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#izuku x uraraka


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Hey everyone!

I’m sorry I didn’t connect on Tumblr! but i’m back with new comics! xd

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No thoughts, just pain…sketching out a scene of Iuzocha and thought, “hey, why not break my own heart?” I’m so done with myself, anyway…enjoy ? 

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Coloured my recent IzuOcha illustration and I’m super happy with the end result and I hope you guys like it, let me know what you think ❤️ 

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#NEW | “YOU’RE OKAY…” | 

No words, just more IzuOcha fan-art. Here’s them reuniting after a difficult battle and both of them doing the best they could. 

Hope y'all like this 

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Everyone besides Mina, Kendou and Toga, because of their physical training, so they can withstand and take a little more than the others.

Most of them either get carried by Izuku or stay in bed. Mei usually sleeps through, Camie despite having trouble talks about how awesome that night was, Nejire can’t help but be even more Bubbly than usual, and Setsuna just gives her friends a smirk once they ask why she is walking like that

Mina, Kendou and Toga are super happy the following day.

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I’d say it varies from girl to girl, some are simply speechless and shocked, others are might be sad or lightly heartbroken, and again others feel angry about whatever or whoever brought him to that point.

Since they know Izuku, and that he is an absolute cinnamon roll

Also I don’t think any of them would be happy about seeing him let loose, at least not fully happy, maybe a tiny bit though if lets say he goes feral and argues with Bakugou for all the shit he pulled etc.

Thanks for the ask!

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#NEW | Finished this digital illustration of Izuku Midoriya and Ochaco Uraraka, my literal favourite duo and I swear if they’re not canon I’m rioting. I needed more moments between them both, so thought I’d draw them instead ❤️

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You are completely right, since Izuku never had a girlfriend before let alone any friends really after Bakugou dropped him. So he is really insecure about how to handle everything and such, but enough about that.

Who has insecurities?:

- Momo

- Kyoka

- Mina

- Toga

- Ochako

- Nejire

- Mei

What about? :

Momo only had real insecurities at the start, about Izuku only loving her for her body, money or status but that quickly went away since he is way too nervous to even look at her at the beginning and whenever they did something he paid most of the time, even insisting on it

Kyoka has alot of insecurities about her body (scene where Mineta points out something about all of them but her) so she worries that he might leave her for someone prettier or wonder why he doesn’t date Ochako or Momo instead since they are more developed etc.

Mina feels like she is sometimes a burden since he has to help her alot with studying (also so they can spend time together at the same time) besides that she might be a bit to clingy, as she finally found her dream boy, or that she is too upbeat for him at times

Toga is worried about being too weird for him from her slightly crazy nature, and the way her quirk works, along with also a bit of being too clingy perhaps

Ochako has some completely different worries, those being her feelings somehow stop each of them from being the best potential hero they could be, and slowing down their process because of relationship stuff, but most importantly holding Deku down

Nejire sometimes is a bit insecure about if she too bubbly/upbeat around him, and that she bothers him too much since she comes around almost all the time, so when he studies or trains aswell

Mei most of the time worries if she is even the right girl for Izuku, since she is not the girliest, dirty alot of times, very focused on her work etc. also wondering if he couldn’t date someone prettier instead of her, not seeing herself as pretty etc.

There you go! Also not sure if Camie, Tsuyu, Kendou, or Setsuna might have any insecurities

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Some vary, but most have the same kind of subject. Putting too much onto their backs, like Izuku trains alot, learns alot without taking a much needed rest most of the time, so most girls like Momo, Kyoka, Ochako etc. (once again in their own seperate relationships, its not poly) they try to get him to just slow down a little because he is destroying himself little by little with stress, or when he was too reckless again in a fight or something else.

Like I can’t see most of the girls being the reason for an argument, especially since Izuku is a softie and hates arguments/conflict (see Bakugou most of the time)

One I can see though is where instead of Izuku stressing himself too much its Mei instead and Izuku has to argue with her to just rest for a few days, even offering to ask if she can stay with him for these days. Because Mei doesn’t sleep much, doesn’t shower enough etc and it slowly hurts her body and mind from lack of energy.

So to showcase it a bit simpler:

Izuku reason for argument: Momo, Ochako, Kyoka, Nejire, Kendou, Tsuyu, Mina, Camie, Toga, Setsuna

Girl reason for argument: Mei, Setsuna, Camie, Mina

I put Mina, Setsuna and Camie on both since I could see Mina like taking schoolwork too lightly on time and Izuku is simply afraid he could lose her if she happens to get kicked from school because of bad grades or whatever, making him really anxious and hitting on his mood, like it’d be sad argument, but I could also see her arguing with him because of the same reason as the others

Camie hard to say, for once she argues with him because she is worried, and I think there might be a reason he’d argue with her too, maybe also taking things too lightly or something though they are on different schools so not sure (maybe you have a guess xD)

Setsuna because of too much pranks on his class or something idk

Resolved always the same, with sitting down and talking it out, some directly with the first talk others after the 2nd or 3rd one, but never in a fight or anything since they are all softies together

Was hard to pick which would be their first arguments, but i hope that answers that question somehow >.<

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If you think I ship him with all girls at the same time then I gotta clarify, because I ship him with each inidividualy, and not as poly ship or something

Not that I mind him dating all of them at once though, since he best boy and he deserves it

But to answer that question simply, some are jealous, his friends are really happy for him and lightly jealous and Mineta dropped school because he couldn’t take it

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Oh that really depends on how bad the situation was, how badly he injured himself while trying to save them and so on.

