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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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Now…Now it was real. Jackieboy had said he was a vigilante, fighting crime day in and day out; that obviously wasn’t the safest job in the world but Mag couldn’t help but flinch as he stopped up short in the doorway. “Jackieboy?”

“Agh! M-Make some noise next time, bro. Don’t startle me like that,” the hero yelped breathlessly, gritting his teeth as he readjusted the ice pack against his side. “Ugh. What’s up?” 

“Nothing. Just…” Mag’s mouth was dry. He didn’t want to stare, but his sinking stomach somehow wouldn’t let him look away. The bruises spanning his brother’s ribs were almost purple, bloated up like bubble wrap. “Are you…?”

Realization dawned in Jackie’s eyes and suddenly it was as if he was talking to a child fan, his voice all airy and comforting. “Aww, this? It’s alright! I’ve got it under control, don’t you worry. I’ll be all patched up in no time.”

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Saw a couple people asking when Jack defended Tommy from a mean chat member, so I scrubbed through jacks stream to find it. Its at 2:59:10, jacks side only bc he was muted at the time.

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“If I’m to be completely honest, I-I’m not so certain I desire a golden tooth. I’ve no great caries to speak of a-and my diet is sound! The weather’s been fair lately!” Jameson stammered, knees bouncing anxiously in his seat as the dentistry office loomed ominously ahead. “

“Golden tooth? Is that what they did back then? And what does the climate have to do with –? Never mind. You don’t have to worry, Jem, it’s just a cleaning,” Chase assured him. “They’re going to polish the teeth you have, not take them out.”

“That’s not the impression Jackieboy seemed to give…”

“Don’t let his phobia rub off on you; his teeth leave much to be desired.”

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I’m not really expecting anything big from Anti on Halloween. One, because of Jack’s stream a little while back, where he was talking about his plans with the egos; and 2 I’m not expecting anything big from Anti until the new FNAF game comes out. I mean it screams Anti, with all the glitches in the trailer.  I don’t expect anything more than last Halloween from Anti.

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