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ygtbtrash2 years ago
WHAT IS THIS 2015?????
((buT I'm glad they have their own IG acc becaUSE CONTENT AND IM LIVING))
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jikyuz3 months ago
鉁 masterlist 鉁
Tumblr media
[聽鈿 - smut/suggestive,聽鈾 - fluff,聽鈽 - angst ]
鉁 choi hyunsuk
鈾 first meetings 鈾 鈽孤爏illy rumors 鈾 3 + 6 (physical affection prompts) 鈾 11 + 13 (physical affection prompts) 鈾 5 + 19 (physical affection prompts) 鈾 鈽 4 + 9 + 13 (physical affection prompts) 鈾 19 + 25 (physical affection prompts) 鈿 鈽 38 + 50 (types of kisses prompts) 鈾 11 (types of kisses prompts) 鈾 鈿犅燽est teacher ever 鈾 26 (dialogue prompts)
鉁 park jihoon
鈾 鈿 congratulations 鈿 the shivers 鈾 4 + 19 + 23 (physical affection prompts) 鈿 鈾 46 + 1 (dialogue prompts) 鈿 鈾 30 + 38 (dialogue prompts) 鈽 26 (dialogue prompts)
鉁 kanemoto yoshinori
鈾 25 (physical affection prompts) 鈾 鈽 9 + 14 (physical affection prompts) 鈾 鈿 26 (dialogue prompts)
鉁 kim junkyu
鈾 鈿 3 + 17 (physical affection prompts) 鈾 15 + 19 (physical affection prompts) 鈾 47 (types of kisses prompts) 鈾 28 + 38 (types of kisses prompts)
鉁 yoon jaehyuk
鈾 6 + 15聽(physical affection prompts) 鈾 7 + 18 (physical affection prompts) 鈾 31 (types of kisses prompts)
鉁 hamada asahi
鈾 3 + 4 + 9 (physical affection prompts) 鈾 2 + 9 + 19 (physical affection prompts) 鈾 鈿 19 (types of kisses prompts) 鈿 7 + 9 + 35 (dialogue prompts) 鈾 5 + 16 (dialogue prompts) 鈾 27 + 34 + 49 (dialogue prompts)
鉁 takata mashiho
鈿犅燼t your mercy 鈾 鈿 6 + 14 (physical affection prompts) 鈾 10 + 27 (types of kisses prompts) 鈿 46 (dialogue prompts) 鈿 birthday present
鉁 bang yedam
鈾 3 + 17 (physical affection prompts) 鈾 8 (physical affection prompts) 鈾 3 + 10 + 42 (dialogue prompts) 鈾 26 (dialogue prompts)
鉁 kim doyoung
鈾÷爌illows & blankets 鈾 16 + 25 (physical affection prompts) 鈾 7 + 11 (physical affection prompts) 鈾 1 + 23 (physical affection prompts)
鉁 park jeongwoo
鈾÷爏ecret crushes and first dates 鈾 14 (physical affection prompts) 鈾 9 + 23 (physical affection prompts) 鈾 12 (types of kisses prompts) 鈾 1 + 16 (types of kisses prompts)
鉁 watanabe haruto
鈾 5 + 7 (physical affection prompts) 鈾 4 + 13 (physical affection prompts) 鈾 7 + 25 (physical affection prompts) 鈾 10 + 19 (physical affection prompts) 鈾 8 + 42 (types of kisses prompts) 鈾 35 + 41 (dialogue prompts) 鈾 1 + 26 (dialogue prompts)
鉁 so junghwan
鈾 1 + 2 (physical affection prompts) 鈾 33 (types of kisses prompts)
treasure reaction to -
鈾 watching their idol s/o perform at an award show 鈾 their s/o having really small and soft hands 鈾 someone making their s/o uncomfortable 鈾 their s/o enjoying drinking/partying with friends 鈾 visiting their idol s/o during practice 鈾 their s/o roasting someone 鈾 their s/o had another treasure member as their bias 鈿 their s/o asking them to go down on them
headcannons -
鈾 what treasure would call their s/o 鈾 how treasure would show affection to their s/o 鈾 what makes treasure jealous + how they act when they鈥檙e jealous 鈾 how treasure would cuddle their s/o
Tumblr media
鉂 - please read my description before requesting as that will let you know whether i am accepting requests at that moment! also please understand that it might take some time for your request to be written as i do have a life outside of this blog! i appreciate all your support and requests! :)聽
[ anon list ]
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ser1m7 months ago
treasure as your boyfriend- hyung line (hyunsuk-jaehyuk)
asahi - junghwan ver.
