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Perla Williams || Twenty-Seven || Designer || Non-Magical

Perla and her family didn’t come from much. Her father worked overnights at some estate and her mother worked with Eudora Chase making dresses in the Chase’s basement. Perla was always in awe of what the two women would come up with and she wanted to make beautiful clothes just like them. Her mother taught her how to sew by hand since most of the time their sewing machine didn’t work and Perla spent most of her free time coming up with ways to spice up her clothes. In school she got quite the following from it. People wanted new patterns on hats, jackets; anything that could be bedazzled, the popular girls wanted it. And Perla wanted nothing more than to get her work out there. She didn’t need the money or the popularity it came with, she just wanted to show people that hard work payed off. Though, she really didn’t mind the money bit at times. But that was because if she was able to sell a few jean jackets, she helped out with bills. It was a pretty good system and Perla was able to go through school without being a complete outcast.


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In summer 2017, I came across the video song Hair by Little Mix and I instantly fell for the girls, their vocals. Then I listened to them more and more, started following them on YouTube but on Instagram. Back then, I used to listen to the popular ones only. As my admiration for the ladies increased, I read about them; Jesy Nelson ’s struggle with bodyshaming, Leigh-Anne Pinnock ’s everyday life dealing with racism, Jade Thirlwall with anorexia and Perrie Edwards ’s younger self with mental health.

Most of their songs are women-centric and promote self-love. Two years ago, I followed the official account of the group. It was only last year when I decided that I was a Mixer and started following the ladies individually.


Q: What is your favourite band?

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