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#izuku x reader
haikyutiehoe · a day ago
your fav who catches you touching yourself till you cum, and waits quietly till the cream is messy between your thighs before they slot themselves where they belong, between those very legs, hoisted on their shoulder as they fuck your creamy mess back inside. “you’re so naughty, baby. gotta punish you for ruining the sheets.” you’re quickly an overstimulated mess, trembling beneath their figure as they grin and smirk down at your struggling expression. “so pretty. so fucking pretty.”
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escapenightmare · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
― main three, denki, tamaki, sero x gn!reader
cw. cursing, not proof-read note. this may or may not be my first and last christmas themed post
Tumblr media
izuku is flushing a beet red, mumbling about superstitions and how not kissing would be unlucky, quickly adding that he doesn't want you to be uncomfortable, listing down everything he knows about it. he's fiddling with his hands, several shades of red evident on his cheeks, nose and ears, looking anywhere but your eyes until you snort and lean in, pecking his lips.
bakugou grumbles under his breath, cursing whoever the fuck it was that put it there, pretending to be mad and annoyed about it although there's an evident blush on his face. nonetheless, he slowly and reluctantly leans in, before pressing his lips on yours and quickly pulling back. walks away like nothing happened but is internally going insane.
shoto had assumed something like this was going to happen the moment one of his classmates hung up a mistletoe above a door frame. he seems unfazed, like this is nothing out of the ordinary, but no one could miss the pink that dusted his face as he quickly leaned in, pecked your lips and moved back just as fast.
denki probably put it there in the first place, and yet is still buzzing with nerves when you're actually under it with him. his eyes are sparkling but he feels like his heart might just come out of his chest at how fast his heart is beating, and when you pull back after kissing him, he falls into your arms with dramatism.
tamaki is a blushing, stuttering mess. he avoids your gaze at all costs and has no clue what to do. he felt like he'd pass out but he is suddenly superstitious and instead silently asks for your permission before leaning in and quickly kissing you. thankfully, doesn't pass out afterwards but stays holed up in his room for hours due to embarrassment.
sero is the smoothest out of all six (6), while he's obviously flustered, he doesn't hesitate to smirk and lean in for a kiss. several thoughts and questions brush over each other in his head when he pulls back with a tint to his cheeks. he wants to say something smart but ends up nodding and turning on his heels, walking away like a love sick fool.
Tumblr media
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kumori-suwan · 2 days ago
Feat: Izuku Midoriya, Katsuki Bakugou, Tamaki Amajiki, and Eijirou Kirishima
Izuku Midoriya
Tumblr media
It shocked you both without a doubt, the random second year just coming up to Izuku and smooching him right on the lips sent you into a rage. Izuku was shocked into a statue muttering something under his breath while he pulled away from the stranger. His hand frantically grabbed behind him as if searching for something to hold onto while the girl leaned close once again. His green hues widened in shock once more when the sound of your hand making contact with his cheek echoed in the hall drawing everyone’s attention. You didn’t stay long for it to escalate anymore, your grip was tight around his wrist as you dragged him back to the dorms in uncomfortable silence.
“P-Puppy, I-I didn’t like it, okay? It’s fine. I’m okay, so don’t be mad okay. I-It meant nothing, I-it was probably a prank…I-I don’t even know the girl. Puppy? (Y/n)?”, Izuku was trying to speak to you but none of his words seemed to reach you.
He screamed your name pulling his wrist from your grip forcing you to turn towards him and look at him. That’s when his heart broke, he noticed the angry expression and tears spilling from your eyes. Your fists clenched up tight against your sides while you choked back your moans.
“Fuck!”, you screamed turning away and wiping your tears away.
Izuku knew about your insecurities from past relationships, your ex kissed your best friend in front of you tossing you aside for her so the memories must’ve come back from the incident.
“(Y/n)? (Y/n) please, please listen to me.”, Izuku sighs wrapping his arms around you, “Puppy I hated it. I was embarrassed to be kissed like that by some stranger. It doesn’t feel right if it’s not your lips pressed against mine.”
You whimper and nod remembering that Izuku wouldn’t hurt you like this, you took a deep breath and turned back towards him glaring angrily into his eyes. His stupid, big, soft, doe green eyes that made you fall in love with him.
“I-I think I have wipes in my backpack, I can wipe my lips and you can kiss me if you want.”, he smiles softly watching you pout and hold yourself back.
You nod and wait for him to wipe his lips clean, the wipe breaks leaves his lips before you tackle him down in a kiss. Your soft plump lips gently pecking his lips, drinking up each chuckle that snuck past his own. The way your lips locked together like a puzzle piece made Izuku’s heart flutter with joy.
“My pretty girl.”, he hums against your lips, strong hands holding your waist softly while you rested atop his body.
“You’re mine.”, you sigh kissing him over and over.
He chuckles again, smiling and blushing up at you, “Yeah all yours. I only want to be yours.”
Katsuki Bakugou
Tumblr media
You’re in the middle of a date with Bakugou, you’re paying far to much attention to your phone while he pulls you along by your locked arms.
“Firecracker better pay attention to me or some bitch might scoop me away. I’m a catch you know.”, Bakugou teases nipping at your ear to get you to listen.
You laugh, “Haa nobody wants you, you grem-“, as you look up you see it, some random girl kissing your man with her hands cupping his cheeks.
Bakugou’s eyes are stitched into his glare as he pulls away ready to yell at the random girl but she’s suddenly wearing your drink and screaming as you yank her away by her hair. Her once snickering friends are chasing after you but your quirk kicks into affect, their shadows pick them up and toss them into the mall fountain along with the girl that kissed Bakugou.
“Try that shit somewhere else bitch.”, you growl, deep and dark, almost sinister as you stomp out of the mall with Bakugou hot on your tail.
He’s so concerned and turned on by your sudden character change but you’re angry something he’s never ready for. He calls your name, nicknames, anything to try and get your attention but you don’t respond and keep walking. He catches your wrist but you quickly snatch it back, “Leave me the fuck alone! Why’d you let her kiss you like that?! Why didn’t you pull away?! Did you like it, her?!”, you scream completely blinded by your rage.
“(Y/n) are you fucking serious? Why the fucking would I let that extra kiss me and like it? I’m not stupid! I couldn’t pull away because she grabbed me by the face, Baby don’t get mad at me for some random bitch kissing me! I didn’t even like that shit!”, Bakugou barks back at you, but he notices the tears pricking at the corners of your eyes, he takes a breath and slowly walks up to you until you’re just inches away from him.
He holds his arms open wide for you to let you in, you slowly step forward pressing your forehead against his chest. You’re shaking with rage but he can’t stand to see you upset like this, he wraps his arms around you and holds you close.
“Teddy bear, I didn’t like it. I hated it. I just wanted to listen to you call me a gremlin and laugh but she came out of no where and just slammed her stupid lips against mine. I only love you, got that dumbass?”
You huff but nod to his words, “Now come on give me a kiss.”
“Fuck no you have cooties and she smelled like fish. No kisses for a week, gremlin.”, you smile, feeling reassured by his words.
“What the fuck?”, he screams getting lifted off the ground by his quirk while you made a run for it. Like hell you’d be punishing him for something he didn’t do, Bakugou wanted your kisses and not even you would keep him from them.
Tamaki Amajiki
Tumblr media
Patrol was a bit more exciting with you around, Tamaki’s confidence soared since he wanted to impress you but this confidence drew some unwanted attention. Two of the girls he saved decided to thank him in a very special way, your heart stopped the moment both of them kissed one of his cheeks. The poor boy’s face reddened from the unwanted touch, he pulled away and pulled his hood down over his face as Fatgum stood between the girls and his sidekick.
Tamaki was shaking like a maraca behind Fatgum, his anxiety spiking from all the negative ideas spinning through his head.
“Silverwing get Suneater under control!”, Fatgum ordered scooting the girls away from the panicking teen.
You were furious, blood boiling with jealousy to what you just witnessed but helping Tamaki was your first priority. You gently took his hand and lead him to a nearby alleyway where no one would see him. You removed his hood and mask as soon as you were both alone, “B-B-Bunny….m’sorry. I-I didn’t like it. D-Don’t be mad at me! Don’t hate me for it I’m sorry. P-Please don’t leave me.”, Tamaki stumbled over all of his words but you smiled at him. You cupped his cheeks and pressed a kiss to his trembling lips, he still tried to apologize between the kiss but you didn’t let him. He didn’t have to feel bad for something neither of you were expecting, your hands left his cheeks and slowly wrapped around his neck. Tamaki chased your lips desperately for your kiss, it was enough to calm him down.
“You’re okay Elf.”, you hummed kissing him again and again, “We’re okay. I know you didn’t like it, I’m not gonna leave you for some fan girls kissing you. You’re okay, I’m okay, I’m still yours. I love you.”
Tamaki slowly starts to calm down, his arms wrap around you and he holds you in his arms, burying his face into your hair. He whispered those three special words to you and made your heart sing with glee, you repeated it back to him and held him closer.
“Must be nice to get kisses from your fans. Wish mine would do that.”, you pouted playfully watching the shock take over his face again.
His lips wobbled into a frown but suddenly you felt your lips sealed with his again and smiled. Tamaki was easy to make jealous, and right now you used that to your advantage.
“I’m your number one fan. I-I’m the only one…the only one that gets to kiss you bunny.”, he growled stealing another kiss.
Eijiro Kirishima
Tumblr media
“How dare you steal my boyfriend!”, your face stung from the slap you took to the face but your heart stung more seeing Eijiro be kissed by some random girl.
She ran away crying in tears swearing she’d be back, you wanted to chase after her but the shock had left you frozen. Your muscles didn’t want to move and your mind was stuck on one thought, how could someone kiss Eijiro like that? Eijiro was obviously upset wiping his lips on his sleeve to try and get rid of the lipstick stain but he turned to you just as quickly checking your cheek for swelling.
“Eiji what was that?”, you asked in a monotone voice.
He sighed and stared into your shocked eyes, “It’s okay baby shark, she’s this stalker fan I acquired after my work study with Fatgum. She’s been a real pain in my side, but are you okay? Do you need an ice pack? I can get you something cold to drink?”
You shook your head and stared down at your feet stewing away to your thoughts, “I-I just want to go back to the dorms…I don’t want fries anymore.”, you whispered.
Eijirou knows you’re upset but he insists you continue spending time out only to be rejected by you, “Eiji…I-I don’t want to cry in front of all these people.”, you whimper showing him your glazed eyes. He gasps quietly and nods, taking your hand in his to lead you back home. You’re silent the whole time but he knows you’re hurting. As soon as you’re back in the dorms he drags you to his room for some much needed affection. He needed to lift your mood, you fall onto his bed only to have him pin you to it with his body against yours.
“Eiji you’re heavy.”, you huff.
“Yeah but I’m all yours. Don’t forget that, I only want you, I only want to be with you. I love you.”, he sighs holding your hips in his strong hands.
You nod and hum in agreement to him, but he has to engrave that thought into your head. You shudder under him feeling his lips brush over your pulse point and neck. He loves the way you squirm under him and adores the way you giggle his name.
“Say it back.”, he whispers tickling your sides.
“I love you Eijiro.”, you smile cupping his face in your hands and pulling him into a kiss, “My kisses are better anyways.”
Eijiro smiles hearing you speak so confidently, “Yeah the best in the world.”
“Don’t ever think I’d want anyone else, I only love you. Got that?”, Eijiro hummed rolling you both over so you now laid on his chest.
You nodded only to receive another kiss on your lips, “So am I forgiven?”
“Only if you get rid of that little stalker. If she ever embarrasses me like that again I will leave you.”
Your red headed lover nodded and started to pepper you with much needed kisses.
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arielspoem · 2 days ago
study date
summary: Izuku has been waiting to get in your pants & now is his chance
content: nsfw(mdni), car sex, no prep, no protection
Tumblr media
When Izuku sets his mind to something he gets it, and what he wants now is you. With finals near, he decides to have a small cram session in his apartment, inviting Tsu, Iida, and some others, but only you show up. He shrugged, he must’ve forgotten to send them a message.
As you go over the materials, he keeps his eyes trained on you, not able to focus. The way your lips move as you talk, how your legs are on one side of you, legs on full display, and how you make eye contact with him, seeing if he understood you.
It all makes him yearn for you, adjusting himself, leaning closer to you, as if he’s engaged with your mini lesson. He clears his throat, waiting for the right time to come.
He drives you home, parking in a darker area of the street. He places a hand on your thigh, saying some shit about how he was glad someone showed up to help him. You place your hand over him, smiling at his gesture, feeling your core throb slightly. He moves his hand higher up your leg, feeling your thighs squish together, “Let me show you my thanks.” He says, waiting for your consent. You ponder for a moment, then letting your body speak for you, you nod your head.
He teases your slit over your panties, making you spread your legs to get more friction, “Already so wet huh?” He says, leaning his seat back. “Come over here.” He demands, voice lower. You crawl over the console, placing yourself in his lap. He rests his hands on your thigh as you slowly grind on his bulge.
