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#izuku x reader

Your English is G R E A T!!

Warnings: nsfw


  • Midoriya had no idea what he had done to get you to be so distant. For the last two weeks, he had been trying to reach out to you. All of his attempts to achieve this, however, were met with unread messages or with a recording of your voice that encouraged him to leave a voicemail
  • His curiosity about your whereabouts came to an end when he entered his dorm only to find you laying on his bed, giving him a look that almost made him melt
  • Honestly, he was really clueless about the nature of your quirk. He only knew vague facts about it that you decided to disclose to him. He never felt the need to force you to tell him more about your quirk, but sometimes he wished he did. If he had known maybe he would’ve been ready for what was about to happen next
  • When you walked up to him, swaying your hips while licking your lips, his breath hitched and his heartbeat accelerated. Maybe it was the fact that he hadn’t seen you for a long time, or the fact that your smirk was so seductive, but he felt an irresistible urge to touch you and do naughty things with you

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Anonymous asks: !Mention Of SH Scars! Ok so I have sh scars on my stomach and recently I’ve been really insecure about them, so could you do headcanons with todoroki, backugou, and midoriya with a s/o with sh scars and them comforting them and stuff? It’s cool if you’re not comfortable writing this! Just thought I’d ask :)) Sincerely, Frog Boy

Frog boy, I can totally write this for you !! As someone who has s*lf h*rmed in the past, I understand feeling insecure over them. I hope I did these justice, and that you enjoy them !!!

!Warnings!: mentions of s*lf h*rm,

Todoroki, Bakugou, & Midoriya comforting an S/o with self harm scars


Originally posted by baekugos

Todoroki Shoto

  • He really tries to help you with the scars
  • He has a scar himself, but he didn’t really care to think about his. It’s a part of him, what else is there to it?
  • But when Momo approaches him and tells him You’re feeling insecure, he is shocked.
  • He feels bad for not realizing sooner and confronts you about it.
  • “Why are you insecure over your scars?”
  • After you spill why you’re feeling insecure he leads you two to your dorm, squeezing your hand in comfort in hopes that you’ll understand his silent love.
  • He cuddles you on your bed and rubs your scars on your stomach while he starts to talk.
  • “It’s okay to feel insecure about scars, S/o. ” he mumbles and kisses one of your scars softly.
  • “I understand why you’d regret or feel insecure about them, but you don’t have to. It’s in the past, and we can’t change it. I’m just proud that you’re still here, even when life was against you. You’re strong, and these scars of apart of you, and there’s nothing wrong with it. I love you, and I’ll help you with these insecurities. ”
  • After that, he just holds you close to him and whispers soft reassures to you.
  • He loves you and hopes he can help you with this 💖

Originally posted by kikuhikou

Bakugou Katsuki

  • This boi
  • He doesn’t understand feelings, so he is shocked and confused when you confront him about your problems.
  • “I hate them, I hate these stupid scars on my stomach and wish they weren’t here…”
  • He instantly is ready to stop you, he hates seeing you upset.
  • He pulls you to a secluded area and faces you, pulling you close to him.
  • “Dumbass.. You’re losing your mind over a tiny mistake, and you shouldn’t worry about it. Yeah, you felt shitty in that point in your life and turned to an unhealthy outlet, but you can’t change what’s been done.”
  • He takes a deep breath and rubs his rough fingers across your stomach gently, as if trying to comfort you silently.
  • “It’s there, and I don’t care about it. You pulled through and I’m proud of you. I’m not the best with emotions, but stop wasting time on something that doesn’t define you. I love you for you and these scars aren’t something I worry about, they just mean you were strong enough to pull through a dark time in your life. Now stop worrying, okay?”
  • His words aren’t,,,, the best, but he’s trying.
  • He looks after you for a week after that and gives you encouraging words during the day, so low that only you could hear them.
  • He cares, he just doesn’t know how to express it. He’s trying, though. 💖

Originally posted by unfamiliarworld

Midoriya Izuku

  • Baby boy was so sad when he see’s you rubbing at your stomach angrily, refusing to wear clothes that show off your stomach, & even muttering lowly about your scars when you two hang out.
  • He confronts you about it and he’s shocked when he hears your words.
  • “Why would you want to be with someone with disgusting scars on their stomach? Why do you like me?”
  • He sheds a few tears and hugs you tightly, feeling his heart break at your words.
  • “S/o, please stop saying such things about yourself.. I don’t care about your scars and they don’t lessen my love for you. It’s okay to feel upset over these stuff and I understand it was a rough patch in your life, but don’t let these scars define you. Sometimes these things are things we regret, but we shouldn’t let these be a set back. I love you and I wish I would’ve helped you with this, but I can help you now. You’re perfect the way you are, with or without your scars. Let me help you, I promise we’ll get through these insecurities.”
  • He starts leaving little encouraging notes around your dorm, sending you loving texts throughout the day, and so much more.
  • He’s trying to help, because he wants to help fight off your insecurities. Hope you’re ready for nightly cuddling where he’ll whisper to you about how amazing you are 💖


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So, here is a post for you guys! I hope you enjoy!

✽  ֍  ✽  ֍  ✽  ֍  ✽  ֍  ✽

Izuku Midoriya


Originally posted by hanae-ichihara

- Of all the ones on this list, he gets you the most

- Because he’s been there

- When you two start dating, you don’t tell him till the 2nd or 3rd date

- Not because you don’t trust him, but because you were scared of what his reaction would be

- When you do tell him, he just smiles at you and pulls you in for a hug

“You think not having a quirk makes you any less special to me? I love you how you are, quirkless or not! So, don’t worry about it! I love you no matter what…”

- After that, he makes sure you feel extra love

- Whether it’s extra cuddles or kisses

- He’s giving you more affection 

- Even if you complain about it

Bakugo Katsuki


Originally posted by afoxthatpretendstobeabear

- Telling him took a lot more courage than you thought. 

- Considering the fact that you were in general studies and were more focused on fixing your fellow classmates costumes, he just assumed you didn’t want to be a hero

- Cause you sure didn’t sign up for the hero course( at least he didn’t see you at the entrance exam)

- Also, knowing him, you knew his view on it and were kinda scared to tell him

- You didn’t want him to see you as a weak piece of shit

- When you do tell him, you make sure to do it in private, in case he gets mad or something along those lines happens

“You think I give a fuck about whether you have some shitty quirk or not? I seriously don’t give two shits if you have one or don’t. I-If i didn’t think you were the best, you wouldn’t be here dumbass…”

- He really doesn’t know how to tell you that it doesn’t bother him

- And his pride won’t let him just say that he loves you as you are

Todoroki Shoto


Originally posted by uchihaharunoss

- I think he wouldn’t find out by you

- His dad finds out that you two are dating and immediately starts doing research on you

- When he finds out you’re quirkless, he flips and starts going off on Shoto the next time he sees him

- Of course, Shoto just shrugs it off because he really doesn’t care about what his father says at this point.

- Even though Shoto knows, he will wait for you to tell him, as well as acting as though he had no idea

- When you do end up telling him, he keeps his calm face and takes your hand, gently kissing the knuckles

“Princess, my love for you will not waver. Whether you have a quirk or not means nothing to me. I will love you till the ends of time…”

- He’s overall really sweet about it and makes sure you feel loved

- If anyone were to say something mean about, Shoto would not hesitate beating someone up

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Dragon!Deku x Musician S/O Headcanons

A.K.A. the informal sequel to my Dragon!Deku fic, His New Treasure


A good chunk of these are ideas that I wanted to incorporate into the original fic, but couldn’t due to trying to timing. So I drafted them and decided to post them here instead. Hope you like it!


