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My redesign of Flynn Fenton. I’m just making a completely new post for this because I went back and fixed the colors on his design, and also did a redesign of Misery Vex that I wanted to add. I also have a lot more backstory that I changed, I’ll add that underneath the keep reading thing.


I changed the color of her skin from purple to grey, because looking at the ghosts in the show their skin is usually either gray, green, blue or somewhere in between. I ended up just adding the purple to her cape instead. She was going to have more of a spider based design but it ended up just making the whole thing too busy. Her hair is meant to have a sort of spider web like shape, but I don’t know if it’s easy to tell that’s what it is. I’m not really too happy with how her design ended up but eh. Danny is there for scale.


Here is Flynn in a jumpsuit, I just wanted to draw him in one, also slightly different hairstyle. Maybe something he wears at some point after he is rescued from the Ghost Zone. But idk, I just wanted to draw him in one. The creature next to him is what his outfit in the first picture is made from. I’ll explain more of everything down below.


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84 notes | AO3

  • Fandom: Danny Phantom (DP)
  • Summary:   AU. When Danny was five years old, he went missing for 2 weeks. In the years that follow, his family tried to make sense of what happened, only for the truth to be discovered years later.
  • Warnings: rated T for violence, mentions of death, language. Be prepared for some very weird things
  • Parings: Danny/Sam
  • Notes: originally uploaded to Cross-posted to AO3 and tumblr. This fic is very heavily inspired by folklore surrounding mysterious wilderness disappearances

Chapter 6

“You’re clearly frightened, so allow me to explain,” the creature told them with a flourished bow. “I am called Plasmius, and this is the realm of the dead.”

“And does that make you a ghost or something?” Sam spat, sounding both angry and skeptical.

“Something like that,” Plasmius agreed before seemingly fading out of sight. Before they had a chance to response, he reappeared behind them. His red eyes appraised them, but specifically seemed to focus on Danny. “I’ve been watching you for a long time.”

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2 notes

Eh, quick doodle while dinner is getting prepped. 

Saw a DP related tweet and it got me thinking about how Maddie and Jack’s traits got passed down to Jazz and Danny. + Vlad picking Danny as his fav.

2K notes

Warning- Alternative Danny’s meeting each other after a freak accident.

Danny POV




I was looking at the other two people that were in the same room as me.

“Okay, who are you, and why do you look like me??!!” I asked, panicking that there are two other me.

“First off, I should be the one asking that. And second, why the hell is this one a nerd?” He said, pointing to the nerd version of myself, I think?

“Hey, first off, I may be a nerd, but I can be just as sassy as you are. And second, why does this one look so normal?” He said, pointing to me.

“Look, I don’t know who are you and why you’re here, but we need to get out of here before anyone else sees you,” I said, taking both of my copycat’s hands and running back to my house without looking back.

Once we arrived, I told them to hide in the closet so that no one could see them.

They obviously obliged, although Goth me didn’t want to smell the room since it was the “opposite” of what he’s used to smell, and I just went outside of my room so that I can get something for them to eat.

It was awkward that I meet my other “clones,” I think that’s what I should call them, and after managing to make them a sandwich, I don’t know what they’ll like, I  went to my room so that they can eat.

As soon as I got there, I gave shoved them the sandwiches and quickly closed the door, feeling a ghost near the area.

I started to panic as I realize that Sam, Tucker, and Phantom were done with chasing ghosts and are coming home.

I didn’t want to see them since one, it was a bad idea, and two, we got into a heated argument with all three of them going against me.

I activated the shield to make sure that Phantom can’t get in the house, and I locked all the doors/windows so that Sam and Tucker can’t also get in.

I know my parents are spending the ghost-hunting business, and my sister is in college.

So, it’s all good for me to be alone.

I told the two to get out of the place, and my nerd version sat on the floor, crossing his legs, while my goth version sat on the bed, both legs are up and stretching.

“So, are you guys my clones or from another dimension?” I asked awkwardly.

