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ktaehyungx2 years ago
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鈹佲攣鈹佲攣Persona Concept Sketch 1鈹佲攣鈹佲攣
鉅鉅鉅鉅 鈽嗗健Matching Lockscreens銉熲槅
銉籉eel free to use 鈾
銉籇on鈥檛 repost, please !
銉籐ike or Reblog if you save 鈾
銉籔ictures aren鈥檛 mine, but I edited
銉籆redits to BigHit
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hvllevatora year ago
Tumblr media
Please don鈥檛 copy or repost my works anywhere. I worked hard to make these and that will be highly unfair.
Please be patient when making requests. Understand that I don鈥檛 always have time to create stories.
guide : (鈾 鈥 fluff) (鉁 鈥 angst) (鈽 鈥 smut)
(鈾 鈥 fave) (鈭 鈥 one shots) (鉁 鈥 drabbles)
overhear 鈾 鉁 鈾 鈭
care to share 鈾 鈭
[11:21pm] 鈾 鉁
infidelity 鉁 鉁
skinny love 鈾 鈭
the calm before the storm 鉁 鈭
[8:57pm] 鈾 鉁
overwork 鈾 鉁 鈾 鈭
soft 鈾 鉁
petty fights 鈾 鉁
home ; poly!au 鈾 鈭
off limits 鈾 鉁 鈾 鈭
forgotten 鈾 鉁 鈭
[11:30pm] 鈾 鉁
lies 鉁 鈾 鈭
break 鈾 鉁 鈾 鈭
[12:58am] 鈾 鉁
thunder 鈾 鉁
true colors 鉁 鈾 鈭
home ; poly!au 鈾 鈾 鈭
realizations 鈾 鈭
late night 鈾 鈭
here for you 鈾 鉁 鈭
[1:21am] 鈾 鉁
secrets 鈾 鉁
[12:00am] 鈾 鉁
help me 鈾 鉁
eavesdrop 鉁 鈾 鈭
sock thief 鈾 鉁
jealousy 鈾 鉁 鈭
lipstick stains 鈾 鈽 鉁
[1:00am] 鈾 鉁
safe ; mafia!au [one, two, three, four] 鈾 鉁 鈽 鈾 PAUSED
hyung line needs your attention [one, two] 鈾
jealous jimin 鈾
soft boyfriend jungkook 鈾
jealous of taehyung鈥檚 dog 鈾
namjoon forgets yet another date [one, two, three, four, alternative ending] 鉁
valentines day with jimin 鈾
daily texts with yoongi 鈾
hoseok cheats on you 鉁
daily texts with taehyung 鈾
jealous jungkook 鈾
namjoon takes care of you when youre drunk 鈾
jealous yoongi 鈾
cherry bomb masterlist
bts reaction: they see you feel out of place with your friends 鈾
bts (hyung line) reaction: comforting them 鈾
bts (maknae line) reaction: comforting them 鈾
bts reaction: calling them oppa 鈾
bts reaction: their s/o is jealous 鈾 鈾
bts reaction: cock warming 鈽 鈾
bts reaction: spanking 鈽
bts reaction: thigh riding 鈽 鈾
bts reaction: s/o begging during sex 鈽
bts reaction: they see you with another guy 鈾
bts reaction: s/o is pregnant 鈾
bts reaction: s/o has a child 鈾
bts reaction: s/o begging to be choked 鈽 鈾
bts reaction: their s/o walks in on them naked 鈾
bts reaction: teaching you to use chopsticks鈥 鈾
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