  • He immediately begins to show you his hoard once you get properly settled. All of his treasures that he has collected over the few years of his independent travel.
  • Would beam at you with no shame if you tried on some of the green and gold jewelry. He insisted you picked out at least one for you to keep so he could wake up to you wearing it everyday.
  • You read through the books, papers, and scrolls together, cuddled up high in his nest.
  • You both make notes to which locations you have traveled before and to one’s you plan to travel next.
  • You’re not performing alone in villages you visit anymore.
  • Now, you have your own partner to dance and sing with.
  • Deku helps pull in the crowd with his sweet smile and welcoming voice.
  • You know this firsthand.
  • Deku teaching you swordsmanship.
  • As much as he wouldn’t mind being both your sword and shield for the rest of your lives, you wanted to make sure that the previous encounter with the thieves wouldn’t come close to happening again.
  • Deku’s dragon growled at the thought. 
  • Anything to make his mate happy.
  • And happy you were with each day as you progressed with the blade.
  • The first time you’ve bested him in a training spar. Him on his back with your new sword at his neck, you wearing a victorious grin.
  • His heart skipped a beat.
  • He loved you so much.
  • You take the task of purchasing certain produce and spices for nearby villages and markets.
  • Both of you fish together, but half the time you distract each other with play fights in the water.
  • Deku’s job is hunting down larger creatures in the woods for meat and fur and foraging for berries from time to time.
  • He makes it his job to find the biggest prey he can find to make sure you are well fed and slept comfortably every night.
  • Only the best for his newfound, precious mate.
  • Ok, so imagine this.
  • You’re at the camp near your shared cave. Starting the fire, preparing the fish, whatever.
  • You hear rustling from the nearby bushes, so you tense up and hold out your carving dagger just in case.
  • Out comes a frantic, giant elk and your hybrid!dragon significant other less than a second later.
  • When Deku hunts, most times he is in his hybrid form. Mainly because with forests being so thick with trees, there is not much space for his full and larger dragon form to properly maneuver through.
  • He still had his basic human traits on display. However, a good portion of his body was covered in his jaded scales, mainly his back, some on his arms and legs, neck, and the lower part of his jaw. His dragon horns, wings, claws, fangs, and eyes are also on full display.
  • As well as some of his animal instincts.
  • He leaps onto the animal’s back, claws digging deep into the prey’s fur and skin. Deku bites down hard onto the elder deer’s windpipe, both tumbling to the ground by the tackle. The elk only had a split second to scream before being permanently silenced by the attack.
  • Deku grips down hard on the animal’s throat with fangs and claws before releasing it after it has finally passed away.
  • He blinked down at the corpse and composed himself before lifting his gaze at you.
  • His sharp, reptilian eyes transformed into his round, lovely orbs. He smiled wide with bloodied teeth, “Beloved, I got dinner!”
  • Only Deku has the ability to go from Predator Mode to Puppy Eyes like that and master it.
  • He loves it when you soothe him with lullabies every night, stomachs full with meat and berries.
  • Your fingers combing through his hair, him laying her head against your chest, falling asleep to your heartbeat and your voice. A perfect way to end every day.
  • Deku makes a mental note to find a bigger and better cave for you and his hoard to rest in.
  • It has to be as perfect as can be to raise their future hatch-lings.
  • He dreams of having a den of giggling, green haired, (e/c) children with you before slipping into slumber.
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Izuku Midoriya X Fem! Reader

Summary: After accidentally flying in on your best friend jerkin his meat to the thought of you, things get out of hand, and you’re thrown into a weekly routine.

WARNINGS!: Voyeurism, Masturbation

Category: Smut, Smut, Pure Smut.

Word Count: 8.7k+

A/N: You all wanted this! >.< I hope I delivered~

Just To Clarify:

  • This is a continuation!
  • panties are a bitch.

Part One

Tag List: @zylith-imagines-and-fics @birds-have-teeth @my-bnha-things.

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Originally posted by unfamiliarworld

pairing: izuku midoriya x reader 

prompt: fluffvember (d26)

wc: 500

warnings: implied smutish?? suggestive

synopsis: izuku’s already late for work and you’re going to make him even later…

a/n: I’ve been pretty busy T_T so right now I’m trying to catch up on requests + writing Pt II for Smartass so please bare with me 💕🥺

Your arms slung around him tightly, still not being able to let go. “Please ‘Zuku? Do you have to go to work today?” Your e/c eyes sparkled behind your long lashes as you mustered up your best puppy-dog eyes. “You know,” Your fingers linger up his clothed chest, that playful glint in your irises. “How about we just stay in bed the whole day~? Just you, me and the sheets-”

“Y-Y/N…!” Izuku splutters, face darkening at your sinful remark. If it weren’t for that meeting he had with the head office today, he’d be more than happy to take you up on that offer. Leaning down, he plant a shy kiss to your heart-shaped lips. “Don’t make it harder than it already is to leave you…” He whines, tilting your chin up to leave a trail of kisses down your neck. “I promise when I come back, we can do whatever you want.”

You aren’t too impressed, tilting your head unsurely at your fiancé. “Yeah but what if you’re too tired?” Your shoulders slump. “When you’re tired you’re no-”

“Y/N!” He interrupts you again, face on fire all too soon. Flustered, his gaze down-casts and his bottom lip tucks between his teeth. “I’d love to, you know that, but I can’t keep missing work in favour of-”

“Me?” You pout. Your slender fingers toy with the knot in his tie, gazing up at him with intent. “How about you just go half day? Then we can…” The Windsor knot he’d proudly tied was pulled down, top buttons of his shirt loosening with your magic hands. “…spend some time together.”

Izuku glimpses at the clock that hangs to the left of the room, alerting him that if he didn’t leave now, he wasn’t going to make 9 o’clock. His gaze landed back on you; pupils clouded in lust, as the remains of his Windsor knot now hang around his neck. “…Princess…” Heat creeps up along his already flushed face, easily realizing what she was silently asking.

You open his shirt, your fingers smoothing over his freshly washed, warm skin. “Pretty please, ‘Zuku? Just one,” You slide down his shirt along his toned arms. “More,” You lean in so your lips ghost his. “Time?” Your breath tickles his neck.

He knows for a fact there’s no way he’d have the will-power to pick up his shirt and tie from the floor and be able to watch you illicitly gaze at him from the comfort of your bed. Your tongue sensually caresses your own lips as if a predator eyeing its prey. Why do I love this so much? The boss is gonna kill me. He thinks to himself.

Sighing in defeat, Izuku reaches to hook your legs around his waist. “You’re gonna be the reason we both get fired,” Your lingerie presses up against his bare chest – there’s no turning back now.

You smirk in victory, lips ravishing his. “What can I say,” You breaks away momentarily, drawing stripes along his shoulders. “You look hot all dressed up.”

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Can I request your headcanons of Todoroki, Deku and Bakugou having a s/o who has a quirk that requires a lot of energy and she's constantly falling asleep? Please♡

a/n: i feel like i left out the “constantly sleeping” part and kinda just replaced it with them always being tired, so im sorry for that! thank u sm for the request<3

warning: not proofread!! i will be doing that tomorrow



Originally posted by osakaxkobe

  • you are constantly tired and he just feels so sorry for you
  • but he knows you love your quirk, and he admires your hard work
  • plus, he knows you can handle being a little sleepy
  • after all, you have been dealing with the effects of your quirk for almost your whole life

“i-i really admire you, y/n” midoriya says, slightly blushing. the two of you have been dating for a few months now, yet he still gets nervous whilst talking to you, “i mean- it must be really hard to be sleepy all the time, yet you always pull through”

you yawn like you haven’t gotten sleep in days, despite having slept the previous night “aw thank you, izu. that’s-” you yawn once again, causing midoriya to giggle at your cuteness

  • thinks your yawns are the cutest thing ever
  • this baby has so many notes on the details of your quirk
  • before you guys started dating, his daily ritual was taking notes
  • not in a creepy way, your quirk is so interesting to him, and he couldn’t himself
  • he knows the things that drain you the most, how much you can take before needing a nap, etcetc.
  • he 100% carries coffee for you and makes sure it’s accessible

“young midoriya i were not aware you drink caffeine” allmight stated, slightly confused,

“oh this?” he questions pointing to the mug in his hand, “no no, this is for y/n”

  • midoriya’s favorite thing is when the two of you are sitting next to eachother, and you just lean your head onto his shoulder and fall into a deep sleep
  • you mostly do this when the class is on their way to a school fieldtrip and you two sit next to eachother on the bus
  • he will start squeeling then and there

“oi, shitty deku stop fUCKING SQUEELING”

midoriya looks over to see a red-faced bakugo ready to attack,

“shh kacchan she is trying to sleep” he says quietly

  • if it weren’t for kirishima and his special talent of calming down bakugo, your boyfriend would be dead

“shitty nerd..” bakugo mummbles in annoyance



Originally posted by giorno

  • he didn’t find out about the effects of you quirk until a few weeks into you’re relationship
  • i mean, he noticed how tired you look, but he never really thought to bring it up
  • until one day after a particularly intense quirk training, you look exhausted
  • you had to go to recovery girl’s room to take a nap, as usual
  • when you finally felt like you had reseted enough to make it through the day, you got out of the bed to find todoroki waiting for you

“todo,” you yawned, “you waited for me?”

