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#jack kelly
mosiee · a day ago
Race: Jack let’s go
Jack: I can’t. Davey’s sleeping on my lap
Race: wake him up
Jack: how fucking dare you
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Les: *runs up to Jack*
Jack: *looks at all the Manhatten newsies*
Jack: Okay that narrows it down by literally nothing-
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tgtg6ch · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Taiga (SixTONES) - NEWSIES JAPAN 2021 📰
NEWSIES JAPAN 2021 Official Trailer
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we-are-inevitable · 2 days ago
I was wondering if you could do a modern day Halloween javid fic if your choice
i love this AHAHA thank you for such a vague prompt bc i kinda went off the rails a bit but !! here we are 💕
i hope you like it !!
Davey is wearing eyeliner.
Davey is wearing eyeliner, and he looks incredible.
Davey is wearing eyeliner, and it feels like someone just shot Jack in the forehead point blank, because Jack's mind is empty and all he can think about is how good his boyfriend looks standing in front of him.
This isn't even-- it's not even a new development. Davey has been experimenting with makeup a lot recently, with the help of Sarah and Kath, and he's gotten really good at it. He even uses Jack as a model sometimes (and jack likes it more than he'd like to admit), so Jack knows Davey likes makeup. Jack knows that Davey is good at makeup, and of course he'd wear it for Halloween, and of course it would be a big deal since he never really celebrated Halloween as a child and this is his first ever actual costume party being thrown by their friends and he looks great and he's perfect and wonderful and Jack already knows he's going to be distracted all night.
"Wow," He says under his breath as Davey comes to a stop in front of him.
The two of them have been planning this costume for over a month, ever since Race announced that he and Albert were throwing a party at their place. It's going to be crowded to Hell and back, surely, but isn't that the fun of throwing a party in an apartment? Race's apartment is definitely better than the shoebox that Jack and Davey have moved into, that's for damn sure.
Jack looks his boyfriend over again, then grins as Davey says, "You look great, Jackie."
"Are you kidding? Look at you," Jack takes a step forward, running his arms down Davey's yellow rain jacket. "You look adorable. I love you so much."
They've gone for a Coraline and Wybie look for the party. That was the one costume they could agree on- Jack wanted to do something with Beetlejuice or American Horror Story, while Davey was rooting for Corpse Bride or The Addams Family, but then Davey suggested Coraline and, well, how could Jack say no?
And Davey went all out for it, too. The rain jacket, the boots, the red messenger bag- hell, he even dyed his hair dark blue to match the character. Not with fake hairspray or anything, but actual dye. It doesn't look too different from his natural color, but there's a blue tint to it when Davey steps into the right lighting, and Jack is in love with it. In addition to that, Davey also did some of the fake freckles on his cheeks, and his eyes are so impossibly blue while framed by the deep black eyeliner...
Jack doesn't know how he's going to make it through this, not with Davey looking absolutely perfect at his side.
Nonetheless, Davey rolls his eyes fondly at the attention. "You're such a sap," He says softly, and reaches out to run his hand through Jack’s curls. Jack had refrained from doing anything to his hair all month- cutting, dyeing, what have you- just so he could have a better Wybie costume. His curls aren't quite the same texture or anything, but Davey had assured him he looked fine with it. "I think we look cute."
"And I think we're gonna be the best-looking couple there," Jack grins, tilting his head. "Al and Race aren't gonna know what hit 'em."
"Mm, good. What are they going as?" Davey asks as he wrap his arms loosely around Jack, hanging onto his shoulders.
Jack grins. "Racer’s a 'corrupted sexy nun', according to the text he sent me last week, and I got a snapchat from Al earlier. He was wearing demon horns, so..."
"Oh, they're one of those couples," Davey laughs softly, looking into Jack’s eyes. "Should we have gone for something sexy?"
"You're always sexy."
Davey flushes pink and rolls his eyes. "We could've done a whole Bonnie and Clyde thing. I'd look even hotter with a gun and some blood splatter, don't you think?"
"We could've done a lot of things. I still think we'd make a cute Leslie and Ben," Jack raises a brow, grinning. "Maybe do a whole 'Legally Blonde' thing or somethin'."
Davey shakes his head, nose scrunching up as he grins. "I don't look good blonde."
