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#jack facts
calico-fiction · a day ago
headcanon that richie actually can't write stand up material about eddie because he can't make it through any joke or anecdote without getting the giggles or interrupting himself to stutter semi-coherently about how in love he is
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jackarychaoti · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Jackary Chaotini -
1 ounce midori
1 ounce vodka
1 ounce lemon juice or lemonade
1/4-1/2 ounce simple syrup to taste
Maraschino Cherries for garnish
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Make it here!
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annettedarci56383377 · 2 months ago
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everchased · a year ago
cherry, kiss, cuddles? (feel free to disregard one or two if tmi. 💜)
what is your sexuality?
i’m pan!
have you ever kissed a friend?
yes, i love kissing my friends oh my god. like on the cheek or hand or whatever but also on the mouf. i heavily endorse that shit if ur friends are comfortable with it.
do you have any pets?
i do. i have two cats, named Turkey and Pumpkin, a bearded dragon named The Dread Pirate Roberts, a crested gecko named Chai Latte, a gopher snake named Cheeto, a ball python named Indiana Jones, and a blue-tongued skink named Dog Food.
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sylviasiouxie19423848 · 2 months ago
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calico-fiction · 3 hours ago
Eddie and Richie shotgunning. Shotgunning bc Eddie refuses to actually smoke for himself. And it turns out to be their first kiss. <3
thank you Milo
eddie is complaining that he wants to try the drug but he doesn't want to smoke because of, like, throat cancer or whatever and he's going on and on about how it's not fair that everybody gets to do it but him just because he has a self preservation instinct and-
and so richie says "eat this!" and tugs on his shirt to pill him in close enough to exhale into his face, and eddie sucks in a huge breath to start chewing him out but chokes instead, and richie laughs and says, "see? it works!"
"it's still smoke, dipshit," eddie insists, but then shyly asks for richie to do it again "for real this time". in his mind the rationalization, ready to be deployed the moment he's questioned, is that this way the smoke isn't hot anymore so it's less dangerous.
richie, internally: AAAAAAAAAAHHHH-
richie, externally: "wow, that's exactly what your mom said to me last night" and he uses the brief moment that eddie spends telling him he's not funny to take another hit. he turns to eddie and hesitates, holding it in. so this time eddies the one to pull richie close by the front of his shirt, and they tilt their heads and eddie opens his mouth and richie blows a steady steam of smoke down his throat. eddie closes his eyes because if he looks too long at richie that close he'll kiss him. richie keeps his eyes open because if he closes them he'll forget what this isn't and kiss him.
it could have been stan, or bev, or bill. whichever one was closest behind eddie. whoever it was, they just give eddie the slightest little shove, enough to push him forward but not so much that they can't say it's a mystery what happened - maybe it was an accident and nobody saw it happen, maybe eddie tripped, maybe it was the wind, who can possibly say?
but eddie is already unbalanced, standing on his toes to get his mouth even with richie's, and they're not even an inch apart anyway, so he falls right into richie's arms and into his mouth.
all the rest of the smoke richie was holding in rushes into eddies mouth at once, a little leaking out the seams of their lips and making it look like their touch on each other is sending up steam.
eddie coughs again but he doesn't pull back. he doesn't have his balance back yet, that's the excuse. he's disoriented is all, and- and definitely high too, now, for sure, yep.
and richie slams his eyes shut so he can forget, forget for just a moment and hold eddie and kiss him - even if it's only, technically, kind of a kiss.
anyway, eddie turns out to be a complete lightweight and tells richie - twenty minutes later - that he's a really good kisser.
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jackarychaoti · 4 months ago
What is something your character does only when they're alone?
Tumblr media
(He sings and composes songs that never rarely ever make it to the people they're dedicated to! When he's alone, he will get so lost in music that I'm pretty sure Cay and Saeil can hear him from a few doors down. Not that they would likely tell him because they're too nice to ask him to stop. He's really gotten pretty good but shies away from serenading the written songs because he has a crippling fear of rejection and doesn't think he's all that great when he truly can hold a note, like some folks got to see at Howling Owl one night. This, of course, is different than when he sings along on stage because that's not his heart on full display, that's his stage presence.)
Thank you @the-purple-elf !
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carnations-and-violets · 8 months ago
url & icon change! (previously wlwcanary)
i am going to consolidate my three queer sideblogs into one, using this one as the one that lives on! i changed the url to reflect that a little bit. just letting everyone know what’s going on and why it won’t be solely wlw on this blog anymore, but queer folks of all kinds! ♥
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everchased · a year ago
sapphos (fav poet) for the ask meme?
...................,,,,,,,,,,,,,, so. you remember in mag 165 when jon said he really wasn’t a poetry person, and used to think it was a waste of time when prose are Right There? so, yeah that.
i definitely don’t hate poetry, and actually enjoy spoken poetry, but it’s harder for me to read so i don’t spend enough time with it to have a fav poet. 😔
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calico-fiction · a month ago
au where richie and eddie find each other and get married during the 27 years
richie: aw babe, you had a crush on me? that’s so embarrassing
eddie: god i fucking know
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calico-fiction · 9 months ago
the fact that crowley wasn’t allowed to retire immediately after literally inventing human sin and just keeps getting commendations that don’t actually do anything for him is a perfect illustration of how capitalist structure takes advantage of proletariat labor. in this essay i will
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calico-fiction · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Doodle homages to Keith Haring in my bullet journal. Pride month 2021.
[Tiered rewards on my Patreon include monthly postcards of art like this. Pledge here.]
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calico-fiction · 5 months ago
must there be a canon? is it not enough to simply experience the media as i would have made it myself?
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calico-fiction · 5 months ago
if stan was at the reunion when bev said there’s no way richie’s married before richie could make the eddie’s mom joke, stan would have said “well it was only legalized this year, so” and everyone would have to sit there like floating-equations.jpg trying to work out if he’s roasting richie or defending him
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calico-fiction · 6 months ago
okay. headcanon that eddie’s mom never gave him an allowance so that if he ever needed money he would have to come back home to get it, and then she would have opportunity to make him stay instead.
richie’s parents give him more money than he could need so that they don’t have to worry about it when he’s out and about. and richie is in a position as a kid where he can’t really express his love any other way but through gifts or acts of service, and even that is kind of pushing the envelope.
at first, after Realizing™ richie gives himself, like, a quota of Nice Things that he’s allowed to give to or do for eddie per week or per day. but it’s really, really hard not to go over, and it sucks to go under and not know if eddie notices and is wondering why (which of course he isn’t, and richie knows he isn’t, but it still sucks).
so finally richie makes something up about how he keeps spending his money willy nilly and then he’s out of it when he actually wants something, and asks eddie to hold it for him and help him decide how to spend it. and eddie is like of course, i am the most responsible of literally everyone you know, this makes perfect sense.
and in effect it ends up just being eddie spending richie’s money for him on whatever eddie wants, because eddie is a kid and that’s how kids spend money no matter how responsible they think they are (circumstances allowing), which is exactly how richie intended it because now he doesn’t have to keep track of how much he’s given eddie. there’s a built in excuse, and eddie is making the decision, so it’s shame-free and no one will figure him out this way, and eddie still gets whatever he wants.
and that’s why eddie bought two ice cream cones while richie was fucking around with some guy’s tuba.
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