“yes y/n, i read online a boyfriend is supposed to wait for his s/o todoroki when they are somewhere”

when the two of you started dating, todoroki did lots of “research” online, and even asked kaminari for a few tips. surprisingly, kaminari is pretty good with helping clueless boyfriends become a little less clueless

but still, todoroki being himself got straight to the point, “y/n, why do you always look so-tired”

“gee thanks” you sarcastically stated, giggling slightly at how socially unaware he was

todoroki stood there, waiting for a response, “well…” he started, “have you been getting enough sleep”

  • once you explain the effects of your quirk to him, he’s less concerned with your sleep schedule so much as with how you make it through the day

“that must be very hard, y/n. im sorry”

“eh, it’s not that bad!” you shrugged,

“how do you make it through the day when you’re so tired?”

“two words, todo: naps and coffee”

  • i see todoroki as the type of person who never saw the point in naps
  • he has a lot of stuff to do, why would he want to spend hours on sleeping during the day when he can do that at night
  • unless it’s naps with you
  • napping with you is one of his favorite parts of his day, and never a waste of time
  • even if he isn’t tired, he just loves anything that involves cuddling you
  • most times, the two of you will go to your dorm when you need a nap. he’ll try to read a book while you lay on his chest, but he always gets distracted by how peaceful you look
  • will steal his fathers credit card and buy you a $100 giftcard to starbucks, as well as about 15 mugs
  • he just shows up at your house one day and his hands are full with mugs, bags of coffee powder, and everything in between

you’re in the kitchen, grabbing yourself a cup of coffee when you hear the doorbell ring, “one second!” you say, only for the door bell to ring two or three times more, “one second!” you exclaim even louder this time

huffing in annoyance, you put down your cup and make your way to the door. you look through the peep hole to see your boyfriend, hands filled with various items. you open the door, “oh hi todo,” you said with a smile,

“what’s all this?” you ask, gesturing to the infinite amount of items he’s holding

“well i was thinking about your quirk and how tired it makes you so i stole my dads credit card and took a cab up to the mall and-”

“wait wait wait- you stole your dad’s credit card to buy me coffee supplies?” you question, a hint of concered laced within your voice


“i- okay”

  • honestly, he just wants to take care of you and be a good boyfriend



Originally posted by sixcorrupted

  • brings coffee “for himself”, then never drinks it and ends up giving it to you
  • but its pretty obvious he bought it for you, he literally has never had an all caffeinated drink in his life

“aww bakubabe, you brought me coffee?”

“you idiot, this is for me!” bakugo exclaimed, blushing

“bakugo i know you don’t drink coffee-”


  • the delivery is wrong but it’s the thought that counts, right?
  • bakugo loves cuddles and that is a fact!!
  • so a girlfriend with a quirk that makes her sleepy? yes please
  • you need lots of naps and this baby will let you cuddle up to him everyday during lunch despite how embarrassed he is

“aww bakubabe, you’re such a good boyfriend!” kaminari mocked jokingly

“yea bakubabe it’s so nice of you to let your bakubabe rest her head of your shoulder” sero joined

bakugo was fuming on the inside, but he knew if he yelled at them now, he would wake you up. and the last thing he wants to do is deprive you of your well needed rest. but boy, were those two getting it after school was over

  • after after a half hour of bakugo chasing around sero and kaminari, he’ll intertwinehis hand in yours and practically drag you home
  • 100% is the big spoon to assert his dominance
  • you really don’t care, you just need a nap
  • if naps aren’t doing you justice that day, he’ll walk with you to the nearest cafe
  • if you have the energy to come with, of course
  • buys you anything you want it is honestly the sweetest
  • yes, that is including sweets

“hurry up and pick out what you want, y/n!”

you pout, “yea yea, one second”

  • if you take too long, he gives up and buys you everything

“i love you bakubabe,” you tease, knowing how flustered that name makes him

“yea yea, i love you too idiot. now hurry up and eat your food before i eat it for you!”

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Izuku Midoriya x Reader

A/N: Lil Ashi from two days ago was on her period when she started writing this, so blame her not me.

Warnings: nsfw!! smut, period sex, menstrual cycle, soft and sensual sex, crying during sex, probably the softest smut I’ve ever written. If you’re triggered by blood or periods in general I would skip this one.

Words: 2300+

.   .   .


“Hi, honey I-I’m so sorry I’m late! You see there was this Villain and then no one else was there to help so I…” Izuku stopped hopping around on one foot to take off his shoes when he realized you weren’t right there to greet him like you usually were. Not in the kitchen. Not on the couch. Maybe you were just relaxing in the other room? “Y/N?”

He hears a muffled, “I’m in here!” Come from the bedroom and he sighs, relieved.

He finished kicking off his red shoes and lifted his mouth guard up and over his head to set aside for the next day. He unzipped his hero costume halfway to let himself breathe a little, his black tank top hugging his sore muscles. He tied the sleeves around his waist and made his way into the bedroom to greet you, curious as to what you were up to. Only for his smile to falter when he saw you curled up in bed with a water bottle wrapped with a towel clutched to your stomach.

“What’s wrong, angel? Are you not feeling well?” He asked worriedly, rushing to your side to check your temperature. You only groaned grabbing his hand and pressing it to your lips to kiss the back of it, thigh you looked annoyed you sill attempted to be affectionate.

“It’s just… that time of the month for me, Izu.” You admitted without shame, you never did have to feel embarrassed after all. Izuku was anything if not understanding and considerate when it came to your discomfort, even the messy ones. Izuku’s big green eyes glimmer with understanding before a warm smile graces his tired features.

“I’m sorry, baby I must’ve forgotten, we usually know when yours is, ah I’ve been working so much that I…” Izuku trailed off when you took his hand again, giving it a squeeze as you curled yourself into a more comfortable position. “I know I know, you’re gonna say it’s not my fault but I still feel bad when you’re in pain.” Izuku pouts and you only grin.

“I forgot too, took pain killers about an hour ago,” you yawned, shifting positions once more as your cramps returned.

“D'you want me to warm that up for you before I jump in the shower?” Izuku offered, already beginning to strip down his hero costume into the thin tight clothing he wore underneath. Just the black tank and leggings, and when you nodded, passing the bottle over he scurried to the kitchen to fill it with hot water.

It was about fifteen minutes later when you heard the bathroom door open once more, snapping your drooping lids open. The still-warm water bottle soothed the ache of your abdomen, but you were in dire need of cuddles right now. Or rather, in need of Izuku. The moment he stepped into the room clad in just his boxers and a random T-shirt you were making grabby hands. He smiled sheepishly, hanging up the towel he’d been drying his hair with before obediently crawling into bed with you.

He latched on immediately, spooning you from behind and tugging you against his body. You kept the hot water bottle pressed snugly against your abdomen, but didn’t hesitate to fit your body into the shape of his, snuggling back against him with a content sigh. That is before a pained groan topples out afterward as another cramp twists your stomach I knots. Izuku frowns.

“Are you okay, baby?” He asks, briefly wondering if he should have grabbed you some pain medication or some of your snacks. Those always seemed to help you through these troubling times. “Should I go get you some more painkillers? Are you hungry?”

“Hmm, no. Stay.” You sighed, cringing at the discomfort and icky feeling of blood leaking into the pad. “Just uncomfortable, and I shouldn’t take meds again so soon.”

