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Izuku gets married.


[OT3, Polyamory, Identity Issues, Self Esteem Issues, Weddings, Emotional Hurt/Comfort, Fluff]

“Oh, Izuku, you’ve made me the happiest woman in the world!”

Izuku laughed as his bride through her arms around him in a happy embrace before pressing her lips to his. She was beautiful and exuberantly happy, the veil framing her beautiful face and covering her brown hair, the white dress hugging her body beautifully. He held her close, grinning broadly as he felt the ring on her finger as her hand slid into his hair.

“I love you,” he said softly as the cheers and congratulations erupted around him.

“You mean more to me than anything in the world, Izuku,” she responded passionately.

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They walked along the boardwalk, holding hands. Their arms were swinging as the sunset over the beach. Pro heroes Uravity and Deku were finally taking their long awaited vacation.

Izuku started humming something, Ochako looked over and laughed. He started whistling, making her laugh harder. He bumped her hip, starting to sing. “I’ll swim and sail on savage seas, with never a fear of drowning. And gladly ride the waves of life…” he started. 

She rolled her eyes, still smiling. “Oh Deku…” How to Train Your Dragon was one of their favourites to watch (Izuku cried likes a baby during them, and she still hasn’t admitted to sobbing during the second one).

“If you would marry me…no scorching sun! Nor freezing cold, will stop me-”

“On my journey, sorry!” Someone interrupted, he looked over, and waved with a laugh. “My wifes favourite!” The guy called, Izuku snorted. “Continue on!”

He rolled his eyes again, still chuckling. “If you will promise me your heart…and love…”

“And love me for eternity.” He looked back at her with a grin. “My dearest one, my darling dear. Your mighty words astound me. But I’ve no need for mighty deeds, when I feel your arms around me,” she sang, giggles dancing in her tone. He let go over her hand, and wrapped his arm around her shoulder, bundling her close. 

“But I would bring you rings of gold! I’d even sing you poetry!”

“Oh would you now?” 

He laughed, pausing their walk. He turned to look at her, finger in the air. “And I would keep you from all harm! If you would stay beside me…”

She snorted. “I have no use for rings of gold, I care not for your poetry.” He rolled his eyes. That part of the song was true for her. He confessed with a god awful love poem. She kept it, and used it to tease him. “I only want your hand to hold!”

He kissed her cheek. “I only want you near me.”

They let their voices pick up speed. “To love and kiss to sweetly hold! For the dancing and the dreaming! Through all life’s sorrows and delights, I’ll keep your laugh inside me!” They sang, their laughter overshadowing the tune.

“I’ll swim and sail a savage seas, with never a fear of drowning! I’d gladly ride the waves so white!” She sang, having to stop because she was laughing so hard. But Izuku didn’t stop, he moved in front of her. 

“If you will marry me,” he whispered, getting down on one knee. Her eyes widened, and a hand flew to her face. 

“If you don’t say yes, I will!” The lady, the wife of the guy who interrupted yelled, making Ochako laugh again. Her husband let out a gasp, making her laugh.

“Ochako, I love you. You know that. I just…I want to marry you, you know? You’re the light of my life, my laughter, joy. You deal with my mumblings, and I love you to the ends of the universe and back. So…Ochako Uraraka, give me the pleasure of being more than the happiest man on earth, the happiest man alive and marry me?”

She let out a small sob, laughing. “You dork. Of course!” He stood and swept her up in his arms, kissing her. “I love you, Izuku Midoriya. Always.”


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Headcanon: Ochako is pretty ripped under her. Izuku admires her hard work and loves touching them.

Approve! …or rather, he COULD touch them…

…If Ochako stopped floating out of reach every time she got flustered from him brushing his hands against her abs. 

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My MHA OTPs as random songs from my playlist

Because it’s late at night and I’m bored

Izuocha: I’d Rather Be Me (With You) - Steven Universe Future

I know this one’s sad in context but I can’t help it it’s so fucking cute. Thinking about Izuku singing this to Ochako just makes me go soff.

Todomomo: Dancing In The Moonlight - King Harvest

This song pretty much encapsulates the feeling of Shoto just feeling free to enjoy himself when he’s around Momo for me and I’m all for it.

Kiribaku: Don’t Stand So Close - Dr. Love

I mean… the title kinda says it lmao.

Kamijirou: Come And Get Your Love - Redbone

Honestly this could just be substituted for any upbeat rock, potentially meme song lol. It’s great because you can imagine them playing them together and it being Kaminari’s idea because it’s Kaminari.

So there you go I guess. Maybe I’ll do this with other fandoms when I inevitably get bored late at night again lol

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What are your thoughts on the villain deku trope. Do you find it interesting. Overused. Or just plain hate it. Also if you do like it have you read any well written, realistic stories about it and if so can you name them.

Hello, Dear anon!

Well, when it comes to Villain Deku AUs it’s not my favorite trope— simply because not only do I prefer canonverse, but it’s very often hard to find an AU like this that doesn’t well… uh, completely change everything that makes me love Deku? 😅 And since I hang out in the izuocha portion of the fandom, I find that it’s even worse when you add romance to the mix. People often write Deku as jealous and possessive in ways that are questionable and creepy and then call it sexy and to me it’s just…. not lol.

That said! I have two villain Deku AUs I can recommend, both with varying shades of izuocha since I don’t typically read gen lol. Heroes of the Dark by ohmytheon wasn’t one I could personally finish due to tone, but it is an excellently written and complete story. Do be warned it gets very dark at times however.

For something shaping up to be much more lighthearted, I recommend Everybody Talks by Xylveon, an ongoing fic about a vigilante Deku that while making him a snarky villain keeps him beautifully in character!

Thank you for your ask, anon!

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