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#j hope x reader
strawberrynamjoon · a year ago
awkwardly in love
Tumblr media
– pairing: jeongguk & reader
– genre: college, childhood friends, best friends to lovers, fluff, humor
– word count: 20k
– summary: even if everything changed, yours and jeongguk’s friendship would always stay the same - at least you thought so. but jokes on you, cupid had other plans for the two of you, making you reconsider everything you thought you knew about your best friend of twelve years.
Disclaimer: This fic is not proof read because I was way too lazy. You’ll most likely find a few mistakes here and there, I am sorry!
When you thought of Jeongguk you felt a lot of different feeling – the first one coming to your mind was pride. Honestly, how couldn’t you proud of your friendship that has lasted for such a long time? After growing up your friendship wasn’t as close as it used to be back then, when you were still in the same class, sitting next to each other for eight hours straight every single day but you still were trying to meet whenever your schedules would allow it - Jeongguk was your top priority and you were his.
By now, there were other people both of you talked to more often though – while he’d spend his daily life with friends like Jimin and Taehyung now, you did the same with your new won friends like Namjoon. It was only a natural process, considering the fact that you were majoring in different subjects, not sharing any classes anymore. But still, you luckily managed to maintain your special friendship that, no matter how close you were with other people, no one else could ever have. And if that wasn’t something to make you proud than you wouldn’t know what could. 
Another emotion was nostalgia. Both of you had come a long way, from two children playing with mud in the backyard to two young adults, about to start their own life. The little kids that seemed to be so different back then but deep down were as similar as could be were now growing up, clinging to each other because they were afraid of what was about to come. 
You’d scoff every time you thought back to those simple days, knowing exactly how cliche it sounded when you said that things were way easier back then. But they truly were. You had nothing other to worry about than your meaningless crushes or convincing your parents to let you stay out longer than usual. Nevertheless, it was nice to think that your friendship would always savor a bit of that innocent naiveness you used to have.
Like said before, you felt a thousand different emotions when thinking of Jeongguk but not a single bad one. Well, at least until now.
“What do you mean?” you asked Jimin, who was looking at you in surprise when you stood in front of the door to his, Taehyung’s and Jeongguk’s shared dorm, “He’s where exactly?”
Panic was written over Jimin’s face, not wanting to be involved, “He left an hour ago, meeting up with a girl from tinder.”
You knew this was not Jimin’s fault and you didn’t want him to feel conflicted so you simply clenched your jaw while taking a deep breath, “This goddamn jerk.”
The blonde, and also very cute guy let out a chuckle, his head nodding in agreement, “Couldn’t have said it better. Do you want to come in and wait for him?”
Thinking about it for a second, you sighed, “How long does it usually take for him to get back?”
“You’re asking me about his stamina?” Jimin seemed amused, taking a step to the side so you could enter their dorm, “He’ll be back soon, I promise.”
Laughing, you walked inside and took off your jacket. Looking around, the living room was just as messy as Jeongguk’s room at home used to be – some things never seem to change.
“Do you want tea? A cup of coffee?” your best friend’s roommate offered, already standing in the open kitchen space, looking for a clean mug before turning around to you, raising his eyebrows, “I have some vodka too if you’d prefer that.”
“Don’t worry about me, it’s Jeongguk who should be worried,” you shrugged as you let yourself fall down on the big couch, feeling bitter.
“Don’t be too harsh on him,” Jimin replied with a chuckle while making you a coffee even though you told him he didn’t have to, “His hormones are going crazy at the moment.”
Scoffing, you shook your head in disbelief, “I thought this phase was over.”
You got your phone out, wondering if Jeongguk maybe texted you but there was nothing – so you called him.
Without having to wait long, he rejected your call.
“Oh no, you did not,” you mumbled under your breath, dialing his number again, making Jimin let out a laugh as he sat down on the couch beside you.
And once again, he rejected it.
“Let me try it,” Jimin proposed, as he called him and much to your surprise, he picked up.
“What is it?” Jeongguk asked on the other line of the phone, out of breath and sounding beyond annoyed, “Why is everyone calling me?”
Jimin laughed, “You sure sound like you’re having fun.”
“I’m trying to,” he answered and you could picture his stupid grin just by hearing the tone of his voice, “But I keep getting distracted.”
“You little piece of shit,” you took Jimin’s phone in your hand, “I didn’t deal with your stupid ass for twelve years just for this.”
First, there were a few seconds of silence, a clearly confused Jeongguk thinking hard about who that voice belonged to and why he was being screamed at.
“(Y/n)?” he asked unsure, “Why are you with Jimin? When did this happen? Are you on a date?”
“Nothing happened,” you immediately shut him down, “Except for you standing me up.”
“Oh god, shit,” was all you heard, “I completely forgot. I’ll be home in an hour or so. You can stay or I’ll come over to yours later. Whatever you prefer.”
Before you could think about what to do he interrupted your thoughts, “I am so sorry, I truly am.”
“It’s okay, I’ll keep her company until you come back,” Jimin interrupted your light discussion, “But you better hurry, I know you get jealous when we spend to much time with her.”
“That’s not true,” your best friend insisted, “No one of you could ever replace me anyway, even if you married her I would still be her number one.”
“Now you’re just overconfident,” you nagged him, “Jimin already told me your stamina isn’t the best so just hurry up and come home.”
And with that, before he could say anything else, you hung up, Jimin’s eyes growing wide, “He’ll kill me.”
Laughing, you shook your head, “Won’t let him, don’t worry. The only head that will roll today is his.”
It took Jeongguk exactly 56 minutes to come back and, judging by the sweat on his forehead, he either ran his way back or he had a wild night. And by god, you hoped it was the first one. 
Obviously, you were aware that Jeongguk was in college and that he definitely wasn’t living a prude life, neither did you, however, your sex life was about the only topic you two barely talked about.
Jogging over to the couch a moment later, your sweaty best friend embraced you in a bear hug, his arms wrapped around your neck, pushing your face onto his chest. 
“I’m sorry,” he apologized, ruffling your hair, “It’ll never happen again.”
“It better won’t,” you had fight yourself out of his grip to be able to breathe, disgusted by the thought of his sweat on you, “You’re lucky Jimin was here to keep me company. “
He gave Jimin, who was just about to go to his room, a thankful smile, “Thank you, I owe you one.”
“You’re good, don’t worry about it,” Jimin almost scoffed, “Much fun, you two lovebirds.”
Rolling your eyes at his comment, you diverted your attention to Jeongguk, “Had a good time at least?”
His ears turned red in an instant, even though he wasn’t the young wallflower he used to be anymore there still was a shy side to him, “I would’ve had more fun spending the last hour with you if I am honest.”
Chuckling, you grabbed the remote next to him, ready to search for a movie to watch, “I didn’t know you’re such a playboy. Jimin told me things I certainly didn’t want to know. You better use protection, I am not ready to become an aunt yet, Guk.”
He gave you a death glare, “Don’t jinx anything, (y/n).”
Jeongguk got up to close the blinds even though it was dark outside already, making his way to the small kitchen that was part of the living room, looking into a fridge that had nothing more than an unreasonable amount of beer and one lonely bottle of milk stored inside, “How hungry are you?”
Glancing over to him, you let out a scoff, “God, I’ll force you all to go grocery shopping with me tomorrow. How are you surviving in this household?”
He laughed, shrugging his shoulders lightly, “Solely on beer as you can see.”
Walking back over to you he held two cans of beer in his hand, handing you one as he let himself fall down on the couch right beside you. It was completely dark, the TV being the only source of light in the whole room. 
You loved nights like these, only you and Jeongguk watching movies, eating, talking about anything coming to your mind - it was easy being his friend, it always has been. 
After all those years you spent together you were sure no one knew him like you did. And it was a fact that he also knew you better than any other soul walking on this earth.
While you were deciding on what to watch, your friend was on his phone about to order some pizza for the two of you. 
You were sitting with your legs crossed on the middle of the couch, Jeongguk right beside you, in a weird position somewhere between lying down and sitting, his upper body was straight, his back resting lightly against your shoulder as his legs were spread out on the couch.
“Here, it’s kinda cold,” he threw you a blanket that was lying around, not paying much attention to you as he was still looking for what food to order, mumbling, “But cover me too, don’t use it all for yourself.”
Covering both of you under the blanket, just as he instructed you to, you felt way more comfortable immediately, excited to finally spend some time with your best friend again. He still used the same cologne he always did, ever since middle school, the scent bringing you back to your teenage years every single time.
He let out a small giggle when he heard your stomach growl, “Don’t worry, food is on its way.”
“Thank god, I’m starving,” you confessed, not even being able to remember what you had for breakfast today.
“It’s not like that, by the way,” Jeongguk’s voice was quiet and your mind was trying to figure out what exactly wasn’t like what. You threw him a questioning glance, letting him know you had no idea what he meant.
“Whatever Jimin said, I’m not a playboy or anything like that,” he bit his lip nervously, making you chuckle immediately - it was almost cute to see him like that, “I just want a girlfriend.”
Wherever the sudden urge came from, Jeongguk clearly wanted to talk to you about his feelings, not knowing where to start.
It’s a rather rare experience to hear him talk about them, usually, he’s the bubbly and funny boy from next door everyone loves, no one ever saw him in a bad or thoughtful mood except for the ones closest to him.
“As if thousands of girls aren’t lining up, all waiting for their turn to impress the Jeon Jeongguk,” you playfully rolled your eyes, making him exhale a breathy laugh, “I know at least three or four girls who’d be down to make you the happiest man alive.”
Sometimes you wondered if Jeongguk wasn’t aware of his good looks - even you, as his best friend, would lie if you said you didn’t check him out before. It was still a miracle to you how the small, shy boy grew up into such a handsome young man, who not only had muscles and a flawless face but also a fitting, loving personality too. 
“You know yourself that I tried dating but I’m not very good at it,” he confessed, a pout forming on his lip.
His head was resting on your shoulder, the frustrated sigh coming from him amusing you - not that you wanted to make fun of him, it was just funny to see how he goes from a confident guy to a shy baby, “You’re good at everything you try.”
Laughing, he glanced up at you from his position, “Thanks for the ego boost.”
“Not like you need it,” you nagged him, scrunching your nose, “just don’t rush yourself, Guk.”
“What about you, though?” he suddenly changed the topic, sitting back up to look at you better, “How’s your dating life going?”
Furrowing your eyebrows, you shrugged, “It’s as uninteresting as ever.”
“Nothing going on between you and Namjoon?” he playfully pinched your cheek, as if he could ever get any information out of you by acting cute, “I swear, he was flirting with you at your birthday party.”
“Never,” you gave him a death glare, not believing he brought Namjoon up again, “Even the chances of you and me falling in love are bigger than me and Namjoon ending up together.”
“You say this as if it would be super weird for us to be dating,” Jeongguk squinted his eyes at you, a bit offended by how fast you opposed to the idea. 
“We have been best friends for twelve years,” you countered, giving him a questioning glance, “If anything was supposed to happen between us, it would’ve had by now, don’t you think?”
“I agree but everyone always thinks we’re into each other anyway, so what I tried to say was that the possibility of us being a good couple probably isn’t as little as we’d think.”
Both of you had no idea why you suddenly were trying to find out how high the possibilites of you to being a strong were couple but here you were, weighing the pros and cons of a hypothetical relationship.
Giving it a short thought, he kind of had a point. You never ever before thought about what it would be like to date Jeongguk for you - of course not, there were clear lines between the two of you, no one ever even dared to think about crossing them. 
After all the years you spent together, Jeongguk was never anything else than a friend towards you, not even a single thought crossing your mind what kind of boyfriend he’d be.
“I see what you’re saying,” you admitted, deep in thoughts, “I guess it’s because we’ve been friends for so long, we already know everything about each other.”
“Exactly,” Jeongguk agreed with you once again, “We’re just so comfortable around each other and know how to deal with the other person. It’s not like I’m saying we should date but from a logical point of view, it could work. Technically.”
“In theory, yes,” you nodded, “but the possibility of me killing you because you chew way too loud is just too high for it to work out.”
He let out a laugh, shaking his head in disbelief, “You have very weird standards.”
You gave your best friend a warm smile, a sudden rush of appreciation coming over you, “It’s nice having you in my life, Guk.”
Immediately, he threw the same warm smile back at you, always appreciating such heartfelt moments between you even though they didn’t come around often - you obviously didn’t have to tell each other how much you cherished your friendship, the many years at each other’s side speaking for themselves, “I know, I know. Your life would be pretty boring without me.”
“Way to ruin such a pure moment,” rolling your eyes, you let out a laugh, flicking his forehead lightly, “I take it back, you’re an absolute shithead.”
Pouting, he rubbed the spot where you flicked him, “You’re so aggressive, I don’t want to date you anymore.”
Something about Jeongguk joking about you and him as more than friends made you feel excited and you instantly tried to get rid of the thought, not wanting to get caught up in such a stupid idea, especially not if that idea involves Guk. 
But deep inside, you couldn’t help but waste a few more thoughts about what it actually would be like to date your best friend, feeling immediate heat rushing to your cheeks for having such inappropriate thoughts.
“Well, good for you because that would literally never happen,” you shook your head, hoping he would stop with that nonsense.
Almost as if he knew what effect it had on you, he grinned amused, “I bet you’re thinking about it right now.”
“Just be quiet and watch a movie with me,” you begged him, obviously not wanting to continue this conversation but still feeling like you should comfort him, after all, he tried to talk about his feelings with you a few minutes ago, “Your lonely ass will find a girlfriend, don’t worry about it.”
“Will she be able to down a whole bottle of wine within fifteen minutes though?” he asked amused, referring to the many nights the two of you shared with several bottles of wine, getting drunk secretly in the back of your garden. Luckily by now, you didn’t have to do it in secret anymore, many nights ending with more emptied bottles on the tables than you’d like to admit, “If not, she’s not worth my time and attention.”
“I doubt anyone can keep up with our alcoholic asses,” you laughed, “It took years of training and acting sober in front of our parents to get to this level.”
Jeongguk joined your laughter, nodding in agreement, “I’m pretty sure they knew we were drunk of our asses each and every time.”
“What do you mean?” you asked sarcastically, “There’s no way your mother figured it out when we called her at three in the morning, asking her to pick us up because we didn’t know where we were and we both lost our shoes.” 
Jeongguk burst out into laughter one more time at the cherished memory he almost forgot, “I remember her asking me if there is something I recognize around us so she could figure out where we are and I told her the moon.”
Facepalming yourself slightly, a few giggles escaped your mouth, “God, we were so young. And sloppy.”
Your friend's arm wrapped around your shoulder, pulling you into a side hug, “And basically glued to each other by our hips.”
Chuckling, you leaned into his hug, your head lazily resting on your best friend's chest, “No wonder our parents used to think we were in love, judging by the time we spent together.”
“I’m pretty sure they still believe that,” Jeongguk let out a sigh, “My mother still calls you her daughter-in-law whenever she talks about you.”
It was the same for you - in your parents' eyes, you were destined to marry the boy from next door ever since they first met him. Primarily because your parents got along so well, they always romanticized the idea of their children making them become an actual family but looking back at it now, you understood why they always wanted you to become a couple - it would be a good love story after all. 
Back then the two of you hated how often you got told that you would make a cute couple. By now the two of you kind of grew used to the speculations around you, not paying attention to them anymore.
“My parents still thought we were in love even when I dated Lucas,” you shook your head in disbelief.
Immediately, Jeongguk made a vomiting noise beside you, acting as if he was about to throw up, “No mention of this name in my flat.”
Laughing at his dramatic acting, you playfully boxed his side, “He wasn’t that bad, you just never gave him a chance.”
Scoffing, he acted offended, “You started walking to school with him instead of me. That was enough for me to resent him.”
You sat up, crossing your arms in front of your chest, “I can’t believe you still won’t let this go, I apologized a thousand times.” 
Breaking his act immediately, his arms were pulling you into the same side hug again as before, “I’m kidding, I could never be mad at you.”
Before he could say anything else, your playful conversation was interrupted by the doorbell, Jeongguk immediately jumping up from the couch to get your food. You never were more thankful for someone interrupting your movie nights, finally having time to gather your thoughts. 
The two of you never flirted, at least you wouldn’t consider your playful conversations flirting - everyone around you certainly thought you were flirting but you knew it was very easy to mistake your lighthearted, nagging jokes and platonic casual displays of affection every now and then. You still remember the first times you met Taehyung and Jimin, having to convince them several times that there was no romantic tension between you at all - and honestly, there wasn’t. 
Like Jeongguk said earlier, you’re just comfortable around each other because you know the other person like the back of your hand. And just because you were horny college students that sometimes felt a bit flirtatious with each other, nothing would change. You’d always be just friends. Right?
A few moments later, you and Jeongguk were shoveling pizza in your mouth as the intro of the horror movie you decided to watch was on, the first few cans of beer already emptied. He was sitting closer to you than necessary, but you knew that Jeongguk’s concept of personal space was almost nonexistent. 
“Put your goddamn phone on silent,” he whispered warningly with his eyes glued to the screen as he heard it vibrate, “Tell Namjoon that it’s my turn to spend time with you.”
You chuckled at Jeongguk’s comment, it wasn’t a big secret that he hated being disturbed while watching a movie, especially not if it was Namjoon. He liked Namjoon a lot, when you first introduced the two each other he told you over and over again that he was way too cool for you but he hated that Namjoon always disturbed you whenever you were having movie nights.
To him, movie nights were his only chance to escape the college life full of exams, stress and due dates for at least a few hours and in those few hours he wanted nothing to burst his bubble, not even a vibrating phone.
Checking your phone, you chuckled when you indeed saw Namjoon’s name on your phone. The unsatisfied glimpse from Jeongguk not going unnoticed, you decided to just put your phone on silent mode, knowing Namjoon wouldn’t mind waiting for an answer.
Halfway through the movie, you were interrupted once again by a bright light from the corridor blinding you as the door to the dorm opened.
Taehyung kicked it open, not able to use his hands like normal people would because they were currently busy, one grabbing the girl on his lips by her waist, pressing her closer than she already was, the other one vanishing in her hair, both not noticing, or maybe just not caring, that you were sitting on the couch just a few meters away.
You knew that Taehyung was doing this ever so often, rumors spread fast in your college, but it still was a weird concept to you - you’d like to claim that you knew Taehyung quite well by now, maybe would even consider him a buddy of yours and the boy had a heart out of pure gold, very emotional and clingy, not only when he was drunk. So him bringing home random girls was still something that simply did not fit in the picture you had of him but then, on the other hand, who wouldn’t want to be with a man as handsome as him?
Jeongguk and you gave each other an annoyed glance, wondering how often you had to endure this again and again.
Taehyung still didn’t notice you, his one foot trying to get rid of the shoe on the other foot, not even thinking about breaking his kiss for a second. The girl was giggling into the kiss as his hand wandered under her shirt, his fingertips tracing her sides. 
Jeongguk paused the movie and cleared his throat, making Taehyung finally break free from the kiss, shooting a coy smile towards where you were sitting, “Hey there, how was your date? 
The girl you’ve never seen before still clung to his side without even greeting you, placing kisses all over his neck while Taehyung was talking to the two of you.
“It was alright,” Jeongguk said, shrugging, “Nothing special.”
His best friend let out a knowing chuckle, “You always end up on the couch with (y/n) after your failed dates. Call me crazy but maybe it’s fate.”
“Maybe it’s called being friends with someone regardless of the gender,” Jeongguk insisted, shaking his head, “You should try it.”
“As you can see, I’m doing just fine,” he shrugged, pressing his lips back to the girl in front of him, his hands holding her face as he mumbled between their kisses, “Let’s go to my room.”
And with that, the two of them were gone, leaving Jeongguk with nothing more than a scoff, “I’m in need of a new roommate if he keeps on bringing home random girls. They always eat my cereal.”
“If you’re ever out of cereal, remember my dorm is only five minutes away and you’re always welcome.”
“Oh, you shouldn’t have said that,” he warned you, “I’ll be in front of your dorm every single morning from now on. Irene will hate you because of me. And you’ll be super annoyed too, but I couldn't care less.”
He wasn’t wrong, even though Irene liked Jeongguk she hated nothing more than talking to anyone early in the mornings, you were the only exception and if you were honest, that was only because she couldn’t kick you out of your dorm, even if she wanted to. What he was wrong about though was the part of you being annoyed - you missed seeing him every single morning, sure you could never be annoyed by his company. 
“If you don’t remember, we ate cereal together every single morning before going to school for years,” once again, your trip to memory lane brought excitement to Jeongguk’s eyes, making them sparkle, “And I was never annoyed of you, ever.”
Scrunching his nose in a cute way, he nodded his head, “I bet you were annoyed when I was falling for Leah, you hated her so much and my dumbass couldn’t stop talking about her.”
You raised your eyebrows as the long lost memory came back to your mind, “Yeah, you’re right, I take it back. That was truly annoying. You were so smitten, I wanted to puke.”
Jeongguk repositioned himself, resting his head on your lap with his legs resting on the armrest of their couch, the two dark brown eyes glancing up at your face - you were sure that was the most unflattering position he could look at you from but since it was only Jeongguk you didn’t really care. 
A teasing smirk formed on his lips, “Maybe I should hit her up again, who knows what could happen.”
Even though you knew he was only saying this to piss you off, you couldn't help but fall for it, immediately giving him a death glare, “Go, eat cereals at her every morning then if you like her so much.”
Turning on the movie again, Jeongguk’s repositioned himself, his head resting in your lap, “I wouldn’t want to eat cereal with anyone else but you, (y/n).”
Your hand played with his hair, the casual affection making Jeongguk smile, “I sure hope so, I get jealous very easily.”
“I know,” he replied, his eyes glued to the screen, “But you’ll always be my favorite.”
Tumblr media
Just as you were about to pull your hair out of your scalp, the frustration growing unbearable because you simply did not understand the text you were supposed to read for class, no matter how many times you started to read a sentence, you saw your phone lighting up, Jeongguk’s name all over it.
“Hey,” you whispered, standing up and gathering all of your things, taking the call as a sign to just stop for today, “I’m in the library, give me a second.”
As you walked out of the big library in the middle of the campus, you were shocked to see that the sun already began to set, embarrassed by how little you managed to learn in such a long amount of time. It was a nice view, the golden hour making the whole campus glow.
“What’s up, Guk?” you asked your best friend, happy to hear his voice. Ever since your movie night last weekend you didn’t manage to talk to him at all, too much on both of your schedules to even text each other. 
“I miss you,” his voice sounded whiny on the other side of the line, “What are you doing tonight?”
“Haven’t planned anything,” you admitted, your eyes still glued to the beautiful summer sky, “I thought about going to Namjoon’s to learn a bit more but my head might explode if I open those books one more time.”
“Come to the fair with us,” your best friend proposed, not giving you time to say no because he knew it’d take a bit of convincing to make you go out even though exams are coming closer, “I’ll buy you food. And drinks. And I’ll even accompany you to your next family meeting even though your family is crazy.”
At the last promise, you snorted, knowing that Jeongguk tried to avoid your family as much as possible, “You’d go through such a traumatic experience just so I’ll come to the fair with you. Sounds fishy.”
“Not fishy at all, I am just worried that you’ll drown in your study books if you don’t take a break soon,” he informed you, “You look cute. Let’s go.”
Your eyebrows furrowed in confusion, “What do you mean I look cute? Where are you?”
Before he answered you felt an arm wrapping around your shoulder, pulling you closer to the insane man that was your best friend, laughing at how startled you were, “We’re meeting Taehyung and his date in fifteen minutes, we have to hurry up.”
“Taehyung and his what?” you suspiciously asked your best friend, whose arm was still around your shoulder, making it harder for you to walk because you had to adjust to his pace.
Shrugging, Jeongguk you a small smile, “Taehyung and his date. They’re coming too.”
Glancing at him with your eyes squinted, you questioned him, “This sounds like a double date.”
Jeongguk stopped trying to act unsuspiciously, pouting at you, “He begged me to come with him, she didn’t want to meet up all alone with him.”
A long sigh escaped your lips, “And why didn’t you ask someone you’re actually interested in? Why do you have to pull me into this?”
“Hey,” he mumbled a bit offended, “You’re the most interesting person I know.”
You rolled your eyes at him, “You know that’s not what I mean, Guk. You could’ve asked any girl to go on a double date with. It’ll be awkward.”
Stopping, Jeongguk turned to you, making you stop to. The setting sun was a good look for him, making his brown eyes sparkle and his tanned skin glow. His long hair was shiny and you decided that you didn’t hate the idea of him growing out his hair anymore, it did look way better than you imagined it could but you wouldn’t admit it to him.
“He wanted to set me up with her friend but I really wasn’t feeling it, so I said I’ll take you,” he looked into your eyes, now he was the one sighing, “But if you don’t want to go that’s fine, I’ll just meet with them alone.”
Giving him yet another death glare in response to his pouting, you forced a smile on your lips, “I want chocolate-covered strawberries.”
Immediately the pout was replaced by a shining smile, his arm linking with yours as he continued walking, “I’ll get you as many as you want, (y/n).”
“And don’t even try to convince me going on any scary rides, I’m not as crazy as you,” you warningly joked, your best friend wearing his happiest smile making you feel just as happy. 
The walk to the fair was nice, the sunset making you feel all warm inside, you and Jeongguk catching up with each other. It reminded you of older days, back then when you’d walk home from school together on a daily. Jeongguk hated growing up just as much as you, the constant stress of university taking its toll on both of you, not even daring to think of working a nine-to-five job in a few years. That was probably one of the reasons why spending time with each other felt therapeutic - because together you could easily go back to the times when things were easy and unproblematic.
The fair was pretty crowded but you still managed to spot Taehyung and his date immediately, both of them waiting for you in front of the big entrance, talking comfortably, already a mulled wine in their hands. 
“They look good together,” Jeongguk whispered as the two of you slowly approached them and you agreed with him. 
“Not like it matters, Taehyung will probably be into someone else next week,” you shrugged.
“I’m not so sure about that,” Jeongguk said, his arm wrapped around your shoulders once again, making sure he doesn’t lose you in the crowd - you wondered if it was just your imagination or if he truly did initiate more skinship than usually, “He seems pretty smitten whenever he talks about her.”
You raised your eyebrows at him, surprised to hear that, “Taehyung’s in love, huh?”
Before Jeongguk could answer, you were interrupted by Taehyung spotting you, screaming your names like a mad man. Gesturing wildly, he told you to come over to him.
“Jeongguk, (y/n),” he hugged the two of you, “May I introduce Aleena to you?”
Aleena seemed like a sweet girl, way shorter than Taehyung but still just as fashionable as him, they looked like they came fresh out of Paris together. She was a bit overwhelmed with the situation, you could read in her expression that she wasn’t quite sure how to greet you so you decided to hug her, making her feel more comfortable immediately.
The four of you talked a bit before you started to walk around the fair - it wasn’t the biggest you’ve ever been to but it had its charm, the smell of popcorn in the air and the many flashing lights making you look around, appreciating the beauty of the view. Within the first minute on the fair, Jeongguk already decided that it was time to eat, pulling you to a small cabin on the side, Taehyung and Aleena following you. 
“Two waffles, please. One with chocolate, the other one with strawberries,” Jeongguk ordered, “Or do you want something different than strawberries?”
You didn’t expect him to actually pay for you but apparently, he was being serious about it, giving him a small nose scrunch, “Strawberries are perfect.”
Handing you your waffle only seconds later, he pinched your cheek, “You’re very easy to please. Your future boyfriend will have it very easy.”
Aleena glanced at you, confusion was written all over her face, “You’re not dating?”
Jeongguk and you let out a laugh, shaking your heads at the same time before he explained it, “No, we’re not dating.”
“Yet,” Taehyung added, “But everyone is rooting for them.”
“And with everyone, he means himself and our other roommate,” Jeongguk mocked Taehyung, playfully hitting the back of his head.
“You’d make a strong couple though,” Aleena grinned as Taehyung agreed with her, happy that they just won another member for their Fanclub.
“I told her too but she didn’t want to hear anything about it,” Jeongguk joked around, remembering you of the conversation you had last weekend, heat immediately rushing to your cheeks again. You really did your best not to think about it over the last week, doing a decent job until now that he mentioned it once again.
His arm was around your shoulder once again, giving you a teasing smile. He really had to stop with the sudden affection, it only made your head spin. The lines between him and you were always clear and you were afraid they’d start to blur if you keep joking around like that. 
Luckily, you weren’t the only one confused, judging by Taehyung’s expression, “What do you mean you told her? What did he say, (y/n)?”
Glaring at Jeongguk, he sneakily looked up to the, by now dark, sky, not answering the question for you even though he was aware of how embarrassed you were. You really didn’t want to think of the conversation and now you had to tell his best friend about it in front of him? 
“He was just joking around,” you explained to his best friend, making a mental note to kill Jeongguk as soon as you were alone for putting you in such an uncomfortable situation. 
“Joking around about what?” Taehyung asked again, wanting to know what happened.
Jeongguk was having way too much fun, taking your hand in his as if it was the most normal thing in the world, putting your linked hands in the pocket of his jeans jacket so you wouldn’t freeze, “Don’t tell him, he’s too nosy.”
Giving up, the four of you were switching to lighter topics, talking to Aleena about her major and how she met Taehyung. You were surprised by how smitten Taehyung seemed to be, a pleasant surprise of course, wondering if he actually liked her for longer than one night.
“Do you want to let go of my hand?” Jeongguk suddenly whispered for only you to hear as Taehyung and Aleena were standing in line a few meters away from you, getting ice cream. 
The way he asked felt a bit awkward and you wondered what was going on inside his head, “No, it’s okay. Just unusual for you.”
Nodding, his glance was avoiding yours, looking at the ice cream truck in front of you, “I just thought if we’d hold hands maybe they’d feel a bit more at ease and Taehyung could try holding hers too, you know?”
Playfully, you poked his side, trying to hide the fact that you almost felt a bit hurt in your pride that Jeongguk just held your hand to make it easier for his friend, “You’re pretty good at holding hands.”
Chuckling, he gave you a small wink, “Thank you, I trained hard. You’re not too bad yourself.”
Your playful banter was interrupted by the voice of a girl, calling Jeongguk’s name. The voice was shrill and loud, startling you.
Both of you looked around to the source of the owner of the voice - it belonged to a girl you’ve never seen before. As she came strutting towards you, Jeongguk let go of your hand, an unreadable expression on his face, you didn’t know if he was nervous or unsettled. 
He gave her a small smile, his hand playing with the nape of his hair, “Hi, Jennifer.”
Within seconds she hugged him, almost pushing you to the side while doing so. You wondered who she was and why you’ve never heard her name before. After she let go of Jeongguk, she looked you up and down, clearly not intending to even say hello to you. Wow, what a charming girl she was.
With her attention back to Jeongguk, she tugged a strand of hair that was hanging in his face behind his ears, chuckling, “Your hair is way too long, I told you to cut it, baby.”
Almost vomiting at the way she pronounced her nickname for him you felt the strong urge to suddenly defense the hairstyle you hated so much in the beginning yourself. Something about her was rubbing you the wrong way, most likely the fact that she seemed a bit too close to Jeongguk for the fact that he never mentioned her before. She was probably one of those girls Jimin told you about when you talked to him last weekend.
“Never, it’s a good look,” he insisted with a smirk and you could feel the awkward tension, almost feeling as if you were interrupting them. Were you the one third-wheeling right now? If so, it felt unfair to you - you were here with Jeongguk, not this random girl that you already disliked so much. God, where was Taehyung when you needed him?
“Are you coming over again tomorrow?” she asked him with an innocent expression on her face, “I miss you.”
Jeongguk shrugged, not comfortable to talk about this with her in front of you, “I haven’t decided on my Saturday plans yet, we maybe wanted to go to the cinema, right (y/n)?”
No, you never talked about this before. The cinema wasn’t mentioned once.
Before you could say a word, Taehyung was behind the two of you, wrapping one arm around each of you, “Right, we’re going to the cinema tomorrow. Who is that, Jeongguk?”
Never before were you as thankful as you were for Taehyung than right now, glad he noticed the strange atmosphere and decided to interfere.
“I’m Jennifer,” she told your friend unbothered before talking to Jeongguk again, “You can always come around after the cinema. The real fun begins at night.”
You wanted to gag at her being so intrusive, wondering what exactly Jeongguk saw in her. Of course, you’d always support him but she looked like trouble, not only for Jeongguk but also for your friendship. She intimidated you, almost feeling as if she wanted to steal Jeongguk from you - not that she could, no one could ever make come between the two of you but you still would prefer if no one even tried. 
You just had a weird feeling about her, something unsettling in your stomach when she talked to him. It made your stomach turn and your ribcage tighten. Jeongguk never made the best decision but something about her bothered you more than the past lovers Jeongguk had.
And right then, it suddenly clicked. Oh god, no. You weren’t jealous, right? No, you couldn’t be. 
Shit, maybe you were. And you wanted to blame Jeongguk for it, his stupid flirting and his sly behavior towards you over the last few weeks. And you also wanted to blame yourself, upset with you, knowing that it was absolutely inappropriate to develop a crush on Jeongguk out of all people.
You were just lonely, you told yourself, taking a deep breath, It’ll pass.
“Jennifer?” Taehyung asked Jeongguk, obviously not liking her neither, and it brought you back to reality, “Weird, you never mentioned that name once.”
You almost felt bad for Jeongguk, sitting between chairs. He didn’t want to be rude towards Jennifer but he knew as good as you and Taehyung that she was being a real bitch right now.
“A gentleman never tells,” Jennifer interjected, playing the same game as Taehyung. Aleena stood beside you by now, scoffing under her breath.
Finally, Jeongguk spoke up, deciding to put an end to the tense situation, “I’ll text you spontaneously, alright?”
Obviously unsatisfied with his short and meaningless empty promise, she gave up and hugged him, not without giving him a kiss on the cheek as she said goodbye and also not missing her chance to glare at you once again.
As soon as she was gone Taehyung hit the back of his head before walking to Aleena, casually linking his hand in hers - at least it was going good for them.
“That hurt,” he yelled at his friend, rubbing the space where he just got hit. 
“That hurt? No, what hurt was the way this girl was trying to mark you as her territory,” Taehyung insisted, shaking his head in disbelief to what he just had to see.
Jeongguk let out a long sigh, nodding in defeat, “I promise she’s usually not that bad. I don’t know what has gotten into her.”
Aleena let out a chuckle, “I think she felt a bit threatened by the pretty girl by your side.”
You didn’t even pay attention to their conversation, trapped inside your own thoughts. Somehow it was hard to swallow the fact that you thought that Jeongguk was flirting with you but then immediately let go of your hand as soon as another girl walks by. Holding his hand felt a bit too natural to you, your hands fitting a bit too well in each others’. And god, you wanted to hold it again.
When the others stopped walking, a worried Jeongguk was already staring at you but you ignored him, inspecting the Ferris wheel in front of you.
“We have to go,” Taehyung insisted, his hand still linked with Aleena’s - it was nice to see his eyes sparkling for once when he was looking at a girl, “It wouldn’t be a real fair date if we didn’t, no matter how cliche it is.”
Aleena let out a sigh, “Taehyung, I’m absolutely afraid of heights.”
Chuckling, he hugged her from the back, “You just say that so I’ll hold you.”
“If I die I will absolutely take you to hell with me,” she warned him, starting to line up for the Ferris wheel. You stood right behind them in line, their backs turned to you.
Jeongguk’s hands found your shoulders so you had no other choice than to look at him, “Will you do me the favor and accompany me?”
“I don’t know, Guk,” you told him, carefully removing his hands from your shoulders and his eyes turned soft as he heard you using your nickname, happy you weren’t mad at him, “Isn’t it a bit awkward? It’s a thing lovers do.”
Giving you a teasing smirked, he shrugged, “Why? Are you afraid I’ll make a move on you?”
Rolling your eyes, you scoffed at his shameless flirting. You know him well enough to be aware of the fact that he was just trying to make you let loose again and it worked but your mind still was preoccupied with the previous encounter.
“Or are you afraid that you can’t control yourself up there, all alone with me?” he added, the playful smirk on his face grew bigger and bigger, more than satisfied when he finally made you laugh even though you hit his chest while doing so.
“You’re terrible,” you glared at him, trying to stay serious but not able to hide the smile sitting in the corner of your mouth, “Now I’m definitely not going.”
He reached out to put his arm around your shoulder for a second but stopped himself, not knowing if you’d be okay with it - he noticed that you were not comfortable, “I can’t believe you’re going to make me go alone. I thought it was you and me against the world.”
“I never said that,” you insisted.
Letting out a scoff, Jeongguk gawked at you with his eyes wide open, “Excuse me, I thought it was our unspoken rule. I can’t believe you’d betray me like that.”
Shrugging, you played along, “All those years spend with you never meant anything to me.”
Holding his hand above his heart, he acted like it was hurting, a small ‘ouch’ escaping his lips. Right before you, it was Taehyung’s and Aleena’s turn to sit down, both of them mustering you with a teasing smile, Taehyung not being able to hide his sneaky comments, “Much fun. Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do.”
Jeongguk sat down in the wagon behind them, stretching out his hand, waiting for you with puppy eyes, “Please, don’t let me ride alone.”
With a long sigh, you took his hand and he rapidly pulled you close to him, making you stumble a bit, falling right into your best friend's arm, sharing an awkward hug - but it made Jeongguk happy so it was alright.
Happily, he wrapped his arm around your waist, holding you close to him. Normally, you’d enjoy the affection but you couldn't stop thinking about how fast he let go of your hand when Jennifer came into the picture and how much you wanted him to hold it again.
Jeongguk wasn’t stupid or blind, he has known you a bit too long to not realize what was bothering you. He also knew that he had to address it as soon as possible because otherwise, you wouldn’t stop thinking about it at all. And he wanted you to stop thinking about it asap because to him, Jennifer meant nothing. And you meant everything.
You felt terrible childish for being so affected by such a small thing. The two of you were friends too long for you to be worried about some random girl he didn’t even think was important enough to mention coming in between you. Scanning the view of the fair as the Ferris wheel slowly moved upwards, your stomach dropped and you knew it was not because you suddenly were afraid of heights.
“(Y/n)?” your best friend asked carefully, his tone sweet.
After you hummed in response, he buried his face in the crook of your neck, feeling shy, “I’m sorry you had to witness that.”
Knowing exactly what he meant but not knowing how to respond, you tried to sound as unbothered as possible, “What do you mean?”
Daring to look at you again, the apologetic expression in his eyes made weak in an instant, “About some girl thinking it would be okay to cut between us like that.”
Shrugging, you played it cool, knowing he wasn’t at fault, “It’s okay, I guess she was just trying to make sure that we’re not getting too close for her liking.”
With furrowed eyebrows, he shook his head, “If she thinks she could get between us she must be a fucking idiot.”
Laughing, you wholeheartedly agreed with him, “She wouldn’t be the first one to try.”
He gave you a nose scrunch before ruffling his hand through your hair - he knew how much you hated it when he did that but he would never stop, enjoying teasing you way too much, “But in the end, it’ll always be you and me wine-drunk on the couch, I promise.”
Pouting at the lovely words you barely hear from your best friend, you rested your head on his shoulder. He gave you a feeling of comfort like you’re home wherever he is - considering the fact that he was the main character in your childhood it was kind of true, all of your memories connected to home were filled with him, “I doubt your future wife will approve.”
You felt his head resting against yours, his voice low, “She can eat shit if she has a problem with it.”
For a second you didn’t say anything, but then you just had to ask him your burning question despite fearing the answer, “Are you and her serious?”
The way he furrowed his eyebrows said it all, “Don’t you think I would’ve told you if I was serious about someone?”
Of course, he had a point but something made you feel unsure - almost insecure. Jeongguk noticed your sudden shift in behavior, the strong urge to calm you down and make you feel better coming over him, “She’s the girl I was at last Friday when you were over. I didn’t really talk to her after that night. And I doubt I will again after tonight.”
That made you feel a bit lighter, thankful you didn’t have to deal with her again. It’s not like you didn’t want Jeongguk to be happy, you did, you just hated the thought of someone by his side that wasn’t good enough for him. It probably wasn’t fair because deep down you knew that no one would ever be good enough for the golden boy in your eyes, no one except for you.
“I can’t believe she was intimidated by someone like me,” you almost scoffed at the thought, making Jeongguk lift his head, “By me of all people.”
Jeongguk eyed you, confusion written all over his face, “Why wouldn’t she be?”
Thinking about it for a second, you shrugged, “Everyone knows we’ve been friends for years. It should be known by now that I’m not a danger to any of your girls.”
Laughing, Jeongguk shook his head in disagreement, “You’re delusional.”
Playfully, you hit his chest, a grin on your face, “Stop being so mean. Why would call me that?”
Your best friend was smiling brightly, eyes skimming over the nice view of the dark city from the top of the Ferris wheel that was currently standing still, “Because it’s true.”
One thing you always loved about Jeongguk was his smile, it sounded so cliche but it was true - to this day he somehow managed to still look like a boy whenever he was smiling, his big bunny teeth shining, the adorable laugh lines you loved so much forming in his labionasal zone and, your favorite thing about it, the smile always reaching his eyes, the wrinkles around them showing.
“Call me delusional one more time and I’ll end this friendship,” you warned him jokingly, the smile on his face only increasing more.
“I’m serious though,” he gestured, the atmosphere lighthearted again, “We talked about this before.”
Kind of being at a loss, you gave him a questioning glance, not catching on.
“Of course, girls will be intimidated by the fact that the person I’m most comfortable around is a girl,” he explained, his eyes not once looking away from yours, “Our campus is small and everyone already thinks we're dating. What do you think why no guy that knows me ever hits on you?”
It kind of made sense, yet once again Jeongguk seemed to be right and you disliked the fact that it was so logical.
He let out a laugh as he saw your mind working, realizing that he got a point, “I thought you were the clever one from us.”
Throwing a death glare at him, you shook your head, “You know literally every single guy on campus. Thanks for being such a cockblock.”
Snickering, he shrugged lightly, “Be happy, if it wasn’t for me you might have ended up on Taehyung’s endless list of random hook-ups.”
The situation between the two of you cooled down fastly again and for the rest of the evening, you could at least forget about your newest realization - at least until the two of you were standing in front of your door and the hug he gave you just felt a bit too good in your opinion. You suddenly started to hate how much he acted like a boyfriend towards you, knowing he had always been like this around you, twelve years of friendship and he always insisted on taking you home but now, that you might have started to like him it felt a bit overwhelming.
As you were in bed, trying to fall asleep you couldn’t stop picturing his stupid, proud grin as he won you a Minion plush, knowing you’d absolutely hate it, his fragrance in your nose, the way his hug felt so warm and comfortable still making you feel dense - this was getting out of hand.
Tumblr media
You remember telling Irene that you would only drink one or two beers and nothing more and Irene agreeing with you, just wanting a girls night out again. All of this was not part of the plan - you didn’t plan to get completely wasted to a point where even holding up your own head was a challenge. 
But still, there you were, in the dorm of Irene’s boyfriend, sitting on the kitchen table with your head in your hands. It’s not like you didn’t have fun, if you were honest you might have had a bit too much fun - it was hard for you to catch a clear thought, a thousand different ones swimming around in your head. You remembered that you had to call Namjoon in the morning to tell him something but you couldn’t grasp what exactly you wanted to tell him. You thought about your last exam next week, feeling bad because you should be learning instead of trying to sober up in someone’s kitchen. 
Another thought came to your mind, making you feel like throwing up - Jeongguk. Even now when you were drunk you tried to tell yourself that you were overthinking the whole flirting going on between the two of you, blaming yourself for being too careless with your friendship.
“Hey, (y/n), are you okay?” you heard a sweet voice and were sure that you knew the voice from somewhere but couldn’t identify it, too lazy and tired to open your eyes to check who was in front of you.
“I’m alright, I guess,” you answered sloppily, forcing yourself to open one eye to see no one else than Jeongguk’s roommate Jimin in front of you, a big grin on his face - he tried hard not to laugh at your clearly fucked-up state.
“You don’t seem alright,” he laughed, sitting down on the kitchen table right next to you, his arm wrapping around your waist to support you, “Just how much did you drink?”
“Obviously too much,” you scoffed at his stupid question, making him laugh once again.
“Still as snappy as always,” he nagged you, putting your arm around his shoulder, trying to make you stand up, “Good to know you’re still the same, even completely wasted.”
“What are we doing, Jimin?” you asked him, your eyes falling shut again.
Forcing yourself to follow Jimin, you were now standing, pretty sure that if Jimin would stop supporting you you’d fall, “I’m bringing you to our dorm.”
“Why?” you glared at him, not liking the idea of leaving already, “I’m fine, I just need to sober up a bit, I promise.”
“Jeongguk will kill me if I leave you here in your current state,” Jimin insisted lovingly but stern enough to leave no room for discussions.
You rolled your eyes at the mention of your best friends’ name, not wanting to think about him, “Jeongguk can kiss my ass.”
“I’m sure he’d love that,” Jimin replied to your comment and deep inside you were thankful for him taking care of you. Usually, you could hold your liquor way better, so you had no idea why you were so out of it tonight, barely noticing anything around you.
As Jimin was carrying you inside of his dorm, Jeongguk was just stepping out of the shower and judging by the fact that it was in the middle of the night, Jimin was sure he had someone over earlier. 
“How was the party?” he heard his friend screaming from the bathroom as he sat you down on the couch. You already fell asleep in his arms - as soon as you knew you were getting home safe you started to feel tired, asking Jimin if it was okay if you closed your eyes and he let you sleep, giving you a piggyback ride back to the dorm.
“It was fine,” he answered unbothered, trying to untie your shoes as Jeongguk walked into the living room.
“Did you bring someone home?” he asked in a celebrating tone, no idea yet who the girl on his couch was.
As he came over to his friend and saw your face his jaw dropped slightly, trying to put one and one together.
“What’s going on?” he asked his friend, his voice stern, “Why were you with (y/n)?”
As if Jeongguk wasn’t upset enough already to see Jimin bring you home, completely passed out, Taehyung came out of his room, curious to what was going on.
Jimin scoffed, shaking his head in disbelief, “I was just taking care of your drunk best friend, you’re welcome.”
Rolling his eyes, Jeongguk bit his lip, “I’m sorry, it’s just,” he started, looking at your figure on his couch for a second - he hated seeing you like this, “Nothing happened between you, right?”
Jimin’s eyes widened, trying not to laugh at the question he was just asked, “You think I’d make out with your girl? Seriously?”
Jeongguk threw his hands in the air, offended, “She’s not my girl.”
Both of them were distracted when they heard Taehyung facepalming himself from behind them, “Jeongguk, let’s go to the kitchen and sit down.”
Jimin and Jeongguk gave each other a questioning glance, wondering what Taehyung wanted but followed him wordlessly. 
Taehyung let out a deep and long sigh, rubbing his temple as he stared at Jeongguk who was now sitting opposite from him.
“What’s bothering you?” Jeongguk asked his closest friend, confusion written all over his face. What could be so important at three in the morning that couldn’t wait until the next day?
Scoffing, Taehyung shook his head in disbelief, “Are you completely blind?”
Still not being able to follow, Jeongguk started to get defensive, crossing his arms in front of his chest, “Can you just tell me already?”
“You’re standing here in our living room, obviously upset at the thought of Jimin and (y/n) getting it on and then have the nerve to act like you’re not completely smitten for her?”
The confusion in Jeongguk’s face vanished within a second, being replaced by annoyance, “I’m not going through this with you again, Taehyung. We’ve been friends for twelve years. How often do I have to repeat that for you?”
Now, Jimin started to get involved in the discussion, taking Taehyung’s side, much to Jeongguk’s dislike, “Friends can fall in love too, you know that.”
Giving Jimin a pleading glance, as if he was begging him to take his side just for once, Jeongguk pouted, “Not her and me. It can’t happen to us.”
Taehyung was still busy rubbing his temples as if his friend was giving him the biggest headache he ever experienced, “It can and it is happening to you, please stop acting like it’s not. Guk, I see the eyes you’re making at her wherever we are.”
“And not to be like that, but that girl you’re seeing looks suspiciously similar to (y/n),” Jimin threw into the conversation and deep down Jeongguk knew he was right, he realized certain similarities between you and her too.
But Jeongguk decided to stay stubborn, afraid of his own feelings, “The thought of Jimin and (y/n) just upset me because I don’t want things to be awkward when she comes over if it wouldn’t work out.”
Neither Taehyung nor Jimin believed him for a second, “So, you’re saying if Jimin and (y/n) would be a real couple, you wouldn’t mind?”
Shrugging, he scoffed, not wanting to think about those kind of scenarios at all. It would simply be weird for his friends to date, not because he had feelings for you or anything, it just wouldn’t fit, “If he makes her happy, why not?”
Taehyung’s hand run through his hair, having to collect everything in him to not rip it out then and there. How could someone be so damn stubborn? He loved Jeongguk to death but if this boy didn’t realize he was in love sooner or later he couldn’t promise not to hurt him, “Because you have feelings for her, you absolute idiot.”
“So, what if I do?” Jeongguk’s voice suddenly became louder, not having Taehyung’s behavior anymore and Taehyung felt relieved, finally having him where he wanted, out of his constant denial, “Do you think I’d just risk my longest and closest friendship because of some stupid feelings?”
Anxious, Jeongguk looked over his shoulder to see if you were still asleep, afraid that you could hear his emotional outburst, his voice becoming quieter, “It’ll pass. Sooner or later.”
His best friend’s hand found his shoulder, squeezing it lightly, “Just don’t regret not confronting her about it someday.”
Calming down again, Jeongguk furrowed his eyebrows, “What do you mean? Why would I regret it?”
Then, Taehyung spoke the words out loud that Jeongguk was too afraid to think, “What if it doesn’t pass?”
Not wanting to deal with this idea, Jeongguk stood up from the table, excusing himself, “I’m absolutely not ready to think about that, please understand.”
Walking over to where you were sleeping, he studied you for a few seconds, a sudden wave of anxiety rushing over him. This needed to pass - he already flirted with you too much, already gave you too many hints, if you wanted him too, you would’ve reacted differently, right?
How frustrating it was for him, out of all the people his dumb self had to fall for the only person he shouldn’t be in love with. But Taehyung was right, he could deny it as much as he wanted, it was still true. And how couldn’t he fall for you, with a face like that and a personality that no one could ever compare to? 
He had to force himself to stop staring at you before he did something stupid like trying to kiss you - you looked so peaceful, the thought of not having you around hurt his heart. 
That night, Jeongguk fell asleep with you on his mind, not able to fight the feelings any longer, no idea that a few nights ago you were in your bed, dealing with the same problem.
Jeongguk got it bad for you and he hated himself for it, feeling like a complete idiot to bring feelings into this friendship.
Tumblr media
When you woke up your head was spinning and your mouth was dry. It took you a second to come to your senses, forcing yourself to sit up on the couch you slowly recognized. Why were you at Jeongguk’s place? You don’t remember seeing him yesterday. 
Studying the room in need of anything that would make you remember last night's events a smile found its way to your face as you saw the bottle of water and aspirin on the table beside the couch, right next to it a little note.
‘Good morning you drunkard. This is for you. God knows you need it.’
Thankful for Jeongguk taking care of you, you fastly took the pill and downed the water in one go, your body feeling at least a little bit better.
The clock on the wall said it was currently ten in the morning and you wondered where everyone was - you doubt the boys would be out early on a Sunday morning.
And just as you wanted to get up and search for your best friend, he came walking right through the door, looking comfortable in his sweatpants and thick hoodie. 
“(Y/n), you were great last night,” he smirked at you as he let himself fall right to the space beside you.
“Shut up, you idiot,” you laughed at his attempt of trying to fool you.
Gasping a bit, he glanced at you with wide eyes, “You don’t remember? I had no idea you were into that stuff, I’m glad I found out though.”
There was no way he was being serious right? You cursed yourself for not being able to remember anything from last night. Normally, you wouldn’t believe Jeongguk a single word but he sounded convincing and god knows what your drunk ass did, now that you started to look at Jeongguk in another way than before.
Your stomach was turning, not wanting to believe him, “Stop fucking with me. I’m too hungover for your teasing.”
He rubbed his temples, his eyebrows furrowing, “I’m sorry to tell you but I’m serious. I didn’t know you had an underboob tattoo, when did you get that?”
If you didn’t feel sick before, you definitely did now. Running your hands through your hair you wanted to rip them out, “Don’t tell me we had sex with each other, Jeongguk. Please.”
“I can’t believe you can’t remember,” Jeongguk shook his head before a sly smile crept onto his lips, “Should I refresh your memory?”
Whining, your leg kicked him away from you, “You little shit, stop it right now and tell me you’re just kidding.”
Finally letting out the laugh he tried to hide the whole time, he rubbed the spot you just kicked him, “Do you think I’d fuck you when you’re that wasted and then let you sleep on the couch?”
You let out a relieved sigh, ready to murder your best friend, “You almost gave me a heart attack.”
Jeongguk was enjoying the whole situation a bit too much for your liking, his grin glued to his face, “I’m a bit offended you think having sex with me would be that terrible.”
Your glare left him unbothered, “How do you know about my tattoo?”
In an instant, his ears turned red, “You were too drunk to change so I helped you.”
Until then you didn’t even realize that you indeed were wearing clothes that didn’t belong to you, the thought of Jeongguk seeing you almost naked making you feel embarrassed in an instant.
“I didn’t try anything, did I?” you carefully asked, fearing the answer.
He shook his head heavily, “No, no, don’t worry. You passed out as soon as Jimin brought you home.”
Jimin? That piece of information was new to you, your eyes widening in an instant again, “There was nothing between us, right?”
Chuckling at how panicked you were, Jeongguk immediately calmed you down, telling you that you should stop worrying, “He’d be dead by now if he tried anything.”
With squinted eyes, you glanced at him, “You’re acting like an overprotective brother.”
“More like a boyfriend, if you ask me,” you heard Jimin’s angelic voice from behind you, turning around to see him standing in the door, “Glad to see you’re still alive.”
Chuckling, you nodded, “Glad to see that you’re still alive too and Jeongguk didn’t kill you.”
Shrugging, a teasing smile directed towards Jeongguk was plastered on his face, “It’s not like he didn’t want to as he saw me bringing you home.”
Playfully, you poked his side, “Jealous, Jeongguk?”
Jeongguk’s face turned red, not liking the situation at all, afraid that Jimin would say anything you weren’t supposed to know, “Just be quiet and get ready, I’m taking you out to breakfast.”
Not able to hide a last teasing comment, Jimin poured himself some coffee in the kitchen, “Sounds like a date to me.”
You certainly wouldn’t mind a date with Jeongguk. What you didn’t know is that neither would he.
Tumblr media
Were you in the mood to go to this stupid party? No. Was this reason enough to convince Namjoon to not go and just stay home instead? Absolutely not.
You were honestly still trying to recover from your hangover from last weekend, not ready to even smell alcohol again but you knew you had no choice. 
The only good thing about all of this was that you could finally see your best friend again tonight. The week was busy and even though you talked on the phone a lot you didn’t manage to meet, despite telling each other that you missed being together every single day.
It might be delusional of you but you felt like Jeongguk’s behavior towards you changed since last weekend. Of course, you might just misinterpret the situation but somehow he seemed to be more clingy, maybe even a bit more affectionate. Not that you were complaining.
“No way,” Namjoon shook his head heavily as you asked him to just turn around even though you were already in front of the big entrance to the house the party was going on in, “We’re going, it’s the last big party this term and attending it is mandatory.”
The sky only turned dark about twenty minutes ago and somehow, the whole garden already was full of red cups and people making out in the corners. How cliche.
As you entered the door, the hallway was already filled with tons of people, most of them you’ve never seen before - if you were honest, you weren’t even sure who this house belonged to and you preferred smaller gatherings with close friends to get drunk but if it made Namjoon happy, you’d certainly try your best fo have fun.
“You know how we’re going to do it, right?” Namjoon asked you for the hundredth time today, “As soon as we see Lia you call her over, start a conversation and then leave us alone because you have to look for Jeongguk.”
Amused, you nodded, “Namjoon, we’ve gone over this so often, I probably will remember the plan until the day I die.”
He chuckled, a bit too excited, “I’m just nervous.”
It warmed your heart to see him so giddy, if anyone of your friends deserved to fall in love it was Namjoon, “I’m pretty sure she likes you too. I see the way she eyes you in class. I’ll include this little story in my speech at your wedding.”
“Kim Lia,” he thought about it for a small second, “Sounds good to me.”
The two of you were on your way to the kitchen, both needing booze to get into the right mood - and luckily, the kitchen was way less crowded than the living room that was currently used as the main floor.
“What about you, though, Jeon (y/n). Like the sound of it?”
Scoffing loudly, you poured some liquor into one of the red cups, “Don’t even make me think about it, it’ll only complicate things.”
“The only thing complicating anything is the two of you not wanting to admit you have the hots for each other,” Namjoon kept bugging you with this topic for weeks now - just like everyone around you, “Everyone notices it except for you.”
“Stop it,” you almost yelled at him, knowing he won’t shut up about it, “Do you want me to help you with Lia or not?”
Immediately shutting up, he gave you an innocent smile and filled his cup up too, clinking it with yours, “Cheers.”
After fastly downing your first mixture of Whiskey and Coke, you filled your cup up again, ready to go into the battlefield of a dancefloor in the living room, on a mission to get Namjoon laid. 
The two of you were still too sober, compared to the other people dancing around you but it wasn’t awkward at all - you enjoyed Namjoon’s company, always. You were more worried about the time you had to leave his side because he needed some alone time with his crush. 
You caught yourself looking around for Jeongguk, your eyes scanning the whole room and your search didn’t go unnoticed, Namjoon giving you a skeptic glance before coming down to your ear, his voice almost screaming because otherwise, you wouldn’t be able to understand him over the loud music, “We all know who I’m looking for but I bet you’re looking for a man with long hair with a charming aura and dreamy eyes?”
Rolling your eyes you hated how accurate that was, “I’m not in love with him, Namjoon.”
The expression on his face showed that he wasn’t believing you for a single second, “I talked to Taehyung last week. He said that Jeongguk is just as desperately in love with you, so just go for it.”
Butterflies came flying to your stomach and you wanted to kill each and every one of them, still not used to the fact that you saw Jeongguk as more than a friend. You weren’t denying it anymore, at least not to yourself, but that didn’t change the fact that you disliked it so much. 
You disliked nothing more than how much you wanted Jeongguk to hold you, kiss you, like you back. Actually, there was one thing you disliked even more: the fact, that you weren’t sure if Jeongguk thought similar of you or not, his mixed signals making you go insane slowly.
“What do you mean, you and Taehyung talked about it?” you asked him sharply, not believing the betrayal.
Your friend put his hands in the air, pleading not guilty, “He came to me and asked about your thoughts on Jeongguk.”
Throwing your head back in frustration, you whined, “And let me guess, you told Tae that I like Jeongguk?”
Amused at your misery, he let out a laugh, “Of course, I would never lie to someone, you know that.”
“I’m going to murder you, Kim Namjoon,” you warned him through gritted teeth but before you could actually act on your anger, his eyes grew wide.
“Lia, she’s coming towards us,” he sounded like he was about to faint and you told him to breathe, deciding that you could still kill him later.
It took only about three minutes until you were unnecessary to the conversation, excusing yourself to leave and barely getting a response because Namjoon and Lia were so immersed in their conversation, they almost didn’t notice you were saying something. Good for them.
But where were you supposed to go now? You studied the room, hoping to find anyone you could cling on, preferably Jeongguk or Irene but neither of them were around. 
A few seconds later, you found your second-best option: Taehyung, Aleena and Jimin, standing on a tall table, a bottle of booze in the middle. They welcomed you with big hugs and your mood lifted in an instant. It was nice seeing Taehyung and Aleena were still together, all the other girls around probably disappointed that they weren’t the ones who were able to tame Taehyung.
“Looking stunning as always,” Jimin gave you a small wink as he eyes you from up and down, the harmless compliment boosting your ego immediately.
Taehyung let out a sigh, joking as he hugged you, “Stop flirting with your mate’s girl, Jimin. We’ve been over this.” 
“Not flirting,” Jimin chuckled.
“Also, not your mate’s girl,” you replied to Taehyung’s comment.
Filling your empty cup with booze for you, he shook his head, “How is living in delulu-land going for you?”
Deciding to ignore Taehyung’s snarky remark, you thanked him for the drink and downed it with them, ready to have a fun night. Maybe Namjoon was right and the evening was not going to be as bad as you thought it would be.
Still, there was one burning question in the back of your mind, “Where is Jeongguk by the way? Isn’t he here yet?”
Jimin and Taehyung gave each other a short glance, you were not able to read it but they were definitely communicating with their eyes before Jimin answered you, “We came together but lost him on the way.”
Deciding, not to be too nosy about it you accepted their answer without questioning it, “You’ll have to deal with me then until he finds me, I’m sorry.”
Luckily they didn’t seem to mind. It was nice to know that Jeongguk’s friends were so welcoming and warm towards you, almost as if you have been in their friend group since forever. 
It didn’t take long for Aleena and you to bond over the girl you both hate and share a class with, happy to hear that you weren’t the only one who disliked her.
“She’s not all that bad,” Jimin dared to interrupt your gossip, only to gain a disapproving glance form Aleena.
“You just want to get into her pants,” Taehyung argued, “Even I agree that she’s kind of annoying.”
Aleena high-fived her boyfriend, making Jimin roll his eyes.
“You’re just taking your girlfriend’s side,” Jimin teased his friend lovingly, “You were so much more fun when you were still single.”
But you didn’t pay attention to their bickering anymore, not being able to focus on anything, busy feeling your heart break into pieces slowly and painfully as your eyes found Jeongguk on the other side of the room.
Your breathing became heavy and standing was difficult because of how dizzy you felt, your stomach turning around, leaving you feel like you were about to puke from the sight you were currently eyeing. This couldn’t be true. But no matter how often you blinked, as soon as you opened your eyes you saw the same sight again and again.
Time was passing slower, almost in slow-motion as you noticed Jeongguk walking inside, his hair all over the place, fingers busy fumbling on the upper button of the white button-up he was wearing. He looked as handsome as ever but sweaty, no one else but the girl you met at the fair walking inside behind him, you didn’t even want to think of her name. 
Your heart sting as you thought back to the night you met her, remembering Jeongguk’s words, telling you not to worry about her. 
You tried to concentrate on yourself, your hands were shaking, not sure if it was because of the anger or sadness building up inside of you, probably a mixture of both, your legs feeling wobblier by each second. You felt weak. You felt tired. 
And that is why you don’t fall in love with your best friend - to protect yourself from that exact feeling.
If you could, you would vanish right now, not wanting to exist anymore to avoid feeling like this, not sure if anything ever hurt you the way this sight did right now. You felt stupid, a wave of self-hate coming over you for being so naive to even think that a small part of him could like you back. 
The two of you were friends, nothing more. It was always like that, why would it change suddenly?
In that moment, you didn’t notice anything around you, everything else irrelevant, almost as if time stopped completely - gulping, you realized that you and Jeongguk could never go back to what you used to have because you were stupid enough to bring feelings into this.
Just as you thought it couldn’t get worse his eyes met yours, already starring at him and you were sure your eyes were filled with pain. He noticed immediately, his expression almost pleading you to let him explain, pain was written all over his features - as soon as he spotted you he seemed sorrowful, gloomy, even worried but you were sure in comparison to you, he still would look happy.
He knew what was going on.
The longer your eyes focused on each other, the more uncomfortable you felt - but you couldn’t bring yourself to look away, the thoughts of what had just happened between them haunting you. Even if you knew he did nothing wrong, he wasn’t yours after all, you wanted to cry as soon as the thought filled up your mind.
Someone’s hands held your shoulders, making you snap back to reality as you realized that Jimin tried to make you look away, the torture on your face not going by unnoticed by him.
Not able to say what you were thinking, Taehyung got a hang of what was going on, spotting Jeongguk on the other side of the room, Jennifer right by his side, also slowly understanding what, or better said who, Jeongguk was starring at, rolling her eyes in annoyance.
“This asshole,” you heard Taehyung mumble under his breath, thankful for hearing him say that, “I’ll kill him.”
It felt like you were glued to the floor, not able to say anything because tears were building in your eyes, making you feel even more pathetic. But as soon as you saw Jeongguk strutting towards you, his pained expression becoming more intense by each second you knew you had to act quick.
You had two options: Staying right where you are and risking crying in front of everyone or fleeing to cry in peace on the toilet. You glanced at Taehyung, panic in your eyes as you decided to go with the second option, “Please, stop him from coming after me, I need a second.”
And with that you were turning around, fast pace towards the nearest restroom you could find, locking the door behind you. 
Breathing in, breathing out. And in, and out again. Repeating this over and over until you calmed down, proud of yourself for not crying.
Jeongguk didn’t owe you anything, he did nothing wrong, he only playfully flirted with you every now and then, platonic and you let it get to your head. He could sleep with whoever he wanted. It was not worth ruining your friendship.
You tried to tell yourself those facts over and over again until you started to actually believe them. Knowing that Taehyung could only keep him away from you for so long, you felt pressured to pull yourself together. What were you even supposed to say once Jeongguk found you? He had no idea that you liked him and now was certainly not the time to tell him. 
The first knock on the bathroom door made you freeze in your spot. Another deep breath, calming yourself down a bit.
“Please, let me in,” the voice of your best friend sounded desperate over the muffled music you could hear blasting from the living room.
Knowing, it would be stupid to ignore him because in the end, you had to open the door for him sooner and later and it would only get more awkward the longer you waited, you opened it for him, a relieved sigh escaping his mouth as soon as he saw you.
In a rush, he came in and closed the door behind you - he still was worried, his wrinkled forehead giving him away. Standing right before you, he held your arms in his hands, making you look at him, “I know this sounds like such a douchebag sentence but you have to believe me, it’s not what it looks like and I can explain.”
“You don’t have to explain anything to me, Guk,” your voice luckily didn’t betray you and you were impressed with how cool you sounded, as if you didn’t just almost lost your mind. But you meant it, it was the truth - he didn’t have to explain it to you, “you literally don’t owe me anything, don’t worry.”
Biting his lip, he shook his head, “I owe you everything and I am worrying.”
His eyes were starring into yours as if he was searching for something in them and before you knew what was happening, he wrapped his arms around you, embracing you tightly. His hands pressed your head against his chest, lightly caressing your hair, “Can we please go to my dorm?”
“Why?” you asked quietly, not knowing what exactly was going on. Jeongguk’s reaction to your reaction confused you even more and you wondered just how weird this evening could possibly get.
“Please,” he just whispered, begging you to come with him - so you agreed and without exchanging another word, the two of you were on your way out, ignoring everyone else as you were leaving.
“Don’t you want to say goodbye?” you asked him carefully, almost afraid of the way he was rushing you. What in the world was going on?
Shaking his head once again, he handed you his jacket as soon as you were stepping outside, telling you to wear it even though his dorm luckily was only a five-minute walk away, “It’s okay, I’ll see them at home later.”
Not able to keep up with his fast steps, you held onto his arm to slow him down and he immediately walked slower, letting you keep up with him.
“We didn’t have sex,” he blurted out, the whole situation seemingly stressing him out even more than you. Under any other circumstances, you probably would’ve chuckled at his nervousness but you still felt too tense, your heart heavy as if it could just fall out any second.
Gulping, your eyes were glued to the stars in the sky, afraid to look into his eyes, “It wouldn’t have been the first time, it’s alright.”
It didn’t feel alright to you but it had to be.
“It wouldn’t be alright,” he insisted and you were too tired to think about how exactly he meant that, just wanting this day to be over, “I wanted to talk to her to end things, ask Taehyung, I told him about ending it today. But then she tried to change my mind and started to touch me, that’s why my hair looked like that and she tried to undress me but I told her I’m not interested in her.”
If it was any other guy you probably would think he was just lying, the typical excuses coming out of his mind - but he wasn’t any guy. He was your best friend and you were certain he never lied to you before, except last weekend when he tried to convince you you had sex, and even if he tried to you’d look right through it.
The two of you were standing in front of his dorm now as he was opening the front door for you, “Can you trust me?”
God, if you’d ever tell someone this story they’d think you’re the most naive girl walking on this earth but the man next to you wasn’t only your crush, no, he was also by your side since your childhood days so how couldn’t you trust him.
“I’ll always trust you,” you sighed, “But why are you telling me all this?”
Jeongguk turned on the lights in his living room, mustering you - he seemed to be a bit more relaxed by now, his eyes still burning with questions and a certain neediness but way less pained. As you noticed the deep breath he was taking, you decided to the same.
“Go to my room, okay?” he asked you, chewing on the inside of his cheek, another typical sign of nervousness for him, “I need to call Taehyung, they are probably searching for us. But I’ll be right back and talk to you, promise.” 
Doing as you were told, you walked over to his room, feeling surprisingly fine. You finally had a free minute to think about the overwhelming events of the last thirty minutes - almost embarrassed at how you jumped to conclusions when you saw Jeongguk and Jennifer, you were still relieved that they didn’t have sex. It didn’t matter if he didn’t feel the same way as you did but at least he wasn’t serious about that terrible girl.
What you were still feeling uneasy about though was the weird behavior of your best friend.
It only took him about half a minute until he entered his room, his ears red once again, showing you that he was struggling with his shyness.
“You noticed it too, right?” Jeongguk confronted you as soon as he looked at you, biting his lips, his handsome face full of worries once again. 
Afraid that you might misunderstand the situation, you gulped, “Can you be a bit more specific?”
Your best friend inhaled sharply, rubbing his hands over his face, his whole body tensing. He needed a moment to clear his thoughts, afraid to say the wrong thing but you were willing to give him all the time he needed. 
If this conversation was going to way you thought it was, he had every reason to be nervous, your ribcage felt tight and as if it could rip any second so you could only imagine what your best friend felt like right now, being the one addressing the whole situation. But then, on the other hand, judging your reaction earlier it wasn’t too hard to notice that you had feelings for him.
“There’s a difference in how we act around each other, right?” your best friend finally said, choosing his words very carefully on purpose so he could always play it cool if you rejected him. His ears were red and in any other situation you’d nag him about it but you knew it was inappropriate right now, “The way we talk and the way we touch each other. Even the way we look at each other. Is that just me?”
His last question was filled with sorrow, almost pain even. Jeongguk hated the thought of fucking up your friendship just as much as you, so for him to finally address the tension between you was very brave of him, something you wouldn’t have dared.
The whole situation felt awkward, you wanted it to be over as soon as possible, afraid that saying one wrong thing might end your friendship forever - you were aware that nothing would break your friendship that easily but just the thought of romantic feelings between the two of you was making you anxious. You liked Jeongguk, you wanted to be around him more than usual, you found yourself staring at his lips and his arms and think of him differently - all the signs were clear, you were falling for your best friend, no matter how often you told yourself you were not and you were just lonely. 
You liked Jeongguk - and apparently, he was going through something similar with you too.
“It’s not just you,” you finally manage to answer his question, your voice sounding weak and almost not like yours, “I noticed it too.”
The man on the bed beside you shifted his glance from his feet right to your face after hearing your words, his cheeks red and you were sure so were yours. 
"Thank god,” he mumbled under his breath, relaxing immediately, “I’m going to say something now and it might sound insane but I have to tell you.”
Nodding, your heart beat unbelievably fast, hoping to hear the words you wanted to hear so badly out of his mouth.
“I don’t give a fuck about Jennifer,” he started, the mention of her name making you feel bitter for a short second, “I don’t like her. I like you. It’s bad and stupid but I do.”
You couldn’t help but let out a breathy chuckle, beyond excited to finally know about the feelings of the man standing in front of you, “It is bad and stupid. But I feel the same.”
He let out a scoff as if he couldn’t believe you were having such a conversation, shaking his head a bit confused, “This feels so awkward.”
You chuckled, thankful that he put your feelings into words, “I guess that is what happens when friends suddenly get caught up in another.”
He let himself fall backward, right onto his bed, staring at his ceiling. His hand ran through his hair as he let out the hundredth sigh for today, “I can’t believe we like each other.”
You threw him a glare, rolling your eyes before sarcastically adding, “Don’t be too happy about it.”
A pout formed on his lips, trying to look cute, “That’s not how I meant it, you know that.”
“Well, how did you mean it then?” you asked, a bit hurt at his frustration. It’s not like you thought it was ideal that you two fancied each other but it also wasn’t the worst thing that could’ve happened.
Your best friend moved his hand towards your wrist, as if he wanted to grab it but then stopped himself - only to then grab it nevertheless, pulling you to lay down beside him carefully.
There you were, next to your best friend, figuring out how to go on from here. Your face was turned to look into his, his hand still holding onto your wrist. His hair was messy, hanging in front of his eyes. No question, you preferred this tension over the one that was still hanging in the air about half an hour ago and you couldn’t be more thrilled to finally have him next to you, knowing that your feelings weren’t just one-sided but you never thought about how awkward it would be to finally shift from platonic to actually romantic.
“What do we do now?” he asked, biting his lip but then giving you a helpless laugh, “I’m sorry, I’m nervous about all of this.”
It was at least nice that the two of you could talk openly, even though it was a very weird and unfamiliar situation to both of you, at least you could be honest with each other, not afraid of showing your true feelings.
“How much do you like me?” you asked him, trying to decide on where to go from here. It was such an uncomfortable question to answer but you needed to know, not sure how exactly he felt about you.
He let out a breathy laugh, a shy smirk on his face, “I’ll get flustered talking about it.”
His smile immediately made you relax, smiling back at him, “I’m just trying to figure out if we should act on all of this or just try to ignore it, hoping it’ll go away.”
Jeongguk closed his eyes, not daring to look at you while confessing what he thought, his voice nothing more than a mumble, “I think it’s a bit too much for me to just ignore it. Let’s just say in my head we already told our parents about us.”
Chuckling, the sudden rush of wanting to kiss him overcame you but you stopped yourself - you knew how terrible he was at talking about his feelings, so him saying this must be a big step for him. To reassure him that he had nothing to worry about, you freed your wrist from his grip to interlock your finger with his.
“But if you want to just stay friends I’ll obviously be fine with it, our friendship is way more important than anything and if you feel-”, Jeongguk started to ramble, the pace of his talking become faster by ever word.
“No, that’s not it,” you interrupted him, trying to explain what worried you, “I’m just afraid to lose you.”
Nodding, his thumb drew small circles on the back of your hand, “Do you think I’m not? That’s the risky part about all of this.”
“I tried to trick myself into thinking we’re just friends but I truly want you, Guk,” the words felt risky as they left your lips as if he didn’t just admit he liked you too, the ball in his court now again.
“Good,” his eyes were sparkling and his leg intertwined with yours, his touch burning on you skin, “I don’t think I could go back to being just friends. I will always see you as something more.”
You wanted to hear those words over and over again, hard to believe the unbelievable outcome of this messy night.
“Can you picture that?” you asked him, “You and I, together.”
Jeongguk nodded immediately, not even needing a second to think about your question, “I told you before, I think we could be a strong couple. The possibility was always there.”
“So, it’s settled?” 
He let out a laugh, nodding again, “Do you wanna shake hands to seal the deal or what do we do now?”
Joining his laughter, you shook your head in amusement, “We suck at this.”
“I promise we’ll get better at this over time,” Jeongguk was glowing now, happy, his aura as positive as always. He opened his arms, reaching for your body, giving you a small smirk, “Should we try cuddling?”
You almost snorted at the awkward proposal but didn’t have to let him ask you twice so within seconds your head was resting on his chest, his arms wrapped around you tightly. His heartbeat was surprisingly fast, thank god you weren’t the only one nervous about all of this.
He smelled as amazing as ever and the dim lights in his room were making you feel like you were in heaven even though the whole situation was still feeling a bit odd. You loved the way his arms felt wrapped around you though, definitely wanting to get used to that feeling.
“This is so weird,” you laughed into his chest and you could feel it vibrating when he joined your laughter, “but I like it.”
“Me too,” his voice was soft now, a bit more confident as he carefully played with your hair. It was helpful that you weren’t looking at each other right now, you were sure you’d be as red as a tomato if you had to face him.
For a second, the two of you were just laying there, enjoying each other’s presence in silence, too anxious to say something. It wasn’t as awkward anymore even though you were afraid to move - as soon as you would only a muscle he’d react to it for sure.
But luckily, he moved first, sitting up on his bed and glancing at you, a helpless expression on his face, “I have a suggestion to make.”
“I’m listening,” you reassured him, still lying in his bed, too comfortable to get up as the exhaustion from earlier was brushing off on you.
“I’ll fix us something to eat while you search through Netflix,” he started, waiting for an answer before he continued.
“So far so good,” you gave him two thumbs up, ready to here the rest of suggestion.
“We could try to perfect this whole cuddling thing too if you want to,” he then suggested shyly.
Chuckling at how cute he was, you nodded, “God knows we need some more practice.”
“And as soon as you’re comfortable enough, we could try to talk about all of this,” he gestured between the two of you, “I know it’s weird but I really want to work this out.”
Sitting up and grabbing his remote from the nightstand, you agreed with him, “We’re on the same page, I promise.”
Hearing that from you was enough to boost his confidence a bit, knowing that the awkward tension between you would vanish in no time, once you figured out all the smaller details. 
You watched him as he was walking towards his door, admiring him in a whole new way - Jeongguk was handsome, an impressive body and a face straight from heaven. Of course, you knew all of that before but now that you could finally let those thoughts into your head without feeling weird about them you realized just how much you liked him. You think that those feelings for him might have developed a long time ago, you just never dared to pay attention to them before.
A rush of excitement came over you, looking forward to the new route ahead of the two of you - you’d figure all of this out, you two always did. All the new things you could explore together, as a couple - you couldn’t wait.
Just as he was about to open the door to take care of the food he turned around again, “Do you maybe want some clothes?”
You almost forgot that you were still in your dress, suddenly realizing how uncomfortable it was. 
“Not like I mind having you in my bed in such a pretty dress but it looks pretty uncomfortable,” he explained before you could say anything, a smirk appearing on his lips, “And I bet you’d look good in my clothes.”
“You’re shamelessly flirting, Jeongguk,” you shouted out, both, amused and flustered by his not so subtle attempt.
Defensive, he threw his hands up in the air, “Hey, that’s just what lovers do.”
Lovers. How nice this word sounded when it came out of the right person’s mouth. Before you could agree or deny, he was already rummaging through his wardrobe, searching for clothes you could wear. 
Not even ten minutes later you were back in Jeongguk’s bed, wearing a white oversized shirt and blue boxer shorts with little Maki’s printed on them, your hair in a messy bun while you were scrolling through Netflix, cuddled under Guk’s blanket.
Studying his room, you realized that you barely ever spent time in it, something that was about to change. Usually, the two of you would always chill in the living room because it was bigger, so his room was pretty uncommon to you. It was a bit messy, just like his room back home, except for his desk that was filled with the most expensive gaming utensils, glowing in all possible imaginary LED colors that existed.
A framed picture of the two of you caught your attention, decorating the shelf above his computer. It was one of your favorite pictures, both of you completely wasted, posing in a shopping cart. A warm feeling crept up on you after you realized that this was actually the only framed picture in his whole room.  
The door opened, a big bowl of amazing smelling popcorn in one of his hands, and two big candles in the other one, “Ready to get comfortable?”
You let out a laugh at the sudden use of candles, “You never turned on candles around me before, is this an update?”
Setting down the bowl of popcorn on your lap and getting out a lighter to turn the candles on, he nodded, “I never wanted to impress you before.”
“You don’t have to try to impress me, Jeongguk,” you promised him, “but you’re doing quite a good job at it.”
“Move,” he pointed to the bed without saying anything else about the candles, “I wanna sit behind you if that’s alright.”
Moving a bit more towards the middle of the bed, you waited for him to sit behind you, his legs wrapping around you within seconds, your back leaned back against his chest. You put some of your blanket over him as he got comfortable.
Luckily, this felt less awkward than just twenty minutes ago and you were beyond thankful for it. 
A few seconds later Jeongguk was done positioning himself behind you, his arm wrapped around your stomach, drawing little circles on your exposed skin where your shirt rose up. 
“Is this okay?” he asked unsure, his breath tickling your ear, giving you goosebumps in an instant. 
It was more than okay, you felt secure and safe and at home - a bit surprised too at how easy all of this seemed.
“It’s nice,” your voice was satisfied, your eyes closed as you enjoyed the feeling of being held by him, “I could fall asleep immediately.”
His lips were on your ear, giving it a light peck, goosebumps forming on your body in an instant, “Don’t you dare.”
The whisper made you shiver and you could feel Jeongguk’s grin without having to look at him, happy he had that effect on you. 
About an hour into the movie you were watching, Jeongguk suddenly grabbed the remote and paused it - as you turned your head around to see what he was doing, the boy already looked at you, a concentrated glance on his face.
“What?” you asked him laughing, wondering what was happening.
Shrugging, his hand ran through your hair, eyes full of admiration, “You’re pretty cute. Did I ever tell you?”
Flustered, you playfully hit his chest, “Stop, Guk. You’re making me blush.”
The smile on his face was calm, his eyes not once leaving yours, “You are. Your mum must be proud of the beautiful woman you became.”
Not being used to hearing those kinds of compliments out of Jeongguk’s mouth your face turned red, “If you don’t stop right now, I’ll kick you in the nuts.”
Breaking his loving stare he let out a laugh, nodding understandingly, “I’m sorry, I’ll stop. But you’ll have to get used to it. I won’t hold back anymore.”
“Better not promise anything you can’t keep,” you warned him.
After looking at you for a little longer he stood up out of nowhere, reaching for your hand to help you get up too, “Let’s go and make a warm cup of tea.”
Not knowing where his sudden proposal came from you agreed nevertheless, holding his hand as you walked over to the kitchen, your head leaning against his shoulder. 
“What kind of tea do you want?” he asked you, opening a cupboard with a small variety of different kind of teas.
Before you could choose one yourself, Jeongguk let out a small chuckle, “Stupid question, I know you want strawberry tea anyway, right?”
It was almost heartwarming how automatic Jeongguk started to boil the water, preparing your tea, a domestic feeling you wanted to never go away again.
You were leaning against the counter, just watching him as his eyes met yours, a sly smile on his face when he came closer to you, his hands finding your waist, “Why are you looking at me like that?”
“I’m just enjoying the view,” you replied as his right hand cupped your cheek and he came closer once again, his hip connected with yours. Jeongguk seemed taller than usual, it might be the fact that he never stood in front of you like this before but you swear, he never was as tall as today.
“I’ve made you tea before, it’s not like this is a new view for you.”
Agreeing, you nodded your head, “I know but you’ve never made tea as my boyfriend before.”
His forehead leaned against yours as his hand wandered down from your cheek, over your shoulder, softly caressing your arm until it found your hand, linking his fingers with yours before he slowly came closer, both of you anticipating what was about to happen, “Your boyfriend, I like the sound of it.”