“Is there anything I can do to help?”

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Healer!Izuku Midoriya x Reader

A/N: This is a collab fic/scenario thingy between me, @midnightmoonkiss​, @bokunoheroine​, and @my-bnha-things​ that we word-vomited during a thirsty chat on discord and I thought I’d share!

Warnings: nsfw!! Smut, lactation-kink/strawberry milk, healer!Izuku AU (go to side-note), mommy kink, orgasm denial, soft femdom.

Words: 1100+

Side-note: This might be a little confusing but basically Izuku has a healing quirk in this, some of which can be distributed through fluids like… tiddy milk… and the taste of said milk changes based on his emotions. (it was a weird conversation okay?)

.   .   .


Izuku squirms around beneath your mouth on the sheets, trying not to make noise as you lap at his chest, having complained of having a headache and asked for a quick cure.

No doubt your headache should have been taken care of within seconds and yet you remained latched onto his chest for much longer than that. Even more concerning was how good your mouth felt around his nipples, lapping around the hardened peaks with your tongue and tugging lightly with your teeth.

“D-don’t you think you’ve-ah! Had enough, Y/N? I-I’m sure you’re fine now—ahhh~! Oh, oh shit~” Izuku whined, squeezing his eyes shut when you interrupt him with a harsher suck around his pink bud.

“Mommy still hasn’t had her fill yet. Now be a good boy and hold still.”

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Deku x Hare!Reader Headcanons

Prompt: Izuku Midoriya dating a classmate with a Hare Quirk.


Originally posted by hanae-ichihara

  • Your name is Y/N Usagiyama, your Quirk is Hare,
  • and Izuku thinks you’re the cutest damn thing to ever live.
  • He loved how your ears moved with you expressed emotions, so animated like a cartoon.
  • He wrote in about 4 pages in his Hero Analysis Notebook for your ears alone.
  • He also adored how you practically soared in the air whenever you jumped really high, as if you were flying.
  • He wasn’t completely confident with approaching and talking to girls close to his age. How he acted on his first day to UA with Uraraka is a perfect example, but he is getting more comfortable as the school year goes by.
  • Albeit very slowly
  • So it took him by complete shock when you approached him during hero training with a quick ‘hey’ and complimented him on his “bunny ears”.
  • Same Aesthetic, you insisted.
  • He didn’t have the heart to tell you that those “bunny ears” were really based on All Might’s hair, so he kept quiet.
  • As much as quiet as he could get when he was stuttering up a blushing storm while you were all up in his space stroking his pseudo ears in curiosity.
  • You guys basically hit it off from there.
  • You guys were a Cute, but Deadly Duo.
  • Him with his super powered punches, you with your strong ass kicks.
  • Speaking of kicks, Izuku is in love with your legs.
  • How they broke down pillars of Todoroki’s ice in the festival
  • How they drop-kick M*neta for miles for making a disturbing comment
  • How they heel-kicked Bakahoe Bakugo’s face during a hero training exercise when he tried to speak some bullshit
  • He adopted some of your eating habits in your special Bunny-based diet.
  • Tries to play it cool when he offers you a (favorite fruit snack) or (favorite vegetable snack) from time to time, saying that his mother pack him too much in his lunch.
  • When in reality, he likes seeing you nibble on snacks.
  • Your idea of dates are working out together 70% of the time. Not that you either of you minded one bit.
  • Spending quality time together and honing your healthy bodies? Killing two birds with one stone.
  • When the rest of your classmates can’t find you two in the dorm rooms outside of class, they know you guys went out on the training grounds for your weekly extensive jogs.
  • And by jogs, it’s really Bunny Parkour.
  • Seriously, the second Izuku showed you his training with Gran Torino on how he managed to utilize his quirk to his legs efficiently, you were fucking stoked.
  • Imagine Aizawa or someone else in Class 1-A having to retrieve you two from the grounds because you almost stayed out past curfew for the umpteenth time playing a hardcore Quirk version of Tag and/or Hero vs Villain.
  • Aizawa can’t really say much other than to keep your eyes on the time, seeing as this is technically considered as a training exercise.
  • You gave Izuku a imitation, green hare tail attachment to his hero costume as a gag gift for his birthday once, so that you could match and have “couple’s goals”.
  • Jokes on you. He wore that shit with pride for a good while until it broke off during a mission.
  • Then he asked for another one.
  • He calls you Usagi-chan, both ironically and unironically.
  • You call him Bunny-kun.


Prompt: Izuku meets your Pro Hero relative: Mirko!


Originally posted by fyeahbnha

  • Remember above when I said that your last name is Usagiyama?
  • Give you one guess why. XD
  • LOL so here’s the thing.
  • Izuku had an inkling that you were related to Mirko somehow.
  • Bunny-related Quirks and similar outfit design.
  • You even had the same last name for All Might’s sake! Of course, people can have the same family name and still not be related. 
  • But hell, even Todoroki had has suspicions.
  • He overheard you denying Todoroki’s claim that Mirko was your mother, illegitimate or otherwise.
  • So he dropped it then. Just assuming you were just a huge fan for her’s with a coincidental matching quirk.
  • So when the No.5 top female Pro Hero Mirko just casually and literally kicks open your front door and calls you to help bring in the groceries when you two teens were watching a movie in the living room
  • Izuku nearly had a heart attack!
  • “Y/N, Todoroki said that you told him you weren’t related to Mirko!”
  • “No, I said I wasn’t her illegitimate love child. And I’m not. She’s my (foster) (sister/cousin/aunt).”
  • “Illegit-…Y/N, who the hell are you friends with?”
  • All Mirko saw in front of her was a muttering, frail-looking fanboy whose blush was so prominent, that she hypothesized that he had a Strawberry-Head Quirk.
  • But you had a sweet smile on your face as you gazed at your rambling boyfriend as he ask question after question. She knows you and knows that you wouldn’t pick just anyone to court.
  • So, Mirko gave Izuku a chance for him to seek her approval a chance to answers all of his questions.
  • By challenging him to a spar in your large family backyard.
  • Because, of course she did.
  • You recalled talking to her about your classmates, especially the bushy-haired cute boy who you thought was a bunny hero in the making as well and how strong, smart, and cool he was.
  • So, she obviously wanted to see his skills for herself.
  • You insisted to Izuku that he didn’t have to fight her relative for her approval.
  • But he accepted.
  • Because, of course he did.
  • Your hero and quirk obsessed significant other was challenged by one of the Top Ten Pro-Heros in all of Japan in a friendly, yet out of nowhere spar. Did you really think that he was gonna say ‘no’ to this free firsthand experience?
  • Mirko: 😈
  • Izuku: 😠
  • Y/N: 😓
  • Mirko’s eyes widen ever so slightly when the petite boy took off his hoodie, showing off his not so petite muscles.
  • She nearly gasped when Izuku put on that look when he was prepping himself for the fight, One for All glowing and crackling around him, stance ready.
  • She became frozen in surprise when, after a few minutes of back and forth, the young man managed to land a strong hit onto her back when she was in the air mid-jump, plummeting her to the ground creating a small crater.
  • Izuku then had the nerve, the audacity, to speak so confidently to her about how Mirko relied too much on her legs on both hand-to-hand combat and maneuverability that she is left vulnerable in the air when her legs are more focused on properly landing or usually aimed at a target on the ground.
  • You shot a smug grin toward her way. My man just kicked your ass.
  • Mirko rolled her eyes, but smirked back. Shut up. I was going easy on him.
  • She sees why you like him now.
  • Congratulations, Midoriya. You’re part of the Bunny family now.
  • Get ready for plenty of rematches in the future, though. Mirko’s fucking relentless, family or not.
  • Mirko gives Izuku an internship invitation to work alongside her and Y/N, whenever he can.
  • She also signs his Hero Analysis Notebook. And makes sure her signature is bigger than All Might’s out of prideful spite.
  • Happy wasn’t enough of a word to describe Izuku when you walked him home that evening.
  • Mirko now joins in on the Bunny Parkour “workouts” from time to time.
  • Which helps because with the Pro Hero’s presence and permission, the young pair of teens can now play their ridiculous games in the city on actual public rooftops and alleyways without get into (legal) trouble.
  • Now, you’re a Feral Bunny Trio.
  • No villain is gonna so much as speak for more than a few seconds without being kicked down to their grave.

