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#jack black bowser
gelbraddy · a month ago
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Edit: Okay, I get it, I see your point. Charlie Day can stay too. And maybe Seth Rogan. The entire time I thought Seth Rogan was Seth MacFarlane. Forgive me.
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figsnstripes · 23 days ago
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This might be the only time I’ve drawn Bowsette or Jack Black
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The mario movie cast has only just been announced
So now I wait patiently for the inevitable "The Mario movie but it's just Jack Black as Bowser" videos and I'll watch thoes instead
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sir-buh · 29 days ago
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bargainbincringe · 26 days ago
Nobodies talking about how Jack black would so kill it as bowser and that upsets me
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osomatsukin · a month ago
at this point i’m very convinced jack black is just snapping up video game movie roles like thanos snaps up infinity stones to use them as leverage for an undertale movie where he gets to play sans undertale
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Idea for the Mario Movie
While everyone else is animated, Bowser is just live action Jack Black in a Bowser Onesie. 
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