“I don’t think we’re clones, but now that you mention dimensions, I just hope that Sam can get me home as soon as possible…” My nerd self said.

“Wait, what do you mean Sam? I thought you don’t know her?” I asked in confusion.

“What he means that he thought this is his dimension, not mine or yours. However, one question, who is the ghost from the trio?” Goth me asked.

“Well, I used to be a halfa, until my other half and I decided to separate so that I can get better grades,” I stated.

They both looked at each other and my nerd self said, “I’m the nerd in my group, obviously. Tucker is the goth one, and Sam is the halfa,” Nerd me said.

“Mine is obvious to see, Sam is the nerd, and Tucker is the halfa. From what I hear, your Sam must be a goth, just like me, while your Tucker is a nerd, just like this one over here,” Goth me said.

“Okay then, first thing first, we need to get you guys’ names so that we don’t have to be confused with one another,” I said.

“I’ll go with Astro or Nerd for that matter,” ‘Astro’ said while Goth me said, “I’ll take Goth.”

“Alright then, so what do we do now?” I ask, unassured about what to do.

“We need to go back to our dimensions the same way we met each other,” Astro said, before yawning.

“We’ll talk tomorrow since it’s very late,” Goth said, looking at the alarm clock.

“I guess you’re right,” I said, before yawning too.

I grabbed some pajamas that I had left, gave the other two some of my other pajamas, and we all, kinda, got into bed.

We’ll figure something out… I thought to myself, before slowly closing my eyes to fall asleep with the other two beside me…

20 notes


What if Danny actually ENJOYED his parents cooking BECAUSE of the ecto-contamination or whatever??? Cuz I’ve read a LOT of fics where he just drinks straight up DRINKS that shit????? And I like the idea of him taken a bite out of something that’s just SO GODDAMN GREEN N GLOWY and goin “holy check mom you really outdone yourself this time!!! Dinner’s amazing!!!!!!” And everyone just staring at him like “HELLO????????? DANNY WHAT???????”

141 notes | AO3

  • Fandom: Danny Phantom (DP)
  • Summary:   AU. When Danny was five years old, he went missing for 2 weeks. In the years that follow, his family tried to make sense of what happened, only for the truth to be discovered years later.
  • Warnings: rated T for violence, mentions of death, language. Be prepared for some very weird things. 
  • Chapter warning: there be death and blood. Tread at your own risk
  • Parings: Danny/Sam
  • Notes: originally uploaded to Cross-posted to AO3 and tumblr. This fic is very heavily inspired by folklore surrounding mysterious wilderness disappearances

Chapter 5

“Yo, Fenturd, funny seeing you here.”

“Last time I checked, our entire class is supposed to be on this trail. I don’t know why you’re so surprised,” Danny quipped before he could stop himself.

Dash grabbed him by the front of his shirt. “What was that?”

“Could you deal with your beef with this loser later? I’m all sweaty and getting covered in dirt. My designer clothes will get ruined at this point,” the one girl, Paulina whined. The other girls in the group, her satellites, quickly tried to comfort her.

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4 notes

Warning- There will be a lemon here and a little bit of fluff.

Danny POV

My face is blushing madly as Phantom was flirting with me again for the fifth time this week.

“Phantom, why can’t you get the hint that I’m not worthy of your time?” I asked him, blushing more after he was done with one of his flirtatious puns.

“Because A, I’m not into girls, and B, I like you since you were the only one that captured my eyes~,” He said, holding a rose in his hand.

My blush grew worse, and I wanted to get out of here as soon as possible.

“But, why me, though? Why not with your fangirl/ fanboys?”

“You know I don’t like repeating myself, Danny. Besides, you also know that I like making you go all fluster up like that~.”

My legs didn’t want to move, much to my disapproval, and Phantom just smiled proudly at what he just did.

Then, he pulled me up close to him and said, “You will always be mine, Danny Fenton~.”

My face turned into a bright, red tomato as Phantom gave me a peck on the lips.

“See you soon, my raven~.”

