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#jade leech
ikathousandflowers · 2 days ago
So I tried editing and translating some LINE stickers of twst! I'm not good at editing so I'm sorry if it's trash LMAO
(I created this only for fun, I also want my friends and I to use it. I might make some more)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
added deuce and trey lol
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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flowerofthemoonworld · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Twisted Wonderland Line stickers Part 3
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honey-milk-depresso · a day ago
tweel stan anon here :D
may i request a s/o who is like really childish and also loves to cling around trey, and the tweels (both the brothers in a story)
Hey Tweel Stan!! ^^ Here ya go!
Finally can start working on all the requests properly :')))
I'll do a separate one on twins individually and with the twins in the headcanon! ^^
TWST s/o who loves to childishly cling on them
Trey Clover
He's got his fair share of experiences dealing with the same kind of thing with his younger siblings.
He's carried so many of them who cling onto his arms like they're playing on a monkey bar.
Having to have the same thing from you; clinging onto his arms, engulfing him from the back as you wrap your legs and arm around his torso, or maybe coming in from the front and grabbing his hands to wrap them in front of him makes him softly chuckle.
You're like his younger siblings, how cute~
Trey smiles, his eyelids half lidded as he ruffles your hair when you face him in the front and cling to his torso, giggling and grinning so happily without a care in the world.
He snorts when you make funny faces like puffing up your cheeks or just something so weird that it just makes him crack up. He can't help it, you just look so cute.
Trey places a chaste kiss on your forehead, interlocking your locks in between his fingers as he smiles. He wouldn't trade you for the world. <3
Jade Leech
Oya oya? How cute~
You're like Floyd, so affectionately and physically clingy. Good times.
Like Trey, he's had his fair share of experiences with Floyd, Floyd being the clingy brother who whines about how early it is to start school.
Sometimes he feels you lazily cling onto his back and here you softly whine about how you want him to just go to bed with you instead of always having to work for so long. He needs a break after all!
Jade sighs, but has a warm smile plastered on his face. He simply shrugs, and lightly pat your head, his mismatched olive green and golden orbs softened at the sight when you looked up to him in your sleepy form.
You look so cute, it'll be such a waste if he didn't kiss your puffed up cheeks.
He lightly kisses them, but he teasingly licked it when he sees you almost falling asleep. The warm and wet sensation of his tongue lathered on your cheek startled you awake, whining and pouting about his "dirty little trick".
He chuckles, highly amused by your reaction as he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead.
With a soft yet cheeky grin, he smiled. "I'm just teasing you, darling, no need to get worked up~"
Floyd Leech
Floyd is down for you being clingy and physically affectionate! That means plenty of hugs and squeezing you affectionately!
Floyd loves hugging you back whenever you tackle him and cling onto the front of his torso. He hugs you back, and coos about how cute your face is and just peppers it with kisses.
Floyd would squish your cheeks, hug you, squeeze a little, kiss you a lot, because your child like affection just drives some sort of urge in him to give you an enthusiastic return of gesture.
However, there are times Floyd would get moody,
sometimes he doesn't feel like he's in the mood for any cuddles from you, and maybe it may make you feel sad.
The best way to still cling to him is when he falls asleep, and you can sneak into his arms and rest beside him, slowly cling one arm on his torso or back and fall asleep, your head resting on his shoulders or arm.
He wakes up, still moody, and sees your cute sleeping face, you snuggling up against his arm makes him grin widely, and hugs you with both his arms tightly, and awakes you with an euphoric and airy look on his face.
"Ehehehe!~ Koebi chan you're so adorable!!~" Ah, such an love-struck eel~ <3
Oh my god..
This is the most adorable one yet. Jade and Floyd absolutely adore you!
Of course, Jade is the least clingiest out of the three of you, mostly witnessing you and Floyd having a daily cuddle fest almost anywhere when you guys meet.
But your innocent touches of affection never fails to make Jade melt for you, and hugs you lightly together with the already openly cuddly brother.
Sleeping with them, with you in the middle, clinging onto both their arms while smiling childishly at them..
aren't you being too adorable?