Jeongguk’s lips were now just above yours, the thought of the little distance left between you being gone in a few seconds sent butterflies to your stomach.
His scent was already enough to make you feel dizzy, not to mention the burning touch of his hands on your skin or the way his leg found its way between your legs. But all of those things faded into the background as you could finally feel his lips on yours, the soft pressure making your knees feel weak and your heart beat faster.
It started out slow and careful, both of you enjoying the slow approach of seeing how far you could go. His second hand wandered upwards from your hip under your shirt towards your waist, his thumb drawing small circles on your skin.
The kiss started to deepen a few seconds later and the fact that you could feel Jeongguk smiling into the kiss made you want him even more. If only you would have known that kissing him felt this good you had kissed him way sooner.
Your hand played with the nape of his neck, trying to pull him even closer to you as he kissed you with more passion, more pressure, more neediness. His second hand found your waist, carefully pulling you upwards, motioning you to let him lift you up to sit on the counter - and of course, you let him.
So there you were, in the middle of the night, heavily making out with Jeon Jeongguk between your legs, both of his hands busy with your thighs as he freed his lips from yours, just to pepper kisses along your jawline, down your neck right until his lips reached the top of your breasts, both of you not caring about the tea he just made a few minutes ago anymore.
Throwing your head back with closed eyes you enjoyed the feeling of Jeongguk’s attention on your chest a bit too much, not to talk about how you slowly felt his hand moving to the inside of your thighs, slipping them under his pair of boxer shorts you were wearing sneakily.
It all felt too good, afraid of how good this night would actually still become - at least until you both suddenly froze in your place, realizing that your friends suddenly were standing in the room, just coming home from the party the two of you were at earlier.
Eyes wide open, both of you stared at the three of them, all of them staring back at you with wide smirks on their lips.
“You’ve got to be kidding me,” you heard Taehyung mumble under his breath, not even trying to hide the amusement in his voice, “Did we interrupt something?”
Jimin chuckled, “We clearly did.”
Of course, they wouldn’t let you go that easily after all they were known for being a pain in the ass. 
“Let’s go to my room before they start asking questions,” Jeongguk fastly told you, lifting you up from the counter once again, this time to help you get down.
But Taehyung already had other plans, the shit-eating grin on his face not fading at all, “Not so fast. How did that happen? We expected a lot but not that.”
Now, Taehyung’s girlfriend joined the conversation, “Baby, give them some space. God knows they need some alone time.”
Not letting the two of you get away so easily, Taehyung sat down on the kitchen table, gesturing you to join him, “First I want to know what happened after you left the party.”
Jeongguk threw you an apologetic glance, a small pout on his lips, making you chuckle.
“Guess we have to wait for a bit longer,” you whispered to him as you made your way over to the table.
Nodding, he let out a soft sigh, “Luckily we have all the time of the world.”
After waiting for twelve years you could definitely wait for another hour or two to finally start a new chapter of your life - and boy, were you excited for that chapter.
Tumblr media
if you read until here, i wanna say thank you and i hope you enjoyed it. i barely write fics this long so sorry if it is a bit unstructed, i’m still learning! ♥
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johobi · 2 years ago
Eating for Two
Tumblr media
Word count: 2.9k
Pairing: Hoseok x Reader
Warnings: oral sex (f receiving), fingering, near-fisting, dry humping, some slight pregnancy kink/impreg kink going on, lots of dirty talk, i’m gonna put a tw here for dysphoric folks bc there are a couple sentences in there that might be triggering, reader gets jilled off, i based it on a video lol, very graphic sexual description
A/N: this was the 3rd of 4 drabble winners during my drabble request game! I hope anon and everyone else enjoys it!
AO3 link:
He’ll have a Large.
"Hoseokie! What are you doing down there? Hurry up! I'm gonna die!"
It's an exaggeration, of course, but Hoseok isn't going to question the validity of your outburst. Not when you're 8 months crazy with rollercoastering pregnancy hormones. Not when you're - so graciously - carrying to term his twin girls and all the strain that comes with. The aching back, the ballooning ankles, the waning stamina. You do all this with the most radiant - if weary - of smiles, and Hoseok is reminded, again and again, that he has been gifted not twice, but three times. He is but an unworthy devotee to your Goddess of Fertility.
And his Goddess is horny as fuck.
"I know, baby," Hoseok coos across your rotund belly. Head between your bent legs, he can see nothing beyond but the mass he enthusiastically helped create. And though he can't see your face, he feels your predicament through your laboured gasping. Sees it as it saturates the crotch of your cotton panties. "You really are incredibly wet. Like, this fast? This is a new record."
"Shut up and do something, Hoseok!" you hiss, exasperating with your toes like you're in the throes of childbirth. "I swear. I swear to fucking Christ I'll die if you don't."
"Well, we can't have that." Your cussing flicks some sordid switch in him. It’s not often you resort to swears. And in this context, Hoseok finds it oddly thrilling. “Let’s see what we have here.” 
Thumbs sinking deep into your fleshy inner thighs, he needs only assert the lightest of pressure before you’re spreading. You're so receptive, so desperate, that he too is being roused. He's already pressing snugly to the crotch of his jeans. But it's not about him right now, it's about you. His obligation as your eager husband. And while he feels duty-bound to relieve you, it's hardly some chore. Not when he's nose-and-cheek-deep in your sodden panties, huffing in your heavy musk. Fuck. His cock stirs, sensing a meal. Shit. You're mewling like a tormented whore with the merest of touches. "Are you aching, sweetheart?" Hoseok allows himself that small tease because you’re already warping his purest intentions to relieve you. His dick also wants a stake, now. "I bet you're gaping, huh. Bet I could slide right in."
"God—" you hiss, the soft thud of fist to cushion coming from beyond your mountainous stomach. "Yeah. Yeah, I'm so fucking ready. I need it so badly, Hoseokie, don't make me wait. I'll cry. I will."
"You don't need to cry, baby." You've already done so once this past hour, during S03E02 of Stranger Things. 
It had been vaguely alarming. Enough that Hoseok had dropped instantly to his knees, hands scanning your body for the source of your discomfort. The location of your hospital bag was thrust to the forefront of his mind, as were emergency birthing measures.  He’d been primed for action. “Is it time?!” 
After some coaxing, however, you attributed your outburst to sudden, severe arousal. “It’s so weird!” you’d repeated between sobs. “It’s like someone’s been edging me all day!” 
“You’re crying because you’re horny?” Admittedly, Hoseok had been a tinge sceptical of this revelation, thinking it some silly prank. But when you clutched at his hands like climbing holds, a hollow, hungry fear brewing in your eyes, he soon realised your sincerity. 
Hormones were wild.
And here he is now, tonguing beyond the elastic of your panties for a taste of your pooling essence. For each of your agonised whines he steeps his fingers deeper into your thighs to ground you. Selfishly, too. Because, God, you're like proven dough in his hands. Softer for your weight gain. You hate it, but he doesn't. Can't do when you're so fucking silky and supple. Hoseok's senses are momentarily swamped as he loses himself in you. A desirous moan spills from him: "You're so fucking sexy." The praise is muffled in cotton and your slickened skin. "Can I eat you?"
"Yes. Yes you can," you pant, writhe, quiver at the knees. "I'm gonna be so quick. I can feel it. I've never felt like this. I'm, like, super-charged." Your voice is thicker for the lust. Difficult to swallow. "Get me off so we can keep watching Stranger Things."
That last bit was likely meant to placate Hoseok, but he no longer gives a flying fuck about the Netflix binge. All his interest lies in the centre of your sticky, sopping core as he peels aside your panties and appreciates its beauty. So deep and warm, he thinks, or his cock does, clouding his priorities. 
No, priority number one is you. 
You and your tight, hot, wet, pleading cunt. 
"Jesus. You're so swollen." And you are, remarkably so. Your lips are plump and begging to be kissed. But what begs his attention is just how erect - yes, erect - you are. Your clit protrudes so far from its sheathe that Hoseok is taken with the sight. "Are you in pain?" He has to ask.
"No, I just want my fucking! God," you squirm for alleviation, pressing closed your thighs around his head. "Put your fingers in. Fill me."
And why should he deny you? There's no fun to be had in prolonging your suffering today. Your plea is too heartfelt. So he extends two fingers toward your opening, himself tensing when he watches it mouth desperately around the tips. He feels it. Feels it like a phantom around his cockhead, engulfing him whole. His hips thrust into your imagined heat and feel only the stifle of denim. “You’re driving me crazy. Why are you so sloppy?”
“Ah~” Is all the answer you give.
Hoseok breaches you ever so smooth. Without a whisper of resistance. You're flooded and gaping, like you've already had your overfill of dick today. It does things to him that can't be explained. It is his body, instead, that expresses itself; his pelvis driving a hungry, stuttered rhythm into the sofa cushion, dreaming of your warm and wet. "Do you need more, ____?" It’s a question that begs no answer. You whimper your assent, yes, but your clenching cunt is what truly conveys the extent of your need.
A third finger slips seamlessly between your messy folds, merging with the two already lodged deep. Hoseok gnaws his bottom lip to keep his headiness at the fringes, because this isn’t about him. 
It’s about you.
But, oh, there's nothing he wants more than to delve his pulsing inches as far into you as they’ll go. And there's nothing less he wants than to scour his cock into a joyless orgasm in the crotch of his jeans. And yet, right now, as you stir him into an impassioned frenzy, even the latter option seems irresistible. 
No. Nope. Focus, he chides himself not for the first time, and it’s with that he recentres himself. "Let me know how it feels, sweetheart," Hoseok mumbles from cunt-slickened lips, puffing breath over your protruding clit. He knows it hits warm and welcome, because that, too, elicits moaning. "Your clit is huge. It's so fucking hot. I'm gonna suck you 'til you come all over my fingers." 
Before you're given your chance to respond, Hoseok scoops at your soft, upper walls. Presses into the place you're spongiest. You're so incredibly lubricated that it wouldn't take much to work in his entire fist. God. His balls heave in his boxer shorts, vying for the idea. But you're doing well with the fullness of three; your frantically bucking hips say so. Hoseok doesn’t want to overwhelm you. Instead, he fingers your cunt with a practiced fury, his palm slapping at your mound like the rim of a drum.
The reverberation is undoing you. "F-Fuck, I'm almost there already. Sh-Shit— " Hoseok feels it in the building pulse of your pussy; sees it in your spastically splaying toes.
It shocks him. A usual session requires extensive clitplay before you can get anywhere close. "Already?" As tempted as he is to slow, to spend hours labouring over your juicy cunt, that time is not now. "I knew it wouldn't take much. You're such a good, filthy little slut," he encourages, knowing well that dirty words are as potent as dirtied fingers. "You wish I was fucking you with my fat cock, don't you, sweetheart?" Your ragged, resultant moan confirms it. Hoseok ploughs your hole with one hand and encircles your clit with the other, index and thumb playing gently around its base. 
You convulse. 
From the glimpse he steals of your contorted face, your soul looks fit to leave you. "I bet you'd stretch so fucking well around two cocks, ugh—" Hoseok's game falters somewhat when you contract violently around his fingers. The strength with which your cunt resists him does nothing but encourage his cock to leak. His boxers become uncomfortably tacky.
"Y-Yeah, I wanna be fucked by two cocks—"
"Two monster cocks. So big they can barely fit. God, they'd fill you so fucking good." He's focused on your reddening clit, dragging the hood along its considerable length. "Fill you full with cum. You nasty little cumslut. Jesus." Your panicked, breathless caterwauling mounts. "Look at your clit. I'm practically jerking you off, you dirty girl." And then he groans, because he feels it in tandem; the drag and draw of friction. The coiling of pleasure.
"I-I'm c—" Your mouth merely hangs open. The rest of you tenses, curls every which way. And your cunt, fuck, it tries so hard to eject him from you, crushing his fingers in its narrowing passage. “—coming.”
And - shit - so is Hoseok. He grunts, propels his pelvis into the sofa with the same enthusiasm he's ruining you with, and then the front of his pants fill, warm and sticky. "Nngh—sh-shit. ____..."
Goddamnit. That wasn't the priority.
By some luck, you're still far-flung from reality, undulating like a boneless thing against his embedded fingers. You don’t register his lapse of control. Your eyelids are sealed, mouth whispering obscenities. Hoseok catches a thready plea for more, but he's already in motion - he never really stopped - stuffing and emptying your swollen pussy. A little slower, now, while you ride out your high. “This good?”
“Mmm.” Sounds positive.
Fuck. Your cunt is audible. It slurps him in with the lewdest noises. You really are a marvel of nature. He's wary of touching your clit just yet, though. It’s painfully engorged and jumps at the faintest touch. So would his cock if it weren't appallingly flaccid and glued to his boxers. "I'm kinda worried you're gonna pop the twins out if I keep going," Hoseok only half-jokes, head clearer for having come. His arousal’s down to a mild simmer. Your own is still in full flow, however, and nothing brings him to boil quicker. "How much of a good thing is too much?"
"No, more. Please." The soft soles of your feet curve over his shoulders, coaxing him where your hands can't reach. "Please, Hoseokie. Just one more." You're desperate but not as, trembling like you're hypoglycaemic.
"Okay, babe," he settles you, though he never intended to refuse anyway. Hoseok just enjoys the sound of your voice on his ears, needy and suppliant. His head drops low, right into the musk of your wet sex, ready to wield his willing mouth. "Let's fuck you 'til you're nice and sleepy." You don't sleep well these days. Nights. The burden is too big.
Hoseok’s only sampled you thus far. So it's with the hollowness of a hungry man that he parts his lips and encompasses your labia. Suckles, noisily, on the the stuff oozing from you. 
Perhaps it's the pregnancy. 
Perhaps it's his mind's own trickery. 
But the bigger you get, the sultrier you are. The tastier your cunt. 
And it's his. 
It belongs to him. 
As you do, jammed full with his child as you are. 
Hoseok isn't inclined to possessiveness, he really isn’t. But when you're spread, stretched, and growing his progeny so visibly, he wants nothing more than to mark you with ropes of steaming cum. Streak your belly with the signature of ownership.
But that's just his dick talking. Again. Growing, despite its sensitivity, in the gummy mess at his groin.
It's you that owns him. Heart and soul and the bones in between.
"God yes, god yes, god yes—" Your weak exclamations filter over your heaving bump. "Put your tongue in me."
Hoseok does. Seeks the space by his fingers and worms his tongue in, too. Saliva and spunk drool from the corners of his mouth as he makes out with your pussy. His wrist burns with fatigue but he never once misses a beat in his rhythmic pumping. By the bane of his own nature he finds himself humping in sync, despite the soreness of his rubbed-raw cock. It hurts, it’s too much, and yet he kinda likes it, kinda revels in the ambiguity. The pleasure is an undercurrent that’s growing stronger. 
“Harder. Harder—I need it, please—” you whine, pitifully. 
Hoseok hears you.
Again and again, he strikes at your g-spot. It’s punishing and unerring, because you like the consistency. Again and again, he mimics the movement with his hips, raw from the friction but compelled by the need. You're already getting too tight for what's in you and he knows you're nearly there. Your breaths comes less as breath and more as a wheeze. His name tumbles endlessly from your lips and, God, he's not ready for it to stop. But the rumblings of your climax are already beginning, the groan already building. Hoseok groans, too, railing the pillow between his knees as he wishes he could your greedy cunt. It’s with wild abandon he thrusts his cock into the mess of its own making, relishing the debauchery of it all. 
“Mmmmfhh—baby.” Further, indistinct sounds of enjoyment escape him. You respond in kind.
Hoseok’s discomfort diminishes entirely as he nears, and is instead possessed by absolute lust. His nose and mouth dig deeper for your sweet scent and sweeter slick; diligent tongue lapping clean all that it touches. And then he’s dragging in breath, venturing upwards, and encompassing your clit with the gentlest of lips. Ripping from you the most violent of reactions. “Ah—God— Hoseok!”
You convulse, pulse, smother him with your thighs, deafening him to your sobbing. All Hoseok can hear is the rush of his own blood as it surges for his cock. "____, baby, f-fuck." Everything's muffled. All he sees is your ruined cunt and then all he sees is white.  It floods his vision. Floods  his pants. It's weaker this time and yet not, like you're draining his balls entirely, and his cognizance with it.
When he sits back, Hoseok is dumb.
You are, too, by your inability to shape your mouth around any coherent word. "Uh."
He agrees. "Yeah."
Something comes over him then, as he admires your sweat-streaked face. 
A realisation. An important one. 
And the panic sets in. 
It's been too long since he last looked upon that face. Fifteen whole minutes. He dives past your knocking knees and situates himself over you, elbows settling carefully either side your head. "I love you," he professes as sincerely as he has every time since the first. "I love you so much." Hoseok's mouth presses ardently to yours, still fresh with the dew of your sex. His tongue falls into your parting lips when you mumble your reciprocation.
It's after a few, giddy seconds that you push at him. "I need to breathe, Hoseokie. I'm spent."
Hoseok is, too, but he's dumb enough in love to disregard the oxygen and suffocate. "Good. You look tired. Do you feel better?" He runs a finger over the curve of your cheek. Swims in your sated eyes.
"So much better. So—" On cue, a yawn. "So tired. Oh, but—" Suddenly, you're roused again. "Let me finish you off. You must be h—"
With a certain comedic synchrony, both sets of eyes land on Hoseok's incredibly soggy crotch. There's not an erection in sight. "Yeah, I don't think you need to worry about that."
"Oh my God, did you come in your pants? You haven't done that since we first started dating," you snicker, though he knows it's no taunt. Not when— "That got me so turned on when you did that back then. Damn, I wish you'd let me know!"
Despite your enjoying it, Hoseok finds himself bashful. "Yeah, well—I wasn't really subtle about it, but you didn't notice." Suddenly, a smirk. "You were a bit too tied up."
You gaze melancholically into mid-distance. "I miss being tied up."
"After the kids get here." Hoseok heaves himself from the sofa on noodley legs. "You gonna nap?"
"Yeah. Right here." You're already wriggling into a more pleasing position. A contented smile splits your face. "Thanks, love. What are you gonna do?"
"Uh, well—" Hoseok gestures toward his lower half and you giggle into your throw. "I better clean myself up. I'll clean you up, too. Don't move an inch."
Your eyes track Hoseok's journey across the room. "I love being waited on hand and foot. Maybe I should stay heavily pregnant forever?"
"Yeah, maybe," he chuckles. Blows away his bangs as he kneels between your legs, towel in hand. "It's not very often I can come twice like that. In that space of time, at least."
Obscured, again, by your sizeable stomach, Hoseok can only hear you exclaim. "Twice?! You came in your pants twice?!"
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readyplayerhobi · a year ago
Silver Bells and Cockle Shells
Tumblr media
; Widower Single Dad!Hoseok x Reader
; Genre: Angst, fluff, smut
; Word Count: 22.2k
; Warnings: Mentions of death, grief, depression, insinuated blowjob and car sex, penetrative sex, masturbation, fingering
; Synopsis: Jung Hoseok has three beautiful daughters whom he loves more than anything in the world; Soo-ah, Ji-eun and Ji-soo. For five years now, it’s been only them and him against the world. But what happens when he wants to bring someone new into their lives?
; A/N: Hello, this is something I just randomly got in my head. Was meant to be a drabble...ha, evidently not. I half edited this but full honesty, I got bored and just wanted it out! If you like it, pleeeease reblog it! Leave me lovely comments and feedback, send asks and like it! I hope you enjoy this and’s not boring or anything ;-;
; Sequel - Sleigh Bells Ring
“Soo-ah!” Hoseok cursed, frowning deeply as he bent over and picked up the toothbrush she’d carelessly dropped to the floor after she’d brushed her teeth for bed. “Pick up your stuff after yourself!”
Sometimes he felt like he spent half his day chasing around after his daughters to put his house back together. Honestly, going to work could be classed as a relief at this stage in his life. Pausing for a moment, he stared at himself in the finger printed mirror before letting out a deep sigh and rolling his eyes. 
He was too young to be thinking like that. At only 33, he was pretty sure that he should only just be experiencing the stress he’d endured for the past ten years. His friends certainly were only just beginning to understand what he’d gone through.
Already, Jimin had started whining about how tired he was with his newborn son which was making Namjoon start to blanch whenever they met up and the conversation started. His own wife was due in three months and Hoseok was looking forward to being as smug as humanly possible whenever the younger man complained himself.
They’d all had to endure years of Namjoon saying it can’t be that bad and encouraging them all to simply remain calm and all that bullshit he spouted in his daily role as a psychiatrist. It had made Hoseok want to hiss fire at him when the man had no concept of trying to cope with two colicky babies alongside a five-year-old who tantrumed over the wrong breakfast cereal.
The man had it coming, Hoseok swore. A small, sinister part of him was hoping that Namjoon’s baby would be the antichrist but then he pushed that thought away. In actuality, he hoped that Namjoon and his wife would have the most pleasant experience as parents.
No matter what, he was positive it would be better than his own experience.
Putting the toothbrush back into its place, he crouched down to grab the cleaner and sprayed the mirror in an even coating, placing the bottle back before grabbing a cloth and wiping the mirror clean. It was stupid, but the pristine surface soothed a part of him that screamed out at the sheer tornado of chaos his children caused.
His love for his daughters was infinite and he would happily give up his own life to protect them and ensure their unending happiness; but sometimes he also just wanted to scream in frustration. Sighing heavily, he rests his hands on the counter and looks down into the sink, brows furrowing together once more as he notes the stains of toothpaste spit that has dried on the porcelain and a deep groan runs through him.
A full clean of the house will have to be done this weekend. He’ll have time to do it as his parents are taking the girls to the aquarium and then a movie for the day after a sleepover. And then, after a whole day of cleaning, they would come back to a nice house with everything in its place and it would all go back to looking exactly how it had in the morning within hours.
Rubbing his hand over his face, he licks at his lips and looks back in the mirror. Said hand soon moves to run through his hair, pushing the sleek, black strands out of his face and he notes idly that he needs to get it cut. The sides are getting too long and he scowls slightly, pushing at the hair that should be shaved close to the sides of his head.
Maybe he could take the girls to get their hair done and then ask if the hairdresser would quickly do his as well. They’d be entertained with each other for a while, surely? Or maybe he could run out on Saturday while they’re gone and get it sorted. He did need to go shopping to buy groceries for dinner and it would make sense to do it at the same time. Hoseok had become very adept at finding time to fit multiple things together.
His stomach flipped nervously as he thought about dinner. 
If everything went right with the conversation he was about to have with his girls, then Saturday evening would be the first time he would introduce you to them. For five years now, Hoseok had raised his beloved daughters as a single father.
It hadn’t been out of choice. 
His eldest daughter, Soo-ah had turned ten-years-old in March this year. She’d been born when he was 23, a surprise pregnancy with his college sweetheart. They’d married a year later and Hoseok had enjoyed four wonderful and happy years with Soo-ah and the woman he’d considered the love of his life, Yoo-jin. 
A second pregnancy occurred when they had both been 27; this time it was planned and very much wanted. On October 29th, two beautiful twin girls had been born and Hoseok’s heart had swollen even more with love and affection. Ji-eun and Ji-soo were perfection in human form to him.
October 29th had also been the last day his wife had been alive. 
Complications from the strain of birthing both girls had taken his wife from him, and he’d suddenly been alone in the world with three daughters relying on him. Grief had taken a backseat as he’d thrown himself into the three innocent lives that needed him so desperately and it had been the hardest thing he’d ever done.
Crippling depression had hit him hard with the loss of Yoo-jin and sometimes the very sight of his kids had caused him to burst into tears as he’d thought about how she wouldn’t get to see their daughters grow and experience life. It had been even harder with two newborn girls who had demanded every moment of his time and attention, leading to him having to take time off work as a software engineer at first and then work from home once his leave ran out.
What had been even worse though, was that not only was he trying to cope with his own grief but that he also had to cope with Soo-ah’s. She’d been only five-years-old. Her mommy and daddy had gone to the hospital one day and had promised to bring back her baby siblings.
Only daddy and two sisters had come home. She hadn’t understood why mommy wasn’t coming back and for two whole months, Soo-ah started and ended every day asking when mommy was coming home. Everytime, his eyes had watered and his throat tightened as he’d had to tell her that mommy wasn’t going to come home, that she’d gone to the sky to watch after them all.
They say kids understand more than you expect, but it had still taken a long time for her to grasp the concept that her mommy was gone. He hadn’t been able to say that she had died, and he’d broken down the night that she’d turned six. Hoseok had tried to make it a happy and fun time for her, but it had only been five months since Yoo-jin had passed and Soo-ah hadn’t been coping too well.
She’d been happy at the start of her party, accepting her presents from all her friends and her many uncles and aunts who doted on her immensely. Her grandparents had already visited earlier in the day and Hoseok knew that everyone was spoiling her to try and make up for the one thing missing from her day.
Later on, she’d begun to act out and had a tantrum that resulted in the party ending earlier than expected. Hoseok had known that she might exhibit behaviour like this; she was just a child and it was a big emotion for her to compute. The happiness and excitement of everything, combined with seeing the other kids with their mom’s had simply been too much.
When he’d put her to bed that night, giving her lots of extra kisses and cuddles, she’d been quiet and sullen. It had broken his heart and yet again, he hadn’t known what to do. There wasn’t a manual for this.
But what had destroyed him had been what she asked him, her voice tiny and more than a little fragile as she curled up in his arms beneath her Mickey Mouse bedding. 
“Mommy’s dead. That’s why she’s not coming home. Right?” How he had got the strength to carry on that conversation with her without falling apart right then and there, he’d never known. But he had. And then he had checked on the twins before falling into his own bed, his pillow soaked with his own tears as pain had eaten at him.
Five years had passed since, and with time it had gotten a little better. His heart no longer aches when he thinks of Yoo-jin and he could talk about her openly with a smile. He made sure to keep her photos in the house for his daughters, reminding them of their mom and letting them know that she loved them. Each of their rooms, the single for Soo-ah and the room that Ji-eun and Ji-soo shared as they refused to sleep apart, was decorated with pictures of Yoo-jin and Hoseok.
It made him sad to know that he had no photos of Yoo-jin and the twins for them, but they’d never asked about her either. They had never grown up with a mom, so they never thought anything of it. Soo-ah had though, and while she had slowly turned back into the happy and loving girl he’d known, he knew that she would never forget her mom.
Nor would he want her to.
But for five years, he’d only limited himself to one-night-stand’s in which both he and the recipient were abundantly clear that there wasn’t going to be anything further. He hadn’t wanted to engage in romance, hadn’t wanted his feelings to get involved. All he had wanted was the relief of an orgasm and the intimacy of another person for a few hours.
His parents had encouraged him to go on a few blind dates in the last two years, and he had done so reluctantly. Even Yoo-jin’s parents had told him that they wanted him to be happy, even if that meant finding someone new to love.
It was hard though. He’d felt disloyal with the first few dates, even if they’d just ended up in casual sex before never seeing each other again. Most of them hadn’t been interested in anything further with a man who had three young daughters. He hadn’t been interested in them once they gave him that opinion.
So he hadn’t bothered mentioning it after, because he simply hadn’t wanted to engage in anything that would involve feelings. 
Until you.
He’d met you a year ago, when Jungkook’s wife had brought you to one of his summer barbecue get togethers. It had been before anyone else in their friend group besides from Hoseok and Seokjin had had kids, so it had been deemed a kid free event to allow the parents to kick back and relax.
Yoo-jin’s parents had taken the kids for the day and Hoseok had got to simply be himself for a few hours without having the stress of constantly checking on what his kids were doing. He’d discovered that three children meant three times the amount of potential damage and carnage that could be caused, and minus another parent figure resulted in just overall disaster material.
Hoseok still shuddered in horror whenever he thought of the supermarket experience from two years ago. Even now, he refused to go back there from sheer embarrassment.
But you had simply been there as a friend, and at first he hadn’t even paid attention to you in any way other than simple respect. You’d been sweet and friendly, if a bit shy as it had been obvious that everyone knew each other except for you. Chae-young, Jungkook’s wife, was a colleague of yours and you’d become close through a mutual love of equestrian activities.
At the time, that was as much as he’d known about you alongside your name, age and that you were the manager of a sales team in an office. There hadn’t been any need for him to know more, but by the end of the night he’d been quietly endeared by you.
He hadn’t laughed as much in years, his smile bright and wide on his face while he talked intently with you. For three whole hours, you’d both been in a little bubble of shared mutual interests from tennis to dancing to pop culture. Neither had noticed the subtle glances everyone was giving each other as they watched their friend, who had spent so many years with his light dim and subdued, come to life before their eyes.
Before he’d even realised what he was doing, you had both swapped numbers and he’d enjoyed a few weeks of casual interaction via text. He’d enjoyed the conversation with someone new and had been determined to not let his busy life get in the way.
Even better, you’d already known about his kids and hadn’t been bothered in the slightest. In fact, you’d even been inquisitive and he’d happily discussed them, pride behind every word. The texts had soon turned into phone conversations which soon turned into video chats.
Soon enough, he’d been meeting you for lunch in the city at a cafe that was between both your workplaces. Hoseok hadn’t realised how close Chae-young worked to him until then, and he’d enjoyed his lunches more than he ever had with the easy conversation that flowed between you both. 
It was ironic really. He’d spent so long not looking for anything that he didn’t even realise when something wonderful fell right into his lap. And you were wonderful, beyond wonderful.
For the first time in over a decade, Hoseok had gone to bed early to simply lay there, curled up under the covers, while he texted you like a teenage boy with his first crush. And that’s what he’d felt like, even if he hadn’t quite realised it. Every text had made his stomach flip and every call made him breathless with nerves.
He found himself going to the bathroom before lunch, checking over his hair and looks before meeting up with you. Things he saw in the store that reminded him of you found their way into his basket before ending up in your hands, all to see that pretty smile that made him feel so funny.
It had been so long since he’d dated properly, so long since he’d liked anyone in more than just a lust filled euphoria, that he just hadn’t realised what was happening. And it had taken his mom, of all people, to point it out to him.
He’d been at theirs one afternoon, the girls playing in the living room with the toys their grandparents had accumulated over the years while he sat at the island in the kitchen. His mom had been watching him for five whole minutes instead of preparing the meal for that night, observing the way her son smiled and laughed to himself, eyes locked on his screen.
It had made tears come to her eyes when she had realised that she hadn’t seen him like this since Yoo-jin had been alive. She had queried him who he was talking to, causing him to casually say your name without a second thought. And then she had asked him how long he had been dating you, which had thrown him for a loop.
“I’m not dating her. We’re just friends.” He hadn’t even realised he’d said those fateful words out loud, hadn’t realised the meaning of what he’d just said. In his mind, that was exactly what you were. Friends.
Which was why his mom had given me an exasperated smile and a shake of her head. “Hoseok, sweetheart. If you’re not dating her, then you should be. I haven’t seen you this happy in...a long time. Especially not with another woman.”
Hoseok had frozen then, staring down at his phone with a frown as his mother’s words had finally penetrated the shield that he had held so tightly around his heart for half a decade now. The last text you had sent him had been something stupid, but he’d gripped his phone tight as he’d realised she was right. You made him happy, you made him want to try.
And that made him feel guilty.
She’d spent the rest of the afternoon convincing him that it was okay to move on, to truly move on and find happiness with someone else. That night, he’d refrained from texting you as he’d tried to compute his newfound emotions and find a place for them to sit alongside everything else in him.
For so long, he’d thought that Yoo-jin would have been the only woman for him. The woman that he would grow old with, be buried next to and so forth. And then she had died at only 28, and he’d been without her once more. He’d spent years convinced that he should stay loyal to her, after all, they hadn’t broken up.
But as he’d laid there that night, he’d worked through the guilt that wracked him as he’d realised that he didn’t want to be alone anymore. He didn’t want to wake up alone, in a cold bed and come home to only his children. Hoseok loved his kids, he truly did, but he wanted someone that he could talk to, laugh with, argue with if necessary, be intimate with. 
He wanted someone to love again, and he wanted to be loved in turn.
Everyone had always said that he had a big heart, always ready to bestow it on whoever had his affections that day. A smile that could light up the sun and so forth. And for five years, he’d only poured love into his daughters because they were all he had.
As he’d gone to sleep that night, he had contented himself with the knowledge that he was no longer happy with his lonely situation. But he planned to do something about it, because he had also realised that he liked you, and he wanted to pour that love into you too if you would let him.
The very next lunch he had with you, he had asked you on a date. His confidence had faltered halfway through as panic had suddenly set in, worry that you wouldn’t want to date a 33-year-old father of three. But you had smiled brightly, face lighting up with such happiness and excitement that he’d been unable to not smile back, before eagerly accepting.
That had been six months ago, and he had fallen in love with you slowly every day since.
Despite this though, he had yet to introduce you to the girls. There were many reasons for this and he’d been pleased that you had accepted them all without complaint. The most important reason was because Hoseok hadn’t wanted to introduce anyone to them if it wasn’t going to end up serious.
It would just hurt them if you broke up and they never saw you again, and he wasn’t ready to impart that kind of emotional turmoil on his little girls. Secondly, he hadn’t wanted to pressure you into doing anything with his kids when you didn’t have to. You weren’t their mom, nor were you looking to be and he didn’t want to force that role on you. 
He’d wanted you to feel comfortable enough to finally meet them, and he’d wanted to feel comfortable enough in his relationship for you to meet them. But also, he’d just wanted to enjoy you to himself without the interference of children.
Hoseok loved his kids, he would never give them up and his whole life revolved around them really. Yet his relationship with you was the first thing in five years that he’d had solely to himself, untouched by their presence. He felt selfish thinking that way, but he’d just wanted to enjoy you a little longer without the pressure of parental expectations.
After six months though, he’d finally decided that it was time. It had been a huge decision, and he’d agonised over it a few weeks before finally talking it through with you. He’d had to be sure that you even wanted to meet them, because as worried as he was for how his daughters would react to you, he couldn’t even imagine what it must be like for you.
You’d started dating him in the knowledge he had three kids, but knowing and actually seeing and being a part of those small lives was entirely different. Most women probably didn’t start dating someone with a ready made family, and he’d stressed a little over that.
Dating him seriously meant you would be directly involved with his daughters. He didn’t want you to think that he wanted a second mom for them, because he didn’t and he doubted his daughters wanted that either, but it would be hard for you to avoid some parental activities.
And that wasn’t even thinking about whether or not you actually wanted children in the future. There was a chance that you might think he might not want more kids because he already had three, but you had none. Overall, it had taken a lot of thinking before he’d finally proposed the idea of introducing you.
He wanted to be able to bring you home, cuddle up with you on the couch after a long day without having to worry about the girls finding out. Eventually move onto you staying the night, hopefully one day in the future even moving in together. He had kids, yes, but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t have a relationship like everyone else.
Hoseok wanted to give you as normal a relationship as he could, despite the three extra people he came with as standard.
You’d been sweet about the whole thing though, consoling him and letting him know that you were supportive of whatever decision he made. There weren’t enough words in the English language for him to convey how much he appreciated how easy-going you were about it all and he’d just fallen even harder for you.
It was a little odd really, how quickly he’d realised he loved you. Admittedly, he’d spent months without even realising he liked you, but he’d told you those three special words within three months. He’d taken half a year to tell Yoo-jin, and he wasn’t sure what that meant. If it meant anything.
But all of this was completely moot if his girls decided they didn’t want to meet you. They were allowed that decision, and Hoseok was fully prepared to love you separately for a while until they got used to the idea. He didn’t want to, but he wouldn’t force someone onto them if they didn’t want it. Nor was he willing to break up with you solely for that reason.
He loves his daughters, but he refuses to let them rule his life entirely. Just as he works hard they’re happy, he knows that he’s entitled to happiness himself.
Pushing away from the counter, he takes a deep breath before heading into the twin’s room. The bathroom was the one all the girl’s shared while he had his own thanks to the en-suite. Something he was positive that he was going to be very thankful for when they all hit teenage years.
The twin’s room was pure chaos, as expected. He’d long since given up trying to keep this room tidy. Instead, he would simply go through once a day and make it look less like a bomb had gone off in it. 
There was plenty of room in the house for them to have a room each, there were actually two spare bedrooms in this ridiculously large house he’d bought with Yoo-jin years ago. It had been cheap purely because it had needed to have a lot of stuff fixed in it, but over the years he’d worked with both friends and family to turn it into the family home it was today.
But splitting the twins up had proven to be an unthinkable act. He’d tried it once when they were four and they’d screamed and cried for hours before going quiet. Thinking they were asleep, he’d gone to check on them only to discover that Ji-eun had gotten out of her bed and was curled up in Ji-soo’s bed.
The very next day, he’d moved her stuff back into the room and they’d been content ever since. Twins were funny, he mused to himself as he watched them both lying beneath Ji-eun’s Iron Man bedding, his iPad in Ji-soo’s hands as they both watched a movie.
He had refused to let them have an iPad, even a joint-owned one as he didn’t want to end up being that dad whose kids spent all their time on a screen. Even now, they were limited to only two hours of screen time a day. Soo-ah was the same, only she was allowed to use the computer to do her homework when necessary as well.
It caused them to whine a lot but he instead encouraged them to play, read books or even use the board games he’d bought. Thankfully, they were pretty happy with it despite the minor whining but he knew that his policy was going to have to change soon. Particularly for Soo-ah.
“Hey you two, how are my little pumpkins?” He said with a bright smile as he crouched down next to the bed. Two sets of identical eyes flicked over to him, their warm chocolate depths filled with sleepiness and fondness swelled in him.
“Hi daddy,” Ji-soo whispered, the tiny mole on her cheek being the only way to distinguish her from her younger sister. Her black hair shone with health in the warm light of the Avengers lamp on the bedside table and Hoseok reached out, stroking the flyaway strands down. Ji-eun was too busy watching the iPad and he smiled, resting his head on the bed next to them both and watching quietly.
There was only a few more minutes until it was over, and he took the tablet from them before switching it off and placing it next to him on the floor. The door creaked open and all three looked over, taking in Soo-ah’s frown as she looked at her sisters and dad.
He’d asked her to come into the twins room once she’d gotten into her pyjamas and he grinned at her mismatching clothes. A Mickey Mouse t-shirt was combined with Batman bottoms but he chose not to say anything as she flipped her long, black hair behind her shoulder in a movement that reminded him so strongly of Yoo-jin.
The twins were growing to look like him, but Soo-ah was all Yoo-jin. It was a soft ache sometimes to look at her, but it just made him love her all the more.
Gesturing to her with an open arm, she tucked herself into his side where he knelt and he kissed the crown of her head with a loud ‘mwah’, enjoying the way she wiggled and whined in protest. She was reaching the age where affection from him was met with embarrassment but he didn’t care.
“Are you all excited to go to grandma and grandpa’s tomorrow?” All three of them nod, excitement lighting up their eyes and he has to bite his inner cheek to stop the grin that wants to paint itself onto his face. His parents spoil them, they truly do. He has no doubt when he picks them up on Saturday that they’ll have eaten their weight in sugary goods and will likely have another toy each.
“Good, they’re looking forward to having you too. I want you all on your best behaviour, yeah?” Each little girl gives another nod and he goes soft with pride for them all. They were truly the most important things in his life and he squeezed Soo-ah a little tighter in response.
“So...err,” He paused, brow creasing as he realised that he didn’t know how to go about this. “On Saturday, we’re going to have dinner with someone. She’s...she’s someone very special to daddy.”
“Is she your girlfriend?” Ji-soo asks innocently, her eyes filling with curiosity and he smiles in response, running his fingers through her hair once more before nodding.
“Yes...she is. I...she’s been daddy’s friend for a while now, and daddy really likes her. So...I want to make sure that you all are okay with that? I don’t want to bring her if you’re not going to be happy.” This is possibly one of the most awkward he’s things he’s done in a while but he preserves, hoping that his daughters will understand and accept.
“Do you love her?” Ji-eun asks and Hoseok freezes, his eyes widening. He feels it’s far too soon to confirm that for them when he’s only just telling them so he shakes his head instead, leaning over to kiss her forehead.
“I like her a lot. She makes me very happy and I want you all to get to meet her. She’s excited to meet you if you want to. But it’s only if you want to.” There’s silence for a few moments more before the twins nod enthusiastically with smiles that resemble his own so much.
“Okay daddy.” They both respond at the same time, causing him to chuckle as that odd twin telepathy happens again. It weirded him out sometimes but it mostly just made him glad that they had each other.
Soo-ah hasn’t responded and he looks down at her, noting the way her eyes are downcast and her body is tight. His heart sinks slightly, knowing that she was going to be the one that he had the most trouble with. 
She was the one who remembered her mom, who vaguely remembered scenes of her mommy and daddy hugging and kissing, whispering they loved each other. It was always going to be the hardest with her, and he wondered how long it would take for her to accept it. If she ever did.
But then she surprises him with a slight shrug, her fingers tracing unseen shapes into his jean covered thigh, her lips pursed out in a tiny pout. “Okay dad.”
Her tone isn’t nearly as enthusiastic as the twins and he frowns slightly, kissing the twins goodnight and turning the lamp off before he gently encourages Soo-ah out of the room. She doesn’t speak on the way to her own bedroom, the interior of this room a soft purple that’s decorated with numerous horse posters.
Without a word, she climbs into her bed and curls up with her back to him underneath the covers. His heart clenched tightly as he sits down next to her, the mattress dipping and causing her to roll slightly towards him. Neither says anything for a moment as he simply runs his fingers through her hair gently, enjoying the way it feels and thinking about how big his little girl was getting.
“Soo-ah? Are you really okay with it? It’s okay if you’re not,” He whispered, looking away from her to the bookcase opposite him that’s filled to the brim with books. “She’s nice, I think you’ll like her. She goes horse-riding and knows so much about them.” 
“What about mommy?” And there it is, the very thing he was looking forward to least. His breath leaves him in a deep and heavy sigh while his head drops down momentarily as he tries to put his thoughts together into cohesive speech. This is all very new and alien to her and he’d always known it was going to be a tougher sell to her than the twins. They’d only ever had daddy, she’d had both.
“Mommy is still here with us Soo-soo, she’s not being forgotten. I still love her so much and I know that she still loves you. Y/N isn’t going to replace mommy, I swear.” Soo-ah stays curled up, her body tight and he grits his teeth, hating that he had to go through this with her.
“What if you fall in love with Y/N and forget about mommy? I don’t want another mommy. What if she’s mean? What if she hates us and tells you that she doesn’t want us?” Wow, this is way more questions than he’d anticipated from merely asking if they’d be okay with meeting you but he got the suspicion that these were things Soo-ah had worried over for the last few years.
Which meant he had to go very carefully, otherwise things could go very wrong.
“You’re not going to get another mommy, I don’t want that for you. You had one mommy, and you always will. Y/N doesn’t want make you unhappy, she’s not expecting you to love her or treat her like a mom. She also doesn’t hate you and she would never tell me make me choose. She’s known about you all the whole time I’ve known her and she’s excited to meet you all. I’ve told her so much about my smart girls. And she’s not mean. She’s one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. I wouldn’t bring someone into your life that I didn’t trust and like. I swear Soo-soo.”
She’s quiet for a moment longer before shrugging again, her body relaxing as she lets out a deep sigh. “Okay,” His shoulders relax as he senses the acknowledgement in that one word. “I love you daddy.”
Biting his lip, he knows that she’s still not entirely okay with it and he also knows that he’s going to have to be very careful on Saturday. He loves Soo-ah, but he knows that she can be temperamental around things like this, with valid reason, obviously. But he also knows that she doesn’t really know what to think, hence her calling him ‘daddy’, something that she hadn’t done for 3 years now.
“I love you too Soo-soo.” Bending over, he kisses her head goodnight before leaving her room too, resting his back against her door as he lets his head fall back and a deep sigh leaves him. He hopes you know how much he truly loves you with how willing he is to let you into his life, because for him and his little family, this is the biggest earthquake to strike since the death of Yoo-jin.
Only this time, he hopes that that result afterwards would be happy instead of painful.
Hoseok lets out a happy groan of delight as he bites into the greasy pizza, the tangy cheese contrasting wonderfully to the meaty pepperoni and rich tomato base. It tastes far too good and a voice in the back of his mind tuts at the wilful carbs he’s adding into his body. He’s not as young as he once was and keeping off the weight was beginning to be a little harder nowadays, but he pushed that thought firmly away.
You liked his body, even if he wasn’t as toned as he had been ten years ago. But whatever, you weren’t dating 23-year-old Hoseok and 33-year-old Hoseok didn’t give a damn when the pizza tasted this fucking good. 
A light chuckle sounded from his right and he glanced over, finding you watching him with amusement dancing in your eyes while a bemused smile played on your lips as you chewed on your own slice of pizza. Once you’d realised that you’d caught his attention, you swallow your piece before leaning over to wipe at the grease on his lips with undeniable affection and his stomach felt a little bit fuzzy.
He was being honest when he said that you made him happy, because you really did. In fact, he was pretty sure that this was the happiest he had been in five years and sometimes he got a little sappy and emotional about it. So long had been spent purposefully isolating himself for his daughters that he hadn’t really understood what he was missing out on again.
But, he conceded to himself, he was glad of that as well. Because he wouldn’t have started a relationship with you if he’d started dating earlier. So he was content with his earlier decisions, content with you.
Having kids and losing a wife had really turned him way more emotional than he’d used to be, but he reasoned that it was okay. He’d just learned what it was like to lose something he loved dearly, and he had spent years regretting not loving Yoo-jin more fiercely. Which was why he was determined to make sure that you knew exactly how much he loved you, for however long you both lasted.
He would not make the same mistake twice.
“Enjoying that?” You ask him, expression mischievous as you take the pizza crust he hands you and start to eat it with a joyful hum. Hoseok simply watches for a moment before nodding with a grin.
“Do you nice it is to get to eat junk food?” A snort leaves you as you roll your eyes, shifting until your back is against the cushion on the couch and you pull your legs up. You’re only wearing some bed shorts and an oversized logo shirt with the Star Wars logo on it, both faded from overwashing but still comfortable.
“Am I supposed to feel sorry for you? You’re the one who chooses the meals in your house. If you want junk food, then just eat junk food.” The way you say it is completely casual but Hoseok gasps in mock outrage, a hand resting on his chest.
“How rude! You’re supposed to be complimenting me on how wonderful of a father I am because I make sure my daughters are eating the healthiest food! Did you know, we haven’t had chocolate in our house for over a year now? Only health snacks allowed.” A droll stare is all he gets in response and he squirms slightly, trying his hardest not to let his lower lip pout out.
You were two years younger than him and also childless, yet sometimes he felt like you were the older one and also the parent. 
“Blatantly false. I distinctly remember you eating a Kit Kat the other week in bed when we facetimed. I thought lying was bad Hobi?” You’ve got him there and he finally lets his lips purse before he chuckles in defeat, nodding his head.
“Okay fine, we have one day of junk food a week. But they’re not allowed anything unhealthy unless they’ve done something really good, like got a really good grade or done some chores around the house. Me on the other hand...well, let’s say I might have a secret stash hidden somewhere in the house that little girl’s can’t reach.” His hand waves airily as he speaks and you burst into laughter, reaching out with one foot to push at his thigh.
Without even thinking about it, he lowers his hand to rest on your leg and runs his fingers along your skin affectionately. There’s no pizza left anymore and instead he focuses on sliding his hands along your calf, digging into the muscles there and massaging gently until you let out a soft sigh.
Silence falls between you both, the comfortable kind where neither of you feels the need to speak. The television is playing some Netflix Original series while the lingering scent of pizza still fills the air.
He’d come over to yours for the night, enjoying the fact that he was actually able to spend the whole night with you. His parents had asked to have the girls last week tonight and he’d agreed happily, knowing that it meant he could spend more time than usual with you. Staying over was only possible when the girl’s were not home, and that was pretty rare.
Your apartment was pretty small, the size dictated by what you could afford in combination with the car you had and the salary you earnt. But he liked it all the same. It was filled with a combination of pop culture in the form of figurines and plushies everywhere alongside beautiful paintings that hung on the walls or elegant photographs of landscapes. 
Candles dotted the area, a few lit to fight the pizza scent with vanilla and he smiled as he felt himself relax both physically and mentally. There was no hint of children here, no toys thrown around or crayons half hidden underneath furniture. He obviously loved his kids but sometimes it was nice to just...have somewhere that didn’t look like Toys R Us had thrown up in it. 
In actuality, he found dating as an adult slightly odd. The last time he’d properly dated had been with Yoo-jin, and that had been over ten years ago. He’d been a student when they’d got together, only 21 and he’d had a young adult’s mindset to go with it too. At the time, all he cared about was his grades, partying, getting drunk and getting laid.
Not necessarily in that order.
Okay, definitely not in that order.
A job, taxes, bills, childcare, children and so forth hadn’t even entered his head really. Dating back then had simply meant meeting up with Yoo-jin after class and going back to the apartment he’d shared with Yoongi and Namjoon, fooling around for a few hours before crashing in bed. Maybe going to a party or actually doing his homework.
The most stress he’d had was exam period, or maybe that time he forgot to hand in his term paper and he’d been handed his ass by Professor Lee in History of Medieval Europe. That hadn’t been fun.
Dating had been almost...relaxing with how carefree it had been. How unburdened with the stress and realities of life.
Dating now was far different. Now he had to fit in his dates with you in his lunch breaks or the rare evening he could get someone to watch the girls. Talking was relegated to when they were in bed and a lot of the conversations often ended up being about world events or problems with a job or co-worker. It felt mundane and if he thought about it, boring, but he oddly didn’t mind.
Being with Yoo-jin in the early stages had been exciting and fun, dates being extravagant and wild. Being you was different. In Yoo-jin, he’d sought excitement but with you he sought comfort and quiet. A way to simply be Jung Hoseok, the man, again instead of being Jung Hoseok the father or colleague.
He felt a little sad that he didn’t get to experience the wildness with you, but then again, he felt far too tired for that anyway. It was only 8pm and he was already contemplating asking if you wanted to go to bed. Not even for sex, but just because he was tired. 
Though he wouldn’t say no to sex. 
That was definitely something that he’d discovered was perhaps even better than with Yoo-jin, which he’d felt a little guilty about at first. Sure, he perhaps couldn’t go as often as he had when he was 21 but it was just...better.
Both of you were far more experienced and knew exactly what you liked and didn’t like in the bedroom, and you were both mature enough to be honest and open about it. He’d been mortified to find out that he hadn’t actually given Yoo-jin an orgasm for six whole months because she’d been too shy to tell him whereas you’d told him exactly what to do for the very first time you’d slept together.
He’d been a little shocked actually, but it had resulted in perhaps the best sex he’d had in a long time. Particularly for two people who had never had sex with each other. And yet it had; he’d never felt such an intense and emotional connection with someone before and it had even frightened him a little bit, made him feel disloyal because he couldn’t ever remember Yoo-jin like that.
It had taken a quiet discussion with Namjoon over his guilt to realise that the sex was probably better because you were the first person he’d slept with that he’d been friends with beforehand, who he’d fallen for long before. Yoo-jin had been a one night stand that had turned into something more, but he’d known you for months.
Sex with you was some of the best he’d ever had, and it blew his mind even more because you hadn’t even had a huge amount of it in the past six months. The lack of time he had for meeting up with you meant that there just wasn’t time for it and so he’d had to fit it in where he could.
For the first time in well over ten years, he’d actually had freaking car sex. And it was not as pleasurable as he remembered. His cheeks flushed as he recalled that incident vividly. It was perhaps not his best moment sexually, but you’d both handled it so well.
it hadn’t even ended in an orgasm because you’d got cramp from bending over and he’d hit his head against you when he’d jerked forward in worry. It had ended up with you back in the passenger seat and giving him a blowjob while he’d felt guilty as hell over not being able to properly reciprocate.
But even that had proven how compatible you were with each other as only minutes later, with his cum still dripping down your face from where you’d overestimated your deep throating abilities and practically coughed it all back up, the two of you had been giggling like teenagers at the failed sex.
A snort leaves him as he remembers it and he shakes his head in response to the look of query you give him, tugging at your leg until you give in and move over to him. He smiles in victory as you curl into his side, your warmth pleasant against him while he wraps his arm around you comfortably, pressing his lips to your head and simply taking the smell of you in.
You smelt like the perfume he’d bought you for your birthday last month, a fruity candy scent because that’s what you loved above all else and he loved it. It made him want to eat you, and he felt a stirring in his groin as he considered doing just that.
“Are you sure they’re okay about tomorrow?” Your voice is soft and quiet but he can hear the insecurity behind it. He understands why. The two of you had made sure to have an in depth conversation about what would come about from you being introduced to his daughters.
You’d known that it would mean sometimes you would come to his place which would mean interacting with them on a personal level. Dates would sometimes end up being family events and they would come in tow. Quite simply, the longer you continue to date and the more the two of you settle into your relationship, the more integrated you would become into his own family.
He could hardly date you seriously and never include you with his own family. Particularly if he ever hoped to move you in one day. No, you would need to know what you were getting yourself into and needed to be accepting of that.
Just as he didn’t want to force something on his daughters, he didn’t want to force a family on you.
As much as he said to Soo-ah that you wouldn’t be replacing her mom, it would be impossible for you to not take on some mother aspects for them. Firstly, it just wouldn’t be fair to be in a long term relationship with him and never expect to do anything with his kids considering how young they were.
Secondly, you were a kind and nurturing person anyway. He had no doubt that whenever you eventually moved in, because he was pretty positive that would be happening in the future, you would want to actively try with the girls. How receptive they would be, he didn’t know.
But if you wanted to try with them then he certainly wasn’t going to stop you. If they didn’t want to reciprocate then they wouldn’t have to and he’d make sure that you knew that too.
“Well...I mean they’re only kids, so I can only really take them at what they say. The twins probably don’t understand properly but I don’t expect them to. They never got to be with Yoo-jin so, this is all new to them. For them, the only thing they’ll probably get upset is that daddy will have someone else that he’s going to pay attention to. Soo-ah though?” His tone turns a little unsure without him even meaning to and you wiggle against uncomfortably.
“She’s the one who’s going to be harder to get through to, isn’t she?” Hoseok hugs you tighter to him as the despondency in your voice and he wishes that he could take it away, but you’re right. Soo-ah is the mystery in the whole situation and she could make everything perfect or it could all fall apart.
“Yeah. She’s...she’s worried that I’m forgetting her mom or that you’ll try and replace her or something. A valid concern for her to have, but I think it’s going to take a while for her to come round to it. To everything really. To you being in our lives, to me loving someone else. It’s going to be hard on her and I wish I could make it better for her but...I can’t. I’ll just have to work with her and show her that being with you isn’t going to mean that Yoo-jin didn’t exist.” 
You push up from him at that, a hand resting on his thigh and he looks deep into your eyes for a moment. He sees love for him there but also concern for his daughters combined with uncertainty for yourself and he can’t stop himself as he leans forward, pressing a soft kiss to your lips.
“I don’t want to take the place of their mom. Especially not for Soo-ah, I can’t even imagine what she went through and...that’s not what I want. I’ll try ready hard with them, I will. I swear. And I won’t get too offended or upset if they get angry at me. I know it’s a hard situation for them to get used to. It’s just been you four for a while now and I’m the interloper.” His heart warms at your words and he hugs you tighter to him, kissing your forehead hard before resting his nose against you.
“That’s why I love you. You know that? Because you care and you don’t push. I appreciate that so much. They’ll come around to it, even if they’re not happy at first. I don’t expect them to be happy, but I can’t be forced to be alone for the rest of my life just because they don’t like it. I...I feel a bit guilty saying this but...I deserve to be happy too.” A soft brush of your lips against his neck lets him know that you agree and his racing heart settles a little.
He’s nervous for tomorrow, yes, but he knows that he’s right. It’s been years of loneliness and now he’s finally ready to accept someone else. And he knows that his daughters would come to like you just as much as he does. Hoseok doesn’t expect them to love you, and he never would, but he hopes that they’ll at least come to like you.
“Anyway, let’s not focus on that right now. We’ve got that bridge to cross tomorrow. Tonight is just me and you, the last night of it being just us,” His brows wiggle suggestively and you roll your eyes in response, lips quirked up in amusement. “How about we take this to the bedroom?”
An unladylike snort leaves you as you push up from him, grabbing the pizza box and heading over to the kitchen to throw it away as he turns off the television.
“Really? You want sex already?” The exasperation in your voice causes to throw a look of outrage at the kitchen door but you’re not there to experience it so he just grins instead, grabbing both your phones and heading over to your bedroom.
“I just meant going to sleep you horndog! God, I thought men were supposed to be the ones who always thought about sex?” He calls out, biting his lip in amusement as he plugs your phone into the charger by your bed and places it on the bedside table.
The screen lights up momentarily and he grins as the lockscreen image pops up; it’s of him kissing your cheek in a park. It had been one sunny lunch and the cherry blossoms had been out in force, providing the perfect backdrop for a perfect picture.
He jumped in surprise, letting out a yelp and dropping his own phone onto the table with a clatter as two hands grip his ass firmly before they slide round to his stomach, wrapping him in a tight hug while you giggle and press kisses to his back.
“How can I not think about sex when my boyfriend is this hot?” The pink painting his cheeks is slightly embarrassing but he can’t stop the primal flush of pride at your compliment and he wants to roll his eyes at himself. 
Turning around, he looks down at your pretty face and bends down to press his nose against yours in a butterfly soft kiss before catching your lips with his for a proper kiss. His arms move to wrap around you in turn, holding you tightly to him and for a few minutes, he just focuses all his efforts into exploring your mouth in a slow yet sensual kiss.
By the time he’s finished, you’re slightly breathless and he admires the dazed look in your eyes, lips swollen and the stirring in his groin he’d felt earlier becomes even more insistent. Perhaps too insistent given the way you look down at his crotch with a raised brow before glancing back up, biting your lip.
“You might want to go to bed but I want you, so how about it daddy?” He pauses, looking at you with a carefully blank face.
“As long as you never call me that ever again then sure. I think I can forego sleep for a little while longer,’ he grins broadly before stepping back. “So undress for me princess. Let me see how hot my girlfriend is.”
“Yes sir.”
“ that...I like.”
Waking up the next morning was surprisingly nice and he simply laid there for a few minutes in the quiet, taking in the way your scent saturated everything and how warm the bed felt. When he finally did open his eyes, he was met with the sight of a clock that read 8am.
Surprise flooded him for a second before he stretched out, groaning softly before smiling and simply laying there. He hadn’t woken up as late as 8am in years and it felt freaking glorious. Half of him wanted to roll over and simply go back to sleep, but he knew that his body wouldn’t let him now that he’d opened his eyes.
You on the other hand, were curled up in a ball next to him beneath the covers, your back facing him. A few ideas ran through his mind, wondering whether he should just get up and go shower or if he should spend some more time with you.
Time with you won out, as he knew it would have. He wasn’t going to turn down a morning with you without kids, no way in hell. And so without another thought, he rolled onto his side and curled up behind you, humming contentedly as the warmth of your body seeped into his own.
“Princess...priiincess,” He cooed into your ear, grinning as you shuffled slightly in his arms and let out a quiet croak in response. “Are you awake?”
There was no doubt about it, he was being a little shit right now and doing the exact thing that he whined at his own kids for doing on the weekend. But he didn’t care, because he found your response far too cute.
“No.” The pout you must have your on your face is abundantly evident and he laughs, pressing a kiss to the back of your neck. He wouldn’t kiss you, because he’d discovered that you really hated kissing with morning breath. Not that he was a fan either, but sometimes he just...wanted to kiss you really bad. 
Though sometimes he had regretted it, but he just pushed those thoughts out of his mind. No, he wouldn’t kiss you today. At least...not until you’d both gotten up and brushed those pearly whites until the kiss would be minty fresh from both ends. 
Instead, he just squeezed your body tighter to him and let out a quiet sigh of satisfaction. It was easy to forget how nice it was to just lay and cuddle with someone he loved; the warmth of you, the smell of you, the touch of you. It all merged together until he felt himself start to drift off once more, eyes closed and breath levelling out until you suddenly turned in his arms and he jerked awake once more.
An amused laugh left you as you looked up at him, eyes bleary with sleep while pillow lines creased your sleep swollen cheeks and his eyes narrowed playfully. “I thought you were sleeping.” He mumbled, burying his face into the slope of your neck while his hand moved to lay flat on your stomach, fingers stroking absentmindedly.
“Hard to sleep when I’ve got your hard on pressed against me.” Hoseok grunted at that, his fingers darting up to pinch at the nipple that made itself present through the thin material. A yelp left you before you laughed again, taking his hand and trapping it between your chin and shoulder.
“Don’t get too flattered. If I had a dollar for every time I woke up with an erection then I’d probably be just as poor because I’d have spent it all by now. But you get the point.” Your lower lip vanishes beneath your teeth as you hum, brow furrowing slightly.
“Are you saying that you don’t find my sleep face and morning breath attractive?” A snort leaves him as he presses his nose against your cheek, kissing the softness there slowly.
“I find you more than attractive missy, and you know that. I believe this is the first time we haven’t fucked after waking up together.” Pouting, you turn your head until you’re looking directly at him and he ducks his face slightly so that he’s not breathing directly on you. He did that once. 
“Don’t give me that face. The only reason I’m not balls deep in you right now is firstly, because I need to go shower and then head home to clean up and secondly...I don’t have another condom.” Your face contorts on itself before sighing, your hand moving to brush over his boxer briefs and he lets out a hiss of breath as he feels you move against his cock.
“I could suck you off.” It’s almost innocent and he glares at you, lips pursing before he pulls away, rolling to the side and departing the bed before you can entice him any further.
“That’s not...I mean...minx.” You just grin at him before getting up yourself, letting him see the way your shirt has twisted on you in your sleep, clinging tightly to your curves. His hands clench automatically as he huffs out a breath, staring at the sight of your boy shorts that cup your ass so beautifully.
He was trying to be good here and you were ruining all his intentions.
“ don’t want a blowjob in the shower then?” There’s not even a chance for him to respond as you tug off your shirt, revealing the delectable sight of your breasts as they’re revealed to the morning air. Without even looking at him, you head towards the bathroom door.
Indecision fills him as he stares at the door, the straining erection in his underwear telling him to go but the logical part of his mind reminding him that he is, in fact, an adult man and not a horny teenager. But then your panties come flying through the door, landing in a heap and he lets out a deep groan before striding over.
He may be an adult, but he’s an adult who damn well likes your mouth on his cock and he is not turning that down. Not today, when later on will be stressful. Right now, it’s time to just enjoy you while he has you entirely to himself.
Inside the bathroom, he finds you merely brushing your teeth at the counter but your eyes move to land firmly on his and he desperately wishes he didn’t find it so weirdly attractive to watch the way your arm moves. But then he realises it’s what you want as your free hand slowly trails down your body, reaching the hair at the apex of your thighs.
Swallowing thickly, he lets out a slow breath before reaching around you for the toothbrush you’d given him to use here and carefully begins to brush his own teeth, trying his hardest not to look. This was not supposed to be a sexy activity, and yet here he was, eyes glued to your hand while his own hand tried to brush his teeth.
A quiet moan slips from your mouth, eyes fluttering shut and your arm shudders slightly, pausing in your movements as the fingers between your thighs work at yourself and he hisses, brushing far quicker in his haste to be done. He doesn’t want you to get all the fun, no way in hell. 
Leaning over, he spits out into the sink and is suddenly reminded of all the times you’ve chosen to spit instead of swallow when you’d blown him and he has to repress the urge to giggle. Instead, he washes his mouth and realises you’re doing the same next to him, head so close to his own that he has an almost preternatural awareness of you.
Glancing up into the mirror, his breath escapes in a rush as he sees you bending over the counter, one elbow resting while your other hand moves in slow circles between your legs, now spread wider. Oh, this is just not fair, he thinks to himself before his eyes narrow.
“I thought I was getting a blowjob?” He asks, moving upright and looking down at you with an imperious brow raised.
You watch him with innocent eyes in the mirror, your own brows raising to complete the facade while you bite at your lower lip. “Did I say that? I thought you didn’t want anything.” The last syllable ends on a soft moan and his hands finds your hips without him even meaning to as your eyelids flutter shut, mouth opening in a perfect circle as soft moan leaves you.
It’s like a lightning bolt to his groin, cock aching at the sound and he realises he can hear wetness as your fingertips slide between your folds. His own fingers itch with the need to take over, to feel that slickness and rub till you’re breaking apart against him.
“’d take a strong man to turn this down princess,” Moving behind you, he presses his front to your back firmly and mouths a hot kiss to your shoulder, tongue working slowly before he looks back up into the mirror and smirks at how you watch him with those needy eyes. “I’m not that strong.”
Without another word, his arm comes around to your front and he pushes your hand out of the way, his own delving into the gap and his fingers finally rub against your clit. You’re already slippery with your own desire, worked up from your own touch while you’d been safe in the knowledge that he was carefully watching.
Your head falls back against his shoulder, even at this awkward angle with you bent over the counter but he just focuses on kissing and sucking at the sensitive skin of your shoulder and neck. He makes sure not to leave any marks on your neck but he’s more than giving with his attention, his free hand moving around to massage your breasts firmly, playing with your nipple till you push back against him.
“Condom…” The word is panted out from you, your hips gyrating against the firm touch of his fingers on your engorged nerves and he doesn’t even notice it at first. Not until you’re shifting position, trying to reach over to the drawer by your side. He pauses in his movements, fingers half inside you at this point and watches as you tug open a drawer and pull out a foil wrapper.
Looking back in the mirror at you, his brows raised in a combination of surprise, amusement and mild rebuke. “ really are a little minx, huh? Keeping condoms in the bathroom and not telling me. I’d say naughty girl but right now, I approve.”
A low laugh leaves you as you tear the foil with your teeth, pulling the condom out and handing it back to him. He kicks off his underwear quickly before giving himself a few firm strokes, breath coming a little quicker from the friction but he’s more than excited to be inside you already. It’s not even been 12 hours since the last time he’d fucked you.
Once on, he reaches between your legs once more and plunged two fingers inside of you, checking that you’re more than wet enough for him without needing to get any lubrication. Sometimes you needed it, sometimes you didn’t. Today appeared to be a didn’t, and he wondered if you had some kink of mirror sex kink because you were already near enough dripping for him.
Grinning, he lined up his cock and rubbed the tip against you, rocking his hips forwards and back in slow motions to let your juices coat his cock. The sensation has you gasping softly, causing your own hips to push back as you try and shift enough to find the right angle to get him to slip inside.
He lets you take control for a moment, watching intently as your pussy finds his tip, the engorged head slipping into your sopping entrance. Holding your ass with his hands, he slows your movements down and slowly penetrates you until he’s balls deep inside, breath leaving him in a slow and controlled exhale as you squeeze tightly around him.
His eyes roll slightly at the sensation and he can’t help but grip your ass harder, tutting slightly. As said, you’d already had sex in the last twelve hours and it had been two rounds worth. He’d been proud of himself for producing two performances like that in such quick succession but he had no doubt that you were feeling at least a little bit sore right now so he tried to go slow for you.
Turns out you didn’t want slow and a soft, keening whine leaves your mouth as you try to push back against him harder. Glancing into the mirror, he has to bite his lower lip to stay quiet as he watches the pleasure filled expression face back at him, your eyes screwed tightly shut while your mouth falls open.
The thrusts he makes into you might be slow, but they’re also deep and each movement has you jerking forwards slightly. It causes your breasts to rock with each slap of his hips against your ass and he watches, entirely mesmerised by the movement and wanting to see how you react when he’s fucking you harder.
“Hobi.” You mewl, the sound strained and yet oddly high pitched as one hand moves back to grasp at his hip, trying to pull him into moving faster in combination with your squirming ass and he brings down the flat of his hand on your rounded cheeks chidingly. The sound is loud in the quiet of the room but your inner muscles immediately grip in tighter, the sensation causing him to choke for a moment and his brows rise in amusement.
Well, someone liked being spanked. He was definitely going to remember that for future events.
Any hope he had of being gentle with you to avoid soreness is gone though and it’s clear to him that you’re wanting it harder and faster than he’s going. So he decides to give you it, his hips moving forward faster until the bathroom is filled with the lewd sounds of skin against skin, slick wetness, breathy pants and lust filled groans and moans.
“Come on princess,” He grunts deeply, kissing your shoulder before his arms slide around your waist. One pushes against the counter, giving him extra balance as he thrusts while the other dips back between your legs, the slippery mess there making your soft warmth even more delightful.
The combined touch of his fingers and cock increases your moans, though they’re more like vocal hitches of breath that whine with stroke inside you. Your own hand moves to press down on his own, rubbing furious, tight circles into your clit while he continues to slam into you. The wetness has to be leaking down your thighs now, coating your inner legs and the thought turns him on almost as much as the completely fucked out visage he gets to watch in the mirror.
Breath coming quickly, he pants into your ear before moving his lips down to kiss at your neck frantically as the pleasure in his groin tightens furiously, the need to move faster and harder so strong as he feels the impending release of his orgasm. He desperately wants you to come first, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen and he can’t help it as your pussy flutters around him once more, tightening viciously and he succumbs to the waves of pleasure that flood through his body.
A long and drawn out moan leaves his mouth, high and filled with pure satisfaction and carnal pleasure as he moves inside you slowly, pulling every bit of pleasure he can out from your warm depths before it feels too much for him. Hissing lightly at the overstimulation, he refuses to move as his fingers move back to your clit, rubbing at you in quick, fast movements that have you shivering in his arms as needy moans leave you.
Tiny movements of your hips as they gyrate and the clenching of your pussy has him whining quietly but he doesn’t move, determined to get you off as well. Sometimes it didn’t happen and you’d push his hand away, but this time you keep him firmly against him until your body seizes tightly around him, muscles stiffening before convulsions take over.
His cock slips from you in the midst of your orgasm but you don’t notice, not when his fingers keep moving and prolonging the pleasure until your hips shift away from his hand, the subtle movement telling him to let go. Heavy panting is all that remains in the room and he strips the condom quickly, throwing it away before wrapping his arms around you and hugging you to him tightly once more.
“Fuck...I was not intending that. I was trying to be good.” He mumbles against your shoulder, not noticing the way you give him a tired smile of affection in the mirror as your hand comes up to run through his messy hair. 
“I didn’t want you to be good. I wanted you to fuck me good and hard, and you did. So thank you.” You murmur, turning around and pressing a kiss to his lips firmly. Neither of you move for a few moments, simply enjoying the post-coital bliss of an orgasm induced intimacy before Hoseok finally pulls away with a contented noise.
“Okay princess, now that we’ve got even more dirty...let’s finally take that shower.”
Hoseok finally manages to leave your house an hour and a half later, meaning that he’s running behind on his own internal schedule and he feels the slight anxiety that he always does when he’s not being on time. With three kids, he’s had to learn to strictly regiment his time if he ever wants to get anything accomplished.
Whether they obey or not is a different story entirely.
After getting out of the shower and pulling on some clothes, he’d then been forced to sit down on your couch while you cooked him a quick breakfast. The very idea of having food cooked for him by someone who wasn’t his mom was bizarre after so many years, but he’d enjoyed eating the over cooked toast and bacon more than he’d like to admit. 
He’d originally intended to run out to the grocery store and grab the food for dinner before heading back home and cleaning everything up. Only you’d looked far too anxious about tonight when he’d been on his way out, shooting multiple questions at him that gave away your nerves and he’d felt sympathy swell.
It was easy for him to focus on his girls and worry about their reaction, but he had to try and remember that this meeting involved you as well. And you were at a severe disadvantage in that you are the odd one out, the one intruding into his family unit.
So he’d found himself asking if you wanted to help him before he’d even realised. Part of him felt bad about it as it meant that the girl would be coming home to someone they don’t know, but he figured that they already knew they were meeting you anyway. It would at least allow you to calm yourself down and get a little more comfortable in his home before you finally meet his daughters.
Which was why he was currently walking down the aisle of the grocery store, hand tightly entwined with yours as he pondered what to make for dinner. He was actually glad that you were here for that and he posed the question to you, causing you to hum lightly as you lean into him.
“What do the girls like?” The question throws him a little and he frowns, looking at the rows of microwaveable rice before glancing back at you.
“Well...what do you want to eat though? You’re the reason we’re having a special dinner.” He can hear the soft sigh you give, your head resting against his shoulder and his chest warms at the small gesture of affection. It might not seem much to others but to someone as romantically starved as him, it was unbelievably fulfilling.
Pulling away from him, you move back until you’re gently tugging at him to move and he follows you quietly. “No, we’re going to cook what your daughters love to eat because this is going to be an awkward time for them and their favourite home cooked meal will be one less thing they have to worry about. So what do they like to eat?”
His heart flips at the concern and warmth in your voice, causing him to smile as he glances down, tugging you closer and kissing your forehead quickly. “We’ll make lasagne, they all like that and it’ll give us plenty of food. You like that right? And I know you like garlic bread.”
You grin impishly at that, nodding enthusiastically and he chuckles. “I’ll go get the stuff for the bread, you get the stuff for the lasagne yeah? Should I…” A pause causes him to look at you with a raised brow, watching the indecision flutter across your face before carrying on. “Should I get them anything? Like...a present or...chocolate or something?”
“No, don’t get them anything. I mean maybe you should but...I don’t personally like the idea. I don’t want them to feel like you’re trying to buy their affection and love. yourself.” There’s a brief hesitation before you nod almost shyly, arm moving to cover your stomach in a protective gesture before you head off in search of the ingredients.
Time seems to move faster after that and before he realises it, it’s already time for him to go collect the girls from his parents. The house had been fully tidied and cleaned, though he’d wondered why on earth he was doing that when you were literally cleaning it with him but something he’d discovered today was that apparently you had a strange kink for cleaning.
Not even sexual, you just liked to clean. He’d laughed when he’d discovered that, your excitement at the Dyson vacuum cleaner he’d produced spurring on the new revelation and he’d proclaimed that he had a house that would bring you eternal joy.
Three children meant there was no such thing as a clean house, just organised chaos. And sometimes not even organised, just plain chaos. 
But true to your word, you hadn’t uttered a single complaint and had instead sung loudly to the music he’d played on the speakers that were connected to his phone. He’d had a whole moment of affectionate bemusement as he’d watched you wiggle around the living room, singing while you even dusted for him.
There had been a few moments of quietness from you when you’d noted the pictures of Yoo-jin on the mantle of the fireplace. He kept a few dotted around the house for the girls and he’d worried for a moment that you’d feel jealous or annoyed.
Instead, you’d simply picked up the silver framed wedding photograph, taking note of the younger Hoseok in a suit and the pretty girl in a beautiful wedding dress next to him, both smiling so brightly with a small Soo-ah in his arms. It was his favourite picture of Yoo-jin and he still felt a bubble of love for her when he looked at it.
Which is why he hoped you wouldn’t be mean. And you hadn’t been, instead looking at him with a small smile and carefully placing the frame onto the floor before moving the others as well. “She was beautiful.”
And then you’d knelt down on the floor and carefully polished the frames until they were spotless, giving them a level of care and attention that had him having to leave the room so that you couldn’t see the tears in his eyes.
Once he’d recovered himself, he’d gone back in and sorted out storing the many toys away while telling you stories behind some of the pictures and preening ever so slightly over how you cooed over the photos of his daughters. Damn right they were cute.
Now though, he was shrugging on a jacket and picking up his car keys to go get them and bring them home. It’s only when he looks back round that he sees the way your shoulders are curled inwards, making yourself small while your hands cross over your chest. 
Moving back over, he hugs you tightly to him before kissing your forehead as your chin rests on his chest, nerves evident in every part of you. “Hey, come on. It’ll be okay. Remember, if they don’t respond well tonight then it’s just the first time. Don’t take it to heart.”
“I know. It’s just...I don’t really know what to do, you know? Never met my boyfriend’s kids before.” A quiet laugh leaves him before he dips down, pressing his lips to your own in a quick kiss.
“I love you,” He turns around and heads to the door, knowing that you’re probably going to end up cleaning something else. Part of him wonders if he should have you leave and come back in half an hour but that seems stupid. So he shakes his head and opens the door, looking back at you and smiling. “Please, try and relax a little.”
“Okay. Love you.”
Pulling into the driveway, Hoseok takes a deep breath to fortify his nerves before glancing into the mirror to check on the twins in the backseat. His parents had, as expected, spoilt all three and the twin’s were coming home with Funko figures each to put on their shelves while Soo-ah had a ridiculously thick book of horse breeds.
One day, he worried that he might be expected to buy her a horse. He didn’t like horses, and he certainly didn’t want to own one. You were currently convincing him to let her have horse riding lessons and he was considering it as her Christmas present, but he still worried immensely that she would get hurt.
Still, she was slowly proving that it wasn’t a phase and he knew that he was going to have to relent sooner rather than later. He didn’t want to be the dad who stifled her passions and dreams, even if it could potentially cause interest.
“Okay everyone, we’re back. I said before, Y/N is already here. She helped me to make dinner and clean the house for you guys! So it’s all clean. Ideally, I’d like you to keep it clean but I know you rascals,” He eyes the twins at that and they both give him identical toothy grins. “Are probably going to mess it all up.”
“Grandma was excited.” Ji-eun blurts out, her expression mischievous as if she was fully aware that she was tattling on his own mother. He can’t help the smile that spreads as he imagines his mom gushing to them. She’d spent years now trying to get him to finally move on, so needless to say, she’d been beyond ecstatic when he’d told her last week that he was going to introduce the girls to you.
“Grandma needs to learn to keep her nose out,” He mused quietly before laughing. “Anyway, I’m just going to ask one last time...please be good for me? Be on your best behaviour and be polite. You don’t have to like her, but I did not raise rude girls, right?” 
The stern look he gives the twins causes them to give him carefully blank faces as they nod slowly. He eyes them for a moment longer, knowing that trouble was never far with them, before turning to Soo-ah. She sits next to him in the passenger seat quietly, arms wrapped around the book and her hair in low pigtails.
“Soo-ah?” She tenses slightly when he says her name before looking at him, her brown eyes filled with so many emotions he didn’t understand. But despite all that, she nods slowly while her lips purse out.
Before he can say anything else, the twins are rushing out of the car and bolting over towards the door. He swore under his breath before getting out of the car himself, watching with resignation as they rush inside.
Looking back at Soo-ah, he sees her quietly getting out and closing the door in a much more gentler fashion than her excitable sisters. Hoseok can’t help but walk over to her, crouching down and looking up at her as he takes one of her hands gently between his own. The fact he has to look up at her now while crouching makes him sad, yet he’s so proud of her too.
“Soo-soo...if you don’t want to do this then you can tell me. You don’t have to meet her. I can ask her to go home, or I can take you back to your grandparents if you want. I’m not going to force you to do something that you don’t want to do, okay?” The only sounds for a few moments are the chirping of the birds in the trees that line the street and a car engine in the distance.
“It’s okay dad. She can stay. I’ll meet her.” His brow creases and he reaches up to run his hand down her hair slowly.
“Are you sure?” One more time, just to make doubly sure because he knows his daughter well. And he knows that she’s not entirely happy, but what can he do when she’s verbally telling him it’s okay? He’s giving plenty of chances for her to back out and he wouldn’t be mad at her. Sad, yes, but not angry. 
“Yes daddy.” And with that, she heads into the house as well. He’s left to stand there, face grimaced as he wonders if he should just call it all off. But then he suddenly realises that you’re on your own in there, with his daughters.
“Shit.” He curses and runs inside, faltering in the doorway that leads into the living room. The twins are sat on the couch while Soo-ah is in the arm chair, all three quiet and looking at you like you’re something fascinating. They’re pretty relaxed whereas you’re stiff as a board in the doorway to the kitchen, a brittle smile on your face that turns into one of relief when you see him.
“Hey err...we’re back? Obviously.  Erm, okay well. Girls, this is Y/N, my...girlfriend,” He doesn’t really know if he’s meant to be introducing you as that or just his friend, but they’d already figured it out the other night anyway. “Y/N, this is my eldest daughter, Soo-ah. And this is Ji-soo with her hair down and Ji-eun with her hair in a ponytail.”
“Hello Y/N.” The twins said at the same time, their voices light and whimsical and he almost hisses at how creepy they sound. They’re doing it purposefully, he can see the shine in their eyes because they know people find it weird when they do that. Soo-ah simply gives a polite hello of her own, dipping her head ever so slightly in welcome.
“Hi...erm,” He can tell that you’re struggling to say something and he so desperately wants to go over and place a reassuring arm around you. But he can’t, because he feels he should be with the girls instead. “It’s nice to meet you all. Your dad has told me so much about you.”
The sudden ringing of an alarm in the kitchen interrupts whatever else you were about to say and Hoseok jerks, eyes glancing behind you to the room. “Okay, girls...clean up and then come to the table. Be quick, we’re having lasagne.”
That gets a bright smile from all three as they jump up and rush towards the bathroom situated downstairs, eager to wash their hands before going into the dining room. You’d set the table earlier for him once he’d shown you where everything was and even now, you were helping him by bringing some of the food into the room.
His daughters were smiling in delight as he served the lasagne out to them, his own stomach rumbling at the smell and he realised belatedly that neither you nor him had eaten since breakfast. The plate you place down with garlic bread is soon emptied, with Hoseok making sure to grab two pieces and place one on your own plate.
It’s odd, having five people at the table instead of three, he thinks to himself as he sits down after handing you the plate with your own lasagne. All of them are used to it being just the four of them, with Soo-ah normally sitting next to Hoseok while the twins sit opposite. But today, Hoseok is sat at the end of the table with Soo-ah next to him on the right while you’re next to him on the left. 
It unnerves him a little, taking this weird head of the table position but he doesn’t mention it as he takes a mouthful of lasagne. A quiet hum of appreciation comes from you and he glances over, chewing and smiling at the way your eyes close in delight.
“Daddy! Ji-soo has more than me!” Ji-eun complains before shrieking as her sister pinches her arm. Already, Hoseok has visions of a full fight blowing up between the two because if they’re not being sweet with each other then they’re having astonishing fights and Ji-eun is already turning around to retaliate.
“Hey! What did I say earlier? Best behaviour. Do not fight.” Hoseok hisses at them, eyes narrowing as he gestures a finger at them. Both girls slump down in their chairs, sauce covered lips pursing as they glare at each other. 
And then, as always with their contradictory nature, Ji-soo carefully cuts a piece of lasagne and places it on her sister’s plate without a word. Ji-eun smiles happily and eats it, doing a little butt wiggle dance in her seat in victory and Hoseok has to fight the urge to laugh at them.
Glancing at you, he notes your widened eyes at his sudden rebuke and his cheeks heat up. “Sorry. You get used to it. They’re either working together to cause trouble or they’re fighting with each other.”
