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blu-joons · 5 hours ago
A Little Bit Of Privacy ~ Jung Hoseok
Tumblr media
Your eyes looked to Hobi as soon as you heard the remark come from Jimin, noticing the cameras that were outside of the restaurant and the distance that he suddenly created between the two of you.
“I’m fine about things,” you told Jimin as he watched Hobi’s arm fall from around the back of your chair, knowing that your relationship wasn’t public yet, the last thing you wanted to do was make a mistake.
“Why don’t you just go public?” Jin then questioned.
Your shoulders shrugged in reply whilst Hobi remained still. It was his decision ultimately that meant the two of you were still dating warily and going public was only ever going to be something you were happy to do when he was happy to do too.
It was a topic Hobi preferred to avoid, unlike everyone else in the group. They couldn’t understand why Hobi felt the need to keep things so quiet, why he couldn’t just proudly tell the fans that he was in love and happy too.
“Surely it would make life easier for you both to not have to sneak around constantly,” Yoongi then tried to reason to the two of you, “living openly will be comfortable.”
You could tell by the way that Hobi shuffled in his chair that he was far from comfortable, he didn’t want to talk about things, no matter how much the others pushed.
“If you don’t go public with Y/N, maybe one of us can pretend to date her instead,” Taehyung suggested, slowly digging the group further under Hobi’s skin.
“Just leave it, will you?”
The harsh tone Hobi used to finally spoke had the group stunned, with wide eyes around the table. Whilst both of them opted to drop it, Jimin moved further forwards against the table.
“You can’t hide Y/N forever,” he scolded his best friend, “that’s not how this works you know.”
You knew that Jimin meant well, but the pressure of the cameras and the nags of the boys too quickly became too much for Hobi. His hands gripped against the end of the table, knuckles turning pink as he tried to maintain his composure.
“The fans would be happy for you,” Jungkook whispered too, taking a much calmer approach, “you underestimate how kind they are sometimes.”
“Seriously, can you guys just leave it?”
Your hand moved underneath the table, out of view, to rest against the top of Hobi’s leg, pinching gently against it to remind him to keep himself relaxed around the attention.
“It just makes no sense,” Namjoon sighed, “even for me.”
Your head shook to the boys, encouraging them to drop things too as the flashes of the cameras outside continued to disturb your view of the boys sat around you.
“All we’re trying to say is that you can’t keep this act up forever,” Yoongi sighed, “one way or another you’re going to go public eventually, so maybe it’s best to do it on your terms.”
Even though you knew that Yoongi and the rest of the boys had a point, Hobi was far from convinced. He took a few shaky breaths beside you before letting go of a groan.
As silence descended around the table, you watched on as Hobi pushed his chair back, standing up from the table. His footsteps soon headed in the direction of the toilets, somewhere he knew would finally give him some privacy.
“Y/N, we’re sorry,” Jungkook called out as you quickly stood up from the table, looking back to the boys as you heard them say your name. “We didn’t think we’d upset him.”
Your head shook back across to Jungkook, “going public is a really sensitive subject for him, I wish that I could explain it better, but it’s best to just not mention it around him from now on.”
“If you’re going to get him, then please just let him know that we’re sorry.”
You nodded at the group as you made your way to the toilets, knocking carefully against the door. There was silence from the other side, however when you let Hobi know that it was you on the other side, the door soon unlocked.
“It’s just me,” you assured him as he pulled you into the cubicle, locking the door behind you. Immediately your eyes were drawn to the red colour in Hobi’s cheeks, noticing a bit of crumpled tissue in his hand too.
“Why do I constantly feel as if I have to explain myself?” Hobi asked you, taking a seat on the floor, “I don’t want to go public because I’m scared, but somehow I’m being made to feel guilty for that decision, like I’m hurting you.”
“Whether we’re public or not, it doesn’t change a thing,” you assured, taking a seat beside him, “it’s a decision for the two of us, no one else.”
His head nodded slowly, “so why do so many people feel like they have to give their opinions? I thought the boys would support what I wanted to do.”
Your head shook back across at Hobi as his vulnerable eyes looked to you. You could tell that it was a subject that he’d bottled up for some time to himself, but now that others felt the need to get involved, Hobi didn’t know what to do.
Your hand stretched across into his lap, grabbing his hand that held tightly onto the tissue, squeezing against the top of it. “We always said we’d do what makes the two of us happy, and that will never change. What does it matter what someone else says, the boys can have their opinions, but it doesn’t mean that we have to listen to them.”
“Answer me one thing honestly,” Hobi asked of you, “are you really happy with the two of us sneaking around? Is it really what you’re comfortable doing?”
“Of course, I would say so if I felt otherwise, I promise.”
“Your opinion is the only one that matters to me,” Hobi vowed, offering you a weak smile, “I don’t know how many times I have to tell people that I don’t want for us to go public until they actually listen.”
At the frustration in his voice, you were drawn back to what Jungkook had said as you left the table, knowing that you needed to let Hobi know too.
“They said sorry,” you spoke, taking him by surprise, “when I left to come and find you, I think they realised that they made a mistake and were trying to push you too much.”