They hug you tighter in between them, pulling themselves closer to the centre of the bed, close to you.
Cling onto them everyday please, I swear to you, they'll never let you go when you three sleep and cuddle through the night. <3
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sylois · 2 days ago
FINALLY Twst Line sticker!
This is what I want for a long time! You can purchase the sticker on Line sticker shop.
[Twisted Wonderland]
The sticker only in Japan region.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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riverchiii · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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acornsnpie · a day ago
Scenario: When their s/o falls asleep..
Characters: Leona, Malleus, Jade, Floyd, and Azul.
Type: Reactions
Warnings: None
Mention: I would just like to mention that all my works can be classified as a reader insert, it just depends on the person. (Plus all my works are Gender Neutral, so anyone can read it)
Leona Kingscholar:
His s/o fell asleep next to the tree they were eating lunch by.
They were holding hands still, and their head landed on his shoulder.
Honestly would use this as an excuse to skip class (not that he doesn't do that already.)
"Tch. Herbivore, wake up."
Well he tried, right?
Instead of trying again, Leona uses his free arm to pull them into his chest.
Then after that, he leans his head on their's, and falls asleep with them under the tree.
When Ruggie found both of them later, he just sighed. He woke them up just to tell them to move somewhere else. (Like the botanical Garden or the Savannahclaw dorm.)
They moved to the garden.
Malleus Draconia:
Him and his S/o we're researching gargoyles, and they fell asleep with their head resting in the desk.
He turned away for one second, and they're passed out.
He doesn't mind, actually. Instead of continuing with the research, he picks them up and takes them back to Ramshackle dorm.
Before he leaves, he kisses them on the forehead.
"Goodnight Childe of Man, my Dearest."
Jade Leech:
Him and his s/o were in the forest looking for mushrooms
They both had split up for a bit, however when he came back, his s/o was sleeping on a gigantic rock.
He walks over to them, lightly picking up there head as he moves beneath them.
He lays their head in his lap, and just plays with their hair (if they have any) for a bit.
Once they wake up, he might purposely trick them into thinking he did something to them.
"You know, It's best not to fall asleep in such an open area. I could have done something.."
Floyd Leech:
Him and Shrimpy (as he likes to call them) were serving food at Monstrolounge.
His s/o was sent to restock some things they had been running out of.
Floyd got tired of waiting for them, so he went looking in the back room
That's where he saw his s/o, head resting on a gigantic box while they're sat on there knees
Seeing his Shrimpy like this, he starts getting more unmotivated to do his work, and decides to pull his s/o into his lap.
He wraps his arms around them, and lays his head on theirs.
"Goodnight my Shrimpyyy."
Azul Ashengrotto:
His s/o had a chair pulled up beside his desk, watching as Azul filled out different papers.
It seems he was to caught up in his work to realize his s/o sleeping right beside him.
Once he sees this, Azul presses a light kiss to their forehead.
Then, he takes a second glance at his work, and puts it away.
"I guess this will have to be completed tomorrow. It is getting quite late. I'll take you back home, Goodnight Angelfish. "
A/n: I love TW land so much. Azul and Riddle will always have my heart. 💕
Anyways, thank you to whoever reads this! I really appreciate everything. I mean it, my writing to me isn't anything special, but it's just a little hobby I do whenever I get bored. So I actually want to post stories more often, and I'm thinking about opening my asks. But if I do then please be specific. I'd really appreciate it. 💜💜
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dawnguerra · a day ago
There is only one concern I have about the anime
And that is if it's going to be on Disney+ that means little kids are going to see it and I know they are the young people in the fandom and some of them cause problems and some of them don't
And I feel like the youngest people in the fandom are like 14 to 17 in which I don't care about as long as they don't get involved with the 18+ stuff but if it is on Disney+ we talking about like kids under 10 and in this day and age kids under 10 can get ahold of a phone really fucking easily and look up Twisted Wonderland and easily find something 18+ and that fucking scares me
And when someone under 10 find something 18+ some Karen probably going to get really pissed and start drama and the fact that polygon did this
Tumblr media
And I know that there is a part of the fandom that is 18+ and I'm totally fine with part of the fandom but the idea of a kid finding out about that part of the fandom scares me
And I feel like people need to know about this because it's probably going to happen if it is on Disney+
Also like I said if 14 to 17 olds don't get involved with 18+ stuff I'm fine with not blocking them BUT if someone under 10 gets involved fucking block them because as a person who is in this fandom I know it's not safe for a under the age of 10
And if you don't feel the same way about this as I do that's okay but if you do feel the same way about this as I do Reblogs are appreciated because I feel like this is fucking important
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alynabeatley · 2 days ago
Twisted Wonderland LINE stickers (for region Japan only)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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areyuuserious · a day ago
Jade: Heaven smiles upon me because of my good deeds.