Author’s Note: I was forcing myself practically all day trying to write Bunny!Deku instead, but fate wasn’t having that for some reason. Then, I got distracted by Discord and new content of Mirko and I was like ‘FUCK IT’ and did this instead. XD Lol, why is my Bonus section longer than the main prompt?

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¢нιℓ∂нσσ∂ ¢σиfєѕѕισиѕ

ιzυкυ мι∂σяιуα χ яєα∂єя

Summary : Nothing’s purer than childhood, a certain, alluring question from it can change the future, too…. plus, being izuku’s childhood best friend clearly meant you had the heart of gold….. this is just purely childish innocence…..

What is that question, though?

══════ •『 ♡ 』• ══════


“what’s a marriage?”, Asked the small voice of a child, naviely, to the green-haired boy pretending to be the number one hero….

“You pair yourself with a person you love the most and spend your entire life with them, It sounds amazing! Imagine someone who supports you no matter what!”, Giggled the little boy….

“Well, that’s what my mom said…”, He added bashfully after seeing the enchanted eyes of the young girl…

“Then, I would totally marry you!”, She chuckled with childish innocence…. oblivious to the depth of her feelings…

That precious piece of memory has been replaying in his mind for weeks ever since he realised his feelings for you, at some point, he even wondered if it was just one of his silly daydreams….plus, how would you even remember such a small yet dear memory?

“Are you alright, izuku?”, You chimed looking at his flustered state.

“Huh? Y-yeah!”, He responded almost immediately, his cheeks now crimson, he quite literally imagined marrying you…

“I was thinking of going to the park….You know the one, where we used to play!”, You added cheerfully, not taking notice of how he fiddled with his fingers.

“That sounds great! I was just wondering about it and you were….”, He paused awkwardly, what is he saying?

“And me?”, You continued, curiously…

“ah! Nevermind!”, He blurted out, averting his eyes away from you.

You chuckled, “don’t ever change, izuku”, what is that supposed to mean?

Later, the sky was a murky dusk, even the gloomy scenery seemed so heavenly when he’s walking with you, really, talking about memories that happened only ten years ago seemed so nostalgic…

“You chased after kacchan every day, really!”, You exaggerated playfully.

“Oh, come on, he was just so cool!”, He defended himself, chuckling at his small, innocent self…

“We’re here!”, You exclaimed, entering the lonely park.

Oh, it felt like you two were children, again, running around and playing in the rides you loved, maybe you spotted a few pair of eyes glancing awkwardly at you two, or a couple who were softened with the sight… didn’t matter as long as you’re with him….

“Hey… remember when kacchan often teased us when we’re together?”, you vaguely asked, as you moved back and forth on the swing, izuku pushing you…he’s honestly glad that you can’t see his face, right now….

“And how he kept predicting that we might end up together? I-I mean…”, He added, he could feel his cheeks flush at the very thought….

“ooh, and also! remember that song, he used to sing? sitting on a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G..?”, You chirped, oblivious of the poor boy behind you with a scarlet face, getting flustered with every passing second…

“Gah! Not so loud!”, He begged, his eyes trying to spot a fellow classmate who just happened to be passing by….

“Aww…. izuku, you look like a cherry, right now!”, You teased as you cupped his cheeks, unfortunately, he didn’t notice you leave your place….

“Well, you’re the one who said that you would marry me!”, He gushed out mindlessly, oh no~

Now, it was your turn to flush as you tried to hide your reddened face behind your palms…

“ahh! Why do you still remember that?”, Your voice mumbled, losing all the confidence it had a few seconds before….

“Your voice was just so cute enough to be memorable!”, He answered back, both of you in deep shades of red…

“Well, who accepted it?”, You jeered further.

“Me! And who proposed?”, And the blush-making confessions went back and forth…. until the childish antics were realised and it ended in giggles…

“You just accepted that you have a crush on me”, you sighed contently…eyes bright with a mischievous glint….

“And, I am not changing my mind about marrying you~”

He wanted to kiss you then and there but his melting heart distracted him….he needs his heart, please….

══════ •『 ♡ 』• ══════

A/N : I had this random idea, so, I tried it out! ^_^

Thank you for reading this! As always, tell me your opinions and have a lovely day!


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Congrats on 100! 🥳 I have a request! How about Deku or Kirishima having a tickle fight with their SO?

I might come back to Kirishima later because I 100% believe he’s a tickle fiend that should never be trusted not to do it, but I’m gonna go with Mido for this one instead because it was to cute to pass up.

Warnings: none

Pairings: Izuku Midoriya x reader

-This boy is so ticklish oh my God

-He’s usually the victim of a tickle assault

-It’s frankly adorable, he just starts laughing if she so much as brushes her fingers against a ticklish spot

-He’ll try to suppress his laughter in attempt to not encourage her but that always backfires on him

-He can’t keep it in for the life of him and trying only means it comes out as a cute little squeak before he’s laughing hard enough to start crying

-Will pout and huff for them to please stop

-This also backfires, never show weakness to the enemy kids

-She lives off her boyfriend’s cute face and pouting only encourages kisses all over his face and an increase of tickles

-When he finally fights back though? Ho boy, he may seem like he’d stop when she asked because he such a sweetheart, but he won’t

-He is out for vengeance and hearing her laugh is to addictive to stop so easily

“(Yn)” Midoriya sighed at her as she nuzzled into his side, pretending to be asleep ”(Yn) please don’t”. He could feel the way her lips curled in amusement at his request.

She was going to do it anyways.

He tried to wriggle free when her fingers started to tap against his sides, but it was far too late for that. Her assault was already underway. “(Y-yn)!” He let out an embarrassingly high pitched squeal, trying and failing to pry his girlfriend’s hands away from him.

“Izu you’re way stronger than me you know” she smiled at his attempt to be gentle with her despite his strength. “I-I don’t w-want to hurt y-you!” he tried to talk through his laughter, slightly annoyed when she answered with a kiss to the tip of his nose. He tried his best to give her a stern look, but the giggle he got in response made it clear he was just pouting at her.

“You’re way to cute Zuzu” she sighed sitting up and laughing louder when he tried to roll himself away from her. “Oh no you don’t mister!” she playfully scolded, quickly straddling his waist and smothering his face in as many kiss as she could while her fingers danced against the ticklish skin that had been revealed when he tried to get away.

She heard him let out a loud huff and froze. That, that definitely wasn’t good. She gave him a nervous smile “Izu- h-hey!”. He flipped them over, immediately attacking her with an unyielding barrage of tickling and laughing at her pleas for a truce. “You started this Princess” he laughed pausing only a moment to kiss her forehead before starting back up.

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A small drabble for them Deku lovers (like me)~ or maybe just a short one-shot lol



Originally posted by deku-smash

Such a beautiful time to be living in, especially when you recently got married to the number 1 hero. He was very happy and cried for so long, you swore it had been like 2 hours since then. Reality struck that it’s been 5 minutes. He was just tearing up each time he saw you next to him in your wedding dress. Truth be told, you did cry too when he kissed you in front of your former classmates, Bakugou yelling out, “FUCKEN FINALLY” which only made you laugh.

Even afterward, the reception was beautiful. He held your hand throughout the whole time, his eyes only tracing your plump lips and doe-like eyes that were plastered on your face. You blushed each time you caught him which was a lot.

Though, everything was great until some of the heroes you knew so well, came to greet you and Izuku separately. The girls congratulated Izuku and ran off to you in a squealing fashion, holding your hands in excitement. You couldn’t help but do the same, your smile radiating throughout the room. One by one the girls left back to their tables and the last person who had waited to speak with you was standing so sad, so defeated. She looked as if she wanted to cry and you quickly went up to her and consoled her.

“Ochaco? Are you okay? What’s wrong?” She hadn’t said anything and looked away from you, thinking, wondering what to say. She finally spoke when she mustered up a smile to you and spoke the words that up to this day, broke your heart to hear.