"Who says you get to be the blonde?" Jack asks with a smirk. As Davey laughs and rests his head on Jack's shoulder, Jack wraps his arms around his waist and says, "I don't think Halloween is about lookin' good. Ya just gotta have fun with it."
"Right," Davey murmurs, "and that's why you went as a soccer player for three years in a row in high school."
Jack's eyes widen, and he gasps as he backs up. "I cannot believe Racer told you that! When did he tell you?"
Davey shrugs, and shoots Jack an innocent smile. "Bold of you to assume your mom didn't tell me. She showed me pictures, too. Real cute."
"That's even worse!"
Davey laughs loudly, high in his throat, as he turns away and grabs the last few items he needs from the kitchen table- his phone and his wallet, mainly so they can call an Uber after the party, knowing that everyone is probably getting wasted tonight.
And that's fine, because tonight is supposed to be fun. It's going to be fun.
With that thought in mind, Jack and Davey leave their apartment hand in hand.
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sourstiless · 14 hours ago
idk if it was an acting choice or if christian bale just had something in his eye, but when jack is revealed a scab and weasel’s like “oh you wanna talk to him” to david, if you look at jack in the background his head is down and he’s rubbing his face almost like he’s crying or wiping tears or something, and because i’m a sucker for angst i choose to believe it was a deliberate acting choice by christian bale because jack never wanted to scab. he only did it to protect his friends and davey, so listening to all of them voice their feelings of betrayal and calling him a traitor while he was the only one who knew why he made that choice, really hurt him. thank u for coming to my ted talk.
if you’re confused on what scene i’m talking about here it is
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kazoosandfannypacks · 2 days ago
If your favorite National Treasure character was Riley Poole, you're a Jeremy Jordan stan now and by extension if you watch Tangled you're a Varian stan I'm sorry I don't make the rules.
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that-one-bi-wizard · 20 hours ago
Davey: *running towards Jack with open arms*
Jack: *moves out of the way*
Davey: Why’d you move?
Jack: I thought you were going to attack me!
Davey: I was going to hug you!
Jack: Why would you hug me?
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hey-op-just-kill-me · 2 days ago
Jack: you don’t like my idea?
Crutchie: you know what let’s take a vote
Crutchie: all those in favor say I
Jack: what kind of vote is that?
Race: it sure ain’t a vote of confidence
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a-cowboy-needs-a-hat · 5 months ago
bringing back jeremy jordan at about 30 to play 17 y/o jack kelly for a newsies proshot WORKED bc its still a STAGE show we KNOW he's a talented performer Playing a Character on a Stage! bringing back ben platt at about 30 to play 17 y/o evan hansen for a deh movie DOESNT work bc its a MOVIE u dont have the same level of disbelief! in this essay i will
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mosiee · 22 hours ago
Jack: do you sell happy meals?
Worker: yes we do
Jack: awesome can I get one of those without the meal?
Jack: please
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we-are-inevitable · a day ago
we could break away (if you really want to run) // javid
Tumblr media
Still, it’s obvious that he’s not from around here, and that’s a fact that he probably should have taken into consideration. Now that he’s here, alone, on the sidewalk in a new town, Jack can feel the familiar ache of anxiety rising in his chest. He pushes it down; it’ll be fine, right? He’s nearly an adult, but this… it’s still a bit much.
Nonetheless, Jack takes his first step. And then another.
Breathing comes a little easier after that.
After a turbulent junior year, Jack Kelly is in need of a break. He's worked himself into the ground for nothing, or so it seems, and when when his mother, Medda, notices how low he's really dropped, she comes up with a plan. A summer away from the city, a summer where Jack can relax and destress, a summer for memories and laughter and calm that Jack has desperately needed in his life. At first, Jack is hesitant.
But then, he meets David Jacobs- a barista at his family's coffee shop, located in a small tourist town near Medda's cabin- and suddenly, Jack's world is flipped upside down.
He hopes it's for the better.
Author's Note:
guys i ADORE THIS !! this is going to be a two-chapter fic, but it's in a series that's gonna have a whole bunch of one-shots !! send in some ideas you want for the au !!
Read On AO3!
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paperbooart · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
newsies after all this time once again
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