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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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kirinrider: Cheezin hard….@jacobelordi, @donni.davy and myself in front of my makeup station from the old makeup trailer back in during the filming of @euphoria Season 1. Been digging through a lot of photos and this one stuck out. Trying to stay focused and stay excited to return to work with these fine people. Hope everyone from Euphoria crew and cast are well as safe. Miss ya’ll and can’t wait for some normalcy around here. 📸: @jacobelordi

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Remember when Miss Z caught a flight to Nola, where her bf was filming and surprised us so much?? They spent a week apart after coming back from vacationing together in Australia but she missed him so went and spent a week with Jacob in Nola

ahh a moment in history i will never forget 🥺❤️

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Is that [ JACOB ELORDI ] ? Oh no , it’s just [ HUNTER CLARINGTON-SMYTHE JR. ] ! The [ 20 ] year old [ MALE ] goes by [ HE/HIM ] , and was born on [ JUNE 25TH ] . They are usually labeled as [ THE JOCK ] around town , they work as a [ LIFEGUARD ] . Rumor has it , they [ ARE STRUGGLING WITH HIS SEXUALITY ] , but you didn’t hear it from me . [ COREY , 25 , HE/HIM , EST ]

Welcome to Ohio, Hunter Jr.! Please send in your account within 24 hours! we can’t wait to have you here.

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