You nod slowly at his explanation before a wry smile spreads, eyes flicking back over to the girls who are now sat being good as gold. “It’s okay. I had a friend in high school who was a twin. They had the worst fights but you did not want to come between them. It must be nice to have someone who will always be there for you.”
“You know someone with a twin too?!” Ji-soo exclaims loudly, her pretty eyes going wide with astonishment and Hoseok doesn’t even bother to stop his laugh this time. They’d never met any other twins before and they knew from people’s reactions that they were pretty special.
“I did! I’m not friends with them anymore but she had a twin brother, not a sister like you two. They had a special language that they would talk in and only they understood it.” At that, Ji-eun is the one to squeal in excitement as she claps her hands.
“We do! Daddy hates it when we do.” He grumbles good naturedly at that, pointing at them with his fork before taking another bite of lasagne with a grin. 
“Yeah, it was very strange listening to them. But that’s special though, it means that only you two will ever be able to understand it so it’s something that only you share.” They nod slowly, smiling brightly at your encouragement and his heart warms at how they seem to be pretty accepting of you so far.
His eyes flicker to Soo-ah who’s eating methodically, keeping quiet. She’s always been a quiet girl, but he feels like the silence is more oppressive this time and he chews slowly, wondering how to get her involved too.
You’re talking to the twins now about your favourite Marvel movie, because he’d told you all about their love of the superhero genre and it was a pretty easy way to win favour with them. It seemed to be working too, as Ji-soo was sidling up to you as close as she could get in her chair, her eyes stern with concentration as she discusses in her five-year-old language why she thinks that Black Panther is the best movie.
Which is then countered by Ji-eun’s outraged shout as she disagrees vehemently, proclaiming that the best film is obviously Captain Marvel because she’s a girl and she’s cool and powerful. It leaves him to smile as he rolls his eyes, you throwing your own hat into the ring with the suggestion that your own favourite film is the first Avengers.
He contemplates if he should have warned you about the fact that they’ll never stop talking now that you’ve shown an interest in their favourite subject ever. At least he’d never really mentioned their second passion lately which was Pokemon. 
Admittedly, he was on board with both of these passions but he’d spent so long now discussing them with two overly eager daughters that the very subjects inspired more of a sigh than excitement. Though he would still be taking them to see every film that came out.
“Soo-ah, did you know that Y/N goes horse riding? She even used to do show jumping in high school.” He gestures towards you with an overly bright smile, hoping that discussing his eldest’s favourite passion would encourage her to engage with you in the same way.
All he gets is a sullen look and a shrug before she puts another forkful in her mouth. Despair fills him momentarily but he’s surprised when you take the initiative and take up the conversation he’d suggested. He hadn’t even realised you were listening to him.
“I did! I used to go to competitions on the weekends with my horse, Artemis. She was a really good jumper but I wasn’t very good with her unfortunately. We never really won anything but it was just for fun. Now I just ride whenever I get time. Artemis is pretty old now so we just go trail riding.” Hoseok smiles as your eyes light up as you discuss your horse.
He knew that you were expecting to lose her any time now and it would probably hugely devastate you. After all, you’d had her since you were only 14 and she was still here, 17 years later.
“Cool.” Is the only response he gets from his daughter and he has to bite his tongue in frustration. He’d known that she was going to be the hard one to crack, but he didn’t think she was going to be this cold about it all.
“I think you’d like Artemis, Soo-soo. She’s a...Dutch Warmblood?” He looks at you in question, relieved when you nod in confirmation before he’s smiling back at his daughter. “You told me about those, right? They’re supposed to be really good at that kind of stuff? Maybe, if you want, Y/N will let you ride her.” 
“Of course, she’s really sweet and she’d be good for someone who’s never ridden. She’s old now but as long as you’re not mean with her then she’d be happy to take you round a ring. I think that you’d find her very pretty. She used to be dapple grey but is now just pretty much white.” You say with a smile, turning your head as Ji-soo asks if she can ride too.
“I don’t care.” Soo-ah says suddenly, her voice firm and raised and Hoseok looks at her sharply. Her cheeks are flushed while her brows dip inwards, annoyance and anger written all over her face. “I don’t care about your stupid horse or your stupid riding. I don’t care!”
The silence at the table is awkward after that and Hoseok feels numb, unsure what he’s supposed to do to resolve this situation. So he carefully places his cutlery down on his cleared plate and coughs quietly, giving Soo-ah a smile.
“Soo-ah, sweetheart. It’s okay-” He’s cut off immediately though, as if a switch has been flipped in her.
“Stop saying that! It’s not going to be okay! Because she’s going to come here and ruin everything! You’re going to forget about mom and we have to accept her! I won’t! I don’t care about you! I hate you!” She spat viciously at you but despite her anger, there’s tears brimming in her eyes and Hoseok has never felt more helpless. “I don’t want to talk to you! My dad might love you but I won’t! I never will! I love my mom!”
And with that, she slams her chair out of the way and storms out of the room. The thundering of her feet on the stairs as she runs to her room is soon followed by the resounding slam of her bedroom door and Hoseok feels stunned.
Blinking for a few moments, he watches as the twins faces crease slightly and he can see the tears in their own eyes as uncertainty and fear fills them. They glance between him, you and the doorway and he knows they don’t know what to do.
Are they supposed to be angry with you too, like their sister? He doesn’t want that, and so he clears his tight throat and smiles at them both, a little stiff but they still relax a little.
“It’s okay. Soo-ah’s...not happy about me bringing Y/N here. And she’s allowed to feel that, I’m not mad at her,” Okay, so he was a little bit as she’d just been incredibly rude and mean but it was already fading because most importantly, he understood her. “If you aren’t happy either, then you can tell me. It’s okay.”
Ji-soo looks at him, her beautiful brown eyes shining with unshed tears that she wipes away with a firm hand before shaking her head. “I’m okay daddy. Is Soo-ah okay?”
“She...will be. I’m sure. She’s’s hard for her.” He smiles slightly, moving into Soo-ah’s chair to brush a few strands of hair out of Ji-eun’s face as she watches him quietly. Without even saying anything, she shuffles closer and leans against his side.
“Because she had mommy right?” The question is quiet and his throat feels so tight that it’s hard to swallow. They may only be five, but his twins are so smart and caring.
“Yeah, because she had mommy. So she remembers her, and she’s just worried. But we’re not gonna forget about mommy. She will always be important, okay?” He presses his lips to Ji-eun’s head, kissing her hair before looking at Ji-soo and giving her a reassuring smile.
They’re both quiet for a moment before nodding, and his heart swells with emotion as Jisoo turns to you and takes your hand in her own small ones. “It’s okay. We like you.”
He doesn’t get to see your reaction as he’s looking back at the doorway, wondering if he should go to her and check that she’s doing okay or just let her cool down. On the one hand, he doesn’t want her to feel suffocated when she’s obviously upset but at the same time, he doesn’t want her to feel like he’s abandoning her.
“Go.” You whisper and he looks back sharply, catching your eye as you gesture your head to the door. “It’s okay. Go.”
He stands up and goes to make a move before hesitating, uncertainty in him. You give him another nod and he lets out a deep sigh as his shoulders fall.
“I’ll be right back,” Hoseok smiles awkwardly, mouth stiff as he avoids your eyes. “Be good girls okay? I’ll be back in a few minutes.” He bends down and kisses the twin’s heads, taking in their expression to make sure they’re okay and feeling a bit of relief as their faces are cautiously neutral.
“It’s okay Hoseok, go check on her. I’ll be okay. I’m sure that we can find something fun to do, right?” You give him a tight smile, nerves evident as you look back at the twins with tentative hope. They’d reacted pretty well to Soo-ah’s outburst but he was worried that they might be mean while he was gone. But you give him a ‘go’ look and he knows that you can look after yourself.
So he heads out, feeling a little bad that he’s leaving the table but he has to at least check on Soo-ah. He isn’t sure if he’s supposed to be ignoring her or not but that feels wrong in his gut. She’s already worried about things he doesn’t even know yet, he’d rather not add to that by not coming to see her. At least she knows that her dad is always there for her, even when she doesn’t want him.
Her door is firmly closed and he stands outside it for a moment, hands clenching and unclenching as he’s unsure what to do now. This isn’t a conversation he really knows how to have, but he takes it as a positive really. It at least means that her life since Yoo-jin’s death hasn’t been too tumultuous. 
Taking a deep breath, he raps his knuckles against the door quietly and leans forward, his ear almost pressed to the door. “Soo-ah? It’s dad...are you okay?”
Silence answers him and his stomach sinks. He desperately wants to go in and comfort her, make her smile or just talk to her about her concerns but he’s been very clear over the years about their personal space. A closed door means that he can’t enter without their permission.
It might seem a little extreme given young they all are, but as the only male in the house he felt it was necessary to set those boundaries. When their door was closed, he wouldn’t go in unless invited. They’d grown to be pretty respectful of that for him as well and he was immensely relieved at the high levels of trust they all had with each other all ready.
They needed to know that they had a space that was private and safe, only for them. Which is why he lets out yet another deep sigh, his forehead resting against the white painted wood. It’s at moments like this that he wishes Yoo-jin were still here, so that she can help.
A flash of guilt runs through him then, both for wishing that she was alive when it meant he wouldn’t be with you but also because he is here with his daughters and Yoo-jin isn’t. Swallowing, he pushes that thought away before trying again.
“Soo-soo...I’m not...I’m not mad at you. I know you, and I know that you’re not mean or cruel. You’re just...I know this is confusing for you, and it’s hard. I’m not angry, and neither is Y/N. We understand, but I wish you’d talk to me. Please, let me know what’s upsetting you exactly.” Hoseok really isn’t sure what he’s meant to be saying to her but he’s speaking the truth; he isn’t mad with her.
He was at first, when the biting words spilled out of her. Firstly because he was simply shocked that his daughter could be that rude and mean but then secondly because he’d seen the hurt that had flashed over your face at her blunt rejection. But that had gone quickly when he’d seen the film of tears that had glazed over his little girl’s eyes and he’d known that she only lashing out because she was confused and scared.
“Soo-soo…” His voice trailed off, uncertainty over what to do when he heard noises from inside and his heart jumped a little. 
“Go away dad,” Soo-ah’s voice was strained and he could practically hear the tears, causing his face to grimace as his paternal instincts screamed at him to go to his hurting daughter. “Leave me alone.”
“Go away!” The words are shrill and he closes his eyes, feeling his whole body drain of energy as he recognises a losing battle. Well, no one can say he didn’t at least try. And at least he’s come to her, even if she doesn’t want him there. It’s not even one of those scenarios where she’s telling him to go away but he can tell she actually wants him there.
This is one of those times when she evidently wants to be left alone. So he will, for now at least.
“Okay Soo-ah, I’ll go. But I’m downstairs if you need me. Just come, or call, and I’ll come up okay? I’m not mad, you can talk to me,” He rests his hand on the door, trying to push through his love and affection to her. “I love you.”
With that, he lets his shoulders slump in defeat, waiting a few moments longer to see if she would come out before walking back down the hall. As much as he’d love to sit and wait her out, he has two other daughters that he needs to be worrying about. Two twin five-year-old’s, actually, who he’s left alone with you.
The realisation causes him to pause, eyes widening as he realises the carnage he could have potentially left you with. They’re handfuls with him, and he at least has the authority to ground them or tell them off. He can’t even imagine how easily they’re running you around.
Rushing down the stairs, he moves into the dining room only to pause in confusion, noting the suspiciously clean table. Heading through to the kitchen, he hears the dishwasher running and is even more confused.
The girl’s don’t know how to use the dishwasher, which must mean that you’d put them in there for him. Guilt rises immediately as he realises that you’ve cleaned up dinner for him, giving him one less thing to do. He appreciates it, but at the same time, he can’t help but think his mom would be scolding him right now.
You’re a guest in his house. Therefore, you should not be cleaning up after yourself. He should be doing that for you.
A sudden peal of bright, girlish laughter from the living room distracts him and he headed through the doorway in pursuit of it. The scene he comes across makes him pause in surprise, head tilting for a moment before a smile spreads and he rests his shoulder against the frame.
None of them have seen him yet, but the twins had you down on the floor with them as they showed you their expansive toy collection. Currently, they had the whole set of Avengers dolls along with others he’d bought for them from the Marvel collection. They were most definitely superhero girls, and currently they were fighting over who got to play as Captain Marvel.
Despite the fact they had three versions of her, but he’d discovered over the years that if one of them wanted something then the other wanted it twice as much. You were sat between them both, a bemused smile on your face as you held a Shuri and Black Panther doll in each hand, looking them over intently.
“Hey, hey! Come on now, let’s not fight, yeah? How about...neither of you be Captain Marvel because you’re both fighting? Why not be someone else? Shuri’s really cool,” You wiggle the doll with a grin, brows raising as you raise her arms up and pretend to fire lasers like in the film. “And then we’ve also got Nebula!”
“Nebula’s bad!” Ji-soo pouted, flopping down onto her butt and crossing her arms. Ji-eun pushed her immediately, laughing loudly as her sister fell over.
“Nebula’s cool! I wanna be her.” She grabbed the doll from you quickly and grinned up at you, pushing the sheet of black hair out of her eyes and behind her ear. He really did need to get their hair cut. It was a mess of tangles as usual right now, causing him to sigh as he knew how much of a struggle it was to get them to sit still and have their hair brushed.
“Nuh-uh, Shuri’s the best. She’s smart. I’m smarter than you.” Hoseok has to bite his lower lip to keep the chuckle inside that so desperately wants to escape as he watches your face fall slightly as they begin to fight once more. Welcome to his world, he thinks to himself, fully amused.
“Hey now, what have I told you both about fighting?” He says sternly, heading into the room and standing over them both with raised brows. There’s absolutely no need to look at you, because he’s fully aware that he’s using his dad voice right. 
And he was equally aware of your thoughts about his ‘dad’ voice, given all the times he’d been on the phone with you and suddenly had to to tell them off, or when he’d given them their goodnight call when they were with their grandparents. It had made him embarrassed at first, to realise his voice changed that much but you’d just been thoroughly amused.
Ji-soo immediately smiles at him, rushing up to her feet and running over to him with Shuri clasped tightly in her hand. He laughed loudly and came back over with her, small hand clasped tightly in his own as she directed him to sit on the floor next to you. Looking over at you with a small smile, he leans over and whispers to you.
“Thank you for cleaning up, but you really didn’t have to.”
“Hoseok, I was alone with twin five-year-old’s that I don’t know. When I’m anxious, I clean. Besides, it wasn’t any trouble and they wanted to help.” His brows rose at that and he looked back at the twin’s, taking in the sloping noses that resembled his own so strongly.
“ it’s just daddy that you won’t help, huh?” Pressing a hand to his chest, he pouts dramatically in a wounded tone that has Ji-eun giggling as she launches herself at him and settles in his lap. She’s getting too big to be doing this, but he won’t complain. One day, she won’t do it all.
“Daddy said we have to be good.” His heart warmed at that and an immense flush of pride swelled deep within, pressing a kiss to her head in pure paternal love. Glancing back at you, his cheeks flushed slightly at the look of adoration you give him and he just knows that you’re internally screaming at his interaction.
“So. If you’re Nebula, and Ji-soo is Shuri...then what can Y/N and I be? What about...if I’m Captain Marvel?” Ji-eun gasps loudly, shaking her head furiously and he splutters out a mouthful of hair as her ponytail smacks him firmly in the face.
“No daddy! You can’t. You have to be Iron Man!” He lets out another gasp, not actually bothered because Iron Man was cool but he’d actually wanted to be Captain Marvel. The film was great, sue him.
“Why? Because I’m a boy!” Yet he doesn’t push away the Iron Man doll, he calls them dolls purely because figurine is probably too hard for them to say to right now. The red and gold figurine is well used, scratches and dents marring the plastic surface from the intense playing they’d given him over the years.
Which included seeing if he could fly by throwing him out of the window onto the drive. That would have just gotten an eye roll from him normally, except they’d thrown him with some force and he’d landed firmly on Hoseok’s car. Who would have known that such a small toy would cause such a scratch on the windscreen?
“No daddy, because Y/N can be Pepper.” Ji-soo hands you a doll, smaller than the others and from the Iron Man 3 film but just as good. You take it from her with a gracious smile but he can see the confusion in your eyes as to why you have to be Pepper Potts and not one of the other superheroes. 
He doesn’t even think to question the fact that his kids that are doing that odd thing where they both seem to know exactly what the other is thinking. 
“Why Pepper? Why can’t she be Captain Marvel if I can’t?” Playfully, he pushes at the doll in Ji-eun’s hands and she giggles sweetly, looking up at him with those warm brown eyes that he loves so dearly.
“Because Iron Man loves Pepper, and you love Y/N.” Well...there’s not much room for argument there really. His cheeks once more flush red as he steadfastly avoids your eyes, oddly embarrassed at his daughters for outing him so thoroughly to you. You knew he loved you obviously, but the easy acceptance with which they react makes him feel a little odd. 
He doesn’t really know why, but he pushes it away and takes a deep breath. “Okay sweetpea. Now then...what bad guy are we fighting?” 
Soo-ah doesn’t come down for the rest of the night, nor does she let Hoseok into her room whenever he comes to check on her. It fills him with worry and he knows that he spends most of the night looking at the ceiling in anxiety.
He knows that, because he’s had more than a few comforting touches or smiles from you throughout the evening. An hour of playing with the twins had soon turned into them sitting with both Hoseok and you on the couch while episodes of Pokemon played on the flat screen television.
They seemed to have got along with you pretty well, and while they certainly weren’t being overly accommodating, they had been open enough that he got the impression that everything was going to be pretty okay with them. You had enough common interests with them to keep them entertained and he had the added benefit of them both being influenced by each other.
So if one really liked you, then the other would come around soon.
Ji-soo in particular seemed to be the one that he suspected would latch onto you with a few more visits. She was already more than enamoured in the stories you’d told her of the places that you’d been over the years and he wondered if you knew that you were probably going to end up with two little shadows soon enough.
After a few episodes of Pokemon, he’d put on Detective Pikachu at Ji-eun’s request because you hadn’t seen it before and they found that to be a complete travesty. It had been around 8pm then and he was being generous in letting them stay up later than he normally would in honour of your visit.
The first hour of the film had involved you having to spend more time listening to the running commentary from the twin’s as they explained important plot points, or what they was important, and point out every little thing. He was pretty sure that you hadn’t actually been able to properly watch any of it, and he made a mental note to watch it again with you at a later date.
And then everything had gone silent. He’d been so invested in his own thoughts and worry about Soo-ah that he hadn’t even noticed until the credits were rolling and no one had complained about it.
Turning his head, he couldn’t help the smile that spread over his face as he took in the sight next to him. Something he probably hadn’t expected to happen for months, but evidently all three were more tired than he’d anticipated.
Pulling his phone out of his pocket, he quietly unlocked it and turned on the camera before taking a picture. Staring at his screen, he grinned and set it to his home screen and placed his phone on the arm of the couch.
Ji-eun was curled up next to her sister, her head resting on Ji-soo’s shoulder until their hair blended together perfectly. Ji-soo on the other hand, was curled up into your side, your arm resting around them both while your head had fallen back against the couch, all three sleeping quietly and he felt a ridiculous amount of warmth and love for you all.
Carefully, he stood up and lifted Ji-eun up as slowly as he could so as not to wake her. She made a soft little noise of complaint in his arms but didn’t stir, not until he was shifting her bed covers until he could get her beneath them. Ideally, he’d like to get her into her pyjamas and have her brush her teeth, but he knew that if he tried to wake her then he’d just have grumpiness followed by an inability to sleep for another few hours.
So this time, he’d let them sleep in their clothes. 
He repeated the same actions with Ji-soo before giving them both a kiss on the head and whispering good night to them, turning off the lamp in their room and closing the door behind him while their night light glowed warmly. Heading back downstairs, he was left with the sight of you fast asleep on the couch.
Hoseok realised that he really, really liked the sight of you in his home like this. It was an odd feeling and he shook his head, moving into the kitchen and looking in the fridge. The dish of lasagne had been left on the side, some foil covering it as it had cooled and he looked inside casually.
There was one slice left, and without a word he put it into a small tupperware tub before heading back into the living room. Crouching down next to you, he placed his hand on your knee and pushed gently while calling out your name to wake you.
A quiet groan left you as you blinked blearily, eyes glazed until they focused on him. They were blank for a moment before filling with warmth as he smiled up at you. Glancing to the side, you frowned slightly at the missing girls and he laughed slightly, standing up and taking your hand to pull you up.
You wobbled slightly, leaning your weight against him as you got your balance but he took care of that by wrapping his arms around your shoulders and hugging you to him tightly. Neither said anything for a few minutes, just simply enjoying the feeling of being in each others arms and he wished that you didn’t have to go.
“Tonight was...good. I love the twins already, they’re...characters,” You chuckle against his chest and he can’t help but laugh in return as he nods. “But sweet. I really like them. And who knew you were this good at cooking hmm? Really got myself a man who can do it all huh?”
His cheeks burn bright red then as he makes a few protesting noises but you shush him loudly, leaning your chin on his chest to look up at him with an adoring expression. “I love you. Your wonderful. I can feel the love between you all, it’s...really nice. Even with Soo-ah. I was a bit awkward but I can understand why she feels like that. I hope that she can come round to me.”
“I’m sure she will. One day. I’m not going to push her though. I feel bad about it because I knew she wasn’t okay with it, but she kept telling me she was. Maybe I moved too fast with it all.” You shake your head in response, tightening your arms around him and pressing a kiss to his chest.
“She’s a big girl, and if she tells you that she’s okay with something then you have to take her at face value sometimes. We all do things that we don’t really want to do. I get the feeling that she was trying for you and at least the ice is broken now. If she refuses to have anything to do with me then...that’s within her rights I guess. At least I’ve met her. Don’t beat yourself up about it, please.” He lets out a bone deep sigh before nodding slowly.
“Okay. Thank you. For today...everything. I...despite the thing with Soo-ah, I’m really happy. Like...really, I’m so glad that the twins seem to like you a lot.” Pulling away from him, you grin as you head out into the hallway and grab your jacket and bag.
“I’m glad that you’re happy. You deserve some happiness too Hoseok, remember that.” Nodding, he catches sight of one of the photographs of Yoo-jin on the wall and swallows thickly. You were right, he did deserve to be happy as well. Yoo-jin wouldn’t want him to wallow forever.
“Oh, you can take the last of the lasagne. This is not going to get eaten unless it’s by me having midnight munchies, and I do not need the extra weight.” Patting his stomach, he held out the container which you took with a bemused expression.
“You make out like you’re overweight Hoseok. You’re not. You’re cuddly sized.” The teasing in your voice causes him to roll his eyes but he just accepts you hug once more, the muffled thanks from you taken in gratitude as he takes a deep inhale of you.
“Be safe. Drive carefully. Text me when you get home.” You exaggeratedly agree to all of his demands before he lets you go, standing in the open door as you turn to him and pull him down into a goodbye kiss. It maybe goes on a little too long, but he doesn’t care.
“I love you.”
“I love you too. Text me.” He says sternly, wagging a finger in your direction as you head over to your car in the darkness.
“Yes dad!”
“Don’t start that again!” But his protest is pointless as you just laugh and get into your car, reversing out of his drive and pulling away. He watches until he can’t see your tail lights anymore before heading back in and locking the door behind him.
His usual nightly routine is followed after that, but after he brushed his teeth and had done his business in the bathroom, he heads back over to Soo-ah’s door and knocks lightly. There’s no answer, and he wonders if she’s gone to sleep.
It makes his heart hurt to think that he can’t resolve this tonight with her, but he decides that he’s going to try and heal the rift between them tomorrow. He has to. He can’t go on with his little girl being mad at him.
After a few more minutes of silence, he sighed heavily and turns off the light before heading into his own bedroom. He spends half an hour beneath the covers of his bed, scrolling through social media and the news on his phone. You haven’t texted him yet, and worry fills him when suddenly, a light knock reverberates around the room.
Sitting up suddenly, he frowns and calls out for whoever it is to come in. The door opens slowly and he’s met with Soo-ah, dressed in her pyjamas and her hair still in the pigtails from earlier. She looks shy and hesitant, her gaze on the floor as one hand crosses over the stomach, holding the doorknob firmly.
“Can I come in daddy?” Immediately he’s nodding, opening his arms to her and she quietly closes the door behind her before rushing over, climbing onto the bed and burying herself in his arms. Even in the dim light of his bedside lamp, he’d recognised the swollen red eyes of someone who has spent a long time crying and he coos to her softly as she wraps her arms around him tightly.
Laying back on the bed, he pulls her with him and kisses her head. “Soo-soo, what’s wrong? I’m not mad at you.”
“Really? I was mean though.” Her voice is more childlike than he’s ever heard it and his heart tugs for her.
“Yeah, I’m not mad. I mean...I wish you hadn’t been mean, but I know that it’s a tough situation for you. Y/N wasn’t mad either. I just...I wish that you would have told me that you didn’t want to and I would have told her to go home. You’re important to me Soo-ah, your comfort is important.” He whispers to her.
“I was okay with it, I swear. I was worried, because I don’t want her to take mom’s place. But I know you like her. And you’ve always been alone,” She pauses, burying her face in his chest while her small arms squeeze him tighter. “I tried, but...I just...I was angry. She’s pretty and smart and funny, and you look at her all funny and it made me angry because she’s not mom.”
Hoseok blinks a few times, trying to stop himself from crying as she blurts out all of her inner feelings. He can’t even imagine how hard this has all been for her, but he lets her continue.
“I want mom, I want mom because she’s pretty and smart and funny too but mom is dead so I can’t have her. But if you’re single then she’s still here. Y/N means that she’s not here anymore, because Y/N will be here and you’ll take down her pictures and then she’ll be our mom but she’s not our mom!” Her words are fast and staccato, not really making too much sense but he doesn’t say anything about it. She’s only ten, and she’s just worried and upset about everything.
“And the twins were being so nice and they didn’t seem to care! I just wanted to scream at them! What about mom! Why does no one remember mom?!” A hiccup soon turns into a sob then and he hugs her tighter to him, letting her cry out her frazzled emotions.
“No one is going to forget mom, okay? I’m not going to forget her and she’s not going to disappear from this house. She will always be here, because you and your sisters are here. There were always be pictures of her in the house for you and I will always talk to you about her, whenever you want. I miss your mom so much, and I still love her. My relationship with Y/N doesn’t mean that she’s going to be forgotten, because she isn't. She is important to all of us and Y/N knows that. She doesn’t want to take your mom’s place, because that place is your mom’s, like I said before.” Pressing a kiss to her head again, he swallows and contemplates how to continue.
“I won’t ever expect you to call Y/N mom, and neither will she. I know you Soo-ah, and I know this is hard for you. Harder than for the twins, because you got five with your mom. But don’t be mad at them. They don’t know any different than it just being us four. They never got to have mom with them, so to them this is all new. I just...I love you all, and I don’t want to hurt any of you.” The final sentence is whispered and he feels more than a little despair.
Silence falls between them for a while before Soo-ah speaks once more.
“Tell me about mommy. Was she nice?” He’s nodding before he even realises it, flicking through his memories of the 7 years he had with Yoo-jin before finding a story for her. And so for the next hour, he proceeds to regale his daughter with all the stories of her mom that she’d never heard before. Stories he’d forgotten over time, but now remembered so vividly.
Glancing at the photograph on the other bedside table of her, his heart hurts as he remembers his beautiful wife. Kissing Soo-ah’s forehead, he smiles down at her.
“You look just like your mom. I know that she’d be so proud of you, you’re such a good girl. I know that she loves you a lot, just like I do. Don’t ever doubt that, okay? No matter what happens, I love you and your mom loves you too.” Soo-ah’s eyes fill with tears once more and she sniffles.
“I’m sorry daddy. I’m sorry I was mean to Y/N. I don’t hate her.” He laughs softly, pulling her back into a bear hug and squeezing her until she giggles, the sound making his heart soar.
“I know you don’t. I know you Soo-soo, and you’ve got too big of a heart to ever hate anyone. She knows that too.” Soo-ah quietens after that and he hums lightly, some song he heard a long time ago but can’t remember the name of. It seems to be working as Soo-ah’s eyes droop closed and she fights desperately to stay awake.
“Tell her I’m sorry. I’ll be nice next time. I swear,” She mutters, voice thick with sleep and he grins and acknowledges it. “Will she still let me ride her horse?”
He desperately wants to laugh at that and part of him wonders how much of this is because she wants to ride a horse. But he’s not going to look a gift horse in the mouth, pun fully intended. He would give Artemis a big, juicy carrot whenever he saw her.
“She’d be happy to. If you want to, then I’ll let her teach you how to ride as well.” A tiny noise of happiness leaves his daughters mouth but she doesn’t say anything further, eyes closing finally before she’s fallen fast asleep.
He doesn’t expect this to be the last time she’ll have an issue with him dating you, in fact he fully expects more issues as she comes to terms with her feelings regarding the whole thing. But at least she came to him and told him what was upsetting her. And more than that, she had apologised for her behaviour. He wanted to apologise to her as well for putting her into the situation, but instead he was just going to have to make sure that he paid more attention next time.
For ten minutes, he simply enjoys the happiness he feels from the reconciliation with his daughter and the exultation he feels at the fact he’s not having to go to sleep with her angry at him. Finally though, he gets up and carefully takes her to her own bed, musing to himself how he ended up doing this with every daughter tonight when he hasn’t had to put Soo-ah to bed like this in years now.
When he gets back to his own, he sees the message icon on his phone blinking and eagerly jumps back into bed, turning the screen on to see that you had finally texted him.
[9:31pm] Y/N: I’m home :)
[9:31pm] Y/N: I stopped at the store and they had a 2 for 1 on your shampoo. 
[9:32pm] Y/N: You can keep one here and take the other home :)
[9:32pm] Y/N: Also bought a candy bar. I’m eating it now. Mmmm
He grins at your texts and shakes his head before his fingers are flying across the screen, typing out his own response.
[9:35pm] Hoseok: Mean, you know I can’t eat candy
[9:36pm] Y/N: We established that was a lie yesterday Mr Jung
[9:36pm] Hoseok: :(
[9:36pm] Y/N: I’d share my candy with you :)
[9:37pm] Hoseok: Ha. Thanks. For the shampoo too <3
[9:37pm] Hoseok: I just put Soo-ah to bed. She came to me. Told me why she was mad. She says sorry
[9:38pm] Y/N: She doesn’t need to apologise! She’s allowed to be mad. Is she okay?
[9:38pm] Hoseok: Yeah, it was exactly what I thought. Worried about her mom. I just have to make sure she knows I won’t forget her
[9:39pm] Y/N: You won’t. I don’t want to take her place. Even though I kind of am but you get what I mean
[9:40pm] Hoseok: I do. And I love you for it
[9:40pm] Y/N: I love you too
[9:41pm] Hoseok: She also wants to know if you’ll still let her ride Artemis
[9:42pm] Y/N: Lol, of course! 
[9:42pm] Hoseok: Kinda said you’d teach her how to ride too
[9:43pm] Y/N: Haha, again, of course. I’d be happy to for you :) and the twins if they want
[9:43pm] Hoseok: Thank you. I’m gonna sleep now. I love you <3
[9:43pm] Y/N: I love you too <3
He grins at the final message before placing his phone on the bedside table and looking at the picture of Yoo-jin and him on his own table. Smiling softly, he reaches out and brings it closer to him, rubbing his thumb over her face beneath the glass.
“I hope you’re okay with this baby. I’m sorry you can’t be here, I wish you were. I hope you’re not mad at me for being with Y/N. I think you’d approve though, I really love her a lot already and she makes me so happy. I miss you, but I hope you’re okay with me moving on. I won’t forget you though, like I told Soo-ah.” Placing the frame back on the table, he turns off the lamp and curls up beneath the covers with a sigh before drifting off to sleep, his dreams filled with his daughters, you and Yoo-jin as a happy family together.
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fantasybangtan · a year ago
oranges & lemons (jhs)
Tumblr media
𝘱𝘢𝘪𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘨 | lawyer!hoseok x goddess!reader
𝘨𝘦𝘯𝘳𝘦 | greek mythology modernisation, demeter au, fantasy, teensy bit of angst at the end, smut. 
𝘸𝘢𝘳𝘯𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴 | 18+, smut. unprotected sex, dom!hoseok, switch!reader (I guess?), oral (female receiving), fingering, dirty talk, degradation, spanking, hair pulling, allusions to an unexpected pregnancy, strong language.
𝘸𝘰𝘳𝘥 𝘤𝘰𝘶𝘯𝘵 | 5.3k
𝘴𝘶𝘮𝘮𝘢𝘳𝘺 | despite what the human folk might like to believe, being goddess of the harvest is no walk in the orchard - especially not when your father’s silver-tongued attorney rocks up at the family villa with every intention of distracting you.
𝘰𝘳 : a modern-day demeter has a romp in the orange grove with daddy’s lawyer.
𝘢/𝘯 | this is my contribution to the @ficswithluv​ luvlibrary project! I chose to write for erotica which was a trip and a half. as it stands, I’m quite happy with this one, so I really hope you guys like it too!
Tumblr media
It’s the sleek navy blue Maserati parked in the driveway that morning that tips you off. 
You can see it from your spot out in the orange grove, its steel body glistening beneath the Laconian sun and tyres threatening to melt. You’ve always thought cars to be horribly flashy things, but this one really takes the biscuit. Your father’s lawyer spares no expense when it comes to showing off. It might as well have the words ‘big cock’ scrawled over the bumper.
Though perhaps this is just as well, you muse as you fill your basket with fruit. For a mortal to stand up in a court of law before Gods and Titans, a certain air of arrogance is a necessity. The pre-Olympians are sly bunch, crooks and criminals and rotten to the core, and your father Cronus is no different - arguing his case would be no easy feat for the average human. 
But average, Jung Hoseok is not. 
As per usual, you can feel his presence before you see him: the city smoke that clings to his Armani jacket, the false bravado and the dripping tendrils of desire that run down the back of his neck like sweat. Humans always reek of desire. 
When he comes into view a moment later, he is descending the stone steps of the villa and loosening the knot of his tie. He has the same look on his face as always after meetings with your father - eyebrows low and furrowed, lips set in a slight pout of concentration. His skin glows bronze, though it is clear to see he’s not yet used to the eternal sunshine the island has to offer. Slow and unhurried, his movements are that of a fat-bellied cat, splayed out in the midday heat and preening its fur. He knows you are watching.
Tearing your gaze away, you turn back to the cluster of trees before you, their branches bowing and swollen with ripe citrus fruits. With dainty hands you pluck them free, humming under your breath as you collect them in the basket beneath your arm, the light material of your dress tickling your bare ankles. You count down the seconds in your head. It won’t be long now.
“Good afternoon, Goddess,” a low voice hums behind you not ten seconds later.
Your lips curl into a pleased smile, though you do not turn to face him. To look upon him would be to give him power, and you are not so foolish as to play your winning card before the game has truly begun. Your mother taught you that one. 
“Is it?” you muse, pretending to inspect the tangerine in your palm. “I find ‘good’ is seldom the right word when father’s legal team are involved.”
You hear rather than see the smirk in his voice, envisioning the man stood behind you with one hand inserted casually into the pocket of his slacks. He never looks anything short of relaxed, both in the courtroom and out of it, though you often find yourself questioning how truthful his whole cool, collected image is. Hoseok is a talented actor. One must be, you suppose, when they make a living from lying through their teeth.
“Trust me,” he says, the branches beside him rustling as he picks himself a peach. “It’s not a cause for concern. Uranus will be lucky to walk out of that courtroom with his reputation intact, let alone the case. He’ll be the laughing stock of Greece once they hear he’s still bitter over something that happened thousands of years ago.”
You click your tongue disapprovingly. “That old feud again? Gods. You’d think the old man would just let bygones be bygones at this point.” 
“Castration’s a hard one to let go I guess,” Hoseok snorts, his voice muffled behind a mouthful of fruit.
Your lips twitch as you return to picking your oranges. Hoseok is leaning up against the crate behind you now, basking like a peacock showing off its plume. If he were anyone else you’d report him for stealing your produce, knowing full well such an offence is an act of high treason. He wouldn’t be the first to stand trial for theft of your hard work, and your father is known to have some splendidly creative methods when it comes to punishment.  
How amusing it would be to watch Hoseok attempt to sift through his case file in court without any fingers. 
Then again, this would almost definitely result in his hasty removal from your father’s legal team, and what fun would lounging by the pool in your two-piece be if your favourite human weren’t around to ogle the sight of your bare legs stretched out across the marble?
“I hear the court date falls on my parents’ anniversary,” you comment, recalling what your brother Zeus had told you earlier. 
He’d warned you to keep your distance from the villa until dinnertime, which is code-speak for ‘daddy’s throwing a tantrum again’. When you’d asked him how he intended to bide his time until then, he’d merely grinned at you, nodding towards the cream convertible that had just rolled through the gates. As he hopped into the passenger seat beside the pretty primordial who must have been at least double his age, you couldn’t help but wonder if after years of turning your nose up at his indecencies, you were taking after him. The thought made you cringe in distaste.
“Afraid so,” Hoseok responds, his tone grim. “Your father is none too happy.”
“Mm. I heard shouting earlier. It sounded as though he was about to start throwing things again.”
“Oh, he did. Several things in fact. I spent half the meeting cleaning up fragments of Gaia’s plant pots from the floor. I doubt she’ll be too pleased about that, knowing her.” 
“Nor will she be pleased to hear that you’re still driving that abominable fuel-guzzler around her island,” you shoot back, sighing as you place your basket down on the floor. “Do you know how much carbon monoxide that thing pumps out with every mile?”
Hoseok huffs a laugh, and goosebumps erupt over your skin when you realise how close he’s become. His breath fans over the back of your neck, causing you to still. 
“That’s funny,” he says, his voice dropping an octave as his lips ghost the shell of your ear. “I didn’t hear you complaining when I had you bent over the hood last week.” 
Your skin flushes as his fingers reach out to caress your hip, and your breath stutters delightedly at his bluntness. It is what you have always liked about him. Of all the fatal flaws a man can have, hubris is by far the most entertaining. 
“Are you really not going to look at me, Goddess?”
His tone sends shivers of anticipation through your body. Toes curling in the grass, you steel yourself and slowly turn around in his grip.
“You’re worse than Narcissus,” you mumble quietly, but there’s no disguising the want in your gaze when your eyes finally connect with his. “Always needing to be looked at. Always vying for approval.”
Hoseok’s lips quirk up in the corner as he gives the low cut of your dress a once over, taking in your sun-warmed skin and rosy cheeks. “You’d love that wouldn’t you, Goddess?” he says, chuckling softly. “Unfortunately for you, I must be just about the only person around here who isn’t desperately seeking your validation.” 
You trap your bottom lip gently between your teeth. He isn’t wrong there. You’ve yet to come across another human who doesn’t throw themselves at your feet in search of your hand in their hair, clawing and desperate for you to feed them little segments of oranges and wipe the drool from their lips afterwards like incompetent little boys. But Hoseok is far from the type. Flouncing around the island in a crisp white Dior shirt and rings collected from a whole host of Goddesses he’s no doubt called lovers, it’s clear that he is a man who knows his own importance very well.
Perhaps this is how he’d managed to have you on your knees for him behind the guest house after his first ever meeting with your father, head thrown back and groaning in pleasure as you gave his god-sized-human-cock the suck of its life. Nothing gets you so turned on as mortal arrogance.  
“Are you going to kiss me or not?” you say, feigning boredom as you stare at the knot of his tie. 
Hoseok, as always, sees right through you.
“Would you like me to kiss you?” he hums, reaching up to stroke his thumb over your cheekbone. 
You can’t help but nuzzle into his touch, his calloused hands a welcome contrast against the supple smoothness of your skin. Momentarily, your eyes flicker amber with yearning. 
“You know, Gods don’t take too kindly to being played with,” you murmur, turning your head suddenly to nip at his thumb. Hoseok’s eyes visibly dilate. “And if you want me to do anything about that beast in your pants, you’d better show me something worth my time.” 
Hoseok grins wolfishly. “Is that so?” He slides an arm around your waist, pulling you flush against his chest. His lips ghost tantalisingly against yours. “Then it seems I have no choice. I am only a humble man, after all. Who am I to defy the commands of a Goddess?” 
Your entire body pulses at the sentiment and when his mouth finally moulds against yours, you are shuddering in his arms like a wounded bird. He knows exactly what effect his words have on you - the mock submission laced with faux sweetness serving as a bitter imitation of your previous consorts. He knows how you crave control. 
He also knows how denying it from you gets you dripping between your thighs like nothing else. 
You have no doubt he can already smell it on you when he crowds you back against the tree, his hand braced against the bark beside your head. He has often commented Goddesses do not smell as human girls do when they are aroused. No… your kind is something far sweeter. 
“I couldn’t stop thinking about you that entire meeting,” Hoseok groans as he buries his head between your neck and shoulder, tugging the frilled strap of your dress down to grant himself better access to your skin. “Your father kept offering me more wine - only the more I drank, the harder it was to hold my tongue. I must have asked after you about three times in there.”
You tangle your fingers through his auburn hair with a stuttered moan as he mouths along the underside of your jaw, effortlessly locating the spot that has you writhing against him like an animal in heat. 
“I’m sure my father offers you a lot more than wine,” you half chuckle as Hoseok continues his assault on your collarbones, the other strap ripped from your shoulder not a moment later. Even in his current state of preoccupation, it would be impossible to miss the bitter note in your voice. “What was that nymph’s name? Harmonia, was it? I bet she showed you a good time.”
“So your father pays well?” Hoseok shrugs, straightening up to look you in the eye. “Isn’t jealousy a little too human for you, Goddess?”
“Jealousy?” You snort, quirking an eyebrow. “Do you really think so highly of yourself?”
Hoseok shrugs. “Ask me again in twenty minutes.” 
“Because my response will probably be different after I’ve watched you cream on my cock for a third time.”
He laughs at his own joke as you blink at him. 
Without hesitation, you rip his Dior shirt clean open, the pearlescent buttons skittering outwards into the grass like tiny white insects.
Hoseok’s jaw goes slack as he looks down at himself. 
“That shirt cost me two hundred dollars.”
“I guess that comment just cost you two hundred dollars then. Better learn to control that cocky mouth of yours before I start assuming all you lawyers are the same.”  
“Oh?” Hoseok finally lifts his gaze from his lightly tanned abdomen, his lean muscles now exposed and glittering golden between the open flaps of his shirt. He raises his eyebrows at you. “And how many lawyer’s mouths are you acquainted with?”  
“That depends entirely on how many lawyers my father has had,” you grin. “And I’m afraid that’s a number I don’t care to recall.” 
Before you can so much as blink, Hoseok is tearing the criss-cross lace between your breasts clean open, leaving the material slipping off your shoulders and leaving your top half completely exposed to the elements.
“There.” he says darkly, his chest rising and falling steadily as he gazes at your bare torso. “You can call it even now, Goddess.”
Your jaw tightens. Part of you wants to claw his heart out, split it into three and feed it to Hades’ dogs for ruining the dress mother had so lovingly sewn for your twenty-first birthday. The other wants to take his cock so far down your throat you’ll be wondering if Gods really are immortal by the end of it.
As always, it is the latter that wins out.
The pair of you collapse against one another in a frenzy of lips and tongue and fumbling fingers that work together to remove Hoseok’s shirt and the remains of your dress. You reach for the clasp of Hoseok’s belt but it seems he already has other ideas, dropping to his knees to guide the light folds of your skirt down your thighs until they’re pooled around your ankles on the ground. 
Only when the afternoon glow illuminates your nude form like a full-body halo does the man give pause. He looks up at you, beautifully dishevelled where he sits at your feet, his shoulders rising and falling with heavy breaths as he takes you in.
“Do something,” you whisper.
It’s not begging.
It’s not.  
Hooking his fingers into the waistband of your panties, Hoseok drags them dutifully down your legs. You can’t help but sink your teeth into your bottom lip when he finally comes eye-level with your glistening cunt, his warm breath fanning out across your swollen sex as he sits back on his haunches. 
“Put your leg over my shoulder,” he commands.
You do as he says, leaning back against the tree trunk as he gently helps you drape your leg over his broad shoulder, your bare calf resting against the solid muscles of his back.  
“Look at you...” he sighs. “So wet for me already.” 
“Don’t flatter yourself,” you snort, though there is a strained note to your voice that Hoseok’s keen ears are bound to pick up on. “I saw Kim Namjoon get in his car before you came out. The man wears a suit like no one else.”
Hoseok chuckles, gently spreading your slick lips apart with two fingers to expose your aching clit.
“Yet it isn’t Kim Namjoon you’ll be moaning like a bitch for in the middle of daddy’s orchard, princess,” he sings, his eyes following the crude evidence of arousal that glitters on the inside of your plush thighs.  
“Would you like to know what happened to the last man who called me a bitch?” you grit out, your eyes rolling backwards in their sockets as Hoseok ghosts his lips so close to the place where you need him. 
“Do tell,” he murmurs, pressing a teasing kiss to the junction between your thigh and your pulsing sex. “I’m dying to know.”
“He met the same fate as Prometheus. Father had him tied to a rock for the eagles to feast on,” you manage, your hands fumbling for a purchase that isn’t there when Hoseok’s sinful lips take to pressing similar kisses all over your mound. “Only, he didn’t have the pleasure of dying several deaths. H-Humans... oh -” You gasp as Hoseok licks a broad stripe up the centre of your cunt, your hips jerking forward reflexively and fingers reaching out to fist in his hair. You swallow tightly, steeling yourself. “Human’s only get to die once. And when they do, it is bloody and pitiful.” 
“Is this your idea of dirty talk?” Hoseok snickers, glancing upwards with a teasing smile. “You get off on the idea of me chained up to a rock with birds pecking at my liver for all eternity?” 
You peer at him, your chest heaving. 
“Consider it a warning. You’d do well to remember who holds the cards here, Human.”
Hoseok grins lopsidedly. There is a glimmer of something in his dark eyes when he peers up at you, simultaneously pushing his middle finger slowly past your spasming entrance - something that looks an awful lot like fondness. Not that you would know. There are very few things that Gods and Goddesses have to be ‘fond’ about.  
“Message received,” he murmurs, slipping a second finger into your cunt once the evidence of your arousal begins to drip down his hand. 
The viscous liquid glitters upon his tan skin and his eyes dilate at the sight, tongue swiping out over his lower lip. It is almost as if he believes the produce of your pulsing sex is holy water or something of the like, blessed by the powers of your sister Goddessess. Without a second thought, he ducks forward again to lathe his skilled tongue through your folds. 
“Hoseok,” you exhale shakily, your hand tightening in his hear as your head lolls backwards against the bark.  
Your reaction encourages him, but the pace he’s set remains unhurried. He likes to take his time with you. Ease his fingers in and out of you until your thighs are trembling; lap gently at your clit until there’s a study stream of wanton gasps tumbling from your slack mouth. There is never any rush when Hoseok is concerned. His intentions are clear. 
He means to ruin you. 
“There we go,” he murmurs, gaze fixed intently on your face as you let out a quiet sigh of contentment. He crooks his fingers in a way that has your hips jutting forward with a whine. “You’re already there, aren’t you?”
“Yes,” you breathe, your eyes closed and lips parted as his curious tongue soothes over your clit with the lightest of touches. “Yes, gods, make me come, Hobi. Make me come -” 
His eyes remain trained on you as he coaxes you over the edge, still infuriatingly gentle as he mouths over your swollen pearl, fingers growing still as you clench rhythmically around him and release with a pathetic moan. 
It occurs to you as you come down that you never made such noises for the string of men who’d fucked you in the past. You’ve spread your thighs open for Gods and humans alike, yet your father’s attorney remains the only one able to tame your tiger-like roar into kittenish mewls. This is perhaps what fascinates you most about Hoseok. The thrill of giving in. Of handing over control to a man who could be no less your subordinate if he tried. 
“There it is... that’s perfect, sweetheart,” he praises you quietly.
He pulls his fingers out before delivering a few light pats to your sex that have you whining. Gods don’t have a ‘reboot period’ like humans do. Overstimulation is a foreign concept, and when Hoseok is involved, you are almost always ready to go. 
Guiding your leg from his shoulder, Hoseok rises calmly to a stand. He barely spares a glance at you as he begins to unclasp his belt, and heat pools in your stomach at the sight. You love when he plays it cold. Love when you can see the hard line of his cock twitching inside his slacks, and your father’s ring glinting on his knuckle. 
How ironic, you think, that the symbol of Hoseok’s loyalty to your father had been pressed snug up against his daughter’s cunt not moments ago. 
“Hands and knees, Goddess,” he says, all traces of softness eradicated from his voice. When you don’t immediately scramble to follow his order, he pauses to look at you, eyebrows arched expectantly. “I won’t ask twice.” 
Enthralled by the authority in his tone, you sink down until your knees are cushioned by the soft grass, walking your hands out until your behind is fully displayed for his viewing pleasure. Catlike, you arch your back softly in an attempt to beguile him - or perhaps as an incentive to hurry up. You’ll be the first to admit you’re not a patient woman. 
“Take your time,” you huff, fingers curling in the grassroots as you feel him settle behind you. “It’s not as if any of my father’s staff could stumble across us. Thank goodness for my powers of invisibility, right?” 
Hoseok responds by delivering a sharp smack to the swell of your ass, the hit leaving just enough sting to have your body thrumming with want. You barely have time to recover before he grabs a fistful of your hair, leaning over you to speak directly in your ear. 
“Don’t make me fucking gag you,” he mutters, the heat of his breath on your cheek. With the other hand, he makes quick work of yanking down his zipper. 
The sensation when he finally - finally - pushes in, can only be described as pure, bone-aching relief. You’ve been fucked by Gods who could not make you feel nearly as good as Hoseok does. When he bottoms out with his hips resting flush against your ass, the low groan he releases has your gut curling in satisfaction, your entrance pulsing around his rigid length in welcome. 
“Shit, you’re gripping me so fuckin’ tight...” he exhales in a rush of air, rocking experimentally into your heat and punching a series of helpless whines from your throat. “It’s alright, sweetheart, I’m not going anywhere,” he adds with a breathless chuckle. His words only serve to make your walls to clamp down harder.
“Will you move already?” you pant, pushing your hips back in an effort to get the ball rolling, as it were. “I was actually in the middle of something before you came along, you know. I’m not just gonna kneel here like your breeding bitch for the next hour while you compose sonnets about my cunt.” 
It takes less than two seconds before you find yourself being shoved face-first into the grass, your arms no longer supporting you as Hoseok fucks into you at a ruthless pace. 
“Perhaps you should have thought about that before you put on that poor excuse for a dress and positioned yourself right outside daddy’s office,” he grunts, his fingers squeezing around the back of your neck in a display of dominance. “It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you’re gagging for it. I’ve heard you beg enough times.” 
The statement rips an affronted growl from your throat - the type that is subdued into a soft purr the moment Hoseok’s starts hitting that spot inside you that makes you feel like you’re made of gold. King Midas himself would have a hard time making you glow like you are now. It’s as if you’re being lit up from the point where your bodies are connected, Hoseok’s touch like a fiery brand against your skin. It is not rare for such phenomenons to happen when a God engages in coitus with a human - though, admittedly, Hoseok is the first to elicit such an intense reaction from you.
“You’re so gorgeous like this,” he murmurs now, his hand releasing your neck in favour of cupping your heavy breast in his palm. “So perfect for me, gods...”
You keen as he squeezes the supple flesh in his hand, his thumb flicking back and forth over your hardened nipple. Without a shadow of a doubt, Hoseok is a tits man. You learned this pretty early on, during the first (and only) court hearing your father allowed you to attend. Hoseok should have been watching the witness box, but your low cut cami ended up luring his attention elsewhere. It was the first time he’d ever tripped over his own tongue in front of a jury.
Like an Olympian, his body bronzed from the sun and skin shimmering with sweat, every last one of Hoseok’s chiseled muscles are in motion when he fucks you. He is an art form in himself, you often muse. A sculpture that no earthborn hand could have carved. You are envious of whichever Goddess he kneels to at the temples - livid even, at the thought of their clawed fingers running through his hair when you aren’t around to fill his time. It is not often that a human transcends the realms of mortal beauty, but when they do, it never fails to throw the gods into a state of chaos. 
“Hoseok…” You whisper his name into the grass, your thighs quaking uncontrollably as you approach your second climax. “I’m so close.”
You cannot see the soft smile on his face at the utter brokenness in your voice, but you know it’s there. His motions slow to long, powerful thrusts as he grips your hips and leans over you, draping his body over your back to whisper against your neck
“Arms over your head, sweetheart. Let’s put those powers to good use, shall we?” 
You whine low in your throat as you move to obey, dragging your heavy arms out from under you and placing your wrists together in the grass just in front of your face. He’s asked you to do this before. He doesn’t have to spell it out for you to be trembling with pleasure at the prospect.
Fast enough to startle even you, a tangle of thick brown roots burst up from the earth and weave themselves around your wrists, pinning them in place with little to no wiggle room. You moan at the sensation. Caught between Hoseok’s body and held down by the product of your own magic that’s been turned against you, there is nowhere left for you to go. 
“They were quicker that time, hm?” Hoseok chuckles, the goading implication in his voice clear.
Even your powers want to submit to me.
If you weren’t so short of breath, you’d clap back at him. Remind him of exactly what your powers are capable of, when they aren’t being used as a bondage tool during a quick fuck in the orange grove. But when Hoseok snakes a hand between your legs to circle his ring finger over your swollen clit, all coherent thought is abruptly lost.
“That’s it,” he praises you as you arch your back with a high-pitched cry, your thighs tense as the near-paralysing bliss tears outwards through your body. “There’s a good girl. Getting my cock nice and wet for me, yeah?” 
You twitch as if an electric current is running through you, mouth gaping as evidence of your climax runs thick down the back of your legs, sweet and viscous like nectar. Hoseok fucks you through it, his breaths growing more laboured with every rhythmic clench of your walls.  
“Oh, fuck yes,” he groans raggedly, throwing his head back. 
When Hoseok comes, he is doused in a waterfall of sunlight. A creation of Apollo, his handsome brow creased in pleasure as he empties his load into the soft, fertile vessel before him. Your body thrums with warmth as he fills you up, the sound of your mingled breathing drowned out beneath the dull ringing in your ears. 
As the roots shrink away and dissolve back into the earth, your heavy eyelids drift closed against the light. 
“Hoseok?” you murmur faintly.
His length twitches feebly inside you as it softens - a natural reaction to the fucked-out rasp in your voice when you speak his name. 
“Yeah, sweetheart?” he pants.
You smile slowly to yourself. 
“Call me a good girl again, and I’ll rip your cock off and feed it to you in the courthouse.” 
After a beat of silence, Hoseok huffs out a fond laugh, and the sound makes something small and warm unfurl in your stomach. He leans down to press a soft kiss to the back of your shoulder.
“Of course you will, Goddess.”  
Tumblr media
“What in Chaos’ name are you blathering on about?” 
Cronus is clutching the whiskey in his hand so tightly it’s a wonder the glass doesn’t splinter. He’s had it up to here with the dastard Fates and their inability to ever give a straight answer, but the three old women sitting opposite him remain completely unbothered by his outburst. 
With spindly fingers, Clotho, possibly the most haggard of the three, holds up the newly spun thread to the sunlight. 
“Nine months from now, a child will be born of your bloodline,” she repeats for the third time, a slight wheeze in her chest indicative of one too many puffs on the old pipe. “A goddess known as both the princess of springtime and queen of death, with long dark hair and eyes to rival even Leto’s.” 
Her companions mutter in agreement as Cronus cringes at the mention of his youngest son’s most recent consort. With his lips set in a displeased frown, he narrows his eyes and shakes his head. 
“You’ve made a mistake. My wife is not pregnant. She can’t be,” he grunts. “She’s already borne me six children, for christ sakes, if you think she lets me near her without a condom these days then you’re sorely mistaken.” 
“We weren’t referring to your wife, Cronus.”
In unnerving unison, the Three Fates turn their heads slowly to gaze out of the bay windows on the other side of the office. Cronus’ follows their line of sight, stiffening when his eyes finally land upon the object of their scrutiny.
Across the garden, Jung Hoseok emerges from between the low hanging branches of the orange grove, looking far more disheveled than he was when their legal meeting concluded some forty minutes ago. At first, Cronus is confused as to why the young man is still on the property, but all becomes clear when a second figure comes into view a moment later.
Cronus clenches his teeth as he watches the scene before him play out. His livid eyes take in every detail, from the way Hoseok appears to be physically holding the flaps of his shirt closed, to your hair, now falling in tangled strands over your shoulders, tugged free from the pristine updo you’d sported at breakfast that morning by careless, wanting fingers. 
Your cheeks are stained rose petal pink when the attorney leans down to bestow a parting kiss upon your lips, but all Cronus can see is bright, blood-stain red. 
When the glass in his hand shatters into a thousand tiny pieces, the Fates barely even flinch. Their eyes follow the enraged Titan as he rises from his chair abruptly, making a beeline for the telephone that hangs on the far wall. 
“Who are you calling?” Atropos asks in her sharp-tongued Brooklyn accent, helping herself to another smoke as Cronus punches in the number almost violently. 
“Hades,” he grunts.
Smoke curls from Atropos’ mouth as she exchanges raised eyebrows with her sister Fates.
Cronus pauses, his eyes coruscating with something dark and deadly. A slow, unhinged smile creeps out across his lips as he lifts the receiver to his ear. 
“It would be awfully rude not to let him know I’m sending another one his way, wouldn’t it?” 
Tumblr media
𝘢/𝘯 | if you’re a bit of the greek mythology nerd like me, you might spot that the child the fates are referring to here is persephone! in greek mythology, zeus (demeter’s brother) is actually believed to be the father of the child (gross, I know. that’s the olympian’s for you!) but for the purposes of the story I’m gonna go ahead and say that zeus offers to raises persephone as his own so the other gods won’t look down on his sister for giving birth to a child that is half human. if you’d like to read my take on persephone featuring mr kim taehyung, you can find that here. wishing you all the best, my loves.
as always, any and all feedback is hugely appreciated!
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sugamoonv · 2 years ago
Chapter 1
Tumblr media
A.N: Ahhhhhhh so I finished the first chapter. I wrote most of this at 1 in the morning so I cut a lot out. It looks so far to be headed in the direction of a slow-burn. Let me know what you think!
Title: At Last
Word Count: 2k+
Genre: Drama, Romance, Supernatural
Pairings: Poly!BTS x Reader/OT7 X Reader
Warnings: N/A
Summary: Since the beginning of their existence, BTS has been cursed to share one soulmate with each other. It doesn’t help that she’s mortal and they’re not.
Prologue / Chapter 2 /
    Loud music played in your apartment waking you up. It was coming from the bathroom you and your roommate, Jinny, shared. Your alarm wasn’t scheduled to go off for another hour but your morning class had gotten you accustomed to waking up at an early hour. Sighing, you roll out of bed and walk out of your room, bumping into your roommate as she walks out of the bathroom and you walk into the kitchen.
    After having saved up enough money, your roommate was able to buy decent tickets to see BTS in concert. Her excitement to see the band had led her to wake up in a good mood which meant morning playlists and spontaneous dancing. You remember staying up with her when BTS announced they were extending their stay to put on another concert and waiting with her til the tickets started selling, slightly envious that you weren’t able to get a ticket yourself.
    You both were in college and had jobs of your own, but Jinny’s parents had been successful in opening their own restaurant and so were able to help with her tuition. At the end of sophomore year, she suggested to moving out of the dorms into an apartment and so her parents began covering most of the rent. So any extra money Jinny had, had been put towards traveling and attending concerts. You tried to keep your complaints to a minimum around her because you were grateful that her family was covering you rent and most of your utility bills.
    Today was the day of the concert and it seems that Jinny has been up for a couple of hours already getting ready. In her free time, she binge-watched as many interviews with BTS and music videos as she could. The nights you weren’t preoccupied with work or an assignment, you would join her to fawn over each member.
    Her bias was Jungkook. She tries many times to get you to confess who your bias was and eventually you caved in and told her it was Jimin. His soft personality made you gravitate slightly more to him than the others. You shared in her admiration of all of the boys, you felt as though you had a connection with them. That it was different for you when you looked at photos of them or watched videos. It didn’t make sense for you to feel connected to seven men that didn’t know you, for your heart to flutter when someone said their names, for you to be left breathless when you got carried away in your thoughts of them and to feel a deep ache in your chest when snapped yourself out of your daydreams. It didn’t make sense for it to feel as though you were dying at the mere thought that they would never see, know, or care about you.
    “Gooooood morning,” Jinny happily greeted you in the kitchen. You hand her the coffee pot for her to pour the remaining liquid into her own cup. She turned her music down to play at a soft volume in the background.
    “Morning gorgeous,” you replied back. She smiled and struck a quick pose before taking another sip of her coffee. She was the only person close enough to you for you to feel comfortable calling her affectionate nicknames. Something you had been unable to do with anyone else, which caused some difficulty in your romantic endeavors.
    Growing up, you had never had much luck dating, not that you minded all that much. Despite others showing interest in you, you were never able to reciprocate the same feelings and you never pursued a relationship of your own as no one interested you enough. That was until you discovered BTS. Dating had become especially difficult after learning who BTS was as you started comparing other men to the members which only led to disappointment and a hollow feeling. You learned that if you tried forcing yourself into being with another, you got a sick feeling in your stomach. The first time had left you nearly debilitated and during your bed rest you would watch BTS, then a few days later you were back to normal. After that, BTS became your source of comfort.
    You sit down at the table with a plate of food from the dining hall and wait for your friends to show. Jinny usually joined you for lunch but she had a lab that took up her entire afternoon this semester. So you adjusted and began to eat with a few other of your friends. After 17 minutes the table has filled in.
    “Hey, your roommate’s seeing BTS tonight right?” one of your friends asks after a few minutes of conversation. You nod. “Oh, I hope she has fun! I saw them last year and they were amazing!” she gushes.
    “Ugh, I bet. She said that since I couldn’t go she’s gonna record the whole thing and get me a souvenir or something,” you agree.
    “Wait why aren’t you going?” another friend interrupts.
    “I can’t afford it and the cheap tickets sold out in basically five minutes,” you say exasperated. “The only tickets that didn’t sell immediately are hella expensive.”
    “I have a friend that's selling her ticket for a hundred’ and seventy-six dollars if you want it,” your friend informed you.
    “Really? Aw, that’d be cool, yeah, I think I have enough,” you say excitedly.
    “Cool,” her attention turns towards her phone as she begins texting her friend.
    Excitement bubbles in your chest as you realize that you finally get the chance to see BTS. You begin to imagine different scenarios that could happen at the concert and how you could actually meet BTS. Your daydreams left you with a pleasant warmth that left you giddy.
    Yoongi sat on a couch backstage while his fellow band members were off doing what they needed elsewhere. After the meeting with the witch where they learned what you name was, it had been easy to find you on social media but they were having more difficulty getting to you in person. They changed their concert dates to come to your state and had prolonged their time spent in the state by adding more concert dates.
    This was the last concert they were able to hold before their management forced them to leave. They were unable to find you at any of their previous concerts and were hopeful that they would get lucky tonight.
    Yoongi was too focused staring at the most recent post on your Instagram that he didn’t notice Jimin, Jin, and Taehyung walk into the room. Taehyung and Jin found their own seats but knowing what Yoongi was doing because it became a shared hobby among the boys, Jimin walked over to him and sat on his lap.
    Jimin had stayed up plenty of nights staring at his fair share of photos of you. His mind often drifted off and he wondered what it would be like when you finally met, what your habits would be, how your laugh would sound, what would make you laugh or cry. Your photos were only a substitute for him until he could fully memorize every detail and feature in person not just with his eyes but his hands and lips as well.
    At the sudden weight on his lap and shoulder as Jimin leaned back to look at Yoongi’s phone, Yoongi’s concentration was broken. He locked his phone with a scowl and slid out from underneath Jimin to move to a different seat. Jimin watched Yoongi walk away from him and slid off the couch cushions onto the floor with a dramatic sigh. Jin began laughing loudly at the interaction that just happened between Yoongi and Jimin, making Taehyung and Jimin smile. Yoongi’s attention was focused back on the picture of you he had on his phone.
    A few minutes passed in silence and Yoongi, Taehyung, Jimin, and Jin got up and joined the others at the stage wing. Loud chatter could be heard as people began filling the stadium and various staff members bustled around them completing last minute preparations. Namjoon and Jungkook stood in front of Hoseok facing him. Hoseok was unmoving and his eyes were completely white.
    “Do you see her?” Taehyung asked walking up to them.
    “He’s been looking since they started letting people in,” Namjoon sighed. He gave Taehyung a tired look and returned his gaze to Hoseok.
    Hoseok had caught one of the security guards before the concert and so was able to establish a connection into the guard’s mind. He was looking directly through the guard’s eyes hoping to find you. Jimin was standing to the side hopeful that Hoseok would see her so he could then step in and compel the guard’s mind through Hoseok’s connection to bring her to them.
Hoseok broke the connection with an excited gasp, “I see her, she’s here.” The boys stepped closer to Hoseok, forming a circle around him with excited looks on their faces. He reached for Jimin and once their hands were clasped together, he re-established the connection into the guard’s mind. 
“We’re so close to getting in! I can’t wait!” Jinny squealed. You bounce with excitement and lift your head to see how much further you had to go
“So just to make sure, Evan’s gonna meet us the block over after right?” Jinny asked. Evan and you shared a writing a class. You got along with Evan instantly and over the first month got closer to him. He essentially became your right-hand man, always offering help when needed.
“Yeah,” you replied distractedly.
Jinny nodded and spun herself back around to move forward with the line. She turned her head towards you, “I’m gonna miss you! You’re seat's, like, a mile away from mine,” she whined with a pout.
You laugh as she faces the security guard once the group in front of you’s tickets are scanned. The guard's eyes remain on you the whole time he scans Jinny’s ticket. His stare seems empty and distant, as if he wasn’t fully present, which gave you an unsettling feeling.
You step towards him with a forced smile and hold out your ticket. Instead of grabbing the ticket, he grabs your hand, slowly turning it in his, almost petting it with his thumb. You keep glancing at Jinny as she waits off to the side and watches the guard with a confused scowl.
“Congratulations, you’ve won a special backstage pass,” the guard abruptly said.
“What?” you were caught off guard. You weren’t aware of any contest and neither was Jinny by the looks of it. Before you could ask any questions, he starts guiding you away from the crowd and another security guard walks over to replace him. You get one last look at Jinny’s shocked face before she disappears from your view.
You lose track of how many turns you make as the guard leads you through the building. You eventually reach a set of closed double doors marked ‘STAFF ONLY’. He pushes the doors open and continues to lead you into the building. You don’t see many people at first but the longer you keep walking the more people you see rushing around.
The guard keeps guiding you towards the stage wing. With every step, it feels as though something was awakening in you. Your heart beats faster, a pleasant buzz spreads under your skin and the shouting voices in the stadium quiet to a muffled roar.
“Just keep walking straight. You’ll see them up ahead,” the security guard says before turning and leaving you standing there. You hesitate to move. The odd sensations keep building the closer you get and it was beginning to feel as though you couldn’t take a proper breath.
You attempt to take a deep breath and push past the light-headedness you feel to follow the guard's directions. And you eventually see them a couple feet ahead of you.
None of the staff milling around you pay you any mind. You barely notice them once you set your eyes on the boys. Everything around you fades into the background. Slowly, their eyes fall on you and suddenly it feels as though you are burning. Jimin’s eyes lock with yours and never in your life have you felt such a deep ache in your chest. The distance between you and the boys was too much. You got this strong urge to be near them, to feel their skin upon yours, to hear their voices in your ears.
Your legs move without you noticing. Namjoon quickly walks to meet you halfway, gently placing his hands on either side of your face. “We have to go on stage but we’ll be right back. Okay?” he whispers and leans his forehead against yours. You don’t make out a word he says, all your focus was drawn to watching his lips move as he spoke.
You were in a state of shock, unable to grasp that you were actually meeting your idols. You watch them walk onto the stage, not noticing the longing stares they send you, too starstruck as the stage lights illuminate their faces. It takes a few minutes for your head to clear but once it does you feel like you just released this breath you’ve been holding in for years. You feel like you’re floating.
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readyplayerhobi · 3 years ago
Run Little Rabbit
Tumblr media
; Wolf Shifter!Hoseok x Rabbit Shifter!Reader
; Genre: Smut, a little angst, a little fluff
; Word Count: 15.3k
; Warnings: Dom!Hobi, Sub!Reader, degrading talk, dirty talk, overstimulation, forced orgasms, impregnation kink, creampie, cumplay, knotting, possessive talk/behaviour, biting, rough sex, spanking, squirting, everything is consensual!
; Synopsis: Jung Hoseok - the Alpha wolf of his pack and far out of your league. As a rabbit shifter who still jumps around predators, you fantasise about your dangerous crush from a safe distance, particularly as he doesn’t like you. But what happens when he goes into heat and you’re the only one he’ll accept?
; Run Little Rabbit Trilogy
Run Little Rabbit
Daddy’s Little Peanut (no smut)
Big Bad Wolf
; RLR Drabbles
College is like a continuous circle of stress, tiredness, joy at getting a good grade before falling back into stress. It’s been like this for four years, and you’re beyond glad that this is your final year before you can finally be free of the confines of a classroom.
Your parents had already been querying whether you might want to continue on and do a master’s degree, considering your single history degree to not be good enough to get a good job. Which was ridiculous, because even though you weren’t sure what job you wanted - you were sure that history was the one subject that you hated the least out of everything.
So no, you would not be subjecting yourself to a further year of of stress and unhappiness. Particularly as you’d have even less chances to fail than you did in your four years of college until now. You and college hadn’t co-operated very well on the education front, so you really weren’t inclined to put yourself through even more. Probably the only saving grace of your college life had been your friends.
Coming from a small town like you had, you had never interacted with any predator shifters as they simply hadn’t existed in your town. Your town had consisted of the more fearful prey shifters and humans with the majority being either deer or rabbit shifters. Which was fine when you needed pleasant neighbours, but not so much for actually growing into a well rounded person.
As such, you’d grown up practically afraid of your own shadow and it had only been when you’d entered high school in the next town over that you’d finally been introduced to predators. Even so, they had only been dog and cat shifters. Back then it had been a point of pride that you’d got used to the dominance battles they had all the time, but entering college had been a shock to your system.
It had taken some serious convincing with your parents to let you attend the state college instead of the local community college in the city closest to you. You’d desperately wanted to experience the world outside of your insulated community, and the real world involved apex predators. If you couldn’t handle living and studying with them, then you could kiss goodbye to a job working with them.
Which of course meant you’d spent the first two months in college firmly inside your room, terrified to leave as you’d had a tiger shifter to your right and a wolf shifter to your left. It had only been a month after this that the wolf shifter, Jisoo, had dragged you out finally to try and convince you that she didn’t want to eat you.
Slowly becoming friends with her had meant becoming friends with her pack, who she had moved in with in her second year. You’d stayed in dorms for the whole four years, unable to find another prey shifter who was willing to live with you and unable to live with predators.
But her friends had proven to be nice and respectful, being careful to not play too rough or engage in too many dominance battles that would have you running away. If you’d told yourself five years ago that your best friends would be wolf shifters, you’d have laughed all the way home. Yet here you were, wedged between Jisoo, a black wolf, and your other best friend Jimin, a silver wolf.
“This film is so fucking dumb! Seriously! You have the chance to do anything you want for 12 hours, no laws, and you chose to kill and beat people up?! How dumb is that? At the most I’d just want to steal something I really wanted.” You complain, shaking your fist at the screen.
Jimin snorts next to you before tickling your sides furiously. “It’s just a movie, calm down. It’s not real life, you know humans have stupid ideas.” He says in a derpy voice, pulling a face at the same time. You look at him with a raised eyebrow.
“Says the guy who complained throughout The Little Mermaid because she’s so young, you sounded like a dad even though you’re only 22.” At your words he’s immediately arguing back, raising a finger to point it in your face.
“She’s 16 years old! She’s just being a petulant teenager, it’s dumb. And why didn’t she just write or something?! She lost her voice, not her brain.” Jisoo’s hand suddenly appears between your faces and she sighs heavily.
“Can you two just watch the film please? I don’t want to get a film analysis, I just want to watch it.” She grumbles, turning away to look back at the screen, currently the only light in the darkened living room. Jimin grumbles quietly to himself before shutting up.
“Thank god, it’s getting to the good bits!” Jungkook, a black wolf, calls out as he looks over you all with a smirking smile. Despite the shudder down your spine at his predatory gaze, you scoff at him. Jungkook is quite possibly the least scariest wolf you’ve ever come across, mainly because he devolved into a quivering wreck when left with you alone. Boy has no girl skills.
It falls silent for a while between everyone watching, apart from the odd snort of disbelief from you at things. The slamming of the front door causes you to shriek in fright, which in turns causes Jimin and Jisoo to jump, and the head that pops around the doorway has your heart racing even more.
But it’s from a combination of fear and excitement now as you watch the red wolf slope into the room with boxes of pizza stacked in his arms. “Pizza delivery, you hungry assholes.” He sneers, sending out a slow roll of dominance that has the rest of the wolves slumping in their seats.
Jung Hoseok, the Alpha wolf of this university, places the boxes onto the coffee table and flops down next to Jimin. He’s more than a little grumpy after losing a bet earlier and being forced to go buy all the pizzas, which makes sense though given he also has the most money out of everyone.
But the problem is, is that the dance major is far more dominant than every wolf in the room which means his grumpiness is making everyone uncomfortable. And if it’s making the wolves uncomfortable, then it’s making you want to disappear faster than Captain Kirk at the sign of authority.
Despite the frantic beating of your heart, you subtly inhale deep and try to sift through the many scents of wolf to find the one you want. It doesn’t take long before the deeply seductive, and terrifying, scent of Hoseok dances through your nostrils and you’re biting your lip before you even realise.
It’s been three, long years since you began crushing on the Alpha. Other prey shifters might goggle at your dumb crush, while predators might chuckle at your lofty ambitions, but you really couldn’t help it. The man was walking sex sometimes to you, even if he did make you want to run screaming to the hills on other occasions. Though not because he meant it.
His aura was just so strong that it set off your flight instinct without him even trying. But he was so beautiful that it almost hurt to look at him. An elegant sloping nose that led to perfect, heart shaped mouth - a tiny mole dotting his upper lip. High cheekbones beset a chiselled jawline and all of this was completed by the most beautiful set of chocolate brown eyes, so warm and friendly with his packmates.
Russet hair adorned his head, most often parted along the centre to reveal mouth watering golden skin and you had fantasised many times about kissing it. But if you ever tried in real life, he’d probably bite your nose off in annoyance or anger.
Because as much as you could gush about Jung Hoseok’s beauty, his unbelievable dance skill and his amazing ability as packmaster, there was just one important fact that destroyed your dreams every time. The man did not like you, at all.
He was never rude about it and never made it overtly obvious that he disliked you, but it was implicitly clear in how he reacted. With others, he would give a flash of his megawatt smile and engage in jokes and physical play with ease. With you, he would simply stare for a moment, nostrils flaring before he’d turn on his heel and leave quickly.
It was a little disheartening to know he was opposed to you, and you didn’t even know why. You presumed it was because you were a prey shifter and the man was far too dominant to cope with being around you. Which made sense, because you always got the strongest urge to prostrate yourself on the floor to try and appease him, or at least encourage him to go eat the next shifter along.
Jimin and Jisoo swore that he didn’t hate you, and you were pretty convinced that they also thought he actually liked you. But that did not explain his behaviour over the past few years. If anything, it had been getting worse lately.
When you’d first started hanging out with the pack, he’d simply ignored your presence. But over the last few months in particular, he’d started to become particularly grumpy when you were near. All it would take was for you to laugh too hard at something Jimin said or to engage in a some very, very, light hearted play fighting with Taehyung to send him storming off with a growl.
Which meant you’d started hanging at their house less, much to the disappoint of your friends. But you didn’t want to make the wolf uncomfortable in his own home, no matter how much they all tried to point out that whenever you weren’t there he’d ask about you. Probably was just making sure you weren’t going to turn up unexpectedly.
He was a strange guy sometimes, although you presumed that was also something to do with his Alpha status. Hoseok had a lot of pressure on his shoulders; completing his degree while also corralling his wayward pack members and making sure they weren’t doing anything they shouldn’t be.
And yet, despite his apparent dislike of you, he seemed to remember things about you that were surprising. Such as tonight, with the pizza. There were five extra large pizzas filled with meat, the scent making your nose scrunch up slightly. And yet there was one extra large veggie pizza, something that no self respecting wolf would order.
It kind of warmed your heart to know he’d thought of you, even if it was just to keep you from whining that you had nothing to eat. Most predator shifters often forgot that the majority of prey shifters were vegetarian by nature.
His unexpected kindness is why you shyly thank him, getting a rough grunt in response from him. You don’t even need to look to see the flash of a grin on Jimin’s face at the interaction and you roll your eyes. Everyone knows about your crush on the Alpha, and you’re pretty positive that there’s more than a few of them rooting for you. Which is ridiculous.
Wolves eat rabbits, they don’t date them.
For once that night though, Hoseok seems to be in a pretty mellow and happy mood with you around. He makes a few jokes about the film, noting the same problems and issues you did and even laughs at a few comments you make. You’re almost getting a warm and fuzzy feeling when it all goes to shit suddenly.
Jimin had finished a slice of veggie pizza, making a noise of approval as he swallows down the remains of his food. All he has left in his hand in a super fluffy piece of crust, the dough having risen and bubbled in the oven. Your favourite kind.
He holds it up to your lips and makes an ‘aah’ noise, causing you to open your mouth and accept the crust from him. Biting down, you make a soft moan at the flavours, the garlic and herb dip he’d dunked the end in exploding in your mouth.
A low, angry growl reverberates around the room suddenly and everyone cowers in submission while you burrow into Jimin’s side in fear. There’s silence, only the film playing in the background, before suddenly Hoseok is launching himself out of the room and stomping up the stairs. Everyone stays still until they hear his door slam shut, upon which everyone deflates slightly.
Biting your lip, you swallow the crust before pouting lightly. “I’m sorry.” You whisper, fully aware that it’s because of you he’s left. Yoongi, a white wolf with a shockingly white head of hair, shakes his head slowly as he drags his gaze from the open door.
“It’s not really your fault. He’s just...tense lately. Don’t beat yourself up about it okay?” He asks, giving you a tentative smile that you barely give back. His words, supposed to be comforting, just make the pit in your stomach swell even more.
His obvious rejection of your presence would probably hurt less if you didn’t like him so much, but you couldn’t change what you were and neither could he. It’s just one of those things in life, so you take a deep breath and curl into Jimin’s side quietly to continue watching the film.
The knock on your dorm door jerks you awake, a hand resting on your heart subconsciously as it raced like it was trying to finish the London Marathon. Taking a deep breath, you turned wide eyes to the closed door before untangling yourself from the sheets, glancing down at your Mickey Mouse sleep shorts and plain white vest that’s got tangled around your chest.
Deciding that whoever is at the door really shouldn’t get a view of your boobs, as nice as they may or may not be, you untwist the shirt before padding over and unlocking it. Pulling it open slightly, your brows raise at the sight of Jimin and Jisoo.
Widening the gap, you gesture for them to enter your small dorm room and hunch into yourself ever so slightly as they take up space. Your room isn’t very big as it is, but with Jimin towering over you then it feels even more cramped. And that doesn’t even begin to cover the overwhelming aroma that drenches them both.
They stink of worry, and your overly sensitive nose is going haywire, twitching ever so slightly as your body takes a moment to freak out over the essence of wolf panic. Anything that panics a predator shifter is sure to panic a prey shifter and you have to swallow thickly to stop yourself from whimpering.
The silver wolf catches your meek body language - the way your hands grip at your arms while your nose jerks with tiny movements that his sharp eyes catch immediately. Swallowing thickly and taking in deep breaths, he nudges Jisoo to encourage her to calm down as well, the tiniest gesture of his head clueing her in.
“Hey guys, what are you doing here at...10 at night? It’s a little late ya know, I was...sleeping.” You mumble, internally whacking yourself on the forehead and wondering why on earth you’re being a mumbling mess. Despite your happiness to be around predator shifters now, your body can’t deny its instincts when you’ve been startled.
At least you weren’t shrieking and running away, or even more embarrassingly shifting into your rabbit form every time someone made you jump. It still made your cheeks flush with heat at the thought of when you first started high school. That incident had unfortunately earnt you the nickname of ‘Funny Bunny’.
Because you know, high schoolers were so mature and great at nicknames…
Jisoo shifted slightly as she took the chair by your desk, the plastic creaking under her weight. You caught her eyes flickering to Jimin and wondered what could possibly have them so weirded out. Maybe they’d started dating or something? You knew wolves weren’t fairly open about dating or sex, no matter how much they might brag, but there was no need for them to be so shy.
Rabbit shifters were more than happy to have sex and date. So they should feel more than comfortable letting you know, if anything you’d be ecstatic to find out two of your closest friends were dating! Instead, what they ask has your brows raising while your mouths pops open in a little ‘o’.
“Have you ever helped a shifter through their heat before?” Jimin blurts out, cheeks flushing a pastel pink as he cards his fingers through his hair, getting the most awkward look on his face. You look at them both with a brow raised, your body finally relaxed as it recognises that there is no danger to be had.
“In case you’ve both forgotten, I’m a rabbit shifter. We’re really good at two things...running and fucking. And I hate running, so yes. I’ve helped more than a few shifters with their heat.” There’s zero ounce of self consciousness on your face and you chuckle softly as they both get the most uncomfortable looks on their faces.
It never fails to amuse you that predator shifters are some of the biggest prudes ever and you have no doubt that if you stripped off right now they’d run away screaming. Jisoo coughs lightly at your words before nodding.
“Right well...would you be willing to help someone get through their heat? We really...really wouldn’t be asking otherwise but...the pack house is a very uncomfortable place right now.” You frown slightly, wondering who it was that was in their heat in the pack and why on earth they’d be coming to you.
Sure you’d helped shifters before, but they had all been prey species. Predators during sex were more than a little intense and they often caused your submissive streak to spike. Not that you were saying no, as you enjoyed it but it was like balancing on a knife. The fine edge of pleasure was a sweet spot to hit, too much pain or fear on either side and ouch.
Curling a leg underneath you on the bed, you play with your plain white sheets for a moment before asking the question you were sure they’re expecting. “Who is it?” It had to be someone more dominant than submissive, otherwise their pheromones wouldn’t be affecting the pack so much.
A shifter in heat needed sex, for as long as was necessary until their heat finally left them and allowed their minds to take control again. But during that time period, they were ruled by their instincts and needs, filled with a furious need to fuck to put it bluntly.