“They shouldn’t be pushing me at all,” Hobi argued, throwing his head back to look up at the ceiling, “it doesn’t involve them.”
For once, Hobi had a decision to make on his own, and it was one he wasn’t going to be influenced into making too.
“I can’t stay in here forever, as much as I want to,” he chuckled, moving his head to look back down again, “I just want to be able to enjoy our dinner, it’s stressful enough knowing that the cameras are searching outside too.”
“We’ve given them nothing to work off,” you reminded him, “they won’t have a clue that the two of us are dating.”
“And that’s how I want to make sure things stay too,” he established, “I just want the two of us to be comfortable with each other.”
“We’ll be fine, regardless of what others think.”
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hwangyeonjun · 15 hours ago
22 - dry humping
pairing: hoseok x gn!reader
warnings: smut(+18), dirty talk, dry humping
kinktober masterlist
Tumblr media
“i don’t want you to leave” you pouted, wrapping your arms tighter around hobi’s neck as you sat on his lap.
“but i have to” he gave you a small smile, softly stroking his hands down your sides.
you leaned in, kissing his lips. he immediately kissed you back and you smiled into the kiss and brushed your tongue over his bottom lip. hoseok opened his mouth slightly allowing you to deepen the kiss.
wanting to get closer to him, you tried to scoot closer to him, earning a low groan come out from his mouth when your core brushed against his already growing bulge in his pants.
pleased with yourself for only wearing an oversized shirt with a pair of panties, you grinded against his sweatpants a bit more, feeling a tingly feeling between your legs.
everything was more heated when his grip on your hips tightened and he guided pulled you down on him harsher, your breath hitching in your throat from the feeling.
you started grinding on hoseok in a rapid pace, breathing heavily against each other’s lips. your hands found it’s way to his hair, tugging in lightly at the roots, making him moan.
you pulled away from the kiss and looked down, with your mouth still open, you were gasping for air as you felt yourself getting closer.
hobi always managed to make you aroused by just looking at you in a certain way which is why it didn’t surprise you that dry humping each other would sent you over the edge.
he bucked his hips forwards, a loud moan escaping your lips before you knew. “shit, baby”
“come on, don’t stop” he encouraged you, helping you move faster as he also felt like he could cum in his pants any moment now.
“i can’t believe i’m going to cum without actual contact” you breathed out your words, leaning your forehead against his, your breathing matching with his.
“don’t worry, i will make you cum a lot more with an actual contact”
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circus-babe · 11 hours ago
Wrong Number | JH
Tumblr media
Synopsis: You thought you heard the number correctly, well what can you do now? Nothing. 
Pairing: Hoseok x reader
Warning: Mature content, Strong language
Genre: Strangers to fuckers, Smut, wrong number
Word count: 7k
a/n: This shows that I can’t write anything under 5k. I love writing and it’s so difficult to write less, either way hope you enjoy it. Let me know what you think!
“Call her and tell me what she says” Taehyung walked beside you on the cold winter night. Something about this night felt so nice except for the fact that you both are talking about college.
Your grades haven’t been the best ever since you moved to your own apartment. You've been stressed out, tired and even annoyed that you have barely even put much attention to college and your grades..
“And how do you know her?” you asked, feeling the cold air hit your face giving shivers down your spine. Even though you are wearing the biggest coat you have, you are still cold while walking the lonely streets of Seoul.
“I don’t but I heard she does tutoring and I asked her for her number so you could contact her” he turned to you with a smile.
Taehyung is your childhood best friend, the person you would tell anything to literally anything. He’s one of the kindest yet funniest people you have ever met. You love him so much and he has shown you that he does the same.
“Thank you for helping me out” you stop mid way which he does too. He gave your head a pat while he nodded.
“I’m happy to help you, after all you are my best friend” he put his hand over your shoulder. Laughing you both continue to walk over the bit of snow that was piling up on the side of the sidewalk.
Even though you are busy around the day and most of the time you don’t even have time for yourself. But you have to give tutoring a try if not you will fail the semester. And you really can’t afford that at the moment.
♡ . . . . . .
Biting your nails you walked back and forth. You were too nervous to call her yesterday and you promised you would do it the next morning and now that it’s the next day you don't want to.
“God y/n why are you so scared” you yelled at yourself while staring at the phone. Once anxiety starts building up there’s no actual way for you to stop it. It takes over you until you finally calm down.
It’s been a week ever since Taehyung gave you the number for the tutor girl and ever since then you haven’t gotten the courage to talk to her. You should talk to her but what will you say once she answers.
‘Hey my grades a fucking low, can you tutor me?’ or ‘Do you tutor?’ it sounds so fucking stupid but you haven’t come up with anything else and the fact that you have to call her is even more frustrating.
“I have an idea” you picked up your phone and quickly looked for an specific contact which wasn’t hard to find. Dialing the number you waited for the person to pick up.
“Hello bitch!”
“I’m doing good Taehyung thanks for being so sweet” you rolled your eyes while you just heard a laugh from the other line. He always finds a unique way to answer the phone.
“Glad you are doing well. What’s up?” he said in between bites of something he was eating. You know Taehyung will do you this favor. You are just nervous about actually going there.