“Please… Take care of Deku.”


How long has it been? 3 months since then? You remembered those lines almost running almost every day since you got married, and you never blamed Ochaco for it. She probably meant no harm by it, and you knew for a fact that she didn’t mean it that way. What circulated was the fact that she had felt something for Izuku and by marrying him, it broke her. She lost him and you felt as if you took him away from her.

It was speculation that Izuku and Ochaco had a thing for each other. They smiled and blushed, hung out frequently and even were in the sports festival as partners at one point. In senior year, you had transferred at the beginning of that year since your principal recommended it, so you took the suggestion. At first glance, you didn’t know what to make of Izuku. Eventually, hanging out with him caused you to feel more, wondering if it was a fever or just a crush that would go away after a week or two. It didn’t happen and you spent timeless days with him without realizing that you were hurting Ochaco in the process.

She actually works with him in the same agency. You do as well but today was your day off. You did feel insecure but Ochaco wouldn’t do anything, regardless of how you felt, she was a dear friend who wouldn’t do that. Izuku would certainly tell you as well if something happened. He couldn’t keep a secret to save his life when it came to certain situations, so you felt a bit at ease for that.

You had unintentionally walked into your bedroom, wondering what the hell was happening. You had thought about Izuku and Ochaco that you didn’t realize that you had been walked away from your chores. You returned back to the living room to see your phone vibrating on the coffee stand, the caller id showing Izuku’s nickname. You quickly went to answer it, smiling when you hear Izuku happily greet you.

“Hey, Y/n! I’m glad you picked up! I have some news!”

“Oh yeah? What does my husband have to tell me,” You said, teasing him as he gave a small chuckle on the other side of the phone. He had blushed with a bright smile you couldn’t see. He had been very excited at this moment that he took a while to finally find his words.

“I’m coming home!” He had been gone for quite a bit and now after some days of not seeing him, you get to enjoy your time with him even if it is just a little bit. He had hung up the phone once he said what he said. You were confused so you tried calling him back. It was ringing for a bit until you heard a knock at the door which prompted you to open it up. You assumed it was someone to drop off a package or someone visiting you but you were met with a smiling boy who held his now answered cellphone. “I’m home.”

You were truly caught by surprise and even began fidgeting and looking around. It was just out of nowhere that you had to hug Izuku with all you had while his own hands wrapped around your waist. 

“Why didn’t you say you were here?! I could have prepared food!” You lectured and he only smiled to you.

“I wanted to surprise you, I’m sorry. I also wanted to take you out for a picnic today since it’s still pretty early.” You nodded to your husband. You led him into the house, taking his other suitcase as he took the other one, closing the door behind you.

“You should shower then,” You said. “And I’ll prepare the food.”

“I took a shower before coming here. If you want, we can go grocery shopping together and get things there? Ah, also, I have something to talk to you about, too.” You tilted your head a bit out of confusion, but he didn’t say anything else and set the suitcase aside as he took your hand to talk you out to his car.


Getting everything ready, you and him set out to find a place to settle down and he found one close to the base of a hill. A couple was already set on top of the hill. The view was even more beautiful up there but you didn’t mind. You were sure that they were enjoying their time and you wanted to just enjoy your time with your husband.

Everything was set, and the food looked so appetizing. You started to pick the fruit that Izuku had cut, and he freaked out and tried stopping you from grabbing more. You lightly laughed as you stole a strawberry and freshly cut piece of mango.

“Oh, yah, Izzuku,” You mumbled through the fruit you were eating. Your laugh had died down but you continued to pick at the fruit, chewing, talking with your mouth full. Either way, he hummed with a smile as a response. You swallowed and wiped your lips before you began to speak. “Weren’t you suppose to talk to me about something?”

“Oh right, that.” His eyes changed and even looked down and to the side of you. “I don’t know how to say it without sounding bad but it’s about Uraraka.”

You looked confused again. “What about her? Did something happened?”

“I can’t say that nothing happened. It’s more about what she told me.”

“Tell me, honey. I want you to trust me with whatever has changed your moods like that.” His reassuring nod made you smile and so he decided to continue very hesitantly.

“She spoke to me about our memories back in UA. She told me that she had feelings for me for a long time since we met or so she remembers. In all honesty, I didn’t think she would have any feelings for me aside from caring for me as a friend. She hid it so well and well, I had confessed to her that I also had those feelings too.”

His reaction showed how he regretted not saying anything before but which part? The confession or his confession towards Ochaco? Regardless of it now, he was talking and you didn’t want to interrupt. You owe him that much.

“I didn’t say anything about my crush on her because it just felt so far in the past but now that Uraraka had confessed her feelings, I felt like I had to say something about it. A-ah, anyways-!” He frantically stopped in the midst of talking to shyly wave his hands in front of him whilst shaking his head. “-She continued to tell me that she really cared for me and when you came along, she didn’t think much about it and really liked you. She still does but she felt as if she had a chance with me. Apparently seeing us together made her hold back and did nothing to keep trying. I did care for her in that way, and I think I can say that I was falling for her too, but when you came along, I felt something different. I was at my happiest when I was with you. Uraraka had always said she was jealous of how amazing you were that she ended up crying in front of me when she said everything that was on her mind. I-I just… felt so bad that I had to hug her and told her that she is a dear friend and I can’t return her feelings anymore but at least she can feel relieved about it now.”

You nodded, understanding his words and concerns, his sentences sounding as if they were unreal. It was so strange but you understood and you knew, someday Ochaco was going to confess but it took her this long to do so. How could she? You were married to him and this gave her a chance that they were alone to speak about it.

You sighed but you smiled again. Yes, this confused you too but you felt relieved a bit. Uneasy, but relieved. He was a bit taken back but he also looked very worried. He didn’t about it beforehand about how you’ll react just that he was worried you’d feel hurt about it all. Apparently, this confession he decided to tell you made you feel happy about the man you married.

“Thank you, Izuku. You told me something that you probably thought I would be upset about. I am a bit taken back but I already knew about her feelings towards you.”

“What?” He frantically began to shake and you chuckled.

“I think I knew, even in UA. There were rumors about you two having a thing, but apparently, you two were the last to know. I swept it under the rug because they were rumors but the way you looked at her the first day I saw you two, I was envious of her. Not because I had felt something about you, but because you two genuinely looked in love. Happy. And I never had someone turn my way and looked at me like that. Remember when I told you about my crush on Kirishima?” You let out another chuckle and he did the same.

“Yeah, you told me he had nice abs and that he even encouraged you in the tests we had.”

“Right! But I knew he didn’t look at me like that. His eyes were set somewhere else so seeing you two, I had to meet you both. And also, well, she actually told me to take care of you.”

“What? When?”

“On our wedding day.” The blush across his face probably didn’t mean he was flattered, more like embarrassed but that’s you assuming, knowing him for so many years now. “She really cares about you. I know she won’t come between us and I trust her. I am glad actually she was able to talk to you and I’m happy you told me.”

To Izuku, this had to be the best scenario out of any he could think of. He loved you so much and his love began to grow even more. He felt safe, happy, at home. His tears were bursting out in happiness and sadness that you were startled and began to freak out yourself.

“Y/n!!!~” He whales, a waterfall of tears streaming down as you held his hands tightly. “I love you so much!!!~”

Your laugh subdued some of his tears, a few tears trickling in your eyes. “And I love you too, Izuku.”

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Originally posted by derikisu

  • He calls you Puppy
  • Midoriya tries to contain his jealousy 
  • He likes to show you his notes 
  • You often keep catching him stare into your eyes
  • He likes when you train with him
  • You call him broccoli boy
  • how you met him was by defending him from bakugou when you guys were little
  • bakugou often sees you as his bodyguard
  • you got in many fights with people that bullied him
  • He likes when you draw him
  • He likes when you play with his hair and kiss his cheek
  • The deku squad loves you cause you stick up for him and even punched bakugou in the face
  • You used to be one of the big 3
  • Eri often sees you and midoriya as her parents, she never had
  • Midoriya doesn't like when you get in fights with bakugou 
  • He is often the one who takes care of you after a fight with bakugou
  • his mom and all might love how you don’t give a care about what others think of him
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Pairing: Midoriya Izuku x Reader 

Warnings: Fluff and really bad humor oops?

