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me-and-jake · 2 days ago
“The Cullens aren’t racist! They just hate werewolves. That’s why they call them DOGS.”
But why?
The reason why I can’t get behind the Cullens is because they literally have NO reason to hate the pack. First of all, the Cullens treaded on THEIR land, when hey could’ve simply went ANYWHEREEEE else. These mfs can live under water if they wanted to. Forks is not the only wet and green place in America, and especially in the world. Secondly, the pack literally does not affect them in any way, as opposed to the Cullens, who’s presence affects the entire tribe, especially the ones with the wolf gene. Thirdly, they’re not even fucking werewolves, so you’re argument is invalid from the start.
If not racist intent, what the hell was Stephanie Meyer trying to do? Like has anyone ever asked this woman, face to face, what THE HELL was she thinking about putting this dynamic into her series? By putting in a REAL—not fake—tribe in her book series, changed their history and stories, and made them into werewolves. And THEN added these white ass vampires and created this “rivalry” and forced this treaty. OH but surprise surprise, they’re not even fucking werewolves! SO WHAT WAS THE POINTTTTT.
I am legit upset by the incompetence of her writing. She writes it as if we should dislike Jacob and the pack by writing them as dangerous, aggressive, etc, but then turns around and says, “No no, you shouldn’t hate them. Jacob is actually one of my favorite characters.” THIS WOMAN IS INSANE.
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panlight · a day ago
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Keeping Up with the Cullens - Episode 20, pt 2.
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bellaxcullen · 2 days ago
Rosalie: I need you to swear-
Emmett: fuck
Rosalie: …
Rosalie: Swear as in promise
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According to your imprint theory what do you think would've happened if Sam or any of the imprinted wolves had been the ones trying to kill Renesme? Or of it had been a vampire, say Bella's death made Edward go nuts. What I mean is do you think her gift created a chain reaction that accidentally activated the imprint but that in someone else would have just made them like/love the baby in a familial less freaky way?
Anon's referring to this theory. Renesmee has a secondary, very powerful, gift which is to make those that wish her harm like her.
Probably depends on the strength of the feelings.
Edward... did a pretty strong 180 there as before that point he was dead set on murdering the child. Jacob similarly had very strong feelings, was intent on murdering Renesmee right in that second and... we get the imprint.
Sam, while intent on doing what he must, was rather level headed throughout out the ordeal. He wasn't thrilled to do any of this but saw no choice due to what the child would surely be. Upon seeing Renesmee, a very humanoid looking baby, and seeing how controlled she is, I imagine he wouldn't be thrilled but he'd back down pretty quickly. The child is held to the same treaty as the Cullen: no turning and no murders.
I imagine the first moments would just cause him to hesitate, to grow attached enough to see Renesmee as a human baby or at least an innocent, for long enough to be convinced into not taking action.
Similar with the other wolves.
They didn't have the rage and personal motivation that Jacob did to do what he nearly did in that moment.
I'm also not sure they could imprint, having imprinted already, as I imagine that's a chemical reaction in the brain. Renesmee may have triggered it artificially, but it's not entirely false. The imprint did happen. And as there's no indication imprints can change, I imagine those who have already imprinted get to feel a different kind of attachment to Renesmee.
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specialagentlokitty · a day ago
Jacob x Male!autistic!reader - changes
Tumblr media
Can I get headcanons for a male autistic reader imprinting on jacob and being the first autistic shifter? - @redheadjustin 💜
You family was one of the strongest bloodlines for the wolf gene and you knew that. Your parents both had the gene and you knew you had it as well.
It was only so long until you were going to shift and you were terrified.
When the first signs of shifting were coming upon you, you locked yourself in your room, terrified that you were going to hurt someone.
Your parents begged and pleaded for you to come out but you refused, and they respected that and never came in.
“(Y/N) I’m coming in.”
“Jacob no!”
Before you could stop him he was stood in front of your door, his back resting against it.
“Jacob get out.”
“No. You’re scared, that’s okay. Just calm down I can help you.”
“Jacob I’m begging you… I don’t want to hurt you… get out.. get out…”
Tears started welling up in your eyes, your heart started to race and you could feel your temperature rising.
Jacob could see you sweating, panicking.
You hand was hitting against your side as you paced and Jacob quickly opened the door.