It was painful for the shifter who didn’t have sex during it and it was equally uncomfortable for any fellow shifters around them, as everyone gave off what was nicknamed the “come fuck me” scent. An olfactory equivalent of a green light, letting everyone know that they would probably say yes to sex if it was offered.
Jimin’s face scrunches up and you note that Jisoo looks just as unhappy, making you think that perhaps you’re a last resort. There’s plenty of beautiful girls in the pack, and plenty of capable predator shifter girls who would be happy to assist you had no doubt.
“Hoseok. He started yesterday and...we don’t know why but he’s refusing all his usuals. It’s turning into Dawn of the Dead in the house; everyone wants to either fight each other or fuck each other because he’s letting off such a strong scent.” Your jaw drops at that and you don’t even need to inhale because you have no doubt that your own arousal is suddenly obvious to the two sensitive wolf noses.
Hoseok...was in heat. And he wasn’t accepting his usual playmates. Licking lips that had suddenly dried, you eye them both before croaking out. “Why me? You know Hoseok doesn’t like me. He’s definitely not gonna say yes to me.”
Jisoo growls suddenly, the sound rumbling out of her chest and you shrink slightly at the sound. “Yeah well, he won’t accept anyone else so why not you? This is...stronger than his usual heats. We’ve told you before that he’s the Alpha so he’s more dominant than all of us, and for once that’s becoming a real problem. All the girls we’ve brought him are too dominant apparently, so he’s just trying to fight with them and sends them packing immediately…”
She trails off and plays with her fingers, glancing at Jimin momentarily and you can practically smell the awkwardness between them. While your heart is racing at the thought of sex with Hoseok, and heat sex at that, you can’t help but feel the slight worry and panic at the thought of him rejecting you.
A shifter in heat doesn’t think properly and does things on instinct, their animal coming through stronger than ever, so there’s a real chance he could hurt you by accident. And your feelings weren’t likely to care about the fact that he wasn’t thinking properly.
Opening your mouth to argue with them, Jimin butts in with a hand raised to try and placate you. “Hear us out! Firstly, I don’t think he doesn’t like you as much as you think he does. In fact, I think you might be pleasantly surprised. And secondly, don’t hurt me for saying this, but you’re submissive,” His eyes close as nerves show on his face. “Oh my god you’re so submissive and I think what he needs right now. You’re not even going to remotely fight him.”
You scowl at him for that, leaning forward and pinching the skin of his thigh, causing a high pitched yelp to leave him as he jerks away. “I can fight when I want.” You grumble, causing him to give you a ‘oh really?’ look.
Okay, so maybe you wouldn’t be fighting an Alpha wolf but knew taekwondo. You could kick Hoseok’s ass if necessary. At least once before he decimated you or your instincts screamed at you to run away.
“He’s right sweetie, I think you’re the right amount of submissive for Hoseok to handle right now. Unless you decide to get smart with him, in which case...good luck girl. But still…sex with Hoseok.” Her eyebrows are waggling at you and immediately your cheeks heat up again. Damn everyone knowing about your stupid feelings for him.
Idiot feelings and their carelessness for you. Thank goodness Hoseok had never clued in, otherwise you doubt he would have let you within a 20-feet radius of him.
“Okay you’re wrong and I want $50 from you when he rejects me. Both of you.” You could use that money - your shelf of cup noodles was getting dangerously low and you’d be able to buy all sorts of lovely flavours with that. And maybe even some chocolate to satisfy your sweet cravings.
Jimin’s mouth drops open at your words, plump pink lips stretched slightly and you lean forward to tap it closed. “Keep that up and you’ll get a mouth full of flies. I know you’re a meat eater but that’s gross. You’re a wolf not a dog.” He doesn’t even seem to be paying attention to your words though, frosty blue eyes focused on you.
“Seriously? You’ll do it?! Just like that?” He looks at Jisoo incredulously and you can see from her equally shocked look that they were expecting a little more resistance from you. Which is silly, given they’ve just gushed over the fact you’re so submissive you’ll probably roll over as soon as Hoseok looks at you.
Which…you probably would but the man looks like a god so is there any surprise?
Standing up, you move over to the tiny closet your dorm came with and ruffle through the clothes you have there. “Yeah. I’m a rabbit, I like to fuck. And like you said, it’s Hoseok. I’m not turning this down, no way. And no, I won’t take it to heart if accepts. I know it’s just the heat.” You lament, doing a sad face internally at that thought.
“Holy sh...okay. Yeah, okay. Thank you! He’ll accept, I swear.” Jimin gushes at you and you tug your pants off before wiggling into some grey sweats. They don’t blink an eye at your partial nudity, something that shifters are inherently comfortable with. It's just sex that has them wigging out.
“Sure, we’ll see when we get there shall we? Either that, or he’ll eat the nice rabbit and then you’ll feel guilty.” Jisoo’s eyes widen as you grab your phone and keys before gesturing for them to leave.
“It was a joke Jisoo, I’m sure he won’t eat me.” Her shoulders relax as she realises that you were messing around with her and you momentarily wonder why they’re acting so weird. It’s just a heat. “Hopefully he will eat me out though.” You throw the words over your shoulder as you walk down the corridor, giggling at their simultaneous choked breaths.
The walk to the pack house is short, taking only five minutes with Jimin’s long strides and despite the excitement flooding your body at the thought of a potential night with Hoseok, you still take the moment to admire Jimin’s confident swagger. How a guy who could be as cute as Boo in Monsters Inc could be so effortlessly sexy continuously confused you, but you assumed it to be a wolf thing.
All of them seemed to do it, including Jisoo who was currently swaying her hips more the closer you got to the house. You presumed it was something to do with their superior olfactory senses which in their wolf form were increased even more. The fact that both of them seemed to be getting sluttier the closer they got to the house had nerves doing an Irish dance in your stomach.
If they were getting affected this far away, then they really mustn’t be joking.
It’s only as you round the corner and spy the grand house that had been designated the wolf shifter’s home that you realise they really were right. One quick inhale has your nose twitching furiously and you know you probably look ridiculous. Other shifters just inhaled deeply, nostrils flaring but noooo rabbit shifters had to do the full on Thumper.
But still, the overwhelming scent in the air has you letting out a soft mewl. As you move closer to the house, you get the jaw clenching urge to do multiple things; lay on the ground and curl into a ball, run away and pray no one catches you or bend over and present yourself.
The wetness between your thighs at the crushing smell of Hoseok’s heat has you leaning towards the latter choice. If you’d thought the wolf smelled good normally, then it had nothing compared to right now. He smells like sex and danger wrapped up in a pretty package, and despite the coil of fear that was screaming at the scent of the Alpha wolf, you were desperate to unwrap him.
Walking into the house is even worse and you can pretty much feel your pupils expand, the lust raging through your body like a wildfire overtaking the flight response that is blaring. Jimin and Jisoo are coughing subtly, noses wrinkled while their own eyes are dark with desire or annoyance. Their body language is confusing and you can’t tell whether you want to run from them or run to them.
His scent is like thick syrup inside the house and you can tell neither of them want to be inside any longer. From the silence of the place, you presume the rest of the pack have hightailed it to somewhere else until their Alpha is back to normal.
Pointing up the stairs, you begin to make your way up before looking back at the other two. They watch you with dual concern and relief, neither of them willing to abandon you just yet. You give a tremulous smile and a thumbs up. “It’s fine, you can go. If he doesn’t want me then I’ll leave and let you know.”
Jimin goes to say something but Jisoo is grabbing him by the arm and yanking him back out of the door before he can even get a noise out. You can’t blame them, you can’t smell as well as they can and you can barely breathe with his scent.
Once they leave, you flop back against the wall momentarily and tug the vest top away from your chest briefly, trying to get some air into your warm lungs. Your body feels like it’s on fire and the slick between your legs has only gotten worse, making you regret not wearing black sweats.
Letting out a shaky breath, you finish climbing the stairs and begin to make your way to what you know is his room. If this were some feudal society, then he would get the largest room in the house being the Alpha. But it’s the 21st century and even wolf shifters have kept up with the times.
Instead, he just has the corner room that gives him a wide selection of windows to gaze out of on two walls. His mahogany door stands before you, closed and unwelcoming but the smell that drifts through the wood has you salivating in need. Your thighs rub together while your inner muscles convulse around nothing, and you desperately hope that he won’t say no.
You want to fuck just as badly as he does right now.
Knocking lightly, you grip the doorknob and begin to turn it when suddenly it’s yanked open and a deep growl rips through the still air. An instinctive response has you freezing, the only movement tiny trembles of your muscles as your inner rabbit tells you to make yourself as innocuous as possible and maybe the big, bad wolf will ignore you.
It would help if that natural instinct had enough brain to realise said wolf was staring right at you, his normally deep brown eyes now swallowed whole by dark black with tinges of gold peeking through. His tan skin is glistening with sweat, causing his red hair to darken at the tips while his luscious pink lips are swollen with bite marks.
Hoseok says nothing for the moment, simply glaring at you as his eyes drag up and down your body in slow sweeps that you swear you can feel. Before long, his mind catches up to the lust filled heat that’s taken over him and he bares his teeth at you, canines ever so slightly sharper than normal.
“What are you doing here, little rabbit?” He snarls, the sound booming in the quietness of the house and the thinly veiled threat behind it has you shaking. His body shifts towards you suddenly, towering above you in an almost menacing way and you have to bite your lip to stop the ‘eep’ from escaping. Maybe he would kick you out, despite the prominent erection he’s sporting in his dark sweatpants.
You pay no mind to that though, or his sensual movements that are designed to attract you. He’s not thinking rationally right now, nor is he fully aware of what his body is doing. Hoseok’s mind might be questioning what you’re doing here, but it doesn’t take a genius to see his body is saying ‘fuck now’.
“J-Ji-Jimin an-and Jis-Jisoo asked me to c-c-come. You’re in h-he-heat and they said you w-won’t accept anyone.” It would have been lovely to be bold and confident right now, facing your long held crush while you had at least a 70% chance of getting fucked into next year by him for the next few days. Unfortunately, you could never take the instinct out of a prey shifter.
Hoseok pauses for a moment and tilts his head to the side, eyes trailing along your body even slower and you realise he’s licking his lips. Which then leads you to the realisation that he’s not rejecting you. At least not immediately. And if the casual lift of his brow is telling you anything, you have the feeling he won’t be rejecting you anytime soon.
You may not be versed in predators, but you were well versed in sex.
A slow, sensual curve of his mouth spreads and he leans forward into your space, his closeness sending a wave of heat scent directly into your nose and you can’t stop the muffled moan that escapes your throat. At the sound, his eyes zero in on your bare throat and his teeth are bared again at you, though this time with the promise of pleasure.
“Did Jimin and Jisoo think I’d say yes to a submissive little bunny?” He coos, rasping voice almost cajoling as he teases you. A slow stride has him walking around you - no, stalking around you. Swallowing, you recognise that the wolf has finally found his playmate for now. “Look at you, you’re practically trembling and I can smell the fear on you.”
Moving to look at him, he suddenly grips your shoulders tight and you can’t stop your muscles from tensing up. You know that he won’t hurt you, he wants sex right now not violence, but it would be a stupid rabbit shifter that didn’t show a little fear at having a predator so close to you from behind.
All of a sudden, he presses his front to your back firmly and wraps an arm around your shoulders, his large hand pressing ever so lightly against your throat. A fluttering heartbeat in your artery has him groaning softly before you feel him nose along your shoulder, hot mouth pressing an open trail till he reaches the long, exposed column of your neck.
Hot wetness makes you jump until you recognise immediately that it’s his tongue, licking a slow trail up your skin before he’s pressing his teeth down lightly in a soft bite. It has your pulse jumping in a dual state of panic and lust, causing him to chuckle so low you can barely hear it.
“There’s my little bunny, afraid but turned the fuck on.” He hums lightly to himself before running his long, elegant fingers down to your exposed collarbone, playing with the strap of your vest top. “I think they were right, I think I’m going to enjoy my submissive rabbit. Would you like that? Would you like me to fuck you until you can’t walk straight? Until you can’t remember why you’re supposed to be afraid of a wolf?” Hoseok practically hisses into your ear.
The warm breath tickles your sensitive skin and your eyelids flutter shut, arousal seeping into every crevice of your body at the vision he paints. Everyone had always told you that Hoseok was far more dominant than he let on, that he normally took suppressants to keep everyone calm but now is the first time you’ve ever truly understood that.
His astounding scent is almost choking you with desire, but underneath all that is a crushing sense of dominance that has you wanting to collapse on the floor in front of him. In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact he was in his heat and had sex on the mind, you probably would be on the floor.
But begging him not to eat you, not begging him to fuck you like you wanted.
You can’t find the words to answer him, your throat closed tight with need for him, so you simply nod and hope he accepts. It doesn’t even take much introspection to know that you’ll do anything he wants for the next few days - willingly.
His teeth graze the outer shell of your ear before he breathes a laugh, each puff of air blowing even more of his mouth watering pheromones into your nose. You could probably die happy just from breathing him in right now.
“Good rabbit. If you’re a good girl then I’ll treat you very nice. But if you’re bad, then you’ll get punished. Understood?” Hoseok has moved back around to your front now, bending down ever so slightly as he uses a finger to lift up your chin.
Eyes wide, you nod eagerly and watch as he smirks before nipping at the soft skin on your nose. “Inside, now.” Is all he says, moving to the side and pointing into his empty room. You gulp at the sight of the place you’d been desperate to see for years now and make tiny baby steps into the room.
It stinks of him, and all you want to do is roll yourself on the floor, on his bed and in his clothes to cover yourself in his scent. Wear it proudly around campus to let them know that you finally got to have sex with Jung Hoseok.
A queen sized bed takes up most of the room, navy blue covers strewn over the mattress in a sign of his frustration and stress. Alongside one wall is a battered wooden desk with a MacBook open, screen currently blank and a widescreen television takes up the wall opposite his bed.
It looks like the typical room of a 22 year old guy at college, but when you peek back around at him you can’t help but gulp at the dark stare he gives you. He is not a typical 22 year old guy, especially now. Right now, he’s an Alpha wolf in his prime and you tongue your cheek as warmth washes over you.
In fact, his room feels stiflingly hot despite how cool it is outside. The sweltering temperature causes a layer of moisture to burst to life on your skin, giving you a dewy look that speaks less of good health and more of desperate need.
Lowering his head slightly, his rust-coloured hair falls forward and when he looks at you, it’s through hooded eyes that glow a brilliant wolf amber. The sight of the predator hunting you so quietly causes you to tense slightly, but the slow graze of his tongue across his lips has you panting ever so softly.
The sweat perspiring on your skin is sending out an aroma that tells him you’re welcome to his attentions, with just a tinge of fear that you’ll never get rid of. Your mind is logical, but your body will always be wary.
Those brilliant amber eyes vanish as his eyelids flutter closed, head rocking back lazily as he inhales deeply. A long, low groan vibrates through his chest as he takes you in, his own body reacting to your desire by pumping out even stronger pheromones that have your mouth watering as your fingers clench.
“Hoseok…” The sound of your voice, so breathy and light with a strong strain of lust, has him snapping his gaze back to you before he’s suddenly slinking towards you. Eyes widening, you watch him as he stops in front of you.
If Jimin is tall, then Hoseok truly towers above you and when you tilt your head to look up at him, his jaw clenches at the sight. Grazing his fingers against your cheek, he croons ever so quietly to you in the stillness of his room. “What a beautiful sight; those big, innocent bunny eyes staring up at me.”
His hands dance a slow seduction down your body till they reach your hips, gripping firmly against the flesh there and pulling you forwards till you’re pressed against his erection. The height difference causes his hard length to grind against your stomach, but the heat of it has you gasping and your eyelids fluttering.
The sensual moment is broken suddenly when Hoseok bends down ever so slightly, hands sliding further down to grab at your thighs before he’s yanking you up. A squeal of surprise leaves you, even as the aching space between your thighs gets even wetter at his rough handling and without realising, your arms wrap around his neck to steady yourself.
You needn’t have worried though, as there’s not a quiver of strain as he holds you firmly, fingers constricting around your muscles as he ever so slowly rocks his hips forward. The change in position has your groin level with his crotch, meaning each slow rock drags his thick length over your sensitive clit.
The sensations have your mind shorting out before he’s even touched you properly, hands fumbling to tug at the burnished strands of his hair. As you tug at them, a growl rumbles through his body before his teeth flash and then he’s attacking your throat.
As his mouth sucks a pretty bruise into the sensitive skin, your head lolls backwards and a moan resonates through your body. “Such pretty skin little rabbit,” He breathes out, scorching against said overheated organ. “I’m going to fucking ruin it. No one’s going to be able to look your way without seeing a wolf on you. Without seeing me on you.”
His words are as hot as his touch and a squeal leaves you as he suddenly moves, striding forwards before one swift movement has you flung backwards. There’s a moment of weightlessness as you go airborne before you hit his mattress with a thump. Before you can even attempt to catch your breath, he leaps on top of you and snarls softly, hands caging you in on either side of your head while his knees straddle your hips.
“Pretty little bunny. Are you going to try to run away? Am I going to have to work for it or will you be a good girl?” His nose presses against your jawline before he shifts, open mouth leaving a lazy trail down your throat before he’s biting your collarbone with just enough force to have your eyes widening.
Pulling back from you to stare, you take the brief moment to take in his heat frenzied face. His golden skin has a beautiful sheen while his cheeks are flushed with fire, dark brows drawn close while those terrifying amber eyes watch you closely. Heart shaped lips dampen as he licks at them before you watch those golden eyes focus on your mouth.
Moving his hand, he uses his thumb to press at your own mouth firmly. “Open up for me bunny, let the big, bad wolf in.” His voice is entrancing, deep tones firmly intertwined with enough desire to have you leaking into your panties while the power he resonates with has your insides quivering.
Letting your lips fall open, he groans softly as his thumb slips inside and you swirl your tongue around the rough pad of it. He lets you do this for a moment before he presses down firmly, trapping your tongue between the bottom of your mouth and him. The ghost of a smile takes over on his mouth before he’s leaning down, flicking his tongue into your open mouth and tracking along the back of your teeth.
It should be disgusting, but you’re too far gone to care. “I’ve never had a rabbit before. Not like this anyway. Is it true you can fuck for days?” He asks the questions against your lips, nose pressing against yours as his eyes keep yours firmly in his grasp. This close, you can see the different strands of colour that seep in, a deep amber on the outer rim that bleeds into a golden yellow in the center.
His thumb presses harder into your mouth and your soft whine at the pain has him smirking. “I think I want to find out.” With that, he removes his thumb before pressing a bruising kiss to your mouth, so hard that you can practically feel your teeth cut into the soft skin.
Hoseok wastes no time in forcing you to open your mouth, fingers on your chin squeezing slightly in encouragement and you find your hips rocking up into him as his tongue fights against your own for a few seconds. A deep growl that vibrates into your mouth has you submitting, a pleased noise taking over as he licks at everywhere he can touch.
He tastes like nothing you’ve ever had before, sex and danger, lust and power. It’s a heady combination that has you writhing underneath him, hands tugging at his hair harder until he lets out a snarl as he pulls away. Tugging your hands from him, he presses both wrists together above your head and stares for a moment.
“I’m sorry darling, but I’m afraid I can’t do foreplay right now. I want to be inside this beautiful body too much.” His apology is half sincere and half teasing, the curl of one side of his lips letting you know that he’s not hugely sorry.
Not that he has to be, he probably doesn’t need to inhale too much to be able to smell your wetness. There’s zero doubt between either of you that you could take him right now and while you’re sure the normal Hoseok would probably rather die than not give foreplay - you’ve heard a lot of rumours about his tongue - his heat frazzled mind is focused too much on his dick.
Pulling at his hand on your wrists, his eyebrow raises as he lets go slowly, eyes narrowing as he watches you with intent. You have no doubt that if you do anything he doesn’t like, he’ll drag you back to the bed. A quick flash of you trying to run from him and him chasing you down appears in your mind and your breath comes faster, surprising yourself at how attractive you find the idea when it should scare you.
Moving slowly to appease his wolf, your stomach muscles clench as you sit up and slowly tug your top over your head. He sits back, resting on your thighs while his cock twitches under the fabric of his black sweats, the material tented around him.
As you throw your vest top to the side, he drops his heated gaze to the soft mounds of your breasts, cupped in a bra that was a simply plain white. The gentle rumble from his chest fools you into thinking that you could be wearing a high quality bra from La Perla. It takes him no time at all to unhook the item, the clothing disappearing somewhere in his sweltering room.
The wiggle of your hips tells him that you want to remove your pants as well, but he simply raises a brow of amusement, letting you know clearly that he isn’t moving. “You could make this easier for yourself by moving you know.” You grumble, causing him to grin, face lighting up in a heart stopping smile.
“I could. But I think it’ll be more fun for me if I make it hard. You’ll like hard.” He almost purrs at you, words whispering sinful thoughts into your ears as he palms himself with a smirk. You’re gulping for air as you watch him, the gentle movement of his hips letting you know he was more than ready to be inside you.
Deciding to play his game and keep the wolf happy, you shift until your face is pressed against his abdomen, fingers working at your pants as you push and wriggle. He jerks slightly as you press an open mouthed kiss to the toned flesh under his grey shirt, dark with sweat at certain points.
If he wants it hard, then he’ll get it hard. You may be a submissive rabbit, but you’ve played more than enough sex games. The wolf will not be winning this battle.
Tugging your pants underneath his thick thighs, the muscles straining as he tenses at the gentle brushes of your hand, you press your forehead firmer against him as you begin to reach around him. Your movements have him ripping his shirt over his own head, the fabric tearing from the force of it.
As soon as his tanned skin is visible to you, you freeze as the scent of his heat billows from his bare skin even stronger. Toned muscles flex under your gaze and he lets out a whisper of a laugh, hands grabbing at your face as your lips collide in a desperate kiss.
Letting go of your sweats, you drag your fingernails along the inside of his thighs and moan as he squeezes in response, growling his desire into your mouth before pulling away. His eyes are molten as he watches, dipping back down to nip at your chin repeatedly.
“Hurry the fuck up little rabbit.” He cajoles, biting at the sensitive skin where your jaw meets your neck. Gasping, you kick at your legs until finally you feel the clothing vanish, leaving your lower half bare to his hungry gaze.
Shifting backwards, he looks down at you and lets out the softest groan. “What a beautiful sight.” Hoseok murmurs, hands slowly dancing along your overly-sensitive skin, dipping into the gentle grooves of your curves before he’s catching your mouth again.
Shuffling backwards, he tugs off his own sweatpants to leave him completely naked to your gaze. He may think you’re a beautiful sight, but he should be placed into a museum for all to see. A body this gorgeous should not be kept from the world, but as the thought floats through your head you push it away.
No, only you want to see this. Only you want to see the way his cock strains upwards, twitching as your eyes track along the solid length. A patch of dark curls surrounds the base and your mouth waters at the sight of the veins running along it, tip dark and dripping with translucent precum.
“Like what you see little bunny?” He coos, wrapping a large hand around his base firmly before oh so slowly tugging upwards. You swallow at the sight of him pleasuring himself, the way his mouth falls open as his eyes close in ecstasy. Each lazy stroke has your pussy dripping even more, dampening your thighs while your inner muscles are screaming for him to slide that thick length inside you.
“I’d like it better if I saw it in me.” You tease, biting your lip as you reach out and wrap your hand around his. Hoseok’s eyes flare in a golden burst and his teeth are bared immediately, your teasing words lighting up his dominant personality.
“I can see that. Look at your pussy, you’re so fucking wet for me aren’t you rabbit? I bet I could make you gush without even touching you.” He hisses as you squeeze around his hand, increasing the pressure on his cock, yet does nothing to push you away. “I’m gonna destroy that pretty pussy, would you like that?”
Nodding slowly, you begin to tug at his hand to pull him towards you. The implication of your attempts to control him sink in as his wolf takes over momentarily, a loud and deep growl reverberating around the quiet room as he stares at you intently. If you keep eye contact with him, then he’ll take that as a challenge, and even in your lust-filled mind you realise that’s a bad idea.
So you let go and lower your eyes, looking to the side as you swallow before slowly baring your neck to him. You knew that this was what wolves did to show their submission to a more dominant wolf, and even though it sent shivers of fear through you, you knew that it would please him despite your rabbit complaining.
The pause he gives is telling, and even through his heat frenzy you can tell that your submission has registered as important. A silence fills the air, thick with an emotion you can’t recognise before he’s nosing at your throat, licking the skin there before biting down ever so gently.
“What a good girl you are.” He whispers against you, breath tickling the cooling moisture on your neck. “Such a good girl, all for me. Are you going to take my cock like the little slut you are?” The dichotomy of his words has you moaning, the sounds increasing when he maneuvers himself between your thighs and presses the hot length of his cock against your drenched centre.
Any response you’re about to formulate vanishes as the slightest movement of his hips has the solid length rubbing against the engorged bundle of nerves nestled between your legs, slickness coating him quickly. Head falling back, you cry out at the contact and your own hips jerk upwards, chasing more pressure.
A quiet groan escapes him as one hand wraps itself around your neck slightly while his mouth busily trails down to your breasts, sucking in painful bruises that you have spasming. His lower half is busy working up an excruciatingly slow pace, each slide of his cock against your clit giving you just enough pleasure to not be enough.
“So wet for me.” He mumbles against your breasts, teeth biting down on the pliant flesh before laving it with attention with his tongue to soothe the hurt. As his dick becomes slippery with your excitement, you manage to shift your hips just enough for him to not notice the angle change, and the next rock of his hips has the tip of him sliding into your heat.
Almost instantly he stops, a long grunt leaving him at the feeling of your tight wetness and you gasp out a soft plea to him, encouraging him to go deeper in you. Golden eyes watching you for a moment, he stays silent as he begins to inch his way inside, supple muscles giving way to his intrusion with ease.
Hoseok looks away from you to glance down where you’re joined, pressing his pubic bone firmly into your clit as he bottoms out. The intrusion of his thickness is sparking tiny jolts of pleasure and you can’t help but squeeze around him in a burst, a trickle of sweat beginning to trail down his temple as you do so.
“Naughty girl,” He breathes out, moving the hand from your throat to the fullness of your ass before he spanks you, the sharp crack reverberating around the room. The whimper from your throat coincides with the convulsion of your pussy and he looks back at you with a sly grin, recognising that he’s found something you enjoy.
Another harsh slap has your skin smarting, but his gentle touch rubs away the sting and you wriggle, the tiny movements shifting him inside you. His attention returns to your joining and he slowly pulls out until only the very head of him is inside before he pushes back into your warm depths, pushing more wetness out of you as he does so.
“You look good filled with my cock little rabbit. Looks like you take wolf well, but can you take all of me?” He asks, a lilt to his voice while he cocks his eyebrow in a question. You’re about to ask what he means when he moves his hips much faster than before, sliding out and slamming back into you before you can even get out a noise.
The sound of his hips hitting your ass resounds loudly, as does the squelch of your, frankly, ridiculously wet pussy. It seems to turn him on as his jaw drops open in a moan and he begins to set a furiously fast pace, the heat taking over his senses and demanding he cum as soon as possible.
Each bruising hit of his pelvis has you positive that by the end of his heat, you’re probably going to be black and blue but the scorching pleasure that he’s providing you means you don’t give a damn. You’re not entirely sure how, but every thrust is rubbing against the rough bundle of nerves in your inner walls, sending lightning bolts of ecstasy up your spine and causing lewd noises to leave your mouth.
“Hoseok…” You gasp out, the brush of his pelvis against your clit sending white noise into your mind and he gives a low growl in response, droplets of sweat falling from him onto your chest. The most overwhelming urge to lick it all off him has you surging forward suddenly, interrupting his pace as you attach your lips to his neck and you feel the tendons there tense up at your movements.
“Pretty rabbit, little bunny, why does your pussy feel so fucking good hmm? Is it because of my heat or is it just because you’re meant for me hmmm?” He gasps out, the words practically meaningless in the height of his fucking as he thrusts with all the vigor of a buck. You certainly don’t hear the double meaning behind them.
Placing a hand on your stomach, he pushes back firmly till your laid back once more, gazing up at him through hooded, fucked out eyes and he whines as he kneels back. The position gives him the perfect view of your body, from the bruises already forming on your neck and breasts to your engorged clit and his cock slamming into you, slick from your juices.
“What a view you are.” He rumbles out, running shaking fingers along your abdomen before pressing down firmly on your stomach. “I’m gonna fill you up little rabbit, stuff you full of my cum till you’re leaking me down your thighs for days.”
Fingernails that are suddenly sharpened scrape lightly along the vulnerable skin there and you inhale sharply, eyes widening as a slight tinge of fear has you clenching around him. Hoseok grunts at the feeling and thrusts harder, using his other hand to lift up a thigh and stretch you out for him. The shift in position has him going even deeper and you whine despite the concern.
“Everyone’s going to look at you and smell me on you - in you. I’m going to fill up this pretty pussy and put some puppies right here.” He taps your belly once more, a wolfish smile spreading over his face as a glint appears in his eye. “Watch you grow fat and swollen with my pups. Everyone who sees you will know that you’re the Alpha’s.”
His words are unbelievably erotic and the image they create has you squeezing tightly as you moan, a hand moving to your breast to toy with your nipple. All you can see is you walking around, his cum dripping out of you while your stomach swells with his children and you pant in want.
“Yes, god please yes.” Your acquiescence to his fantasy has him jack hammering into you, each thrust loud and wet as you both moan out in symphony from the bliss swimming through your bodies. His hand leaves your stomach to play with your clit, and rasping noises leave your throat as he helps you on your way.
You keep murmuring noises of encouragement to him as he rubs at the little bud, letting him know the exact amount of pressure he needs to put and where. Before you even realise, your entire body is a writhing mess on the bed as he pushes you over the precipice, pleasure screaming through your body as strained cries leave your throat.
Each convulsion of your inner muscles around his cock has him groaning and he keeps thrusting throughout your orgasm, helping to prolong it while allowing him to seek his own. It’s only as he starts to make unintelligible noises and his hips begin to stutter in their rhythm that you recognise he’s close.
Whining loudly from the overstimulation, you abandon your breasts to dig your fingers into his hips and encourage him on. “Hoseok, cum in me Hoseok. Cum for me.” You whisper, licking your dry lips and he watches the movement intently.
His cock still feels unbelievably good inside your pussy, and it’s only as he begins to lose control of himself that you realise he’s swelling in you. The frown is immediate as you look down between you both, confirming the fact his dick is growing larger and larger inside you, stretching you until it’s almost uncomfortable.
Just as you’re about to whimper and push him away, he presses firmly into you and lets out a long, drawn out growl that ends in a pained moan. His cock twitches inside you furiously, pleasure ricocheting around his body and causing him to shudder with each convulsion.
A soft moan leaves you as you feel him coat your insides in white, the cum never seeming to stop until you can feel it slowly begin to trickle past where his penis is wedged firmly inside you. It’s only as he falls forward and nestles his head in your neck, body still jerking with each spurt of cum that you remember dog and wolf shifters did this.
Knotting, they called it. Keeping themselves in their partner until they’ve finished orgasming. Running a hand through Hoseok’s sweat dampened hair, you bite your lip as you decide you like it. The feel of him swelling inside you was hot, and the knowledge that he’s probably just cum a lake in you has you squeezing around him involuntarily, causing a pained whimper to fall from his lips.
He finally begins to soften and as he does so, you feel liquid begin to gush from your abused centre. Pushing himself back up onto his knees, he looks down at the mess between your legs with a satisfied smirk.
Trailing a finger through the mess, he pauses for a moment before scooping up a handful - a handful! - before letting it drip all over your chest and abdomen slowly. You watch the thick, white cum slowly trickle down the crevices it can reach and pant out loud, going to touch it before he pulls your hand away.
“Open up for me bunny.” He whispers, voice dark while his eyes are bright with excitement and lust. You do so immediately, pink tongue visible for him as you stick it out and he moans ever so quietly. “Oh, you are so good for me. Eat up my cum for me like a good girl. Don’t waste a single drop.”
He lets the remainder of the sticky mixture of his cum and your excitement drip onto your tongue, the saltiness mixing with the tang of your own flavour. You let him get a good view of it pooled in the centre before swallowing, sticking it back out to show him a clean plate. His smile is immediate and before you can even say anything he’s kissing you, tongue pushing into your mouth.
With his first orgasm out of the way, he’s a little more forgiving when you twine your hands through the soft strands of his sun emblazoned hair and you take the opportunity to enjoy the feel of it. Hoseok seems to be content with kissing you for a while, tongue swirling against yours as he explores your mouth thoroughly, almost lazily as he enjoys himself.
You’re not sure how long he carries on before he’s moving away, hands grabbing at your hips silently before he’s tugging you over onto your hands and knees. As he shifts you, you catch a glimpse of the almost playful grin on his lips and your heart flips in response.
Once you’re in position, he presses his front to your back and licks along the clean expanse of your shoulder, humming in happiness at the salty taste of your sweat. “I’m going to mount you now little rabbit, shall we see well you cope with it like a wolf?” He bites down on your shoulder hard and you cry out, pushing your hips back into what you feel is a pretty solid erection already.
There’s no surprise that he’s already ready to go. Firstly, he’s a shifter and you all have increased stamina compared to humans, but secondly he’s deep in his heat. The man is probably going to fuck till he passes out.
He gently rocks his stiff cock up and down the seam of your ass, rubbing through the combined wetness of yourself and him. As he does so, Hoseok takes him time to leisurely lick along the exposed expanse of your shoulders, leaves a trail of slick wetness of his own wherever he can reach. Occasionally he bites down, sharpened teeth causing pricks of pain that he soothes immediately with his mouth.
The seduction is far too slow and controlled for someone suffering a heat, and you marvel momentarily at just how dominant he is to be able to control himself this much. Each tease of his mouth has your body trembling and it doesn’t take very long before you’re clenching around nothing, causing more of him to slip out of you and pool onto the sweat soaked covers beneath you.
A deep inhalation lets him know he’s smelt the sudden gush of arousal and cum, a quiet rumble vibrating through to your back and he shifts, slipping back into your aching channel with zero resistance. The slickness of your walls coat him once more before you’re gripping at him, encouraging him to get as deep as he can.
Pressing firmly into you, his pelvis nestled against your ass, he wraps a hand around your front to cup onto your breast, squeezing it lightly before pinching the nipple hard in time to a sharp thrust from him. Jerking forward, you let out a pained moan as he does it again, pressing so hard that he’s almost on the verge of it hurting, but the fingers that slip down to play with your engorged clit have you squeezing in pleasure.
“Damn little rabbit - still so tight after taking my knot. What a good girl you are,” He praises, voice tight with strain at each thrust. “But you’ve lost all my cum, so how are you meant to bare my pups if you’re not filled tight hmm? I’ll just have to breed you again I guess.”
At that, his hips move at a furious pace, skin slapping loudly in the quietness of the room while each slide of his cock causes more wetness to leak. Your thighs are covered in your excitement, and so are his probably, the thought of it making you clench your inner muscles around his throbbing cock.
The room feels excruciatingly hot as he fucks into you, beads of sweat trickling down your overheated skin. You can tell Hoseok is feeling it as well, as sweat drips off him and onto you, each grunt leaving his mouth as he works your clit in time to his movements.
It takes no time for your still sensitive bundle of nerves to drive into overtime, body spasming underneath him and your arms giving out. Your face would have smashed into his soft pillows too if it weren’t for the band of steel that wraps around your stomach, tugging you up as he tuts.
“Stay up for me bunny, don’t let me down.” Hoseok pants out, hips thrusting up into you and the changed angle has you whining from the overstimulation of your g-spot. Feeling the tightening around his dick, he laughs low and proceeds to play with your clit, the sensations bordering on almost painful.
Without warning, you’re gripping him tightly like a vice as he fucks up into, body tensing as you violently shudder in his arms and a long, loud cry is ripped from your throat. He fucks you through the second orgasm, cooing soft endearments that have you involuntarily spasming around him again.
“Hoseok, please. Please.” You’re not entirely sure if you’re begging him for more or begging him to stop as he begins to play with you for a third time. His satisfied laugh tells you that he’s taking it as more and he moves his hips slightly, hitting an angle that has every movement of his cock gliding against that ridiculously sensitive bundle of nerves inside you.
“Cum for me again, be a good little rabbit and cum for me again.” Hoseok encourages, wet fingers pressing into the tender flesh between your thighs. Your head drops back onto his shoulder, hair damp from sweat and his hot breath pants into your ear with excitement. “Cum for me baby girl, I know you can.”
The combination of his cock, fingers and seductive voice has you practically shrieking out with white-hot pleasure, liquid gushing forth from between your legs to wetten the covers and he laughs darkly as you practically slump against him afterwards. “Good girl.” He murmurs, kissing your neck before he’s pushing you forwards, your head resting against his pillows while his hands take up place on the firm flesh of your hips.
Without a word to you Hoseok begins to chase his own high again, fucking into you furiously as his breaths get deeper and raspier. It doesn’t take long at all for him to begin to swell inside you again, each thrust becoming more uncomfortable until you let out a tiny whine of complaint. He wraps himself around your back at the noise and you can feel his chest rumbling with a growl.
There’s a moment where everything seems to stop - his movements freeze and he doesn’t take a breath before his cock jerks inside you, once more ejaculating streams of cum. As he begins to orgasm, there’s a low snarl from him before suddenly you feel a sharp pain in your neck. Any attempts to pull away are denied by his arm and you gasp out, each twitch of his cock causing his jaw to clench around your neck.
Neither of you move as he finishes, cock slowly slipping out of you and cum practically flowing out of your pussy as he does so. You expect him to complain or something about not keeping it inside for him, but instead he simply withdraws his teeth from your neck, the skin smarting, and slowly drops to your side. It only takes one look at him to see the sleepy eyes that watch you silent for a moment before they’re drifting closed, body going lax in a much needed heat nap.
Chuckling to yourself softly, you stretch out and carefully shuffle up to him. His skin is still scorching hot and slick with sweat, but you don’t care. The need to be close to him is overwhelming and a yawn takes over, your own body telling you to sleep while he is though there is a ribbon of amusement rippling through you as you do.
Silly wolf, thinking he could outlast a rabbit.
Hoseok’s heat takes three days to work through, making it a total of four days. Short by a rabbit’s estimation yet he’d still fucked with all the vigor of a buck throughout those days. During that time, the house had been empty and you’d fucked on the floor, his desk, his bathroom counter, his shower and anywhere else he could get you. You didn’t even want to imagine the cleaning bill from his room.
If there was one thing wolves seemed to do better than rabbits, it was cum, because you couldn’t even imagine how much was now soaked into his mattress or dried on his floor. It was only because of you that he’d even eaten - he would wake up and fuck before collapsing into a sleep for a few hours.
During that time, you’d gone and either ordered food in or cooked and forced him to eat when he woke up. Your showers had consisted of vigorous sex inbetween cleaning yourselves, otherwise you were pretty sure he wouldn’t have stopped for that either.
Hoseok’s sheer dominance had meant that you’d had to turn every act of care into a sex game with him. Cleaning him turning into shower sex, feeding him turning into food play. It had been like walking a fine line to get him to accept the care from such as submissive partner and more than once your efforts had been taken as a challenge to his power, resulting in some rougher than normal sex.
Waking up this morning had resulted in your stomach dipping in sadness when you realised the overpowering aroma of his heat had disappeared. You’d laid next to him and watched quietly as he slept soundly, the softest snore leaving him with each puff of breathe from his lush lips.
Your fun was over, and you had no doubt that he’d come to his senses now the haze of instinct driven sex was gone. It had been with a deep sense of melancholy that you had slipped on your vest top before tugging the sweats up your thighs, the skin sensitive and sore from his bruising attentions.
Before you’d left his room, you’d taken a moment to look over him as he slept. In the time you’d gone, his arm had crept out to the rapidly cooling spot next to him while his other lay across his toned stomach. A sheet lay draped over the golden skin covering his groin and you smiled at him, sad to be leaving his side yet happy to have been the one he chose to get him through it.
When you got back to your dorm room, you took the time to take a nice, long shower and clean yourself up. Looking in the mirror afterwards, you noted the plethora of purpling bruises across your neck and torso, lips checking up in a smile. Wolves were definitely a little more into their pain than rabbits, that was for sure.
But it was the prominent bite mark on your neck that had you swallowing, hand coming up to press against the teeth marks. He’d marked you, and you had no idea why he’d done it. Marking like this was something predator shifters did - a visible sign that you belonged to each other.
It also meant that you would always carry his scent to a degree. But it was permanent if the couple bonded, and something they did when they’d found their mate. Prey shifters weren’t as strict on monogamy, which meant you didn’t mark normally - though you were capable of it.
He was probably going to freak when he saw what he’d done in the middle of his heat-crazed sex. Marking a prey shifter, and you to boot. You’d just have to make it clear to him that you were okay with waiting till it wore off, as the mark only remained until their next heat if it was not reciprocated.
Tapping a finger against the sore muscles there, you sighed heavily before continuing on with your pampering. After the last few days he’d given you, you certainly wouldn’t mind being Jung Hoseok’s mate.
You’d sent a quick text to Jimin before crashing when you’d got back, letting him know that the packhouse was free and safe to enter again. Where they’d all been staying you had no idea but they’d stayed radio quiet during their Alpha’s heat.
It was only when you woke up this morning, eyes crusted over with sleep, that you read the appreciative message in response. Him and Jisoo had also kindly offered to take you out to breakfast, to replenish the energy you’d lost over the last few days and there was no way you were going to turn down free food.
Especially not after the sex marathon you’d engaged in.
Which is how you found yourself sat in a red leather booth next to Jimin, laughing through a pile of pancakes soaked through with maple syrup. Jisoo sat opposite you with Taehyung next to her, boxy smile brightening the face of the golden wolf.
“You know Y/N, I’m considering taking on a rabbit shifter for my next heat. You interested?” Jimin smirks, wiggling his brows at you as he teases. You grin back and place your chin on your hand, blowing a kiss to him.
“Why? Finally realising our sexual prowess? We may be a bit wimpish but we will definitely give you the fuck of your life.” You smirk, winking at the silver haired wolf and causing him to flush bright red, his confidence backfiring.
Taehyung giggles, the sound deep and you listen entranced for a moment. For such a cute guy, you’re always surprised at the low timbre of his voice. “You should have seen Hoseok yesterday. He didn’t even wake up until 4 and when he came downstairs he looked wrecked. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wolf that tired and worn out after a heat, yet you look fine!”
All three of them marvel at that and you feel a sense of pride blossom in your chest at the knowledge you’d tired the Alpha wolf out like that. Jimin watches you and snickers, leaning over and wrapping an arm around your shoulders before hugging tightly.
“Look at you! All proud about fucking Hoseok into next year.” His pretty smile is all you can see and you sigh softly, giving a gentle smile back. It’s hard to feel afraid of Jimin when he feels like lightness and air next to you.
A growl ripping through the diner causes the wolves to immediately shrink down in the seats while your heartbeat races furiously, breath coming in pants. You don’t even need to look to know that all the other prey shifters are probably just as panicked as the growl comes complete with a blast of dominant energy that demands everyone submit.
As Jimin, Jisoo and Taehyung all lower their heads to the table, whimpers of submission escaping their throats, you gasp softly as your body recognises the commanding presence. Looking around slowly, you note Hoseok standing in the entrance, door held open with a hand that’s showing claws already.
His face is creased in an angry scowl and you followed his gaze to Jimin’s arm wrapped around your shoulders, a dainty frown lining your own forehead. You don’t know why he’s being possessive suddenly, but you know that you need to get him out of the diner before he gets banned.
“I’m sorry guys, I’ll be back when I can!” You whisper out, pushing Jimin’s arm off you and sliding out of the booth slowly. Striding over to Hoseok, you grab his wrist and drag him out of the diner, ignoring the growls at your blatant display of control over him.
Yet he doesn’t remove his wrist and lets you drag him to a park, letting go of him next to a bench. Taking a moment to run your hands through your hair in exasperation, you take a deep breath to control yourself and you pray you won’t cower at him. You need to be strong right now.
“Hoseok...what was that? You could have gotten kicked out!” It pleases you to hear that your voice is steady, without a trace of fear in it. Turning around and placing your hands on your hips, you note with discomfort the unhappiness in his eyes.
They’re wolf amber again and you wonder what’s got him so eaten up that his eyes have shifted. He stays silent for a few seconds more before sighing and looking at the ground. “You let Jimin touch you like that.”
His voice is hoarse and strained, as if he’s trying to hold something back. It’s his words that have you frowning though, the possessiveness in his tone and the way he acted causing you confusion.
“Yeah...he’s my friend. Why are you so bothered?” You query, crossing your arms over your chest in a gesture that feels comforting and protective. He looks away for a moment before glancing back, eyes zeroing in on the mark you’d covered with a turtleneck shirt.
“Why did you leave before I woke up?” His question is blunt and you’re left gawping at him stupidly. What does he mean why did you leave? Why wouldn’t you leave? It was just a heat.
“Hoseok...your heat had finished. I had no reason to be there anymore so I went home.” He looks frustrated at your answer and grinds his teeth slightly, hands fisting slightly as he takes a deep breath.
“What if you had a reason to stay there?” The question is so quiet that you’re not even sure you’d heard it, making you stare at him with wide eyes. If you’d had a reason to stay? What reason could that have been? For him to glare at you and tell you to get out? Though...maybe that isn’t what would have happened.
“What reason?” You ask, voice firm. The way he squirms makes you realise that he wishes you could just guess, but you don’t feel like guessing. You feel like making him tell you, and the feeling of making the Alpha wolf submit to you like this is heady.
He’s silent and simply stares at the floor, avoiding your gaze in a mannerism that is very much unlike a dominant wolf like himself. Sighing to yourself at his avoidance, you sit down on the bench and wince slightly at the bruises lining your thighs.
“If you’re worried about the mark, then it’s fine. I’m okay with letting it go. You only have to wait till your next heat and then you’re free again.” You sigh, letting your hands fall between your knees as your head falls forwards.
The shift in air next to you lets you know that he’s sat down and the tension between the two of you increases. You’re actually kind of surprised that he’s either suppressing his dominant aura or you’re bizarrely getting used to it.
A deep inhalation lets you know that he’s going to speak before he actually does, and you marvel at how unusually in tune you are with him suddenly. “What if I don’t want you to let it go?” He sounds awkward, and an astonished look at his face lets you know he’d feeling how he sounds.
You simply sit in silence for a few seconds, mind boggling at what he’d just said. “Me?” Your fingers pointing at yourself before you realise. “ seriously want your mate?! A rabbit shifter? Who you don’t even like? Christ, was the sex that good?!”
Hoseok lets out an exasperated laugh and shakes his head. “I never hated you. Seriously. You’re just so...god you’re so submissive that being near you set my wolf off. I either wanted to fuck you until you couldn’t walk or make you submit to me. But at the same time...god I wanted you.”
He turns then, pulling a leg up underneath him and looking at you earnestly. His hand moves to take one of your own before he stops, placing it back into his own lap. “I’m being serious. I know it sounds like I’m being a dick who wants you just because you got me through the heat, but you know that heat sex doesn’t really mean anything. But you also know that it’s when our animals closest and this…”
Hoseok reaches out then and hooks a finger under the collar of your turtleneck, tugging it down gently to reveal the bruised mark on your throat. “This was my wolf agreeing with my feelings. I’m not expecting you to reciprocate, and you can say no. I was a dick by marking you without asking or discussing things, so I’ll accept your rejection if you don’t want me.”
Swallowing thickly, your eyes flicker over his face as you wonder for a moment whether you’d actually died or perhaps was experiencing the best dream ever. Was Jung Hoseok, Alpha wolf shifter, really sat here confessing his feelings to you?
“Why me? You’ve never shown any interest, in fact I’ve only ever felt dislike from you. And I’m prey! A rabbit with an Alpha wolf? No one will ever believe that.” The self-deprecating words fall from your lips easily, all the concerns you’ve ever had when fantasising about a relationship with him coming forth.
He scowls and gently grips your chin with his fingers, making you look directly into his golden eyes. “Firstly, I don’t give a shit what others say. It’s mine and my wolf’s choice who we mate with. And secondly, I didn’t dislike you. I was hard to control myself around you because I liked you too much.’s hard not to fall for you when my entire pack is practically wetting themselves at being your friend.” A soft chuckle leaves him at that.
Taking his hand with your own, you watch as he tentatively twines your fingers together before squeezing once, a tiny happy smile flitting onto his face at the touch that makes your heart clench. “Why now?” You ask, wondering if he only wanted you now because of the sex.
“Because you came to me even when you knew I was dangerous. Because you cared enough for me that you were willing to submit yourself to potential harm. Because we’re really, really sexually compatible - holy shit, rabbit shifters are something else. Because my wolf has accepted you and honestly...I just really, really want to hold your hand without making you run away in fear.” He finishes quickly, rushing the words out while his cheeks flush a pretty red.
Silence falls and you take deep, controlled breaths to try and keep your emotions in check. In reality, they’re screaming with excitement at what he’s telling you and you’re positive that he can scent what you’re feeling, but he’s being polite and staying quiet.
“Why did you always leave whenever I was around then? You certainly made me feel unwanted.” You mutter, glancing down at your hands in sadness as your tone takes on a slightly dejected note.
He groans at your question, running a hand through his hair. “Because I’m a giant dick who’s apparently 3 when it comes to my feelings. I’d just...get so jealous when I saw you interacting with the guys when all I wanted was to do that. But I knew if I did, I’d probably terrify you.” Hoseok glances over with his mouth twisted. “Do you know how sad it is to know the girl you like practically cringes in fear when you look at her because of her natural instinct?”
Sitting back, he blows out a breath. “So I’d get angry at them and then angry at myself, so I’d take myself out of the situation so I wasn’t making you uncomfortable anymore. I’m sorry if you thought I didn’t like you though. I think I made a big mess of this.” He says awkwardly, face apologetic.
“No, I get it. You did always frighten me a bit, even if you didn’t mean to and I was attracted to you. You can’t help who you are. Is the mark...part of the reason why I’m not feeling so afraid anymore then?” You ask softly, slowly tracing the veins and tendons in his hand with your other. Glancing up, you see that pretty smile that you’d fallen for long ago light up his face as he nods.
“Yeah, if you...agreed and reciprocated then you’d only feel it if my emotions got too strong. Makes no sense to have your mate constantly balking and feeling like they have to submit all the time right?” He teases, tentatively bumping your shoulder with his own.
Chewing on your lip slowly, you bump him back playfully and try to pretend you don’t see his ecstatic smile that takes over. “I don’t think I’ll completely overcome my natural instincts though. You’re still a wolf.” You say lightly, looking away from him at the large pond in the centre of the park.
He laughs happily, letting go of your hand to hesitantly place his arm over your shoulders. The scent of him engulfs you, only this time it’s just the pure scent of Hoseok and you sigh softly. It’s the first time you’ve ever scented him without the power of dominance behind him, or sex. He smells like euphoria, and you feel a tentative hope flood through you.
“I’m your wolf though, if you’ll have me obviously.” He states simply, and when you look back his cheeks are practically glowing with red. A snort leaves you at his words and you poke his waist lightly.
“Does your pack know you’re this damn cheesy? Hi Hobi, it’s the 1990s calling, they’d like their crappy pick up lines back.” The ridicule comes quickly and you once again marvel for a moment at how comfortable you are with him outside of a sexual situation.
Hoseok snaps his teeth at you, missing your nose by a hair's breadth but there’s no malice behind it and it doesn’t even register on your instincts. “You love it, don’t deny it.” He mutters before slowly laying his head on your shoulder. You can feel the tenseness in his body, as if he’s expecting you to push him back but you don’t, letting him relax.
For a few minutes, you both just sit in silence, content to just bask in the presence of each other. Hoseok’s next words are uncertain and you can feel the heavy worry in them. “So...will you accept me?” He whispers, in reality asking whether you’ll accept his mark and mark him as your mate in turn.
Sighing gently, you bring up a hand to card through his russet hair before pressing a gentle kiss there, surprised at how natural it feels. “I’m not going to say yes immediately, as mates are a very permanent thing and we might hate each other. But I’m willing to start a relationship and see where it goes. If you’re okay with that?”
You don’t need to see him to feel the broad smile on his face as he nods, not a hint of sadness at the partial rejection. “Yeah, I can do that. I’ll take you on the best dates.”
A snort leaves you. “I hope so, you’re an Alpha right? I better get treated like a queen.”
He lifts his head up and gives you a droll stare. “I see how it is, choosing me for my bank account huh?”
“Please, more like that giant dick of yours. You’ve got good dick game Jung.” At your words his smile turns wolfish, his entire body taking on a more seductive aura as he leans in closer before waggling those dark brows at you.
“Want to re-acquaint yourself my giant dick? You took it pretty good from what I remember.” His teeth flash but instead of fear, all you feel is intense arousal. Scanning him up and down, you lick your lips before leaning close, almost touching his own lips.
“Sure, but just remember that your little bunny has far more stamina than you.” Those luscious brows raise in amused disbelief as you looks at you. Licking his lips, you tease him before standing up and beginning to walk backwards, putting a sway in your hips that has his eyes flaring golden in heat. “From what I remember, the big, bad wolf huffed and he puffed but he just couldn’t blow my house down.”
The innuendo is strong and it takes no time at all for him to begin stalking after you, gaze playful instead of deadly and your stomach flips at the sight. “Such a mouth on you. Maybe I should make you use it this time.” His voice is soft but layered with arousal and it’s a good job there’s no one in the park right now.
Knowing exactly how to get him going, you turn and begin to sprint to the packhouse, the vocal growl that erupts from behind sending both excitement and fear through you.
“That’s right, run home for me. Run little rabbit!”
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BTS reaction, Hyung Line: you being clingy / cuddly
a/n: this is my second bts reaction, i hope you enjoy
warnings: swearing, hints at smut, lowercase is intentional, unedited
Bts Hyung line reaction to you being cuddly / clingy
Maknae line
Tumblr media
S e o k j I n
Tumblr media
the dorm’s heater was broken and unfortunately, winter was approaching and it was approaching fast. the days were darker and much, much colder. the boys seemed mostly unaffected by the lack of heat in the infamous bts dormitory. you on the other hand? not so much.
everyone was dressed in some type of hoodie or jacket and perhaps cuddled up next to some one to keep warm. you had slipped into your favorite sweater Jin owned, his famous pink hoodie. 
the long, long on you at least, sweater had been just barely enough for the past half hour, but as the sun set and sunshine no longer shone through the blinds, shivers began to rack your body. 
you closed your eyes and wrapped the blanket and sweater tighter around you. the living room was not silent, but it wasn’t hella loud either. 
you could hear Overwatch being played by Jungkook and Taehyung in the background along with their slight banter. you couldn’t quite make out what they were saying, but you could hear Jimin, Hobi, and Namjoon whispering amongst themselves with Yoongi’s head on Hobi’s lap.
as you grew colder by the minute, you began to wonder where your boyfriend was at the moment.
you brought your head up, opened your eyes and looked around the room for Jin. 
Jimin saw your furrowed brows and spoke up, “he’s in the kitchen, noona.”
“ahh, thanks, Chim Chim.” he smiled and hummed in reply.
you wandered into the kitchen and found Jin sitting at the island scrolling through an article on his laptop. 
you found your way over to him, wrapping your arms around his waist and burying your head in his upper back.
this is what you were talkin ’ about, he was so much warmer than the couch was. 
“hey there,” he murmured, tilting his head back towards you, a small smile gracing his plump lips.
“hmm,” was the only reply you could muster, finally getting some heat that you had desired.
his warmth seeped through both his and your- actually his again- sweaters. you nuzzled your face deeper into his back, humming in content at his smell and comforting presence.
“you cold, love?” he asked, feeling the chill of your hands through the soft material of his jumper. 
although you couldn’t see it, he smiled, removing his hands from the granite countertop to take your hands into his own.
he unlocked your hands that had intertwined with themselves and tucked them into his connected front hoodie pocket.
Jin felt you smile against his back as you intertwined your hands with each other again.
he smiles to himself thinking about how cute you are when your cuddly and continued to scroll down the Buzzfeed article that was most likely about food.
Y o o n g I 
Tumblr media
Yoongi had been working a lot more recently, composing new songs left and right. he’s been doing so amazing, along with the rest of BTS, with the recent comeback and the end of the Wings Tour. 
listen, you didn’t wanna sound clingy… but goddamn, you missed yo mans. and you’d be damned if you didn’t at least try to gain his attention.
you crept into his room to see him at his computer, his black, noise canceling headphones on, light clicking noises and soft breaths being the only thing filling the quite room.
you felt bad that you were going to startle him in his peaceful, focused state… actually… no you’re not.
you wound your arms around his waist and nuzzled your head into the crook of his neck. 
he jumped a little, shoving his headphones off and turning his head towards yours.
upon seeing your smiling features, he relaxed into your hold. removing his hands from the keypad and onto your hands that were still resting on his midsection.
“hey,” you mumbled into his neck.
“hey,” he murmured back, “you need something baby?”
“…you gonna tell me what that is, sweetheart?”
“cuddles… with you.”
“i’ve gotta finish this tr-”
“mmmmm,” you hummed loudly over his response, the vibrations cursing through the sensitive skin of his neck, making his relax further into the leather chair and your embrace.
you eventually convinced him he needed a nap, which was not that hard, that boy was always down for a nap.
you sighed contently as he tightened his embrace around your waist and let out a hot puff of air onto the top of your head.
you smiled and giggled, snuggling further into his hoodie clad chest.
“what’s got you so giggly?”
“my man’s paying me attention, what’s there not to be happy about?”
he only hummed in response.
“hyung! Namjoon broke like three glasses when we were emptying the-ahhhh, my eyes! my innocent eyes!” Jungkook interrupted himself as he entered Yoongi’s room, immediately regretting it and slamming the door, running back into the kitchen.
you giggled again, and covered your mouth with one of your sweater paws in an attempt to stifle your laughter.
“I suppose you should go deal with that, babe,” you managed to get out around your giggles.
he only huffed as he unwillingly rose from his place, his has jutting out to tickle your side in an attempt to cease your teasing.
you watched him leave with a smile on your face, patiently awaiting his return.
H o s e o k
Tumblr media
Hoseok had invited you out to dinner with the rest of the members. you had agreed vehemently, jumping at the chance to spend time with your adorable boyfriend. 
getting out of the car, you laced your hand with Hobi’s, smiling up at him when he looked down at you. 
entering the restaurant you felt a cold shiver wrack your body. you wrap your arms around the muscular arm that beheld the hand you were holding earlier and cuddle into his shoulder.
the eight of you were set at a table towards the back near a window, the lighting very dim and the moonlight cascading down through the window onto the glittering champagne glasses, creating a relaxing ambiance. 
as everyone looks at the menu you subtly nuzzle your fave into the crook of Hobi’s neck. 
he looks down at you, “are you okay, love?”
you nod against his neck, “it’s just cold in here.”
he chuckled at you and shrugs off his red jacket, “for you m’lady”
“aww, Hobi! that’s so sweet, thank you,” you aww over his gentlemanly-ness and his good hearted nature.
as dinner was served and the meal was in full swing, conversation flurrying around the table, you found yourself looking out the window.
you weren’t antisocial, it’s not that you didn’t like the other members - you loved them with all your heart - you were just… sleepy. 
the weight of Hoseok’s jacket on your shoulders, the sent of him wafting off the jacket along with the aroma of the dinner laid on the table in front of you, and the warmth of Hobi’s hand on your thigh made you begin to feel sleepy.
when you were sleepy, you became needy. not sexual needy, but affection needy, and not only affection needy- but Hobi’s affection needy.
your hand slithers from its place on top of Hobi’s hand that’s ontop of your thigh into the crook of his elbow and lift your head from the window onto his shoulder and sigh contently.
he gives you a side glance, then looks back up at Taehyung putting one finger up indicating to give him a second to speak to you.
“are you sleepy, jagiya?”
“we’re almost done, sweetheart, then I’m all yours,” he hums, kissing the top of your head.
“awww, hyung, your so good to her, where can I find a man like you?” Taehyung giggles, his boxy smile manifesting on his flawless face.
you smile sleeply and burry your face deeper into Hoseok’s shoulder.
the two of you had eventually found your way into bed, his arms wound tightly around you and you head buried in his chest and your breaths slow and even, neither of you caring about all the commotion rumbling outside in the dorm’s living room.
N A M J O O N 
Tumblr media
Namjoon was driving the two of you back from the studio in your car. you had come to visit him and bring him some dinner and wait for him to finish up whatever he was doing at that moment.
you were pretty sleepy, the two of you hadn’t gotten much sleep last night. he’d kept you up with multiple orgasms last night, hey - you weren’t complaining! but despite your love for orgasms, and your dominant boyfriend, he wore you the fuck out.
Namjoon’s thumb began rubbing slow circles on your jean clad knee, his other hand staying at 12 o’clock on the steering wheel.
the combination of his slow circles and the soft music on the radio lulled you into a light sleep, your head rolling to lay on the car window.
“baby, we’re home, it’s time to wake up,” Namjoon’s soft voice and light shake of your shoulder rose you from your peaceful slumber.
once you came to, you brought your loosely curled fists to your eyes and rubbed your eyes lightly. you opened you eyes to see Namjoon to your right, you door open and him crouching down to your level between the car and the car door.
“hey,” he whispered, wanting more than anything not to startle you in your adorable sleepy state.
“wassup,” you slurred back, your brain not yet functioning properly.
“let’s get you inside, yeah?” he murmured to you and he reached over your waking form to unbuckle your seatbelt.
you giggle as his hands brushed your side and his head rests on your breasts for a split second.
he managed to get past your grumbles of ‘i can do it myself, Joonie’ and helped you out of the car. as soon as your sneakers hit the pavement of the driveway and the car door was shut, Namjoon literally swept you off your feet and carried you bridal style into the dorms. 
once you were safely in Namjoon’s room, after he had to endure the plethora of teasing from the other members.
 ‘Ahhh hyung!!’ 
‘cute… I guess’
‘you carry that princess, boi!’ ‘you do too much, Tae’
Namjoon being the gentleman he was, he asked if it was okay to undress you and redress you for bed, you said “boy, you can do more than undress me tONIGHT, if you know what I mean!” then proceeded to plop down onto his bed and burry your head into the pillows.
he took that as a yes.
once he dressed you in a cozy hoodie of his- which was very hard by the way, you continually made grabby hands at him and latching onto his shirt, tugging at the material in an attempt to get him to lay on top of you and cuddle, he slipped into his basketball shorts and stole away into the covers with you.
he pulled you closer by your waist, your head immediately nuzzling into his neck, his sent filling your nose instantly, his almost, and I mean almost, unbearable warmth lulling your right back to sleep.
send in requests and feEDBACK, PLS
thank you!! -samantha
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jungxk · 3 years ago
filed under: hobi fic was due 
notes: you’ve always had a crush on hobi and he’s always handled that gently. what he can’t handle is you now, nine years later. 
warnings: eventual smut
part i // part ii // part iii
Tumblr media
"you can come out of your room now," namjoon says from the door before bursting in and sprawling across your perfectly made bed. he lets the teddy you throw hit him square in the face without flinching, one earbud still in and eyes glued to his phone. "hoseok left already."
"so? i wasn't hiding," you lie indignantly.
namjoon gives you a look and you stand up from your desk chair to throttle him, when-
"joon," you freeze upon hearing hoseok's voice coming up the stairs. "sorry but i need my earphones back! i think i left mine at the gym and-"
"get out!" you hiss, hiking up namjoon by his lanky wrists with your surprising strength. you grab his ankles when he doesn't comply, his head narrowly missing the pane of the bed when he falls onto the carpet with a heavy thump. "move, you big lump! before hoseok comes in and-"
"____!" hoseok says brightly, head poking round the edge of your door before he enters. "you're home? we were playing mario kart downstairs!"
"oh yeah, um," you start, dropping namjoon's foot on the floor now that you've been caught manhandling him red-handed. not that hoseok cares. because hoseok is funny and cool and tall and a whole four years older than you. "well, i had lots of homework..."
"did you cut your hair?" he asks, pretty teeth showing when he smiles. you become very aware of the shit-eating grin on your older brother's face who's currently watching from the floor.
you did cut your hair. not that anyone noticed but your mum (because she took you). even if you squinted you hardly saw difference since it was just a trim, but of course hoseok noticed. of course. you gulp, twirling it nervously. "yeah..."
"it looks pretty," he smiles wider when you finally meet his eyes. "very grown up!"
you hate that you can't hide how pleased you look. "thanks, hobi."
"here are your earphones," namjoon says, sticking his hand in the air now that it's silent. "just a heads up i might've broken the left one but the right one's fine."
hoseok scowls, yanking them from him his grip. "i literally gave these to you an hour ago," and namjoon only apologises with a shrug. he sighs and cards a hand through his hair and you almost die from how gorgeous he is in that second. "whatever, buy me lunch after soccer tomorrow," he looks back at you brightly. "bye, ____!"
"bye," you say weakly after he's already left.
namjoon snickers as he climbs back onto your bed, voice screeching unflatteringly. "thanks hobiiii...!"
you pick up the forgotten teddy and beat him with it. "would you shut up!"
"okay, miss grown up," he says, before you stuff the teddy in his mouth.
and that's how hoseok remembers you. the little sister he never had, a cute fourteen year old who liked to draw a lot, shy and soft spoken until namjoon finished the good cereal. sure, maybe he forgot you existed for almost a decade but the point is when namjoon mentions you'll finally be able to make the next family gathering he feels happy. reminiscent of when the three of you used to play video games and eat ice cream in the garden. until-
"hobi!" you screech, and he just barely manages to catch you when you throw yourself into his arms. "it's so good to see you!"
his hands fall onto the dip of your waist until he registers who you are. then they scurry nervously up your back. "_-____?!"
you pull back to smile at him and he almost loses it, right there next to his mother's potato salad. the only thing he recognises are your round eyes but everything else has been switched out for an r-rated version of his best friend's little sister that he never signed up for. you were supposed to be dorky and mousy and wear star wars pajamas forever, not-
"sorry, i know this dress is a little formal but," you smooth down your skirt as if his eyes aren't glued to your impressive cleavage. when did those get there? "i'm going out with some friends after this and i wouldn't have had time to see you if i didn't get ready now, so," you giggle up at his open mouth because he still hasn't said anything. "earth to hoseok? anyone home?"
"hi," he says dumbly, heart leaping when you laugh. "you, um. you don't have braces anymore."
"really? i hadn't noticed," the twinkle in your eye is practically sinister. you all but twirl for him. "what else don't i have, hobi?"
he splutters to come up with family friendly answers. "no...acne. or storm trooper onesie," why is it so hard to keep his eye-line above your neck?
"actually the onesie's still upstairs. hasn't seen daylight in years but thankfully you're right about the acne," you smile. you reach up to flip a piece of his styled hair. "and look at you, no red hair! i almost didn't recognise you." you're telling me he thinks, and he's sure you can hear it because your face lights up mischievously. "you're looking a little pale, do you want some gin? i have a mini one in here if you want-"
"no i don't want gin at my parents barbecue party," he says, forcefully snapping your purse shut. he's exasperated and it's starting to show, because the more he huffs the more your cheeks glow and your lashes flutter. what's worse is he's now covering your small hands with his to keep your bag closed and you make no attempt to shimmy from his grip. "are you even old enough to drink?"
"i'm twenty-three, hobi."
"sounds fake. gimme your bag."
the second you and your friends are whizzing off in a taxi hoseok does what any normal man would do, which is find his best friend smack him upside the head. namjoon is a little taller, dresses a little better, but still makes the same indignant face he did when he was a kid. he's also got his cheeks stuffed with potato salad so his loud cursing is somewhat muffled. "what the fuck! hoseok are you-"
"why didn't you tell me about your sister!" he hisses.
namjoon squints. "what are you talking about? you know i have a sister."
"no, you. god for someone so smart you're so thick," hoseok massages his temple. "you could've given me a heads up that ____ looks and dresses like a victoria's secret model, you know. so i could've taken an advil prior to all this, saved myself a little grief-"
"you're disgusting, what's wrong with you?" namjoon says, shovelling more food into his mouth. "____'s pretty, yeah - i mean it runs in the family, obviously - but i wouldn't go that far. stop being such a pervert, you were in the house when she got her period."
"exactly!" hoseok whines, plopping down next to him on the lawn chair. he holds his head. "look, you're her brother so you don't get it but your sister is hot now. like, crazy hot. which is something i know i shouldn't even be thinking because i'm basically her brother by association, but! god why did she have to wear a dress like that...!"
"i can't believe you call me dumb when your two brain cells are arguing with each other right now," namjoon says absently. he gives hoseok a very long look. "you act like you've never seen a woman before. didn't you just hook up with a girl last week?"
"that was different. ____ isn't a girl, she's..." hoseok can't find the word. "____."
namjoon doesn't look very sorry for him. "but she is, though. and the only person you have to blame for pigeon-holing her into a sexless box is yourself. i mean, don't get me wrong, i'll clock you into next friday if you so much as think about trying anything with my little sister, but she's allowed to look like that even if it makes you uncomfortable." hoseok doesn't feel any better - in fact he feels worse - but namjoon continues. "besides, you remember how hard she crushed on you? maybe it's your turn to suffer for a while."
"it's not the same," hoseok says adamantly, even though he knows he's wrong. "what's the worst she wanted to do, hold my hand? go to the park with me? you don't even wanna know what i thought when she fixed the underwire of her bralette earlier-"
"stop right there," namjoon says. "before i shove this lamb skewer up your nose and lobotomise you."
in retrospect, hoseok should've stopped right there. because only after three showers and a half a bottle of shampoo did the mayonnaise smell seem to be come out his hair. lord knows what time it is, because everyone came back to your house after the barbecue for coffee like always, and that was already well past midnight. if he listens hard enough he could probably hear his dad snoring in the guest bedroom.
hoseok barely has enough energy to pull out one of the old mattresses to crash on namjoon's floor. he gets halfway before he hears a fumbling at the front door, debates waking up namjoon but the shadow through the glazed window doesn't look big. in fact...
he opens the door and you come tumbling in after your lodged keys, and hoseok finds you in his arms for the second time that day. you squeak when he holds you up, legs wobbly and hands clutching his big shoulders. hoseok swears he can see stars in your eyes when they roll up to him, the streetlights outside making you look glowy and soft. "hobi?" you blink, just managing to pull off him and gently shut the door behind you. "you're still here?"
"clearly," and then, sounding far more amused than he should, "are you drunk?"
you take suspiciously long to answer. "no."
"okay, a little," you sigh, kicking off your heels. he smiles. you haven't grown an inch since eighth grade. but then you take the pins out your hair and ruffle it with a breathy sigh and there goes his sanity. "just don't tell my mum and dad, okay? they’ve never seen me drunk before. not that i am, it’s just..." you pass him to pad into the kitchen, the sway of your hips making him follow. "i wanted to stay at a friends, but she. got occupied."
"what's his name?"
"dunno but he was wearing gucci. you’d like him."
"pretty boy?"
"now you’re just projecting."
hoseok leans against the counter and watches you struggle to open the tag on the bread wrapper with absolutely no intention of helping until you ask. "you don’t think i’m pretty?"
you scowl, mostly at the bread. "i wouldn't say that, i just..." you look away, not knowing how to navigate this foreign topic of conversation. but thankfully your hunger overrides your overthinking.  "can you help me, please?"
"there it is," he says, before striding over and ripping the plastic open for you with little to no effort. you blink, your brain slow from the booze, making you that much more dumbfounded by the veins in hoseok's hands that wind up, up, up to the swell of his arms. you finally study his face and reacquaint yourself with the dip of his adam's apple, the freckle on his top lip, the glow of his cheeks. all things you fawned over back then. he catches you staring and doesn't even hide how smug he feels. "earth to ___? anyone home?"
your lipstick has faded, the ends of your hair a bit sticky, but you look impossibly cute under him. "you," your brain lags. "you were just supposed to take the tag off."
he leans over to put the bread in the toaster for you. "no one uses the tag."
"my mum does," you mumble. "joonie too. he hates it when the bread goes stale."
hoseok still doesn't put as much space between you as he should. one dip forward and you'd tumble into his chest all over again. surely he knows that. "and since when do you care about what namjoon hates?"
"i'm just," you have to manually tell your feet to step out of his space. "i'm just making conversation. you should go to bed."
"let me make sure you don't choke on your vomit first," hoseok says, carefully buttering the bread. he smells so clean and nice even though he's in one of namjoon's old shirts, hair half wet and smile as charming as you remember when he thrusts the plate at you. "eat. then water."
"i’ve been drunk before," you grumble, taking it. "what are you gonna do next, carry me to bed? read me a story?"
he waits until you start eating. "and here i thought you got over your little crush on me."
a heavy beat. "you..." you blink. "you knew about that?"
"course i did," he says. "but that was a long time ago."
"it was." you nod. "it was." he forgot for a second that you were namjoon's sister, because he watches you wolf down those two slices faster than he could blink, guzzling back the water before he could say anything about that too. you wipe your hand with the back of your mouth, smearing whats left of your lipstick. "i should, i should go to bed. it's late and i-"
you watch his tongue dart out, wetting his thumb to push the pad of it at the corner of your mouth. if you weren't seeing stars before you were now, and they were all in his eyes, all above your head when you go slamming back into that rush of a feeling that came with being around hoseok. a feeling that was still perfectly intact, just the way you left it. except this time you think maybe he'll kiss you, because the brown of his eyes flick to your mouth suddenly.
"goodnight then," he says, leaving you alone in the kitchen. you wait for namjoon's bedroom door to close before releasing your breath.
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sugamoonv · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Summary: Since the beginning of their existence, BTS has been cursed to have to share their soulmate with each other. It doesn’t help that their soulmate is mortal.
Word Count: 1k
Pairings: BTS x Reader/OT7 x reader
Genre: Drama
Warnings: Minor Injury
Chapter 1
“She’s here” a staff member peaked their head into the room.
The members of BTS were lounging on the office chairs in the large room, taking advantage of the few minutes they had. The boys adjusted their posture as a woman walked into the room, cautious eyes focused on her figure.
This woman was well versed in the kind of magic it took to locate certain persons. Specifically soulmates. BTS had been lucky in that fate had brought them all together in their past. Now, it seemed that fate no longer worked in their favor. They had been content with each other over the past century, but something felt as though it was missing during the last two decades. And only during the last few years did they realize that the thing they were missing was their final soulmate.
For their success, the universe demanded balance and so had barred them from meeting their soulmate. With each passing day, they felt part of themselves being chipped away at your absence, becoming more and more consumed with questions of how you would look, sound, feel. They had assumed with all the people they were meeting on a day to day basis, they would have somehow found you, yet you still continued to elude them. They had all but reached their breaking point and decided to take matters into their own hands.
The witch supposedly specialized in tracking spells. Management had found her after she gained some notoriety from the locals after finding a plethora of runaway pets and assisting in missing person cases with town police. Anything supernatural was hidden from the public however so her skill was written off as being an exceptionally skilled public investigator. After she was brought in to negotiate a nondisclosure agreement which revealed the true nature of BTS did she also reveal that she was a witch.
The witch was out of her depth here and BTS could tell. Yoongi regarded her nervous stance with a scrutinizing glare; Namjoon’s was more empathetic. He stood to greet her, a kind smile on his face to ease the witch.
“Hello, I’m Kim Namjoon and this is Kim Seokjin, Kim Taehyung, Park Jimin, Jung Hoseok, and Min Yoongi,” he pointed a hand towards each member as he introduced them. The witch gave a closed lip smile and slightly bowed at the group. “Thank you for doing this. We appreciate it. Truly.” Namjoon smiled again.
The witch nodded and sat in the empty chair at the end of the conference table. She reached into her bag that she had brought and began placing its contents onto the table. A ritual mat with strange, foreign symbols nearly covered half the table. Colorful stones and tokens such as small bones and pieces that looked as if they came from a chess set rather than a witch’s arsenal were placed on top of the mat. Her hands remained steady despite her blushing face and nervous glances that gave away her true feelings.
“Have you done this before?” Jungkook somewhat rudely inquired. The witch’s nervousness had fed into his worries that the ritual wouldn’t work and they would be forced to go without their soulmate longer.
The witch looked at Jungkook with partially wide eyes. “Yes. But I haven’t done anything like this. No one has ever asked me to find their soulmate,” she meekly said with a respectful bow. Jungkook pursed his lips at her admittance. Yoongi rolled his eyes as Jin gave a quiet reassurance to the woman.
“I just need your blood to begin.” She pulled out a small knife and the boys slid forwards in their seats and held out their hands. She reached around making a small cut on each of the member’s left hand and then held it over the center of the mat until a few drops of blood spilled.
Jimin watched intensely as the witch picked up the tokens and clasped them in her hands. The rest of BTS watched with curious gazes as she closed her eyes and murmured into her hands a barely audible spell. The boys could feel her power charge the longer she spoke like a pressure building on their chests.
Their blood began to move upon the mat, making odd curls and patterns. The pressure on their chests kept building until it felt as though their ribs would capsize under it. It eventually peaked before plateauing, daring them to try to breathe, and the witch stilled for a moment before dropping the tokens in her hands onto the table. Her eyes snapped open, a bright silver color, and she read the markings the boys’ blood made on the mat. The message was written in an ancient language unknown to the boys.
“Her name is y/n y/l/n.”
Author’s Note: Hey so this is my first fic!!!! I’m really excited to see how it turns out because I do plan to continue with this. Let me know what you think!!!
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readyplayerhobi · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
; Hoseok x Reader
; Genre: Fluff, smut
; Word Count: 13.2k
; Warnings: Oral sex (receiving), penetrative sex, dubious use of a champagne bottle
; Synopsis: A summer vacation in the Mediterranean is the idea of heaven for many people. Sun, sand and azure sea as far as the eye can see. But what happens when a chance encounter results in you basking in a very different kind of sun?
; A/N: Major thanks to @yminie for the beautiful moodboard ;-; but could I NOT write a summer vacation fic for Hoseok with that pic??
For hundreds upon hundreds of years, the Mediterranean has been at the centre of trade and life for those living around its warm, azure waters. From the Egyptians who had worshipped their gods of the deserts to the Greeks who had prayed for their sea god to give them calm seas for travel.
Underneath the cerulean waves lay the remnants of cultures that had risen and died, from the Romans to the Phoenicians and more. The rise of empires, the fall of civilisations, the wars that humanity had wreaked upon itself over millennia; the Mediterranean had borne witness to many things.
And now, it was bearing witness to your excited ramblings to your best friend through a smartphone. The tiny device was pointed at your face, giving you a perfect view of her exasperated expression while you happily spun around, giving her a front seat view of the spectacular and awe-inspiring sight of the Greek island of Santorini.
You’d spent the past hour slowly climbing the, frankly ridiculous, number of stairs that had been carved into the island a long time ago. There had been the option to take a donkey, but you’d felt that you couldn’t possibly use a donkey without feeling guilty.
It was 34 degrees right now and looking at the poor things made you want to wrap your arms around them and lead them into some shade. So instead, you’d clambered up the steps by yourself and had spent five minutes practically lying on the floor while feeling like you were dying.
You were in shape, but there’s being in shape and then there’s climbing that amount of tall stairs in shape. Why were they so big?! Wasn’t it bad enough that most of the tiny streets were so high given the rugged landscape that had been caused by a volcanic eruption millennia ago?
Any other complaints you’d thought about having though, had vanished completely when you’d finally stood up and walked along the top for a little. The view was truly stunning, and took your breath away. How did people live in places like this?!
White-washed buildings gleamed along the side of the island where they clung onto the land like stone spiders, desperately defying gravity while the occasional blue dome topped a building here and there. Jagged rocks led down to the ocean, which was gently lapping along the edge to produce white froth that topped the crystal clear waters, leading out to a deep blue that sparkled in the sunlight.
For a moment, you’d simply rested your elbows against the white wall that protected people from falling down the edge and watched the world drift by. It was almost easy to imagine yourself thousands of years ago, to try and imagine how the Greeks had lived during the time of influential people such as Socrates, Aristotle and more.
Five minutes of admiring the scenery had left you wanting to share what you were seeing, and so you had produced your phone from the small bag that was looped over your shoulder. A few Instagram photos later, because you might be fantasising about ancient cultures but you did live in the 21st century, and you had been calling your best friend, mindful of the fact you were probably going to be hit with a huge phone bill later.
But she had to experience this!
Lisa had answered your call grumpily, informing you that it was too early in the morning to be on the phone to you. Despite the fact that you were showing her one of the most beautiful sights you had ever been witness to.
If anything, she should be used to it by now. You’d saved up all your vacation leave and had taken it all at once, blowing through your meagre savings to take you on a trip through the countries that surrounded the Mediterranean.
A degree that had majored in Ancient History and minored in the Classical Studies meant that you had a vested interest in the ancient cultures that had proliferated along these venerable shores. It was just good fortune that the museum you worked in had been enthusiastic about you taking a whole month off to explore the very countries where their most popular artifacts came from.
In fact, your manager had made you promise to make note of any interesting facts that you may learn from the native tour guides. An interactive exhibition was being planned for children, with your photographs being used alongside 3D images of the artifacts. Honestly, they should be paying you for this.
Your month long trip had taken you from the awe-inspiring pyramids of Egypt, to the shores of splendid Turkey, to the island of Malta, to the historied cities of Italy before finally landing upon Greece. A few days had been spent in Athens before you decided to head out to Crete, the largest island in Greece and discover the Minoan palace and other treasures there.
A day trip to Santorini is how you’d found yourself currently gushing about the wonderful landscape around you, though you were glad that you had chosen Crete as your base for the final part of the trip. You weren’t sure you could handle all the hills all the time!
“You’re coming home in a few days right?” Lisa queried once you finally brought the screen back to your face. Resting against the wall once more, you held the phone out in front of your face and nodded, letting your head tip back to take in the blinding sun.
“Yep, four more days and then it’s back home. I am going to have the worst case of holiday blues, I swear.” You groan deeply, though Lisa laughs through the tinny speaker at your misery. Her eyes are puffy from sleep and you smile in fondness, noting how young she looks when she’s just woken up.
“Oh, my heart bleeds for you as you stand there in Greece. Make sure to bring back some good stuff from there okay?” She says and you laugh, spinning around so that you face the stairs once more and sigh deeply.
Heading over, your sandals slapping against the worn stones in the quietness of the day, you acknowledge her request with a salute. Figuring that you may as well get some use out of the ridiculously expensive video call you’re making, you go to ask her how life is with Taehyung now that they’ve moved together.
Only she makes an intrigued gasp and you watch as suddenly your screen is filled with her nose and upper lip. “What are you doing you freak? I don’t want to see your nose hairs!” You squeal, moving the phone even further away while looking in disgust.
