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  • You can find the first 100+ pack on my blog
  • Feel free to request another color or shape
  • Icons are 200x200px
  • Reblog/like if using or saving
  • Please go check out my other stuff ♡
  • Icons under the cut (use ctrl+f to search like “fiona blue”)

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saw someone made some amazing achievement hunter fahc maxis-match sims - really good ones! i have made some too, but i use some cc… because. and a bonus callmekevin because there can never be too much kevin anywhere. 

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AHWU #547

Jack: We’ve got two more episode of Keeping the Lights on (throws the horns to signify two) 🤘

•Fredo and Fiona bully mode activates•

Fiona: Back in my day this is how we count…

One 🖕

Two 🤘

Three (couldn’t see)

Four 🖖

Jack: You damn whippersnappers…

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