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eldritch-hall-asylum · 3 months ago
Jay: You lying, cheating, piece of shit!
Tim: Oh yeah? You’re the idiot who thinks you can get away with everything you do. WELCOME TO THE REAL WORLD
Jay: I’m leaving you, and I’M TAKING JACK WITH ME
Jane, picking up the monopoly board: I think we’re gonna stop playing now.
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zombiesinthegarden · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
couple shot.
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macrolit · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
from ml.books
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jackarthurdavenport · 10 months ago
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#and they lived happily ever after
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foreigndivinities · 6 months ago
the sheer poetry in tom ripley telling peter smith-kingsley that he keeps all the bad things he's done inside a metaphorical basement, locks it up tight, but sometimes he meets people that he wants to hand the key to so badly. tom giving peter the key to his apartment so he could leave and come back without having to knock, the act itself so insignificant and mostly related to the scene at hand but there's something so tender about the way they said "my key", "your key", gazing at each other as if saying what words cannot, and it seems as if tom is going to open up to peter. tom evidently growing more and more comfortable with peter the more time they spend with each other. tom glowing every time he sees peter, wanting so badly to give him the key to the basement. peter starting to question things about tom who's had to kill two people already to keep living this wonderful life. tom dodging his questions by once again talking about the basement and the bad things he's done and tom not wanting to kill peter but realizing if he doesn't he'll most likely be turned in to the police and lose the trust of the one person he could've bared his sins to. tom asking peter to tell him of all his good traits and peter softly doing so—"tom is talented", "tom is beautiful". tom resting on peter's back, listening to him continue listing all this good—"tom is not a nobody", "tom has someone to love him"—tom hearing peter indirectly tell him he loves him and tom killing him still. tom, for the first time in the past few months, being visibly torn by what he did. and god the poetry in the movie ending with the camera, at first moving around the space, now stopping at the front corner, the dark encapsulating the room, shaped like a door closing, peter gone, and the basement sealed permanently with all the bad, the secrets, the skeletons, and tom inside it.
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gabbergator · 7 months ago
I'm going to love Kingsley. I know this about myself. and I absolutely 100% should have seen this coming.
But I do also feel sort of like I'm going through the mourning again a second time
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justlittleguy · 20 days ago
• eunjang gang once tried to have a study session for finals at teddys house but the cats were too distracting
• jimmy and jack tried to build a gingerbread house together but jimmy got pissed and smashed it into pieces
• Jake has had multiple mental breakdowns while watching any scene with his favorite character that died in it :(
• wolf will pretend to not have any money with him just so other people will have to pay for him
• jimmy and jack will argue with each other over who buys the cigarettes and food because they both surprisingly want to pay for the other
• Teddy makes holiday cards with his cats on them
•gray has tried to teach Ben how to play chess but Alex always ends up getting mad and takes over the game
• Donald can get flustered super easily so in his own time, he’ll write in journals talking about how Kingsley did something that made him feel happy
• Alex once ate like 15 edibles because he thought they were gummy bears, and finished the rest of his classes high
• grape impulsively dyed red streaks into his hair one time
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padfootslads · 5 months ago
And it’s not that “omfg he’s so fucking hot” kind of thing, it’s just every time I see his face my whole body starts to tingle. And his voice just does things to me... I’m quite literally in love with him. Every character he’s played is so attractive in both appearance and personality. He’s so sweet and warm. AND EVEN THO HES NOT, HE IS SEXY AS FUCK. I really don’t know what to do with myself.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Never mind him being almost thirty years older than me ... WHY AM I ALWAYS ATTRACTED TO MEN WHO ARE PUSHING 50???
Okay sorry just had to get that out of me
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rubinator47 · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
“Tom is talented. Tom is tender... Tom is beautiful... Tom is a mystery. Tom is not a nobody. Tom has secrets he doesn't want to tell me, and I wish he would.”
- Peter Smith-Kingsley ‘The Talented Mr. Ripley’
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aoitakumi8148 · 2 months ago
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[1] ...He stabbed the man he could’ve been beautiful with... Still above me.