“ that hottie behind you? In the yellow shirt?” She asks, completely disregarding your comments. You pause and slowly turn around, eyes scanning over the small group of tourists who had boarded the boat with you in Crete. Most of them were from the same tour group as you, all being picked up at the same point in the town you were staying in.
Subtly looking over everyone, you note that the majority of yellow wearers are women and frown, wondering if perhaps she didn’t see it properly. Only then suddenly, a pale yellow the colour of a spring chick comes into your vision and your own brows raise.
The shirt is a button up, looking light and comfortable with the top few buttons undone to reveal an expanse of smooth, golden skin. His sleeves have been rolled up and reveal equally toned arms that practically glow in the sunlight, while the sun makes his black hair shine beautifully.
Comfortable, white trousers adorn his lower half and you wonder half heartedly if they’re linen - truly the perfect fabric for heat like this. He looks bright and colourful, every inch the tourist yet with a sense of exquisiteness that marks him as different from your regular tourists.
He turns slightly to look out at the sea and you swallow. High cheekbones sit beneath softly rounded cheeks, while his jawline is as sharp as the rocks that meet the sea down below. An aquiline nose slopes down before turning up ever so slightly at the end, making the perfect resting place for the Chanel sunglasses that cover his eyes.
For a moment, he looks utterly unattainable until a young girl says something in front of him to cause him to smile. And that is when you truly lose your breath, for it’s like the sun itself has come to life in front of you.
It’s the only explanation for the way his face practically lights up from within as he smiles, the movement taking up his face and revealing perfectly straight teeth while his lips become an endearing heart.
How have you missed this man on your walks?
He looks utterly at ease with himself, his hands pushed into his pockets and an expensive looking watch resting on his left wrist lazily. Not a damp spot can be seen on his summer-island clothing, and it makes you flush with embarrassment as you realise that your pink vest top is currently red in certain areas from the sweat of the walk up.
And that’s to not even mention the amount of boob sweat you have going on, or thigh sweat. Or, perhaps even more humiliatingly, butt sweat. In fact, you’re glad that you’re wearing pale denim shorts today, otherwise you’d have a rather lovely sweat patch along your ass crack if you had chosen linen like him.
“I don’t know...I think he’s part of my tour group.” You murmur, vaguely aware that Lisa is still on the line with you. It’s only when she lets out a laugh of amusement that you refocus back on her, blinking a few times to regain focus until she finally comes back into your vision.
“Wow. You look taken by him. He looks pretty hot. Maybe you should see about a holiday fling?” She says, wiggling her eyebrows suggestively until your cheeks flush with blood once more. Spinning around, you turn away from him and begin to make your way back down the stairs.
“Don’t be stupid! Did you not see him? He looks way out of my league! I mean, the man isn’t even sweating. He’s wearing Chanel sunglasses so god knows how much the rest of his outfit costs. That is a man, out of my league.” You hiss at her, wobbling slightly as you take a wrong step and almost go falling down the whole lot of stairs.
That would be painful. And humiliating.
She simply huffs and watches you with a smile, one brow quirked while her chin rests in her hand. You know that look. You’ve spent years watching that look as she ropes you into some dumb thing. It’s the look she wore before she got Taehyung, and he can be a grade A idiot sometimes.
Okay, so he’s sweet. But still!
“You could at least try! I mean...if he’s in your group then you’ve got the boat ride back...and then the coach ride back. You could try. You don’t need to be in his income bracket to enjoy good dick.” Lisa says crudely and you groan loudly, rolling your eyes as you wave your phone around and hope she gets motion sickness or something.
“Shut up.” You hiss at her, glancing around paranoid and relieved that there’s no other tourists around. Greece’s islands were full of British and German tourists you’d noted, and the German’s appeared to have exceptional English skills. It really wasn’t in your daily itinerary to accidentally become someone’s holiday story as ‘that thirsty American girl who was talking about holiday dick on the phone’.
The heat was excruciating with the minimal wind that was coming off the sea, and even though you were going down the stairs and not up, you could still feel the sweat slowly dripping down your back and between your breasts. Did guys get this issue?
“I am not going to ask the outrageously handsome man if he wants to sleep with me tonight. He could have anything! He might not even speak English! Have you even thought of that?” At the other end of the phone, all the way back in New York, you watch as Lisa rolls her eyes and fakes a yawn, tapping her hand over her mouth.
“You don’t need to speak English to get dick. I’m pretty sure he’ll know the word for sex. If not, you could always try…” She trails off before resting the phone on something and simulating sex, pushing a finger through another circled finger. Practically screaming, you have a small tantrum on the steps before pointing at her.
“You’re terrible, you know that? Why am I friends with you? You’re like...half a world away and you’re still pressuring me into sex!” You groan, rubbing the back of your hand over your forehead to get rid of the perspiration there. She laughs loudly, the sound tinkling through the tiny speakers and you can’t help but smile at the sound. Okay, so she’s an ass but you still love her.
“I’m trying to get you laid. You like sex. You like hot men. You’re loving Greece. Why not have sex with a hot man in Greece? A three-in-one!” Hissing through clenched teeth, you stop and take a deep breath, closing your eyes while you take in the hot air. Honestly, it’s not so fortifying when the air feels hotter than your lungs.
“Goodbye Lisa. I will text you later, send you pics. I’ll make sure to buy you some yummy Greek treats and you’re also getting one of those wooden dick keyrings they sell all over the place.” You give her a saccharine smile, waving fingers as she sputters about wooden dicks.
Ending the call, you let out the breath slowly and feel your shoulders practically fall to the floor. She’s right. You do like sex, and you haven’t had any for what? Six months now? Any longer and your damn hymen would grow back and you’d gain second virginity.
But a holiday romance was too...cliché. Imagine going home with that story! And what if you got pregnant?! It’s a Mills and Boon story come to life. Shaking your head, you continue on down the stairs and resolve to take in the view once more to centre yourself.
He was hot, sure. But you’re probably never going to see him again once you both get off the tour bus. And that’s more than enough reason to keep any sexual thoughts to yourself.
Yes, you won’t be getting his dick tonight. But there’s nothing against imagining his dick when you’re in the quiet, darkness of your room later.
The trip back to your hotel had been awkward for you, given that you were now almost supernaturally aware of Hot Man’s presence. In fact, it was almost to the point that you wondered how the hell you’d never noticed him before.
An extra wary eye had allowed you to spot his pastel yellow shirt situated towards the back of the boat, stood watching the wake that the vessel created as it cut through the deep blue waters. Immediately, you’d taken a seat towards the bow of the boat instead.
You know, just in case he suddenly developed telepathy and caught wind of the inappropriate thoughts that were running through your mind. Like whether it was possible to have sex on a boat this crowded in the middle of the Aegean Sea.
Instead, you’d rested an arm against the side and watched quietly as the great expanse of ocean passed by under your watchful gaze. It still blew your mind to imagine that people millennia ago would undertake the same journey as you, only their ships were made of wood and relied on the wind or pure manpower.
As you’d inhaled deeply and took in the pleasing scent of salt soaked ocean, you hadn’t been able to help but smile slightly at the cooling wind that had whipped through your clothes as the ferry sped back towards Crete. How wonderful it would be, to simply live on the ocean like this. Not a care in the world.
Implausible obviously, but still. Your meandering thoughts could have perhaps be blamed on the ever beating sun that shone mercilessly in the sky. There was no wonder that the Greek islands often looked almost barren of green plant life, and yet you knew there to be many forms of life that had not only endured but evolved.
You’d spent the rest of the trip back having silly thoughts like that, letting yourself fancifully imagine what it would have been like to live during the age of Greek gods and so forth. Honestly, it’s a wonder you’d managed to make it through your holiday without getting stuck somewhere because of your flyaway thoughts.
The ride back to your town had left you with your heart in your throat as Hot Man had casually gotten onto the coach as well. You’d chosen a seat close to the front, but the seat next to you was free and you’d barely even taken a breath until he’d walked past, heading further to the back.
You’d gotten off the coach before him however, so you weren’t entirely sure where he was staying in the small Cretan town you’d pick as your final destination. The sigh you’d let out was ambiguous, and you were not entirely sure if it’s because of relief or sadness.
The next three days were spent exploring the town you were staying in, along with a few of the nearby towns and enjoying the delicious food and warm friendliness of the Greeks who inhabited this small piece of heaven.
There had been more than a few hours spent lazing on the beaches that dotted the mountainous island, admiring the sapphire waves as they hugged the shore lovingly. Numerous souvenirs had been bought for friends and family, from cute pewter keyrings with tiny blue glass beads featuring the painted eye that was so common to boxes of loukoumi for those who have a sweet tooth.
You’d spent plenty of time in the various cafes and bars dotted along the seafront and watched with a mixed sense of awe and discomfort as coach drivers swung their huge beasts of burden down tiny streets that had been designed for carts, not buses. The inches that separated a wall from the coach often left you cringing, and yet they didn’t seem to care at all.
Greeks carried on with their lives as you watched, going to work or eating out at a few of the restaurants because while you were enjoying the island as a holiday, for them it was simply their home. Lyrical words were spoken at a fast pace between friends and family, almost musical when they really got going, and yet always filled with a passion that seemed to show on their faces as well.
Your own Greek was not very good, not nearly as good as your Italian, with just a handful of important words mastered such as please and thank you. Your knowledge of the Greek alphabet was almost redundant as well, with signs often being bilingual in English, and many time multilingual with German and Russian too.
Yet you still enjoyed the pleased smiles you got when you stuttered out a ‘kalispera’ in the evening or ‘kalimera’ in the morning. The words always felt so pretty to say though, and even if you got it wrong they still gave encouraging smiles that meant you felt okay trying again later.
Something that you had most definitely noticed, with a growing sense of awareness that left you feeling you’d gained some bizarre sixth sense, was Hot Man venturing along the same streets that you did. You never actively noticed him - it was more like you’d catch a glimpse of a smartly dressed man out of the corner of your eye and quickly glance over.
He seemed to have a penchant for light coloured clothing that looked comfortable and not too hot. Two days ago, you’d seen him wearing tan coloured linen shorts that came to his knees and a pale green t-shirt, whereas yesterday he’d been wearing a tan and baby pink version of his Santorini outfit.
Not that you’d been overly paying attention to his wardrobe or anything.
It had become very obvious that he was in fact, an expensive man as his clothing was subtle yet practically reeked of money. Not to mention his every changing roster of designer sunglasses that sat primly on the bridge of his nose.
Despite this, he was beyond friendly and seemed to get on with whoever he was talking to, despite any language barriers. His deep voice, so pleasing to listen to, had travelled to you a few times along the gentle sea breeze and you’d been satisfied to discover that he spoke English too.
Not that you’d been hoping he did or anything.
Still, you’d enjoyed subtly watching him as he walked along the old, charming streets of the Cretan town. It was nice to see someone enjoying the atmosphere of the place as much as you were, and not simply looking for the next alcoholic drink.
Unfortunately however, tomorrow was your last day and you’d no longer get to sip fresh apple juice while gazing out over the oil smooth sea, or wake up on fresh sheets to blissfully warm sun peeking its way through the glass door. Nor would you get to peek upon your Hot Man and fantasise.
Each country you’d visited had seen you carefully counting your money, only splurging on the last day at a fancy restaurant in each location. Today was finally the turn of Greece, and you’d decided on a small place that overlooked the ocean, figuring that you’d enjoy the delicious food while observing the awe inspiring sight of the sun slowly dipping below the waves.
Which is where you found yourself now, sat on a wicker chair with a basket of small, delicious rolls of bread in front of you and a bowl of salty olives to snack on. You’d decided to finish your trip with a meal consisting of your favourite food that you’d discovered in Crete.
A plate of dakos was sat on the table. The crispbread, olive oil, creamy cheese and ripe tomatoes was an explosion of taste in your mouth and the perfect starter to put you on until your lamb souvlaki arrived later.
You were preoccupied with daydreaming as you slowly ate, watching the beautiful scenery in front of you, the sky slowly painting itself vivid yellows, soft pinks and warm oranges as the sun slowly began to make its way down to the sea.
As such, you didn’t notice the presence that appeared at your side, nor the way he watched for a few moments, amused. A low cough, clearing his throat quietly enough to not be obnoxious to other diners but enough to catch your attention, caused you to look away from the sea. Eyes widening at the sight in front of you, you sat up straighter and wiped at your mouth, hoping there was no embarrassing food on your mouth.
Or down the white sundress you’d opted to wear for your final night. He let out a soft laugh, the sound causing that heart stopping smile to break across his face and make tiny butterflies flutter in your stomach.
“Hi, sorry to interrupt. Erm...I was just wondering if...maybe you’d be okay if I ate with you? I was over there but...the view’s better here.” White teeth flash at you, his strange mix of hesitation and confidence causing you to frown slightly. “I mean, if you don’t want to then it’s fine. It’s’s my last night here and...well I wouldn’t mind being in the company of a pretty woman and a beautiful sunset.”
His words almost cause you to choke and you splutter, one hand covering your mouth while your other gestures towards the chair opposite you. He sits down slowly, looking like a dream come to life. Today, he’s gone for all white. A white button up, with the buttons just low enough to give an alluring tease of defined collarbones beneath golden skin and white trousers.
Black hair moves across his forehead gently in the subtle breeze and you can’t help but take a deep, fortifying breath when he finally removes those sunglasses that have remained attached to his head. Beneath them, are crescent shaped brown eyes, warm and filled with kindness and amusement.
Dear god, he was stunning. Staring at him in the restaurant, his profile standing out from the outstanding picture of natural beauty surrounding him, you realise how the people of this country thousands of years ago had believed in a god who brought the sun to life every day.
Because you could quite easily believe that Apollo himself had taken human flesh and sat opposite you.
“Thanks. I was worried I might seem a little weird. I’m Hoseok.” He holds out an elegant, long fingered hand to you. “Jung Hoseok.”
Stuttering, you shake his hand shyly and let him know your name, eyes falling to the table as you take a bite of your food to occupy your mouth. Lisa had been joking when she’d suggested a holiday fling with him, and you’d been serious when you thought that nothing would ever happen.
Yet here he was, sat opposite you and looked more delicious than the food you were eating currently. Hoseok calls for the waiter and asks for a bottle of white wine to be delivered to the table, smiling pleasantly and thanking him once the expensive bottle arrives.
He pours himself a glass and looks at you, brow raised while he shakes the bottle slightly. You nod slowly, watching as the clear liquid fizzes inside the glass and reach out, taking a long gulp of the crisp, dry drink.
“How long are you in Crete for?” He asks idly, giving another smile to the young girl who delivers his starter and diving into it. Dragging your fork through the food on your plate, you feel your cheeks heat with awkwardness.
“Just tonight. I leave tomorrow to go home, like you.” At that, the delicate smile that has so thoroughly charmed you makes another reappearance. In fact, if you were reading his face right, he looked positively delighted at this news.
“Oh really? What a weird coincidence. Let’s consider this a fruitful night hmm?” He says, raising his glass to you in a toast that has you letting a tiny smile over your lips. “I’m pretty sure I’ve kept seeing you around this place by the way. Which is weird, because it’s a small town but it’s not that small.” He chuckles, shaking his head as he takes another bite of food.
You wish you were strong enough to lie, but instead it comes blurting out. “You have. I mean...I’ve seen you around too. And...we went on that trip to Santorini together. Kind of. I mean, not actually together. know what I mean.”
Hoseok watches with a single brow raised, amusement rippling over his face as he chews slowly. He swallows as he nods. “Yeah, I thought so. Honestly, that’s why I came over. I was pretty sure I recognised you and...well you’re pretty and you look interesting.”
Well, now your body is definitely heating up and it’s not because of the sun.
“I’m not that interesting. Really. Unless you find museum curator’s interesting.” You blurt out, running a hand down your dress to smooth out any wrinkles. At that, his face opens up in interest and he sits forward, placing the knife and fork onto his now empty plate and looks at you with enthusiasm.
“A museum curator? Oh wow, I wasn’t even sure if you’d finished college.” He stops suddenly, face blanking before cringing. “Oh god, I’m sorry. That sounded weird. Oh no it was weird. I’m sorry.” He repeats, hands coming out to try and placate you, despite you not being bothered.
“Why is that weird?” You ask and he flushes, tanned cheeks dusting with rosy pink.
“Well...I’m 33 and as soon as I said it, I realised how weird it would sound if I thought you were like 21 or something. Oh god, I wish I’d never said anything.” He grimaces, running a hand over his face exasperatedly and you laugh.
“No, no. That is very much a compliment Mr Jung. I’m 29, I’ve been doing my job now for four years. In fact, that’s kind of why I’m in Greece. I’ve spent the last month in Turkey, Egypt, Malta, Italy and Greece as my specialty is ancient Mediterranean cultures.” Why you’re suddenly babbling about your job, you have no idea.
But he looks completely fascinated and begins to question you about it; the exact cities you’d visited, the food you’d eaten, the sights you’d seen and even what kind of work you did in the museum. It had been a long time since a man had been genuinely interested in your job.
You seemed to unfortunately attract men whose eyes literally glazed over when they heard the word museum usually.
Hoseok however, is completely intrigued and asks plenty of intelligent questions. Not only that, but he’s knowledgeable about museums too. An in depth conversation between the two of you last over the main meal, you with souvlaki and him with a Cretan speciality of smoked pork.
It’s halfway through his conversation about the German Historical Museum in Berlin that he suddenly stops, blushing even harder as he scrapes his fork over his empty plate. “Ah, I’m sorry. I’ve been babbling about myself and not even telling you anything interesting.” His lips turn in a wry smile and you reach forward without thinking, fingers resting on the smooth skin of his warm hand to stop his fretful movements.
“It’s fine, honestly. It’s lovely to meet someone who enjoys museums as much as I do. But I am kind of curious about you in turn.” He snorts and wipes his mouth with a napkin, leaving the white fabric slightly red.
“Erm, well. I’m a director for a PR company in New York City.” He says, the words almost mumbled, as if he didn’t want you to hear. Which isn’t surprising, as your own brows raise. You’d already informed him that you lived on the outskirts of NYC, your museum small and humble compared to the giants in the city.
As such though, you were well aware that for to be someone so high up in a PR company in one of the most expensive cities of the world, he was probably earning some serious bank. Though, you could guess that from his clothing. It had been a slightly heart stopping moment to realise that he was wearing over $30,000 on his wrist, the watch only familiar to you because Taehyung was some weird watch aficionado.
“Do you have any fancy clients then? I bet it must be a nightmare when something goes wrong.” You ask lightly, running your finger along the rim of your wineglass and completely missing the way his eyes focus on the slow movement.
“Yeah, we’ve got some big clients. And yeah, they’re an equally big pain when something goes bad. But when you pull it off, that’s a good feeling.” He smirks, eyes flicking up to meet yours and you can’t help but bite your lip to try and stop the weird feeling in your chest. Hoseok is truly gorgeous, but did he have to be so damn nice too?
“I’d say I’m glad I work in a museum, but what’s the more nerve wracking job? Failing to do damage control well for a multi billion dollar company...or accidentally breaking a one-of-a-kind, millennia old antique?” The words are teasing and his hissing grimace is equally as playful.
“That’s a tough one. Probably yours if I’m being honest. Is anyone really gonna give a shit about one company making a boo-boo when they do that every other year? On the other hand...breaking a priceless ancient Greek vase...yeah history isn’t gonna look kindly on that.” He taps his fingers against his sharp jaw and you laugh lightly, happy that he played along with you.
Your conversation continues on for a while, allowing you both to have little glimpses into each others lives. Wild tales of friends soon come from you both, trying to one up each other while tender moments are revealed about your families. It’s strange, how you’ve barely known him for an hour, yet feel more comfortable with him than people you’ve known for years.
“How come you’re travelling alone then? You’re obviously a sociable guy, so I don’t know why you don’t have a partner or friends with you?” You query quietly, thanking the waiter as he brings a plate of baklava to your table for the both of you, along with some freshly cut fruit. The shot of ouzo that always seems to accompany meals being consumed with grimaces from you both.
He coughs as the liquid burns down his throat before sucking on a piece of melon, apparently oblivious to how utterly seductive that move is. Humming to himself, he swallows the fruit before continuing on. “I always travel alone. I do have friends, but they’re always busy with either jobs, or families now. So...I figure why not? I want to go abroad, what’s to stop me? What about you? You’re on your own, and have been for a month.”
Smiling, you nod your head as you acknowledge that he’s got you there. Biting down on the baklava, you enjoy the sweet flavours before responding to him. “Same really, my best friend was busy and my other friends are busy being moms and wives right now. This has been a dream trip for me for years and when the museum gave me the option to do some work for it too, I thought it was too good to not do. Gotta be bold sometimes right?”
Your bright smile has him responding in kind, teeth gripping down on a grape before his tongue slowly pulls it into his mouth. Licking your lips in response, you find it almost bizarre how your body seems to think everything needs to be done a little more alluringly, licking your fingers slower than you normally would.
It’s a slow game that you’d only realised the two of you had been playing since he’d sat at the table, and apparently one he’d been aware of longer than you. But you were pretty sure he’d caught on by now, and his tan skin, practically glowing in the light of the setting sun, was just crying out for you to touch it.
“Yeah, sometimes you gotta be bold.” He repeats, tone even deeper than before and you clench your thighs together at the rasping syllables. The plate between you is empty now, and you both sit there for a moment, simply staring at each other with expressions that said you were still hungry for something.
Lisa’s words float through your head slowly and you watch Hoseok quietly for a few seconds more, your easy conversation slowly dying as the growing sense of awareness between the two of you takes over. Chewing on your lip nervously, you grip your white sundress with slightly trembling hands before taking a deep breath.
Sometimes, you have to be bold.
“Are you free tonight?” You ask bluntly, causing his brows to rise in surprise before the corners of his mouth tips upwards in a pleased smile. He looks happy at your question, and you wonder if he always gets girls asking him for sex or if he’s usually the one to chase. Whatever his normal options, he seems to be reciprocative to your obvious suggestion.
“Why yes I am. Would you like to join me? I’m staying at a villa and it has the most beautiful view of the sea.” He states flirtatiously, eyes lighting up with anticipation while he bites at his lip slowly, teeth pulling the luscious pink skin before letting it drag back out. Watching the movement, you suppress a groan as his tongue slides across his lips, leaving behind a soft sheen of wetness.
“Crete does have very beautiful sea views.” You practically whisper, internally embarrassed at how desperate you’re beginning to sound for him. But he seems to be reciprocative, almost enthusiastic to your blatant display of desire.
“And I have some delicious champagne if that’s interesting to you. I’d love to hear you tell me more about Ancient Greek history, you must make a very good teacher when you lead tours occasionally. I’ve never been so interested in history.” He gestures over to the waiter for the bill and you can’t help but smile at the praise, idly wondering if he’s being genuine or just trying to butter you up to get in your pants.
Though you reason to yourself that you’ve made it pretty obvious that you’re reciprocative to him, and so presume he was being genuine. He did seem to be very interested in the random history information you’d bombarded him with earlier.
“I could, if you really want that. But I’m sure we can both think of something more interesting to do.” Placing down a bunch of Euros to pay for your half, making sure to leave plenty to tip the wait staff on your last night, you watch as he lets out a laugh, hands clapping together in delight.
He adds his own money to yours, the amount surely eye watering to the staff, but doesn’t blink an eye at it as you both make your way out of the restaurant. A quick ‘yassas’ to the waiter on the door and you’re standing in the street, Greek music filtering through the air as a nearby venue’s traditional Greek night gets underway. Hoseok stands next to you for a moment, breathing in deep and taking in the warm, island air.
Without a word, he reaches out and grasps your hand firmly, long fingers intertwining with your own before he’s squeezing gently. His hand is large and warm, the skin smooth and comforting as he begins to walk down the street. You follow him leisurely, appreciating that he’s not practically yanking your arm off for sex and take a moment to drink in the sight of his tall, lean frame.
Your perusal doesn’t go unnoticed as he catches your eye, lips breaking into that familiar, heart shaped grin once more before he tugs you closer and takes a moment to press his nose into your hair. “Do you like what you see?” He asks quietly, hot breath fanning a few strands of breakaway hair and you heat up at the high school-esque question.
Looking up at him demurely, you let your own tongue wet your lips and watch with satisfaction as his eyes track the moment heatedly, irises blowing out slightly as his nostrils flare. “Very much. But I think I’d like it better in your villa.” Where this minx came from, you have no idea.
He chuckles and turns back, pulling on your arm slightly as his long legs eat up the distance. “Well then, I think we better hurry up hmm?”
When Hoseok had told you that he was staying in a villa, you could honestly say that you weren’t sure what you were imagining. You weren’t too up on what villa’s looked like. What you saw however, was jaw dropping and made your brows raise in surprise.
White washed walls alternate with pale stone and everywhere you look there are glass doors that lead out to a serene pool, outlined in white tile. It was surrounded by high walls on three sides, providing utter privacy while the back was open to the beauty of the ocean. There was no beach, the craggy seafront didn’t allow for that, but it was still a truly stunning view.
He hadn’t been lying.
Unusually, there was no key for the front door and you watched as he simply input a code into an electronic keypad, a beep sounding as the door unlocked itself. Inside, a security system was turned off quickly and you were left to marvel at the interior.
It was a study in modernity meeting tradition, with dark wood furniture dotted around the open plan rooms while sleek, black metal takes up where wood can’t. A ridiculously large television sits proudly against the wall of the living room, facing two black sofas that are covered in subtly patterned blankets.
Greek style art and vases dot the area, bringing bright splashes of colour to the sparse room and you can’t help but admire the decorating skills of whoever owns this place. When you query this, he lets out a hiccuping laugh as he bends down in the kitchen, disappearing behind a luxurious island in the centre.
“My friend, Jimin. If you want to see rich, then you should see him. Guy’s an investment banker on Wall Street, he makes the kind of money that makes you sick.” You stare at his watch as he says that, brow raised as he sucks his lower lip in amusement. “Hey, if I’m saying that…” He shrugs, lean shoulders lifting underneath his shirt.
Sitting on one of the backless stools that frame the counter, you rest your chin on your hands as you watch him pull a champagne bucket - a champagne bucket! - out from one of the cupboards and fill it with ice from the freezer before adding in around a third of cold water. He then places a bottle of expensive looking champagne in it before heading over to the fridge.
There doesn’t look to be a lot inside, but you do note with interest the bowl of strawberries he pulls out and sits inbetween you both as he heads over. Another bowl is produced and he breaks some Belgian chocolate into it, putting it into the microwave to melt before strolling over and holding a final piece between two fingers.
Brows raised, you watch as he gestures towards your mouth his hand, jaw tilting up to signal his want. Keeping eye contact with those luscious, dark eyes, you let your lips fall open slowly and allow him to place the piece firmly on your tongue, the softest moan leaving you as the decadent chocolate begins to melt in a burst of flavour.
His fingers remain for a moment, and you can’t help but take the opportunity to wrap your lips around them, sucking ever so softly before using the tip of your tongue to wipe away the chocolate residue that had melted. Hoseok isn’t as quiet as you with his groan, but a hundred emotions seem to flutter across his face, and every one of them is firmly in the desire range.
The ding from the microwave distracts him, causing him to have to pull his gaze away from your mouth and you watch him shake his head in amusement as he brings the bowl back over. “I don’t know why that surprised me, but I appreciated it. A lot.” He whispers, coming around the counter to sit next to you.
Placing the bowl down, he takes a seat on the stool next to you and maneuvers his legs so that they’re surrounding your knees. Leaning forwards, you inhale sharply as his face is only inches from yours and your eyes flutter slightly at the expensive cologne that emanates from him. Is there anything better than a man who smells good?
The answer is yes, A man who smells good, feeding you chocolate dipped strawberries.
Which is exactly what Hoseok does, fingers trailing over the juicy, red fruits until he finds one he likes and picks it up. Glancing to you, he makes sure you’re watching as he dips the pointed end into the melted chocolate, twisting it slowly to make sure it has an even coating before lifting it back it up, waiting until it stops dripping.
You’re not sure why it’s so sensual, but just watching him has you clenching your thighs and letting out a stuttering breath. He’s close enough that he can hear it though, and see your reaction to him, and you watch a tiny smirk kick up one corner of his mouth.
“Open wide.” He murmurs, bringing the strawberry to your lips and giving a pleased smile when you do so immediately. “You’re very obedient, I can’t even begin to describe how much of a turn on that is.” His laugh is breathy and you can feel it over your skin, goosebumps forming on your arms.
Instead of letting your respond however, he places the strawberry into your mouth and watches as you bite down on it, careful not to bite his fingers. The bitterness of the dark chocolate soothes the sweetness of the fruit and a tiny whimper leaves you as you stare directly into his dark eyes.
“Good?” He asks, placing the remains on the counter while preparing a second and taking a bite himself. You chew and swallow carefully, licking your lips once finished and watch as he takes his time to eat his own.
Slowly, the strawberries disappear on the plate and despite the fact it’s evening and the temperature is lowering outside, it only seems to be getting warmer inside until you get the urge to tug off your sundress. But not yet, you sense it’s too soon for that still.
When the final strawberry is left and the chocolate has begun to harden again, Hoseok takes a glance at it before focusing back on your lips and grinning. Scooping up the final bits of chocolate, he goes to feed it to you and you open your mouth as expected.
Instead, he slowly drags the strawberry over your lower lip, smearing it in rich, dark chocolate before sliding it into your mouth sensually and letting you bite down. Before you can even attempt to start chewing it properly, he’s closed the gap between your faces and a shudder wracks your body at the feel of his wet tongue as it slowly trails over the sweet layer, lapping it up before licking into your mouth.
Moaning out, your arms automatically wrap around his neck as he kisses you slowly, mindful of the strawberry that you’d still to swallow. By the time he pulls away from you, the kiss only seconds long yet feeling like he’d been kissing you for minutes, he simply grins and opens his mouth, tongue flat to reveal the strawberry you’d bitten.
Chuckling at the look on your face, he chews it and swallows before grabbing the bucket and standing up, reaching for your hand and tugging you towards the railing-less stairs. The upstairs is much like the downstairs, and you spy two closed doors before he’s leading through the only open door.
The bedroom is everything you expect from a high class villa like this, with a queen sized bed currently covered in plain white sheets and pale blue silk throw pillows artfully placed at the head. But that’s not the jaw dropping bit. No, it’s the fact that two of the four walls are simply glass doors, and you watch as he opens them up until half of the room is open to the elements.
It’s bathed in an orange glow as the sun is still setting far out to sea, the slick waves reflecting a distorted mirror image of the visual beauty happening overhead. You could spend an entire holiday out here on the balcony, gasping in wonder as your hands grasp the glass balcony wall.
Hoseok places the bucket on a wooden table before heading over to you, arms coming around your sides before they rest next to yours on the glass. The evening is still warm, though the breeze brings the cooling fingers of night. Your hardening nipples have nothing to do with that though, and everything to do with the hot body pressing itself gently behind you.
He feels solid and oddly reassuring, the width of his chest resting against your shoulders while you feel the shadow of a solid erection brush past the apex of your ass. Hoseok is evidently a master of seduction however, as he doesn’t push too hard on that front, instead resting his head on your shoulder as the two of you look out at the sea.
“Tell me an interesting fact about Greece.” The words whisper from his mouth, low and guttural so as not to interrupt the mood. Humming to yourself, you bring one finger to tap against your chin and enjoy the way he laughs, breath dancing past your cheek as he looks at you slightly.
“The Greek alphabet was the first to have vowels written down.” You respond, voice breathy from his proximity. He’s quiet for a moment before he lets out a bark of laughter, arms moving to wrap around your waist for a moment as he rocks you from side to side before letting go and sitting at the chair on the table.
A finger runs along the rim of one of the champagne glasses he seems to have produced from nowhere and you watch as his tongue runs along his teeth slowly. “I love it when you talk history to me.”
Sniggering, you sit in the chair opposite him and cross a leg over the other, resting your hands in your lap to keep them from quivering. He may have joked about his age earlier, but the control that came with that age was really showing through now as he pours a third of a glass full of champagne.
Honestly, you want to jump on him right now and see if his skin is that stunning all over.
Taking the glass from his offered hand, you swirl it for a moment before taking a sip of the cold liquid. You’re really not sure what the etiquette for drinking champagne is, but he doesn’t seem to care as he swallows it down almost greedily.
It’s overwhelmingly bubbly at first, almost getting up your nose and you make the most attractive sneeze as it does so, nose wrinkling as your head shakes. He chuckles at that, an amused smile prominent as he watches you get used to the texture and flavour.
“What do you think?” He asks, lifting up his own glass to gesture to you almost lazily.
Almost instantly, you’re grasping for words as you have no idea how to describe it. Taking another drink, you let it rest on your tongue before swallowing slowly. Humming as if you know what you’re talking about, you nod sagely. “It’s...crisp...and...champagney.” Immediately you’re cringing while he starts guffawing.
“Oh god, I’m sure Dom Perignon would be ecstatic to hear that.” He snorts, head tilting as he swallows the final bit in his cup. Your eyes widen in response though and you reach out slowly, turning the bottle until the label comes into view and you choke loudly.
Holy shit! He was feeding you Dom Perignon. A woman he’d barely known for three hours and here he was, letting you drink champagne that probably cost...well you didn’t even want to think about it. And you’d just described it as ‘champagney’!
Hoseok watches you suffer for a minute before smiling, leaning over and taking the glass from you before setting it on the table. “It’s fine, not everyone likes it. And I’m not expecting you to suddenly fall in love with it. It’s not to everyone’s taste..”
You groan quietly, pushing a hand into your face as embarrassment takes over. This man, this beautiful man, was so out of your league it’s not even funny. And yet, with the way he’s looking at you right now, he makes you feel as though you’re right at home next to him.
“I do think I know something that will be to my taste though.” He whispers, the words light and yet swarming with desire and dripping with lust. You watch him for a few seconds in admiration, eyes tracing over his face and the way the setting sun sets his skin ablaze.
“Wha-” Anything you’re about to say is cut off though when he suddenly grabs your hand and tugs you out of your chair, practically falling into his lap and gasping as your hands press against his firm chest to stop yourself from hurting him. From your elevated view, you get to take in the stunning sight of his statuesque face as he gazes up at you, want painted over every inch.
“You’re so beautiful, you know that?” He whispers before a hand is wrapping around your neck, pressing gently until your lips meet once more. It’s chaste at first, lips pressing against soft lips until his tongue slowly trails along the seam in an unspoken request for more.
Granting it, you let them fall open enough for him to gain entrance and a quiet moan leaves you as he runs his tongue along the roof of your mouth before tangling it with your own. He tastes sweet from the strawberries, dark from the chocolate and expensive from the champagne. Truly, Apollo turned to flesh to burn you up from the inside.
While his mouth takes yours on a slow dance of seduction, his fingers are moving in their own dance of persuasion as they skip and play along the straps of your dress before reaching your waist. Each touch sends tiny shivers of pleasure and he plays your body like marionette doll, a press here and a stroke there until your front is plastered against his own.
Breaking away from you for a moment, he looks down to where your breasts are pressed to his chest with a pleased smirk, enjoying the way they look along with how they feel. Rubbing his hands along your waist a few times, he watches you closely as they move down to your ass, gripping tightly and encouraging your hips to grind against his erection slowly.
A low groan leaves your throat as your head falls back, exposing the expanse of skin to his eager mouth while he hisses in response to the friction. Each slow grind of your hips corresponds to a harsh suck of his mouth on your throat, colourful bruises blooming to life at his rough treatment.
And yet your own hands grip his hair firmly, tugging in response to each pull of his mouth until he’s ripping himself away. Looking up at you with hooded eyes, almost black in the dimming light, he gasps before licking his lips.
“Oh yeah, you taste better than that. But I bet you taste even better somewhere else.” He states boldly, huffing a quiet laugh as your thighs go to clench closed at his words, only to squeeze his hips instead.
You expect him to let you stand up and move the activities into the bedroom, only he surprises you in a display of strength that has the centre of your thighs releasing even more slick to ruin your panties. Gripping the underside of your thighs, he grunts as he lifts and stands at the same time, planes of muscle under his shirt shifting while his biceps have their own moment of glory and stretch out his sleeves.
An unbidden whimper leaves your mouth at the sight as he deposits you onto the table, pushing the ice cold bucket away from you and leaving your legs draped over the edge. Lifting your head to look at him, you’re about to speak when he suddenly begins to slide his fingers up your calves.
Connecting your eyes with his, you watch with widening eyes as he begins to push the hem of your sundress over your thighs, the material tickling your hypersensitive skin until finally he can’t move it anymore because of your ass. Raising a brow at you, he gives a pleased smile when your hips lift up, allowing him to push the fabric further up to reveal the flat expanse of your stomach.
He doesn’t stop though, and keeps going till he’s tugging the dress over your shoulders before throwing it into the bedroom somewhere. It’s at this point that he takes a moment to simply admire you, eyes taking in the sight of your exposed skin under the dying sunlight and he lets out a sigh of pleasure, content with what he’s seeing.
“Christ, how can anyone look at the scenery when there’s you to enjoy?” He whispers, leaning forward and pressing a hot, open mouthed kiss to the centre of your stomach. Gasping at the wet feeling, your hands twine through his hair as he begins to leisurely kiss and lick his way upwards until he’s sucking on the soft, vulnerable skin of your breast.
“How can anyone look at the items in your museum when you’re there?” He presses a kiss gently before letting his tongue play over the hardened nub of your nipple, grinning at the wanton moan that escapes you as he does so. “I bet there’s not a thing in that museum more awe inspiring than the sight in front of me right now.” He murmurs before his mouth is sucking on your nipple, the pressure immense and almost painful before he’s letting go and admiring the way it puckers for him so prettily.
My god, who was this guy?!
Hoseok lets his tongue play along your breasts, swirling around the tip of your nipple before lovingly sucking it into his mouth. He stops suddenly though, pulling back before his eyes glance to the bucket next to your head, the metal sweating in the evening warmth. Giving the sensitive bud a light grazing with his teeth, he pulls away before tugging the bottle out of the ice.
“What are yo-Hoseok!” You cry out, giving a slight shriek as he pours the cold champagne onto your peaked breast, a husky laugh leaving him as his head dips down immediately to catch the fizzing liquid as it trickles down your chest. Gasping out at the sensation of his scorching tongue heating up your cooled flesh, your fingers slip into his soft hair and grip firmly.
“Hoseok! What are you doing? This is way too expensive to be...licking it off me.” You pant out, hands pushing his talented mouth even closer despite the words you’re telling him. He laughs gruffly, letting his nose brush against your skin as he follows an errant trickle before staying in place, sucking a bruise into the delicate skin over your ribcage.
“You’re wrong,” He says, voice slightly muffled as he tips a small amount over your nipple and immediately goes chasing. “This is exactly the right way to drink champagne. Why spend $300 on a bottle if you’re not going to lick it off the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen?”
It takes a moment for his words to penetrate your lust filled mind, but when it does you look down at him with wide eyes to see a toothy grin before those teeth bite down on the tender flesh. The price makes you eye the bottle warily until his compliment filters through and your stomach twists on itself, your legs clenching around his hips.
You don’t need to respond to him as he seems to understand what your body tells him silently, and he smiles sweetly, pressing a warm hand down on your trembling stomach muscles. He moves it slowly up to your neck, pulling you forwards slightly before he tips the bottle to your lips, letting you swallow a small amount before he’s placing the bottle to the side and swooping down to attach his lips to yours.
The taste of the champagne swirls around both of your mouths as he leisurely strokes your tongue with his, his cooled hand now grazing your side in slow movements until he pulls away and shifts backwards.
Eyes flicking to yours, his lips kick upwards before he’s sitting back down and spreading your legs for him, eyeing the sight of your slick dampened panties like a feast that’s been laid out just for him. Slowly, and making sure that you maintain eye contact with him the entire time, he shifts closer in the chair until you can feel the burning heat of his breath on your pussy.
“Do you want me to touch you here?” He asks and you want to cry from the need to have his tongue, his fingers, anything, touch you and relieve some of the ache. Nodding, you slur out some response to him and reach down, grasping for his head only to watch him jerk out of the way with a happy smile.
“Okay.” Is all he responds with, and you expect him to play some more games with you. Only he doesn’t.
Instead, he leans forward and places his mouth over the damp fabric of your panties, tongue pressing firmly to wet them even more. You can’t feel his tongue properly, can’t feel the slick wetness of the firm muscle and it drives you mad as he uses the fabric to lazily dull some of the pleasure. Whining at him, you grasp for his hair again and listen to his amused chuckle as he once more ducks out of the way.
A finger dances and skips it way along your inner thigh before it’s accompanied by his others, his nails lightly scraping along the sensitive flesh there until you’re shuddering with need. Humming in delight at your reactions to him, it’s with those deft fingers that he suddenly grabs the panties and tugs at them forcefully, the fabric almost burning in the speed that he pulls them off.
Gasping out an ‘oh’, you’re about to say something until suddenly those luscious pink lips wrap themselves around your clit and suck deeply. Crying out, your head hits the table with a thud as your hips undulate towards his mouth, body clenching on itself at the pleasure.
As he sucks, you feel the tip of his tongue playing with the tiny bud and immediately you’re writhing, uncaring of the rapidly cooling breeze that has the hair on you standing on end. How could you care, when this unbelievable man is between your legs and is worshipping you like a Greek goddess?
Hoseok hums to himself, a song you don’t recognise, but the effect is instantaneous as the vibrations cause tiny quakes of pleasure that have your legs tightening around his head. His elegant nose is pressed to your mound and you heat up as you hear him inhale unabashadley, taking in the scent of your arousal as he drags his tongue down to your weeping entrance.
Extending out that wonderful, talented tongue, he dips it into your pussy as far as he can before he curls it upwards, ever so slowly pulling it out to drag along your walls. An animalistic cry is pulled from your lungs as he does so, the sheer heat of the muscle combined with the slickness making you extra sensitive.
“Hoseok, chri-Hoseok please.” What you’re begging him for, you don’t know, but he seems to be pleased at what he’s hearing anyway. A loud clanking noise makes you jerk in surprise as you shift, watching him grasp the cold champagne bottle and bring it between your legs.
You go to stop him, afraid that he thinks pouring champagne down there is a good idea, only to let out a garbled noise as he presses the freezing glass to your clit. The temperature of it has your body shuddering in an excruciating combination of ecstasy and pain as he presses it firmly against you, circling it in slow motions that has shocks of pleasure fizzing in your veins.
“Jesus fucking-Hoseok!” You cry out, part of your mind aware that he’s using a bottle of fucking Dom Perignon as a sex toy. Hands grasping for him, you grip his wrist firmly yet don’t pull it away. No, if anything, you actually want him to go harder.
But he takes the choice away from you, pulling the bottle away before enveloping the cold little bud into his mouth. A mouth that now feels as hot as the centre of the sun and the temperature difference has you shrieking out, hand letting go of his wrist to pull at his dark hair.
He carries on for another few minutes or so, happily lapping at your clit in tiny kitten licks before sucking on it long and deep before he evidently decides he’s had enough foreplay. Standing, he grips under you and tugs you to him before lifting you up in one swift movement, your legs wrapping around his waist quickly while your arms lay around his neck in a languid movement.
“No orgasm?” You murmur to him, disappointed. A low laugh leaves him as he leans forward slightly, pressing soft yet damp kisses to your collarbones with a pleased noise.
“Don’t worry, you’ll get everything you’re hoping for.” He whispers, moving his head so close to your own that your noses are almost brushing against each other. The sun has slipped beneath the horizon and already darkness is chasing, the moon beginning to become brighter as it takes its rightful place.
Hoseok strides into the bedroom, pushing past the gauzy curtains before carefully laying you on the bed, a knee pressed to the mattress. Observing you for a moment, he lets out almost a sigh of utter desire and contentment, running both hands along your waist almost reverently before he’s leaning down, catching your lips in a quick yet deep kiss.
Standing back up, you push up onto your elbows and watch with greedy eyes as he begins to unbutton his shirt, going even slower once he catches your eyes with an amused grin. Each button gives way with ease, slowly revealing an expanse of tanned skin that under the sun, you’re sure would be golden, but in the slowly strengthening moonlight begins to pale slightly.
You swallow slowly, worried that you’re drooling at the sight of his torso as it’s exposed. Hoseok is lean yet incredibly toned, the muscles of his abdomen clearly defined yet not obscene and it makes you pant slightly, even more wetness coating the insides of your thighs.
He doesn’t take the shirt off though, nor does he take off the obscenely expensive watch adorning his wrist. Instead, he keeps his eyes firmly on you while unbuttoning his pants, the movement slow and seductive before he drags them, along with his underwear, down his muscled thighs.
Almost immediately, his thick cock bursts free and bounces in the air, a drop of clear liquid beading at the tip in his excitement. You don’t even realise the low noise of sheer, desperate need that you let out until Hoseok himself lets out a snort, shaking his head while a hand runs through his hair slowly.
“You look like you’ve seen something you want.” He rasps out, climbing onto the bed in slow and measured movements until he’s hovering over you. A slow roll of his hips has his cock grinding against your pubic bone, the hot shaft twitching at the movement as he lets out a deep groan of satisfaction.
“Fuck,” Hoseok whispers, almost inaudible as he dips his forehead to lean in the crook of your neck. “Every part of you is amazing, you know that?” You can’t help but laugh at his words, spurred from the pleasure his dick is sending into his body but you still take the opportunity to let your hands drag along his slim back, feeling the indent of each muscle and biting your lip at him.
“I want you.” He states bluntly, lifting his head to let you see the sheer dark want in his eyes and you keen out softly, lifting your head up to chase his lips in a wanton kiss of need. It’s lazy and unhurried, despite the constant grind of his hips against yours and the pool of liquid excitement between your legs.
Pushing at his shoulders, you separate and he lets you roll him over until his back is resting against the soft mattress of his bed, an impish smile taking over that makes him look very young. Straddling his thighs, you smirk down at him as you grasp his cock firmly in one hand, enjoying the way he lets out a quiet whimper before his eyes close as you stroke him.
“I want you too. Condom?” You ask quietly and he pauses for a moment, a look of panic washing over his face before relief filters through quickly soon afterwards. He nods towards his pants and gasps out something about a wallet, eyes rolling back as you give him a particularly tight squeeze.
It takes mere seconds to root his wallet out of his pocket before you tug out the single foil wrapped condom, brow raising at him. “Didn’t think you were going to get lucky huh?” You ask cheekily, bouncing back onto the bed and enjoying the way he laughs for a moment before his hands grab for your hips.
“No, but then again I wasn’t expecting to meet a goddess either.” Hoseok states, lip quirking up with amusement. You let out an ‘ooh’ noise as you roll the condom down him slowly, enjoying the sight of him.
He has a pleasing penis, you decide wryly. Not long, but girthy enough to know he’ll feel good and with the slightest curve that has your inner muscles clenching around air. A few more strokes has him especially solid in your hands and you straddle his hips, running the tip of him along your pussy in eased movements.
Moaning quietly, you enjoy the tiny sparks of gratification that pop in your veins as you coat his stiff shaft, your wetness lubing him while each press stimulates your aching clit. For a good 30 seconds, you simply enjoy using him to get yourself off before your eyes open and you catch the sight of his pained expression.
“Ready?” You whisper, shifting up slightly while you align yourself with him. His eyes are firmly focused on the where the tip of him is slowly edging its way into you, a gasping groan leaving his throat easily. Despite this, he somehow remembers your question and nods his head, hands resting firmly on your hips as he waits for your move.
You don’t respond to him, but instead sink down and let out a breathy moan as he stretches you deliciously. It doesn’t take long before you’re resting on his hips, his cock as deep in you as he can get and you sigh out, rocking your hips in a slow circle while you squeeze him internally.
He pants out a pained gasp, hands gripping tightly and you feel his hips reflexively jerk up into you, the movement pushing him further inside. Grinning slightly, you begin to rock with more intent, each slow roll of your stomach causing your hips to undulate on top of him and slide him in and out of you in slow, lazy drags.
“Fucking hell, you feel so fucking good.” He grunts and you can feel the strain in his hands, desperately wanting you to go faster on him but unwilling to push you yet. Reaching down, you take one hand of his and press it firmly to your breast, squeezing his fingers around you and getting a jolt of satisfaction when he shifts to pinch your nipple playfully.
You let him use his other hand to direct your hips further, the speed of your rocks increasing until all that can be heard are the slaps of flesh against flesh, the slick wetness of his cock inside you and the pleasured pants and moans from the both of you.
Leaning forward slightly, you let the angle shift and enjoy the way he soon picks up the slack, his hips jerking up into you in solid thrusts. Each movement has his cock dragging against your g-spot, with tiny, gasping whimpers leaving your mouth until you’re whining quietly, head dropping even further down.
“Touch yourself princess.” Hoseok says, his voice so deep and guttural that it sounds as it he’s speaking from his chest. He removes his hand from your chest and instead grips your ass firmly, the muscles in his biceps becoming noticeable as he moves you in time to his thrusts.
The noise you let out isn’t intelligible, but it’s a confirmation of his request and you bring a hand to press at your clit slowly. Experienced fingers push the hood of the pebbled bud away before you begin to circle, and almost immediately a rasping cry leaves your throat from the pleasure.
“Good girl, keep doing that.” He whispers, shifting slightly as he braces himself better before he begins to pound into you. It sends ricochets of satisfaction through you as your body jerks forward with each slap of his thighs against your buttocks, each drag of his cock pressing against all the sweetest spots inside you.
“Oh god Hoseok, oh god,” You moan out, eyes closing and denying you the beautiful vision of Hoseok looking fucked out with need and desire. He mutters encouragements to you, his voice low enough to send your inner muscles quivering around him and you slow in your movements between your thighs.
How are you possibly supposed to orgasm with this much pleasure happening?
But he senses your thoughts and brings a hand to press against yours, encouraging you to keep pleasuring yourself while he takes care of the rest of you. “Cum for me princess, come on. You can do it.” He pants out, his abdomen flexing underneath you and the white of his shirt almost glowing in the moonlight.
A pinch of your nipple combines perfectly with a swirl of your fingers and a thrust of his cock, the three events combining together to push you over the edge and you find yourself falling into the fizzing pit of overwhelming pleasure. Garbled noises of gratification escape you as you cum, eyes clenched shut as your inner muscles convulse repeatedly around his thick shaft.
Hoseok is moaning out in response, hips working even faster until he suddenly presses firmly into you once and a guttural groan rips from him. Even through your orgasm, you can feel the rhythmic twitching of his cock as he empties into the condom and by the time he’s finished, his hips are making tiny movements to let him ride out the final sparks of pleasure from his orgasm.
Slumping forward onto his chest, you both simply lay there for a minute in a silence that is only broken by the ragged pants from the two of you. Underneath your head, his chest is heaving for breaths and you feel the sticky sheen of sweat on both of you, cooling rapidly in the night breeze that rolls through the open windows.
“That...was every bit as good as I thought it would be.” Hoseok laughs raspily, running a tired hand along your back slowly before shifting you to the side. He sits up tiredly and tugs off the condom, disposing of it before standing on shaking legs and disappearing.
The tiredness of your day exploring, combined with the relentless sun and Hoseok’s ministrations has you dozing off before he even comes back from the bathroom, a towel in hand and a fond smile as he takes in your sleeping figure.
You wake the next morning slowly, eyes blinking blearily at the sun brightened room and it takes a moment for your memory to come back to you. A muffled moan leaves you as you curl into the soft, white pillow and inhale deeply, taking in the scent of sex and the undeniably expensive scent of Hoseok.
It’s only after a few more minutes of blissful quiet, the only sounds the distant crashing of the waves on the shore, that you realise it’s actually eerily quiet. Shifting in bed, the sheets wrapping around your body tightly as you do so, you spy an empty bed next to you.
The pillow isn’t even dented anymore, telling you that Hoseok has been gone for a while. Tugging the sheet against your chest, you sit up and look around in confusion. There’s no champagne outside, and the room seems oddly clean.
Swinging your legs over the edge, you’re about to stand until you note the white sheet of paper that flutters slightly in the gentle wind underneath a seashell. It’s then that you note your bag is next to the bed as well, instead of on the couch downstairs where you’d left it last night.
Reaching out, you take the note and read it quietly.
Sorry if this all sounds awkward, I’ve never had to write a post-sex apology note. I should be better at this as a PR expert.
I’m sorry to leave you like this. When I said it was my last night, I meant literally. My flight is in the early morning and I had to leave to make it. I meant to walk you to your hotel but fell asleep too.
I’ve cleaned the villa, don’t worry. All you have to do is make sure everything locks behind you. Feel free to take the last of the champagne with you to make your last day even better. I really want to thank you for last night, I enjoyed both it and you.
I hope it’s not too presumptuous of me but I’ve left my number for you. When you’re back in New York, I’d love to visit your museum if you’d be okay with that. Maybe you can even give me a tour? Or even if you just want to talk, I’d like that too.
Smiling down at the note, you reach into your bag and pull out your phone, glad it still has some battery left. It takes only seconds to enter his number into your contacts list and you sit there and admire it for a moment, your empty stomach bubbling over with a multitude of emotions.
Placing both down on the nightstand, you head out to the balcony and rest your arms on the glass edge, careful to make sure you remain covered even though there’s no one there to appreciate. Watching the slow but steady movement of the cerulean ocean that stretches as far as the eye can see, you can’t stop the smile that creeps over your face at everything that happened.
Any trepidation you had about going home is gone now, and instead there’s just a tremor of excitement that is ready to burst inside you. Yes, you think that you’re ready to go home now, especially given you have something so wonderful to look forward to.
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jungxk · 3 years ago
bloom iii
filed under: hobi fic was due
notes: you’ve always had a crush on hobi and he’s always handled that gently. what he can’t handle is you now, nine years later.
warnings: oral sex (f receiving), unprotected sex, dirty talk (i guess)
part i // part ii // part iii
Tumblr media
you honestly couldn't believe it. in all the years you had known seulgi you had never heard her go speechless before. you almost thought your phone was broken. but then you hear a crackling kind of sound like she choked on her saliva, so you go back to packing. "seulgi? babe?"
"i'm here," she croaks, passing the phone into the other hand. "i just. it's weird i spaced out and imagined that you said you and hoseok confessed to masturbating to each other and then you just got out of his car and pretended that nothing ever happened."
"that was real."
"no," she says. "no, it can't be real. because if it was real then i'd have to put my bra back on, come over there and kick your ass."
you laugh. "if i were you i'd be quick about it, i'll be back at uni by this time tomorrow."
"wait what?" she screeches. "wait, a minute! slow down! hold up!"
"i've stopped talking-"
"are you seriously telling me, that not only did you do nothing about this hoseok situation even though he was practically offering you his body in your driveway, but now you're running away back to school like you did five years ago? you know what, don't answer that, where's my bra-"
"look, i was never gonna fuck hobi. or, more accurately, he was never gonna fuck me," you sigh, because you can hear her clamouring out of bed. "with all the history, his track record,'s just not realistic. but just knowing that he's thought about it is enough for me, honestly."
"maybe for you but not me!"
"okay, but do you have any idea how gratifying it is watching hoseok squirm? jung hoseok?" you can hear seulgi's irritated mumbling while you knock your bag off the bed for you to lay down. "do you remember the night you convinced me to confess to him after prom, and i saw him with his tongue down a girl's throat in joonie's car? i cried for hours. remember that?"
"yeah," she huffs begrudgingly. "that was the worst. you were wearing dior foundation and everything."
"i know," you say, chewing your lip. "we've spent so long fixating on hobi. what he'd do, what could happen. it was fun back then but now, maybe it's time to grow up. i got my closure and i already embarrassed him enough, don't you think?"
"no. no that's not what i think at all, actually," she says, just as the doorbell rings. you can hear namjoon answer the pizza guy - who you've been patiently anticipating all night - but not much else because seulgi is already halfway through her lecture. "-and now that you're faced with the possibility of something actually happening you're running, like you've always done, because out of all the guys you've dated hobi is the only one who's opinion still matters to you and you don't wanna admit that. you could've chosen any university close to home but you had to choose the one two trains and a plane ride away because putting as much distance between you and your emotions is what you do best and-"
your stomach growls from the smell of bread downstairs. "are you done? my pizza's getting cold."
"no, i'm not done! and while i'm here, this whole getting gratification over watching him squirm - have you heard of an orgasm? because you know that's a thing, right? the only upside about hoseok sticking his dick in anything wet is that he probably has some knowledge about that, knowledge he was willing to share with you yesterday before you got out of his car like a crazy person! i swear to god, i'll never forgive you for denying our vagina this-"
"what did i say about acting like we share genitalia?"
"it's great and i should keep doing it? stop changing the subject!"
"i'm," your bedroom door opens and you all but drop the phone. "...not."
you can vaguely hear seulgi ranting away on the other line, but it's all tuned out now that hobi is in your room, shrugging off his jacket like he's got something to be mad about. his hair is all mussed like he's just jumped out the shower, shirt messily tucked into his jeans. you still have the phone against your boob but he hardly notices when he stares you down with his dark eyes. he looks livid, frazzled. hungry.
you blink. "a-are you the pizza guy?"
"do i look like the fucking pizza guy?" he tosses his jacket into the corner of your room, amongst the pile of clothes you still haven't packed yet. you open your mouth to say something witty but he raises a finger. "i told joon and your parents i came up here to get you, so we have to make this quick."
"make what quick?" you say, before hoseok kisses you.
there's no build up, no easing you into these uncharted waters. he licks open the seam of your mouth without any hesitation, sated only once he finds the heat of your tongue against his. it feels so harsh and erotic, so completely unlike the hobi you grew up with; he was so polite, so pleasant back then. but now his hands are on you, rubbing at your sides like everything before now was a distant, far off universe. you don't realise your eyes have closed until his hand palms around your waist, searching for skin while you squeak against him. he plucks the phone from you and hangs up, tossing it somewhere behind him, all while kissing you senseless, your brain foggy with the taste of him filling your mouth. he pulls back just as you start to wobble in his arms.
"you don't even know, do you?" he traces up your back. "what you do to me?" you gulp, lips all wet with his saliva. the muskiness of him makes your head spin, especially when he drags his teeth over the skin behind your ear. his mouth is so hypnotic, every move perfectly placed. "namjoon says you're going back tomorrow. after that stunt you pulled in my car, i really thought he was fucking with me."
"hoseok," you stammer, not knowing what else to say. your voice has gone hoarse and his hand is still venturing up your pj top, not looking like it'll stop any time soon. your breath catches in your throat when hoseok trails his fingertips over your breast, dancing across it before his knuckle brushes the underside; you expected his touches to be harsh, sharp, in your face. but they're slow, feather-light. practiced.
"i really thought i was going crazy. i couldn't even sleep last night because all i could think about was you, here, touching yourself in your darth vader shorts pretending it was me," he huffs, nipping your jaw again. he hums when you lean further into him, arms sliding around his shoulders. his hands palm your ass and suddenly every thought you ever had about moving on, growing up, drawing a line under the whole hoseok thing vanishes into thin air. the breadth of his chest is warm and solid against you, and you find yourself pushing ever closer into it. it's not enough - even though you've only had hoseok like this for a few minutes, it's not enough.
"th-they're storm troopers," you remind him lamely, mouth falling open when he trails around your covered nipple.
"do you want me to make you come?" he asks, gripping your chin before you can even get shy. "look at me. do you want me?"
his chest is heaving like he's run a mile, the skin of his stomach hard and hot under your fingers from where you naturally shoved his shirt up. his lips are so smooth when you inch up to kiss him, gently licking over the freckle by his cupid's bow just to make him groan. hoseok's hands curl around your wrists easily, humouring you with his tongue down your throat for a couple of minutes before pulling away. "say yes now or i'm leaving."
"yes, okay?" you gasp, exasperated and turned on and shocked and just...ready. "yes, hoseok."
"good," he pulls you forward. "now get on the bed. we're on a five minute lock down, hun."
you shiver, still shocked that any of this is even happening, before his mouth is folding over yours again to effectively shut you up. hoseok's kisses are mind numbing, hard and slow, replacing every train of thought with nothing but his name as he lays you down on the foot of the bed, pushing all the laundry away. it's even more exciting than you imagined, having him here like this, in the same room you grew up in. there's something comforting about being enveloped in him this way even though it's so new, the way he smooths his hands up your thighs and worries the skin of your neck between his teeth. you're so focused on his attention you can't help but squeak when he rips your shorts off, leaving you bare under him. "h-hoseok!"
"no undies? should've known," he clicks his tongue, before sliding his hands around to grip your ass, spreading you up and open for him easily.
you hastily try to cover yourself with your hands, blood rushing to your face. the butterflies in your stomach go wild when hoseok places open mouthed kisses down your navel, thighs naturally hooking over his shoulders as he goes. he's so swift with every movement you find it hard to keep up, unable to hide the embarrassment in your voice. "w-wait! hoseok, wait i, i haven't shaved..." you weren't exactly expecting a hookup at your parents house.
"good. i'm not about to fuck a little kid," he grumbles into your mound, breathing it in briefly just for his own satisfaction before licking a thick stripe from your cunt to your clit.
in an instant, your back is off the bed, arched high as your body blooms under hoseok's diligent mouth. that's the only way he can describe it: the way you blossom like a flower under him, mouth falling open with a broken whine as he eats you out slowly, thoroughly. hoseok has thought about this way too long to not savour the moment now that he has it - literally. every time he hums against you the vibrations shoot straight to your clit, making it difficult for you to keep quiet. you squirm as he sucks and licks and nips, his vice grip on your hips stopping you from doing anything but buck up into him.
"hobi..." you whimper, teeth clamping down on the skin of your wrist to muffle any sounds, and he thinks maybe he could cum just from that. he knows it's wrong but hearing you use his pet-name in this context has him harder than ever, already feeling a wet patch against his boxers. you can hear the faint chattering of your family downstairs, another world away, while he alternates from lapping at your soaked entrance to twirling firm circles around your clit, the combination of the two having you yanking at his hair. "h-hoseok...hobi if you keep doing this i'm..."
hoseok groans, slipping a couple fingers for your pussy to clench around while he pulls away briefly. he's so taken by your face twisted in pleasure above him he almost forgets how to speak. "that's kinda the point, babe. i'm gonna need to you to hurry up and cum all in my mouth like a good girl so we can go downstairs and pretend like i didn't just have my tongue in your cunt."
"hoseok!" you moan, even though you're trying to reprimand him for being so vulgar, throwing your head back. you buck into his face when he latches back onto your clit again, fingers threading through his hair to keep him right there.
he sucks harder at your swollen bud, another finger slipping into you while he pumps them deeper, and it's all too much. which is exactly what he wants. the pleasure makes it hard for you to even breathe, so no wonder you cum so quickly it feels like the air knocks out of your lungs. hoseok laps at every burst of wetness, swallowing it down heartily and even feeling a little disappointed when it ends. you try to physically yank his head away but you're too weak, panting and a bit dizzy on the bed. hoseok complies by leaving your sensitive pussy be, nuzzling his nose into the inside of your thighs for a few minutes while you catch your breath. he swears he could watch you forever like this, fucked out and exhausted under him.
"you good?" he asks, so quiet and gentle you almost miss it. your eyes flutter open when you feel him pull at your wrists to make you sit up, your mind still reeling. you look up at him as he stands over you, a beautiful smile on his face. maybe it's sex goggles but he looks indescribably handsome with his hair all messy, lips and chin all wet with your slick. he wipes the excess off with the back of his hand before hauling you up. "come on, it's been way more than five minutes. they're gonna wonder what we're doing up here-"
"fuck me," you whisper. and then, because he does a double take like he didn't quite hear you right. "fuck me hoseok, please."
"don't," he groans when you stand up to lean into him, winding your arms around his neck to press your breasts into his chest just the way he likes. he moans when he feels how stiff your nipples are through your shirt, hands already palming your hips in a half hearted attempt to pull you off, but you just look so desperate, big eyes fluttering up at him like that. "come on, stop it. they'll hear us."
"so?" you say, breathless. you, miss prim and perfect who always did her homework on time and arranged all her teddy bears by size and colour. you, who got into every college you applied to. you - who was the epitome of sweet girl next door who never so much as swore in front of your parents even to this day - was currently palming him over his jeans, giving the hard bulge a gentle squeeze. "please fuck me, hobi. please, i'm begging."
"____..." hoseok growls, because he really does think he's going to pop a blood vessel when you sound all whiny and shameless like that.
"i don't care if they hear, just bend me over and fuck me," you murmur against his mouth before pressing it there in a short kiss, trailing over his jaw and neck so that its his turn to close his eyes with a soft sigh. you take his hand to press between your legs again so that he can feel the evidence of your new arousal coupling with the old. "i need you in me so bad, hobi...please..."
"fuck," he grunts, automatically starting to finger you again without a second thought, but you're too focused in the way his fingers dip into your wetness to register what he says. "you're really begging me to fuck you here where anyone can hear, anyone can walk in," hoseok says, kissing you hard, making sure you taste the salt of your own arousal. it's difficult for you to respond when he circles around your sensitive clit again, mouth hanging open in pleasure while he nips at your bottom lip and licks over your teeth before pushing you back down on the bed. "you're gonna have to be extra quiet," he huffs, defeated. but there's something wonderfully satisfying about seeing you with your legs spread and begging underneath him. "i really never thought i'd end up caring more about your reputation than you, you know."
"hobi," you whine again, accepting the soft kiss he presses on your lips before he turns you over and positions you how he wants; on your knees, ass up, face pushed into a pillow to muffle your moans.
"you're so impatient," he chuckles behind you, but it sounds so soft. fond. he kisses your back briefly while you listen to him undo his belt and jeans, your heart thudding in anticipation. you're so excited you barely register the vague embarrassment of being left to wait like this, propped up and ready for him to fuck you senseless. you gasp when you finally feel his erection against your weeping slit, hot and hard and everything you want. "condom? though i'm guessing your little virgin pussy is clean."
"i'm not a virgin," you grumble, hips snapping back to coax him into taking you.
he keeps grinding against your slick folds, totally hypnotised by the sheer visual alone. you were so wet it was making him salivate all over again, because it was you. bent over, needy, and all his. "oh? i hadn't guessed."
"just..!" you hiss when his head knocks against your clit. "i don't bring condoms home, so just. fuck me raw. unless you're..?"
"clean. i've got a screenshot of my report card if you don't believe me," he says again, huffing a laugh even though his head is lolling back the more he rubs himself through your wetness. "most girls don't."
"hobi," you whimper, even though you mean for it to come out as a growl because his tip keeps slipping in and that alone is making you gush. you push your hips back again frantically, tears pricking your eyes with how desperately you want him inside you, filling you up and stretching you out. "please."
"aw babe, are you crying for my dick?" he chuckles softly at the wavering in your voice, leaning over to kiss your shoulder before finally pushing into you.
the pillow manages to muffle most of the guttural groan you let out when you finally feel the fullness you so desired, back automatically arching further so he can push in as deep as possible. once he bottoms out hoseok groans deep in his chest, head tipping back when he straightens, giving a first, quick thrust to ensure you're filled up to the brim. your squeaks and whimpers only make it that much more difficult for him not to lose it on the spot, so he doesn't waste any time fucking into you, starting shallow and gradually building until the squelching, slapping sound of sex is the only thing that can be heard.
you have to bite into the pillow, cheeks stuffed with it to make sure your screams are mostly hidden, and even then its risky. it's impossible not to cry out when hoseok fucks you like this, hard and steady and at the perfect angle, his tip grazing against that one spot that makes your toes curl. he does his best to swallow down his own moans but its a hard ask, especially when you're this snug and wet and so, so perfect around him. and if that isn't enough, the visual itself nearly totals him: seeing you bent over and taking his cock as diligently as he administers it was beyond any wet dream he could've conjured up.
"look at you, getting fucked like this with your parents just downstairs," he whispers, earning another broken whimper from you. "don't you have any shame, ____? are you that desperate for my cock?"
your muffled moan of a reply falls on deaf ears when the pair of you hear a shuffling down the hall. namjoon's bedroom door opens in the next room and you both still instantly, listening to him faintly talk on the phone with someone. you try to sit up slightly to listen better, but hoseok is still embedded inside you, making it difficult to adopt a different position. "h-hobi, do you think he heard? what if-"
a sharp thrust cuts you off, forcing you to lower yourself back down on the bed as hoseok resumes. his thrusts become even harder than before, fucking into you without abandon now. the headboard starts to tap incessantly against the wall, but its all gone over your head when the only thing you can register is hoseok's thick cock drilling into you, stretching you deliciously until your moans dissolve into a silent, open-mouthed scream.
"you take me so well," he praises quietly, fingers digging into your hips while he rams into you. "even with your brother in the next room, you don't wanna stop do you?" he asks, thoroughly gratified when he makes out the sound of a choked out no. "that's a good girl," he says, hearing the sounds of the floorboards creak as namjoon goes back downstairs. you can't take it anymore, your body pushed to its limit with hoseok pistoning into you relentlessly, ass slapping into his stomach in the most vulgar way, and hoseok knows you're close. if your wild clenching is any indication. "come for me, babe. just like that."
and you do, hard and fast and messy, hoseok groaning as he feels you pulsing around him. it feels so amazing, nestled into your little pussy like this that; no wonder his own orgasm is triggered, hips rutting a few more times before hoseok pulls out of you to finish all over your back. the warmth of his cum on your skin is accompanied by his shaky groan, hands trembling just to keep hold of you. you can't even think about moving, too busy panting, sweaty and totally out of it as you listen to hoseok pluck some tissues from his nightstand to clean you up.
"namjoon is gonna kill me," is the first thing his raspy voice can manage while he helps you stand, fishing out a clean pair of pjs from your pile of laundry. he makes a face when you laugh at him, finding your smiling face and messy hair irresistibly beautiful as you shimmy on some new shorts.
"well it was nice knowing you, jung hoseok," you say, wrapping your arms around him to press a chaste kiss to his lips. he dives in for another when you pull back, cupping your cheeks and smoothing your hair behind your ears in a rather loving manner that catches you off guard.
"if it helps, your pussy is worth dying for," he hums into your lips.
you grin. "charming. now move, i want pizza."
"what do we tell them?" he hisses before you open the door, grasping your wrist, eyes wide with fear. his relationship was already down the toilet, the banging of your headboard against the wall the final call no doubt. he was ready to get choked to death by namjoon the minute he stepped foot outside the house, but that didn't mean he had to lose your parents respect in the same night. "it's been like, thirty minutes? more? fuck, i don't even know..."
"um," you chew your lip as you think, eyes lighting up when you spot your drink on the desk. "oh! how about this!"
hoseok doesn't get a word in before you pick up your coke and fling it all over his white shirt, his eyes bulging out of his head. you try to hold back your spluttering laughter but hoseok genuinely looks like he's about to cry. "what the fuck, ____! this is ralph lauren!"
"no, this is how you don't get castrated by my dad tonight," you say, fishing through more laundry to find one of namjoon's shirt that got mixed with yours. "here, put this on! go run that under water and say i tried to help you, okay?"
he sighs heavily, but peels his shirt off like you say. "you know if you wanted me to get naked, all you had to do was ask."
you grin, tugging him into a quick kiss that hoseok smiles into as well before tugging him out the door. "next time, romeo."
you don't know whether to cry with laughter or mortification at namjoon's death glare when you and hobi waltz into the living room. hoseok discreetly uses you as a human shield, making sure to park his ass next to you on the far sofa, across the room from your brother. thankfully your parents are none the wiser, immersed in the movie on tv after making sure the pair of you have your fill of pizza.
"have you finished packing, darling?" your mother asks. "you always leave it so late."
and then, before you can splutter out an answer, hoseok turns to you. "didn't you say your flight got cancelled, ____?"
you blink at him. "cancelled?"
"yeah," he says, taking a bite of pizza crust without removing his eyes from you.
"right. yeah, it was cancelled," you say, avoiding eye contact with everyone in the room. you become acutely aware of namjoon's intense staring, as well as hobi's taught thigh sitting so snugly against yours. he has his arm on the back of the sofa so no one can tell the way he traces feather-light circles at the nape of your neck, taunting you. "i'll have to re-book it. hopefully for some time later this week."
"make sure you do it soon, the prices are higher closer to the date," your dad reminds.
"you wanna go have a look now?" hoseok offers innocently. "your laptop is upstairs, right?"
"i'll book it for her," namjoon cuts in sharply. “you just eat your damn pizza, hoseok.”
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sugamoonv · 2 years ago
Chapter 5
Tumblr media
Title: At Last
Word Count: 3.8k
Genre: Drama, Romance, Supernatural
Pairings: Poly!BTS x Reader/ OT7 x Reader
Warnings: Self-degrading language, things get a lil’ heated but nothing serious
Summary: Since the beginning of their existence, BTS has been cursed to share one soulmate with each other. It doesn’t help that she’s mortal and they’re not.
Masterlist / Chapter 4 / Chapter 6
    “This isn’t funny, Y/N,” Evan’s lips thin as he presses them together.
    “I don’t know what to tell you,” you retort, equally frustrated. Where the hell was the driver when you needed him?
    “Maybe we should take you to the hospital,” Jinny fidgets, standing. “Did you hit your head or anything?”
    “I don’t need to go to the hospital, Jinny. Nothing’s wrong with me,” you snap.
    “Nothing’s wrong,” Evan looks up at the ceiling, his tongue pokes the inside of his cheek. “Obviously something happened while you were with them,” venom drips from his words.
    “I’m telling you, nothing, happened,” you pronunciate each word.
    You flinch and shrink away from his threatening stance. His hands have formed into fists, shoulders squared, nostrils flaring, and face turning an angry shade of red. You’re frozen, afraid that any sudden movement will further set him off. Evan’s predatory glare kept you locked in place.
    “Did they do something to you?” Evan begins interrogating. “Are you protecting them? Is that what this is? Are they forcing you to say this?”
    Your throat closes up, “No. They didn’t do anything to me.”
    “Something isn’t right here and I can tell you’re lying to me. I’m going to figure out what the fuck those assholes did to you.”
    “I think you should leave,” Jinny meekly orders Evan. He stares at the both of you with a steely gaze before he stomps out of the apartment, slamming the door shut behind him, causing you to flinch again. “I shouldn’t have invited him over. I’m so sorry,” Jinny profusely apologizes. “But he has a point, Y/N. You’ve known him for months and you suddenly have no idea who he is? That’s not normal. You need to go to a doctor.”
    You rub your collarbone, “Yeah. Yeah, I’ll find someone when I get leave, but there’s nothing I can really do now, here,” your voice is a little shaky. You feel bad lying to her but from what just happened, you’re not sure if you exactly want to remember someone like Evan. You get a notification from the driver sent for you, “I, uh-I have to go.” You say your farewells to each other and you grab your bags, permanently leaving the place you’re used to calling home.
    The first day, you don’t see any of the boys but you talk to them plenty, your group chat constantly going off with new messages. The woman that had escorted you and Jinny to the hotel to first see the boys, had spent the day with you to help you adjust. You were shocked to find out that you were replacing her, but she reassured you that she had previously gotten a promotion so she wasn’t left jobless. What her new job was she didn’t tell.
    The whole day was spent debriefing you on each of the boy's habits and personal preferences, which she said you would eventually learn yourself, but it’s better to be prepared. Giving you her contacts and helping you memorize the names of higher-ups. Properly scheduling for both BTS as a whole and for each member individually and all that would be needed for interviews, photo shoots, concerts, traveling, music videos shoots, general meetings, and for when they went to the dance or recording studio. Your free time was to be spent taking your course online and studying, and attending classes given by BigHit to learn Korean. To say you were exhausted by the end of the day would be a major understatement.
    You have a surprising amount of energy in the morning considering you woke up multiple time throughout the night due to your nerves. You had woken up an hour before your alarm was to go off, so you occupied the time perfecting your outfit and makeup, and mentally preparing yourself for the day ahead. You wanted to come off as professional and leave a good impression. You were to be meeting the boys at the set for their new music video and officially take over as the assistant from there.
    You leave the hotel to go to the cafe the boys requested they get their breakfast from. BigHit had rented you a car so you would be able to run errands since you didn’t have one of your own.
    The cafe was surprisingly busy for it being so early in the morning. As you wait in line, you rehearse the boy’s orders in your head. You asked them what they wanted before you left the hotel. The air in the building was muggy. The rapidly rising sun only stating to add on to the heat you felt. You made sure to pack deodorant and an extra bottle of water in your purse as you haven’t acclimated to the country's climate yet.
    You set the seven drinks on a table and wait for the food while sipping on your drink. You’ve placed the boy's drinks in a cardboard tray to make carrying them all possible. A few people bumped into you, something expected as the cafe was becoming claustrophobic.
    “Y/N?” a woman stood in line, staring at you in shock. Her face was shadowed by a large sun hat. “I didn’t think they would actually find you,” she mutters to herself.
    “I’m sorry?”
    “Nothing. I thought you were someone else,” the woman waves her hand, chuckling nervously. You quickly brush off the incident as you gather the food and drinks and leave the cafe.
    The boys are in hair and makeup when you arrive on set. You busy yourself by setting up their breakfasts on the table in their breakroom. Jungkook comes into the room first but you don’t notice him until he slams his body against your back, throwing you off balance. His arms wrap around your waist, securing you before you fall and once you’re steady, he lifts you bridal style and carries you over to the couch where he drops you and flops his body on top of yours. He nuzzles his face into the dip of your neck and shoulder.
    “Jungkook,” you tap his back, “I can’t breathe.”
    “Mmm sorry,” he says yet does nothing to move.
    You sigh and hear the door open. Taehyung’s face appears from over Jungkook’s shoulder, peering down at you. His jewelry dangles in front of your face, slightly getting in the way of seeing his boxy smile.
    “Taehyung, no,” you try to stop him but he ignores you and crawls on top of Jungkook, further knocking the wind from you. Jungkook groans at the newfound weight on top of him.
    “What are you doing?” you hear Jimin laugh out of view. Upon seeing both boys laying on top of you, he grabs Taehyung’s shirt and drags him off of Jungkook so his body loudly hits the floor.
    “Oh hi, Jin,” Jimin obnoxiously says. At this, Jungkook finally heaves himself off of you.
    Jin’s appearance shocks you. Despite all the makeup he’s wearing, he looks extremely ill. There must be a virus going around because Jungkook and Jimin too look pale, but not to the extent Taehyung looks, also having slightly red-rimmed eyes, and even then Taehyung still doesn’t compare to Jin.
    Jin’s eyes are bloodshot, with deep, dark blue bags forming underneath, only partially hidden by concealer. You’re concerned as his skin has turned a pale white compared to its’ usual golden tone. His cheeks look a bit sunken in and he carries himself tiredly. As if Jin’s sick appearance wasn’t enough, Yoongi walks in looking about the same as Jin, but as he was already naturally paler than everybody, his skin looks ghost white now.
    “What the hell?” you shriek, getting up and cupping Jin’s face in your hands, “I just saw you last week. You guys look like you’re about to drop dead any minute.”
    Jin doesn’t say anything as he closes his eyes and relishes the feeling of your palms on his skin. He wraps his hands around your wrist to anchor your hands.
    “Should you even be working right now? You should be getting some rest,” you manage to break one of your hands from Jin’s grasp to coddle Yoongi’s face as well.
    The corner of Yoongi’s mouth lifts to give you a soft smirk as he rubs the back of your hand. He moves it off his face and intertwined his fingers with yours. “We’ll be okay. It’s nothing we haven’t dealt with before. I’m pretty sure we’re through the worst of it now anyway.”
    Jungkook and Taehyung have already begun to tear into their food and Namjoon, upon entering the room and viewing their expanded cheeks, sighs and lightly rolls his eyes with an adoring smile on his face. He walks around Yoongi and pulls you into a hug.
    “You don’t have any excuses now so you both better eat.” Namjoon gives pointed looks to Yoongi and Jin as he pulls away from you and joins Jungkook and Taehyung. He nearly spills one of the drinks as he reaches for the food next to it. Jimin quickly moves the drinks out of the way.
    “Ah! How am I supposed to eat if you ruin all the food?” It’s reassuring to see that despite Jin’s state, his speech is still exaggerated and he’s using flamboyant hand gestures while speaking.
    Namjoon ducks his head as the boys start laughing and after looking at you, fully covers his face with the crook of his arms.
    “Maybe you should get Noona to help you,” Jungkook teases. You giggle and go to move but Yoongi pulls you flush against his back with a grumble and wraps his arms around you, pinning your arms to your side making you immobile.
    You hear a scream and suddenly you and Yoongi are jolted forward. Hoseok wraps the both of you in a hug, jumping and repeatedly shouting your name in excitement. Yoongi starts protesting but soon Taehyung joins in, trapping you and Yoongi between him and Hoseok. Jungkook and Jimin come over so they all form a circle around you. Yoongi somehow manages to pull you closer to him which only encourages the others to shuffle forwards, making the group hug all that more intimate. You look through the gap between Taehyung and Jungkook to see Jin and Namjoon watching you all, leaning against each other and Jin’s arm around Namjoon’s waist.
    “Alright, come on. You guys have stuff to do,” you push Taehyung and attempt to move out of Yoongi’s hold. Yoongi’s stubborn though and quickly re-attaches himself to you.
    You watch them in awe from the sidelines as they move about, followed by the camera, occasionally getting things for them, such as a cold towel or water, their makeup artists when their eyeliner smudges, etc. Yoongi goes to his designated spot, hugging you from behind whenever he’s not in a scene. Every time you catch Jin’s eyes, he winks at you which makes you blush and when he’s not in a scene, he strikes up a conversation with you, which has lead to him getting yelled at by the director multiple times since he keeps getting distracted and missing his ques. And every time he’s yelled at, he gives you a playful smile and quickly kisses your cheek before running on set. You would try to remind him to pay attention but his gaze is too intense for you to keep focus and his hands that encompass yours while he’s talking leaves you longing for his next break.
    Jimin is just as cuddly as before. He doesn’t have as many breaks as Hoseok, Yoongi, or Jin. But like them, he tries to fit in some kind of conversation with you before he’s needed again, only he’s far more handsy. Playing with your hair as you try to talk, his touch leaving as speechless as the others’, holding your hands, rubbing your shoulders, and caressing your face. Jungkook is in most of the scenes too with Jimin and Taehyung, so he rarely has time to talk to you but every once in a while, he’ll sprint over to you, leave a messy kiss on your cheek and sprint back before he’s yelled at.
    Namjoon’s always polite when he talks to you. It makes sense considering you met them all a couple weeks ago but after being exposed to the rest of the boys being so openly affectionate with you, it leaves you frustrated. You’re being ungrateful, you think. He has no reason to be as open with you as the rest of the boys, you barely know each other.
