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Like *Nsync were the ones that introduced us to love songs and they had quite a few songs that were pretty risky but we never really understood them until we got older..but O-town..O-town those little fuckers were down and gritty for a boyband with their lyrics and they came on the scene just as some of us were hitting puberty and when we finally understood the meaning of what they were singing and just hands down I give them praise to this day for that. 

Still can’t believe  my mother allowed me to listen to them. Haha. 

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I heard the announcement on the radio earlier and started screaming! I scared the crap out of my friend that was driving. APA is no longer part of the group sadly. I still love all the guys and can’t wait to hear new O-Town music! I NEED TO SEE THEM IN CONCERT!

Welcome back, Trevor Penick, Erik-Michael Estrada, Dan Miller, and Jacob Underwood!

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