Tumblr media
馃攨a vvv cute anon requested a 鈥渉yunsuk as ur boyf鈥 imagine but i decided to do them all hehe. maknae line on the way!馃攨
hyunsuk: the 鈥渨e do everything together鈥 boyfriend
鈾 his favourite date- cocktail bar/restaurant
鈾 he likes showing his sophisticated side while still being goofy in front of you. showing you off in public while you鈥檙e both dressed to the nines ugh he loves it HE LOVES IT.
鈾 skinship- vvv big on this, even in public. he loves playing footsie with you under the table or wrapping his arm over your shoulders (if he can reach lol). he also loves resting his head on your shoulder and looking up at you when you鈥檙e focused because he thinks you鈥檙e cute but he鈥檚 so DISTRACTING. he l o v e s getting his hair played with and falls asleep when you do that which is鈥 a blessing and a curse.
鈾 his love language- physical touch. he never thinks of any skinship with you being annoying. this is how he tells you he loves you, and this is how he knows you love him back, even if it鈥檚 not your love language (it even shows you鈥檙e doing it for him, not for yourself, which he thinks is even cuter)
鈾 kisses- bites his lip before leaning in because he knows that sends you crazy. he mostly initiated kisses cos he鈥檚 confident that you won鈥檛 reject him but thinks it鈥檚 cute when you do and it takes him by surprise. has probably had a few awkward moments while kissing you (like bumping heads or his arm giving way) but you pair just laugh about it and he loves that you can do that with him
鈾 loves calling you his babe or his babygirl/boy in front of other people to show them who your boyfriend is. everything that people say about you, he takes it to heart and is prepared to fight ANYONE.
鈾 sometimes he鈥檚 faced with serious dilemmas and predicaments, when he is, you鈥檙e his first port of call for advice and a distraction from what may be going on.
鈾 has tonnes of key rings and pin badges with a monogram that you pair created. his outfits don鈥檛 feel complete without one
鈾 he LOVES when you talk about your passions and encourages you to talk about them more while he just listens and lowkey stares in adoration. he loves when you listen to him talking too and you ask questions because he doesn鈥檛 want everything to just be one sided ofc
鈾 would do anything to find out more about you. even if it鈥檚 just the tiniest fact, knowing something new about you would make him feel satisfied.
jihoon: the 鈥測ou鈥檙e mine鈥 boyfriend
鈾 his favourite date- coffee shop
鈾 he loves spending that innocent time with you and can take cute pics to save and admire and remember the good times you share together when you鈥檙e not with him. he likes trying new flavours together and just sitting and talking casually, not feeling the pressure of a fancy meal or anything like that
鈾 skinship- he likes to hold your hand in public but that鈥檚 it, maybe a casual hand on your knee if no ones looking. in private, he turns into some kind of tickle fiend and cannot take his hands off you. also a HUGE fan of giving you unexpected back hugs. his favourite thing to do is put his hand in the back pocket of your trousers because he鈥檚 cheeky like that.
鈾 his love language- acts of service. okay but he really appreciates you doing things for him, especially when he didn鈥檛 ask. he鈥檚 kind of honoured like,,, you thought about him,,, and his struggles? that鈥檚 so sweet :(. he really wants to pay you back somehow as a thank you so expect lots of cuddles and kisses mwah mwah
鈾 kisses- honestly kinda rare 馃槼 you quite often find yourself pouting or leaning into jihoon who is teasingly not giving you anything back. pecks are more common than kisses that lead to nothing. he likes leaving pecks on your cheeks when he鈥檚 in a cute mood.
鈾 cooks for you. no matter what meal, if you鈥檙e together at that time, he鈥檚 doing the cooking
鈾 a huge show off in front of you. he鈥檇 do anything to impress you and will find ANYTHING to flex about
鈾 he helps you out a lot with staying healthy and happy. whether that鈥檚 going to the gym together (if u wanna go to the gym ofc) or just having regular conversations about how you're feeling, it makes you feel better and that鈥檚 his happiness. he can sense when something is off instantly and knows exactly how to make it right.