After that, he left me alone with the rose in my hand.

My mind was racing with thoughts of what just happened until the school bell rang, causing me to yell, “Shit!” and running up to my next class.

Time skip, end of school time

Danny POV

My face was in excitement as school was finally over!

Plus, it’s a Friday, and with no homework and not being bullied by Dash really makes it a great impact for today.

Just then, I got a text from my mom that she and Dad are going to stay over on a trip for a few days with Uncle Vlad (Vlad is good in this story) while my sister is spending the day at her friend’s place.

I couldn’t help but jump up and down for the excitement of finally having the place to myself.

Just then, Phantom appeared right behind me and said, “Well, well, well, someone seems to be excited~.”

I blush at what he meant and said that my family isn’t at home since they’re doing something in their mind for the weekend.

“Well, then, how about we get to know each other since we hardly see each other at school~?” Phantom asked, making me blush more.

“You already know where I live Phantom. Besides, we know each other after school to do homework. Can’t I just have a break on this day?” I whined, making him pout at my response.

“But Daaaaany, I want to be with you now~!” He exclaimed, holding onto me very tightly.

“No offense, but you sound like a five-year-old,” I replied, clearly wanting to run as quick as I could to get away from him.

“You love me too much~,” He said, making my blush return.

“Fine, you can come,” I said, sighing as I admit defeat.

Phantom was super happy, and I couldn’t help but find it cute.

“C'mon, let’s go~!"Phantom said, carrying me bridesmaid style.

My face grew back into a tomato as we, well, he, ran to my house as fast as he could.

Finally, we were here, but Phantom didn’t want to let me go, much to my dislike.

"You know you can put me down, right?” I said, not admitting that I didn’t want to be let go.

“I know, but you’re just too cute for me to be with~,” He said, placing me on the couch.

“Since you know what the house looks like, wanna play videogames?” I asked, slightly blushing.

He smiled after I handed him a videogame control, and soon, we were playing against/with each other.

It was fun, to say the least, and I didn’t have that much fun ever since I was young.

Sure my sister, Jazz, was with me, but she was too busy with her intelligence that she didn’t’ notice me at all.

I was about to win until Phantom pinned me to the ground, causing me to lose.

“Phantom!” I said, laughing as he began tickling me.

“S-Ahahahahahahahahahah! Stop!” I laughed.

“Never!” He said, still tickling until he heard me moan.

He stopped, and we looked into each other’s eyes with a huge blush on our faces.

“D-Do you want to eat something?” I asked, trying to avoid the awkwardness in the room.

He nodded quickly, getting off me with a still blush on his face.

“So… what kind of food you wanna eat?” He asked me.

I told him that I wanted a pepperoni pizza since it was Friday, and he ordered it by calling the pizza company.

“Don’t you wanna eat something?” I asked, still blushing a little a while back.

“I’ll have half of your pizza since we all know that you can’t eat it by yourself,” Phantom said, seeing my face of understanding.

I smiled at him, which caused him to turned away from me, and then, we heard the doorbell ranged.

“Pizza’s here~!” I said, feeling my mouth was watering as I smelled the delicious smell of pizza.

Phantom paid the guy with a tip, and soon enough, we began eating.

I loved eating it messily while Phantom was eating it nicely.

Once we were both full, I decided to drink some soda while getting Phantom some water since he asked for it.

We drank and relaxed on the couch side by side.

“Glad that I came~,” I heard Phantom saying, making me blush.

“I’m glad too, Phantom. It’s been a while since I actually act like a kid…” I said bluntly.

Phantom was a bit confused at what I was saying, but I shrugged it off, saying that it’s not easy for me, a shy, smart nerd, to socialize with other people, unlike Phantom, who is popular, strong, and smarter than me.

Phantom frowned at what I said and told me that I was not bad, that I was a good person with a kind heart.

My face grew more blush, and before I could say anything, Phantom suddenly kissed me.

I was startled, to say the least, but I felt myself falling in love with him as he continued to kiss me.