“Come on.”
He didn’t wait for you to reply, he grabbed you by the hand and dragged you outside into the rain.
The rain hit your skin and immediately it started to steam up.
“Breathe, just breathe.” Jacob whispered.
You shook your head, still pacing up and down on the front of your house.
Jacob sighed, walking over he stopped you and stripped your shirt from you, tossing it to the side.
“It hurts.. why does it hurt..?”
“It’s the change, it’ll be okay. Just let it happen.”
“No.. I don’t want too! I don’t want too!”
Jacob ran over, rushing towards you, he placed his hands on the side of your face and made you looked at him.
“Look at me. Okay? Look at me.”
You gave a small nod of your head and watched as he took a few steps back and he phased.
Standing now in front of you as a large brown wolf, he stood in front of you and gave a small nod of his head.
You didn’t want to feel the pain of phasing, but you had too. You couldn’t keep pushing it away.
So you let the pain washed over you and screamed as your bones snapped and your body changed.
When it did you were shaky on your feet, and Jacob walked over, sitting in front of you.
“You did good.” He said.
“It hurts so much…”
You heard more voices, and they were fuzzy at first but you finally understood them.
“Is that (Y/N)?”
“Did he phase?”
“Yeah. He did. I’m bringing him over.”
Jacob got up and you slowly followed behind him.
This was a new step in your life, and it was going to be hard and really confusing but you had to adjust. Even if it wasn’t something you wanted
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shinidamachu · 15 hours ago
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bellalovesjacob · a day ago
"some things are worth a second Look"
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twinaissance · a year ago
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rosaliesbigtiddygothgf · 2 months ago
just need everyone to know that edward cullen was the audition for bruce wayne
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zornxiii · 2 months ago
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I can't believe I'm cheering for Jacob in 2022.
Good job Mrs MoYeR.
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twilightdelusions · 3 months ago
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edweirdocullen · 3 months ago
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edwardsshinyvolvo · 3 months ago
them: are you ok you look out of it
me: yea sorry just tired
my brain:
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bellasforgottenjansport · 9 months ago
Carlisle after receiving a call from the school saying that Emmett drop kicked Edward across the football field while Jasper did 58 consecutive backflips in the cafeteria and Alice and Rosalie had a dance off that leveled the Gym:
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pocfansmatter · a year ago
Hey I'm happy that Twilight is coming back but I can never get over the fact that Stephanie Meyer thought it was a good idea to write in that the werewolves have to cut their hair or else their fur would be long & shaggy to maintain.
As if most Native Americans literally don't cut our hair for spiritual reason. We literally believe it's an extension of our spirit. Its painful to cut, it's the evaqulant to cutting out your soul.
That's why we literally only do it when someone dies. Because its to show your mourning. Only to show your love and how much pain you're in.
Not all tribes do this but enough do. I literally went 3 years without cutting my hair once. Some have gone decades.
But naw turn to doggy cut hair regularly. The first set of Native actors they had literally got recasted because they refused to cut their hair. What did you THINK was gonna happen Meyer?
Notice how Booboo Stewart has always had long hair since his Twilight days?
Tumblr media
Anyway heres a little clip about braids.
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blanca-angelica-loveless · 26 days ago
Stephanie meyer: I think sewers in 1600s London makes sense. I will do no reaserch and get very rich.
Fanfiction writers: if Carlisle stood in a northfacing second story window a few miles south of the thames, in what I have just learned would be Southwack, would the elevation be sufficient enough that he would be able to see the Thames river? I don't know yet but I did find the most beautifully detailed map of 1680s London to drool over. I did also just learn that that area was marshlands in the middle ages, and all the topographical maps of the area seem pretty level so probably not, but I'm having fun so this needs at least three more hours of research tonight.
(It's me I'm fanfiction writers)
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themeadowinforks · 20 days ago
thinking about how stephenie meyer has an Actual Brother called Jacob
"jacob wants to fuck bella soooo bad but she sees him as a brother" the real jacob: 😟😟😟😟😟
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Breaking Dawn, but if Bella was allowed to choose the furniture for the cottage in the woods:
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pixielike · 2 months ago
bella: any cold, wet thing. i don't really... *scoffs in disgust*
edward, remarkably cold:
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rosaliesbigtiddygothgf · 10 months ago
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