Yuu, Grim, Azul, Floyd, and Jamil, simultaneously: (That can't possibly be true...)
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mirisart · 11 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I found a picture of mushroom cupcakes and because I always get so much cupcakes from him ingame I wanted to draw my Yuu give him these as a return gift~
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mobagehelllocal · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
my mom doing her best to be supportive 😋
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honey-milk-depresso · 2 days ago
( you don't need to answer btw)
but.... I'm feeling evil and angsty.
Can u do one w/ floyd and jade where like they get separated like lumine and aether in genshin and like yuu is unknown god and one of them starts to like her but she's like "if you let me take ur brother "
pls and ty
I really love this request. YES- THIS IS GENIUS-
But I had to really put some thought on how this might play out. Also I'm making this gender neutral, so I hope you don't mind! ^^
It's taking place in the sea, not really in NRC anymore since I can't picture that happening in that setting.
****Warnings: Angst, The Leeches cry big time-
"Give my brother back!" (TWST Tweels x Reader)
Jade Leech
He expected nothing. Nothing to do with his brother about this. The Vice Dorm Leader of Octavinelle had fell in love with you like a regular guy who had fallen for a friend. No harm right?
It took quite awhile to capture the eel's attention, but he ended up getting dazed by how you seem to make him wonder what your next move will be, what you're thinking off, so many things from you that are unexpected.
And now, the truly unexpected will happen.
Through a simple, lighthearted confession, he was prepared for rejection or acceptance. But the look on your face had something he finds off, unreadable.
You told him with a solemn face, "If you give me your brother.
"..What?" Jade was surprised, but... not quite a pleasant one. He was baffled. "What do you mean..?"
"If you want to be with me, let me take your brother."
"That reason I will not say."
Jade swallowed the lump in his throat. What do you mean 'take his brother?' Floyd? What could you possibly want Floyd for?
"Well, would you?"
Jade paused, his blue lips slightly pursed. Well... perhaps it just means.... no. He doesn't even know what it means. But...
"..Yes.." The last minute hesitation from him made your eyes glint mysteriously under the reflection of the rippling waters, light reflection of the waves danced across your face, the enigma of you sparking, his eyes locked with you.
Everything seemed normal once you left. The next day, Jade had his dear brother's company safely in his hand. Safely for the last time.
Deserted and alone, just the two of them in the deep blue sea. You appeared again to Jade, as he sees you again.
You looked towards Floyd with an ominous stare, which made him awkward.
"Huh?~ Hey Y/N-" a whirl of a current flashed in swift and sudden motion, Floyd's body was dragged into the whirlpool, such forced that clawed his body like a beast dragging its hopeless and pitiful prey.
"FLOYD!" Jade cried. Forgetting about you, the poor eel tried to pull his brother out of the monstrous current, his tail fighting to swim out of it. He grunted in frustration, as Floyd hollered and tried to swim his way out as well. They fought with such strength, such determination... the power of the siblings was truly commendable.
But alas, to no avail, the current forces were too strong for one eel to take, and his hands have lost his grip, releasing his brother's hand as he watched helplessly as Floyd succumbed to the whirlpool, his mismatched olive green and golden eyes that stared at Jade with an unwavering look was the last thing Jade saw of his own brother.
The now stand alone Leech, fell back down in slow motion on the sea bed, he huffed, and looked at his own hands in disbelief.
