
Izuku sighs, and this time you can taste the liquor on his breath. You try to pull your hand away but he doesn’t give.
“Did I upset you?”
He’s always so sincere, too sincere for your comfort, anyways. It’s.. an odd feeling, to have someone care for your feelings to this extent, to be so willingly open, vulnerable, raw. You don’t like it.
“Let go of me—”
“It was a lie, you know.” The corners of his lips sheepishly tug upwards, white teeth shying past his plump lips, and he chuckles, “I figured you were, so I did too.”
This time, you successfully pry your hand out of his grip, clutching it to your chest protectively as you scoff at him, “I was not lying.”
Izuku tilts his head, eyes squinting together as he tries to focus on you from so closely. Stupidly, he gets closer, until his thighs are crowding over yours and you’re backed up against the headboard.
“Tamaki-senpai is studying abroad now.” You blank at him.
“It—It was before that, you idiot! Why do you even care? You’re so creepy for even knowing that—”
His expression twitches, something unknown, the same look you saw in his eye earlier this evening, the same one you couldn’t quite place making an appearance again. He holds his breath.
“You know, I would only do that with someone I trust.”
You look away, anywhere but at him, pretending that the conviction woven into his stare isn’t there, “Then find someone! Jeez, you’re so..” You don’t even know.
You can’t seem to think properly with the way your blood is rushing through your skull, throbbing in your ears, everything sounds muffled and all you can hear is his voice inside of your head. So fucking persistent, pushing you and pushing you and—
“Were you jealous?” He asks. His hand finds your jaw, calloused thumb smoothing over your heated skin as he pulls your gaze his way, “You can tell me,”
“I mean, I was jealous.”
He.. What—
You turn away from his touch, defensive, as you pull your knees to your chest, “You knew I was lying.”
“I did,” Izuku reaches for you again, this time tugging your head close to him, against his sturdy chest, “But I didn’t.. didn’t even like the thought of it.”
He smells good, doesn’t smell like Denki’s gross dorm at all. He smells like Izuku—clean linen and that expensive cologne his mom always gets him for his birthday.
“You didn’t like the thought of it either,” his hand smooths over your hair, gentle and kind, “Didn’t like to think about me with some other girl. Someone that isn’t you.”
You push at his chest, fingers going slack when you accidentally feel him, feel the thick, corded muscle of his sternum. He lets you away though, a hand still clutching at the back of your head ever so softly.
Izuku leans into you, his thumb swiping at your cheek, “That’s why you’re crying, isn’t it? I’m sorry that I upset you.”
“I’m not—” But you are, you feel your tears sizzling down your cheeks, falling in hot streams before Izuku brushes them away.
“What can I do to make it better?” He asks. It almost makes you angry, the way he’s always, always tending to you like this. Like you’re this.. delicate flower—fragile—something he needs to take care of, and the thing is, he always does.
Izuku is brave, beyond the way he stutters at your every action, regardless of the fact that you’ve known him half your life; past the quiet, thoughtful nerd—what you so endearingly refer to him as. He’s always been brave, and you’ve always been a coward hiding behind a wall too high that still couldn’t contain him.
Maybe remnants of alcohol still course through your veins, dizzying your brain, scorching your ridiculous boundaries to the ground—at least low enough for you to see him on the other side. Maybe you’ll be brave just this once.
Maybe you were jealous.
Maybe you want to do something about it.
“Deku.” You whisper, holding yourself steady as your eyes shut, relishing in the feeling of his fingers ghosting along your cheekbones, leaning into it.
“Do you trust me?”
He blinks, once, twice, the gears in his geeky little head turning as he recalls his aforementioned words. Trust.
“Wait, you mean—”
You can bear to hear him say it, you aren’t that brave, so you rush into him, pressing your lips to his to shut him up. You’re scared that you’ve fucked up, but even now, he finds a way to care for you. His lips find motion in an instant, instincts taking over as he guides you, soothes you.
Carefully, your let your arms snake around his neck, flinching when you feel the intense warmth that is him, pretending that it doesn't make your stomach flip. Your fingers card through his soft waves, tugging, pulling him closer as his hands hesitantly find your waist.
Izuku’s sighing into you when you melt against his touch, actually let him hold you, feel you like he's only ever dreamed about, then he’s dragging you across his lap. Your legs hook around his waist, squeezing tighter and tighter until he can't bear it anymore, flipping you onto your back, caging you in.
“Are you sure?” He whispers, your eyes rolling as he blinks down at you with a smile, “You’re sure you want me?”
