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evcndiaz · a day ago
"This isn't your childhood trauma, Buck" is very much so giving "Why? You're fine. You're not going to pass out or anything, right? Your heart rate's not going up?"
Something about these women getting snappy and dismissively personal when they're in their feelings. Ana, I can understand a little more, given that she was hurting and wanted to hurt Eddie, but Taylor... Maybe it was Megan's delivery, but I feel like using childhood trauma as a ten-foot pole (at best, a weapon at worst) to keep a childhood trauma survivor - your boyfriend, btw, who's just trying to be there for you - away is probably not the kindest most "loving" way to respond to a genuine effort of support...?
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yearning-gay · 2 months ago
gender is a fucking mess how about we have gay sex instead
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castielcommunism · a month ago
I think dean as a parent is very good at taking caring of a person’s material needs, like he’ll sacrifice anything in a heartbeat to make sure a kid is fed and has a warm bed to sleep in and gets a ride to where they need to go and everything like that. but when it comes to emotional stuff that requires vulnerability and empathy and long difficult conversations, dean has no reserves or resources to handle that kind of thing, so he either loses his temper, brushes the problem off as not a big deal (“don’t worry about it kid, it’ll work itself out” kinda thing; not intentionally malicious, but it’s still minimising the problem and not what a child needs to hear) or he shuts down completely.
which is obviously informed by his relationship with sam! “take care of my brother” is a very nebulous and never-ending task, but if sam has food on his plate and clothes for school, that’s hard concrete proof that dean’s doing what their dad asked of him. but there’s no end product that you can hold in your hands after meeting a person’s emotional needs, and it’s also something that dean mentally and emotionally couldn’t provide sam because he was ALSO a kid who needed emotional support.
and because dean felt like he could never ask for that support as a child (because he’s supposed to be the guy who’s always cool and calm and collected and can’t ask for anything), as an adult I think he’s a very emotionally selfish person because he has to make up for that lack. whereas for sam, we see him bonding with various people throughout his childhood and into his early adult life (amy pond, sully, jess, etc) because he knew he wasn’t gonna get what he needed from dean emotionally (and especially not from his father) so he branched out as a survival tactic and emotionally distanced himself from his family in a way that dean commonly sees as a betrayal, even though it’s probably the thing that kept sam alive. that’s not to say sam doesn’t have unmet emotional needs either (he absolutely does lol), but I think he’s better at sharing them with other people and asking for help, and in turn is also better at giving that sort of thing back.
anyway, all of this is to say that I think when it comes to jack, dean is really reliable for physical material needs, and teaching jack how to do various things like cook and drive and read and write. but I don’t think he’ll ever be able to give jack what he needs emotionally because dean never got what HE needed emotionally and has virtually no experience with working through an emotional problem with another person. so his reaction is always gonna be him sliding a piece of cake into jack’s room when he finds him crying before sprinting over to cas or sam and begging them to go talk to jack
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jack-the-fool · a month ago
Knife catching 'ah ah ah' this, Nadja's boobs that, what about Nandor's little chuckled 'oh' and smile as he cover his mouth with his fingers and looks at Guillermo so fondly after his life was low-key threatened?????
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dropdeadjack · 6 months ago
Portugal gets a point for the aesthetic and another one for the nice voice but by the gods we really can't escape the ballads
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soupontheside · 3 months ago
beth may really says "fun fact about ron this week-" and its a 50-50 chance she'll say something incredibly beautiful or fucked up about the guy
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xiaofiaan · 4 months ago
"xie lian didn't know whether to laugh or cry" vs the half smiling half crying mask of white no face
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snowinks · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
IRONBLOODS | A WIP Introduction
Genre | Fantasy, Horror
Estimated WC | 100k - 150k
Themes | Familial Relationships, Betrayal and Revenge, Imperialism and Colonialism, Secrets, Rejection of Fate, Love of the Broken-Hearted.
Kiraan and Anjali have lived by a single rule their entire lives: never let the Fair Folk realize they're Ironbloods. As rare products of a faerie and human, they're considered dangerous. Hunted down out of fear because of the powers they possess with no noticeable consequences.
So, when Anjali disappears in the dead of a full moon, Kiraan realizes he may have to break this single rule in order to find his sister. Thrown into the Realm of Faerie, Kiraan is thrust into schemes and secrets embedded with newfound companions and enemies, and finally accepts a destiny long since rejected.