Word count: 900+


Originally posted by kibstar

You were almost crying literal tears. It had been three hours since the AC in the building cut off and now everybody was sweating buckets; which was definitely not a good thing with Bakugou in the same building.  

All of class 1-A was in the living area with all of the windows open and the fans on, most of which were pointed at your hot-headed friend who was lying right next to one of the windows. Todoroki had tried to use his ice to cool everybody down, but all it did was almost freeze the entire room.  

Groaning, you hit your head lightly on the floor. “Why did it have to do this on the hottest day of the year?!”

Not noticing a body squirming closer to you, you jolted before you noticed it was just Izuku who was propped up on his elbow. Smiling, you greeted him. “Izuku! Have you heard from Aizawa-sensei about the AC?”  

He shook his head. “Not yet. The last time I checked it would be another couple of hours.” His face was apologetic as he saw your grimace. “Sorry y/n-chan.”  

Quickly smiling again, you waved him off. “S’no problem. Just a little toasty is all.” Yawning, you added, “Also, kind of tired. I didn’t think the heat would make me so drowsy.”  

Izuku laughed, “Why don’t you just take a nap?”

Pouting up at him you sighed, but nodded. “Sure sure. Will you nap with me?”  

The puppy eyes you gave him were his kryptonite. How could he say no? I mean he was also a little sleepy himself, not having slept well the night before.  

Nodding his head in agreeance he shuffled to a more comfortable position, lying on his back beside you.  

You were half tempted to cuddle into his side, but decided you didn’t want that to be the cause of your death, so you opted with getting into a similar position as him. As soon as you were comfortable you almost immediately started drifting off. Man, I must have been tired, you thought.  

A hand brushed yours from beside you, causing you to suddenly jolt awake a little. Turning your head, you saw Izuku had his eyes closed but his hand had mysteriously moved closer to yours.  

Smiling, you turned your head back and shifted your hand beside his. Within a few seconds you felt the warmth of his hand envelop yours as he intertwined your fingers together loosely. You sighed in content as you felt his thumb brush over your hand a couple of times.  

As you were falling back asleep you suddenly remembered something funny that you had read earlier which caused you to let out a rather loud snort without realizing.  

“Uhm, y/n-chan? Are you okay?”  

Opening your eyes and tilting your head, you found most eyes in the room had turned to you, your face reddening upon realizing why.

“Uhh yeah I’m fine. I just remembered a joke I read earlier.” Your reply was sheepish.

Mina nodded and clapped before going back to fanning herself. “Tell us! We need some humor to lighten the misery.”

You contemplated for a few seconds before shrugging. “What the hell. Why not?” Glancing at everyone around the room you stated, “Just be warned. It’s a bad joke.”

Uraraka shook her head. “Nonsense. Just tell us.”

Taking a deep breath, you closed your eyes to try to lighten the embarrassment. “I stayed up all night to see where the sun went,” opening your eyes you paused for effect taking in everyone’s silence smirking as you finished, “Then it dawned on me.” You hardly got the last word out before you snorted again. Why was this so funny to you?  

All you heard was silence for a few seconds before a laugh barked out from the other side of the room. You could barely see Bakugou from where you were laying but you were sure it was him. No one else laughed like that. Once he started laughing you started laughing harder. Everyone stared at you two with both amused and slightly worried stares.  

Calming down, you wiped your eyes of the fresh tears giving a pointed look to your classmates. “See? Bakugou appreciates good humor.”  

“Tch. No. It was just really stupid.”  

You rolled your eyes. “Whatever Bakubro.”  

“Don’t call me that!”

Sticking your tongue out at him, knowing he couldn’t see it you turned towards Izuku, startled at his gaze. His eyes were right on you, filled with amusement and something softer you couldn’t place.  

“What?” You were barely aware of a joke that Kaminari told that had the whole room in laughter. Your eyes were focused solely on Izuku’s face.  

He shook his head, smiling. “It’s nothing. You’re just cute.”  

His words caused a soft blush to form on your face. “Oh? You think so?”

Nodding he squeezed your hand. “Yeah. I do.”

You had to turn your head away to hide the massive smile that made its way onto your face. Why was he so cute?

Your voice was soft. “Thank you, Zuku.”

Now it was his turn to blush at the new nickname.

Soon enough everybody settled back into their positions, everything quiet again except for the sounds of the fans and the ambience coming from the opened windows. You started drifting off for the second time, hand still holding onto Izuku’s, wishing that it wasn’t so hot so that you could properly cuddle him.  

Oh well. Maybe next time.


A/N: Let’s just assume that it’s just as scorching outside so it makes more sense on why they stayed inside.

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kaleidoscope | izuku x reader


summary: where you live a life without color until you finally get saved by izuku midoriya.

prompt: you see in black and white until you meet your soulmate - then you can see colors.

⚠ NOTE: this was done in collaboration with a discord server I am a part of. read the other prompts here.

word count: 1,453 words

warnings: word choice: v*mit.

Black, grey, and white was what filled your world. You had never in your life experienced the warm golden light shedding in through your bedroom window in the morning. Eyes unseeing of the vibrant shades of autumn and spring. Gazing into the color of your own mother’s eyes was merely a dream. She would describe it to you, but that left you dreaming of more. You craved the sight of every droplet and speckle of tone in the perfect iris that you so desperately sought comfort from.

Surely, you couldn’t spend too much time complaining. Half of the population was going through the same exact predicament you were going through, and it wasn’t like you were in any rush. You were of the younger population, there were some people older than you who would probably never experience color in their life. Even so, as a child you had dreamed of the day you would finally be able to twirl around a park, enjoying every stain of leaf and stretch of blue sky above you. You wanted to know what blue looked like!

What made your situation even worse was the fact that you worked part-time at your aunt’s floral shop. Thankfully, the woman didn’t make you design the bouquets, how could you? You would stick one flower of one shade of grey in with another flower of a similar shade of grey and hope you didn’t stick two clashing hues in? It would be a disaster. So you spent most of your time there tending to the plants, watering and feeding them as needed, shifting around and rooting through the old ones.

Every day you worked the same boring shift, opening to mid-afternoon and then you were on your way for the rest of the evening. You loved your job, but soon enough it grew very mundane. You imagine it would be much more enjoyable if you could actually savor the vibrant colors of flowers. Sure, they smelled beautiful, but you could only tell that they would be the most gorgeous hues of oranges and reds, pinks and purples. You were itching to uncover every single color in that perfect little canvas of white and black that you watched daily.

And today was no different. You finished your shift at the shop, cleaning the counters and waving goodbye to your aunt as you pushed your way out of the extravagant colonial-style door out into the world. Your world. You let out a sigh at the feeling of the cooling breeze prickling at your eyelashes, a warm sheen of sunlight falling on your shoulders, and a whole lot of plain black and white surrounding you. You stepped onto the sidewalk, padding in the direction you always went; past the bakery, along the river, and to your home.

You couldn’t see color, but you could smell the scent of fresh-baked bread and hear the song of water careening along the riverbend as you walked. It almost made up for everything that you were seemingly missing out on, all the sights you could be relishing in in their full capacity. You found yourself looking at every person that passed by, hoping and praying deep down that suddenly the world in full would wash over you. You kicked a rock from the pavement into the river after watching the most recent failed attempt at finding your soulmate pass by.

A loud explosion tore you from your soulmate expedition as your eyes flicked around the dank environment, wide and alert for any noticeable danger. A flash of bright green electricity interrupted your vision and you were whisked away in the arms of a stranger.


Green electricity.

You opened the eyes you hadn’t even realized you closed and looked around, the world passing by you in a flash as a cascade of warm tones and cool tones began to seep onto the canvas of your world.

You shook your head. No, this couldn’t be real. You didn’t even get a chance to see your soulmate, how would you ever find them again if you didn’t know what the person who triggered this looked like? Your fingers curled into the fabric of the person who was currently gripping onto your body bridal style, the passing air causing the curly green locks on his head to whip behind his head as he moved. You couldn’t stare at him too long, you were too enraptured by the quick saturation of the world forming around you.