鈾 spontaneous trips are his speciality and always end up being the some of the best experiences of your life. you鈥檙e so lucky to share them with each other and you both let the other know that for the whole trip
鈾 very jealous, very possessive but he can鈥檛 help it hehe (lowkey hot if ur into that oops)
鈾 honestly, there鈥檚 a lot of petty arguments since you鈥檙e both so stubborn but neither of you ever apologise鈥 you just start being nice to each other after somehow?
yoshi: the 鈥渉opelessly in love鈥 boyfriend
鈾 his favourite date- painting together
鈾 whether it鈥檚 at home or some night class or something like that ahhh he loves it. teaching you paint and appreciating your work um yes he鈥檇 do it everyday if he could. also likes to display it when it鈥檚 completed and dry and likes to tell people you did it.
鈾 skinship- not THAT big in pda but will let you link arms and when you鈥檙e in private, he really wants you to initiate it because he doesn鈥檛 want to be annoying. he鈥檚 a 鈥渓et me rest my head on your shoulder鈥 type of guy and is in his element when you agree.
鈾 his love language- words of affirmation. he鈥檚 always grateful when you tell him anything. constructive criticism, honestly feedback, compliments, all things he wants to hear to show that you really care about him. it gives him a way to learn from you and change into a better person for himself.
鈾 kisses- usually last for a really long time and are quite a common thing. he鈥檚 definitely one to start giggling and act a little giddy jokingly after you have an intense kiss but it鈥檚 cute and diffuses the situation if it wasn鈥檛 the right time. sometimes his kisses are kinda hungry tho 馃憖 and he鈥檚 not stopping for anyone.
鈾 calls you 鈥渕y prince/princess鈥 and gets all happy and giggly when you call him your prince.
鈾 you both take care of each other, you both help each other, if you do something for him however small that may be, he always feels he has to return the favour
鈾 he helps you with drawing and gets your creative juices flowing more than any high school art teacher ever could which is surprisingly nice once you start
鈾 buys candles for you all the time because the scent 鈥渞eminded him of you鈥
鈾 he鈥檚 literally gonna do anything for you, even if it means he鈥檇 get into trouble. like he would risk it all for you
鈾 okay so you know when you watch kdramas and you鈥檙e like 鈥渨ell that guy doesn鈥檛 exist鈥 he does and his name is yoshi and you鈥檙e his everything :)
junkyu: the 鈥渁nnoyingly cute鈥 boyfriend
鈾 his favourite date- karaoke
鈾 being loud together and having fun is his favourite way to spend time anyway, how better to do that than by singing your hearts out together to your favourite songs! even if you don鈥檛 wanna sing, he鈥檒l still make you watch him with a pile of snacks which of course you don鈥檛 mind
鈾 skinship- absentmindedly plays with your fingers and then gets all shy and giggly when you question him about it. he quite enjoys pda but he鈥檒l keep it on the down low just for you. when you two are in private, he likes to have you sitting on his lap or resting your head on his lap. also a big fan of resting his head against your shoulder and pouting when you aren鈥檛 giving him enough attention.
鈾 his love language- receiving gifts. (remember when he got that scald on ygtb omg cri). receiving gifts and small meaningful gestures from you shows him that you understand him in a way that others don鈥檛. it makes him appreciate how lucky he is to have someone like you.
鈾 kisses- short and sweet most of the time. his lips are always soft and have a familiar taste, you can鈥檛 get enough sometimes and end up taking innocent little kisses to long, dragged out, hot make out sessions, not that he minds of course.
鈾 does a little bit of spontaneous cleaning once in a while which is a nice surprise for you
鈾 begs and pesters you about things until you tell him what he wants to hear then he smiles really cutely at you and suddenly it all becomes worth it
鈾 he likes to do things for you, like cook for you or write you songs, just so that you compliment him and give him the confidence boost he deserves (even if the food he made makes you sick you better still compliment him 馃挬)
鈾 he gets a little jealous and pouty sometimes when you talk to other guys when they鈥檙e flirting with you and such but it doesn鈥檛 take much to get him back to his usual cheerful self
mashiho: the 鈥渕y parents love you鈥 boyfriend
鈾 his favourite date- botanical garden
鈾 he loves going on a nice stroll through a garden surrounded by pretty flowers, the prettiest one standing next to him (he makes that joke every time) with your arm linked through his. it鈥檚 such a sensory experience and something that he鈥檇 never forget, so of course he wants to share it with you every time.