    Eventually, the boys finish shooting for the day, leaving them all tired yet happy. It’s late at night by the time you all get back to the hotel, and there you enjoy your dinner together in Taehyung’s and Hoseok’s shared room. Jin and Yoongi look better than this morning, having gained some color in their face. Despite how tired they sound, they talk animatedly to you, never once not seeming interested in what you have to say. It gets to the point where Taehyung is barely keeping his eyes open as he slurs his words and tries to pay attention to the multiple conversations happening. You ignore the fluttering in your chest at how cute Taehyung looks barely staying awake and end the night, telling the boys to go to bed and departing from them.
You wake up back in the cafe. You feel it's heated stick to your skin but it doesn’t affect you the same way it did before. You don’t feel any sweat forming on your forehead or your hands slightly swelling due to the hotter than the normal temperature that you’re used to. The cafe is also completely empty and you look out the window to see that there’s no one outside either.
It’s the woman that said your name before. She’s dressed the same, sunhat, long, flowing skirt, with a tucked in tank top. You can’t tell if she’s naturally tan or if her darker complexion is due to her being in the sun so much. This feels different than a dream, this feels real, like if you were to reach out, you would actually be able to interact with the objects in the room.
“I’m sorry but this is the only way I could think of talking to you,”
“My name is Aiko. I’m the witch BTS hired to find you,”
“What?” The question word being the only thing that falls out of your mouth as you’re too confused to say anything else. This by far is the most vivid and mystifying dream you’ve ever had.
“You have to understand, I didn’t think they would ever find you,” Aiko explains, misunderstanding your confusion.
“Wait, what? What are you talking about?”
Realization dawns upon her face, “You don’t know.”
“Don’t know what?” You furrow your brows.
“I’m not allowed to tell you a lot. I thought that since they found you, they would have told you.”
“Told me what? You’re not making any sense,” your voice becomes elevated.
“I can’t tell you,” she shouts, waving her hands. Aiko closes her eyes and takes a deep breath through her nose, “BTS isn’t who you think they are. You’re not safe with them.” You open your mouth to further question her, but she cuts you off, “There are forces at play here, and I was hoping that they would have already explained things to you so that I could help you but,” she gives you a look of sympathy, “you’re the only one that can save yourself.”
“Okay, last time I checked, I don’t need saving. And I doubt any of them would ever hurt me. Have you even met them?”
“I have met them. And of course they wouldn’t hurt you, you’re their so-” Aiko argues with you but her words seem to be forcibly cut off, “It’s not them you have to be directly afraid of, it’s the consequences of being with them.” Her chest heaves with a sigh, “If I keep you here any longer it’ll be dangerous to your health and the last thing I need is all of BTS hunting me down, so I’m afraid this is goodbye for now. Just, please be careful.”
The cafe around you vanishes and you open your eyes to your hotel room around you. Your mouth feels sticky and your body is shaking as though you had been in the cold an hour too long. You walk to the bathroom to rinse your mouth and when you lift your head, you see your reflection in the mirror above the sink. Your eyes are red and sunken in as if you hadn’t been sleeping for the last few hours. Splashing cold water helps a little but it doesn’t completely amend the fatigued look on your face.
It’s around midnight, which is relieving because that means that you can still get some sleep. But as you lay back down, your stomach angrily growls, forcing you back up as drinking water will only allow you to sleep for an hour or two before your stomach wakes you back up. So you leave to head towards the lobby, knowing that they kept a concession stand up late at night with snack foods. You stand outside your door for a minute as you gather your bearings. Your dizzy from lack of sleep and the lights constantly left on in the hallway leave you blind as you exit your room. The sound of another door closing catches your attention.
He looks at you, eyes half closed and hair messy upon his head. Even when he’s tired and not trying to look good, he still takes your breath away.
“What are you doing up, kitten?” Jimin rubs his eyes and shuffles towards you to wrap you in a hug, “You’re shaking,” he mumbles concerned into your hair.
“I’m fine,” you wrap your arms around his waist in a hug, “I just needed a little snack,” your face is pressed into his chest. “Why are you up?” you tilt your head up at him.
“I got lonely,” he pouts. “Since you’re up, can you stay with me?” The way he asks you is just too cute for you to say no.
Jimin walks down to the lobby with you, holding your hand and as you buy food, he stands close enough to you so his back is pressed against your side. There’s a strange tension between Jimin and the boy that rings you up, Jimin watching every move he makes and as you leave, almost blocking your body from the boy’s view. But you don’t say anything.
You eat in silence, Jimin curled into a ball beside you and his head on your lap. His hand softly runs up and down your knee, leaving tingles in its wake and you try your best to ignore the sensation. You should have thought to change out of your pajama shorts before leaving your room.
Jimin’s breaths become deeper and his hand stops moving as he starts falling asleep. You tap his shoulder, bringing him out of his moderately unconscious state, “I have to get up,” you keep your voice to a low whisper.
“No, you said you would stay with me,” Jimin whines and buries his face into your lower stomach. Your breath catches in your throat and you suddenly feel hot.
“Jimin, I can’t be doing this. It isn’t professional.”
“Who cares?” Jimin nuzzles his face into your stomach, making your heart jump and leaving a fluttering in your stomach.
“Jimin, this isn’t right,” you breath out. Your muscles are tense underneath his touch and you can see the goosebumps on your legs.
“Why?” he looks up innocently at you, which makes your mind conjure up less than innocent thoughts about him.
“I still barely know you. I’ve only just started working for you,”
“We have all the time in the world to get to know each other. Tell me this doesn’t feel right,” Jimin quickly shifts you both so that he’s fully on top of you, his arms supporting his weight on either side of your head. “If you want me to stop, then all you have to do is say so,” his eyes are looking directly into yours. His pupils are wide and the rich brown of his eyes are hypnotizing.
“I- I don’t know why, but, for some reason, I feel like I’m home with all of you.” You don’t know what draws the confession from you, or where you get the confidence to utter the words. You internally cringe upon hearing yourself and swallow back your embarrassment to preserve the intimacy felt between you and Jimin currently.
There’s a fierce intensity you see in Jimin’s eyes and he maintains your gaze as he dips his head so that your foreheads are touching. You get lost just looking at each other, breaths steady and synchronizing with one another. He transfers his weight onto one arm so that he can cup your cheek with his hand. His thumb traces the edges of your lips and you nearly give into the sensations with bated breaths.
“It’s not weird for me to feel this close to you guys already, is it?”
“No,” Jimin gives a lazy smile, “I wish you would give into us. I just want to make you happy.”
Emotion bubbles in your chest and you blink due to the tears that prick in the corner of your eyes. Jimin notices the change and patiently waits for you to begin talking. “I- you don’t,” you stutter. Jimin’s hand moves back to your face and the words that were previously caught in your throat surface, “Why are you all being so nice to me?” you scrunch your face, distraught. “I mean, I kissed Jin and Suga, and none of you seem angry at me for doing that. You should be angry, because honestly, I’ve been acting like a whore,” at this point, you’re ranting to yourself, simply voicing your inner thoughts, “And literally the second day of my job, I’m here, in bed, with you. I don’t deserve any of this.”
Jimin’s eyes are glossy and he looks down at you with sorrow. “You deserve everything. You are so beautiful, kitten. Can you really blame us all for wanting a piece of you? I promise Joon-Hyung will explain things to you soon. The connection you feel with us though is natural. You don’t need to feel any shame for how you feel.”
You slightly bite your lip and sniffle before nodding at Jimin. His eyes flicker over your face and seeing you nod, he flashes a dazzling smile and starts peppering your cheeks with kisses. You push Jimin off of you, giggling. He pulls you close so that you’re legs intertwine and your chest to chest.
“Goodnight, kitten,” he says leaving a kiss to your neck. It’s not long before his quiet snores fill the room.
A.N: Sorry this took so long, but here it is. Thanksgiving break is this week for me so hopefully I can use the time to catch up on work and write 2 or more chapters for this before I have to start worrying about finals. I cut this down a little bit because I felt that part of what I wrote would work better in the next chapter. Let me know what you think!!!
Tags: @rosymccheese @milady-mira @craftypersoncheesecake @ficcion-escrita @twilight-loveer @xsmilebitesx @idonthavehusbandsihavelovers @detectivebourbon @perfectlyfangirling @respectfully-yours-emily @delightfulyoongi @disfoqia @deathsasshole @mint-myg-yoongi @vljvanessa @young-yellkie @jungkookssistan @sincemalik @forff101 @stardustjjk @recoveringflowerchild @xandraray22 @shelley-hennig14 @ghostly-student-of-religion
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readyplayerhobi · 3 years ago
Save A Drum, Bang A Drummer
Tumblr media
; Hoseok x Reader
; Genre: Fluff, Angst, Smut
; Word Count: 11k
; Warnings: Dom!Hobi, Sub!Reader, impregnation kink, bondage, forced orgasms, dirty talk, slight degradation, biting, edging, overstimulation,
; Behind The Mask Masterpost
; Synopsis: The arrival of your baby niece has stirred more than a few maternal instincts in you, but what happens when your husband figure out your newfound feelings?
; A/N: I love this Hobi okay? Major thanks to @gimmesumsuga and @yminie for reading over and helping/encouraging the filth!
“Oh, you’re being such a good girl! Yes you are! Aren’t you so cute?!” You coo, voice soft and gentle as you cradle your niece tightly in your arms. Her tiny body is covered in a soft white onesie, itsy-bitsy feet kicking out lazily as she yawns while teensy hands fist furiously.
“Such a big yawn for such a little girl!” Immediately you’re murmuring to her as you look over her small features in complete adoration. It’s not the first time you’ve met Seo-Yeon but you swear that you fall in love with her all over again whenever you see her. You have no idea how Jimin does it, getting to wake up to this adorable bundle of joy every day.
Looking up at your brother from where you’re sat on the floor, Seo-Yeon safely in your arms, you can’t help but give him the biggest smile. Jimin is deep in discussion with your husband, but his eyes remain firmly on the tiny body in your arms, his new paternal instincts refusing to allow him to let her out of his sight yet.
Seo-Yeon is only three weeks old, her features still screaming newborn and her cries still the pitiful wails that break your heart. It makes sense then that Jimin is still overprotective though, given your brothers natural instincts to protect what he loves.
The fact that she’s even here is a miracle to you, given your parents vehement opposition to Jimin getting his girlfriend pregnant. He’d only been with her for three months before they’d announced the pregnancy, and you knew that it just chapped your parents asses that he hadn’t married her. Hadn’t even proposed in fact.
But what were they going to do? Disown the only child they acknowledged? The child they had specifically raised to take over the company? No, Jimin had far too much influence in the company to be overlooked and given the company he had created himself, he was also far too wealthy for them to threaten with destitution.
When Jimin leant forward and made grabby hands for his daughter, you handed her over with minimal complaint. Though Hoseok’s little grin told you that he could tell you were internally pouting, but how could you not?! She was the cutest thing you’d ever seen!
“Hey there baby girl, daddy’s back. Yes,” He cooed, dark brown eyes focused firmly on the little girl he pressed to his chest, hand cradling her head where it rested on his shoulder. “No more of the big scary lady yeah?” Jimin looked at you as he said that, his obscenely plush lips that you’d always envied as they were always the perfect colour splitting in a cheeky smile.
“I am not big! Or scary!” The words leave your mouth before you can even think, the words chiding and filled with the childish retaliation Jimin and you had always done. At his bubbling laughter, body shaking to the point Seo-Yeon gurgles a complaint, your shoulders slump and you pout pathetically.
Hoseok let out his own quiet laughter, the sounds breathy as he tries not to attract your notice but you see it anyway. Looking over at him, your eyes narrow as you scowl at him and immediately he’s sucking a lip ring in while looking up at the ceiling in innocence.
You continue to watch him silence, eyes scanning along the Metallica shirt he’d ripped the sleeves off years ago before looking down his tattooed arms. Over the six years of being with him, you’d spent many times admiring the living work of art he’d become and had watched with fascination as he’d added more on.
Your eyes caught on his left wrist, where you could just see the sight of a gilded gold bird cage that was tattooed just below his wrist. Intricate and delicate, it sat next to a twisted and rusted metal cage, both doors broken open. Above this flew a pretty white dove surrounded by a phoenix.
When he’d first come home with this tattoo after your marriage, you’d been intensely confused as to why he’d done it. He’d always had that space free on his arm and had seemed to have no inclination to add something, so his sudden addition had been surprising and confusing despite his love of tattoos.
His chest was adorned with a rising phoenix, wings spread wide across his pectorals with fire exploding outwards behind it. Two tornadoes of fire danced their way down to his toned stomach, becoming a white and a red dragon that circled each other. He’d explained before that he’d chosen the phoenix because it was a symbol of rebirth, and when he’d joined his band he had experienced a rebirth and shed his old life.
It made sense, as you knew that he’d grown up in poverty with a deadbeat dad and an alcoholic mother. His school had a low success rate and Hoseok had been just another dropout statistic waiting, with a career of either crime or mediocrity awaiting him.
Instead, a music teacher had taken pity on Hoseok and encouraged him to take up drumming to get out his early teenage anger. It had worked, and Hoseok had discovered a passion for the drums that had remained even when he finally fulfilled his statistic and dropped out. But he hadn’t ended up in jail, in fact he’d never even had a parking ticket, and he certainly had not lived a mediocre life.
Instead, he’d created Enter The Vortex with his five close friends and had taken the metal world by storm. Their success had even spread into the mainstream audience, resulting in a few of their songs even reaching the top 10 charts and leading to a life of fame and money.
And so Hoseok likened himself to a phoenix, dying in his old life before being reborn stronger than ever. He’d pointed to the tarnished cage and explained that the cage was his life before he had broken free and the phoenix obviously represented himself.
But you’d choked up when he’d pointed at the ornate cage, explaining that this was your past life. A life that had been picture perfect and full of wealth and everything you could possibly want. Despite this, it had stifled you in your attempts to be the daughter your parents expected, the daughter you had realised you could never be.
Hoseok had been the reason you’d finally smashed that cage to pieces, choosing him over your parents. His finger had trailed up his wrist slightly to trace over the pretty white bird, small compared to the phoenix but still just as bright. He’d shyly said that the dove was you, because a dove represents love and peace, two things he hadn’t thought he’d experience in his life.
Needless to say, you’d bawled your eyes out when you’d found out that, which has resulted in Hoseok frantically trying to stop the tears and being terrified he’d upset you. But it had been the fact that he loved you so strongly, strongly enough to tattoo something so symbolic that represented you onto his skin.
Once you’d calmed down, he’d proceeded to explain that he’d left that spot free as nothing had felt right but once you’d got married he’d known what he wanted. It had felt right to him, as he’d tattooed over the veins that fed blood back from his ring finger to his heart.
You didn’t think you’d ever be able to do something so symbolic and important for him, but he’d just told you that your love was more than enough. Sometimes you didn’t think you deserved him, but you tried to make sure he knew how much you appreciated him either way.
Which was why you didn’t call him out on his laugh, instead feeling more than a little mushy after holding Seo-Yeon. Instead you shuffled over to Jimin and rested your arms on his knees, looking up at your sleeping niece with wide eyes of admiration.
“I can’t believe you made something so cute Jiminie.” You murmur, reaching out to rub her back gently. Jimin scoffs lightly before giving you a glare, slapping your hand away playfully.
“I’ll have you know I’m the cutest in the family. It only makes sense I make a cute baby.” He mutters, pouting lightly as his blonde hair falls into his eyes. His hand returns to slowly stroking his daughter’s back, a tiny whimper escaping her that immediately has him soothing her.
You sigh deeply before moving slightly to lean back against Hoseok’s legs, purring ever so quietly when he automatically starts to run his fingers through your hair. The man knows how to give great massages, you’ll give him that.
“Is Jisoo napping at home then?” You ask quietly, watching as Jimin looks back at you before nodding. He gestures for a drink and you grab his glass of water from the table, passing it to him.
“Yeah, she’s exhausted,” And so is he, if the bags under his eyes are anything to go by, you think to yourself. “So I said I’d bring little one over for a visit and let her get some sleep.” Laying your head on Hoseok’s thigh, you let out a tiny sigh as you watch the tiny girl doze on her dad.
“Does Uncle Hobi want to hold her? Auntie Y/N has been hogging her right?” Jimin grins, winking at you to soothe the sting before  shifting Seo-Yeon. She’s a good girl and doesn’t make much noise of complaint as she’s transferred to her uncle.
Immediately Hoseok’s face is lighting up with a pleased grin, mouth stretching wide and causing his cheeks to lift in happiness as his soft brown eyes sparkle. His blonde hair, black on his undercut, is pushed away from his forehead and you watch the complete dichotomy of this big, tattooed and pierced man - infamous on stage for pure sex appeal and contained violence - holding his teeny, pastel coloured niece.
You can’t stop the noises that escape your throat at the sight, and neither can you stop the ache you feel in your womb. Watching him with a baby was only igniting the desires you’d been feeling for the past year and you had no doubt that Jimin could see the broodiness in your eyes.
It was only to be expected, you’d been with Hoseok for six years now and married for two. He was 32 and you were 30, so it felt like the perfect time to completely settle down and start a family. You just hadn’t discussed it with Hoseok yet.
Pulling out your phone, you pull up the camera app and frame Hoseok perfectly in the light. He’s too focused on murmuring quiet words to Seo-Yeon, her wide eyes watching him carefully as he does so. Snapping a few photos, you sit back down and focus on editing one quickly.
The lighting is perfect and the filter dulls some of the colouring while making the colours of his tattoos and Seo-Yeon’s onesie pop even brighter. Biting your lip to try and stop the ‘awww’ you’re desperate to say, you quickly upload it to your Twitter and Instagram account along with a keyboard smash of a comment, asking everyone how cute your husband is with babies.
Putting your phone onto the table, you simply rest your elbows on your knees and watch as you husband plays with his niece, a large hand gently cradling her head so softly. A glance at Jimin lets you see the amused look on his face, lips turned up slightly as he scans over his brother-in-law silently.
“What are you smiling at?” You ask, reaching forward to poke at his thigh. He makes a whiney noise of protest and moves his leg away from you, pouting a little as he does so. Jimin shifts his body on the couch, resting his right foot on his left knee while he relaxes into the corner of it, arms spread over the back and arm.
“I don’t think I’ll ever get used to seeing Hoseok with a baby you know?” He chuckles, causing Hoseok to look up with a confused face, brows creasing slightly. You watch him with fondness, lips pressing together as you look him over. He was back on a small break from touring and would be leaving again in a few days, but he’d spent the last two weeks in South America and had gained even more of a tan than usual.
“Why not?” Hoseok looked down at Seo-Yeon with a slightly crestfallen expression and your heart clenches immediately, hands reaching out to allay whatever worry he suddenly has. “Do I not look like I could be good with kids?” His lips are already pushing together into a pout, his lip rings becoming even more prominent.
“Oh baby no, that’s not what Jimin meant.” You pacify, scooting forward till you’re leaning against his leg again and slowly stroking his thigh. He looks down at you and it doesn’t take a genius to see that there’s something going on, something he doesn’t want to say in front of Jimin.
But Jimin seems to sense there’s an undercurrent here that he’d accidentally stirred up and is immediately placating, hands gesturing out to your husband. “No, that’s not what I meant! I just mean that you’re this big, tattooed and muscly guy holding a tiny baby, it’s just an odd sight. I trust you with her, completely.”
You heave a sigh of relief as your brother immediately deescalates the situation and wryly muse to yourself that this is probably why your parents had no choice but to accept his girlfriend. He always knew what to say and when to say it to defuse a potential situation.
Hoseok eyes him slightly before cradling Seo-Yeon closer, eyes flickering between the two of you to check that you’re being truthful. Deciding to believe you, he tongues his lip ring before leaning back and choosing instead to focus on the little girl in his arms.
Laying your head on his thigh, you look over at your brother as he watches with a tiny frown. “How are mom and dad? Have they seen her yet?” You ask quietly, the words being tugged from your throat against your will. As much as they’ve hurt you in your life, they’re still your parents and there is likely to always be a part of you that will care.
Your words cause Jimin to sigh heavily, looking down at his lap before glancing back to you. “They’re good, still being over dramatic as fu-hell.” You snigger at his censorship despite the fact his daughter has zero comprehension of words yet. “But yeah, they saw her last week. I think...I think it went well. They didn’t snipe at Jisoo for once and I actually kinda think that mom pretty much fell in love with Seo-Yeon.”
Before he realises what he’s doing, Jimin is pulling out his phone and scrolling through his gallery. Presenting the screen to you, you see your parents sat on his sofa with Seo-Yeon carefully cradled in your mom’s arms.
Taking the phone from him slowly, you look at the image and swallow thickly. You haven’t even seen your parents for over two years, since they had disowned you after you’d refused to leave Hoseok. It would be nice if you could say that it didn’t hurt anymore, but seeing your parents accept Jimin’s girlfriend and look at his daughter with such love, even though they’d been against it like they had with Hoseok, was like a dagger to your heart.
They hadn’t even given Hoseok a chance, and you knew that there would be no pictures of your mother smiling at your child. It was a hard pill to swallow, you thought, to know that your brother had succeeded where you had failed. It was harder still to know that the reason for that was because he was worth more to them than you were. To the extent that they were happier to accept Jimin’s girlfriend even though they had only just had their year anniversary.
Hoseok and you had been together for four years when he’d proposed, yet they’d refused to even consider changing their minds. Looking down, you blink rapidly to try and stop the tears that are banking in your eyes before handing the phone back.
Jimin coughs awkwardly as you feel Hoseok’s hand squeeze your shoulder reassuringly. Both men are intuitive to your emotions, your husband’s from years of relationship and your brother simply from growing up together.
There’s a moment of silence before Jimin is sliding off the couch, his ripped jeans flexing to reveal his knees as he moves next to you. Without a word he’s wrapping his arms around your shoulders and pulling you in tight, your vision obscured by the black and white striped shirt he’s wearing.
“I’m sorry sis, I am.” He mumbles, warm breath hitting your neck as he cuddles you so close. You bite your lip before resting your forehead against his toned shoulder, letting out the heaviest sigh you’ve done in a while. “They don’t know what they’re missing out on, with both of you.” Jimin says, shifting slightly and when you look you see that he’s reassuringly squeezing Hoseok’s arm.
“They know, they just don’t care.” You sigh, staying within your brothers arms for a bit longer. It’s been a long time since you’ve hugged Jimin like this, and it feels nice. You feel young again, like how he used to protect you from your parents harsh words as a child.
“They might not, but I do. Okay? I don’t want you to ever forget that, either of you. I care so much about you both, you know that. Anything you need, I’m here.” His words were comforting and you wrapped your own arms around his waist, squeezing hard until he was giggling and pushing at your arms.
“You’re the best brother ever? You know that?” You ask, pulling away just enough to look at him with a bright smile. Immediately, a responding smile brightens up his face before he lets go, patting your back and wriggling backwards.
The moment is broken when soft noises of complaint soon begin to gurgle out of Seo-Yeon’s throat, her miniscule face scrunching up in unhappiness. Hoseok makes noises to try and mollifying her, bouncing her ever so gently to see if he can get her to quieten down but she’s having none of it, little hands fisting furiously as her noises soon evolve into cries, getting louder each time.
Jimin watches her for a moment before standing and removing her from your husband’s arms, tenderly wrapping her in his own as pacifying noises escape his mouth, pacing and rocking her. You have no idea how she knows that it’s her dad, but she begins to quieten down as her heart breaking cries become little whimpers, but you can see that Jimin is probably ready to go now.
Sure enough, he reaches for the baby bag he’d brought with him, the pale yellow with an adorable blue dinosaur on the side contrasting sharply from his normal fashionable attire. Turning to you both, he gives an apologetic smile before shrugging his shoulders.
“I think I should probably get her home, she’s probably hungry and I want to check on Jisoo. It’s been nice though, you should come over when Hoseok’s gone Y/N and spend more time with her if you’d like?” He suggests, heading over towards your door and slipping his shoes on without letting Seo-Yeon down.
Wandering over to say goodbye, you give him a brief one sided hug before standing back, Hoseok approaching behind you and wrapping an arm around your waist. Waving bye to them, you watch until the door closes behind them both before letting out a deep sigh. Turning in Hoseok’s arms, you wrap your own around his waist and rest your chin on his chest.
“You looked adorable with Seo-Yeon.” You whisper, smiling tenderly at him while you let your hands slowly roam the hard planes of muscle along his back. He looks down at you and raises his right eyebrow, the piercing he’d added last year glinting in the light.
“Did I? I thought I looked funny apparently.” He mutters, looking away and you sigh deeply, nuzzling your face into his chest and squeezing him tightly. You can tell that he’s a little upset, and you pull away before taking his hand and tugging him back to the couch. He flops down and lets his head fall on the back before a long sigh leaves his body, causing him to physically deflate.
Curling up next to him, you slide your sock laden feet under his thigh before reaching forward and taking one of his hands into your own. Laying your own head against the couch, you watch him quietly for a few moments as your thumb strokes his skin.
“You didn’t look funny, in fact it was adorable and made me feel all funny. I guess it’s just not what people expect to see someone tattooed and pierced being so careful with someone so tiny. You’re so good with her though,” You say softly, making sure to keep your voice calm and soothing for him. There’s a moment of consideration before you decide to say the next thing. “I think you’re going to make a great daddy.”
Your words cause him to tense up slightly before he’s looking over at you. The two of you had obviously discussed children in your six-year relationship and you knew that Hoseok wanted them as much as you did. But there had always been an uncertain question mark over the topic, something neither of you had truly delved into as neither of you had been desperate for children at the time.
The arrival of Seo-Yeon had changed that though. You’d been a little ashamed to realise you were jealous of Jisoo and once your niece had arrived, you’d felt an aching need to feel your own baby in your arms. A tiny little one of your own, with Hoseok’s eyes and smile. Hoseok’s busy schedule at the moment had just meant you’d kept your craving to yourself.
His pink tongue flicks out momentarily, wetting his lips before he’s coughing, clearing his throat. You’ve been with him long enough to recognise that’s building himself up to say something, so you wait quietly for him.
Finally, he lets out a tiny breath before speaking. “Do you want a baby?” His volume is low, and you can’t quite identify how he’s feeling. His words cause you to squeeze his hand involuntarily though as you swallow, pressing your tongue into the softness of your cheek.
“Yes, I do. I got a bit resentful of Jisoo but now seeing Seo-Yeon, I want to hold our baby so badly. And I want to see you being a daddy too.” You state plainly, recognising that he would listen to you and think rationally. Both of you had been in a relationship for long enough that serious talks like this were treated with the respect they deserved.
He doesn’t answer, instead looks down at his hand which you’re playing with nervously. Turning it over, he slips it into place and grasps your fingers with his own while his other hand come over to gently play with your wedding ring.
“What if I’m not a good dad?” His words are so softly spoken, you almost don’t hear them but you definitely feel the pain and fear in them. Immediately you look at him with a distressed face, upset that he could ever think that.
“Are you kidding? You should see yourself with Seo-Yeon, you’re a natural with her! And you’re so kind and caring with me and your friends, why would you think you wouldn’t be a good dad?” He’s chewing on his lip ring almost desperately now, the metal clanking against his white teeth.
Looking away for a moment, when he turns back you see the tears in his eyes and immediately almost crawl into his lap, cooing to him as you cup his face in your hands. “Baby, what’s wrong? Why do you think this?”
Hoseok stays quiet, his deep brown eyes focused firmly on you before he closes them slowly. “I don’t know how to be a dad. My only experiences with fathers haven’t been...great. I own spent more time in prison than with me and taught me that if you want your own way, you use your fists.”
Opening his eyes, he simply watches you sadly. “And your dad has taught me that there is no such thing as unconditional love. That there are things you can love more than your own child. Not to mention how I look. How is anyone going to accept me with a child? What if I scare our kid? Or what if I start repeating my own dad’s mistakes? What if they hate me? Like I do with my own?”
Tears soon start to fill your own eyes as you watch him struggle with his emotions, heart bursting for the concerns he’s obviously kept close to his chest for so long. You’ve always known that his upbringing wasn’t great, including the fact that his father had been abusive to both him and his mother. But to know that it had affected him so badly that he didn’t even think he’d make a great father?
You’re shaking your head before you realise it, tears falling down your cheeks as you watch the turmoil on his face. “I’m sorry that you’ve had a shitty representation of parents, but we are not our parents. If we were, then Jimin would have dumped Jisoo immediately when he found out. But he didn’t. And by your logic, I shouldn’t even be with you. But I am. I love you, and I wholeheartedly believe that you’ll be a fantastic father.”
Stroking his cheek gently, you simply admire his face for a moment as he takes in your words. His normally smiling lips are being bitten furiously by his teeth, the rings clanking and each movement reveals the dimples that adorn his cheeks. He looks down his sloped nose, the septum piercing still prominent after all these years before he swallows, angular jaw clenching slightly.
“You’ll be a great dad, because you’re Jung Hoseok. Not your dad, and not mine. I don’t know how to be a mom either and the idea of raising a child kind of scares me too. But I can’t think of anyone in the world that I’d rather do it with. If we’re bad, then we’ll learn. No one is perfect when it comes to children, and I’ll be here with you every step.” You whisper, leaning closer till the tip of your nose brushes his own.
“I want you to be comfortable though, so if you don’t want them then-” You’re cut off by his kiss though, soft lips pressing against yours firmly and the lip rings cool against your skin. He pulls away slowly, still close enough that his breath brushes against you in gentle puffs.
“No, no. I couldn’t do that to you. Not when I’ve said for years that I want them. That’s cruel to you.” A finger to his own lips stops his tirade, perfectly placed between the two rings and he falls silent for a moment, before pressing a gentle kiss to your fingertip.
“If you don’t want them, then you don’t want them. I’d rather not have kids than force you to have one and have you realise you never wanted them in the first place. That’s not fair to you, or the child.” The words are serious, tone level even though it hurts to say them. But it’s true, you’d forego kids if he didn’t think he could handle them.
You loved him far too much to force him into a situation he wasn’t comfortable or happy with, particularly one as permanent as children. “You only have to look at our parents to realise that sometimes, maybe people aren’t cut out to be parents. There’s nothing wrong with that, but I think you have to decide that now and not later.”
He’s quiet, gentle eyes focusing on the neckline of your grey button shirt as he thinks deeply. There’s more than a few minutes of silence between you, comfortable as you allow him the time to think. Finally, he takes a fortifying breath before looking back at you, love and tentative hope shining out.
“I want kids. I want to see you be a mommy so bad, and maybe I might be a bad dad but...I’ll try. I’ll try because neither of our dads tried, and I’ll be damned if they ruin something else in our lives.” He growled, voice vibrating with intensity. A tentative smile slowly begins to spread across your cheeks, happiness bubbling inside you like a fountain that began to overflow.
“Really? Are you sure?” You ask, letting your head fall forward till your gently resting it against his own forehead. He looks up at you and an equally excited grin appears, revealing straight white teeth and his beautiful dimples and causing his eyes to sparkle brightly.
“I think you should stop taking your birth control and we’ll see what happens.” Hoseok whispers, arms moving to rest around your waist as one hand strokes the flat expanse of your back. You shift your own hands from his face to rest them on his shoulders, nerves battling with anticipation in your stomach.
“I will, though it’ll probably take a while to get pregnant. I don’t think we should expect it immediately.” You warn him, pressing a tiny kiss to his nose and causing him to crease it cutely.
In retaliation, Hoseok begins to kiss across your cheeks as he makes an acknowledging noise. “I know, and I don’t think we should start trying properly until after I’ve finished the tour.” You nod in agreement, watching him before pressing a firm kiss to his mouth.
His reaction is to simply deepen it, arms tightening around your waist as he rolls you back onto the couch and proceeds to show you exactly how much he loves you, right there with the curtains open for the world to see.
The very next day, Hoseok had left again for the final part of his tour to promote Enter The Vortex’s newest album. It was a tour of Europe and took him away for a month and half, with him sending you daily selfies and photos of wherever he was. You’d smiled at your morning texts, which as usual were accompanied with either his smiling face or something he thought would amuse you.
His pictures of the cities they’d performed in had left you sighing with want. You’d gone with him on a few tours before, taking all your vacation at once to travel with him and had visited more than a few countries. But it was hard not to feel sad when he was sending photographs of the Danube in Budapest, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin or the colourful building of Copenhagen.
Your job however, would not let you go with him very often, even if it was at the very label he was signed to. As much as the CEO of the label approved of your relationship, even supported it, your job unfortunately could not be done on the go and so you’d had to put up with more time without your husband.
It just made his return all the sweeter, particularly given the hormones that had been running rampant in your body once you’d stopped your birth control. Your first period had been ridiculous and you remembered how much you disliked them, not to mention how unbelievably horny you got.
During the time he was gone, you’d looked into ways to improve the chances of getting pregnant and had even downloaded an app that would track your ovulation. Even Hoseok had apparently been looking into it, sending you links occasionally of things you could be doing to increase your fertility.
Either way, he’d finally arrived back home and you let out a little squeal of joy when you heard the door slam shut, his luggage rolling noisily on the floor as he took his shoes off. Slamming your laptop closed on the table, you practically skidded out into the hallway and almost slid into the damn wall.
Hoseok looked up from his suitcase at the sound, lips splitting as a loud chuckle left him and his shoulders began to shake. You didn’t bother saying anything though, just ran at him with arms wide and leapt into his own waiting arms. He rocked backwards a few steps but squeezed you tight, face pressing into your neck.
“You’re home!” The words are muffled against his black leather jacket before you’re leaning back, keeping your arms wrapped around his neck while he holds your thighs to keep you up. His face is a picture of delight while you can see just a little tiredness in his eyes, blonde hair strewn messily on his forehead.
“I am. I missed you.” He whispered lovingly, causing you to lean forward and press your lips to his own. At the touch, a sigh leaves both of you, the sound of contentment after no physical contact for so long. “God I missed you.” His words can barely be heard but you hear them all the same.
Bringing a hand up to run through his messy blonde hair, you pull away and simply watch him for a moment. He licks his lips slowly, tongue running over his lip rings and you feel a tug in your stomach that quickly fires down to between your legs, thighs clenching around him without you even meaning to.
A slow smirk makes its way onto his face as he feels it, the muscles tightening around his waist and he responds by squeezing his hands. Taking a deep breath, you move forward to lean your forehead against his before whispering across his lips. “What does Master think about getting me pregnant?”
At your words, his eyes blow out immediately, black pupils expanding rapidly and taking over the beautiful brown of his irises. Hoseok inhales deeply before blowing it back out shakily and his hands are gripping you even tighter.
“He’d like that a lot.” Biting your lip playfully, you press the softest kiss to his mouth before slowly teasing him by tonguing his right lip ring.
“Good, because his little bitch is ovulating right now.” Probably not the sexiest words you’ve ever said to him, but his reaction is immediate as his jaw clenches, teeth baring in a primal reaction.
Bridging the gap between your mouths, he pulls you in for a bruising kiss, lips mashed together momentarily before he’s gliding his tongue along your lower lip. You knew he isn’t asking for entrance, but demanding it and you eagerly let your jaw drop, allowing him to invade.
He plunders your mouth without a moment’s hesitation, tongue dipping inside and fighting with your own for a moment before you give in. Moaning and shuddering in his arms as his piercing runs along the sensitive roof of your mouth, you tug him even closer and let out a pleased purr as he groans at the slight pull of his hair.
Pulling away from you, he gives you the slightest glare as he stares, lips shiny and swollen from the kiss. Glancing down from his face, you bite your lip at the sight of the black leather choker around his neck that he’s taken to wearing lately.
“What makes you think I’ll accept my little bitch pulling hair hmm? Hasn’t Master taught you better than that?” He growls the sound causing a shiver to run through you and combined with the imperious look he gives you, adds to the wetness that’s already begun between your thighs.
Before you get the chance to respond, he jerks you up like a child as he gets a better grip on you before walking to the bedroom, footsteps heavier than normal with your combined weight. Once inside, he kicks the door closed before slamming you against it, back likely to be bruised from the pressure as he rests his body against you.
The hard muscle of his toned body, defined from years of a combination of drumming, exercise and a long held passion for dance, pressed against your soft edges and your inner muscles convulse around nothing.
He murmurs something that you don’t hear before he’s pressing lazy kisses to your jaw, his mouth moving slowly and seductively before lazily trailing to his next spot. A breathless groan leaves you as he lowers down to your neck, mouthing at all the sensitive spots he knows like the back of his hand.
An open mouthed kiss on a certain spot sends your pulse thundering, and you’ve no doubt that he can feel it under the sensitive skin of his mouth. He takes his time with you, his control iron as usual as he leisurely explores the intricate expanse of your neck, taking his time to suck in bruises that you would no doubt complain at him for later.
Finally, he reaches your collar bone and oh so slowly licks a slow, wet trail along the defined bone before he slowly works his way back up to your jaw, the tip both tickling and seductive. Reaching his goal, he bites at it softly, teeth scraping the skin there before pulling away and looking at you sternly.
“Does my little bitch want Master to fill her up?” His words have you clenching, both your thighs and your pussy, as a whimper leaves you. He’s never really vocalised this kind of kink before, and while you enjoyed him cumming in you, you’d never realised you’d enjoy him talking like this.
A satisfied smirk pastes itself onto his mouth as he watches your reaction closely. Without a word, he grinds his groin into your hips and your head falls back against the wall with a gentle thud as you feel his semi press through his jeans and your sweats to your needy centre.
“Master, please.” You whisper, not entirely sure what you’re pleading with him for. He hums low, the sound almost a rumble with how deep it comes from within his chest and you claw at his shoulders slightly to stop yourself from reaching for his hair again.
“Please what? Use your words. Tell Master what you want, and if he’s feeling in a good mood then maybe he’ll give it to you.” He chides softly, the hands that are holding your ass squeezing in almost rhythmic manner and pressing you even harder into his hips.
Looking into his eyes, you see the want and lust in them that tells you he’ll probably do whatever you want, but you also see the cocky smirk that more importantly tells you that he knows damn well you’ll do anything and everything he wants.
“I want you to cum in me. Fill me with your cum.” An eyebrow raises, the ring there shining in the afternoon sunlight that dances its way through the window.
“And?” His tone is almost dangerous, a purring note to the single word that wraps around your senses and tugs the words from you without even trying.
“I want Master to get me pregnant, I want you to cum in me so much that there’s no possible way I’m not pregnant.” You gasp out, words trembling in excitement and need as you say something you’ve never told anyone. Something that would have been taboo before, but causes a shiver of anticipation to run down both your spines.
“Oh I will. I’m going to fuck you, and I’m going to fuck you so hard that you can’t walk properly. Which is good, because you’re going to be full of my cum and you’re going to lay there and take it all as I fill you up.” A hand moves up from your ass to your stomach, pushing up the plain white vest top to stroke your flat stomach that jerks with his movement.
He presses hard for a moment, causing you to go breathless. “That cum is gonna put a baby right here, as I think you’ll look sexy all swollen with my baby. And if it doesn’t work today, then Master will keep fucking you full of cum until you are.” He’s whispering against your ear now, tongue lightly trailing the delicate arch of your ear as you moan wantonly, pussy already slick enough for him.
You feel the muscles of his body shifting under your thighs, tensing slightly before he’s lowering you down and taking a few steps back. Looking you up and down, the corner of his mouth twitches up before he gestures to the bed.
“Strip for Master. And make it slow, I’ve only had my hand to keep me company for a month and a half so my little bitch better make it good.” Chewing your lip at his words and the heady look in his eyes, you ever so slowly saunter over to the four poster bed, making sure to put a little extra sway in your hips just for him.
Turning around slowly, you sink your toes into the grey shag rug laid on the floor, providing a little warmth from the coolness of the wooden flooring. It’s with more than a little gratification that you notice the dark gaze he has firmly attached to your ass and you chew your lip slowly, biting away the final remnants of your strawberry lip balm.
Grasping the hem of your top, you slowly tug it upwards to reveal long expanses of smooth, toned skin. Unlike your husband, you remain an unmarked canvas, something which seems to turn him on even more.
Throwing the top to the floor, your thumbs hook into the waistband of your grey sweatpants, pulling them wide slightly before letting them drop to the floor in a heap. His follows the movement with his eyes before taking a moment to visually caress every inch of you as he slowly looks back up, eyes catching your finally.
Turning around to face the bed, you can’t help the mischievous smile that takes over once he can’t see what he really wants as your hands reach behind to unhook your bra before ever so slowly letting that drop to the floor too. A low rumble erupts from behind you, causing your skin to goosebump immediately at his obvious annoyance that you’re hiding from him.
Instead of acquiescing, you unhurriedly begin to push your underwear down your hips. They’re nothing special, just boyshorts with the Batman logo in pink and blue dotted around but the knowledge that he’s watching causes each touch to send shudders through you, mind already racing to imagine the way he’s going to use you so thoroughly.
And god, you hadn’t been penetrated since he’d left so the sheer thought had you almost gasping with desperate need.
As you pushed the soft fabric down your hips, revealing a lush ass that always got his engine going, you wiggle it ever so slightly while being fully in the knowledge that he can probably already see your pussy peeking past the clothing.
Suddenly, you’re being bent over forcefully as his hand presses down on your neck, an annoyed hiss escaping his mouth. A gasping laugh leaves your own as you shift your face slightly to avoid being suffocated and immediately his nose is brushing against your cheek, breath warm against you while his body cradles your own.
“Does my little bitch think she’s being funny? I said make it good, not be a teasing slut.” He presses his groin firmly against your ass, the material of his ripped, black skinny jeans pressing against your asshole instead of your pussy due to the height difference.
“I’m sorry Master.” You pant out, pushing back against him despite your words in a frantic attempt to get some stimulation from him. Immediately though he pushes you hard to the bed before letting go, a hard spank to your ass causing you to gasp out before he moves away. Sinking to your knees, you keep your head on the soft covers as you watch him head over to the chest of drawers taking up space underneath the window.
He crouches down, letting you see a perfect glimpse of his lean yet muscled thighs and a tiny whine leaves your throat at the sight, your own thighs clenching with the need to have him between them. But it’s when he stands back up and turns around that you look at him with wide eyes.
Putting all his weight on one leg, he takes a moment to look you over with an almost detached gaze before the corner of his mouth lifts. In his hands are some bondage ropes that you’ve both invested in over the years, not only to improve your sex life but also to be safer during playtime.
Letting one of the ropes unwind to the floor, your breath hitches as he points at the bed. “Get on it and lay down in the centre. Spread your arms to point at the posts.” Is all he says, the silence that follows filled with expectation.
Given you’ve already annoyed him once, you have no intention of being naughty again today and quickly scramble to your feet, letting out a soft hiss as your knee scrapes against the carpet to leave a burning sensation. You ignore it though, crawling onto the bed and laying exactly as he demanded, reaching each arm out as if you were going to grab the dark wooden posts.
Smirking, he walks over and runs a hand through your hair softly. “What a good little bitch you can be when you listen and don’t act smart.” Despite his gentle touch, his words are firm and he’s soon tying a rope around the bedpost before tying it around your wrist. It’s secure enough that you won’t be moving, but not enough to hurt unless you really tug hard against it.
He repeats the actions on your other wrist before moving to stand at the foot of the bed, looking down at you with a satisfied expression. “What’s your safe word?” He asks as he slowly licks along his bottom lip, eyes trailing a heated gaze down your body. His look is so strong you swear you can feel him touching you and your nipples pebble in response.
“Pineapple.” You gasp, eyes blown with need.
A breathy laugh leaves those pretty pink lips, a teasing smile slowly spreading as he presses a  knee onto the bed, rips spreading to reveal the golden skin beneath. Crawling forward, he stops between your spread legs and kneels there quietly, a hand grasping each ankle before lazily dancing up your calves.
By the time he reaches your thighs, the muscles there are quivering with want and he grins briefly before leaning down to press tiny butterfly kisses along your inner thigh. The miniscule touches set your skin ablaze though and you can’t help but try and clench your legs, trapping him in the middle till he forcefully pushes them apart.
He kisses all the way to your centre and your inner muscles clamp down greedily on nothing, desperate for some of his loving attention. The flash of white teeth lets you know he’s seen the needy movements, yet he simply moves straight over to your other thigh and begins to kiss a slow trail back up.
Whining quietly at his teasing, you can’t help but wriggle as you tug at the restraints around your wrists. He hums in response, pressing his hot tongue against the sensitive skin near your knee and licking a long, wet trail all the way back.
“Does my little bitch want me to eat her out? Do you want my tongue in your pussy?” He queries, nudging a delicate kiss to your inner thigh before biting down hard enough to have you whining. You can’t stop the frantic way your head nods.
Hoseok knows you too well though and simply pulls back, sitting up and letting his head fall to one side as he watches you. The movement causes his choker to strain against his neck and his hair falls into his eyes, causing him to run a hand through the blonde locks to push them out of the way.
Your husband has always been attractive, but he’s at his peak when he has you at his mercy and is fully aware of it, like right now. His black leather jacket is still wrapped around him, covering a vintage Motorhead shirt. Thigh muscles bunch under his tight jeans as he kneels there, you can’t help the soft groan that leaves you at the sight of him.
The devil has a name and his name is Jung Hoseok. One day, he’ll kill you just from his sheer sex appeal. And what a way that will be to go.
It’s only when you look back up after admiring his physique that you realise he’s been watching you with a bemused look, eyebrow raised. “Are you finished?” He asks bluntly, causing you to flush slightly before nodding meekly.
“Good” He states, shrugging the jacket off his shoulders before throwing it across the room. The sound of his belt unbuckling has you whimpering quietly, body writhing slowly as yet more liquid leaks from your centre.
Hoseok doesn’t move to take any more clothes off however, simply shuffles forward slightly before laying between your thighs and grinning up at you. “Master needs to get you nice and prepared right? Need to make sure this pussy is wet enough for me, get you ready to be filled up.” As he says this, he suddenly presses an open mouthed kiss to your clit that has your body jerking off the bed.
Your husband doesn’t bother wasting time, sucking the engorged bundle of nerves into his mouth and applying just enough pressure to have your core aching before his hot tongue is playing with you lazily. Each flick of his tongue has you gasping softly and struggling at your restraints but he makes no movement to ease the pressure, instead sucking hard before letting go of the pliant flesh with a barely audible pop.
He immediately begins to attack your most sensitive area, stiffening his tongue to run it along your clit in short, quick strokes that has your breath increasing just as fast before he changes the pace by sliding a long, flat swipe along you, the metal ball of his tongue piercing pressing on all the right spots.
“Oh god Master, please Master.” You whine, the precipice of your orgasm approaching faster than you’d anticipated due to the lack of contact over the time he’d been gone. Six years of relationship should have told you better than to beg him though as he immediately abandons your clit, instead letting his tongue slip down between your folds to your entrance.
For a few seconds he simply circles the wet hole idly before he’s pushing inside. The sensation of the thick muscle intruding has you gasping before your hips wiggle desperately as he curls his tongue as deep inside you as he can get. Each slow thrust of the wet muscle causes your hands to fist desperately, wishing that you could sink your fingers into that soft hair and pull. Your husband has a long tongue that you’ve been grateful for many times, but his piercing makes you wish he could reach the incredibly sensitive grouping of nerves inside you with it.
Hoseok continues on for a few minutes like this, dragging you ever so close to the edge of unbelievable pleasure before spreading your wetness along your inner thighs, letting your body calm down from the craving for a release before playfully bringing you all the way back.
Once he gets bored of amusing himself with his tongue, he brings his hand up to toy with your clit, thumb rubbing along the hood before pressing firmly down on the bundle of nerves. A long groan leaves you as he continues to stimulate your clit before letting his hand track down your pussy to your soaked entrance.
Pushing two fingers in with minimal resistance, he can’t help but let out the softest moan as he encounters practically zero resistance from your body. His long fingers, so used to handling drum sticks, play your body like his beloved instrument as he moves them, crooking them upwards so every stroke has the pads of his fingertips pressing against your g-spot.
The pressure intensifies immediately in your lower stomach and you can’t stop your muscles from tightening around him as your hips work, hoping and pleading softly for him to have mercy on you and let you orgasm.
“You’re gonna look real pretty filled with my cum little bitch, just look how wet you are now.” He smirks, pulling his fingers out before lifting them up for you. His fingers are soaked with your juices and you watch as the stickiness strings together as he separates them before he’s sucking them into his mouth, eyes fluttering shut as a pleased rumble leaves his chest.
“Ahh, you pussy is the best tasting thing in the world.” Hoseok whispers, pushing three fingers inside you now and starting a frenzied pace. “I’d love to watch my cum leak out of you, but we need it all to stay inside you don’t we? Need to fill you up till you’re fit to burst.” A wet kiss to your inner knee causes it to shiver slightly as he pulls pleasure from your core.
Moving forward slightly, he continues to finger fuck you furiously while he presses hot kisses to your flat stomach, currently heaving for breathes under his assault. “Yeah, you’re gonna look real good filled with my baby. Watch you get all round and know that it was because of me, because you let Master fill your pussy.” He glances up at you and grins, piercings glinting in the sunlight.
“Tell me what a dirty little bitch you are. Tell me.” His eyes are daring, gloating as an shudder wracks your body. “Tell me how much you want me to fill you up until you’re leaking my cum for days afterwards.”
At his rasping words, combined with the intense pressure he’s placing on your abused pussy and the sudden bruise he sucks into the skin of your stomach, your body clenches around his hand furiously as your orgasm slams through your body like a tidal wave. A choked cry leaves your throat as he keeps your orgasm going, fingers roughly pressing on your pleasure points until your hips are trying to pull away from him from the overstimulation.
“Ah ah ah, tell me what I want to hear.” He snarls, biting down on your hip and speeding up his arm until you have tears of pleasure and pain falling down your cheeks.
“I’m Master’s dirty little bitch, I’m such a filthy little slut. I want you to fill me till I can’t even walk without you sliding down my thighs.” You pant out, hoping vaguely that he’ll relent on his offensive on your pussy.
Instead, he lets out a dark laugh that vibrates across your stomach and causing you to involuntarily squeeze his fingers. “Of course you do, because you’re Master’s little bitch.” Hoseok noses his way back to your pussy and hovers for a moment over your clit, eyes glancing back up to you and you whine loudly at the animalistic desire you see there.
“Master, please. I’m’s too sensitive.” You pant out, trying to pull your hips away as his fingers keep going. He just chuckles, scalding breathe hitting your clit and causing you to moan quietly.
“You can come for me again, can’t you? I need you to be ready to accept my seed after all. Need to make sure you get pregnant from it right?” He murmurs before his lips are enveloping your pleasure centre once more. Immediately, you’re crying out as the pleasure and pain racks up in your body exponentially, each combined movement of his limbs causing your body to almost short circuit.
It doesn’t take long for him to have you orgasming again, liquid gushing out of you with each thrust of his hand and causing his tattoos to shine with your excitement. “Good little bitch.” He whispers, pulling away from your clit for only a moment before he continues on, pressing the ball of his piercing firmly against you until you’re writhing desperately.
“Master, please...please Master. Please.” You’re not even entirely sure what you’re babbling anymore or whether you want him to continue or stop. He ignores your pleading however and simply keeps going, somehow managing to pull a third orgasm from your tired and abused body that leaves you tingling with a slight numbness and your lungs fighting for breath.
Finally allowing you mercy, he pulls away and looks down at your messy pussy with a satisfied expression, licking his lips that are glossy with your orgasm. Though so are his cheeks and chin, but he doesn’t seem to mind the mess you’ve caused as he practically purrs his praise to you.
“Good girl, we need you to be ready for my cock.” Crawling over you, he slowly lowers himself until he’s practically laid on you before capturing your lips between his own. His kiss is lazy, with his tongue playing with yours instead of dominating and the taste of yourself causes a ragged moan to escape into his mouth.
Pulling away from you, he grins briefly before kneeling back and pulling his top off quickly. “I think it’s time I fulfilled my promise to you right? Stuff your pretty pussy full of cum until it spills out of you, though I’d prefer it if we kept it all inside.”
Hoseok stands briefly to relieve himself of his jeans and the rest of his clothing, discarding them without a second thought before he’s crawling back. He pauses briefly, looking down at you with a hungry expression as his body practically glows in the soft sunlight, colourful tattoos vibrant and vivid.
The beautiful image is broken, or perhaps enhanced, slightly by the way he slowly strokes himself. A slow tug of his erection that has his hand squeezing the shaft firmly, causing a bead of translucent pre-cum to leak from his thick tip.
Watching him fist himself quietly has your hips wiggling on the bed, even more liquid leaking from you despite the three orgasms that has wrecked your body already. His fingers were good, but your pussy aches and clenches emptily at the thought of his length inside you.
Lifting your hips up slightly, you try to entice him into moving which gets an immediate amused smirk. Free hand coming forward to trace meaningless shapes onto your thigh, he grins at you. “Looks like someone is greedy for my cock today. Would you like it?” As he speaks, he inches forward until the head of his penis is resting against your soaked clit, rubbing it in your wetness slowly as you mewl in need.
“Yes Master,” You pant. “Please Master.” After your third orgasm you didn’t think you would have been begging him for his dick, but here you are. He’s silent for a moment before he drags his erection down your pussy slowly, pressing against your entrance just enough so that the very tip of him is wedged inside you.
“Can’t wait to fill you full.” He murmurs, stopping suddenly as he eyes something by your head. Before you can say anything, he’s reaching for one of the fluffy pillows resting next to you before tapping your thighs. “Lift up.”
You do as he says and watch as he positions the pillow under your hips, changing your position slightly and causing excitement to electrify your veins. Without a word he suddenly slams home, cock sliding into your well lubricated pussy with zero effort and the effect has you both moaning out. Your walls clamp down on him immediately, the combination of no sex for weeks with the over sensitivity of your previous orgasms.
But on top of that, you discover that the pillow changes the angle of your missionary position and has him rubbing against your g-spot with minimal effort, letting him go deep and rub against it with every thrust. As he begins to move lazily at first, your soft breathes quickly turn into needy whines and mewls as your body shudders under the pleasure.
“Oh you look so pretty like this little bitch, so greedy for me and so, so wet.” His words are a little incoherent as he closes his eyes, grasping onto your thighs and holding your legs up slightly to make it even tighter for him. An incredibly masculine groan leaves his chest, deep and low and almost immediately you respond by squeezing around him as he moves his thick length inside you.
“Cum in me Master, please. Fill me up like you promised.” You whisper, fully recognising that the lack of sex and the intense foreplay has left him with a particularly short fuse. Dark eyes look down at you again and you whine quietly at the intense sight of his abdominal muscles working as he fucks into you.
Each thrust leaves the quiet room echoing with the sound of your slick wetness combined with the primal sound of skin slapping against skin, breathy pants and moans the only music to be found. “Christ you feel so fucking good.” He murmurs, letting his head fall back as his eyes close tightly, jaw dropping while sweat causes his skin to glow even more.
You keep murmuring encouragements to him and begin to rhythmically tighten around his cock, trying to get him to reach his tipping point even though it sends sharp bolts of pleasure through you. Soon enough, his thrusts begin to get sloppy and any rhythm he has soon stutters to a close as he chases after his orgasm eagerly, grunts escaping him with every sharp pound of his hips.
His hands around your thighs tighten as he orgasms, slamming into you one final time before grinding himself against your pussy slowly. A long, low groan vibrates through him and an answering moan leaves you at the ridiculously hot sight.
His body shudders as he cums, cock twitching inside you as he empties himself deep inside you just like he said he would. As he reaches the tail end of his pleasure, he looks down at you through hooded eyes, fucked out yet still demanding and very much in control.
Glancing down at where you’re both joined, his cock stuffing you full, he gives a slow and lazy grin. “Master filled you up, just like I said I would.” Without warning, he thumb is suddenly rubbing slow circles into your ruined clit, the touch insistent and unforgiving.
“Oh god, Master, I can’t. I can’t.” You whine, head shaking from side to side as he begins to keep up a relentless pressure. Pleasure tinged with the sharp points of pain flood through your body as he continues, cooing to you softly in an encouraging tone.
“Cum for me one more time baby, cum on my cock and let all that cum go further. I know you’ve read the pages that say an orgasm helps with impregnation so cum for Master. Once more, be a good girl like I know you are.” He reassures you, running his free hand along your hip before resting his hand on your stomach.
“Cum for Master so I can see you swell with my baby yeah?” His words, combined with the relentless touch of his thumb and the ever so shallow thrusts of his softening erection send you tumbling down into your fourth orgasm. This one is almost equal pain with pleasure and seems to go on forever, positively clamping down on Hoseok’s dick as you let out an unintelligible shriek until he’s whining in overstimulation himself.
Once finished though, you both stare at each other tiredly before he gives you a slow smile that brightens his face as usual. “Good girl.” He pants out, patting your thigh before slowly pulling out of you. The loss of him has you clenching without even meaning to and immediately he’s tutting at you, hand coming down to push the slow trickle of cum that had leaked out of you back in.
“You need to keep every drop of that inside you.” Hoseok states sternly, pressing his fingers in until he’s confident it’ll stay. For now at least.
Reaching up to untie your hands, he flops down next to you and lets out a deep sigh before grinning broadly and pressing a kiss to your cheek. “You need to stay like this for at least like...half an hour.” His tone is excitable and you look at him with an eyebrow raised.
“And what are you going to do for half an hour then if I’m just going to lay here?” You ask wryly, causing him to laugh lightly. Wrapping an arm around your waist, he nuzzles his head into your neck and kisses the damp skin there.
“Have a nap of course, I’m a tired man.” You roll your eyes at that as reach one exhausted hand up to run through his sweat streaked hair.
“And after half an hour?” Querying his specific time lowly, though you’re pretty sure you know what he’s talking about.
He looks back up at you with a dangerous glint in his eye, Master reappearing for a moment while the ghost of a smirk plays on his lips. “I fill you up again. It’s gonna take more than one round…” Hoseok licks at your collarbone before pressing an open mouthed kiss there that lingers for a moment. “And I plan on fucking you until it works, so get ready.”
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guksthighs · 4 years ago
Part Of Your World
Parts: one | two | three | four | end 
Group: BTS
Requested: Anonymous said:  omg I love your writing!!! Can I request a j hope au where he is a merman and he tries to get you to go and live in the sea with him thanks
Excerpt:  ‘never trust a mermaid because they could be a siren in disguise’
Genre: fantasy, mermaid au
Length: 1.5k
A/N: there will be a part two.. and a three and a four and a five.
Tumblr media
“Never trust a mermaid,” your large eyes turned to your mother, “they could be a siren just waiting to lure you to your death.”
The slow sound of waves crashing on the shore brought these words to your mind as you looked out to the horizon. You had always been drawn to the ocean; from a young child, those words had been repeated to you daily as you often swam off chasing mermaids. Your poor mother tried to interest you in mundane activities, building intricate sandcastles or running around the shore to collect shells. But nothing was as interesting, as enrapturing as chasing mermaids; wading into the water as you stuck your head under and opened your eyes even with the sharp burn stinging sensation enhancing the wide grin on your face.
These days you were less inclined to run all over the beach shouting for a mermaid. You let a heavy sigh before you pushed yourself off the porch, picking up the black bin bag and beginning your usual routine of picking up broken beer bottle and plastic bags. There was so much rubbish flying around the beach and these days you found the only thing you were running around the beach was to clean it.
Choosing to be a marine biologist hadn’t been a choice, more like a duty. You were increasingly concerned about the wildlife on your beach, turtles turning up dead with their heads sealed in plastic wrapping.
Usually, you would wear headphones, the heavy bass of a song making what you were doing less upsetting and making it more a job, a duty to the beach you had grown up on.
But this morning your headphones were so hopelessly tangled you had decided to go without and enjoy the water rippling against the shore, seagulls screeching in the distance before there was silence. Then you heard it, a voice drifting in the morning mist singing a haunting tune. You dropped the half-empty beer bottle into the bag as your body froze, vision blurring slightly as your eyes began to blur with tears. Slowly the lyrics began to find their way into your ears, words that spoke to your love of the beach, of the sea, of nature.
You began to walk towards the sea, your body was numb and you were out of control with each thud of your bare feet hitting the sand. It was only the sharp pain of glass as it entered you in the foot that awoke you from the daze, pain making your thoughts come rushing back. You looked around, confused and intrigued as you stared off into the distance, the sudden silence being broken by a splash on the horizon.
At first, the water had chilled your skin, you felt as though it were hostile towards you. But as you kicked away from the beach, bright yellow fish swam around you, the pastel colours of coral looked healthy as the only thing you could hear was your slightly laboured breathing through your snorkel. The water was crystal clear to your delight, as you watched the silver bellies of minnows flashing as they moved within their shoal. The grin on your mouth widened as bubbles escaped your mouth in a laugh; it was so refreshing to remind yourself that not all was lost until a glint caught your eye.
You took a huge gulp of air, before releasing it all and diving down hands brushing slightly against the coral as you went to yank the glass free but as a piece of coral seemed dangerously close to breaking off, a hand snaked around your ankle. A cold, almost slimy hand that was pulling you up so fast that your head felt light; all oxygen having left your lungs until you resurfaced, yanking off your mask to gulp in large gulps of air.
Your head whipped around, looking for whatever had touched you. As it was not a fish or a turtle brushing past you but a human hand; you were sure of it. But it was hard to not think about your childish self, chanting about mermaids as you ran around and yet it seemed the only current possibility.
These mysterious incidences that all pointed towards mermaids continued to stack up from you finding scaled lodged on a rock too large for a fish. Until it all came to a head on the day you were lifeguarding for a friend, the beach was bustling as you sat in the chair trying to turn a blind eye to the littering as you watched the shore for any possible problems.
That’s when you saw it, someone floundering in the distance one of the deepest places where the coral just dropped away; you blinked hard and leapt up. The run across the beach was quick before you leapt into the water, your arms and legs working as hard as they could to reach the person in time.
The splashing was obviously weaker than before as you wrapped your arms around his torso pulling him up as you managed to turn the boy around, wet blonde hair covered his forehead and his lips were tinged blue. You wrapped your arms around his back, before squeezing him forward to rid his lungs of any ingested water. As you bent your ear to his mouth to see if he was still breathing, your legs began to cramp, unable to continue treading water to keep the two of you up.
Suddenly, there was a nip at your ear and you jolted back, dropping the boy’s body. But he was afloat, his body snapping straight up as he looked you dead in the eye as infectious laughter erupted from his mouth, “You’re prettier up close!”
You desperately tried to figure out what was happening until something seaweed-like brushed against your leg, you looked him in the eyes as he sent you another grin before it happened again. This time you looked down and let out a gasp as your legs stopped treading water completely as you went into shock and a bad case of cramp, leading to you sinking like a rock meaning you saw his tail even better.
He had a tail, a fish tail. A beautiful green scaled tail that swished from side to side as he stayed afloat, you let out a gasp as all the air left your lungs and watched him dive down with a flick of his tail as his arms now looped under your arms as he pulled you back to the surface, pulling you over his shoulder as he patted your back, causing you to splutter water over his shoulder.
“I’m Jung Hoseok by the way,” he seemed to be finding the entire situation hysterical
“You’re a merman?” you’re vision was blurry with sea salt and you let your muscles relax as you held onto his shoulders, gripping at the lean muscle as you tried to understand what was happening.
The following day started as usual, with the crash of waves but this morning you leapt out of bed. You frantically pulled on a jumper and a pair of shorts before grabbing a can of tuna from the cupboard and running out with a jump in your step that hasn’t been there since it had been declared it was illegal to bring dogs to your local beaches.
You ran to the rock pools, opening the tin of tuna you left it next to you and began to run your hand through the water. You stroked the backs of small crabs and dug your fingers into the sand bringing it to your face as you looked at the small pink shells in your hand.
But as you leant backwards to stretch your back, hearing a satisfying click you felt two hands grab your shoulders as you were pulled off the ledge and into the sea. Hoseok’s laughter filled your ears and you whipped around as fast as you could to meet his eyes as you glared. He was now sitting on the rock, hands digging into the tuna as he smiled down at you, hair matted and in your face grasping onto a rock so you were no longer being dragged own.
“Y/N, thanks for the meal!” he grinned before giving you a hand to help pull you back onto the rock, watching as you began to shiver in the early morning wind, he placed an arm over your shoulder bringing you into his chest and planting a kiss on your wet hair.
And your mother’s words echoed in your head ‘never trust a mermaid because they could be a siren in disguise’. They will sing you a lullaby of salt, that calls your every fibre to go to the sea and you won’t be able to fight because sirens are like the sea’s angels or worse, its demons.
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jungxk · 2 years ago
just one (iv)
Tumblr media
notes: the only guy on campus who’s track record trumped that of your best friend’s - park jimin - was jeon jungkook. not that that was a problem…until he set his sights on you.
warnings: eventual smut, swearing, bad habits (mentions of drinking, smoking etc). trigger warnings: non-consensual touching/ sexual harrassment, verbal harrassment 
genre: humour, drama, romance, college!au
wordcount: 10.3k
part i // part ii // part iii // part iv // part v // part vi // part vii // part viii // part ix // part x
jisoo blows a raspberry into your pillow. "do we have to invite taehyung?"
"yes," you say definitively while she pouts. "he's our friend, babe!"
"he's your friend! for me he's just the guy i'm playing chicken with and seulgi doesn't even like him!"
"that's not true," the older girl weighs in. "he's nice to look at. i can appreciate that," she pokes jisoo in the side. "besides, we need him. jimin plus one of his friends have to be part time bouncers, and if he doesn't bring taehyung he might bring jaebum again," her face twists in annoyance just from saying his name. "and i won't allow that. not at my birthday party."
"jaebum," jisoo's face scrunches up thoughtfully. "who's he again? the name rings a bell..."
you're already rubbing the ache in your head at the memory. "my birthday from two years ago. he put his hand up my dress and seulgi kicked his balls up into his throat," you pat jisoo's back reassuringly because she still looks confused. "you don't remember because you were throwing up in the kitchen sink."
"and if i see his face in my house again i won't hold back," seulgi finishes, flipping some hair. "the nerve of that prick. i only stopped there because you asked me to, you know!"
"well yeah because with the size of those heels you were wearing you might have killed the guy! do you know how hard it would be to get blood out the carpet?" you explain. everything had happened so quickly you felt like you could barely recall the memory; jaebum had been sweet talking you all night and you'd only ever thrown him a polite smile. then the next thing you know your skirt went flying up but then suddenly he was on the floor crying, right under seulgi's pointy heel. "now that i think about it, i don't know why i didn't see him coming..."
"because you never do," seulgi says, laying her legs over your lap while she decorates the guest list with glitter penmanship. "you don't know how many times i've sent a guy hightailing before he could get to you, ____. there's just something about you, i don't know what it is! like ants all over sugar, i've never seen anything like it!”
jisoo coos, smushing your cheeks. "our pretty flower all the bees want a piece of!"
"you're both ridiculous," you giggle, letting her pinch your face anyway.
"we should send her to every party with some garlic and a vial of holy water," seulgi laughs, joining in to tickle you.
"well maybe we won't have to," jisoo says slyly. "now that you've got hoseok."
"hoseok," you repeat, blinking thoughtfully. "right, hoseok...! should i invite him?"
"are you crazy? of course!" jisoo exclaims. "why wouldn't you?"
"because it's a big step," seulgi says. "showing up to a party together is like, a statement. an implicit one, but still. have you guys talked about becoming official yet?"
"not really?" you shuffle nervously. "hobi always just sort the message that i wanted to go slow. he hasn't pushed it and neither have i."
"talk to him," jisoo urges with a smile. "come on, this is hobi. even if you explain you're not ready to go exclusive yet, you think that'll be a dealbreaker for him? the guy would probably wait for the rest of the century if you asked him too!"
"she's right," seulgi nods. "we say it like it's a big deal, but it really is just a party. a good guy like him wouldn't get insecure over something like that, especially if you felt strongly about it."
"you're right," you nod to yourself more than the girls. 
"so is that everyone?" jisoo flicks through seulgi's lilac planner after taking it from her hands.
"pretty much," seulgi leans back with a snort. "but you just know all this planning is for shits and giggles. jimin's gonna bring like, a thousand other people anyway and the next thing you know one of our bedrooms will be on fire."
"then why did we use your pretty paper?"
"because these are new gel pens! we should have just given him tae as a plus one and left it at that, you know. remember last year, when he brought that guy wonho and then all his gym friends showed up? jesus, i thought i'd have an aneurysm that night."
"i know, wasn't it great?" jisoo's eyes are already lighting up at the memory. "i'm still convinced me and minhyuk are in love even though we haven't spoken in like. eight months," she sighs dreamily. "maybe he'll turn up on some off chance and make me forget all about taehyung."
seulgi makes a sly face. "if forgetting a guy is what you're looking for then why don't we invite jungkook?"
"god, can you imagine?" jisoo laughs. "jeon jungkook eating the snacks in our kitchen, fucking some girl on the coffee table?"
"then giving her friend a turn once he gets bored," seulgi snorts.
"yeah," you laugh nervously. you try your best to look inconspicuous even though your palms suddenly go clammy, wiggling into the bed to shove them under your koala plushie. you haven't heard from jungkook since the post office incident, but to be fair even you were shocked by that peck on the cheek you gave him. you just assumed he was busy or too crippled with second hand embarrassment to talk to you again, and you don't blame him. maybe it was best that the whole jungkook phase came to a close now that things with you and hoseok were about to move forward.
but that doesn't stop you checking your phone every now and again, hopeful to see his name light up your screen.
"are you kidding?! i mean, all of that's true but you're crazy if you think jaebum would willingly step within ten miles of seulgi," jimin laughs loudly, making you laugh with him. "i still remember my balls clenched in sympathy just looking at the bastard. you know he texted me the day after and said he really thought his future was childless? i kept the screenshot."
you hold up your hands defensively. "look, these are seulgi's words not mine. just make sure you bring taehyung, because even if him and jisoo kick off it'd be better than eye contact between seulgi and that asshole," you check your phone for the time. "where is tae, anyway? you told him drinks were tonight, right?"
"duh. he's just always late to everything," jimin says, gulping his beer. "aren't you glad we didn't order for him now?"
"no, because now people are gonna think we're here together. like together together."
jimin rolls his eyes. "stop looking so surprised. it wouldn't be the first time."
"exactly," you huff. "aren't you sick of it?"
"you should consider yourself lucky," he shrugs. "so are you bringing hobi hyung?"
"i'm seeing him tomorrow to ask him about it. to be honest i don't really know how that conversation's gonna go..."
"what do you mean?" jimin queries, getting up from his chair to squeeze into the booth with you. he tries to keep his attention on you and your pretty lips while you talk, but he can't help letting his gaze swerve off to that creep by the bar who's making googlies at you. not that you'd notice, because you're far too busy rambling about hoseok, hands gesturing comically and hair sticking to your lipstick.
"...and i dunno, something just feels off about the whole thing and i'm not sure if it's because i'm not ready or if hobi really just isn't the guy for me, which i seriously doubt given that if i met him a few years ago - are you kidding me? artsy fartsy looking prince in balenciaga? i would have been all over him! but now?" you laugh dryly. "well, we both know how much of an abandonment-fearing mess i can be, so-"
"that's not true," jimin says gently. a pause. "okay maybe it's a little true. but hoseok obviously doesn't care," he says, face splitting into a cheery grin when you squint at him. "well, none of it's been enough to deter him so far, has it? so maybe he has a thing for girls with a tragic past and a cocktail of defence mechanisms," he consoles you, although it certainly doesn't feel consoling. "you have told him, right? about those assholes that used to be your family?"
"no..." you say sheepishly. "i don't know, i just...! how do you break something like that to a guy you've been dating? like, he's talking about bringing me to meet his mother and her vegetable patch this summer, the fuck am i supposed to do? casually mention that i was disowned next to her avacado tree? it's a lot of baggage, jimin."
"i get that," he says, opening his mouth say something further when he notices the creep at the bar stare even more explicitly when you cross your legs. "you finished your drink? let's meet tae in the bar next door."
"oh, alright," you say, gulping down your glass. "any reason why?"
"yeah," he huffs, standing in front of you while you shrug on your coat. "that weirdo over there keeps making eyes at you. he's giving me jaebum vibes."
"what weirdo?" you perk up curiously, craning your neck to look over jimin's shoulder but he's already spinning you around by the waist and pushing you in the direction of the door. your playful giggle dies in your throat when his hands remain planted on your hips, leading you through the busy bar with his chest against your back. he's so warm, his grip around you so wonderfully firm it excites you. "you're not gonna let me take a look at my potential captor?"
he chuckles, right behind your ear so that your goosebumps go wild. "shut up. why would you want to look at him," you don't remember how many drinks jimin has had but it must be more than you thought, because you can feel him smirking against your neck. the heat of his lips lay right over the pressure point so you positively melt back into his chest. "you're with me, aren't you?"
"yeah," you shudder, the cold from outside hitting you harshly. you're still gulping for breath while he stares from under the moon like that, utterly gorgeous. the pine of jimin's scent gets you going even though he's a good step away from you again. there's a serenity about his face while he looks at you, hooded eyes intense and hair covering his forehead so you can’t see the way his brow softens. earnest. "what? why are you-why are you looking at me like that? do i have lipstick on my teeth-?"
"you have no idea, do you?" he whispers, like it's a secret. like he meant to ask himself instead of say it out loud, but all the beer's gone to his head and fucked up the thought pathway. "how lovely you are. how many men want you for it."
suddenly in the autumn night winds you're sweltering hot. flushed. jimin's all but not referred to you with gender neutral pronouns since you met him, plunked you into a sexless box you had grown comfortable in. so what on earth do you say to that? especially when it's coming from park jimin? "is-is this your way of saying you like this shirt on me?" you laugh nervously, doing anything you can to diffuse this heavy air. "it's actually jisoo's so i'll pass on the compliment if you wa-"
"its a nice colour," he's looking to the side so you can't gage his expression. "but that's not what i mean."
you blink up at him, totally and utterly lost in this uncharted territory, the butterflies in your stomach climbing up your spine with its intensity, because apparently they seem to know where to go better than you do. thankfully taehyung chooses this moment to make his grand entrance, yelling your names from across the street so you can watch him jog towards you instead of deal with...whatever this is.
"sorry i'm late," he pants, but he doesn't look sorry at all, instead darts his eyes between you and jimin suspiciously, misplacing the tension. "if you're really that mad i'll get the first round."
"are you kidding? first round was an hour ago," jimin laughs, teeth shining. he's so annoyingly model worthy, hair tickling his lashes and hands sliding neatly into his jeans pockets. he glances at you like he didn't just call you beautiful under the moonlight two minutes ago and nudges taehyung in the direction of the bar just a short walk down. “rounds three and onward has your name all over it, though.” 
[taehyung 10:52pm] you going to seulgi's birthday thing this weekend?
jungkook is so bewildered by the message even the blonde is lap starts to knock on his head to ask if anyone's home. she gets up and leaves him alone with namjoon and yoongi outside once he fails to reply, but in jungkook's defence he didn't think he'd have to deal with his thoughts going a mile a minute at this time of night: seulgi, seulgi as in the wasted girl he carted around in his truck for you seulgi, your friend, your flatmate. aka, seulgi's having a party in the house that you shared and so you were going to be there. you, with your big eyes and cute cheeks. you with your tinkling laughter and addictive aura, probably clad in a little dress for the occasion that was flattering and girly with the perfect touch of slutty that you'll coyly pretend isn't slutty.
"kookie?" namjoon cranes his neck to see what jungkook is agonising over. the kid was young and confident, so it wasn't often that namjoon saw the boy with a knitted brow and dry lips. it could only mean two things: beer flu or a girl. and since the night had barely started at this shitty friend-of-a-friend's party it was safe to rule out the former, but namjoon has enough tact to start off with, "have you seen a ghost, or?"
yoongi, however, isn't one to dance around. "more likely just a girl he's ghosted," he leans back in the rusty deck chair. "wouldn't expect anything less from the highest body count on campus."
"i'm pretty sure that's jimin-ah," namjoon muses.
he takes another drag before answering. "maybe last year, but he's been slacking ever since he became a senior."
jungkook ignores them, thumbs dancing over the keyboard of taehyung's chat as he rakes his brain for a reply that sounds just the right amount of apathetic even though he aggressively needs some answers. right. now.
[jungkook 10:58pm] birthday thing?
[taehyung 11:03pm] ____ didn't invite you already??
[jungkook 11:05pm] she hasn't said anything to me
because i've been avoiding her he says internally. taehyung seems to see right through it because-
[taehyung 11:06pm] well have you talked to her?
[jungkook 11:07pm] typing...
[jungkook 11:07pm]
[jungkook 11:08pm] typing...
[jungkook 11:09pm]
[jungkook 11:10pm] typing...
[jungkook 11:12pm]
"fuck," he hisses aloud, unable to think of a reply that didn’t make him seem like a total asshole.
[taehyung 11:13pm] lol thought so. it starts at 9 bring your own beer
jungkook doesn't know what to say to that, worrying his bottom lip between his teeth as he stares at the message. his mouth blooms bright pink under his thoughtful gnawing: he knows it's wrong. he knew from the second you kissed his cheek weeks ago that this wasn't a good idea, that this was something he just wasn't ready for, something he may never be ready for. it's too comfortable, too easy, too real. and jungkook doesn't do real. this was destined for disaster written in red, red, red all over his hands that are just itching to have you.
but that feeling in his gut, sitting right below his rib cage, the selfish feeling that knows his weak points and feeds his impulsive nature - it's telling him to go. it's telling him just one more drink with you, one dance. after that he'll quit you. after that, after that, after that he's done for good.
"earth to kookie?" yoongi leans over to wave a hand in front of his face. "geez, did this girl send you a nude or something? what's got you so spaced out tonight?"
"nothing," he says quickly, sitting up in his seat. "i was just you guys wanna come to a party this weekend?"
hoseok gives you a long kiss when you finally arrive back at his flat, fingers grazing at the nape of your neck to pull you that much closer to him. you can't help but fall into him. everything about him is just so kind, so soft around the edges. even more so today; hobi was extra doting during lunch, holding hands the whole walk home, kissing you slowly and often. maybe that should've been your first indicator that something was wrong.
"we're having a party this weekend," you say absently when you finally plop down onto his couch, playing with the end of his shirt when he joins you. he smiles as you do, because you're just so cute and breathy after he kisses you for while. everything about you was just so endearing, so his type. "for seulgi's birthday. and i was thinking..."
"we should go together?" he finishes lightly, your doe eyes fluttering up to him before you nod nervously. his shoulders practically deflate with affection for you, how vulnerable you look. he leans in, giving you a long peck that leaves you content. but then his next words follow, "i can't."
"oh," you cannot hide your disappointment. "that's too bad...are you busy or something?”
hoseok watches you for a second, really watches you like he's savouring this specific moment before answering. "we need to talk. i think," he takes your hands, hesitant. "i think this is it for us."
your brain short circuits, the city of your body screeching to a stop: the people stand still, the cars stop moving, the power goes out. hoseok's words hang in the air before your face because you're unable to compute them, unable to do anything but look at him dumbly. "what?"
"i know the first thing you're gonna think is that it's because of you," he says evenly, shaking his head. "but it really isn't. it's me, it's all on me. i didn't want to do this at the restaurant, rob your chance of getting to react how you're entitled to, so..."
"you're," you're still rushing to catch up. "you're breaking up with me?"
he sighs, and you can feel how heavy it is. the hollowness in your chest, surprisingly, isn't caused by what he's said or what this means for your budding relationship. instead, it's the absence of hoseok's smile that makes your eyes well up for some reason. he doesn't look right without it. "yeah."
one more time. "you're breaking up with me..."
"you can yell if you want," he assures. "go on, honestly."
instead, you laugh. soft and quiet, very breathy and broken before you cover your face with your hands. of course even when he's breaking up with you, he's the most noble man on the planet. it's not like you're used to people not wanting you, but it still makes the static ring louder in your head because you just didn't see it coming this time. you and hoseok got along so well, your affection for him growing by the day. what were you supposed to do with it all now? "there's nothing to yell for hobi, this isn't a contract. i-i'm not mad, i just..."
"there's something else," he says gently before you can finish, running a hand through his red hair. you miss his dimples suddenly. he licks his lips, chest heaving with how he tries to word it. "i'm also doing this because i think it's for the best. because i don't know how much longer i can go wondering if i'll ever hold a candle to him."
"please," your heart sinks. "please don't say jimin."
"not jimin. jungkook."
a beat. "what?"
"you think i didn't notice how he blew up your phone a few weeks ago? texting you every hour?" he laughs quietly, looking down at your hand that's still in his. "how quiet you've gotten ever since he stopped?"
"hobi," you swallow hard, shaking your head. "there was never...i was never involved with him like that. you know that right?" you squeeze his fingers. "you know i'd never do that to you, don't you?"
"of course i do," he says gently. "i'm just saying that he got more of a reaction out of you from a few texts than i have in two months. doesn't that tell you something?"
you swallow. "that you should send me more memes?"
"you like him," hobi corrects with a sympathetic look. "you really like him, ____. whether you want to accept it or not. so this," he gestures between you. "really isn't doing anything but slowing us both down."
you sigh, covering your eyes in embarrassment. "so what you're saying is you're breaking up with me to save me the misery of doing it in the long run?"
he chuckles softly. "you make me sound so gallant!"
"because you are," you say, so quietly he barely catches it. you see it then, the almost of it all. if things were different, if the timing wasn't like this, how if you had just spoken to hoseok at that party before jungkook you'd probably be history now. it's the strangest thing you've ever felt, looking at hobi in that moment and seeing everything your life could've been together flash past in front of you like a supercut. a cassette movie on fast-forward.
why does no one ever talk about the feeling of knowing that you could've loved someone?
hobi feels it too. he doesn't say it but you know he does, because even though he's smiling again his aura has lost all its orange. like he's only ever been living on the blue side this whole time. it would've been easier if you took his advice and yelled, anything to fill up the gaping hole that is this silence. there are no hard feelings, only soft ones even while hoseok drives you home. you chat over the radio like always, even laugh about that same song you heard at the cafe last week together. except this time he doesn't kiss you when you get out the car.
only when your bedroom door closes do you start to cry, for a reason you can't pinpoint.
the house is already crammed full of people by the time jisoo teeters over to you with two drinks in hand, doing awfully well for herself given how many malibu and cokes she's been sipping all night. of course, none of you had half a clue who most of these people are, since jimin did that thing where he accidentally invited the entire campus again. people filled the halls, spilling out the doorways. the house wasn't big so it was almost like it was falling apart at the seams with drunk college kids and then some, but jisoo still wedges herself onto the staircase with you like it's any old saturday night.
"here," she hands you the drink. "you're looking way too sober for someone who just got dumped and it's upsetting me."
you take a tentative sip, the sour-sweet taste leaving your mouth upturned though it wasn't unpleasant. just strong. "jesus, who made this?" you take another sip before clocking on. "oh no, this is one of jimin's cocktails isn't it? my liver's starting to panic already," jisoo throws her head back in a laugh when you take her hand to press against you. "can you feel that? she's pissed! the last time i had one of these i almost died, 'soo!"
