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It doesn’t matter if Jacques is currently cut off from his bank accounts. Jacques probably doesn’t even have cash on him. 

But the promise of Money is enough to sway the hearts of men. And Jacques can promise a lot of money. 

Besides, with the shady stuff Jacques does, unregistered bank accounts is probably the least of what he has open to him. 

And if the promise doesn’t work, his outfit probably costs more than a month’s salary for a guard. 

As for Watts, you hit it right on the money. He has no hacking power without a computer. 

How long do you think it would take him to find a computer in feckin’ Atlas

I give it five minutes. Tops. Hell, if they have to assault a guard on the way out, that’s an immediate computer get: the guard might have scrolls, and their helmets likely have screens on the inside (because they certainly don’t have eyeholes). 

Now, I’m not actually saying they will aid in the escape. Honestly, I doubt an escape will even happen. But they do have skills that would be conducive to an escape. 

If only Robyn and Qrow would be willing to let them escape. Because while I doubt they approve of the brutality we see the guards inflicting on Watts in the trailer, they’re also very aware that those two men are dangerous and likely to cause even more havoc if they’re let out. There’s a definitely moral choice there. 

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Team Jailbreak currently consists of:

  • A Literal Shapeshifter who can alter Probability
  • An Incredibly Popular Politician Who May Have Experience Working Against Law Enforcement
  • A Man Capable Of Hacking All The Systems
  • Moneybags McBribery

The only reason why they’re not gonna escape in five minutes is that Qrow and Robyn are the only two with a good working relationship:

  • Qrow hates the SDC.
  • Qrow really doesn’t want to work alongside a villain right now
  • Robyn hates Jacques’ guts
  • Robyn hates Watts’ guts
  • Jacques likely takes issue with Watts setting him up to take a fall
  • Jacques hates Robyn’s guts
  • Jacques is such an asshole he’ll find something he hates about Qrow, probably.  

Watts is probably okay with working with everyone else, but nobody likes him

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Can we talk about the sdc for a sec… I find it interesting bc there are 2 general ways this could go.

1. The sdc fails (perhaps due to atlas falling, the ceo being arresting and the heir being a 14-16 year old boy) and smaller dust businesses are allowed to flourish, free from the monopoly.

This one kinda makes me sad?? Yes, the sdc in the present times is an unethical monopolistic company that relies on borderline slave labor but it was created by nicholas schnee I think with good intentions. This option doesn’t really allow the satisfaction of watching the sdc to return to what it was, it’s more of a burn it all down and start of scratch sort of option. However, as I said, smaller businesses will flourish and that’s also a great thing so it’s not necessarily a bad direction to take it.

2. The sdc survives and is reformed to line up with the original honor of the schnee name.

Now this one I find to be much more interesting. Obviously jacques is not going to get redeemed- his abuse of his family already crosses the line and that doesn’t even count everything else about him. Jacques will not be the one who “sees the light” changes the direction of the sdc. Winter has already shown that she is not only uninterested in the sdc but she actively avoids taking any part of it. Weiss has expressed many times that she wants to make right what her father has done with the company- and no doubt she’ll be the main player on this scenario of reforming the sdc since it’s such a huge part of her character motivation. Whitley, I think, will also be a major part of this since he’s the heir and probably the most business-inclined. However, that would involve a lot of character development and depth that his character just doesn’t have at the moment- and I don’t know how I feel about a kid with the issues he has being put in such a high stress position of the literal ceo of a huge company and also a reformer of said company. The same also would go for Willow, too. Neither of them are in a emotional/mental state for that job at the moment imo. They would need a lot of support and healing before they could undertake something so huge. Or nicholas schnee crawls out of his grave and runs the company himself.

Also in this scenario jacques is dead or in jail so that’s an upside :D

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We know Willow is a low functioning alcoholic but we’ve seen Jacques drinking a lot also? I mean that doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is an alcoholic, of course. I believe in v4 he was drinking with Ironwood when he was arguing with him in his office (correct me if I’m wrong). We see Jacques drinking in v7 also after his encounter with Weiss and her friends (heavily implied that he came home in a very bad mood and whitley seemed very on edge bc of this). And let’s on forget his huge glass of wine at the v7 dinner.

I mean, Jacques being a high functioning alcoholic or not, alcohol seems to be everywhere in the schnee household. If it’s not Jacques shown drinking, then the bottle is shown in Willow’s hand.

I don’t know if drinking contributes to Jacques’ temper or if it calms his nerves but it seems that nobody in that household is happy, not really. No doubt all the schneeblings probably have major issues with alcohol

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Yeah there’s about a million possibilities for him. My hope is that he goes on a self-exploring journey, because he hasn’t had a chance to really do anything. With his father gone, hopefully Willow steps up and supports him so he can become more independent as well. Ultimately, I want him to find himself. That’s what Weiss and Winter did, and he deserves a chance to do that, too.

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Ohhhh this is interesting

Slow burn - Raven Branwen

What lies deep is beneath the surface. I’m a believer that her actions in the series are based on more than what she says so it would be interesting to see that development in her.

Fake date - Jacques Schnee

I’m no gold digger, but hey, CEO of the most successful dust company in Remnant. I don’t have to like him for this one moment of luxury (and I’ll probably never do it again HAHA)

Enemies to lovers - Adam Taurus

I really liked his character and it’s sad cause he got killed off cause he actually had a lot of potential. I was curious of how he and Blake were before she left. Just remove the whole abuse thing and I think this could work.

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