鈾 skinship- HE LOVES IT ALL. he loves teasing you and making you laugh, his no 1 move to tease you is taking his finger under your chin and making you look at him, only to then start tickling you because you don鈥檛 expect it. he also likes the good old 鈥測awning鈥 trick in the movies but he does it everywhere (ironically not seriously this mans skills should not be underestimated like that)
鈾 his love language- quality time. spending time with you is something that he looks forward to, something that he doesn鈥檛 shut up about, something that only he knows how special it is. when he鈥檚 with you he鈥檚 not thinking about anything else other than you.
鈾 kisses- they don鈥檛 happen too often, only when they feel natural and right. he usually lets you initiate the kiss, especially if you initiated your first kiss together. he鈥檚 the guy to ask before he kisses you when he does initiate it, and then stares at you for some time before going in.
鈾 he lets you dress him up in funny outfits and put make up on him, paint his nails etc because it鈥檚 FUN and FUCK TOXIC MASCULINITY
鈾 low-key the sneak attack king. he surprises you with things ranging from presents to skinship to even just himself (he just ?? pops out ?? from nowhere ??) when you least expect it
鈾 buys you pair matching pjs! and then takes lots of selfies of you two in them together. he sleeps in them when he鈥檚 away from you because he misses you :(( but he never tells you that
鈾 to him, you鈥檙e someone that cannot be replaced. time with you is not the same as time with anyone else so he must use it wisely.
jaehyuk: the 鈥渃uddle bug鈥 boyfriend
鈾 his favourite date- movies
鈾 at home or at the cinema, still talking because bro he cannot shut up, arm around your shoulder, he just loves the atmosphere. he can鈥檛 watch films without you because he feels like he鈥檚 cheating. he also loves the snacks but of course he has to tell you every time that he鈥檚 the biggest snack in the house (where鈥檚 the lie really)
鈾 skinship- if he鈥檚 not touching you, he鈥檚 dying (like tinkerbell but more physical attention lmao). he likes any and all skinship when you鈥檙e at home but he鈥檚 a bit more reserved in public and usually initiates it just to sort of set a barrier (?).
鈾 his love language- acts of service. helping him directly/actively encourages him to do better. you鈥檙e literally his other half and he couldn鈥檛 do things as well as when you do them together.
鈾 kisses- if his lips aren鈥檛 on you, there鈥檚 something wrong. he prefers little pecks to actually kissing, but make out sessions are still regular. he likes kissing your hand and your cheek when he鈥檚 feeling innocent. (when he鈥檚鈥 not feeling so innocent鈥 protect ur neck bby)
鈾 did i mention that he鈥檚 ALWAYS gotta be touching you. his touch is always gentle but it鈥檚 reassuring and something he knows you appreciate even if you don鈥檛 say it
鈾 he would do anything to boost your confidence or make you happy! he鈥檚 always complimenting you and making you smile even at the most random times
鈾 sends you 鈥渋 love you鈥 texts at the most random times because he wants you to think about him all the time hehe
鈾 he was kind of shy at first. you had to give him a lot of hints before he finally confessed, which he did through a text message. but he soon becomes that jaehyuk we all know and is the flirtiest boyf on the planet (watch out doyoung)
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vitaminhee-blog2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ygtb mood board to feed your souls for tommorow's annoucement
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fyhyuken2 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
success! when ken is the cook and hyuk is his guinea pig
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kyualaa month ago
calling treasure by their name
Tumblr media
ok but imagine calling treasure by their first name as a joke after pet names have already been established in your relationship.