He groans, tossing his head back, holding onto his shoulders to ground yourself harder. You whine, feeling his cock nudge your clit, feeling yourself become wetter, you take one of his hands, placing it over your underwear. He shakes his head, “No I want to stretch you out with my cock only.” Your slow pace is agonizing, as you circle your hips, you kiss him, opening your mouth for his tongue to enter. Zuku, having enough teasing makes you hover over him as he pulls his cock out of his jeans, pushing your panties too to the side. You moan in his mouth, feeling his fat cock, bully through your walls.
Once you are seated onto him again, he grabs your waist, bouncing you at a steady pace. You pull him closer to you, unable to think as he hits your cervix, “You hear that ?” He pauses his speech letting your sloppy pussy talk, “that my pussy talking, right?.” You moan a breathless ‘Yes’ moving your hips to match his pace, feeling yourself close to release.
He groans, closing his eyes, snapping his hips up, “Yes yes, right there!” You moan, orgasm crashing into your body. He cries out feeling your clench down in him, spilling inside of you, “fuckkk.”
You rest on his chest, placing a kiss there, slipping him out of you, letting your panties catch his cum. He slips back into his pants, pulling you back on top of him, wrapping his arms around your waist. “We should do that again.”
Tumblr media
a/n: a little short but I hope y’all enjoyed
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blackweebtrash · 16 hours ago
𝙃𝙤𝙡𝙞𝙙𝙖𝙮 𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙣𝙜𝙨 𝙩𝙝𝙚𝙮 𝙙𝙤 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙝 𝙮𝙤𝙪
ᴀᴜᴛʜᴏʀ'ꜱ ɴᴏᴛᴇ: this was made on vc with @milliumizoomi​ so <3 ᴡᴀʀɴɪɴɢꜱ: intentional lowercase ʀᴇᴀᴅᴇʀ:  gender neutral ɢᴇɴʀᴇ: fluff <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bakugou Katsuki
bakugou loves to bake cakes and cookies throughout the holiday season
loves it when you help him in the kitchen ( no matter how much he complains )
makes soup for the people that got sick
kirishima especially 
angry snowman maker. 
packing snow in like it has a personal vendetta against him
the snowman is huge and looks like him of course 
Todoroki Shoto
he's the person buying matching holiday pjs 
unironically takes pictures of you in them too 
  matching UGGS with your names on it 
doesn’t understand the concept of mistletoe 
would probably stare blankly if both of you are standing under it 
“ummmm, what’s this supposed to do?”
denki in the corner quietly explaining it to him and his response is
yeah he doesn’t understand at all
Kirishima Ejirio
the one that’s always getting sick 
also never wears a coat so...
type to walk out in a wife beater and shorts and talk about “its not cold guys!” 
and then his nose is red and he’s sniffling 
plays santa in the mall for the little kids and loves it 
he really sells it too making sure the kids feel like it is the santa talking to them 
makes handmade gifts for the class and is really proud of it 
doesn’t really understand what’s happing but his heart is the right place 
Hanta Sero
baby is so lowkey for the holiday season 
makes the best hot cocoa its so good omg 
like making class movie nights holiday season 
home alone, elf on the shelf, all the classics 
even holds a vote and makes hot coco and gives out cookies
is always seen with a santa hat and elf ears 
and always has candy canes on deck
Tenya Iida
really loves the holiday season surprisingly
its the time where he let's loose more
he’s more joking and playful rather than his serious side. 
he loves pretending to be santa for his other classmates, watching their faces light up in joy
also loves donating to a lot of different charities and soup kitchens to spread the holiday cheer
Midoriya Izuku 
poor baby loves taking you out when the snow is falling 
and is taking care of you if you get sick 
also in charge of the decorations for the holidays 
goes all out for it 
that electric bill running tf up !
also the main one to start a snowball fight and play innocent 
will throw it at bakugou just so its really heated 
Kaminari Denki
takes you ice skating 
also doesn’t know how to ice-skating 
so he’s falling on his face 25/8 
also has mistletoe in his pocket to randomly hold up 
“hey babe look up. Oh, I wonder how that got there” 
he’s really corny 
also goes the whole nine yards for santa claus? 
milk and cookies and staying up and everything 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
— taglist :  @megurulvr ; @p-ol ; @carmillous ; @katsdni ; @kiyokumura ; @mypimpademia ; @melaninatedyaoyorozu​ ; @shotoi​ ; @sscarchiyo​ ; @lilsparkyswife​ ; @myhoodacademia​ ; @minruko​ ; @kirishima-kiss​ ; @4kh​​
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dadsbongos · 2 days ago
I found your blog recently and I immediately fell in love! I don’t know if you take requests at the moment but if you do...
Do you think you can do a Izuku one-shot or head cannon where Izuku is a UA traitor (who have amazing acting skills, no one can suspect him) and one day he found out there is another UA traitor and he found out it was his s/o who he have been dating since middle school. How would he react? And could it be fluff?
If you don’t take requests at the moment or these kind of requests then please ignore this! I’m sorry if I made you uncomfortable in anyway. I have this idea for awhile and I don’t really see anyone did this kind of thing yet or I am just blind and can’t see.
I really like your blog and I can’t wait to see more of it! Take care and be safe, make sure you eat/drink and rest well! Thank you for your time!
-(๑╹ω╹๑ )
i know you wanted fluff but i saw this and imagined the sitcom material immediately also i'm so glad you like my stuff! that's really sweet and i appreciate you for reading <3 thanks bro
Requested: Izuku Midoriya Warnings: villain deku au?, fem reader Word Count: 773 ~~~
“Meet with the other traitor and hand them these.”
“The other what?”
Izuku was in shock. He thought he was good - after all, nobody suspected that he, the ultimate All Might fanboy, would be the traitor - but whoever the other one was, must’ve been some kind of seasoned actor at sixteen.
“There’s another one?”
Tomura narrowed his eyes at the boy, voice drawing up to mock him, “‘There’s another one?’” he slammed the file on the bartop and slid it over to Izuku, “Yes, there’s another one, dumbass. Give those to her, she’ll be waiting in the common room of your dorms - tonight at midnight. Don’t fuck it up again.”
“Okay, I almost asked Kacchan if he’s the traitor one time and suddenly I’m the bad guy?”
Tomura’s glare only grows stronger at the question.
“Fine, I’m going.”
Izuku can’t possibly imagine which of the girls it is.
Ochaco could use money, but it wasn’t like Tomura was handing out stacks of cash for this - besides, she’d gone to Mic privately to give him her points, so she was probably being genuine.
Momo’s ears flush red when she lies.
Mina was… generally out of the question on account that there was only room for one outgoing, bubbly girl and that was Himiko.
Kyoka’s aloofness reminded Izuku of a less extreme Dabi, and Tomura hated Dabi so there was no chance he’d have two Dabis on one team.
Tsuyu was almost killed by Tomura at the USJ and as much as Tomura threatened to wrangle Izuku’s neck - he would never actually.
You were an absolute angel.
And Toru…
Well, she…
Izuku rolled his head to the side as he sat in his dorm, ashamed of himself for not remembering her sooner. It was probably Toru. Like, come on, disappearing at the landslide zone in USJ with Shoto and not saying anything to him? As if.
With an hour left until midnight, Izuku sees his phone light up with a text from you.
girlfriend :D hey izuku! sorry i couldn’t text much, homework was kicking my absolute ass :( but i think i’m gonna go to bed
You stare down at the message you’d just sent your boyfriend. Honestly, you feel a little bad lying to him, especially since he’s such a huge All Might fanboy. But you know this corrupt society that worships heroes who only seek money and fame can’t go on, even if that means hurting your sweet boyfriend.
boyfriend :D aw no worries babe i’m gonna go to bed too so :P sleep well :) goodnight i love you!
Your poor, sweet, spamming-prone boyfriend.
i love you too izuku!
Only half an hour is left until you have to meet up with Denki. Or, you’re assuming it’ll be Denki. That guy has to be playing up his stupidity. And nobody’s Quirk actually has that much backlash. Except for Izuku, but he’s such an honest, kind guy - so he was out of the question.
No way, no how, no chance it would be your honest, caring, heroic boyfriend from all the way back to middle school.
“Izuku,” your voice is strained to avoid screaming, “what the fuck are you doing here?”
“What am I doing here?” he shakes his head before pointing at you, “What are you doing here?”
You two stand in the common room - at midnight - staring at each other. In his hand is a file. One he’d been told to pass to a “her” and one you’d been told to collect from “him”.
“You…” Izuku points at you, eyes wide, “you?”
“You?!” you whisper-yell, storming over to cup your boyfriend’s cheeks, “Who even are you? Is your name really Izuku?”
“Yes!” he whisper-yells back, taking your hands before pressing the file into them, “And I am really your boyfriend since junior high who loves you a lot.”
You stare down at the file in your hands, “I love you a lot, too.”
“So, we’re good? Just suddenly finding out that the other person is secretly a huge criminal working under Japan’s most wanted villain. But, overall, still good with each other.”
Grinning, you nod, “Yeah, exactly that.”
“Good,” he presses a kiss to your forehead, “Good.”
“Does this mean we should tell Shigaraki we’re dating?”
“I already told him.”
“And he… didn’t say anything about me being the traitor?”
“He did not.”
Meanwhile, at the bar, Tomura is snickering to himself when Kurogiri asks why he’s been so giggly since Izuku left.
The man just shakes his head before explaining, “Just thinking about how pissed those kids are gonna be when they realize I didn’t say anything about them both being traitors…”
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stardusttrashed · a day ago
Hot and bothered - Katsuki Bakugo and Izuku Midoriya
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Day 5 of ficmas - Bakugo x f!reader x Midoriya
Ficmas Masterlist
WC: 490
TW: fingering, exhibitionism, use of 'big brother' (more as a term of endearment), NSFW (minors pls dni)
Tumblr media
“Hey Y/n,” Izuku called out cheerily, startling you.
You shifted awkwardly in the hot tub, turning the bubbles up higher as you forced a smile onto your face, “H-hey Deku!” You gasped quietly as Katsuki’s hand underwater teasingly inched higher and higher up your thigh, grazing the seams of your bikini bottoms. “What’re you doing here?” You attempted to squeeze your legs together only to have his calloused hands pry them further apart.
“Just lookin’ for Kacchan, have you seen him?”
His teasing hand pushed aside your bottoms, slowly sliding two fingers inside of you. Your breath hitched in your throat, “n-no. Haven’t seen him. He’s probably in the bathroom or something,” you coughed out to cover the moan threatening to come out.
Izuku stared at you curiously for a second, “You- are you feeling okay? Maybe you should come in-.”
“N-no!” Izuku’s eyes widened in surprise at your outburst. “I’m just too busy relaxing,” you quickly added, sinking further into the warm water.
Katsuki’s fingers moved slowly, curling and pulling out of you at a snail-like pace. It was unbearable. You craved more of his touch. Your core practically ached for it. But you couldn’t allow that right now, not with the man you practically considered your brother standing right in front of you. “N-no need to worry.”
With a flick of your wrist, you formed an air bubble beneath the water for Katsuki. “I’ll let Katsu know-.” Your thought was stopped short as a moan ripped from your throat.
Katsuki’s fingers rammed into your g-spot roughly, abusing the spongy flesh. He peppered kisses along your skin, trailing from the inside of your knee up to your chest.
You watched the shock in Izuku’s eyes begin to transform into a mixture of horror and embarrassment. “Y-Y/n- and Kacchan! I- ah!” His hands flew to his eyes, covering them.
“Ah, shut it, Deku! We’re a little busy here, and I was getting real tired of hidin’,” Katsuki growled. He pulled his fingers from your core with a cocky grin. “So, either fuck off or come help me take care of our pretty little slut.”
“S-suki,” you whined embarrassedly. You rubbed your thighs together, only to have them roughly pried apart once more. “Don’t do this, please.”
Katsuki chuckled against your skin, sliding a finger back inside of your welcoming core. “You’re tellin’ me you don’t want your big brother Deku to help me fuck you stupid.” Despite you shaking your head, he could feel you clenching around him. “Heh, look at that- she can barely contain herself right now. Needy little thing is practically gushing around my hand at the thought of you.” He lazily pumped his finger in and out of you with his eyes glued on Izuku. “So whaddya say Deku. Be a good big bro and come make her come. Bet you can’t make her feel better than I can.”
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lazywriters-blog · a day ago
One For Me, One For Us
Yandere izuku midoriya/reader
Warning: May contain triggering content, brief mentions of abusive behaviour, kidnapping, yandere content.
The time is flying by, warm light slowly withering away, soon nightlight will fall, and the day will almost be done, birds are singing by, sun steadily settling into its place, young-lings walking back from school, alone or with their companion, adults and alike going back to their cosy homes, either to their kids or wife's eagerly waiting or dreadfully awaiting to have their ease taken away, perhaps take ones away in-order to compensate their displeasure, it is a repeating cycle, one that can end or never met its end. In a shy manner sits a fairly young woman, arms folded over her chest, observing the normal people go by their daily routine, continuing on perhaps even before they die.
