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#jack antonoff
chickawah23 · 2 hours ago
Just posting because I’ve had it for awhile
here’s Jack with a little flower power and Austin (the birthday boy) behind him
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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peakatseven · 17 hours ago
.............. i did a thing anf i really like it :)
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swiftnews · 17 hours ago
hey jack, if you’re reading this. you don’t have to hold taylor hostage anymore. find the key and release her from the studio right now sir. she needs to sleep or something. idk. but my heart can only take so much sir 🤚🏼
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its-tortle · a day ago
i feel like we as a society don't stan jack antonoff enough
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mirrorballpanda · a day ago
Imagine if Jack Antonoff and Olivia Rodrigo worked on a song together... We aren't ready.
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Lesson 12
Tumblr media
I learnt that starting over isn’t so bad and in fact it is often a necessary part of life. Growing up in a small coastal town, I’d always fantasised about moving to a big city to start over, reinventing myself as someone new, different, better. Throwing away all the things I didn’t like about myself and building a brand new me. As I got older, I realised that that’s not exactly how life works. Starting over for me, has come in the form of moving to new cities and returning home; beginning new jobs and missing out on ones I wanted; building new relationships and also falling apart. I’ve learnt through these changes that a growth mindset and an astute knowledge of who you are and what you stand for is important in stepping into any new beginning.
When it comes to loss, one thing that I’ve been able to shift my mindset towards more effectively is the thought that something better is on its way. Glennon Doyle discusses in her book ‘Untamed’ that ‘If we are truly alive, we are constantly losing who we just were, what we just built, what we just believed, what we just knew to be true.’ Some may find that to be quite depressing, however, she goes on to say, ‘What I lose is always what is no longer true enough so that I can take full hold of what is.’ This is the sentiment that I have now adopted. When things fall apart and end, it’s for the reason that I am being prepared for something new, something more aligned with my purpose, passion and values. Starting over can at times be quiet daunting, but it’s an opportunity to take back the reigns that may have slipped from your hands either consciously or subconsciously.
Jack Antonoff spoke in ‘folklore: the long ponds session’ about the two choices we have when faced with starting over. He said, “In our dismantling of all our systems of life that we’ve known in the pandemic, we’re left with two options. Either cling to it and make it work or just say “Ok, I guess I’m gonna turn a new path and get a frontier mentality.” Everything’s a blur, so I’m just going to re-write it.”
In recent times, the covid-19 global pandemic has been the greatest experience for us all. It has forced us to suspend plans and re-assess our own new beginnings. However, starting over doesn’t necessarily have to be after some big dramatic life event. As Rumi writes in his poem ‘The Guest House,’ each new day is an opportunity to welcome something new, unexpected and exciting into our lives.
This being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival.
A joy, a depression, a meanness, some momentary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor.
Welcome and entertain them all!
In her memoir, More Myself: A Journey, Alicia Keys talks about learning to embrace the uncertainty of life and how for all of us, life is never still. There’s shifts all the time that allow us to grow.
“Nothing but uncertainty is certain. Circumstances come together, only to fall apart moments or months later. And then, in a flash, we must rise up again and regain our footing. In the rear-view mirror, I now see so clearly what escaped me then: It’s not that the ground underneath me was suddenly shifting; it’s that it is never still. That’s the part of the work of my journey — getting comfortable with life’s groundlessness.”
@taylorswift, in ‘folklore: the long ponds session’ discusses embracing the uncertainty of life and how this can be a positive thing.
“There’s something about the complete and total uncertainty about life that causes endless anxiety, but there’s another part that causes a release of all the pressures that you used to feel. If we’re going to have to recalibrate everything, we should start with what we love the most first.”
I’ve learnt that in moments of destruction, keeping what I love at the forefront is most important when the process of construction begins. If you outgrow one space and you’re moving onto the next, it’s better to start with building those foundations back up with the things you love and believe in, which will give you a greater opportunity to grow into that new truth that is awaiting you.