“Well you see..I want you to do me a favor” and like expected he started to laugh making you chuckle.
“I knew you called for a reason. What can this handsome face help you on?” he chuckled at his own words which you do the same.
“Well, remember the tutor? Well, I want you to talk to her about tutoring me. I’m just too nervous to do so” you played with your fingers feeling anxious already.
“You haven’t called her!? y/n you are hilarious” he got a bite of something again and then continued.
“What do you want me to tell her?” there is the question you have been wondering yourself. You aren’t sure what to say to her. And for the silence you knew he understood.
“Well I'll come up with something then. I’ll text you when I do it” sighing you felt much more relief than you did before. What would you do without Taehyung, that’s an honest question you have now.
“Thank you so much! Love you tae”
“Love you too” he laughed and hung up the call. Feeling much better you decided to distract yourself from the whole tutoring thing and decided to make dinner.
As you were putting the vegetables in the pot you heard a notification go off from your phone. Quickly you ran towards it, picking the phone up and walking back to the kitchen.
Taehyung probably already did it which makes you feel so guilty for making him do it. You know he would do favors for you without asking anything in return but sometimes you feel bad for it even though he tells you not to. That he’s happy to help you out and you know he is, it’s just guilt that eats you up whole.
Tae: Finished! she said it was fine and that she can't wait to see you on Saturday.
Wait Saturday!? no not Saturday, it’s the only day you can have a break since you have off that day. It’s the only fucking day you don’t have work.
You: Saturday!? Taehyung you know it’s my day off
You replied while stirring the soup you were making. He must have a reason why he said Saturday, he must if not you’ll go find him in this cold weather and kill him. Not literally
Tae: Well suck it up cause it’s the only day she agreed on.
You swear you see some attitude in that sentence. But you can’t be whining about it. He did what he could and you should be grateful because you didn’t have the courage to call her. What a bitch of a person you are.
You: I see, thank you either way. I owe you this one and so much more.
You smile while putting your phone on the counter and focusing on what you were cooking. You were surprised at how it didn’t burn while you were texting him.
Hearing another notification you tap on your phone making you laugh at his reply.
Tae: Oh trust me I have every single one written down. Also send her a message asking for the address.
Turning off the stove you picked up your phone once again and looked for her contact.
“What, I don't have it. I remember putting it” you said  scrolling through your contacts. Confused you went towards the keypad of your phone.
“Was it 67 or 69?” you questioned yourself. You remember Taehyung saying 69 but you aren’t sure if he really did. Not giving much attention you put 69 and send the message asking for her address. Surprisingly you got a reply back, well obviously you had to get a reply back.
Unknown: What address?
Confused, you read the message all over again and again. Is she playing games with you? Or does she have memory lost?
You: The address of your place?
What made you confused was not getting an answer from her back which made you feel frustrated and annoyed. Does she think highly of herself because she will tutor you?
While cursing her out you got an address which made you laugh at yourself but judging too quickly, which happens a lot.
Unknown: Sorry I forgot, see you soon!
You clicked on the address which wasn’t far from your place, it was about a 15 minute walk from your place. But since it’s December and winter is around the corner you would have to drive yourself there. Usually you would walk but that always changes when winter comes around.
Putting your phone down you took out a bowl and took some soup out. With all of this you totally forgot about your food, something you never do. This is going to be a long rest of the week.
If only you had good fucking grades.
♡ . . . . . .
Feeling nervous you clicked on the 6 floor on the front entrance. You asked her at what time it would be best for you to come on saturday and surprisingly she said 6pm something you weren’t expecting. There’s no complaint on the hour however it’s just a bit weird how she would want to tutor you really late. But you can’t be judging someone that offered to help you instead you understood her decision.
Hearing the front door open makes you snap back to reality. Quickly you went over to the door entering and heading towards the elevator. Feeling even more nervous you wiped the sweat from your hands while waiting for the elevator door to open.
Was it appropriate for you to wear a skirt for just tutoring? Even thought it’s dumb to overthink over an outfit you still want to make sure you aren’t crossing any boundaries that you shouldn’t. Let’s say you decided to go out with Taehyung since you hadn’t had much time to hang out with him so you wanted to spend some time before you came here.
You don’t regret it, maybe you just wished you wore something different from what you are wearing right now. Sighing you watched the door open and you headed in, clicking the 6th floor. The door closed once again making you feel nervous. You guess that being an introvert does have it’s unpleasant things to it.
Giving the door two light knocks you waited for someone to open it or just respond. You have been standing in front of this door for a good 10 minutes. Once you got out of the elevator you walked slowly towards the door, and when you meant slowly you meant LITERALLY slowly.
And now here you are finally getting the courage to knock. Getting no answer you knocked once again. You are sure it’s room 418, checking your phone again you go through the messages and yes you were indeed right.
You gave the door two more knocks making them louder this time. Did she seriously played with you like this!? Or did she forget?
Frustrated you put your hands to your face wanting to just slap yourself for actually believing her. You were about to walk away but once you saw the door open you relaxed yourself. But the thing was there was no one there. Opening the door wider you looked around to see the moon light shining in the place. Are you about to enter a haunted apartment right now!?
