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cliopadra · 8 hours ago
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*tosses this like a pebble onto water but I’m absolutely shite at skipping stones so it just splashes and sinks*
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thedowneyheart · a day ago
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I really need the deleted scenes
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lordoftherazzles · a day ago
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Endless Our Flag Means Death Gifs [12/???]
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batsarebetterthanpeople · 2 days ago
Blackbeard: I hear you're in the market for a new husband.
Spanish Jackie: Are you hitting on me?
Blackbeard: No I'm trying to pawn Izzy off on someone. Please take him.
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leftabit-leftabit · a day ago
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Our Flag Means Muppets, a series of edits by me. Or Izzy done with all this muppet shit
The last one took so long to do! Let me know if I should do more. Requests welcome.
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sunnibits · 18 hours ago
I still can’t believe Izzy was really out there with two hot as FUCK big strong daddies literally following at his heels and flanking him like guard dogs but instead he decided to spend all his time pining after Ed like ohhh booo hooooo when will I get fucked by a big strong grizzled pirate daddy 😭 bestie look behind you for like two seconds
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stedexbonnet · a day ago
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My name is Mr. Hands, First Mate Hands, or God, as far as you’re concerned.
CON O’NEILL as ISRAEL “IZZY” HANDS in Our Flag Means Death
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kazbrekkers-yodaplushie · 2 days ago
Izzy Hands The Sparrows
. 🤝🏻
Using their enemies’ correct pronouns even though they hate them
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namelesslegion · a day ago
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lauravian · 2 days ago
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Izzy being begrudgingly taken care of by Stede (I just know this man secretly craves attention ❤️)
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enigmatic-lizard · a day ago
So, I’m all for emo gays and queer misunderstandings and character development, but…..
Have we considered how funny it would have been if Stede and Blackbeard had returned to the ship together?
Izzy is halfway thrown overboard and Ed is helping Stede up the ladder, and they hear the sound of tenacious flirting over the side.
Ed: Hoist the- oh, hey Izzy?
Stede: Hi guys! Hoist the sails! We’re going to China!
The Crew: China??? W
What happened to your face?
Izzy: The Fuckity Fuck would we go to China for????
Ed: Spontaneous honeymoon.
Stede: Also. Some changes! I’ve come up with new names for the lot of us! I have opted for the role of one Clint Eastwood-
Blackbeard. about to become James Bond: And I-
Izzy: Just throw me overboard.
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sixstepsaway · a day ago
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it's izzy.
izzy has the caretaker instincts.
sure, he needs to give more than 1% of a shit about that person but i would like to point out he was not present for any of the lucius finger scenes and also has not been around many people who are in need of caretaking
except ed
who he spends his whole life caretaking
in this essay i will
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kubo-kubo · 2 days ago
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voyagerblackbeard · 2 days ago
i have no words for the way this silly little man makes me feel
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It’s all “I wanna put Izzy in a glass jar and stare at him” this or “I wanna put Izzy under a microscope and study him” that. I wanna take him by the scruff of the neck and swing him around like a feral raccoon to ward off passers by.
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alexxuun · 21 hours ago
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Don’t wake something you can’t handle…
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sunnibits · 8 hours ago
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sometimes I just amuse myself by thinking about how embarrassed izzy would be by all his alternate universe selves
also this image deserved to be a meme format
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un-monstre · a day ago
I love how Izzy tries to degrade Lucius for being fem and gay and Lucius just says yeah what of it? 😏
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cononeills · a day ago
old meme but do interact: short kings, henchmen, people pining after their boss, follower-not-leaders, people with face tattoos, leather wearers, sentimentalists, autocannibalists, people who get seasick, liars, guys who love having authority, sad gays, rule followers, habitual swearers, lazy bastards, sword fighters, drama kings, ex-wives, conspirators, and guys who swallow
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teallionn · a day ago
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