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eldritch-hall-asylum · 4 months ago
any Jeff headcanons? fluff or angst is alright!
Angsty headcanons for my boy.
I am so sorry.
Jeff really feels stupid sometimes. He doesn't get school work as easily as Cody or Jack. He doesn't understand. He doesn't understand maths or poetry or science. He doesn't do art good. He isn't good at anything (no-!). He is just fed up.
He wants Liu to hang out with him so much. He just wants to play with his brother. But Liu keeps pushing him out.
Smile is pretty much the only friend that really stays with him. Liu has all the older kids to hang out with. Doby has the twins. Natalie hangs out with Olly, and they're busy doing girl stuff together.
So he's normally by himself.
But that's okay.
As long as he has Smile and a tennis ball, he doesn't need any of them.
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rare-and-beautiful-things · 8 months ago
hello, i hope you’re doing well, and i love your writing! if it’s not too much trouble, may i request hcs on how the union boys (weak hero) comfort their s/o when they’re upset? thank you for your good content! 💖
Hello-hello, thanks for the good vibes! I'm fine, and I hope you're doing great too 💙 Some Union guys coming right up~
The Union comforting their s/o
Tumblr media
Donald Na
Donald... can comfort people. The ones he needs something from, that is. If his business partner's beloved cat's died, he won't forget to mention it, offer his condolences and convince them to give him more commissions because, y'know, there's this member of the Union who absolutely adores their pets but the Union's money is the only thing that lets them keep those little guys. He'll put his hand on their hand and give them a reassuring smile - but anyone who knows him even a little will be able to tell that it's all fake.
He's not the warmest person. When one of his underlings is in a bad shape and might need some comfort, he's a lot more likely to punish them for being a weakling than anything else.
So when it comes to his s/o? Someone he genuinely cares about? He cannot offer his fake compassion but he cannot be brutal either.
If it's something minor and the s/o is really just a bit upset, he won't give it much of a thought. If he knows work, or working out, or food, or something else he can provide without going out of his way usually helps to get their mind off things, he'll do that. But if you try to, I dunno, rant to him about some jerk spillling coffee on you and blaming you for that, he's gonna (politely at first, then more insistently) ask you to stfu. Like, you know where's the bathroom, you can find towels there, and if you want him to crush that jerk you should've collected more information. What else do you want him to do?
Now if it's something objectively serious - the death of a friend or a relative, legal problems - he's gonna be a bit more thoughtful. He can listen to you, let you hug him and cry in his shoulder. He'll even hug you back. But before too long he'll start getting irritated, counting minutes. If your breakdown just doesn't seem to end, at some point he'll straight up ask you how long you're going to mope about this.
As I said, not the comforting type. He wants to help! He really does! And he cares greatly about his s/o! But his idea of help is action. Moping doesn't solve anything, and you want your situation solved, don't you? He'll help you with resources, contacts, help you make a plan on what to do and help you execute it. You can count on him for that, and that is his idea of comfort.
Tumblr media
I hc Kingsley as being 100% boyfriend material but who knows, maybe WH will soon prove me wrong... Until then though! Kingsley is a really balanced person. He can be almost as action-oriented as Donald but he also knows how important emotional support can be.
By the time you're his s/o he already has your coping strategies figured out, he knows what you do when you're upset and what you need from him and he's ready to lend you any help.
You tend to eat when you're stressed? Sure, your comfort food's already there - he'll stop you before you get sick from eating too much though. If you tend to skip lunch he'll make sure you eat some fruit and nuts at least. You need physical comfort? He's got you, hugs, or cuddles, or handholding, or whatever else you'd prefer will be done.
You can cry and he will hold you very nicely and securely but at some point he's going to make you talk it out - even if you'd prefer not to. He'll play therapist a bit if he deems it necessary - not much though, if you need real therapy he's gonna say it. Might sound rude but he's just blunt even if he tries to be more gentle.