Erasing those thoughts you walked slowly in making sure the door was still open if something did happen. Confused you looked around, it didn’t look like a haunted place instead it looked very neat and clean. The whole place had a nice soft smell of lavender which you found very pleasant and nice.
“Hello? Miss tur-Amy” why the hell was ‘Miss tutor girl’ an option for you to call her. Taehyung specifically told you that her name was amy.
“Amy?” you spoke up again, you decided to close the door thinking it was the worst decision ever but you need the tutoring. You continued to walk ahead feeling scared and nervous but stopped once you felt something on the floor.
“Red Flower petals?” you confusedly said watching a trail of petals on the floor lead to a sudden room that you could see open. Did you catch her at a bad timing, did she perhaps have someone over? Could she be having sex with someone? You wanted to slap yourself for saying that but you didn’t, instead you followed the pedals walking closer to a room.
Your eyes go wide, really wide. You weren’t expecting to see this not at all. But it was beautiful. There were candles on the far back of the bed, red flower petals leading to the bed which had a shape of a heart on it. You smiled widely even though they weren’t for you.
You walk closer to the room, forgetting the whole reason why you were there in the first place. “Wow” you said, feeling so happy for no reason. This is always something you would see in the movies, nothing that you would think that happens in real life.
“Glad you like it” said a soft voice that came from behind you, scared you froze up not knowing what to do. Was there someone behind you this whole time and you didn’t know!?
Footsteps could be heard more clearly now as you could tell they were making their way towards you, making you feel nervous.
Before anything could happen you turned around making him stop in mid way with wide eyes. It felt as if you were both confused about the same thing.
“Um.. are you amy?” you asked feeling really stupid because you knew that there’s no way this handsome guy could be the girl you are talking about. He slowly shaked his head, giving you a ‘no’ in return.
“Are you Violet?” he asked, and now it was your turn to deny the answer. Both of you stood there trying to figure out what was happening.
“Wait, who are you looking for?” he asked, trying to figure out the situation you both were in since you were too confused to say anything.
“I’m looking for Amy, she was supposed to be my tutor.” you said reading the messages between you and Taehyung and the one where the address was sent from. There was something really wrong but you can’t figure out how you ended up here.
“Who were you waiting for?”
“Violet my date” he shyly said while putting his hand on the back of his neck trying to hide the little red blush of his cheeks. You knew you were interrupting something that was really private, very private actually.
“I’m sorry, but who are you?” you asked which he quickly smiled at, he seemed friendly which makes you even more guilty for ruining his plans.
“I’m Hoseok, who are you?” he asked, flashing you the sweetest and brightest smile you have ever seen.
“I’m Y/n, nice to meet you” you smile while extending your hand to him which he softly took. Nodding he shocked your hand.
“I’m sorry for ruining your date, i might have gotten the wrong address” you admitted to him which he just chuckles at. He didn’t seem bothered or annoyed, instead he looked perfectly fine with you ruining his surprise.
“Don’t even worry about it. Everyone makes mistakes. But how did you get my address?” he asked, letting his curiosity run over. Pulling out your phone you showed him the messages between you and who you thought was amy.
“Is this your phone number?”
“ is.” he laughed while staring at your phone taking a look at your messages. How did he not notice the confusion you had over the text. He expected that Violet, who he thought he was texting, would know why he just sent the address.
“Looks like i was the one that sended it to you.” he laughed cheerfully not feeling bother by the whole situation instead he found it hilarious. He found it funny how you both were expecting two different things yet those two things aren’t possibly happening now.
“I’m truly sorry Hoseok, i’ll leave so you can continue your surprise” you spoke up feeling embarrassed at the whole situation you just made by going to the wrong apartment and hearing the number wrong.
“No it’s okay, you can stay. I’m sure the date was ruined for a reason” he smiled feeling positive about the situation instead. Hoseok always believed that if something went wrong with what he was doing it was because it wasn’t meant to be just like the situation right now.
“If you aren’t busy of course” he added, not trying to make you feel like you should stay if you had other things to do. He didn’t want to take your time if you truly were busy.
Once again you took out your phone from your purse and tried to find taehyung’s contact. You will just ask taehyung for her actual number and maybe you could go next time. No, it's a definitely.
You: Taehyung, there has been an issue which I can't miss. But can you send me the number and I'll text her myself.
Quickly you got a reply back with a phone number and a smirking emoji that made you laugh without you noticing.
Tae: What could be so important than your grades? Well you getting railed
Your eyes widened at his text which you found so annoying on Taehyung's part. He always thinks that just because you cancel a plan it means you are getting fucked.
You: Shut up, no I'll explain later.
Putting your phone back on your purse you looked up at Hoseok who was waiting for your reply to his invitation.
“Sure i would love to stay” you chuckled which wasn’t supposed to be a chuckle but the sudden situation kept spinning around your head.
“Great, come this way. Would you like some water, coffee, tea?” he asked, walking towards what looked like his kitchen.
He had all his lights off which now makes sense on why he did that. You wonder what would’ve happened if you didn’t get the room number and Hoseok would be with his date. Realization hits you like lighting, you saw what he was planning on doing yet you are still questioning it.
