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jadequarze a month ago
She HAS ARRIVED!! Amaterasu beloved, you have made my day. I love her. Cant resist giving her pets
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Treating myself by buying figures. Waiting for a pre-ordered one next, gotta wait until next year. Nobara figure 馃憖
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jade-island-lives 3 years ago
Yep, this is going to be a negative post. so I鈥檓 gonna cut it below so no one has to read it if you don鈥檛 want to.
I鈥檓 a happy person, or at least I try to be. I try to keep my personal life to myself and so forth because you guys aren鈥檛 here for that. You鈥檙e here for awesome stories to get away from stress and anger, or to get inspired.聽
But...I鈥檓 human. That鈥檚 a sad truth sometimes. I have human emotions and deal with human things that I don鈥檛 want to deal with. Anxiety and depression being one of them.聽
Yeah, I know. Everyone here deals with some form of mental health issues. I鈥檓 not trying to undermine your struggles or pain. What you deal with is valid and no one should tell you or give you the feeling that it isn鈥檛. I鈥檓 not looking for attention and I hope never to mention this again.
Okay so. Everyone here is noticing that I鈥檓 not posting Merlia stuff. Despite this being a blog dedicated to it and everything. Instead, I鈥檝e been working on Light Force, which I know no one cares about, so why do it?
In truth, I鈥檝e hit a...painful wall with SOB. I鈥檝e been trying to work with it, but my mind is going on overdrive and I鈥檓 becoming SUPER critical of it. I鈥檓 starting to grow tired of working on it every day, being the lazy idiot I am. I wanted to work on something different, so maybe I could come back to Merlia with a clear head.
But now I鈥檓 frightened. As my mind usually becomes when I do new things. I鈥檓 afraid that when I change my directive, I will irritate people and lose followers. I know no one cares about Light Force, I guess that鈥檚 why I鈥檓 working on it. Because no one cares about it, so there鈥檚 no pressure to get any of it done.
But I can鈥檛 be comfortable no matter what I do. I鈥檝e been told not to worry about you guys, but I can鈥檛 stop.
So...I don鈥檛 know when there will be a Merlia update. And for that, I鈥檓 sorry.
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anise05 2 months ago
If evil, why hot?!?!?!?!!? 馃槼馃槼馃挅
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rinamyeon 2 months ago
wangxian adopting another baby pls 馃ズ
hi, i am weak to wangxian with a baby/kid 馃槶馃槶
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i have other ideas for this that i plan to draw in the future ^^
send me a domestic wangxian prompt to sketch // ko-fi
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rozengrotto 2 months ago
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lazy tako lazy tako lazy tako
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incorrect-hs-quotes 4 days ago
Rose, pointing at a corkboard filled with Super Mario enemies: And here we have the third special unit of the infantry, the Spectral Unit, also known as the Dry Corps. Because not even death can excuse you from service in Bowser's Army.
Rose: *Turns to imaginary second camera* I do wanna talk about the implications of this unit for a moment, uh, specifically Dry Bones and Dry Bowser. ...When I die, will I become Dry Rose? Is a living Bowser Wet Bowser?
Rose: *Turns back to imaginary first camera, also know as one Dave Strider* Why do piranha plant have bone in it?
Dave: and you woke me up for this why again
Rose: This is useful information, Strider. Th-
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yoimiya 3 months ago
anyways whenever u feel like people are expecting so much of u but u still end up being fucking useless just remember this thing exists
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eternitybreaker 8 months ago
The fact that Zhongli was so traumatized because he had to honour his contract to singlehandedly wipe out parasitic ocean creatures from liyue so much so that he hates eating seafood and has an actual voice line dedicated to his hatred towards it.