Her expression is calm, demurely crossing her legs to make herself more comfortable, sitting by the window on her balcony. Her device was thrown aside to the tea table. Anxiously rubbing her fingers together once whatever she was waiting for, hadn't arrived. Tensely waiting for a little bit longer, looking over her shoulder once in a while, she chews on her dry lips, appearing even more nervous as time went by, finally, she decides to enter her safe domain and forget her task at hand, for the time being at least. Night greets the day and now it is pitch black outside.
The young lady seated by the window in her lonely hall, peers outside, surveying the outskirts of her property, small but spacious, her lights were on, and most of the windows were shut tight, excluding one of them, the window to the garage was sealed with wooden planks, firmly barricaded to avoid any more casualties, a week before someone had managed to break inside, whether it was accidental or intentional, she was not certain. The police couldn't do much, so paranoia has become a part of her routine. Thinking back on the situation at present, she doesn't remember seeing... that, at least not here in the living room, it had to have been in her room, every minute she keeps finding something odd, unusual, bizarre, on the long table. Hiding behind the television was her perfume, her favourite one, she assumed she had misplaced it somewhere or had forgotten its placement, but behold there it was. Hiding away from her.
She was certain now. Someone had been inside her house. Without her knowing, even though she stays inside almost all the time, and she hadn't even noticed them. It sends a chill up her spine, and suddenly all she could think about is a person standing behind her frame, sneaking over to her, and perhaps murdering her in cold blood, in her own safe haven, in the security of her sweet home. Would it be a peaceful death? knowing you died in your own house- no; she is thinking too far ahead, she can not paralyze herself in fear.
Swiftly moving towards the settee, she apprehensively decides to head to her room, sleep if she could, call in someone that would generously help her after tonight.
Cautiously changing into her comfy clothes, she nervously lays down on her bed. Hoping for the better.
She hadn't realized she had fallen asleep long before a subtle sound rattles her, rendering herself awake, she tacitly reaches out to the nightstand, quietly attempts to pry it open, fishing out a pistol gripping it tightly, she feebly erects herself in a sitting position, attentively watching and listening to any mild indicators, luckily she had left the light turned on in the hallway leading up to her bedroom, so if anyone approaches, she could see their shadow moving.
For a while, it was tense, serene, nothing happened, no noise, no shadow, had her paranoia gotten to her? Was she making this all up? Was this a dream? Had the lonesome months gotten to her and driven her to the brink of insanity? It felt like her soul had left her body and now just an empty shell remains to guard against destruction, maybe this is all surreal, maybe it was just a rat playing around and caused a sound, her mind was rationalizing everything, but all that comes to a quick halt when the light outside her room turns off.
Very subtle footsteps are making their way towards her, she almost couldn't heed it until it stopped right in front of the entrance, her heart drops, the handle now slowly rotating, but she had not forgotten to lock her door. She dreadfully waits for any reaction, none for a tense minute, until the sound of the lock coming undone alerts her, nippily laying down into a sleeping position, she stills herself, exhaling shallow breaths, short and panicky, hands firmly grasping onto the weapon, discreetly hiding the gun underneath her blanket she waits for a fight or flight response.
She couldn't tell what was going on, the person was skillfully silent, and her heart was running rampant. Focusing on any sounds, she remains on standby.
"I'm sorry I'm late honey, my job has me doing overnight nowadays, evil people don't ever stop, do they? I gotta keep up to my word." A breathy deep voice spoke, soft yet low. "No one knows about us, I'll keep it that way. You don't have to worry about it." The male voice carried on, eventually, it grew closer to her.
"I was hoping to take the next step in our relationship. Get married, live happily ever after, but I'm not sure how you will react to it- I'm certain you'll love it! just... I don't want anything happening to you. I've been trying hard to set up the ideal life for you and me. Maybe we can afford to take the risk now, I'll keep you safe I promise!" He continued. "I won't let anything harm you I swear. So, please give us a chance."
He didn't know she was listening to him right? Did he know that she was never asleep in the first place, had he have known? Is that why he is confessing in his twisted way. She was scared, she couldn't pinpoint a single thing, what was he doing, what was he thinking of doing to her?
"I think it's time to leave. I should probably help you pack up while you rest, I know this might be hard but it's okay, I know you don't like being outside longer than needed, which is oddly perfect! NO ONE will know you and I are even in a relationship. Or even husband and wife, I promise I won't take long to get married, I just need to get the preparations done, have you adjusted and content with everything, I'll do whatever I can." He muttered, the sound of drawers opening immediately setting her into action. He was not kidding.
"I know you'll understand, I love how understanding you can be."
He had his back turned to her, this was a perfect chance to shoot him while he is unaware, but almost instantly he turns back to face her, she was so glad to not have followed her instincts because as soon as he's done, he is walking straight towards her. Saying, "Okay I'm done, I picked out the ones you really liked, I like seeing you in these." He ceases before her, steadily inching closer before both of their breaths touch, "Time to leave! Goodnight sweetheart."
She barely managed to escape his clutch, holding a small bag in his hand, stunned but not surprised, she fearfully glared at him, stiffly pointing the gun at his face, building up the courage she asked, "Who are you? What are you doing in my house?!" He is smiling at her words, giving her a soft look. "Sorry to wake you up honey, I know how moody you get when you get disturbed during your sleep, it's okay though, I understand." He tries to near her, but she firmly draws the pistol closer to his face.
"Shut up- Get out of my house!" She yelled, hoping to knock some sense into him, he knew her, almost all personal details, but she knew him through news and social media, only allowed to see what he wants everyone to see and know about him. Who wouldn't know Mr. Deku?
"Honey-" He attempts to speak but she was not having any of it.
"I'm not your honey! We don't even know each other, excluding you who probably stalked me for long enough to know almost most of my life. I hate heroes, you and everyone included."
"You don't mean that, I know you don't." He grins, even with a gun right in front of his nose, he urges himself forward, earning a clean shot to the shoulder, which does nothing to hinder his ability to pin her down, whilst forcing a hand on her lips, she struggles, tossing and turning restlessly, her skin was hurting under his dense grip, and he wasn't letting up.
"Please stop, I have to do this quickly now or else we'll both get caught." 
He was bleeding, some of his blood dripped onto her clothes, even though she had injured him, he kept on going unruffled as if he wasn't feeling any kind of pain, as if she hadn't just shot him in the shoulder, made him bleed, lose blood, still struggling against his will. She thinks of doing something different, she was getting desperate, guilt-trip him, making him feel bad, unheroic, anything is not off the table now, anything to instil him back to his rational self. Her tears were not a false play, she has to use his sympathy to her advantage.
"Why are you doing this? Please stop."
Someone had to have heard the gunshot, if they had enough conscience the police would surely be on the way right about now, explains his frantic behaviour, hasty moves, his eyes blown wide open with wary. She has to buy herself more time, or else she risks getting her life in ruin. 
"I can't, he is after you, I have to make sure you don't end up losing your life because of my ignorance." He answered, soft eyes staring straight into hers, his fingers on her wrist steadily consolidating, he doesn't buy into her act, at least seems smart enough to dodge. When she tries to kick him, he quickly shoves his knee between her legs, pressing her into the mattress further, his face leaning dangerously close to hers, she swiftly held her breath, looking away from his potent stare, "I'm sorry but I have to do this before it is too late." she knows what's coming, and she couldn't think of anything, his hand was getting closer and she needed to take action. 
"I'm pregnant!!" she abruptly shouted, stunning both him and herself, she only took in her own words after she uttered without thinking twice, and the confused expression on his face seemed so... scary. "No you are not, I've never seen you with anyone. You are lying to me." he spoke, closing the tiniest gap between them. "I know you, very well. You would never do such a thing unless you are telling the truth, which I can not believe." 
"You don't know enough, you don't know me at all!" she boldly replied. 
"I know what you are trying to do, it's not going to work."
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brightymir · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
cw: language, gore, misspellings
genre: angst
characters: main three, kirishima x gn! reader
author's note: this is inspired from squid games' marble game! it's a rain of angst until i get some request for fluff because angst is the only thing i can produce right now. i hope you like this and have a great day!
Tumblr media
𖣔 izuku midoriya
you let out a sharp exhale, followed by a low chuckle. the circle-masked soldier then took a step back, letting you and izuku talk out how things will go on from there. 
he looked at you wide-eyed and teary. “no, no, no, it’s wrong! let’s try again, that was just a practice. hey, give us sticks again please” he tried to reason with the soldier, but to no avail. you chuckled again and held his hands, looking into his eyes.
“you won, fair and square, ‘zuku. i chose the shorter stick” you said gently and sat on the ground, tapping the space beside you. izuku held back his tears and sat down beside you. 
“three minutes left” a voice came from the speakers, making you tremble slightly and made izuku flinch. 
“remember when we went to the beach. that was a good day. you used too much force and the entire sandcastle crumbled, you almost cried” you recalled and laughed with glee, gripping his hand hard. you wanted your last moment to be filled with bliss as much as possible.
izuku sniffed at your statement. “yeah, a-and i remember you being d-driven away by the waves when you tried to t-take a photo” he added and tried to chuckle, but it came out as a sob. 
“there’s one thing i wasn’t able to do at the beach, can you do it for me instead when you get out of here?” you asked and stood up, izuku following suit. 
“of course, what is it?”
“can you see the sunset for me? it rained that day so i wasn’t able to see it up close” you continued and hugged him tightly, letting the tears fall as he hugged back for dear life. you slipped your ten marbles to his hand, making sure he had a good grip before letting go.
“one minute left” at this voice, the guards separated the two of you. the guard began to lead him away but when he was a few steps away from you, you called out his name.
“izuku!” you said, he froze but he did not turn back, you knew he was listening.
“thanks for playing with me” was all you said before a bullet went through your head, your body falling to the pavement, painting it crimson red. 
and as izuku clenched the marbles in his hand, walking out from the venue, he wondered if there was another way, for the two of you to survive and see the sunset at the beach. 
“player 015, eliminated”
Tumblr media
𖣔 shoto todoroki
it was time for your fourth question, if shoto gets this right, he will gain a point, making it a tie, two points for you, two points for him. you wrote your answer on the paper given by the soldier. 
“alright, what pet do i have at home?” he decided to get this answer wrong, so that you will gain a point instead and survive. 
“you have a pet dog at home” he answered confidently and you gave him a small smile, turning to look at the soldier who unfolded the paper, showing the answer to the two of you. 
“DOG/PUPPY” it wrote in black ink, making shoto turn to you, wide eyed, a look of betrayal on his face. 
“this is not right! you have a pet cat at home, y/n! you are lying! she’s lying!” his appease to the soldiers fell on the deaf ears, they just shoved the piece of paper in shoto’s chest, a silent response of following whatever was written down there. he turned to you with glossy eyes, stained with tears but you looked at him indifferently, as if this game is not a matter of life or death.
for the tie breaker, it was shoto’s turn to ask the question. he did not know if he should write down a false answer or just stick with the truth because you are very unpredictable at this moment, your eyes hazy and lost.
he had an inkling that you’d go with a wrong answer, so he wrote down a false answer too. he folded it and gave it to the guard. “what’s my favorite food?” he asked softly, praying that you’ll answer wrong.
“oh, i always make this for you” his blood ran cold at your statement as he tried to fumble and stop you from speaking. you were going for the right answer. 
“cold soba” you answered, the soldier unfolded the paper. 
“SPICY FOODS” it said, making you smile. “i never knew your preferences has changed, i’m sorry for not noticing” you said and stood up, going to him and pulling him for a hug. 
he sobbed on your shoulder, muttering apologies. “who’ll make cold soba for me now, huh? your soba will always be my favorite, love” he said and pressed a kiss to your temple. 
“thanks for playing with me, sho” handing him your marbles, you said as you walked away, far from him so that the blood from your head wouldn’t splatter on him, you did not want your blood on him.
but he knew well that his blood was on your hands, especially when a voice came from the speakers.
“player 111, eliminated”
Tumblr media
𖣔 katsuki bakugo
"thanks for playing with me" he said in a low voice, trying to hide the fear and unease he is feeling at the moment, eyes looking at anywhere but you.
“shut the fuck up, i’m trying to think of a way out of here, chihuahua. we still have seven minutes god damn” you replied which made his teeth grit in rage because of the nickname. he tries to be sappy for once then you just had to ruin it. however, you saw a glint of hope shine through his eyes for a moment. 
“w-what!? there’s a way out of this damned game?” he asked, failing to mask his curiosity and excitement. you stared at his eyes, looking for any trace of other emotions but all his eyes revealed as of the moment was hope. you snickered and played with your marbles before sighing.
“do you think so?” you asked him back with a small smile, making him stand up and lift you off the ground, shaking the hell out of you while repeatedly asking if there’s a way out of here. 
you asked him to put you down, to which he obliged shortly. with your marbles in your hands, you walked towards the triangle-masked soldier, tiptoeing to be eye level before leaning in. you heard complaints from katsuki to back off and put some distance.
“can you bring me your manager? those square guys” you asked and the soldier nodded, signaling to the circle-masked one to watch over the two of you. 
you went back beside katsuki, fixing his green uniform that has ruffled due to him crumpling it the past ten minutes. he leaned down, taking your face in his and asking you a question. 