You groan, squirming under his stare, “Shut up, Deku.” But he’s dropping his lips to your cheek, your jaw, down your neck then back up to your pulse point. When you feel his breath ghosting over your ear you shudder, and his palms find your waist tenderly before he speaks lowly,
“If we’re going to do this, I think you should call me Izuku.”
You aren’t given the chance to protest, his teeth grazing over your ear as his tongue slips out, an embarrassingly loud moan forcing out of you from the sensation.
“You like that, huh?” He’s a menace, not at all your idiot, best friend right now.
“I know, pretty girl. I’m sorry,” Izuku sighs into your neck, fingers exploring your body above your clothes. It’s weird—It feels weird to have him touch you like this. You try to convince yourself that’s why you feel like you’re turning to mush, his every touch burning invisible marks into your flesh as he squeezes your ribs, snaking his arms around to grope at your ass.
It feels weird because it’s Izuku.
“Can I touch you some more?” He asks, tips of his fingers edging past the hem of your shirt, he feels up the soft flesh of your stomach and you shiver at the roughness of his skin.
You don’t trust your voice, nodding as you arch your spine off the bed, letting him slip your top off all while his eyes flick from your cute belly to your fluttering eyes, he can’t seem to pick a favorite.
“So pretty.” He coos, nose brushing along your middle before his hands cup your breasts, smoothing over the material of your bra before he curls around you, messing with the hooks.
Your hands are quick to cover your face as soon as you feel the cool air hit your breasts, nipples pebbling when you hear Izuku gasp from above you. Then he’s quiet, so still, and you feel your will crumbling with each excruciating second.
Before you inevitably snap at him, Izuku’s shaky, hesitant hands are on you—he’s too careful, thumbs peppering along the sides of you, around your nipples, like he’s afraid to touch you. Maybe he thinks.. Maybe he doesn’t like—
“You’re sure? Like really sure?”
“Ugh—just,” you roll him onto his back, frustrated as you pull his hands up to your chest, fingers slotting between his as you straddle him, “Just shut up.”
Izuku gulps, palms massaging you, brushing over your sensitive nerves as you slowly roll your hips against him and feel it. The both of you realize at the same time, his face blooming red as his mouth goes agape, something stupid bubbling on his tongue that you swallow with your own for the sake of your sanity.
He whimpers at the force of you, the way you gag him with your tongue, nails clawing at his chest, yanking his shirt up and over his head as you mumble something about being fair. He’d give you whatever you asked for, at this point, just ask. So you take what you want, grabbing ahold of those taut muscles you felt up before,
“You’ve bulked up, haven’t you, nerd?” His hips twitch up, into you, “For what? Or should I say who?”
“Stop calling me that.” He groans, twitching when you pinch his nipples between your fingers. Izuku finds your thighs, securing his hold on you as you tease him.
“Or what?” You roll your hips.
He pauses for a moment, glaring up at you as you sneer, pleased with how you’ve effectively turned the tables on him. But then he’s lifting you off of him, rolling over and peeling your pants off in the same motion.
You stare up at him, blank, cursing when you feel him spreading your thighs apart, “Or I won’t let you cum.”
“Think you can?” You snicker.
“Shut up,” he presses his fingers to your mouth, grinding into your cunt until you open up with a breathy moan. He eases his fingers down your throat, gagging you until he’s all gooey and wet. Then Izuku’s pulling your panties down, ripping them at the seams impatiently so he can smear your spit against your clit.
You mewl, spine curling off the bed when he dips a finger into your hole. It’s thick. His fingers are so thick, it feels like two of yours, or three, shit, you don’t know. It’s just..
“Think I can?” He asks, his tone seems mocking, but when you peer up at him he looks so fond, so happy to finally be inside of you. His free arm pins your thigh to the mattress, up, high by your rib cage as his fingers go even deeper, pressing into you with an eerie amount of confidence. When Izuku brushes up against that spot of yours, your eyes roll back and you’re biting your lip to conceal your shamelessly loud moan.
“There?” Stupid nerd, so quick to learn. But your head’s spinning with pleasure. You wanna feel more of him, reaching down to tug at his wrist.
He chuckles, shaking his bangs out of his eyes as he leans into you, his lips pressing open-mouthed kisses to yours. Izuku adds another finger and moans when you do.
“You sound so sweet,” his thumb catches your clit, rolling circles into it, “So much sweeter this way. Should’ve given you this a long time ago.”
