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And you cannot be a LGBTQ+ ally when you are so horribly racist.

He’s not anti-racist.
He’s not an ally to anyone.

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It’s funny how some people read random, without proofs, accuses online and believe them.

That post in the tags calls Jack out for being homo/transphobic, racist and offensive to poc. Do they know that there are a lot of this people into the community?

Basically are saying that THEY are “woke”, the poc, gay/trans and disable people into the community (there are many) are dumb and don’t recognize when they are disrespected, so who made the post should show them what should be offensive to them and what’s not?

Just the other day I read two community members posts about how much Seán/Jack did for them as LGBT+ members.

If the community said nothing I trust them more than someone that clearly wants only “damage that famous people they hate” and that call “manipulators” or “Jack’s a**kissers” who speak up or give the “other side of the coin”.

Just for context, who made that post also accused Jack of being a predator for his progression picture but mock fans (regardless if are minors or not) with “he is not going to f*** you”.

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Gooooooood morning!! ✨

It’s rainy outside for me right now, which means hoodies and snuggles with my doggo 💕

Sometimes the little things mean the most!

Appreciate all the gifts 🌱

Have an amazing day!! 💫

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Take a deep breath

I know things are scary, and frustrating, and upsetting in the world right now.

So here’s just a friendly reminder.

You are valid. And enough. And brave. And resilient, and clever, and kind and a total badass and honestly just a fantastic human being.

And even if you’re stressed, or overwhelmed, that’s okay. You’re still all those awesome things.

And above all?

You are loved.

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I’m living for all these YouTubers and streamers who are making callout posts for THEIR OWN community if they support the orange.

I’m so happy this is happening. I am so happy these creators are taking responsibility over their own communities and fans and actively tell them to stop being racist, homophobic, ableist and sexist.

And then there is Sean, Jacksepticeye…
Sean who doesn’t like to callout his own asskissers.
Sean who is a racist, homophobe, ableist and transphobe himself.
Sean who is just a casual version of the orange.
Sean who doesn’t mind insulting his poc fans, his trans/gay fans, his disabled fans.
Who feels like his privileged fans are allowed to be just as nasty as he is.

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hate.. fuck?
Is that even a word??

Like.. You desperately wanted to insult me, by using my insults against me..

But you failed SO poorly that honey I hate to bring it to ya.
With this poor level of intelligence Sean wouldn’t fuck you even if you were a stan.

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