We slowly fell backward on the couch as I wrapped my arms around his neck while Phantom wrapping his arms around my waist.

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14 notes

Dani’s Personality Thoughts

So I think Dani’s personality is that she’s quick to pick up on concepts.

She’s pretty new to existing but her brain is much more developed than that of a new born baby. She’d learn to read and write pretty quickly. I think she’d pick up on stuff like pacifism, war, love, and things fairly easily, opinions on concepts expanding as she grows. I think she’d be a ball of energy and form hard opinions on things, and try to stay aware of people faults alongside theirs positives.

Don’t get me wrong, She’d be a big ball of energy and immature. But that’s where my calvin and hobbes refrence from that one post comes in. She’s much like calvin in being a bit dramatic (vlad being an influence there most likely) but like how some of calvin and hobbes comics are comentaries on certain things, that would be her (with clockwork as a mentor of sorts playing with her and encouraging her)

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33 notes

Warning- Angst as well as mention of suicide. So if you don’t like it, don’t read it.

Phantom POV

Snowy, white Hair…

Most people thought of my white, snowy hair as a burden rather than a gift.

I was born with it ever since I was young, and it was giving me too much attention.

Many people who ever looked at me with those hated eyes would be my enemy.

I didn’t like the fact that they thought I was a monster just because my hair is very different from most children at a young age.

I always thought that I would never be friends with anyone, and they’ll turn away from me.

That was until I meet him

His name was Danny Fenton.

He thought me the value of life, always being there for me when I needed him the most, always being happy, cheerful with me, and many more.

We were close to each other, not like most friends would be, but regardless of that, he was my only friend.

I had so much fun with him, up until I died, though.

It was hard for Danny to cope with my death, thus making me into a ghost for the rest of my eternal life.

I hated the fact that he was being bullied by other people for being friends with me, but Danny would always defend me no matter what.

This caused more dislikes from many people, even his parents.

Of course, that didn’t stop Danny from being both a good, intelligent person.

I was happy that he made two more friends, and their relationship was good for the most part.

Sure there were some arguments about silly nonsense, but I was happy that Danny didn’t’ have to alone.

Or so I thought…

One day, I saw his friends arguing about something, and because of that, they ended up walking out of his life.

I hated seeing Danny crying all over again about how it was first me and then them.

I was very pissed, but all I could do was stare at Danny until he fell asleep from his tears.

I knew that I was his guardian and his, only. No matter if other ghosts are telling me to haunt him, I will always be there to protect him.

As the days passed, Danny slowly became too shy with everyone, even his family, and often wished to be alone.

Of course, he’s not alone since I’m there with him but seeing him in pain is too much for my objections.

I, somehow, know that Danny will recover from anything with or without help, even if it is too severe.

However, I wasn’t expecting him to lead on for death as time became too much for him.

I tried to prevent it, I really did, but nothing could have stopped it.

He died right in front of me with a knife in his chest, blood pouring out of his lifeless body.

Everyone was trying to save him, but nothing was going to get him back alive.

On the day of his funeral, I saw him standing there, about the same age as me, and he smiled when he saw me with tears running down on his face.

Before I could progress what was happening, he tightly hugged me and poured out on how much he missed me.

I hugged him back and replied to him how much I missed him.

Then, he held my hand and said, “So, now what?”

“Now, we should find other adventures together,” I said, seeing his face lit up.

“Then, let’s go, my prince with snowy, white hair,” Danny responded, kissing me on the cheek, and we walked side by side, not wanting to let go of each other…

13 notes

Danny Phantom Headcanon:

Danny obviously hates Christmas and of course the songs that come with IT.

There are only TWO EXCEPTIONS OF THIS RULE! And it’s This Christmas by Set It Off and I’m Gonna Kill Santa Claus by Danny Gonzales.

Tucker finds this both amusing and terrifying and Jazz finds them annoying and ridiculous.