"tonight's an exception," she grins, fixing your hair at the back. "seriously though, are you okay? you should be shit faced by now, singing love ballads and crying on my lap!" she watches you shrug behind the rim of your cup. "you really didn't like hoseok that much, did you?" she looks a bit sad, playing with the end of your dress guiltily. "and there was us, forcing him on you for weeks..."
"it's not that," you assure her quickly with a hand over hers, trying to make your thoughts cohesive through the fog of chatter and alcohol. "it’s just that, i've had a few days to chew on what he said now, and...he was right."
"right about what?" she prods.
"girls!" you both look up to seulgi who's peeking at you through the banister railings before teetering her way over as fast as her slight tipsiness can allow. you and jisoo instinctively grab a wrist each and pull her to squish between you, all clambering knees and party shoes knocking together. "did you see who just walked in? smell my drink, i swear i've been spiked-"
"what?" jisoo takes the cup before she can spill it. "who is it?"
"it's not hoseok is it?" you crane your neck, scanning the people in the hall. "there's no way-"
"no," seulgi shakes her head. "it's jungkook!"
jisoo throws her head back in a laugh while the blood runs icy in your veins. out of all the names you were prepared to hear, that certainly wasn't one of them. "jeon jungkook? alright, maybe you have been spiked-"
"see for your fucking self!" seulgi practically shrieks before hauling their pair of you up with her impressive strength. they both link up arms with you in the middle, weaving through the crowd in a secure chain before reaching the kitchen doorway. it's like some sort of warped stakeout mission from a kids show, the comical way the three of you squish into the door pane and you spy from a distance. sure enough, jungkook is there just outside the open back doors, lighting up a cigarette with two of his friends that you haven't seen before. you can practically feel your stomach flipping through the thin fabric of your dress. seulgi hiccups above you. "now is that him or am i really just off on one?"
"that's," you can hear jisoo gulp. "that's jungkook alright," another pause of disbelief. "god, has he always been that hot?"
"yeah," seulgi huffs. "but it's those friends of his that're making me nervous. see the tall one? god, i'd climb up him like curious fucking george-"
"i gotta pee," you say breathlessly before darting off.
you search through the sea of people for jimin, hands sweating and teeth chattering because you never thought you'd see jungkook here. now. looking like that; brown hair pushed back so his ridiculously handsome face is on display, his leather jacket back with a vengeance tonight. you feel on edge by the time you desperately circle the house a second time to finally see jimin and tae, grabby hands reaching out to clutch their elbows like you need them to hold you up.
"someone having fun?" jimin steadies you with a strong hand.
"um," you swallow back all the babbling you want to do, doing your best to appear collected. "yeah. yeah, you?"
"as good as jisoo ignoring me can feel," taehyung mutters into his cup.
"god, don't you think you're getting a little ridiculous now?" jimin rolls his eyes. "and that's coming from me, taehyung. it's been months! if you really liked her you would have done something by now-"
"it's not about that, it's about my principles!" 
"which are?" 
"i want attention," taehyung huffs like a child. "all the time, no exceptions."
jimin rubs his head. "do you hear how much of a brat you sound right now?"
"of course i do. i'm a self proclaimed brat, jisoo knows this," taehyung's mouth stretches into a mischievous smirk. "and she got with me anyway."
"actually, can i ask you guys something?" you butt in a little too loud, unable to watch their back and forth in silence anymore. "uh, did one of you...did you invite jungkook? not that i care or anything, i just...didn't expect to see him all..."
"jungkook?" jimin's brow immediately creases. "no, i didn't. he never shows up to parties anyway, are you sure it's even him?"
"it's him," you confirm. "definitely him."
"he probably just heard from a friend of a friend of a friend. you know how it goes with these things," jimin appeases, totally missing the way you lock eyes with taehyung who's rather keen to avoid your gaze all of a sudden. you know in an instant that it has something to do with him, but for now you just nod up into jimin's flawless face. his lips extra plush tonight, candy pink and inviting. "but it doesn't matter though, right? since hobi hyung's gonna turn up any minute now."
"yeah about that, jiminie...he's not coming," your chew your bottom lip. "we broke up."
jimin's brows snap together. "what?"
"aw, sorry princess," taehyung rubs your arm affectionately. "you okay?"
"what do you mean you broke up?" jimin splutters, looking far more upset than you would've anticipated. he wets his lips when you peer at him curiously, reigning in his volume a little to card a hand through his hair coolly. he only pulls it off because he is a master of composure. "did you, um, meet someone else or something?"
"nothing like that. hobi just thought we had run our course, you know?" you give taehyung's fingers a reassuring squeeze. "i'm okay, really. we had fun and we're still friends, so-"
"i gotta pee," jimin mumbles, taking out his phone to tap frantically before stalking off.
you blink after him. "uh, is he okay?"
taehyung just rolls his eyes, finishing the rest of his beer. "how much time do you have for me to answer that question?"
"probably not long enough," you sigh, sagging against taehyung only to shoot up straight again when you see the unmistakably large silhouette of jungkook making his way up the corridor. it was too late to try and scurry out of his line of vision now, all you could do was turn to face taehyung with wild eyes and your hands locking around his thick arm. "now do you mind telling me why you decided to invite jungkook into my house?"
"what's the big deal?" he counters, already waving the younger boy over with his signature big smile. he peers down at you with an expression that is way too cheeky for your liking. "you're friends, right? you invited all your other friends, didn't you?"
"i mean," you huff, exasperated. "yeah i guess, but-"
"hey hyung," jungkook's voice is behind you, forcing you to turn and face him. his jawline alone has your throat going dry alone, round eyes full of stars as they swivel down to take you in. you watch jungkook wet his lips, small and pink. the mole dotted underneath holds your gaze for longer than you'd like to admit, your hands squeezing the life out of taehyung's arm just to keep yourself upright. "how are you, noona?"
"me?" you blink up at him, your fluttering lashes making you look that much more irresistible. thankfully jungkook is great at saving face, flicking some hair from his eyes so you can see his brows hop up at you. god, you can barely breathe. "i'm good, really good. you? are you...are you having fun?"
"yeah," he flashes his big smile at you and your knees practically quake. "you know how to throw a party."
"oh, it's not me! seulgi and jisoo did all the work. jimin's guest list might've had something to do with it, too..."
"did you come here with namjoonie and yoongi hyung?" tae perks up. "i haven't seen them in ages!"
"yeah, they're outside. you should say hi tae, they missed you," he points a thumb over his shoulder. his eyes fall back to you, looking impossibly gorgeous even in the shitty lighting. "i'll see you guys around, yeah?"
"yeah," you mumble, the disappointment causing a sinking feeling in your stomach when you watch jungkook walk off to chat up some girl who's with her friends on the sofa. you don't even realise you haven't said anything until taehyung pokes you in the ribs, dragging you back to earth.
"you good?" he asks, his tone casual but the look in his eye serious.
"yeah," you say quickly, finally releasing him. "yeah, i'm good."
jungkook doesn't talk to you for the rest of the night. not that you expected or even waited around for him to, but it still rubs you the wrong way, like something isn't quite fitting and you're not sure what. within the span of a few hours you've seen him entertaining more girls than you can count on one hand, and you don't know what it is about that that makes you reach for the spirits jisoo hid behind the microwave for emergencies, but it does.
even at the height of your passion with hoseok, you had never felt so jittery. jungkook wasn't even in the same room as you and you felt like a ball of nerves. he clearly wasn't interested in you anymore, on any level; clearly came all the way here to show you that. and yet here you were, giddy and excited simply because he was near you for the first time in weeks. it felt a bit humiliating. you mutter to yourself, trying to shake all thoughts of him out of your head and at least try to enjoy yourself tonight. "the fuck is wrong with me..."
"absolutely nothing by the looks of it, beautiful," a guy says beside you. he must be one of jimin's friends because he's pretty, tall with dark hair and a shit-eating grin. the friends around him have the same kind of vibe too. "i'm jinyoung. miss...?"
"____," you answer with a forced smile, though you're really not in the mood to talk.
"a pretty name for the prettiest girl here..."
you try your best to play the polite co-hostess. it's not your birthday party to mouth off on, after all. "thanks. have we met before?"
"maybe," he shrugs, quickly invading your personal space. "i'm friends with jaebum. you know him?"
you visibly wince. "the name...definitely rings a bell," you scan his friend group cautiously. "he's not here is he?"
"not tonight. something about a crazy chick in stilettos," he leans in close, leaving you barely any breathing room. you take a hearty step back to which jinyoung only follows. given how overwhelmed you are tonight, you quickly become irritated. "but thankfully i'm here to show you a good time tonight."
"thanks, but no thanks," you finish, until his hand encloses around your arm. firm, demanding.
"come on doll, don't i deserve a chance?" he smiles sweetly, totally contrasting with his grip on you.
"do i look like i'm gonna give you a fucking chance? take a hint," your eyes narrow dangerously. "and let go of me."
"or what?" he teases, clearly not taking you seriously even though steam is practically erupting from your ears.
"there you are, baby!" a voice jumps in, a nimble arm snaking around you to effectively tug you away from jinyoung and the situation in general. a guy with near-white hair has planted himself between you and the asshole, and even though he's shorter than him and wearing a sickly sweet fake smile, there's something about him that makes you play along. "thanks for keeping my girlfriend company. you can go now."
jinyoung scoffs. "whatever. your bird's too stuck up for a lay anyway."
"the fuck did you just say?" you spit over the short guy's shoulder but he's got an arm out to stop you, letting jinyoung walk away in one piece. he takes your wrist when you open your mouth to shout something at his retreating back, dragging you out to the tiny patio with the other smokers the night air sobers you up a little but you still tingle with anger. "what are you doing? that prick does not get the last word, not in my house-"
"take it easy tinkerbell," he drawls, but there's a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth, clearly amused by your temper. he's rather striking, what with his pale hair and delicate features contrasting with his camo jacket. he looks tough, but the way he drops your wrist is tender. "pick your battles. not saying the dirt bag doesn't have it coming, but he's a tree. and you're shorter than i am, for starters."
you pout miserably. "i could take him...!"
"with what?" his friend laughs next to him, a tall boy with silver hair and beautiful dimples to boot. the same one seulgi was lusting after earlier. "those pretty eyes of yours? isn't that how you got into this mess?"
your cheeks heat at the inadvertent compliment. "a-are you advising me or hitting on me?"
"do i have to pick one?" the guy smiles, perfect teeth shining at you in the night. he looks like he's been plucked straight out of an eighties movie leaning against the brick wall in his ripped jeans like that, him and his friend. "i'm namjoon, by the way."
"yoongi," the other boy grins around his cigarette. "your fake boyfriend."
you sigh at his reminder. "i guess i should thank you," you shift from one foot to another begrudgingly. "for helping me. i don't know why guys like that always end up finding me, but..."
"i think i know why," yoongi chimes, eyeing you up and down.
"people fight my battles for me a lot," you say quickly, your determined stare making yoongi smile to himself again. you're cute. "at this rate i'm starting to think i should hand out complimentary mints or something."
"i don't think people are after your mints baby," namjoon smiles. "but sure."
"my approval, then?" you test, letting him tug you gently between him and yoongi so you're out of the way while people walk past to get through the door. even through the fog of smoke and party musk, their presence is comforting and resolute. nothing like jinyoung’s. "or my undying gratitude, maybe?"
"is that what they're calling pussy these days?" yoongi flicks his brows up. "well fuck me, i'm getting old."
"hyung, you're twenty-five!"
"positively ancient," he grins at you. "don't you agree, tinkerbell?"
you laugh with namjoon into his arm. "actually, my ex-boyfriend from like, years ago, back when i was a science major...he'd be twenty-six right now. so i guess i can't vouch for you, yoongi-ssi."
"so you're saying i have a chance?"
you pinch his chin. "i'm saying you're not old. and as my fake boyfriend, aren't you first in line anyway?"
"he is old," namjoon jumps in. "he's super, super old. pre-historic. look, even his hair's white."
"i told you, this shade’s called platinum," yoongi warns, tousling it for emphasis. "and you think you have room to talk shit with silver fucking hair? what are you, a vampire cosplay? a broody anime kid? pick one, joon-ah, the rest of us are getting confused."
"excuse me, i can be both. haven't you watched vampire knight?"
"no, because i'm not a fourteen year old girl."
"now i understand how you're friends with jungkook," you hum, to which the boys both snap their heads to you. they take a long look at you before exchanging one between themselves, the sudden pair of eyes on you at once making you feel exposed. 
"you know kookie?" namjoon blinks. "like know kookie?"
you squint. "uh. is there a difference between those, or..?"
"i'm certain it's the second one," yoongi says confidently while regarding you. "i've known that kid a while and i've never seen him so desperate to come to one of these house parties before. you must've really done a number on him."
something in your chest flutters, making you shake your head dismissively. there was no way. "i really don't know what you're talking about. me and jungkook are just friends, it's not like he's not like that at all."
"you sure about that?" namjoon challenges, so gently you can't help but entertain the idea. he watches you stare off thoughtfully, the way you ring out the end of your dress in your hands and hold your breath. your feelings were written all over your soft features, and namjoon now sees exactly what jungkook was losing his wits over. you’re so...tempting. "look, i've seen kookie involved with a lot of girls. not one of them has made him as antsy as you have."
"now you're just buttering me up," you pat his chest teasingly. "i'm not exactly his type. go and ask the girl he's probably fucking in the bathroom right now, she'll tell you if you don't believe me."
namjoon tries not to enjoy the contact so much, but its hard not to when it’s so chilly outside. "jungkookie's dumb, i'll give you that. him and his dick fight over the one brain cell he's got left all the time, but don't write me off on this one. trust me."
you smile. "i just met you, namjoon."
"trust your fake boyfriend then," yoongi chirps. "kid's got a perpetual hard-on for you, tinkerbell. do with that information what you will."
"no wonder he's always getting so many girls," you laugh between them. "you two might just be the best wingmen on the planet."
"you really don't believe us, do you?" 
"____!" taehyung calls from the kitchen, poking his head out of the open back doors. he gives his hyungs a friendly wave before remembering why he was sent to fetch you. "am i interrupting? sorry, but seulgi wants you. someone threw up behind the coffee table and she stepped in it."
"ugh, fuck. tell her i'm coming," you call back, throwing the boys an apologetic look. "i'll see you guys later, yeah?"
"and you'll think about what i said, yeah?" namjoon teases, dimples showing in an amused smile when you poke your tongue out at him.
and jungkook...jungkook really didn't think shit like this would ever happen to him. maybe he'd finally hit rock bottom, and rock bottom looked like your greasy house party because that's certainly what it felt like. how else could he describe coming all this way with the intention of getting over you, only to be so blown away by how beautiful you look that he chickens out? even trying to score some pussy to help himself feel better wasn't working, because every time he has a girl right where he wants her, he leans down and sees you: your eyes, your smile, your lashes fluttering up at him, how breathless you'd sound if you were the one who he was kissing. it just wasn't fair.
so jungkook thinks, maybe this is how he gets you out of his system. fuck a girl in your bathroom, against the door maybe. while you're in the next room with your wonderful laugh and amazing tits, probably getting comfortable under some other guy's arm. maybe this is how he moves on, by parading around on your terf doing what he does best right under your nose. maybe this is how he forgets your sparkling eyes and alluring waist, wrapped up in a nice little dress that makes you look even lovelier than jungkook could've ever anticipated. maybe this is how he swallows this pill. maybe this-
"what is wrong with you?" your voice shoots straight into his earshot, jungkook's head snapping up from some girl's neck to see you through the doorway down the hall. you're distressed, eyes wild, teeth bared in anger - and then he sees it. some guy towering over you, dragging you by your little waist right into his hold with the help of his drunk friends. "would you get off, jinyoung? i told you i'm not-"
"where's your little boyfriend now?" he jeers, far bolder than he was a few hours ago. his grip on you is bruising and his friends surround you, keeping you nicely shrouded in the corner of the room while he locks you against him. "too busy to save you this time? or did you think you were so smart, trying to pull the wool over my eyes? min yoongi and his lot never go exclusive with anyone."
you shove him dangerously, turning your heel before you act irrationally. "you're a delusional motherfucker. you and your asshole friends better leave before i-"
a resounding slap echoes above the bass music. you register the sting on your ass a second later, whirling round to him utterly shocked and positively bubbling with rage. jinyoung sneers at you with his friends, already pulling you back by your skirt. "that's better. nice and quiet, how it should be."
"don't fucking touch me," you warn. but jinyoung doesn't care.
jungkook was already moving by the time jinyoung raised his hand. there's not a thought in his head so it all happens in a blur; one minute you're being manhandled next to the rice cooker and the next thing you know you're pushed back by the fridge, jinyoung suddenly knocked clean onto the ground with a heavy thud. you gasp in shock with everyone else in the room, eyes darting up to watch a fuming jungkook grab him up by the collar, slamming him so hard into the wall the kitchen clock smashes to the floor.
"what part of don't fucking touch her doesn't compute with you?" he slams him again for good measure, jinyoung's head smacking the concrete with an audible thump. "huh? ya deaf or somethin'?"
as horrified as you are to watch the scene unfold before you, nothing compares to the horror of watching jinyoung's friend land a solid punch on jungkook's cheek, throwing his weight to the side so he staggers to the opposite counter. it's like a pit of dread opens up in your stomach, swallows you whole as they loom over him while you watch helplessly, paralysed with fear, a murmuring crowd gathering quickly.
but this isn't jungkook's first rodeo. a duck here and a step there and he's got one guy knocked on the floor within a minute and the other with a bloody nose the next. it all becomes too much when jungkook beats jinyoung's face into the tiles, people gathering round to watch the fight so the sound of bone splitting is covered by shouts and jeers.
"stop...please stop..." you whisper when he raises his fist again. your voice finally finds you, feet racing to plant yourself before him. "jungkook, stop!" he freezes when he registers your hand on his chest, gripping his shirt. "please, please don’t jungkook," all evidence of fury dies when he sees the tears in your eyes, terrified. "please don’t..!"
his hand falls limp at his side. disarmed. jungkook doesn't know what this feeling is but it's the same one he felt when you were in his truck after the post office, and it's the worst feeling ever: seeing you cry. he doesn't know what to do, jinyoung barely conscious on the floor under him. he groans loudly in pain, face swollen and covered in blood so you can hardly look at him without feeling sick.
the lights turn on, music now off. "what the fuck happened?" you hear seulgi above you, the sound of jisoo dissipating the crowd as well. she crouches down to you when she sees you crying, smoothing your hair to get a look at your face for any harm done. "____, are you okay? are you hurt?"
you shake your head, trembling. jungkook can only watch you guiltily, the adrenaline pumping through his body evapourating into nothing under your touch. he doesn’t even notice namjoon and yoongi enter the room with jimin and taehyung once they get most of the people out of the house, the party effectively over.
"we'll get them," namjoon assures jisoo quietly, already hoisting up jinyoung's friends with yoongi's help. they seem to know what they're doing as if it's routine, kicking the other guys out easily before dragging jinyoung out as well.
you've stopped crying now but you're still clutching jungkook's shirt through his jacket, peppered with blood. you sniff and he flinches, the sound alone more painful than any beating. he still doesn't know what to do or say, gulping nervously when you take his hand. it's hot and sticky from jinyoung's blood but still you grip it, tugging him out of the kitchen. "come on."
you're not sure which one of you interlaces your fingers together as you pull him up the stairs and into your room, but you guess it doesn't matter when you let go of him to sit on the bed while you dampen some towels. jungkook waits silently, eyes swivelling around the small room.
it's small and cosy, lots of blankets and pictures of jimin, jisoo, seulgi and taehyung stuck on a cheap corkboard. a lot of pictures of you and jimin. little painted figurines in the corner of your desk, an oil painting leaning against the far wall you haven't hung up yet. hoseok's flowers, wilted in their vase. a sketchbook open before it from where you've half drawn them. the faint smell of vanilla, coconut and you. you didn't have a lot, but what you did have what so obviously precious and it makes him feel even worse for some reason.
when you return from the bathroom, you tear up again when you take a proper look at jungkook's face. his cheekbone is bruised and already swelling, another bruise blooming on his jaw along with a split lip. you look to his hands that rest obediently on his knees, knuckles split and cracked, weeping blood and colouring shades of purple and red around the edges. even the silver rings he wears are bloodied. jungkook can't bear to look at your face as you take him in, turning his head to the side. "it's fine."
you don't reply, just dab his face with the cool towel, sniffling and blinking like mad to cover up your glassy eyes. "it's fine," he insists, but he lets you tend to him anyway. he winces, not sure if the grazes are burning him or if it's just your touch. "geez, if-ow! if you think this is bad you should see me after a real fight."
the pain twisting your voice blindsides him. "is that supposed to make me feel better?"
he doesn't know what to say to that, watching you take his hands to clean the blood away there too. yours are so small compared to his, so gentle and dedicated. he spends so much time staring it's a good minute before he talks. "look, i-"
"what the fuck is wrong with you?" you cut off, your big eyes suddenly alive once again. you huff, shaking your head in disbelief while you focus on his grazes. "hardly say a word to me all night but you still felt the need to pull hero shit like this? are you fucking kidding me, jungkook?"
it's hard not to feel embarrassed because you're right, but jungkook still forces himself to sit up straighter in defiance. it's like the reappearance of your fire has caused his own to resurface, filled with the same anger he had when he marched up to jinyoung. "am i just supposed to sit and watch, then? that cunt had it coming and you know it, noona."
"that doesn't mean you have to beat him to a pulp in my kitchen!"
"yes it does!”
"are you insane? like, do you think before you do literally anything?" you retaliate furiously. "if jinyoung wants to charge you for what you did he can, jungkook! jesus, the guy could barely see out of both eyes by the time namjoon threw him out-!"
"if you're asking me to say sorry or regret it, it's not happening," he stares at you, jaw clenching firmly. some hair falls into his twinkling eyes briefly, and you think it's absolutely unjust that he'd look so handsome even with a busted face, even while you're arguing with him.
"you're ridiculous," you laugh breathlessly in disbelief, head shaking. "you're absolutely fucking ridiculous...!"
"because i taught them a lesson? because i gave them what they deserved? something that should rightfully make them think twice next time?" jungkook bites back. "they don't get to do things like that and think they're hot shit, guys like them are scum and if it takes me getting a mark on my record just to shut them up then-"
"i don't want you getting into fights!" you snap, eyes welling up again so jungkook clamps his mouth shut immediately. "for me or for anyone, jungkook. the idea of something happening to you, of someone doing to you what you did to jinyoung...i can't stand it. especially if it's over something this stupid."
jungkook has always known you're an inherently good person, but this is the first time it's made him feel like shit. he peers at you, your bowed head and wet cheeks. "it's not stupid."
"yes it is."
he shakes his head firmly. "no it isn't."
"don't you want to even try to agree with me?"
"but i don't agree with you! you want me to lie?"
you give up, throwing your hands up in exasperation. "yes!"
"okay," jungkook looks you square in the face. "if another perv lays a finger on you i won't beat his ass into the fucking dirt. happy?"
already, you're fuming again. something about him gets you juggling emotions so fast, faster than you can keep up, nails dragging through your hair as you momentarily turn your back to take a breather. "i hate violence, jungkook. i fucking hate it, okay? talk big if you want, measure dicks if you have to! i don't care what, but nothing is worth getting hurt over-"
"some things are," he says vehemently. you are, is what he doesn't say.
"this isn't one of them!"
"you're wrong."
"look at yourself!" you retort, all patience lost. "look at your face, jungkook! even that asshole jinyoung's! how can that be something that you stand for?" he doesn't answer because he knows it's futile. jungkook wasn't going to change his opinion and neither were you, his raw hands gripping his knees hard in whatever composure he can still manage around you. it only makes you that much angrier, chest heaving from it. "you understand that what you did was absurd, right? that it's exactly the kind of thing that's gonna bite you in the ass one day if you're not careful?"
jungkook's gritting his teeth so hard the words barely form. "yeah, got that loud and clear."
"good," you snap, before stepping between his parted knees and taking his bruised face in your hands. he got bruised...for you. bloody, for you. so for the first time you act without thinking, only with emotion as you brush your lips over jungkook's chapped ones. it's short and warm, but the contact is electric, jolting. jungkook's lungs seize up in his chest upon the feather-lightness of it, but you're already stepping out of his space before he can process what you just did. you kissed him. your cheeks burn as you fight to maintain eye contact with him defiantly. "then don't ever do that again or i'll kill you. okay?"
jungkook stares at you. he's thought about this a few times now, and every scenario in his head did not play out like this. he never thought his bad behaviour or an argument in your bedroom would lead to this but fuck if he isn't buzzing about it. he really can't help himself after that, taking your waist in his battered hands like a compass to north and pulling you back between his thighs snugly, parted lips searching for yours. "got it..."
jungkook's kisses are slow and breathless, everything you expected and more. hotter, wetter. in an instant his tongue is in your mouth like neither of you can stand to wait a second longer. you'd be toppling over if his hands didn't bracket your middle like that. you feel him rubbing the pads of his fingers into where you cinch in, your mouth falling open at the sensation to sigh softly. jungkook drags you closer upon the sound, laying a sweet open mouthed kiss over your top lip before diving in again. he feels relieved with your round hips finally in his hands, his low hum resonating against you when you drag your nails through his undercut and let him trace your tongue with his. he's so thorough, so greedy and practised - so perfectly jungkook.
his hands slip under your thighs expertly, lifting you up with ease to slide you onto his lap faster than you can squeak. you clutch jungkook's big shoulders and he smiles at your surprise, so blindingly charming your face burns. "j-jungkook, your lip is half busted, we shouldn't-"
he kisses you harder just because you said that, your weight in his lap making his shoulders relax and jaw go slack, tongue bolder, finally feeling the pressure in his chest release. your brain is still clouded from the arguing and lingering alcohol so you don't know how long he spends kissing you senseless in your room - grabby hands mapping you out like fucking terrain - but by the time taehyung barges in your brain has effectively turned to fuzzy static, your body a pile of mush in jungkook's lap that only his hands hold together, warm torso meshed into yours, arms locked around his neck with his tongue down your throat when the door slams open.
"princess, ya know where jungkookie is? yoongi’s got his car, they're outside and-" he stops dead in his tracks, takes in the image. you screech and scurry out of jungkook's grip, mortified. "well! can't say i didn't see this coming!"
jungkook lets you climb out of his lap but grabs your wrists before you can put any more space between you, turning to hurl a pillow into taehyung's face with his free hand. then he tugs you between his legs again, your face on fire, but jungkook doesn't care. "get out, hyung."
"or what?" he challenges with a naughty smile. "ya gonna pretend you'd stop?"
"tae, get out!" you hiss, your hips wriggling insistently in jungkook's hands.
taehyung shows a palm defensively. "fine, fine! but your lover boy's ride is here."
"he's not my-!" you start indignantly, but he slams the door shut before you can finish.
there's a pause, your eyes sliding reluctantly to jungkook, who wears a pleased smile on his wet, kiss-swollen lips (that are little bloodier from it all). you drum your fingers on his wide shoulders, watch him look down your dress at your cleavage without a lick of shame. "i really didn't think this'd happen," he squeezes your ass affectionately so you gasp. "like this."
his eyes twinkle, smug. "you thought about this happening?"
you wince, realising the hole you've dug yourself into. you take a minute to reply, distracted by jungkook's hand venturing up your back again to trace your bra clasp absently. "that's not what i mean." he hums in response, brown bambi eyes now on your bitten neck, and you fight the urge to kiss him again, instead have another go at shimmying out of his strong hold. "come on. it's past dawn, you should go home and-"
"i'm busy," he retorts, leaning his face so close against yours his eyelashes just miss your skin, round nose nestling into your face. his warm breath fans over your lips which part upon reflex, and jungkook quickly realises how much he loves making you squirm, all hot cheeks and fluttering eyes.
"don't think i won't throw you out," you say albeit breathlessly, finally peeling his hands off your ass. he lets you drag him up, compliant for once, managing to keep his hands to himself the whole trip downstairs and to the porch. yoongi beeps again just as you open the door, namjoon’s arm sticking out of the passenger’s window, ushering jungkook to the car.
"hey," you say, holding back. jungkook turns, watches your arms fold over your soft breasts, cute pout making him suddenly eager to touch you again. "i’m serious. you promise you won't do anything stupid like that again, right?"
he smiles, somehow even more attractive with a swollen cheek and sore jaw. "no."
you glare at him, opening your mouth to start another row but jungkook reaches out before you can, takes you by the waist and pulls you flush against him so that everyone can see when he dips his head down and catches your lips in a passionate kiss. the boys catcall from the car but you can't hear, helpless against jungkook's big chest, tender lips parting yours to taste your tongue one more time, leaving you reeling when he finally pulls away. he tucks your soft hair behind your ears, the sweet action unfamiliar but somehow not out of character for him. his  eyes skirt over your face, gratified.
he really does love making you squirm.
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readyplayerhobi · 2 years ago
A Court Of Curses
Tumblr media
; Vampire Prince!Hoseok x Witch Queen!Reader
; Genre: Smut, angst, fluff
; Warnings: Fingering, oral sex (receiving), choking kink, unprotected sex, biting (vampiric), blood play, creampie, dom!Hoseok, sub!reader, dirty talk, mentions and talk of miscarriage
; Word Count: 29.3k
; Synopsis: For millennia, the vampires and witches have hated one another and war has raged between the two. When tensions flare up once more and spill into neutral land, peace is forced upon the two by the faeries. The price of peace sees the Witch Queen married to the Vampire Prince. One hundred years later, how have things changed?
; A/N: So... I hope people like this. I know it’s super long but I’m hoping people will enjoy. Please let me know what you all think to our delightful vampire prince and please, if you enjoy then reblog and comment! It will help this story reach more people given the issues Tumblr is having!
The relations between vampires and witches have always been tense and strenuous. For thousands of years, your people and the vampires have fought in anger and other negative emotions with diplomacy almost non-existent. Retaliation after retaliation, until the original cause of the rift between both races has long been forgotten by the general population.
But you knew how it all began. Your father, the Witch King, had made sure the history of both races was taught to you as you’d grown up within the walls of the seat of power in Hekatalia. That included learning the horrifying knowledge that would fracture your society if they remembered, and would likely incite refusals to acknowledge what had happened. For your people were not the victims, no matter how much they tried to plead it after various vampire attacks.
Amongst your kind, there were various forms of magic that witches performed. Most remained firmly in the white category, with their magic innocent and pure. Some gravitated towards grey, with hexes being cast in anger or annoyance but never crossing an unseen line.
Dark witches though, revelled in the more sinister aspect of magic. Shunned by the normal population, dark magic was performed with especially negative emotions that thirsted for power, driven solely by desire. Sacrifice was common, and torture had been heard of. While deemed repellant by witch society at large, the wicked magic performed by dark witches was often considered required, for you could not have light without dark.
Long ago however, millennia ago in fact, dark witches had thirsted for power just as much as they did now. A certain sect of dark witches however, the Vampirius Sect, had become infamous for their experimentations with their magic beyond the usual sacrifices. These despicable witches had experimented with blood and death and a magic so dark that even the demons shied away from it.
The result had destroyed the sect itself, but it had left the survivors of their experiment forever changed in a way that rocked the world. These people had once been human in some form, simple peasants from the witch kingdom that had been kidnapped from their homes and farms as they worked and slept.
But afterwards, they were maddened creatures that had been ravaged by the dark magic that had crept into their bodies and changed themselves physically, their innate magic being twisted until it no longer resembled anything a witch would call magic. Their vision had been enhanced to that of a cat’s, able to see further and in the night, while their speed and strength had been increased astronomically also.
A farmer who had once struggled to load up his wagon now had the strength to throw said wagon.
And their hunger. Oh, they had hungered for something they did not understand. Food and drink could not sustain them for long, and their mouths watered for something they could not understand until one day, they had snapped. And attacked.
Fangs, sharp as knives, had elongated in their mouths and they had discovered something that satiated the desperate thirst they had. Blood.
Over time the vampire race, so named after the sect that had produced them, had gained their senses and intelligence again. Learning how to use their abilities to increase their standing in the world, they worked hard until they had gained enough land to create a kingdom of their own. They used a combination of slick diplomacy and hard fought battles until they commanded respect from the other races.
All, except the witches. Whom they loathed with a vile passion for what your race had done to theirs. And so war raged between the two. The witches assaulting vampiric lands with spells and magic, burning their crops and razing their lands with spells that left the ground barren.
The vampires responded by destroying witch villages, draining the inhabitants of blood and burning down whole buildings with people inside.
Both sides had committed crimes that were eye-opening and horrific, but you considered your side to have done the most wrong. After all, it was your people who had tortured and experimented on their own kind until the vampires were born.
Over the millennia, the original reasoning for your conflict had become forgotten. It had simply become expected for the witches and vampires to hate each other. And they had. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, had been slaughtered through witchcraft or exsanguination over the years.
Until the neighbouring kingdom’s of the faeries and werewolves had had enough of the war spilling over into their lands.
You had been but a princess when the Great Demonic War had happened. The war had originally begun when a break-away clan of vampires had attacked the witch town of Craysus. Every witch had been slaughtered, with blood soaking into the rich dirt while their houses burnt to ash.
Your own father had tried for diplomacy at first, reaching out to the vampire kingdom of Sanguinus and asking for them to try the murderers. It was futile, as diplomacy had never been officially maintained between the kingdoms.
They had refused however, claiming that the vampires had nothing to do with their kingdom as the accused had renounced their allegiance to the Kingdom of Sanguinus. And so the villages and towns on the border of your kingdom, Hekatalia, had waged their own war. It had been like dominoes falling one by one, until both sides were enraged and war had begun again.
Only this time, people on both sides had fought on land that was not their own. When a faerie prince was killed by accident, the grief-stricken Faerie Queen had united with the Wolf King to end the damned feud between their neighbours once and for all.
A demon bargain had been struck between them, and the Gates of Hell had been opened onto your lands and the vampiric lands. The demons had rained destruction and disaster on both sides, laughing in the face of pleas and scoffing at threats, until finally both beleaguered kingdoms were pleading for mercy.
Your own father had been killed in a battle with a demon to protect you once the fighting had reached the castle, leaving you the next Queen of the Witches. The Vampire King had grudgingly met with you to iron out details of a peace treaty, unheard of between witches and vampires. Unfortunately for both races though, the faeries were not forgiving creatures and the punishment was severe.
A union between vampire and witch was demanded, a marriage between the monarchies. As the Vampire King was already married, his only son had been chosen instead. You had agreed to marry him with bitterness, the knowledge that this would save your kingdom from ruin and death the sole thing that had made you acquiesce.
Your wedding day, a day that should have been bright and happy, had been quiet and subdued. A delegation of the vampires had taken their place in the Oak Grove, the traditional place for marriages in Hekatalia, while a small contingent of witches from your Court had stood on the other, both sides glaring at the other.
The Ancient Oak had stood above you, with its wide trunk wizened with age while grand branches arched overhead. A soft breeze had rustled the leaves gently, which were spelled to never die, and you had wondered for a moment how many marriages this tree had overlooked. How many declarations of love it had observed.
Your dress had been customary for the witches. An emerald green made of the richest silk that swooped and hung elegantly over your curves to represent the earth, while a navy blue sash had been tied to your waist, twined through tiny silver hoops, to symbolise water and rings with rich rubies to represent fire adorning your fingers. The white silk ribbon threaded through your hair represented the very air you breathe, and your feet were bare to connect you to nature and the source of magic.
It probably all seemed very primitive and bizarre to the vampires, with their elegance and love for fashion. Not that your people were not interested in fashion, but they also needed a connection to the very nature whom they relied on to provide their magic.
Tiny white flowers, symbolic of marriage and happiness, had been threaded through your hair along with the ribbon while an elegant diadem intertwined with diamonds and silver leaves rested on your forehead.
Your fiancée had worn a suit of darkness, from his black breeches that clung to toned legs to the ebony, fitted jacket with subtle gold trim that sat on his slim frame. A deep, sultry red shirt of the highest quality silk took its place underneath a black waistcoat, while knee high boots laced up along the front had completed his look.
Despite the animosity between your races, and the fact that you were being forced to marry him to end a war, you would have been a complete fool to deny the handsomeness of him. The vampires were known for their beauty, often breeding purposefully to engineer aesthetically pleasing offspring.
Jung Hoseok was the product of centuries of careful marriages, and it showed in the stiff manner in which he held himself, exuding a confidence and strength that would have made you shiver under normal circumstances. His body was trim and toned, yet there was enough muscle to let you know that he could likely more than hold his own in a fight. He’d been in the vampiric army apparently, serving as a captain during the war.
But his face, his face would never let anyone think he was anything other than royalty. A strong jawline caught the eye first, and anyone looking at his profile would get a perfect view of his arrestingly beautiful nose, sloping straight before turning up at the end ever so slightly.
Hoseok had, and still has, a face made for portraits. Paintings to be looked upon and admired for centuries to come. You had no doubt that artist’s hands twitched for a brush to try and do him justice on a canvas.
High cheekbones led to soft, plush lips with dimples that softened him when he let them appear. And yet it was his eyes that had made you swallow involuntarily at the time. Dark with loathing and hatred for not only you and your kind but the faeries who had brutally hammered an end to the war that had shattered both your lives.
But even then, the shape of them had betrayed his inner personality. Because despite how hard your future husband tried to show his distaste, he had kind eyes.
Still, neither of you had wanted this marriage. And yet you had to, for the only other option was the annihilation of your peoples.
The ceremony had been subdued, a blend of both witch and vampire customs. He’d taken your wrist to his mouth, biting down on the vulnerable flesh there with just enough pressure for his sharpened fangs to cut through the surface. One swallow and he’d let go, before biting at his own wrist and presenting it to you.
It had been distasteful, and you’d wanted to gag at the very thought. But it was required as per their custom. It was how vampires married, my blood to your blood. And so you had swallowed the bitter, metallic liquid with gritted teeth before the exchange of silver rings had occured.
The handfasting had occured next, both holding each others hand as little as possible as the priestess wrapped the rope around your wrists and hands tightly while speaking the marriage vows that you had both repeated.
And then had come the parts that was not traditional to either of you.
The Faerie Queen had stood by and watched as this all happened, before moving forth and placing a dainty hand on your entwined hands. With a slightly smirking smile, she had bestowed the Faerie Curse that had ended the damnable war, finally.
Jung Hoseok and you were wedded, and your kingdoms were at peace. The terms of the curse were simple. For six months of the year, you were required to be together otherwise suffer excruciating pain. If you were not together, then the curse would spread to your people slowly like a disease until both races eventually died out.
To provide some respite, the final six months of the year allowed you to separate. To prevent attempts to be cruel to each other, or try and kill each other when you weren’t required to be near, then any attempts to see each other would result in equal amounts of pain for yourself and your peoples.
If one of you were to die, then that race would die also.
Which meant that you were both bestowed with immortality, even beyond the long lived natures of both races. The perfect way to stop a war, and for one hundred years it has been a great success. The crown jewel in the history of diplomatic relations of your continent.
For the first time in millennia, the vampires and witches are at a full peace. Neither side plots against the other while fringe movements that seek to destabilise the tranquility are struck down quickly with an iron fist to keep the peace.
And all it required, was for the Witch Queen and the Vampire Prince to lose their own chance at happiness.
“The carriage has been seen, Your Majesty.” The words come from an attendant who takes your empty plate from you quickly, bowing low so as not to see your expression of distaste. Sighing deeply, you look down at your now barren table and take a deep drink of the rich red wine in your glass.
Six months of quiet is about to be interrupted by the arrival of your husband, and it only takes a lazy glance around the expansive dining room to see the quick movements of servants as they clean.
You’re not sure why they bother, as he has lived in this castle for fifty of the last one hundred years, but you presume it is just a force of habit. Any guest arriving saw the castle being cleaned from top to toe. At least he couldn’t complain about a dirty residence.
Standing, you smile graciously as another attendant takes your empty glass before they scurry off through a side door to the kitchen. You have no doubt that the kitchen staff are cleaning up for the evening, perhaps even making their own meals to either eat in the warm room or to take home to their families.
You had long ago decreed that the servants of the castle were free to eat in the kitchen and any leftover food should be eaten instead of thrown. It would truly be a travesty for your chef’s food to go to waste. Jin did not train his skills in three kingdom’s just to have that thrown away.
Walking out of the overly large dining room, you move slowly through the empty hallways and look them over with a critical eye. The stone walls are clean, with not even a cobweb in sight and your lips purse as you note the crystal clear glass of the windows. Even the paintings that hang along the walls are in the best condition possible, each one with their colours vibrant and vivid as they portray important moments in witch history or one of Hekatalia’s many monarchs.
Your own portrait is not in this hallway, but you never like looking at it anyway. The artist, Kim Taehyung, was phenomenal but you simply found it vain to stare at yourself. There was a second portrait of you with your husband in another hallway and you sometimes felt like you could feel his disdain coming from within the coloured oils.
Moving towards the main hallway, you take a pause to look up at the grand and cavernous room. The ornate chandelier, with its thousands of exquisitely cut diamonds, is shining brightly as the spelled candles burn forevermore within, casting dancing shadows around the room in the evening light while the glare of the crystals causes pretty patterns to appear.
The sweeping staircase on either side of the entranceway is made of the finest marble, and you ponder for a moment the many kings and queens who have used these stairs to retire for the evening. There are plenty of staircases in the castle of course, but as the main entryway this was designed to shock and awe visitors.
Which it did, but your husband did not arrive using the main entrance. Not after one hundred years anyway.
Instead, you continue on down one of the smaller corridors that is usually used by the servants of the castle. Years spent as a child in these halls mean that you know the castle like the back of your hand, and as such you know the quickest way to the servant’s entrance around the rear of the castle.
Nodding to the attendants who wait with blank faces, you head out of the door and stand with perfect poise. Your timing was ideal, as the aristocratic black and red carriage enters into the small courtyard as you place your hands togetehr. The four Sanguinus steeds breathe heavily, their dark sides heaving from the effort of pulling the carriage and you watch as servants from your own stables move forward to provide water and feed for the animals.
Vampire coachmen alight from the carriage and you recognise one of them as Kim Namjoon, a long serving attendant of your husband’s who has accompanied him on the extensive journey from his kingdom to yours over the many years. Luggage is pulled from the back of carriage and piled high before the door opens and you finally get a glimpse of the man you will spend the next six months with.
He’s tall and elegant as always, with a stiff and straight posture that belies his regal upbringing. Taking a moment to observe the tall, white walls of the castle, you hear him let out a little sigh before he rolls his head slowly, stretching his shoulders out. The journey is long from Sanguinus to Hekatalia, and you have no doubt that he is tired and in need of rest.
Finally, his gaze moves to you and you watch as those dark eyes turn onto you firmly. Even after one hundred years, it is still an awkward meeting of the two kingdoms. Perhaps one day, it will not feel like this.
“Wife.” Hoseok greets coldly, his expression barely moving except for the slightest twitch of his dark brow. Equally dark eyes remained focused on you, and you noted the tiniest pout to his lips.
Still immature, even after one hundred years of marriage.
“Husband.” You responded, making sure your tone matched his own. His attendants shuffled awkwardly around you both, the glacial attitude you both had to each other causing a strong tension in the room that you simply couldn't see.
“My prince, we will take our leave now and return in six months for you,” Namjoon next to him whispered, a hand on your husband’s arm that stood out from the black material while is own icy blonde hair swayed in the soft breeze. “We wish you well.”
Hoseok didn't even look at the man as he nodded his acknowledgement. Your husband was not rude to his attendants, but you had noticed over the years that the vampires were certainly a little more brusque when it came to ruling. They often thought the witches were soft in that area, but you just reasoned that it was natural to care more when you had such a strong link to nature.
Without any further words, you watched carefully as they alighted into the carriage before the horses pulled away at a frantic canter. Amusement tugged at your lips as you watched them speed off, still fascinated at how many of your races could still hate each other after one hundred long years of peace.
And one hundred years of your curse.
There's silence for a moment, the sound deafening between you both and you're sure it's louder for your husband. He has hearing beyond your comprehension, something that has been a source of annoyance over the years.
Without a word, he moves closer in a stride that gives away his confidence that you will not push him away. There are no attendants of your own here, for it has long become established that you greet your husband in private.
As he stands close enough that you can feel his warm breath brush the flyaway strands of your hair, you can't help the tiny smile that appears
Reaching forward, your hands slip under the black jacket he has on, sliding along his dark waistcoat before they rejoin around his back. Looking up at his elegant face, you note the darkness in his eyes has softened slightly, deep black strands of hair falling into his gaze.
He says nothing for a moment, before he cups your face in strong hands that are ever so slightly cooler than your own. Leaning close, you take in the magnificent sight of your husband as your noses touch gently.
“I have missed you wife.” Hoseok practically breathes out, the longing and want of six months that he has kept hidden threading through each soft word.
You can't help the smile, nor the warmth of satisfaction and the buzz of happiness that burrows its way into your body at his tender words, his hands tender in their touch on your face. “I have missed you too husband. Desperately.”
He smiles at that, statuesque face breaking into a heart stoppingly beautiful grin that lightens not only him but you. Not a word is said further as he presses his lips to yours in a soft, but much needed kiss, your lips naturally fitting to each other after years of experience.
Despite the chaste nature to the kiss, he doesn’t move away to shorten the kiss and neither do you. Instead, your hands move to grip at the firmness of his slim waist while his own slowly move down your body, causing a wave of sensation that has you burning from the inside. Each touch is electrifying, setting your skin ablaze and you curse the fact it has been six months since you have touched him like this.
Since he has touched you like this.
Pulling away from him slowly, you give him a smile that is far more shy than it should be for a queen. But how could you not? He fills you with a happiness that vanishes with him for six months of the year, stowed away with him in the carriage he takes back to his kingdom.
“Come, I will have a bath drawn for you. You no doubt want to clean yourself.” You whisper, the sounds barely heard as they breath against his lips but he smiles all the same. A slow nod sends the dark strands of his hair into his face as he acknowledges, before you are both separating and heading through the plain wooden door.
Inside are four of your attendants, and you direct two of them to pick up his luggage and place it inside his rooms while the final two are directed to run him a warming bath. They pause for a moment, eyeing the handsome visage of the vampire prince next you before bowing their heads and scurrying out of the room.
Over recent years, the reactions to your husband have thawed in your kingdom. No longer is he treated with outright resentment, but more of a bored annoyance that simply seems to stem from an inherited idea that he is something wrong. Perhaps it is because he is always courteous, polite and kind whilst here.
Either way, the servants of the castle no longer sneer in his presence. They are certainly not comfortable with him, but you have noted the younger servants seem to be more at ease in his company.
It is eye opening to think that there are witches who will grow up only ever knowing peace with the vampires, and it gives you hope that one day you will be able to love him openly.
The two of you stand there for a moment in silence, neither looking at the other given the eyes that could be staring. You wish, desperately, that you could love your husband like any other wife. That you could watch him with an expression that says he put the stars in the sky for you and give him sly, coded smiles to make him flush and go shy like he does in private.
But you can’t. Because your marriage is not a marriage of love and kindness. It is a marriage of curses and pain. And that is what everyone expects to see.
Despondency settles itself firmly in your chest, gripping your throat tightly with a grim hand and it feels hard to breathe suddenly. You just want to love your husband. That’s all.
You’re jerked out of your despairing thoughts by the softest brush against your hand. It’s so featherlight that you almost think it’s a insect of some kind, scuttering along your skin and you jerk until you look down and see his hand there, brushing yours in a motion that would go unnoticed by anyone watching. Lowering your hand back down, you let the back of his hand brush against yours as you lead him to his usual rooms, a smile hidden deep inside at his comforting touch.
The two of you had learnt well how to hide your feelings for each other over the years. Despite the thawing emotions in your kingdom, there were many who still looked at him with disgust. Particularly those who did not live or work in the castle. Disgust for what he is, and fear for what his people have historically done.
You wish that you could show them that your people had done terrible things too. It would be wise for your population to remember that it was because of witches that vampires had even been created.
Shaking your head slightly, you let out the tiniest sigh as you acknowledged how futile that would be. In all honesty, you were just thankful that your people had chosen to accept the treaty. Both the witches and vampires were proud races, and it had been a bitter pill of humiliation to swallow to accept the terms offered to them.
Though, in reality they had no choice. The royal lineage ended with you and you were the metaphorical lightning rod of all magic for witchkind. It was through you that nature pushed its magic into, and it filtered out from you to the rest of the population. Millennia of breeding may have made Hoseok beautiful, but it had made you the perfect receptacle for the sheer amount of power you hosted.
Without you, the magic would run rampant and wild, killing witches who simply could not cope with that level of magic. A simple spell to wash a bowl could erupt into the equivalent of a magical bomb.
It meant that your people had to accept the treaty. The choice had been a slow death of madness with magic overloading people’s senses, a slow death of the curse spreading out in a wave or their lives in tact while their Queen remained shackled to a vampire.
It was easy to see why they had acquiesced.
Only, no one could have predicted that in only one hundred years, you would see the Faerie Curse as a half blessing. Half because it had given you your beloved, but half because it took him away for part of the year.
The prying eyes of servants who had not been spelled to keep your secrecy meant that you left Hoseok at his door, a meaningful glance from him telling you more in only a few seconds than any words could have ever hoped to say.
Your husband and you had become masters of conversations with only a glance, words with a touch and emotions with simply a subtle gesture.
Bowing your head to him regally, you turn and force one foot in front of the other as you hear his door close quietly. Your own rooms are next to his, the traditional suite of the monarchy and as you enter them, you rue the silence of the large expanse.
It had been your parents room before their demise, and you had changed it subtly over the century. A four poster bed took up most of the space, elegant curtains of pale silver and ruby red ready to make a private area just for yourself to sleep in while fluffy pillows littered the upper half of the mattress.
You wondered sometimes if any of the servants who were not in your, very small, inner circle had figured out the subtle meaning of them. Silver was the traditional colour of witches, while red was the symbolic colour of the vampires. Combining them together was a subtle gesture you had made long ago to let people know that this was your marriage bed, despite his separate rooms.
Sitting down on the soft, downy covers, you run a hand along the silk slowly and let out a slow, shaking sigh. Movement to your left causes you to look up, spying your most trusted assistant as she bows her head in respect as she enters the room.
Soyeon is young, but her family have served yours now for three generations. She had discovered your secret feelings for your husband when she had accidentally intruded one morning years ago, finding the two of you in the throes of passion.
Both of you had been terrified, worried about what people would think when they discovered the intimate relations the two of you shared. They had accepted the peace treaty, and begrudgingly accepted the marriage of monarchies, but resentment and anger still lingered strongly. It was one thing to consider the vampire prince courteous, but you were not sure how people would feel about finding out he shared your bed.
Instead, she had shyly smiled at you and told you that she was happy that you had found happiness in your marriage. It had confused you at first, the fact that a witch was not afraid or angry of her queen being in love with a vampire but she had been supportive ever since. She even liked Hoseok. A lot.
Hoseok was always kind to her when he was here, and it reflected in how she had accepted the relationship you had. He liked to joke around with her and you were pretty positive he considered her a little sister.
It had been the first time someone had voluntarily undertaken the spell that would not allow her to insinuate anything that could give away your love for each other, and she had become closer to you than anyone you had known previously.
“The prince is looking handsome today.” She says, her tone soft yet with just a tiny hint of teasing. Your lips quirk slightly, happy that you have at least one person who will tease you like a friend would. It was hard to maintain true friendships when you were the leader of a country, particularly a leader with a spouse that was despised.
“He is always handsome Soyeon, whatever do you mean?” You joke back, standing when she gestures and turning around to give her access to the delicate ribbons holding your dress together. Breathing out with relief as the tight bodice slackens, you watch out of the window over the darkening skies.
“You’re right, Your Majesty. He is always handsome. Are you happy he is here?” Her voice is sweet, full of curiosity towards both him and you while her deft fingers work at the dress quickly and efficiently. Watching the sky that is painted in oranges, pinks and yellows, you let a smile brighten your face.
“So happy. I have six months of happiness with him. Even if it is beyond closed doors, in empty gardens or secluded areas.” A hint of wistfulness enters your voice, the pining you have to just be with him normally appearing without your consent and Soyeon lets out a soft sigh of her own as she helps you out of the dress.
As you slip on your white nightgown, so plain compared to the delicate finery you normally don in the day, you watch her closely in the mirror as she begins to tidy up your room. “I’m sorry Your Majesty. I can try to make it so that you have more time alone with him this year?”
You smile at her appreciatively, nodding your head in acknowledgement while she begins to wipe away the makeup she had applied so carefully to your face this morning. “I would appreciate that Soyeon. Still, I’m happy because he is here at least. I can see him and hear him. My loneliness has disappeared now my happiness has arrived.”
A beautiful smile spreads over her face, lighting up her tan skin and revealing the sweet face you often admired. Soyeon would make a wonderful wife one day if she so chose, with her kind and caring nature combined with the beauty she had been bestowed at birth.
“I’m glad. You’re finished for the night Your Majesty,” She pauses slightly as she reaches the door, hands clasped together tightly. “I will ensure that no servants are to bother you tonight, or tomorrow morning. Nor your husband.” A secretive look flits over her face and you nod in thanks.
Soyeon is truly a gift.
The young assistant leaves your rooms and you walk over to the door, locking it carefully before turning to the door that connects your room to your husbands. Long ago, it was common for monarch’s to sleep separately from their spouses. That had changed over the centuries, but the rooms were still designed like this and were still connected.
When you had first married, you had lived in fear and concern for your life at the fact Hoseok had been placed in the rooms next to yours. It was the only thing you could do as a sign of respect for his royal standing in Sanguinus, but the knowledge of him being there had been nerve wracking. You had been as prejudiced towards vampires as your fellow subjects.
Now, however, it was a benefit that you often thanked yourself for doing. Because it was the only time that you could be sure you would have time with him alone.
Heading over to the mahogany door, you tap lightly on the intricate engravings that portray an ancient forest. A quiet acknowledgement comes from the other side and you enter, closing the door almost silently behind you as you take in the sight before you.
Hoseok’s rooms are a mirror of yours, with his bed covered in blood-red silken sheets that look luscious and inviting. His luggage, the griffin symbol of the vampire monarchy engraved on the dark leather front, sits on the floor nearby, waiting to be stored away in the numerous dark wood wardrobes, drawers and chests that are situated around the room.
And the elegant, marble tub that had been brought into the centre of the room took pride of place amongst everything else. It was currently sat atop the intricate rug that Hoseok had bought four years ago, the red and silver strands weaving together in a beautiful and nonsensical design.
It feels delightfully soft and fluffy as you walk upon it, stopping next to the bath’s edge. Inside, is your husband. And he looks magnificent as he lays back, the water up to his chest and steaming from the heat while a layer of frothy bubbles hides anything else from your curious view.
His eyes are closed as his head tips back against the edge, the black strands of his hair sticking to his forehead in the sweat that glistens all over the skin you can see. The lit candles around the room make his golden skin almost glow and you have to physically bite your lip to keep the moan you want to let out in.
“Enjoying your bath, husband?” You ask quietly, kneeling down and placing an elbow on the cool marble. He doesn’t do anything for a moment, but you note the twitch of his lips as he tries to keep his lips firm.
Reaching forward, you let your fingers trail along the velvety skin of his lips and laugh softly with amusement as they open up immediately for you. Hoseok makes no comment as you push your index finger between those open buds until you feel the firm enamel of his fang. His reaction is immediate and you watch with a raised brow as his hands grip the sides of the bath firmly, toned muscles in his arms suddenly appearing at the movement.
Something you had discovered over the many years, was that vampires had a little bit of an oral fixation. And their teeth were a little more sensitive than yours.
His head jerks away from your prying fingers and he glares at you through narrowed eyes. “I was, until my wife decided to intrude upon my quiet relaxation. What does it take for a man to bathe in peace around here?”
His grumbling is light though, the tone of his voice almost airy and your stomach clenches at the sound. Anymore teasing that you might give him is gone suddenly as your hand moves along his face, thumb stroking at the silky skin of his cheek while your other hand traces along the prominent veins on the back of his hand.
“ has been six months since your wife saw you. Maybe she just missed you?” You don’t mean for the words to sound so full of emotion, your throat constricting while a sheen of tears suddenly fills your eyes.
Almost immediately he’s frowning, sitting up in the water and causing it to slosh along the sides loudly. Some of it even falls over the edge, dropping into your lap and causing a damp spot to stick the thin fabric of your gown to your knees.
“Darling, I did not mean to upset you. I have missed you dreadfully too,” His own hand cups your cheek now, damp from the water and you lean into it desperately. The pressing of his forehead to your own causes you to open your eyes to him, noting those chocolate irises so close to yours. “I swear, it gets harder every year to pretend to hate coming here. One year, I will jump with joy when the carriage arrives for me.”
You huff out a laugh at that, knowing that it is likely going to be a long time before Hoseok does such a thing. Relations between your races are no longer fiery and hot, but have instead turned glacial and cold with both sides understanding that they have to grudgingly get along.
People are likely not ready to accept the fact that their queen and prince are in fact, in love.
One day though, you will both tell the world to go to hell and finally embrace your own happiness. And why shouldn’t you? You had been forced into this marriage one hundred years ago, why should they expect you to both remain unhappy in it forever?
Moving away, you take hold of his hands and thread your fingers through with his. For someone who was in the military during the war, and even now remained active when he was back there, his hands were long fingered and elegant. Pianist hands.
He could play the piano as well, and he often liked to for you when he was here. Songs filled with love and emotion that only you could decode and understand.
Taking the cleaning rag that had been left over the side, you dip it into the water and slowly begin to drag it over his skin. He watches you lazily, appreciation in his eyes as you clean along his chest and arms slowly.
“How have you been?” You ask quietly, stroking along the delicate yet firm flesh reverently while your eyes flicker across his face, taking in every bit of him to see if anything had changed. Vampires were long lived, even longer than witches and they healed faster too.
But still, sometimes things happened that could leave permanent scarring.
He smiles for a moment, the look making his eyes crease and look even kinder than they had the day you had married him. That is, until you note the sly look in them.
Before you can even say anything about that, his hands move to your waist where he grips firmly and the next thing you know, you’re landing in the tub on top of him in a supreme show of vampiric strength. Water immediately bursts over the side, the bubbles slipping over the edge and you let out a shriek of combined laughter and indignation as your nightgown clamps to your skin.
The water is almost scalding hot and there really is no room for two people in here, but you can’t find it in yourself to complain as he holds you closely to his chest while your legs dangle off the edge.
“I have been fine my darling. Bored even. There’s nothing interesting happening there. I’ve simply been leading military maneuvers and listening to my father as he holds meetings. I hear that we have finally managed to secure a trade deal with Hekatalia? Apparently the leader was a real witch to work with.” He muses, tilting his head back as he scans the ceiling in faux surprise while his hand rubs at him chin.
You poke at his chest lightly before leaning forward and nipping gently at his jawbone. “Hush you. Be glad you weren’t present for those meetings. That, is the epitome of boredom. You know what I really don’t care about? The tax ratings on cheese. Great goddess, I thought negotiating taxes on Sanguine steeds was bad enough.”
Hoseok watches you fondly as you continue to complain about taxes, noting that there’s a reason you hire advisors who specialise solely in tax work. The entire time he watches you, his fingers slowly trace along your exposed thigh in a decidedly non-sexual manner. Instead, it feels soothing and comforting.
“Well...our cheese truly is delicious though. Do you not remember when I brought you some ten years ago?” He states and the memory slowly filters its way back into your mind. Eyes widening as your cheeks flush, your head tilts down as you lick at your lips.
“I do. It was delicious, I will concede to you on that.” You say slowly, eyes flickering back up to look into his. He’s silent for a moment, and you’ve known him long enough to know that he is calculating behind those pretty eyes of his.
“I do like it when you concede to me.” He whispers and you can’t stop the shiver that runs through you at the slight darkness to his voice. Your husband has sexual preferences that are probably considered brow raising to many, and disgusting to many of your race in particular.
“Still, I’m glad I don’t have to do those kinds of meetings yet. Despite the years of training, I’m really not sure if I’m cut out for this king business. In fact, I’m hoping my father lives a lot longer or he just gives the throne to one of my sisters. Then I can just let my wife take all the prestige.” One of his hands move around to your waist, stroking along the wet fabric there slowly while a smile spreads on his face.
You snort out a decidedly un-ladylike laugh as you let your own hand rest against his damp shoulder. Hoseok is not your equal in your kingdom, nor will he ever be. In the world you live in at large, men rule most of it. But Hekatalia is a kingdom that run by the women more often than not, your father had been the first Witch King in over 1000 years.
As such, Hoseok will never be king here, in fact he will always be your Prince Consort. But in his kingdom, you will be his Queen Consort, of an equal ranking to him. He doesn’t care about this, and he’s made it clear on more than one occasion that he doesn’t care. You like that about him, that he isn’t interested in the power that will be bestowed to him.
“You will make a good king Hoseok, despite your concerns. You are kind and caring. Yet strong and not afraid to bring down justice when needed. I could not be prouder to call you husband.” You grin at him and watch as his already reddened cheeks from the heat flush even further.
His pink tongue flicks out to wetten his lips before a hand pushes at the wet strands of his hair, moving it backwards until his entire forehead is on show. You murmur approvingly before looking back into his eyes, noting the deep brown that has a slightly reddish tinge to it now.
Hoseok says nothing further, but instead leans forward until he captures your lips in a kiss between his own. The kiss earlier had been innocent and full of longing, but this has a decidedly different tone to it.
Hot and needy, with the passion of six months celibacy sparking between the two of you. Each movement of his lips is perfect, with just enough pressure to make you want more and you can’t stop the soft moan as your lips open up to his.
His response is immediate, with his tongue dipping into your mouth and dancing with your own in a sensual game that you had both begun decades before. The dance is familiar and yet tinged with anticipation and need, each stroke of the wet muscle against your sensitive mouth pulling a corresponding convulsion of your inner muscles between your thighs.
You respond to his movement, shifting your body until your legs slip under the hot water, moving so that your knees rest against the tight space on either side of his body while your arms wrap around his neck. His sharp incisors, elongated from his heightened emotions, accidentally nick your tongue. The pain is fleeting and an unfortunate price to pay for kissing a vampire but you can’t it in yourself to care.
Not when the growl he releases sounds like it has been ripped from the bottom of his chest, guttural and vibrating against your tongue as he sucks it into his mouth at the small taste of your blood. It may not be the prettiest kiss to witness, but it is pure attraction and desire between the two of you as you moan and pant, grinding your hips against his groin.
The wet nightgown sticks to you above the water, but below it floats aimlessly while your panties are almost tantalising in the friction they’re producing against your clit. Hoseok’s hardness is pressing firmly against you in the water and you can’t stop the way you press against him, hips moving forwards and backwards with desperation as your stomach tightens.
Pulling away from you with an almost audible noise, Hoseok breathes heavily as he looks up at you with ruby red eyes. “ taste so good.” He gasps out, his fangs lenghtened to their full length and you can’t help the shiver of fear that runs down your spine. Even after all these years, the instinct that has been bred into you tells you to run.
It just makes the sex better.
“Have you fed?” You whisper, pressing needy kisses to whatever skin you can reach on his face and he lets out a low groan that’s bordering on a whine as you grind your scalding heat against his thickness. His head shakes a negative and you bite your lip in response, reaching down to tug off your nightgown and throwing it over the side where it lands in a wet heap.
“Feed then husband. What kind of wife would I be if I did not make sure my husband was cared for?” You whisper into his ear, kissing along the exposed skin there and delighting in the salty taste of his sweat. He practically purrs in response, his hands moving up from your waist to cup your breasts while his thumbs play with your hardened nipples.
“I have missed this, wife.” Hoseok grins, looking up at you with eyes that should terrify. Instead, you lean down and press a quick kiss to his mouth before moving along his jawline, sucking open mouthed kisses there while pushing at his head.
He doesn’t bite though, and instead one hand drops below the water without you realising. Instead, you feel the sudden pressure of his fingers against the swollen bundle of nerves between your legs, the pads swirling around the bud in a pleasing manner that has your hips jerking and a cry leaving your mouth.
“Oh Hoseok, goddess yes.” You breathe out, head tilting back as he plays with your clit slowly. Hoseok doesn’t move fast, instead letting his fingertips press against you in firm and measured movements that makes sparks of pleasure zip through your body with each rotation.
Moving his head, Hoseok presses his lips to your collarbone and sucks hard at the skin, leaving rosettes of bruises that will have to be covered up tomorrow no doubt. You find it hard to care though when he slips a long finger inside of you, your inner muscles contracting greedily around him as he strokes along your insides in a slow and steady pace, exploring a place he knows well yet hasn’t been acquainted with in so long.
“More.” You whine, high pitched with need and he acquiesces with a dark chuckle, tongue laving attention to a particular spot on your neck. A second finger enters you, scissoring for a moment to stretch you in a way that you gasping and gripping his shoulders firmly before he’s twisting the long digits in a pleasing manner.
As he moves his hand, water slaps against the side of the tub from your insistent hips that angle and move to try and get the most pleasure you can, while his arm moving causes its own ripples corresponding ripples. Carding your fingers through his damp hair, you press his head further against you.
It’s as his fingers press firmly against the roughened bunch of nerves on your inner wall, the sensation causing fireworks of sparkling pleasure to erupt in your body as you clench around him, that he bites. The combination of his talented fingers, his thumb working insistently on your swollen clit and the pinch of pain from your throat sends you clean over the edge.
Body jerking wildly, you cry out in the throes of pleasure as you contract around his fingers with a vice like grip. With your hips gyrating wildly from the force of your pleasure, Hoseok has to work hard to stay in control as he continues to stroke you through your orgasm until you’re whining with tears from the over stimulation.
The whole time, he’s sucking at the twin marks he’s made in your neck as he feeds. Quiet groans of delight leave him as his throat works, swallowing your blood while he finally stills those talented fingers inside you.
Hoseok had to feed at least once a week, and you used to have a servant agree to do it. Over the last few decades however, you just claimed to have a servant do it when in fact, you fed him. No one had ever caught on, as no servant ever wanted to admit to being fed on by a vampire.
It was only with you that he used sex though, and he admitted that it wasn’t only for his own sexual needs. Pleasure, apparently, saturated the blood with a rich flavouring that made it even more delightful and pleasing than normal. He’d compared it to soaking a fine joint of meat in an aged wine.
Licking at the bite marks he’d caused, Hoseok remains with his mouth against your neck for a moment as you both breathe heavily, catching your breath. Running your fingers through his hair, you tug lightly until he looks at you with a lazy gaze, eyes glossed over with the satisfaction of a good feed.
“Do you want me to take care of you?” You ask, moving against his thick length as you wince from the overwhelming sensation. He’s silent for a moment before shaking his head, giving you a smile that reveals normally white teeth stained red while his lips are cherry red.
“No. I’m okay. That was good enough for me.” Hoseok slurs, tongue licking along his teeth and removing some of the blood. You chuckle lightly, your own limbs feeling heavy from his feeding as you rest your cheek against his shoulder.
Feeding Hoseok often left you tired, a result of the loss of blood, and it often left Hoseok blood drunk. He said it was because of the pleasure, which was not only more flavourful but also acted in a similar fashion to alcohol and left him in a slightly inebriated mind.
His own cheek rests against your head lightly, the both of you too tired from your activities in the cooling water. “We should move.” Hoseok murmurs, the sound quiet and filled with sleepiness. Smiling, you heave yourself out of the water and encourage him out too.
He’s wobbly on his legs, but you both manage to get to the large bed where you slump under the covers, the thick comforters hiding you both from the world and making a small cocoon of warmth and love. Hoseok does nothing for a moment before he’s rolling onto his side, tugging you over to him and pressing your back to his front.
Smiling softly, you feel him press a firm kiss to your hair before you slip into a comfortable sleep in the arms of your husband.
The first week of reunion with Hoseok passes by quickly, and as usual it is a stressful yet pleasurable time. Six months of celibacy and longing often combine in explosive results in the bedroom, a spell to mute noise often necessary to hide the moans and groans of desire and need that seep into the walls.
It meant that it was often hard to focus on your work, particularly when you had the knowledge that your husband was right there. Meals were often strained and awkward, filled with a tension that your servants assumed to be irritation when in fact it was clenched thighs, whispered spells of touches and glares that promised retribution when you returned to your rooms.
But still, life would not stop with the arrival of your husband and you were forced to continue on with your daily activities. Tuesday’s were for meeting your advisors and discussing the general issues that were causing a problem amongst the citizens of your kingdom.
Wednesday’s were spent receiving updates about the neighbouring kingdoms and those further afield, learning the newest information that filtered through from both natural channels and those more secretive ones.
Thursday’s were the day that your subjects were allowed to seek an audience with you, proposing solutions to problems or presenting conflicts that they wanted you to resolve. It was often tedious, and some days you just wanted to stay in bed or go to your garden and be done with it all.
But that was not what a monarch did.
This was precisely the reason that Hoseok always had to make the journey to Hekatalia, for the vampire prince was not needed in his kingdom to the degree that you were. You, however, were most definitely needed to keep order. Not to mention that you couldn’t stray too far from the Ancient Oak for too long, which served not only as a site of marriage but also as a natural connection to the source of magic.
As such, the first week was filled with sex of all kinds until you had both gotten it out of your systems before you both settled into the comfortable, yet confined, life you had both adjusted to over the years.
Your time with Hoseok was often limited to behind the doors of your bedroom, and you so desperately wished for more with him. As a queen, you never expected to have a normal relationship. But you certainly expected to at least be able to touch him in public.
Your hope that your relationship would be accepted increased every year with the gradual acceptance of your husband. He wasn’t welcome in discussions with your advisors, but he had slowly begun to take on more a role expected of a Prince Consort and to your delight, he was not being pushed away.
But you were still unsure as to public displays of affection.
Which is why if you hadn’t favoured Soyeon before, then you most certainly did when she informed you that she had managed to secure you an entire afternoon and evening free of obligations after two months had passed. A whole half of a day that could be spent with Hoseok alone, which was more time in one go than you’d experienced in ten years.
Excitement had bubbled in your stomach as the both of you had mounted your horses. You had decided to take him on a ride to get him out of the castle, to go somewhere where you truly would not be bothered by prying eyes. As such, a black cloak was wrapped around your shoulders while the hood covered head and a dark green scarf was raised over your lower face.
Hoseok had frowned at the regalia as he’d donned his own cloak and scarlet red scarf, the colour making his beauty even more apparent even if you could only see his eyes, but you’d reassured him it was fine. This was the standard attire of travellers in Hekatalia, and no one would raise a brow at the sight of you both.
He’d bowed his head in acknowledgement, acquiescing to you and your knowledge before a click of his tongue and a tap of his heels encouraged his tall, steel grey steed into a brisk walk, hooves clopping loudly on the cobblestones. Nodding towards Soyeon, you reached out and clasped her hand tightly while you thanked her and promised that you would both be back by nightfall.
She smiled at you, bowing her head down and returning to the castle as you encouraged your own dark bay mare after your husband. You liked to ride when you had time, and the prospect of riding with your husband had an almost childish feeling bubbling your stomach. Trotting to catch up, you noted with pleasure the exquisite picture he drew as he rode with a confidence that told of years of riding experience.
Black breeches clung to his toned legs, muscles that had been gained from years upon years of exercise while his familiar knee high leather boots rested against the horse’s side. He sat straight as an arrow, his riding posture textbook perfect as the leather reins sat in his hands lightly.
Perhaps no one would give you a second glance given your attire, but they might give a second glance given his posture. There was no doubt that Hoseok was a man who had been trained extensively on how to ride a horse, his breeding showing despite the hood that covers him.
It was unbelievably sexy for some reason though, and you couldn’t help but bite your lip breathlessly as you finally caught up to him. Your husband often managed to turn you in ways that you hadn’t thought were even turn ons until he appeared in your life. Even before you’d confessed your feelings to each other fifty years ago.
He looks over with a dark brow raised in question at your expression and you stare at him for a moment, taking in the sight of his chocolate half-moon eyes that soften as he watches you in turn. Without a word, he reaches over and clasps a hand with one of yours, squeezing tightly before letting go.
Smiling to yourself beneath the scarf, your shoulders straighten as you feel a weight being lifted off them. Taking the lead, you keep on riding until you finally direct Hoseok to the Oak Grove that holds the Ancient Oak your race reveres so much.
Due to being a vampire, Hoseok was often confined to the castle even more than you were when he was here. Though he had no actual restrictions on him, it your people were not very likely to accept him walking around freely, and so he voluntarily chose to stay within the castle walls.
It surely had to drive him mad to not do the activities he was so used to,  but he simply shrugged and pointed out that he had no choice, so there was no point in whining. Though you had noted in recent years that he had slowly begun to venture further in the grounds, and he had even gone to the village at the foot of the castle last month.
There had been no screaming or fear from your subjects, and it had warmed you to hope that perhaps they may be accepting him finally. Stil, his lack of knowledge outside of the castle walls meant that he had no idea where anything was and so he willingly followed you with trust.
Turning, you watch as he catches sight of the giant tree that takes up most of the clearing, his eyes widening as he takes it in. The surrounding forest is even taller, forming a perfect circle of protection around the tree that provided your people with life sustaining magic.
The pillowy soft grass blew softly in the gentle breeze, bringing with it the scent of flowers and rain. It hadn’t rained in days, yet you knew the magic of the Oak Grove meant that strange things happened sometimes.
“Isn’t that…” He trails off, slowing his horse down with a gentle tug on the reins until his stallion stops, head shaking in annoyance and jangling the metal bit in his mouth. You watch for a moment before smiling, tugging down your scarf and nodding.
“It is. This is where we got married. It’s a sacred place to witches, and we shall find peace and quiet here tonight.” You grin at him, swinging a leg over your mares rump and landing in the grass with a soft thud. Bringing her over to a branch of a nearby tree that was often used to hitch horses, you watch as Hoseok does the same while looking around the grove in fascination.
“But...won’t people be coming here to get married?” Hoseok asks in confusion, brows creasing and his lips moving into a pout as he lowers his own scarf. Moving over to him, you slide your hands under his cloak and jacket until you’re hugging him tightly, resting your chin against his chest with a sweet smile.
“Nope. All marriages have to be approved by the Witch Court and overseen by a priestess, and there are none scheduled for today. Soyeon checked and double checked. The Ancient Oak is sacred to my people and is one of the major source points for our magic, so it is strictly prohibited to be here when there is no marriage taking place.”
He looks around for a moment, mahogany eyes taking in the impressive sight. You love to come here when he’s back in Sanguinus, the area quiet and peaceful. The magic here tingles on your skin, like tiny kisses of appreciation from nature and you look around, trying to see it how he does.
The tall forest that surrounds you cuts off a large portion of light, sunbeams drifting down lazily through the canopy. There’s enough light here to see easily though, but the Oak Grove needs no sun to look beautiful. The very magic that sustains your race causes the Ancient Oak to emit an ethereal glow, the wood almost tinged in a blue-white light while the leaves are dotted with tiny sparks of light that twinkle at all times of day.
A small smile tugs at Hoseok’s lips before he looks back down at you with a sardonic expression. “Except for the queen I’m guessing?”
You laugh lightly at his words, pulling away before taking his hand and twining your fingers together firmly. Hoseok immediately grips it tighter and you can’t help but feel happiness and contentment bubble in your veins at being able to do this out in the open.
What must it feel like? To love him freely?
“Of course. I am connected to this tree as the medium of magic for witchkind, so therefore I am allowed here whenever I so feel like,” Turning around, you walk backwards with a small hop of joy as you give him the brightest smile of glee that produces a responding expression from him almost involuntarily. “And I wanted to bring my husband here. I don’t get to give you anything in the castle...but I can bring you to one of the most important and sacred places to me here.”
Sitting down amongst the roots of the solid tree, dragging your fingers through the rich soil with reverance, you watch as he stands with hands on his hips and looks up at the arching branches with a soft smile.
“I hated this place when I first came here, perhaps unsurprisingly. This tree was the representation of everything I should despise as a vampire. The source of your magic and the source of my pain being wedded to you. Vampires for centuries have plotted how to destroy this you know.”
He’s quiet for a moment, reaching out and placing a hand on the wizened trunk, stroking along the bark slowly. Biting your lip, you look from his neutral face to his hand. “And now?”
He says nothing before letting out a quiet snort of laughter, kneeling down in the fragrant blades of grass to press a loving kiss to your forehead. “Now? I see its beauty; the strength in its age and the sensation of sheer power it gives. It’s truly a physical representation of you. And I love it, because you love it and I love you. And even though I was angry that day, this tree oversaw the most important day of my life.”
Hoseok sits next to you, resting his back against the old trunk and wrapping an arm around your shoulders, tugging you closer to him. For minutes, neither of you speak in the comfortable silence that falls between the two of you. You focus simply on the soothing sensation of his fingers as they trace invisible words against your arm while the forest sings a gentle song for you both.
“Show me some magic, wife.” He whispers into your ear, his cool nose pressing against your temple momentarily before warm lips replace it. You didn’t perform magic very often, which was probably a surprise to the other kingdoms. But you simply didn’t feel a need, and it was rude to use it unnecessarily. Which meant Hoseok hadn’t witnessed many spells from you over the years.
But you feel like pleasing him today, wanting to impress him with something pretty that wouldn’t pull too much energy. Whispering a quiet request to the Ancient Oak you’re pressed against, you breathe a simple spell under your breath.
Immediately, tiny balls of light drift down from the leaves above you to form the impression of two people, standing together in a handfasting ceremony. You don’t need to explain to him who it is a representation of, and instead you both watch quietly as the couple lean forward and kiss.
“I wish I had kissed you back then, though it would have seemed strange. I wish I could kiss you now, in public.” Hoseok sighs, sadness weaving its way in and you resolve to make him smile. Shifting around, you playfully bite at his neck with your blunt incisors, the sensation probably just a tickle to him compared to his sharp teeth.
Sure enough, he lets out a giggle that’s far too cute for a man as regal as him before wrapping his arms tightly around shoulders and chest, trapping you between his thighs as he shifts. His hands move down to your sides, insistent fingers tickling along the sensitive areas and causing you to almost shriek with laughter.
The sounds of glee and happiness echo around the quiet grove, and you feel a shift in the magic around you. It’s fond and filled with a sense of joy at the love between yourself and your husband. Your stomach twists with cheer at the knowledge that nature approves.
After a few minutes of laughter and play, you lean against him as you both take a breather. He presses a kiss to your neck softly before letting his fangs run over your skin, the sharpness almost a scratch over the delicate flesh.
“You’re adorable, with your little baby fangs. In fact, they’re not even baby fangs. Vampire children have sharper teeth than that.” He teases, letting his lips press against the soft skin there. You smile and click your fingers, causing him to yelp as a zing of magic zaps his ass.
“Mean,” He mutters before kissing your neck once more, his hands stroking along your stomach lowly. “I wonder what our children’s teeth would look like.” The words are quiet, almost as if he spoke them out loud without thinking.
The way you both freeze suddenly let you think that is likely exactly what happens before he’s squeezing tight, pressing his forehead against your shoulder. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have brought that up.”
Children remained a sore point between the two of you. It was something neither of you had ever truly considered when you had first wedded, the thought of sleeping with him abhorrent. It had remained a non-thought for thirty years once you finally got together, until twenty years ago when you had both decided to try.
A pregnancy had occurred almost immediately, pleasing the both of you while simultaneously terrifying you. It was understood between you both that Hoseok would only see his child half of the year, but the two of you had wanted so badly to have a family. Upon learning of your pregnancy, the two of you had agreed to announce it, and your feelings, to both kingdoms at the halfway stage.
There was little chance of miscarriage at that point, and it had been an exciting prospect. A child would surely unify both races, or at least be a good starting point to true reconciliation.
And so at the three month mark, Hoseok had left back to Sanguinus in his carriage and you had watched from your window, a hand resting on your flat stomach. The knowledge that he would likely be back in time for the birth had been a consolation, even if he was sad to not experience the joys of watching you grow fat and heavy with his child.
And then the curse had kicked in.
It had been a heavy heart, and heavier tears, that you had written to your husband. The note had been simple, coded in case anyone read it due to the rarity of correspondence between you both.
‘Dear Husband,
The little bird did not make it. No spell could combat the curse that took it.
I am sorry.’
Neither of you had considered the curse in terms of children. Not until it was too late. Not until you were no longer pregnant.
The curse demanded that you spend six months apart, causing physical pain to ensure it was obeyed. As his child, the babe in your stomach was half him and the curse could not distinguish between this. The pain had not been as strong as it was with Hoseok himself, but it had been too much for the tiny life you’d carried.
You had mourned for six months, until he had arrived and then you had mourned with him in private. There had never been another attempt, and there likely never would be. Your dreams of a family had died that day.
Resting a hand on his arm, you cuddle further into him before taking a deep breath. You have not spoken of children in twenty years. “I think they would be heart wrenchingly adorable, with tiny fangs and little spells that would pop and crack.”
As you speak, the lights spin in a dizzying dance before forming two small children. The both of you watch in a despondent silence as they bound along the meadow sweet grass, a simple and sweet dream that cannot ever be.
Hoseok doesn't say anything for a few long minutes, only swallowing thickly. “You would have made a wonderful mother. I still regret asking you to do it, the pain you suffered while I was not there. It wasn't worth it.”
Shaking your head, you shift in his arms until you can see his arresting profile. His eyes are a low, dull red that glisten in the evening sun that peeks through the trunks of the forest.
“No, don't say that. It hurt, but we were happy in that moment. Let's not resent the young one we were forced to lose.” Resting a hand against his chest, you press your forehead to the warm skin of his neck and inhale the soothing scent.
You both simply rest there after that, neither feeling in the mood to interrupt the sad stillness in the air with another topic. The unfortunate fact, is that no matter how much you love each other, your story will always be one of sadness and heartache, tinged with loneliness.
“Would you like to dance?” Hoseok speaks suddenly, the question hovering in the air. Looking up, you note his gaze focused firmly on the light children while a sombre expression is painted on his beautiful face.
Biting your lip, your own gaze tracks around the quiet clearing. “Are you sure? I mean...if you are too upset...and we have no music.”
Your husband laughs darkly before nuzzling your hair affectionately. “This is supposed to be a place of happiness. Let's not sour your sacred tree with sad thoughts. And fear not my queen, we have never had anything but each other. We shall make our own music.”
He stands at that, hands dusting off his breeches before he reaches out one hand to you, pose elegant even when he doesn't intend it to. Looking into his eyes, softened by your mutual sad memories, you nod once before letting him pull you up.
The two of you move into a ballroom dance position with the ease of decades of training, but when you dance it's with the slow passion of lovers. He doesn’t swing you into a complicated waltz or anything, but simply rocks you in a slow circle, his hand running along the laces of your dress at the small of your back reassuringly while his cheek rests on your head.