In the end, if what upset you was a problem that needs solving - he's gonna help you solve it. Don't be fooled though, the solving is going to be done by you. He'll lend you a hand and he'll be there to support you, but he won't shelter you or fight your battles.
Tumblr media
Wolf Keum
Wolf is... difficult. He'll see that you're upset but I think there's a good chance he won't immediately care - or he will care, and that care is going to manifest in him leaving you alone. I think his first instinct in the moment of vulnerability or weakness is to get away from everyone. Not to hide exactly but just to avoid wasting limited energy on something useless, y'know? So when he sees a person who's dear to him in such a state he's not gonna force his company on them. If it works for you? Great! If it doesn't, well, you'd have to seek him out yourself.
If you do seek him out he's going to be a bit more thoughtful than usually. A bit, really, not very noticeably. If you pretend everything's fine, even if your acting sucks, he'll probably roll with it. To get any real comfort, you'll need to demand it - or just take what you want.
You want hugs? Just sit or stay very close and wrap his hand around you. Want uncharacteristically sweet kisses? Bleh... fuck, fine, he'll try, calm down already. Wanna fight to let off some steam? Nice! Basically, just be unapologetic and go for it. Wolf would care for his s/o and will mostly be ready to accommodate to your needs as long as you make them clear.
If you don't make what you want from him in this situation clear, he'll probably pick up on it himself... after some time. Some trials and errors, perhaps. Or maybe he'll just snap at you and tell you to get over yourself.
If you're upset because of some asshole, I can see Wolf just going and beating the crap out of them. Maybe he'll tell you, maybe he won't - depends on how you usually react to violence and who that particular asshole is.
Tumblr media
Jake Ji
Jake will see you being upset and immediately be all over you. He'll let you vent if you wanna, but it's fine if you prefer not to. He'll wrap an arm around you and walk you home, and unless you're the one doing the talking he won't shut up the whole way. He'll joke about whatever's got you in that state but he'll try real hard to avoid diminishing your troubles (might still fuck up and fail tho), or if you didn't tell him what's this all about he'll just talk about his day, some shit he saw on the internet or how Dean's so hard on him. To take your mind off things and cheer you up a bit, y'know.
He might be the best to comfort you if your idea of comfort is to relax, forget about your worries and have a bit of fun. If you want to grieve and just be miserable for some time... he'll try to let you but it's hard for him and he probably wouldn't feel very comfortable about the whole thing. It'll make him think about things he doesn't want to think about and feel things he'd rather not feel ever again. And that can easily make him violent.
So let's say you are not totally opposed to being cheered up, yeah? Jake won't expect you to laugh at each joke he makes, it's fine even if you don't laugh at all, just let him do his thing. He's gonna put on some anime or a movie - either your comfort one or something he thinks will make you feel better. Depends on your tastes, really, maybe a horror, or a drama, angsty but also funny and with a happy end, or some kind of action. There'll be snaks and soda, all completely unhealthy, maybe he'll order takeout. He'll cuddle you, stroke your hair, kiss your head very softly.
He'll know what happened to you whether you tell him or not. If you don't tell him he'll get Timothy involved, and if Timothy for some reason refuses or is unable to find out, Jake will find another way. It's probably better to just let him know cuz if you don't I can see him getting a bit paranoid. I mean, Kenny didn't tell him about his shit with Manwol, and look where he is now? He's in a fucking hospital, and he most probably will never be able to play the sport he loves. If it was some asshole that upset you, they're dead. You'll probably never find out what's happened to them though. If it's some other problem that needs to be solved, Jake will do his best to solve it without you knowing and without involving anyone else.
Tumblr media
There's a 65% chance that Jimmy won't really get how upset you are and says something hurtful, so your already bad day will become even worse. The moment he does though, Jack sees your expression and gives Jimmy the Look™, so your Bae can just go 'alright, alright, sorry, the fuck has happened that you're so upset' right away.