Shades you never would have imagined oozed together to create even newer tints as every color possible bled into the sky and trees and people around you. The way the world that you had grown so used to surveying bled hit you in slow motion. You saw every pixel of your world twist into something entirely new and it overwhelmed you. You had to bury your face in the chest of the person that held you, focusing on the pounding of sound as his feet hit the pavement.

All of a sudden he came to a screeching halt, flicking his gaze behind him before he turned his sights down to you, concern woven through his features as he watched you. “Hey, are you alright? Sorry, I probably should have warned you before grabbing you so quickly but I had to get you out of there!” His lips curled up into a bright smile as you stared up at him, noticing the light shade of pink dusting across his freckled cheeks. You felt him shift underneath you and you quickly scrambled to put your feet on the ground. “I’m Deku, a pro-hero. But you can call me Izuku.”

You raised your eyes to meet his gaze, noticing the sensitivity he held in his emerald eyes. The first pair of eyes you saw in their full capacity. The eyes you could nearly drown in just by staring into them. “I’m-” You started, finding it hard to speak to him. The olive-toned skin that expanded across the visible parts of his body, the shaggy forest green hair that fell in a mess around his eyes, the soft amaranth skin around his mouth, it all made your heart race as you took it all in. Finally, you allowed the smile to grow on your face. “I’m Y/N.” You quickly stumbled to shove your hand out in front of you, initiating him to take it.

He chuckled lightly, taking your hand with his own and shaking it. “Nice to meet you.” He seemed to hesitate slightly after dropping your hand, his bottom lip just barely quivering as he fought for the words to say. Clearly, you both were experiencing the same sensation, but what do you even say in this situation. “Uh, I’ve… I’ve been looking for you.” He said timidly, scratching his arm as he avoided eye contact with you. “I-I mean, not in a weird way! Just… Clearly, you’re my soulmate. I don’t even know if you just got the same reaction as me, I-I mean that’s not to assume I’m your soulmate as well.” He stuttered, waving his hands in front of him frantically.

You let out a laugh of relief, putting a hand on your forehead, instantly silencing the word vomit that aggressively tumbled from his lips. “Okay, yeah. I didn’t know what to say either. Thank god we’re both weird about this.” You joked, eyeing him warmly for a moment before speaking. “Uh, would you like to go experience this new revelation elsewhere?” You suggested, cocking your head to the side curiously as you closely eyed his reaction.

He swallowed hard, face growing even pinker as he nodded quickly, his green curls bouncing around his face as he did so. “Y-yeah! That sounds perfect I just have to check on th-the others. Make sure they took care of the villain. W-which is what I grabbed you for not because you’re my soulmate or anything I didn’t even realize that I could see colors until I stopped running just now!” He squabbled, eyes wide in fear of creeping you out.

You giggled and made a bold move, leaning in to press your lips against his cheek to quiet down his rambling. “I understand, meet me at Les Flor when you’re done. We’ll go from there.” You murmured, pulling back to exchange a nervous smile with him as he began backing away. He was gone in a flash, and you watched after him with a smile so wide it tore at your cheeks. There was something to be said about falling in love with the person you’re destined to be with because of the color of their eyes. It was like nothing and everything you could ever imagine.

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Can we get hcs for Izuku and an affectionate s/o? Thank you uwu

Ofc you can nonny!! We love (1) broccoli boy~! - Kazoo

  • His heart is beating out of his chest everytime you even look at him so you being super affectionate makes him feel like he’s going to have a heart attack
  • But this doesn’t stop him from scooping you off your feet when you go in for a hug
  • And it certainly doesn’t stop him from kissing you back just as much
  • He’ll definitely ask for breaks when you are just showering him with your love
  • All the pet names you give him make him so happy
  • Everyday he arrives at school he looks forward to coming to class and seeing your smiling face
  • No matter who you’re talking to as soon as he enters the door you end your conversation and run towards him
  • “Izuku! You never got back to me last night how’d your training go?”
  • It doesn’t matter how boring of a day he had you ALWAYS want to hear about it and typically don’t stop asking until you have all the details
  • He loves how much you love to go on small ‘adventures’
  • On your very first date you asked him “Izuku is it alright if we switch spots so I’m closer to the street?”
  • “Oh sure! But um why?”
  • “Well it’s just that if a car were to swerve our way I could protect you.”
  • His heart swelled and he nearly burst into tears over how sweet you were
  • Ever since then you always walk closest to the street, and it serves as a constant reminder that he has someone looking out for him
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Hey could you write something with Izuku where the reader overheard heard their ex saying something hurtful about them and reader is just in a slump and wants some comfort sorry if you’re not taking requests Or this doesn’t make sense

Deku x Reader- Your Ex

Izuku finally found you. He saw you running away from your smug looking ex, but lost you in the busy hallway. Seeing you slumped against the wall wiping your eyes made Izuku’s heart hurt. He wanted to say something to your ex, but comforting you is more important. Izuku pulls you into his arms. You grab fist fulls of his shirt while burying your face in his chest. Izuku waits for the sniffles die down before speaking.

“I don’t know what they said to you, but it’s not true. They’re just mad because you don’t want to be with them anymore. This just shows how they really are.” Izuku reassures you.

“But-”, You start.

“No. No buts. It’s their problem not yours”, He cuts you off.

“Ok, ok. You win.” You say with a small smile,“Aren’t you supposed to be in class?”

“Well that depends. Do you feel better?” He questions.

“A little”, you reply.

“Then I’m not going until you feel a lot better”, he says nuzzling your cheek.

His wild hair tickles your face. Your giggles unfortunately get a teachers attention, so you have to high tail it to class.

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Howling Until A Pillow Hits His Head

It’s not Halloween, but werewolf!Izuku is always a win.


Izuku Midoryia:

Izuku could feel the howl itching in his throat, urging him to free it. It was midnight, the time where the full moon was at its brightest. He had to let his mother know he was okay! However, there was an obstacle blocking him from sending said message: the sounds of your breaths. He couldn’t wake you up, that would be selfish! But the urge kept clawing at him, to the point he was letting out soft whimpers.

Staring at the bright red numbers of the digital clock, he watched as the numbers changed ever so slowly. Maybe staring at the clock would help distract him?




No, it wasn’t working. The urge seemed to become even stronger by him staring at the numbers, his thoughts were now racing. What if mom gets worried? I completely forgot to tell her I was staying with (Y/n) tonight! His heart hammered in his chest.

Dang it, he couldn’t wait any longer!

Gently opening the window of your house, he inhaled and let out the loudest howl he could muster; hoping and praying you wouldn’t be too mad at him when you woke up.

You heard the sounds of howling and immediately opened your eyes, sitting up you scouted the room to look for what was causing those horrifying sounds. Once your eyes landed on the source of said howling, you immediately felt irritated. “Izuku?” You let out a big groan, his howls seemed to automatically stop.

“I’ll stop in a second, I promise!” Izuku had panicked, seeing the look of annoyance on your face made his heart drop. His tail now drooping with guilt, it made your heart melt a bit.

“Alright,” you said, laying your head back down on your pillow. You now had a blanket over your head.

Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like he was going to stop.

It had been 3 hours, and yet he still was howling. Your eyes stung, your head was throbbing, you were done with this.

“Can you please stop? You’ve been howling at the moon for hours. I love you, but come on!” You snarled, the slight bags forming under your eyes being a clear sign. Izuku whimpered when he heard you growl.

“I’m so sorry!” He immediately stepped away from the window, ears and tail now drooping. “I’ll make it up to you, I swear!”

“Mhm,” you grumbled, giving him a look. “You’re lucky you’re cute.”

He watched as you gestured for him to come into bed with your arms. Gulping, Izuku slowly approached the bed while watching you with careful eyes. Feeling you suddenly yank on his fur to pull him down made him yelp. Your arms snaked around his form, pulling his chest to your face. “You owe me major cuddling time, mister.”

Izuku sighed with relief. That was a punishment he could handle.





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