“hey, is there a way out of here?” his voice was soft, reserved only for you and your ears. he did not want you to know but you noticed that he was at his breaking point. before you could answer, the triangle one returned with the square manager. 
“what is it?” the soldier asked, directing his attention at you. katsuki swiftly held your hand in his, not letting go. 
“we just need to get each other’s marbles, right?” you clarified. “yes” the soldier answered shortly. “we don’t need to have twenty marbles?” at your statement, katsuki finally understood your intentions. 
the three soldiers looked at each other and nodded back at you, making both you and katsuki smile in relief. reaching out both of your hands, the two of you exchanged pouches that contained the marbles. 
the two of you walked out of the venue hand in hand, katsuki muttering words of gratitude and praises to you, making you hide in the crook of his neck. 
“player 420, passed. player 421, passed”
Tumblr media
❄︎ eijiro kirishima
"stop purposefully missing, eiji. we won't get anywhere with your antics" you reprimanded him, seeing him purposefully miss the jar where the two of you was supposed to shoot your marbles in, 5 meters away.
he looked at you innocently and smiled sheepishly. "huh? ah, no. my hand is just sweaty that's why the marbled slipped" he tried to lie, but miserably failed in doing so. you just shook your head and sighed.
each of you only had one marble left, and it was a tie. you both shot 7 marbles in the jar. in case of a tie, you two agreed to settle it by picking the failed shot marbles and shooting again until the tie is settled.
you threw your marble, and even though you purposefully wanted to miss, the marble still fell inside the jar.
turning to look ar eijiro, he had a resigned look on his face. you went up to him and cradled his face. "eiji, don't you dare miss this sho-" but before you could even finish, he already aimed and threw the marble.
not threw actually, more like dropped.
"oh, sorry. my fingers slipped again" he said, a chuckle following soon after. you hugged him tightly and sobbed in his shoulder.
"w-why... no... please don't do this eiji, i can't survive this on my own" you plead and cried harder. but all he did is run his hand through your hair, pressing a kiss to your temple.
"love, you're strong, i believe in you, alright? you can do this" he affirmed you, swaying your body side to side as you gripped onti him for dear life, after all, he will cease to be once you do.
the two of you remained in a tight hug until the very last minute, not wanting to part. even though he did not want to break down in front of you, he wasn't so strong as to conceal his sobs and whimpers.
"shh, this is a manly way to go, y'know? to cease to be for the one i love most" he began to bid his farewells as the soldier pulled you away from him. before he totally disappeared from your sight, he called out for you.
despite the tears blurring your vision, you tried to meet his eyes, and you witnessed him smile.
"thanks for playing with me, darling" he said, before the loud gunshot resonated in the empty space, drowned out by the cries and other gunshots as well.
you decided to fight and survive, because you did not want to waste eijiro's sacrifice for you.
you made a promise to survive, as the loud sound of the speaker took over your senses.
"player 016, eliminated"
Tumblr media
© 𝐁𝐑𝐈𝐆𝐇𝐓𝐘𝐌𝐈𝐑 2021 - all rights reserved. please do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or share my work on other platforms. thank you.
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lustforizuku · a day ago
Izuku Midoriya headcanons I like to think about because he lives in my head rent free -pt.1-
Definitely has an “I can fix them” mentality doesn’t matter how damaged or mentally sane you are, he will fix you in any way possible. It also ties in with his hero complex.
Izuku is a night owl, I see him going to bed later in the night between 11-2 a.m. if you guys are both night owls he’ll be in your dorm hanging out with you like watching documentaries, doing homework, or laying between each other’s thighs.
I feel you would have to convince him a couple of times for him to stay the night in your dorm to cuddle. He’s just shy so it will take a little convincing to try to get him to cuddle you in your bed.
10/10 cuddler like lORD Izuku is fine with either being the little or big spoon. He’s always warm which is a plus in the winter when the dorms are freezing.
Has approximately 3 notebooks dedicated to only you. It’s FILLED with everything he knows about you, from notes on your quirk’s strengths and weaknesses down to notes describing the clothes you wear from your wardrobe it’s not creepy I swear it’s more endearing. He tends to hide those notebooks under his mattress like a ✨pornstash✨
No matter how long you have been together, he’s always gonna blush around you because WOOW how did he get so lucky to have such an amazing partner? You could be even breathing in his direction across the room and he will be red in the face and wide eyed.
A lot of face kisses, doesn’t matter where he’s gonna kiss everywhere: cheeks, forehead, nose, lips claimed by him. Do the same and he will malfunction.
Murmurs in his sleep, your name and All Might will most likely be coming out of that boy’s mouth. His head is empty only (y/n) and All Might. Play with his curly hair while your at it and he’ll moan unconsciously </3
I may or may not be projecting my past relationship but Izuku keeps a particular fuzzy blanket in his room that no one can use. When you have over to hang or nap, he’ll give you this fuzzy ass blanket to sleep with and then later will sleep with it cause it smells exactly like you.
And instead of the overused pet name that everyone says he would use (puppy) an alternative name he would use is Chipmunk. The story behind this name would be that you challenged him to play chubby bunny with you using marshmallows as soon as you stuffed 2 jumbo marshmallows in your mouth, Izuku would coo and cup your face gently “(y/n), you look so cute like a chipmunk. That’s it! Chipmunk! I’m gonna call you that i-is that ok?” And that’s your nickname now, you know once this boy gives you a nickname it’s stuck for life.
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apocalypsisaquarixs · 2 days ago
♥︎ ┊if dreams can come true, what does that say about nightmares?
( izuku / black f.reader)
# tags :: dubcon , terrible no good uses of quirks , body worship , hanjob , multiple orgasams , creampie , overstim , wet dreams , needy 'zuku , stalking , unreliable narrator , obessevie behavior
# wc :: 1.6k
#a/n :: my piece for vlynn's 1k collab event!!
you, like all of japan, are enamored with the number 1 hero, deku. some people like his sense of justice, others his honesty. a lot are vain, shallow, they like the shape of his nose, his pretty freckles. you think, for you, that it's a combination of all of the above. but what you feel for deku runs deeper than what most fans feel for him. a part of you, a big part, loves him, actually loves him.
so much, that it's festered something deep and dark and shameful in your heart, in the marrow and blood of your bones. you can't help but want more of him, wanting and craving for so much, that you know you won't truly feel peace until you've had him.
all of him. until there's nothing left for anyone else.
you begin. start small. a move to tokyo, in the bad part of town, and then, right where deku patrols. you watch him, making a game of how invisible you can make yourself. he's trained to watch out for people, and even though he's smiling and chatting with a crowd of eager school children, you know he's watching everyone else. deku started out a watcher, an observer. you won't be able to make him yours, if you end up caught. in jail. it pushes you forward.
and you learn a lot about deku from just watching. his mannerisms, especially, the moments where he isn't guarded and putting up a front for the press and citizens. you learn his schedule, work hours, and the places he frequents on his off days. all of this is unnoticed by deku himself. but for as much as you learn about deku--izuku--by sight, you learn twice more online. there are worse people out there than yourself. there are people who want to hurt izuku, to break him piece by piece just for the sake of doing so. and it fuels the inner fire burning within you. gives you more purpose, more justice. and there are some people, who believe they can save izuku. who believe they can do more for him than you can. who share like-mindedness in your appreciation for izuku, and in the desire to lock him away.
from such people are you able to find the golden ticket the missing piece of the plan. a forum, deep dark web of sorts, hidden even from the trained technical eye and entered only by a series of passwords and clues. you have to know exactly what you want while you're searching, because the window is never open for long. and you know what you want. who you want. nightmare, real name not enclosed, and you don't care to know, has the quirk that you need. loyal to no one but a paycheck. and money is of no problem to you, you pay her thrice her asking price because you know the risk.
there's nothing else for you to do but to sleep.
izuku's tired. the crime rate has gone down, a lot actually since he stepped up to the number one position, but it hasn't come without its own trifles and troubles. the ache in his bones, quirk unrelated, never really seems to go away. the sense of impending doom. for every villain he or another someone else puts away, for good, there's always four or five more. they've just gotten better at hiding it. better at blending in with everyone else, and it's a lot for izuku to keep his eyes open for danger at every corner.
his friends all have different ways of relaxing, of cooling off. a lot suggest sex, some nameless someone or the other and letting them do with them how they like. izuku won't admit to his friends, but h couldn't picture himself doing something as frivolous as hookups. he wants something to last. but he won't go as far as to hire a rent-a-girlfriend, and he's much too shy in the romance part of his life to find a loyal partner himself. everyone h's ever tried to date was expecting deku, the number one hero. no one really wants izuku midoriya, anime nerd. izuku midoriya, who still owns his all might merch from his time at u.a. (and before). the realization makes him feel gross and used, not enough and before long, izuku privately swears off dating too.
but, there are people who catch his attention. right now, it's the pretty girl with brown skin who walks two miles every day from her house to the park, to eat a soft lunch and people watch, notebook in hand. he suspects she might be a journalist of some kind, or a writer. he's never interacted with her and knows he probably never will. he doesn't want to ruin what he has by opening his mouth. for all the watching izuku does though, he never notices the way you stare at him, when you know no one is looking. the way you covet what will soon be yours.
that night, he trudges to bed, tired and exhausted with your face on his mind. and as his eyes slip close, it's your face and your body and your scent that falls into bed with him. the dream starts off innocuous at first. you're in his house, invited (he doesn't dream of inviting you in, but knows that you are), comfortably sitting on his couches and flipping through a scrapbook. izuku doesn't remember walking up to you, planting a kiss on your cheek, and then you're mouth, but only knows that it must be the way of dreams.
he's hard, has been since he fell asleep and his cock throbs almost painfully against his boxer shorts. you take your sweet time with him, cradling his face, pressing kisses to each of his freckles. your body is warm, so warm underneath his, and it's been so long since something like this has happened, and it's a shame, izuku thinks, that this had to happen in a dream. "'c-cmon, waited so long, hurry, please-"
you shush him gently, lips pressed to the hollow of his throat. he feels as though he might just go insane from the want he feels. but finally, your hand trails down his body, dips it into his underwear to wrap your pretty fingers around the place where izuku needs you most. he pushes against you immediately, desperate for the tiniest bit of friction. he'll take anything, you know he will. you drag a finger through his slit, in a way izuku never knew he'd like, uttering dark promises into his soft hair. "mine. your mine. hear me? they don't deserve you 'zuku. only i could treat you right. look at you, look just like a fucking painting. pretty boy."
izuku babbles out a response, can't remember the words, not when his head is full of thoughts of you, and how good you make him feel. your hand speeds up, wringing his dick, shoving him towards his orgasm, and then towards another before he can even put two and two together. he clutches at your arm when it's over, face shiny with a thin layer of sweat. but you aren't finished, because you deserve to have fun too, you're the one who put in the work. you don't say these words aloud, but izuku can feel it. he rolls over, pushes you down, and tears your panties off. "i c-can make you feel good, promise. gonna make you cum" and then he's pushing into you, bullying his cock into your pussy with a loud whine.
it's warm, heat engulfing him. feels so good that his hips don't stop moving once he's bottomed out, jerking in and out of you involuntarily. his hands grip your waist like you might waft into the air and disappear. your hand goes up to his hair, nails raking against his scalp and telling him how good he feels between high whines and the various trembles in your voice. it's too much, too much of everything, but your close, he can feel it in the way your praises start making less sense, start becoming incoherent. and izuku made a promise, he can finish, he isn't selfish. he can make you feel just as good as he did. izuku pushes his face into your neck, rolling his hips and angling them until he hears a loud punched-out yelp.
he cums again, accidentally, not even aware of it, not much. but you are, you feel how slick you are, the part of izuku inside you and it drives you mad. "give me one more" and then your slapping at his backside, the wide expanse of muscles that clecnh and ripple with need, head whipping to the side. izuku whines, tries to tell you that he can't, but you know he can, hips still bucking and humping into you, cock prodding at all your sweet spots. you lock your leps around his waist, pulling him impossibly closer and it takes one, two, three more well-placed thrusts before you're both coming simultaneously. izuku pulls out slowly, every inch catching on your sensitive walls, aching clit and puffy lips. the feeling of it makes him whine, over-stimulated. but now he can see the mess he's made of you, the mess you've made of each other.
the next morning, you pay nightmare's fee. on your way out the door, you take a second to kiss the photograph of japan's #1 hero, with promises of tonight.
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writings-for-bean-chan · 14 hours ago
Can you do Deku and Bakugo with a s/o who is insanely smart but they’re also the dumbest person alive? Like college level smart but they forget that phones have flashlights?
Ah yes, manifesting bimbo energy for this one. Does anyone have any good recommendations for wall putty? I have this one brand I really like, and I can't find any more of it. I tried the scotch brand from Target and it is absolute TRASH. The other kind I have is so sticky yet so easy to get off my posters and art I hang up around my room :)
Requests are still very much open! I will not be closing them, especially since I've done so many in the last few weeks. Check out the rules in my bio for more information, all of the details are there! Speaking of my bio, check out those lovely links in my bio to my masterlist and RedBubble (products with art designs I made myself from various forms of media)
Please enjoy and stay warm and safe tonight <3
-Bakugou likes working with you because you're quiet
-And if you have a question, you use his notes rather than asking him
-Izuku likes to collaborate with you on projects because you can keep up with his muttering
-But besides academic smarts, you can be really dumb sometimes
-Bakugou once had to explain to you an innuendo you'd heard from someone after you tried calling him by the same thing
- "That's essentially a cat call"
- "It is?"