Tumblr media
hyunsuk could either be rly annoyed and pull a "actually thats BABY to you 馃槧" or be rly upset and whiny and pouty about it because he IS actually baby. you can honestly keep this up for as long as you like bc hyunsuk physically lacks the ability to stay angry at you but just call him baby afterwards and i swear all's good. you'll have a smiling, satisfied hyunsuk right back in your arms again
jihoon would be like "what was that?" without even missing a beat. as you continue calling him by his name he would just keep saying things like "what? I'm sorry, I can't hear you" and he's laughing the whole time too bc a) he knows he's gonna win this and b) you're trying to get a rise out of him by playing a prank which is just so funny to him. he will keep this up until you give in and call him babe or something. then he smiles real wide, clearly very satisfied with himself, and goes "ah! that's my baby"
yoshi would be taken by surprise at first, smiling nervously bc he's unsure of what he should do or even what's going on. he asks "are you mad?" and when you say no he's still like "ok....... but are u mad". he keeps replaying the last week in his head trying to figure out if he did something wrong and how he could make it up to you until you put the poor boy out of his misery. lets out the biggest sigh of relief when you call him baby again and he's already on his way to cuddle you, talking about how relieved he is that you're not actually mad at him and laughing at how silly he is :(
oh junkyu is OFFENDED. just absolutely outraged. how Dare you. "what did you just call me?" as if his own birth given name is the worse insult in the world. when ur like "your name" he just straight up denies that. suddenly he doesn't know a junkyu. that's not his name. 1000% the type to go "my name is BABY and you know damn well". will still pout and sulk even after you give up and call him baby
ok it can go one of two ways with mashiho. either he will just side-eye you with a knowing smirk on his lips bc he knows you're just trying to get his attention and he will entertain you for a while bc he thinks it's cute. or he won't even budge when you call him by his name and will just nonchalantly go "you don't call me that", refusing to even look at you until go back to calling him honey or something
stop don't even pull this shit on jaehyuk deadass he'll be so hurt. just stares at you in disbelief for probably like a whole 30 seconds trying to process what just happened and comprehend just why on God's green earth you would call him anything other than your usual pet name. "did i do something?" "are you mad at me?" "are we okay?" like honestly the questions will!! not!! stop!! coming!! until you just call him baby and ease his mind bc he's just so deeply afraid of upsetting you </3 true baby
if you thought asahi would react lmfao think again. he'll probably not even think anything of it and when you're like "you know i just called you asahi right" he's like "yeah.... thats my name..." like the most you'll get out of him is a semi-confused look for about 3.2 seconds before he goes on about his day. 0/10 reaction wouldn't recommend
yedam is also team "oh shit what the hell did i do" but after the initial shock he just gets kinda... sad? he's very attentive to you and your body language so depending on that he might pick up on the fact that it's a joke and be like "ahhh don't do that!! i was worried!!" or he might actually believe something's wrong and just try to discuss the relationship right then and there. either way he's just so glad when you call him baby again. will probably put his hand to his chest and sigh very dramatically while smiling real big or something like that :(
doyoung will just laugh a little bit. whether he gets the joke or believes you somehow don't want to call him your baby anymore he's got that "[laughs nervously] What the fuck..." vibe going for him. he does try to check with you if he did something but he's just constantly laughing the whole time and you don't actually know if he means it. even after you tell him it's just a joke he's still kinda frozen in place like "yea.. haha.. ok.." so you will have a broken boyfriend for the next 3 hours or so
haruto has got no time for this shit. he will either a) be like "that's not my nameeee" and whine and annoy you until you lose your mind/give up on the joke (whichever comes first) or b) actually act like he has no time for this and go "i'm breaking up with you" after the second time you do it, tops. don't even bother calling him babe afterwards cuz he'll just be like "yea have fun being single tho"
jeongwoo just stares at you in a mix of wide-eyed and blank expression like.... what? just happened? he asks "what did you just call me?" and if you say "your name" he just goes "no". like just No. that is Not his name and he will keep telling you that honestly you will get nowhere with this one. when you do call him baby again he's like "DAMN RIGHT i'm baby". still kinda salty abt it tho
panic. terror. war flashbacks. that's what's going through junghwan's mind when you call him by his first name. he kinda freezes in time and space and it takes him all of his courage to ask you if he did something. his mind immediately jumps to the worst case scenario that this is all actually leading up to you breaking up with him. he's honestly actually so scared you'll just Have to be like "haha just kidding baby!!!!!!! its a joke BABY" to calm him down immediately afterwards
Tumblr media
main masterlist | treasure masterlist
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