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Winn: Nothing is free.

Kara: Love is free.

Nia: Friendship is free.

Lena: Sleep is free.

J’onn: Knowledge is free.

Maggie: Air is free.

Alex: Everything is free if you take it without asking.

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The Peculiarity of People

A/N: This is set during… uh, between seasons 4 and 5? Early season 5? Idk.

“You know, I never asked,” Alex says as Brainy takes another bite of his apples and olives pizza. “How did you even come up with that combination? I have never seen that offered in any pizza place ever, and I went to college in the Bay Area*, so I’ve seen plenty of unusual pizza topping combinations. Did you try all possible combinations or something?”

“It was rather more analogous to an–I believe humans call it–a priori determination,” Brainy says.

Nia frowns. “No, we don’t.”

“Some of us do,” Alex says.

“Nerd,” Kara teases.

“Takes one to know one,” Alex shoots back.

J’onn smiles fondly at the Danvers sisters’ bickering.

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