-Izuku tries to be gentle when correcting you, but someone Bakugou steps in
- "(Name) you idiot that's hand sanitizer, it says right there"
-Sometimes you can be really dense when it comes to their romantic advances too
-Izuku gave you a bouquet once and you were confused as to why
- "I thought you'd want to put them in your room?"
- "Oh, then why don't you hold onto them", you said, smiling and giving him back his flowers
-Bakugou smacked the back of your head and took the flowers from Izuku, "He's trying to be romantic, but I'll take them if you don't want Deku's flowers."
-When you're out in public, Izuku likes to hold your hand on the train and when walking around
- "Bakugou, why don't you wanna hold my hand?" You asked
-Izuku was curious too, so he listened as he scrolled through his phone
-His hand was intertwined with yours, but you three sat on the train late one night coming back from dinner
- "Because I don't wanna."
-You pouted, "But Izuku always holds my hand. Do you not like me as much?"
-He scoffed, grabbing your hand and holding it tightly
- "Happy?" he mumbled, feeling his face flush up a bit
- "Your face is red."
- "Shut up."
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rinqui · 14 hours ago
Phantom Mementos | Izuku Midoriya x Reader
· Word count: ~6.5k
· Warnings: None
· Summary: You are a ghost that lived in this house for too long on your own. You liked the solitude, somewhat- maybe- but you won't be alone for long.
The shattering of dishes.
The midnight screams.
The rushing of footsteps across creaky, old floors.
You snickered evilly to yourself as you held your transparent waist with transparent arms. Child's play. It was all too easy.
For every couple or family that moved into the old mansion you call home, scaring them had always been a riot. It was your favorite hobby to pass the time. Not that you had a lot to begin with, considering you were dead and something as simple as reading a book was near impossible to do.
As you watched the latest family rush to pack their things, you took long, gentle, and lazy strides across the floor. Your body hovers a few inches off the hardwood. You didn't flinch when they ran through your apparition as your ghostly fingertips graze the many picture frames they decorated the walls with. Your pale, dead eyes scanned each one, imagining a story behind every smile.
You stopped in your tracks when you spot their wedding photo. Lips open and fingertip frozen in between the bride and groom. You don't know why, but something within the smiles of the newlyweds stirred something in your core. As if a forgotten memory was trying to claw its way out of your amnesia. You often found yourself staring at that specific photo in the few days the family had moved in, a wistful expression over your pale face.
You recoiled your hand back when the mother grabbed the frame away from your space, her body halfway through your transparent one.
The children were crying as the two parents hustled to put their coats on. Your silent, airy footsteps kept up with them easily as they ran around the place like a chicken that lost its head. A crack of thunder boomed at the same time the father opened the huge creaky doors. How very fitting. You quickly floated over to the door before they could leave and with the last ounce of energy you had stolen from their laptops, slammed it before them. The kid's crying turned into screeches.
"Screw this place, honey!" The mother yelled as she gripped onto her husband's sleeve. "You can tell your great aunt we don't want anything to do with this place anymore! Not one more day of this!"
The silent, shaky nod of his head was all he could muster before he slammed his hand onto the doorknob and yanked the door open. As if the door was some kind of monster he had to fight for the safety of his family. When it didn't slam in their faces a second time, they paid no mind to the downpour drenching them as they ran to their car. Soaked, scared out of their wits, and no doubt tired, the car came to life with a roar and the screeching of the tires echoed against the wet, cracked pavement of the driveway.
From the doorstep, you floated with your stomach facing down in the air and elbows resting right under you, the palms of your hands propping your chin up. You watched the car with amusement in your eyes and counted the seconds it took for their vehicle to turn into a dot in the distance before disappearing.
"Hmm, ten whole seconds faster than the last fam~ not bad."
Giggling, you floated back in the house and stretched your arms and legs out wide like a starfish in the middle of the room. The loud whoosh of the wind from the storm slammed the doors closed behind you. Your body floated down to the ground, your feet touching the floor though you didn't feel it. Your arms hung flat by your sides.
"Alone again.. and good riddance."
You inhaled through your nose, the scent of anything no longer existing in your mental library.
The room was pitch black now, the storm cutting off all power just after the family left. It was as if the universe wanted to set you up in the correct mood. Or it wanted to remind you.
A snap of lightning momentarily brightened up the room you were in before plunging you back into silent darkness.
Birdsong greeted your ears as you tilted your head into your arm, your cheek squishing in the process. You sat at the highest point of the building with your legs curled into your chest, your arms resting on your knees. The mansion had been quiet for a few months now, giving you your preferred space of silent solitude. You were lonely sure, but with you being a ghost, you couldn't exactly make friends with regular, normal, and very much still alive people, now could you?
Besides, having people around always made your skin crawl. You particularly couldn't stand the lovey-dovey couples. Something about openly expressing and showing affection made you want to die all over again. That must have been how you died in your past life: too much PDA.
You sigh.
You tilted your head to the side of you, letting it slowly slide over your shoulder, your body following suit. Your ghostly frame drifted downward from the roof until you landed on the ground on your back like a leaf in autumn. A spring flower oh, so tenderly floated down to your face. You let out a huff of air, pretending that the falling flower would fly away from your face, instead of through you and onto the soft grass beneath you.
You were bored.
While you didn't like the notion of sharing your living- haunting?- space, the lack of activity in the mansion was also starting to grate on your dead nerves.
Sure, some things happened a few weeks ago. First, the real estate agent fuming and complaining about how this mansion would sell if "stupid kids" would stop scaring the new homeowners. Then, a priest was called in for an exorcism but considering that you weren't exactly a demon, you weren't chased away.
What else happened? Oh yeah, painters came in and gave the walls a fresh new look. New furniture was installed. Even the foundation and driveway were made anew. Everything was fixed from the bad wiring and rotting insulation to the mice and roach infestation.
You weren't sure what was happening. You know the current owners didn't care much for the mansion's appearance to suddenly put money into it. The large FOR SALE sign was still up outside so no one had to have bought the newly remodeled home. No one even came over to see the house. It may have looked as good as new now, but the one thing they could never change was you and your stubborn ass. You would make sure that this place kept its reputation of being the most haunted mansion in the whole neighborhood.
You weren't sure why you were so attached to this place, but if that was how you felt now as a phantom, maybe the mansion meant a lot to you back when you were alive. You only wished you remembered how your past life was like. Is this where you lived? What kind of person were you? Did you have a family? Were you always alone? Did you have friends that were still alive? Did you have a lover...
While contemplating the hazy memory of your past, a vehicle's horn sounded off in the driveway. You turned your head from your laying position and spotted a very large moving truck backing up the driveway.
"Wha-?" Your form lifted up and you floated towards all the ruckus. A mini-van came up not too long after and parked behind the moving truck. And then, the familiar car of the real estate agent pulled up by the sidewalk beside the white picket fence surrounding the yard.
The sounds of car doors opening and closing kept you rooted in your spot. You stared unbelievably at the exchange two adults made. A handshake and then the [FOR SALE] sign was taken down.
"They didn't... tour the house." An incredulous breath left your pale lips. No way. No one, in the history of over 50 years, did anyone buy this house without touring it first. Who buys a house before they physically see it? No one you've ever seen or known before.
You stood there in the middle of the walkway. A blank stare on your face. Is that why the house had been remodeled those few weeks ago?
. . .
For the first time in decades, you felt a shiver run up your spine. Your eyes looked around before drifting downwards to a child in front of you. A little boy, about 5 years old. He held a plush of a Pomeranian in his arms and had the same colored, ashen blonde hair. His crimson eyes seemed to stare right at you and you craned your head to see what he was staring at. The roof?
There was nothing there that could possibly interest a small child. Maybe it was a bird that flew away...
"Katsuki, what are you looking at?"
Your eyes moved from the roof to the sound of a woman's voice. She looked exactly like her son, with the same hair and eye color. Even the way their hair was styled was the same. She placed the box she was carrying on the ground and crouches down to his height. Placing a hand on his head, she turns her head to look at you.
Unlike little Katsuki's blank, almost angry-looking stare, the mother looks your way with a smile on her face. It made you nervous. Who are these people?
"There's a girl here.." His little voice says plainly. "She's like him.."
"Oh, is there now?" his mother chirped before standing up, her eyes looking straight ahead but over your crown. She puts a hand out for a shake, but it phased right through your chest instead.
"Nice to meet you, I'm Mitsuki! I hope you don't mind us moving in."
The woman's smile was wide and, if you weren't so dumbstruck, contagious. Your eyes looked to hers. It didn't meet yours. It stared above your head, so you knew she didn't see you the way you are. You looked down at Katsuki and the boy was still staring at you with a burning fervor. He clearly sees you the way you are.
"She's not that tall.. and your hand is going right through her chest." he sighed, rather annoyedly, and walked towards the house, walking around you as if making sure to not walk into you.
'Mitsuki' only chuckled to herself while shaking her head. "That boy.." she sighs and picks up the box, going right through you as she walks towards the house herself. You turned around to watch their moving backs, your eyes drifting over to Katsuki's who was giving you a glacial side glance before disappearing into the mansion.
For the first time in your undead life, you felt cold and unsure of what to do.
The whole interaction had you thinking throughout the day. You didn't even bother to watch them unload and unpack like you did with the previous families. You kept your distance, especially from the crimson-eyed boy who curiously inspected every room in the mansion. He had the habit of talking to empty air. Maybe he was at that age where he had imaginary friends. It wouldn't be the first time you'd seen it.
He stopped right below the trapdoor that led to the attic, his stare burning a hole into the door on the ceiling. You were leaning by a corner wall, just watching him. All of a sudden, his head spins to the side, instantly locking eyes with yours. You froze on the spot.
"Can you get that door open? I wanna see what's up there." He spoke clearly, obviously directing his order at you. However, it didn't stop you from pointing a finger quizzically to yourself. He rolls his eyes and nods, turning his body to face you. "Yes, you! Girl with no name... or voice, for that matter?" he scrunches his brows together in thought.
Before you could say anything, the sound of a lock clicking catches both of your attention. Both of your heads shot up towards the ceiling. The attic door opens with a slam, the ladder sliding down from above loudly. Katsuki sidesteps to avoid getting struck and a wide grin shows itself on his face.
"Good job, Deku!" He starts to go up the rungs of the ladder before his dad's voice calls out for him from the hallways. "Eugh, stupid parents.. always ruining my fun.." he grumbled and hopped off the fifth rung he managed to get up to. You floated over to the boy and he did what he always did since you two 'met'. He stared at you. This time you stared back.
The brown mane of his dad's came around the corner and the man let out a soft 'ah, there you are' once he spotted Katsuki. He picked the boy up by the armpits, moving him to sit on his shoulders. He notices that the ladder connecting to the ceiling had been let out.
"Did you open the attic door, 'Tsuki?"
The boy shook his head and pointed at the darkness past the open entry.
"Nuh-uh, Deku did! It took him a while too. That girl must be hogging up all the energy in this place." He pointed at you.
His dad only chuckled and humored the boy with imaginary friends. He started walking away with Katsuki on his shoulders, telling him something about the new school he was going to go to and something about dinner that made the boy excited. Their voices sounded like white noise to you as they walked away.
"Deku...?" you questioned out loud as you hovered near the ladder.
"That would be me!"
You jumped back, the right side of your ghostly body permeating through the wall beside you. Your sight linked with wide, emerald gems of eyes. The top half of his body was phased through the ceiling, the bottom half hidden from view, meeting your shocked gaze with an upside-down smile. Wild tufts of dark green hair softly bounced as he floated down to meet you properly. You stayed half-hidden inside the wall.
"Wow, I didn't realize that another ghost already lived here!" He began speaking to you with excitement shining in his face, his fists clenched and shaking up and down in front of him. He was like an excitable puppy. He recalls his little buddy telling him about a girl that was 'just like him' that lived in this house. He wasn't sure what the boy exactly meant by that since the only ghost Katsuki could see was himself, despite others that Deku himself sees around the blonde. At first, he thought that maybe it was an actual imaginary friend.
At the news, thoughts of you filled his head as he played with the little boy this first day of moving in, never wandering too far from the desire to meet you. Seeing you here, now he knew exactly what the boy meant! Words spilled from his mouth like a raging flood.
"Oh gosh, where are my manners! My name's Izuku, but you can call me Deku too if that's what you want. I have so many questions to ask you- first of all, how are you doing?"
You stayed silent, too stunned at the fact that another ghost was right in front of you. In all your years, you've never... there was something about him though. Something you couldn't figure out but whatever it was, it made you curious about him. As if you had known him your whole life. Did he feel the same? Were you finally craving attention now that you had someone in front of you that was in the same situation as you, more or less?