Kiraan Akhtar; an ironblood with a broken secret, a brother looking for home | The Hanged Man
Anjali Akhtar; a girl in love with faeries, a sister with shattered dreams | The Fool
Xiăo Hé; a faerie with one too many secrets, a grief-filled traveler hellbent on revenge | Justice
Zofia Enbriar; a champion conformed to a king of snow, a soldier haunted by illusions | The Moon
Eden; the one with three faces, the holder of truth | The Magician
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genderqueerfreeman · 11 days ago
Tumblr media
[image ID: a digital drawing, showing four pictures of an anthro griffon. in each picture the griffin has different fur colors, but the basic fur pattern remains the same. most of their body is a neutral-hued color, with light speckles on the neck fur, cheeks, and thighs, and dark spots on the lower legs, arm feathers, wings, and ears. they have a dark stripe down the center of their forehead and dark patterns below their eyes. their eyes are blue and their beak and arm scales are pink.
in the first picture, the griffon is standing and facing to the right. their fur is a pale purplish-grey, with the light spots a light mauve and the dark spots a desaturated purple. their beak and arms are deep raspberry color. they are in a casual pose, as if leaning against a wall, with their left arm limply raised. they are wearing a cream-colored dress with pink flowers on it and a denim vest. they have a safety pin earring in the right ear and silver stud piercings in both ears.
in the second picture, the griffin is standing and facing to the right. their pose is both casual and kinda worried, with one wing outstretched. their fur is a warm blue-grey, with the light spots a pale blue-grey and the dark spots a cold grey. their beak and arms are a light raspberry color. the right side of their face lacks feathers, exposing pale purple skin. they have a safety pin earring in the right ear and silver stud piercings in both ears. they are wearing a black t-shirt with light blue text on it reading “20 CM” with a simple screw design between 20 and CM, and light blue plaid shorts.
in the third picture, they are sitting on the ground, with one foot outstretched. they are holding their beak with their left hand and leaning back on their right. their eyes are wide. their ears have tears in them. the right half of their face has been shaved. their fur is a cold pale blue, with the light spots a light lavender-blue and the dark spots a blue-grey. their beak and arms are a bright salmon color. they are wearing a hospital gown with fresh bloodstains on the front, and their beak is bleeding, with blood on their left hand and neck feathers. they have two hospital armbands on their right arm, one yellow and one white with stripes of red, yellow, and blue.
in the fourth picture they are standing facing left and looking down at their raised hand. their fur is a neon sky blue, with the light parts a bright teal and the dark parts a dark blue. their beak and arms are a bright salmon color. they are wearing a hospital gown with dried bloodstains down the front, an N-95 medical mask, and they have two hospital armbands on their right arm, one yellow and one white with yellow, red, and blue stripes. end ID]
more eddie permis. i’d imagine this to be a sort of color timeline. first image is their natural fur color. second is when they got a tedious and stressful job that was slowly eating away at them, making them more and more spacey and prone to bad coping mechanisms, such as picking out their feathers. eventually it got too much and they shaved their face in an affirmation of control, before falling out a window they forgot they had left open. the third image is right when they wake up at the hospital, since an onlooker saw them fall and called the first place they could think of. they had a nasty concussion and their beak was almost split in half. the fourth image is what they’d look like with full saturation from being in the hospital for too long. I feel like Caroline Coughs probably stole them that mask as a gift.
the band on their shirt is 20 Centimeter Screws, a Landlandcountry-ian industrial rock band.
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evcndiaz · 21 hours ago
buddie fandom check-in!
Okay, guys, this season has been a wild ride and interesting ride, so before mid-season finale, it's time to do a little check-in to see how we're all feeling! But there's no reason we can't have a little fun with it, so we're going to do this like one of those quizzes in one of those girly teen magazines, because why not. So!
1) Do you no longer believe Buddie is going canon and find yourself seeking out "big blogs" to "reassure" you that they will?
A) No. I'm confident in my own reading of canon that I don't need to seek assurance B) Sometimes. I only seek assurance when it's hard for me to see how/why a development could be good for Buck/Eddie C) Yes, I need someone to reassure me that everything is going to be okay and that I haven't gotten invested in this ship for nothing
2) Do you find yourself frustrated with 9-1-1 to the point of causing you feelings of distress, anger, betrayal, frustration, sadness, etc?