“Some coffee would be nice” you smile while he turned the kitchen lights on and now there is a light shining a bottle of wine in the center of the counter. Quickly he takes it off acting as if you didn’t see it to begin with.
“Two coffees coming right up” he smiled as he started to heat up the coffee machine and took out the instant coffee from the counter.
This was never something you were expecting. You weren’t expecting for any of this to happen today. Not that you ever expected for this to ever happen, next time you will pay close attention to Taehyung when he tells you a number.
“I assume you were texting your boyfriend, right?” he suddenly asked, breaking the silence that you both had. Confused, you looked at him waiting for him to expand his thoughts.
“The person you were texting earlier” he added while pouring coffee on a white simple mug. The person you were texting earlier? Is he referring to taehyung?
“Eh no, he’s my best friend” you smiled. “Why?” you quickly added which he finally turned to you.
“Just asking, so if you did have one there would not be any misunderstandings” he smiled while walking closer to you with the mug of coffee. He handed it to you, while you placed it on the wooden coffee table.
He carefully sat on the couch giving you and him some space so you wouldn’t feel creeped out or uncomfortable.
“So about your date, I assume it wasn’t the first one, correct?” now it was your turn to flip the coin on him which got him off guard just like he did with you.
“Well yes, but it’s the last” he chuckled as he took a sip from the mug. How so? If they were about to fuck you are sure they were talking serious business. Like you wouldn’t have sex with someone you are not comfortable with.
“Weren’t you both-” you quickly cut off that thought you were going to say, you need to learn to keep your curiosity in.
“Yeah you can say it, we were about to have sex” he laughed almost as if those words were not even meaningful to him. Did he not want to have sex with her?
“Well yeah. I was just wondering how it would be your last if you know you were going to have sex” you said without feeling embarressed. Talking to Hoseok felt comforting for some reason, it’s almost as if he was your best friend or just someone close to you.
“It sounds crazy, I know. But it wasn’t something I was looking forward to” he quietly said, averting his eyes to the mug and just the mug. Something about the way he said it made it seemed as if he was forced to.
“Sex comes when two people are comfortable. When both are ready, but I wasn't ready to do it with her.” he added while you just stared at him with sadness in your eyes. You always thought of sex as a love language. A meaning that defines that both partners are ready for the next step in their relationship.
“Was it that you weren’t ready or that you weren’t comfortable enough to have sexual activities with her?” you asked which he turned to you with more of a thoughtful face than the smile he had earlier.
“It’s not that i haven’t fuck with anyone cause i would be lying if i said i didn’t. But she was going to use me for sex. And I wanted to make the experience at least worth it for her and me. But I knew it wouldn’t matter either way” he laughed while looking away, which seemed like more of a sad laugh than a happy one. You still wonder on why he would take such a risk of having sex with her even though he didn’t want to.
“You may wonder why I would do it. I don’t even know myself.” he looked back at you, meeting your eyes. He smiled, a genuine smile that he was holding back but came out anyway.
“Thank you..”
“For what?”
“For saving me from her” he laughed out loud making you laugh along with him. After something that didn’t need to be cleared up was cleared up you both continued talking like normal.
You both shared things about each other's life making the atmosphere more of a relaxing place and calming. You actually found out a lot about him, like, he loves to cook even though he isn’t that good at it. He works as a barista at the local cafe which you wanted to go to but had no time to do so. He also shared that he’s in his third year of college just like you are.
And like he shared things about himself you also shared things about yourself like your hobbies, the love for cooking, how lazy you are which now thinking about it should’ve stayed a secret.
“Would you look at that, it’s 1am” you said, unlocking your phone, seeing a bunch of text from Taehyung and your mother. While you both kept on talking and talking you never realized for how long you both were actually talking for.
“I have to go” you said standing up from the couch while putting the cold mug that you've been holding in your hand this time down. He stood up seconds after nodding at you.
“Are you sure? you can stay. It's very late. I can drop you at your home tomorrow” he offered you with a smile. He was right it was pretty late for you to be going back by yourself, and you do get scared when it comes to going alone. Usually Taehyung would be the one leaving you everyday at the entrance because he wanted to make sure you were safe and now you got used to that.
“Well..” you hesitated on answering. It’s not that you don’t trust him, actually it’s pretty surprising how you trust him so much with just a few hours of meeting him. But you were scared that the girl he was talking about could show up.
“Violet won’t come if that’s what you are worried about” he chuckled knowing he just read your mind by the face you made.
You laugh at your own thoughts making you feel stupid for even thinking that. It’s not like you are the side chick or something. They aren’t even dating for you to be worried about that.
“Okay then if you don’t mind”
“Of course I don't. Come i’ll show you where you will stay” he said walking ahead of you as you followed behind him. And for the direction he was walking you knew exactly which room he meant, not that you were complaining.
“I only have one room and I want you to have the bed instead” he said walking over to a black dresser on the side. You walked in analyzing the room a bit more this time. He had a very good combination of black and grey in his room. The decoration split between the two colors which made the room more comfortable. The two big lamps on either side of the bed frame made the room vibe more of a mystery which you love.