"..H-hello? I didn't... I'm not- scaring you... a-am I?" Izuku wasn't sure how to take your stunned silence. His excitable bouncing stopped as his feet flattened on the floor. He watched you slowly sink more into the wall as if you wanted nothing but to get away from him. That was fine. He'd give you space but he at least wanted to know your name.
"I- uh.." he wasn't sure how to form the question as he held his hands out in front of him in a silent invitation.
"Who are you?" your voice finally rang out amidst the awkward silence. How sweet. Like bells on a Sunday morning. Wait, what..
"Oh, I guess you didn't hear me," he was glad you decided to speak to him instead of running away. "My name is Izuku and-"
"That's not what I meant-"
You took a moment and a deep breath to calm yourself from your sudden outburst and finally came out of the wall, fully facing him with all your ghostly presence. You could see his eyes widen and his jaw drop at the sight of your face. It made you uneasy as you shrunk within yourself at his sudden silence, his demeanor completely different from how he was just seconds before.
"Well? A-are you just going to stand there or are you going to-"
Your inquiry was cut short when your name spills in broken whispers from his lips. His scarred hands grip at his shirt as he hunches over his knees. Something compelled you to go closer to him and place your hands on his shoulders. As if preventing him from falling over. You would have never done it for any other stranger, but for him... It was as if it was your job to make him feel better. Especially when his emerald orbs shone with a glossy sheen as he holds back the urge to cry with his teeth clenched. You were confused as hell.
"H-hey... I didn't mean to-"
Maybe it was your fault he started getting emotional. Maybe it was your yell. Maybe you were a little too harsh and he happened to be a little sensitive crybaby. Maybe-
"I finally found you!"
His arms instantaneously wrap around you, holding onto your pale body tightly. With one hand flat against the small of your back and another on the back of your head, you were squished into his own self as he buried his sniffling nose into your neck. He shook violently as he suppressed the urge to cry out loud. You felt cold, glass-like tears running down your shoulders as you stood there with a speechless expression. Your arms hung loosely next to his sides, fingers itching to close the gap and hold him back just as tightly.
Despite feeling nothing, his embrace made you warm for the first time in decades.
"You have no idea how long I've waited for you..."
His sniffles were the only sound in the silence between the two of you. Your brain taking its time to process his sentence
[ 6 Months Later ]
"(Y/n), please! You're going to exhaust yourself!"
You ignored the forest-haired boy as your hands gripped onto the dishes that were laid to dry on a towel on the kitchen counter. You rolled your eyes and floated away from him, one large dish in hand. The male made it a mission to never stray too far away from you. You were too reckless for your own good.
You raise the plate over your head but before you could smash it on the ground, he grabs your wrists and takes your arms down from their high position.
"Darling, please." Wide, pleading eyes started a war within yourself, a war between your heart and your stubborn habit to kick anyone that moved in out of here.
Eventually, the pouting lip of the male in front of you causes you to sigh and release the plate from your white-knuckled grip. He immediately takes the ceramic and places it back to its original place. You cross your arms as he opens his, inviting you to a hug.
"Don't look at me with that stupid grin on your face." You huff as you snap your head to the side indignantly, keeping rooted in your stance. You could hear him chuckle in front of you before a hand gently places itself on your head, caressing your hair in that manner that always calmed you down.
6 months ago, he had told you.
You have no idea how long I've waited for you...
When you didn't respond the way he had expected, he made an excuse as if he had mistaken you for someone else. Somewhere inside yourself, you had already been convinced that what he said truly was intended for you. He insisted that he was mistaken.
It took some time to adjust to having someone that can freely communicate with you in the next weeks after that. Besides Katsuki, who only ever stares at you whenever you were around, Izuku was your only company. The greenette quickly took to calling himself your friend, despite your multiple attempts at seeming like an absolute monster to him.
You would be lying to say you didn't like the attention he gave you. He paid attention to all of your habits. Sometimes even going as far as gathering energy for you so that the two of you could read a book together. Small gestures he did made you happy and it was a wonder how he seemed to know your likes and dislikes before you even told him.
The first time he openly sabotaged your efforts to scare away the Bukugos was the time you declared war with him. After all, what ghost openly accepts living people?! Wasn't there some kind of ghost protocol that states you have to be a menace to the living society?? It was definitely not just because you wanted him all for yourself whenever he goes to play with the blonde boy. No, definitely not.
"It's not fun living by yourself. Why don't you become part of our family."
You could still remember the day he told you that. He was so adamant at making you feel at home, you were beginning to think there was some kind of underlying, evil plan behind those forest green eyes of his. Truly nobody was that nice. But then you learned that being nice was the endearing thing about him. Among everything else.
You stood in the middle of the attic floor, staring at an old, faded wedding photo of times long gone. The faces of the couple had been obscured by father time but something about it always makes you feel bittersweet. You weren't sure why this particular photo had been saved considering the mansion's destroyed past. It was easily over 50 years old, yet it stayed here like a memory that refused to leave.
"(Y/n)!" Izuku calls out for you from below. There was a small panic in his voice, telling you that he had been searching for you for some time now.
"Attic." That was all you said as your eyes stayed locked with the frame. Your finger runs through the groom's shrouded face. Muffled screams and flashes of fire played in your mind like an old tape reel on loop.
A pair of arms wrap around your waist, a familiar chin rested itself on your shoulder. Tufts of his wild green hair tickled your cheek as you turn your head slightly to meet his face. His eyes stared at the photo with a wistful look.
"Since you said you lived here before- do you know them?"
You weren't sure but you could have sworn a pang of pain reflected in his sad smile. He turns his nose to bury in the crook of your neck.
"I did.."
"What's their story?"
From the months you had come to know him, his hesitation to answer your question was out of the ordinary. Something he almost never did unless it was about something extremely sensitive. His eyes kept their gaze on the wedding photo and you could see your reflection in his glassy orbs.
"Izuku." You cooed as you placed your hands on his cheeks, snapping him out of his trance. He turned to look at you, the sad smile returning to his face. He hums and places a hand over yours, turning his face to plant a gentle kiss into your palm.
He was always so open at showering you with affection. At first, you hated it but now, you don't know what you'd do without it.
"Sorry, it's just- a hard memory to recall." He tucks a stray strand of hair behind your ear before caressing your cheek as you did with his. "You really don't remember anything?"
"Ah, this question again?" You sighed in an annoyed tone. "You always ask me that. Why don't you just tell me what you know! We obviously knew each other in our past life, so why not just fill me in?" He chuckled at you crossing your arms in front of him.
He hums in thought before leading you to the window seat on the far end of the small attic room. He sits you down gently and places a small kiss on your forehead.
"I'll be right back. Wait there for me."
Before you could respond, he flew off towards the main area of the mansion, leaving you to contemplate the kiss he left on your forehead. The small kiss, or the way he said that last sentence?- triggered a painful memory within, causing you blackout.
"Darling~" Izuku's soft voice calls out to you as you stirred in your sleep.
"Mhm, five more... minutes.." You turn your head to the side, a small smile ghosting your lips. The male chuckled and stroked the top of your head lovingly. A blade of grass tickled your nose, causing a (e/c) colored eye to gingerly open. The blurry green blade entered your view, dancing in front of your face as it tickled the edges of your nose. Your smile grew as your hand waved it away.
"Izukuuuu," you whined and sat up with eyes closed. "Stop, I was having such a nice dream." You hummed a yawn as you placed your head on his chest. His arms wrapped around you in a warm embrace.
"Sorry honey, but it's getting late and it's supposed to rain tonight." He peppers your face with slow, chaste kisses, the last one he places on your lips to which you pressed back just as lovingly.
He hummed against your lips after you pulled back. Neither one of you wanting the moment to end.
"I love you, 'Zuku." Your fingertips graze his jawline as his hand runs circles on your arm. "I love you more, honeypie."
After a few minutes of playfully arguing who loves who more, the two of you packed your picnic belongings and began the walk back home. Hand in hand. Though Izuku insisted he carries most of the things. Only letting you carry your (f/c) parasol and the blanket wrapped around your shoulders.
A few hours back at home and the two of you were snuggled up against each other, reading a book about a beauty and a beast. A large, warm blanket covered the two of you as the gentle crackles of the fireplace filled the background.
Your head was on his shoulder and his head laid on top of yours. You held half of the book with your left hand as he held the other half with his right. His left arm was wrapped around your waist as your free hand traced against the words being read out loud.
Occasionally you would find Izuku's stare on your face rather than the book itself. The two of you share laughs as you call him out whenever it was his turn to read.
"I can't help it~" he closes his side of the book before taking it from your hand and placing it on the coffee table in front of you. "I'm so lucky to be able to have an angel as my wife."
His sweet words never failed to make your heart soar and kisses were something the two of you would never go a day without doing at least 50 times. His hand was firm but gentle on your cheek as he pulls you in for another, more passionate kiss. He whispers sweet nothings as his lips brush against yours. You return the gesture and as the night goes on, so would the two of you in your heated moment up to the bed.
You blink your eyes and you were greeted with darkness. You blinked again and the mansion that you've called home presented itself in front of you. Nothing much had changed except its appearance was much more different than how it is now. It was warmer somehow and was decorated from top to bottom with rose vines. Looking around, the neighborhood was different and upon only noticing it now, it was as though you were looking at everything through an antique filter covering your eyes.
As your head was facing the side, an eruption of warmth and bright colors exploded to the side of you. Your head snapped back to the mansion only to see the whole building roar up in flames.
"N-no..." you whispered as you willed your legs to go forward. Your staggering steps turned into rushed racing as you headed inside the building.
Crossing your arms in front of you, you notice the heat never touched your body. You wasted no seconds as you ran to the upstairs bedroom, where the current residents slept. You really did see them as a family now. No doubt thanks to the certain green haired lad.
"Izuku!" You called out his name but there was no answer. You coughed as the smell of smoke fills your lungs. Your eyes widened in confusion. Smell? Smoke?
The ceiling above you groaned and creaked before you could answer the frantic yell. Your legs ran towards the exit and you managed to get out before beams and wood could trap you inside the room. You slam into the opposing wall, a groan spilling from your lips. Footsteps from the far end of the hallway capture your attention.
Izuku stood there with widening, fearful eyes. Your brows creased in confusion. He looked so real. He wasn't the pale, ghostly body of the male you were just talking to hours prior. His clothes were also different. Almost as if this Izuku was from a different time.
He calls your name again as he makes his way towards your coughing frame.
"Damn, of all things for my condition to act up.." you bitterly chuckled and slid down to the floor over your legs, your hand barely holding onto the wall beside you.
"Honey, I'm going to come to you. Wait there for me."
Izuku did his best to get to you, however, a pair of beams and wooden structure falls in front of him, preventing him from rescuing his beloved. A pair of waterfalls cascaded down his cheek as you sat there with your hands covering your face.
"Just go, Izu!" You throw a picture frame towards him. It landed in front of him and he aggressively shook his head, grabbing the flaming timber, burning his hands in the process. "N-no! I'm not leaving you!" determination filled his voice as his strength spiked with adrenaline began to move the heavy material with a groan.
"We're getting out of here and-and.." he let go of the beam with a pained grunt as he pulls in his burned hands. He looks up at you once more, your smile and sleepy face playing with his emotions.
"We'll take another wedding photo!" he screamed as if you had control of the situation. He knew what your eyes were telling him but he didn't want to accept it. The mansion may be falling apart at the seams around him, but he refuses to let your eyelids fall over your beautiful (e/c) eyes.
"I love you, 'Zuku.."
"(Y/n)!" his screams were the last thing you heard before the distant sounds of sirens outside the window. The heat around you expanded and enveloped your body like an angry dragon. Your sight blurred at the last effort your green-eyed lover attempted before collapsing on the ground, reaching for you for the last time.
And then
Back to darkness...
Your shoulders were roughly shaken, waking you up from the bittersweet dreammare of a memory. Your wide-opened eyes focused back on the present. Izuku stood in front of you as his hands gripped onto your shoulders tightly. You stared at him dumbstruck. Of course. How could you forget? He must've been so hurt...
"(Y/n)..." your name seems to be the only word in his vocabulary right now as his thumb rubs away the tears running down your face. You mumbled messily. "Shh, you don't have to talk." He shushed you gently as he sat on the ground, pulling you down to him and sitting you on his lap. His hand rubs at your hair as the other rubs circles on your hands.
"I-I'm sorry... 'Zuku.."
He froze. You had never called him by any kind of nickname since seeing you again, so this meant that-
"You remembered??" He pulls you away from his person and stares into your eyes disbelievingly. You nodded with a quivering smile. His eyes matched yours in the water making process, hugging you so tight it could have killed you if you weren't already dead. This time you hugged him back just as tightly, if not tighter.
You spent the next few hours in each other's embrace. He told you that you had died in this very house, the fire taking you away from him.
"They figured out that it was an arson and they never found the culprit." His hand balled into fists as he recalled the memory. You wrapped your arms around his neck tighter, reassuring him and calming him down. He let go of a shaky breath and rubbed his cheek on yours.
"After your funeral, I was determined to put him behind bars. I spent the next few years in the force hunting him down and eventually I did."