A) No. It's just a show; I might not like all the choices they make but it's not a big deal in the long run B) Sometimes. Some of the choices made this season really frustrate me and effect my mood a little bit C) Yes. I don't like what they're doing to the characters, relationships, etc and it is disrupting my enjoyment of the show.
3) Have you publicly hated on (i.e. tweeted, commented on IG) an actor, writer, or director for the show because you didn't like the direction an episode took?
A) No. I recognize that they are people just trying to do their jobs to the best of their ability. B) Sometimes. I might make aggressive comments on my blog, but I've never directed them to anyone involved. C) Yes, I've publicly hated on an actor, writer, or director because they need to know what I think they're doing wrong.
4) Have you sent hate (anonymous or otherwise) to someone for shipping/not shipping your NOTP/OTP or tried to tell them their interpretation of canon is wrong?
A) No. Everyone has the right to ship whatever they want to ship. I stay in my lane, they stay in theirs. B) Sometimes, but only if they started it first. C) Yes, I've sent hate to someone for not shipping my OTP
5) Do you feel the need to make other people unhappy with the show or damage their excitement when you're unhappy with the show?
A) No. People are allowed to enjoy the show and be excited for things! Watching TV should be fun B) Sometimes. I don't always understand why people are excited and it makes me frustrated when I'm not. C) Yes. This show makes me upset and I want other people to feel the same way so I'm not the only one feeling embarrassed or hurt about being invested.
and finally...
6) Do you still enjoy watching 9-1-1?
A) Yes. It's my favorite/comfort show, and I love the characters and writing. B) Sometimes. This season has had high points and low points and I'm not sure how to feel at the moment. C) No. I don't like this season and the direction they are taking the characters, storylines, etc.
Okay! Time to tally everything up!
If you got mostly As...
Congratulations! You still have a healthy relationship with this show and this fandom! You don't allow yourself to take any plot or character developments too seriously -- even if you don't like some choices the show makes, you realize that there's nothing you can do about it, and are content to sit back and enjoy the ride. Give yourself a pat on the back!
If you got mostly Bs...
Pump the brakes, sweetheart! It's time for you to reevaluate your relationship with this show! You're on a slippery slope to becoming super miserable, and fandom should never be about immersing yourself in things that make you unhappy. Why did you fall in love with 9-1-1? Was it the characters? The plot? The drama? The found family? Reconnect with that reason and see if it reminds you why you love it so much!
If you got mostly Cs...
Uh oh, bestie! It's time for you to step back from the show and fandom for a bit! Keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with this! Our feelings about TV shows are always changing and there is no contract that says you have to remain invested in the show just because you were at one time. There are so many shows you haven't watched yet, including that one that's been on your watchlist forever. Maybe it's time to find a new favorite! There are so many amazing stories about there! And hey, there's nothing stopping you from coming back when you feel like you can enjoy it again.
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yearning-gay · 5 months ago
getting railed while not being able to verbalize things so you just whine and moan and babble incoherent nonsense and also get teased for it 👀
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jack-the-fool · 2 months ago
something something Guillermo’s first vampiric kill reveling himself to be alive after Guillermo has fully established his new identity as slayer and bodyguard. something the reveal not pulling him back but he instead propels himself forward and reinforces his position no longer as someone subservient but as an equal who should be given respect. something Nandor backing Guillermo up when he himself is feeling at his lowest. something something the slap. something the interconnected relationship between sire and the turned and how Guillermo not only wants to become a vampire but has now fully hitched his horse to Nandor turning him. something pulling him back early something ‘I haven’t slept in two weeks’ something ‘guillermo behind you’ something ‘let me help you help yourself’ something ‘i already killed him don’t look for him’ SOMETHING  
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dropdeadjack · 7 months ago
The Musketeers: Sword Analysis
In this post I will attempt to analyse the swords Athos, Porthos, Aramis and d’Artagnan use in the first season. Mainly what sort of swords are they and what they tell of the characters’ backgrounds and how they might correlate with their personalities.
