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#jacksepticeye egos

*Here we go*

It was a struggle to crawl with a limp, dead leg and a working arm across a muddy floor. Jackie pushed himself to keep moving, to stay awake. The static laughter behind him echoed off every cell in his body, but, still, he pushed on. He can’t have him win this battle. He has to be strong. He has to be the hero—

He felt his smile turn into twisted as he stepped on the back of his broken leg, earning a painful scream from Jackie. “What’s the matter, hero?” The heel of Anti’s boot sunk deeper in his bones. Hot tears fell down Jackie’s cheeks like an over flowing sink.

“You really thought you could save them?” Jackie felt his hair being pulled and lifted him off the ground, holding his throat loosely. “How many times must we do this dance? This show between you and I? It never ends for you, does it?”

His breath hitches as he felt his warm hand close around his neck. Jackie whimpered and choked as the squeeze didn’t stop. He’s running out of air, out of time.

Anti’s eyes gleamed in the bitter light. “Come now, hero,” he cooed. “Death is painless. Don’t fight it.”

The blue in his eyes dimmed and dulled as he relaxed in Anti’s hand. He’s not fighting anymore. What choice does he have? If death can make him stop this pain, Jackie would take it and run. He failed Henrik and Jameson already. If he does, is he really failing anyone?

“That’s it, Jackie,” his voice was hushed and calm. He felt his eyes growing heavy. “Submit. Give in. Let me be your hero..”

His words trickled off in the darkness when Jackie closed his eyes.


Welcomed readers: @10th-no-name-person @weirdmixofweirdness

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FINALLY! It is done! This is the finished product of my first time drawing jacksepticeye’s egos, Marvin the Magnificent and Jackie-Boy Man! I spent a total of..three days, I think? Finishing this piece. It’s been a lot of fun! Please feel free to request more ego art via my ask box on my blog.

(made by chikadee360 (me) on October 30th, 2020)

(made using Krita)

(Feel free to reblog, but do NOT repost or post on any other social media sites without my permission and without giving proper credit.)

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Entry #13 - 30th October

Oh my god, Halloween’s tomorrow and the house’s buzzing! Both with excitement and literal electricity, it’s not safe! Because Anti’s birthday may not be on the 31st but he still got an important video premier tomorrow so all of his energy is bundling up now. He actually caused a power outage yesterday so that explains the silence…

Naturally we won’t be welcome at the Septic’s place and we heard that the Ipliers invited them over out of pure spite. Doesn’t matter, ‘cause there’ll be a party over in the music district and if it’s at Phantom’s or Daniel’s place we’ll be good!

You need to wear a costume, duh. I’ve been working on mine the past days but no idea what the others have planned. Unus and Annus got some inspiration of course, but I swear if we get a partner look again-

Also, my pumpkin dug itself out, so we’re looking forward to tonight. ~MM

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