"What happened?"
He stayed silent. A brewing storm in his eyes as he recalls the interaction.
"I put him in jail but then-"
He sighed and pulled you closer if that was possible. You peppered your face with kisses, just as he did when the two of you were still alive.
"Life was hard without you, love. I was so lonely..."
You put your hands on his cheeks and smiled lovingly at him. You gingerly placed a quick kiss on his lips, his own trailing after yours when you pulled away, begging for more.
"I'm here now.. I'll never leave you again... I promise."
A few years down the road, the hot-tempered little boy grew up and was now in his teens. While heading downstairs, he was met with a familiar nagging voice.
"Did you finish your homework? You were up pretty late last night... Oh, did you say sorry to that blonde-headed kid you punched yesterday-?
"Alright already, jeez stop woman. You're worse than my shitty old hag!"
Izuku's laughter could be heard from the other side of the room. He floated over to where you were and placed a warm kiss on your cheek, making the blonde roll his eyes as he slabs peanut butter on a slice of bread.
"You two are gross."
"And you should listen to her more. She might as well be your second mom, you know?"
"The hell? You two-" he pointed the butter knife towards the two of you. "You're like only a few years older than me now."
You pinched his cheek to which he didn't feel of course.
"Physically, maybe- but not mentally, Kacchan~" you cooed with the old nickname he now proclaims he hated. The blonde groaned and threw his head back as he sat down on a chair. He snapped off a piece of his sandwich and glared at the two of you. You seemed to have something on your mind but were hesitating to say anything out loud.
He was always so sharp so he noticed every little thing about the pair. Why wouldn't he? Especially since he's lived with the two of you for over a decade now.
"What are you two so nervous about anyways..?" he growled as he finishes off his sandwich, still staring at you with intense crimson eyes.
"Oh, he noticed." you feigned hurt and tilted your head towards Izuku before the two of you let out a laugh.
"We just wanted to make sure you were good before.." the forest eyed male stopped himself as his ghostly apparition of a hand hovers over Katsuki's head in a touchless pat.
"You're leaving.." the blonde's voice was blank, devoid of emotion but his eyes said something otherwise.
"Yes," your quiet voice answered the stillness in the air. "We're.. moving on. We figured it was the right time now that you're old enough to not-- need us..." Your hands found themselves in Izuku's as he pulled you towards him.
Katsuki snapped his head to the side, brows furrowed. "Hah, as if I needed you guys before. I didn't..." He whispers the last part, in a tone that all of you felt.
"Oh, but don't worry! We'll try to stay until you get home tonight!" Your grin greeted him and he rolled his eyes once more.
The blonde squatted down and placed the bouquet of flowers on a grave. Two names were engraved on the stone, both holding the Midoriya surname. A message was engraved on the stone he has personally seen to be made:
{ Together Again at Last }
"Hope you two are happy, wherever you are.."
He stood up and turned his head at the sound of voices not too far from where he was. Two families were meeting up near another grave, just casually chatting. His eyes focused on two little children held by their mothers. They were curious about each other and reached their little baby hands towards one another.
A grin on his face grows as the familiar green bush of hair on the boy is ruffled by the gentle (e/c) eyed girl. Familiar smiles on their faces. He walks back to his car with his hands in his pockets, his group of friends waving at him.
"Yeah, you two idiots are all good.."
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mhafucked · a day ago
Day 5: Quilts (Deku x reader)
Tumblr media
word count: 388
summary/cw: blanket related fluff; reader stress/sadness (unrelated to Izuku), sexual tension & innuendos, cussing
Izuku looks over with concern as expletives flow from your mouth, side-eying you for what seems like the 13th time in a row. You’re both on the couch but not touching thanks to the large blanket taking the up space between you.
“Fuck!” A missed stitch has you cursing again and you start to take apart the last few rows.
He tries not to watch; instead, pretending to check his messages from Bakugou and the agency but should he say something? Probably not, but when he hears your sigh once more, he can’t stop himself.
“Are you sure you don’t need help?” His brow wrinkles in concern, you usually don’t get this frustrated with your projects.
“No!” You huff, “I just don’t know why I keep messing up.”
“You really don’t have to finish it in time for Christmas,” he says but immediately regretting opening his mouth because of the look on your face.
You set down your knitting and fold your hands in your lap, leveling your gaze on him.
“Izuku.”He gulps.“I am going to finish this blanket before Christmas even if it kills me. Isn’t that what you always say?”
“That’s nowhere near the same—”
“I wasn't done.” You want to keep teasing him because his blushing face is adorable. But as soon as you try to keep up the charade, you’re fighting back tears. What you’re making him is so close to your heart and you can’t bear the thought of it not being finished by Christmas. “This blanket means so much to me because I’m making it for you!” A choked sob ends your sentence as you’re rapidly blinking back tears.
He picks up the mess of blanket and sets it on his lap before scooting closer to you, holding you tight. He knows all the stories about your grandmas and the gifts they would create for their families.
“I’m going to love it because you made it,” he says simply. “Missed stitches and all.”
All the tension you didn’t know you were holding immediately melts away; no wonder Izuku is the most loved hero. He always knows exactly what to do in times of stress and crisis. You grab his hand and place your plastic needle in it.
“Thank you,” you whisper before clearing your throat. “Okay, take this thread and go through here…”
A/N: @bakumu's edits made this piece so much like me, I'm shook (dom flirting one minute and in tears the next)
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@goldenshoyo's 2021 Holiday Collab
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arlerted · 6 months ago
thinkin’ bout letting izu fuck you full <3
wc: 1.8k 
tw: breeding, mating press, mentions of tummy bulge, slight size kink
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
More. God, you need it. He’s fucking into you, as Deku does, cock dipping into your tight cunt and sending you into bliss. It should be filthy, you want it to be absolutely fucking filthy. He drives you crazy, hips twitching and whimpering over you as he fucks you to another orgasm, your head rolling back on the mattress as you neared a delirious high. 
Deku’s a whiner, so needy when he fucks your hole with an intensity you can only attribute to him. He holds your gaze, brows knitted together as small whimpers and praises tumble from his lips. He fucks slow and deep, with so much purpose and you find yourself becoming overwhelmingly irritated with the rub of the condom. Still, Izuku manages to fuck you like he means it, fuck you like he wants to breed you.
“Feel so fucking g-good.” He stutters out, sweat collecting on his brow as he dips down to kiss at your collarbone. 
Deku holds one of your knees to the mattress so he can get as deep as possible, so he can feel as much as he can through the latex of the condom that keeps him from painting your insides white. That’s what you really want though, as he takes one of your nipples between his soft lips and moans around it, voice trembling across the swell of your breast, you mind races with the possibility of letting him fill you up. 
You’re delirious, absolutely out of your mind as he pumps you with the stretch of his dick, heavy between your legs. Izuku can make you cum so easily. It’s astonishing how quickly he manages to melt you entirely, making you malleable for the sweet boy as he whines at the feel of your cunt fluttering around him. 
“‘Zuku m’close…” You gasp out beneath him, hands grabbing at his shoulders. 
“Y-yeah? Y’gonna cum for me?” He breathes out. 
It should sound dominating, but it doesn’t, because Izuku is so fucking needy for you. God, you were convinced that if he weren’t biting a pretty bruise into the side of your neck that he’d be begging for it.
He pulls away from the side of your neck, placing an open mouthed kiss on your lips as his tongue dips into the space there, dancing across the surface of your tongue as you do your best to kiss him back. Izuku’s broken moans and praises are breathed into your mouth, sending shivers down your spine and straight to your weeping cunt. 
“Izu, ‘zu, take the condom off.” You mouth against him. 
“Huh?” He pulls away from you, green eyes blown wide with lust, with the tone of your voice that drips from your lips like honey. 
“C-come inside.” You whine out, fingernails digging into his shoulders, head rolling to the side so you can look at him through wet lashes. 
Izuku’s hips slow slightly and you whimper for him, back arching to keep the friction going. You’re so needy for him, you fucking need him to fill you up now, but Izuku is hesitant. His thrusts go from intense and heavy to slow and sensual, dragging against you as he splits you open, painfully slowly. 
It’s not the he doesn’t want it, in fact, he fucking craves it, but he knows that if he took the condom off and felt you directly against his cock, that he wouldn’t be able to control himself. He’d fuck you until you were a cross-eye’d, melted puddle beneath his fingers. He’d fuck you until he could see the bulge left from his cum, until you were stuffed so full of him that there was no way you wouldn’t end up swollen with his children.
“Are you sure?” You nod fervently. “If I come inside I will get you pregnant.” His words aren’t spoken dirtily, in fact, they’re quietly whispered and laced with a concern that’s characteristic of him. 
Fuck, he didn’t even know how he sounded right now, voice low and cracking with a concern of restraint. He’s just that certain, that confident in his ability to fuck a baby into you. Izuku would learn though, when you spasmed around him at the words, cunt fluttering as an orgasm washed over you and you squirmed beneath his scarred fingers. 
Izuku went slack jawed, eyes wide as you came around his cock just from the mere thought of him fucking his kids into you. If he had any semblance of self restraint left, it was going out the window as he watched you ride out your orgasm on his cock. He actually almost felt sad for you, that you didn’t get to come around him raw, that he didn’t get to fuck his cum into you while you did. But he would, fuck, he would. 
You were asking so nicely, trembling beneath him as you clawed feebly at his shoulders, keened for him with your voice, your body, and the way your cunt soaked him in your release. How could he not give you what you asked for?
“Fuck, okay.” He speaks quickly, pulling out, brows knitting together at the way you whine as he pulls the condom off of him with a satisfying snap. His hands tremble, it's the only indication besides the waver in his voice that shows just how badly he needs you, as you whine for him to plug you back up. 
“Shhh, don’t worry.” He coos in your ear, pushing his length back into you with a broken whimper. “I got you, m’gonna fill you up.” 
“Please please please.” You babble, head shaking side to side before you arch your back off the bed at the sensation of his skin against yours, the way his pelvis hits your clit as he buries himself as deep as he can go. 
“G-gonna give you what you need, yeah?” He asks, beginning to thrust in you. 
It’s entirely too much for him. Your cunt is so much hotter like this, practically burning him in its need to be coated in his cum. Suddenly, he feels chatty, wants to tell you just how badly he wants to give you his kids, pump you full of them. 
Izuku hikes your legs up and you squeal, letting him manhandle you with an unfamiliar aggressiveness as he puts you into a mating press. He’s so deep that you can feel in in your throat, voice catching as his thick cock hits your cervix with each thrust. His grip on your ankles is vice-like, hands digging small crescent shapes into the pretty skin there, tilting his head to kiss along your calf as if that would make this moment any less filthy than it is. 
“Want me to get you pregnant?” He asks, voice low, humming along the skin of your leg as his skin slaps against your own. 
You nod deliriously, arms hooked under your knees to help him get deeper. You can’t get enough of this feeling. 
“Fuck, okay, gonna get you fucking pregnant.” Izuku murmurs, voice low and gravelly. “Gonna fuck my kid into you, make you fucking mine. You want that? Want me to make you a fucking mommy?” 
His mouth is so filthy that you can’t help but want to taste it. You lean forward, tears crowding your waterline as you murmur a yes against his lips before you let him invade your mouth, swallowing his little grunts and whimpers as he gets closer to his high. 
“Gonna look so pretty swollen with my kid, huh?” Izuku pulls away from you, pressing your legs down further with his body. 
“Mhm, gonna be a mommy. Wanna have your baby, wanna be full.” You babble, too fucked out to think about the consequences of this. “Please ‘zuku, fill me up. Gimme it, gimme it.” 
God, you’re fucking crying for it. Izuku was close now, cock pulling against your walls. You can feel the thick vein that runs along the underside of it rubbing against you and the way his cock pulses with every achingly deep thrust. He’s ruining you, fucking into you at a brutual pace that has you swearing your pelvis will be bruised in the morning. 
You can feel the weight of him between your legs and across your chest, heavy and full on your body. It squeezes the air from your lungs with each thrust, has you gasping as you climb ever closer to another high on his cock. Izuku’s making your head spin, the weight of him pushing on your chest. You let the light-headedness overtake you, give into the full feeling that he gives you as his pace picks up. 
Izuku’s hips are sputtering, his cheeks painted a bright crimson as his eyebrows knit together. And then his head is falling forward, a low groan vibrating through his chest and you feel it across the underside of your thighs where he has you pinned before it turns into a whimper that sends chills running down your spine and has you spasming around him. 
He takes your cheeks between his fingers, lifting his gaze to yours and exposing his red and glistening face to you, green eyes clouded with a heavy coating of lust. Fuck, its hot as he fills you up, scalding your insides as you feel him bury himself in your cunt with a few shaky thrusts, kissing your cervix as he pumps you full of him. 
“God, fuck. Take it, yeah– fucking take it.” He chokes out, voice breaking at the end with the weight of his orgasm and the way your cunt milks him for everything he has.