You claw at his back, angry rivers that he shivers into, “I know, I know. I’ll shut up. Just—”
He fidgets with you for a moment, eyes bouncing around, thinking, then he’s mumbling into your chest, fingers slipping out of you as he flips you onto your stomach and props you up on your knees.
“Izuku—” You gasp when you realize what you’ve just said, forcing your face into the bed as he growls something incoherent from behind you.
“Say it again,” his fingers slip into your cunt once more, harder, banging into that fleeting spot over and over, “Please.”
You shake your head no, gripping onto the sheets as you’re propelled closer towards the edge. But then Izuku’s spreading your cheeks apart and you freeze, painfully aware of him staring at your—
“Gonna play with you a bit, okay?” He says, and before you can respond, he’s spitting onto your cheeks, drooling his saliva into your puckered little hole and it’s so, it’s so—
His tongue circles your rim, so hot, something you’ve never felt before. But the fingers in your cunt slow down, shifting to grind against your clit in an act of solace as his mouth explores foreign territory.
The way he’s groaning into you has your entire body sweltering, absolutely wired as your cunt gushes and thighs shake. He pulls off of you with a pop, “Tastes really good.”
Then he's messing with his belt, you can hear his unnecessarily large buckle clanking as he shrugs his jeans off. You peer over your shoulder as he stands from the bed for a moment, nearly flatlining at the sight of..
“You’re, uh,”
“Hm?” He kneels behind you, a hand brushing over the curve of your spine, “You okay?”
Are you?
“You’re—” Huge. He doesn't even know. “Shut up.”
Your hips wriggle towards him, stomach flipping when he curses at the sight of your ass moving like that before he grips your cheeks hard. But he doesn’t put it in, instead, Izuku’s floors you, pulling a squeal from your lips as he sinks his tongue into your asshole again.
Your back arches impossibly, jolting away from the odd sensation that has you senselessly clenching around nothing, “M-More.”
He nods, tongue still fucking into your hole, pushing himself deeper as you gasp, then going silent when he forces past your natural response to bear down. It’s good, so fucking good.
Izuku spreads you apart even more, eager to get you to open up for him, but he can only hold out for so long. That’s when you feel him shifting, feel the skin of his hips rub against your leg as he ruts himself against your thigh. He feels hot, and hard, and thicker than he looked.
You want to feel that, wanna feel his fat cock split you apart like no other man has. You’ve never been with anyone like him—No one’s like Izuku.
You need him.
“Please,” you lift yourself to your elbows, glimpsing behind you as green eyes flit to meet yours,
“Please, Izuku.”
He pulls away, tongue swiping at his lips before wiping his mouth with the back of his hand. He smirks at you, a playful look yet so serious, it’s almost scary to see him like this. This side of him, at least. Though you’d never admit it.
“Anything for you, pretty girl.”
You drop your head down, waiting in anticipation for the feeling, but it never comes. Izuku soothes his hands over your hips, contemplating for a moment, “Wait.. Can I, uh, can I look at you?”
You mull it over, but your face feels like it’s on fire at the mere thought of it, “No.”
He smiles, not that you can see it, “Alright, next time then. Definitely next time.”
You wanna whine, chew him out for assuming such a thing, but the feeling of something heavy and wide prods at your tight, little hole. You hold your breath as Izuku he releases a long, stuttering sigh, slowly, carefully sliding the fat head of his cock into your cunt.
Already, it’s huge, overwhelmingly large. Your lungs suck in air before collapsing to make some room as he fills you up inch by inch.
“Holy shit—ah,” Izuku hisses as he eases all the way in, “You’re too tight. Relax, baby.” Just like that, you’re clenching even harder, sucking his cock all the way in with the mere mention of something so simple. Baby.
Izuku folds over you in response, his chest heaving against the curve of your spine as he struggles to not cream himself so soon. You feel him panting at your neck, trying, begging you to ease up. But with him at your back like this, his heavy arms hugging you to him, wrapped around your middle, and his cock buried incredibly deep inside of you—
“I can’t,” you turn your head, let your cheek smush into the sheets, “I can’t, Izu.”
He curses, brushing a hand up to smooth your hair out of the way while he kisses along your cheeks. Slowly, you feel yourself melting under him again, you feel so weak, already so sapped of energy, just feel like letting him do whatever he wants to you. Izuku must notice too as he carefully pulls out of you, then back in—all the way until you’re both a whimpering mess.
He fucks you deep just like that, full, fucking you into mattress with slow, heavy thrusts you can barely handle. And when he’s like this, you can feel the thick ridge on the underside of his cock slot perfectly against your creamy walls. You might cum from this alone.