Before I get into proper analysis I need to clarify the basic terms that I will be using. I will mostly be discussing the hilts as they’re the most telling and diverse parts of the swords. Underneath is a diagram of a swept-hilt rapier, the type of sword that almost all characters in the show use.
Tumblr media
As this is going to be a long post with several images I’ll be putting the rest under cut.
Tumblr media
His rapier is quite simple in design - straight quillions, very elegant and straightforward side rings into knuckle guard, with finger rings and a cup for extra protection. The amount of detail in etching does tell us that this sword must belong to someone with money and prestige, which is why I think he got it when he was still a Comte.
It was probably made especially for him and it does fit him very well - straight to the point but still with unmistakeable class. The symmetry makes me think of rigidness and propriety as opposed to more relaxed and dynamic asymmetrical designs, which feels like a nice touch.
Tumblr media
This is probably the least elaborate sword in the show. It actually has no knuckle guard, though there is some decent protection around the ricasso - ut has finger rings, a side ring, some sweeping bars and very large quillions, almost reminiscent of late medieval designs. It feels a lot older - possibly a hairloom from his grandfather.
It’s extremely asymmetrical and it has no knuckle guard which was practically standard for such swords at the time. I think it goes well with his rash and reckless personality and more down-to-earth approach, as opposed to more frilly nobles. It also solidifies d’Artagnan’s status as someone poorer than the other Musketeers, from a less prestigious background, as he doesn’t get himself anything more modern or with better protection.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Aramis’ sword is the epitome of a swept-hilt rapier - it was very elegant flow of the bars into the knuckle guard, finger and side rings at the ricasso and even a clamshell style plate on one side. I wanted to include the first image specifically for the piece of fabric stuffed into the hilt - I’m pretty sure these are his gloves, but it reminded me of the basket hilt swords, which would often have additional fabric on the inside of the basket for extra protection which my shipper brain connects with Porthos, but more about that later. I didn’t notice any of the characters doing it in the series, but considering that Aramis handles the musket with his bare hands often it makes sense he puts gloves there.
Generally this is the most elegant weapon of all four which fits Aramis very well. It is a perfect gentleman’s sword which he accentuates with his style of fighting, which is a lot more flowery (for the lack of better word) when compared to others.
Tumblr media
First of all, this is not even a rapier. It’s not a thrusting type weapon. This is a full blown basket-hilted broadsword. (I’m not getting into the debate whether this is a schiavona or not. You get the point anyway.) The basket is quite elaborate, the cross-guard mostly contained within it except for a little bit on one side, there’s some rings inside that still allow for a rapier-style handling, but this is not a rapier anymore. This type also usually had leather or fabric inside for extra protection, hence the earlier connection with Aramis’ tendency to place gloves in the hilt.
I think they picked a sword that different to emphasize Porthos’ strength and size, as wider blades look heavier even though rapiers weren’t any lighter - only longer. This sort of sword wasn’t too popular in France, cutting style was more common in Britain and in Germanic territories (aaand the Slavonic mercs that had swords that Italians called schiavona), possibly relating to his military past before the Musketeers. It feels very solid and strong, exactly like Porthos.
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soupontheside · 3 months ago
serotonin is stored in the "im anthony burch im your dad" and the chorus of "hi dad!! :D"
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xiaofiaan · 7 days ago
my friend called viktor vector and it resulted in something beautiful
Tumblr media
[ID: an edited photo of viktor from arcane and vector from despicable me. viktor's face is edited onto vector's. end ID]
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thigh-eater · 5 months ago
strade coming down to the basement and you wake up from him thunking down the stairs. u get scared and try to make urself small but hes. holding a laundry basket. why is he holding a laundry basket. he looks tired more than usual and hes like "hey buddy dw i just need to wash clothes. didnt mean to wake ya" and u just silently watch him load clothes into the washing machine. he makes little comments ("ren sheds like a bitch everytime i empty out the lint trap i get fox hair all up in my shit. makes me wonder why i bother with lint rollers" n pointing to a stain on one of his shirts that is definitely blood "idk if this is even gonna come out but whatever im too tired to care. its like 3 dollars at walmart anyways") and you have a little bit of a breakdown wondering if this is the same guy that chopped one of your toes off the other night.
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brightest-ideas · 18 days ago
Risking sounding like an idiot now, but I still don't know what cis means.
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