“I love you. I don't feel that I tell you that often enough. I don't get the chance to tell you that often enough. But I do. I love you fiercely, and if I could find a way to end the curse I would.” Hoseok's voice is quiet, yet strained with emotion he can't possibly vocalise.
Emotion that resonates in your chest almost painfully nonetheless.
“I know. I know Hoseok. I love you just as strongly. It is so hard, to not ask how you are when dealing with your delegation. To find out if you are sad or happy. I wish we could end the curse too, but you know as well as I do that it would just result in more war.” The words are hushed and you cannot help the silent tears that track down your face.
Hoseok holds you even tighter as the light children skip by you, his gaze focused firmly on them and when he speaks, his voice cracks. “I want a life with you so badly. I want to raise a family with you. Neither of us started the war, so why must we be punished even though we have fallen in love? Isn't that the ultimate unification? I wish I could find the Faerie Queen and request an audience, plead our case to her and beg for her to let us love each other openly and permanently.”
You sniffle at his words, bringing your hand up to wipe at your tears pitifully before reaching up to pull his head down till he's resting on your shoulder. The dampness of your dress let's you know he's crying too and you curse anyone you can think of for causing him pain.
What good is being the Witch Queen if you can't even solve your husbands sadness?
“She would never do that Hoseok. It's a punishment, remember? She’d probably laugh with delight at our pain.” He says nothing, acknowledging your words with his silence.
Placing your hands on his slim waist, you begin to hum a witch children's nursery rhyme to him while rocking him in slow and steady motions. He doesn't move at first, but eventually gives in and let's you dance with him in the quiet clearing.
“Let’s not cry anymore husband. You said so yourself, this is a happy place. Dance with me freely, while we have the chance to just be ourselves.” You plead softly, kissing his temple and letting your lips remain there until he lifts himself up with a nod.
Hoseok doesn't say anything further, simply dances with you slowly in the shadow of the Ancient Oak while the tiny children of light dance around your legs playfully.
If you closed your eyes, you could almost imagine it was perfect, and you vowed to find a way to dance with him in the way you both wanted.
Something that had been at the forefront of your mind for a while, had been been the fact that this year marked your 100th anniversary with Hoseok. Neither of you had celebrated a single anniversary in the past, mainly because the day Hoseok arrived was always the day the curse activated and so you both were more concerned with getting him rest.
But this year, you’d wanted to celebrate it in some way at least. It was an important milestone, not only in your relationship with each other but also in the relations between both kingdoms. Your anniversary had marked one hundred years of peace between the vampires and witches, and you had decided before he had even arrived to finally celebrate this.
Not only this, but his sadness in the Oak Grove had spurred you on to do something to make him happy, to bring a smile to his face and show him that you loved him and cared for him. It was hard to do that most of the time, with public displays of affection almost impossible.
The time there had inspired you though, and as such you had arranged for an event to occur in the final week of Hoseok’s time here. He had been made completely unaware of it through a lot of subtle subterfuge and instead you had worked behind the scenes with your advisors and event organisers.
The result had culminated in today. You were pleased beyond words that Hoseok hadn’t clicked onto what was happening, instead just presuming that your event meetings were something to do with governance. The peril of having a wife who was a ruler perhaps.
Still, he’d likely just been expecting another day of wandering the castle at his leisure or something. Apparently, he’d made friends with the Captain of the Guard, Jeon Jungkook, and was on the verge of being allowed to participate in military drills on the castle grounds.
It was almost sweet how excited he’d got when telling you, and your heart had overflowed with warmth for him at the fact he seemed to have finally made a friend of some sort here after so long. As your Captain, you were well acquainted with Jungkook, and knew him to be young but well trained and with a good soul and heart.
His father had been the Captain for your own, finally retiring ten years ago to spend more time with his aging family. Jungkook, already heavily involved in the Hekatalian Army, had simply slotted into place with ease. He’d practically been bred for it, with incredibly strong battle magic to boot.
As such, you had grown to know him well when discussing your military and regimental training for the soldiers who resided here in the castle. He was a sweet guy beneath the regalia, and you knew that he was exceptionally easy to get on with which made you feel comfortable in the knowledge that he’d taken Hoseok under his wing.
Hoseok had actually woken you up today though with soft kisses that brushed along your shoulder lightly, the sensation almost tickling. You’d thought for a moment that perhaps he was just feeling amorous, he often was in the morning, but instead he’d kept his touches innocent and sweet.
Once he’d been sure you’d fully woken, a content hum leaving your throat as you cuddled closer into his warmth, he’d laid his head back down on the pillow and ran his hand along your exposed stomach. “There’s a lot of activity in this castle this morning wife.”
You make a faux surprised sound, recognising from his tone that he knows somethings up. While your castle is always busy, you have no doubt that there are even more servants hurrying around today than normal. They had a ballroom to decorate and exquisite meals to cook for the guests who would be arriving later today. Given his enhanced senses, he could probably hear all the hustle and bustle around the place.
Rolling in his arms, you gaze at him wide eyed with an innocence he is evidently not falling for given his narrowed eyes. “I don’t know husband. Why is there more activity than normal?” You ponder playfully, tapping your lips before grinning as he begins to tickle you mercilessly.
“Wife. What is happening?” He laughs out, kissing your cheek when you both finish. You simply watch him for a moment, giving him adoring eyes as you note the flyaway strands of his hair from where it has fallen after his sleep.
Tugging him back down, you face him quietly for a moment as you slide a leg between his own. He shivers slightly at your cold feet, giving you a slight glare but says nothing further as he waits for you to speak.
“We are hosting a ball today. A masquerade ball.” You smile at him, watching as those strong brows come together in confusion. If you looked hard enough, you could probably see his brain working behind those pretty eyes of his.
“Why? It’s just a Saturday, unless there’s some special event I’m not aware of?” After one hundred years of living in Hekatalia for half a year at at time, Hoseok had long grown used to the cultural holidays and events that witches celebrated. He particularly enjoyed Summer Solstice, and often lamented on the fact he could never experience a Winter Solstice with you.
“Well...I don’t know if you remember but this year marks one hundred since the curse was activated. A hundred years of peace between the races and kingdoms. And one hundred years since we married. So I organised a masquerade ball to celebrate this and have invited members from all kingdoms to join us. We have werewolves, faeries and representatives from Sanguinus here too.” He looks at you with eyes that are wide with shock.
“Really? And they’re all coming here? Wow, you’re being brave hoping no one will fight.” He chuckles, the corner of his lips turning up in amusement as he rolls onto his back and stares at the ceiling.
“Well...that’s why it’s a masquerade ball. So no one can tell who is what. Instead, it will just be a joining of peoples to celebrate a monumental achievement,” You pause for a moment before leaning over to press a sweet kiss to his shoulder. “And it also means that we can dance in public. With a legitimate excuse. No one will complain about the queen and her prince consort dancing at a ball to celebrate one hundred years of marriage.”
He looks at you slowly, and you can see the flurry of emotions painting across his face. It’s something that you’ve both wanted to do for so long and your stomach flutters at the prospect of being able to show him of like you have always wanted, even if no one realises that there is true love hidden beneath the faux smiles.
“I can dance with you? When others can see?” The soft and hesitant tone to his voice breaks your heart, causing you to lift yourself until your lips are pressed together in a kiss that is chaste but full of love.
“Yes my love. For a night, we can pretend.” He gives a bright smile then, his entire face lighting up with a sense of joy and merriment that makes you feel content with life. There’s something particularly satisfying about making him smile, and you’re sure that one day you will figure out what that is. But for now, you just enjoy making him happy when you can.
Climbing out of bed, you head towards the door that separates your rooms before turning and giving him a mysterious smile that has a brow rising as he sits up. There’s a pause as you simply admire the stunningly beautiful sight your husband makes on the bed, the red silk sheets giving him a sultry look.
“Attendants will be coming to get a suit and mask sorted for you for the ball. I have meetings to attend unfortunately as the kingdom waits for no ball, but I shall meet you at the staircase tonight. I apologise that we cannot eat together, but there will be food being served at the ball we can partake,” You let your eyes drag over his body slowly, sucking your lip between your teeth and letting it out slowly to let him see how he affects you. “I expect you to be looking particularly handsome tonight.”
He gives a wicked grin, fangs lengthening before your eyes while his eyes spark with a crimson flash. “I will make sure to put extra effort into my appearance. We wouldn’t want it to look like the witch queen has a poor husband now.”
You simply laugh as he wiggles his brows before exiting to your room, excitement for the evening bubbling in your stomach.
Your day passes slowly as a result of your enthusiasm, and you can tell that your advisors are amused at your unusually happy demeanour. You’re normally far more careful to maintain a queenly expression when dealing with kingdom matters, even if you spend more time with these people than you do your own husband.
But the elation you feel at finally being able to celebrate your relationship with your husband in public, even if people think it only fake, is too much. To the point that you find yourself not concentrating on your duties and instead decide to postpone your meeting, allowing your advisors an early day to spend with their families or alternatively prepare for the festivities tonight.
Instead, you head towards the ballroom and take in the preparations for yourself. All around you, witches spell decorations to fly into place, sticking to the wall or hovering in the air perfectly. It’s been a long time since you had hosted any sort of event, and it all fills your veins with fizzing excitement at it all.
“Your Majesty, the preparations are almost complete. Will you accompany me back to your rooms and we can have you fitted into your outfit while we make sure your hair and makeup is perfect.” Soyeon smiles at your demurely, bowing slightly as she walks up to you where you stood in the middle of the hall.
Looking down at her, you give a nod of your head and smile back as you follow, hurrying your pace until you are walking abreast with your beloved servant. “Did you follow my advice?” You ask quietly, keeping your voice low so that others waking past.
Soyeon glances to you out of the corner of her eye and you spy the smile of glee that she fights to hold in. Almost immediately, responding excitement bubbles in your stomach and you can’t help but grab at her arm lightly as you giggle.
“Oh, I hope your dress is beautiful. You will look phenomenal Soyeon, truly. What if you find a man tonight? Or a woman? Don’t forget about me when you’re all loved up!” You pout at her playfully, causing her to roll her eyes while a flush of red brushes her cheeks prettily.
“I doubt that will happen Your Majesty. The dress is adequate and I will just enjoy my time there. Thank you for letting me have the night to myself, and for inviting me to the ball. I can never tell you how much I appreciate your kindness.” She whispers fervently, eyes flicking around the hallway to see if there is anyone who could see your affection.
There would likely be people who became jealous and bitter at how you favoured Soyeon, but you were reaching the point where you were beyond caring what others thought. When you were going to live as long as you were, surely there came a point when others opinions would matter little?
Entering your rooms, you pause to glance at the closed wooden door that separated your rooms and bit your lips with a sigh. Soyeon waits for a moment before pressing a hand to your lower back, encouraging you into the room where she begins to undress you quickly.
“I’m sure he will look beautiful, Your Majesty. Prince Hoseok is a handsome man, and you are an incredibly lucky woman.” She murmurs as she carefully folds your dress, ready for it to back into your closet.
Standing before her in simply your underwear, you watch as she takes a new corset out of your wardrobe and wraps it around your waist, tugging at the laces tightly until you are grunting out from the force. Idle talk is made between you both as she continues on, piecing together a dress of sumptuous ruby red that had been outlined in subtle, shimmering silver.
It’s only once your dress is finally complete, giving her a final spin to get the nod of approval, that you sit and allow her to arrange your hair to perfection. Tiny silver flowers get dotted throughout before she sits an exquisite diadem on your forehead, resting the ends in your hair.
The final touch is your makeup, and once she has finished painting a masterpiece on your face, you stand and admire her work in the mirror after she places the mask on you. It’s red, with silver glittering through in elegant lines and covers the portion of your face from your nose to just above your eyebrows. Giving her a huge grin, you turn slowly and admire everything she has put together.
“Perfect Soyeon, you have a true eye for fashion and makeup. Now go, you must get ready yourself. I can make my way to the staircase, he should be waiting by now.” You peer at the clock on the mantlepiece, noting the time is past when you had asked him to wait.
A quick glance out of the window lets you see carriages slowly filtering through the courtyard and guests dressed in the finest dresses and suits entering the castle. Smiling to yourself, you rest a hand on your chest as you watch for a few moments before looking yourself over in the mirror once more.
The dress is cinched in at the waist, your curves emphasised by the corset while your breasts are more prominent than they would normally be due to cut of the material. Silk is smooth and cool to your touch as you run your fingers along the material that rests at your stomach, noting with pleasure the way the dress flatters your figure.
Tonight, there will be no brows raised at your choice to wear silver and red. For it would be expected to wear the colours of both kingdoms, given that this is a celebration of peace between the two.
Making your way through the hallways, you tilt your head when you begin to hear the soft sounds of a string quartet filtering through the quietness and you can’t help the sway of your hips to the sounds. As you near, the music gets louder along with raucous laughter and constant talking between your guests.
Reaching the top of the elegant marble staircase that takes up the grand entrance, you pause for a moment to rest a hand on the marble edging and look over the room. The crystal chandelier is glowing with a beautiful luminance, casting shadows that are thrown around the room beautifully while more candles light up every corner below.
The center of the room has now been taken up with an elegant ice sculpture, a replica of the Ancient Oak that inhabits the Oak Grove. A few guests entering through the doors notice you above them and you spy as they immediately begin to gossip amongst themselves while giving you a courteous bow of the head.
But your attention is caught immediately by the lone figure at the bottom of the stairs to your right, his figure straight and regal. His outfit matches yours perfectly, with black trousers clinging to his legs and black leather boots winding their way up his calves, silver buckles and lining matching the deep red laces.
His waistcoat is charcoal while his shirt looks to be black silk, an equally dark tie around his neck that fits perfectly. A deep, velvet crimson jacket sits on his shoulders and you smile at the silver and black patterns that run through it subtly. Hoseok’s own mask is a perfectly replica of your own, and you feel pride at the knowledge that no one would ever mistake you both as being anything other than the couple of importance tonight.
Ignoring the guests as they arrive, you keep your gaze firmly on him as he rolls his head on his shoulders to relieve some tension before he lets out a sigh you could probably hear if you had his senses. But then he pauses, and you can tell he’s spotted you.
Almost immediately, a bright smile takes over the only part of his face that is visible and your stomach twists pleasantly at the sight. Ideally, he shouldn’t look too happy to see you but you find yourself uncaring as you slowly make your way down the stairs, one hand holding your skirts to keep them from trailing while the other glides along the bannister.
Hoseok moves to greet you immediately, bowing low until you reach him upon which he reaches out for your hand. Placing it within his, you give him a simple smile that tells him so much and he grins in response as he wraps your arm around his.
“You look beautiful wife.” He whispers, his voice as low as he can make it while still ensuring that you win. As he speaks, he glances around for any other vampires but it’s futile with the masks that cover everyone’s faces.
“And so do you husband. I’m glad that you followed my request.” You tease lightly, voice bubbly with glee and he lets out a low laugh as his head nods forward, his perfectly styled hair swept off his forehead.
“Of course. Shall we enter our ball Your Majesty?” He states loudly, drawing attention from those who are entering the castle for the first time. Smiling demurely at the crowd, you nod your head and move with him to the doors of the ballroom.
Inside, the room from earlier is ablaze with life and you pause to take it in. Thousands of candles hover high in the air, their wicks burning brightly in the final rays of evening sun that shines through the stained glass windows while their corresponding partners dot the room at various points.
All along the edges are tables and chairs, allowing guests the chance to sit and relax while the left side is taken up with one long table that is currently piled high with exquisite food. Almost instantly your mouth starts to water at the sight and you desperately want to pull Hoseok over there to eat, but you know that you must greet your guests first.
Decades of royalty training has imprinted wel upon Hoseok and you as you make your way around the room, talking to guests all of all walks of life and all races. The vampires are a little cold towards you but you are surprised by how genial they are overall, leaving you to wonder if perhaps the relations were always a little colder on your side than his.
Their conversations with you are geared more towards their surprise at exploring your kingdom, and you wonder how strange it must be to some of them. Travellers from Sanguinus and Hekatalia did not visit each others lands very often, and it was a tiny hope of yours that once relations warmed up between the two there could be the opportunity for more travelling.
Hoseok had told you many wonderful tales of the land Sanguinus held, from the rolling desert planes of the west to the rocky, snow topped mountains of the east. Hekatalia was not as diverse in its geography, and instead was simply covered in either forests or fields. Nature was simple here and had always been cultivated into magic used by its inhabitants.
Land like Hoseok’s was wilder, with the magic going haywire and causing vast differences in land and temperature. The way he talked about his home, and the wistfulness in his voice made you long to visit them so much. But you knew that was definitely impossible.
A queen simply did not take holidays in land that was not her own.
Your own subjects were polite towards Hoseok thankfully, giving him a regal bow and affording him the same respect they give you which pleases you. They don’t make for the most mentally stimulating conversations however. Unfortunately, most Hekatalian citizens are far too polite to spend too long talking to their queen.
If they spent too long with you, then it could look like you favour them over others which could generate a whole host of issues neither you nor they want.
It was the visitors from neither kingdom that are the nicest however, and you find yourself smiling truthfully when a group of werewolf guests compliment your home while also congratulating you both on a long marriage.
A rather upfront werewolf asks for a dance with you later and you cannot help the soft snort of laughter at his boldness. You don’t even need to look at your husband to see that he is bristling, metaphorical fur on edge as he gives the most polite and yet rudest smile you’ve ever seen on him.
He’s the perfect husband of a monarch however and says nothing that could be a diplomatic incident. Though you won’t lie, he probably didn’t endear himself either but the tenseness that you can feel in his arm lets you know it’s probably the best you’re going to be able to get with him.
The Master of Ceremonies officially announces the beginning to the ball and you watch from the side as couples from all over the room began to line up on the dance floor. Glancing to Hoseok, you noted the way his eyes focused firmly on the people dancing to the smooth beat of the music and give a small smile before nudging him gently.
“Would you like to dance husband?” You ask softly, your voice barely heard over the soaring music of the string quartet and the excitable chatter of the guests. He jerks at the sound of your voice, looking to you and you marvel for a moment at how astonishingly beautiful he looks. Even with half his face covered.
If anything, the mask makes the exquisite line of his jaw even more prominent and you swallow thickly at the sight of him in the golden glow of the nearby candles. His tongue flicks out, wetting those plush lips before his mouth kicks up into a tiny smile as he nods.
“I would be honoured, wife.” At that, he takes the lead and moves into the centre of the ballroom. Almost immediately, you feel the people surrounding you shift as awareness of who has entered their midst seeps in, but you can’t focus on anything other than Hoseok.
His spine is straight, and he almost towers above you in a manner that would be frightening if you didn’t know him. But the warm, tender way he rests his hand against your lower back and holds your other, with a touch more sensual than he perhaps should, has you feeling safe and protected by him.
You have no doubt that if anyone tried to hurt you right now, he would fight to his final breath to save you even if he is in the knowledge that you are more than capable yourself. A desperate urge rises within you suddenly, so deep and strong that you have to bite your lip to stop it, to rest your head against his enticing chest.
Instead, he leads you in a dance that is centuries old, his feet moving in perfect succession around the floor as you follow him with trained steps. You have no idea the spectacle you both make, and you don’t even notice the way people look between themselves with speculative brows raised.
You don’t know, because your gaze is firmly trapped in his like a moth to a flame. The ballroom almost goes hazy as you dance, bodies moving together as one until you can’t tell where you end and he begins. His own breath is coming a little faster from the exertion, but also from the sheer feelings you both portray with a simple gaze.
It would shock you both to see how you were dancing, as if no one else in the room even existed and with touches that spoke of an intimacy learnt over decades.
You both dance through endless songs, the hunger in your stomach battling with the need in your veins to take him away and let him savour you in a much more intimate way than the light affection he looks at you with now. In fact, it’s only when a passing dancer accidentally bumps into your back that the two of you are broken out of your reverie, blinking rapidly before looking away from each other with heated cheeks.
Pulling away, Hoseok quietly directs you to table of food that lines the side of the hall. Smiling at him shyly, you wonder if this is how lovers who court openly feel.
It’s at the table that you both fall back into your usual roles of cold politeness, the both of you separating to forage for food in an attempt to dispel any notions that your guests may have. From the furtive glances between you both, you worry for a moment that perhaps you may have a problem on your hand with gossip.
Gossip tended to twist things into negativity, and most stories became wildly obscure compared to their origins. There was every chance that after tonight, you could have five secret love children with him if you were not careful.
Though positive reception to that would perhaps precipitate being open about your relationship.
In an effort to deflect any attention, you spend the next hour moving from one group of people to the next on your own, giving genial smiles and accepting compliments about your home, your kingdom, the ball and your husband with a grace that has been trained into you since birth.
It is tiring however, and you forgot how intensive events such as balls are. A quick glance at the grand clock that hangs on the centre wall lets you know that you have been here for three hours already and the soreness of your feet tell you that it has been a very long three hours. You have the biggest urge to simply throw your heels away and go barefoot, but that would most definitely raise brows amongst the aristocracy who dance and chat around you.
“You look tired Your Majesty,” Comes a deep voice from next to you, and you look across with a carefully blank expression. It’s the wolf from before, the only giveaway to his identity being the extravagant black and white mask that only covers half of his face. You presume him to be handsome underneath the mask, given the beautiful jawline you can see at the moment. “But would it be remiss of me to request that dance I asked for earlier?”
He holds out a hand and you pause, eyes flickering around to find Hoseok only to fail in finding the black, silver and red outfit anywhere. Bowing your head regally, you place your hand in his own and allow him to lead you out to the dance floor.
The song now is slower, more suited to intimate couples you note as you look around you and you feel a pang in your stomach for your husband. You would love to be able to slow dance with him around the hall, but figure that you have danced enough with him for the moment.
It certainly would not take a genius to note the difference in your dance with this stranger, given the stiffness of your posture and the large gap you make sure to maintain between you both. Giving him a stiff smile, you decide to be polite and make small conversation.
“Forgive me, I don’t know your name.” Pausing, you leave him plenty of space to fill the opening and he takes it with ease, a sweet, gummy smile on his face.
“Min Yoongi, of the Lunatus Pack. And you need no introduction, my beautiful witch queen.” His tone is playful and you can’t help but smile at his infectious happiness, letting him twirl you around in an overly extravagant manner.
“Lunatus Pack? The ruling class of the Lupine nation. How interesting, I was told that no one high up in our werewolf brethen was able to make it tonight.” You ponder idly, eyes glancing around the room to try and find a red mask.
Yoongi hums lowly, his eyes focused on something over your shoulder that you can’t see and if you’d been paying attention, you would note the way his lips kick up in an amused smirk. “I’m not high up in the Pack, that is likely why. But how could I resist a chance to visit Hekatalia and see the infamous Witch Queen and her Vampire Prince?”
Leaning away, you raise a brow at him sardonically. “Are we a tourist attraction now or something? Interesting, most people in my kingdom seem patently uninterested in my husband.”
He lets out a quiet laugh, before spinning you suddenly, his hands much lower than you were comfortable with. Lifting them, you give him a firm look that has him tittering with bemusement. “An attraction? No. But you are famous. And does that mean they are as uninterested in him as you are in each other? Because if so, he must be exceptionally popular here.”
You say nothing for a few beats of music, letting an awkward silence fill the gap until you finally question what he means by that. Another laugh leaves him, and you find yourself feeling slightly uncomfortable, even though he is perfectly nice.
“I had been told that the Witch Queen hated her Vampire Prince husband, and that the feelings were mutual. And yet...the way you danced with each other tonight. That was with an intimacy borne of lovers, and the way you looked at each other reminded me of how my parents look at each other,” He stalled for a moment, hands tightening in their place on you. “I do not believe you hate each other as much as you wish everyone to believe. Nor do I think others believe that anymore, and nor do I think it’s such a terrible thing.”
Panic stirs in your stomach at his words and you look for Hoseok with anxiety flitting in your veins. That is, until his words sink into your skin and you look at him in a new light. “What do you mean? We were married under duress, and our peoples would never accept a love between two races.”
The words sound weak even to you, causing him to snort. “Oh sure. Maybe a hundred years ago that would have been true. But there have been one hundred, long, years of peace between your peoples. I’m sure there will be people unhappy...but you seem to be a beloved queen. I doubt your people would begrudge you finding happiness and love in the marriage you were forced into, with the man you will spend an eternity with.”
You can’t find the words to respond to that, emotion choking your throat tightly and you blink rapidly at the ceiling to hold back tears. Was he right? Would people accept Hoseok for you? Could you love openly and freely?
“And it would be a truly, stupid man to not want to love a woman as beautiful and kind as you.” He speaks these words louder for some reason and you frown, until you suddenly feel a warmth against your back that is familiar and comforting.
“Hello Min Yoongi. Strange to see a Lunatus Prince here. I’ve been talking to the Captain of the Guard, Jeon Jungkook, and apparently no one from Lunatus responded that they would be joining us today.” Hoseok’s voice is freezingly polite, each syllable bitten out and you look at him out of the corner of your eye.
He’s not normally this rude, but you note with amusement the way his eyes glow a soft red under his mask while his kissable lips are pressed into a straight line. Yoongi lets go of you with a smile, bowing at his waist to press a kiss to your hand in thanks.
“Apologies Your Majesty. Our dance has been cut short, and please forgive me for concealing my identity. I’m sure you can understand the need to simply be free sometimes,” He gives you a warm smile that you find yourself responding with but he nods to your husband. “Remember my advice. I wish you both well for now and the future.”
At that, he turns and departs, winding his way through the crowd. You watch him go quietly before turning to Hoseok, giggling inside at the sight of the glare on his face. It pained you to not be able to tease him so openly, but if you were correct in your belief, then Hoseok was jealous. Something he never had to consider normally, as even with the disdain for your husband the people of Hekatalia still respected your marriage vows.
“Is there a problem husband?” You ask, voice airy with just a hint of playfulness that causes his eyes to narrow at you. The sight of his jaw clenching and the cherry in his eyes has your thighs squeezing in response, breath hitching every so slightly.
His eyes flicker down to your mouth, noting the way your lips part before they drag to your eyes, no doubt blown out at the blatant display of possessiveness your husband is portraying. Almost instantly, his own jaw clenches and you almost moan out at the sight of the muscles working beneath smooth skin.
“I believe I am ready to retire for the night wife. Are you ready to retire?” He asks, his tone perfectly polite and neutral without a hint of the blatant lust in his eyes. Nodding in a daze, you give an affirmative and begin to follow him out of the ballroom.
It’s infuriating how slow you get through the crowd, continuously accepting praise for the event along with gracious goodbyes and wishes of well being to you both until finally you are free. Soyeon is stood in the corner of the entranceway, laughing beautifully with a young woman in a dress of emerald green and you watch them both momentarily before moving on.
The both of you ascend the staircase with far more grace and poise than you are feeling, and you are thankful that it is common for the host of the ball to leave early. Fashionably late to arrive and fashionably early to leave. It would continue on for hours in the ballroom, but you find yourself uncaring.
Not when you are watching the way your husband strides down the hallway, his long legs eating up the ground while his shoulders sway in an unconscious swagger. The vampires are always an elegant race, but your husband moves with the predatory hunger of a tiger shifter.
It makes your legs quiver with anticipation while a slick wetness dampens the silk between your legs already, breathing a little harder than normal. You know he can hear it, and it turns you on even more to know that he’s likely enjoying the sounds of your need.
Reaching your quarters, you watch with hungry eyes as Hoseok pauses outside of his door before opening it slowly and turning to face you. His mask is still pressed to his face, and you have the strongest urge to take it off him to let you see the captivating beauty that had stolen your heart long ago.
Instead, you enter his room quietly, your demeanour meek in the way that he so loves and you hear the slow hiss of breath from behind you as he stays where he is, a quiet hitting sound letting you know he’s let his head flop back against the wooden door until you hear the soft click of it closing.
There’s no sounds now, the faint whisper of music that had drifted from the ballroom disappearing once the door closes and you whisper a spell of silence to keep the rooms quiet. A silencing spell is normally placed around them anyway, but you have a feeling that tonight is going to be particularly special and you shiver with anticipation.
Turning slowly, you watch as your husband rests against the door with his gaze firmly focused on you. Taking the initiative to keep quiet for him, you run your eyes over his slim body and can’t help the automatic flex of your hands as they itch to touch him.
You don’t even need to see him well to know that his sensitive eyes caught that tiny movement, not when the corner of his lips turn up in a smirk that speaks of sex and desire.
“Did you enjoy your little dance with Min Yoongi, wife?” He asks, tone carefully neutral and you watch him vigilantly to try and detect his tiny tells. Your husband has always been phenomenal at hiding his emotions, and with the extravagant mask covering his face you find yourself at a loss.
“It was acceptable. He asked earlier and I finally accepted. It would have been rude not to.” You could dissuade his jealousy easily by simply explaining your conversation with the werewolf prince, but you find yourself unwilling. Because it is so rare to see him possessive like this, and you desperately want him to ravage you the way he obviously wants to.
Your words do nothing to appease him and you watch with pleasure as he bares his teeth, jaw working and you can tell he can’t figure out what to do for a moment. It’s pleasing, working him like this in tiny nudges until he will give you what you want. In your kingdom, Hoseok was practically powerless while you had the strain of unlimited power.
It was with great pleasure and excitement that you readily handed the reins of power to Hoseok in the bedroom, succumbing to his desires and wants with a submission that you could never reveal in your daily life. Which is why when he begins to stalk towards you, his eyes a dark crimson, that you shudder with need.
“Very well wife. I would be an unsuitable husband if I dictate who you could speak to, and I have no interest in hobbling you in that manner. It would be unseemly of me to undercut you like that. But I find myself with a desperate need to show you that you are mine, no matter what anyone else in that damnable ballroom believes.” He growls, voice low in his throat until each word is almost rasping out of his throat.
Hoseok is upon you now, moving so close that there is nary a centimetre between you both, forcing you to have to crane your head back on your neck to see him. He doesn’t let up, barely lowering his head and you almost whine with need for him.
“Am I going to get my good girl tonight? Or am I going to have punish you for being naughty?” You’ve never understood how vampires can do that strange hissing sound that they make, but the way it winds through his words and deep into the primal fear you have has your eyelashes fluttering shut while you let out the tiniest moan.
“I’ll be a good girl for you. I swear.” Mostly.
He says nothing for a moment, simply watching you with eyes that speak of a great need that only you can satisfy. You almost whine at him petulantly as he smirks down at you, fully aware that he has you exactly where he wants you.
“Good. Now, let’s see what is only for my eyes.” He stands back suddenly, leaving you cold and desperate for his touch on your skin. You’re momentarily confused until you follow his eyes down to your dress, noting the way your breasts are pushed together enticingly in the beautiful fabric.
Chewing on your lip while giving him big doe eyes, you reach behind yourself and tug on the ribbons that keep your dress in place. It’s hard to undress yourself, but Soyeon has always made it so that it is possible if you try hard enough.
Only, the position must set off something deep within your husband because he darts forward faster than your eyes can track and there’s a sudden, loud rip of fabric that echoes in the room. Pausing, you look down with widened eyes to see the beautiful dress torn open, silk hanging in tatters to leave your breasts exposed under his watchful gaze.
The tight corset that holds your waist in tightly prevents him from seeing the full expanse of your chest and he bares his teeth in annoyance at the sight. That doesn’t stop him from lowering his head though, trailing his tongue along your collarbones in a molten trail of lust that has your knees quaking as you grasp onto his jacket.
Your husband has always known how to use his mouth to turn you into a wreck under him, like a god of desire whose sole purpose is to simultaneously torture and send you into another plane of existence with pleasure.
That talented mouth is currently sucking a deep bruise into the flesh above your breasts, his hands cupping the fleshy mounds while his thumbs circle the hardened nubs of your nipples, the feeling almost painful until you groan at him, tugging at his hair in a motion that can’t decide whether you want him to move away or get closer.
A dark laugh leaves him, his breath brushing against the wet trails of your skin and causing you to shiver from the cold. At the movement, he abandons his oral assault on you to simply track his mouth back north, the sharpened points of his fangs scratching against your skin in a tantalising way.
In a brutal show of the strength his race is so famed for, Hoseok bends down and lifts you up until your breasts are level with his wandering mouth. A squeal of laughter leaves you as you grasp the strands of his silky hair tightly for balance while he focuses his attention on laving his cravings on your breasts, hot mouth licking and sucking any inch of skin he can reach until finally he’s sucking a nipple into his mouth, the sheer heat of his wet mouth causing your head to drop back as you gasp out.
The movement has you wobbling and he grunts, moving with a speed that still shocks you until you’re landing on the soft covers, the silk embracing your body in a cold that contrasts deeply with the heat of his mouth. Hoseok isn’t bothered by the change in position though and instead focuses again on the hardened bud, tongue flicking out to play with it but his lips wrap around it to suck deeply.
It’s almost as if your breasts are directly connected to your vagina as each pull of his mouth has a corresponding throb of your inner muscles until you whine softly, wanting to push at his head but knowing full well that he will punish you if you try and make him do what he doesn’t want to. And yet, the thought of the punishment has even more wetness trickling between your legs under your dress.
“Good girl.” He whispers against your skin and you want to cry in relief as he sits up, legs straddling your waist in a sight so sexy it makes you delirious with want. Hoseok smirks as your breath hitches before reaching forward and playing with the destroyed threads of your dress.
It’s with barely a flinch of effort on his face that he rips the dress from you in sections, tugging the ruined material out from under you to throw it in the corner. You pout lightly as he grasps the edge of the corset, playfulness taking the edge of his emotions in his eyes as he rips that too.
“They have laces for a reason husband.” You admonish lightly, raising a brow as you lay before him with nothing but a pair of damp silk panties on and your mask. He snorts in response, shrugging as he throws the corset away and looks upon your body like it’s a feast and he’s a starving man.
“You have assistants for a reason wife.” His words are quiet and unfocused, causing you to tut at him lightly. Hoseok’s eyes flicker to you at that, causing you to bite your lip in an innocent expression.
“So fucking beautiful. And mine.” He practically vibrates with possessiveness as he leans forward, using just a finger to snap your panties from you and leave you exposed to him completely. He doesn’t do anything to you for a moment though, instead just lets you feel the tantalising light touch of his breath against your centre and you wiggle slightly with unrestrained need.
Petal soft lips press to your inner thigh in response and you watch as he noses along the vulnerable flesh there, eyes flicking back to you to check your response before he lets the very tip of his tongue trail along a specific area. You don’t need him to tell you what he’s doing, and you groan softly at the knowledge that he’s licking along your artery.
He can likely hear the pounding of blood that echoes in your head, rushing through your body with your heightened emotions and it’s beyond exhilarating to know that he’s instinctively attracted to that spot. It should be frightening, but Hoseok has long since shown you that pain can be pleasurable when done right.
Which is why there’s a slight disappointment that dips your stomach when he abandons your thigh, nosing along the fine hair of your pubic bone until his tongue plays in the very spot you’ve been craving him this whole time. A low groan leaves him as he presses the flat of his tongue to your clit, dragging it up slowly before swirling the tip around the swollen bud in slow and steady circles.
Moaning deeply, you grasp at the sheets tightly as his tongue leads an assault of pleasure on your body that has your defences falling like dominoes with zero resistance. Each flick of his tongue, whether it’s the kitten light licks that have your hips jerking in repeated, short bursts of motion or the deep passes of his tongue that dip into your entrance with every movement.
He stops for a moment to press sticky kisses to your thigh once more, heated tongue licking along the sensitive flesh until you feel the tiniest prick that causes your leg to twitch in response. Lifting your head, you look down to see that he’s bitten down lightly, enough to cause a bead of blood to slowly trickle down your skin but not enough to be anything worrying.
Hoseok watches the dark liquid move with eyes that burn a bright crimson, the unfettered hunger in them making your inner muscles quiver with a need you vocalise with a broken call of his name. The sound breaks the trance he’d fallen into and he moves forward in an almost snake like movement to catch the drop on his tongue, following it back up at a languid pace until he wraps his mouth around the bite mark that is already healing.
With closed eyes, he tugs his mouth off to reveal the mesmeric profile that you love so dearly and your heart kicks at the sight as he nuzzles your skin almost affectionately. The softness vanishes though as he moves back to your centre, lips wrapping around your clit and sucking with an almost brutal level of strength until your mewling and babbling out phrases that you don’t even properly understand.
A long, elegant finger dips into your channel slowly, coating in the sticky fluid that leaks from you with each glide of his tongue before slipping into you with ease. The intrusion is pleasant, but you gasp for even more, needing to feel the burning stretch of him.
He lets out a laugh against you, pressing a kiss to the bud of pleasure that throbs with need before sliding a second finger into you. Each move of his hand has him twisting slightly, searching for that special spot inside you until his fingers rub against the bundle of nerves that rest on your inner walls.
Almost immediately you let out a wail of pleasure, hips pushing up to encourage him further and he lets out a primal growl as he presses a hand firmly down on your stomach, keeping you firmly in place.
“Hoseok please, please. I’ll be a good girl, please just...I need you.” You pant out needily, fingers reaching for him desperately and clenching with frustration when he darts out of the way with a smirk. His lower face is shining with your desire and he simply licks at his lips, taking in the unique taste of you as his fingers move in you slowly.
“Why should I? You seemed happy enough to flirt with another man earlier.” If you were being honest, you’d completely forgotten that Min Yoongi existed when you had Hoseok taking you to a whole new dimension in his bed right now, and you decided that you’d had enough playing games.
“I wasn’t. I would never. You’re the only man I want, I swear. Please Hoseok, husband. Please.” You beg, pleading with him to give him and just fuck you into tomorrow. He watches you closely, eyes back to being his usual brown but there’s no softness in them tonight.
Tonight, he looks every inch the regal vampire prince he is.
Baring his teeth, you whimper at the sight of his sharpened incisors and pout as he pulls his hand from you. Lifting it up, he looks at the strands of sticky liquid that stretch enticingly when he pulls his fingers apart.
Watching you closely, your inner muscles clench desperately around nothing as he slots them into his mouth and sucks them out slowly, eyes remaining focused on you the whole time. “You taste good wife. Will you let me taste more?”
The question is surprisingly civil given how annoyed he’d been earlier, but you note the way his eyes focus firmly on the elegant column of your throat and recognise his real question. Despite his earlier bite, Hoseok always made sure to have your permission before biting your neck. It was a visible area, and took a degree of trust to allow a vampire that close to somewhere so vulnerable.
Your response was simply to run a finger along the expanse of skin enticingly, letting it trail along the curve of your breast and stroking down your stomach before reaching the wetness of your clit. As your fingers begin to play with yourself, a rumbling growl vibrates from his chest and you grin at him in challenge.
“Wench.” He hisses out, tugging his jacket off before pulling his tie off and undoing the buttons of his waistcoat and shirt. Once the delicious view of his tan, toned chest is given to you, he simply undos the laces of his trousers and pushes them down his shapely thighs, unwilling to spend the time required to take off those intricate boots.
The sight of his cock bobbing in the air makes your mouth water while your inner muscles squeeze, craving the thick intrusion of him already. He smirks at the sight of your blatant want and strokes himself playfully, lips pouting at you mockingly as he tugs at his turgid length with long and practiced strokes.
A bead of pearlescent pre-cum at his tip is swiped along his thumb before he’s leaning forward, pressing it into your mouth and letting you suck the salty bitterness off his skin with a swirl of your tongue. He moans out quietly before leaning down and capturing your mouth in the first kiss of the night, his lips pressing against your firmly in a sign to not fight his dominance.
You grant him entrance to your mouth eagerly, opening up and sighing into him as his tongue slides along yours in a sensual dance. Wrapping your arms around his neck, you tug him closer and moan as he takes a thigh and wraps it around his waist, cock resting against your pubic bone as you grind against him in an attempt to gain some friction.
It takes only the slightest movement of Hoseok’s hips until his blunt head is pressing against your entrance and you break away from him to look down, the sight of him slowly pushing into you arousing beyond belief. You can’t help the way you clench down at the sight combined with the astonishingly pleasurable feeling of him stretching you.
He really shouldn’t feel like this every time you have sex, and yet he does.
“Oh...Hoseok.” You gasp out, your head falling back into the pillow as your body strains under him, tensing up as he bottoms out in you. Hoseok lets out a corresponding moan, soft and light as his head drops into your neck to get used to the sensation.
“Stop squeezing.” He snaps, nipping at your collarbone lightly and you shudder around him at the sensation, causing an immediate whine from him. Lifting his head, he glares at you with ruby eyes that promise retribution and you shiver with excited anticipation.
“Oh, is it going to be like that then?” Hoseok murmurs, eyes flickering over your face and before you can even respond, he pulls out until only the very tip of him remains in you before slamming back in with so much force, he almost shunts you up the bed to the headboard. Almost immediately you let out a wail of pleasure, the force of his movement pressing his hips into your clit with each thrust and sending sparks of desire that fizz through your veins before adding to the bubbling pit that’s building in your stomach.
Once he’s started, he doesn’t let up and each slap of Hoseok's hips against yours was so hard, so forceful that it felt almost bruising. Your body jerked upwards with each movement until you were almost positive he was going to fuck you through the headboard.
His breath, hot against the sweat of your neck, has you shivering while the primal sound of his low, guttural groans makes you clench even tighter around his cock. The sensation has him gripping your hips just as hard, fingers that are normally gentle squeezing with a force to leave pretty bruises in the shape of those hands you love.
It’s a good job no one but him and Soyeon will ever see the bruises on your hips, and the thought turns you on even more, more wetness making letting his cock slide in you even easier.
“Oh, you're being so good for me wife. So good,” He whispers darkly against the tendons of your neck, lips fluttering against your skin with butterfly soft movements that only heighten the sensation of touch you're craving from him. “My beautiful wife. Can you moan for me? Can you scream?’
Hoseok bites down then when you’re not focused on his mouth, his perfect white teeth sinking into the soft flesh of your neck with ease and you sob out a cry of pleasure at the sting. The pinpricks of pain his fangs cause vanish as his tongue laves attention to the wounds before he presses his lips to them, suctioning hard and you pant as you hear his throat gulp greedily at the thick red liquid you bleed for him.
The overwhelming sensation of both pleasure and pain has you writhing under him, throbs of desire causing you to clench around him rhythmically until he's hissing his displeasure at you once more.
Swiping his tongue along your skin to catch any leaking trails he had missed, he pulls away and you watch him through heavy lidded eyes as his lips pull back in a silent snarl. Once white teeth are now stained, while two impossibly sharp fangs are prominent in his mouth. He’s fed messily tonight, his lust causing him to be a little less careful and his chin is smeared with red.
“Bad girl.” Hoseok whispers lowly, his dominant hand coming up to wrap around your throat with a gentleness that belies the ruby in his eyes. His fingers avoid the sore marks he’s made though. Leaning down, his refined nose brushes along the bone of your jawline slowly, nudging at you in a way that's almost affectionate in spite of his words.
Rolling his hips into yours at an almost glacial pace suddenly, you can't stop the whine as his hips press against you enticingly; just enough pressure to make it feel nice but not enough to go anywhere.
“Say my name darling. Let everyone know who's fucking you good.” He whispers into your ear, voice low and sensual like a devil coaxing you out of your home. Hoseok is obviously not quite over his jealous flare earlier, and if it wasn’t for the sheer gratification he was giving you then you’d coo at him.
His words are accompanied though by another sharp snap of his hips, cock spearing you and pressing against that thick bundle of nerves on your inner wall until you're panting out his name, desperately, clinging to his shoulders with fingers that dig deep.
“Hoseok, please.” You gasp out, high pitched whines threading through every sound. Hoseok chuckles darkly, nipping at your jawline before pressing even harder against your throat till you can barely breathe.
“Say my name. Scream my name, wife. Who do you belong to?” He bites out, teeth gritted together while the tendons of his own neck appear enticingly from his efforts.
Wheezing under his grip, you tap at his arm until he's releasing just enough that you can have a breathe. The pressure in your lower abdomen is overwhelming, your pussy feeling like it's about to break from the pace he's going at and you can't stop the long, elongated moan that you let out as you finally reach your release.
Squeezing around him like a vice, your fingernails drag down his back deeply while your eyes roll into the back of your head.
A small part of your mind remembers his demand as he continues to thrust, causing micro explosions of aftershocks that ricochet your body. “Hoseok. Jung Hoseok. I belong to Jung Hoseok.”
Eyes opening you watch as Hoseok’s eyes slowly bleed from ruby to black in satisfaction, the smirk on his lips having a touch of smugness in your orgasm clouded mind.
“Good girl. Always such a good girl.” He grunts before his eyes close, expression almost pained as he presses himself firmly into you. His grip on your throat tightens once more while the other on your hip feels like he'll break something.
Hoseok's soft, bloodstained lips fall open as his brow creases from the force of his orgasm and you can feel his cock twitch as he cums, emptying himself inside you. “Good girl.” He whispers once more, eyes opening as his chest moves rapidly in an attempt to get his breath.
Rolling off you, you both face the ceiling and gasp desperately while your body feels boneless with a lack of energy. It’s like he’s sucked all the energy out of you with his bite and the orgasm, but it feels so pleasant that you can’t find it in you to care.
You don’t even realise that you’ve started to drift until you jerk into awareness when he lazily moves onto his side, wrapping an arm around you and tugging you closer to him. A soft kiss is pressed to your throat and when you look at him, Hoseok has an expression that almost looks like he’s asking for forgiveness.
“I’m yours too. You know that right?” He whispers out, and you can feel the sudden vulnerability in it. Smiling, you nod your head and kiss his forehead gently and simply tell him to sleep. You’ll always be his, just as he will always be yours. No matter what others think.
The final day, as always, is bittersweet. It begins with you awakening slowly, consciousness crawling its way into being at a pace that would make the snails in the gardens seem fast. Everything feels warm and the quiet solitude of the room is comforting for once instead of oppressive.
You don't want to wake up though, and you fight it as much as you can. Because waking up means facing the reality that he is leaving. That you have only scant hours with him before he climbs into his carriage and departs to his kingdom, unseen and unheard of for a further six months.
It makes your limbs feel heavy, the weight of your sadness like chains around your chest that squeeze tight until it is too hard to breathe. You had tried communicating one year, sending messages to each other as secretly as possible until you realised the futility.
One simply did not send messages from Hekatalia to Sanguinus, particularly not to the Crown Prince from the Witch Queen. Especially not when you were supposed to despise each other.
It was lovely while he was here though, while he was home. You weren’t even entirely sure where he called home anymore, but a tiny part of you hoped that he considered it here in your arms. Even if his time here was spent metaphorically shackled to the castle, you had the comfort of simply knowing that he was here.
For yet another moment, like the hundreds of times before, you cursed the Faerie Queen for giving you such a cruel curse.
Despite the knowledge that he was leaving though, your beloved husband was also the reason that you were waking right now.
He was already awake underneath you, his heart slow but steady under the warm skin of his chest as your head lay on him. Hoseok hadn't said a word to you, nor had he tried to coax you from slumber.
Instead, his fingers simply trailed along the length of your exposed back in slow, yet steady and assured movements. It was featherlight, and you would have shivered if he hadn't been doing it for long enough to desensitise your skin.
You're not sure why he hasn't tried to wake you, but he seems to be deep in thought. Though if you'd thought he wasn't paying attention then you were reminded of his vampiric senses when his hand glides up your back to rub at the sensitive skin at the bottom of your neck.
“Good morning wife.” His voice is low, gravelly with sleep and you revel in the deep tone with happiness. Nuzzling your nose into his neck, you refuse to open your eyes and ruin the moment.
Instead, you let your hand wander to rest against the velvet skin of his chest, the muscles firm under your hand. But it's the steady beating of his heart beneath your palm that calms you more than anything.
There's a misconception amongst your kind that vampires are undead and therefore have no heartbeat. It's wrong, obviously, and borne of fear and terror throughout the years. A way to demonize their enemy and strip them of the things that makes them relatable.
It is easy to slaughter innocents after all, if you believe that they are not alive in the first place.
Though it is a stupid belief that they have, given vampires quite clearly procreate. And dead people are not prone to giving life.
Still, you can't help the gut deep sense of satisfaction that you have at feeling that strong beat beneath your fingertips. The beat that tells you that he's alive and well.
“We have to get up wife.” Hoseok speaks, the words dancing from his lips into the quiet air like the tiny dust motes that you can see gliding lazily in the morning sun. Pressing yourself firmly against his side, you shake your head into his neck petulantly.
“No. I don't want to. I'm queen, I can do what I want.” You don't even have to see your husbands face to know he's probably smiling at that, his rounded cheeks pulled high while his eyes crease in happiness. It makes your heart hurt.
“Yes you are the queen. A very good queen, who does not abandon her subjects or her work to laze in bed with her husband that she should not love.” He admonishes, the hand stroking affection into your back making the words softer than they should be.
Sighing quietly, you simply inhale the soothing and comforting scent of him. “Maybe so. But I do love him. And my subjects will be here tomorrow, whereas he will not.”
His hand pauses and there's nothing further said, his very breathe still in his chest before he let's it out in a deep exhale that speaks of so many emotions. With a burst of movement, Hoseok rolls to his side and lays his arm over your waist while resting his head close to yours.
Neither of you say anything, gazes simply tracking over each others faces to keep every pore and line fresh in your memories. He looks beautiful, if a little paler than when he arrived due to his lack of spending time outdoors.
One year, you will declare him able to go where he pleases whether the population likes it or not. You know he likely won't go far, and he’s actually been the one confining himself half the time, but you would like him to at least try to experience some freedom.
His eyes are soft and unbelievably kind today, the colour rich as dark chocolate while his inky hair splays across the pillow and his forehead in a haphazard manner that is adorably sweet. The effects of sleep are still present on him as well, with a crease from his pillow in the round softness of his cheek while the puffiness under his eyes belies his tiredness.
It's the imperfections that make him truly perfect.
“I don't want you to go.” You croak out, voice cracking and hoarse with both sleep and emotion that you don't have to explain but that he feels all the same.
Hoseok says nothing for a moment and simply gives you a heart wrenching, bittersweet smile. “I know. I don't want to go. But you know I have to. Six months, and I'll be back. You know that I will love you fiercely, even when I am gone.”
Your eyes fall from his gaze and the pure honesty you see there. It must hurt him so, to constantly be uprooting his life like this. Yet he has not complained since the night he shyly confessed his love for you, fully braced for hatred and rejection so many years ago.
His thumb makes slow and comforting stroking motions on your side before he leans in, pressing his lips to your forehead before letting them remain there for a moment.
“My father has a meeting in the Faerie Kingdom soon. I think I may ask to go with him.” You understand what he means instantly and shake your head.
“ You know the faeries hate us. She will never undo this curse. And I don't blame her. I don't want her to. This curse keeps us apart, yes. But without it, we would have never found love in each other. Only hate. And our people will kill each other again.” You whisper, resting a hand against his chest as you make your case.
As painful as it is to plead with him to accept the status quo, you know that it must be done.
He makes a strained noise of complaint before hugging you closer. “I hate it though. I have to at least try. For our kingdom's, so they can see that we truly can get on with each other and love. For us, to no longer live half lives. For...the babe we lost through our hubris and the children we can never have. Please...let me at least try. How can I tell you that I love you, how can everyone accept that I love you if I can't even fight for you? You can't ask because of diplomacy, but I am not a king yet. I'm just a prince, with not as much to lose as you.”
You don’t know what to say to him, as denying his request would likely hurt him even more. He’d follow your demands if you told him not to go, you knew that, but you wondered what it would cost in your relationship. It had always been harder on him, the constant shuffling from one home to another and unable to make any concrete plans for his future.
Was this to be his life? You at least had your kingdom to run, but Hoseok’s father was not likely to give up the throne anytime soon. Hoseok spent his life either learning under his father in his kingdom and not doing a whole lot, or just plain not doing a whole lot in your kingdom.
You knew that he craved more in his life, and it pained you that he was likely unhappy in many areas because of the curse. He’d taken losing the baby badly, very badly, and you knew that he craved a family for you both. Maybe it was because he truly wanted a family, or maybe it was because he wanted something to do and a child would allow him to focus his efforts somewhere.
One hundred years was a long time, and the fact that there was a distinct possibility of never bearing children in the future was painful for you both. How could you deny him to at least try? To at least ask and try to fight for your right to happiness with each other. You wanted it as much as he did, and you did not want him to be facing an eternity of unhappiness.
“Just...don’t get too hurt if she denies it. Please. Even if she says no, at least we get half the year with each other. We will figure this out, even if we have to just declare our love to each other. What can they do anyway? The curse means we have to spend six months together, and they cannot kill us. But...try.” It doesn’t seem like much, and he huffs out a breathe in annoyance. Chuckling in his arms, you press a soft kiss to his neck and enjoy the way he shivers slightly.
“You know, if anyone could see you behind closed doors then their ideas of bloodthirsty and scary vampires would be gone completely.” You tease, pushing against him until he finally lets his arms relax and you slip from him.
Exiting the bed, you stretch with a deep groan before turning around and talking in the sight of him. Hoseok is leaning up on his elbow now, the silk sheets draped around his hips and revealing the delicious expanse of golden, toned stomach and chest. The image is slightly ruined by his sleep puffy face, but it just makes you smile as your heart swells with affection for him.
“Have I ever told you that you’re beautiful wife?” He grins, fangs slightly longer than they had been as his gaze tracks along the expanse of your naked body. Cheeks heating as your husband is evidently feeling different emotions to you, you shrug as nonchalantly as you can before walking to the wash basin in the corner of his room. Taking the towel, you dip it into the fresh water and give yourself a quick clean over before heading back to him.
Crawling onto the tall bed, you bounce towards him and laugh at the way his eyes focus on your breasts immediately. Leaning over, you catch his lips in yours in a sweet kiss before sitting back with a mischievous smile.
“Come husband. We must get ready.” He growls at your mocking tone, eyes deeping to crimson as he sits up and captures your lips in a bruising kiss, one hand twining in your hair while the other presses your chest to his.
His mouth leaves yours and moves down your throat hungrily, sucking in a needy motion against the column of your neck with a deep purr. “Impudent woman. Maybe I should have a last feed...for the road you know.” He hisses, the words tickling the sensitive skin and you moan quietly, your smile unseen by him.
Gripping his black hair tightly, you press his head to your throat in an encouraging manner while your other hand reaches his body down to grip him firmly, shifting your body into position. “Please do. A good wife needs to make sure her husband is taken care of.”
He lets out a strained groan as you sink onto him before pulling back and giving you a narrow eyed gaze, his amusement strong despite the red in his eyes. “Wench.” Is all he says before he focuses on the matters at hand, providing you both with the final pleasures of his visit.
Duties soon call however and within no time at all, you find yourself sat with your advisors as they discuss the recently updated terms of a trade agreement with a far away kingdom. You should be paying more attention than you are, and part of you admonishes yourself for being such a terrible ruler, but a larger part of you is focused on the welcome soreness between your legs and the ache at your throat.
Soyeon had to wrap a beautiful scarf around your throat, turning it into an endearing fashion statement to hide the redness of Hoseok’s bite. There was a burning desire to just throw the scarf away and wear his mark proudly, but you knew the shock it would likely cause.
One day, you would simply throw your caution to the wind and kiss your husband in front of everyone the way he deserved. If you had a coin for every time you thought something like this, then you would likely have enough money to rival the royal vault.
But there is another part of your mind that is firmly in your quarters with him still, and you wonder what he is doing right now. A quick glance at the clock tells you that the carriage is due anytime, and your stomach twists with unhappiness at the prospect.
Shaking your head, you engage back with your advisors and discuss the terms that you find acceptable along with the ones that you do not, requesting they go back and re-negotiate better for your subjects. They acknowledge the requests, writing down notes furiously that you have no doubt will be discussed with the corresponding partners in the foreign kingdom.
A sudden knock at the door has your heart racing while your stomach turns, causing nausea. Soyeon’s head appears behind the heavy wooden door and you feel the strongest urge to suddenly cry.
“Apologies Your Majesty, but your husband’s carriage has arrived.” Standing, you brush at invisible dirt on your skirts before nodding your head to your advisors who bow. Making your own apologies, you excuse yourself from the meeting and begin to follow Soyeon along the quiet and empty hallways.
“Is he ready?” You ask quietly, your tone strained as your hands play with themselves nervously. Soyeon gives you a sympathetic look, resting a hand against your arm for a moment before nodding her head.
“He is Your Majesty. Waiting for you just before the doors.” She didn’t even need to say that final sentence as you turn a corner and he’s there, looking magnificently beautiful. His dark hair has been styled elegantly, lifted off his forehead while most of his body is hidden behind a long, fitted black coat, the ends brushing his knees and meeting the top of his boots. The silver lining is a subtle sign that only you would understand and you bite your lip suddenly to stop a burst of emotion.
“You have only a few minutes before they will be expecting him. His luggage is already being stowed.” She whispers, bowing her head to you both before heading out of the door. Neither of you move for a moment, and you watch painfully as Hoseok swallows.
“They’re here.” He says, tone empty as he states a pointless fact that you both already know. Pressing your hands to your mouth, you nod your head as tears fill your eyes while a gnawing desperation fills every ounce of your body.
Upon seeing it, Hoseok’s brave face falls and his own eyes shine with unshed tears as well. Striding over briskly, you marvel at the extraordinary sight he makes with his coat billowing behind him before he’s suddenly there, taking you into his arms and holding you so tightly.
“Do not cry my love. Please. It will make it much harder to leave you and impossible to not give away my feelings.” He begs, words soft and light as a feather as he pleads with you desperately. Sniffling, you bring a hand to wipe away a stray tear and he gently thumbs away the liner that has slipped from your eyes.
“You look phenomenal. Like a king.” You whisper and he laughs quietly, his face light with happiness despite the sad situation.
“I will never be your king, remember?” He breathes out, the teasing in his voice a welcome break to the brevity of what is to happen and you cling harder to him. Hoseok lets you, and makes no motion to try and move you away from him. Instead, he wraps an arm around your shoulders and pulls you in tighter.
“You’re the king of my heart.” His laugh is loud at that, the sound happy despite the situation and you can literally feel it vibrate out of his chest as he lets his hands wander along the laces that keep your dress tied together.
“Wow. I don’t even know how to respond to that without making a sarcastic comment.” Pulling away, he looks down at you with so much affection and love that you grip the lapels of his jacket even tighter.
“Then don’t. Just...come back to me in six months happy. That’s all I ask. I love you.” You focus on his chest, flattening out his jacket and rubbing at imaginary wrinkles while your lip quivers threateningly. It’s probably not very queen-like but you’re beyond caring about that right now. Hoseok doesn’t respond, simply letting his own hands rub your arms in long and gentle motions before he presses his lips to your forehead.
“I will. I promise. And all I ask is that I come back to you being happy as well. I love you too.” His voice is thick and it cracks on the final part of the sentence, causing you to swallow thickly.
“I will miss you, husband.” You whisper and he gives a weak smile, tight lipped before he dips down to catch your lips between his own in a kiss so fierce and full of emotion. It’s six months worth of kisses in one go and it leaves you breathless, panting against him when he steps back.
“I will miss you too, wife.” Blinking rapidly, he looks up at the ceiling before taking a few fortifying breathes while he rolls his shoulders in preparation. Turning to the door, he looks back at you and gives a final smile before he’s gone and you’re left alone once more.
Staring at the closed door, you will him to re-appear and take you in his arms once more but he doesn’t. Because he can’t. You both know that the curse is vicious and cruel, the pain almost unbearable.
Not waiting for Soyeon, you move quickly through the deathly silent halls before reaching your quarters once more. Slowly moving to the window, you tentatively peer out and watch as the black carriage slowly disappears out of the courtyard of the castle, dust rising as it heads on the long road back to Sanguinus.
Facing your empty room, you look around it despondently and find him in every corner. The bed, where you’d made love many times and cuddled long into the night. Only last week you had lay on your stomach across it, Hoseok sitting on the floor in front of you while he read aloud from a book. Every page he read got him a kiss on the head, until he was giggling with how fast he was trying to read.
The nightstand, when he’d taken over the job of Soyeon to carefully remove your makeup as a simple excuse to be close to you. A few months ago, he had tried to put your makeup on for you, the results causing you to gasp in horror at the mirror until you both burst out laughing, holding your stomachs in glee.
The exquisite rug where you had both laid many times, hand in hand while discussing hypothetical futures. The desk in which you had both sat at, discussing treaties and agreements that he likely shouldn’t have been involved with, yet you’d been unable to not ask him to be involved.
And yet, while each memory hurt, it was filled with so much love and affection that your heart twisted painfully.
Moving into his rooms, you inhale shakily as you take in the wonderful scent of him. Moving over and sitting on the silk sheets of his bed, you run a hand along the soft material with a tiny smile. Only hours ago, you’d made love to him here for the final time.
Laying down in the place he always slept, you pressed his pillow to your nose and breathed him in. His scent would disappear soon enough, and you’d be left cold and empty of him. What would it be like, to never have to curl into his sheets and pillow and hoard every trace of him when he’d gone?
Tears fall in a slow trickle down your face to dampen the silk of his pillow in the quiet sadness of his room, and you lament the loss of your husband once more. Your quiet breakdown is almost peaceful, with Soyeon keeping staff away from your rooms to give you the privacy you so need. They wouldn’t understand why you mourn him.
You don’t know that in a carriage along a road at the same time, your husband is crying silently, his face stoic while his fingers clench tightly so as not to make any noise to alert his travelling companions. One day, he vows. One day he will never have to leave your side.
Thursday’s were simultaneously your least favourite and favourite day of the week. It was the day that your subjects were able to seek court with you, asking their monarch for favours or to resolve disputes, perhaps even suggest new laws and so forth.
You loved them because it gave you a chance to meet the very people you ruled over, and as an immortal queen you had plenty of time on your hands to get to know these people. It was likely that you would be overseeing the disputes of their grandchildren in the years to come.
They also often gave good advice that you would sometimes adopt into your own worldview, or suggested laws that were then debated amongst the lawmakers of your country. It was the perfect way to give the smaller people a voice in a society that perhaps didn’t listen as often as it should.
You knew that Hoseok was forever impressed with the format and thought it could perhaps work in Sanguinus, and when he was here then he would often sit in the accompanying throne and simply listen. In recent years, he’d even begun to quietly speak up and offer his own advice.
Perhaps the most surprising result of that was the your people didn’t hiss or spit at him. In fact, some had even taken his wisdom to heed. It filled you with a warm pleasure, resting in your chest to see the ever so subtle changes towards him over the years.
Of course, it wasn’t the outright acceptance you wanted but a hundred years was a long time. It meant your people had grown accustomed to his presence over the fifty years that he had resided in your kingdom, and you tentatively hoped that they would not consider him to be a threat to them.
He was, after all, their co-ruler.
Today had passed like all other days, with peasants, the middle class and even some of the lords and ladies of the Court coming to for you advice or to vent their anger. You were currently having to deal with two ancient families with a blood feud who were currently arguing over who owned a certain area of land.
Perhaps you would have been more forgiving with them, given that they were important families in your Court, but this was the ninth time that they had come to you in only a year and your patience with their incessant complaining had grown thin with their tiresome ways.
Sitting with your chin in your palm as you watched the two matriarch's of the family become increasingly loud in tone as they argued, you pondered if your posture was even remotely ladylike, nevermind befitting of a queen. And yet, you found yourself uncaring.
If Hoseok had been here, he would have sighed heavily at their pettiness and their constant threats of spells and hexes before leaving. Your husband had a short temper when it came to things like these people, and you found that your normally extended patience had shortened dramatically with them.
“Lady Elabaria, Lady Winania. May I interrupt for a moment?” You say, the question more of a statement that dared either of them to talk back or argue with their queen. A small, childish, part of you wanted them to try.
It would give you the perfect excuse to ban them from the castle for a whole year. Then you would have a whole year to no longer listen to them.
Unfortunately however, they are well-trained Court members and immediately cease their whining and threats to face you with bowed heads. Sighing heavily, you sit straighter and look over the two with a critical eye.
“I understand your concerns, but I must admit that I am becoming weary of hearing the complaints from both sides. This issue has gone on too long and frankly, you are taking up valuable time that could be given to other loyal subjects. I apologise for the harshness of this, but I have given both of your families ample amounts of time to resolve this issue and yet I find both families bickering like children once more. As such, I feel the only way to resolve this issue is for the Crown to seize the lands in question until the two families come to an agreement. Once an agreement is realised, the Crown will relinquish the land to the accepted owner. Now please. Leave.” You wave a hand as you speak the words and the air around you shimmers for a moment, the magical binding of your words sealing in a golden glow.
The two matriarch’s stare at you with eyes wide in shock before they narrow in unhappiness. For a moment, you ponder if perhaps they might turn on you and you prepare to tell them why this would be a silly decision on their behalf. It’s pointless however, as they instead turn to each other and begin to argue once more as they exit the throne room.
Watching them go, you look over at the advisors who sit at a panel along the side of the expansive room with an exasperated glance. Park Jimin, the Keeper of Words in your Court, gives a silent laugh as he shakes his head at their antics.
The peasants of your kingdom are far easier to deal with. They also don’t come with the arrogance or sense of self-entitlement that the upper classes come with.
“This is the last one Your Majesty.” Soyeon whispers from your side and you turn to look at her. She’s wearing an elegant dress of purple and silver today, her highest quality dress to make sure she gives the best impression to the subjects of your kingdom. You’d already complimented her on it and how it worked wonderfully with her hair, which had caused a sweet flush to grace her cheeks.
Nodding to her, you give her a tired smile. “Good. I’m looking forward to whatever culinary delights Jin has made tonight.” At the very thought of the food your chef makes, your stomach rumbles in hunger causing you to sigh. He’d made a most delightful stew yesterday, and you were hoping for something equally as filling for the cold winter day.
Turning back to the final person, you sigh in gratitude that your long day is almost over. As much as you enjoyed these days, they also left you feeling stiff and awkward from having to sit on the uncomfortable throne for as long as you did. Not to mention the heavy tiara that rested on your hair, a symbol of your ultimate power in the kingdom.
Perhaps you complain too much though, you reason to yourself. There are many in your kingdom who do far more work than you without complaint.
The final visitor is a sole traveller, their head covered in the hood of their tattered robe and you eye them over. The robe brushes the floor with each movement and you note the dust that dirties the hem, lightening the dark colour and wonder if they’re from one of the far reaches of your kingdom.
Normally, people dress up better to greet their queen. You say nothing though, and instead gesture with an elegant hand to them. “Speak your mind loyal subject. Your queen will listen.”
There’s a moment of quiet in the vast throne room and you shift in your seat, brows creasing in confusion as they do not speak immediately. Normally, people are excited to have the ear of their queen. You do not push them though, as you have discovered over the many years that some people are nervous about their request.
“Your Majesty. I come today to request your assistance. You see, I have a wife, and I love her very much. But our circumstances are awkward. People do not approve of us being together, for our families have fought for many generations. But I love her fiercely. And I’ve finally found a way for us to be together. I just need your permission to love her openly.” The sheer longing and love in the stranger’s deep voice makes your heart ache with a need to hold Hoseok.
His story sounds so similar to your own, and you find yourself pressing a hand to your stomach without meaning to in an attempt to ease the pain. You weren’t entirely sure why your permission was needed, but if the queen’s word could help to ease the path of love for this stranger and his wife then you would be loathe to hold it back.
You could at least help one relationship to be happy.
“Forgive me, stranger. I do not know if my words will bring you comfort or bring ease into your life with your wife. But you have my full blessing to love openly and honestly. Hold her tight, and always let her know how much you love her, for yours is a love that you have fought hard for.” Your words are perhaps a little more filled with emotion than would normally emerge from you, and you can see the confused frown that Jimin is giving you as the words you speak magically appear on the scroll he is holding.
There’s nothing for a few seconds, and you wonder if perhaps the stranger has more to say. But then he laughs and you freeze in confusion, brows coming together as your heart races with anticipation while your mind pauses in hesitation.
“Thank you for your blessing, my queen. I have waited a long time for this day.” Staring at him in disbelief, you can tell that Soyeon and your advisors are looking between your stunned face and the stranger with confusion.
“’s not possible.” You whisper softly before rising from your throne a hand to your chest while your other grasps your skirts, lifting almost subconsciously as you make your way down the steps. Shaky steps are made towards him and your breath is coming faster than normal, your senses firmly attuned to the man in front of you.
He lets out a breathy laugh, hood moving as he shakes his head underneath it. “Hello, wife.” At that, he lowers the hood and reveals the bright smile of your husband. Your husband who should not be here, for it has only been three months since his departure.
The shocked gasps of everyone in the room let you know that you’re not imagining his astonishingly handsome presence and your eyes track over him quickly. Hair that has been flattened underneath his hood is still a sumptuous black while his golden cheeks glow with a healthy tan.
“” You gasp out, a shaking hand moving in front of you until it’s pressed to his very real, firm chest. He’s just as warm as always underneath the rough material of his robe and your trembling fingers untie it quickly, letting it drop to the floor and revealing the exquisite figure of your husband in an black riding outfit.
His hand comes to grasp your own tightly, thumb stroking along the soft skin of the back of your hand before he presses it to his lips in a sweet kiss. “I saw the Faerie Queen, like I said I would. I pleaded our case to her, in fact I spent three days begging her. She refused at first, not understanding that I was being truthful. I told her of our love, stories of us being together and even of our dream of a family and the babe we lost. I offered her anything I could give except you. My crown, whatever she wanted as long as we could be together.” He pauses, his eyes scanning the hall and noting the surprisingly neutral looks on your advisors as they watch him embrace you.
“I didn’t have to beg too much surprisingly though. Apparently, our dance at the masquerade seems to have given us away to the observant ones and she already knew. She didn’t take anything from me and though she is still angry over what happened, she understands that is is not our fault specifically. We are still cursed therefore but she modified it for us, to make it easier to live with. We have no time limit anymore. Our time, is ours. She apologises for the miscarriage also. She didn’t think that would ever happen as it never entered her mind that we might fall in love, and she knows well enough the pain of losing a child.”
The words are soft and only for your ears, but you don’t even care. You can’t find it in yourself to care. Because he is here when he shouldn’t be, and there is no pain or hurt. Only love and excitement.
“No six months?” You ask warily, resting your other hand on his chest while he holds your other with a firm grip. A beautiful grin lights up his face as he shakes his head slowly.
“We can be together as long, or as little as we want. Still cursed, but free to love as we want.” He whispers and you can’t stop the choked sob that leaves your mouth as tears fall. Over fifty years of wanting this, fifty years of desperation to have him like everyone has has their partner. And now, now you have him.
“I love you, you stubborn, beautiful, wonderful man.” You gasp, wiping at your tears. He doesn’t even get chance to respond before you push up onto the very tips of your toes, wrapping your arms around his neck firmly and pulling him down in a kiss so deep, so full of emotion.
The sight is probably shocking for everyone, to see their queen’s vampire husband here when he shouldn’t be. But what is perhaps less shocking to your most trusted people is the desperate kiss you give him while embracing him as tightly as you can. You don’t know it, but the people closest to you have long since guessed your feelings.
You may be cursed still, and you will be for the rest of your eternally long life, but you cannot think of anyone you would rather spend the rest of that long life cursed with.
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btsreactsarchive · 3 years ago
Genre: Werewolf! BTS, Supernatural, Romance, Fluff, Angst, Future Smut, Poly BTS
Pairing: Werewolf! BTS x Reader
Rating: PG (mentions of abandonment)
Summary:  Y/N’s life was far from normal. All seven of her childhood friends are werewolves who are very attached to her.
Authors Note: It’s been a bit since I’ve posted a story so, I hope you’re all excited!
Post Date: 7/16/18
Word Count: 1,954
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7  | Part 8 | Part 9
Tumblr media
You woke up feeling like you were in the Sahara Desert. A bead of sweat trickled down the back of your neck and you tried to sit up. Tried being a key word. Only your head could be lifted to see a wall of fur laying across your chest. With a bit of wiggling you freed your hands from under the covers. The wall of fur huffed as it was jostled by you.
“Jungkook get off. I’m going to have a heat stroke.” The wolf turned his head to look at you through narrowed eyes. “I will give you belly rubs if you get off me.” The bribe seemed to work as the wolf snorted dramatically and rolled over to the other side of the bed. You immediately threw your covers off, only to find your feet trapped.
“Jin,” you whined. The sleeping wolf raised its head, blinking slowly. It licked it’s chops before yawning. He stood up but instead of hopping off the bed, he turned and flopped down onto you. The weight of a full-grown wolf caused you to fall back onto your pillow. You felt a wet muscle swipe up your cheek. Jin groomed you in greeting, accidentally giving you cowlicks in the process.
“Yes, yes. Good morning.” Once satisfied with your cleanliness, Jin pressed his cold nose to your neck and sniffed. Your hands ran down his back, almost disappearing in his thick fur. “I need to get up Jin.” With a bit of a whine, he shuffled over to cuddle against the youngest.
Finally free, you slipped out of bed and stretched your arms to the sky. The kitchen greeted you with warm sunshine and a gentle summer breeze. It carried with it the scent of freshly cut grass and lilacs. After admiring the atmosphere, you brewed yourself a cup of coffee. Right when you were about to pour it, a furry head pushed itself into your free hand.
“Good morning Hoseokie.” You bent down to his level and rubbed the sides of his face. Hobi wagged his tail and ‘talked’ to you, much like a husky would.
“Arrrr-arrrwoo-wooo-wooofff,” he said. You laughed and pressed your forehead into his.
“I’m happy to see you too.” The clacking of nails against the tile floor signaled the entrance of another wolf. A loud bark preceded his sudden rush toward you. He practically jumped onto you, whining and pressing his head into your tummy.
“Yes, yes, good morning Taehyung.” He circled you, sniffing and snorting in delight. Before you knew it, he had a toy in his mouth, nudging your hand with his head. “Let me wake up then we can play.” Hoseok licked the side of Taehyungs face before grabbing onto the other end of the stuffed duck. A tug of war immediately ensued between the two.
With your coffee in your hand, you stood by the sliding glass door and gazed outside. It was a beautiful morning. A short bark sounded to your left. Namjoon entered the kitchen and sat next to you, looking out the window too. “Morning,” you said. Absentmindedly, you scratched the top of his head. Namjoon leaned his head against your thigh, his tail sweeping back and forth against the floor. Once your mug was empty you made your way to the living room with Joonie.
Yoongi was of course, snoozing in a sunspot. His dark fur deepened in the sunlight. His ears twitched as you sat next to him. The wolf cracked open one eye. Seeing it was just you, he relaxed once more, blindly reaching out his paw and placing it on your lap. You took his paw in your hands, gently smoothing down the fur. Suddenly, a large head was placed on your shoulder from behind. The wolf nuzzled into your face, whining a little.
“Jiminie,” you cooed, “good morning.” You let go of Yoongi’s paw to pet the large head on your shoulder. Eventually Jimin came around and sat in front of you, ears low and tail wagging. After living with him for many years, you knew what he wanted. Kneeling forward, you put your arms around him and hugged him. His whining increased as he snuggled his head over your shoulder.
“Yes, yes. I love you too,” you said.
Just then, Jungkook howled from down the hall, stalking toward the two of you. He nudged Jimin with his nose before fixing you with an intense stare.
“What?” Jungkook laid down and rolled onto his back, pawing at your arm. “Oh, you want those belly rubs I promised you.” He huffed in response. Tail thumping against the hardwood floors, you scratched and rubbed at his belly.  When your hand would come up closer to his face, he would lick your hand in thanks. You couldn’t help but tease the youngest.
“Who’s a good boy?” His tail stopped wagging and he batted at you with his paws. You could almost see an annoyed expression on his face. You laughed and resumed petting his belly. It took a bit for Jungkook to relax once more.
An hour later you sat on the couch, watching morning programming. A sudden grumble erupted from your belly. Clutching your stomach you sighed. Hoseok, whose head was in your lap, licked at your hand and looked up at you. He blinked before chattering to you.
“Yeah I know I should eat.”
“Aahraa. Roompf.” Another wolf came up to you and gently bit at your shirt, tugging you off the couch.
“I’m coming Jin. Please don’t rip my favorite shirt.” Jin let go, leading you to the kitchen. He sat next to the fridge and fixed you with a serious stare. “Yes, mama bird. I’ll eat.” Seokjin huffed and turned his nose up at you.
As you ate leftover spaghetti, a large head flopped onto your lap. Taehyung looked up you with the best puppy eyes he could muster. He whined and grumbled until you relented and fed him a bite. The wolf licked his chops triumphantly before lifting his head up and howling. Once again, he got his favorite toy duck and put it on your lap.
“Okay, let’s go play.”
Taehyung was hopping around in excitement. A few of the boys were already outside, enjoying the fresh air. Seeing the commotion, Jungkook trotted over to the two of you, tail wagging.
“First one to catch it gets a point!” With all the strength you can gather, you throw the toy duck. Thankfully you all lived in the middle of a forest, so there were no neighbors to gawk at the seven giant wolves you were playing with. Both wolves took off at top speed, claws digging into the dirt. The duck didn’t even have time to land before Taehyung jumped up and caught it in his mouth. Jungkook growled, attempting to steal the toy from Tae’s mouth. The victorious wolf out-maneuvered him and returned to you. He dropped the duck before you, dipping low on his front legs, butt sticking in the air. His whole backside swayed with the force of his wagging tail.
“Good job,” you said, scratching the top of his head. Jungkook returned, smacking his paw down on the ground, demanding another round.
“Alright let’s go again.”
The three of you played until your arm was jelly. You laid down on the grass, surprised when your head met a fluffy pillow. Said object turned out to be Namjoon. He gently curled himself around you and licked your ear. Soon after, Yoongi snuggled up to your side, laying his head on your shoulder. You sighed, feeling warm and protected.
“This is the last day. Tomorrow you’ll be human.” Yoongi nudged your ear with his nose in response. “I’m a little relieved, I don’t have to take care of seven overgrown dogs anymore.” If wolves could chuckle, Namjoon would be doing just that.
Despite not being a werewolf yourself, you were part of their pack. At six years old you found yourself orphaned and on the streets. A kind woman named Lily found you huddled in an alley and offered you food and a warm bed. Although wary, you had nothing more to lose.
She brought you back to her home, a large cabin nestled just outside of town in the evergreen forest. It was one of many settled around each other. Just as she promised, she fed you, cleaned you up and gave you a bed to sleep in. Soon enough you met her huge family. Sisters, brothers, cousins, grandparents, all of them lived in the community. It was then that you met the seven boys, all around your age.
It was certainly confusing when your friends would disappear, and you would suddenly have a lot of dogs running around. Eventually Lily explained to you that she and her family were werewolves. You were terrified at first, but she assured you that no one would harm you. In fact, you were a member of their pack.
Lily and her husband, Grant, were never able to conceive a child of their own. They considered you their precious daughter and you came to see them as your loving parents. In the winter you would wake up to your mother snuggling you in her wolf form. In the summers your father let you pretend he was a horse instead of a werewolf. From then on, your childhood was filled with warmth and love. You had seven friends to play with and a whole forest to roam.
Now that you all were in your twenties, you’ve created a sub-pack of your own. You all still lived in the evergreen forest, but you were miles away from the community hub. Every month during the full moon, the boys were forced into their wolf forms for three days. Any other time they could willingly shift from human to wolf.
All seven of them were very attached to you. Much like any other wolf in the pack, they needed plenty of time and contact with their other pack members. This meant you were hardly alone. The only time you were without your pack was at work. It was a double-edged sword. It was refreshing to be by yourself, but you also felt like a part of you was missing.
In school, your love life was non-existent. Being constantly surrounded by a gaggle of handsome boys scared off any potential suitors. It wasn’t intentional on their part. You all just hung around each other so much people started assuming. Rumors that you were dating one wolf or the other were constantly floating around.
You sighed, thinking about the past and your lack of dating experience. Yoongi’s ears perked up and he lifted his head to look into your eyes. You avoided his gaze.
“It’s nothing,” you said. Yoongi squinted down at you for a moment. He whined and licked your cheek. Hoseok walked over, having heard Yoongi. The two looked at each other before turning back to you. “I’m just tired.” It was a lie but some things you kept to yourself. Hobi nuzzled the other side of your face with a short woof. He snuggled into your side, placing his paw across your tummy. It crisscrossed with Yoongi’s, making you the middle of a wolf sandwich.
You woke up sometime later to Jimin licking your face. It was now late afternoon.
“Where is everyone?” Jimin plopped down next to you as you sat up.
“Arrrrwwooo, woof fffmmm,” he said, flicking his eyes toward the forest.
“Ah grabbing dinner. So, you stayed behind to watch over me.” The wolf bowed his head and raised it.
“Jiminie, you’re such a sweetheart. Let’s go inside.” Jimin yapped happily, sticking to your side as you walked.
Next - Part 2
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gimmesumsuga · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Hoseok coming home after a long day of practice. The hour's late and he's aching all over, the bags under his eyes swollen and puffy. There's a cold dinner waiting to be warmed on the kitchen counter, but the only thing he has any appetite for is waiting for him down the other end of the hall.
He knows he should hop straight into the shower, but the sight of your sleeping form laid across his bed is too enticing to resist. One bare leg hooked out of the sheets and his t-shirt riding up to your waist, you look like something straight out of his dreams with the way the moonlight hits your curves.
Hoseok wakes you with murmured apologies that he doesn't really mean as he stripes himself from his clothes, and it's with open arms and soft smiles that you welcome into bed, happy to see him regardless of your own fatigue. It's lying next to you that he truly feels like he's at home, finding solace and relief in the press of your lips and the wandering of your hands.
Warm water may more effectively ease the screaming ache of his muscles, but Hoseok would choose your touch over a long, hot soak time and again. He knows you'll be able to taste the salt of his sweat in the dips and hollows of his neck, but you're not deterred, kissing and licking at his skin as his long fingers card through your hair.
You've missed him, as you always do, and your greedy fingertips can't get enough of the way his abdominals dance under your gentle touch. He'll sigh that he wants you, firm hands coaxing you to sit astride him, your naked core brushing his length, and at the insistence of gaze you'll strip yourself of his shirt, baring yourself to hungry eyes.
Hoseok’s too tired to smile, but that's ok. Instead of a laugh and a grin he'll groan and grimace with pleasure as you mount him, imprisoning him in soft silken walls, and as you start to move the flexing of his hips underneath you and digging of his fingetips is all the encourgement you need.
It doesn't take long to bring him too his high, too exhausted to fight it, pouring into you with broken moans and his head thrown back into the pillow, red hair fanned across his forehead. You don't cum with him, and that's ok too. Hoseok’s whispers words of love as he kisses you, cradling you in his arms, are more than enough.
Tomorrow is always another day, and you two have the rest of your lives.
A gift, for my Jhope stan followers.
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