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youngjusticeslut 2 months ago
Meta: Jade鈥檚 Fighting Style
Well, since our screeners have been delayed and to keep me from going cuckoo bananas, here鈥檚 another Jade meta analysis for y鈥檃ll. (Look, I only get so many, let me have this.)聽
As you may have noticed, over the past couple of episodes, Jade has changed. The careful, nimble, and deadly assassin we knew... isn鈥檛 so much anymore. She gets absolutely smoked by Sensei. Black Spider takes her down in a fight without breaking a sweat. Black Spider. Of all people!聽
Now, if you鈥檙e like me, you may have been wondering: what the heck is going on? This isn鈥檛 the Cheshire that we know! She would never lose in a fight to Black Spider. Is she being written poorly? Has she just lost her touch? Who鈥檚 to say? Here are my thoughts:聽
For the majority of her career in the Shadows, Jade has been fighting based on motivation. As we saw in聽鈥淎rtemis Through the Looking Glass鈥, she didn鈥檛 have an easy time after leaving home. She was determined to make it out of her abusive household, but she was essentially out on the streets, hungry. She couldn鈥檛 go back home and rely on Artemis all the time, hence, she probably had to make some tough decisions and join the Shadows, for survival. So she grows up, and she turns into Cheshire, the assassin. Not because she particularly wants to, persay, but because this is just about the only thing she鈥檚 good at and it鈥檚 the only thing keeping her alive. So essentially, Jade鈥檚 motivation is simply that: looking out for herself and staying alive. She puts on this sadistic, psychotic persona, but it isn鈥檛 who she is. In a Red Arrow journal, even Will notes that it鈥檚 simply a mask that she鈥檚 put on to keep people at bay. He knows there鈥檚 good in her, but what good will that do for her situation? Being good won鈥檛 keep her alive.聽
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Then, she鈥檚 22/23, and suddenly, she鈥檚 betrayed the Shadows for a guy she鈥檚 fallen in love with. Her motivations change. Jade鈥檚 realized that just staying alive isn鈥檛 enough anymore. She鈥檚 gotten a taste of the other side, of freedom, and so she severs her ties with the Shadows and betrays them. Her motivations shift from simply staying alive, to helping Will. She spends the next year and a half with him, trying to find Roy. It鈥檚 not good enough. When she learns she鈥檚 pregnant, she leaves, and her motivation slightly alters to helping him for the sake of both himself and his daughter. Once that鈥檚 done, she relaxes. No need for Cheshire in the meantime.聽
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...Until she learns of Artemis鈥 death. Again, her motivations shift to the personal. She goes after Kaldur, and in an impressive display takes out not only him, but Black Manta and a number of troops as well. This is Cheshire at her best, absolutely crushing it in a fight where her motivations are on an all time high. Then, of course, it鈥檚 all revealed to be a ruse, and with Artemis alive, Jade puts Cheshire away once again.聽
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She takes a break again. Spends time with Will and Lian, trying to make it work. But there鈥檚 a contract on Jade鈥檚 head. Coupled with the unresolved trauma and emotional instabilities of her life, she decides that her family is better off without her presence and leaves. But leaving them, in essence, breaks her. Her heart isn鈥檛 in the game anymore, and her motivation to fight disappears because she doesn't want to do it anymore. She takes the shady jobs to survive and constantly lives with the realization that someone is out to get her, but it's not like she wants to be an assassin anymore.聽
Tumblr media Tumblr media
So, as a result, Jade is technically Cheshire again and back in the game, but only as a shell of herself. She gets shot in Triptych. She lets herself get smoked by Sensei and can't even properly keep up in a fight against Black Spider. She's not the same that she used to be. She even says it herself, to Will: she鈥檚 lost her touch.聽
Essentially, Jade has given up.聽
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This has been a TED talk sponsored by the insane machinations of my feeble mind 鈽猴笍
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pallanophblargh 16 days ago
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A collection of plants that do not understand that it is January. There are so many more being weirdly productive that I don鈥檛 have good photos of yet. (Ludisias/a few more Hoyas/aloes mostly.) I鈥檓 stupid proud of my Hoya callistophylla (last photo) for deciding that the dead of winter is the perfect time to start on 4 new leaves (you can see three of them in the photo).
It鈥檚 just shy of bone dry in the house, but no one really seems to be giving a shit. Everyone who needs it just gets extra water. They鈥檙e all warm enough and getting enough good light, so there鈥檚 no reason to take a break, I guess.
I like winter, but it鈥檚 nice to have a little green growth at one鈥檚 fingertips. Very restorative, but also a lot of work.
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ashs-fishbone 2 months ago
you know sometimes i just see ash鈥檚 full name and i鈥檓 like聽鈥渨ow. 鈥渁slan jade callenreese鈥??聽that is such a fuckin pretty name. wtf. wow.鈥
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jadequarze a month ago
Wanna see a scrapped comic that I started two weeks ago but didnt have the energy to finish it and deleted them except for a few panels? Here they are
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The end comic is this,,.. it makes no sense since theres no in between panels to help with the flow
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At least there鈥檚 a tiny bit of telepathy comfort (?)
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zackcrazyvalentine 3 months ago
Don't you just love it when
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Twin eels, twin eels
Scheming eels
What they gonna do to annoy Azul today~?
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giantffa 8 months ago
imagine your feedee relinquishing all their funds to you. you have total control of what they buy and when they buy it. you end up spending a majority of their money on food and you make sure to guilt them into eating everything so that 鈥渘othing goes to waste鈥. they constantly complain about needing new clothes to fit their expanding body but you don鈥檛 relent until absolutely every item of clothing they own is COMPLETELY unwearable. Even then, you only purchase them clothing sized up enough to just barely fit....