They'll be more considerate of you when you're upset - it's more noticeable with Jimmy, he'll stop with showing off and will try to be there for you even if it has the potential to hurt his reputation, but it goes for Jack just as much. He'll try to predict your wishes so that you won't even have to ask for anything - whether it be your comfort food, homework to copy if you failed to do it in your state or simply a hand to hold.
The comfort is mostly physical - there's not much words said unless you ask them something (why do you guys even like me - *sputtering noise* *jimmy starts to say shit like it's because of your looks but shuts up halfway* *they start listing things they actually love and value about you and it turns into the complete story of your relationship*). I can see them cuddling you with some nice music on. Sometimes I think that Jimmy has a shitty taste in music but then I remember I'm kinda biased... So either Jimmy's taste is actually good or it's something from Jack's playlist and Jimmy's just lying there thinking if he should just go put his shit on. Maybe you'll get some pizza and soda, and if you smoke you can all smoke together. Maybe you'll watch a movie - something epic about criminals or superheroes - and let it lull you to sleep, and in the morning Jimmy (fell asleep soon after you) will try to tease you about it but Jack (the only one who watched till the end) will call him out.
As soon as you're more or less alright, Jimmy's gonna tease you about what a crybaby you are - even if you haven't actually cried. May stop if you or Jack tell him it's too fucking soon.
Tumblr media
Forrest Lee
Forrest wouldn't know what to do, especially if it's the first time he sees you upset. You look so fragile in this state, so vulnerable. You're already hurt - your feelings if not the body - and he's so fucking scared to make it worse. He'll probably just stand there for some time not knowing if he should stay or go or if you need something else - or maybe someone else? maybe he should call your friend/sibling/parent? Can he really make you feel better?
Ask him to do anything, and he's already on it. Will get you food or drinks, listen to you, talk to you - he'll listen a lot more than talk though. He'll try to make less noise, walk quietly, breath quietly. His voice will sound a bit differently. If you're in the streets he'll wrap you in his leather jacket, but won't initiate any physical contact. Won't deny it to you either though - if you so much as touch his hand he's gonna hold your hand carefully, if you ask him to hug or cuddle you he sure will. He'll be especially gentle with you all this time though.
Forrest is absolutely ready to accommodate to your needs, no questions here. He also tries to remember as much as possible to be more of help the next time you're sad.
The next times are really going to be much better, much less awkward. He'll be already aware if you're fine with contact and what you'll probably want, so when it happens he's able to take the lead so to speak. He'll be more confident about this, will still listen to you carefully and be really attentive though.
He's really protective but he'll listen to your wishes and won't start shit if he knows you don't want him to. If he knows you do want him to... well, let's hope he'll be able to do what you want without getting hurt or in trouble or it's gonna end rather angsty.
Tumblr media
When he sees you upset Grape's first instinct will probably be to find someone to blame - ideally someone he'll be able to crush. He'll want to know what happened and if you aren't very forthcoming he's gonna be frustrated af. Might say some unpleasant things but it'll be clear that he's just stressed and angry and worried about you. If you tell him and he's able to blame that on someone he can beat - he's gonna beat them and bully them afterwards (even if you stop him in the moment, he's still extremely likely to come after them in the future). If it's someone he thinks he won't stand a chance against he's just gonna rant what a fucking piece of shit they are.
He's able to accommodate to what you need from him and if you make what it is clear he'll likely roll with it. If you don't express any particular wishes, I can see him taking you on a walk if it's at night - sharing headphones with you, listening to something chill but also kinda emotional, sitting on a river bank, watching the way the water flows. You can lean on him and he'll cover you with his jacket.
If it's happening during the day, you can skip school if you have it that day and go do something - go cuddle and watch some movies at home or maybe go shopping or play arcade games, whatever you'd prefer. He'll make it casual and pleasant, he won't smile or laugh or joke if he doesn't want to and you won't feel the need to do that either. You can mope a bit, and he's not gonna make you feel bad about it, or you can cheer up and it'll be fine too.