They would all without a doubt feel guilty that they even got into this situation and made Izuku go that far, since it was the reason for him to put himself in harms way

But once he ensures them everything is okay, and that he would do it again, and as many times as he would have do, they’d just cling to him, cry and let emotions of sadness, happiness, and realization of how much they really love him, and on what a good amazing boyfriend he is

Hard to tell but I’d say some of them might even be a little upset that he’d be so reckless, but I’m not sure if that would be the case (personally I doubt it, and if only as a joke to lighten the mood)

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Izuku makes sure to only focus on his girlfriend when she is sad, like stops studying, training or whatever he is doing. Then most of the time brings her some of her favorite things, like play Music for Kyoka, tea for Momo etc. before trying to just slowly work out the issue that made her sad, talk about it and such

Same goes for when he is sad, his girlfriend (whoever you want him paired with the most) dropping everything when finding out, or noticing it, then follows a long tight hug, and eventual glare that could kill at Bakugou if he’d decide to give a stupid comment

She wouldn’t leave his side, or let go of him until he calmed down a little bit, and then try to talk about it and help the best she can, even if its just emotional support with kisses, or warmth

The way they’d help each other is very physical definitely, and obviously varies with each girl from Momo with soft hugs, with Mina wrapping them both in a warm blanket and stroking his hair, or Kyoka singing to him, Nejire might try to lift the mood with some light jokes or teases (she is bubbly incarnate after all)

Hope that answers the question!

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A little bit of angst, there is a story I made on this too

Author’s note: This story is just something that came out of my dreams, if you don’t like it then that it completely fine, however, if you choose to read it, I would like to know how you felt about it! Feel free to pm me or tell me in the comments! With light further or due, here is the super story.


“Our beloved hero, Deku has been taken from us. This is truly a tragedy, he fought his hardest to save us all, now that Endeavor is retiring, who is going to protect us? Will it be Ground Zero?”

Those words echoed in Ochako’s mind, those words from four months ago haunted her. She wishes that she had never heard them, she remembered how she screamed in agony when she had heard the news the day before her birthday, the day she gave birth to their child, the son that Izuku Midoriya would never be able to meet. Ochako fought back tears as she laid in front of the altar that she had set up for Deku when she heard the loud wailing of her baby boy which she had named Yagi, as in All Might. Originally, when Deku brought up the name, she laughed at teased him for it and was immediately against it but now that he was gone, all the sudden, Yagi Midoriya sounded like a lovely name for her baby boy. She slowly willed herself to stand as she made her way to the bedroom where Yagi was sobbing and she sighed miserably. “Okay… okay, I’ll pick you up..” Ochako tells Yagi as she lifts him from his crib. Yagi’s face is covered in tears and snot as he continues to cry in his mother’s arms. Ochako pulled Yagi into her chest and she slowly rocked him until he became calm. When she looked at the clock on the wall, it read 2:56 am. “You know…” Ochako says while she wipes Yagi’s tears, “Deku would’ve loved to meet you…”

The End

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Kyoka and Momo really love to just talk with him about all kinds of subjects, either it being hero society, school, Music (Kyoka) and so on.

Ochako, Tsuyu, and Setsuna love to go on dates with him, all of them having specific things they do together though: Tsuyu (Swimming, Beach date etc.), Ochako (quiet things = going for walks interlocked with him etc.) and Setsuna (fun things like Arcade, or going dancing etc.)

Mina, Nejire and Camie all just to love to chill with him, either in their rooms or his, listening to some music, while laying in his arms, talking a bit

Though Mina also loves to train with him, just like Kendou, becoming stronger together which gave Izuku quite a few ideas to add in his fighting style (Mina dance forms, Kendou Martial Arts)

Mei is pretty simple, building, testing and talking about her inventions while they are in the Workshop together. She already loved to do it on her own, but with Izuku it feels even better. She also is a fan of waking up in his embrace though if she happend to have pass out while working, always snuggling closer

Toga (my version) loves to fight together with him, because it excites her alot to see him beat up bad guys, and afterwards likes to take care of him (bandage him etc. not because she is crazy though) but she also is a sucker (lol) for cuddling him in quiet moments.

Those are just ideas though, since I think its really dependable what they favorite thing is, but yeah! There you go uwu

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I would be over the moon if we got a confession (especially if Deku is the one to initiate it since we don’t really see much from his perspective hopefully that will change soon)

Either way I can’t wait to see more Izuocha development and where Horikoshi decides to take their love story (hopefully we get more of future Deku’s narration towards confirming that he is indeed in a relationship with her)

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‘Close, too close’ ✨ [practise drawing]


Another Izuocha drawing. What can I say? I adore these two so much! Been trying to draw them in my style a bit more, even though I’m too keen on this, it’s something to reflect on and think about what I can do next time ! 

Anyway, Happy New Year ❤️

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