124 notes | AO3

  • Fandom: Danny Phantom (DP)
  • Summary:   AU. When Danny was five years old, he went missing for 2 weeks. In the years that follow, his family tried to make sense of what happened, only for the truth to be discovered years later.
  • Warnings: rated T for violence, mentions of death, language. Be prepared for some very weird things
  • Parings: Danny/Sam
  • Notes: originally uploaded to Cross-posted to AO3 and tumblr. This fic is very heavily inspired by folklore surrounding mysterious wilderness disappearances

Chapter 4

Later that night, it was officially announced at dinner that the camper’s death was the result of an unfortunate accident. However, what shocked all the students was the decision to finish out the remaining time at the camp. According to Mr. Lancer, he had contacted the other teachers at the different sites, and that was the mutual decision.

Tucker had surprisingly spoken up and demanded how their teacher managed to get through since the cell phone service issue remained unresolved. After their meeting with the police officer, he had checked with other students, who all said the same thing. Their service was poor, and they hadn’t been able to contact anyone. For the technophile, it was extremely frustrating, and he had put a lot of effort in attempting to solve the problem on his own device. He told Danny and Sam that it almost seemed like there was a weird electrical phenomenon causing the problem.

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7 notes

Warning- So much angst happening here, but it’ll turn into fluff soon enough, okay?

Danny POV

I know being hurt means that you should talk to someone about it, but that wasn’t always the case for me.

Sometimes, I just wished that he would leave me alone to suffer.

I should’ve run away the very first time they all hurt me.

To be fair, I was naïve and didn’t know what I was doing at first.

The next thing I knew was when I was in between an argument that ended up separating our trio.

I felt unhappy as we went distance from each other, but they get along so well with Phantom.

I’m actually kinda jealous of that…

Anyway, I was upset with it that I finally noticed what was Phantom doing with the other ghosts.

I know that he isn’t bad, but it’s kinda embarrassing if he’s the one beating them up.

However, the strange was when one of the ghosts actually asked if I was alright.

Of course, I just sucked up the ghost in the Fenton Thermos, thinking that it was trying to trick me, but I guess I should’ve paid attention.

As my life was getting worse, I stopped helping Sam, Tucker, and Phantom with ghost hunting since both Sam and Tucker said that I was “annoying” them.

That hurt a lot, and I despised them from that day on.

I stayed distanced from everyone else, including my sister Jazz, Phantom, and Vlad; although we were never that close.

Everyone wanted Danny Phantom rather than Danny Fenton, and I decided that if no one really wanted me, then I’ll disappear from their faces.

I decided to run away on the day of my birthday, June 14, and come back only if it’s necessary.

Up with the following days, everyone, including the ghosts, is asking if I’m okay.

Of course, I lied saying that I was okay, faking a smile, and leaving with a “cheerful” face.

I didn’t really give a damn about it since it was summer, but I don’t want to let them know my true intentions.

Soon enough, on the day of my birthday, I ran away from home, never to look back.

I didn’t care if they were trying to find me, but all I know is that I’m never going back unless it’s required.

After that, I needed to find my own place with time.

I traveled to different places, training myself to do good things for good people, taking down criminals, and saving more lives than I can count for.

Doing this made me find my own path, despite running away from helicopters send in by my parents, seeing Phantom and forcing myself to run away from him, being hunted by other ghosts that are not from Amity Park, and forcing myself to steal/scam some cheap shots that were having lots of money.

Although to be fair, they were scamming/robbing people, so I scammed a scammer.

I don’t intend to be one, so I only do it if I don’t have enough money.

Anyway, flash forward, three years passed, and I was finally returning home.

Not that I wanted to, but I finally want to forgive them for all the things that they did to me.

So, once I returned, some things were different.

The city was brand new with technology, but the neighborhood was the same.

As I wandered more and more into the city, everyone was surprised to see me.

Even Sam and Tucker, even though they didn’t expect to see me after all this time.

Once I arrived at my house, I knocked and waited for the door to be opened.

It took a few minutes, but I finally saw my mother’s face for the first time in ages.

I expected her to yell at me, but instead, she hugged me and yelled for Dad to come.