He'll be thinking what to do about the thing that got you upset in the first place though and he'll talk to you about it when he thinks you are both ready. If it's something that needs to be solved you're going to work some plan together, decide what to do about this. Grape's going to feel anxious until you agree on something though he'll try not to show it to you.
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honkytonky · 4 months ago
watching the talented mr ripley again and good lord. jack davenport does things to me.
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glitterfilledtrashcan · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
A birthday gift drawing for my brother. We play the game a lot, and our longest world is a Maxwell Wendy one. Early on he was using his shadow puppets to cut down trees while I chased butterflies for our bee box and it felt like a great family moment for these two characters.
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liriko · 6 months ago
weak hero wont give us the boys and their fam content so dont blame me for taking it as an open invitation to create sad backstories for them
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ask-spiderglass · 3 months ago
What ever happened to the real Norman Osborn and how much does Harry know about his father?
Amari: Well… as far as both me and Harry know, we learned that on October 1, 1990, the man that was the original, human Norman Osborn had disappeared during a brief trip to upstate New York.. apparently, he was incredibly stressed and paranoid about everything and he decided to step away from his work at OsCorp for a brief vacation to calm his nerves. However, he went missing. For 30 days nobody heard from him or saw him until “he” was found disheveled and wandering around in the forest somewhere near the Canadian border. But the real Norman never came back.. not really. From what I understand, the Green Goblin essentially stole the original Osborn’s true name and with it, he essentially took away literally everything from him: his identity, his life, his soul… and from there, the Goblin would spend the next 30 years pretending to be a man he basically stole everything from and would use the resources at OsCorp for his own personal gain.
Amari: I… believe that the original Norman might have sought after the Goblin’s great magical power in order to make his upstart company incredibly powerful and wealthy, without having to necessarily to sign a pact with a Patron himself. Beyond that, the details are.. murky at best, which I suspect Gobby was trying to get rid of the evidence of his interactions with the real Osborn. When I asked Harry what he speculates on what could’ve made Gobby turn on the original Norman, he told me that he thinks his father must’ve been forced to work with Norman and he could see him growing resentful towards him… alternatively, he also told me that scenario if that wasn’t it, his second scenario would be that Gobby was planning to steal Norman’s name for a long time and was waiting for the right time to strike him… and in the meantime, he played along with Norman’s demands until he decided playtime was over.
Amari: The hard thing is that nobody really knows Gobby all too well, except for maybe Hobgoblin or maybe Jack-O’-Lantern. And any others who might’ve been close enough to know him are either not in the picture anymore or are just as clueless as everyone else. Dr. Mendel Stromm, the other (obscured) founder of OsCorp, he was ousted from the company shortly before the original Norman disappeared and “reappeared”. Emily Osborn (Norman’s wife and Harry’s mom) died when Harry was very young under what in hindsight is suspicious circumstances… Harry is the only source I have that could know anything but he was left in the dark for most of his life up until Halloween of last year. He didn’t even know his dad was a fae until then… Still, we are trying to learn anything we can about him and who he was. Even if he made it incredibly difficult to do just that. Even my entry on him in the Cobweb Compendium is woefully empty. And worse yet, Gobby is very cagey and deceptive about his past so makes it difficult to discern what is the truth and what is just a trick.
Amari: So TL;DR: we know extremely little aside from the most recent bits of information.
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just-phee · 2 days ago
comfort character comfort character comfort character comfort character comfort character comfort character comfort character comfort character comfort character comfort character comfort character comfort character comfort character comfort character comfort character comfort character
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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padfootslads · 5 months ago
just — fictional men......
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guillotineman · a month ago
A.I. Artificial Intelligence
(2001, dir. Steven Spielberg)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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eldritch-hall-asylum · a month ago
How is fainting/anaemia dealt with in eldritch hall? who do you headcanon as anaemic? has anyone had to get an iron infusion?
Normally, it is managed with iron supplements and foods that are rich in it, such as spinach and pomegranate.
As for hcs, it's currently EJ, Toby, Tim, Liu, Natalie, and Sally.
Also, luckily, nobody has needed an iron infusion.
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