“Here” he handed you a grey T-shirt and black sweatpants which you assume are his. Smiling, you took the clothes from his hand.
“Thank you” you told him as he went back to the dresser to get another pair of clothes that were definitely for him. He came back with a different set of clothes which were all grey.
“Don’t even mention it” he smiled as he walked towards the door and walked out. “You can change here” he peeked through the door, nodding you smile as he walked out again.
Well now you definitely weren’t expecting to stay here and sleep over at his place. But either way you felt tired so might as well just take his kind offer and stay. It’s not like anything is going to happen.
You started by taking your skirt on, putting the sweatpants on slowly which are way bigger than yours but you like them. Lifting up your shirt you took it off as you were trying to find the opening to his shirt.
“Y/n are you hungry- oh my god” he said quickly covering his eyes so he wouldn’t see you. Surprised you looked at him feeling the cold breeze hit your skin making goosebumps all over your body. You quickly put the shirt on feeling embarrassed at the sudden situation.
“I’m sorry i didn’t see a-anything, w-well i did but I w-will u-unsee it” he stuttered in his words while keeping his hands on his face. You couldn’t help but feel shy at imagining him seeing your uncovered chest. You did have a bra, but that’s still your body being exposed.
“I’m sorry” he said once again making you feel even more shy. “I just thought you were done.” he added quickly, trying to apologize. And he probably did because he was already done changing with his clothes.
You walked closer to him trying to tell him that it was okay. That it wasn’t much of a big deal as he was making it. But while standing in front of him he took his hands off his face hitting your face in the process.
“Ouch” you said laughing through the pain which now made him even more guiltier. You covered your face with your hand trying to massage the pain.
“I’m sorry” he said once again trying to check your face which you slowly let him do. He put his thumb on your cheek softly, trying to ease the pain he just caused. Looking into your eyes he grabbed your face with his hand caressing this thumb on the same cheek.
“I’m sorry again” he quietly said, keeping his eyes with yours. Something about what was happening felt weird but you couldn’t stop looking into his eyes. It felt as if you could get lost in them without you even complaining.
You both continue to stare at each other without saying a word. You could say it was quiet but both of your eyes were having a whole conversation making the next step predictable.
He slowly leaned in making both his lips connect with yours. You slowly accept the kiss, making the kissing process slowly and calmly. The way his lips were blending in with yours felt so perfect, almost too unrealistic. You didn’t want to stop, you didn’t want to leave the feeling of his lips. The soft feeling of his lips against yours. There’s nothing that you would rather be doing than kissing him.
Slowly you both started running out of breath which made you both stop the kiss you didn’t want to let go. And like before you both stared at each other, heavy breathing thinking of all kinds of thoughts. And once you both had enough oxygen the kiss continued.
You started to slowly walk backwards making your legs touch the bed as you fell in the bed in the process. He leaned closer to you watching you lay on his bed.
“We won’t do this unless you are comfortable enough to do so” he softly said smiling at you with the most pure smile. It’s true you could’ve left once you realized that it was 1 am but the feeling he was giving you made you stay. The feeling of comfort he gave you made you stay, not that it was night time. And you would be lying if you said you didn’t want this.
“I do. I do want this” you smile at him confidently. “Are you sure?” he asked again just to make sure you were completely sure about your decision.
“I’m sure” you touch his face with your hand which was enough for him to press his lips back with yours.
The kiss was different, it was rougher and needier than the first time. Much faster and much more tongue technology. Something about his lips made you want to have more, taste them until you got tired which will never happen.
While keeping his lips with yours he started to slowly move his hand under the T-shirt, he gave you smirk once he found what he was looking for. Surprised you opened your eyes, feeling his hand in your boob. Carefully he pulled away from the kiss as he stood up watching you lay on his bed.
Something about the way you made him feel was making him want more, it was driving him insane. Just a simple kiss was already making him hard, something that was rare for him to experience since it takes a long time for that to happen.  
Quickly he started to remove his shirt making you gulp as you watched him, without taking your eyes off him. You could tell he works out by the way his abs are forming and the muscle he has on his arms, something so simple as him working out is making you even more turned on. Hoseok is just so hot in every single way.
While he was taking his sweatpants off you decided to take your clothes off not trying to stay behind from something you want to do.
“You are driving me crazy” he spoke up, biting his lip as he watched you laying in his bed once again. For some reason he couldn’t resist the thought of having you. You made him feel some type of way, a way he hasn’t felt before. And tonight he will surely show you that.
Kneeling down he pulled your body closer to the edge of the bed, trying to get a good form for what he is about to do. Feeling nervous you waited for something to happen but once you felt his fingers in the fabric of your panty you gasped. You weren’t expecting that but you aren’t complaining.
Circling his fingers he watched all the kinds of expressions you were starting to make, it made him feel even more motivated to continue.
Without giving you a warning he started to remove your panties at a quick speed making you jump from surprise. And without wasting time he leaned closer to your entrance, giving your clit a soft kiss that made goosebumps go through your whole body.
He continued to kiss your clit making you close your eyes shut, you weren’t going to start moaning that soon. He would see the lack of sex you truly have which is not embarressing but for you it kinda is.