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perpetualhearts 7 days ago
Tumblr media
It is most commonly known in China as this: prosperity, good fortune, longevity. In Southeast Asia it is a sign of beauty and skill. In this courthouse, Linh doesn't know what it means that the walls are jade as far as she can see.
(That the designers had a thing for showing off wealth and exploiting labor classes, maybe.)
pinterest-study-turned-Linh-thinkpiece, something about the jade council house and being the subject of speculation and about being kind when all odds tell you Not to be
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micer2012 3 months ago
hey, while we're waiting on matpat to make his statement . i would like to direct everyone to both mine and my good friends art that we've done :>
my friends deserve a lot of the credit for making such amazing fanworks and HELPING theorize, a lot of the stuff i realized when bouncing back discussion with them. and i dont want their work or art to go unnoticed while i get all the attention here : > 馃馃馃
(my art, tw blood, 3l/ll spoilers, and others on the posts themselves)
(all fanwork (and my own theories) related to EXIAVOJTMMC (Evil Xisuma is a Victim of Jeff the Minion's Midas Curse))
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bonetrousledbones 27 days ago
According to a list I saw "bones" will be one of the words blocked... is like they are killing the UT fandom
oh that reminds me
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one of the presents i got today was just a bag of coyote foot bones. my family knows me well
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triquetrine 7 months ago
a severely underrated trope is small spunky child adopting a stoic loner and then they go on a bunch of chaotic adventures together
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winterpower98 2 months ago
My brain: Hey
Me: No
My brain: What if
Me: Don't
My brain: What if Jin and Yin found Mei when she was very little, and decided to take her in as their little assistance. But then they got attached and she became their sister. So MK wouldn't meet her until the gold and silver demons trap him in the calabash.
Me: You need to be stopped
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lime-bloods 2 months ago
obviously most things on Alternia are designed in a particularly slimy, chitinous way that gives them a uniformly alien (is that oxymoronic?) look, but I'm wondering if it's more than a little conspicuous that a troll's recuperacoon is basically identical to their computer.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I've broken down the basics of Alternian computing before, but the fact that the pus used in their insectoid computers seems to be the same stuff they sleep in has never been able to properly explain itself. the official line is that "the relaxing ooze helps assuage the terrible visions of blood and carnage that plague the dark subconscious of [trollkind]"; but considering Alternia's governing class seem to have a vested interest in giving their subjects nightmares, we have to assume there is some misdirection happening here.
Tumblr media
what has freshly occurred to me is that Jade, ostensibly the human with the most troll-like lifestyle, has a computerised bed of her own... and indeed one intended to monitor and affect the way she dreams.
it was already in the back of my mind years ago, writing what probably turned out to be my first ever proper Homestuck analysis, that there were insidious undertones to the fact that Alternia's green slime of patriarchy seeps into every crack, right down to the beds the empire's children sleep in. in Dave's words, "your grandpa was a sick fuck why would he build a voyeurbot for a little girl": it probably goes without saying that the subjugglators are kind of sick fucks for building voyeur puppets for little children too! the puppet as a voyeurbot is a well established tool in Dave's own guardian's repertoire (...I'm just now realising Dave is secretly relating to Jade with that line), and it says a lot that Dirk's ultimate voyeurbot (slash fondlebot) took on a form almost identical to that of Jade's (with Equius even trying a little bit of lowblood-puppeting of his own using another robot of the same type).
it must also be remembered that sopor slime is drugs, drugs is candy, and candy only serves to hide the grisly truth from the partaker. perhaps rather than "assuaging" the horrors of the troll's dark subconscious, being hooked up to the slime merely masks the true nature of what has been placed there...
this brings to mind Karkat's strange moment of seemingly unfounded paranoia about the Viewer, accompanied, in fact, by his own spontaneous voyeuristic fantasies about a certain little girl. the takeaway here is of course that the darkness lurking in the troll subconscious is none other than the Viewer, which is obviously true; all trollkind are merely the pawns of Lord English, the ultimate Reader-Author of their reality. but possibly also implicit is that if the Viewer lurks in the subconscious of every troll, then every troll is, themselves, deep down, a Viewer. which is also literally true! as the trolls watching the humans' game unfold from their meteor laboratory act as yet another of the comic's many audience stand-ins.
or in Persona Alchemy terms... just as the author of Homestuck imbued every character with an aspect of himself, every single troll in Lord English's domain contains a little bit of 'Lord English-ness'. in essence making them their own voyeurs, in the same way Jade is both the voyeurbot and the little girl?
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