“S’good?” Izuku peppers kisses along your spine, to your neck, tongue running along your ear, “Want more?”
His thumb rolls over your lower lip, slipping past the flesh to press into your tongue, “Talk to me, baby.”
You drag your lips off Izuku’s thumb, groaning as he sucks the finger into his own mouth, awaiting your reply, “Want more.”
"Yeah?" You feel him sliding back down, wet fingers sneaking down until they're pressing into your untrained asshole, "Let me get you stretched out first."
It's a tight fit, uncomfortable, to say the least. Izuku manages to get a knuckle into you before slipping out to tease the outside before pulling out entirely. You hear him rustling to the side, digging in your.. nightstand?
"What are you doing?"
He fishes out a bottle of your not-so-discrete tube of lube that he definitely doesn't—shouldn't—know about with a grin, "I'll tell you how I found out afterwards, 'kay?" Then he's squirting a handful onto your ass, canting his hips into your pussy as some makes its way down.
You wince at the sudden temperature difference, but it adds to the overwhelming pleasure some, and Izuku takes advantage of it by slipping his middle finger in to the second knuckle, kneading the fat of your ass when you cry a bit.
"Shh, shh, you're doing so good," he keeps the pace, rocking into you slowly, letting his finger drag along your silky walls, "Shit, can feel myself inside of you."
Little by little, you relax around him, and the sting begins to morph into something different, a certain kind of fullness you can't really explain, stimulation from both ends quickly rushing you towards your climax. You feel yourself drooling into the bed, rolling yourself into Izuku's touch with more desperation.
By the time he’s got two, three fingers worked inside of you, you're twitching, laying flat as he fucks you open with ease.
You bring yourself to your elbows, weakly twisting around as Izuku praises you, how well you've let him stretch you open, how pretty your tight, little asshole is, how good it'll feel to have his cock in there. You let him kiss you up again, pressing wet smacks to your neck, your lips, your forehead, all while he positions the head of his cock to your hole.
Fear swallows you for a moment, your eyes blowing wide with the intrusion while he shushes you, gently squeezing past your taut ring of muscle as he marvels at the fit, "So perfect. Let me in some more, yeah?" 'Course you do.
“Yeah,” you heave, your fingers trailing down between your legs to paw at your clit, “Take care of me, Izuku.”
Something burns inside of him, ripping through his chest, probably an accumulation of desire repressed over the many, many years he’s known you—been in love with you. But when he hears that, hears you pleading for him to do the only thing he’s ever really wanted. He can’t help himself.
Izuku flips you over without notice, hiking your legs into the air as he pins your ankles together with one hand, then he’s fisting his cock in the other as he hovers over you, sweaty forehead pressed to yours.
“Need to see your face when I make you cum,” his cock slips in a bit easier at this angle. When he pushes your legs down, to your chest, he fills you ridiculously deep. He’s amazed by you, the tears collecting on your lashes, his name on your lips. It’s too much, too much, you keep repeating it.
Somewhere along your delirium, Izuku’s hand finds yours, fingers slotting between yours as he brings them to your stomach, lower, until you’re both dragging needy touches across your slit.
Your mind fogs over as your next orgasm approaches with Izuku’s heavy thrusts speeding up, stuttering as his teeth dig into your shoulder. You’re absolutely spent, squirming like a live wire when it washes over you, twitching at your toes as your lungs burn dry.
He’s groaning something into your neck, you don’t quite register, but soon enough his cock plunges deep within you to make you sputter, going still as he cums into your ass. It’s feels weird, too, the way your body sucks it all up, so greedy. You didn’t know you could be so greedy, you don’t mean to.
When Izuku pulls out, he’s spreading you apart, fixated on your gaping hole, squeezing around nothing before his cum drizzles out leisurely.
“Christ, look at you,” he whispers, completely enthralled. He sits up then, palms tracing your sides until he’s cupping your jaw, eyes on you, “Look at you, see how good you take me?"
You’re empty, cum filled but empty, “Can’t.”
Izuku crawls over you, arms tucking away beneath your head as he hugs you, "Tired?"
"Mm.." You feel your body forcibly shutting down, every muscle and nerve-ending dull as you let him decompress you. It's nice, feels nice to.. have Izuku like this. You think you might want this. More of it, all the time.
But then he's sighing into your neck, leaving light pecks along your bruised and bitten skin, "Okay, five minutes then I'll give you another."
You tense up.
"I wanna taste your pussy too."
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