From kisses he turns to licks. Slowly he licked up and down your pussy making the urge of moaning irresistible. The way his tongue was guiding you to your orgasm felt so good to the point you let moans come out of your mouth making him satisfied.
“You like that, huh?” he asked, watching the way you were gripping to his sheets for dear life, he knew that it was driving you crazy. He loved the way you were becoming more vocal and exposed to how much you were liking it.
“I do, i really do” you said in between your moans, as his pace quickened up making your moans louder this time. He was driving you to the edge, you were a mess but you were enjoying the fuck out of this.
“Hoseok” you yelled, making him smirk. “Yeah” he quickly answered, waiting for you to respond but you were too lost in your own pleasure to answer him.
You felt yourself coming closer and closer by the second making you hold his head down which surprised him and you. At this point your body had a mind of its own.
“I’m going to cum” you let his head go feeling energetic and ready to become even more of a mess in front of him, but Hoseok had different plans. He knew you were going to cum at any second making him stop his process while he stood up.
Confused, you watch his smirk on his face as you felt frustrated. You were right there, right fucking there. “Hoseok-”
“You are cumming in my cock” he cut you off as he took his boxers off quickly. You watched his already hardened cock pop out making you feel even more excited.
You want him in you, you want to feel him. It’s all you have been thinking about ever since the kiss started. The dirty thought you had while kissing his lips, the feeling in your stomach imagining him inside you. Everything felt so right and you know you won’t regret this. And for today good luck is on your side.
“Ready?” he asked, snapping you out of your thoughts, and while you were deep in thought he proceeded to have a condom in his cock already. You watch as he smiled at you with a pure innocent smile, nothing to do with what you are both about to do.
“Yes” you confidently said feeling even more excited. “Are you sure?” he asked, wanting to double check if you were sure. Even though he was hard and ready if you told him that you weren’t ready he would stop. He wasn’t going to do something you weren’t comfortable with.
“Yes i’m sure” you assured him with a smile which he nods and proceeds with the action. Grabbing his cock he softly hit your clit making you gasp.
“Oh you like that” he said in amusement, giving your clit a few more soft hits watching you gasp every time. You were feeling even more wet than before, he was playing with you but you just wanted him inside you.
“Look at you all wet and just for me” he smiled, poking your entrance with his tip, pulling it in just a bit just to pull it out once again. He wanted to hear it from you, he wanted to hear those magical words from you. And he wasn’t going to stop until he heard them.
“Hoseok” you begged him, you were becoming desperate by the second. You wanted to feel him but he was making it impossible. He wanted to make you suffer and he was aiming for it.
“Just say it” he smirked watching your desperation grow but he wasn’t going to stop until he heard it from you.
Frustration was mixing with desperation. He was challenging you but you were weak for him so you gave him what he wanted.
“Hoseok fuck me” you yelled out making him smile widely. Those word was all he was aiming to hear, the words that were going to be the last normal thing to be said before fucking.
Keeping eye contact he smiled at you not giving you enough time to process what he was doing, slowly he shoved his cock inside you making him groan at your tightness.
“It’s okay” he assured you, wanting for you to calm down. He made you feel so full, so perfectly full of him. You wanted him to move, to start fucking the life out of you.
“You can move now” you spoke up which he immediately listened to and started to move slowly. He wanted to keep a slow pace until you were comfortable enough for him to quicken his speed and movements.
In and out he started moving, making you grip to the sheets once again, his movements were slow but they hit the spot just right. You smiled at him giving him a signal that it was okay to move faster, he immediately understood making his movements much quicker this time.
He started to thrust in and out of you making moans escape your mouth as he groaned in pleasure. You wanted this and you don’t regret it at all, this is exactly what you imagined he would feel inside you. Making you want more and more each second, driving you crazily to the edge every time he thrusted into you. You wanted more, you wanted to cum all over him, you wanted to become a mess just for him. And you are sure this won’t be the last time you both fuck, there will be more incounters just like this.
“Hoseok” you moaned out which he responded by holding your waist to keep you in place with all the movement. He kept you steady making his movements deeper this time while all you could do was roll your eyes back.
“Fuck you feel so good” he groaned keeping his hand to your waste watching every expression you made once he thrusted in and out.
He has never felt this type of way just when meeting a person. He hasn’t fucked a person with just a few hours of meeting them but for some reason it was different with you. Something about you made him go crazy, something about you made him want more and more. He felt so attracted to you, but of course he knew why.
You are beautiful inside and out with such an amazing personality, how would a person not fall for you right there and then. He knew he felt something for you, almost like love at first sight. Something he never believed in.
“Hoseok i’m going to cum” you grip his hand tightly feeling your orgasm coming closer and closer as he went on.
“Cum for me baby” he smiled, making you feel butterflies with the pet name. He knows how to bring you closer to the edge.
Keeping his hand on your waist he thrusted even faster than before knowing you and him would be reaching each other's organism soon. He wanted to make you feel good, he wanted for you to enjoy it and for the way you were begging for more gave him enough signs that you liked it.
“Fuck” you yelled out cumming hard all over him heavy breathing as you shut your eyes closed feeling him still moving inside you.