Let me take your brother.
"Why... why..." Jade whispered in a hush tone, you stood before him with an emotionless figure and expression.
"You have given me your word, so I'll take your brother," you simply stated, as if you are giving him a simple explanation.
"Give... GIVE ME BACK MY BROTHER!" He shouted, but he choked on his own tongue, the sea had carried his tears, it felt unfair that he couldn't even feel the warmth of his own, watery pearls to feel a little comforted.
But the bitterness of his tears, was not as bitter as the epiphany made that he had lost his brother.
All because he said "yes".
Floyd Leech
He didn't think of much, you were pretty "normal" in a sense that you never had done something weird to him.
Not saying that you didn't have some weird quirks, which made him fall for you in the first place, but you've never really shocked him to the extent of him being very confused.
Something about you always brings about new things that never leaves him bored!
And truly, now he wishes that from that day onwards, he wished you didn't change.
A simple, goofy confession from him, though unlike his brother, he never really thought of preparing himself for a rejection or acceptance.
But then the spark came, with that suddenly serious look on your face. "Then let me take your brother."
"Eh??" Floyd raised an eyebrow with a pout. Take his brother? Jade?
"What do ya wanna do with Jade??" Floyd asked, his baffled expression didn't waver you at all.
"I'm sorry, I can't tell you that."
Floyd frowned. "Come on~ Pleeeeease?~" Floyd whined.
"I seriously can't Floyd."
The eel frowned, but he decided he wouldn't pry further.
"So, what's your answer."
Floyd had no idea what is going on, or what your question even mean. But... if you "take his brother", he'll be with you, right? Is this like accepting him in the relationship platonically? Or...
He trusted you, but he hesitated.
"..Sure..." Floyd muttered, but it sounded as if he was still in moments of deciding in what he should say.
Your eyes glinted mysteriously under the reflection of the rippling waters, light reflection of the waves danced across your face, the enigma of you sparking, his eyes locked with you. Floyd still wondering what on earth is up with you.
Everything seemed normal once you left. The next day, Floyd was with his brother again, laughing about how Azul was being super funny. The last time he'll share a laugh with Jade.
All alone, the two eels were swimming merrily in the deep blue sea with no one else watching them. You appeared out of the blue, eyes locking onto Floyd's.
"Hm? Y/N? Is there something you-" Jade's voice was cut off, a whirl of a current flashed across Floyd's eyes which consumed half of Jade's body, dragging him into it's mouth. Jade twist and turned, trying to pull himself out of the storm in the sea.
"JADE!" Floyd cried for his brother, swimming over to try and pull him out. He had completely forgotten you were there, only focusing on saving his brother from the sudden whirlpool that had violently tugged his brother. With all his might, Floyd fought with the currents, tail pushing and swimming against it, trying to pull his brother out. Jade struggled, but tried helping his brother reduce his strength while trying to swim out himself. The unbreakable force of the brothers was something not to be reckoned with.
But not anymore when Floyd and Jade had lost each other's grip, Jade being the one to let go of him first, as the forceful currents yanked him way from Floyd, the mismatched eyes of olive green and gold, the sad smile of his dear brother, all lost when the currents have engulfed him, Jade disappearing as if he was just a bubble that just popped out of existence, unseen and never to be seen again.
The now stand alone Leech, fell back down in slow motion on the sea bed, he huffed, and looked at his own hands in disbelief, whimpering and gasping for air. For his brother.
Let me take your brother. "This can't be real....." Floyd whimpered quietly, lips quivering as you stood before him with an emotionless figure and expression.
"You have given me your word, so I'll take your brother," you simply stated, as if you are giving him a simple explanation.
"GIVE ME BACK MY BROTHER!" He shouted, but he choked on his tongue, Floyd could feel the million beads of pearly tears cascade down from his eyes, but were swept away by the water.
Oh how he wished he could taste those tears of his. It would have been sweeter than the guilt Floyd now has to live.
The guilt of knowing he had lost his brother.
Because of him.