He swears that he sees stars, swears that he’s found god in your cunt, the sweat that sticks his body to yours as he fills your womb with him. And your orgasm hits you with a blinding force as his ends, a sharp squeal melting into a low gasp as your voice escapes you, going stupid beneath him. Izuku whines through your orgasm and you can feel yourself gushing around him, feel the slip and slide of his cum and yours as he fucks it deeper into you while your hips struggle to writhe under his weight. 
There’s no escape from this feeling, no time to breathe as your orgasm washes over you in waves that send a broken mumble of his name from your lips, hands coming to grab his ass and push him deeper into you. Izuku whimpers at your eagerness to take him, at the way he can feel your hips struggle to squirm as your legs quiver under his weight. 
“Oh god…” You breathe out, half delirious as his cock stays seated inside of you while he pants over you. 
Izuku wants to stay there, buried inside of you where he can feel his cum flooding your cunt. He wants to keep you plugged up so that when he pulls out there’s no fucking way you aren’t pregnant.
Tumblr media
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todoroki-sweetheart · 17 days ago
How the MHA Boys eat Pussy
Tumblr media
+ genre. nsfw
+ warnings. mentions of well…pussy eating
Tumblr media
With one hand holding your arms and the other gently rubbing your clit
Todoroki goes slow and makes sure you’re experiencing maximum pleasure
Sometimes, he gets so into it that you’ll feel little hot or cold flashes on your skin
From the back, with his right hand holding you down so you can’t push him away and his left slapping your ass if you even try
Bakugou never half-asses anything, which is why he eats pussy until he sees tears streaming down your face
He isn’t satisfied and he isn’t stopping until he’s made you cum at least three times
With his ass in the air, sucking on your clit and holding your hand with his right
With his left, he likes to use One For All sometimes to send little shocks through your body
This man will eat you out until he’s blue in the face, you gotta remind him to come up for air sometimes
Hawks eats pussy like it’s his last meal
He always wants you sitting on his face so he has absolute full access
Don’t even think about getting up either, this man will hold you down and eat you out until his last breath
After all, who needs air anyways?
Underneath the table while you sit on his office chair, legs wide open for him
He likes to stuff your panties in your mouth to keep you quiet, since this man’s tongue is sent from heaven
He’ll make you cum on tongue like it’s nothing and then he’ll pull you into a kiss so you can taste yourself
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haikyutiehoe · 9 days ago
midoriya’s thrusts embrace the clenching of your body around his cock, each gesture accented with another panting moan from your lips. “dammit,” he curses softly, emerald gaze spying the new eyes now watching you two entangled in his bed. “it looks like we’ve been caught.” despite the observation in his voice, izuku doesn’t make any sign of stopping or slowing his timed, concentrated thrusts inside you. “does it really feel that good being watched?” he questions you, eyes searching for a true answer. your body responses, squirming and slithering beneath his, in a rapid fashion to match his pace. “oh, you dirty little thing, you really want them to watch you cum all over my cock?” grinning, he rubs your nipples quickly, drawing out the slurries, sluttiest sounds he can. “there we go. what a pretty show.”
the blonde forces you to watch your friends expressions change as he angles his cock in new directions, abusing spots that have you squealing beneath him. “ya baby, can’t hide what a whore you are when i’m inside you, huh?” he grunts and smirks down at your bashful expression, one hand pressed to your throat as his thrusts increase with brutality. “god, you’re really creaming while they watch. what a little slut.” the squelching between your two bodies continues, accented by your hopeless moans and whimpers to cum. “you gonna really come in front of these fools? show them what you like like when i’m breeding you?” without warning, katsuki flips you on your stomach, pulling your head back to meet the horrified gazes of your friends as he drives into you hard from behind. you utter a weak and squeaked sorry, incapable of composing yourself when dynamight is hell bent on ruining you
shoto blushes softly when his friends investigate the sounds coming from his room, figure cradling your smaller frame when they open the door and witness his pretty cock spearing you over and over until your head rolls back in his hands to stare at your guests from a view upside down. a loopy smile rests on your lips as they each quickly shy away from the door, embarassed to have ruined such a private and intimate manner. “you can hide baby, hide your pretty face in my chest.” gently, shoto caresses your body, pulling you beneath him as he slowly thrusts back into you, drawing your head back against the pillows with each concentrated touch of his cock. “you look so dreamy baby. a perfect pillow slut.” with a shy smirk, he finally addresses his friends. “don’t they look pretty when they cum?” the half haired male inquires of the group amassed by his door.
incapable of properly hiding you both, kirishima leans fully back, allowing the curious gazes of your friends to watch your body rut into the bed with each thrust. “they wanna see how a man makes real love to you.” ejiro tells you, hands gently caressing your hip as you roll back against his pelvis, his quirk showing off with an intimidating, chiseled abdomen adorns the hero’s stomach, a small trail of ruby hair pointing down to where you two connect. “i can feel you tightening sweetheart.” quietly, he muses just how obedient you might be in front of your friends. “let me bend you like a fucktoy won’t you?” the red head questions, hands quickly pushing your legs back as the impact of his thighs against yours force your lips wide open into an ‘o’. “thanks guys,” he grunts, gaze watching as you squirm, “didn’t know they were an exhibitionist slut. let’s see how many sounds we can make you cum with.”
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tomankitten · 9 days ago
Tumblr media
my loves: izuku, bakugo, todoroki, shinsou + dabi.
key to my heart: it’s my first time writing for mha in like four months sooo here ya go take this with lots of love pls :’)) xx
Tumblr media
🗝 MIDORIYA plays with your fingers when he’s nervous, and he gets nervous a lot. he’s grown so much in the past few years, and you’re so proud of him for it but there’s something about the way you look when you’re wrapped up in his arms— you look so cute, your back pressed up against his as you’re relaxing into the couch watching tv— he feels like a kid in high school all over again with you, all nervous and flustered, hoping you don’t notice the way his palms are a little sweaty in yours. every once in a while you’ll look up at him to make sure he’s paying attention and he’s immediately blushing and glancing down at your hands, fumbling with your fingers as he mumbles out a response— “i-i yeah...” “izuku, are you sure you’re watching?” his blush deepens as he continues to trace little patterns into your palm, and you sigh as you nuzzle back into him, knowing he’s watching you rather than the movie you two had taken so long to decide on. you’re gorgeous and he’s flustered but he’s trying.
🗝 BAKUGOU will never admit it, but he still gets nervous around you. some part of him wants to impress you and each time you walk into a room his voice goes up a few octaves, though he’d rather fall off the face of the earth than admit it. pretty much everyone notices but no one will point it out, afraid of any consequences that may come from the great explosion god dynamight himself. he knows it’s a nervous habit and he’s working on it but he just wants to be the center of attention when you’re around, he can’t help it. he doesn’t want you to think he’s not enough for you, so he tries a little harder to be a little tougher, to be strong and stern and resilient like you’re used to seeing from the heroes on tv— but when your soft hands cup his face, stroking his cheeks with your thumbs as you whisper a little, “why’dya always have to act so tough, katsuki?” he’s melting into your touch, forgetting what he was so nervous about in the first place. he doesn’t have to pretend with you.
🗝 TODOROKI gets really nervous when he’s out in public with you. he has a habit of keeping an arm wrapped around your waist protectively when you’re out and about, his hand squeezing yours a little tighter when someone passes by you on the sidewalk. maybe it’s a habit he’s learned from his hero work, being alert and aware of his surroundings— but his greatest fear is losing you, so it only makes sense that he’s really protective over you. given his looks, he can be quite intimidating, and if he ever sees someone looking at you the wrong way, his left side will slowly start to heat up without him even realizing it. “sho, baby?” you pull your hand away from his arm and place it on his opposite cheek, the sweetness of your voice pulling him back to reality, and soon his eyes are drifting closed as he relishes in the softness of your touch, the only thing that calms him down in moments like these. “sorry, love.” as soon as he’s calmed down, you’re wrapping your arms around him again, and he feels all of the tension leaving his body with you safe in his arms.
🗝 SHINSOU has always wanted someone to be there for him— but now that you are, he doesn’t know how to act around you. he’s always so nervous and fidgety, constantly clearing his throat when you’re looking at him because your pretty eyes seem to bore straight into his soul every time you look his way. his body still jolts a little whenever you slip your hand into his and his heart speeds up if he catches you staring from across the room, still in disbelief that you’re his. the way you look at him like he hung the moon and stars makes him think he must be dreaming. he tells himself it’s ok to love and be loved in return, but something in him thinks the way you love him will never feel real— it’s too good to be true. his still stutters a little when you crawl into bed with him at night, still feels the faintest blush creeping over his cheeks when you nuzzle into his side, his stomach doing little flips when you whisper “i love you” into his shoulder before you drift off to sleep.
🗝 DABI will never admit that he feels a sense of relief when you come home to him each night. he’s always worried something might happen to you, accustomed to expect the worst in his life, and he’s worried the happy ending he has with you won’t last— time is something that makes him really anxious. his heart races a little when he glances at the clock and realizes you’re usually home by now, his mind running through every possible scenario and “what if” it can come up with. he has to remind himself to calm down, uncomfortable with how nervous he gets and hoping you’ll never catch a glimpse of this softer side of him. he’s never loved someone so much before and he’s not sure how to handle it. over time, he gets a little more relaxed and stops worrying so much, but there’s still something about the way you walk through the door when you’re coming home from work each night that has his heart beating a little faster, this time from excitement rather than anxiety.
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hannamakki · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
virgin!deku who becomes a sex-fiend after you guys fuck for the first time. he can’t get enough of you from that point— he’s whipped. he wants to try every position in the book with you, explore and learn about all your kinks. he’s taking you every change he gets— in the morning before he gets ready for work, the minute he’s back home, and the weekends when he’s off. he’s addicted to the taste of you, obsessed with the noises you make while he pounds into you, hooked on the look that graces your face when you reach your climax. if you think his sex drive is bad then, wait until you let him hit without a condom. he’ll become a monster once he knows what it feels like to really come inside you.
Tumblr media
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toji-bunny-girl · a month ago
Why you married the BNHA boys and divorced them on your wedding night (NSFW, major crack, fem reader)
Midoriya Izuku
He’s literally the sweetest little bean that you can’t wait to have a family with…but also tried to finger you while reading off of a website on google teaching people how to have sex with a woman AND it wrote ‘bite their clit gently’, he doesn’t know how gently he needs to be 😬😬😬😬
Bakugou Katsuki
He was hot and rich and sweet although he tries to hide how much he cared…then on your wedding night you planned to drink wine and have a good long love-making but he slept at 9 pm sharp and was snoring so loud the wine glasses broke 😐
Todoroki Shoto
He was the perfect guy any person would want and you were ecstatic on the day the two of you becomes a married couple…until the wedding night where he tells you there’s no way he’s having kids because of his childhood trauma and he wore three layers of protections just in case 😐
Kirishima Ejirou
He was the exact meaning of a gentleman and you felt like a real princess when you were marrying each other…skip to when the he’s slipping into you and activated his quirk to be ‘extra hard’; needless to say your cunt was bleeding and his cock was literally rock hard 😭😭
Kaminari Denki
You thought he was your soulmate, funny and just your best friend turned lover...later on while you were giving him a blowjob, he couldn’t stop making deez nuts jokes; like, you were actually thinking that you could be intimate on your first night but he CANNOT stop meme-ing and joking around that you told him you were going to get milk from the store (and never returned)
Iida Tenya
You loved an earnest and respectful man for yourself and lucky for you, he was the one...but little did you know he’s also one who read off of a guide book on how to have sex on your first times. And when you got a single step wrong, he’s lecturing you like a teacher but you held it off, until you were moaning for him to go faster and he decided to use his stupid recipro burst or something and rammed into you so hard your body hit the wall and you passed out, also leaving a huge crack on the wall. 
Amajiki Tamaki
Another shy little bean that you fell in love with but it took him 5 years to finally propose because he was so shy but that’s fine...and you’re starting to think he doesn’t love you when he couldn’t get his dick hard because he was just too shy, he only got it hard after an hour and you’ve already fallen asleep. And you woke up to see him jerking off in front of your face at 2 am 😶.
Hawks - Takami Keigo
The process of arranging the whole wedding with the handsome hero was fun and all but after the wedding reception, you couldn't wait to have him all to yourself...until he got so excited and horny he forgot human language and chirped and tried to beak your face in the middle of the act until the end of it. You’re now traumatised and scream when you hear a bird. 
Shigaraki Tomura
Girl, idek why you decided to marry his crusty ass but it’s a huge mistake...this virgin bastard literally tried choking you like he saw in porn and he forgot his quirk for a sec because a vag just felt so good and he dusted you. You died having a literal man child drooling on you with his dry af fingers on your neck 🤤🤪
He told you his dad was Endeavour, number 1 hero, so you thought he was rich...and he deadass brought you to the back alley with rats as witness for your first night with him. He also smells like trash and tried to blame it on the back alley trashcans 🤮🤮
Aizawa Shota
One word, sexy majestic beast of a man and you thought you were lucky to get to be his wife...but you never notice how dedicated he was to his students and Eri until he had to change Eri’s diaper because she shitted her pants or something and had to bring his students back to the dorm when they sneaked out and were caught at 3 in the morning that he doesn’t even have time for you 😕. 
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