“Fuck i’m right there” he said while thrusting to your orgasm which wasn’t for long because minutes after he released all his cum on the condom.
“Holy shit” he said while throwing his head back while still being inside you. That was the first time you have ever cum that hard, not even your past boyfriend has made you cum this way. There wasn’t a sex when you truly enjoyed it like this one.
“Indeed holy shit” you chuckled, feeling sweat all over you which grossed you out. Meeting your eyes he pulled out the condom and threw it away. Quickly he laid next to you, pulling you into a hug.
“Hoseok i’m sweaty” you exclaimed feeling all the sweat probably go to him which he just laughed at you. He kissed your forehead and rested his chin on your head.
“It doesn’t matter” he smiled while closing his eyes. He wanted to hug you all night and nothing was going to stop him from that. He wanted to be close to you, he wanted to be by your side.
“This was a nice way for us to meet each other don’t you think?” you laughed which he also laughed at. It was weird how you both felt so comfortable with each other with just hours of meeting. Too comfortable to the point you both fucked.
You don’t regret it or think badly about it, instead you actually feel happy and thankful about it. It sounds really weird but it was true. This night will be one to remember, a night you know damn well it won’t be easy to ever forget.
“I like that idea” he admitted as you softly hit his chest which he chuckled at. Pulling a blanket he covered you and him in it and once you both touched the blanket sleep was all that you both had in mind.
♡ . . . . . .
“Isn’t that him?” Taehyung asked, looking over to the figure that was coming closer and closer towards the both of you.
It was exam try outs and you were just as nervous as the person that was coming closer. After all that happened you still decided to get the tutoring which has saved you from feeling the semesters and actually graduating college, and you are so thankful for Amy for that. You passed this exam, you were just waiting to see his results.
“It is.” you smiled quickly. “Over here” you yelled as the person rushed over to you and taehyung. Smiling, he gave you a kiss on the lips, which gave you butterflies everytime.
“So how did it go?” you asked hoping he had good news. You knew the fear of not knowing what your score was or if you would get rejected. It was understandable how nervous he felt.
“I didn’t pass it, i was rejected” he quietly said, making you turn to Taehyung who was already looking at you with a surprised face. Well those weren’t the news you were expecting at all, just what happened.
“Oh Hoseok-”
“Because I passed them with a higher position than I expected.” he yelled out, making you hit his shoulder for scaring you like that. Pulling him into a hug you smiled proudly and happily for him, you know that exam was extremely hard.
He was having some issues and you know that it was taking 75% of his mind and you were worried he wouldn’t pass it. But like the smart person he is, he did.
“Are you proud of me?” he asked, meeting your eyes, as he had a soft look in them making you nod with a smile.
“Of course I am” you yelled, making him laugh as he leaned to give you a kiss. You laugh in the kiss making him laugh with you.
Ever since that one night you and Hoseok have been dating which was 3 years ago and now you both will be working under the same company that required you to do an exam. You never imagined that was how you were going to meet the love of your life. Never in a million years would you have thought that was going to be the way you would fall in love with him.
Hoseok is the sweetest and kindest person you have ever met besides Taehyung. You fall in love with him every single day. There’s always something that makes you fall deeply in love with him once again. Everytime you both kiss it still feels like the first time you had your first kiss. You don’t know what your life would be now if you’ve never gotten the wrong number.
“You guys make love cute” Taehyung said watching as the both of you looked at each other with love. A love that any person could see you both had.
“Wait, how did you guys meet?” Taehyung asked, crossing his arms as you and Hoseok both got surprised. You still haven’t told Taehyung how you met Hoseok. There was no actual nice way you would have explained it.
Now how the fuck will you explain to him that you both fucked the first time you meet but that you enjoyed it to the point that you had more dates and more of actual fucking? Or when your future kids ask how you both met?
That will be one funny story to explain to everyone who ask on how you both meet, expect you will definitely skip the having sex part.
“Wrong Number?” you shrug making Hoseok laugh while Taehyung confusedly stared at you trying not to ask what that even meant.
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PTD On Stage | DOPE - J-Hope & SUGA's verse.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Five years, eight months, 12 days and counting - that's how long Seokjin Kim has been devising the biggest heist of his life. Together with his partner-in-crime Yoongi, they recruit a crew including counterfeiter Hoseok, suburban father Namjoon, hacker JK, and fashion designer Taehyung Kim. Their target - a necklace worth more than $150 million off the neck of Hollywood's darling Jimin Park.
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Tumblr media
what does it feel like to be the prettiest person ever?
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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“This is the end of the journey. We have many mixed feelings here. Our first march started out with a very small dream of 7 little boys. Instead of a glamorous path we had to walk on a path we believed in. Along the way, we met many people that were like us. Our journey is headed to a small path along with you. Anyone can join us.  Music is our language and dream is our map. Each of us holding flags with different colors, singing different tales in different languages, we will march together until the end of time. BTS is not just a story of 7 people. It’s a story of you, me and everyone.” - Kim Namjoon
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210921 BTS' Tweet
Good morning~~~~
Trans cr; Aditi @ bts-trans © TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDITS
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