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“Well, I guess I don’t have to ask how your day is going,” Jackie quipped wryly as he slipped into the hospital breakroom. Henrik wiggled his fingers in a small hello, face pressed into the tabletop.

“M’sorry, Jackie, but I cannot think even your presence will make this day better,” he mumbled. “I think I’m going braindead. Is just too much happening, too little time to…Wait. Wait, I – ” His head shot up then, baggy eyes prying open as he gasped for air. “Is that a smell of crab puffs?”

“Crab puffs and lobster-shrimp linguini,” he offered, grin widening as his friend whimpered in relief and gratitude, flinging grabby hands into the air. 

“You truly are a hero!”

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Now…Now it was real. Jackieboy had said he was a vigilante, fighting crime day in and day out; that obviously wasn’t the safest job in the world but Mag couldn’t help but flinch as he stopped up short in the doorway. “Jackieboy?”

“Agh! M-Make some noise next time, bro. Don’t startle me like that,” the hero yelped breathlessly, gritting his teeth as he readjusted the ice pack against his side. “Ugh. What’s up?” 

“Nothing. Just…” Mag’s mouth was dry. He didn’t want to stare, but his sinking stomach somehow wouldn’t let him look away. The bruises spanning his brother’s ribs were almost purple, bloated up like bubble wrap. “Are you…?”

Realization dawned in Jackie’s eyes and suddenly it was as if he was talking to a child fan, his voice all airy and comforting. “Aww, this? It’s alright! I’ve got it under control, don’t you worry. I’ll be all patched up in no time.”

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     Goretober // Egotober Day 29 - Murder

     Don’t look too gloomy Magician… he was a simple human even with his fancy lil tricks. You needed that stone of his and an eye, and I needed some stress relief…~ Nothing like a bit of murder to release the stress! Bet you had fun playing with a little mortal as well… or did you make an attachment?~
     No… I don’t make attachments…
     Try saying that a few times more, Magician, maybe then you’ll believe it.

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SO, hehehehhe, great news is that the lovely @cgbk10​ Let me do another carvin of their art this year and I AM SO HONORED AND HAPPY!!!!

It’s of an older piece but a lovely one and it really gave me an idea what I can do and I gotta say, lol, it was a difficult one. I loved the challenge though!

So I got the stencil as per usual. I had to separate it into two pieces cause I wanted to be difficult.and had to cut out things slowly. Some stuff is a bit scrunched cause of how flat doesn’t work well on round but it’s there!


One half done!


I fudged up on a piece so I had to remind myself of it but other than that, it was done!


Here it is thinned out! My hand fucking hurts!!! Took me days for the stencil to work and another few days to get this but I LOVE IT! Even though Schneep’s hat is…. thinner than it should be… hhhhh.


MUEHEHEHEHEHE IT’S SO PRETTY!!!!!!!!!!!! Even with one little piece that popped off…. but it’s OKAY!


Thank you again K10 for allowing me to do this! I wanna do this every year honestly because it is so damn fun! HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!!!!!


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I just had a thought.

Sean said himself that Jackie was the next ego ready to go, but now there’s a bunch of hints at Marvin. And as much as i want to believe that it’s gonna be Marvin we see, what if it’s actually Jackie? What if he’s going through all of Marvin’s stuff in hopes of locating him? They’ve both been gone for so long, Jackie may have been looking for Marvin all this time and that’s why he has his spellbook.

Of course I’m probably completely wrong, this is just something that popped into my head while i was eating breakfast. But Sean could still throw some kind of curveball at us…

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Whumptober #29- I think I need a doctor

“Ah, Ah! No! Get yourself back in bed!” Henrik yelled from the kitchen downstairs. Despite having super hearing, the doctor’s voice came through in a muffled sound. Muffled, yet loud. The hero hisses softly, his hand gripping the side of his bandaged head in attempt to subside his pounding headache.

Still, Jackie let his body be supported by the wall next to the bed. He could walk off a few broken ribs, a sprained ankle and a dislocated shoulder, right?

The steeps echoing from down the hallway have his head snapping towards the door, and, just in cue, Henrik opened the door. His icy blue eyes were on the tray he had in hands before they went to the bed, brows already dipping in a scowl while his eyes shifted towards the hero. “I thought I told you to get back to bed.”

Jackie offers him a sheepish smile before sliding his hand to scratch the back of his head. “M’Fine, Hen. See? I’m on my feet and ready to kick ass.” After the last word was said his face contorts slightly in pain, his hand sneakily, not really, gripping at his side. “Okay… I think I need a doctor.”

“I swear, if you popped your stitches open….” Henrik grumbled as he gently pulled Jackie’s arm away. As he suspected, the bandages that were wrapped around his upper body was spotted with crimson stains. The doctor lifts his eyes, a deadpan expression on his face. “Get back in bed, I will get my tools to redo your stitches… again.”

With a defeated sigh Jackie returns to bed, hissing and wincing as his body plops on the soft cushion. Before Henrik can walk away, Jackie grabs his arm. “I— I just wanted to say thanks… I-I don’t think I say it enough. I’m glad I don’t have to do this by myself anymore.”

Henrik blinks in surprise, this… this was new. Without realizing it, a soft grateful smile found its way to his lips and the doctor ruffles Jackie’s hair. Despite him being one of the first egos being created, he sure acted like a child. “You are more than welcome, mein freund. It is good I can be of help, but please listen to what the good doctor says and you will recover faster.”

“Aye, aye captain.” Jackie says with a chuckle, now watching the doctor walk away. Yeah… it felt way better to have someone by his side to get through this…


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Prompt: Pumpkin

Summary: Chase finds and interesting gift for Henrik one morning, and there’s only one guess who the gift giver is.

Warnings: none

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Okay, WOW, this is the longest I have EVER spent on a single sketch. This is my first attempt at drawing the JSE Egos, Jackie and Marvin. Please note that this is ONLY a WIP (work in progress) and I will be completing it.

(made by chikadee360 (me) on October 29th, 2020)

(made using Krita)


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based off of the leaked Marvin photo but like

What if Marvin and Jackie have been dating and living together for the 4 years we havnt seen them

And they’ve been growing together to become these strong badass powerful peeps

And when we see them they’re kicking ass and then hold hands and Marvin kisses Jackies cheek afterward aaaaa

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Heya jse ego friends! Wanted to throw out a lil thing

If you currently have commissions open and are willing to draw cryptid-like creatures, or you’re interested in doing an art trade–you draw one ego boy I’ll draw you one–let me know!

I wanna seek out people to draw some of the boys from my Septic Nightmares AU. So, hmu with your commission info or for an art trade

Much love to you all 🖤

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