We all ended up hugging each other, and it was peaceful.

I went inside, and we all talked to each other about what was happening between us.

Turns out, they stopped looking for me because they knew that over time, they began to realize their mistakes and wanted the best for me.

Jazz became a physicist over time and Fenton’s Workplace expanded.

I told all of my adventures about meeting new people, new ghosts, new technology, and so much more.

We laughed, cried, and huddled up to each other as if we are about to never see each other again.

I said that I’ll be right back, and I only wanted to talk to someone.

They nodded, and I went to see if I can find Phantom around.

I spotted him near the place I used to go to during my teenage years.

I shouted at him to get his attention, and it worked.

He looked at me and was shocked before crying.

I kinda panicked and asked if he was okay but before receiving a hug from him.

“Oof!” I said, falling with Phantom wrapped around me.

“I missed you,” He stated, not letting go of me.

“I missed you too, Phantom…” I said, looking at his face.

“You barely changed,” Phantom said, making me blush from embarrassment.

“Yeah, yeah, I know. Just wondering if you want to chat a bit. That’s just all,” I said, sitting down on the ground.

We chatted about what was happening to us, how I “mysteriously” escaped Phantom, how Phantom wanted to apologize for his behavior, and so much more.

I guess my feelings returned, much to my dislike, and seeing Phantom back into my life is enough.

Then Phantom just blushed out of nowhere and didn’t’ look directly at me.

I asked if he was okay, but he didn’t want to gaze at me.

I thought that I did something wrong, so I apologized to Phantom for being here, but then Phantom grabbed me and kissed me.

I was startled but slowly relaxed, and I found myself wrapping my arms around his neck.

We continued to do that until I was forced to separate because of lack of air, but it was still good.

We touched our foreheads together, and I’m glad to be back once and for all…

16 notes | AO3

  • Fandom: Danny Phantom (DP)
  • Summary:   AU. When Danny was five years old, he went missing for 2 weeks. In the years that follow, his family tried to make sense of what happened, only for the truth to be discovered years later.
  • Warnings: rated T for violence, mentions of death, language. Be prepared for some very weird things
  • Parings: Danny/Sam
  • Notes: originally uploaded to Cross-posted to AO3 and tumblr. This fic is very heavily inspired by folklore surrounding mysterious wilderness disappearances

Chapter 3

“You heard me. They’re saying he’s dead,” Dash clarified as he watched Danny for his reaction. “And from what Kwan said, his body was really messed up.”

Danny rolled his eyes as Tucker stuttered in fear. Dash was known for trying to scare his ‘victims,’ so most likely he was just trying to get a rise out of them. “Yeah, yeah, and what’s your proof?” he asked as he sat down on his bed.

That caused the jock to back track. “Well… Kwan said…”

“Dash, I get we’re in the middle of the woods, and you’re in a prime position to tell ghost stories, but unless you have proof, this is not something you should joke about,” Danny scolded which drew a few surprised looks.

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14 notes

how was jack married to maddie for like idk ten years or smth and never find out shes a ninth degree black belt

10 notes | AO3

  • Fandom: Danny Phantom (DP)
  • Summary:   AU. When Danny was five years old, he went missing for 2 weeks. In the years that follow, his family tried to make sense of what happened, only for the truth to be discovered years later.
  • Warnings: rated T for violence, mentions of death, language. Be prepared for some very weird things
  • Parings: Danny/Sam
  • Notes: originally uploaded to Cross-posted to AO3 and tumblr. This fic is very heavily inspired by folklore surrounding mysterious wilderness disappearances

Chapter 2

“I’m honestly surprised your parents allowed you on this trip, Danny,” his friend Sam mentioned as they and their other friend, Tucker, packed their bags onto the bus.

The now seventeen year old Danny shrugged as he focused on trying to make sure his bag wouldn’t be squished in the luggage compartment of the bus during the trip. He brought a foldable telescope with him in case he had a chance to stargaze, and he didn’t want it to get broken.

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