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mysteryshoptls · 12 hours ago
SSR Jade Leech Scary Outfit Personal Story: Part 1
"Would you please teach me?"
Part 1 (Part 2) (Part 3)
Tumblr media
Ruggie: Excuse me~
Kalim: I'm begging you Jade, you have to do something!
Jade: Kalim-san, it has already been decided. There can be no exceptions.
Silver: Zzzzzz...
Floyd: I'm bored of this back and forth already~
Floyd: Kurage-chan's already fallen asleep too. Kingyo-chan, do something interesting.
Riddle: Why me!? It should just be a matter of you going someplace else, Floyd.
Ruggie: Woah, it seems like it's super lively in here. Are you all in the middle of some kind of panic?
Jamil: Silver and I are just here in attendance. No need to heed us at all.
Kalim: Just wait a little longer, Ruggie. I'm in the middle of negotiating the budget with Jade right now.
Jade: Kalim-san. As I've said multiple times now, there is no space for negotiation of the budget. Please reduce your spending some more.
Kalim: Don't say that, Jade. The flashier the props, the more the visitors will be able to enjoy, right?
Riddle: Kalim, the budget is set for the whole school. We need Scarabia to follow those rules as well.
Ruggie: My business is pretty quick, so. Jade-kun, here. The budget application.
Jade: Yes, thank you. ...Kalim-san, please observe and learn from the Savanaclaw dorm.
Jade: You see, they stayed perfectly within their budget.
Silver: Zzzzzz...
Jamil: Silver has gotten so tired of waiting, he's fallen asleep... Kalim, let's take it back and reconsider it for the time being.
Kalim: Hrrm... I don't know. Ah, has everyone already finished putting together your costumes and decorations?
Ruggie: We've already finished. Looks like our theme this year is pirates.
???: Oya oya, that is quite a frightening theme.
Jamil: Azul. I see you came too.
Azul: Of course. While I was passing the classroom, there seemed to be such a lively atmosphere coming from here.
Jade: Pirate ghosts that left behind numerous legends of ravaging the seas in pursuit of treasure... it certainly is terrifying.
Ruggie: I don't think Jack-kun thought about it that much when he came up with the idea.
Ruggie: He probably just though that it fit the Savanaclaw Dorm since we have a bunch of tough-looking students.
Floyd: That's good~ perfect for Halloween.
Kalim: Speaking of which, does the Coral Sea also have Halloween events?
Jade: Yes, of course. Every year around this time, we become extremely busy collecting shells and starfish.
Jade: And then on the day of, everyone takes a bottle filled with the bioluminescent organism Noctiluca... you would call them lanterns on the surface. We would make our rounds while carrying one.
Floyd: We'd play some lively songs on instruments too~
Kalim: That's neat! You definitely need music on days of banquets or festivities.
Jamil: I'm sure that in the Coral Sea, the type of instruments as well as the melodies are most likely different from those on land.
Silver: Carrying around lanterns of those Noctiluca is a fascinating custom that could only happen in the ocean.
Riddle: Yes, It feels as if you would be able to see a wondrous sight.
Azul: It's an honor that you would be interested in our homeland.
Azul: If you so desire, I would be willing to put together a package tour and show everyone around during a long vacation.
Jade: Azul. That does seem exceedingly exciting, however let us leave that talk for a later date.
Jade: Now. As everyone has surmised, Halloween on land and in the ocean and vastly different.
Jade: We have been constantly surprised by the cultural differences ever since coming to land.
Jade: I'm sure there are still many things we do not know. As part of the Steering Committee, and for the sake of enlivening this event,
Jade: I wish to deepen my understanding of Halloween on land.
Jade: Would you please teach me how you spend Halloween in your home town?
Part 1 (Part 2) (Part 3)
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psychechiii · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
anime Jade---
*cries in oya oya*
*cries in mushroom*
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bridgestorm · 2 days ago
*After taking collab PE lessons with 3-E students*
Floyd: "Jade, I'm hungry~ what should we eat at cafetaria?"
Jade: "Trey-san's...."
Floyd: "Huh?"
Jade: "...cakes."
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