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popstarryeyed · a day ago
red hearse - red hearse
"i'll dive in it, headfirst / i'll die riding in a red hearse"
(the way this somehow rhymes in context is *chef's kiss*)
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Taylor swift albums I'm excited for in order based off the vault songs
debut - I desperately want to see which unofficially released songs she chose to officially record & I'm reallllly hoping one of them is I'd lie
1989 - bop after bop after bop. I bet the vault songs have even more!
reputation - are there more love songs? more “fuck you” songs? I want them now now now
red - you know how shook we all were when babe came out & we got the missing puzzle piece about Jake; that he cheated? yeah, I wonder if there are more. also, Taylor knows how bad we want all too well pt. 2 I HOPE SHE GIVES IT TO US!!!!
speak now - as a TEENAGER she wrote that ENTIRE ALBUM ALL BY HERSELF!! and every. single. song. is a masterpiece. I want more!!
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confessionalists · 2 days ago
every saturday i’m just like. take the sadness out of saturday night !
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widerthandistance · 2 days ago
so last night i had the best/worst/weirdest dream
#basically it started out where there was this game where you had to untie strings#and whoever untied the strings and separated the white one from the rest of them got to meet taylor#there were multiple white strings btw#so anyway i untied one and then i saw another one and gave it to my sister#so then we were both set to meet taylor#i remember they had this sort of paper thing with a code to get in#and halfway through going through security i realized it said “jack antonoff” but scrambled#anyway so i was supposed to meet taylor first#and i did but it ended really really quickly#i remember andrea was there too#ok so i finish meeting her and then for some reason i stay there and at some moment in time jack appears and the room becomes a studio#so jack and taylor are just messing around in the studio and i’m watching bc it’s low key fascinating#and then i run and grab my sister bc she should see this too#oh btw jack and taylor aren’t their usual selves#they’re like.....more cold in a way#like less friendly#anyway do jayna and i are watching and then jack plays that unreleased b3 song he teased from his ig live#and i freak out but he ignores me bc he’s kind of mean in this dream :(#and then the studio floods but no one notices???#and then jack and taylor leave#and my sister and i end up driving to this huge grocery store#wait i forgot that on the way to the grocery store my sister speed in the direction of some fancy restaurant and slowed down right before#and ended up crashing into this concrete barrier#idk why#and after that we end up in this place where if you find a special fish candy out of all the other fish candies#you win the opportunity to be a vip member at the seoul olympics#and somehow for my sister and i this ended up meaning that we would have the chance to meet bts??#so obvs we tried very hard to find the special fish and we both did#but i think there were some more tests you had to go through to secure a spot as vip#and idk what happened after that bc i woke up :/
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folklore-4-evermore · 2 days ago
I’m genuinely curious if people still believe the trilogy album theory. Woodvale? Do y’all still see it as a possibility? Are you 100% sure it’s happening and soon? Or have you completely given up on that theory? Please reply to this what you think. It could be a simple yes I believe it’s happening or a no. I’m just curious because I’m right on the cusp of being like that’s definitely not happening, and also feeling like there’s no way there is not a third album just look at all the threes!
Tumblr media
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tsmadwomanfolk · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I found this in my drafts🥺🥺🥺
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michalalovestaylor13 · 3 days ago
my holy trinity from each album
- our song
- Tim mcgraw
- Mary’s song (oh my my my)
- love story (tv)
- the way I loved you (tv)
- fearless (tv)
speak now
- enchanted
- last kiss
- sparks fly
- begin again
- all too well
- holy ground
- wildest dreams
- blank space
- out of the woods
- getaway car
- this is why we can’t have nice things
- I did something bad
- cruel summer
- paper rings
- lover
- Betty
- august
- peace
- champagne problems
- ivy
- cowboy like me
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michalalovestaylor13 · 3 days ago
I love how the lakes and right where you left me are both about staying somewhere forever but right where you left me is like “help, I can’t get out of here, I can’t move” and the lakes is like “wow I love this place, it’s so peaceful, I think I'm gonna plant myself here along with the wisteria & never leave”
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michalalovestaylor13 · 3 days ago
imagine a music video to the folklore trilogy but taylor does the same thing in the you belong with me mv where she has blonde hair to play betty & brown hair to be august
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michalalovestaylor13 · 3 days ago
rerecordings i'm looking forward to in order from most excited to less excited (but still very excited, don't get it twisted)
- 1989
- red
- speak now
- debut
- reputation
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