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And even more random mk characters headcanons part 3 girls edition



Originally posted by assassiyun

  • She’s a shopaholic, the kind that gets money only to spent it with clothing and then asks herself why she has runned out of cash
  • Used to be edenian Regina George when younger, Jade and Rain were her mean girls squad until Rain decided to start flirting with them both
  • She hates bangs covering her face so she will always keep her hair the most perfect possibly
  • Always wanted to have a bunny as a pet but Shao Kahn said he would eat it if she brought one home
  • They don’t have kredit kards at Outworld so when she finds out about this Earthrealm tool she’s mind blown
  • She gets jealous easy of people she likes and that includes friends and family
  • “Jade, are you ignoring me to go on a data with Kotal!?”



Originally posted by lukqs

  • She needs a boyfriend that is not an idiot, she was only with Kotal as a way of not feeling alone after Kitana and Liu Kang started dating
  • The kind of friend that acts like a mom to everyone, will be the one that doesn’t drink at parties and keep an eye to her friends
  • She gaves the best advices about everything and some of them include murdering
  • Always there to listen even if it means to be blamed for something she didn’t do
  • May start crying with Kitana while watching sad movies
  • There was this time were she used her pole to do a sexy dance and ended up with a broken leg, she should have glued the goddamn thing at the floor before using it



Originally posted by tampire

  • She’s really into sports and loves going for long walks during the night
  • She stole Quan Chi’s favorite spellbook and used it to learn how to make someone bald
  • She used the spell on Rain and he was truly angry, that day she was almost drowned by his tears
  • Tanya really likes banana cakes, specially the ones from Earthrealm. The fruits at Edenia were too sweet for her taste
  • Loves hiding weapons from Mileena to see her desperate ass searching for her two Sai
  • Thinks that Kitana is a bitch that is having an affair with Liu Kang and Rain at the same time
  • She has very short hair and uses wigs cause they’re more practical



Originally posted by assassiyun

  • She hates using skirts, will do anything to not have to be stuck on a dress and that includes killing people
  • Sleeps naked cause she feels better that way, and if she has a partner with her it will lead to pleasant situations, if you know what I mean
  • Not ashamed of speaking about anything, she’s a free spirit and has strong opinions at a lot of things
  • Mileena enjoys drawing but she’s really bad at it, her art looks like something draw by a child but she doesn’t care and gifts her friends with bad sketches of them
  • She’s fond of dancing and learned it with teachers from all the realms, Shao Kahn hired her the best masters to help her with it
  • Mileena is scared of bugs, she screams when seeing roaches and that may be a sign to stay away from D'vorah…
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